#498 - Is It A Duck Egg or A Goat Egg?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss eating an ostrich egg, Burnie’s new pet, incorrect facts you remember, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-06-26 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

bespoke post and hams 37 I can have the box practice today so I got you mad at you not mad I'm not mad I'm a little high-strung okay so bright you pasty why am I surprised her today everything about the laptop screen it was just a back of your mom's house or other people can see what your type it in and put it in tablet mode so you flip it around like mad like it you like the sound by the way cool sounds air siren air raid siren warming up cool now don't want to hear that so cool they are I realtors in foot specifically in Grand Blanc Michigan I didn't fucking know this but they're weather Sirens are old air raid siren they sound exactly like that kind of weather Sirens all I know is they were using them testing them and I fucking woke up to air raid siren the 80s but I assume nuclear bombs write the equivalent of listening to radio in your car and hearing sirens and horns and Brake screeches at the illegal we have a lot of stuff we were all old and we're going to have a live event July 9th 4 if you can come and have a lot of where did you get together and talk in the Austin area or you are going to be around and you can visit Italy link right there and you buy tickets for this opportunity know anybody else no idea first number thank you for watching like a bit. Ly / capital r capital T Capital p500 casper.com we had to attract a lil bit of money just to make sure people show up and don't just get a check for 500 episodes you have to send us five hundred pennies why do we charge $500 our beloved first members who are all over this wonderful plan it don't buy ticket if you know you're not going to come by to get the receipt Gavin was a racist part of the one dude that horrible Festival podcast Network yeah no it's podcast Festival in a hotel in Hollywood podcast for podcasters block is going to lunch olev there for me there's got some gas was like four people in the audience sorry I had things I said last week let me know where I said that I thought it would be interesting to eat an ostrich egg ostrich egg drop with the podcast people say things why we constantly saying things on the podcast oh my God what is an enormous egg so gross it's heavy one ostrich egg is about 24 regular eggs can you taste test before lab Buon Appetito, oh thank you is there another one yeah it's your mouth and suck it down. We made the mistake of like handling the actual egg earlier the day Michelle can't be broken like you can't even cracking on the side of a table you I'll try some I mean why you so gross. When are you ever going to get a chance to eat a fucking ostrich egg experiences oh shit it looks fake report catch the egg well I'm about to take the I can't do it now because it's going down and try to put it like stick side of it no. Please let me know when you sent me of you a real thrown out of British stripes yeah I'll give it a shot before so put them slapping it's in for it sounds like Halo like the moon it's a hot tub cuz please don't ever say you want to eat other disgusting things on the podcast over again I was thinking about stuff is Patrick my compliments what Sucka For Today today we had Monday meeting I don't know who forever for Monday of calling a meeting but now it's all hands meeting is actually every Monday but falls on Mondays so we still sometimes called Monday meeting so good recipes every Monday we will get lunch for everybody at the company which by the way what the fuck is going on. Today is only as meeting we had our new employees to know if we have 45 new employees today I missed it 45 they stood up and said hello from from from day one 2003 it took us 8 years to get to 45 Lansford official headcount today we're at 380 as a company that's a lot of people so I people anyway so we did that today but we got food for all those people and I guess because it's so many people we can't actually get good for dogs today I think it's a seasonal very well seasoned it very very deliciously I really like right now the writer is it cruel to do it I'm going to keep on your desk or something Eric what are you doing we talked about how sick he punched the show us if the inner membrane membrane crack an egg a chicken egg he doesn't actually have to work at it to puncture that you use the back end of a knife the show up in the membrane was still intact and it looks like Shelly I can't I lie and just hold the membrane connect other smooth Marcus made that we would tell him it doesn't look realistic Enderman 3D printer hardhead Barb chili dog chili dogs for lunch every Monday Augusta so gracious and used part of the budget to buy everyone dinner is it but that's not me someone else well then how can you affect the pizza Choice how many times can a really good local place that he loves him and find out because we already had a plan which you probably have noticed from earlier but we already had a plan today that today got your off stage for this huge announcement today is podcast Sunday Monday on this day podcast after summer starts after this we're going we're going out to dinner to celebrate Gavin's 30th birthday because he hasn't been around for a while we're just like a coma after eating all this food what are we hit up the barbecue what can you do with this make an Australian accent will say you're from Australia that's right I always say that I always say that I know that in my head when I was a kid Australian you know I got that in my head when I was a kid that ostriches are from Australia and I asked you learn that of the podcast feelings yeah yeah I'm wrong sorry there from Africa Australia oh my God they like this is a Mexican I find that very racist and you don't like Mexican vanilla call Belch and Oreo so we can trip La Puente Flavahz do we have to separate the larger Mexican ones from the smaller makes me want is that the way that work listen do we talked about it last week I mean like I can't even understand what that's like would say like what that's like to experience which neighbors think since rescinded the order but that doesn't mean that anyone's been reunited did they have a plan to do it they just don't know the time line or how they're going to do it we're talking you don't have a fucking plan then those are the two things that matter we're talking of course about down to the unfortunately these are all the camps in Texas we actually when we were going to last week and I was going to VidCon there's like to talk about it's going down there because we were all just so fed up with me and Jeff and Matt and I just start throwing stuff because we didn't know what else to do and canceled events appear ever going on now just never done it not even for being sick or anything like that but this is how I was going to do that Trump signed in order to resend the order that didn't exist he had no power to fix it yet no power to address this issue until he signed an executive order that it leaves the door open for further abuse down the road and I'm gonna sound like typical liberal overthinking things in it because I feel like this should be an issue that transcends any kind of polar politics kids are being separated from their family members everyone should be concerned about that this side or that side in the event that was held where they had victims of people who were murdered by illegal immigrants come speak those something that they had the event where they have people who were killed by white people School shooters or whatever it is can speak. Right it's just like a queer demonstration of racism what it is it going to be on the border from Mexico so I think it's weird to me to see that like I spent so long Growing Up On the Border and it was something that at what time was it was an issue people talk about it but it wasn't we will never reach the point were like let's start separating people from each other children from their parents was like at least you are still people there still you want to treat them humanely and then I saw people counter arguments were these migrant children are being treated better than our own American children away from me then if we should be treating our own citizens better what a weird thing to say and what a weird defense to try to take in the whole situation isn't quote I saw and I'm pregnant saying correctly but I was like no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land is so much worse so much worse which is hard to believe because everyone is like seeing this situation that they're in down there an answer but I agree with you it's like people will sometimes say well what about this it's like yeah that's that's my sad let's go mischley I remember there was talk about this sub Authority already exist it like this was a policy that was in place with previous administrations did specifically there was people are coming back they will list of the Obama Administration have the same policy wasn't forced to turns out the people were saying that to me and I just came up with something great what's impeach Obama to I don't care what you think if you say the word Obama to me I'm going to protect his legacy out I got to figure out a way to protect yanked away from their parents or parents that's something else we can fix you know I mean human beings coming we have this luxury of being united states have the luxury of enjoying a very high standard living compared to the rest of the world let's take care of people who instead of treating them like some kind of persecution in their own country. We have enough wine for a really long time to climate change is something that people have been talking about for a very long time it's kind of like I don't see evidence of it so it's it's not it doesn't affect me my daily life so I'm not going to worry about it but over time if I tell you I would have start having serious problems because of climate change and we should have done something about it sooner I do think we're headed down and this is not to change the subject but we're heading down a path way where the concept of what is work is going to change I think it's ever going to change in my kid's life time with the amount of computer automation that we have and if you even look I just got back from VidCon if you look at all the issues that we're having with these Mass scale systems and the way the computers are you know what the algorithm that you always talk about on YouTube the way that to Doling out information processing advertisement that causes you problems we're having issues bumps in the road somebody on Twitter sent me this thing of a video where someone had blood like one of these fake swear they use my voice but as a computer-generated think it was me saying something and it's like I can just look like live action is what it was but it was computer generated like holy cow that's that's more fun but the fact of the computer to make that is really fascinating you know it's it some more and that's going to change so much. Going to wipe out transportation to drive the truck drives a car professionally we can see where that's about to go away is about to go have you play Detroit no I haven't but I wanted time to plant very similar like and sometimes pick up a newspaper in the game and read future headlines this terrifyingly scary that's like totally relatable to now 1215 hours somewhere let me brush it from Aliens is it it shows the Clancy Brown I think he played the guard in Shawshank Redemption is issue of of this so I can we come back around this issue of who gets benefits from what eventually I think like even Elon Musk now is talking about Universal basic income becoming a thing and it's like then the question is who's going to pay for that what I think is at the heart of a lot of these immigration issues is there an account that they talk about the crime cuz that's a scare tactic resources and things like that and who the people where is most of the hardest working families I've ever met my life have been first-generation immigrants anywhere people who have the wherewithal to pick up and go to a totally different country that probably speaks a different language does a very motivated people and I just think she knows we go forward there's not just going to be traditionally you know underprivileged to be a lot of fucking people younger generation he's already they have the old world system of going to college with a rack of the time now they're getting out and there's no jobs available not all because the Baby Boomers are retiring there's other things that play and we're just not seen them yet that's what I meant I'm used to be bigger issues that Cascade through I also think the immigration thing so I can talk to you about immigration thing boils down to do you think it's a crime and I think there's that's that's a big discrepancy try to come to the country that is a crime I think I felt like a lot of recent political moves are this anti-globalization effort right like we had seen before the unification of the EU and through NAFTA you kind of Crainer free trade zone North America kind of trying to disable and territories border down to La people at jobs to move freely but I felt like after 2016 was really like a referendum on globalization and it pulled back to nationalism I'm trying to close those borders and reinforce it and I don't know what caused that reaction I felt like things were going fine maybe that loss of identity the national identity people are looking for quite put my finger on it like the whole the crazy to me but I think people who looked at that didn't believe the spin that the UK was going to save money by leaving the EU and now here we are with two years out and we just have to figure some out was it last week was I don't know why we've been you case ended up paying more pay more cuz of directors and they would have paid to have to stay in the EU nobody really thought that I was going to add up for both though do you know Kev like some of these agreements that they still don't know if they fully hammered out how the exit going to happen yeah they still haven't figured all that out while we're talking about legal weed in Canada for a long time that I think so and it's it's been decriminalized I believe for a while but not legal in the same way they let me give you a ticket cuz I thought something was on necessary leave you wouldn't get arrested unit to jail for legal federally like Nationwide is still a crime in some way but Canada does it have like a state system or is it just one loss of the whole country will there be a problem since it's like like we have stayed so like yeah seems to be a more conservative Province tell me who knows what kind of like I believe in Vancouver even though I think prostitution is legal already in specific if I recall correctly but this new development is Nationwide I haven't been keeping up with the weed laws in Canada the Republican party in Texas and the leading Democratic candidate for Senator whose inner post Ted Cruz have both come out and said they're pushing for legal cannabis in Texas really surprised I would be long gone for that have actually I'm surprised it hasn't just Texas does have a reputation of being a southern and therefore very conservative as well but I think the only thing I've noticed in my many many years of living in Texas he's this crazy independent streak like you will not tell us what to do we are doing our own thing and that's it so messy surprised that Texas hasn't done nothing else was looking around at the tax revenue that other states are enjoying from it I'm at Niagara culture to the economy is taking all this money away from Cartel then what happens to cartel activity along the border what happens to try to get stuff like soap bubbles for people to live in Mexico Central America and then are they not trying to leave that violent to come to the United States cutting a lot a lot of this stuff is connected it's like you can't and nothing operates in a vacuum so it's like let's say tomorrow they pass the law and that day it was instituted work it's like Portugal where there are no drug laws where everything is legal. And so then you know what companies or whoever can start telling you know for RJ Reynolds tobacco like I heard Michael like marijuana cigarettes in packs what would happen in places that are now that's where they're made they're making the money from illegal drug trade. But I feel like things are kidnapping and those other things within sore dramatic ways to make up for the crime yeah they're not going to come out for a lot of money but he wants to buy her drugs so where there's other ways to make money I don't know another countries of violence take out a way then yeah what is the the other shoe like what happens on the other side although they're not doing that already then I'm sure it does alcohol go bad don't seem like it does I mean I feel like beer and stuff I'll buy a bunch of booze and then 9 months later I'll have still have like that much vodka in the bottom of a bottle of myself like hard liquor but I don't know if you're back but you don't drink the alcohol but I got actually nice she has this one beer that she loves it say the label on the beer on a seasonal beer so it's at least 2 years old or is it beer Christmas holiday on Jack bull cans of beer that he found in his house that was from like 4 years I just don't look in the cooler for a while is in a bottle in a cooler when I pop the cap off it was a rust ring around the top of the bottle emerge from it and then they took our jobs did he get mad when I drink anything going on right now is Danny Fernandes and he FEI what do you weigh it's a weekly Deep dive into nerdy subjects you didn't know you wanted to know about whether it's the Mind expanding frontiers of virtual reality or surprisingly exciting Modern Renaissance of tabletop games they'll take you from the origins of surprising future of each subject that's a fancy way to say we go down a bottomless Google rabbit hole and tell you about the coolest stuff they find don't miss out every week for information some things at Comic Con Marvel Cinematic Universe produced by how stuff works networks, division responsible for the Four Kings on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts thanks then you go to snap podcast let's pray that you have a Toys R Us on Twitter tennis photos of him standing on ostrich eggs to stack of eggs meal of the day about to go to our fifth wheel or Sunday's that peanut butter crumbled ship stuffs Butterfinger Butterfinger I know that I got paid but I move to at what did I know that's talking to some puppy which is basically just like caramel right caramel caramel caramel there's an A in there what is the name of the shark in Jaws Bruce there aren't they all named Bruce just do my Finding Nemo name of Josh despite y'all vintage of sharks we are we are in the process right now of trying to name a new animal cuz Ashley and I have a new pet we got chicken no we got something even cooler than a dog we have a squirrel we have a pet squirrel that now lives in our doorway m4u Jaws apples out for him and everything like that you said you like we both obviously portable security camera right next to me this is there and chews on a little apples all day we watching from work and stuff like I saw someone else on the internet who may be like squirrels as much as you do I saw someone who they saw a squirrel in their front yard who at this weird really long misshapen tooth what it was like normal with squirrels there too don't ever stop growing but it was really long and almost touching it so she's going to do something about it so she caught the squirrel in a blanket and using some really sharp cuticle Cutters she like trimmed its tooth down all the shoes it's a trimming a tooth turned it down and then rerelease the squirrel so it's like they can like go into their own brains and stuff they don't put themselves in the head like going to the parade I wonder if it be like getting shot in the head but it would take like a year to go through when you were at 3 what was it what was the power did that thing would be really convenient at the horns grew back then into your skull what the first part of the brain that hit was the part that grows horns and the story about the squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel has like a blackhead squirrel yeah it's so have fun living in our yard for a while she was like this big black on the front and brown on the back like someone took his girls and I did it maybe they did it all so it got smoosh found it yeah it showed up like the next day it was at our backyard hiding or flower bed and so we started feeding it so we're raising the Civil War friend squirrel little versus quarterly Little Theater for it or you just put apples on Apple's pretend it's another one that's a good idea, Amazon has Believe It or Not everything turned out ice cream on Sunday Monday Monday or do we have to say the podcast Sunday Monday egg today Touareg podcast steak off podcast pancakes at Sunday's so we need a fourth one here's what I'm thinking to Childish things up will see the girl Packers 1 parkour Pete's Pizza like a special Pizza day kind of the spring we have Sunday Monday for the summer we do steaks in the fall which would leave what would we do all states this year then for winter probably indoor them so we have to go outside my first thought was like alcoholic eggnog drinks and stuff like that outside the master one stole my idea community what are you doing we're not clearly people suggested forgot to put us the whole chicken and cheese and then they wrote that and melt that all up and then they take it over in like a plate of like steak or potatoes they go or Barbers open maps good note I'm going to make time for you I didn't have Holly with me I feel feel wrong to go down to bring Harley from Epic Meal Time so over-the-top straight to the kitchen after that uses beard today jerky taste like pizza in Walmart people keep saying we should do pizza fear for the winter people make a sphere out of the other side eating and you just keep going and pizza sounds good though on his first day of work picture of how to eat in Senate Pizza he framed need one of those knives Jiggles like I said just to get right down through the last karaoke how to make people cut Pizza Little Caesars I'm in the family but don't think about that political article about Trump staffers complaining that they can't get matches and online dating in Washington DC I know people who went to DC after college to start a career in politics that's actually a really big deal that's a fucking pretty crazy see it's a lot of really young people with huge egos so if they're getting left out of that scene that's a big fucking deal it really is the section that everyone kind of picked up on and start spreading social media just like me LOL you were originally slated but you not being able to go to the gun show me Grace Helbig me about Bill defranco's intro all day like I had anxiety last year for the Franco was on your TV podcast he's great he's just like wrists and can come up with these amazing and last year we had the panel was on it and Markiplier and then just evil Freddy and I forgot Bill I'm waiting for you last week I was doing be a bit so I'm like I'm like I'm sweatin thinking about this at Bristol DeFranco first and last I did I did maybe first in the next up was the last playlist that I have named it was 10 create the guy who started the great he was great Gus Galactic Battle of the record them but if you can watch it cuz he's a great like semantically picking everything apart and it would make it even ten times worse by doing that God will is the oldest people in relapses we have almost all the way this point except for hanging memory and they both want to do the show so hopefully we can make that happen if Jessie Jessie Jessie and Freddie were not on the payroll this year they were not available today we should get both of them to be absolutely so I could see her busy doing stuff scenarios 1 million dollars but every time you have sex your head becomes disconnected from your body for 24 hours like you're fine just you can play right now around or you have to let hold it hold your head on penetration and then Jersey like that what if you don't finish the card game because we really have anything else to do on stage when I feel messed up so we do the card game we did one hand and one hand we spent 35 minutes of the hour panel talking about 1/2 you know it's just like five different scenarios but like only one round basic yeah she still knows that we should make this episode the problem is the problem is all those people with them where we shoot the scenarios are pulling well I was looking like we could hold your hair but where were you just joking but like if your head is disconnected cuz like if you choke that doesn't pop off like how does that happen I just thought of a great joke that I could have said during the panel I missed it now would you just tell people that I really like to give head younger by Hill look like turtle necks you can like get a few you normally couldn't get when you go to the butt hole right away it also be my boyfriend having sex with a headless body to have sex just cuddle again that show is that she was so much fun to do cuz it's just like you just like sit around and I could do that all day it's efficient doing the beer all and all that crap what it's like we're costume for 28 hours for you know for seconds of footage really old I mean I'm still to this day they ask Gavin to do something and I said no I heard about it like in the pre-production meeting with no no we're not going to shoot this and I said I would ask Gavin to do that when they made the fake dog shit and you ate dog sit in the park and like a close up of you eating turds Okay cool so I'm glad I didn't beat the thing is I like to do but I used to do a lot more like shit related MTV's and it was like stop doing so much about offices and anus is a Dick's and stuff and I'm the one turning down doing shit I can't be that guy I'm going to stuff you shouldn't get down on the cross because it's not a real shit full toilet when can you open up the lid and chocolate ice cream again like the inside of the Bolton when I was in Korea Cafe that you can put anything in there any chance looks the most delicious-looking desert in the world I'm not eating something that looks like shit out of it so I could cancel 25% toilet like a quart size toilet you don't have Precision who is it low or is it like like what the hell is on your ass how do you know if you could squat like awful broccoli and I think it's soup who thinks to do that then tell somebody else if it's a toilet Cafe stuck in toilet seat light bill toilet mugs coffee make you shit so who Evolutions I guess like how some chameleons stuff can blend to look like other shit with human skin okay and I Elation different Kingdom who yeah it would be you're right it be very often but what's the purpose of it like a desert plant that humans can every part of the puppets like the way it grows the way it looks isn't it yeah if it was a feel of skin that's that's like one of the creepiest things I can imagine like omnivores wouldn't eat it eat it right because they don't eat meat does a cow eat meat to eat meat that's how much protein in it like if they could catch something they could yeah they probably would write Bernie Burger the grass and the vegetation to eat this stuff that's like so dense and cellulose to take so long to break down it has to go through different stages Henry digestion could continue to chew it and then swallow it again for a different stuff when you throw up it comes out the cat vomit stomach go into the next One Kinect or do they all come up to the mouth to then gets down to different your cut is so they eat grass then they your stomach digest for a while and made it back up into their mouth and chew that again for the longest time probably until I was about 12 or 13 year old years old I would hear about cow chewing cud and I thought for some reason cud was the word for baby cow and so I thought I'd just chewed on their babies living babies chewing their cud why do they have to do I thought that was never to get the fuck out of my head I got it wrong for so long it's never going to leave my head is scarring get in your brain or learn as a kid that you think is true until also can you remember times your life will you know an adult child told you something wrong like you know that something at absolutely you got it wrong and it was wrong and someone hit me on the back of the head they will stay that way when we were illegal to turn on the light inside a car 9th grade English class with Frank Frank and our teacher was trying to teach us the concept of ennui and she pronounced it n e y o n Frank Reyes has like no I think you mean on we just know any why is no it's the French word it's on e n n u i n Franklin status because I can't give it up it's it's not have my English teacher pronounced it to Sami instead of tsunami Google works for that teaching who knows how many people wrong that Marilyn Manson had a rib removed so he could suck his own dick anyone else that's not true how did every single kid know that fact about what the hell is it called the schoolyard information passes for me it's always like a cross-country how in the bucket all kid Nintendo like a big part of the culture of analog wide though but that didn't permeate for the blowing did you put them on top of that it was cheaper and resetting the thing you were taking out putting it back in and reset and blowing it absolutely any connection that worked hold your horses be stable 41st Street come down jump to conclusions immediately immediately leave I never realized that I was like I don't think that's right well I disable my Tiguan forever forever I remember you telling me that separate with an e and separate with an AR two different words with an e was the verb and separate was the adjectives like those are two separate things and then if you want to separate things that it's just with an e and I just I believe that the fucking forever effect and affect you know to me like that and it's like I can clearly remember the teacher you tell me that and then it was wrong and I don't know anything has some of the best misunderstanding the phrase play it by ear he thought it was wolf it down that wall sit down cuz they wasn't that a wolf that are the dog read more than I ever said epitome epitome was mine and so it's like you just getting pronounce biopic biopic podcast is also brought you close your kitchen even your bar has never been easier if you like me anymore about a trip to the store sounds perfect ending to not go to the store that's where people post comes in each month delivers of box full of goods to upgrade your style apartment and your life there's no commitment there are new boxes each month on style grooming drinking or travel the bar section has some big glasses broke its angle accessories I just ordered something actually from the Travel section so you back I'm trying to think of getting rid of my backpack so I can't wait to get it scout out quality products around the world delivering them to you every month without high retail Marcus to get started visit box of awesome.com after a few questions about the style you want to achieve each box goes for under 50 bucks but that's more than $70 worth of unique gear inside you're not feeling that much box just skip it to see 20% off your first description box put a box of awesome.com enter promo code rooster at checkout that's box of awesome.com promo code for 20% off your first box that give a damn thank you for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast is it important for the for the url url was box of awesome so I got I got in my own head we just talked about word that you read in the best book used to being fingered what I like like that guy poked me but northern thing getting fingered on camera what the word Northern linger like I went out last night got poked now Northern wear none of what you said made sense. So and you been poked let me know in the comments and getting poked me specifically finger Jennifer Boston I can check with her it was about 15 years ago that I turned around and slapped in the face I would never use that term a new Jordans or from your Catholic sometimes I watch a British reality TV and terms that I don't know what I'll text you if I can just meet there is no nice way to say fingered what's wrong with pingid I made it so graphic finger up the flute for like a recorder digitize what about redacted telegram Morse code I just talked is a nice way of saying it but index indexes good friend Braille battery can really babe you tried for like 20 minutes Barbara can I ask you a question have you ever run across a micropenis what qualifies to know why I've been very fortunate not to us cuz I don't know how I'd react and obviously like you never want to insult someone if they're born with 0.5 standard deviation smaller than the male penis size or smaller than about 2 and 3/4 inches for an adult and oh yeah you lost stuff in your searches on the podcast is were from I guess like any kind of clutch our conversations about the search history in this it it's in video format that you can find online I don't know how I stumbled across it how how big are we still going on that you're pretty hard to find 0.6 % 300 / 300 million / 2 for men / 2 * .06% so they got three more of those in there a hundred five thousand hundred five thousand of the population of the u.s. 6% percent 0.060 Thousand Oaks wow you already and sensitive mouth so I can go inside stuff going on she's got other stuff figured out. Billion billion dollars we have a tiny one inch penis a billion oh hell yeah hell yeah my girlfriends and wives you said like she bump and cut it off then I think about Kendall we're only caught up with but the squirrel to get angle look like a chip but it's right direction or small penis no no problem you know couple of shallow like you just like shallow like you're shallow you're not to let death in less with right you don't make things a lot more challenging to get less with everyone and everyone Cody Tiny Dick millionaire or billionaire I would take a million of dollars and I would hire permanently a little person and have him say his name is Dick and Sophia vocabulary not from here in sane you're in so it I would do know Jack and take a billion dollars to enjoy a billion dollars do I don't know if you know this why is it why is every billionaire man got billion dollars so he can use his penis you can still have fun with a billion dollars without using your penis there was sugar daddies on they but with the guy who married in the Cole Smith I think so whatever obviously I think officially big attractions like I was hit a billion fucking dollars to change people's lives with that solves a big fucking problems no dick though yeah okay little on functional I think that's what you said you said to do it it's like you can do I have to like blow on it and stuff just put it in and out it wasn't that fix ribs taken out you're done you're there was a meeting about this you guys aren't sensitive a hundred five thousand of them did you see there was that you know that the UK Samantha I guess it's a upgrade to where it can now decline sex if it's not in the mood to have sex okay what programs is mood I don't know yet it's it's interesting bad jokes like convince my Roomba to vacuum the way I have to convince my kids I'd be done including an overly aggressive partner she also enter this mode if she feels bored with her partner's attentions algorithmic determined I don't know how to use that though and you can just got to worry about that just trying to get something more realistic and I actually have that human deal what action what is the motivation for that guy I think it's just to try to give it the closest where there's no close to where it's to give the robot the ability to give consent until I demonstrate that the technology development on the behalf of the machine it's not so he can send conversation makes it more realistic correct okay for the for the human user I believe so I mean when you can't tell if I don't ever want to ask my washing machine for consent I'm going to shove the clothes in shove a tide pod in and slam the door and Prescott oh yeah I'm totally not wearing it and everything so it's just because the sex thing trying to push towards sentience what about flashlight do I have to deal with that or just like the fact that I was holding my cat this morning my black cat and I was told the other day and I was like I love this little thing so much to squeeze it cuz I couldn't tell the did you watch the season finale of burn you said you had felt like I was very mixed on season 2 I was I was very up-and-down uneven but after the conclusion of the finale last night season 1 tied up a lot of the stuff I had questions about a lot of stuff I wasn't happy with the address in a satisfying Manor can I get season 4 because I was excited about like in the park stuff and it really was just like the box is full in a pot for the whole season I was like that seem like I could have done later but I was still excited about the world to learn about the world made us would just like to know it would be if they said we're coming back for season 3 that's it but we're just going to eat first I haven't even been problematic shoot every time they go to shoot that show that it's way more expensive than I can imagine you're going to be naked you're going to be naked at some point no matter what part you have at Harris wasn't naked are you sure don't think so like kind of gross lease in a lot of people in the industry are we said but they look I guess average clothes and stuff because that's the way I want it back to being confirmed it will be made and I wish I had not read what I just now so are you really so don't do not read about it if your man if you're curious what I knew now to say that don't ever and I hate to say this but don't ever like subscribe to things like Hollywood Reporter or variety did they're there to report in the industry they do not put in a headline absolutely it was The Walking Dead they they lived to spoil to watch The Walking Dead anymore because every time there was a your dad which by the way is a lot of The Walking Dead there's always say like this character is leaving the show after so many seasons have a photo of them it's like it's The Walking Dead wander off into the woods you know if they're dry cleaning bit by a zombie or shot by somebody today and so it's ruined everything for me I hate having to Google around to find the best way to watch something that's absolutely no consistency to have my cell is on Hulu in 4k in 4k but the app on the Apple TV 4K doesn't do 4K awesome and the only way to watch in 4k is an Xbox One S O X or PS4 Pro here and you watch Hulu on the PS4 you can watch live TV in the Google app on the PS4 and none of the 4K HDR but what is that supposed to be hard for us owners that Services would just like spending money on this shirt and an airing them really shity like most people watching am I so I'm going to be watching it on Xbox One X or PS4 Pro Xbox One Apple TV all cats thingy whatever how do you guys watch Westworld I watch it as it airs on HBO and look at the cable DVR I watch it on HBO now the app on my Xbox One and I don't know why I continue to do it because it has the worst compression for blacks oh yeah that I've ever seen and that there's so many black people like the cable is bad for that black background be like in a black bag that's like seven thousand different shades of black on my calves UHD disc that's like 6 streaming I watch I actually on HBO specifically I switched to my Apple TV because it looks better streaming from Apple to be tinted in my Xbox One I need it on HBO now account because I have through iTunes I didn't have like an actual login thing so I wanted to cancel it then resubscribed so I can watch it like on my computer and stuff I cancel it and then I was going to lose 1 day and it said add HBO now for $5 to Hulu 1499 a month you pay an additional 499 recently like someone was said they bought HBO through Amazon or something and we were so confused my HBS through AT&T for my phone was free why would I pay for a contract HBO is free it is not quick to make to go from I have this phone plan to I am watching it on my Apple TV was like 2 hours too complicated assume it'll be easier in the future now that they've officially acquired Time Warner media messages AT&T in Disney this morning right is that it pretty much has a field trip on the problem are we are we are we are we are we helping fight from the inside or if there was ever doing with everything but I don't know I mean there's there's other other factors that play in like how how does Network prioritization happen and things like that you know things that we haven't started to see come into effect yet fighting. I don't like nobody cares like he's always bugging me is been so long talking about net neutrality and man that neutrality especially this moment it'll probably come back I said feeling with the midterm elections and the follow-up elections we're going to need more more severe and I just don't know going to be one of those things it makes its way back but it's like if people fight about like net neutrality while I'm sitting here hearing you talk about with my AT&T another example that is if you have a T-Mobile phone you get Netflix you doesn't count against your data cap but you know that's exactly the opposite of net neutrality it's cheaper for you to use Netflix then it is free to use any of them and I've seen some people write about how great that deal is you realize that is in clear violation of net neutrality delivery of the same packets or different packets in the same what it's like and then ultimately we still hold out them fortnite putting the whole game in the Battle Royal that still bothers me today but it doesn't bother anybody else so they're like yeah that's fine I don't care as long as I can play Battle Royale game I'm good I don't give a shit the PS4 controversy about the cross play like a cross play PC and switch but you can't if you sign up for your account on a PlayStation you can't go the other way I was thinking that the other day when I was reading up on some of the E3 stuff I don't know what companies have that different time but press conference is a different times throughout III and I was just thinking if just came out and just sit Half-Life 3 off to any of these no one give a shit about anything else that you free I always felt like valve was having crazy long-term strategy Left 4 Dead 3 Team Fortress 3 Portal 3 they're all going to come out maybe they have their own platform but this back when they were talking about the steam box and the steam controller with alternate PCS that they are yeah but at this point I don't have any faith in anything like that is taking place I remember of Staff said when the story and it's very good brilliant Street I've never run across anybody who's working on any of those things come up with some points right but I mean it's like you can only keep stuff bottled up for something you did leave the entire code for half like to get everything out like that because I put yeah I just say somebody's coming and I would love Left 4 Dead 3 I would love that we do about a shooter that was in the World War Z Universe must have missed it because I was giggling during the announcement at Max we have to do so much coverage will pick up paying attention to come across we would have noticed it not paying attention to my job so yeah I get mad if I don't I was doing my job I dropped a little guilty about it cuz the guy the guy did have nice in his username and I got I got mad at him to buy hymns 66% of Men start losing their hair by 8:35 and that's two out of three men on the planet I don't understand or gimmicks you know I love facts and science you have this problem check out for him. 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Com rooster.com rooster thanks for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast you just made invented a small that looks edible please please Gus with voice by default they have to bring up the garbage cans from the after trash day to bring it up from the curb so come on over here for like 8 o'clock at night like page you bring the garbage cans up and go grab two cans please okay please do something else but you know don't know what they should have done their job can you please yeah I mean I understand rich sheetrock that looks great I feel like tomorrow at 5 p.m. which is going on and if you don't have to be a first number to watch that live stream normally you do have to be first number to watch streams like other guys got to graphic and everything tomorrow June 26th at 5 p.m. receipt. Com are we doing that thing with Richie Richie and donations I believe go to the Trevor Project do you see what it looks like you can interact with people on screen did you get the new bin words that mean when you been you got chocolate so I have one business Brown that's for trash they wouldn't been that's blue and that's what recyclable but I have you been friend you've been showed up but it's now the exact same way it's been in England for like 12 years of something for now as a food been literally everything that is a lot because that's a good people Kleenex and everything everything that is a lot even the slightest so do they have a composter or they have a special business, it's a better management of waste one that has been are they all but they only do that in some parts of Austin Wright still don't have my glasses over what would the fourth been before if there were people been in the regular beginning today at this point is Robin Austin and I'm wondering if other municipalities have this exact same problem that we do Austin put out this fucking study that the citizens of Boston only recycle about 50% of what they should be recycling what are pick up every two weeks every week I would have a full been there maybe that's okay cuz I mean that, Canada we had in Ottowa one week was like cans and bottles and the other one was paper and recycling every Amazon delivery the delivery person just passed that shit out of box and dumps it on the front porch and keeps the box I don't want a bit even if I did it that way every other week I still have mountains of cowboy hats on Amazon delivery driver I was driving around over the weekend and we know we're going in opposite directions and you driving one of those white vans that they have for that drivers dashboard and car that could be safe there's no way that have to organize it was like the prime packages and has yellow packets as I could barely see the guy look like a hoarder's car that say to you how is he finding anything 3 how is it all not broken it looked like it look like a fucking nightmare did you look up Amazon they were conditions at the company would have been reading a lot about it because of Austin being one of the finalists for the headquarters and headquarters for Amazon distribution centers where they're pissing in bottles so they just like to keep up with their quota and their numbers you know those metrics they have they just have to like not leave the floor so they just piss in a bottle can I get a piss in a robot dude what a stupid I think it's great that would mean I can have cardboard sooner yeah I know it's only going to be so weird to the constantly see advertisements for job vacancies places at like maybe I'm crazy but the normal starting rate looks like $18 an hour she said maybe I don't know president robot president actual president I go back there like I can feel I go to campaign on leash laws would be huge like political debate inside of the dog culture I think it appropriate for Animals before I know what bestiality should an animal get consent from another animal how would you enforce that Gavin exactly how to train animals train pets to be like yes I would like to be rails okay. I've done it every night the other one the fucking club the first cat well runs away I mean teach teach that before you stop. You don't have to sign agreement for a robot the layers that we have of Civility that make us a civilization is the limitations of some Freedom you know that the animal kingdom doesn't have like if you were an animal you can kill with basically whatever you want to talk about this squirrel Joe is still live at school be dead already cuz my fucking kill this thing but the limitation of those freedoms and things like that that you're living with other people you have respect for their existence and their experience could do that some people are kernels tribes that was like I got sucks and we killing get a prick devoted to kill a guy that's we have death penalty that's all right like this guy died because everybody agreed that he did something was bad voting on it have you ever had a lifetime had a large land and then the next day your life was different that we had to disclose any time we took money for anything in it in a very specific way for internet stuff and I still think to this day the amount of effort that we have to go through as an online community the Mary ever do we have to go through to disclose add is way more egregious than what other like if there's a product placement in a movie but it's buried in the credits at the end of the fucking movie in the middle of the movie and say hey Co gave us this you know everybody who gave us this thing in the opening to a Bond movie and be honest about taking that stuff but I think we should at the very least build it but you know what that's like now it was a hashtag add you can put promotional consideration by someone so at the end of the program like you can on TV now we have to put like right there different scripture everything you know so that's something that's different anything to do with the age of some movies we're not like that all rated movie probably would have five-year-old your advertising to in that the online he want to see it hits I agree with that but those are the rules back of Copa Cabana children's online protection act the big deals but if you have like two places where people make accounts like Club Penguin there's all these special rules you have to have a lot of cut off there a certain age for a lot of different sites had the biggest effect on me it's kind of a trivial thing was the plastic bag ban in Austin things like this the way I've done things for years in my life I have to do a little different now I hope I hope that retailers don't bring them back even though it's not Air Force will be long now apparently I'm fine with it I like them or how much money is a person I guess the day that day they didn't have anything for them to everybody will see you next time don't forget to go buy your ticket for RT Podcast 500