#501 - Burnie’s Enormous Mistake

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss returned products, Elon Musk, the moon, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-07-17 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 501 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com underwater face and Dollar Shave Club I'm guess I'm Kevin and I'm guessing. I have to use me I didn't like make noises like that I just discovered something the other day I was watching YouTube videos and I had suggested to me and it was on the channel by the sky Walter Blake knobloch and Walter Blake knobloch yeah had this video about how he had purchase a pallet of returned goods from Amazon if whatever yeah it looks like whatever people have returned who we sell stuff on eBay just not want to bother restocking it in the right place is cheaper to sell the ground beef be sold a smaller version for $200 and I buy a box of Amazon return to Amazon $555 worth of items we got we got the $30 was really for the average down for one of the boxes for the podcast did you value it Eric okay by what he took he said this was all the interesting stuff from the from the same I guess we're not going over that one over here is all the uninterested. Let's be honest it's all the interesting stuff minus one or two items right that you just went to shoot in the pocket you want to see one of the boxes now he's telling you it's all you could do an Amazon ad although maybe it won't be an Amazon address in case I don't like unboxing so I never have like unboxing I got a bad taste in my mouth years ago when I got a camera that name of the guy but I remember he work for fucking Gizmodo Halo 3 thing and I never said that I didn't really actually rude yeah it's like somebody used it for a picnic for a little did they wash it don't put your hands on anything because I was sore I cut the cellophane or something what is that this is a variable speed videos Vevo Sun speed controller with a hundred twenty volt AC equipment or power tools that have a universal brush type motor or a motor that is compatible with the speakerphone so you can take something that doesn't have a variable speed motor and he put this on it and it's like a real prick about it like like like a paint like when was like auto paint laptop in China who took the time to return this what is it I don't know it's like a way for your iPad to watch your laptop iPad here changes FaceTime each other probably thinking record Netflix videos on your iPad hey you got one as well as the leader meeting fucked up like chunks out of it and that's why they were iPads and see if it works it works if anybody wants anything I'm I overthink this stuff it might not matter I don't you unboxings no offense to your group of Steven Hunter I don't do you unbox these because I feel like it's a passive-aggressive way of asking people to send you stuff early blogs had that like Ain't It Cool News he would always ask for presents on his birthday and stuff and I'm stuck I don't want to do that kind of stuff and I never wanted to the other thing was I did Gavin as you know the VidCon gift bag for Featured creators is kind of ridiculous but it's I mean they get the most ridiculous stuff to give away to people who attend the con and I did it on Instagram I didn't think of it and I gave it away to people was this year so this year was in a drone member that but this year they they gave away a Bluetooth headset a Bluetooth portable speaker what is that you can do it you got it right to blame harness it's a harness box switch case carry case for Nintendo 2 DS XL portable Nintendo cakes here's another one buys your things what are these fucking things self conscious about getting free stuff in like a gift bag or something like that it's cool to see the stuff to give away but then I ended up just like I took it all the panel just gave its people are the people who made the back I don't think so because we were one of the items in there we put million dollars but the card game motion sensor alarm if the motion sensor detects motion it makes an alarm I think we need some batteries batteries anywhere yeah I don't think I would like to play if we rip this the fuck open this box what is where you guys are animals boys going on up here Android case pack of 646 fluorescent light bulbs like what we do with this what did you do with the Earth it's a battery how bad is it going to hurt you did you face your nose to nose you know the button that's the thing I most like fixed if I can I fix the wire that the button you don't tell me the button worth the price of admission right here how much is another one of these but it's what's in the package received the one year full warranty go for it that's all you know we said I said personally when you go to the Goodwill two pairs of them pretty cool you can take that home to show that to Megan and she would have an entire costume built around that in about a week what do you think you got their socks lighter for the loading that and then putting your foot through someone's foot has probably been through here older Klaus Nintendo switch cases WWE you worried about returning stuff don't even worry about it back in the box so it's like there's still can be. This is wicked for a phone phone camera sure I don't know if I can thank you to our audio listeners you had 500 podcast I guess fuck you at this point I read how do I get it to stop doing this I hate this already I wonder what some other birds loving used Hummer helper Hummer helper is not a great name for the product by the way now you're not going to old people it's fine it's weird that was expecting but disappointment hummingbird hummingbird glue and somehow managed to buy two of them so I had to do my first return to Amazon ever come of a phone or ringer probably play ringer I think it's a binocular case binoculars but not the case I have y'all more Apple watch bands that's it I thought I was very curious to see what people return to Amazon I have the phone but I slammed it like Ed Harris the top of the phone I don't know how do you know he's just in charge of the whole time to edit every time he messes up he couldn't deliver in the lines on the phone he just like to keep Eastern Promises but it was very uncomfortable what's up waiting out this thing the host actively participating weekend again I reinstalled it played it I don't know I regret it I regret it I was like okay there's been two major DLC update was probably something cool to do now nope it was never nothing there was stuff we couldn't figure it out inherently weird if we would have to go online to read it you know you can just wander around and get 8 people and get a sharks coming by accident so that they're going to be like you needed like 8 people to get anything done for somebody else see some of this big Megalodons thing Xbox headlights did want to get together with other people then you could like download games for like an employee for like they're like a free trial for a week next game pass my toy cc's in a week was like more than enough time to play that all the first party titles for all the first quarter panels for Microsoft Word and come out and Game Pass Boise State of Decay to Gus sorola State again I didn't finish what you think he's okay he's okay Legacy status if I recall correctly and then you just start over somewhere else and you have to go through all four classes of leader to get all the achievements as much story there like you start out and there's some story and then you're just kind of surviving they are trying are they have been trying too hard on exclusives to focus on multiplayer like see if the State of Decay the big thing that they were trying to do with that was moved what was a really fun single player experience and make that online co-op where I saving PlayStation has been fucking crushing it by making a squeeze of single player campaigns like God of War did you play that I figured you'd love the Valkyries and all that shit like I was like it in game was incredible just as much as The Campaign Committee game up with all that father-son shit Leviathan extra me when you get that thing to draw that thing back it's like they got that right that's every PlayStation 4 experience I've had it's been single for like a rise in Detroit right I guess last of us had multiplayer which is good. On the way to like a month of you think he's recovered as well but Red Dead Redemption 2 is supposedly coming out in like two and a half months now right over so yeah for like 3 months away two and a half away mean versus actually riding a horse in real life I would say in Red Dead Redemption it was a very enjoyable experience little bit just enough for I was such a big map and so much horse I think Ashley said that that's the only game that she never would fast traveling because she wanted to like and enjoy riding the horse from one place to another for me with Black Flag I never fast travel in that game really looking forward to Skull and Bones no really bad and there's no boarding in that game that's fine thank you just like grapple the other ship and then you're done that's how you win it down adjust ship combat the shock and play of like a dude on a walking around like Hubworld or something else yeah he was like Doc everything that they played it at the III was basically the ship was your character am I crazy trailer at the end there was like a crack in her something like was really come is there a mythical to see if they know I have definitely not and are but I remember it sticking out of the car that seems like she seems like why are they showing this particular thing is to show that they have a TV out mechanic we can party up and but the way it looks from the game we'll see probably someone cracking us on Twitter right now it looks like it was all just a bunch of people like in chips not too bad I think the first thing I did was it's my balls with it too that's probably a year and I think corporate that into their lifestyle and then you just shove it up your nose Spike the Green Goblin or something like that and the Green Goblin original character Wolfenstein New Order new classes for nitto's to the one of the newest one is yeah but if I met your lovely female companion always talking about it it's the only reason is because she kept yeah they announced that they're having like a gay sequel to play co-op about Boo black woods daughters that's when I was like okay games that I can play that with her when he comes out loved it there I thought it Harden places my player profile difficulty but I died a lot in that game like hard difficulty I always try and play one down from the hottest because I usually think that's how they made the game Wendling hardest like her awake right it's how they make one down in one more difficult one physically down on the menu we take down he's easier to me you go to the hardest thing was going down I was thinking I was mistaken Halo was made for Heroic correct and then they hotter than me is you sir I'm playing if I'm one from the top probably playing how they made it I just don't have the time to like get incredibly good at the game so I'm 45 do you know what I'm going to be in East boards Pro Gamer next week but it's like 3 times I really have no for eastport's there is I read about a Counter Strike Team somewhere in Europe called the silver snipers I think the youngest person is 61 correlation with age in your abilities in video games returning ship to Amazon that's really good at it the older you got maybe like that joke Scotch the silver snipers range in age from 62 to 81 what the fuck let me take something if we were all smart we like video games we would stop playing video games right fucking now right now and just wait until you retire like because I play new games in the future though someone to play Witcher 3 when what should 9 is out it might not be better why would I play Witcher 3 of Wichita is not better 2600 games today what you would do that I'm not saying pick it up from this point just just picked up 20 30 50 years off muhabi then come back to it and just do it when you retire before I came to Nutley mess now I don't want to look at it I'm not saying that I'm saying waiting play the modern technology that you have more to choose from you saying you know I understand the point of this argument video game playing is a great hobby so just go do something else for now you said you like doing something so stop doing it now and then do it later but don't go back until the stuff you missed just do it later here's the point of trying to make what you're probably not explaining clearly is it would be playing video games until the timer for 65 probably be sick of video games by that point I'm right but I don't know if that's when you want to be playing video games cuz it's a very sedentary activity it's a lot of fun and it's not over all in terms of hobbies not that expensive and I have been playing video games for 35 years already and I don't think that less enthusiastic about the games you were everything I'm trying to play more if I play on easy or difficult mean I just try to get through more games with the best game you played recently the best gamer paper God of War easily on consoles huh PC on Console right now I'm in kind of console face but I still came out when it was new space program on a good at all bits in that play fortnite I think I'm the only person not playing fortnite for World any you defended at night but zombies right and then also other people for some reason you do there's a fucking skill tree that you get research points every day and is you have to login on daily basis you get a fucking llama why would she be playing that when you're 45 when you could be 60 cuz I'm playing with my kid wait until he stood wait till he retires I've tried I said I'll play with you when you're 65 if you were playing right now I just feel like there's a reason why I'm saying I'm saying this because this weekend I made an enormous mistake for some reason I don't know why I reinstalled World of Warcraft why did you do that I don't know why I don't know why I did it I unlock the achievement in World of Warcraft World of Warcraft and the last achievement in that chain that I have unlocked it was in 2009 but when I'm done dying yeah I was thinking what has happened in the nine years between these two moments that has let me back to doing the exact same thing I'm doing that was doing in 2009 it was very disappointing to me I don't know how you can battle pet battle pets I've heard of that but I guess it's exactly like the game World of Warcraft resume World of Warcraft battle pets and you get one so look what I told you about that okay remember when we used to walk around together in Azeroth that I had a little orange cat show the cats in World of Warcraft so I have a little pet and now they've entered his Battle Cats battle pet battles with your bad. You like this she so I usually Diablo Edition I wondered that's about all that anyway then you run into other pets out in the world now and then you fight your pet versus the wild pet or other people's pets and then you can capture them can you kill him I could I capture to capture frog frog and I looked at the list and there's like a thousand of these fucking things and I'm done I'm just I'm in fucking a fantasy world and I'm chasing little is Critters around trying to fight him and capture on this one I said one word illusions that they're not ripping off Pokemon battle pets reason stop I want to stop I want to but I can't seem to sports mode we have a ball with that it does what it Sports thing what you catch a pet in a bowl rocket League crippled by the way wow is very different now that it was back in had a great time playing it like Quest tracking and lets up all that stuff is built into the game now and it's it's way more sophisticated to like I can click on an active Quest on the right side and it brings up a separate math it's showing me where to go and everything like that just kind of keep you hooked in I wanted level one actually easy it acceptable now as opposed to how it was before how to get the resolutions like buy one of those wide monitors his way over here and so yeah but I had a great time I was playing a new game on that blood elf Paladin case you were interested Gavin thank you I've what is that for gaming ice cream yeah yeah I built in what game soup being like a real person just seems inconvenient when you look when you see all of your vision it do I have on my vision what do I do like look at everything you can see now yes as wide as one of his money and I keep on looking at you I know there's someone over there but I don't know who it is isn't that much why doesn't it's hi how you can see really hot but I prefer it though because then you don't have to turn if you think someone's over here you have to turn your car if you can just look while still continuing at your path but like if it was tired he was like you know then it would be stupid I think cuz then it's just like I'm so bad at after all this time I still haven't want to fucking single game of fortnite I don't even know if that's like a boss really cold out of chicken dinner but Victory Royale right now if you're on the fucking good. Whatever that building shit is but never goes up I can't do that part I refuse to learn I'm just at there in 0% eventually you do but the first time you play it for the most part they pad out a lot of the players with boss is very few human blood you don't know when you're playing against the human versus play me I don't believe you and I buy battle pets walking around in the Sepulchre right now you would you say it wrong fast is brought you by Borough on your couch from hell is like a rite of passage we all know how you can you get you the couches at soccer you have to go to the store and it's just unbelievable. 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Com rooster.com for $35 off your purchase burow's makes the luxury couch for life but you're a jet special officer told me to do the night before I'm challenging you going to screenshot on the one frame where is the little blue spot let me do it do it on your balls I can't seem to call him that's that's you you're the burning flesh melt my heart rate up a bit more to get the car just finished meeting off-site management off-site meeting why is off. They want to make them a little more in acceptable for fuel can't like pop in and grab someone you know why we're doing it we're doing it because you can get concentrated first of all we don't have a place in this company the biggest conference room we have is the conference room in the animation Department it's pretty big. That's a big one but it is hard to find a place where we could fit like everyone who runs the department at this company or executive management all in one place was in there he's not officially late so very people table two of the main people left what's wrong with you what do you think you were the years is 2008 that was very interesting I'll let you in on a secret just got very upset with me during the meeting and Rooster Teeth has astronomically low turnover rate we don't lose that many employees just for put it over it across all Industries I think he said it wasn't you want to do you need a turnover rate is that leave in here basically so you know it's like you were going to have 20 people in 10 of them leave here yet 50% turnover who gets you were like 3% did someone leave this year yeah we have people that work here that are not hear from the audience perspective they might not have seen people on camera that have last but there's always people that like traffic as well so that counts in the tunnel there's way more people behind camera in front of 9 10 11 12 13 14 regular basis I know. Anyway so we were talking about the place we worked one time to call center turnover rate in the worst year was 300 to 350% mean you would turn over the whole staff about three and a half times in one year was a reason for that though the reason being is that this was a call center at the beginning stages of the internet becoming a residential product and was also during the.com era we could literally hire someone for back then I think it was 1997 1998 we hired someone for $7 an hour then once we put them be trained for tech support and then also they start training for back in with no networks remember nothing anymore I'm sure they still exist yeah and then I like their msce which is a Microsoft certification exam once they got either one of those things within about 2 to 3 months they were from $7 an hour or two about 80,000 an hour I'm training someone like we were happy to get that it was a great starting point for a lot of people apparently the place where people go to die for for Shane's Rib Shack he has an astronomical turn over but inventions call center I said I said no a Jeffrey sitting across from me at the gym I used to work at the place where we had 300% turnover and Gus cleans out and goes hey I used to work there too thanks for mentioning me and I think Gus wanted me to feel bad cuz I didn't mention him for working at the old place when in reality I just didn't realize Gus was in that room but I just feel like I was like I was like oh okay you are my manager faster than anyone else in history company the manager pretty quickly and I was like what did it take to get from that company that's good. I think Jeff was there 9 months and got promoted to manager that's what I like about a year he was there when we had the weirdest conversation so funny people when they're younger like I remember specifically having a conversation with Gus where he said I've worked here for about two two and a half years or something at the time and you said and I'm not supposed to work anywhere for longer than 2 years what kind of the mentality during the.com time was that if you're staying at one place too long or stagnating you're not learning anything new that you shouldn't stay at any one job more than 2 years that's a bummer sold every day of those 14 decades or however old I am but one thing I've learned for sure is that nothing affects your salary working some of your compensation more than whatever you started at that company so the way that you can make big jumps in salary or compensation is literally by going somewhere else I gave you say start working somewhere and you started like a salary of $24,000 and that's the salary start when you work there we make a big promotional change and you go from 24 to 36 that's a 50% raise but I mean a $36,000 salary for jumping up to another position like in management or something like that that can still be less than what that person should be paid but it was like well if you know it's a 54-yard exactly right so it really is true that you're starting salary I feel like what's your position that's that money that does seem kind of like an unfair thing in a lot of places where you know they have Union stuff like that or more typically interviews were those positions are already sex you know that those things are in a very have those things but so she could go to a new position created by your own work yeah it's one of those so we can affect you basically Bernie telling both of you do you need to quit I was like yeah yeah it's about before but you know now I'm worth and I can go somewhere else can get it place a smart move they to be like this other place will see me there if you want to go to if you can't make that blow up if you're not willing to follow through on it I read all the time like I'm very stubborn it's a lot like today I fucked up like that exact near you to presenters like I told my company that I had another job offer and they needed to match my salary they called my bluff and they told me I had to wait till make that claim unless it's really true Hollywood to that it's like you said people just call each other I don't really great Springs when we did the first camping at rooster teeth are buddy Freddie Wong love him had already done three campaigns for video game high school be very successful ones and when I told him we were going to be doing well as well we were too late to the game for crowdfunding come over I went over to rocket jump and he's like blade everything out showed me like went over everything that ask me questions whatever you made a great Point time but she said everyone in Hollywood shares all these numbers if we don't do the same thing which two are detriment essentially I'm just not answering quote about agents like oh yeah we say like this network is interested in this other one is interested they don't know each other so it's like we we actually have to have like interest in these different projects or something and Ever from investors it before we can like you can't just like talk around the edges of that just don't call each other Gus are you really going to like take a person to small towns I don't know federal job dry cleaner air conditioning repair air conditioning repair such a right fucking now boiling having someone come out every summer when your air conditioning breaks okay to compresses what is backup what what what is the weather going to be like in case your compressor breaks in your what is the compressor do I believe I believe the compressor acts as a pump and transfers the cool cooling agent up to the coils in your house of the air gets blown over them and cools the place and then takes the heat from there that's been transferred out of the air back and then R equals it for sending back into your house okay so basically like the heart it's moving the cold into your house and the hot out of it but it was hot out right right that's all over the coil for the errors in blown over which then goes through your vents for it cheaper solution Gavin never had a house in England so I don't associate any of these problems but all of my problems with my stuff has been in America and dealing with people from Austin is very whatever you know you could have tried to work cuz I don't really die in for that job so I Gotta Feeling and it's just a nightmare every time easier much easier to get somebody come out and work on your AC if you live in a rental property because there's all sorts of laws that protect renters if they don't have AC there's a certain amount of time by which the landlord has to rectify that otherwise there's a significant penalty question yeah but if your sweat stuff owning Tesla's is it kind of a big secret service or do you just have to take him to the Tesla dealership like I'd like to have lots of options right it might be now that Goodwill what the hell's going on but I am curious though like how do you in my experience and I've had one for a while OG there was a long period of time when I started the car company car part of a car companies confidence and writing the story of that just to be things for his serviceability and then also resale value so actually you have traded in one Tesla and got a new one cuz they put on a new one every fucking year of the same model just a little bit better little bit faster thank you put out a new car every year like every other car companies like a higher number on it's faster or in my case they put in all the autonomous stuff that didn't exist when I bought my first I have a 2016 model ask someone else that I have a 2017 well that's very common yeah that's like most companies right exactly like but what if they had the Ford F-150 and then they had the Ford F150 5 Tesla does it so it looks like a different model of car but it's not it's still the same car the model S 65 and 75 I had to 85 and now there's like a hundred so this means I think I need me right now I don't know how I got it I got to change my the vinyl wrap in my car because there's been an increase in people taking photos of my car and I like to floss my teeth in my car watch me floss my teeth through picking her nose in their cars all the time you like brand new car thing is something that I completely avoided by just going with a really old vehicle and I don't have to worry about that anymore no yolk car let someone else take all the depreciation let someone else take the fucking hit on that was Tesla I feel like I still pretty well it then after you've met him I don't think I think we're going to reach a point where that's not the case anymore service question there was one time when anything went wrong with my car I would just take it back to test when they fix it and he likes fine we will fix it just like little things like window wouldn't go up all the way are you going to get album that you going to get a roadster Mike and I just had never driven a vehicle like that car when you made me fucking test drive it in Santa Monica that's why I got it really it's your fault again I don't think I was the driving force I really can't return stuff for sell stuff I'm really bad at it all my cars going back in 2001 are within about 30 ft of me right now right next to it is my old pickup and right next to that is my first pic from we have a crowded parking lot when you get on your shity cards the hell out of here in your personal parking lot to do what's that you said you had for so you drive one with Russia vehicle what about the other 2 Twitter Sandra. Play the gentleman Elon Musk to him really bored. I'm so bored I have miserable lives he doesn't get his six billion dollars what does he need to go with us billions of dollars he doesn't have to talk to us like we're going to Google that people were giving him shit unnecessarily when was offering to like build a sub to help the kids in Italy same Trailhead is fucking back the problem is dude it's just it's Twitter Twitter has become like this lens that just every week decides going to focus on somebody else and just fucking make her life miserable and then it just got to keep focusing right past but when is your week its your fucking week and last week apparently Elon Musk making a fucking sub to try to help get these kids out of the cave made him an asshole for some reason I'm not really sure how that works but then people feel the asshole prophecy not fire back they just can't not do that I also I mean like now that we're kind of looking back at it the sub was a pretty bad idea cuz like what if it just got a hole in it and it's kind of slowly drowned stuff like that like I don't know what I'm going to go in and question cuz I think about them know that was underwater yeah there was like some legs you can walk but they put them in wetsuits and then they had to look at space child-size like face mask so they can breathe through their mouth and then they the fuck they get in there I think they said at one point one of the it was a pleasure when you walked in the door trying to get in the cave the Waterfront Rising walking path I can use nigga to a point where is like the elevation changes I got to a point where they went down and came up but in the water Rose and then the passage back was under water. All who could swim no I'm at the path by which they went to get the kids to find them and to get them out was it look at your purse when do you like cracks this big bump via some pathway that then fill the water why not swim through that walk well that's probably the pathway they probably around the water cuz his rising at the hospital when they were kids soccer kids when they were taking them out of the cave at one point one of the divers who would carry one of the kids lost the Rope Mikey lost his grip on it and became disoriented in the cave and couldn't figure out where to go in there like an extra hour trying to figure out where to go have to backtrack no got out of the water found the Rope again and then have to go back in. I think I missed it didn't have any food I think yeah he better telling them to drink water off the walls that are like licking the walls for cuz he can go don't want I'm well sometimes if I've eaten dinner slightly early I'm in bed wondering if I should make a sandwich because I don't think I'll be able to sleep baby how long you think you going up there just restarted right now is fast 8 Days Jeff Jeff goes I made like a day and a half he made he literally made it to lunch the next day he skipped breakfast and then that was it and he couldn't and eat myself too much me and a half cuz he started Thursday night after dinner and then half way through Friday he had to give up TV he literally skipped what was the purpose is a cleanse Clinton 3-g signal booster see how long are you out of work right now doing what you eat I got those orange cheese crackers with peanut butter and hell yeah you know like the staple of the vending machine I ate that I want to fucking die like my stomach just like clamped up on it could tell a story before it also triggers another like anecdotal story it's the same thing the people on the same production companies in like support companies that make the reality shows tend to make all the same as like CVS they make Big Brother start all right but they're really high in saturated fat anyway so what was the whole boxes Survivor Amazing Race in people at one time they told me that somebody told me their job was one year on Survivor to like meet people right after the tribal council to get voted off food and you get on the boat and make you eat whatever they want you at that point and she said she said that she watched someone on the boat ride each tire jar of peanut butter is Claws and they're doing better take those off my TurboTax. 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Sorry to make you go back what do I do about beards cool go see that probably not probably be on the next one box list. voice actor Hiram audio files on there bud and I want to give you any advice but the last one is on the laptop so if you're really Braden cough that's cool is that humans are not very good for breakfast you think anyone ever left for my heart enough for a bowl of diamonds my next court date for breakfast that we had one of the top of the seem to be a lot more popular these days we're just like Mountain words and all up in the west offices it's like in the hallway and she went out to eat and she was. The table right next to the sign behind her that said I've been about Rose day the champagne like some roses for something and the other one is for closers sure enough she said why did I sit here and she did her Instagram story was like eight entries of just girls posing in front of it and like full Instagram shoot and everything else but did you see that stupid publicity stunt in La speaking of Instagram in social media for children there was that mural that you can only take an Instagram selfie in front of me if you were going to start number of followers are verified about social media like a you know the name of the thing that stupid stupid thing I got to look this up I hate Instagram it's like I feel like I load on a plane and it's just like one of my friends butts like right as soon as I load it up then why would you say that because I know that exactly right that's exactly right it says it says Rose day all day and who's Instagram is this Milana Milana she's making fun of people exactly that's analysis that's the constant I want to watch to make people question for you this happened on a reason flight play podcast I was on a flight I was in I got upgraded to First Class to sit next to a guy who's really big dude the plane story at the Ritz in the front row and the guy was very uncomfortable because he was just like just sitting there and you couldn't like fall asleep but he couldn't stay awake so I walked by the cabin with the front area to go to the bathroom and as I'm walking out I look down instinctively and the fights and it has her phone out and she had like Snapchat or Instagram pulled off and she had a picture of that guy that big guy and like they were she was obviously sending it to some of your posting on her account no way dude is unprofessional completely so yeah that's kind of people in front of them made the right call telling that story I think that's fucked up kind of fucked-up like the service was amazing they did an amazing job that being said they were posting my pictures of this dude I hope she didn't I hope that she was the problem with that is first of all companies are very fucking afraid of social that's actually think we're playing reported it sound like it's going to look and see if she did it like this actually proof on her account unless you got a private account or was she just ended up taking a picture of Passenger but I don't work for the airline that's the thing is it probably should have gone looked at it looked on Gunn and that's not cool I just walked away from her like change a little bit then don't get another drink for the rest of the flight United in your voice but yeah but I hate I hate to hear about her losing your job but it's kind of one of those things like once you put it on the internet it has the potential to go viral and then there's nothing you could do about it like there was this thing play me like a week ago Dude the couple in front yeah the document like even documented them apparently going into the bathroom together what she didn't see but put on there was a trailer was it made up getting old is lewd comments as real as real and then the guy came out and said that he was cool if she named him they want to talk shows the guy did the one with the guy that the woman I took the photos with a guy she was taking photos of but the woman who is having photos taken of her didn't I mean you don't know anything in the public eye right mind your own business man well it sucks because you post up a follow-up video she was like Hey the guy gave his permission to talk about him but the girl she's keeping it a private you know keeping it private but I'm pretty sure you guys have already found out who was like kind of like judging the community to go find out more information about her eventually she deleted those tweets but then like and then she wrote troubleshoot apology but she kept naming the woman in her apology which I thought was weird like someone so I hope you see this I never meant to upset you as I approach to take keeping like uncool what does it break the law really yeah this is harassment like your phone I must say everyone had a policy against it because technically especially in the air you're in essentially their jurisdiction is no rule against taking a picture on a plane right policy gifted know you can't document or post photos from a plane and of course any airline that did that would really get destroyed by everyone now because they just do the policy so they can protect themselves from like you know those videos when people are trapped on the tarmac for 5 hours or something like that airline pilot getting on and she was in her like Street closed and she was like do you want to get on this plane like you mind if I'm in my street clothes or do you want me to take 10 more minutes to go get dressed in my uniform shoes like I'm sorry I got to go through divorce and go to hard times and she's like talking to the Oliver passengers right before the flight and then people just like walking off and I did not see that you left because I still have people in the illusion of mental stability from the pilot the pilot on an Air China flight who was trying to smoke an e-cigarette covertly in the cockpit of the plane he wants to turn off the vent so that nobody could smell that you cigarettes we turned off the vent and started like smoking a cigarette without even the other pilot knowing apparently but what turns out he didn't turn off the vent heater shut off the air conditioning system all together so the play began losing pressure so the the oxygen masks Drop the Pilot don't know what's going on so they had to drop the plane ten thousand thirteen thousand feet from 32800 to 13100 ft and then they realize it was smoking a cigarette have you ever been on a flight where you had to get into the the brakes and the brace never had to do that have you know but I was watching YouTube videos of chanting like it was like it sounds like they're at a rock concert in the guy's name is brace just yelling the instructions over and over again like head in your lap they just got their start chatting remain in your seat remain in your seat and then the pilot comes on and goes no need for a long night that I was just going to check out screaming brace over never got you like your price events Heights right flight attendants Creation Fest there is the best there was the guy where we were taking off and we were in Netherland become the first and then we're going to go take off and he stopped on the runway at like 10 seconds it yeah we've been gunning it like halfway down the runway and slam the brakes and it was like a mission appearing take a look at that go back in a little bit and then I got worried about being parked on the wrong way I was going to wait and they literally took off from halfway down the runway they seems like go back around or anything it was weird it was a long lonely thing you normally I would worry about that is this check the brakes like a damn hot brakes will you have to stop in and check on that may be happy and take off we have to go back to the gate to check the brakes to throw did you know I was the airline Rabbit Hole there was a Ryanair flight over the weekend that had to defend so quickly that passengers ear started bleeding and had to take like 30 passengers to the hospital at all they just send it from 37000 feet to 10,000 ft 7 minutes if I was just jumping out of a plane from the height with my ears bleed or we going faster than you normally jump out of a plane and a little bit different like 12,000 ft and they fall for like 2 minutes and then pop the shoe will your up 33,000 feet if you get in trouble the plane falls out of Sky your phone for like 6 minutes probably pass out before then possibly get that mask on the plane flight was between the Hawaiian Islands top of the plane ripped off in this the flood temperature went and got sucked out she never knew what happened to her so he thought I bet she survived and she landed the ocean in the next squid ater why he was so obsessed with the squid say I bet she just landed on the side of a mountain your mind immediately goes to know how does she live she almost died in the world so he stopped at a parachute and was like hey what is elaborate and she lived yes she like broke both of my legs and back and punctured lungs and stuff and survive did the shoot at least deployed and it was just all messed up and she came and yeah I think it was just didn't as like unhooked in some way what she just fell in the dude and you like see this you like I got her in the you land like Bill through the I feel like it's not that hard to get Elon musk's attention like I was considering quitting something about him but I was like the worst thing that could happen right now is if he like tweeting back and Jack the other day 3000 reply to that one of those people and I don't really care I mean like I don't know how you can call someone a pedophile when they just spent a couple weeks risking their lives to save children I mean I don't know what's the Blasco pathway you get to that but it is like some of the stuff that we were going nuts on him for trying to build this up I don't I don't get the backlash on that and then also people freak out about him donating to the Republican party like that would be the least surprising thing I would ever hear to hear that a billionaire donated money to the Republican party at some of the things that he said before donation hey I need help with this I need to relax regulate so I can build this gigantic lithium viewing battery Factory in the middle poses state in the middle of National Park I would imagine a guy like you I must probably like just ways short-term deficits of climate change vs. long-term of what he wants to do and I don't think is right let me see think a guy like that we could make those compromises of the rest of us I would just love to be off the grid until I just in charge of like generating power Wicked how much it cost us nowhere near the ocean to add table salt to my dude climate change coming coming you better be ready could come order these salad me what be the hardest thing to get off the grid from internet how do you get your own car car get it did you wouldn't have to have a car why do you keep saying because that would be a tough thing to say about the last P guide what do I build your own internet is that what's the internet cable to what is eka some silver exchange Space Jam website would you locate your guy but we just runs around everybody and tell them what you want to do not very efficient that way you could rent you could get cable hole in Internet building official you could get a colocation facility you could rent out a cabinet and you can have your Internet run there I want a terabit and then have your own point-to-point circuit that you run yourself from there to your home that you maintain now the way you're saying this it doesn't sound good it is not cheap at all google.com then go file save all then just turn it off disconnect after that daisy chain a series of Hernan don't use it till you're 65 how long would it take to download the internet email it would take around 3 million years to download all the information currently on the Internet is summative download speed of 44 megabits per second estimated 550 trillion megabytes of data on how many of the stupid or podcast I got to see what year this was published it just looks like an old page 2 50 trillion megabytes are measuring in megabytes makes you think this is a really cool dancer and bless you ever been to the dark web I hear about all the time they're making movies what you think let me guess it's something that you have to it's not public like there's probably doesn't fall like the.com system I don't know you dance like get into some weird back door is like a VPN yeah I get a VPN and then you get you a bunch of fake addresses and then you go to there and then you get the stuff like this don't text or insoluble up Moto your been in there it's all non-indexed non-lead stuff if it was disconnected everything else it's just like yeah there's no way to find you can't search for it you can how do you get how do you get it if no no you kill a guy address is that like Doc Instagram website with your internet Google dark web how to access the dark web let's do it normal for your data on a straight path to you it pops so it's slower but no one can figure out what it is that you're doing so this is a collection of thousands of websites that use and in the middle schools like tour and iqp to hide their IP addresses the key is decentralisation mean that no regular web browser Chrome or Safari for instance access these websites websites instead of obfuscate their online identity to be granted access so you have to be anonymous as well yeah your business you get like we do that the dude in Austin got arrested for that what is it called Dark Amazon so to be the ultimate role of the dark web you could just go on it download pages and put them on the real internet was stopping anywhere from doing that what's the point closet then I guess you right I would assume so but I didn't International Navy SEAL the right is a Navy SEAL doctor whatever is like Reddit headline and said that there was speculation that he was going to sue and therefore the Tesla stock dropped because of the yeah because you were going to see me so that's where that that question come I'll be that big of a lawsuit if you like wible has like a limit to how much you can can I do for a billion dollars and which is an amazing amount of money but it's still that you I must be like maybe it's like a PR thing though and that's why I don't know our thing what is it mean the word buzz word that people use to mean if I could do Savannah Public attention I don't know like this Elon Musk what's the pr that he going to build Subs I mean what's to eat Houston still delayed a flamethrower that didn't seem to drive people crazy but building a sub to get kids out of the fucking cave that is bad that's a weird PR thing but R&B people for the flamethrower weird what are most tectonic Lee active parts of the world for inventing the subway drill a big hole you think they like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk like work out like crazy and secretly there like Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne and we don't know it right he climbs I'm sure he would be like a cool superhero look a competent hand to hand combat and I got I got I got like a good minute with Jeff as us wants that was probably worth $10,000 before like room I think really new Amazon but I'm thinking maybe new Jeff Jeff Bezos my site but I'm the Dork the other room and I guess we can watch together 200k trust fund would it take you like save up for like 60 years what would you come back by the address to take you out to see the curvy Earth and then you come on back at me no no no no you see the Flat Earth but what you look at it from one side factors imagine anything weather risk I always see is the the Earth right that's it's just the Earth every human that is alive or has ever been a lot there's their dead guys in space not sure who wants to body some signs his body into space back to sleep I think they took the ashes yeah for the actor who played Scotty in space can't see him James all of his ass for some of his ashes drifting hours it is over between and then felt fell down or probably burnt up in the atmosphere well so I don't care about that it seems such high-risk to I can just do that in VR and I'll be great that's really sad what I think the secondary pay load on that rocket was the remains from 308 people and he was one of them where you live Yuri Gagarin they sent Gavin up and like the radio it's like with the Russian but if it is it going up there plane back to Austin and if this is my house down there so it's pretty good feeling it's totally different 200k that's fucking ridiculous but if he said you can go for free give you the 200 k a little bit different so I can either get a trip to space for $200,000 yes you like space I guess if you can be the first flight totally safe the first person in space address know that's the lamest thing to have for you what do you mean I paid money to go up into space like I said I think we paid a way more than $2,000 I paid multimillion-dollar million-dollar I believe it's the difference Afghani something that you started making money again if you throw in like in a package when I get to visit the moon then I would consider how many miles when was the moon what do you want probably to the moon will you walk on the moon still one or two 50k quarter of a million. Walking on the moon special and different because not many people can stand on something that's not right like what experience could you have in your life that would compete with that. We can do with the $250,000 or 65 already like what house that has there been SpaceX has there been space. Space X the company space sex yes I think we've done that nothing be home probably talk about that but it's yeah there was a really good enough or not if there's space baby a baby that was conceived in space I'd be strength can a woman become pregnant space cuz yeah I got a book I can show you how that works well I mean you can get pregnant upside down honey Gus pacifically stuff what is gravity involved in any of that the body relies on gravity for so many things you could probably Buy in space then and then just spin each other around really fast to create no I think it would be given the penis or not would you to debate okay okay okay go to roosterteeth.com more 200k it's like a million dollars but but practical it is a million dollars but you don't go to the number to take that that's an easy one quarter million or you get the quarters made by pay the money as opposed to just not getting it getting higher than I expected that people would take the trip this way I mean it's a hypothetical big difference in how long you walk around the Moon why don't you ask her what how long you can walk around the Moon 50 you don't want to do any postal experiments on grateful for $25,000 a minute I want to climb Summit high jump off it on the moon it's going to take me more than 10 minutes to get to a peak how long was Neil Armstrong how long is he walking on the moon Eric .16 G Point yes okay can you can you die from 4 in the morning probably not Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon by himself for 20 minutes before Buzz Aldrin came out here that's crazy just like I'll be ready I'll meet you there do you know what is the difference between 10 minutes + 120 + 10 minutes for throne World Records what are Planet will like what is the world like everything that we know something is the world the planet you're from your from a country that's called the UK Great Britain and England right so if you can you explain to me from the British Isles and Europe there were different right so guess what I have four different names to just a stupid fucking country President we talk about that all the fucking British walkers showed up to protest our president voting for what the fuck did you guys do going on that's what you're doing take a fucking blues shove it up your ass so I could you know what I want to make fun of England and then make fun of trump what does that say you know what is brought you by Dollar Shave Club if you ever shower or brush your teeth or try to make your hair look presentable I've got some good news for you Dollar Shave Club has a lot of stuff that can help you out with everything you need to look feel and smell your best you-name-it shampoo conditioner body wash toothpaste hair gel even a white betta leave your choice feeling tingly clean the got a great Amber lavender calming body cleanser and never smelled like it good luck finding a product that great at the store he's a great way to try but you don't shave club products for just 5 bucks you can get their daily essential start or sit there nor famous shave butter and their best razor the six blade executive few bucks a month at in shampoo toothpaste anything else you need check it out at Dollar Shave club.com which teeth dollarshaveclub.com teeth thank you and for making such great products I like Patrick Better Sound sorry I had to find out like this can I call you battrick from now on I miss Patrick Patrick marble Concepts is more of an idea if you were to go to the meeting in on the part where you can find Neil Armstrong's like the shipping all that shit like flag or would you want to wait on the other side all the time I read something the other day that I didn't know that when Armstrong smartest man in the world landed on the moon for the first time there was a Russian probe in orbit around the moon at the same time I was happening at the exact same time I've never heard that one city got hit wake with the pro been able to lands on the world on the damn it was on the road right now the probe space around the Moon that time weren't they like really like just shitty like they just were basically launching hunks of metal I can actually send anything back or that table yeah could meet you beg Sputnik how big was Sputnik that was the Luna 15 Mission it orbited the moon 52 times then it actually be kind of descent while Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon and then we lost communication with it let me know wow that's why is there a dark side of the moon with the Earth is it cold on that side there was a Transformers are how did Michael Bay now or can you wait your couple in the middle of this one of my mother a new fact about the moon I get white the lights that always faces us but why does it get on the Dark Side of the Moon because it's called The Dark Side of the Moon right yeah but it was light on the back some right but we don't see it cuz it's like there's a day and night cycle on the moon well it's we just can't see that size they call the Dark Side of the Moon the one side of the moon always face the Earth FAQ fairly common I thought I didn't know it was, I thought it was an astronomical you probably think not Ashdown quite a bit astronomers on the internet call me when you have a trillion quadrillion planets and moons commonality be a ratio of the amount of occurrences versus them out of possible occurrences so many say that there's like a million instances a million of something isn't coming right bunch of in the world but not common to have everyday or argument you're getting more civilized when your country still sucks by the way you can talk about that I wish they don't do as well they're like Rocky Balboa the situation is Goodluck one word don't cha come on up. Starting for the quarter cup I was in the World Cup started in the tournament started in late May the round-robin where they sell at stage the group stage that was made May 23rd PS and what year it started 19 1908 1908. What is start what was the date in 1930 what happened during the War I didn't do it wouldn't hold it. I think they did but if you would like train up the World Cup you like yeah and under the world war that doesn't involve your country and you got dammit you play goalie for the for the like Dino trenches need kick grenades used to play football on 9th anniversary is coming up and I think you're going to host it or they wants her stuff because they hosted the first 1930 cool 3438 and I fight there is no list of the World Cup between 30 and 50 so maybe you are correct I thought they did hold him but you have to compete maybe they don't qualify them as well call it off during the World War Z as well be protests and I always think about that every time is a princess like this country is not going to the Olympics this year because it's in a country they don't like those athletes train all their life not knowing that their their country was like kind of mad at this other country England didn't do the first few World Cups cuz I think it's just so hard to travel South America or Britain in the UK soccer is it still wasn't soccer started by like the Aztecs and the Mayans made the heads ball is like tomato who invented the offside rule I don't know who's going to take the mines was that fussed about having two of the opposing team how do you know that behind the attack are the attackers find Affinity and then they pass the ball to his kennel just like hockey offsides two players from the opposing team two players only the goalie in the last Defender according to fee for the Chinese competitive game could you is the earliest form of football for which there is evidence I will look it up there is it say that Canadian guy invented basketball 2 James Nesbitt or something can shit change basketball first play if it's his first plate Springfield Massachusetts believe that Canadian guy that was a peach baskets wasn't nowhere hate to break it to you to play with lobster dress ideas people that people don't realize you think it's so infuriated I kind of made a joke about a the outrage of the week it was a couple weeks ago when those Guild Wars developers got fired and one of the other writer the company said they were no longer at the company but I don't really know that they both got fired I'm pretty sure she got fired but I wouldn't be surprised and I made it like right before we got to cool off I mean it was a joke about like but the outrage showed up at my doorstep and I literally just did this thing really just close the blinds for standard torches and left I hate that solution now man I really hate that that's solution turn off as soon as you let go of the button you can push it and then let go and then touch it and it still headed that way tell Larry I just got tweeted at by Larry I'm assuming it's Larry dunkelman cuz it's about defending Canada it says Ontario grows absolutely delicious peaches not 1930 dude not 1930s oh that was fucking loud from that sorry about saying the Canadiens did to that basketball but we all know it's not true did you get it what yet I fried some hair off your legs aluminum