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Recorded: 2010-02-24 19:38:40

Runtime: 00:29:21 (1761.96 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey




    "Jack and Geoff's AvP video" => "http://achievementhunter.com/archive/episode.php?id=1123"
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    "School Bus BBQ" => "http://www.thrillist.com/austin/old-school-bbq-grill"
    "Las Vegas airport considers opening liquor store" => "http://www.cnn.com/2010/TRAVEL/02/17/vegas.airport.liquor.store/index.html"
    "1996 is when Louisiana made the drinking age 21" => "http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_did_Louisiana_raise_legal_drinking_age_from_18_to_21"
    "The history of the nacho" => "http://sabatos.net/index.php/the-history-of-nachos-revealed/"
    "Achievement Hunter Bioshock 2 playdate" => "http://achievementhunter.com/viewEntry.php?id=1893"
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    "The Matthew McConaughey movie I couldn't think of was Sahara" => "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0318649/"
    "Jim Jarmusch" => "http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000464/"


Transcript (in progress):

welcome to the rooster. I want to actually made that music place in Africa says that he's the one who did it wait a minute I know the real insisted I not mispronounce it into pairing this week do you want me to Jack and Jill Jack and video for fun more common than just about any other video mostly the people going like I don't understand what they're doing NPR like a warm cup of was Stephen Curry with me are huge NPR fan big-time and hardcore extreme explain it this week because you know we're back in the swing of things that red vs blue production so early so we're not even recording a normal room we're back in the conference room right now season Rivers starting April 1st will pick it up on the website but was showing the first few episodes at PAX East in Boston was it I think that we can march sometimes are on the East Coast or have enough disposable income to fly to the east coast you can see the first two episodes of Red vs Blue on a big screen and a large room with the first three episodes the Moon Saloon Gavin way we should mention that we have a grifball mini-series up on Halo Waypoint think the first episode the other day and we have 2 more and then there's the trailer and the first Rooster Teeth vs the Cornucopia video 4180 David make it 2 videos for it yeah dude super super super I got the heavy rain but kind of late sometime over the weekend I was getting ready you know every every weekend I try to give up but we new Jack and I Have This Dance Tuesday morning I got up really early and I went to Target to get heavy rain for you and I'm so excited and of course I want your dad to watch you play and what happened how long would you estimate we waited around for you to start playing Heavy Rain I actually was kind of secretly I put the disk in it on 2 school when we turned it on and it took 21 minutes for the system update to complete this to play Devil's Advocate I will say that the entire in accident 86 origami like a little and give you a walkthrough on how to fold and make like the origami crane that's nice 28 minutes 30 30 minutes to play it probably could cut 15 minutes I had you already passed your PS3 15 minutes okay so then it finally loaded up and I was super excited and I watched you play it for about an hour and you didn't do a goddamn thing like you took a shower and it took a piss and you set the table with the Fine China and the new played in the are with your kid it was more boring than watching this yeah it's really weird it was gorgeous where they're just trying to get used to the control scheme and it's kinda like a tutorial I totally get that and I can't really cool and really it's okay well I hope it's more than like a new version of dragon slayer is presented in a really rewarding experience the first started the FBI guys 10 hours perfectly for a private investigator and it's getting rave reviews of a great many YouTubers have died in the wars of think there's definitely a need for PS3 the other day I got a key for the Starcraft 2 Beta the problem is that the beat you know blizzards a great company because they always launch their games on both Mac and PC platform have always been that the beta is only on the PC but last night I tried to run bootcamp on my Mac okay but it said that it couldn't read partition my hard drive for some reason they were coming to reinstall Mac OS I don't know what to do then format it was on vacation all week and he has RPC environment in the office wanted to just excited to watch you play it cuz one of the most fun times I remember is hanging out with you and your old apartment that the concrete floors and watching you get a hemorrhoid let you play The Brood War bucking Rainbow Six lot of good times that we were young and full of life before he did everything right everything everything when he started turning over the dark side more more how to write was Brandon I wish it was only the only listen to it so much we could teach him about the world everyone everyone coming back listen on a strong note I felt like there was a lot of wandering in the jungle and he had an interesting point about that I'll speak for him since you can't be here watching the series I never lost is never questions I would want to go back so far with none of the questions answered and watch them be so fucking lost going through it but that little conversation Bernie said that when he watched that and then also right after that they found the cave on the ground in the river he said it was their way of acknowledging that hate this all used to be really important and we spent years building this up and now means nothing and there but it wasn't it was great to see her going up to the White House and had to turn 208 degrees right and Jack is all the names of the different is that right well what Jacob said then maybe it really was the turn the lighthouse in Minot what Jack on here looking for was on here let me help you new here but certainly season when he returned it to them of course the first the first reflection that they saw would like a church or something do you know that was about the promo for next week common about Nacho season before season I watched all the seasons on DVD leading up to the new season 2 episode 1 everything is the hatch and felt like I was thinking about burning I was talking a little bit about the alternate timeline stuff that's going on and his ideas his view of that is that they're showing that even without the island these people are so inextricably connected that they can't get away from each other and he feels like that kind of prepared and he said that exact same thing I was thinking as to what their lives were supposed to be like without the influence of the island because it Thailand but you know I would be there and that's in the conversation so I'll continue that I read an article School Bus BBQ BBQ and try the other the hamburger and mac and cheese was like made out of a school bus I was going to have a Mexican Korean food truck was really sweet he works about food cuz they they move that truck around every week to and you have to follow them on Twitter Twitter downtown today I'm going to get some when you said the other day I saw an article on CNN the same Las Vegas is considering opening a liquor store at the airport really yeah I just have is already obviously you know that already liquor store really I thought it was very last Las about like open containers and drinking and stuff you have go out to the pub after the street to drinking alcohol your trap shut up with her drinking out in the parking lot in the parking lot remind me of growing up in the lake around New Orleans and I was like that was great New Orleans was when I was in college like for me growing up in Mobile Alabama it was New Orleans and the drinking age right before I turned 18 it right around that time dr. badman Cupid Houston store good drive to the New Orleans New Mexico University 200000 Gators for the weekend with your family Natick the clothes weather Hamilton is it ok and you and I are like 20 to 3 o'clock 1130 how to get rid of what nacho is now in Korea nacho is down to lunch opening ports on think blue grifball we talk 2 Hunter of tomorrow night on Jim Hunter were doing the most Bioshock multiplayer BioShock 2 multi multiplayer the shit out of luck and then Saturday the community is having their own playdate for you should check out the group cutting across fire just water you don't I don't know play through the entire game on the human campaign and you're pretty fucking week like there's a point I plan on trying to get over is critical I had a history of watching like bad movies bad big Hollywood movies while we were there at Sundance we would rent a video or two before we're staying or something 5 billion Season drinking regular movie and Griffin I tried to watch that that that the monetary the when you're done if you want to see where to the movie theater and watch King Kong I think of that and then your normal movie we had some bad stuff but Homer's line when Lisa tells him she's going to be making a documentary about the family you can't really be happening Jim jarmusch nope nope haven't seen any of those or really even put Ghost Dog way the September man I like the movie when I saw it doesn't hold up it's going to be very quickly got dated younger Forest Whitaker the last king of Scotland no ma'am but I heard when are flights somewhere Hunter remember where but really my favorite actors I really like him he was really good Netflix streaming the first episode of The Simpsons the like the field I always end up watching you fucking Honey I Blew Up the Kid or Caillou some lame cartoon and that sounds awesome yeah early in the morning and then she likes for some reason the payment which is just a really devastated that you don't like her favorite her favorite things. Carolina Honey I Shrunk the Kids when it came out in the theater on think I saw any of those other ones I don't I don't know if that's was incredible how many movies in 1890 and realize it's going back and watching everything now really I remember the new steam version and Sea Market it would be it was a bit was The Breakfast Club I know you got a lot of the river through work thanks for making it again there's when recording my dialogue yesterday been a long time since I had to do some interesting things we recorded So Much dialogue usually record and at the time so it's usually for when you're out of school and it took me for a while and then alright next week let's try to have a journey podcast will try to do it