#499 - Burnie's Lies and Empty Seats

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, and Chris Demarais as they discuss belly buttons, flat-earthers, HOAs, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-07-03 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 499 if you hear something you would like to see in this episode visit roosterteeth.com Play Welcome Lucy podcast this week brought to buy honey and by ring I'm Gus and I'm Chris and I guess we wanted to have a the birthday party for Barbara but she's not here quick we could have throwing parties for people who don't come to them you have to make sure it's good you just have to say we did it yeah I think is a great part it's been great so far and I want to know what happened to these pink ones that now coming right labia let me talk about what happened alright us a couple weeks ago Bernie texted me and said that he was not going to be available for the July on July 2nd cuz he was going to be shooting something that's a great don't worry about it then last week after the podcast we had a little birthday dinner for you and you remember I was sitting pretty close to him and we were there at the restaurant that had want to confirm you're not available next Monday you're going to be out here yeah I won't be available great fine then mine on the podcast today and I was filming all day long Sarah start slacking me she said you wasn't available so then I asked Eric to be here see I'm bad at assistant was asking her for the Black Death start over learning and he was just walking about all day here he's here I don't respond fast but he responds with nonsense like he gives us information just like MTC by the way if you don't it's going to be alive episode at the State Theater here in town so it could be in at 7:30 instead of 5 like normal stuff you normally used to watching at 5 hours later at 7:30 p.m. just like the old time and I just won't be doing it next week one-time exception for podcast by country I feel like I should say. what are my pocket of my life Gavin to get people to show up to a live event right at 5 that's what they said they said it like if you give people time to get off work and dedicated why I wouldn't show up were sold out right were sold out but I need to say you can be as bad for us to get there this is shitty in the city free people bring Springs the Pod down and then go straight way up for 500 which is good this one. How do you feel about the fucking pretty good I feel good we got balloons you got all the way down let's let it be thrown away when they just how long it'll take me to think that's right now. I think that by 519 lb gun how do you say like 15 I was going to say 5:20 okay alright okay so now we'll just wait all right we'll see who's right I got stitches in it Gretchen from shooting did you see that video that guy throwing the the air can into an oven indoors that was on Reddit aerosol chem aerosol can into like a wood stove and it was like it look like a do they should all be dead when it exploded it look like shrapnel and bullets come straight to you see like glowing red hot Embers shooting at the person with the camera turns away then comes back in the room tap on fire and they just laughing yeah it was a cool because if you get hit with him it's in like it hurts but it's never as bad as it looks when they cough and delivery around you have been hit with Embers sure yeah I feel like I've been hit with ya like specially Roman candles and stuff like that you know what hurts worse than Amber's is oil when you're cooking naked what's the worst part of the body to get cooking oil on for the cooking I mean and why you're cooking naked Chris and you have no protection yeah I know on your ballot I mean it it's like it can happen if you're cooking make it yeah that's definitely the worst place Chris have you ever cooked naked because I didn't have clothes on when I started what why didn't you put clothes on and then cook cuz I was already Barbershop happy birthday Barbara what time is it 5:06 we were way off you come over here what is a podcast happy birthday Barbara suck the cheese she just bit the cake 1530 close on on your one and only penis wake up in the morning time to cook breakfast so you sleep naked sometimes not always but yes sometimes and then I'm just like go to the kitchen get some water and like I'm hungry cook some eggs boil whatever splatter bacon bacon stainers of the fat face I would love a day in the life documentary hidden camera just following you for 24 hours in the morning how much stuff Chris thinks is boring and normal but it's just so with have you ever cooked naked is that something we can do they're putting it together right now I have never thought could make it even if I'm naked I think I don't want to burn myself I would rather clothes on and I'm never like I'm hanging out in my house naked either so I can't believe you're in that state to begin with and then you immediately well start cooking without you just have to like cook with leaning forward with my boss cooking apron I don't have an apron I could because I could do a towel around my front door closed they don't cook with clothes on it's like I have to get naked to cook I'm just saying I have cook naked have you cooked fish naked I've cooked well I don't think I've ever cooked fish for breakfast now okay Jenna B says I only cook naked when drunk usually I could see that cuz you making bad decisions it's alright the weather thing go to receive. Com play if you're watching live right now and you can be ready here we go so we can watch in real time and see how many people are weirdos like you said recipes.com play big jump out with yes in it it's pretty close don't go in the other way who is this in chat Michael playing the same can the Knicks take off be naked you're absolutely downright refuse to participate next time I'm going to so why don't you just bring a personal chef where's that I'm arranging it want to eat a steak that I don't have to do anything for I want to be a bump on a log and I'll bring it but I want to make it would you rather have me cook you steak or Chris cookie fish I'd rather have you cook a steak I don't think better than unfair question I don't know I guess I just like on the the grill thing on the grill thing or is it the Frying Pan Tang steak you want to be a one buttered up with it and you're relying on a good piece of meat at that point I need a good piece of me when I was younger I used to like putting a one so we ended up in about 34% who animals and do not ever invite me over to eat at your place Steakhouse sometimes we like a whole is put a peppercorn her burn days or something just give me the steak that's all I want is really good yesterday as I had Chick-fil-A buffalo sauce and I was making some eggs and I'm like I'm going to put that in the eggs as delicious buffalo buffalo buffalo X better name for Buffalo eichten's pretty much spot-on here's what I hear is base ingredients sauce yeah it was so good it was so good I would love to see you make bread and at what point you would put the peanut butter in but would you put the peanut butter on the flower but you don't make bread cooking bread or making peanut butter and jelly basically want you or anything to be like peanut butter on toast but you would put the source in put the peanut butter so early I mean I can make peanut butter and jelly if you're going to make a loaf of bread talk to make it probably put on the peanut butter and jelly before it spread that's amazing that's amazing idea. But doesn't rise you don't know that I don't know that everything and it could add peanut butter and jelly bread doesn't this look amazing sounding but you know what the more you say bread and Infused loaf that sounds like it sounds really really good people make this I see cartoon that take finish dishes and deliberately make them in the wrong order same ingredients but it do it all wrong and see if it is completely different tastes better was earlier in the in an unconventional fashion not the same really but sometimes a sandwich or a burger and they just refuse to make it I'll get like the meat on the space bun and an order of the salad extra bits and then the other bottles that you doing their job he's got a discount yeah I think about hamburgers now maybe like my fast food version shirt is is what's the one with the Whataburger's told really good in like a good burger tell me someplace probably like downtown. I can't think of right now it's one of the downtown like burger places El sapo they like big and full of weird shit. Remember the one I like but it's pretty spicy NPR tweeted something I think was earlier today she look this up they were they were declaring 2018 the year of the woman that's was on June 30th they made a tweet declaring 2018 the year of the one but they wrote it in Spanish but they forgot to put the Enya on you that make it different what they made it the end of the world they tweeted the 2018 was the anus of the woman for 7 year of the woman wait veterans like bad design if if an engine has the difference between year and anus don't think about me like I'm loud over the human anus that means delicious or something famous of the anus of the what was it we got to say it's just I mean it's not just an acting like the whole different letter so but it's a letter that doesn't exist in English the whole different yeah I think the Spanish alphabet has 28 letters I want to see when you still press and on the keyboard you tell a cold and dad is a different way than you well you could say I am a liar or simply the same thing but with the little symbol above it with a different but the same shape they're both lines one one is a shorter line with a. One of them is a longer life so that's the same thing write the U with an umlaut is it you just don't a different life is not I without it. And then and I have 29 letters in the alphabet so why the extra 3 or that one missing is just an N with an extra Loop true true that's a good point or a w where can we eat at the w i c h e l l none of those then I would have a different name coming thing the SS well that's cool oh yeah usually for a SS sound but it is actually a completely different layout of Alaska it's not like a bee with a drip victim of the story describe it can go back to something you consider like for skin protection like from infection and it prevents rubbing of the sensitive part Santa when he was walking about keeps it fresh what should I do I don't have to worry about that if you decide decide to get one somehow texting that people have started protesting have you seen that there's people who like protest male circumcision is it because female circumcision is like genital mutilation taking out taking out the the clit like entirely I forgot to take out the hood I know I thought it was like you actually I guess it's maybe depends on the depends on where you get it done to me you tell people do that and it tasted so routine I don't know how that started when they was like yeah we had a kid because most people in England Aunt circumcised medical emergency awesome and you really can't talk to an American who's been circumcised and convince them that it's weird it's not like a umbilical cord cuz you can't live with that right off anyway right but it adult umbilical cord if you didn't cut Snips and that's like tied off and then it falls off the what if it was just tied what if you never do each other at the end and it was just hanging with rauf probably leave looking to heal up to a certain point what did ancient belly buttons look like now it's what I'm wondering that's a good question right cuz our belly buttons look like the remnant before you were connected like before like you must have to survive without touching it extreme Audis like what an animal with but it gets shipped out what end does it disconnect to the full out of mother makes the longest fall out and then it just like fools off the deer at some point what happens with the baby if you do that wake me up so it would have what happens with an umbilical cord gets cut off right yeah they had to cut it and then but do they cut at the base and they let they cut it and then they it falls off on its own we usually have cut and then they like so did they rip it off I'm put off night that fools up like a little clip on it right could have said no but we've all had umbilical cord paper clip on it to seal it eventually Falls right but yeah I mean I mean kids must be born in some places where they just don't do that and leave it I don't know what does belly buttons look like now and I do not want to do a Google search for weird belly button belly button book coffee table book belly buttons from around the world what's yours like what were belly buttons like before humans do to cut and tie off the umbilical cord I want to see humans have had that. Here's the gist of it humans have had belly buttons that look much like the ones we have today for millions of years that's the first person born X hear some gross stuff still seeing a guy with that one what I saw a guy that one no like like the pubes are like he was just like a belly button like right now but I was in shorts and without shut it was just smooth all the way around and I thought the only way that could happen is if he had some skin removed or something he could have it could have been so big that like it was hidden underneath the curve so I can let you know what I mean yeah yeah just like looped up a sweat would you okay how big of a deal breaker would this be if you were like a girl who is great but she had a really weird bizarre belly button like freakishly like what if his like the foot long would that be like everything else is perfect but she's got a footlong belly button what color is it is it like going. Like it's stiff and about or is it the same as maybe you can be a little darker like a I be worried about dang it cool in my what if what if it is by accident yeah it looks to say this little sensitive so something have to be careful of it's just super sensitive about it out the way their belly buttons look right like some people are are paranoid about everything that we looking belly button and they're embarrassed to show it it's just a fucking belly button I think people with Audi's yeah might be more sensitive cuz it's like I feel like Audi's they do look at gross let's be honest they look a little weird yeah you met in the Audi dealer in Oyster how many how many other things if there was an option of in or out how weird that would also be with but that's all you eat yet the whole food in front of your mouth and butt smells shoots out the anus is prolapse because it's the taste of the dark blue name and chat it's hard for me to read your name can you set your own color yeah wolf sorrow 100 says we should do a poll in your Audi it hurts let's do it is this a do you have an innie or outie would you prefer it any of them I think do you have do you have anything you have cuz I hate everyone this podcast is brought to you by honey when you shop online do you suddenly turned into a top loader loading dozens and dozens of You tabs on your browser and search of a promo code just one that works afraid to close any of them in fear of missing out on a deal before you crash your browser yet again try honey honey the free browser add-on been over 9 million people are using everyday to save money while you shop online and two clicks add honey to any browser for free the shop like you normally do any scans and test Melissa coupons in the background and at checkout honey automatically applies the best coupon Time magazine called honey basically free money overnight many people use honey everyday I think I save millions of dollars I thought he was someone here in the broadcast apartment who was shopping for Benny from West Elm and save 40 bucks with honey it instantly applies different coupons did you have to do anything but just add honey to the browser there's no reason not to have any to your browser today it's free takes us to click to install will save you tons of money get honey for free at joinhoney.com teeth that's two words joinhoney.com teeth start saving with honey today that's a joinhoney.com teeth thank you sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast I bet we'll go to get money so go to Richie's. Com play if you want to vote in our pull any or Audi and will probably pop. Up here in a second Whenever there whenever they're ready I thought that I ready for now did you see that was that guy I think it was a student in Germany who developed what they're calling an airbag for mobile phones if I catch a case that you can put on your phone and wanted to text that it's falling it shoots little fins out that cushion it and stop it from hitting the ground as stupid I don't know is it a great idea if it doesn't look like any different than a normal case but if it's a case you got a case on it looks like when you jump off of a flight out of an airplane is like let me know K stops it from breaking my face down when he's got shit case if it doesn't for like there's a rock headphones get messed up even when women in a case it can happen it's weird to the culling airbag because there's no bag of air what makes it unable to detect people's Liberation how is it propelled out there that pool ready yes one second the really dropping the ball in there I feel really bad I'm sorry for our viewers watch a lot right now so am I the only one out here watching the World Cup that you said you want a little bit in England Sports television like table in order to watch it online in order to unlock unlock any streaming services I don't watch it today was rough I thought your plan was going to was going to play out against Belgium thinking it's like it's like the over game like the last one because I want to talk to you about game like the game that ends at all okay at the final the final because everyone keeps talking about the big game or the whatever and I'm like oh it's supposed to be the end of the world cup and it just keeps going. Just keep doesn't end when does it end another week and a half or so for 2 weeks what are the 32 countries that qualified for the World Cup World Cup I think it's like that to me seems like it should be the finale not a bunch of whole tournament yeah I mean this is qualifying for 4 years to get to this point how would that be financially or anything I thought they always lost money on the stadiums and stuff the World Series the World Series about to 7 but that doesn't count the turn of a lot of really rare and I don't want to admit I was reading that help people in Australia have to stream the World Cup in order to watch & win the World Cup started the the internet service provider down there any was office couldn't stream the the game that you were having trouble buffering it just wasn't loading so the Prime Minister of Australia had to tweet that he was talking with the Telecom company to fix the buffering issues that people can watch the World Cup a guy in a box like the whole country is going on with like a prime minister between was spoken with the opposite of Neo Allen Lu just shows me is giving the World Cup streaming problems his personal attention please help me fix this evening we have to go out of his way to have him call up the CEO of the phone company I hold on I'm going to reboot it I'll be right back I don't feel like anything that world leader tweets now is that weird or pretty look like low at this point I'd like a weird tweet from a world leader yeah sorry to bring everyone down yeah that's great we talked about that guy who got onto a plane and he smelled so bad that's why I had to be diverted enough people were registering and complaining and have to like try to separate the guy into the bathroom to keep the smell away from everyone and they land in a casket undergo medical attention that came out maybe a couple days ago that like who it was and what it happened and he was like some rock star from Russia I'd have been on vacation I think in the Canary Islands had developed an infection that was causing his flesh to rot I'm at on the flight back home that's when it really started taking hold and run his class and he died like they took him to the hospital and he died from this infection was he was he sick was he like hey he went to the the hospital there a standard infection antibiotics and you'll be fine but it turned out to be way worse that's crazy if you think something's wrong sick a second opinion if I don't find another doctor but listen I'm not quite sure the first guy you was talking about like if you're causing planes to the lands cuz you stink then yeah might be something wrong I'm trying to see if I find his name he was a rockstar then huh yes I'm trying to see stink so bad it's the rock have your own flesh Rod off to death he must have been in pain like he was Andre to Chillin 58 year old Russian Art rock guitarist necrosis which of the four muscle injury which results in premature death of cells and living tissue by Auto lysis operations what's come to the infection passed away in Portugal I don't know what he was doing in the Canary Islands maybe you like you're underwater diving by something I mean if that's the water dirty gets out of a MRSA infection will be my guess we don't know what those are so there would be none ya business you can confidently say that no but I'm not in charge of that would you go to Mars and never what if you could go eat what do I promise you 5 billion Martian dollars Mars we're going to cry genetically freeze you before 5 years you fly there you're on Mars for like a couple months and he come back well yeah but this no one wants to go it's not less The Rock a place here where I can't see anything except Rock but it's what is the point in a five-year Journey to Mars no one's ever been it's it's we don't know cuz you never been you don't know what you're missing that is it 5:00 is to get back yeah so it's 10 years but you won't have AIDS but everyone else you know has h10 with no you're not you're still the same age everyone else 40 but I'm still bored anointed Acra but yeah beige wise okay you'll be you're going to look great all that's going to happen is if they'll be here 10 years from now and be able to say I've been tomorrow and also you'll be 10 years in the future so you get to let you experience 10 years I missed out on some wicked stuff when you come back you can watch all the good film for the past 10 years and not be disappointed by any of the bad ones you never have to I was excited about that one and it was bad it was like oh no these were the ones that were good for the past 10 years just one yeah which one I take Columba set up a pole Wichita apparently the journey from Earth to Mars takes about 300 days every two years Mars is at its closest point and I say ideal time to travel between them okay so you can only take 2 years two years I'll be honest Chris as well as long as you want I guess if that's all you want I mean you have to be so take it you have to be there a little over a year it takes to eat every 2 years it comes close enough to take 300 days to get there so then you have like 14 months there and then you come back let's make any sense and leave the same day it's at the closest point cuz you take off on the closest point and then you get their 300 days later and it's not at the closest point anymore that's what you'll even be there for 2 years and or or if you timed it so you arrive right whenever they were closest you stay for a day or two and then you jump off it still going to be pretty damn close no because the window with in the past no but you type you leave preemptively so that I know you're right I'm right right I totally right you have to wait because they're moving away from each other at sure but but you might go if you eat if it takes two years for that window to be perfect and if you're only there for a day you can probably leave in the winter has no I'm leaving the same day anyway and I'll just take a longer jet what's the longest journey that that it could be for this Mars distance the minimum distance from Earth to Mars is 54.6 million kilometres the farthest apart is 401 million km is about 225 million km huge difference times longer than waiting two years to get closer than you getting a smaller space ship yes we're going to leave a thing that you have to wait you could if you just left for me to have it cuz it wouldn't it wouldn't travel that fast it would be that much further in a day what okay okay alright alright this is Mars going to circle right so here's when it's closest to Earth right now alright nevermind by the way cat loves this man I can't I don't know there's a reason that it's called Rockets anyway I don't want to spend two years though I think it'd be really boring in the freezing just quit breathing at all dude where did that come from and hang out as long as you want it soon freeze myself for 2 years and then come back so you can stay there for between one minute and two awake I would probably freeze myself later that day but I don't know what I would do overnight you wouldn't want to hang out at all yeah you can't cats on Mars to hang out with him there what do you think have you ever have you ever thought about flat earthers what you think about flat earthers I mean not not much not very highest you got to be right they would have to be otherwise it will flip what if Earth was the only flat Planet all the other planets are spheres flat Uranus is this but Uranus's friend from college who kind of went off today like conspiracy theorist deep end and is like super in the Flat Earth and and crazy conspiracies and and it's kind of like a scary to see someone that you know is like they used to be very best and quickest way that you could explain it it's not flat Earth like what is there can you tell him to go do something to prove it well he I seen videos of him where he proved the Earth was flat because they were rainbows I don't know what that means but that was the proof cuz I couldn't feel like go up a skyscraper and you can see further get on a plane who's at work because I feel like if you're on a plane you don't see enough of the curvature of the earth I they're going to Skype you wouldn't see that further away depending on how high you are yes but you can't get high enough to see curvature can you but you have to come out I mean you don't really see curvature I have never you going to look really really far but if you can see more when you're higher that means the stuff you couldn't say it was over the hump this is mucus out of your Viewpoint yy's out of your voice talking the way I'm with you I'm not a flat ass argument a building is 50 miles away you want to see it unless you're of significant height or if the building's really cool thinks that Mars is round okay, someone just sent me a message that says it's the Flat Earth Society who's verified on Twitter by the way sending a tweet to Elon Musk and the Flat Earth Society says unlike the Earth Mars has been observed to be round when the moon around is in cuz you can stand on the moon and see the Earth is spherical spinning object of the Masons but why I don't know who decided that that was a I don't know I guess there's a whole rabbit hole look like conspiracy theory of Flat Earth and why and how and I just don't understand it I start like I don't know what the logic is of white like do they think all the continents are on a flat plane like we know we know that Australia what about your side of the world what about water what about water if it was flat trip of the trip off that's just like this like a fun like a channeling it on when they're when they're be in end of the world Chris flat what would be underneath it is it is it like a coin is it are the continents on the other side of the whole world in one big plane that's what I want so it is worried about digging how thick is Flat Earth Google Earth okay sorry this going to take me awhile the frequently asked questions is this site a joke number one on the Flat Earth Society website what else do you have to look like okay so okay the Earth is a big circle okay so they look at it like the North Pole is in the center so it's like you're looking down from the top so I found it on all sides by an ice wall that holds the oceans back this guy falls Ford Explorers have named Antarctica Beyond I'm sorry I'm reading this guy's is a topic of great interest of the Flat Earth Society to our knowledge no one has been very far past the ice wall and return to tell of their Journey no one's been there looks like there's probably whites and white walkers on the other side of it how does that make more sense how is that like well that obviously is more logical what we do know. What would you do know is that in circles the Earth and serve to hold in our oceans and helps protect us from whatever life beyond Mike's Miracle Moss White Walkers some people have been slightly Beyond the Wall yes how do I clear the penguins live all the way around the world do they live on the one that would say How deep the Earth is I'm sorry animated gif to explain how day and night works which is fascinating was it a Nissan spinning around yes. Love is it yeah it just seems like someone's been a lot of effort to to to come up with reasons to make things stupid really hard to be very stupid you think it started as a joke after the beginning right right it was until we gained I think people had an idea no different to a religion beg you to take the proof of any cars there proof that the Earth is flat so distant interview with flat Earth okay someone after you say the Earth is a flat just front of my eyes How could somebody asking about Antarctica and this person's answering and then this is the relevant portion this is a flat earther answer this question so what is holding the Flat Earth up we could only find out by going through Antarctica by any means necessary or maybe if we drill all the way down to all the layers of the Earth was so far only goes as deep as 12 km that's about 7 miles seven or eight miles city was dug deep as I think they think the Earth is how deep is the ocean I think the deepest point of the oceans about 35,000 ft I could be wrong 35 or 40 thousand feet I could be wrong about that the same range as ever flown over Antarctica is that what he said is that what is according to a flat earther no one's ever flown question Chris the rules to hot lava in a volcano it is the underneath of the earth olava I don't know dude I don't know hey this is this to be an interest is to get a flat earther on the podcast and I know we don't have to do that we can just read the stuff here and laugh and not be sad that someone actually believes that and just trying to argue with us but I have to do that it's going to be funny for like 20 seconds then it'll just be sad when getting upset and we're laughing at them and I don't want to do this anymore and it just gets funnier to do around that will get $10 and will give them all 20 seconds to prove that point and I'm not laughing anymore for too long with lot with spreading I left even if you gave him only 20 seconds they would save the pit that most passionate about the biggest have the same the same thing the same proof bendy and then I would suck how do you get off better if you froze to self for the company is I didn't have much else going on yeah he just got too much going on right now I might do it now I'm trying to think if I had like a family then probably not you know it looks like I just wanted to skip part of my kids liking you I don't have a cat are you going to take you take a cat I mean this is nothing growing up with you well I don't have a gun are you going to bring food I mean I assume it's all arranged by NASA rocket to Mars with me I mean I guess I would take like a I would like someone to go with me I guess a Girl by myself oh my God sorry if I had to pick one person to go with me I would probably pick a girl so that you know I love that you keep saying girls that have woman you know what I mean I'm really questioning a lot about you right now is actually like a female woman to two years sentence I'd be like hey who wants to go to Mars I don't know someone else you wanted to go to Mars let's get Paul going because you want to have sex with her I mean if I'm really like you in years and human only going to take but a woman idealia will make sure you going to bring look up some bedding Tinder profile want to go to Mars with me I'm serious what you didn't get on I mean I think I would like talk beforehand I was going to be like a blind I don't think it be like a Tinder match to launch pad at 6 a.m. well I'm just curious also I mean receita complex play after 3 months of Mars I'm envisioning you and this woman living like several kilometers apart and your own settlement cuz you got pissed off at each other you for entertainment not you I mean I mean that's going to be tough with any sort of like you know on an island type saying but you know I'd rather be with someone else than just a cat that's fine I just put I wouldn't feel bad for the cat but I feel bad for humans I wasn't like this isn't like signing it they would volunteer someone who's willing to be one of the 44% let's take a break I don't think that taking this poster we're going to pick up one of you to Mars with Chris when a crowdfunded example would you guys to mess with Chris neither would I call you weren't invited is anyone in this room who got some Oz with Chris it's not just about me it's also people who want to go to Mars you just have to go with me honestly it's a really close pole I didn't expect it to be. Clair you doing you twos my tooth number to Z's donut thing I can have like a suction cup toilets you know you seen the Martian right thing just like the Martian Calgary testing but even if we can I'm at 52% 40% said they would have gone with you thanks but I'm going to read this too is also brought to buy ring rings mission is to make neighborhood safer you might already know about the smart video doorbell sound cameras have took millions of people everywhere ring help you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world so there's a package delivery or surprise visitor and be able to see hear and speak to them all from your phone that's thanks to the HD video into audio feature on ring devices I've got one at home it was super easy to install and get them whenever they detect someone I got the flood light once the lights come on to awesome as if you were a listener you have a special offer on a ring start kit as if you were here you have a special offer on the ring start kit available right now with a video doorbell and motion activated flood light camp out if they hang up the phone like him everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home to go to ring.com / teeth that's m.com teeth thank you ring for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast go ring how long do you think until Alexa is robot like a physical thing human who does things in your house Boston Dynamic stuff is pretty crazy looking up for you if you could have integrate Alexa with that you only need one yeah you know the thing is that I feel like with movies whenever you see in a futuristic sci-fi movie they get any robot is like gone you voice everything but I feel like that technology never comes from anywhere in the movie it's always like it's an entirely brand new thing that no one's ever dealt with but it's not it's not going to be like Alexa enabled devices in times like different form factors and events that's going to be in something that moves around and eventually become what we saw in science fiction films but I think it will be a slow like smoking free video of those talking about this with someone after a podcast but I was watching video the other day couple weeks ago of a parrot who could who understood and communicate with that device so it could talk to the device and turn lights on and off or like turn music on and could look manipulate its environment of things that a bird couldn't normally do it was able to ask because of its integration now go to bus it probably could have figured out the correct thing to see you could teach it to to order food order food if it's hungry or readily available you know why the hell yeah good idea if something happened to you enough to dispense new food and Order replacement near the question do you think that at some point dogs stop caring about us because they would realize they didn't need us cuz they could order their own food on Amazon yeah Bobby and I are the superior being a dog just so fingerprint scan is poor and that would have food it would never need a human I saw someone setting up Touch ID with like an animal pot like you talking about like a hedgehog or something they're using little paw the most secure way to use your phone isn't any of your fingers so you got to find your path that's really funny then the idea that like that Hedgehog has access the most important documents in it like the Hedgehog becomes like this this this that's a good movie that had to be an animal I've heard they're so they don't do this but there were you know when like nuclear launch codes were being developed and they were figuring out like how do people who need to launch these weapons like how how do they carry the code what's the procedure for this evening they always talk about like this football right like it's like a briefcase that has all the kids that they need to launch there were people who said that the launch codes should be surgically implanted into a human and there's someone wants to launch a nuke they need to kill that person in order to get the codes out who is that you know the real world application that you're going to watch and you if you're going to kill me when you know about the people probably the person who wants to coach has to literally kill one person in order to get the code in order to input it I was going to volunteer to be that guy so pretty good job right tell until we need to we never have to do it before never needed the code yeah music it's like you really got to be sure you want to watch that weapon because you need to murder someone what do you need to you need to actually sit there look someone in the face and kill them what if the guy with the thing in them was to send the news she doesn't have that would you do that would you be the guy you had nothing you have to do nothing else the rest your life take care of your whole life you live in the White House your whole life doesn't matter if you have to live in the White House salary for this my life could end any point good times but what's the president's salary $400,000 a year what the $50,000 annual expense account under $2,000 non-taxable travel account you wouldn't really get that to you about the president $90,000 for entertainment does that mean who knows 19 Granville and roughly $450,000 a year but that you're getting your getting, all you got to do is you just have to have a little surgery to put a new clear coat in u-city fatal if they pull it out I don't think I would do it when you continually live your whole life making $400,000 a year now it only go up I think this at the last increase was like in 2004 if I lift the AC how much do I make will say 50 years * $450,000 22 and 1/2 million dollars says 22 and a half million dollars but I have a cold in your bones or something to think about if nukes are being launched you might die anyway from nuclear attack while we going to them on ourselves know but like assuming assuming so it's like if it gets to the point where you're getting murdered you might. You know am I what if I wanted to live the rest of my life as a Google Now icon the Wells Fargo account well I guess I don't know then you're out skip button that's good buns cuz most of time so you don't have to work like your job is just to be around not even in the same room as a Sara Lee that sounds really boring you could do whatever you want though you got that excited but I have to be near the code launcher I can't be on holiday in Mauritius if the president needs to write launch nukes that's making it worse I can only go where he goes to guys and you're one of two so you you guys swap in and out so whenever one banana have to go get ready so whenever you're sleeping the other guys hanging out with the president doesn't look I think I should be worse than that I think the surgical implant should be in a child grow up to take it out put it in a different kid what if someone's hand off or sore arm off or so you going to kill kids with the nuke yeah I have to kill a child can have the code Forever expires every 5 years and generates a new code in a new child I don't know how are the kids like who picked out these kids to shoot nukes Bebe's Kids going to be rich Chris Peter his nephew who said a dog who did it I mean that kill dogs everyday I think I think I would probably do it you would do it it's good money so you live in Washington DC live in the White House would be a lot easier if you could do what you said and just try to swap out with someone that I would be more inclined to do it then even if there's a 50-50 chance of not being there I thought you'd always have like a security detail like they want we want to make sure you never get kidnapped by what if all that does is it gives you the freedom to travel around but when you get back you have to die as well oh you're saying it look if the other guy got killed for the nukes they have to kill you like they kill you both that's okay that's fair that's the same one person but at least you could travel enjoy your your half a million dollars a year to meet what ruins the millions of dollars is the constant fear if there any moment even if you're being really safe in a nice safe mansion that you could be cool to execution yeah but I mean you'd be living in fear of a nuclear war anyway what would like do you live in that fear like it's the same thing you're in fear of a nuclear launch yeah it's not any more likely to happen if you have a code in you you're just definitely going to die if it happens as opposed to possibly buy yeah I guess my mind says stuck on like it's going to happen a long time without that happening that we know of allegedly we don't ever find out what happened the other side of the Earth I have no idea if they're like sorry Jeff it's time would you argue with them would you get no no no I think we weren't and then I'll be like if you don't die we all die list list list list I don't like this scenario will let me let me feel your feces is invisible is that bad how do you know when he's done wiping I'm not doing a problem here I would do it yeah I would do it yeah you can just has it always been invisible or is it suddenly invisible invisible okay alright well just really how many wives based off like pass poop you know that's an easy mode get a million bucks by every day you're done your set but what if you do about thought and you don't know whether you shoot yourself or just found some cases I would do it in a heartbeat you cash it anywhere that's almost better now we're getting a lot of people in chat thing almost overwhelmingly you have this invisible poop that you could throw up why would you clean invisible feet let me know that's a really good like prank control their Cicero invisible poop someone they would still feel it hit them what's going on in rub it in I walked into a spider web yesterday and I started freaking out I had to take my shirt off outside and I found the spider on me and I like brushed it off of a shirt did your pasty buddy but instantly Lose Yourself so fucking hot half-life of seeing poo is very important if you're in hygiene and it's not everyone has a good day sure but nice going home your home base. You must be pooping on a plane on that poor then you just have to be a really aggressive with your wife being aggressive not sure but it's not as you just you just got you plant your millionaire you plan ahead man the other day I was whoever did someone send it to me on on Twitter but apparently advice did a documentary about are they doing a documentary series about American conventions and the first episode I saw was when they went to the Abraham Lincoln for centers like I did for for unconventional funny if you post at the same time every year every year so I'm going to go to their van would you have to go maybe I don't know my nose weird those weird event maybe I would feel like they would know me now or not know how to approach it as opposed to just be like the weirdo outside or who it's outside every year that who drew Stockton yeah I love the idea of you being a regular irregular fake beard we have to stop now that's if you're still up there and it is also ridiculously huge compared to everyone else they knew you were you were just a casual that was part of your life but that's the Kentucky State Capitol yeah it was a good experience and you can watch that. On roosterteeth.com speaking of the content I thought I did see that Halo finally has their their TV show inactive development there like someone picked it up for 5 years ago they went to work Spielberg to bring the television show time or 10 episode series I don't know I think you are really light I need help in the universe Halo TV show times I'm available whenever you need to have your people call my people you're available to I am if I'm not on Mars TV show what you expected to begin production early 2019 what do you think of plot details are thin with the press release simply stating that the show will be dramatizing an epic 26 Century conflict between Humanity in an alien threat known as The Covenant I feel it's going to look really good to be visually really good in 4k and HDR and sick did you watch gone which was that is that the one we like the boot camp thing weather like a training yeah that is it right now yeah I would excited about Halo incident I think I was just an engine I'm looking at the game it's not a game I think it's just an engine demo to the game might be cool. I don't know if it's so weird that he's pissed off with very little information I think it's just to showcase the splits pay attention I think is what they called it but I don't know what that meant I feel his word to do all that and then not have anything to do with it I assume if that is an engine Opia game using that that's what I meant like they're not going to like while I don't know oil and it was weird I thought for sure trailer and the Xbox states have tons of Xboxes on it I thought they were going to say it was an MMO and we have tons of people come out and play it but no one ever came out new and used all the blame and we're like oh yeah they're going to do some big like Battle Royale hour and you know MMO and then yes Verizon data few people come out in like race now with it it seemed like you were tons of Xbox isn't something I feel like so much time has passed since I played a Halo game that it was it will be actually the next Main Line game Halo yes I'm coming up on 3 years or is it still a long day what was the longest gap between Halo games we might be in it right now 2001 to 2004 was that right wanted to go to I think you're right who started R32 came out in 04 it may be between 2 and 3 with all this crap cuz I was September 20th 2007 so Halo 3 Halo Reach 10 years then 5:53 for hair coming out on October this year ODST was pretty soon I found three women game what's the same story in the timeline for Matthew without the protagonist I would like it didn't have a number it was like being made it up for me when I get infinite doesn't have a number was going to reach them have a number but I still consider that wasn't the protagonist but you played as a Spartan I just like Halo I just like him I like the Halos least favorite least favorite Halo game maybe four I don't like I said for what about you at 5:05 because it was a return to the Halo one Vibe of his lonely Master Chief and Cortana roundabout I'm played more though I don't I can say I have a least favorite or favourite Fortune Chris I know before the last episode of the podcast started we were listening to music on the pre-filled another play the music and we were having an argument over what voting episode of RV be the when was the song came from and when we recorded it yeah cuz you said there's a RV be like voting PSA yeah yeah you said it was that was in 66 back in the old office 6 years ago I guess not this is what is just weird how you can lose that much time that's a big difference I would know when it was I just remember the environment in which it was Maiden you know like the office yeah otherwise I'd be like I have no idea what year was passed around in for that time yeah I was looking at my achievements in must Chief collection and I've got something like 550 achievements of I think 600 reel Boston ones like do the lasso playlist and stuff which when you look at the stats is like 0.03% of game is heaven I bought want to try you do how how many people would that with the rarest one like what's the smallest percentage you remember I need the rarest ones with the ones where it's like beat the legendary campaign in under 3 hours she's like the proper extremespeed on his achievements and Reconciliation in Halo 1 on last night which is a cool skulls skulls on a real bastard like in Halo 1 if either play it dies you go back to checkpoint just Shields that regenerate you have to punch if the melee enemies to get your Shield back really just difficult scenario but we just got done and I couldn't get past the third level but I just need to find somebody better than that I think when I was a kid I was like I would do everything find every like item every side quest and trying to get like every character like max level and stuff and there's another half dozen of her I didn't have anything else to do in my life you know when I was like this is all I had and all that yeah I'll bet it's probably might most disappointing realization about growing up is that you used to play me something about video games because you have so much free time on you a bad-looking video games coming out and you just don't have time to play the tragic edify I will sometimes I'll put almost be a game is like yeah I'll come back for these Achievements not clear up and I know in my heart I will never play the game again play game now I don't even care about completing stuff I'm like I'm just and I don't bother looking stuff up about it or like trying like oh I'll make sure I get the best item I'm just like I'm just going to play and have as much like do whatever I want no I never going to finish everything in the game anyway yes it does it matter if I collect everything or whatever happened to me now it's actually depressing in that so I have Perry's light Master Chief Collection did a ton of achievement and then I went back for more I was like I'm going to get I'm going to try and clear some of these up stop playing again just this week and I was like I should continue clearing up I look to the lost sheep and I got it was 2016 even off the my clear up face I just popped it down at two years of possums like it done between the two yes I'm done in 45 years ago through all of them I'm sorry I'm playing with them and put it away what's the last birthday party you went to last but you would you hang out like kids birthday parties or anything not kids okay it was it was some a couple weeks ago just like an happy hour type birthday party thing was like a big like Bonanza but I was going to say that I haven't been to one in years and where we went to that one right now so I asked him a question for you cuz you cuz you dude you haven't you deal with an H O A where you live I have gone with a choice in the past and what was your experience been with them I want to be very careful about what I say it's been okay then I'll have you had a problem not well I just feel like they're kind of like overly it's okay oh you know what I would love you should become the president of you Rachel Roy Chris that's a documentary you should do that you should absolutely do that they ask at one point I got contact about running for hoi office we could do it Chris I'll help fund your campaign fundit I want to see you do this alright I accept your nomination you should absolutely do this we can just buy the votes what do you think ready to just wait until Chris I mean it's a lot of budgeting and like I apparently bitching about like potted plants in the walkways I just know it's like one thing that comes to mind is like I had some friends over and my friend had a dog and he was like we brought the dog into the pool like not into the pool is it a gated area that is like a dog and then some came out in like a sign says no dogs in the pool area and we're like oh okay so then my friend took the dog up to my place and that was it not not an event right was okay I will get will put the dog away I didn't realize you couldn't come into this little gated area and then the next day I had a neighbor like an old lady she was like Hey so you know why I heard you had a dog at the pool my God and I was like yeah yeah that you know we put it away like alright yes it's on the rules and then I was like and then like the next day another neighbor was like hey how are you doing good morning heard about the dog oh my God it was a non-event it was like a dog just like oh hey we need the dog can't be in there okay cool we'll go put the dogs away but it was like circulating among because I'm at the president Fred's everyone but I can't it's just like in the casino right now a little drain the swamp going to change the system yeah people are loving this idea and chat by the way they all say they want Christopher president Christopher budget what you got to keep hoi launch codes in you volleyball jump houses before you change it to 1 I think you should be able to keep potted plants yeah I saw other people would little potted plants on the walkway you just want to make it night and then I was like oh I should get some potted plants and have some cilantro growing pot but I put up by my window and then I got an e-mail three days later so I can you got to remove your potted plant it's a fire hazard and I like and then I emailed back is like but there are other people with potted plants and like those have been removed I thought I think it was the hair that broke the camel's back either way it's small little weight that I want a book of sayings that you've written the hair that broke the camel's back they're open but 90% of the way their clothes the same intentions as little off but you got to have some time for like to stop assholes who would do things that are up super fucked up but minor things like that you should go look like it didn't need to be like the dog so this walkway other people have to use it's it's like yeah it's like a walkway stairs right you never like you walk balcony right about can you walk weight right and it's like a little plant by the by the window what about blocking the walk it's not blocking the the walkway cuz it's a wide walkway or platform like what would be your like campaign slogan I would say dogs in the pool people are clamoring for dogs by the pool like I ain't like I'm just looking out is this really the best okay I would run let's let's bring make us young let's bring make us young let me know because I feel like there's a lot of like in the people who run in the H O A R A bunch of old like but I'm like new blood because I feel to the everyone yeah but people I'll be like listen you guys are out of touch with the times if you say that you old farts no but I'm going to be like listen let me help everyone like we're all going to like you guys don't let me help everyone let me help everyone let me help everyone I'm already make campaign promises just yet I just realize I was running from five and five minute like tripping I don't reply it's delicious or a community community place to put plants at community garden community garden we have that I don't not that I know of only garden and then I would also say less less people need to calm down about noise complaints lest lest you will need to calm down about noise complaints all right and then come down at noise complaints and you just know it loud place to live with dogs pissing is sitting by the pool with free cilantro in the walkways you know when you get out of the pool and you're covered in dog hair dogs in the pool dogs in and out of the pool looks like Shake in the Hat comes out get out of us leaves into the pool. Pool with a tree over it there's there's trees are there since I like it's like covered entry but I'm just saying a dog to be able to like enjoy the poolside what it takes a dump then you clean it up at the same as a on a wet floor if you still cleaning up poop you still got to clean up your poop with any dog it's just now it's like it's a good place to keep a dog for diarrhea and won't let the dog run around the pool one of those like things that holds like the dog bags and have someone come and clean out the trash can and then I end and free and free snacks what kind of snacks dogs dogs and and cilantro and I have more more trees that are fruits fruit trees for fruit trees by the pool not by the community garden to the forecast for Oregon or blueberries out my thing my thing is plants you are practical like let's make a generator food so you want I want farming Church Fred hickey like as in what if there was a community Chicken Coop and and and then where you could go get eggs surprise eggs protect chickens have babies you could eat those old ones in a freshly killed chicken and nine dogs sniffing at the barbecue and you can read you can make an awesome side of cherries and cilantro to go with a good salsa yeah I listen to My Favorite Things cherries and cilantro all about this idea I like The Valleys I would have I would definitely have to like butter up to the funeral right. I really like this idea I've never I don't know the last time I wanted something this badly that I really want this to happen president Christopher we get used to it also like a secretary treasurer there's other offices I don't think so I think it's take some budget for some expenses hearing that maybe maybe and you didn't get it all figured out our event attainment budget well I think it's I think it's a good idea we should pitch this to the to the documentary team yeah but they're missing out this is gold in about the time change next week. Probably going to get one more time if you watch the live stream next week normally we start at 5 p.m. next week will be starting at 7:30 p.m. because we're doing a live event downtown Austin hope you got a ticket I think those are all sold out yet they are so that we can burn that earlier and so will be starting live at 7:30 next Monday which is two and a half hours later than normal if you're in a different time zone need help figuring it out we got to go we got to go help Chris organize his campaign we have a lot of work ahead of us where to be doing some crowdfunding