#496 - Blaine is Which Disney Character?

Join Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, Trevor Collins, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss color blindness, Hereditary, the end of net neutrality, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-496

Recorded: 2018-06-12 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:40:37 (6037.73 seconds)

Participants: Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, Trevor Collins, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

hello everyone welcome to the RT Podcast thanks to me ideas for being the presenting sponsor on this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast do you know me and easy fun comfy undies. 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Sure that you're such a mood for your some ideas to get star like weird looking for a like a hoodie and q324 in my cool cool and he said like a color-blind watch in the bottom left and it doesn't matter where it was and I and I was like oh yeah I was thinking about doing like a color-blind think that's that I mean they look cool if you do the design right now but I was like I was like scheller's bike yes I like this design it looks very good you see that number and if you have normal vision using a different number of monochrome which some people have like you were saying you're asking to see in grayscale like they see only shades of grey dogs hour from He-Man Castle Grayskull all right after Castle Grayskull so don't fucking freak out of me sorry for whatever cosplay to see man no but I did run across the guy who was cussing at you man to see men are like a New York Comic Con and I got a picture with the Barbarian we have the debate on Sunday about about who would be what a Disney like you know they visit Disney World Disney World was that we were all here bird from the fact that we aren't there is Hercules on my TV I don't know why they're playing Hercules out of Franklin Frank but they were never going to complain about that cuz it's like one of my favorite Disney movies but we were arguing that Blaine would make a great Hercules and I don't know why you've never done that as a costume of yeah enough for like the actual Disney people Halloween or something like that there's like they're pretty strict on like height stuff like in limitations and stuff I know that much but I mean that you haven't done so I'm very surprised like what have you done have you done any Nathan Drake knows it but he just has a regular Perfect Dude Perfect run-of-the-mill I don't know what happens but every Halloween comes around and I just like I missed out you know like I'm traveling or I'm in another country or something like something happens to where I just don't have the time to put around a howling coyote gets up on me because I was I was doing I was in Europe and I got back like the Saturday afternoon of your for like a week and I remember asking you like are you going anywhere after or text me like yeah maybe that's like will did you plan on going anywhere you like yeah you're like I didn't like get my return ticket until I two weeks later I don't like you're going to go around your by yourself or two weeks old and also terrifying because we went to Fiji a couple years back and having Chris with us was like having a six-year-old with us lost that it was just like a nice like part of Chris is trying to he likes to just like one or off and do his thing but when will try to do things as a group we have to be like Chris did you like Miss books but okay alright but overall it was a very good but was you screw up Chris so my first my first night after our tix London I was booking my hotel cuz I was going to fly out to Berlin the next day and I found a really cheap hotel that was like close to the the train station and then I posted it and then and then I and then I'm looking for the internet go to like figure out what the train Denny's take to get to it and then I realize it's not in the right City so that it was it was I think it was confusing because the name of the city was also the name of like the train station or something I don't remember Liverpool is like Liverpool station in the country book the hotel in Liverpool you're an insane person now I'm just so I just had to stop google.com I got two rooms that night so I got one in London and then what is a 24-hour notice I'd and I'd only booked that day open Liverpool but yeah it was so you know it worked out well I got everything else I may have survived I am I want to know what do you want to hear credit Secrets you're single right and you were single at the time so what's a good way to meet girls yeah at one point I had anyone else he posted pictures of somewhere in Europe where he was wearing that fucking red bandana on his head and I know whatever Chris is wearing a bandana he's trash and he's like like talking about let's Chris is like Adventure been shut up Trevor yet have you seen his bandana talk to me gotta know that it's either we would do something Outdoors are getting really dislike Tupac where you like get real Slim and then you tie the knot in the front no no I do not like the corner comes down over one of your eyes no more candy and under one of the other eyes to get idea not all of us are blind if you wear it from over your nose down over your mouth like a cowboy cowboy hat when you're robbing when you're running around when I get drunk enough no I did not heard this one so I was talking to a friend who lives in Berlin wall and this is one place that I think would is awesome but I don't know if you could handle it and I was like what is it I can I'm down it all like that point I have to do it seems like all about the sex club and she's like but he like you would you have to like dress for the occasion and I like what is what is what I mean silly cat dressed as a I meant so I was like so I went and all that heavy so I went to like I don't have any other clothes so I went to wake up I went to a woman clothing store and bought like a black tank top that was like really tight on me Ryan at Edge and then I got some eyeliner and then I saw I like where this like really tight black tank top and my game I gave myself some like you know a female band eyeliner and then I think I did you definitely did some glitter and then I would wear pants like jeans they're just like you know and then saw it so I look up this place on Yelp and then I like in it before it opened I didn't realize it and then some just like paying early bird special hang out outside the sex club effective people right I can just like Hangouts the gay ass it's whatever you know so I go to it and then like eventually it opens and it's like hanging out like having a beer too and I'm like you know I'm really trying to make friends at the bar this point right and I'm going to I'm talking this one also I was overdressed with a black tank top most people just didn't have shirts on why don't you know I didn't have to but I was talking to this one dude news like oh yeah that's a good place to come hang out yes I come here all the time and I like talking like he's like super friendly just like like like big like shirtless Harry dude cause bears and then and then he's like I'm like cool cool and he got drink with my friends I will see you later and I'm like alright cool man it's really means like or if you see me I'll be wearing these and he like puts on like this like black leather pig face and he's like I'll see you later and later people dancing Messi this like black leather pig. Dancing but I know he's just hanging out a regular like more like leather leather Pig I guess but you know I like I I I made out with someone and then when I was dancing with this one girl and then and then you know gets closer starts making out we're making out and then like kind of puts you know I clean back into like a little like sitting area and then she starts choking me like out of the blue and I like full-on choking or like sexy choking yeah I mean it's just you just you know what I mean not really but that's kind of joking me and then I'll like and then I was like after she stopped at like shite you want me to check in the mail like to turn off the ground are you afraid you'd end up in a film like hostel or no no it's just like and that was it like I didn't do anything I made out with a girl and then she took me and that was that was about it how do you like if he did he wouldn't tell us on the podcast. Him home even if I did I would tell I didn't all I did was yeah man gets choked and make out I did sure I saw other people just like naked naked naked I wasn't really looking at their feet but I didn't see I didn't actually see anyone having sex there were people like it's like not to me it was like in Europe and this is is it going to be an interesting story so I'm going to go do you like how you're like oh before having sex and it was Wednesday that's like saying like I went to an ice cream shop on Wednesday but they weren't serving ice cream there's like there's like different layers and rooms and stuff so I was probably just like getting choked while someone else's bone in and let you know I missed out I heard from a friend who went to Berlin for like games, or something or whatever came, and I was like a multi floor sex Tower or the higher the floor level U winds the weird of the sex god and it and yeah it sounded like really exotic and photographs of sound like a video game work your way through every floor the rooftop the boss baby on 437 right now it's just that guy the guy with the Patriots can you say that in the story like as soon as I go hard your American accent you just like American take lots of pictures videos not pictures videos how do I do that if I don't do that I'll forget my life a lot more for myself. Are those the old Joe the cat the party hat on the party home slice is that from the new one it is I'm getting an odd yeah I kind of do cuz I messed up Mom oh wait yeah we talked about this week which I thought was really interesting with the casting for that movie I sent a link over to broadcast but so excited about with the guy from The Old Spice commercials barbarella's and I like to check Twitter and was like oh my God Old Spice Guy nicer showing everybody at the bar and they're like rule what what what is a casting is that is on point all the actors look like people have like subtle like uniqueness about their face right that you can't even tell anyone but the actors that play the adults have those same exact like features as a kid chocolate pizza wait wait wait cheese pizza flavors yeah topping genre are we on trying to say it like quickly I would say what's up to me it's like that's like what flavor of popsicle it's like like vanilla or ice Cherry sex club or sex club Finn wolfhard like the kid would like a really dirty Mouse in that movie Teen Wolf hard hard hard Parts what will soft hard hard hard hard hard hard choked Chris lamb sauce lamb hard to get hard by Imagine sheet for slams different animals I don't know I'm here no confirmation bias I think they're just I don't have a laptop like there's chickens and then there's Cox I might be an idiot cuz I don't I thought they were just different animals you could say it out loud Lambs are baby sheep sheep are there species and you ram mail stuffed animals I'm just glad you didn't get hung upside down a bathtub with some crazy woman in a row of doing a ritual with a scythe know what I mean but I have a pipe with a saw and a tape player in a man laying next to you is eating you this is right are you going to see hereditary have you seen it but I don't know I saw it with Wes and Alyssa and Tobin silver is shit out my head was throbbing not a great like mine said to be going to a movie viewing experience especially movie like that or like it was wasted love letter to the shining and I just I just left I was like literally if you win the credits hit I said fuck this movie I was so pissed I just it was so slow and he was like it was great the cinematography doll that was so awesome performances really good dude from Usual Suspects in it and I haven't seen in years and I eat aloe the actor but it's just like I'm so fucking Master before a frame and it pissed me off cuz there's like really unnecessary like Gore and violence that I was just like this isn't I have zero interest in seeing that movie that trailer just was unsettling so unsettling design words like they would just be pulsing to be like in the background throughout like 10 minutes of a scene be like oh my God for my little brain then cuz the only other trailer that's really like I'm settled me like that to the point where I was like I don't know if I want to see this maybe I'll see it if he comes HBO or something like that or Netflix but like with Mother yeah the trailer was like all the plucking violin and I was just like I don't know what this is all about you based on the description of why people didn't like that I'm a see that you could apply the same criticisms to this sure cuz I was in a discussion soon as I got involved in emotional response and I was like a dude flashing his penis at me would emotive Oak emotional response that's not Arts startled you know the sex club like their voices go further Because the Internet like it's so interesting to listen to people talk about movies like hereditary because I will see the like 180 of opinions. Eckstrom from waste of time hated everything about it wasn't scary wasn't a horrible mother people have like the most like your pizza on your face don't lick your lips to tell me about your face just lick your lips Club he's going to take anavar and Chucky absolutely like the worst thing ever again I was in the kind of a bad mood when I saw it was some really amazing things about it but overall it's a mother in that what's her name I heard she was amazing I looked over to West Melissa and Alyssa was like I just I hate her I can't even watch the trailer for that movie the first time I think Trevor and I saw it when we are watching a different movie The Quiet Place that it played in for like the whole time I was like like I have a good chill in my bones like butthole theaters like I like that I don't want to shit all over it but yeah I was just like I did not have a great time in my head was like I just I walked out and just like what's the running time like how long it felt like 4 days for coming over and you actually knew the running time to 2 hours and 5 2 hours and 15 minutes or actually look it up bread to run Tyler just like hey Siri what is spiders that you gave me an emotional reaction yeah I'm not having a call lately I just like I don't know if I enjoy drinking and we all went out Saturday night and Joe from Sugar Pine 7 were in town town to a bar drink and then went to barbarella's which is probably the mistake and it's funny because your whole description of that sex club sounded like a knighted Barbara Moore naked people and some people like a job and leather more leather but yeah it was it was very much just a dance club where is the place that people go to if they are very drunk or wanna be very drunk the police back at Purdue where I went to college that was just like barbarella's cuz I heard plenty about it I just hadn't been there until like this weekend and no one goes there until it's like the end of the night and they're plastic but that's where they end up because where else that's one of the few that stays open past 2 so like around there but I didn't realize that you guys got that drunk that night I think I did pretty well but I was blasted and then fucking kid was like you got you to come pick up a fucking hate pickles I love with you all headed whiskey I like the whiskey I have to pick a lobster mobilize my pickle I'll take the back basically you take a shot of whiskey and you take a shot of pickle and I'll still text reverse relish what bad did totally like I hate drinking whiskey I'm not the type that like full body you know like I don't sip alcohol so take a shot and took a pickle and it just like cancel each other out perfectly for that whiskey tasting we did like like 20 years ago or something yeah that was really fun limo they picked everyone up there's like some like fancy thing where they're like trying to promote Johnnie Walker they picked up everyone off but we also like multiple people in one like SUV another place and I think like Blaine was the only one getting picked up from his place I was like East Riverside of the time so you guys are all I think we'll have like Town Cars and stuff they pick us up and they took Blaine and it's been stressful only blame not only that but when we pulled up there was like a huge line of everybody else that was trying to get it for General and mittens and we were like they're with Barbara who had like he's a connection so I pull up late I'm just leaving and you're like what you guys didn't get limo we got because we had a we just had a bar tender who was just making drinks for us the whole night we had our own little yogurt very very drunk very very jealous of me and Miles were walking around cuz they all said little stations where you could try like little whiskey tasting station so then me and Miles were like let's go. Let's catch at the station there were like going or like tasting at all the little whiskey you things a little glasses and we get to wine and it's like the most expensive Johnnie Walker there is it's like you know and then and then so she like pores she pours things and hands me the little thing and then I take a sip of it and I was like holy shit that it was the Harley this is the smoothest whiskey I've ever had in my life and it seems like that was water that you just changed water I've ever this is the whiskey was like okay that's wrong there was a an actual Little Gym it was like the first bottle of Johnnie Walker ever and I remember like I think is Chris or someone is like I'm going to go get a drink of that glass piece of rope stanchions around it seems like I'll take a bottle and I'll take a drink of that is like not serving this dude I'm going to go get some of that really nice with your head earlier the water one Ozarka there like you can bring yourself and seven friends are still asleep I was like I can't explain feelings be hurt so I have to invite him in the front seat of limo what is wrong with that but no that's twice I've said it once or times when I was a kid and Lubbock they had this thing that was like you do not have like Accelerated Reader where you read books and take testing to get points hell yeah they had a thing where it's like you read a book and then you take a test on it and the the length of the book in the difficulty the book would give you certain number of points and you you had to get so many points every 6 weeks or whatever month or whatever but then also there's a contest it in the schools where we get the most reading points and then Thursday instead of Isis with like you could turn in your points for take Liza's and what the top prize for the most points was like the top two people in each grade got to go on like a limo ride to like a pizza place and so it was my I got to go to a limousine to to like a pizza place in Lubbock Texas forget that you were valedictorian salutatorian salutatorian talking about like you know like a relationship to their bosses and stuff and like it was talking about you know his relationship with his team and stuff and like my relationships great like me and Chris get along good we all sound like a good boss relationship and you're like you pick on me the other day that blame farts a lot in the office just know I mean I know that but I found out that Chris has a ataxic that he uses on plane to stop them from fighting in the office it's have a spray bottle and you guys got a little out of control control stole the water bottle from him and now I just spray them at random it's not stopping the farting that's for damn what about looking electric collar why would you post that would be funny or color that makes me sound like I'm choking or something so maybe I shouldn't well join the club you know why were you looking at me when you talk about fart pick up this tactic or something maybe you was never fighting for me to 2 years 2 and 1/2 years until now call Circle K complaint okay where will okay to admit something I don't like being big spoon because the hair gets my face and it's just kind of uncomfortable so I'm more endearing Sochi jetpacks me and sometimes I'm I fart in my sleep it should be like what the fuck like I sleep like a baby though it's okay you up I don't think so I can night terrors a lot though and then you fart as like a way to protect you take where animals like shit themselves when they think they're going to die because it's like a lighter to my creditors the office today if you liked soil yourself at the others that will take frog frog frog frog frog or we were for each other this is like I think I'm not even a month into seeing you I farted so out of my sleep at woke me up always open now no but it's not sure but yeah I'll always open in Sydney for texted me I told a story cuz we haven't like talked about how we were dating yet and I told the story about how is in a new relationship and I farted myself awake and how I was convinced that Trevor had heard it but didn't tell me and so like I'm just as gross person who's like farting in bed without saying anything no I didn't hear it but I'm a gentleman but now I lost that already she's definitely your friend in front of each other like A4 year relationship and I still didn't fart in front of them for 40 years but like as soon as you broke up but I was still something I wanted to do in front of us like the weird I have to point that out really quick this is so and so we dated for 5 years and then broke up and he mentioned that you broke up cuz we wouldn't know that someone you're dating currently for 5 years that you would manage to keep a secret Welcome Way anyway back to the sex club yeah yeah I remember that relationship that's why I asked if you dating anybody stuffed personal the accession what it was good slept a little secret right now I am I I just talk and I'll talk to you I was talking to nothing nevermind no no it was a really in the past in the post it is a pretty weird story can you give us like a carnival. No no I'm really not going to tell the story anyway I can tell the story of the same thing as just another story no I thought I had no idea what they would do it for like multiple years since like the second or third take a Camera DSLR and we'd run around and shoot like crowd footage or like just run around like doing like I V E clips of RTX where people are chanting we went last year and was like hey let's go do that thing where we shoot a bunch of footage and it's fun and we were we were we like it's always like finding the right area where you can get a bunch of people and we were like oh we'll go to the top of the escalator does an escalator The Awesomes Minister and put the fucking tallest escalator and I've ever seen you just like 4-story tall escalator I heard about that it's like a force is so we are like let's go to ask you later and we'll and we'll get you know everyone changing RTX RTX get it and have a great time and get this cool footage but we we we miscalculated we're like too far up the escalator and there were people weren't really paying attention so ended up just being the most awkward awkward elevator ride a bar in Tire life should we just show the clip of your shot but you're still going up and so you don't find router and it's just merging into the crowd and she's coming for like an hour it was like and then we just have to wait cuz there's nowhere we can go where on an escalator from your perspective or therefore okay you this is for us filming it's really cringey your own here we go no I love you. There's nothing more perfect than like literally calling out what is making it cringy like standing coming in and there wasn't enough crowd like paying attention so just like random chanting I don't know there's people like lining up for used up but SMB as soon as that happened I mean Crystal with her to Guardian so they're like witness this whole thing as with the other thousand of people gathered around staring at us like we're fucking and like we meet Lee be lined it towards the back door and you guys don't tell anybody I held onto because I had before thought I'd let you know I might just might be funny in a later date you ghetto now we got the whole weekend and it made me sick, well I have a message for anyone who's going to be at RTX this year did you see Blake and Chris doing that do not change play perfect and say nothing and no one else will pay attention I'm excited for the show and I'm really excited about that panel I just want to mention that we just talked about let's play Live coming back to RTX or coming to RTX I think for the first time cuz it's been in Austin once but that was like I think it's February the original that's actually where we first or where I first met the Funhouse guys was at the first let's play live in Austin yeah cuz I had just joined like that month the tickets for Let's Play Live go on sale on Friday at 10 a.m. you need to purchase an RTX we can badge or higher tier by 12 p.m. Wednesday to get access to the code to buy tickets so if you haven't bought your ticket and you want to go to let's play life and RTX you should do that RTX Austin. Com but you what's the panel that you guys are just so we're going to show if you like cringe material like that last clip we just basically show her it's Chris's idea it's our old films like dogshit oh my God and some of them have asses actors and stuff we did have like a small version of it at RTX London last year and it was really funny there's like a bunch of people like showing our worst materials lot of people at RTX hey how do you how do I get into filmmaking or how do I get into making videos and stuff like this texting my old teacher former Miss armentrout is Beringer and she like immediately got back to me with all my old city flights videos of them it's nice seeing the progression in you know where I was and I was like looking back on people's all stuff like Trevor you have a YouTube channel I've had like a couple that like put like has things on this one the one that I like have that I rarely use if ever is honey I started at the summer before I moved here as it's not that old not that old started like making content just like like practice out of it and most of its hidden now I did most of it away I don't know where my stuff is but I used to make YouTube videos with my friends like a 2006 or something whenever you do for started and it was always music videos but we still seeing where we would draw eyes on her chin that and just like now the worst comes to the pain I don't have them anymore we also so I'd like a group of girlfriends and we used to do like prank videos and we would call them Jill ass videos of Jackass because we thought we were clever like 1314 but I don't know where they are I feel bad for losing them I probably exam or somewhere you're hiding behind your beer exist have a nice feature the only good feature is that you can take your archives archiver stuff and I take it off what's nice guys at movement don't just make great watches they also make awesome sunglasses and just release a ton of fresh new styles for the season so go get ready for those sunny days ahead with movements brand new look hashtag looks I really love the moment sunglasses there sleek and stylish and very lightweight and RTX coming up this summer I'm looking forward to supporting my movement glasses during the Blazing bright days we have here in Austin that's no joke it's very sunny especially Austin like a lot of the roads are very light so it reflects a lot so if you're in Austin for a text to move my sunglasses and also sent to me not a bad idea the past I definitely bought $200 sunglasses that don't even look that good and have fallen apart very quickly I definitely got ripped off more than a few times our friends over at movement had the same type of experience apparently so they decided to make quality trendy sunglasses at a fair price the best part is they start at just $70 move it has many different styles to choose from both for him and her you can get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns by going to movement.com Rooster you know movement from how they have revolutionized you watching the street and now is the time to go check out their sunglasses go to movement.com Rooster and join the movement thank you movement I like the polarized lenses because like like you're saying there's a lot of asphalt here just like a very smooth and reflective Road are polarized lenses going to kill that reflection which is nice I'll have the same exact same thing and saying a lot of options on the model I don't remember what it was called but they're like they're like they're like a more trendy modern like shape with the tortoise shell quotes for us to talk about that you guys hear about this what's the latest it's dead officially repealed now so I think that's going to be like oh nothing's changed it was all a big thing but it's it's kids get a change is going to happen over time the corporations are not going if your not I'm not going to make any drastic things suddenly it's going to be a very small one thing at a time one thing at a time one thing at a time and I'll see if people didn't realize that they're there right there's no major changes have happened overnight I mean we didn't get from the 50s and 60s reverence freaking out about personal privacy too I want to install cameras in my house that are connected to the internet that anyone can hack Myself by will like we didn't get to there overnight you know how but how long until no one cares you know like to your point like eventually the things that we don't want to happen will happen it's almost like this subject just kept coming up until it went through so I like how long until no one cares and our usage of it and especially like a lot of our jobs depend on it so it's not like if they change things we could still want to go to use this anymore like RoosterTeeth wouldn't have been able to exist without net neutrality in the landscape of the internet being like it would be in in a nether Sally environments scared because we were video we working like all my contacts so if we have a charge Morpher streaming video or whatever it is we could get severely Foxhole what's territory is less it's like even like smaller people an individual who want to try and start something of their own you know I start a brand new site or brand new I like who have an idea for a website or product or something but they're limited because of that because the way the landscape the internet like that that's what's scary is not not even like you knows something that's a little more established that like roosters been around but it's like the hardest barrier-to-entry also sucks because I read somewhere that like video games are being targeted a lot more now because of people like how it's there's direct correlation between video games and violence which I think is like a stupid an outlet for people who want to act out on violin ideas yeah now like there's going to probably throttle like you know online multiplayer speeds and stuff like that because they're trying to like shut down gaming and stuff so I just don't like the idea of bundling and packaging TV sucks and I don't like the idea that there's a future where I have to get a social media package with the gaming package with a package that contains Netflix Hulu and HBO or something like in that sounds ideal right cuz I use all three of those hundred percent but it's going to package in a bunch of shit you don't like like if you get television 99% of Television is dogging like 5-10 300 packaging is what if something if you like something is not in a package right then you can't get it and they put premium on it because and then they call the Sports Package and they isolate the thing that you wanted cable for for example bad for it for like all of the argument that it's Innovation which is absolutely BS policy that's just been traded from like I mean I guess big corporations are only good for consumers it's only the main Pro that you get out of people that looked at it would be the fact that once you get rid of this there's less government regulation on something and there's a lot of people that are for Less government or no government I mean you can't we have no government and I get it like I don't want enormous government but there are places and things that kind of meat like that's what the government therefore to regulate the to protect your rights essentially state government is there to protect your right so that these things don't get trampled right and that's what net neutrality is it saying hey don't mess with people's right to the internet right good ways to Airwaves like right there needs to be Universal flat regulations that basically speak on behalf of the consumers can't manipulate the environment to take advantage of this and say I can't believe it went through that way I can see if you if your listing in look at you look at the people who voted for it and those people need to be held accountable see what does Robert De Niro sit at the Tony so apparently this was censored across like all of America so people were like what are you say what did he say because it like completely took away what he said and showed everyone sharing but apparently in Australia they didn't sensor it he acts like after some space she ended it by saying fuck Trump and like the whole room and crazy cheering and like you know I think some people give him a standing ovation better completely sensor data for you I didn't even hear about that or something like that or did you see that the couple weeks ago I like Michael Keaton to the commencement speech for I am Batman some like that and then walked away I would want a great actor to I'm glad you still doing stuff fantastic vulture nobody's coming back I feel like we Mason was one of those guys is like some really like he kind of had a thing going back today in each team back Star Wars I had no idea that he was like a like a drama and like romance like thespian it's a totally different definitely getting he's getting or I'm getting tired personally of him like in those world it's the same character and very similar stories know what I mean but like I like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible for you like that again it but then you watch it and they're actually actually kind of entertaining there and actually there's some really good Mission possible actually like an actual mission that is impossible not for Tom Cruise paid Final Fantasy yeah that's true there's a lot of those my God oh my God oh yeah he broke his phone this one online where you jump buildings and his ankle goes like into the building and slams UPS in literally every trailer that last shot that they use like they're capitalizing on that one better they lost like 3 months of production I was like it might have been the last time I've been to probably go when they kind of brought it back but like I saw him doing a stunt where you swing it through the air whatever and I was like oh my God are they actually doing this like they're they're trying to do more and they're bringing it back in like just got out of seeing was like okay that was it that was actually pretty good just like pushing the fact that Tom Cruise does this done and just want to his own helicopter flying like he like weed through intensive classes and stuff like that he's still do you meet my personal he was he was one of the writers and directors on day 5 but he does like all the storyboards for Mission Impossible Show the movie and it's exactly like oh yeah you drew that movie crazy ass off like an AC 130 or something was just playing he's hung out the door of that strapped onto a thousand different ways so we can pray and not only that but like if he had slipped even with those harnesses he's getting battered metal plant how much Tom Cruise's like insured for ensuring their hair and stuff like I wonder how much Tom Cruise himself like if they fucked you like or if you don't like seriously injured on a movie Billy a billion dollars lot of lot of meat for Barb $42 to dollars so we can we can barely read it yeah but they're going to the one up that stun aren't they like I think in the trailer they had him hanging off helicopter something like that that's the last one and then the next one would break his neck but he won't die he's just going to break his neck and then pop it into place to pop it back like Batman Batman his neck got you Mission Impossible movie to be called Mission Impossible list possible let's all go home boys if we wrap it up I'll go home to you last week I'm going to go in Austin some people here have like press passes for like early screenings of stuff because it was incredible what was your favorite pop Point dressing like it was better or like just as good as the first one the first and Cuddles movies like one of my favorite all-time Pixar movies so it's hard to top that they do really good job I'm looking forward to it I'm like the Mark Ruffalo to your Don Cheadle where I just start spouting spoilers and I got a little like you're equipped like that was bad but like that's kind of funny like everyone's dead but like but yeah it is like professionally like I was saying that or see that clip until after the movie retweeted that exact clip as soon as it happened any Mark ruffalo's even like can we don't draw attention to him just like really fucked up I heard it was a joke people interpret it as a joke but I think it was I think he was just trying to say yes but like totally forgot that the lot of that is soon to be true it took it as the truth and made it real that's why he like it has that really awkward like to know it would have thought about it dude yeah I feel like it's Tom Hollands and Mark Ruffalo roof up a lot with the spoilers and I feel like sometimes it's like what's going on Tom Holland next to Benedict Cumberbatch cuz like he always does he like he's not that young but he's younger no stop like he just likes to cut them off but apparently a clip of Oscar Isaac when he's talking about Poe Dameron in Star Wars and you like actually brings out of Q card and reads do you like official thing that Star Wars told him to say just so that you wouldn't like you're throwing star wars or even anything more of like I would definitely be straight up on script does actors not get sued for that kind of shit damages or also or or just stuff like is the danger to caspersen you know like it it's bad for them because I'm Good Morning America clip some type of before we find on it under his contract cuz they think they're the ones that painted so they can I don't know I don't know Chris Pratt that's the one I was talking about and Parks and Rec whenever he he like there's a take where God what's the lady's name in parks and rec won the lead Amy Poehler Amy Poehler fantastic the door and she sees Chris Pratt and I don't feel like I'm getting the actual response I'm looking for so I can make it and apparently like it got the shot that they use but then the network contacted them and was like the letter and they were like also like you they had all these terms are like you can't do that again but I cannot talk about this letter you cannot joke about this letter he was like joking about the letter on like a late night talk show I can give a fuck. Something although maybe at that point like they're making so much money off these shows and she said that they don't give a shit so I can know where to feel like I mean I don't know I can't speak for like I don't think she's going to the pool really cautious of the freezer saw that and immediately like do damage control in case someone practice after this I almost don't even want to talk about it because this is exactly were playing into their okay I say on Twitter of like what we should talk about and every second response was about Hub City of a little like a rundown anybody's going to not know but in case they don't IHOP popular breakfast chain or not so popular chain has been claimed that they're going to change your name to IHOP with a be instead of a P2 and that they were going to like reveal what the B stand for on this date and I think it was today or yesterday but they were built up to be was for burgers House of burgers thought I was going to be International House of breakfast or if not entirely sure it's definitely like they've already had breakfast like burgers make sense cuz it's new and different but it's also the most underwhelming is there shit there's enough place to get burgers in my response was the official Wendy's not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard fucking Wendy's New Durham fire response I was going to pull up right now it says as much as we love our pancakes we never change your name to water pancake I'm convinced that it's not permanent and it was just a marketing tactic they did all this you think about it I have you know probably like thousands of branches of IHOP throughout the nation on his house maybe you would have to go in put a new sign on every single one of them sign new menus new battery for the screw up Eagles people tweeting pictures of IHOP changing the beat the peace will be in some locations like on signs and stuff but I think they just chose like select locations where they knew people would see it photos never had a burger there and I still will never choice to change your name in a way that interest you into the most competitive fast food market Taco Bell Taco Bell tacos in and out you know what the fuck it I'm going to get a burger while I'm there to claim your are the International House of burgers like that is what I think I hope I think they've Define Burgers Bernie had the best response to eat and I totally gas the IHOP who plays into the Modern Age trend of how dare they change something I haven't supported in what in a wait for years I was like yeah I responded to that I've actually thought I was a really good marketing like it I've never heard of it I've never heard anybody talk about I have this much responded I don't think it is unless they are permanently changing their name and if they are then I'm more outrage than I already am like even what the fuck is IHOP sounds weird to say out loud but currently because I don't think they really changing your name I'm just annoyed that I responded to you go to eat their lunch and I didn't respond to the weather is mr. hot like it yeah that I'm perfectly encapsulates like a website changes of a business changes anything you know like let's get upset about it let's like voice Arkansas I mostly like this team stupid like it just felt it was a good social media Ploy people talk about what time I right now for an extended. time does been to a bunch of people but like at the end of the day like if they actually change it I would if I was making that decision I would make that decision I would say no but at the end of day if they do it like I don't care I'm curious like what was the who was the guy who came up with it and how did he convince people was there Market you something they're marking Branch probably intern and he was like when we was change your name in there was like head of marketing and everyone to know how to say no to him next week okay I hop what is their parent company not that anyone would notice all the time. This is like Yum Yum brands is it like this I think they're like Taco Bell KFC in like Yum Yum brands and stuff like that great name for I love that lady there is one half and then there's the other half in like they're like there's two like parent company phone image already like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are offices but they are within the same parent company is like McDonald's Coca-Cola talk about like Pepsi Brands Global who also has I guess Applebee's Denny's that's right in the burger game is what I'm looking for IHop and Applebee's and IHOP Pike drive-thru the only time I've ever been to an IHOP is at 2 or 3 in the morning so I can grill or something and in England and he like invented like Apple's new grill called the IHOP and then he's like oh fuck oh God you've done that flying everywhere and they're freaking out just a guy in his living room throwing papers around might mention that your house of beer and then they just became like a brewery to talk like that now that's part of the part of the weight of cigarettes cigarettes and beer and cigarettes smell like cigarettes Lieutenant Dan cigarettes Lieutenant are you kidding there was the the latest on the top are you slapping you in a lot of music November December 2016 or something she's ever been a proper questions somewhere that are like really really fucked up in front of her I don't know I just do some stupid shit in public sometimes so I'm sure is one of those times like you did at the big press thing recently now I appreciate that there was there was a hospital like so we support Dell Children's Hospital pretty much whenever we do extra life we give all their our money to them right yeah they're like our local hospital a couple blocks away we love those guys they love us and we just opened up a park there and tore it and stuff like that Richie people that you know participate in that go out there so I didn't read the invite all the camera just went black and I didn't really invite and it said like business casual or business or something dress code and I had just gotten like I was just at work so I just wore whatever I was in and took the picture do we have a picture of laser how to get the time I also had a mustache because I was like fuck it so I look like a mustache first shoot that we were doing or getting party in the mood back to the left just hidden behind people in the shadows what's put it this way whenever I arrives Von refuse to speak to me and every time I got close to a person everyone would a distinctively move away from me it's like no one wanted to be close to me because they want to be with like the talking to right there it is again shirt or dog friendly business business is definitely no know where can take top be interpreted as business other than like a barbecue place I think I got the last laugh though because it was hot as hell that day and we were out at the healing garden and I was just soaking up the Rays why we lose sweating away so you look great feeling good yeah boy and the kids had a nice Hawaiian shirt that was like him. Did you just use one about the Hawaiian shirt that I think he had like a white T-shirt on underneath do I need to give you another one I love what I hate him so much shit but I didn't want to do that so I don't know how much better that would be vibrant because I know western shirts vibrant floral Hawaiian shirt maybe like yeah but anyways we love those Dell Children's Hospital we thank you for having us out there and we're glad to be working with apologize for playing I'm so sorry that I wear tank tops in the opening of the healing Garden embarrassed for you I think I told her that I was very embarrassed by that a friend of mine her boyfriend came and she was in like a dress like a formal dress and he was wearing jeans a T-shirt and a backwards hat and sneakers thinking like if I was going to leave the house with a significant other going to put on like something a little nicer and at send my I was at my my sister got married recently my me I do it what's your sister yeah but it's like your family sure but like don't tell me congratulations I had nothing to do with you like the guy that looks like you but if you didn't like the guy then it would be exactly my my like I was the bridesmaid for ice like outdoor best man or maid of honor and matron of honor like on the side and then my brother was officiating it okay that's nice yeah it was great thanks for being a part of the wedding, I did my brother was officiating it totally he we are up there he's reading all their vows and stuff and then stopped and was like I lost the page lost the page I lost the pace of the vals oh my God and one person's vows and he was getting the other person and he lost the page for it and then we're like what and then my sister was like yeah what is a good cover for it for your sister or brother look like moment in a wedding ever had cuz it was so like weird and funny and awkward and it was great like informal like we actually cuz if it was the same weekend that still open so she had one of her friends who like I'm dressed up as on the whole town hall up I'm going to dress up as for your wedding nailed it that's the poor name I feel like going more like a Han Solo outfit to her wedding and chill out because I feel like our weddings our way fucking phone I was going to say that like in and out done like that let's get to the celebrating part sure I was getting inventive did you ever have like were you like I went to my uncle's wedding ice because the age Gap was just enough that I was alive to experience that but I didn't really see anybody else's that was of my uncle's age but I just remember how to dry and long and boring it was like then I went to my friends and it was like it was all in the same room to we were already at the table to eat we like basically watch the ceremony happening up on like a stage and they came down took pictures immediately did the first like they're the father father daughter dance in immediately down to food in the dancing and stuff is great married recently I think they're actually like her walk up song or like they're like the song where they go after the ceremony that goes like hip hop songs really really I had a store there at the bachelor party they're all from out of town and they're coming to Austin. Though the wedding was helping Austin and so then I like a plan the whole thing I got an Airbnb to Kamal downtown to come to somebody like you know the nicer like bars that you take it to her soon and stuff like that and we went to several Bars were bar-hopping with all the guys and one do this is a kept going hard and he was buying like two shots for everybody at every bar that was on the best man so I have to like I wanted to stay sober so I can watch after the groom make sure he's good but I also can't fucking do shots after that drunk interview video that we did for her go we get this bar the guy hands are shots and then I'm sitting there and there was like kind of like and we like reaching for the cheers and I bring it to my face and watching everybody else and I flick my behind my back and I'm doing that and I'm looking at my buddy the groom and it's like at the exact same time he goes any pours it off to the side like dumb by his leg and we didn't like the exact same thing at the exact same time and I was like laughing so hard I kept watching him and then he like went through with it was like oh boy I was really hoping you're going to stay there the side of the head real smooth is really cute though because that was like my other friends and I was like one of those moments was like I I know why we're best friends I would like these podcast is right if I clip the truth is most of us are brushing your teeth strong not for long enough and we forget to change your toothbrush on time that's because most brands focus on selling flash gimmicks rather than a better brushing but not quit so what makes clip so different for starters quip is an electric toothbrush at the fraction of the cost of bulk hair brushes will still packing and just the right amount of vibration to help you clean your teeth clips built-in timer helps you clean for the dentist recommended two minutes with the guiding pulses that remind you went to switch sides next their subscription plans are free help not just convenience they deliver new precious heads on a dentist recommended recommended schedule every 3 months for just $5 including free shipping worldwide quick also comes with a mount that suctions right to your mirror and unstick to use as a cover for hygienic travel wherever you take your teeth and shut your teeth. The rest of you. Just $25 and if you get go to get clip.com Rooster Teeth right now you'll get your first refill packs free with a quip electric toothbrush that your first refill packs free at getquip.com getquip. Com Rooster Teeth it was at this unit I heard was in the copy would you be one of those like like fuckboy Twitter accounts where you'd be like tossing out to eat or whatever all the time yeah who is you what brand would you want to be representing my hub network is all fast food just like shit on my favorite Twitter account of all time moon pies the moon pie Twitter I wouldn't like snacks but like the fact they have a great fucking Twitter account it's such as Batman in a marketing hired a 16 year old to run their Twitter account I don't know who runs it or what it is but I mean just accidentally nothingness never about promoting Moonpies it's just like I woke up this morning feeling hungover so I brush my teeth and Diamond price someone anyone I don't know whoever relates to that but the fellow kids if you take all the contents out of MoonPie you're left with the words buoy which is exactly and I was my dad makes when he sits down on the couch all the people from the moon are like really hot if the moon pies like being eaten or not fucking funny and honestly makes me want to buy it because there's a reason why moon pies on the bottom shelf it's like Marshmallow with like a light like a plan flavored cookie doll dipped in chocolate okay for graham cracker flavors cookie cakes or double cakes and there's like a what are they called Devil cakes devil's food cake I used to love those but I was raised like to go to church and so I felt really bad eating them I never ate them because three of them they were the devil's food cake or whatever the fuck you like that you would like to come evil I thought I was being a sinner yeah like I didn't like the the Def Leppard song Running With the Devil for the same reason Highway to Hell this weekend why you're being shelves that I was like man it's like the little kid version of me new everything I've done in my life he be like as a simple little fucker exactly like what would you what would your little self be most ashamed of what you do this weekend Chris like the posters give me crystal secret Corner yeah it is a million little things things are like I mean small each of them individually nothing even as a kiddos like drinking is really bad on my drinking and and go out and you know I've had premarital sex why not married I think that we got there was a funny moment at my friend's wedding win like the ceremony wraps they're both drunk or loading them into their car there a limo or whatever and I was like Wow Ryan I'm so happy for you like you're about to have sex the first time your life at what point did you religious little boys like kind of crossed over to the dark side in kind of just not caring at Clayton Idaho College or at least somewhere in high school high school middle school music you know I wish I actually do wish I had some pictures from that cuz I don't have any pictures and I had to put eyeliner on you oh yeah and I freaked out cuz I was like you poking me on day 5 character looks like how I was imagining your sex club in Raytown. Yeah it was probably pretty similar okay so it is far as like Persona cuz your time out traveling by yourself and like I do remember being like okay I'm I'm by myself traveling if I'm if there's any trouble I'm going to get into it's going to be like walking down the streets at night by myself and I was conscious of it like I need to project like confidence confidence in intenseness you know like Chris like I want to mess with that guy so I remember specifically there's just I was like in Amsterdam there's one night where I was like going late is like really late and I know it's like walking down you know the street by myself and I'm like I have to be like so I was like walking like a walk with Scout like angry Clint Eastwood you look like a crazy guy that no one wants to talk we'll just like that guy he he looks angry and I like I'm walking and I'll send like it it's like it's a long like Alleyway and it's just me and another guy and I'm room saying okay I got to be super pissed off and so I'm like walking and I'm like to know do my thing and I'm like something and then he sees me and I'm like I'm perfect but I might fight you know what I got scared right yeah I know right and I'm walking to gym on my scalp and he sees me and he runs him I mean mug and he was like oh and he ran it and I was like oh he's scared of me you put your bandana on and you got out there you would have been a tourist or something fly on the wall during that interaction cuz it was like a four-year-old Bowl the wooden clogs on it was like it I gave I was like impressed with myself that I was intimidated and I was just like you all over each day in like today at the red light district is essentially downtown like it's like the touristy yeah and so like like in the middle of the day at like lunchtime it's just like a place to like families come and get food and stuff oh weird it's like super touristy in like but then you go down one hour away and also there's like naked women and windows but didn't like next to them are like people pushing carriages just like people watching people like you'll see you'll see people like you know that and then like look at you know like pointing in the windows and they like work up the courage and like going like you no talk prostitutes the baby care immediate you see that face immediate regret like they like God what I just head down and just like Scurry away everything but the most interesting people watching City ever on the windows for I don't know cuz I like are you able to just stand there and watch cuz I like how much light in the window oh I'm come out and have you been sure you away cameras and like try and take pictures and then disappear in the night okay they don't get killed for their mistake dark alley and have a man walk at them very seriously never come back I took care of them kind of thing cuz like I see the logic in that like you don't know if you look scary enough then people just won't want to mess with you but I've also been doing this thing where when I carry my keys and I'm in a situation where I'm kind of like freaked out I'll do like a mini Wolverine thing why not so I took a self-defense class A couple years back and they said like something that a lot of women do is or people carry a big turkey between their finger like this so that they could just like hit someone there have been stories of people who've done that and had their key here in like what to hit someone and the key instead went backwards into their own hand not suggested also don't go for this move to go through someone's nose cuz if someone opens their mouth you'll get a handful of teeth that's just like little things that sings Would you punch him right here puzzle right there there I mean there's a lot of moves that they taught us especially for like getting grab behind someone trying to get on top of you stuff like that I think you are if you're scared or angry or like confident or any combination of those each other like as long as you're willing to throw yourself into somebody really hard unwilling people are to be hit or thrown into and big people can go to there's a lot of tips to like if you are being attacked or something like that like yell fire instead of help because if you're yelling help people might not want me to be more hesitant to come see what's going on another thing like girls don't wear ponytails if you're walking late at night or hoods or anything that people could grab really easily just small things here and there though I think everyone should learn growing up buddy I did when I was younger before I played rugby which is where I found out like I was still tall but even skinnier I was just nice and and like I would take down people like way bigger than me just because like proper form or just like willing to put yourself into somebody like you'll take him down but before that I took like taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu and stuff it's really interesting enjoyable so you should definitely do that I'm just sent me a screenshot of a Burger King's new Twitter handle but they change their name on Twitter to Pancake kin you can't say that but I don't know if you want to change their whole like header and everything to Pancake. I mean you don't you should be Harper a dunk tank a king I will tell Jess Petty yeah that they are on there that I've always seen the commercials like for a gallon stuff and I was a kid and I was like Mom on the commercial she's like okay but don't eat it all in one bite and I was like I mean I wasn't thinking about it now I said it I just remember sitting there watching her like just like for covering over the pat of butter does ready to like pounds when she San Diego State gave butter to Children how much they would eat if you told them that they shouldn't eat it pretty fucking might take a small bite and then go out for me stick of butter wrapper waffle around it and then just eat it means they deep fry sticks of butter Southern carnivals American I mean like rancid on the post show all the adults are at E3 fun Kids cast to cash your body outline thanks for watching and if your first memory will be doing the post show that you can watch later on we love you bye call