#503 - Gus Admits He's Wrong

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Rooster Brew beer, the James Gunn firing, physical training for movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-gus-admits-he-s-wrong-503

Recorded: 2018-07-31 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:39:14 (5954.62 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 503 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello walking over hot cat brought to you by Adult Swim and where's Big I'm Barbara and Bernie will be here shortly I'm just got to make your face because before that I guess you made sure to tell me and had me confirm that I heard that there would be no boxes at the top two wide release they're going to be there was subscribed to first and you don't have to watch little boxes if it's not there before the final product find the product before it's fully released live live crazy Anything could happen anything could happen anything could happen start at the Monday in a very weird manner today what is your day started okay we went to a brewery to watch RoosterTeeth beer get tanned and started drinking beer at like 9:30 in the morning which was a really bizarre start to the no no it's great but 9:30 a.m. beer with a little unexpected what to call this and actually Bruceton and Twitter told me one that he he was on the list and he surprised when he called that it was a user that had his photo as his photo blanket available at RTX at the coupe is the person who replied to my tryna talk to beer Alamo Animal Crossing mean things I want to look it up hold on one is this the rooster teeth Brew which had a rooster verucchi's me she had a couple of different names what are the names potentially suggested was Brew be but this was this isn't a whole lot of discussion it was a there was a big debate about this and I was actually I'm am bored now but there was a big internal debate of whether or not we should do this at all like whether or not we should put a rooster teeth on an alcohol product of our brand with alcohol because I feel like we're way down that hole already there was like do we want to sell alcohol like do not sell but like do we wanted like be associated with an alcoholic product that's has her name on it I don't think it's going to be free at the coop would you want to surprise you like oh hey look at us we got these cool cans and they have our logo on it the 15th anniversary it was a it was a long discussion and there were some dissenting opinions about it you know when we went back and forth I think at the end of the day and this is how I was going to visit like we have some root beer on the podcast every single week it's not that big a deal you know I'm glad that it's awesome it was it was really cool to watch that set up at the brewery and watch you know how to explain my call just for all these tanks are the store this is when we went to reconfigure it rearrange this and then watch like the can't get loaded and go down the conveyor belt I want to play a video game that's just building and managing a brewery like moving equipment around in managing like a production line and watching all the everything go through papers please do not miss this is Melvin beer in general old beer smells badly we spell it right after a party and the day after party when you wake up and go to clean up after party Mel but also brewing beer is a smell that unless you had it like a roommate or something who brewed beer as I did in college you don't know what that smells like basically just that smell of mulch like molten model liquify moths and then they may end up just it's the Brewing process it's kind of stinky can tell that by watching your Instagram stories that it was stinky in their part to this has a lot of the spilled beer on the floor but that had that smell but the other place had the smell I associate with brewing beer whenever the big tank but the Grain in the Hawks and I will go brother and the stuff that you guys said that sounds more like a coffee yet or is it was a coffee that was used for which everyone hates God which is awful hypothetically I heard as well like cockatoos like thing way too much I keep trying to tell him never to Ward at the company if you had a very you know what I mean it's just that it's a big deal out of 480 people that work at the company now almost 400 people we can we get award those to 12 people or the cord to your apartment and then there's some special Awards so if you guys want to nominate someone is here you might not be all coming together nominate your best managers company they give it to some of that fire them before you deliver it that's that's how manager would do it I told you say you're going to actually handle the award just like in that point I was really happy and you know it has been married I remember that when Patrick was presenting award Merrill the only girl technically in broadcast he's not contract or intern for sure and at the time I think you were the only girl that all right broadcast the whole time you started talking about who is giving it to you like I don't know if he was trying to make believe that like no one would guess who it was so he was like yeah I'm going to get a tour to someone she blah blah blah blah blah and she probably obvious that it was Ariel when she was already crying by the time yes I still remember the first time we had Mariel in here to the old Studio when like we were interviewing her possibly being an intern I had the most awkward first interaction with Meryl cuz I'm a stalker person in general especially when I meet people for the first time and so when I met her and I was like what's your name she's like Mary Ellen us like Mariel like em Ariel like a tasty Ariel Ariel and then she was like yep sounds good I just like walked away and I was like I'll just be over here after that so it worked out where do I look out she's Beauty she's Grace Chance the Rapper will be in touch listen to music is definitely a place where I've just given up all hope of staying relevant because I actually thought Childish Gambino Donald Glover's rap face got crayons on his face and I'll go over look very similar has at least my less shy personality but I'm still a very very shy person it's true. You down it was like was like showing your eyes like a broadcast stuff at the time as well as I have loved you have to go before Memorial. Volume Ariel still calls me Muriel room and she's on screen but I say a little I got this for real Barbara, Merle Merle Merle and the beer Brewster teeth 4760 pickles in chat says that 690 crayon face yeah what is this guy named tekashi69 thinks something like that but he looks like he looks like when you would get your your friends drunk and they would you would write on their faces like that's what he's got this look like I'm so out of touch I bet I can do or what tattoos on your face music in general like I also just recently found out who cardi B was not go through Texas cuz he loves her yes so is this the guy know I return my post Malone that guy also has a very successful music free ride I don't have that so you coming out which is the beer was a little bit of a debate what is not a debate is these other glasses that are out here City mugs the tiki mugs that we have these have been sitting in Ryan's office in Bay City of the e-commerce office for about five fucking months and I have been wanting to bring them on the podcast entire time they're Tiki inspired Rishi bugs bugs either, Calimesa mccombie but they're awesome so there are the information here about them they can be available first and then online later each a limited edition now so they aren't leaving and I are super Coupe opens up on Thursdays at the sunset room across from the convention center so if you and Jennifer are texting swing by a little before the event and I think those will be there to support your favorite because I think looks the most like a classic Tiki mug in Black achievement this red and white rooster is the best yellow Dawn don't have to be like my get it there's a rooster there there's some teeth by the way I'm taking these just tell everybody right now I'm taking yeah the Box they were right over there pictures taken pictures of these who's after the podcast we're shooting 60 pictures of 2nd of them right now yeah these are these have been sitting in Ryan Quinn's office for like 6 months now I feel like it every time I've been in there been asking if I can take one or take them to the podcast know you did to talk about that you can bug you take a mug shot any photos of the only one we had available at all and you sent it to Hannah Hart the I only drink at work mug which is not on sale yet we don't know when it's going to be in the store but we haven't done any such a way of moxeza sending one-of-a-kind prototypes to random people and win today he took the mug we had was that the one he said to her yeah yeah I think the Prototype there's another shipment I think it was doing that I took those stupid as well so this must never should come out because we can't take photos of it I am taking the glasses I want to be serious about that so you understand merchandise ever made was also a coffee mug that said covert alcohol container on it that is correct I have one of those too I have the first piece literally the only piece of merchandise that we never sold it they were available with them away to people after we shut down we still have the other piece of the other chotskies that I associate with drunk Gamers was someone from the DG Community made us Space Invaders keychain I have one that I use on my keys back cuz it still to this day so it's like been worn down in the year I found another one in my house that's like you still new in the plastic little baggie that they came in did not give it to you I had it I found it I gave it to use again I kept it I still have it that's in a place of honor and you go on and I forgot about that one from you and one from the universe podcast is brought you by hymns hymns is a one-stop-shop for hair loss skin care and sexual Wellness for men sexual performance issues are more common than you think or 25% of new EDI cases are guys under 49 CD can be optional hymns connect you to real doctors and medical grade solutions that treat ADD no waiting room no in-person doctor visit hours for hymns. 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Com recertify you know we talked about it before it's super easy great service should check it out if you need it I just got Gavin pick up one of these rooster Brew beers I was about to open it Pour it in and I've kept pointing to it so I can look at it and I've never seen someone more confused how's life where we went in we broke in and we started by Austin Beerworks Austin Beerworks previously made an appearance on this podcast with other find products when we got a 99 pack of beer yes that's right Rosa 25 but they went 4-3 of 33 rookie mistake what year did was funny we were when we were up there they were talking about the 99 pack today and they said they intentionally designed that packaging to be dumb they like we want to make the dumbest Mickey Mouse promotional product possible this is the first of designer came back with like a cube and then you can actually pick this up and Gary this designer still try to put like hand hole so you can pick it up no inconvenient places you have to have two people or it's like super unwieldy and awkward if it's one person on your shoulder I would push out full cans and then put it over my head and wear it like armor we just like a big tall thing like that thing was it was it was an absolute unit for pack and then three more tears just really put it up in the address yeah it's it's it's really heavy but other than that it's a it's cool I feel like I remember seeing them make beer I got you like I started not that long ago that like 7 or 8 years ago and I felt like I see you can every now and then I don't know if you like it's everywhere in Austin and everybody yeah there's definitely definitely taking off I like him so it is good to it's good to work with him for this like a big bucket list thing for you to have your own beer be cool if it happened if we were able to do it like I didn't realize until I know it's got that same year old like the red mule let's get it out in the rtl-e studio signs of me I've got a Stage 5 the pretty oh yeah it looks really nice coming in here and it seem like you like how to have a list on the side of the Departments that are in this building a day I think they're interchangeable technology but 50% of stage 4 and it looks like we might be taking over stage 3 for a little bit too for some production stuff nice when is that's the number to call it a stage trailer that building I instantly recognized for the hallway that runs down right in case it's like it's very what interchangeable I guess for different locations for a generic generic considering drinking that liquid that was I would not have let him do it on the planet is liquid sweat all the bad stuff comes from yeah I guess you that like if you saw even like a piece of meat just sitting on the table you like all right but you think a random liquid glass doors one there's just a jar of some Mister E-liquid in the other one there's like a lion and you're like I mean yeah everything bad comes to us like a lump of plutonium done so far just a concept of it which is a million-dollar for the rest of your life when you see an unfinished drink you just have to pick it up and it felt wrong to Sacramento birthday cake one on Twitter just posted the screenshot from Blake but you just posted the picture on Twitter as well his name is a Tinder Tron JJ like I haven't seen I know what you mean you didn't see on Instagram Story the car why what are you doing you're not you're not hanging out. It was in the car today okay maybe like once today I need me there it is yeah sorry products out of that mode I believe they can't make it now because of that particular image that we first met with some old friends and big Inspirations for receive the Homestar Runner guys Matt and Mike Chapman who else if you're not aware have been running Kickstarter for their new trogdor board game you should go check it out supported you know that yeah they haven't talked or board game thing from a little miniature pieces to little child or do you have one in your home without it and $7,000 race go to VidCon if you talk to anybody from the original generation of like YouTube content creators for all of them influence by Homestar Runner content creator true Hunter going to probably want to most influential things to ever be on the internet but they were talking about how is the height of the popularity for HomeStar when a Chinese company wanted to make plushies based on all the characters which would have been a great idea they made one for the character Bob's and they said they just made it and send it to them at Bub's has one little line what big eyes but because it's 2D Flash cartoons they couldn't really figure out what they were looking at so they extrapolated that the 3D and they thought the the blue I was a horn and they gave his big. You should have thought of that limited edition collector's item yeah yeah yeah I guess they both burn off of Strong Bad Emails classic it's it's funny to think that I bet the internet's just so different now it's like something we say all the time but you have to go to their website to watch a flash cartoon to load Flash cartoons you can watch them in the web browser and for us with videos you're the damn different versions of every episode of flash version of the site was the the first one ever watch that was very surprising to see the whole video I just thought as a thumb that was like the way this is the video happy about that will for two reasons one because we would you know work on reverse is blue Thursday night all the way to Friday morning with some kinds of one or two more it's like ever get out of here and then I knew I was going to sit there watch progress bars for another 4 fucking hours could take the day off from those videos like extended the deaf and Tiny would be done in second because of the movie cable modem 56k or why not because we had a date jobs dude this is like this is my season was even when you had the office it was still like tonight I think it's that thing where we just kept working on it until like the last possible minute getting ahead on red versus blue was always one of those things going to guess it was going to happen it happened season 8 that's going to find a habit of it we finally got a break and you directed season 7 I got to come in like help at the end cuz you had to leave cuz of the immigration stuff but yet at the break really helps and I could actually write a full script you know I don't think we had a full script of the entire season until season 9 came pretty close but 9 definitely had like I handed the script over to everybody and then we had a full script every other week I was I was like a week-to-week Perry acting like they like the story I feel like I should be doing the same and getting head on a guy's is that I've already shut the rest of 2018 and you take that I would sit down at it over and I just can't why can't you take so long that that much about himself if you could be so happy about it I wouldn't even have the highest possible 2018 we don't have scheduled text messaging yet like there's been times when someone texts me and they're in England and then I finish work I want to text him back another day how to make sense what's the cut-off what's your cutoff for pecks at 9:10 p.m. person if I text someone after like 9 or 10 p.m. I feel bad like I would apologize but I'm cool getting a text like up until midnight if I'm asleep I'll put my phone in do not disturb the talking to bother me I think 4 or 430 everyday cuz he starts clients at like 5 and every now and then he'll text me if you had like availability or if I ask him a question will text me back but like when he wakes up so I'll wake up to a text that came in at like 5 or 5:30 in the morning and look why don't even bother setting I can't respond for 3 hours chat by the way is gleefully letting us know that Android has schedule text messages the saying Android okay well message received literally right when an episode of something finishes on Netflix or Hulu Bishops like an hour 40 minutes it sends a signal to turn on your controller be nice right when the credits roll I don't want to. It will also play the next episode if I'm done I don't want to like I want to do that but then that technology does not exist because if you turn your console doesn't turn on your controller I just I wish you could you can't wait to control her to do that juggle hey what's up like a local news like a low power Bluetooth thing you can turn it on if it's connected via Wireless maybe does a dongle that android-based a Netflix video wakes up your Xbox controller for you still waiting on the PlayStation PlayStation Bluetooth Wright City proprietary whatever it is that makes it hard to like have a decent Wireless 3rd party controller it takes longer for my Xbox controller to link up to my Xbox over my PlayStation controllers look up to the Playstation Xbox I hit the like a second yeah he's working to killing it this generation just in general maybe crossword Spider-Man's about to come out now listen know my family fun in the original no man's sky flying around for like a day or two but then I just fell Amos and I was like this isn't the first time I thought about it I was fairly excited about it because I remember it was with everyone about this trailer and smells like in the endless possibilities if a new independent developers making the game they're talking about all the stuff you should know by now don't get super excited about that don't invite let's dig up our 50th bucking check in the last 2 hours Skyrim right big old map shit list of places to go good you cannot go to 900000 City I'd be like I don't want to go because it's supposed to be like a shared universe that you have run into someone yes but every planet was shity in definitely seems like a very expensive universe that you'll never I guess run out of felt like I was getting more powerful in any way I can walk a little faster I have a question about games or what so I dropped my switch on the airplane when I went to Raleigh this weekend and I play stardew Valley what do you do in the game farm stuff you can go in the mines you can find gems and share my doing it right where you literally just like Sunday's just chopping shit like in your little area there you go to sleep you just spend like days 2 days. That game is Just it exactly what it said you just hitting rocks in the mind for watering the same fucking planet I did bust farming part of Minecraft no that's good that you're selling it are you really yeah the guy comes at night and takes it all themselves it report in the morning tell you all your stuff was sold to the right of the house and build the shed we can all just do it here for safekeeping what do you sell gemstones Trevor the point of it really is to sell them can you get multiplayer on the phone and it gets old you just get left with money that would be cost retail locations you take an item in and they would sell it on eBay running joke joke in the movie 40 year old virgin of the woman that works at a store called me sell your stuff on eBay but it was it was four year old virgin going there it's like this cheaper get to this address get that out of the box leave this money hotels in between in the process I gonna know you give us the stuff and then we'll take care of it and get a tax break what cellular stop you just put stuff in your box and you list any selling cell phone. You would never in a million years. You can get like a few hundred for it looks older value fairly well but you will need new ones come out there shity fucking dumbass headline ever today it was on I think was on Mashable in the headline was like let's never go that is related to some of the stuff that you were just talking about woman's womb falls out and see if I'm up was not related at all to anything you talked about MacBook found in woman's vagina man eats own neck don't forget to wipe your iPhone before reselling it otherwise you could become the victim of identity theft fucking 500 word article about this I guarantee you there's a lot of people in this world to sell their iPhone when don't think about cleaning it up like a horror story from someone who sold their iPhone emails and I just like the person who bought their iPhone sent him a friend request on Facebook from their other account and it accepted it via the person's height can I want to see when you first started talking I thought you meant physically wipe it with a cloth world yeah the cast primary cast person to recognize their Palm somebody anyone back on the defensive right now on the franchise he even brought it up in the past and he's made statements and apologize for 8 years ago when you delete it and it starts to look maybe like you're hiding it or covering it up and people seem less about subjects like in 5 years ago flatland 10 yeah I watch season 1 of red versus blue and over some words we use in season 1 of ever explode when you say our word and use that today such a time do you spend the Special Olympics you know wouldn't you wouldn't use it again today but you wouldn't go back he wouldn't delete the episode I wouldn't do that from that time on what it could be worse I'm going to say hey look at these episodes of the thing you made 1520 years ago you should never cry anymore come back then mean that sounds somewhat familiar yeah so yeah he needed to be in that mindset did the to me that the part that bugs me the most about it. In this particular case is that Disney fired him because he did something in the past that doesn't hold up to their standards today but if that's the case for Disney they shouldn't mark it about a quarter of their films before 1990 maybe even some examples of Phantasia severely from the original selling it if it you know that's an old thing that they did so they shouldn't be able to sell that money for that movie I've ever seen those videos like the original version of Fantasia Fantasia I would not play those videos on her podcast I got it it okay cuz I didn't like maybe it's just like in the animation and you like a little bump or whatever he is a full-on hard on in that movie the full honor the flopping it's slime not saving different jokes I assume based on how big they are how well known if you had way less followers and was way less well-known you going to throw out some more expensive stuff I assume Patton Oswalt I think you wrote something recently it kind of on that topic about how when he was younger in like the starting at the comic that you know he acknowledges that he made jokes for shock value but you try to get people to pay attention to him like I apologize for them I make them at the times that those are things I don't believe anymore and you know she knows I was a different person I was trying to shock people and get a rise out of people and try to get attention that way I can you know become more well-known if you have really offended by that content isn't the best possible thing that can happen to that person stops turning on content like to be like I shouldn't do that anymore changed I'm not to do that anymore by him isn't it was very interesting decision he already said that he was like that's not him anymore right it's crazy but I don't and not know these joking it just they are bad jokes are not that funny jokes they don't seem like they're serious in any way whatsoever at all the Byron Nelson do I felt like if he's just a bunch of jokes, always get the tag for like oh you can't joke about this can't joke about that but to me, he has always felt like it it makes light of very dark subject but there's nothing funny about the inherently good things in our lives like a guy with a great wife who lives in a big house and has a wonderful family setting funny about that late to the negativity and the struggles that people have a great to begin with yeah you have to talk about like Seinfeld is a whole thing about euroseas or problems that people create with a misunderstanding you know to me it's all from the conflict or from something dark that's what you turn around if it makes a comedy to be stuff going wrong it would have gone like tragedy in a lot of stuff yeah it's only when people discuss or make jokes about your thing then of the dens upsets people to laugh at all the other jokes you know on the flip side wasn't Trump's response to bragging about grabbing a Woman by the pussy that it was just a joke just like Locker into a locker room talk and then then he was elected president this when you guys are all the way we talked about how that I have never liked conversations I have with my friends my guy friends are not like we don't sit around talking like that like when y'all get together it's like if my fiance goes out to brunch with her friends I know they know everything about me in bed by the end of that I just accepted that's the case so I bet if the guys far as I know I've literally have no gas and Gavin for over a decade two decades are you out of our sexual conversation so I just grabbed some stranger by her vagina you wouldn't be like going to go to jail yeah there was a Last Week Tonight last night was that show they talked about sexual harassment in the workplace in about how it's like this ongoing thing that we talked about for decades by how we're going to end it and how we're going to stop it and they talked about like this this argument that people make like oh that men make like oh well then we're not going to I'm scared to hire women at this point or I don't want to be alone with a woman that I've worked in offices alone without working out with you alone before that's something I've never thought about this and it's never crossed my mind. Keep Your Hands to Yourself B don't make comments about somebody or sex life if that's a line you're worried about crossing your mind like the problems with you just interview with GQ I believe and he was saying that he is at a point is life paraphrasing here probably getting some stuff wrong his life and where Society is today that he won't date any women that he doesn't know already he'll only date either women who stated previously ex's or people he knows very personally he would never at this point is life ever try to establish a relationship with a new one he doesn't want allegations of a misunderstanding that you can't tell the difference between you know being creepy and you know going out with somebody you must be a rapist this is like Siri is getting it all that horrible feedback that he was worried about getting which is why he was making, to why he wouldn't date someone he doesn't know yeah yeah I don't know I haven't seen it yet I really want to see it I heard that he mustaches completely unnecessary the movie so they could have shaved shaved mustache wasn't that they wanted it for the Chinese rice you must have because they don't he starts you in bed and one second it's a lot easier if you do reshoots in mission impossible to do you know your seems like it this week was that distracting make a big deal about it if you look at it in a still like there's a couple of Steel that circulates throughout the film it's fine if I did a fine job I think people didn't know about it they might not even worse than the fake baby in American Sniper removing cuddling up a baby that's clearly a dog Tom Cruise is a machine I think Rotten Tomatoes did a study where they try to figure out if the more Tom Cruise runs in a film if it's better if you run some more than a certain distance it's better for the film in the box office and in the critic score that be doing this to me like he they estimate he was running a 6-minute mile and in the times the amount of time he was running on screen to try to figure out how far he ran in each of his films let them know the longest distance he's right longest distance around was in Mission Impossible 3 here at 3200 ft ft and yeah if you run yeah if he runs over two laps on track sprinting if he runs over a thousand and one feet is done in the past the average international box office is 538 million dollars an average of 71% of Rotten Tomatoes if he doesn't run average international box office 150 $3000000 average Rotten Tomatoes score 63.5% if they the same for Matt Damon like if the government spends a certain amount of money to try and find him in the movie it's a bad lyrics what are you wearing riding you something that I forgot socks I think about Liam Neeson and I dreamed about the new taken in my bed in the dream it was taken for I don't know what taken were on at this point or another taken coming out and I was watching taken for and it was coming out and I was watching a movie without Chinese movies right choice daughter I don't know I've only seen the first one but I see what the daughter gets taken every time so this one was he was searching for his daughter and remember very specifically give me the scene in which he's in the snow and he's falling tire tracks and then they're just gone they like this is just a dream braids were just goes to connect things like all these two things make sense together but later on you like that in the locker room his daughter was abducted by aliens so then we had to go into space honestly and I think the rights and got taken from taking Sydney and it's like everything is is completely Bonkers Fair can I ask you to look up the mission impossible Star trailer Mission Impossible 6 trailer number to you might have to look at the exact time for this but there's an allusion where Henry Cavill appears. I will look it up as soon as he's in the bathroom when you like as long as all of his five o'clock shadow in the hell am I looking at this episode of podcast is also brought to buy Adult Swim season of Venture Brothers a brand new season of the critically acclaimed animated series The Venture Brothers is almost here team Venture attempt to save their Frozen but from the icy chill of organized villainy is America's favorite family of super scientist collides with the inescapable agents of their downfall learn along with the boys on Redwood Ventures College jobs dating and other skills you can learn in your sleep The Venture Brothers is created and directed by Jackson public and written and produced by public and Doc Hammer The Venture Brothers Premiere Sunday August 5th right after RTX at midnight Eastern Time on Adult Swim so go team Venture check it out it's something to do after you're done with our TX this weekend temperature Brothers we talked about the app all last week when Bethany was on two toes to your dad and my mom and your mom is still good 40-minute you do that has been on the app every single year since we started it right the map now with the little logos and everything that I knew right would like the Boston Convention Center is a big blowout logo is it the most downloaded Jewish after we make the Lord can you put it up there from the monitor from when he got his beer. Also have another option of coming out to download it later this week ahead of RTX the augmented reality app that we've been working on that right now thought out yet it'll be out soon RTX experience experience experience so you can you can look at augmented reality versions of some of our animated characters and take photos with them I don't know if you said whatever I'm sure doesn't matter that's a new shirt pocket what's happening what and grows a beard and a shirt pocket all at the same time how'd that work out for you it looks like in the reflection this wet sounds back is consistent so it's all one shot Tom Cruise that close that grow beard that fast I'm sure completely different experience to training for Mission Impossible physical right on that you just stand there and take that movie how do you feel if you were an actor in in Marvel movie or one of these big movies and you're basically just training like that's your job to do on Play Store Chris Terry people around on set so that he would stay in pumps you just literally just carry people around with the funny thing that got to be like another running joke in your whole life for months and usually is just feel like a specific portion of the shoe as well it's pretty much oil for that Hugh Jackman stuff for Wolverine that killed dehydrate himself to make his muscle stand out even more so for like guys building that too is supposed to be a little bit older when he started it just takes so long to do it like that amount of time between the first time you've heard is Wolverine in the next movie and then I think it was the one before Logan cuz it was especially like not the same as static and Logan was on her before Logan Days of Future Past maybe Sal but he was like believably ripped in that it's over the monsters come in the beginning and I think it's the tags would still owe will IT director just one of them were kind of like cartoonish comic book version of my physique so I just got in that kind of shape is like no dude it just looks good dude cosplay Wolverine and not doing very well at it and by the end of it he's just a monster of the human is Zac Efron Zac Efron said he's getting his like super a black ripped shape you basically have a window and you tell him when you want him to be in that shape and he'll get to the end he but you got like 3 days with him in that shape and then you got all your shots in the truth things ever being on camera does add a way to you isn't it really does do it and it's so packed there's like what you see them ripped on camera think I can't imagine what they look like in real life people tell me what I meet them at conventions or in person somewhere they got smaller than I thought you were a big do I look on the hill they they think I look skinnier and taller in person all the time if you will tell me or like like right around 60 shortest one out of all four of us but I'm 5-9 person and also my nose is bigger in person or smaller depending on who I talk to how to get more American especially I get told that we're just have way more American underwear that is something about the thing on the screen is different organ of hearing it over sneaker culture all said it's more noticeable weather like compared to watching it on YouTube damn you like listening to people have the conversation versus them talking directly to you and I can being engaged that conversation one-on-one contact just makes them uncomfortable I think I got like a site for listening I was never know what to do if someone I'm eating it's like talking about how they like nervous to be meeting me and like should I did not make eye contact it then cuz I don't want to make people more nervous but I'm like oh like I don't want to make you uncomfortable should I just like to look down and not like you should make it worse to it how you spell my dress over my head but I do like a scared little kid like my friend had a daughter and whenever she got nervous you would pull her dress up over her face so you wouldn't have to see how other people that was this is also like another feature request but this one's for the human body right it's really hot right now I'm walking from stage to Stage 5 you look outside it's like maybe 90 seconds of walking in 40 degree heat but but that put my buddy thanks you know you won't but you probably start sweating it out right now I know that I don't need the sweat because I know I'm going to be in the air conditioning in like a minute I wish I could just put my phone in a ride and then I get cool on my own instead I arrived and I'm just like dripping wet maybe you're already reaching the danger point you don't know your body saving you run in like 1 minute of walking Bride on Facebook I don't know if it's real or not but it was a device that you put on kind of like a watch and it goes on your wrist and it could cool your body like a activate some type of like area the better place air conditioners it hurts so bad dude I don't even know how to describe that pain what have you put that thang on me and cranked it but never did where they could have made it that dangerous it was like a searing Lance through my skull and the cat-scan recently just picture my face in your brain things on your body you find the more convinced you have cancer or some of the penis me too like a lump like a like a lump or if my stomach is swollen or if there's like something that's like discolored all of a sudden I was feeling the back of my ears yesterday and like he noticed I had a bump here which I thought I always have but then I started researching I was like maybe I didn't always have that it's like right on the bone behind your ear the little bumpy right here I kind of feel like the phone is like dented so I don't know but since like do I honestly because if they're swollen you should get that checked out of this long enough though my regular lymph nodes what is lymph do where's lymph go lymphatic system immune system if you cool down your lip with a wristband transfusion l y m p a vowel it does will be the weirdest transplant transplant would be weird if someone else's lips all the time I think about a tongue transplant and you would bite it by accident could be a different size than you're used to bite my tongue the other day um way to wake yourself up after Dex Imaging would you realize that you've been tasting things wrong but when I finally like cucumbers I had a different tongue that you would might see color differently is that processed in the iron the brain looks like you'll receptors in like functioning differently when you bite your tongue cuz I I bit my lip and I got a place where I Was Bitten and biting it what does the defense system for biting the inside of your mouth is to make a big bowl that swells up at the you part of the back also feel like when I bite my lip I'm in the middle of chewing and I Wham I bite my lip I feel like I have a huge physical reaction that everyone must be able to see that I'm the only clearly but is Larry created like if I'm trying to chew chew and I just feel like I can't do this like that like I throw my mouth open but with no lips I throw my jaw open and my head goes up like that sometimes in the last like 6 months. Body even possible that you're eating some good I was having a kip and I woke up because I had a really loud noise that was in my ear what is like a black cloud like a popping Boston them but then I was like did my ears just popped or did I dream a really loud noise that woke me up which is weird because it away from dreams when it's like I got hit by a car while I could pull up the train or something for loud fictional noise to wake you up in the real world it is with now I think maybe my assistant but I was in my bed I know altitude is a lot I've been getting concerned that there's like long-term effects happening to my body like Justin the pressure of being an airplanes and stuff is more like it would be like yeah I mean I guess I just worry cuz like my ears hurt a lot sometimes when I fly I should be about it has died or is dying no one is ever survive Denver nobody everyone who's ever been to Denver eventually died or is on their way to dying dying in Denver here's why I don't worry about it pilots and flight Crews fly way more than you do and as much as I hate to say it but they're kind of like guinea pigs and if something starts at they all start dropping dead then but start to worry about that point I didn't think of it that way I do find the oldest flight attendants are weird other dude if you lived in a tin can your whole life you could be fucking weird dude getting like first class like the Top If you get a weird experience on a flight on my way to LAX Ali for this rtl-e opening I was upgraded cuz I've been getting a lot of miles so I was lucky enough to get us in the business class area and usually people there tend to be seasoned Travelers who sells you got on the plane and there was a woman who boarded after me who had a dog with her and she's talking about how was the first time the dog is flown and was a service but it was quiet while people were boarding and then all the sudden someone else came on board with a dog and the dog I saw it and started barking at it was super loud and only lasted for maybe a minute or so as a dog we like passing by there's a couple in front of me and it's clearly one of those Rich prick couples who are the woman I think was probably 45 but she look like she was 60 cuz she was leather from all the tanning in like all the expensive things that she's been given in her life by her husband Brad batcha they had was dead and so they kill the dog barking and they're right in front of me so I could hear everything you're saying and they go are dogs allowed on first class and turns back and forth while he says as he goes shut that thing up shut that damn thing up and then the guy next to this woman gets up to put his bag up and he's like 10 shut that thing up dude it's not my dog and he's like I don't care shut it up what the fuck is the guy who is there he's like don't be a dick and the flight attendants was like or we can saw this or someone going to have to leave right now in like they were making out and I think he had her his hand down her pants at one point and I was like staring at them the entire flight and the flight attendant kept coming up to Maine he's just like girl I feel you he's like I cannot get over to look at that thing up you guys are ten times as annoying as that dog was for a minute it was just so bizarre the first class by Blue Apron how does free food sound great right class blueprints offering our audience their first three meals for free that's right freeze when it comes to dinner let Blue Apron take care of planning and shopping you just do the cooking and eat great food with a credible ingredients and Chef design recipes blueprint give your taste buds a great new experience I just got my e-mail today with my meals for this week I've got sorry honey chicken and rice Mexican spicy beef and rice bowls and spicy pork and rice cakes come in this week can't wait for next dinner quick easy and insanely tasty meal planning and get straight to cooking with blue apron you can experience the joy of Summer with their favorite grilling recipes like chicken with barbecue sauce and juicy cheeseburgers with spicy slaw check out this week's menu I despoiler I just get your first three meals free at blueapron.com RoosterTeeth don't pass up 3 free meals that's blueapron.com Rooster Teeth Blue Apron a better way to cook glasses thank you boyfriend which is your favorite I go to brag about that this one seems the most classic Tiki but I like the white and black honestly I'm coming around to this one a lot more when does the best temperature to store all good after the podcast yes Eric I'm taking you to the mail and don't want to talk about it anymore because I just don't got to talking about it because I'm home putting all over the place cab near even know that would be that would be a good use of promotional come with the reason I die in the feeling that mug to Hannah was Hannah sent me a mug when she put out her book buffering you sent me a mug with it's a white mug with a blue interior by it's like churches colored ladies blue yeah I love it I do not have it everyday and I told her every time I've seen her that I still drink that coffee mug like a year-and-a-half two years later still drink out of it every single day and she also had one there's like only 20 of them and she broke hers and she was acting out then you might just know because you love that mug she goes I should probably covered and then I saw or I only drink at work mugs that's perfect for Hannah and it's like got the same interior color that's everything outside very nice mug so I said yes yes I did that mean you said that you drink stop everyday on a regular basis with one must not with one by know if that one if the buffering bug else they'll do just rinse it out and wipe it down in the middle of drying rack you'd like it's very European have drying right which mug the audience like the best so if you're watching this live right now is Ricky person ever you go to receive play to vote and we'll have options which I think we're calling a red rooster age and brown rooster you're talking earlier about two things you're telling the jokes you can't make anymore and Liam Neeson and that's a good example like Liam Neeson was on an episode of extras and there's any way he can make an appearance there we go with Ricky gervase Lisa keeps derailing it and he keeps you guys must be onto something I'm telling you it's him about that mug it's good I think they're all good get them all rooster is not doing that well then last place I think it looks a bit weird on camera it looks a bit like the darker tones here I'm here looks like this one but someone what their awesome it gross either killing it. You nailed it I'm wrong for the first time ever I'll admit it but I mean by wide margin become an architect they're coming up this weekend feel like it really it really snuck up all of a sudden I had the realization that are taxes due this week like this coming weekend is RTF your Friday is going to be at conventus to get some other stuff that we have me at talked about I'm excited for different things every year but I think I'm most excited to watch our audience watch blood test because of that was really cool but as people who didn't really know what I saw her or us personally so getting to watch the audience C blood test I think most excited for the thing that I'm not allowed to mention what it is it's on Thursday compatible probably on the Arctic podcast I'll talk about it we'll have already taken place near the next week podcast will be the live podcast from RTX last night or maybe a new segment maybe so yeah we'll see if we can make that work if we're working on it hopefully hopefully we'll have a good one finally podcast voice like an astasia RTX way of Kanye West like I got there just talked about this after we did episode 500 this is constant back-and-forth that I go through my head work you know we don't want to talk to you on Monday to come see it like you should still come see it but we do that if you want to take the tickets and not show up we did $5 and there's still some people who didn't show up so I can charge more or should we have a standby line again people don't show up and I don't want people waiting in the heat for hours or give me also announce it like 8 days before the event is still sold out for two weeks and It Dummy we sold all the tickets I didn't date so it's either work on the standby line or figure out how to make sure that we get everyone in there like a shirt or something something of that value a lot but because security Now is happening before people get into the convention center bring a water bottle for you to have inline while you wait so you could drink water cuz it's fucking hot and sunny out especially my day during the weekend I think I'm supposed to be like almost at a hundred degrees all weekend only 30 minutes away see you the lines me Long's maybe at the very beginning of the day cuz if there's multiple checkpoints I think if you would just monitor the line status on Twitter they let you know if you like the quickest way to Fishel to get into the convention center I think a lot of people going for the first time expecting that they're going to be able to see everything and go to everything that they want to go to or as I always tell people choose two three maybe four things Max that you must see throughout the weekend and have them spread out pretty well and then just focus on going to those things and also go to panels of things that you like might not know much about like you're not interested in seniority podcast like maybe go to a different panel of like a smaller panel that might be something more interesting for like the career path you want to take those things are like few and far between where the fuck is happens every week always open if you don't need to go to another one you should go to the broadcast Cruise panel which is Sunday what what kind of stuff do you talk about what it's like behind the scenes on Chromecast switching suggesting that your suggestion know a lot of people still come to RTX to meet as many people as they can hopefully a lot of them come to meet people they know for the community for the first time it's my favorite part of RTX but I'll be there and you want to meet you mainly people want to get a selfie you know it's just be just be ready that's it just be because it makes everything go much faster than any of the group is moving faster if someone is like say Barbara is being taken away cuz she has to go to a panel that's at 5000 people waiting for the regional then the Guardians do have to get her out of there but if you've got your camera ready to go get a lot better shot at like crap in front of your lock screen camera traveling cuz if we get your sleep screen for like 5 minutes because most the time you're sitting there while you're sitting there with people while they're getting into their phone yeah also if you lose your phone while you're traveling and it's like still awake and it's not a good situation if you're not from somewhere you underestimate how tall is Bow Wow you really like if you just stand outside in the sun when it's a hundred degrees for one minute you would be sweating this morning at 10 a.m. and we were inside and I was still sweaty because the thing is you keep sweating after you cleanse the cool because it takes like 5 minutes to catch up the seasoning for cosplayers there is a cosplay changing room in the convention center it's not to store anything or to do anything like that but it's if you have like very heavy bulky cosplay that you going to be wearing outside while you're staying in the heat you could change in the convention center for Halo Spartan and it put the armor on just that and especially if you have like I thought people I was at Raleigh super comes again I saw people in like Jon Snow cosplay is like what the full jackets and stand for in the world and the Ark yeah just left work and every time I see every scene with I guess wheeler with John Stossel say Jon snow this year in characters interacting with in the most recent season all I can think of your hair is sideways her hair sideways is like his health is like moving off yet and something in your throat surgically implanted would that work if you Mike the vocal cord directly for the sound like let me ask you a question how many years away are we from you don't need to do a t r a computer just read your lips and you do like some for what so I can put in the script and then we talked about like having a am I can find it in you yeah I read something I think last week or the week before that when pacemakers were first developed the first ones that were put into the human body that initially they were powered by plutonium SLX did the first generation of pacemakers have a tiny bit of plutonium in them to to run them and so like the people who have those are monitored followed and whenever the Blue Monday. I think they have to be found and they have to have that plutonium removed from their body what was the what uranium or plutonium it's listening to this further away what what police toys Federal Way that you right fire on the periodic table this day he'd make it he would have made an excellent YouTuber in today's day in age was the Boy Scout who got together bunch of smoke alarms and built a nuclear reactor in his backyard and then gave himself radiation poisoning look at this episode of podcast is also brought your bike quit the truth is most of us are brushing my teeth wrong for not long enough and we forget to change our brush on time that's best because most brands focus on selling fleshy gimmicks rather than better brushing but not quit so what makes quick so different for start as quick as an electric toothbrush has a fraction of the cost of the both your brushes while still packing just the right amount of vibration to help you clean your teeth with built-in timer helps you clean for the dentist recommended two minutes with guiding posters that remind you when to switch sized next prescription plans are for your health not just for convenience they deliver brush heads on a dentist recommended schedule every 3 months for this $5 including free shipping worldwide comes to the mount that suctions right to your mirror and then sticks to use as a cover for hygienic travel wherever you take your teeth quit started at $25 and go to get quit.com teeth right now go get your first refill packs free with a quip electric toothbrush at your first refill pack free at getquip.com that's getquip. Com recipe thank you quick response have clean teeth how about this for an idea literally a quarter or fit to size my current toothbrush Anna is a dentist it is a dentist like the dentist like fight the feeling on this tooth I would like to see you like how the Carter is under the gum line cracked tooth or something but then you got to go to the dentist anyway but they do a lot of feeling brown maybe it wasn't the hunk of wisdom teeth out is Ryan buried in his gum and he just in case just go to Lazy nerve comes with it then you like you get enough look like like a little rope will spaghetti is the picture that's in that's too big to be pulling out what is it all the planet named elements of dangerous Mercury Monterey Mars Bars are totally fine very dangerous is Neptune what are used for Lester the next to the December the Avatar movie three that correctly with another Giant Knife I like to make vagina. All right whatever I wasn't going to be for you the new battle who is Alita battle Angel doesn't call the movie Alita battle Angel trailer trailer look pretty good podcast the second trailer Eric is that you don't like the you like the second trailer opinion on this podcast him Avatar 2 is coming out 2020 Avatar 3 2021 avatar for 2024 Avatar 520 25 mm mm 911 years between 20 21 20 25 pass a law of that well but like maybe a second one could like expand on that but any more than that seems like too much. I need prequel it and then you spin off at this funny I read a very Eric Berry Gavin the Box this weekend thinking of James Cameron stuff and this is the Titanic fact it's that to this day the pool on the Titanic is still filled always be a pool always being pool but even if it breaks still a pool it breaks SL longer than a rectangle pool to me but how bright is Barry trick an irrational fear of escalators and I will ruin you for the rest of your life was like I don't I don't know if I trust that's theirs anymore and as I've been getting older I think more and more about what he told me that date was terrifying you stand on the place you stand on are actually really thin metal needs to be thinner and a woman wearing high heel shoes if you stand wrong you can YouTube you could potentially punch through the metal snap snap they just fall down and that it's just a nightmare of gears and my metal under there turn on in Japan I went on an escalator that was transparent and you could see inside it says a lot to it like you get when you get off one that's like 5 ft of metal plate underneath that is a Mulcher it's crazy there's a lot going on that grinder you don't realize how like fought under the floor they come off today off you step off and keep going away for your next thing I seen some awful video video from the woman in China right after caught in it or so it's a video it's like a woman and her kid and as they leave the escalator you know when you walk in there's that metal plate right in front of yesterday before you get on it they walk on that and it goes but in like buckles and they catch themselves May grab onto each other and then they are like looking at it and while they're looking at it down to Bob is there a woman gets done with her kid and she starts coming up and the two women are like pointing at the plate and telling her whatever and then she's like but you can't stop coming up the escalator so she's coming up and as soon as you stepped on it like cracks she literally the woman's here at grabs your kitten throws her kid and then she just like disappeared into the floor like that's not good. Everything Corey but it's like there's there's no good and keeps going that's horrible it's really really fucking horrible can't wait till I get you to remember when we went to New Jersey but I do remember that trip woman on escalator at but she got that she got like stuff and get some luggage as it goes to the top but she was screaming she was like are there ever was like Edwards watch to his woman tip up over luggage and then she just walked off and then got up and decide do if I was that woman thought it was valid concern it was just like going from like top of your lungs screaming like you're about to die. Nothing to see here never want to leave you. Remember that we find about here is one of the best examples of dad reflexes ever wear a kid with at the mall and said the escalator and he's on the outside of the escalator it's little kid and he's messing around with the handle the the rail that goes up with moving along with a circuit he's holding it starts like going up the side of the escalator on the outside of the Escalade just hanging out and no one free game but it didn't seem to notice this kid except for one to you and who just starts bucking booking and shirt off when the kid falls he texted the kids is a situation that I can totally see happening where it's the security checkpoint the airport there's a lot of shit going on and the guy puts the kid up on the table and then turns back in like does something or don't know if the parent doesn't let me out of his backpack or something soon as you let go of the kid I have a second just never the pretty like okay settled and then I was in the kid just leave probably like 6 or 7 month old baby just like sitting up and falls off the table and this person comes out of nowhere and catches the kid like right as the kids about the underground it's fucking insane like I don't know how the person had that fast watching the video and knowing what's coming I didn't have that fast like I had time to decide whether he was going to do that he brought you must have seen the baby Tiffany & Co you should dead person should lose her child and everything else and it's like you never got her thing and if that's the whole thing it's like you're expected to be 100% perfect the whole time a big event this year we talked about the security stuff so we're all watching it very closely just going to be something comes up something's going to happen something's like something we can anticipate something we're trying this new or something that has been working fine for years and suddenly doesn't work well do you know with crowd management or something and we're going to deal with it as it comes but if it's people should not be shocked if there's something that like oh no this and usually in Paso TX is this something comes up on Friday that they didn't anticipate being an issue it's usually fixed by Saturday morning right so if there is an issue usually events and everyone involved is very aware of it and they do their best to visit a lot of things are hard to get that many people together it's a it's an ordeal is that always stresses me out is when you are going down an escalator and you can see it's very crowded at the bottom and peace aren't getting off at moving away from yesterday other so please don't do that rtic exits yeah yeah yeah it's funny because I always look for an exit count the rose to the exit in an airplane and note fluid JD this weekend I was like I made sure I put him as close as possible the exit row you can sit together we booked separately as close as possible to the exit row without to be 15 for exit row did the truth just the guy at the door needs to know 65 you have to go back up I mean to fill it back up since someone's going to open it or if the guy in the middle of flights are trying to open the door then the person the middle seat got a fucking dick that's the people that you can open the door can open them but it's only trying to open door you get the Deccan free that couple who is in front of me on the plane I'll be at another picture. Thanks for watching we will see you guys at our shifts this weekend bye bye