#492 - Blaine's Birthday Shirt

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss body confidence, concerns about new technology, bad drivers, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-05-15 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Blaine Gibson


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Transcript (in progress):

hey you're going to work this week and I'm just I've no idea what you're talking about I want to hire coming in the floor manager was coming down there five for breaking louder louder in there's a mod in Counter-Strike like csgo and Source wear sexy noises whatever you got killed tone silver jerk off that no but there were some important sprays and I was just a kid to be like I forgot to happens off me you're not a kid anymore I hate to bring it up how old are you now I didn't realize that it was your birthday until this morning for me to play that off as I know that that this was his gift that you were giving him his to be on the ship the broadcast boys I'm turning 3 it's what do they put it into a birthday cake flavored protein bar look at that we're not saying for you okay you got your wish for you know what you thought of my wish I know what my ribs and stuff so you can be chewbacca one of those guys with the red praetorian guards for the ghost bird phasma Prison Break I can't hear someone annoys but it's the orgasm lady from where does it know it is a nice thing it's just the tube okay Delta got you a couple other things here for the past half-hour blame your birthday you copy Johnson City I'm a very hairy Stormtrooper still pretty messed up you have calories on it so we hope you like the birthday cake protein bar picture of birthday cake on it 7 grams of fat 22 grams of carbohydrates protein is 20 grams of sugar sugar alcohol by Bram Stoker you wrap these I don't know what is this right now. I'm driving right now I want to see how much circulation is going to cut off I like the Bell Star Galactica style who punched in the camera can you put it on oh my God it's sprayed on if it's really just paint wow oh my God took a perfect fit so good yeah I know right yeah okay this is going to go one or two directions you're going to get mad at us for not inviting you or if we invited you you wouldn't like fuck no I'm not going to do that we didn't fight him Disney is me know are you ignoring me in the first part of the day after I need to go to Disney World protection but I wish they were going this Sunday night Galactic nights that was cold as it has been doing that for with the Star Wars party what year what is that it's a Star Wars party like Disney where it's at at the Hollywood theaters in at Hollywood Studios day like his new girlfriend and I think they like a bunch of Star Wars related shit like a ray with lightsabers and shit you're probably not far from the truth I'm going to be like casual Star Wars cosplay / normal clothes Marathon Jessica Nigri retweeted like a sexy kylo Ren male sexy kylo Ren drawing are in her photo and you wear it and we have to modify it cuz I don't think it would cover junk another drawing that was like a different interpretation this one yes that's that's a that's an awful lot to do that have you know so we we went to work on a couple of times when we usually receive what do you call a couple times you're gonna first starting out but we would cycle through events and maybe con never came up in like the rotation with instead I went you just didn't go right I went I would go to other Florida but go to Megacon and I wouldn't go to it I'm just really glad that we finally get to all four of us best friends go to Mary, Did You Know now he wasn't for adding oh yeah that was the black dude I've never been interested there's a funny tweet those out there those recent red but it was like the dialog had three straight legged guy talking to his his like therapy if I was told that if I impersonate Borat anymore than I will get a divorce in the therapist goes by who I don't think I can rip out of it messy the Americans like huge right it's like a it's like a massive I'd like a ran for my birthday if you can have them every other weekend a long time since I've done an event in Florida check it out in the song I don't like my body Goodbye by real good though I've been climbing listen real good I have that talk to my friend behind a chair we're getting there we're getting there someday someday I will like me someday you're just like you I know I should I like me and look at this I wish I had I wish I had your body confidence because no matter and I like you just always just no matter what don't care and I appreciate that once you reach the level of like I'm good here I can maintain this or I can sync back down until like no gaining 10 pounds but I know that I can at least reach back up to this point that's where I'm at and that's fine but right now I'm like right now I feel like I might kind of on the not cut right now I'm not cutting right now and I'm just eating. I'm eating whatever and it's fine I still like it look okay okay yeah but like I don't know what I'm saying is like because that's me perpetuating of that mental States but I deal with his well we're constantly like I have one out of every hundred moments running like I like me and then the rest I have like I'm shit that's all I really should I be saying things like that for you but yeah I was just level where it's like maintenance and you're just used to be happy you can enjoy it I hope the point where I feel like I would get to that point is if I could finally someday mask to get rid of my love handles I've had love handles my entire life and no matter how much I have lost it here and have gotten a flatter stomach or no matter how much my chest is grown in like that I still have this weird we're just goes no matter what and I'm like just something to get rid of those cuz everything else is part is getting on the train everything else kill the train of getting into shape those are like now if we stay there Penny asks that's amazing I wish we could have some sort of like we could submit Peter to some sort of gift making competition is someone at Rooster Teeth and I don't know who it is but it's the mail and they are pissing on top of the urinal I noticed that they clean it off with in it always gets up there so it's either someone really tall was Zero control over their penis or don't know what it is like what leads to to this action to wear his gets everywhere maybe it's like the really tall with a really small penis maybe I'm at like they're on top of the urinal possibly maybe they have an erection yeah I think it's like to leave me with an erection no more up there. Do you have the video maybe maybe one mega cab Ram page headshot visual gags from movies that still stays me to this day is a 4 year old virgin when Steve Girls characters sit down after you hung over when he goes in the morning whatever day and then pees where is Lake Powell was like why is my pee like I just had sex all night yeah cuz he filmed in the theater and I don't think I've seen it again since it's a very good movie Not Great Brothers like like 90s like control over the comedy film genre I know that felt like they had another then another big one I forgot about what were their what were the others like actually really good successful movie Dumb and Dumber they did not use the Kingpin or the one where they eat with bolinga yeah Dumb and Dumber in Something About Mary the water once I was thinking about I still look up a couple like a dynamic so fucking funny it's Jeff Daniels like it obviously Jim Carrey impresses you in that movie because he's just funny but like Jeff Daniels not being a comedian not being a comedic actor and not really even doing it very much since then but still like throwing that Road next to Jim Carrey and they he's not like left in the Dust by Jim at any point through the TV and Dumb and Dumber. Like I said I will always put that on there is a there's a theater in Alamo Drafthouse in town that every time I've gone there to finish it fucking movie and I saw Dumb and Dumber to be there but I also like I think it's a 50 Shades of Grey Dumb and Dumber or the second one also confused Suicide Squad they're just like every time I go there I will say this though I have learned something about myself as a as a movie fan I obviously hate it when I go to a movie and I'm expect I really want this movie to be good and I go and it did fails and it's bad and I come out like you're unsatisfied I have now learned that if I already know a franchisor movies going to be bad and that's what I'm signing up for and I'm going to go see that movie I can have a fantastic new Mummy I'm going to be crap and I was looking so forward to it and I went inside his great that's how I feel about the next Jurassic world I am so excited about this pile of dirt that's that's a mindset that I have towards everything in life where she going with like really shitload expectations it can only go better like things will like surprise you and how good they can be cuz you're expecting nothing than yours yeah but she says that the new God of War is I keep your expectations Low by that there was a dark universe or the dark the dark Universe Cinematic Universe to launch the dark Cinematic Universe Dracula Untold another life universe that Cinematic Universe everyone sees what models do we need like we want that too but everyone wants to jump too fast into it or they took a cast photo for the Dark Universe okay you like Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise and they're like a bunch of big names and yeah I guess they had this whole gotten close to the success of the MCU as far as creating at the government keep trying like even King Kong Skull Island ends with that slideshow presentation of all the other monsters in Godzilla tonight right yeah and like anybody else like act like with their attempts exceeded would you consider hours to doing with Rogue one and I solo once they start having new characters in you stories that would have Jon Favreau serious what they say it's supposed to be between Jedi and force awakens right also I wouldn't consider the Star Wars 1 through 9 a Cinematic Universe it's just a series just like I wouldn't consider the fast franchise a Cinematic Universe all you got to be careful of him daddy so show up no I'm not saying that it's just a it's just a franchise Iron Man is a move it has its own series Captain America the movie series like and then they all come together and shared moments but no one else does that is that Marvel basically are there arrowverse arrowverse because like there was somewhere they have there a man appear on Batman Batman Phyllis Diller would show up and I was like yeah but what about I guess Deadpool's kind of haven't seen DoubleTree in there and then also makes references to that the Wolverine movies and so yeah actually Deadpool any Wolverine I guess to a certain extent cuz Logan is definitely a charity event but yes and it's gotten other Wolverine the Wolverine movies were not good except for Logan Wolverine Origins dogshit Wolverine wasn't terrible why was very awful the Silver Samurai look single like bro by the end of that part when he's like surrounded by ninjas now and arrows in them and he's getting pulled all these directions all these arrows yeah that's cool. Yeah we can work there was there was an X-Men Wolverine game I think it was after Origins judge to really good fucking Wolverine game yeah that that that one had a a great commercial to that was like the first person perspective I think Rupert Sanders directed the first person perspective we just stayed in prison that's been the joke is that the game's been better than the movie I guess it wasn't like really sad you have to diet again did you have to make sure he takes them an episode right at the fight Professor Xavier and kill him if he not not just the Professor Xavier Like A demented we just recorded a review for Deadpool 2 comes out this way I did you like it did I heard that they like to pick up shots to like play up like Domino and stuff cuz she was apparently a really cool I don't know about the rumor that they got to fix it because of people's reaction to early screens but then that was later debunked is not actually true yeah they might have done some pickups to like play up something but moved really good yeah I don't really hear about it but it looks like you said keep those expectations low never got the first one was okay I think I wasn't crazy about it if those people that was fine I think maybe I had that situation where it was over hi for me I didn't watch it right away it was like wow great it wasn't I think I set my expectations too high for my fault I wanted to God of War with no expectations are just like at this will be a game it's really good I need a PlayStation I don't have a PlayStation I've never known a PlayStation 2 and that like yeah I have the piece I have the threesome on a PC I just keep not playing at you how we do Steam games would like it there I could play it I own it I paid for it as haven't played it but like between god of war and Horizon zero Dawn and and Spider-Mans on the horizon I'm just like I need to play that Spider-Man game PlayStation because film fan PlayStation's like one of those like the last people I think that's supporting others didn't know but they're really supporting like strong single player named which I'm like a very good video game player I don't do very well in multiplayer games I like single player how do you do those where's this item get pranks by Chris and burning in the fields pity for you okay with someone who's enough what should we talk about instead of movies turn my fan page so what am I doing with this podcast is brought you by Squarespace what do you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers you create a beautiful website or online store with an award-winning templates an all-in-one platform there's nothing installed patch or upgrade ever give me easy to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace instead of working with multiple vendors to maintain your online presence be able to manage your billing settings with Squarespace and take advantage of that easy to use DNS interface orders and inventory easily Squarespace can also provide you with a comprehensive set of marketing tools to engage with your audience and get found across search and Social Grow your following so I can free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com teeth to get 10% off your first purchase squarespace.com which teeth for 10% off your first purchase and you know we've been asking you guys to share your score free credit websites and we got through take the few more of our favorite to show off and I'll remind you of course base you too can make sites like this so be sure to tweet at us with the hashtag RT Squarespace here's a few of our favorites got those cute up. We have underscore title underscore Alba oh that's great there but looks like a Blazer but next week start in 3 did like the dissolver artists and designers put their stuff yeah cuz it looks good and last week thanks for showing us your sights and thanks for supporting the podcast and sporty Squarespace do you think you could smother somebody to death with this pillow yes yes. It was so good I was a character but she still lives that's like I know I should hire this person I know there's someone of importance in history and and in my actual current space right now but I'm not taking the time to actually learn about them and know much about them I know that they just from the people around me in that how they react this person I should buy this person but I don't know anything about him so I went in and and and knew very little about her rear end was amazed by what she has done in in the the you know the Supreme Court space there's like that and did not expect to like be so emotionally you have such a strong emotional reaction to the film because of like what it dealt with and what he brought up in and she's like she's one of my heroes now she's she works out and it 84 year old woman is at the gym when to put some muscle weight on a new friend there talk about this program called silver shoes words like old people getting together and doing like workout stuff but she made master plan it's so good and she's such an interesting character in her career is just amazing to fall through it so I highly recommend good thing when they they find ones that they were they want to promote it's definitely one of theirs so I'm keeping up with current Shepherd of like keeping up with Daily News and stuff like that so give me a news flash I have to tell it to shut up most the time it is so sad and 14 people died today. What happened in Gaza today that's fun light-hearted subjects to talk about working on internally today is Monday which means next when is gorc we have the intro to write to people on stream thumbs up yeah yeah let's let the show them that it didn't really know what books about question instead they accidentally built a computer a super stupid computer but once you learn the answers to every question welcome Tagalog Square the first time we showing that so we got caught out here who showrunner on the show and kind of putting things together to talk with a little bit about gorse Quest Schoenherr and Gore Candler I want to hear stole all of Todd's hair subject all about Quest Stars the kind of a as the his origin story is you guys so I showed you know kind of a stupid supercomputer he's trapped in this universe so the opposite of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy what you supposed to answer the one big question I just asked every question he has to learn the answer to every question before he can be released so he made a contract with him he's kind of a diva is a long ride her and all that you have a panel RoosterTeeth people are rotating host Blaine's going to be one of the hosts you know if you get picked up for the season and when you have really funny conversations and sort of the loose game show concept how dare you have the game show circuit figured out still trapped in hell yeah go in till I think he learns all the answers then we could like have the whole crossover kind of thing at some point like me almost like when like that like more quiz in in Happy Days in that kind of thing rhymes with go handful as a lot of time with him so he's a little rude she's like she's like he's different he's kind of hard to to handle it is like is gorc story going to be something where he like we have to TTYL he asks questions we teach him how to be human and does not an example of how good my universe you already know babe Run 2 have you ever peed on a Girl by accident yes why do ghosts always hang out in hotels because that's where they died what is an updated buzzword guys should use instead of on the spot if you saw the ghost of an elephant the month were the pilot of his shows going to come up with about this week tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow 11 a.m. Central 11 a.m. Central on Reseda, first members about that murder room murder room IMDb animated animated Gangnam Style clean up corks bed trash I really have to go back to movies no I have actually a story that involves movies but not actually it's not about the movie itself okay so I went out to LA I went to LA like I do all the time and hung out with with fun house for a few days we filmed it on the spot in their new space out there and one of the nights are out there but they had a fan meet-up and so we were all at a Dave & Busters and near the end of it when it was like when it was dying Down Bruce text me I was staying at his place and he text me like hey it's like around like 9 Thursday this Thursday night the premiere of infinity War there's a 9:30 showing of 3D Infinity War upstairs at a theater upstairs to this place to where I were like them all you want to see how that and so rushed out when he got my ticket found them in the theater and sat down was so excited cuz I love watching movies Bruce of asking a couple we got to go it had a chance with him a few times and he's a fun guy to go with him as excited as the movie again talking time comes life Tim trailers pop-up 5 Seconds of trailers play and then everything dims again and lights are flashing and it was all right we hear of what lights are flashing with the house lights are the projections lights slides know someone pulled the fire alarm and so we were all sitting there in the theater and yeah we were trying to figure out if like what do you do do we leave like is it a real fire alarm did someone pull the fire alarm I like that that's the initial response to any kind of fire alarm is pulled by people sit and then they're just like where is wave it's unfortunate system that can be triggered by idiots not the actual concern but it's for disaster that's so we sat there and waited in and saw at like 7 so I'm going to happen lady came in said yes someone told the alarm movie or restart in like 5-10 minutes like cool rings do the movie 5-10 minutes go by nothing happened to Bruce goes out there to find out what's happening talk to someone text me that like they say like another five minutes I was going to go and then I wait another 5 minutes and Brews text me or comes back it was like actually said it might be another hour oh my God are the movies going to start in self this is also the night before I had an early morning flight and if anyone is a 3-hour movie essentially and I was like I like 9:50 almost 10 which means the movie will get out around 1 if it were to start an end but then like an hour wait so we wait a few more minutes and eventually would like OK movies not going to happen so we walked out in the higher theater the movie theater itself with emptying all theaters out and everyone was leaving and is in Tire like parade of people Tire theaters worth people's night of infinity war and had them all have to live through me or not in that entire experience anything maybe someone was gruntled what made the night extra interesting it's annoying but something I'm sure that you would blow your mind about the entire time we were in the theater before the movie started and then during the whole kind of purgatory space Rowayton Steve is going to start Bruce and I are sitting in our seats one row up in about 10 seats left gentleman was seen the movie by himself and decided that before the movie started and while we're waiting during the fire alarm that he wanted to listen to his music but he would listen to his music through headphones he was listening to his music through his phone speaker and he was just playing a generic hip hop music at a low volume. We all could hear it and didn't have a choice for that we were to experience this musical you know what time awesome and so that was like adding to the whole like I'm not really having a good time right now I hate that phone on other play music from their phone and I was getting the new iPhone from Best Buy cuz my other one was sitting out well actually I was like on the verge of a break up because my girlfriend couldn't hear me over my current my existing phone cuz everytime I call these like it got to the point where we started correlating shity phone calls with each other no like she was like you need to go get your phone fixed I ain't got a new phone while I was out there I saw that I don't know who's making it but they have this thing it's basically a collar that goes around your neck and it has speakers stop music I'm up in your face and it's and I was like and I asked the guys like his speakers that play in your ears and he's like yeah it's like this new thing I've ever seen that is the modern Boombox on your shoulder going down the street and you couldn't hear it as well but you can definitely still here it was like an iPhone speakers worth the volume so we have a pole setup for people then go to receive. Com play and they can vote as to whether or not we talk about movies too much at receiving go to receive a complex play in the meantime. I got in over this weekend so if the person that you were dating or guessing you're squishing that you were married to 05 keep your store. Would you be cool if the person you were dating or friend drug you what would you ever be cool with that I know that's not the question will give me give like 3 appositive example of this I don't think I will I will I'm about to kill someone to drive me so I stopped and calm down and don't kill someone by Temple was like What if like Lana came up behind me and she's like see you in 2 hours do I put the scarf for my face a little bad so bad at pasta and I wake up and I'm like you know like a cool escape room or something and it's like all surprise for my birthday or or if you're like like if somebody give you like a weed brownie and you like Hey we're going to we're going to cut loose tonight we're going to have fun and then you know like why you're getting these Brownie and then like by the way it's weed Bruno and I'm not downplaying like people who get drug to close a cat's fucking awful is atrocious but like my argument was the people that I trust I feel like they would have the best intentions the hard now is a hard I don't know anybody without their consent yes I agree and I told her I would never drug her that's like absolutely not but like I would trust that Alana would drug me in a responsible way and I would have a conversation. That's you trying to imply how much trust you have in your girlfriend by having that conversation with her that's not a conversation hey do you think you'll be okay if someone you loved with drug use like no that's not that's not okay we'll see you soon shoe if I if I did to her not that I said that I would or is that in whatever she like she was just like I would be pissed off no matter what she's like I would probably break up with you if it was really in a relationship but now it's going to be really really pissed off and stuff so don't ever do that so it looks like we don't talk about movies enough to stay away from in your face I think it was Steve O on the way we we don't have one week to myself I was listening to to Cork talking we're watching the the the bit of the episode and it made me think about that you'll see that Google duplex demonstration that Google had last week. Google assistant is going to have those experiences where I watch the video and went immediately from this is awesome to say was up to tell the assistant that the example to give what does the voice thing you could tell it to schedule you a haircut on Tuesday anytime between 10 a.m. and noon and it will on its own without you doing anything it will call The Barbershop for you speak to a real human on your behalf and schedule everything for you and let you know when it's done and they gave Ally they gave supposedly a real world example of and it was fucking weird it was it was amazing on a technological like bases alone like this is this is amazing to watch app and I can't believe we have a future futuristic like the the robot voice sound really natural even threw in some human-like Tendencies of throwing in arms or pause is not going to say no and was able to respond to the you know the very businesslike conversation you have with someone was going to make an appointment was able to have that kind of a conversation is restructured restructure conversation less than Stellar example after that I don't know if you saw the other I don't remember they said they're going to they're going to update it to clarify that it makes it known that that was everybody saying that it didn't really didn't Express that it just said I'm calling for this person client is though you have like an echo and you have your Google assist would you trust them if they drug test turn off like you give them a computer virus and did you see a song about like this virtual assistant thing there was something else I saw it last week which is actually got that pretty scary thing that they're calling a dolphin attack where they realized that these assistance that listen to your voice I want to see the news cuz I don't sugar of these assistants that listen to your voice thing that you can talk to can hear frequencies that humans can't hear so there's a new proof of concept attack where you can use a super sonic speaker that's in audible to Humans 2 superjet commands to know my pocket cash that though like I could just tell your phone to ignore another jumping off from there where there was another proof-of-concept where they would embed the commands in a video or in music so it's like the audio to you sounds pretty normal like it might sound like a little fucked up but there's commands hidden in there that this distance to buy me this product right or call this person or send a text I still don't trust my echota to buy things for me like I know that's a function that can do but I won't be like hey buy me toilet paper that's funny that you bring that up because I I recently discovered a new podcast that I'm a big fan of called the Hive is produced by Vanity Fair bits by Nick Bilton who's the New York Times journalist really that really cool just one on one interview style podcast for he gets interesting people and talk to them the first episode with Bob Iger CEO Disney is really amazing to listen to never heard just like a lengthy conversation with Bob Iger and hurt like the man is extremely smart the man is extremely charismatic the man is like his sounds like he really cares about the company and you obviously can't like determine everything about a person these podcast for the brand new one that caught my interest of the podcast was it had a conversation with this guy who was on a from the part of the onion and a writer for The Daily Show baratunde Thurston and he had this very lengthy conversation about tech the Nick Bilton the big Tech right there's been doing it for like 13 years and they had a talk about like the Facebook breach of of information and that kind of thing in a big topic to discuss was a change in in in the responsibilities with a defaulted you talk about patching out that problem but like the default of these things needs to be put on the response means to be prompted uppers to like have these things figured out before they release these a eyes I think I'm boring Blaine so we can move the top streaming of the play was talked about I think that you're right I think too often and I seen on Twitter on Johnny talks about this sometimes about how developers are people will do things because it's possible without thinking of all the potential negative ramifications of it fucking robot the world run and Hunt us down and we'll do it with jumping over logs and shit there's just a scare me like every time those videos come out to go this is really cool and I'm scared I always think of that Scene III watch those videos and I watch the scene Jurassic Park with Goldblum really like they didn't think about somewhat related to that I read another story a couple weeks ago about how the FBI was giving a presentation at security conference and they were talking about how I don't know if I want to believe the store you're not talked about how they were doing they're working on this hostage rescue situation and that how they had this elevated observation position where they were watching where he was happening and that as they were sitting up there observation position that their agents got overrun by swarm of drones that the people who had the how were controlling drunk and sending them like swooping after the agents that they were filming a live streaming the the sweeping that we the people in the house could observe the FBI agents and in order to make their escape but I can also told me that all happened did you ever see there was a there was a movie and I think in the early 80s that Tom Selleck was call Runaway it was like better thought it was a science fiction guy that has a mustache and I think it was supposed to be I think it's between Seattle and there's like all the bad guy is Gene Simmons from KISS Hell yeah there's always like little robot if in the future so this robots everywhere and there's like these little robots that can be hacked in control and they can like inject people with poison to kill him and Gene Simmons has a gun that has bullets that are tongues it's tied to people that's like if you shoot the bullet that you blame and you like around the corner it goes around the corner store looks for you and it finds it only hits you that mode stats for the show to me too cuz I was like oh my God it's inescapable there's nothing I can do so Sandra Bullock movie where she got like hacked or something then act like I felt so like there's that scene where they changed the elevation for the plane for the guy like flies in the mountain look at the beginning of the movie the next to the fact that it's not far from the truth has been in Stratford now like I could probably have them there was a problem with the phones are like there might be an ongoing problem I'd like to know the one on these assistants that they are always listening so they can hear when you call them but that means they're always listening so then people wonder like what does that mean that they're listen everything I say the scan they use that information to you know fabricate ads for me or suggestions from you not going with this algorithm that we have going on just that's running the world and that it's it scares me and I don't know at this point don't use them that's what it is I mean there's the unplug option but I don't think that's like a viable option for people in the professional world to participate in how do I I can't I can't unplug and listen to you all the time is your concern that they're going to hear you say something in like posted something or someone's going to hack into your cousin the robot mouth mouth mouth functioning definitely cancer no matter what at the idea of you always being listen to yeah always being tracked by GPS by your phone do you want so I was worried after not yesterday's episode but last week episode I was like nothing happened did happen was like it was nothing like nothing happened or so stuff like blocking wise even like and I like a wide shot a group of people came up on to other characters in my commission names cuz I don't spoil anything and the Ambush them in one of them awkwardly ran away and in the same shot the other one leg gave out it was like it was really bad it was just like they took the first take from every performance even like the the battle in the people were like advancing like running straight to the battle was like low budget Game of Thrones battle Like A Game of Thrones like you've been like totally free yesterday's episode was probably the best episode they've had thought about season of Black Mirror episode of lost I got definitely got lost by and it's only like when does the music was playing in the UC like a pervert you don't see the person's face either legs but doing this thing and like that kind of long tracking shot through the environment give me think of like in Lost episode of Tale of Two Cities when you first meet Juliet she's baking and like the cameras going to the house to yourself and then you like she goes outside you see the plane break in half the shit she's on the island who's the coach who or something which is exciting and I'm excited for your loss was to point out that Ed Harris is killing it insanely that man is acting King yeah yeah like I've been well I guess we can't talk about it because some spoilers. It was a Haley gross who went to four to go right for Last of Us 2 but yeah she had a moment last night where he's talking to that technician after you finish talking to the person in the room and comes out. The technician and he has like that just a quick exchange of like that is the most evil thing yeah it's definitely sad at the prospect of not getting to have like Anthony Hopkins in this season like we had them in the first season but at Harris is like I think filling in that the ages actors there is about that at all I'll show it to you later about that can okay how's it alright I'll allow this one I knew that this was really expository they're going to have to get people caught back up was like okay just a standard episode and like you said like 3 words dogshit I didn't say 3 was Westworld season 2 episode 3 dog shake a stroller 2018 May 14th apparently we have visualization of what it would look like if Todd stool is hear back from you now now what is it look like hello how God Mom that's just doesn't exist in preachers in AI gifts or still images or video of Triple Threat everything TV episode it's not it's not a like it's one of those shows like there's certain shows that I once you start watching you can't help but Ben's the whole thing cuz you're so excited like wild country was that way for me was like I got to know how this story ends now Barry I'm enjoying but I don't have to like go crazy but everytime I turn around like haters good 30 minutes it does a good job of straddling both like serious drama and then light-hearted dark comedy, I think that overall I really liked it I feel like towards the end it wrapped up a little too quickly I haven't I haven't watch the full first season I wish that maybe maybe they had more padded out but maybe that you they ended up getting it and cutting down for like a like it's like 13 episodes to see if you blow through a lot of time we talk about something that blamed that has less interested in it we just lose them had such a child on his birthday I love the the chechnyan suck dude with like alopecia or something like that he was like a stereotypical Thug in a in a Eastern European games how insane that Brooklyn Nine-Nine got picked up but you know what happened with that so it got cancelled and renewed it and see what are the most of that's happened where shows get picked up by another Channel my question is no no I'm not upset about this is the best I guess it, you know situation comedy on TV and is amazing Big Bang Theory is shut but the fact that Fox announces cancellation day one in the day to NBC announcers are picking up my question is do deals get made that quickly or was it already in the works already in the works maybe it happened to that quickly I don't know of any sort of like ulterior motives are like or like wrongdoing but I just wondered I think that that might have happened already because there's no way they can get all of the cast to sign on for a new season in a day's time will they find out that they get picked up today at the cast you want to be the show they just announced okay we've been picked up for season 2 cast ghost cool like my contract says I can do this many rules tweeting about that he was waiting to find out if it if I was going to get picked up for another season that's got to be fucking stressed you're going to find out if your butt so they like their contract stay as far as I come do you think like they got cancelled and someone on the cats like I'm home and I can finally do this other project out but just like she did not like Andy Samberg really was done yeah busy we should invite him to Disney and our good friend got Stop Believing really want to remind everyone this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by quip the truth is most of us are brushing our teeth wrong not for long enough and we forget to change our brush on time that's because most brands focus on selling fleshy gimmicks rather than better brushing but not quit so what is it that makes quick so different for Sarge's quip is an electric toothbrush that's a fraction of the cost of both your brushes while still packing just the right amount of vibration to help you clean your teeth with built-in timer helps you clean for the dentist recommended 2 minutes Garden posters that remind you when to switch sides next to subscription plans are for your health not just for convenience delivery new brush heads on a dentist recommended schedule every 3 months for just $5 including free shipping worldwide that suctions right to unstick to use as a cover for hygienic travel wherever you take your teeth quit starts at $25 and if you go to get quip.com cash receipts right now you get your first refill refill pack free with a quip electric toothbrush at your first refill pack free at getquip.com RoosterTeeth that's spelled out getquip. Com rooster teeth when you can quit for a few months and I love it the great toothbrush gets me nice and clean and a little reminder let you know when it's super easy especially in the morning when I'm half asleep and I can't think about brushing my teeth did you guys I'm I'm a huge huge huge huge huge Predator fan like the original Schwarzenegger but only like probably one of my favorite movies trailer for The Predator oh yeah I will say the trailer is not a very good trailer I hope it's that being said it's the one with like the kid who finds the things like ship comes up fuck males Predator armor okay maybe he didn't maybe like the space on the plane on the ship you know he was like oh shit I got to finish up the phone now I'm being serious here. This is predator was talking about I'm being serious overhead baggage fees or not we were having a second ago and then the minute you don't take his topic serious he's like where are you Stuckey's in my nose I'm still hopeful by Shane black black she was like he's like trademark Shane black Iron Man 3 be like that looks like a shame black film there is like buddy comedy elements it was set during Christmas if there's Parts in La trailer watching afraid of Iron Man tonight I will never see me coming in the fucking people falling out of the plane you know typical black movie black stuff they were in my notebook oh yeah I think so no we just talked about this dude but I'm using it September 14th Jennifer March April May June July August January I thought he just had a cow in May June July the worst person ever we're going to go climbing we couldn't even get a full podcaster for my birthday podcast I requested the whole couch I wanted more more time for you blank thank you you like you like pizza right I love pizza. I know you like I think that Homeslice over here could be opening up pretty soon as I drove by the other day and do they they were packed at night I think they're doing like a friends-and-family testing but it looked like a like a like a full restaurant service was going on and I know where the weekly plus what the fuck come on we probably do so much advertising for home so anyways because I saw this YouTube video I think it was last week it was a channel that made a double deep fried pizza Epic Meal Time or whatever no it was Healthy Junk Food but I made a pizza deep-fried it then put more toppings on it and deep-fried it that's pretty fantastic there was a video on like a buzzfeed like Twitter Channel some like that Twitter account that was a video of someone making a 100 layer lasagna Dad it was pretty amazing they acted like extend the Lipan they made into actually build a deal with a hundred layers and then when they cooked and everything and they should all the like the making lesser than they cooked it there this cross-section shot of these thin layers just going down a hundred times in Lewisville most like beautiful things I've seen inside of it though yeah but we'll just another meet the meat Bolognese or whatever it's called Meats like body like brown and everything I'm sure it wasn't fully cooked all the cut the meat was already sure yeah that's not right there that looks just like one of those you know the Greek places that serve the meat on the spinning wheel short know the Euro Euro you shave off lasagna is that the ne Rio me to Netflix and watch it on Netflix shut up shut up shut up they talk about in that show they have an episode about tacos and they talk about how the past or type of meat that you put in tacos is directly descended from gyro meat was a huge Lebanese influence on tacos and that you have like in depending on where you are in next to the some areas that have like this crossover Lebanese style tacos and was really if you had never heard of it before after I saw it feels like I need to find those OS the episode about dumplings as soon as I was like well I have to go get dumplings now like there's actually a really good like that kind of food called like dumplings there's there's a word for it it's not like there's a good dim sum place in Austin TX Sydney joestar. Is that what you're referring to the yeah yeah I used to be cool now it's Cora yeah I understand why I feel like I have been racist for the thinking out right I don't know why wasn't Ali Wong guest on the Hard Knock Life like she is insanely talented and funny and it's it's basically the same vein is like Jim Gaffigan who could spend entire set different hour talking about food and still keep you entertained you spend the entire hour talking about being a new mom but it's in the most like comfortable it's in the most self like it's it's it's it's in a very real and funny way that it's not just someone talking about the magical you know thing of being a parent like no she was great in that episode of ugly delicious but it was really funny very briefly I forgot was going to say nevermind I had I had a new type of dumpling last night that I never had before but you have I found a restaurant in Austin that I can find out when I went to a restaurant here in town that serves Nepalese food and I've never had 28 years old never type of dumping to call a Momo Momo it was pork with but had like the sauce on the side I couldn't identify it was yellow and it looked like mustard but it didn't take taste like mustard yellow meat but I was parked in the in the in the Momo but that food was spicy as fuck yeah I normally am good with spicy food but I ordered medium and my head was sweaty I could feel pool of sweat on my scalp and on my face like I want to die it's so fucking hot and I highly recommend it that's not fun to pass that no no but it's fun to eat okay so I text Chili Parlor last night that went through me today and I was like spicy foods but like when we did the did the hot ones challenge hear of a while back when Marcus through that like wings party he had wings up to like hundreds of thousands of scovilles and I did every single one of them all the way to the worst one and everyone was like yeah we're all going to have terrible twos tonight in this is going to be terrible coming through the challenge is over and then I went and saw it with like Ashley if you know what I want and I had a coffee at it and then then went home and I had no problems internally apparently it's the one thing my body can't do is press this spicy food afterwards or did you have any sort of like milk or a basic I mean during the week here at the the event we had they had like some ice cream and milk that might have helped but I think I still have to pass right whenever I was at the gallon down for whatever ice thing to where I was sitting milk literally sitting milk I hated being near you I know you probably had a terrible experience in that I cannot be around someone who's like having like vomit like I remembered what I was going to talk about us and Jonathan both feeling so there's this new Netflix thing about the guys that do the pizza shop bank robbery thing Evil Genius yeah they put a guy in this light color collar bomb and it looks that's a real thing yeah I remember that Shane black movie or something like it was a gleeful weapon what now look at them out of the alley for a pain I get you yeah I think of a show that like in the most tasteful way possible that he is on his neck that's pretty interesting I remember like that I saw years ago no no no no I mean yeah I guess but that was one of the pizza delivery you would had what's your name from Twilight and do it I think it had Kristen Stewart and I think it had Jesse Eisenberg American for last 30 minutes or less okay yeah it's not it's not yet baby maybe what's our faces and went out to dinner with him last night and he will recommend that I see it and I knew that you would be interested in selling it cuz apparently it's a lot like they did have you seen it yet such a weird story when it happened I got kind of a kind of kept up with it seems like it's been collected the criminals and they couldn't quite decipher who did what and yeah I don't know anything I don't want to be interesting things were you could easily go to the Wikipedia page and look up all the stuff how broke down but like I feel I can be a better story to hear we had a moment like that in the office the design cave and one of the guys in the office re we Joco time cuz it's one of the younger designers and also is one of these guys to just hasn't seen a lot of stuff so we may cry counseling are ghost I don't know. And so re is just right now finally going through Game of Thrones and he's only like 6 episodes in season one we were talking about stuff in there and talked about like what he's watch the finals like that and I one point it was me and Wes and we couldn't remember the name of the dad Lannister Tywin Lannister and so we will do anything we like is it it's it's not torment exactly what I forgot at one point I already turned around goes let me Google real quick and West screams out no do not Google anything Game of Thrones right now you would get everything spoiled not watched it and I really that was the quickest thought he could have because yes if I already had just Googled anything Game of Thrones pager something it like I I'll do this for like a comic book character or video game character is like date of birth I can't I don't ever look at it IMDb if I'm watching something for the first time because I don't want to know like the character was in my screen when I look cuz I don't want to see how many episodes fuck I just ruined it was doing this thing recently where they had a spoiler for Avengers in like a video and it's like shit like that I don't I don't get why people perpetuate spoilers like about it when are spoilers for Infinity War okay but I'm saying this was like week of like like a long time for not talking about Swiss movie I think you could capitalize on the popularity of it and I think I would think you know cuz movies come out Friday is because you Thursday night I think two weekends after the movie you should feel talk about cuz I was too whole weekend people have number to go see the movie cuz that's when people see movies a lot and so there's going to be the majority but I will see you at the first weekend is out and then there's the people that's like I could not make it to that or did not go see it then I'll go see the next weekend after that weekend that's got to be the end of like not be able to talk about Grace. Because it's it's like I am on the time on the side of like I hate spoilers it's mainly why I go see most movies I want to see Thursday night like really before they come out and I got so at this point Infinity Wars been out for three weekends I would totally want to spoil it we're not doing that but we could Dumbledore dies I don't want everybody to get my brain to this amazing thing I tweeted out mistakenly so the beginning of God of War in this world looks like a very beginning do turning a log he's like walking around the force the log and it reminded me of the beginning of Commando with steel drums from Commando I'm really excited for this game I'm like 5-10 minutes in and some fucking asshole that didn't have the balls to put his own picture on his Twitter account tweeted at me a spoiler and the only reason knows spoilers because I went back to read it after I beat in the game who my brain did this amazing thing where he said your wife is it in like I just like I looked away from my phone because I knew instinctively that this is some prick that was trying to spoil it for me and sure enough like he he gave me the two biggest spoilers in the game I don't know why somebody that I got on it like a directly at you got it was just like it was it was basically like if you like hey I'm going to go see Harry Potter just to fuck me over in some way I've never I don't know if I wish death on people but I yeah yeah people there's there's some people are just assholes I feel like I've been lately I've been seeing more and more assholes driving is the part of a cuss word to complain about people driving in Austin hell yeah what the fuck is wrong with everybody who drives in this goddamn City someone pretty rough got like someone started screaming at me and flipping me off and I rolled down his window me the other day because I turned and I have the right of way yeah like I was in the turn lane turning left into a business and he was coming out turning left also so it was clear there wasn't any oncoming traffic so I'll talk to you left into the business and he like started trying to start out and have to stop because I'm turning down his window cleaning out and flipping me off and I did the thing where like I looked around I would like to know who's yelling at a weekly occurrence that I get yelled at or honked at for doing something illegal and the link to the left with a left turn lane in the person who only wanted to go straight also but the car doesn't really wasn't letting them in so the car that was wrong tip like swerving their car into the car that was just going straight acting like they were going to hit them I was on the phone with me when I was heading over to the animation studio and it was the weirdest thing I don't know why my brain did this but I'm sitting there and I'm like in my car I'm driving and I'm up ahead I see this car stop cuz if it's trying to turn into like it realize that it was in a left turn only lane do not want to go left it wanted to go in the right turn lane so it stops before I can get there and was trying to like merge you don't like have somebody like they're probably like waving at somebody left them in suddenly the guy that's in the you know Strait Lane just ran to the car and proceeded to like it like its tires were spinning and it just drove this car into the like into the the business Consulting run in while I was talking to Bernie I didn't even break a beat I was just talking about business is the worst thing I don't know what the fuck that was about to call the police know I'd two cars in front of me stopped and I felt like that was sufficient enough that I didn't need to like they use need help deuce deuce fucked up the other day I was merging onto a lane in a semi truck was still super far away but they sped up to me as if I was going too slow and they started honking and then they passed me and they're like playing other horn and I didn't have any other reaction except for the honk my own horn but I got was probably fucking. Worked up in mad like I don't do you know who is a is pretty bad at road rage that works here Bernie no worse than Bernie you work at this an Austin they work here who Ashley Ashley from here to like the theater where we like we go see some of the movies like for the screening like those short trips will just scream at probably like 8 people like she gets so upset this way comes up to see you know she's at she's a smaller person and that kind of thing you just choose the menu to a person just like screaming at people on the road it's fantastic there's a monster that drives the monster Louis CK had a a bit about that years ago it's like you say people when they get behind the wheel will say the most awful things about another human being that you would never say to their face all if you want me to do is this yes this is the result screaming awful things that people I was heading to a birthday party when I was a kid once and my dad got cut off by the jeep that I recognized and he starts fucking screaming these dudes my dad's big do this as a big dude we get to the birthday party that cars there it's my one of my best friend's dad so awkward I love it it's awesome High School on the road like an exorcist like you got me off yeah this thing where if you just keep watching it when he's done with his story he doesn't know how to Peter out or to transfer to something you up yeah it's true he will call me out on that allowed this things in his mouth TV shows first five four episodes by there as well I know what it is it's on my list to finish cuz of what I've watched like I'm really bad at like not finishing TV shows that shows really really good shows on TV not even close to what I expected they just wrapped up season 2 and season 2 is radically different than season 1 but I'm still awesome so good that guy fireman yes crazy decent like I mean have you guys talked about the music video on the spot we talked about it a little bit last week I haven't seen it yet but that point but I think I've watched it multiple times everyday since you know soon since when I finally get to watch it. It's absolutely incredible and to think it's weird to me because like he's been around if you have known him for like forever before that you know we talked about this last minute stuff on the internet and the guys were there when we went to the the TitanFall launch party during South by Southwest here in Austin will be there like was going to mention that's I met him once he performed there I was in the bathroom in line and I was next and I see this dude come up behind me and he's with an even bigger dude that the security guard he likes and anyone if I cut you like who the hell is ask me oh my God it's only when he was washing his hands and I had nothing else to say of important so fucking stupid like I appreciate you washing your hands yes I said it cuz I got right there so I don't like a CZ watch Stacy just like us he wants his hands yeah I know he's doing shaking a lot of hands and I are pretty sure I appreciate you washing your hands song Lover oh my God you are a gift to this world Blaine Gibson did I do that was thinking to myself that I have never understood how this works musically is nothing that this is America music videos about this but as a medium what is their purpose and where is their profitability come from Manchester to promote the album right now so then where's the money like Zoom the label pays for okay so I was listening again to that one podcast and there was a there was a they had an interview with Jessie Jessie something he was on The Amazing Race season with burning Ashley Surah the prankster YouTuber that you can watch your head anyways he talks about that he worked with Snoop Dogg on the the Ronald Klump music video they made and he says in the interview that him and Snoop Dogg split the cost of the music video and he paid for half of it and then Snoop Dogg paper half so then if Kathy directed it also is and he really liked wrote it the Jesse so where does he get that money back right I don't know I just always assumed it was the label who pays for music videos in order to promote album sales maybe I like aren't the songs in leggings like they're so expensive to make some of them that I would just want to like where does that money come back on up I don't have the answer I just was a question I've always thought it's like I'm here just promote it get percent of cool images like not only does it move album sales with like it puts you in a positive mindset for the IRS and you might want to see them in concert where Baby by merchandise like the promotion visual music video then you probably been performing may be back in the day when I was on TV like the TV you know like MTV would buy you know distribution rights her or everything went well so they might have no money from YouTube views yeah but like a 10 million viewed are a 60 million viewed video on YouTube with that that's at the cost of like a very like people don't watch them is actively literally like put them on like on YouTube in in like taboo way to something else music video started becoming a popular thing like the same TV I mean there's a song about it Video Killed the Radio Star to think like all the ugly artist for like fuck yeah yeah that there's always a jarring experience when you have listened to someone's voice for very long time and then get to see their picture for the first I had heard what I said when I looked up you guys for the first time I had heard you guys jack off the computer away and you just I don't know if it's impossible for your brain to not craft some sort of predisposed idea of what you might look like when you hear like a radio / young or some like that and then when you see them or like savings happen when I've met online friends the first time that I never saw it's just jarring cuz it it's almost like that it's a miniature experience of like what you see is people who like I have a missing like a sense and then get it for the first time and then having to like come to terms with how that marries with the since they already had I think it's like the same thing where you have to like all right so that voice is coming out of that mouth now I'm okay with that that's normal I replace the mental image that I had I had a Community member come out to me and she was like it's just so you know you're the only RoosterTeeth person that I know who they look like what do you mean by that she's like I've been RoosterTeeth like a red versus blue fan for years I don't want to know what Sarge Griff Caboose any of those guys look like okay and I was like I was like yo me to Lakepointe the mouse with no no I don't want to know I don't want to know and it's like the weirdest thing like how interesting she didn't want to know what you look like when I really shouldn't be subjected to that went back to talk about something instead but I already got renewed for 70 episodes at work I thought that they were on the house they hadn't been renewed between Rhode Island in had to try to hammer out some stuff I'm going to take a 70 episodes did it specify if that's like a season I mean yeah I really love Rick and Morty but I it's that's one of those things that I'm actually not a proud like I'm not proud to talk about super publicly because I think the Rick and Morty fanbase is kind of one of the most toxic one there was a part there was a portion of the fanbase that did create a lot of toxicity there I don't think they would continue to be a good example but your fanbase the fanbase I love didn't have any of that but I hate you though I'm going to the gym okay you be on your side I'm going to be on my side okay got to get you in for free every year he would make his birthday wish every year to not have to do with you or like them watch me to gourdough's donut or something like that so it's pretty awesome to watch Blaney to go to Research Services on the internet you're not experiencing there fetish you're making me rethink that you just a question I want to ask okay which is Gus how are you at home with your wife like like what is your interaction it is because I consider you a very interesting and quirky person and even your wife a kind of guard is that as well so like what's your guys's like Rhythm at home. Are you guys decide you get home and you just guys watch a show together to BDSM leather case it's a lot of shared interest as far as like media and internet stuff we've been a lot of it sounds weird to say but we all the time you know looking for stuff online to make each other laugh okay like is like trying to trying to one-up each other each other like means if I don't read or stuff like that or funny picture she isn't game and watch the game too scared for no not really no yeah she really enjoyed watching me play The Walking Dead series that's what I'll tell me what does she do like couples like at all have to be constantly like around each other I mean when that whenever rides in town we spend a good amount of time together then we also like we need our separation time with someone you know I'm saying you have separation time when she's in town she had this conversation at the end of this last trip she was here where she was just about like 10 days and then we'd freedom of time and we had this funny conversation over one of her last meals that we had at the house together where I turned her and I was like oh I wanted to talk to you about something in this week we had this conversation what's wrong we just kind of have to have talked about our relationship a little bit and I I totally like I'm really sad your you have to go home to London that's it but I'm very glad I get to have my regular rid of my life back because when she's here they see we have two modes either we don't see each other at all because she lives in London or we here we are then if each other cost to be roommates without any other option is so thin so and we are both too very independent people we are both people who need not just like but we need our alone time we need also our space that is ours that we've cracked create I think mine is my apartment that I live by myself hers is her the weight of the she she she lives of siblings but she has her own space in her room and in her like work shopping like that and so we both realize that I feel like a few days of having to like being around each other all day long I'm going to take a few days off when she first came this last time so we were just like hanging out hanging out hanging out we both like we need to like you need to go over there and then I need to go over there and that were okay with that we're not mad at each other we just like I'm over my head. You can put your headphones on and we're fine yeah I'm in a lot of miles till we know what you mean still distance relationship thing feel like we'll be in the same room like which will be like working or reading something only playing like video games that helps and like weed we do that like there was plenty of times where she would be on her laptop watching like a hockey game or something and I'll be on my computer playing a video game and we're not interested at all but there's a certain amount of like getting to like know that you're going to go to your room or your house that's like a healthy progression for I think just about any relationship you got to have like you got to be comfortable having your own time as well to recharge and we need to like it a lot of it more than probably I think most couples like as far as like in comparison to previous relationships I had like we like our but we respect that and it's it's tell me what is just our our thing ever and we ever act like I'm I'm glad you're leaving that kind of thing but it wasn't that just realized it's you and me and the podcast it's the end of the fucking podcast though and we didn't tell the story about my divorce did you have time for now okay so the story about that Blaine is part of my divorce part of my divorce yeah no one's ever read the story cuz I shared this my divorce stories about people but this thing happen when I was going through my divorce when when we were fighting over custody of the kids and and so we're both coming up with reasons why you know we should have what we're asking for on our side of the horse and during that whole process lawyers will often get as much information as possible from you and then the other lawyer made also request information from you I'll bring up with their they'll build build a boat with their cases and then you have to kind of responded so I'll go to my lawyer one day and have a meeting and and she tells most of this needs to get for me and we had a good meeting and I left I got a phone call from my lawyer after I left and then the phone calls because I forgot to ask you for something I need you to give me all of your social media and I was like well she said I need you I need you I need you to give me your your all of your stuff for me I was like okay so my brain went what does that mean and I went okay they can download certain does social media and give it like I know if there's a Twitter download you can archive all your Twitter I was like okay I can download my Twitter I use Tumblr but I don't know how to give you that and that's about it and I was like I don't have Facebook account because I deleted it when I left California Senate have that and she went you know the Facebook account and I said no and she's like okay which I assume she thought was odd because it's just weird not to have a Facebook account especially this is like 3 years ago when she like the like are you being completely honest with me like just a few days later and we talked about a bunch of stuff in this like what I need to get one more thing that was why I asked about social media and she said so you say you don't have Facebook and I was like no and she's like so because of some sort of messed up that your ex found she's under the impression that you did not move here too work and receive you remove Tara because of a previous relationship and or want to stay here because of a relationship you're not you're in not because you know you want your kids are you want your job me like that and I went cuz of a lover don't know how often we make very Amorous jokes in the office even years ago like funny jokes about each other and that kind of thing on Twitter explained to us and we danced like yeah okay we just need to like make a case of what's going on and then we'll figure it out no that cool so then we could go by and I finally like have a conversation with my ex about a few things and I decide to bring this up and I bring up like what is going on with this accusation so my ex tells me that she found on the internet a Facebook account that had my face and all my information that's the spacing to make sure you put it in there and it said I was in a relationship who was our relationship we got us birthday boy for the audio listeners it is me playing for the Facebook account said I was in a relationship with Blaine had all these pictures of me and him everything that is the clarification this is clearly a fan account she said all this stuff from you and then she's like and then I found these stories that people wrote about you doing things to like your co-workers and LG's encounters at this point I was having a conversation in the parking lot here and I was like way behind but the Bungalow and if someone would have heard someone scream that's fanfic lights off in the distance from screaming that and so I didn't know what that is that I saw this stuff and I was freaking out I thought that it was like you were like having a relationship and that's why you're doing this is like I'm not I'm not fucking blame and so and I've never have not going to say whenever are but I ask her okay so now that you I do believe me this is not the thing is that yes I believe you're like well then tell your fucking lawyer to take it off our case cuz if it's not the case we have to defend it because it was there we have to make a defense for it dial weekly bike that's not how the story ends oh my God weeks went by and it got close to a court date and we kept asking have you taken it off yet because it's not off the case yet we have not removed from the documents and they like yeah he's going to do it and my lawyer is going to do it leading all the way up to write for the case and so I was left with no choice but defending myself and I was asked for my lawyer that I had to bring Blaine to the court as a witness so then one day I get a text message and John's basically like hey kinda awkward I was so embarrassed I need you to come and testify as a character witness that we are not in a gay romance together and I was like I gotta run John and then he's like no no they didn't you laid out the store is he just told you and yeah I was like to leave luckily for me I was so embarrassed for it once I explained it she was like hell yeah sending the night before the case I'm in my closet no Freight front of my closet looking at all my clothes and I'm like how do I dress that says that I'm not romance with my friend John son trying to pick the straightest closed but everything I have is like athletic cut like super tight fitting I've got a pair of pink pants like everything skinny fit and I was like dr. I don't know the story ends very sadly because we go to the court the next door and very sadly because we go to the court we show up I just went in there well we all get sworn in and and actually Emily Mcbride are former number says she was there also to testify like I what I did at the office music. And so we go to the corner if they got every morning like that we're up in the front and then all the witnesses are in the back and he's like that and upfront my lawyer brings up this part of the case and brings up that we were told this is not repaired is it part of the case or not and I'm like hahaha blame is getting so anxious he's ready to just spill the beans at how fucking straight he is and what does that mean I don't work out and only then is when her lawyer says no this is not part of our case so Blaine was sadly dismissed and was not called upon to witness in my divorce I had to take the day off of work and everything that work downtown parking and expressed me after the court that even III one in the court the divorce ended finally got but that blame was really sad that he could not testify in my divorce and was not actually part of the actual hearing you were sworn into my divorce case the papers are done now I can have sex with him so we're good so