#504 - The Gang Jinxes RTX

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss learning to drive, RTX, the fan jet, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-burnie-and-the-jet-504

Recorded: 2018-08-07 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:31:02 (5462.06 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 504 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com there are a lot of people out there well Community podcast brought to you by RTX I'm done this week that's it no no that's it so I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but this is probably one of the most panel ish podcast that we've had so far away so is that what it is you want to come closer to me I'm not going to move Furious and come to You Gavin got it guys I'm I meant Scrappy the Dog me too he's adorable I've been wanting to meet this dog for like 2 years whose dog is it dark she'll have Scrappy the Dog at the filthy casual booth and I think for two years I've been stalking this dog online wanting to meet it and I finally got to meet him in person and it was everything I could possibly hope for it he looks like an old man that was cursed by a witch to a live footage as a dog and you just like all the time like this I don't think I've ever seen Gus that genuinely happy I was so happy to finally meet him he's awesome screen or do we not get that memo no no that's private you got the best of the guess collection so I'm actually super happy about this podcast because this podcast is going to settle one of the longest bats I think in the history of the company you all are know if some of you might remember he's been in videos before my son JD there was a long-standing bet whether or not my son who when we started receipt with one was going to get a driver's license how's it going hey go that's amazing thanks dude perfect I saw it when I was leaving the office the other day I was driving next to you with the Tulane wrote there and I looked over in your car and I saw you in the passenger seat and JD driving I thought oh shit it happened yeah it was like oh my oh my God it's really happening he really happened was I writing the passenger seat like this to someone how to drive it it makes me way more patient driver now because I realize when people are haunting it I can't hit whistle patient patient it makes me way more patient driver can't do it you know especially when you first started attended drive a little bit slower you know and take things a little more carefully maybe sometimes below the speed limit and I'm always waiting for someone to honk no one really ever has and the other usually can go around or something like that it also helps that I live in a neighborhood where people for some reason drive 10 miles an hour and I don't know why that is like you a lot of old people using cheat codes for your driving experience I feel like I would be like starting on the boss fight a Tesla acceleration electric car in general do you find that your car now Gus are you still catch me by surprise every now and then electrons and does it shut off they feed the hamster but what are the mistakes you make when you're a new driver is you can panic and you press the accelerator when your meeting depress the brake you like you out of panic you present so there was one time when I thought we were going to go to the front of a bank we are the parking lot of thing but other than that we were okay it's been it's been really surprisingly seamless so you want to teach me next no do you want to drive why did but I've never driven here from RoosterTeeth teach you how to drive who would you choose who should I heard someone say JD I like that idea how would Michael teach you to drive when you just run you over enough time so are you figure out how a car operates I think I you drove my old car in the parking lot once and I was like okay now you're going to switch it into drive and you're like me I forgot you have to put your foot on the brake and you didn't even know that I've never driven in automatic was it it was cuz I put out like twice amount of pollution that you guys cars like eliminate so I messed up canceling you guys out doesn't mean you put out more pollution how do you say twice as much as a normal car because my Jeep sold in gasoline just to Make Up For Ever sprays or I can have Gorilla Glue I'm just worried about you taking superglue on a panel off this kind of blue I'm worried about not being able to let this cup go at some point during the evening I'm the only one that can leave it I really want you to accidentally glue your dick to your leg with my dick to my back pocket well I guess you wouldn't put in your front pocket did you hear genitals have been through worse than that though so yeah fun times exploded good times about half the crowd grown when you guys outside of course from Gavin when you guys got your license for the first time did you get it day 1 of when you were able to get from you was 16 I don't know what is in Canada my driver's license the day I turn 16 guess I'm assuming you did the same thing but I don't remember I got I don't remember it all really when you take your driver's ed I took Driver's Ed but I remember the process of getting the first license driver's ed and I remember if I got it immediately or if I had to wait I'm amazed because I love younger generation review the Michael Gavin they just like wait till 8:30 to do it just kind of curious show of hands automatic or manual transmission for driving johanns who here can drive a stick it's actually pretty impressed that's not bad to the other half you would be fucked in the zombie apocalypse when you jump in you like talk Christ I don't know if I got my license right away I've learned I've learned how to drive on a manual transmission and the first vehicle my parents got for me was his little manual transmission truck and I told him like I don't know how to drive a manual that can how can I drive this thing and they told me you'll learn really and I had to practice driving around the block I lived in repeatedly over and over before I finally got the hang of it and I took it when I finally felt confident enough I offered to take two of my friends to the local wood Burger King in town and I'll take you guys to Burger King and they got in the truck and I drove down the road it was Burger King looking like maybe 2 miles away from my house it was such a bad drive that when we got out of the car Frank started kissing the parking lot cuz you said he was he thought he was going to die in that truck it was just very jerky Road one because I was an idiot and when you come up to a red light you're supposed to be treated as a stop sign company. Look and then go if you're turning right right I didn't know that. I just did like a rolling stop and continue I thought it was no cars automatic fail if you basically break a lot so I cried a lot and then my brother makes fun of me ever for the rest of your life I'm not Gavin I wasn't too worried about it I think the default is the road is to go sign bright like your default state is go until you're told otherwise somewhere on some road is just a sign that says go somewhere it's got to be go right like a green circle with white text that says go that's what we're looking for I'm actually going up to like an intersection where there used to be stop sign and it said it's a green go sign people just floor it go fast sign people stop but the but you don't need to so they had to put a go to sign I think I'd be a situation for then we will stop all the time for no reason so how many of you I promise this will be the night of TV show of hands are from out of town okay better question number of people photos on Twitter of airport construction I'm done with it I seen it I see it all the time did you see airport Construction yeah and did you start in another airport magically call starters in another airport exactly how do you say I want to go to the rental I was saying they started another airport now they're here they didn't see construction of the other airport because they lived on the other Airport your town sucks first of all you're lying you don't have to lie for guys got the life for me and made you write what were taking poles the problem is now but why would you be mad at the airport didn't work what's that if they don't have Construction in the biggest build it right the first time what you already said you were right about that and podcast 500 I just wanted to double down here specifically it's fun dude it's okay it looks like someone treated me this who is this underscore Eleanor right are you out there no are you watching on the livestream she tweeted me to go sign your people in the front row can see it if you don't have to take our word for it what is that symbol at the bottom of the religions in Civ 6 is what that symbol looks like I believe that's Chinese civilization 2 checks out without jinxing anything I said so right yeah I feel like I feel like this RTX is going really well like I forgot we were live streaming this panel would like to get swatted I bet here but it does seem like say that we were informed that SWAT team that there is an event here so hopefully we're in the clear God damn it. This last week I think it said there's always something that happens that we kind of have to figure out how to adjust you were roll with the punches any of that new plan seems like it's like knock knock are the metal detectors this year you're cheering for metal detectors how far we blow up how far we've come I got my glasses something on her no I don't I don't think they're in stock yet somebody's getting fired Eric can probably match for this but Michael told me a story it hasn't come out yet they pre-recorded off topic and the boat show and I brought them Tiki glasses to the post-show broad topic on Sunday and they did the same thing I did where they kept saying I'm taking this one to ever think I'm taking this one and Eric kept shouting don't take them their prototypes and afterwards Michael had two of them and he's walking away and Erica is where you going I told you to take these and Eric says no their prototypes and when Michael drives that he does well if I can't have them and Eric when he goes like this Michael description fell to his knees on the ground screaming but didn't smash them no one takes them knowing damages them anything happens you're out of a job I want to say to you that that. Don't drink it work mug after we went to the whole hubbub I don't know who's selling you the stuff I saw a couple but I saw one of them like right after we had the discussion about me stealing the Prototype I literally saw one sitting on a table in the break room so I feel like I like I didn't sabotage the company actually stole that from how long ago did you send it to Hannah what a week ago I think they think that's the one I sent to Hannah but I got Allie gave me a different one I sent that to Hannah I think I'm in the clear glue into clear at the company started you're not going Define me what can I do if they fire me if I heard right I mean you could try I was walking around with with you yesterday and you ask me a question about getting something done I said yeah just tell your people to do it and I think it was your PA reply to us yeah Bethany set the rules don't apply to you true put words in her mouth or I could fire myself I'll be like yeah I really fucked that up would you give yourself to me I do feel like a good reference to get fired give it seems like just wait eventually and you'll get fired for being on Twitter so that's how I'll go down and then delete it do I have no record if I get fired during the podcast alright I'll be right back I'm going to try to swap its panels I'll be right back you just doubling down just leaving into it stuck my foot in my mouth about that on the panel before 2 or on the podcast how about I talk about something good instead I got an ad no Jack wanted me to mention that's great I'm trying to get you to stop talking about that is that a city Segway to get to shut the fuck up about things you can put up a portion of the audience is my favorite ride over there that gets you nothing at all right now there's a charity drive going on if you go to omaze.com RoosterTeeth apparently Jack is working with omaze and the prizes you can get drawn into camp camp and and get a visit to the restie office and then eat some of the animators and if you enter before August 27th you get a chance to go to RTX London with a friend as well but the Arctic Ocean goes to August 27th ww.com going to go towards extra life charity Jack owns at Rooster Teeth and he really wanted me to mention it since we have such a big audience so make sure you check it out after we're done with the I like the idea of you trying to win that contest just to get income caps what is it like to roll in marketing and I was like I'm never applied for a job and I got real serious thanks for your application but did you use your actual name what don't you like that Gavin I mean don't you like working at a company that's too smart to hire you that seems like a good thing but that's the best I can possibly be so there is a barbecue on the Mega Panel for that one I know it's probably one of the best fan reactions to anything we've ever premiered ever anywhere so everyone who came out thank you so much it was incredible incredible to it so that's awesome August 14th tickets are available on tribute we do the Lincoln thousand times and then in the UK on August 17th and then it's going to be available in Select theaters and digitally at the end of August and then I think we also just announced that is going to be available on DVD and Blu-ray at the beginning of October are we going to get the Gus deleted scenes on the DVD and Blu-ray sorry but I think you are actually I want an option on the Blu-ray to play the ghost version of the film with all of the Gus scenes cut into the film a short film with only your scenes when you say that because when they cut me from the movie on my birthday bbbbbb tried to control me by saying oh you know when we can put together a special thing on the DVD and we can have you go back out and film some more stuff for her she would have been a lot better if I was right there did you survive at all like that always or anything where you're in any frame with no wow you in the credits is if it's funny because I was excited about it because almost all of my sins are by myself and I thought that's like your dream just like to be in a movie and it's just you is like that's awesome I could cameras literally just on my face like this also but that's why I was so is it a cup Play Issues cutting you out in any way I did but they could around that the movie ended slightly differently with me but then like the ending changed a little bit since I wasn't in any of the other film don't want to spoil anything but there might be some people up here that you'll see and maybe one that you won't we don't call them Gus's deleted scenes now we just called him got to see you're talking about a red Loop you were talking about those on Twitter the one by was we had at the did anyone go to the animation Mega Panel did so there is a video that was given to us that was recorded by very handsome gentleman who's going to be the lead in general admission Michael B Jordan record the video as an intro to some stuff and he said in the video but this is a secret so keep it a secret literally everyone in the audience of 5,000 people somehow kept that a secret like no one has talked about that at all so you guys are amazing audience but I get to break it on the podcast and say yeah Michael B Jordan record this really awesome video and hopefully to go to a different animation panel maybe you'll be able to see it at that and I would definitely do it was amazing it was so surreal hearing him talk about RTX and talk about like doing voice-over with gray and like name all these people that is works with its leg and they showed a clip from it as well when hitting it is not mistaken it's one of the first clips that has David Tennant as a voice in Jen Lada ice and Monica Rial a long time to get a workout before you announce them and we knew about some of these things as much as like 4-5 months in advance when we were trying to keep it as quiet as possible but I knew about David Tennant one pretty early and Ashley is a huge Doctor Who fan he was the best doctor but it was like when Ashley when I just told her home when I go yeah we have an answer yet but David Tennant looks like he's going to be able to do a voice and she got really excited but we also made some other announcements yesterday for the cast of Jen locked and we have one of the voice actors sorry I'm screaming for the same as they're playing it safe no pressure dude you're freaking out because like we've been like slacking each other and texting each other back and forth about like how nerve-wracking it is to go into recording booth and then feel like I have them for performance in here like Doctor Who killmonger Dakota Fanning whatever character she plays location cuz it's awesome it's a phenomenal cast you'll be great thanks man yeah it kind of looks like you I don't know but I want to cosplay as him cuz he's a handsome looking dude he's got any flip you flip a coin yeah call it like you know that I can you flip a heads every time yeah totally give me a coin I'll do it right now do you want to give me coins fine yeah that's super exciting though I'm trying to hop out for werewolves and get drunk on that so how that go great we kept the stupid racial slurs down to a minimum so this way I think I said this last year when we had the podcast panel in here but you know every year I think about the growth of RTX and I think about everything that we've done over the past 7 years now and you know for those of you sitting in this room right now the first RTX was in or the second RTX a person in the convention center what's in this Hall like it filled this whole week in fact it didn't even fill this hole rent a kind of foot pipe and drape over here too kind of cut it off and make it seem a little bit smaller and the number of people that are sitting out here right now like you're more than a number of attendees that were at the first RTX in the convention center and that bathroom right there is where the guy asked me for an autograph and I was being at the urinal it was right in their autograph signings after the podcast where is what is he here or no this is like a roll of toilet paper and Sharpies like you know what oh yeah you get the pee pee out otherwise be like you clean off the cuz there's sometimes so we like wind it into like a spike in jam it is I even printed it out if someone's in the bathroom with me I'll pull out a roll toilet paper it's like they know that I'm pulling out toilet paper but they can see they're not shooting so I'm going to blow my nose in acts like that's what the toilet paper is for but really it's weird and you're trying to hide it by pretending to blow your nose yes you know well I've actually gotten it to where I can balance on one foot while still taking a pee and lean down to grab the toilet paper while I'm peeing at the same time I want to just get it first because that's just not that's you of all people should know that's not efficient you got to like maximize your time minimize the amount of time that you're in the bathroom stall like 2 seconds a Man 2 seconds I mean to appoint you don't wipe as the shit coming out you don't I got so I feel your best bet right now I had a problem in the bathroom this morning I went to the bathroom to do my business and I couldn't get the toilet paper to unfurl it was it was it was like one of those industrial public bathroom toilet roll dispenser for the two of them and it was an awkward position and the one that was available was a new role and I couldn't get the toilet paper cleanly off of it it was stuck like it was like part of it was stuck and it was trailing in so as I pulled it like the wrote that the bunch of horrible. Got smaller and smaller to taper off and I couldn't reach down there and get it Jesus Plus I could have done it so I was in there for an inordinate like a really long amount of time fighting with the toilet paper roll trying to finish my business and when I finally came out there was someone waiting like to get into the bathroom the toilet roll dispenser was broken like I was like I was trying to justify why I was in there for so long but never done that before work like there's a problem just trying to get the toilet paper you watered you dab or sorry do you water do you fold fold or that's ever happened to me in a hotel room Gavin you might want to earmuff yourself so this isn't something that I thought I wouldn't want it to ever tell and podcast cuz I felt everyone would just be instantly my mister mister don't come in personally okay so I stayed in the hotel room a couple weeks ago for a convention and whenever I go into a hotel room I put the floor mat down in the bathroom cuz the floor is cold and my footsies are sensitive down and then I went to the convention during the day and I came back and I went to the bathroom I showered and then I wanted to put the towel up to dry it and when I did the underside of the towel was brown and I noticed that I guess the person in the room before me somehow had shit on the floor and there was little bits of poo what where were you staying still on the floor and God damn and I guess the tell her to pick them up so I had I had to be switched to a different room maybe they just walked through a really muddy field it had to happen to have corn flakes and other things you never know oh my God I don't know what to say that how do you follow that up I said that I don't know how it happened or how the cleaning crew would you call the front desk how did you approach this what did you say you have an emergency play you you play the front desk guy how can I help you if you guys have any other rooms available yeah we have put availability tonight how can I help you bits of shit on my floor how do you say it's of shit oh I'm terribly sorry are you positive that's what's on the floor have you smelled it they don't know yeah it was like the same day that I checked in yeah I don't justify them for missing it but the the color of the floor was the exact same color as the shit that's a design flaw right there to make sure that I'm okay yeah the real question is what monster shits on the floor picks it up with a towel and refolds the towel and she said it down on the floor and I see what is the monster in your scenario who is like putting shit all over towels thank God I had to walk across the bathroom to get the mat so no it was right at the front yeah I don't know I think I should tell her yeah I don't think I've ever had like a weird bad experience in a hotel maybe it's not paying attention but I just can't stop thinking about the fact that I own brown socks and I want to throw them away I'm absolutely going to check my bathroom floor when I get home now and put their butthole completely get shit in other places that are not in the toilet like when you guys going to public restroom and their shit like up the toilet just kind of rolled out his car go left it's like pubg where we dropping are you guys I parked at there's a new Hotel built right next to the convention center and I parked over there the day before but I walked across David Sky bridge that connects it to walk them at Sky Bridge pretty fucking nuts it's like three stories up and yeah but Silver Creek so the creek adds another story so how many how many stories down is the bottom of the Grand Canyon it's a good question probably like 70 floors okay we just build an elevator the Grand Canyon how deep is the Grand Canyon as Deep Is Your Love thanks Siri your piece of shit I mean none of this helps me at all but they didn't answer it over a mile is that even right I don't trust you how many stories to miles 10 is a 10 ft per floor roughly stories relatives story and actual measurement is it disrupt stories she's answering the original question I just can't use it on my floor I know you're disgusting people now I guess it is on a relative basis you know by going to the Grand Canyon or or people who like get drunk on cruise ships don't fall over the edge like how does on a happen more I think that happens the cruise ship thing does happen shocked it doesn't happen all the time but you be shocked at how frequently it does happen for people just died on cruise ships I read that there's it's a completely accepted thing that there are some people who reach a point their lives but they basically cash in their life savings and then they just get on the boat and stand up for the rest of their life that they like their 85 and they take that I have a couple years left and maybe they don't so they have more gas on the ships where they store the dead body why would you want to die on a boat I don't go anywhere. Of time lot of shrimp that's what I would go for you just guarantee we would get a die away from your family I guess I didn't want to go out it's just an inconvenience everyone else even beyond the grave like you'll die like in a foreign country so they have to ship his body back once I have no connection to the physical body I feel like once you die who cares yeah you want to get cremated on the people around whatever whoever standing next to me when I die you deal with it Stone Darkness panel man my left arm is really tingly no no no but yeah you got to think even big planes I think with the Airbus A380 in the configuration of Singapore Airlines has they have a compartment set aside for in case someone dies on the flight place to store body is overhead yeah Chris but you got to pay 25 bucks if you want to make sure that you fit in the carry-on thing your body must be how do you make sense you got to kind of plan for that but it seems morbid to make that plan play the people who design self-driving cars have to write computer algorithms to decide who the car runs into and who it doesn't run into any situation where it has to make a choice right like here's a group of 5 people here's one person. Stopping would be the first we have to stop at a specific Direction I guess how many can't you take interview I will that backfire on us are we teaching AI who we value the most I don't like this I didn't think about it till right now and I just blew my own mind now is there a freak you out like it was smart that you're listening devices that I don't have any devices that listen you don't know I don't know how you just talked to your phone I didn't I have to hold down the button I disabled the the functionality we can talk to it actually I was wait a minute wait a minute what you did what with your phone you know there's a phrase you can say to make your phone acknowledge you and start listening is a micro would you have to have a microphone in your house I thought you turned your phone off I want to be sleeping in today not trying to wake her up just like fucking 12:30 and I don't know how she was still sleeping she wasn't answering her phone she wasn't answering her texts and I realized I have Echoes throughout my house or my apartment so I pulled up Spotify and then what's that System of a Down song where it's like you're right so it like I pulled that up quick everywhere and then I turn it to max volume in like I watched as it pause and then a text came up and she was like I'm awake thank you that's a great user that it was fantastic I just worked twice now I think the other day I woke her up with like Iron Maiden or something like that did that to me I really love the Alexa the Amazon Echo because it entertains me when I'm home alone and have nothing to do and I just go Alexa tell me a joke what night is a spy it's a little bit sad you wouldn't answer a phone call for me there's like a 70% chance I would what's another 30 happening there and then I will talk to my Alexa asking for joke and relay it to you thank you you steal material from Alexa what kind of jokes does it tell you Barbara like how bad are these jokes maybe even worse sometimes like she makes it impossible don't know we have a is this is the stand-up thing tonight and we haven't next you're going Alexa tell me a joke Alexa tell me a joke Alexa tell me a joke go do that you should do that very small events only a few people here for like sharing for that since you tonight just wanted it on the spot on the spot don't get your hopes up folks actually did a happy hour for the know and it wasn't ticketed and it's like turning the people that she talked about that last night that we had and shit ton going on this Dimension man where you at let's play live did you guys enjoy this is my fight I think the favorite thing that has ever happened at any Live Events we ever done Lindsay dancing to Wrecking Ball with marble man interpretive dance filmed Michael backstage I found the back of his head and he was behind the stage you can see him but he was full in character in full character using for Garber doing it in the convention center versus doing it in like a theater surprisingly good it felt huge sweetened stairs but they almost Snogging that it goes why it just felt massive yeah I loved it you remember it I was thinking that but I didn't say it she has never said that to Gavin not a single time that was a joke I wasn't being serious about his genitalia I've seen it it's impressive very impressive hey did you guys have a very slowly 12:30 in the afternoon I don't want anybody else but I don't know what else is like but Dad and I are girlfriends will sleep until I don't know I mean as long as I let him sleep on the weekend she will sleep that nobody seems like I wish I could do that it sounds so much better what that's a sign of getting ahold of Jones she goes there so much to do I bought something that I am so freaking happy with it was that she was a shark tank thing and I found out about it on the show Shark Tank no I just actually put your boy shot it's just a big fish tank the fact that we accept that shark tank is a thing makes me think you could buy it to hear some people stole a shark in San Antonio they got stood up like a baby with a stroller they took a shark out of a shark tank they put in the stroller and swallowed it like a baby and walked it out of the aquarium they breathe oxygen so it's just I think their gills aren't efficient out of water so it's still take have some respiration but I think it's not nearly as much are not like that we can breathe a little bit under the water go on red so small something about the small shark I mean your Shark Tank doesn't have to have a great white in it Oh I thought even started a small shark have live longer out of the water why why would I want to get a small shark that you want the other one I want what was the problem between deviated way off the path you want to actually finish the story on the podcast go on Shark Tank and sell Shark Tank we should have done that for your portable Shark Tank we can use this thing like you don't obviously super convenient when you want to take a shark somewhere to dress it up like a baby and put it in the Sharks right that's like the whole gimmick to get in try it out but Jamie Mark Cuban into a little glass cube awesome what if it's a shark tank that shaped like a tank oh look at fire sharks amazing that would be a really hard job is it is I know you got them in the right way Sharknado started I bought a bed jet what is a bed jet I think a bed jet is a fan that blows up under your blanket to circulate air around you like with a jet of air one of those you know this little race car beds that kids would guess it's like that but it's a jet instead Blaine Gabbert now I want that damn it I had I had this one girl friend who couldn't wake up from an alarm clock so she had like basically a vibrator under her pillow that was an alarm clock and alarm. That's why he was there that's why the vibrator with an alarm clock for some reason she woke up like 7 times a night we don't know why bedjet imagine it's just like a pop see out of bed or something that makes you get out of bed I don't know what the fuck is it you are correct you get a point that she comes with an actual it comes with a special sheet as well so it's like it's this contraption that plugs and it's got a fan on it but I would never use that he couldn't stand that most people I love is like sleeping like 50 degree temperature absolutely dislike my home apparatus is it a hose that comes up and goes into the the foot of the bed and then it blows air but it doesn't go on Ashley side cuz there's like a scene surrounding fans out thing where is it stationary now it's just air it just aired why does Ashley not one bit yet cuz she gets cold outside and I guess when it gets colder whenever that fucking happens and I'll send it will will use the heat on her side like shrimp on me because I was super warm and she would like to come in like siphon off my warm but now I'm like a block of ice which is awesome climate chart of a cuddle I have like a Sleep Number so Alana has hers like super low number might like Super Hyper on different floors like one of us has to like climb down to the other one to cuddle why do you want to show you get a dry out in the night why would I dry up cuz it's bad is a portal of you all night you're surrounded by are anyway dude you're everywhere your eyes are closed when you sleep in your mouth is, there's one right there oh that's it that's it what happens if it goes into reverse in the night what happens when you become sentient and it knows who we value versus who we don't value and it starts eating you if I was pitching this product I would pitch it to you is saying there's a mode where you can hit reverse and you can park and it sucks the farts out from under the bed sheets that is not bad just sometimes you like I have a weighted blanket was just traps everything down there too so when you open it up it's like a crypt video farts go ahead last night I couldn't stop farting all night so if you came and met me I'm sorry if you smell something funky I farted on you and I totally crop dusted everyone who I meant Lennon what did you eat yesterday like you can't I think I have an answer for how you found shit in your hotel bathroom mystery is unraveling before our eyes I'm going to run to that bathroom right over there cuz it's it's just real quick happened to me yep damn it and our checks was going so well up until now. Gus can I ask you I know you don't like giving you a personal information but do you sleep more or does Esther sleep more what's going on what does that entail girl after you let me somebody saw blades penis that's really reaction to that is already grab the toilet paper documented I prefer being cold when I'm asleep I'm like you I want to be at school we both actually think want to be as cold as possible you and not me and you both want to be as cold as possibly like that but does she sleep more than you do you guys wake up in time we both get the exact same amount occasionally she might sleep in a little bit but it's rare it's not okay to do with it just leave it as it is disgusting dude it's not use I grabbed it out for comedic effect and stuck it in my ass crack it's funny faces at the whole point is sleeping in a cold room is that you get to be cozy and warm under the covers I'm working that part out I agree with you a little bit but it's just on top yeah I guess so but then then Ashley is under the covers and I'm On Top when will you be here one year we persons both extra night like sleeping cold one year we decided to play chicken when it finally getting cold in Austin we wanted to see who would be the first to give in and turn the heater on and we said let's see how far we can get in the winter without turning on the heater and who can deal with the cold again in the living room with mittens and stuff it was bad it got to the point where it was like 40 degrees at night which is code for Austin and we're both like trying to sleep and then find that one day we both reached at rooster like listen we know we're both cold let's just turn the heater on and just acknowledge neither of us lost her like yes okay we will turn the heater on and we were both fine so cold I don't know why we just how how many days did you make it in so it was far must have been like early January by that point you may savings to the electric company so for you dessert at a dinner that we were at the other night you have any that dessert Barn for a second I think it was a little piece of cake of a sampler little little little little frogs a lot of the stuff to give to you is basically just already prepared and Frozen it's just nicer versions of that a lot of places but like little sampler pieces is perfect from was these were still frozen like watching people try to like cut this little tart in half and you'd like press with your fork but they were that perfect like geometric shape or what hard nothing just shot across the room like two or three different people at this dinner what's good with you guys you guys watch the food blog that we did last year for RTX how do I go to those places did you see that Homeslice tweeted at us the big red thing right they have big red in a bottle which is not on the menu but if you ask for it they'll bring it out to you big red which I guess if you're is Big Red a Texas thing Texas primarily at I love big red big red is so good it's unfortunate that we talked about the Homeslice with such high regard because I know that when I go there tomorrow to be like a hundred people in the line will be like out the door so they have rats you don't want to go there Homeslice is amazing you guys to try while you're in town it's literally what in this was him we had we were ahead of blogging panel yesterday with me Ellie and Steven suptic when you're talking about tasting what's up some different ideas we had at one of the idea that had words for continuing Kelly Vlogs I was going to make her go with somebody for we can you please get the live as that person and Blaine I was super excited about her like shadowing you in like she happy eat every single thing that you age and she would have to like work out as much as you work out and I was really looking forward to your Sunday tradition which is getting the massive Homeslice pizza and you eat an entire pizza every Sunday it's a large milkshake ice cream but then I realized that that probably wasn't the healthiest choice and I'll probably eating like seven thousand calories in a day so it's only 4000 calories to have their normous it's good I mean I can probably do I can definitely do it but I don't know how you do it every single week I could only eat half of that pizza you take it you fold it in half and half again and then you just eat it I'm in pain by the ends and then I always question I could not but then I'll have like leftovers on Monday which is back on diet day and then I'm like, I guess I got to break my diet and then I stretch Pizza out and it's you just pay it already I still am right it's still the same amount of calories isna theory that your body can only process so many calories in a day is not the theory behind cheat day. I just want to eat shit that I can't normally eat during the week 7 pizzas but I can eat them all on the same day so I save them I feel like that would make me in normous Lee hungry on Monday like if I establish where I don't eat which is not very regularly but if I can establish that that I feel like I get less hungry overtime where's if I eat a lot my buddy says like that was fucking great let's do that again yeah Mondays is when RoosterTeeth provides lunch for the staff and by then I'm like still bloated in like farting constantly from all the cheesy gas and Nightmare. I'm like I'm good or even more food I'm like Monday is the worst because I'm like just coming off of that pizza high so I'm just like bloated the whole day it's not great but I don't think so but can't poop it like clogged me up is that not lactose intolerant don't just normal at a time like my weakness I love a good cheese board for myself instead of like a table for a cheese board is like 30 bucks and you get about 2 ounces of cheese across the whole thing and I order a whole pizza for myself too I read somewhere that bears when they're preparing for hibernation will eat like twigs and other weird hydride to digest things to plug up their butt hole so that they can store more foods that true they looked at it they build it damage that like building an anal Corp or damn yeah to block it all out of the Undo It overcomes the stoppage or they just like finger yeah I don't know I guess like because spring has come around they start to bloom and it becomes soft just comes out of the leaves on the trees Flickr that's how I mean you're really the one who read it so you would you would be the one I thought you were like a bear guy anything and they just burn off like everything I've been packing on for the years I don't know about that I love that I can do it I can do it too so he does everything appear does to be awesome what are you up to 10 so I can kick it in the butt plug but that would just make it ready for more winter right then we're going to sleep when it's liquid Lube olive oil or something maybe yeah those are those rations member those Marine rations that I had those were like 68% coconut oil and then apparently saw dust from the way they hate you no glue together super dense bricks and their situation and they're just basically the highest calorie content for the lowest possible wait and we did a lot of research on the stuff from beer packing for the Amazing Race we try to feel like what was the highest calories with the least pack way possible and we determined that was a weird stroopwafels University I'd like to little like thin little cookies would like a layer of caramel smash or something and we packed a bunch of them and I know we first started the race a lot of people like why you guys have like a lot of Gadgets in a lot of pack stuff and maybe make fun of us are packing Snacks by about the 3rd or 4th leg we were trading those for like incredible thing came in normous Lee value of currency on the road The Secret Of The Amazing Race is the big doesn't really come across in the show but the the way people react in the decisions I make are based on this it's really it's so much about sleep deprivation and calorie deficits Because by the end of a leg you know we started one leg in Cartagena Colombia on the beach we ended that leg at the top of a mountain in the French Alps and it's just the amount of travel and Airport time and everything we probably over the course of you know 36 48 Hours you probably slept like 3 or 4 hours and then ate almost nothing that entire time because we only had like a hundred bucks to do that so we had to save all the money and not buy anything so yeah that's why people like by the time they got to that point yeah I got to the point where I've been seeing stuff that's know that I've just because I haven't gone to bed I was working at the supermarket like forgetting what I was doing and getting lost and I fell asleep on potatoes where's the night recently where I was so exhausted it's like your private thing is when I just got in from a convention in Thailand it at like 2 in the morning cuz of flight delays and I was with Trevor and we were like joking around he was doing that quote from think it's The Hobbit where someone says I eats it whole but for some reason I was trying to say it and I kept saying I eat its hole and I kept saying it over and over again and he kept laughing and I was like what I'm just doing the quote you're saying I eat its hole and I was like what's wrong I couldn't figure I was so sleep-deprived I couldn't figure out why it was wrong and that you have to have so much time between when you wrap the day before and when you start the next day you hadn't said Union Union rules where it's I think it's 10 hours of turnaround time I think it's and I obviously people have to go get rest and go to sleep but what happens is you and later and later as the week goes on so by the end of the week you're like starting at 4 in the morning so your schedule is kind of shifts along with it in the first place you know the second one second was super easy cuz we were upset the entire time basically film in what way are you know the genre of it the horror movie so like all of us are supposed to be kind of loopy kind of out of it extremely sweaty and confused so like a lot of it actually worked out for having these late-night shoots where that's actually what we were without acting Robbie's here I'm here Craig Craig was my character's name is it true but it was fun anyway so look out for in the movie so you thought about auditioning for a role didn't and you still got into the film yeah yeah all right I got a lot of screen time to like Ally trailer I got the air School how much money do you think you cost the movie side for the majority of it with bugs and shit touching you and everything like that it was not great it was a lot of walking around in the woods in the dark with lots of bugs and weird bug bites and then there was also some scenes of laying in the woods in the dark if the bugs is that great mind seeing are Mariah text Alana cuz I was like a heads up there's going to probably be some like partial nudity and women are going to be like giving me a lap dance basically for my scene are you cool with that cuz it was just like 4 pretty vampires yeah it's rough so who did I call the Goodwill You by calling her you just ruined just now by saying that you don't tell her bet there's a big announcement regarding Alana this week on house now is she just slowly moving closer to you like tiny amounts at a time. Baby steps the timer 50 we might move in together her she's going in with a group of like basically like for idiot brothers my one like weird sister so yeah but we actually did the move from San Francisco to LA when can keep it hush-hush because when it when people that have to know to be a lot nicer to visit in San Francisco that's for sure because that son-of-a-bitch spoiled almost spoiled her getting the job at Funhouse Mouse Funhouse Funhouse in when he was like over there recording on Instagram and then read it was like playing said this so I still do think things phones need they need a light when their live streaming like almost like we have it in the studio when you are recording in the broadcast area although nobody pays attention to it they put red lights run everywhere scream at the top of the lungs the other thing I wish phone tag is when you dictate a message to somebody it should put that in a different font or a little like a little like on it says this was dictated a little bit of a lot of text I get from you and I just think you're an idiot I just dictated not necessarily want people know that I'm just like yeah cool well let me know how your surgery goes time to do it in a situation that you shouldn't be texting but you can do speech-to-text the way everyone dick takes a text yes I will be there thank you. It was on the bathroom when I got here hahaha I had your talk about fun house and everything about this I had maybe the most inefficient way to shoot something with them recently they they asked me to break some discs for demo disc and Elise sent the disks via UPS be like overnight at them to the office I got them then I immediately got on a plane and went to LA and film the breaking right outside of their office on the street so you brought the discs with you brought the discs with me and broke them there at their office how did you break your where was it you're watching The Notebook with the disk and I was I was so intimidated I thought I thought that was so great I was like paralyzed I didn't know what to do in order to take mine because I felt like I really I was like I have to top that and I didn't know how to do it so I try to to act on genotype 3 disc so there were three different brakes one of them was I pretended I was in Virtual demo disc and I was breaking the disk and that was like a broken real life another one I pretended like I was prepping food and I was chopping it and I chopped up the disk in and like pick one up at 8 it and then the other one I was out of IDs I just broke into my face sounds good it makes you feel better they already cut all those scenes I know they didn't because I watched I made sure I scrubbed I didn't watch the whole video I just grab for my part so yeah I'm in there s a l e West is shaping up pretty well they often now it's like it took a while to get her house is there Ryan Hall moved he has an office there still but he's now in Austin and then Sugar Pines there as well so it's a cool space to go and hang out in my beard old school library when I get rolling ladders and stuff like that I'm surprised they don't use it more often for stuff but thank you that was wicked you just got asked to talk about how do you watch it location that's there's no new RTX I don't know what you're talking about not even announced that we're doing other RTX kill you I'll tell you where it's going to tell you guys so badly cuz he feel like there should be any secrets at all all right it's not a secret it's because like the there's no contract yet as far as I know you're correct Barbara nothing has been signed there is there is no other how are you going to get out of this one we're trying to find hotels you're asking you are asking how you can get fired they won't they won't let me talk I'm ready to say that lady was a plant I knew she was going to ask that question RTX next RTX will be at her house everyone to show up single by line what should on the bathroom floor if you want to it's fine no matter how many events you do or no matter where you do events people always want it closer I think I told you I was in an interview you and I did the other day Bernie years ago we were going to an event I think we're going to Fan Expo and in Toronto and before the event someone had emailed me and said hey I live in Toronto when's the next time you're going to come up to this area I would like to meet you guys and I said oh hey look we're going to be at Fan Expo in a couple of weeks you can come down and see us there and then he replied yeah but I live in the suburbs I don't know what you want no matter where you went to answer no matter where you go there's still occasionally people are like yeah that's still not close enough thank you I knew anyone I'm actually nervous about telling RTX London but that's clearly been an hour you're from the UK this was a super inefficient way to see us we're going to be there in like 30 days you like Gus's demo discs what's that you been in this country for two months how do you make holiday the whole lives for a second degree something isn't working out for us it's true did it when they were they just recently defunded something to help fund the wall Coast Guard got rid of the protection of from using pesticides did not kill bees a business what you sell bees back to the United States cuz you make a shitload of money idea coin Bitcoin but every coin is Abby so did you see that thing McDonald's is making those Mac coins they said it made me think about it and you didn't understand the exchange rate so you base everything on how much how many sandwiches it's worth I wonder what my salary is in Big Mac is it a glass, I'm at 8:50 pick a day for the next 15 days that's the math on that I was trying to think of the amount of weeks but I should have just said 50 days cuz I would have avoided this whole situation so you have to report that to the IRS it's like how much is a Big Mac you receive currency right I'm at coin a big Maxwell like $2 something what makes it currency 300 bucks worth of Big Macs only fuck and the price of a Big Mac continues to go up in the future then you're investing in Big Mac Blaine let me ask you a question $3.57 show when you're looking at nutritional stuff like let's say you're at McDonald's I know you don't normally eat at McDonald's or the place where they have calories on the menu what is the one thing you always be like it's worth it for the calories if you get it down to like the no bread and then no sauce it's like 60 calories which is redis lettuce and turkey reddish I like sauces like barbecue and I never tried to Szechuan though was it any good or was that it just all just as good sweet and sour sauce all the way baby I love you sweet and sour sauce like hot mustard packet they have a buffalo sauce now I like the buffalo sauce episode of a million coins but sponsoring a million Big Macs but sounds weird to say that I don't know why I think it's because I mean I tweet about McDonald's probably more than the average person cuz I love McDonald's but I tweeted that on my birthday saying that there's only two things I wanted one was like a big long like actual answer and the second one was McNuggets and I think that one of the chefs for McDonald's Mike something follows a lot of us and fall and hurt your teeth and I think he probably saw that Sweden and hook me up that would be the chef at McDonald's guess you might members better than them but likes it like the like the mid-nineties late 90s menus were a lot less fluid than they are now it's like every time I go in there's some random new thing like a Smokehouse it's it's it's kind of the point where it stresses me out and I can't go through drive-thrus because I have to take time to look at menus things change all the time it doesn't matter what fast food restaurant is like it's always different and I don't know who makes what anymore what is a Taco Bell Taco Bell before you get to the menu in the Drive-Thru I don't want to do that I don't have a good answer for that the the menu when you go to their website is just like a generic menu and doesn't have everything that's actually their Regional things different so, now that you have a Tesla if the screen just replaced with the menu when you drove into a doctor's excuse no instruments it's just if it looks like your car it looks like a countertop it's just a steering wheel and no display and then you've got a little Disturbed everything like speedometer and ever get over here it seems kind of wrong it's not that bad looking down there and then you have to have your ID and it's not at all like that texting you have to look a lot more I feel like it should all be heads up in the wind I would like that that would be at some point I used to have that car is like my friends had and they were not new cars on my friend's got them like in the early nineties and they had heads up display is like Nissan's had them I remember that little reflector little panel of a total you on the windshield what your speed when we do that anymore because like an advertising firm got a hold of it and then they started like popping up ads in the windshield model 3 dashboard do and that's why I run 6 wait but where does the submarine for the children go Thailand are also posted record Revenue in stock went up 16% okay so I think we're seeing a lot of weird narrative around that the biggest industry in the world has an incentive to stop a company that doesn't utilize them something about pumping shit out of the ground wants to make sure we keep doing that I'm burning it I'm not sure why Joey pump the oil out of the ground we burn it and then which slowly killing us with climate change essentially it's like the slowest way the dinosaurs could kill us dinosaur deliver the same time it's like they had a plan until the next race after us yeah as a fossil one day you know climate change raise the temperature by 5° easier to say T-Rex you think you got bet you get back to know just in general I don't get better at everything I feel like I should make stronger fuel yeah I think most the oil we get now is just Plankton it's a boring Sinclair Gas Station I've got the dinosaur mascot oil is only made from dinosaur eating horse fossils are going to make like really fast feel like that'll be premium all like cuz the whole toilet how are ya that's why they call it that right now we got into this has glue I lost my trust you hey what's going on tonight at RTX what's the what's the what's the big event tonight on the spot in an hour if only we had her up for this what that's a good point you should check that we have cinnamonster an improvised movie disaster always open Mixer 500 the Jeff Williams concerts tonight a kind of funny comedy night and the Raves featuring green crack it what a wonderful thank you it's crazy the creator of the app I actually I don't know if you were in the panel I don't think you were the red versus blue panel years ago early as after season 1 people just started asking us are you going to make more red versus blue and they got to ask at the end of every season are you going to make more red versus blue and I got to the point after 10 years is like if we're going to end the series I promise we're going to tell you that we made a website called are you making more red vs blue.com and all it says when you go to his just yes and that's it and there's a mobile version which is just text and it says yes in text YouTube channel that has just a video that says the word yes on it and that's it and so I need to develop an app keep up with modern times because people need to know for making more red versus I saw the best Reddit post about that I was in the red versus blue subreddit and someone asked the question season 16 is ended are they going to make more red versus blue and of course the first person in the comments posted are you making more red vs blue.com and posted it and the guy replied oh yeah I know that site I've been to it I just don't know if they keep updating should I win if we can I wear jeans to make at the bottom of that site last updated on and then put a date and time stamp for whatever whatever I swear that site is up today is are you making more red vs blue.com updated. Com that's already been taken by the way start will before we go cuz we are almost out of time we have 20 seconds left so if anybody has any questions after ensuring the panel before we came up they been awesome if you're coming to RTX in the future weather it's Austin London Sydney or the other one be sure to apply for the bachelor program and we also want to give what I said earlier today that we've been very fortunate knock on wood that this has been a very uneventful event in terms of catastrophes or delays or anything like that we all that almost entirely to our Guardian staff were amazing thank you to the Guardians and thank you for bringing me a drink Guardians thanks I'll tell you any closing thoughts thank you in London