#502 - Stuff Your Face In Austin

Join Burnie Burns, Ashley Jenkins, Adam Ellis, and Bethany Feinstein as they discuss RTX, places to eat in Austin, Ashley’s baby birds, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-502

Recorded: 2018-07-24 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:15:30 (4530.07 seconds)

Participants: Burnie Burns, Adam Ellis, Bethany Feinstein, Ashley Jenkins


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Has places that you can go to eat around a lot and so now we have a place where you can go and look for your different types of food different hangout spot Casino outside of our check this is the time for people to revisit your Vlog to about where to eat around Austin so for one of the logs that great in the middle of the vlogyear would have been during RTX we went and ate at 7 different restaurant and then we chose so it goes on the list you guys tell me what you guys would pick tacos in the morning okay barbecue is big in Austin but the culture here in Austin on Airport and Veracruz which the the food truck is off Cesar Chavez but they do have one up north now dude Veracruz okay Torchy's was the one I would have local business really great go to Paco's Tacos something I couldn't make it home I get that they make a mistake mistake to make it to the big ingredients for breakfast taco or bacon and egg and they win you over some like bacon egg and cheese they cook the bacon in the act like they chop it up and grab what would be a special for me to slide Together app they have a Torchy's listed and it's a kind of a nice trip if you're good aren't you going to go to Torchy's cuz we've talked about it so much on the podcast how do you think a great if you've never had it before because they're super decadent tacos I do think they get would be kind of weird then after a few years but they're very popular for the one who the food truck where they started cuz it what is there but it's like I don't know it's an outdoor location at the food truck is actually at Torchy's if you want to go they want by the university that the little bit probably a little more comfortable in the really awesome place to take people who are in from out of town because it's an excuse to indulge but it's a limited excuse I would never go there just cuz like what you mean for Gordo's because that place is everything is so huge and so rich and so donut everything is served on the donut or with the doughnut full of one if you can replace that you take someone when they visit the man like that place seriously if you ever want to feel like death eat there donut because there are just donuts later I never even their level it's really good it's just it's just so much about breakfast tacos for you I'm Elsa little girl just like breakfast lunch dinner hard to get to know you a little bit there's a couple different locations but I don't think any of them are a convenient to the convention center so it'll be probably an Uber at the least so after breakfast for barbecue real quick barbecue style switch switches is out there also not coming to the convention center blocks is probably more convenient to the convention center to the convention center but it's like hello I don't like to review things negatively I have a hard time finding bad barbecue is just sit the bar for barbecue in Austin is so high it's all good BBQ and then it's just different tiers of Goodwill what is BBQ good for someone who doesn't eat me like why is one place better than another Franklin if you want to wait 6 hours in line you can do that is vintage salt and pepper and smoke and nothing fancy you know we don't go to places down in Lockhart where they don't serve BBQ sauce by where we go after BBQ we went we end up going to micklethwait okay trip number 3 so what was you who is there places good veggie burger very sorry yes of course us oh the Places I've had impossible Burger I hate to say what's the burger place no one ever wants to talk about it but all of the impossible Burgers I've had I've tasted pretty much the same so Haymaker right here by us on Manor has a great impossible burger what I love but it's very similar to hopdoddy but I wouldn't go to hopdoddy just for that looks like me it's a lap right now it's kind of pinkish but it's all plant-based and vegetarian vegan vegetarian I could never live without cheese still good with one part I just don't have the taste for it but bigger part is the animal animal cruelty that so if lab meat was made legal tomorrow lab grown in a lab how I felt like an animal is never involved your me what is it one or none like it still grosses me out to think of eating an animal so when I did eat chicken even that kind of chicken was had to be like finally it was like shredded chicken I wouldn't want to eat like a chicken breast or like as I can slap you know I have a good friend of mine she is what I would consider being a foodie Gourmet foodie like she's a good cook like nice restaurants she will have one rule she will not eat meat on a bone she will not have a bone like on her plate she just tear into a wing or anything like that or ribs or anything I love animals so much but I can't not even I know you love cats like I understand there's nothing I could say that would defend the moral argument of eating animals should not eat animals of past that we can eat non-animal yeah clearly he will do it but but at the same time I also just like everyone that knows me and that's around me knows that I'm not going to like you can eat whatever you want around me I'm never going to point it out that you shouldn't eat this like what I do is my business and what you do another load to it is very easy for people to feel like they're being attacked right you just talk about things and I don't think she me where you at for brunch burger what would you say best burger but I don't care I don't care who was knocking off who in the situation you're just asking to look at Burger and I paid like I don't like it enough surprise so much I feel like there's too much potato and not enough salt but there are P Terry's and I know what the weather feels like mighty fine where is that bar none definition of vegan burger is from Mother's Cafe if I like it's stupid I like five guys so much but I think five guys up there but also Shake Shack near me if you're going to have a quintessential Texas Burger experience we almost did this but it seemed cuz it was fast food over to do it is Whataburger from Texas loves the cops the orange and white striped cups because they became an asset in some video game library and you can see them in all kinds of video games I know the last Resident Evil they had Whataburger Cubs everywhere but they're not truck with a logo striped white cups so the instant I saw it in their house but they were in the South right so I guess it doesn't make sense that really bad so then on the video of the fourth place we went was for margaritas and queso but we just went to a place off of Oltorf where's the best queso in Austin do cheese oh my gosh this is so hard time to drive to San Antonio best margarita drink, has good queso flameado and good margaritas have you been there it's on Burton, the pretty good I think that's good yeah. Patio will bring it back up he just hums but doesn't very good 30 things around the house like is that Blaine who tracks every gram of everything he eats all week then and on Sunday he eats an entire one of these in the medium right is the large digital Blaine what you can't either one of these every single Sunday in New York so look at you I'm seeing for coming from there don't bother I'll probably be shipping water for Soviet 313 is what you would say different from home even though I don't like it as a restaurant a girl has great queso how many cases in Texas are just Velveeta and Rotel and then torches like unique coffee coffee shop that has the I love you so much time and everybody take a photo in front of them. We had to do that with your favorite coffee I like any normal coffee shop in the whole world is in my oldest son we got every time you go down tabs please call The Hideout downtown Austin Congress if you want to go see where the old rooster teeth office used to be it's now a Loft Hotel at 7th and Congress right by the capitol there so you'll know where the receipt is used to be because there's a little coffee shop called The Hideout and when Jenny was growing up we would go there and he learned to drink tea and would have muffins and stuff so we always go back to that place but I do like Jose I like any place that is like a super Boutique coffee place cuz they all serve the Ethiopian coffee that's very acidic and to me I just tasted good I'm drinking Tomatoes which is so weird cuz my brain just interpreted that way so I always have to have her try coffee before we go anywhere although there is a place it's maybe walking distance to be a long walk but it's place called Halcyon that's downtown coffee place they do s'mores and it's amazing yeah we got the gigantic plate of mac and cheese that was also unblocked day that was like the end hot dogs hot dogs in Austin for RTX was close to Convention Center and then Barbara just said we saw a plate of poutine actually buy a group of fans who is next to us and they offered Barb one of them and she took when she was all the still good I miss it I go I will give you what I think like 50 bucks a week $100 if you eat until I order it she tried and it was said her and hurting real bad and we had four toes after that where would you go for dessert in Austin place a call to Sweet ritual it's a vegan ice cream place I know where most of the names like I don't know man it's so good like I wouldn't I wouldn't have known unless it's like I went there and some of the kids vegan II give it a lick artichoke ice cream yeah he's your buddy still all over the after I would like that by the convention center pretty close I serve sandwiches and also like Italian pieces delicious if you if you ever in the mood for something super fancy we can eat there during lunch when we're downtown so is that cheaper there's a place called Perry's Steakhouse they have a pork chop that looks like something out of a Flintstones cartoon yeah it's like literally three different parts and they like bring it on the slam it down it's huge and then there's a place right across the street from an invited to that Friday pork chop lunch love the Roaring Fork that was Monty's favorite place in Monte when we were like finish next season 8 of red versus blue he in particular love these cedar plank salmon and I will just go over and order those like two or three at a time and just give them to my favorites that's my favorite thing there wasn't no no it's just I was surprised to find that people will try to text you usually people will say oh you're vegan and like you don't understand what that means then cuz I still eat eggs and cheese yes all the other thing there was a member of the community who's been on the podcast before that she was in the Las Vegas Vlog as well whatever basses for RTX this year as well I went out to all of them are going to be have hardcore vegan like and I think she'd be okay with me saying this I took her mother's when she was in town one time and we were she was leaving for the airport so we went there for lunch is she has like apps where she will look up companies that tell if she's not just like eat the product it's got to be vegan but the company can't be involved with any kind of testing on animals or anything like that so she's like 5 level deep at that point restaurant that has existed in Austin entire time that I've been here there's not that many lot of them is closed so it's like I always feel obligated like bring people like really small Austin places in Rockwall Texas property taxes are going up or they can't renovate the restaurants at look and feel like walking to the restaurant from 1995 but like Thundercloud Subs Subs it's like nice suit feels like I used to work and hoagie shop over 10 years ago feels like a hoagie shop from over 10 years ago check out that blog and listen to this advice here you go for pizza give three. 313 a try but yeah Mexican food protect next week and you text message it's also pretty awesome I've never liked I like rubbing it right over here over $50 is too much money for pizza 25 bucks for 8 slice pizza but it's hard to explain what it is it's like a loaf of bread with butter. all right to ask how are you how are you doing do you have a recent development in your life I do you want to talk about I have baby but they're so cute there's three of them they're learning to fly the 31st yeah we had that we've had sparrows set up Nest near a house before a few months ago those barrels made in a snail eggs and eggs and eggs don't hatch nose broken and so I thought they had set up a nest in an umbrella that we've had out in our back patio is just been laying on its side being stored cuz we were having some work done and thought well about not going anywhere anytime soon everyday checking the eggs make sure the extra could all the eggs are good eggs hatched and they were pink ugly little lumps oh my God birds are the option to every baby animals being cute they are not but just got to be horrible they look like they look like chicken nuggets before they get black blue eyes show thicker eyelids the picture you showed me how old were they been so yesterday there now we can have maybe a week and a half maybe 2 weeks it looks like it doesn't like male pattern baldness Annex yesterday one of the birds decided that it didn't feel like being in the nest anymore and I I saw it on the ground and I was like chasing her like oh no you poor little baby I'm going to get you back in your nuts get on gloves on so that I'm not going to get us them right I was such a relationship when the parent birds were coming I thought the male bird just took off but she when they were coming and because we had we were having some construction work done and tell them you want to delay in for a week so it's bigger than the nest she like like there's no way the parents are going to go to the absolutely did and they were there for a couple of facts I'm going to cry but they sell them feeding the babies from the new spot they found them it was the best thing except now they've all left the nest surround was pointless not yet their parents going to be hurting them their parents not like there's one either so I do not feel already been suicidal I had to pull him out of a like a bit under our stairs only for a little while because I think that grunt like baby birds that can't fly quite yet or the only place she could possibly hunt squirrel is now off living independently she would set up at the glass door we're right outside of his where we feed the squirrel and she would just walk by and see the squirrel hunting Instinct in her whatever yeah whatever that is the most cats have I think she skipped it up and text but then moved away these Coast does that mean you've been to the friends that she's been to the experience and Adam you and Ashley to get texas-sized cockroache for the first time as I know yeah that's what is that recently know is when I moved out I was not expecting I know they say everything's bigger in Texas I didn't know if they meant that this pretty horse type first time I saw was a black Beatles so I has with his I've only seen the Scorpions three times in the the house that were in one we saw in the garage and Britney taught me how to squish them to make sure they crunch really good and said that it's a good thing to do because it sets they deserve their reproductive cycle is so long that you make a lot of Headway if you just give him a good crunch house it's like a stir up the ground at Dallas corgis look him up but you can cut it I was told this you can get ahead of them just by stepping on them is that they take a long time to roll so they have long life cycle so you actually do make progress borax and they have that what does something is for bed bugs it's the same kind of Earth-like diaphoresis Earth but I just know I'm leaving now. But I'll look it up star bathtub went into the bathroom in the morning and somehow overnight a scorpion got into the bathtub and couldn't get out so we just sort of left in there that's just to see what would happen eventually he did disappear which is a little concerning but we found out they can't like it can't climb scorpions can't climb non-porous surfaces so they can't climb glass and they can't climb fiberglass so I guess one thing that a lot of people do is for like kids beds and stuff so actually put the glass mason jars the put each leg of the bed in a mason jar cuz scorpions can't climb it I don't know where it went down the drain I suppose you did know that the number for the latest in the bathtub I was taking a bath it was relaxing it was really nice I was I was playing on the switch and then I just felt something drop on my head something fell from the ceiling look I get it there's bugs right now they like cockroaches will wander in from outside it happens and it sucks and it's the worst thing ever so in like and then fell like on my chest in the tub and I looked and was like that's the Scorpion and had to get into the water and then just watch it drown what into the tub for children and then go get Bernie to verify there was in fact a baby scorpion it was like this big which I understand is a bad thing of a lot of a bunch around that is a horrible thing that I got to see it though nature is metal hardcore just like you to make me like Crimson the internet but I spider molting made me cringe giant spider crab with Matthew long legs and watch it like we go out of it little baby feathers falling out of their own skin with that that's it that's terrifying oh God picture of a scorpion with 154 with 15 babies on it's back and have you ever been bitten by a scorpion or anything like princess scorpions in Texas are kind of like kind of like a bee sting but you don't people tend to be not allergic to them so just kind of like ouch I don't know if anybody about that kind of level of pain it's not that bad it's just you what we when you see what's tum you you freak out yet if I'm ever been stung by anything cuz I look at my when it's fine I don't know I don't know I send my ears to tell adults which is a weird thing like I should be comfortable but I didn't tell anyone and then later it was like kind of burn it was all in my inner thigh. It didn't pee on you I thought I don't remember if I knew that at the time that like that was an option like myself salt used to do it before it's some kind of like powderized fossil Stone and it's basically just stand that you spread out and you form a barrier with it bugs her it's like it's like walking on glass to them look at them up and then they can't end up dying or they can't travel through it. All those are just like supposed to use it for bed bugs my friend. I felt really bad for him for that a code has nothing whatsoever to Cody but it's your thing and I get a coat and punch in the code to unlock the same the code is my is 42 code is my birthday and that's the thing I said what can I change it to another 4 digit code I like to use for stuff and they we just do birthdays and I left I was thinking it's super easy to guess I mean if so would you ever go there before he gets somebody's birthday or wouldn't be a bunch of people with the same code that identify who's who was like hysecurity like Pick-A-Part when I hear something it's like a bad algorithm essentially plus you can be of Zelda we got the code that you want to use their be way more options if you could just pick your own I know right 7000 probably right but they can match you have 9999 answers you have to go through to break a four digit code the least if it's based on birthdays you like to go up to 1200 and you only go to 30 out of every hundred for a basically trust me you're totally good easy good I'm pretty happy I'm happy that they had to go online and read read up when they left the nest to figure out that that's actually normal that they will normally leave the nest and they'll be on the ground for a day or two seems like a stupid evolutionary thing to me cuz they're still snacks at that point they can't be still can't get off the ground and now they can't get back into their nest but I'm happy that the birds are going to grown up movies and they're going to call me Mom she was learning a lot about birds she was telling me when they were walking around the backyard do they do this for like 4 or 5 days anything to eat them you know like a nutmeg everything you've broke every single thing is Burt like you show me the most are the venturing catch anything like a cow eat like of chicken walking around inside the meeting this one for a pelican eating a pigeon I've seen that this is crazy I move and it was like one of those cranes is it is horrible tempting the bird outside the cage but like eventually this back and forth then the long neck bird who got too close and the Raptor bird of the predatory bird got it I feel bad I like growing up I love planet Earth but when planet Earth 2 came out watching nature do its thing and like watch animals eat other animals I got too sad and I can't watch planet Earth because of it I want to watch the edited version where there's no animals eating other animals they have our amazing was it was a planet Earth to planet or something different that one around a while ago of the lizard escaping all the snakes yeah I were some of the lizard early on that got caught they had to establish the danger though I don't know man for that lizard to get away and it was so close so many times have the across this big gap and Ice make your snapping at him as he goes every week or more dramatic than like any action movie sequence in any movie is incredible the footage they got they must have cut together like two or three lizards doing it and I'm totally fine with that with the feed don't like you're bored and I want to run to the ocean I think a run for it and he just do baby lizards to come running any company that's the one that has gave us by the most thing but 95% 99% of things that I've ever lived there and up dying is something else ate them like that's what happened today with humans we get to die of old age you know just means you slow down enough to where I would like to thank the natural causes heart disease stroke or aneurysm or whatever it is it's like something what is death by natural causes what is that what you think I did really someone's death by natural causes of document is the end result of an illness or internal malfunction of the body not directly caused by external forces for cancer would be natural and not directly caused by external forces that an accident right is the end result of an illness or internal malfunction synephrine cause it's kind of like a normal IQ just like region Express expiration Point years like something HIV people died because of pneumonia that's the cause of death run your body's ability to fight anything exactly and then that leads you getting something that eventually you know natural causes our old age to have a certain time that's it my phone off I got to die now you know you'll die from something like heart failure or you're more susceptible to cancer chili what's the best hospital to go on is really super heroes and I don't have a man Shazam and I feel like that was my time and I did it and I went every year for 10 years and I was done and I never look back and I never wanted to go back to Comic-Con that being said this was the first time when I was reading about like people of social me being at Comic-Con and what they were doing like a lot of fun you're missing out on me though we haven't hit me up all night like that my baby was so bad the last year we were there this year. We hadn't been in a couple of years rooster teeth with weed vending machine but how do we get a 64 we do this or Kyle's at make 64 really another great reason not to go, cuz it was one booth and an employee to be named later but he used to bug the shit because, cause you is like a preview night and exhibiting you have to be there for preview night and then we were always right next to make a 64 inside but just a little pole with that shity little paper thin curtain on it you know but like at waist level and Eric was always at the right on the other side of it just like I was like if that gas to the guys working and I do not want me to take it it's crazy but usually when I start to work with him it's like a breath of fresh air you know it's annoying and he's an amazing guy really listening are if you're not really annoyed grunt queen you are too why do we hold our own brunch I'm going to do I'm going to go with my son tomorrow am I cuz he's the one who's probably not a good idea cuz we're going we're going to take sailing lessons I'm always wonder how to say oh and JD's very interested in it and Teddy would probably going to chill it's like the best father ever and then we'll do some stuff probably smaller craft we're doing like we never done like I don't like little like catfish you know where Sunfish she's me like that kind of thing but I've never done like a big sale but we got to do one last year with my buddy Drew you know Drew from to filter the Streamys guy and I just like I've always want to go back to drop cold front must be coming into the hundred so I think I look like a hundred plus but at least we still be on a lake and you can dunk yourself in the water if you got you hot went with Jason caldonia who plays Tucker and we drove my pickup and detach tour merch in a trailer and drove it out to San Diego which meant we had to drive to West Texas in the middle of July and there's a point Like About You west of Austin baby shark on the Eastside of Texas you get to Houston to get Dallas they Austin San Antonio was right in the middle of the state then nothing like for 6 hours until you get to El Paso New Mexico and but it was never one time on the dial tone is 116 degrees outside do we there were literally sign saying there's not a gas station for a hundred and forty miles and we're in a pickup truck F-150 night I was watching the fuel gauge physically move like I could have watched it slowly dropping freaking me out I got gas and we're going to die of something you know exposure out here did you know earlier this year we drove from Colorado up in the Nebraska and there wasn't one they just kept really cold in 10 horrifying experience was not very far but I just don't think I'm I should be in a car very long so come out in Texas right now in terior oh my god oh I just put one up this is my first day using it and I'll let you know yes billion different job at first he was a priest he was a priest was it 45 left the priesthood he was a carpenter that led to him being because there's a government program were none of those homes in Rochester New York here also old they have been built with modern insulation so he would do this thing cellulose insulation at the pink stuff but he could blow it into the crevices of building help with energy to got involved in energy when he came down to Texas he was involved with that that led to him working on the particle collider in Dallas and then he was a physics professor at that same time but it's funny because that sticks with me all those little things I pick up for my dad and it's silver that Radiant Barrier it like reflects rating energy so just having like a shade is one thing but having an actual reflective one does a lot more so that's why I'm using this like bright silver thing in my windshield today and I don't know I'll see if I can check my thing right now to see how hot it is out there so I have never used one but I got a car here for about like 5 years almost and I have looked at the dashboard is sorta like stuff like that soft rubbery material but because it's so hot in Texas it's all the moisture is gone out of that and my dashboard is literally so I'm just kind of like what I got a new car I'm going to get one. Kelly write protect you from the top when I was a teenager I had a Toyota Camry and my dad got me a dash cover is Bay was molded to that model Camry but I was basically carpet but it is there was a piece of on the back and it basically like takes down onto my dashboard I wonder if it was some theoretically some sort of protective thing like that except I just like an idiot your first car there when we first car on a Chevy 400 SX a talk that was weird like 1980 not going to talk to you it's the robot car shouldn't you talk and drive turn 8 degrees outside according to the weather app and my car is 118 degrees 12 degrees from yes when I moved here I moved in my Chevy Cavalier about a year into work and receive I finally got a new car and for about 8 months I had air conditioning and then it broke and up until 6 months ago I did not fix my car out at 3 so that was the first time I ever hear acoustic are so 29 at that point in time I just have not had a few months is great but then it broke and it was such an expensive fix it I was just calling to see how you survive Texas without but I know it's like looking back at you lose your first car Bethany Nissan 240SX there's like a little red convertible was like convertible black top is cool that's cool I was happy to have it in high school but they was totaled like four months later since I had a gold 1982 Dodge 400 velour bench seats the ones with the nice like faux leather on the top like nice K car it got it it was a repo got for 250 bucks selling it when the blinker went out because it would have cost more to fix that they would have had for emergency recall on something and so I we just sold the car instead of fixing the blinker cost more like that point you just have to update for inspection would have been like $2,000 car like it was an 8-track or something whatever whatever options were there were not working and so I just have Boombox it next to me in the thing and would play it as I was driving over the mountain your headliner do you like was the photo I wanted my dad that the headliner was all it was all like sliced up and so what my dad replace all over himself and I begged him to put closet so I can call it a convertible and he wouldn't he didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did haven't filed I'm on my friend that any any of them were lucky enough to have card it was either the air conditioning broke or the the ceiling started to fall down like that true fact that happened late 70s early 80s in the early nineties those are the cars that you were in there getting to know her could afford or getting handed down to you guys were lucky I'm so grateful I had a shity car though I've appreciated every Improvement to every car I ever had thank you have to start out that way if you don't start off of the Citi card you're going to destroy your everyone who's had a shity car doesn't take care of it well or like they let you learn on her feet are you still with trash oh yeah I'm good I've never done that though like a bad car that I do when I lost in the don't block my car I'll send you the actual I have like I have a little five nights while you're driving but they're like it's like a combination of the two like a BJ while you're driving stop like stuff which I got to stop doing cuz my car is recognizable so I do have people to pull up the right now better like you know like I saw your car and hey what's going on hey what's up what do you do with the pic when you're done so I know you like you I don't have to text I want to see your reaction to that because littering was when I was a kid was big but they're both not here living with the thing and then they went to the whole campaign in the late seventies early eighties when I was just like 5 years old they were hardcore you can't litter and litter became like it's one of the few social shaming things we have let you like you shouldn't even more litter you like to have some money on the street and you don't I just kept it I know you're awful you should take like you throw a fun fact if you wanted to learn a fun fact about me I was on the Don't Mess with Texas billboard campaign Texas when I came to Texas my cell that I didn't know it was about littering best friend with Texas would you still let her so they do like put trash in my hair so my gosh yeah that's really cool and now I'm here billboard yeah so cool better than cool thing you're taking a billing problem with the Texas oh it's the only video I think we've ever had taken down this is weight that could have a finity logos on them businesses and they start off the freaking was with mighty fine is it Texas mighty fine license plate picture of it and I'm pretty sure that my phone is probably the only company that got approved for it because we immediately jumped on him how crazy would it be to have a rooster teeth license plate official Texas lights in my routine on it and we were like chugging along we were we were moving to the process and everything is great and then right in the middle of that we got a letter from the state of Texas different department that you sent us a cease-and-desist to take found a video we had about getting a license plate the DMV and Matt keeps getting all these really offencive license plates but randomly because in because it was a DMV or we call DPS in Texas Department Public Safety we put the Don't Mess with Texas logo up on a poster of fake poster that we made and that's a trademark logo and we can use their trademark logo Don't Mess with Texas and said that was the whole video is about the whole letter was about that and we were knocking them mess with the state of Texas there's a lot of people I would fight on the store in the state of Texas exist as a company in the state of Texas a we were not about to fight that I like that video is gone take it down so it's really only videos removed the left side in the license plate number and then but the bottom with the said Richard you can do is talk about doing that cuz I remember like yeah we were like work it where it's on the way to pack the first time I met you was a packed Boston sitting right next to me why it's crazy that you did the hot sauce with Jeff right it's a crazy so crazy so whatever I said Betty how you holding up with RTX coming I'm tired a lot I bet you know it's a lot of really long hours whether it's in the office or at home I'll get home in like my voice isn't that sweet hole like cooked dinner and I will barely pick at it and I'm still just like working who's come check on you like you really need to eat babe I know I'll eat another bite that you're standing here watching me see how tall is your boyfriend have you guys next to each other at the New Year's Eve party and I thought you were taller than 6:30 as well yeah that you don't need to be cooking it like a normal size stove take care of you he knows the support of you know like it's hard to explain what we do sometimes and this is the first RTX if we've been together for almost a year so he hasn't seen RTX he hasn't seen me and crazy RTX like crazier headspace that I've ever been in but yeah just like real supportive as you know my team has been like killing it and what kind of all in it together like no one really leaves and less were all like are we all going or we all going to stay till 10 so we all really like kitchen you got that countdown timer on your way it's pretty bad today is what 10 days to visit anymore. Kind of busy sign on the door and I was a little bit nicer it said something to the effect of when our checks crunch time please don't bother us but then we had to add one that says even if this has to do with RTX please send us a message first because people are starting to come in saying oh I see me to talk to you about RTX about really but still you can't just interrupt our day so one of the meetings we had today we're time by the security measures last year was the first year that we had to have metal detectors and we had to be put as many metal detectors as we could in on the first day was enough said we had to go get metal detection like everywhere else I don't understand it because we were told that they only had text him out last year and then that second day they had to pull over night from various places around town that have him I'd still don't understand it I wouldn't know what kind of company but like a logistics company or events company partnered with the convention center probably has that kind of thing about the specialty is the organization Logistics and transportation of metal detectors at the big deal was stanchion which I remember remember the metal poles that you had the ribbons that runs like. Freeman had to pull from all over the state of Texas and everywhere to get them and I remember the station to Bothell it happening but this year for metal detecting we put out a couple of emails to hopefully you had a chance to look through them we got a lot of questions last week when we put up that information hopefully we have answered all of the questions I think we have but we're going to send out a couple more time so make sure that you and your friends read all the information go to the correct place it's really important this year do a lot of females so I would estimate about 85% of the folks have already been given their badge which is great so registration sign should registration line should be down this year the only people that would need to pick up on side or if you're International Canada is not part of that Canada if you had picked up your badge before July 6th you would have already gotten it and anyone that purchased after July 6th weather domestic or International have to pick it up but it's going to be so much easier this year just travelling you should pick it up before July 6th or July 7th or the US that bought a bad before July 6th should have had it shipped if not you need to reach out to front gate at as soon as you can if you purchase a bad after July 6th or live in an international place other than Canada then you will have to pick it up on site different day then cuz I'm sure there were people listening to this you were like whatever so that might be an interesting year to watch event watching like you know even something like VidCon which is well long as it was acquired by Viacom the show was I think that this was the first year was under that and is like a big ship and they had that whole cannacon thing that was going back in time at influenster YouTuber she tried to have her phone convention with zero experience to dino X yeah I can imagine how traumatic listening to those logs must be a couple weeks before she go on a vacation to Hawaii and then people told her this a lot of it like I don't ever wish anyone fail your ever so I hope I wish it would have worked especially for all of the attendees and the fans in the community of they have that we're disappointed at the end of the day you know that's not fun for anyone and I don't people did Sebastian sunburn I would never wish that on anyone but there is that level of like when someone just think they can pull it off without any experience in without a team and without expertise and then yeah it hurts you hurts with coming from a negative place which is not a big pun wanted to fuck them over there tickets or whatever we didn't have enough time to plan this bike will you chose to date you wanted to make sure it is those don't hold up well they did not answer and she's mad about like they wouldn't let her in its like causing a security issue and they moved me and I got really mad at that and so then I was just standing there and I went out into the crowd to say hello to everybody who knows the mob and they said you can't do this and it's like basically what it ends up being after the end result with panic on is this story about this woman who can't learn a lesson like she's like people professional people who do this for years or telling you this is a problem putting this many people in one place the problem in here we need to work out a solution for this and sorry you weren't a future guest but you can't do this and then she's like no fuck this I can do it then she tried to do it on her own after 3 attempts we've been gone that all went badly she does it on her own and then it was ten times worse thousand times worse the fire Festival in the pocket he was going to be if if the event itself wouldn't refund shooty personally reaching out so I don't I think the Impressions is like there's a good case against her for like fraud what where where she knew the amount of attendees to the capacity load up and hold and willingly went ahead and invited like five thousand thousand Adventure Park and we don't know what it is there will be something at RTX next week that happens and we'll have to adjust to it 10 days starting something there's always something and I think what RoosterTeeth and what the events team do really well that other conventions don't if we really care and listen to the computer communities throughout the process so even sending out our official plan last week we listen to people and we made adjustments from that you know we don't just wait till people show up and then or upset so we're trying yeah I'm excited though our text is so much fun every year might hate when we say it cuz we know our checks London is also cuz it's only 6 weeks later but for us were like don't talk to us about RTX London that's a breeze you know for for what we have to do for Austin people in one place is always going to be some kind of problems and the big thing is that doesn't matter there's always going to be lying always does it matter what age for Comic-Con 48 hours and it is saying I'm glad we don't have that just crazy cuz isn't that one of the ones they don't clear Star Wars you ever hear what they did that was brutal John Williams orchestral performance of the Star Wars soundtrack and Kevin Smith came in after them was like the entire whole head cleared out and I think he started off his hour with 10% of halt h filled and to his credit over the course of his speech you'll find out you can get into Hall age and hear Kevin Smith talking and he filled it back up so the back up like 30 you 50% so 1000 but yeah but there's lines it's like people show up every single week they know how to do come to the stadiums people make wines and we were costly trying to figure out how to make the lines better but it is definitely part of any kind of mass population event for sure so there will be some underwear this so knock on wood nothing serious Everybody's Fine lot of people want twice to see what happens we have to have our amazing Guardian so they make everything better what color shirts do they be wearing the shirt bright red bright red like the first year was like one of the least curity Guardians and then after that I had the same thing with another friend and then after that like a month after that I got hired August 5th 5 years ago oh my gosh you're only had our checks will be our 5th anniversary that's cool we still work work hard you know trying to make it work every or try to find new things to do always try to find a ways to make it better if it doesn't do that because I'm bringing Adam not Amazon they've gotten so they put an Amazon package right after I read that story Ashley left to go somewhere Amazon has showed up they literally put our package at the curb but it was just sitting on the curb at the strike not at the mailbox just what was the prophet like they're using their own carrier now so they're like we get some we've had in the past got some things via like other carriers but I'm at least here in Austin they do you have their own Amazon Fulfillment to go around there in Amazon trucks and they're doing a do deliveries in the Fulfillment and sometimes they're okay I thought I had some I have had terrible experiences trying to do same-day or next-day shipping cuz it means that I think I think typically means that is coming from an Austin warehouse and they're using Local Company whatever but I've had same-day deliveries take like a week to get to me that's been happening to me too I'm still waiting on a pair of shoes that I bought before my birthday which is July 1st I don't know if it's if it's being I forgot about it they're the ones. And it's in their warehouse with their drivers how does it take a week to get to the same day address don't don't work don't tell me that you can deliver the same day if you fucking can't I'm mad about it being delayed some chainmail supplies I desperately needed it is so slow I will go through seasons of TV shows to keep me company while I make a tiny patch going back in time are you wanting to go back in time and do be a genius do they know so much worse than reality it's like they would just think you're an idiot cuz you don't know how to farm Latin you would never be able to convey any of your information to anybody else here pretty quick there was a hole in the comments you like debunk that it's like that that was me 11 do you know 80 the Middle Ages it was later when we moved away from the church when they do you know started believing in things that were unnatural you know and started burning people and things like that. But do they really think of that as being the Middle Ages but the Middle Ages were I guess I should pretty routinized and structured and there was hope you know there was a there was some pork rinds in Austin for the next week of your life and then weekend they'll break a leg day for major event I don't know good luck survive you guys buy