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Rooster Teeth is going crazy about Fallout 3

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Recorded: 2009-05-15 18:00:00

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and Gus go with the theme song hey everyone it's a podcast sent to other assholes 30 or so because he'd been working on a project file in Final Cut the previous night and in his words saved it over a million times but then couldn't find it and he assured me that he named it something something something they should do and it was on red 5 and tell me about 20 minutes of him reading before I found it saved on a local Drive in a folder for a different game that didn't have his name or any identifying marks on it whatsoever I don't have found it but it was pretty funny when I realized it was completely befuddled by the idea of something different projects like this like array of hard drives on you can click on and pull them out one-by-one the coolest thing about it is that they're all freezing cold really weird 2010 when I gotta go to hell and try to remove the certain points of them talking about crystals 2001 outside of our comfort zone and talk about something that could be spoilers and talk about lost because Lost season finale was last night last night for us there was so much to talk about I don't actually watch lost but I read it on Wikipedia reads about it and just let me catch up but she won't she wants watching you upset but she refuses to watch an old episode we can't get the new episodes to get through the old episodes it's retarded I know but so I just read about lost them but a way to put it was such an episode that just came in this morning and I wanted to talk about it with him about it on Wikipedia and we went downstairs we got coffee beans boil for lunch we walk to the coffee shop to my work which is like 10 blocks away because I forgot my memory card and she brought it to work and then all the way back to the conference room 15 minutes it was all just getting Tangled videos YouTube video headlights for a lost episode using stick figures and comic book style most of the videos have like 500 to 800 views and what is it it's just like a five minutes of every lost episode comic book-style meets greatest episode ever like stick figures acting it out as it is ostriches done by the network done by the network it seems like it's pretty well done it's pretty faithful to them so get your point across and then just to be funny and really really entertaining if something is out there it's okay to talk about it I don't know first off they have yet to watch that's been out there for I mean really should be the point at which it comes out that's a point with people can talk about it right and then if you haven't seen it you have to get your beauty from the public when we filmed the spoiler alert video I have never seen There Will Be Blood and that totally got the milkshake line totally spoiled the movie for me but the money's been off for 2 years is my fault you know anyone ever been killed by now he said the wrestler I mean if you probably not going to make afi's top 100 films of all time for helping me work work and more work using Dynamo Iron Man movie car spoilers for sale no it's okay listen to best season finale for lost was season 3 when Jack with crazy beard I like you too crazy beards first of all but that's the moment when they switch from doing flashbacks to do in present day or Flash forwards in that particular case they think they switch from that what we've been watching all along to those flashbacks to this new thing you were doing and it felt like a payoff for everything that you've seen so far look at this really cool moment of all they're not flashing back they're showing these people are off the island we've been watching it the whole time that was me that was fantastic season for the introduce two people parachuting onto the island and you know that set up the miles characters and don't like him. A character most people are dead now except for Miles this one felt just like this is important to me where all the interviews people we've never seen before they're kind of based on what we know about the island and they're setting up what's really going to happen in season 5 of the final season of everything ending stuff up and I had the feeling while I liked it a lot I had a feeling that they were setting up the final season of lost which to me feels like it's going to be a very great season that's going to feel inspired by the popular series Lost like I don't think that anything that we've gone with all along is going to be anything more than a prologue to what's about to happen that's how I feel like they introduced Jacob a long time ago and I'm even been like kind of Damini ties Jacob by saying he was making up the fact that he couldn't see him before and now Richard who is this guy on the island who to meet with the most mysterious guy that we need to post about he apparently knows nothing now I mean like he wandered around the jungle not knowing anything knowing less than those you know that was the payoff though was that it wasn't actually like when you all this stuff the island life who came back but it's not like it's this counterpart to Jake that's why it's more than that but I wouldn't say that Richard Alpert but he just seems like that's what they said that he doesn't think you want around here like an idiot I think about it listen I'm just because he killed Juliet 2010 okay I can see that you know what I mean she could be dead but he's television Island horseback with a low-cut halter tops for her to wear the offer but I do like I don't answer the last episode inhibits going to think we're at the end of the episode you have to cut the black with the loss of white cloth on it and that was like then being off the island I always thought the premise of the show is getting off the island or discovering what the island was about and we've already been to them getting off the island and that just didn't seem to matter at all like it was irrelevant to get off the island because I think they realize that that's not what they're supposed to do I guess not even people who like to all this trouble to get Michael and Walt you know like Walt especially it's like he was such an important character and in this season you can like run into him on a city block like a guy I used to know or work with it's like okay what's going on and it's okay I guess what really weird if you like a really building that up Acura Specialist or something like that right there she's she's gone when she's with you she just left and he was like I just walked out into the woods and she wasn't seen again until she was in the cabin with Christian Shephard who you know we always assumed was working with but based on what I read he could be the other dude because this whole thing was empty and not being in his body everything is still up in the air when he comes back to life mr. Lee be like oh my God that's not done even though I knew that's exactly what they were going for you know like a little kids out here dead who's in there you know but it's like who's to say that it's not just kidding just kidding not in his body when you're overthinking it Albert say that Jacob could bring people back from the dead or that he had never seen before and the two times it's happened it's been kind of weird and one time it was obviously not Jacob of the other guys so can we just assume that that's the power that the door closed I don't know I mean I really don't know like layers with Ben and I know what name the Australian dude go to your guy Whitmore following the characters we started off with at least the people who are discovering some of the I think we finally it seems like we finally reached the top level of people who been alive for hundreds of years and I really overseeing everything right but that's what I thought Richard was but Richard doesn't know he was never the leader he was always an advisor okay recruited Ben and Ben was the leader of the others that we have this Richard guy points leader which is a position that then talk to Jacob who is the guy on the island and lives in the toe I don't know what we're going to see next season but I definitely it's going to feel like inspired by loss as opposed to being like a payoff like having the season 3 finale was it was a payoff of everything we've been invested in you know information should be like oh this is a good story based on what we've kind of showing you already before that's how I think she's in the next he's going to really be awesome Saints 2010 unfortunately that's like 6 months what does it mean to start 2010 start in September and go till like April or May with the internet everything else okay there have been shorter if a little I felt it was two hours I mean it's 22 hours they sent me the movies 2 hours so they haven't went to heaven every season and you think about how much information that day if you would 323 Time Force episodes one more week sounds like this is retarded mysterious people like maybe if they give you a little bit more like step towards that Mike Wynn Eloise's tell you because he's my son it's okay for her benefit does it feel important but I don't see what I have SSDI and maybe one day you'll start watching season Siri never made it past the time-travel this one is going time travel stuff you need to be back now but I don't think that's going to work like I thought it was I think they'll be landing in LAX I wish I hadn't talked to Jeff about it this morning I had a lot to say and I have been through it yeah yeah message me about it whatever they saw that was fantastic I didn't see it is very important to them completely change your mind every 5 minutes what to do sounds like you're looking forward to getting it out there alright 20 minutes and I just wanted to thank me for the last podcast we never mentioned while the entire time which was the first we haven't talked about it BlizzCon a new pet amerlock in Starcraft Space Marine armor with a little plasma rifle that's cute yes it has been a long time and it's also in Anaheim so you know you have to buy a plane ticket to go out there to get the bag with the stupid little card in it get like a live BlizzCon feet and get the pet that way or if you're not a DirecTV subscriber you still pay 40 bucks and watch it on your computer like internet stream and you also get the pit that weighs $40 and get the pic maybe you think your going to be hundred bucks on the pic from last year took the lead with a polar bear mount with a murloc with a BlizzCon flag I think you can buy that 600 bucks on eBay tell everybody fucking grunty's UK and unique way and I'm still working with a little bit but I don't think technically it's up to the quality of other stuff so that I may be a few things so we should probably look for that either later on Thursday or Friday and then tell me a little bit about my gameplay he said looking at my teammates and I made the comment that I didn't think Fallout 3 was really all that great and so then he started tracking me to see that I was still playing it even if I was playing and like I would I would look at my blade pretty Birds level Fallout is basically Oblivion same company I think I know what I mean actually just pick up and play the same game I mean it's Oblivion but with this I think that's what it is I mean it feels to me like a skin game and I was going to show you but I have a dinner with me today when you go to talk to somebody for the first time it said menu-driven conversation stuff of course but it doesn't seem like we just like just like Oblivion yeah I'm waiting any RPG Wednesday HST overall someone and you see it like that yeah but you know what I mean it's like when I pick up and play Battlefield it's an FPS but it doesn't feel like Halo it doesn't mean it's not a jonra can be different this feels like Oblivion I mean when you play when you wander around stuff The Waiting stuff is all it's all the same with the problem I have with it is that I hated him so much I hate admitting the fact that I like a game that's like Oblivion Oblivion and more terrible I said it's a terrible shame this conversation Battlefield Gus and I watch the trailer for Battlefield 1943 Raphael in different ways than the broken fingers Broken Steel DLC on the PC wouldn't play because of a DRM issue and the Xbox it was different you could play it but the achievements wouldn't unlock when you got them I'm not a pro I'm like so bored what should I do we'll have to make that account is terrible too long ago too but yeah where I was all the way through to the last mission there 7 missions in the game and you doing 3 times do easy medium and hard and I was on 21 number 21 which is the last mission on hard and I was in the process of planning and about to beat it and my internet died and I got this text from the internet and the game popped up and said you're playing a trial version and deleted my save game and I lost a hundred percent of my progress so that's it was horrible I was just gone I can get it back always restart your Xbox because I've had it before where I played trying to play through the first five or six levels of the game and then it's just because I started as a trial it doesn't save them so I would stay away from that and it sucks man it was like a couple days worth of work now are you playing it on the console that you purchased it I really believe that's a big deal for the Xbox DRM is that you don't have to be online it's possible that I have purchased at the office for a video and then was playing at home but I'm pretty sure I passed it I think you actually purchase at home I have 3 Xboxes no joke I have for you here I've got three that I work on a regular basis I have this one right here that we do red vs blue one of the one out there in the in the main room and then I've got chicken out but I plan to have a unique problem in that anytime when is Xbox red rings and I have to call support or try to get a ticket open for them you know no I have to go to why isn't your name on the Xbox One not everybody has a memory card like I could imagine having an Xbox and not having a memory card to go with it absolutely makes no sense like my gamertag is not on any kind of memory card can I put we travel a bit more and play Xbox while we're traveling a bit more than most he is not God bless him is an Xbox Live Ambassador what to do my shopping in VP is a Microsoft MVP for service to Microsoft so that we don't get everything like early copy of the game whenever they send it to Knuckles and one of the things that he got what he got like a month before hand he got the new Xbox experience no right to try and change his machine is Canadian Mist Canadian Xbox One Xbox where I played for like 2 hours in Canada then played an hour later in the US so I am I mind that my gamerscore is now according to my garden next to his neck 425 Microsoft God did anybody that looks like that website and I one would assume a lot of people do will see that the Burnie Burns is potentially a cheater but I suspect suspect that my reputation has been something that's really I was going to recover what would you do that colored pinwheel can't I run after Geoff got his back and he's sitting up as MacBook use MacBook Pro as like you're going to learn to hate that fucking and I hate the pinwheel what is equivalent of an hourglass in Windows if you don't use a Mac and The Hourglass does occasionally come up you know I'm going to blue screen of death comes up way more than the other than The Hourglass but the Pinwheel on a Mac comes up canceling the good news is the maximum to be able to recover from the whatever this weird stalling state is on a pretty regular basis hourglass on the PC is the pre-crash notice your application by the way congratulations on that but what is your biggest game 2003 2002 Halo 3 before we go much further in Fallout thanks I think I'm getting close 2014 achievements in Fallout 3 you have an achievement I don't have one question I didn't get that I thought that one up but she still there very long story I set up a mine in the defensive positions are going to take my mirelurks mirelurks tips on the Minecraft and hit the sheriff the sheriff turned hostile and assumed I was attacking him and so the whole time Kim Possible to me and I couldn't completely question there anymore sometimes relationships in an hour and a half an hour to complete because it's so scary I was talking about the game with Vincent yesterday he told me he is 181 hours in the game and it identified 50 locations he hasn't been to yet he said 120 our game is Xbox died and his save got corrupted and started afresh game and he's like over 60 hours into that one that's being which I just got that Explorer perk last night that he was talking about at level 20 unlock all the areas on the map you can see every location and I realize that I've been to maybe 25% of them and maybe you can get online when I get back on Fallout 3 again I'm going to try and talk about 1943 the original games made it back into the NPD top 10 PC game sales 1994 212 came out in 97 if I have to take a guess so and I think Fallout came out in 95 or 96 it is the trilogy include Fallout 3 and fallout Fallout 2 and one of the one of the lesser-known games like they had a couple of other smaller spinoff that's one of those other ones cast does The Fallout 3 DLC they're selling old games now that is true enough to break into the top 10 of PC game sales are so dead that there's just nothing with the by I would probably argue that the trilogy is now available simply because you can't pirate anywhere you know I mean it and it's going up on the sales charts because you just like being at the store now it's 20 bucks or whatever probably 20 books released in 1998 by interplay no just the trailer yeah I didn't play the trailer but fortunately exactly like I forgot how much fun that game was so much fun dollars Battlefield 1943. Regina that's like that's what Island I was a lot of fun she was up the hill and that was not as much fun I didn't think so maybe this is just now using the name because it's more recognizable Thailand okay what about a funny story that I can't do the Volcan greeting I can't really split your fingers I can't do it I've never been able to do it and it was a lot more popular when I was a kid I cannot do that and it turns out Zachary Quinto can't do it either he looks just like but apparently he can't believe the one thing you can't do the Vulcan greeting with his fingers and so their solution was on the set they glued his fingers together and your middle finger and his ring finger to his pinky finger so that he could do this you can't do it like me weird weird that I look like I know what that what does Burnie talk about anything else could do they glue his eyebrows can they fix that with tape maybe in the next movie Turner's coming out not this week but next week yeah but I just realized movies PG-13 and not rated R just so you know that's television dude lots of the dude went off the off the balcony in the show that phrase I'm pretty sure I threw a new dishwasher full of knives the same thing yet so I don't know anymore who knows we can probably do something prices attack of the huge Rock in star in Spider-Man 3 the trailer for Terminator which bothers me and it really bothers me a lot if they're setting up a weird premise of there's this guy who's with them his print Leaf like inside them as the Terminator and there's a scene where Howard is operating on the guy she was like you've got here then she opens up and freaks out and she has never seen anything like this before because they've seen the Terminator 2 John Connor he still had his past the way he had it as a kid he still seeing the Terminators I'm sure he told everyone they eventually they're going to create these things where the first time I've seen it like your mind yet but the kids are from the future future future they still never say never she has literally never seen the ocean this should happen it's like for instance no I don't first time when you're like tells you about boobs you like that sounds whatever and then you see him for the first time and you're like you weren't prepared watch the trailer there's genuine shock not like oh this is the thing that we knew was always coming if they were going to make anything like this premise of these big machines are picking up people that they're taking apparently them to make some kind of like they're growing flesh that's like he said that the trailer even know what she sees in there maybe there's organs and stuff it definitely could be a bit from the trailer is like trying to say definitely definitely the first Terminator that looks like a person I thought it was weird like suspension of disbelief that John Connor and these people these Rebels wouldn't know that these things are coming we don't know what happened between her and her three and four though what if he like fell and hit his head on a rock go back and watch the trailer for Terminator salvation and take it for the premise of Jon Connor definitely knows what a Terminator is definitely knows that there's machines covered in Flushing look like people and then the trailer makes no fucking sense also the Terminator she ran into and I'm not giving semantics here they didn't think they were people they think they can destroy this thing doesn't know that it's a Terminator that it thinks it's a person but they did try to infiltrate into groups of people and disguise themselves as people that was originally surprised at the whole thing could be a machine that's the one thing she told me that was that the Funky Bunch okay what else is on the list anything else to talk about no no no it's okay the cut off 99 is there anyone talked about you going to be again so now I'm going to hit you from the 25th to the 30th again you just seeing it every week you're like the John Connor vacation it's alright what does it Gus give us the theme song get us out of here repairable you have fun bye bye