#495 - Are You New Here, Burnie?

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Jordan Cwierz, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the moon, the evolution of online entertainment, kidney stones, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-06-05 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Jordan Cwierz, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

honey and Casper thanks Jordan I'm here for the first time in a year really the truth because I get to eat and everything I mean if they make something I guess that's not funny I'll tell them what do you think for the battlefield to do for the arctic's panel we were talking about that this week actually he sent me some ideas that I think podcast ever together and then Andrew will do some form I can always open and they'll get released together or I guess the audience would know Jordan best from on the spot when he used to sit in the audience you are a poncho and sombrero I'm a spot we paid out the audience for on-the-spot weirdly insignificant amount of money it's $3 because you don't want people just buying up all the tickets like 2 years yeah that's sweet on the spot money so where's the money go get a drink or do we take that money and then bite by a drink and then we get to yeah but what's up at 3 bucks for a drink and then my dad that I'm asking this question I didn't say they've made like 27 bucks in another 500 years to get that sweet cabin down in Mexico that I know that a lot of people to come over from Mexico and come to the u.s. they live very frugally in the US and they basically ship all their money back to Mexico and a guy who had a person from Mexico work with Amazon Ranch and all of his money back and head like this amazing place in Mexico but had this horrible place in the US used to work in this time and then he was in go back and live his life in Mexico navigate to transfer out of the USA as well he just gets it and cash and he gives it to her but that must be a very American question to ask John. I'm sure his travel expenses to file like for your auto registration online they charge you more convenience fee yeah I type in the command text me and sees I understand because it is convenient do you think it's weird that we have do you think it's weird right now do you think it's weird that when we renew our like registration for cars and stuff we make the check out to just a guy the guy who is like the treasurer for the county but you're supposed to make the check out to the Texas a guy named Bruce Bruce let me not to let you know I have the American conflicts like with the bank guy but what's my name what do we make a check out to some random guy that we are property taxes and for car registration right now if you were to do a check or something I would do. I guess I'm just in the future they had a couple weeks ago they're all the Fall Guys through some of the people work in the office for making fraudulent document saying that car sales were her less than they really were so that people have to pay less tax on them and they were getting a cut of the money at the people were saving how you doing send a cat supposed to be a fun zone over here take it all up in my psychic you said you treated me about you tweet about you what he knew his water pressure know ahead of time I miss that pressure I love to song Gangnam Style camera on what is YG's onesies for have you been liking a man that's the question Marathon Comenity baby shower it out and give it as a photo absolutely that finally came out today finally retrospective video like a director commentary or I can see Science Theater style commentary on an old video afterwards it was definitely season 1 you like to talk about it a bit we have Ellie on the sidecar here I had talked about this video project in the talk about like somebody's new videos that we have in the worst but I had a very strange director about this but I have to bring up now cuz it would so strange I think that I was told it would be great if we can talk about the videos but they would be very happy if we never refer to it as the lap while I know I did alright was the couple for me like 5 minutes before you got into this thing so I can just buy the video Series has not called the lab right hey are an independent Maine for the lab is helping to run it Patrick Pope I've been there the longest out of the loop because I don't work over in this building is it an actual Laboratory we tried so we like the concept behind is that we can like make short videos that I me that come out really quickly and kind of see what the feedback is see what people like I said I'm here we are secret division in general like somebody. Furley RvB commentary so I like and like. Me pointing would like gas and burning in all the guys and stuff is like so cool yeah it came out so easily because part of a lot of good or whatever we should like there's a couple new faces in the team so it will she wants to show up and then as soon as we can talk about it yet but there's an episode of a show on the lab that we still with me and Christina seen a pair of shoes so quick that we sold the other day that I didn't know if I wanted to do it or not and I don't know if I could talk about it yet but they're amazing brain nothing has been done yet if we if we had a schedule so I'm making a bunch of weird stuff and we're going to be throwing up and do all the wall and see what sticks and then every time you said the lab which kind of new series that we're making is going to go under a kind of the lap show page which is why I was confused as to why we couldn't this show is found a sore back Emerald oldest and and I know that you know that we were going to watch that video and I thought oh is that I tried to look at my to look it up like all right that one you're a haircut I don't remember that haircut low water pressure check in that in that Lab videos that time every second if I can drive to the head like the huge beard back then too did a bunch of commentaries for our Blu-ray release of camp Camp season 1 and 2 that just came out like a week ago what was the what's the water pressure on that if we wanted to have huge files that would have like a shrimp there's just too Breezy to stay lit up like 3 days trying to figure out how to do it RTA to figure out a way to take all the old episodes on automatically connect to do the book The busy work for the whole company Department Joel when I came to visit the studio I helped him do head bugs when you guys are redoing the release of Barbie and I guess it Halo by the way because I just promote the show we're not making right now because I'm not there I like that shirt I just constantly wanted like brush him off that's true voice not like everyone else and I will do like table reads of every episode like one final read-through and we always do it in the voice is more like okay you take this character you take me that's probably easier to write the character that basically had the whole movie built out as an animatic and we would watch it like actions especially it was like very very rudimentary like almost One Step Above storyboarding 3D Graphics in motion it's probably from all the fucking lines were recorded by one person hey I remember hearing a lot of that I'm not afraid to die Jay-Z Colton brought back eat a dick Twitter offices very excited loves eat a dick that's like the one regret he has from us not doing our Tes anymore is that what you followers on Twitter and you promise to bring back eat a dick when he did and which is basically just people chat on Periscope Periscope this time around I'm too afraid like you could ask to join someone's live stream so it looks like two cameras just let people you know obviously I guess so but then like people I know have to be watching you can FaceTime with up to 32 people now talk to you though I don't think they make emojis that ugly lunch Club then you guys go to one street over here and they have that weird heels for kids can roll down Hills is it for dogs or is it for kids what's the difference fucking everywhere everywhere in restaurants in my cat out somewhere crazy right witcha run a poll for all of our Lives which is a better pet cats or dogs only for watching while and go boat Thruster better pet cats or dogs will be watching the results here in just a minute but they're all so high maintenance yeah I like the independence of a cat leave it alone for like a day oh man this is not a drive-by but I thought you would be. I like I like watching these results I can't pay attention to anything else did taken away video of FBI agent who accidentally shot someone good boy culture or good boys are not think about cats Worthy Patron Saint of the internet I feel like boy has just become like a thing you can call any noun like I can give me one of the boys give me the boy cat videos lol cats cats were the mascot of the internet show me by the way that came out recently cuz somebody used it in a stand up it took me out of this is how I saw it and so there were suing them for they were memes I feel like there was something between lol cats and rage comics viral images of Success Kid yeah he had the overly obsessed girlfriend had Bad Luck Brian was that a name that wasn't mean what were the weather was like open round trip around forever but it wasn't used what about like all your base was like cuz I was like 2001 when did what is that called I don't know that I just realized the Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana is like the dancing hotdog on Snapchat no blunts well that's a long list of good things if Andrew was quitting one of the best things about him quitting was not seeing a fucking hot dog anymore 20 way or no way he's going to need to take a day off give me a call I'll talk to all the people who is not Scott rogowsky host it's just awkward like oh I have to stall now because something went wrong trying to figure it out there was one where the bull shit out of money money there is more dangerous there's one question and then forget they said the correct answer was Dubai and they're asking for a country and I put it in like one of the things that was a country in there like country a million dollars or whatever what is the United Arab Emirates UAE most question though you ain't ever get I have literally hit a level of it and I went down a rabbit hole with the Moon and Alex kind of obsessions you so there's a lot of different crazy facts about the moon and I knew all the crazy facts like for instance the Moon is 1 400 the size of our sun it's also 1/400 the distance between the Earth and the Sun so therefore when is the exact same size astronomically improbable you really wouldn't have a solar eclipse cuz it wouldn't be able to cover up the sun otherwise it's a ridiculously large for our solar system scale I think it's the large then it's also there is something even though the sun has such things about the moon and the moon for whatever reason doesn't also the moon sounds this is going to get weird tour Hollow and I I stumbled upon it Siri where people think the Moon is actually Halo for the moon will resonate like a bell Whenever there is some kind of impact on it in a resume for up to like 53 hours is the longest I've gotten the thing to resonate like you shouldn't do that the bell bell bell bell launch the missile added to the water vapor or whatever it was you remember when NASA like launch the missile at the Moon rotational speed of the moon is equal to its orbit of our planet which is why the same side of the moon always faces billoreilly whenever he says like like these things are so improbable tide goes in tide goes out you can't design that looks like that's his argument that's his argument for like why God exists lastly the distance between the Earth and the moon is just large enough to contain every other Celestial body in the solar system if you stack them all together side to side they would they would reach the distance to the moon from the earth in in such a precise manner it's within our position of being able to measure those others but I don't believe that one with the size of the sun are you saying 404 other perspectives Bernie said that is one 400 really fit between the appear to be the same size sun looks forward to times bigger in the sky text bigger than what I thought if she could fit in the Sun can't argue with that picture that somebody just let somebody thank you Skyler great question Does it include Pluto equal to in size or somebody that like they're close to the point where their orbits are geosynchronous so they're always rotating around each other to be fucking coincidences about one thing and also they can't explain how the moon was made there's a lot of them out there is I like the one about the meteor hitting the Earth and then another part of that makes the big for you think about the moon so much about them periodically but it's a lot of astronomical ability all-in-one existing at all is a pretty huge meth in between people who believe in things like a moon affecting your behavior is there someone named who is posting about how like they don't believe that the moon affects anything or anybody and title if the moon is a spaceship in orbit around Earth when you wrote The Lone Star Wars that's no moon it's a space station how do I feel like I started looking at you and then I realized listening to other people talk about how crazy it would be if the moon was artificially constructed which is where I was going and I buy who buy trade and sell about if you could you put it there as some type something I don't know what I'm going to send it also as you learn more about the solar system there different me things about the moon at our point in technology now that are also crazy astronomical and probability thing since we were basically starting a civilization realized we have eclipses we could see was the same size and try to figure that out but measuring the distance of all the planets or the size of all the planets in the solar system Boot Barn longer turn the technology to figure that out so they could be other these crazy things about the way that we don't know but you could have made some kind of energy that we can't read all the asteroids in the asteroid belt it makes blood moon we just never seen it it's always a shy Side of the Moon sure why not let go through all that like Astronaut training and everything and how do I do that was like 5 years weekends doing growing up I could have been an astronaut not gone to the moon but the crib in the idea that I could have gone to the Moon I didn't do it then so what else seems like such a big 5 years seems a lot longer when you're younger cuz you have less perspective now 5 years and years ago but if your kid you like that's a fucking death 75 years I've only been alive let me talk to me just do this summer. But I tend to do a lot of interviews as well we talked about how we should be started a lot of people are interested in you know starting something like Rasheeda starting a career and online entertainment and I always have to point out the fact that you would the sudden rise of Red vs Blue RoosterTeeth things like an overnight success but it took us 10 years to get to it you know we were all working on random stuff like working on web page is working on Blog videos we're working on all that stuff for 10 years before we found something that hit you know any different groups of people like there were people that we worked with it didn't end up working at Red versus Blue that we work with another project and they went off and did other stuff was going to be yeah but I was 17 year old and say I try to figure out how to make it you say well to see where that made by the time you're 27 things will work out or that brush that was my perspective on College where is like I have to wait 4 years of this to my job that I really want to do that don't listen to my advice don't do what I do like how do I get into voice acting I honestly don't know it was such a like not you need a very unique situation for anyone in voice acting that it's like I can't tell someone this story and they could like I like how the Moon is the same kind of great deals that honey can help you get this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to buy honey as a Segway in your browser and search of a promo code just one that works pretty close any of them and fear of missing out on a deal before you crash your browser yet again try honey but he's the free browser add-on that over 9 million people are using everyday to save money while they shop online in two clicks you add honey to any browser for free that shop like you normally do you scan to test the coupons in the background. 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Got mad at me cuz I bring to be at 313 2nd and what Dash best pizza in Seattle with Microsoft used to be was also a bunch of used to be now they're no longer that location tall and right next door that was its original pancake house once but she moved out and went independent 343 to go to building 10 years later they moved out and location the Pancake House close and I sent you got us a picture of the clothes Pancake House on text and I was very sad turns out they moved right next door to 343 they move their location you think 343 I don't know if you could say that or not so goddamn Lucy 8 probably 4:15 wow apple pie filling on top of a crepe and omelette souffle underneath it was just it was incredible I need the whole thing but he told me the best pizza in Austin is neworldeli that right neworldeli Joe Nicolosi is the person who convinced me to dress up like a cyclops I didn't mention it previously that was such a pain in the ass to make the mold for the the prosthetic had a panic attack and then took 3 hours to apply all that makeup then we film for 8 hours and then it took an hour to take the makeup off my God how to shave my chest so I don't want to talk about this for a while if it's almost back to normal text Myles about this thing someone and I didn't want to make Joe feel bad but my nipples are so sore and itchy who is as the hair was growing back it was like just the right way to hit my hit my nipples nipples hair wouldn't hit them it was fucking awful early start you should have said we should pay someone to hold your nipples for you to get like nipple chafing from running no I don't forget that I have had when I was on the treadmill for a long period of time II don't have a ticats Barbara and I have that and so I get little bit of Soopers little rubbing if I walk for like 20 miles my jeans like my diesel have a weary wear spot where my show me some of that band Freddy Adu like rub against each other thank you scratching your legs rubbing together play both of your balls hanging on the right side 3 over there maybe just do you get ball hole let me see the DMV fuckjerry civilization me read this and then we can ask the question you were talking about is also brought you buy audible books are great for helping you to be a better you we teamed up with Audible and they're offering a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial going to listen to it Audible has it just go to audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 download free time and start listening to audiobooks original shows news comedy and more is unmatched anywhere you will find what you are looking for lately of course I would recommend Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson which I'm listening to yet again it's Mary Mary Lou by Jonathan Davis absolutely love that book you should definitely give it a listen every month good for any garlic and onions credits roll over to the next month don't like your audio book you can exchange it with no questions asked get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 that's a u d i b l e. Com RT or Texarkana 500500 thank you audible for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast edible brother and hearts book buffering it's like about her life it's so much different than her first book that you wrote about her life and growing up had no idea fucking fascinating and your young wife is 5 hours and 59 minutes you can pick that up on Audible as well excellent alright so what we're asking you about holes I do have a couple pair of jeans that have a whole name and I never suspected there from my balls Burnie or no bottle like I mean 20%. The probability of being well-endowed women women take away the problem have you ever seen old like anti arguments are always like why would we let women vote they're just going to vote for the same person as their husband twenties if I picked up the logic of why women should be able to vote and one of their arguments was there just going to vote for the same person as their husband it's just too I want to vote on my wife won't let me the brochures informational packet about like the dangers of women voting so fast women like a pill or some food that women to eat to gain weight and how like you be like super sexy and told her about losing weight. Crazy I never thought to look this up any good ones I think one about chocolate or some snack call Dave's Ace chocolate it was a little like a little fudge Cube that you call agent in the 80s nobody knew days we came out how do you say Isis was the name of the spy agency Archer work for in the first three seasons and OSHA the commercial the commercial. I had so much trouble losing weight until I got 8 historically has become just like that makes a whole pie but I know cuz it was somebody else a third of Duty ball hole I don't recall anybody out I do not think it's for my balls though I'm not dumb just like moving manspreading I'll keep track of it next time I'll let you guys know traction traction traction is just going to open up one day when I start a new job at the Moon you want to work on a new show Bernie then you would see how many balls would fit between the movie about like I'm noticing a trend and it's really starting to upset me and I think it's going to be a continuing Trend that with my friends who have Instagram businesses have suddenly start to complain that Instagram is starting to affect the way that they reach their users getting less and less it's happening but then I was also this video I saw it was about a guy who had spent the last three years of his life doing nothing but Twitch streaming to try to make it and it was just like you just like it's not going to happen so depressing and it's very depressing but it's like you talked about how much like like work life and personal life took a hit and run lost his girlfriend kind of pushed everyone away working towards a goal that never came true it was all about yeah he's just like he's just like it's one of the frustrating things about an industry like entertainment what are so many variables a barber you're saying about the getting the voice acting's like you would go tell see on how to do it when I was starting out I would read biographies by filmmakers you know I read whatever Kevin Smith's interviews work FireRed Robert Rodriguez's Rebel Without a crew talking about how he made it home they're not cheap but all of those stories yeah there's some stuff that you can replicate and I'm in a formula you can follow it but it's some point everyone's career there's this weird X Factor something that happened never going to be able to one guy one guy which was screen like a midnight screening of Clerks and was sitting in the eyes and he was just the right guy who is like both this is hilarious like 5 if you want I'll buy this movie for Miramax send it became that use Global phenomenon in lost his career as Mom or something like one of the people in charge of IBM like people talk about Bill Gates like looking out essentially it's because his mom I think it was his mom who work for IBM autobiography affected I think about all the time with my kid and he talked about getting you to buy time on the computer back then and he his parents bought him time on the computer and he liked it so much because it was something he could do that adults could do and it kids don't often get an opportunity to do that they're locked out of so much stuff and so that's what really spurred is interest in technology and science and so I always think about that my kids like if you don't try to give me as many like chances to try stuff as they want I think it was this to be a whole generation of people who just we're going to talk to you this morn more people just like you know I have it was like a hundred just realized that like success almost has a different meaning it's like you can be Quality quality content or something but like it's about breaking through all the other noise and how do you start the quality and they become successful so you get the idea that this could be emulated and you could become a successful talking about like I'll just follow your dreams but that's horrible advice because everyone who wants to do it is going to follow their dreams it's whether or not they're successful it being persistent following your dreams and then he was talking about the lottery what should you do with your life like put all your money in lottery tickets it works preparation meets opportunity, but y'all such a recognized tune especially is a lot of preparation that never then get that opportunity but any active preparation if you're doing something this artistic you're getting better or what you're doing all the time not Jordan withdrawing no not at all right thing animation karaoke kind of my favorite I told you so much that I get to have a specific talking to Jordan by the ear like on episode 150 of Arkay probably that's when you can beat me to be like 20 years but you should be direct other animation project know what type of crazy . I just ate all the time but I would always get worried that Jordan would get sick I can never get ahead yeah I got freaked out it was when I was still living in California I got a kidney stone and had to go to the hospital it hurts a lot after the first one they said that they were more in there and like symptoms of a year-and-a-half like everybody thinks it's like the bachelor passing like peeing out the kidney stone it's going from the kidney to the bladder because the tube is a really thin tube that the ureter the ureter Farragut bigger than like a couple millimeters is going to be really painful so really it all started with a big pain in your back and that's the passing that hurt you just look up kidney stones like that crystallized like a big ass like a mess they give you a strainer after you go to the hospital but I think they're either too small or like I was out in like in and use the public restroom minute it happened there so yeah that could be what they look like I've never I know they heard that's about it Maggie had really bad kidney stone this is before you guys started working on Ruby like as they pass through their pointy so they're like tearing up I don't think mine were that where that big this is the worst pain that a man can suffer a price pretty bad yeah but like apparently it doesn't like nothing you can do but wait for it to be over and how long will 5 minutes but then it's in your bladder and then it has to pass them from there and if it's big enough that's going to be a whole nother problem getting pissed passed from the kidney to the bladder that they can give you Flomax medical use for that message for that medicine with you know it is one of those things like as I get older I start to pay attention to people that are older than me there's a point which you've learned like listen to people that are older Julie about 30-35 somewhere they used to say like I always listen to my own there boss yet I'm listening real hard nowadays but the thing that worries me is I always hear the old guys talking about not being able to pay to pee like they can't take a real Pete and it's just like they hated you need it for something a procedure done about a month-and-a-half ago they had to shave off a layer of my cervix to the Head abnormal cells on it that could become cancerous is left untreated for a number of years but just before I was going to go in outside, Chicago the bathroom so I went pee and then went back into the waiting room and they took me into a urine sample or like I literally just peed and she's like just whatever you can get into the bathroom and I was like pushing on my bladder trying to get like just some trust after he would have warned you ahead of time I was just remember that's wife never mind the distance from life.com what size they are most the most mammals I'm sure there's some mammals that don't elephants bladder can hold dearly 5 gallons of fluid and yet it can be just as quickly as a cat long time because they they're paying a vastly different rates 10 seconds Max time it next time you click their cheese I've taken it felt like it's taking like 3 minutes or just tell me the world record I want to know how they confirm this the world record for the longest pee is 508 seconds in minutes if you go to Can't Hold Us much P couldn't I don't know did you couldn't yeah so did you go to the fullest you think your brothers ever been like capacity wise percentage feel the need to urinate cuz I don't want to piss myself just like I don't care I'm in charge now it's only happens when I drink a whole cup of coffee and then a few glasses of water I have to pee every 5 minutes caffeine in the coffee makes your bladder like get over a cup of coffee and I'm holding it and I smell it's like oh here we go getting ready to go is making poop at all ever I wish it did that's the only reason to drink coffee one cup in the morning like ever I don't think you could pee so bad that was a courteous sure sometimes yeah but it's like an hour later there was one time I was trying to get home and I can go faster and so how you get with him like a hundred yards your house and all of a sudden I can't make it give it a hundred yards the house everybody's like you have trouble pooping and then the second you get home on your butt touches your own toilet seat and it's like the best hope your life is there any trips like a different bathroom my body like chest as like now unusual space and half hour flight right well Seattle Seattle's great did you Kirkland did you see that headline earlier last week smelly Airline passenger forces emergency landing as fellow Travelers vomit and faint is that person it was it's a Dutch Airlines called transavia is going to Amsterdam from the Spanish island of Gran Canaria before I got there and became violently ill you would think so I feel like if it was like she made it in like 4 more air and blood pressure smell it as well kit van Hout I guess he's Dutch Dutch he has a quote here he said I heard someone say that the stench was worse than that of a course that have been decomposing for okay go to fucking pierced man who is there any information on the smelly person know if it's the from the moment that this is also from mr. Vann House from the moment he stepped into the aisle will begin to scream and dived into their bags looking for just to keep in front of them Kevin Cruz tried in vain to cover the stance with perfume and nothing can mask it there eventually move them at to sit in the toilet at the back of the plane to try to protect the passengers from the smell ever that wasn't enough and had to make an emergency landing in Portugal ways driving me sound like you have some kind of like gangrenous or something like that describes like or maybe that it's the airline for there was a fight on the plane to someone when stop farting ventilation on their plane yeah that seems like a great like joke fruit jermy fartz and can't Camp I forgot to clean under my fingernails by the way happy to have you back on the podcast because it's always the same fucking thing when you're gone that got do the I read that go over the arteries with me I'm like I got it and I don't forget you got to stay at the top of the show the face. It don't do any of it the promo murder room which switch and everything cuz it's talked about at the beginning of the show I need to go back to record a specialist right after the show rerun murder people like it so much because I had a lot of fun I really like to do we know when we're going to have more information talk specifically about the how to do the pieces or do I supposed to do it all once cuz everything was all in Pilot with the most talked-about obviously big decisions to be made or processing everything but figure out like what shows were going to move forward with so if there's a show that you likes from eating pilot week and then you should definitely do your best to support it now because we're trying to start working to make next did the clipboard I think if that show I mean correct me if I'm wrong is that show gets picked up we're planning to post show where I think we explain our series behind everything and why we went certain way because you picked I picked someone someone as the killer right off the bat and we never really got to your reasoning so what's on the clipboard is it just timeline of events constantly ask where was this person at this time it's just the timeline that we that we go over that's that's presented to everyone else there's no like extra information on it or anything crazy I love that show because I'm a sucker for True Crime stuff like I just watched Evil Genius on Netflix I have to watch this but it's like it's like midnight and I can't get into the trailer so we're at I mean it's not true crime technically but it's like to argue and then thanks Bernie so I know you're telling the truth did we had IMDb animated we had Works Quest and then we had murdered 1000 it's 30 or 40 number from me I just died I sent Patrick and Evan just like a list most of them are times at the lab single shall return a title or documentary documentaries also seem to be a big Focus for what I'm going to tell them is it at some point I just start suggesting stuff like like look for the last doc they were trying to figure out who published his name two things are better as I just called Black Panther to call it? Like I did that released about end of infinity War spoiler about talk about the end of the war if somehow it anyway is there any I don't feel so good at the end of the character who's big part of the Mimi I don't feel so good. It's because of his abilities that he could speak extensive coming like with like it's been long enough Black Widow so nobody nobody has seen Solo in the theater apparently was like how he got every little thing but it is the best earlier today if one would be really good if it didn't have that one fucking thing in the Middle with Darth Vader on Mustafar dad jokes like killing everyone that and I thought that that was the best theme his name yeah I really like that but I thought it was like super cheesy in over the top yeah but I don't know if it was all alone on the introduction of all the things in Han Solo's life and they covered everything I wanted them to cover they also added some stuff some stuff in that they did unnecessarily weather yeah there's about that if I feel like we know what happened. So still owe any more to their plans for making a Star Wars movie like 5 and 1/2 months now or whatever the fuck you're doing is going to be a couple now I'm going to make movie Star Wars force awakens and Last Jedi trailer for Disney sounds like ready player one working for me makes me want to see it yeah I mean it's right around so I don't want you to go to the Internet they go to going online another bus 13 I mean everybody knows Wally will let Bruce Lee let's go to Pixar Cars 2 Cars 2 3 1 2 and 3 Monsters Inc inside out inside out was because they had made a couple of Cars 2 and then about the good dinosaur so cute pepper feature about Alberni the best Trilogy in the World Cup next year I think about this a little bit hey what's up Black Widow fairy came out 1996 you flicked it on the wall and it like rotated fell and landed correctly since I am walking over here now they probably when is my hair anyway when they make Toy Story the official Fidelity just watch that 3D animation back when they made Toy Story is obviously some of that sucks. Well it doesn't hold up well but also I feel like it limits what they can do when I feel like it today it wouldn't have that overall aesthetic like in the Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 establish the look and feel of the movie kind of like they don't you have your iconic characters are at the toy excavators and Shadow and skin like there a limit to like that color palette as well because they can't use like somebody Rich more life light colors than filters and posted stuff like that kind of compositing so yeah yeah I can see it's almost like how we need to cuz Ruby kind of Follow That same path for like Ruby volume one was kind of a bare-bones as far as like the compass that there's almost no comp on it people also didn't recognize the look of the show on switch for Annie's you know that way it becomes a stark difference if you go from like 5 to 1 instead of like so I think I think you know just like still frames I think you'd see a big difference but yeah but like there are certain things like the overall look and design of the the sets in the characters totally different new character even the humans like have to look where they all got it they had to be super point out how you know obviously Quinn Toy Story came out it took forever to render a frame a new super Granbury technology and now you know what the New Kingdom Hearts coming out on the PS4 versus rendering everything in real time I think breath of the wild how to do visual Fidelity is really don't make it look dramatically different they don't care if it looks like the First Technology God of War was fucking amazing everything about the Xbox exclusives at this III you know any game at all any three bad bets in a row 4 exclusive they got pubg and pubg on Xbox is not good turn on the PC. Way better way better if so much inventory puppy take our resources a lot of limitation Xbox videos in pubg where they like driving a car and then the building in there in the lava like they're just like the draw distance was like 5 people to go see if these was a disappointment to so many people hungering deep came out but still I don't I think Dave I don't think I'm going to recapture that that momentum they had going in to see if he's in the State of Decay 2 if you haven't talked about which is exclusive invested in everything but I don't know man like really looking forward to State of Decay 2 in Fallout 76 trailer for new Fallout game live speculation as to what it could be going to be did you play Fallout 4 it all on an island and they land in the vaults fight it out for soul winner no it's beautiful out for that was a hundred percent the game stage we were building settlements in managing settlements and it just kind of sucks it's like it's the it wasn't core Fallout it wasn't a lot of fun if I do wish you could turn off Olympic as a settlement just kept asking for you didn't have to do that stuff you just ignore it getting resources and everything else for you to fucking scratched it constantly unfortunately there is a part of this trailer that user trailer where they talk about both 76 is weather rebuilding after the apocalypse that's the goal of that specific mall then we both had its own mission basically and that's their mission we're heading out. I think enough people did not like the building where they wouldn't we made a much better version of it could be better but I didn't even for the Ford you'll see you played all of the right I got to play the Robot building shit or are they doing the whole settlement DLC 2 underground cave and it was all about building and everything remember the rise of the otamatone Lost Harbor was Far Harbor Harbor Freight Harbor is the other one you had to build three stations Contraption Workshop in this room is like doesn't remember it because it's just more fucking building and that. 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What are the two guys names that get a credit for YouTube found my camera I'm looking it up Chad Hurley Steve Chen before the acquisition of Google to go back to go to graduate school at Stanford what's the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and cell data technology really funny stories and told paraphrasing for memory here but he showed Clips at them like in the garage where they were working on YouTube and it'll work out for like 6 months and nobody was signing up for the site and they were paying girls on Craigslist in La hot girls $50 to post a video like for every other post that was on the spot fucking crazy but no I read an article where is he was talking to her and they said basically what happened was they read the airplane and red airplane magazine article flicker the photo cataloging site is all about that in the rise of Flickr and what they were doing and how are they running the business Bubba Bubba Bubba Bubba and then the author wrote the very end and one day maybe somebody would do something like this for videos and it was a it was it was right after that advertisement for that bike exercise to change your life or the stairs for your dog that's like $17,000 and it gives you a full body workout with magazines for the rip-off they submarines it was like $18,000 it was submerged for like 20 feet or something this is why I'm broke.com man so you can look cool while doing the ROM machine no look up ROM machine every piece of gym equipment to put it on one thing the quick gym range of motion machine 15 grand for this thing and it's advertised in bankruptcy or something and stuff never seen this before and every time I really like futuristic wheelchair . it really does look at Max I'll be honest I don't know where you put your hand the RTX reminder to call Harvey with what are ticks so they wrote me an ad for like that copy to read during this episode and I haven't looked at it yet so I'm going to read the are ticks out right now wanted to remind you that if you have not already purchased your bad for our checks Austin Now's the Time our tix Austin is Richie's Three Day celebration of Comedy gaming and internet culture this year takes place August 5th in downtown Austin. Only have a chance to meet all your receipt personalities but this year was a special guest signings exclusive screenings panels cosplay contest tabletop gaming an Animation Festival evening programming live shows sons of secret and not so secret parties allomatic away RTX Austin. Com get your Badger become part of what makes receive great the community Austin August 3rd to 5th 2018 downtown Austin go to RTX Austin. Com it's a lot of fun I remember one they had in like this like grassy field like in the middle of May it was miserable I told you to go to the fire station to see if they could help you get your Tux in there I look so ugly it's like a behind-the-scenes video and I'm just like I'm an actual zombie because of how hot and tired I am. But that was the year that they were like a hundred days over hundred degrees last week so we should also point out the fact that gas you and I will not be here next week I don't know what the podcast looks like for next week not me some people so one of my favorite podcast ever was at one more you guys are all out of town and it was me blame Chris miles from try to do that again. But we're going to be here next week because I will be in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo better not be climbing broadcast from E3 on behalf of YouTube like every fucking developer I can't talk about it because then it would if you have some of the stuff that's going to eat will Rocco be there but I hope so I hope so you don't go if he comes in he wants to do something fun then we'll just I usually roll with it but then there's times where he's like he just doesn't like stop and I know how to put it inside. Starting with the conference's I believe it'll be probably on Rooster Teeth and then the other things will be on the YouTube channel as well and surf he's also doing friendship tattoos on Tuesday the 12th isn't it the 13th there's a party Geoff Ramsey pop launch party at E3 party that's not the next day it's Wednesday my bad for wrapping up but I wanted to bring up since you mention tattoos have you seen ads for those like semi-permanent tattoos like I think that's the only way I would get one this is what I've just reapplied specific color and everything before I turn it down kid who got the Bart Simpson henna tattoo on his arm that is allergic to henna and he now he has a fucking Wicked scar brand of Bart Simpson don't have a cow man I don't know if you could get a woman who got a tattoo of her son's name and the tattoo artist misspelled her son's name but if she changed her son's I know she was 30 doesn't say how will the sun was his name Jeff vinik worth oh brother so she changed his name to kill a selfish bitch let her have it Barb economics that's frugality she doesn't want to look like an idiot later until she knows the glary mistake she returned to the artist who laughed and said there wasn't anything he could do who will Park from issue a refund thank God thank you will you have that but that's like don't be like a Droid on you first you medical error cuz the person who probably got it also probably didn't know that I was a grammatical error at the time that sucks I think it's a great name what was the name of the gray cat in German Kevin Kevin Kevin the little pictures DHS