#497 - Who's Burnie Always Ready to Fight?

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss stand-up comedy, the definition of a selfie, traveling issues, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-06-19 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

this week brought to you by Squarespace and honey I'm trying to tell you the host of a show and Barbara Jean is well also I love to see people doing stuff like that explain John hosts the show, which is going through a metamorphosis in the last season it's gone through a change and Catherine probably Barbara alleged John Johnson Tire cast showed up dressed as John and did not tell me they're doing it and I did not see it until 30 seconds before we went Life John I was hoping you're dressed up as John that day otherwise I could have really Fallen fly but he wouldn't do it but I have this holds the hell I said I want to keep her only a few episodes then I want to keep it going I thought that I wasn't dressed like you but it inferior infuriating me to no end that it was so easy to dress up as me to find style then I do have a look forward to it and I think I've already seen this starting to have with you is they will send you now they meeting will send you photos of a dude with mustache and long hair dryer to get that I get constantly being told someone to me in public or at stop it's so weird that I make the best John it is a little bit you have the check but yeah and also it's weird that it seems Barbara mustache seems somehow more appropriate than Chris with facial hair. I don't know if I can pull that up again but to me he's like Jimmy Risinger going on a man Butters like that yeah they're all pretty great but yeah I guess I get send pictures all the time of I look like you are they cousins racist but I can't be so you can't be racist to me I love you I actually wanted to do that bit like the first time I was on the hill episode but we didn't get her act together in time so when I was on with Max Chris and Josh I was like I really want to do this day where we all dress up as job yeah this is definitely like doing the kissing of the people that you have that you're working for you did that thing with the leasing suptic as well like dressing up as a guy for comedic sake maybe I'm just a guy that dress up as everyone has said that I pulled it off really well respect my authority as you pick two effeminate dudes with slim body but I have the budget for that myself so I said we have these Japanese keys so just has one of them sorry if your listing. If I can give him down. He has a Japanese see that comes in RR drink cooler here at work and I like to eat that's okay you seem healthy and it seems healthy as long as you keep the label on but if you take the label off then it looks like I'm carrying around a vial of my own piss and I know you're very unhealthy yeah yeah I'm very unhealthy drink more water. What is a trap dosis what is that your fucking work out for you for the right I worked out so my pee doesn't get all cloudy if you do squats then the peace stays clear that works clear liquid clear liquid to make tea hydrating right now if I drink called grab doses of the broadcast crew did you mean rap. Maybe I did maybe I did Google know if that's the plan if I work out too much will my pee turn colors CrossFit bright pee is orange can I come back it's going to work still having us in your sister just now brown urine 3 days later on the fitness Reddit dark pee after exercising make a cascading effect in your body wrapped up right now yeah but it's a short for something short for games are in there are h a right you already checked rhabdomyolysi condition in which damage skeletal muscle breakdown rapidly symptoms may include muscle pains weakness vomiting confusion and is a big picture of ground piss right next to it that sounds good it only took 5 minutes and 3 look up but now it'll break it's my joke was when we went on stage Barber look at you and say what is that in the shadows doing something and then you come back holding us like hot coming in hot so I thought you're just like peeing in a bottle off that maybe I heard and I really can't tell it any further but I heard an amazing idea for a movie that I just thought his fucking amazing I'll tell you guys after work told me it's a great idea that you left your mad at them and it spilled over onto me still fire hoses that I have got me on edge headline headline the other week before we went to e333 Taurus confirmed as first Global cases of super gonorrhea after unprotected sex in Southeast Asia where do you get to super gonorrhea syphilis and gonorrhea are making a huge comeback okay have a resistance to all major and I bought a treatment awesome specific strains of when are they change the STD term to STI because infections can be treated so with these not be actual STDs but I think there's some differentiation disease and infection that's why they changed the STI infection says lot nicer than disease cold what the fuck nobody's giving Superman super horny down there with all the research she's doing okay sweetheart but Mom and Dad I know you're watching great how you how long you been in your new relationship you actually it as of text this 16th text me the 17th cuz we had our first kiss December 17th like at midnight pass tonight 6 months way more information than anyone should know about when their relationship started in what happened that's too much past midnight but yeah exactly what are great Segway from super gonorrhea to album is the company party is that how do I say that I don't know what are you saying I mean it with every party this year was if I may say so it was okay I think last year's party was better last year with the Masquerade one I don't know who's sitting over there something like Siri straight out of your good do you feel bad that you met your boyfriend you mean anyway that you guys establish a relationship party is actually tangly after the party that we establish cuz I went to handle bar which is a bar in Austin close by to The Venue here at after the party cuz I think the party ended at like 11 or something it was earlier remember and we ended up talking more at handlebar and at that point it was not the party anymore who says like like like gave the first signal that either besides the fucking everybody there was 6 months and 1 day ago I was the one who initiated going over to talk to him cuz I noticed he was at the party alone and I didn't know that he was single until that night so that I found out to actually West that he was now single okay Barbara mid no waste of time really good hours later I don't know where the kids going to be in the party was at the party the other oh yeah yeah I found out after the party. We broke a lot of company rules on think alright Bernice admissible HR I think ever please for the love of God did it break up so just like drag everybody else in a different department so you're okay like seniority year each other's bosses at work on the spot brings people together whatever you do I was at the party alone no one came up to talk to me and be like hey where you alone Trevor was single and I'm the mother of Sorrow X dude I know what is actually a big reason why we got together that night cuz I had I didn't know he was single until West was just like you know he's single now and I was like I want to talk to him cuz I'm West and alcohol that's what it takes to date Trevor Bernie yeah thank you you're so good like I said her upper what's the word Matchmaker Matchmaker that's the one of yours I'm not criticizing it at all I appreciate it but it's something I've noticed that Barbara is going to bring them too cuz I was single with Barbara single so we ended up like going out like at bars so when you meet someone else. If I'm a is sometimes intimidating to other women like Barbara being there all glammed up and everything and then trying to make a face but the thing that happened is we start talking to your girlfriend steals a lovely daughter like you know that there's still do? At the end of The Plaid like... the Pretty Woman around is a weird stamp of approval for goose looks like you know what I mean where their previous girlfriend was super hot and so we knew they were going to date somebody else you for hot sure enough they did or just like they it's going to sound weird but that like if someone who is super hot and potentially shallow potentially not willing to them there had to be some good qualities that person when you and Barbara go out in public if you bolt posi the question... Trying to feel out if she's your girlfriend or not experience I had with you wait what roads are remember we went to that restaurant downtown that one time I went there with you and Bethany you to walk away to go sit at the table and I was going to get you guys or drink at the bar and a good the guy sitting at the bar he wants a barber and Bethany walk away then turn it up to me and went got to called expensive ones with you don't laugh classy play Things We Said you just felt like you look like a rich guy the nice girls when do you have that get mistaken as hired help me I've never had I've been fortunate enough to never have any lady friends in my company mistaken is laser the latest tonight do you and I think a couple of people went out when we are both single maybe not I think you tried you tried yeah I tried I'm I'm very awkward in a cold open kind of experience of like a just meeting someone at a bar I think I'm just it's not something I'm very good at really like the wing man stuff that people up and then go that is that is a more ideal experience for me is when I can have someone who likes your lap yeah yeah yeah well I'm saying that I've literally seen conversations where a woman walk of Gavin stay like that were dating I would pay for you for dating now and he's like okay see the thing where Gavin approach to women in like worked on it and made something happen not in the fucking 15 years I've no doubt no and he is perfectly yeah a little too well I agree what's Megan wise up be like what's going on here unless she likes him for the World Cup team looks like Trevor and Gavin had a baby but with Trevor's hair basically it's really bizarre me and it's one of those things where the picture looks like somebody was just like Gavin Trevor I'm still my mind is still blown of that it's like a magazine cover with some woman who looks like a cross between me and Ashley I look at that every now and then cuz it's my camera roll and it freaks me the fuck out cuz usually when people send me photos the same what we were talking about before we like yeah just some not the best picture but this is anybody else watching the World Cup or am I the only one last night does that count okay okay how many sports boy foot watch what they were practicing South Korea play Sweden this morning and they were practicing and then you know they play like friendly games before they have the actual match together the South Korean coach determined that Europeans have a hard time telling their players apart we had all their players switch Jersey so that they wouldn't know who was good at what that's awesome that's hilarious that legal Adrian the friendly cabins with a scrimmage is so it didn't count the person with one name was good at something but really was someone else that is amazing ice hockey for a second you saw hockey for a second the socket for a second the Capitals won the Stanley Cup right thing was the Las Vegas Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup as a new team like this was their first season as a team hockey I read this to the cat forgot to save it is that correct that this was the first season of the golden knights thank you why would I know what's going on with hockey I don't follow up but I know that and like one of the players had never won Derek Jorgensen teeth and it was really funny or coffee that was a flash your boobs during the week when they were skating over the head and he had all the following and the girl flash your boobs and they lost the rest of the team like he was like you don't like the Wylie Coyote when they paint the line and they just like either way and everything is as follows that exactly what that look like when he's by himself good Barb political they get all of their elected representatives and they have to field a professional hockey team what is terrible Matt got this. It might be the Canadian word for it who knows it's Ian's yeah that's also badminton Oilers man that makes you upset everytime I hear about the Oilers followed growing up in American football was the Houston Oilers and then you just fucking went away they ship them off they sold them to Tennessee and they took the name what's up man you still got another team so I think they were maybe throw that stuff every now and then they lose throwback days in the NFL bring out the old school uniforms like fuck you to the Canadians there is one football team called the Texans yeah I guess it's something that team's dude that the funniest want to be as always been the Toronto Maple Leafs though is it the maple like your name your team after a type of leaf kindergarteners like one of them would be the Maplewood oh that's adorable Angel Canadiens make fun of you for having a wimpy sounding team name kind of in trouble name the Washington hockey in the Washington Flags Washington Bullets in association with associate that change with Michael Jordan was he like a investor in the Wizards after career there briefly but you made me to change the wizard right before he came on thanks Patrick he play baseball because of Space Jam the only reason I knew Michael Jordan play baseball you know that I can care I watch things I was too old for you. Space Jam come out I want to say like late 1998 Kingdom Hearts cuz we had to cover that a lot during E3 this week and king of hearts always telling kids games to make his belt 1996 semester of college I was too busy with that Pokemon happened and I wasn't playing video games. Free time together what do you ask your parents for college so we not going to happen for food to eat to know her money to eat food I should say man I had a great meal time when I was in college I would eat a pint of ice cream with every I wanted to see if I can get fat I got a bit of a belly call his sisters or write an email Andrea cool then cuz tell them he was eating ice cream for dinner because he's the Dalton adults could do that at home go to well if you're still out if you just trying to like these a baby older than me is like 25% of our age also life experience escalators just talking to my kids about this and he's 3 or 4 Days Inn in and he's like my teeth hurt I can't stand this is like in a week and a half you're not even remember you have them and then two years from now you'll be so happy you're 18 months now you're all done baby so happy I'll straight teeth and everything so it's just like think about yourself for years ago when you were 9 does that anything you did when you were 9 matter you wish you to spend more time like playing piano or something like that when you look back at it look back at stuff it's like that's the way to look at it like I know it's really important to you cuz it's going on right now but think about your future self also why you shouldn't eat a pint of ice cream with every single meal also that quiz John Barbara what is Gus's favorite ice cream why would I got my poker face on I'm going to say rocky road man I got off the beaten path and you like a pistachio here rum raisin Gus's old-school romantic that the you guys should be 90 and I'm going to guess Rocky Road nailed it so fucking basic so fucking based around come on his his amazing cool ice cream that he loves what's your favorite I like specifically Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough favorite it's so refreshing I love it you can get corn out of here I don't think so not the end in I think I found them here but they're not the right flavor they have them flavors in Connecticut are basically European drumsticks Europe and then for Australia from Magnums will tell you the wrong or whatever he tells us their candy is wrong here are chocolate is not as good here garbage is very bad garbage in it you can get it like felony for the distributor I was yeah yeah I'm look I'm reporting you I'm going to confiscate your chocolate I've had that conversation about like growing up especially in media it was always the joke that that is specifically British Cuisine is inferior to Americans and and and even like his tasteless and that kind of thing but any experience it was that was that was the joke but any experience I've had with British Cuisine or how they do stuff has been like oh this is upgrading stuff like even down to like how how they make their scrambled eggs or or how they make their bread that's like one of my favorite meals of all time I'm with you dude that's not belong on that plate but no beans and toast the best thing in the world I mean I got to spend Christmas with Riot family this year I got to have an English Christmas in the countryside and her dad one morning made me a full English and it might be one of the most memorable experience of my entire life. Blood pudding know he had it wasn't blood putting it was a black pudding and it will blood and put a I had their bacon rashers bacon and eggs and tomatoes and mushrooms and it was going to have a cup of tea pretty sure every country has the term chicken eggs when they are ordering food or anything so I think yes it was the other ex well I guess yeah well you can I feel like I've seen people eat them but I feel like it's on the podcast and I want to see a film a video of Eric trying to take an egg away from an ostrich that's what I want to say this podcast is brought to you by Squarespace domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer templates you create a website or online store in just minutes you can sell us your texts whatever chapter 4 upgrade ever it's easy to set up for transfer your domain on Squarespace domain and billing settings in one place I've never been easier to sell products or services online 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specific call out he was like I don't even know he was on Lamar and you're going to turn onto K nig so you was in the left turn lane that all the things that he didn't want to be in that lane so he shot out across all the way the traffic to the far right lane but you went too far so he over-corrected and then like swerved back into the left lane and then realize how much we back in the other one that likes or directly back into the right lane so I got up at 8 in the morning by the way I passed this guy and I looked at it and he's like like picking at his face like that guys on something to put between us and he turned off to like some side street is like Meemic I probably slept a little in a couple of days or something from the night before that's it that's another dangerous in a lot of people don't realize is that drunk drivers like an after a night like Saturday or Friday they still drunk drivers in the morning cuz people are like still drunk into the morning of our bars here close at 2 obviously still drink at home if you want to but yeah I'm sorry to admit I've sometimes gotten so drunk that I wake up and I'm still drunk when ever that is happens when a couple times I think it's terrible feeling I would rather wake up hungover the other day about how your body and you know you think about how like the morning after you go out drinking if you've been drunk like you feel like sweating it out or is coming out of your pores and you can smell it that's not actually the case that's not what's happening what's happening is the alcohol content of your bloodstream which we have your blood alcohol content but the what you're smelling is actually the alcohol interacting with the air in your lung since your blood gets oxygenated in the lung yeah and it's coming out of your lungs in your breath which is why they use breathalyzer test how drunk you are because you can't hide that because if the alcohol content in your blood alcohol in your mouth the oxygen in your lungs your blood is exposed to the air smells coming from I don't know if I seem to miss where if you get really drunk really called p o p it out feel better like no you're just taking out the dilution of peeing out like the water essentially getting more truck making your concentration while calling your body higher hi I do not feel like they're better if you're unhealthy habit what is crazy how much everyone engaged in the sky like basically your poisoning poisoning hope that business takes off by not being around any sort of on alcohol and then it wasn't until I got into my Twenties that I was like oh I can I can do alcohol now and then I guess I'll try it out Blackberry way of putting a getting into it and enjoying it somehow and then you know you getting to the Austin atmosphere and so very much you know there's a lot of bars and it's people like to go out and do stuff and then if you date that's what I like to do a lot if you go to parties if you would do a lot and I just come full circle around just like I don't like alcohol but I don't really like the flavor I don't like the taste when I started working on like my health and research on what it does to you know your your body when you guys like wow that's like counter to do everything else I'm doing in my life so like I best I even know we go to parties and interest want to like not stand out like a total sore thumb you know like Max makes fun of me and asked if I want my box kit spritzer because that's got the least of like being a caloric content not connecting but to be honest I don't I never ever ever want to drink alcohol I've never had a craving to drink alcohol and they were like it's just something that I don't care for all the time but I think the only time they really drink now or at Richie's at work I usually have a beer maybe one beer on the podcast feeling like it and then always open we just we have drinks at Texas I'm looking at the website and Peter Hayes says he gets better when drunk I don't drink alcohol really anymore was that I'm I have to be a hundred percent sober every time I do on the spot cuz one person has to drive that train wreck and I tried to drink during the early shows cuz it's like what we doing it so it is a way to loosen up it is a way to loosen up when I find that does help but it would a I found it like it ruin the episodes when I was a little crush yeah I feel better when I don't drink doing on-the-spot feel like more alert and aware of where I'm going with a story or a character whatever type of classes have worked out really well because everyone's super early but this time I kind of had to the first time we did it kind of had to make people do it and they were there but he got into what we started second phase for that everything was I was staying up yeah so after we finish your problem everyone was happy and on a roll I said okay. Here's the next door to do we're going to take a stand up class and at the end of it we're going to be 5 minutes at an open mic night in the group and I literally had people and I believe God was one of them came up to me and said if you make me do this I will go that far away I wanted to know we just had stand up for like five or six people from the company of the Funhouse people in mixed up you know who's doing a comedy thing on his own and then Jeff had like 3 or 4 good jokes in there either way more terrifying than improv, yeah when I when I was going through relational issues I mean California I was trying to think of what to do to mix up my life and I was part with LED to me getting a job here but one of them was I adore stand-up comics and I adore the craft of stand-up comedy and so I started looking into it and is round that time like even Mike birbiglia's special came out this Sleepwalk with me that is his story of how you became a stand-up comic and it was inspiring so I started like writing down notes and just writing down bits and jokes and I can't thing I had like a bunch and then what kind of, could you feel like I self-deprecating or yeah in like observational comedy in that kind of thing that really figured it out and then obviously that takes a long time I don't know I think it was a little bit of like having that one I mean I could do it now I mean I could but it's it's a scary and it's it's guaranteed rejection is what stand-up comedy is is is guaranteed ridicule you there is not a single Center, guess it's been like that every single time on the mic it's been perfect autobiographical about the way he got started in to stand up in it so it's really if you want to talk about like not every performance good and his starting and is learning process and seem like oh yeah there's a lot of bad comedy I mean that's what that's like a thing that lost anatomix love to share with each other when they're around each other is Cher like their worst bombing stories cuz they all have them like yeah everybody like Patton Oswalt Birbiglia and all these guys and Bo Burnham in because you have a prepared sex and jokes the bombing it's like a it's just like they prepared set of things that you think are funny and you think will be received at Schumer and so it's just like when it's just like when we make a short or anything or I'll write a movie you think people are going to like that you hope and you hope that your performance was it doesn't there's no guarantee with any entertainment at you're going to succeed in Carlito's you can have it seems that the jokes kills one night yahoo different crowd to hang on what the other comics worth at night so if you can just like when do crabs just paid your stuff off I don't know why this made me think about it but I saw a presentation to Penn jillette news the form but they talked about Subaru wagon from gearbox you go through and hopefully but what Penn jillette said was off and time from lock screen position comes up to you and says I pick a card any card or like starts a bit with you they don't know what they're going to do that's why I had to top it on say I'm going to get your car door I'm going to do that depending on what you pick and depending on how it goes just like a multiple-choice branching thing and it's like the whole thing as a process and ultimately you end up somewhere on one of them when you when you start doing some additional no idea what the contractor about to do it's really upsetting to me where it's at I thought more adaptive in like coming up with a status. More like okay we're just going to experience together we'll end up somewhere that hopefully you enjoy better that way and there's some people that I do like I would say if you watched the Kevin Smith when he used to do his will tours and he would go and his tours were not predetermined things he would go up on the stage and ask people just to ask questions and sometimes you to answer the question sometimes the answer the question would like a 5-minute Story one of his special you got one inmate an hour long special out of it and they didn't answer your questions and that was it is amazing to watch and he's and whatever you want to say about his films or whatever he's done in the past me like that if you're a Critic of him you watched his his one-man shows it's amazing to watch someone be able to carry a show like that he's a natural or yeah Peter Chanel 1500 people choke to watch him yeah a night with Kevin Smith is the record for all of us to stand up its you just do it because you're a really good Storyteller. Twice the first time I kind of like threw myself into it was kind of funny live to they had me do that be the host and they said you come out and do stuff and everything and I said well how about if I do like the original hosting I'll do you like A7 minute monologue at the top of Grey Goose would you do that that'd be great just like I never done anything like this before so I came out and did the I killed it yeah that was fun yeah that was a lot of those day it was nice to be able to have my first experience if you stand up comedy be for a specially a home crowd like I knew that audience that I made jokes just for them both a little fun at IGA in which they took in good spirits it out of me and that was thinking about you. The managers thing like speeches that are funny you know what I mean or you know you were asking if I like jokes or not like you're asking me and asked that you think this will work 5 hours like in between stuff and everything yeah that was back in forth so yeah that was a was fun though maybe the best hotel room of every state in which hotel was it were you guys in hotels that are like share center part of which one I was there to see in the plaza where you guys answering sure you guys are blocked so we're in the Palazzo Venetian it is recorded the Game of Throne theme and if I was like this is basically my room with just different colors it was like when you're at the character selection screen is like smash it is like I want red Kirby that's what it was in Vegas for is like dice awards does a person has ever in Vegas and I guess Rooster Teeth put put us up in a hotel put me in the Mandarin Oriental I think that was the nicest hotel room I've ever been in what I walk into the room music start playing in the curtains open by then when I opened up everything opened up and welcome to me it was amazing cuz that like this is also I think 2 or 3 years into work at Rooster Teeth so I didn't get to travel a lot yet and so experiencing the Closet open like a little cubby from inside your room you can hang clothes you want to clean and in close that door and then they could open that door from outside without coming into your room I mean I think you deserve it I know if you've heard but you're an expensive one so for the blog was when we traveled somewhere there was a. Of time was in the Australian trip we ended up going to go scuba diving scuba diving but will be there I have Ellie go find a local laundromat and wash your clothes and see how much it cost and how they can take all of my clothes and turn them into the hotel laundry on the little checklist you get as a washer to see how much would it cost to wash your clothes to the hotel laundry service box for a shirt to be laundered Ortho overpriced thing in the door almost better off just buying a new shirt go in the closet see they have a laundry list and look at the prices of whether they'll charge you do it today to get it back to give you like a bag that's about this big please wash my panties for me $20 traveling tip you're a gentleman you're going on a trip and you have a formal event where they should be like your button Downs can be a pain in the ass when you get in there and get iron them at the hotel iron iron in your room which by the way I don't know what the fuck people are doing with your irons in a hotel room in battles with them or they do it every time I get a hotel it's like someone has used it is like a boat anchor for 2 years and then put it back in the top of the closet but if you go if you ever get your shirts dry-cleaned or if you're going to be packing going to spoil that go get your dry clean and tell them you want it boxed not hung up and they like you they threw away the dry cleaners will deliver stuff you folded and in a box so that package that comes out from my old boss was traveling salesman of traveling with a suit too kind of funny prom so I need to yeah come out this weekend 33 was the last champion I'm putting my foot down right now ready until the last week I told her it's not as hurtful but it's challenging it's like it's it's a really challenging week to get through like hosting this whole week but I like it but it's definitely different than other stuff we do and you got to be ready tell you I think it was one of Jeff had his pop-up store party and you were like I've been talking for 10 hours today I rent I walked into that party with Jeff and I were the first people we run into or Barbara and Eric Duncan who's going to head up our our marketing and so we're talking with them and I I think one of us I think I ask Derek what are you doing here you know what where you at you know marketing got to oversee the pop-up store and everything is okay that makes sense then Bethany walked up she like I just took a photo I'm going to post it online what the heck I should you see her and you both go I don't know a great job YouTube Johnny on the spot great social media coverage and I bought it okay so what's a mighty fine hamburger place which is owned by the Portugal and you guys can come look at it right here for anybody with knowledge don't say but you guys never been to this is it yeah but your kids are at the point where they like negotiate with you at all I'm at stuff in my kids are my kids but I I want to go to mighty fine but they were closed already or they were going to close in like 20 minutes and just like Sunday night so we went to Homeslice instead it is nice it is nice where's the new one right across the freeway from here to third base or drink while is the office from Drinkwell alien piece of their location part of an Italian sub and I have the cheesecake I could be there with just Esther because I can't hear I want from home slice on Congress wouldn't be quite the same for some reason but not so pizza place where you normally get pizza for the podcast when we do get pizza is literally I don't know why it's me who I have not gotten the pizza in years to get the fucking pizza so you're saying grab your right now you're okay from now on because it's closer if we get home slice every time I have to invite to pick up Homeslice all the time when we were done and when I did get the pizza to make a log of that is it official until it's officially official while we are talking about E3 coverage Peter Hayes was amazing during the entire thing his first of all he's eight hours away and yeah, it is the Greenwich Mean Time and Islanders at - 1 I believe it's 8 hours away he watched all of our coverage she was omnipresent during that and was constantly making gifts and making extra content and it was so freaking awesome and probably doesn't of his gifts on the streets is Sean Center Irving and chat is asking if you finished your story what's the mighty fine and they have T-shirts for sale there and might advise owned by the same people to own Rudy's and they both have their hand washing station Jeff we get a sticker did I get a shirt that's just a sticker it just as I have Clean Hands the big thing but you can go at the stickers at least at the station police it been told me that you only take the sticker after you wash your hands the contract it's a lie or should I not in the fucking Ramones dude I just like the shirt but does the church say I'm in the Ramones what's that in the Ramones it is a declaration that is a lie everybody wears the I voted stickers but we never vote that is lying as a relation to what your other thing is lying so I bought the I have Clean Hands thing cuz I thought we like that disagree of the sticker it's funny because we're on the podcast and some people would get what it is some people look like when he is in the back it's on the front. Don't they have one it's a little mighty fine logo here on the chair on the back the whole back of it is the I have two hands thing yeah I thought about doing that I actually thought of all people you would point it out that was wearing a shirt back we really should do you wear backwards and wear a collared shirt underneath with the Colors Over the the neckline so you can't pay the car off a little shoulder would be nice or just get the sticker problem but when you like a shirt like you're shopping for shirts in the store and you pick it up and turn Subs on the back yeah Tony in in the in the design the Tonys in charge of our merch now like he likes the back thing and think that's like that's how we should be doing my mom always facing forward on shows like why I just selfie culture now like right now and stuff are you like mad because people misuse the word selfie all the time selfie is a photo of himself but that's not true stuff is a photo you take of yourself and I like your key take somebody we take a selfie of this. photo of himself on his Instagram and it's a picture of him that I took a selfie unless you're really good you could be like this and that's another argument is a selfie on a timer selfie I don't think it is I think it to be holding it for it to be a selfie selfie selfie say it is here that count. So excited about that is it a selfie if you take like a film camera do this and then get it developed photos blickenstaff Polaroids it's pretty soon I think Sophie is a great PR agent for Rooster Teeth and I feel so bad for so because it's like it's just an Empire nature and I know Jeff as well just another video as well but I basically make her ass like 5 or 6 times before I say yes but I was saying you know I'm going to do this to me tell me I was trying to figure out if I should be going to this thing or not you know cuz I can't I have the vetting process I've been to a lot of events for a mic I hear rather be doing anything but this I'm talking to an audience it sometimes Converses beauty shop it's like really don't care about this and you're just you're just got invited to speak at like some conference for like data centers I like man I don't work 19 year like talking about Cloud infrastructure and stuff like you got the wrong guy man I absolutely should have gone to do it like this out my show your Amazon Cloud as a service on the blockchain an event and it was somebody I think was Dennis Rodman talking about Kim Jung and his cryptocurrency marijuana crypto coin cryptocurrency for the Cannabis industry in California Vlog with her Jessica to buy popcorn no he when he was ahead of the North Korea curve North Korea before it was cool has a higher approval rating in the US the Nancy Pelosi desk that's rough what is happened what is what is going on how is it even possible to see your the Korean household Bell what is your with the atmosphere there can you talk about it I'd rather not I really did your world I'd rather not got you got you out so I can give you my opinion but I would bleed into even just you know I'll get you out of this I get myself out of this rescue my question by saying that we were never friends 30th birthday yes Denver nothing really like nothing happened there is a big milestone it is true and so I thought okay I'm going to gather small group of people go for a really nice dinner and I'll host the thing they put together this list of people that I want to go and it was like his room only fits like 15 people and also plays fucking expensive doing the crazy everyone for the longest time is like how he tried to go through and do it and we finally came up with the list send out invitations as people RSVP look at that the only person who hasn't rsvp'd to the party is guess who did you send the invitation to Gavin or to make Gavin birthday to be fair Gavin has been very grateful he's like I just like to thank you for doing this I can't believe you would do that for me what test is also brought to buy honey how many times do you search for a coupon or promo code or an online do you copy the code go back to your page paste it and nothing it's so aggravating before you copy and paste another useless coach hi honey I need the free browser add-on there overnight many people are using everyday to save money when they shop online 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this ad for so and so on this podcast in like I went out and try them and then like tagged the brand I want to be like replying to be like I did something good for you Greg Miller was calling me out on Twitter the other day if you claiming that I got all my me undies for free do you have so do you have like probably never ever ever but you do I do cuz I like suits and stuff that I have to wear I can't wear that every other Friday or her soon as good but but then like socks underwear t-shirts jeans I just have enough to like I got my ball hole replace extended trip I don't I don't want to do the fucking $15 shirt Hotel laundry I'm done I'm done done staying at Airbnb I post a picture of mine is just like they're all set just you guys were babies there somebody's house and then you go to somebody's house and real people live there and so is the how I know now there's so many of these they're all like these new real estate developers as whatever this new classification is where they buy these places on spec usually condos and then put the bear amount of furniture possible in the maxing out how much how many people they could sleep in those places yeah this is a picture of the Airbnb you say I said that airbnb's the perfect service if you've ever dreamed of living in an Ikea showroom is half empty yeah that was like we all could be for the yellow line on the floor that's an Ikea you got it you got a whole kitchen you got Furniture you don't feel better I agree I don't mind airbnb's but I was one of the last people to show up for E3 cuz I couldn't get there until Sunday night and 7 was already settled in but apparently we are overbooked are Airbnb we were messed up and they didn't have the reservations so they put a Sheen die way too far away from everybody else and they put John in the hotel so I got to go to hotel and I like the hotel cuz of the automation of everything you know that your room is cleaned up every single day I like it had a gym so I'm not saying can't but you have some sperm of guarantee when you book a hotel where is Airbnb people so they could fuck you over and it's like never a sure bet but way more often than I do like showing at the hotel Noah camera reservation scan for hidden camera Dena Marina Del Rey is right by the full screen offices in LA and format likes to stay I try to stay there if it Me 3 times staying there to actually get a room there like one time the reservation. Cancel 24 hours in advance like yeah we don't have the room but to their credit when I showed up and they said we don't have your room and I had a reservation they went out of their way to make sure I had to come basic baby books another hotel for me for the night they arrange the car service to take me between the two places it was like it was a big fucking deal to them that they screwed up an airline about the Delta flight they got cancelled when I was coming back from Slidell to Seattle from Seattle recently and it was an entire Plane full of people crowded around one Airline representative gate agent who is like explain to them and I I just overheard Snippets like will where we going to stay tonight and it's like well you have to make your own accommodations are you guys going to pay for that no that's not part of what we're offering and it was just like you tell it was about to get superheat if I get I get traveling xiety just for getting two things on time for some reason it's been that really gets me worried like I don't mind the flying part I don't care about any of that thing like that or Securities and like that but it's mostly just the schedule that it all line up which is why I deal he's always like you know you do non-stop flights not kind of thing and I couldn't get a nonstop flight to E3 on Sunday night when I could leave so I had to go to Dallas and then get the LA and so I had one connecting flight and we we landed in Dallas and was like oh good we're on time I'm fine nothing can go wrong we landed and we got in line to get to our that little you know the place where they let you out of the of the plane what it was that part two little feet and on they said oh there's a plane in front of us and they'll be out in a couple of minutes and we'll be up there was like okay cool I have an hour and I get to my next flight we were there for 40 minutes and taking away right and I saw it like it was like I think it's been 10 minutes I'm still fine and then we get to like 20-30 to my cooking we going to get off soon and then we cuz I was even in the back of the plane feels like I got to get off once people stand up there like that but yeah I had to book it to my next flight and it just shove people that. I was just run through it down that's that's too much are coming through Jon Risinger yell that out see how that was so kind of hidden part of The Amazing Race when I was on it was you jockey for position on the fucking plane like trying to change your seats like when you book your tickets for someone else to end up on the same flight you want to get like two or three rows ahead of them so they can like and then the other thing to is that right as we're about to land you I would always try to grab the flight attendants feel like we can we just move up and you got to the way the structure of the show works. You have to do everything for yourself and for your camera and audio guy you're asking for his balls for people not to people like she forget to move out there you know and then you doing stuff like that anyway so ever had an issue on a flight he was on there flying back I believe it was through Dallas but they're they're playing kept getting delayed and delayed and delayed to the point where they were not even taking off by the time the other flight was connecting the most of the people on that trip got rebooked on a later flight but then they landed and it was the same thing where there's another plane at their gate so they couldn't Doc Rivers called and they were sitting on the tarmac I think for 45-50 minutes and while that was happening the other plan that they were booked on also took off and so he was on the plane so she was like couldn't figure it out so I was on hold with American Airlines trying to reach them on hold for probably about an hour to get a moment there I think there was bad weather of a bunch of delays so while I was on hold I went on to Twitter and I DM to American Airlines and I was like hey this is situation here's his confirmation number of horses American number to the flight he's on this is where was delayed this is the flight I'm hoping to get on cuz it was like an hour later gave them all the information in a DM within like 2 minutes alright he's off that I always DM now but it's good like when you have a plan already that they could just be like one of those social media Airline employees how much do you like me friendly request over DM's versus everything else you must deal with of like we got to be 90% of their workload is just people who have exploded online when that day that IHOP to the IHOP thing I don't talk about that that day that happened a ton of other chains made funny tweets about her like that and I was trying to look up was that Andy has dry with Andy and he told me about someone funny tweets I tried to go find it and I couldn't find the Tweet immediately so that maybe it was a hundred tweets and replies was that other column in your on your nap and I was just scrolling through their treats replies for like Burger King you might have been Wendy's and it was just them responding to complaints like a ton just every hour like I scrolled and is like 1 hour ago and I kept scrolling like 2 hours ago and that's just all their Twitter feed is these people complaining about Buckingham Burger King white people people people get online to just be mad they like they like to be mad they don't realize the person just Wendy's right somebody's job to respond to that stuff because you get yelled at all the time like people just like any customer service took 45 seconds I hate you you're working at the dial-up call centers that you all had a 15-minute outage I want a refund for that time you were down okay you're paying 1995 a month for your internet 24-hours multiply that by the quarter hour where do you want your $0.05 check said yeah I work I work at a Burger King in a movie theater which I'm sure most people who watch the podcast no but that's the worst because you're dealing with people who expect fast food even though it's a different type of location plus they're usually late for their movie so they're like hungry Rush angry and just expecting faster as soon as fast food where it's like I'm the only person working here right now staff down on everything all about IHOP it's like why are they doing this to nobody goes to IHOP nobody goes that's why they're doing what the last time you talked about IHOP yeah it's it's working my kids have like zero sophistication their pallets that is so but I have discovered it is one of the places that everyone in my family IHOP on a regular basis and often weekday nights we go to eat at IHOP sometimes and it is like just empty it's just there's more employees than there are customers and then I go on Sunday morning with them and it's A3 hour wait so I can understand why they kind of moved away from The Breakfast identity by the way Burgers have always been on the menu always there just raising awareness I also don't think they're going to keep it as I Hub. Coffee they would probably make that bigger figure out a way to do that stuff stuff with cream cheese it's like ever since you have to order that please for my doing over here what did you say that they were we were out eating you were like if you put food in front of me I will eat it too that's the problem set is food never goes away I just like to replenish I hate that hate between shots over by the fridge like every 5 minutes getting something I knew I knew dat III to be interesting food situations as far as like now lot of healthy opportunities for food and I'm trying to make a You Know Rich go for Fit For A teac since I didn't want III just be that example or excuse like ruin that so I would last time I was in La James it showed me another food supplement that kind of thing that's like a meal replacement drink and so I got some of that and I bagged a bunch of it up to put to take with me to La and so I had all these Ziploc bags of this powder and I know because I figured it would be like how do I put things in smaller bags I was thinking airport it's like I like a tan I put it in my bag with like probably like eight of these but yeah buddy and your sexy where it went weird and I'm sure it has to do with a bit of this good old fashioned White Privilege was that I went through the TSA PreCheck and that probably helped as well but I do know I put my bag through and I got through before my bag and I look back and I was born if I was going to get through without it being checked and and it goes through and you can see the extra guy just looking at the screen just trying to figure it out and he looks over at me like waiting for me is like what is that can I said if meal replacement stuff I don't get fat when I travel he said okay and he just had to go through and tickets which is great because I wasn't held up but then in hineston of Mike time you should check when a dude is taking a bunch of powder through TSA really bad way of smuggling drugs but still like you can't TSA and like you can't joke around and stuff the guy Gus and I used to work for back of the Kohl Center he was a lifetime Rodeo guy and he started off in his career his younger days doing that thing where they let a bull loose he rides a sore subject with jumps off his horse land on the Bulls neck and then like twisted over in like October bulldogging you that the way you stole the ball down is by just dragging your feet sideways so he literally just like his knees are gone like a bee just towards me that so they moved on to what's called Team Roping we stay on your horse he ropes the orange or at least part of the horns and then I still to this day don't understand how human being to do this the other person ropes the cows back legs and I turned it happen explain to me one time I saw the fuck you rope a cow's back legs science like you throw it in front of it like a trap and then pull it up so they can do but he said he was going to National Finals for Team Roping or something some event had to travel to was buddy this is must've been in the 70s and he said they waive the transport ropes the ropes is they want to separate separate them from everything else they have can make it we can just like wine the Rope into the can and put it in there but ends up going up and down like it sure not to get the security and the guys looking at it and he turns it around and it's like this cat is always lying and he turns around to his buddy and go hey pal what is this what is this thing here and Black Dynamite jail for 3 days they Mister then they pulled them out of the jail is the best case scenario for that joke buddy what is that like what does he expect that's the best-case scenario that the person thought you were funny the worst case this is what happened until you brought up working in the movie theater today reminded me of something that happened at E3 that would love to tell the story about involves Elyse Willems so we everyone's I plead with them for a weekend yeah they're in there a mixer one of the nights there that I think we were throwing and we showed up and I was hanging out with her and Josh went again and and James everybody and ready to party and like I said earlier I don't really like to drink some parties are really kind of a moot point for me and it really like to drink and the food there wasn't any food that I wanted to eat and so I was just prepared for a night of like you no socializing but everyone else is like taking party stuff for someone float the idea of I think it's at least for the ideas like when we went to go see hereditary to see a movie and I got yeah that night and I got so excited cuz it gets me out of a party and be gives me something to do that night that I love doing we just go to the movies especially with friends like these by myself a lot and I like that but it's also and I have things ready Terry and I wasn't a time to see it and I was super excited about seeing I was like yes let's go do it I said yes and Josh I was like yeah I want to go to and once we had like seven or do it at least kept back to his ignore no we don't need to go with this you see like turn the Canadian up to 11 and was like I don't know we shouldn't go I guess you still worried about James he's like well just go home and take care of Benson and they don't know if I should go home with you she's being super wanted to go see the movie was committed to it she was very much like she was like where that James you have said that she's going to ban in him and I couldn't give a fuck about it I know and he went and Eatery seen the movie they already seen it she want to see it again and he's like I want to see you again so just go it's fine and so finally got her to verbally commit to it so I quickly you know you spend Ango cuz we had a Regal just down the street from where we work like bought 3 tickets and as I got to go is that okay so we go so we went and saw the movie like that and it was great and before you went the movie even went into it she was like hey can I just spend venmo you money today I think right now it's fine I I love going to movies I want to I want to buy you guys tickets not a big deal and so as I saw me she would not let it go she kept asking like you know I don't know I need to pay that. Well I could put myself right now and where she is the one who suggested the movie you're the one who bought the tickets and like left a party to go do that she was told if I can bring it up ultimate guilty right here right but I let her off by saying no I want to go see this movie and I'm so happy to buy you guys tickets it's it's it's my pleasure III end we get back and I get a text from Allie saying hey what's your venmo I need I want to be able to send you and I said you're not paying me for this now I'm being combative and I'm like no you mean it's kind of a jerk but I think they're in there because three days later I get a ping on my phone sent you $17 really you should just you should donate it to the worst NRA in her name Rihanna like that's what you get for giving me the money I didn't want me being mean to a lease and I can't be mean to him not to but not when I was about to do that and I was I just wanted this to end cuz I I just I didn't want to have this interaction or so I just kept I didn't even like I just texted her holy crap woman and she just sent back a heart emoji and I was like okay I don't I could have made her feel bad and I didn't want to go anywhere with you cuz you make things difficult by looking at the tickets and buying them and then also getting the car that we all took the theater it's kind of creepy move beatbelle winning by the way at least was being the sweetest person in the world because I went to her ready Terry with the sweetest person in the world will not go see horror movies or anything whatsoever if I knew she was she was being super nice to have Father's Day because I woke up everybody else and I just don't want to play a little bit of State of Decay 2 and said she sat with me and asked me a bunch of questions about State of Decay 2 like just know you not into this in any way just being super nice cuz of the holiday and play with me in La so I ended up going on a movie date with Adam Ellis and going to a horror movie with Adam Ellis is fucking great cuz the giant Viking who's like probably the gentlest on the planet and it's a scary video games Gary it's extra scary when the person sitting next to you has seen the movie her nose was coming and still at certain points movie is looking down what are you doing you know what's going to happen was it that bad you want to see them yet if you did that at least really damn I love that of what your guilt and shame the floor now I would start to think I was disconnected from Modern horror because I didn't think hereditary was as good as everyone is making out to me and I also I know I'm in the minority on this and I keep saying this every time I talk about this movie but I didn't understand the fascination with get out from a social perspective totally get it but it's like a horror movie I felt it was thought I was tension that nnn like emotional is Thriller at the end but what I was saying was with horror movies I could do jump-scares I could do kind of like that kind of scariness but hereditary the second I saw the trailer I was like I can't do this no cuz if it makes you feel uneasy and that's where I draw the line if it was for I just like when it makes me feel sick and like just leaving a party with a friend and having them buy your movie ticket just so uneasy the stuff that was weird solution dollar but it was a Lisa's personal horror film it reminded me a lot of the horror movies I grew up with 74 with Spike mortifying it was horrifying like it was so like a mental mind fuck like it like The Shining is a good example of that it's just it's it's not so much about a dude killing people that back no mental Adventure in anime do you like the horror movie Disturbing is the word I know know if you heard that in your in your apartment by yourself how quickly will the truth come out 2001 just have an anniversary Arctic doing like a re-release of the release of 2001 we were in the in the the path of the point of the he had the first 50 years ago 4 years for Star Wars that Chevy doing on here who is a Sad Panda births after doing a 70 mm be released in theaters they're having the conversation the other rooms to hell can't hear them feel like it's just silent like back and forth and back and forth and understanding what's going on the horror aspect of it at the time that it came out like a computer that can kill people or elements do it you know how to do suspense is shining guard me cuz I thought way too young and that is a scary ask a favor when you went to a recent movie because if you was part of The Shining set in this and that was fucking amazing but if you didn't know The Shining I wonder if that portion of the movie would have been lost on people and was the last time you I only knew because I was with Trevor and he was mentioning it was from the shining shining and so is the reference the movie is what that was reference the movie element but that wouldn't be a big deal to you or anybody else you know how she dressed up like this little girl be like that's the time we were downtown there was a zombie walk but there was no like free indication that they were going to be a zombie walk so I look out the fucking window and there's a bunch of zombies walking up a little Austin and if we were on like right on Congress exactly what that would look like they are not real zombies to go about your day planned it yet can I call Johnny at the thing that was started with a side of real thing all right so I mention how are y'all going to ask for September 15th and 16th yes and up there it is. September 15th and 16th all four of us are going to be there we have our check Austin August 3rd to pay the home event as it were going to announce more people going dark X London or is it I don't know I'm enough but but yeah Austin Ben London bojan the price of your ticket your badge to partake wanted when I was up in La I didn't get to go to the mixer that you guys were talking about because at the last minute but one of our distinguished alumni from RoosterTeeth mr. Nathan Zellner find out that I was in LA and they were having the premiere for their new movie damsel and it was the Western it stars Robert Pattinson and it is a surprisingly out of was intentional surprisingly very modern story for but it's in their quirky funny weird way that the sellers always make everything but it's really great so if you get a chance if damsel ends up in your town make sure you take chance to go see it in the theaters cuz it's really funny thanks buddy we'll see you guys next week bye