#506 - Is Burnie Officially Old Now?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jordan Cwierz, and Burnie Burns as they discuss dabbing, pranks, speed sleeping, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-08-21 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jordan Cwierz, Burnie Burns


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 506 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello everyone walking over see podcast this week brought you by and movement I'm just I'm Gavin I'm Jordan and I think I found the immersion helmet type of hat that was from season one kind of shut the song by this old Oilers helmet does it take that you'll fighting against the helmet makes your head look for it we should not be worn by me or God but expect when you go to when you get them when I go to take it off it's going to be really hard can you put on backless minced ahead if I tell him we were filming right now and we could try it with your lightsaber you can let's try to deflect your own shots I can't turn it around around the studio for years and years and then just end up places like I haven't seen or heard be in probably like 4 years and then it just showed up on the sports ball set the news it was it wasn't with the pockets the fraud department just put it up because maybe cuz it was sports-related so they were like this thing out there other people walking and props you have no idea what that is probably the only other time I have itchy on my head right here to keep going to the 90-95 damn that's a long time ago it's like I feel like it's been a long time since I've seen you but you only miss last week right yeah yeah you're really really going to the helmet look different sounds good trip where'd you go to Scotland for a couple days she had Trump's golf courses also didn't go to Loch Ness people keep asking me that seems like an obvious things Glasgow the holy say it in Edinburgh Glasgow also Inverness but that's pretty far fucking Boomer Ness there's also like that since I did not go to and I didn't see the Monster yeah you got to be correct we just don't understand it would have the same values that doesn't make him a monster inherently the way we treated yeah I mean what does that count at by but I think his self mad that I can pay for it it wasn't that much why did you buy is everything worth it so I bought it that's why I have my own I'm up but I'm still bored everyone is bored all the fucking time that's why we're on the internet all the time what's that one he would like to sells on fire in the shower what the fuck you think it's one of my pet peeves when people light themselves on fire and film it it's just like it always goes wrong 100% of the time wrong number and he was in the shower he a bunch of the through the jacket off the one thing that you're not supposed to eat when your on fire is the one thing to everyone does but you're kind of in a way suppose you to even peroxide good point yeah. If you could just run like 30 miles straight up or what I was running literally into a vacuum cleaner fast do you have to run to outrun fire. Every man has his speed cuz I think it's locked to you that you could that you would create an apparent wind and that would blow out fire assume Crossing like a sonic boom and not too far off course can you really outrun a fire okay let's look where there in a bomber and they would there in the bomber they're going to go buy them something but surprising as you did what was wrong fire so they do this thing like Dive Olly Dive cuz there's less oxygen but no they die let it go down twice and then I'll roll by yeah yeah I didn't like her like the video or the audio him talking to the control tower and stuff unhinged fuck on I think so but he had kind of a weird self-awareness of that well it was it was it was very human moment I'm sorry the guy is dead I'm grateful that he didn't kill anybody else what do you think of anyone involved but sorry if I ruined your day I know the time on the plane I could not the hardest part of this game is getting it back on the ground successfully I don't like to think about plane crashes vented to play Nicolas jaar how much battery fee Burnie just needs to do the like got your thing and then I think we got Bingo was ever like mid solute and then he sneezed and Google search history Salt Lake City so the response I dabbed in a behind-the-scenes photo ever was posing and looking very lovely and I just said cuz my kids were there and I always Dad in for my kids and embarrasses the shit out of him so I didn't know what to do with my hands a lot of pictures of month did you see that story about the assassination attempt of the president of Venezuela one that was like several blocks away that also went off was it a drone that's going to fly over to have a DJI drone equipped with so they do they just messed it up I guess just use the cloth know I did do a diploid like these Kevlar cloth started covering him up extra protection from any potential shrapnel Venezuela to do but here's me a Shockwave but close in and every looks and maybe the camera person is reacting to it as well as explosion and then what I found fascinating is his entire Army just kind of run like did you see that the oldest like they're all in this huge formation almost at the casino Star Wars and then there's an explosion explosion in the same exact spot see if they were on fire how fast they could rent it out that kind of stuff is going to become I never thought about that really yeah apparently you have put him on the list yeah well I'd like a weirdo bike I get told all the time don't fly your drone here in fact I've learned it's got a bomb on it I've learned that one thing you should not do is ever ask anybody is it okay if I fly a drone here answer the question is always a hundred percent I'm just do it face where your GPS says you can fly and everything like that you're not near an airport or anything it doesn't matter if you ask anybody a hundred percent of the time people say they should just do a musk into speed just released a drone that's not a dry throat and I thought they would be expensive you how much does it every time it's always you first now I see videos about it just looks like it's like the flame the length of the flamethrower becomes a lot more real we got it we forgot the parking lot we will I wanted to bring it on set and use it in gear but used in the parking lot first you know I got fired fired up and there's no way we're not using that inside also by the way he's a terrible waste propane it just like you use propane in a teaspoon is off. All the goodies done with electric cause like we need to burn a lot of gas in response to the not a flamethrower being shipped out he said the boring company is Elon musk's play to figure out how he's going to be able to drill on Mars remote that's the longer purpose for potentially Drilling and living under the surface of Mars and being at the church and I thought I never heard that he's Warrington Mars I don't trust that I got Twitter for a long time ago when I was crazy tangents about verifying use and having like verified news outlets will you could trust me you from goes on these weird tangent of shit I think they're going to follow lawsuit pedestrian is like comes from pedophilic Greek and Latin differences yeah pronunciation is correct pediatrician if you said Petty penetration penetration you pronounce buoyancy the same way I would say boy boy boy boy boy was but I was looking at someone I was looking at some of their tweets Scandal and similar tweets and it was about them responding to people who had said mean things in Milan me they were firing back and as I cousins like think I should be firing back at people lying but I don't feel like it one must does it all the time so what's the point which what's the point it would Gus you can't fire back at someone it's like to come at you on Twitter for instance they got your fucking terrible and ugly I don't like you no matter of like how many followers are like you have it should be about a personality thing about being the bigger person and recognizing legitimate like criticism if someone calls Gus a piece of shit he's not going to be like he's right man this just sealed the deal like I think that's what you like I know that's probably how is the rule different from the sparring back in real life right technology and some odd but I feel like almost like because I came from online forums myself right online form I feel like if I don't get in there and mix it up with people when they're hammered on me I feel like I feel like I have an obligation to do that but now I feel like I shouldn't I shouldn't do that now I never talk about anymore yeah yeah I think it's pretty early on I can't stop listening to it that guy that plays soccer idiot with us I feel like that's disingenuous like a pretty don't fucking idiot doesn't know about Conan O'Brien at your voice by the way Jordan 5 that's how I was imagining like that's all I was saying it as I wrote it said I see your point anyway it's Thanksgiving it's all about you you later 6 months later ever was all your arguments about him leaving NBC Tucker has a really interesting place for me and the history of RoosterTeeth because that was a show that right up until it came out I was like I don't know if it's going to work I literally didn't know I couldn't make a prediction in which way was going to go back I think I talked about it I believe it was at RTX London last year for the Sydney I said there was something about that show coming out in the show that I don't know if it's going to work and was it was The Nomad being silent a lot of work but yeah we have to like really figure out like how each sound needs to convey meaning and needs to be a sad sound or a piece and sound I said it's not it's usually just like strings like going as like the happiest town is like a squeaky toy anyway just took a break and now you're back broke to do camp camp and now no meds coming back end of the season because there was only 6 episodes longest Gap bit someone didn't 6/5 x 6 episodes if that long what do you call a show but like if there's a series finale like the show is ending serious or not but that could mean season as well yeah cuz here we have like season finale for the final episode of the season series finale. And every time and is 8 years between those two exactly I think it was bad it would know I had a latest ones at Luther they have like such big brakes and then I'll come by would like to upsets and then go if we don't give a rat's ass about the law really suicidal policeman you know him Note 3 or you could do like a magic tricks on Oprah and he would like to try to be a medium so you would like, just like feel people out and be like oh you have someone you lost recently and then like to start very General and get more specific maybe like does yes and then he just like keep holding in on that he knows the guy did the mud but he can't prove it so he'd be like tries to frame the guy so he puts on a glove punches the guy in the face in public in the street light with a hood down takes the blood off in like you just has like a fistful of blood in the plants at the scene best little pet doesn't seem like a legal police work I will know where you punch him in the face or you never have fun here it is but the first thing showing every episode is the killer I think the end of the episode the process to get them thrown in jail typical Uncle fan hell yeah how do you feel as a Brit how do you feel about Idris Elba potentially being the new James Bond for nothing yet oh yes Ashley with her about the Idris Elba being James Bond thing and she said well it makes total sense because all the James Bonds are different people James Bond is the position what that's not true at all when was it the person that hired to BJ parents in order to be James Bond yeah it was it in new Sean Connery play Skyfall Scotland go back to the lake the roots of the day after all that you still a little bit I like I like nightmare about Quantum of Solace they ran out of title like from the movie really in the movie but she is an octopussy dude name of the movie doesn't mean that there's a Man with the Golden Gun disassembly cuz then it's a cufflink discover what happens on the other side of the street in the most outrageous re The Comedy of the summer Brian Henson the son of Jim Henson and director of The Muppets Christmas Carol and Muppets Treasure Island drinks the very R-rated happytime murders story mode McCarthy as a detective in the world for puppets and humans co-exist McCarthy is the detective Connie Edwards of teams up with her puppet partner Phil Phillips to dive into the city underbelly of Los Angeles and find out who's behind the series of puppet murders the pay for puppets interact with humans in a very adult sometimes shocking ultimately hilarious way in from watching the trailers there's a lot of Silly String involved loads of it Melissa McCarthy is hilarious and you probably never look at it the same way again if I murdered his unapologetically outrageous and co-stars Maya Rudolph Elizabeth Banks in Joel McHale August 24th at Deadpool 2 showings and it's gotten everyone talking again Happy Time murders is out August 24th I think they're making it very clear to R-rated film don't take the kids Friday the 24th Jordan and apparently Hooters is shutting down locations and they're having to read strategize because they've discovered a recent study that says Millennials aren't that into boobs what's your take Gavin did I read one of the weirdest I think Joey Noel for at least she posted a retweet something and then some guys long explanation why Hooters isn't appealing to Millennial because it's where he can talk to the women and discuss his problems with the women free dude needs to go to a therapist this article I read about this mention this thing about Millennials being less interested in breasts and a they look at this PornHub study PornHub visitors between the ages of 18 and 24 are 90% less likely to search for breast when compared to all other age groups of visitors age 55 to 64 are 70% more likely rebranded booters I think I think Millennial are just into respecting women into non City Food. Remember when buddy took me I don't even know if there is a bill it's just best for me to be excited about Hooters they would need to be changes I'm not a huge fan of the Barbie look Bottled Blonde big boobs scorching can't to I wouldn't be there to look in all capital letters at you but to talk to you place to eat and chat with good conversationalist they're dying me up so I don't have to be a place to talk to you about sports and how your day is yeah they take a bag of ice and throw it your beer it's so it's awful things are free this guy says reactivity of crimson problem listener hostesses this way these guys don't just their problems you want to talk to each other and every other professionals that for that if that was your job is like okay you need to be awake also got to listen to everyone's problems all day long good conversationalist Mary or series is Gus is a therapist and have to listen for an hour to time to other people's problems advice was Gustav just like the stop got it. I'll pick up the package from your house how do I get people to like me guess stop okay just stop are you still going through or apparently they still have a hotel in Vegas right and they had an airline at one point for the animal of the airlines still exist where to go in March of 03 to April of 06 did they did they sell at a sell-off other planes and stuff the bus lines of symmetry of cost Hooters of America $40 to us $49 I said where is there help out in the plains you remember this article typically their least like most Airlines don't own but they were purchased by United Airlines for a lot of money they were all seven planes baby The Walking Dead when I don't know who they were United in our choir all right definitely not for got your game just stop stop or yield oh yeah depends on the shape so for me it would need to be fundamentally different experience that instead of relying on a superficial novelty instead cultivate meaning for human interactions in a world increasingly isolated by convenience and then launched a separate spin-off restaurant call Hoots who were they Hard Men and they're fully clothed boots it was like a dude I don't like we never clothes fully close is a bikini fully clothes cuz it doesn't seem like it when I will thank you finally acknowledged tops and bottoms in Philly click okay tops and bottoms but if you could do an underwear like this is Gavin question you should go to answer this I would say yeah that's really clicked is Bernie Pat just a different form of helmet who knows to be fully clothed expression of measurement that people use to determine how close you are this thing we have this thing on mixer in a shipping to right now where it used to be set so you could see how long the audio recording of it going but now it counts in different units the much slower than seconds they like an hour and 18 minutes and I don't know what the coolest unit in hours 18 minutes the name for it I've been just told him wenises because I don't know like I videos 18 wenis is bad out on Mercury like hours minutes and Ice then you can't change it or just us. We'll have gone through and I'm sure you got someone must have like probably hit the keyboard and we just haven't figured I have to do so you got to come up with a better but that's what he gets name when you mentioned that they would put ice and beer at Hooters earlier everything about another story I saw where I guess the whatever makes bloodline Heiser Bush was offering coolers filled with free Bud Light in the city of Cleveland for whatever the Cleveland Browns finally win a game I thought it was like all of the beer at the stadium was locked up until he went to Cleveland better locked up in his window Browns Quinn Cleveland win that you can open it then and then get free Bud Light cold mailbox refrigerator dude Larry I really interesting automatically unlock a computer how much does a door that's locked mean in the ditch automatically unlock when they win all these things done lost cabin beer that might be why doesn't you got pulled away apparently during it so we can like I tell you that every week I don't have time to sit for 3 hours do poca3x hours in 4 minutes they would rather me make an appearance and leave but then I just catch a bunch of shit for a Philly but I have to do all the stuff going to work everything at the Michael in the refrigerated them to work but yeah I did that was on there for the Post show and he just like he like I had to walk more alcohol I had to walk away with Michael Michael Stover and I asked you. For Lindsey's Lindsey's good at she's like he's very angry at me I mean I was close to blacking out and let's play life because he's just kept giving me shots and I woke up like damn him but it was like I had a great time when you're when you're like when you've had enough booze the instances like I might run out and enjoy drinking alcohol the taste of it that much but when you're in that state is just like I need some slaps yeah something through a drink yet and given shots needles like you can feel them slowly kicking and you just feel stuffed onions and glue and it's like a call when you have that moment Jordan when I say I should stop you're right you should stop and say he's really is like your last line of defense that little voices goes please tell him to when you went like when that voice doesn't win then it's your one more drink and have you ever had some pretty rough experiences sometimes you just sorry I've never I've never blacked out but I did throw up after New Year's party that you threw mostly because party was that it was a bad thing it was a vampire know that was a couple years before that this is the one where you had a bunch of those invisible call Tiny pies near me cool so they're really good and I was drunk enough to be like I don't know I want Wii sports theme on Damaris of him before that it was a good idea to drunk you are there and I want to taste your phone with you for some reason I want just hit that bit hard when I drink or the fulcrum here's my problem or at my house compensating is just compensating for the fact but pretty much people like Matt hullum when he's drunk they like him and they like him way better than meat in a long time so we got the brew and it's it's from this beer company not just your company is it going to stop raining this stop it was like why did you do I receive somebody else your friend ever given a free stuff I don't think so but thank God for India Pale Ale what is the the bitterness okay I'll thing they like have you ever heard of the universal to all of them it was like ivu is it International in Earnest unit unit that be 99 on the IBU I apparently it's just that you can barely think of typos I stepped on a tide pod a new season this weekend of the preachers assembled it fell and I went back up like you said you were wet I think I can do tide pod challenge you have to put 10 on the floor with both feet and see if you eat shit and I think I should be the new challenge this wish I said I did this gross and then took a picture of it and send it to you I wonder that to my girlfriend did that to me one what kind of bug was a time in a public setting that was like why did you send this to me so I can advise you to sit there with your tell me your tell me that thing you said about your second picture but dude wants his girlfriend was Beyonce and I'll react to the first girlfriend my girlfriend sent me a picture of a cockroach stop. Was it that's so gross when you guys getting married early will ask next no matter what they hear when are you getting married speed dial pretty wife congratulations today and she said she said honestly I forget you guys are married sometimes already I get another Bethany then we have to figure it out your first name and last name calling you out any I miss you like a little B icon that she'd legally change my last name to bumblebee or. B what if you remember you remember like aim and I Seek You Well I couldn't fall asleep for like that in the middle of having trouble falling asleep last night and there is no control falling asleep cuz I kept thinking about AOL Instant Messenger friends list and like going down and seeing like all the different names of all the different people like so and so is this sound so is it up all of our aim logs in my video I just put up the camera goes my name I wish this was icq Jeff usernames just was so good I let you know I have I have the log from when you and me from before I work to order like you're like next time you like message guess put everything that's in your name. Frank yeah I have that so well I got the follow up that was really confusing we did that weird video podcast for that table is under water but haven't heard yet so we're back in those days and so I said to them I said hey really simple prank just whenever you message Gus from now on for like the next week everything put everything you saying quote so I can coordinate it just that simple and we all did it we was talking about your name shit because I never thought I'd be like hey know if you shave the bed off that looks just like weird conversation of crap and I thought you find it suspicious that was just talkin to the nothing came of it so every couple days you're like well forget it and then so many things I can do with it what you just think it was I don't know what's happening with several different people that you put inside the club had a new wood bug him if he's not those are my favorite pranks just like an instant pranks that don't involve and stuff getting beat up Jeff smallest private explaining to sleep I have an ability falsey and very proud of you keep proving it to me it's you you meant you said go to sleep in the SoundCloud go to sleep there's a person might fall asleep in the morning that may feel like your heart rate your your brain waves and stuff and watch that does that do flip right into the business this is your ice spine do you ever do you ever just try to think like as you're falling asleep like you try to text the moment like you to sing for the moment and catch it when you do that dream was starting right now especially when I'm trying to fall asleep sleep is the only thing that makes me think that Evolution makes me doubt Evolution yeah but I need to sleep and by the way can also see well at night and everything like an ant but I think we sleep set a reminder get from a power mode. Every step on an ant hill and it's a bunch of answer my fucking freak out and start like someone stepped on you you'd freak out cuz I mean you were asleep okay so ask sleep but not in the sense we understand sleep well and know that whatever you something else Big Show that they have a cyclical pattern of resting. Which each Nest as a group observes last year on 8 minutes in any 12 hour. I just slow down every 12 hours the entire Nest switch for 8 minutes fishing and that's when we strike do they move the clocks forward by 16 minutes a day I thought that if I fall asleep and I don't know what it is but I've lived my whole life with my own body and I don't know what the time. But this time it which I get not enough sleep enough sleep and then we must sleep way too much lately it's like 40 minute window is just like I can make myself weird by waking up at that point time everything's just odd and I just it's not worth it in anyway whatsoever no big deal by sleeping you just time travel to the Future it's right close my eyes and I have like 4 hours ago what's going on buddy 50 minutes on the couch hundreds of people that I fucked in every hotel that you ever been in there's always terrible to remember we talked about this years ago on the podcast I think we're the last podcast I think where it was a hotel that found someone dead under the mattress is it a Robert Rodriguez doing it was like in four rooms in Ariel happened where they found a dead body under the mattress in the baby has been there for a couple of weeks on a dead person carved out or something yeah that's awesome but the dirtiest thing the thing I was freaked out about I forgot to freak out about a lot of things in a hotel but it's the remote remote yeah why not playing that who the fuck you anybody else ever had that thought in hotel dude eating a foot will do anything normally I would say Gus don't record people in private moments but they were very much in traffic in traffic yeah they were in the street and I don't have any just like the lady walked on her phone but yeah like you a foot deep throat starting a car and then they look at them like they are you sufficiently guilty the guy looks like he's eating a sandwich at first it's just like check in Facebook Gavin is the watching the video right now and then they just kept talking about it so I had to come back around to where it was funny I guess I don't know what that would be on at tolerance is it weird that I am not into feet. Out of feet like OK feat one way or the other it's either love feet in water Jam down your throat like that guy or are the worst thing in the world to me I don't care I'm repulsed I don't care about that I find that repulsive I find that interesting like I wonder like what does that guy get out of it right so I can tell you when she gets out of it nothing like but it was just sexual I was going to do this year is going to set up but I was in a interview with Gus and Jeff and I'm sitting like this and I grab my grandma shoe like that and they both have you pissed Gavin what's wrong with you what's wrong with you I like barely like touching the laces at least if you like here's you touch the bathroom floor are you done you if you have more pics in your shoes than anyone else's to get them Grandpa shoes I just have to come back to the last eight letter also made out of wool throw any liquid is like a drink stable guess I'll have nice shoes nice shoes what do you have they are pretty cool you can't dab and whether she was like one of those claws on the arm to put them on cuz you can't bend over all the way I really like the one that likes that's up your sake just please yes if you think I'm the person who's not saying she won't I'm saying The Claw on the end of the handle and you squeeze it and it shook on but I can answer that what is that what size shoe horn multifunction stop your old person you can't bend over to pick up the shoe put in place to put your foot in it out shove it in the back and you don't use a shoe-horn for cuz you got to grab something something you don't need to do that when you play pool corn with something under it no matter how old you get your not allowed to buy one of those she made fun of it I'm really okay wait wait where do they have handheld it seems like the long pole down. Cake help me out here in the grossest if I'm putting on my shoes gross right I had to touch my shoes box wrong and I put them on my feet and then do you do the thing with your finger in the back of the heel where you like your face as you were with the heel but that's not because you're not touching the bottom of a shoe it's at the bottom of the top of the shoe is gross profit on this thing like a malteser I was taking an ibuprofen earlier and I dropped it on the floor and decided just to help I didn't need that plastic the one of the left metal material podcast results about to buy hymns starts when your middle-aged that's not the case at all this can be optional go to Four Hands. Com a one-stop-shop for hair loss skin care and sexual Wellness for men solutions to treat hair loss to provide you with some generic equivalents to name-brand prescriptions to help you keep your hair in a Prescription Solutions backed by science does go to forums.com answer a few quick questions and a doctor will review and can prescribe you what you need products are shipped directly to your door so you don't have to make a trip to the doctor's office their products to cover all bases you can order now or if you were to Lester's go to trial month Pam's for just $5 today right I want supplies last and see the website for full details this will cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or Pharmacy go to for him.com rooster that's forhims. Com rooster for hens. Com / rooster thank you again for sponsoring this episode of the Tri-City podcast on division do it even though I asked nicely that Egypt on Earth 3000 year old cheese they have to run tests on it what it is it looks kind of gross looking Skyrim Mammoth it looks like it looks just like that to me but I kind of like she's more petrified can you perform they list what it is the chemical makeup they analyzed it via a process called liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry they try and gray any they said that it's filled with disease that's what they made that I'm cuz they want to eat all the cheese themselves are called potentially deadly disease brucellosis to make an all that shit up I guess it's a girl. Really use for a while by the way I guess they found the tomb that was buried in in the late 1800 but the sand-ship didn't cover your back up and it only like recently came on Earth again like a hundred years later me how little we know about GE about just like if you go down like 2 feet into the Earth that were done we don't know most of the planets lately photograph of feel like the planet itself but we say 2018 I should have a device that I can point at a mountain and I got a good amount of gold this part sell copper you know it we just know that like when Minecraft doesn't load from rice no I don't I don't spiders apparently I keep telling her my house I'm a get the whole lot of nothing I just feel like that device whatever it is What school I'm going to say yes cuz meat is a way better way to say it's better I got it while I guess you got one of the coffee I mean like what does the generation that went to Hooters I don't talk to me about my brother yeah yeah yeah what does a double on the cat can you touch it ever again if I sent to me by the cat from the like in front cameras that eyeballs really that is find hottest part of a cat the great please answer this question genuinely how much did that cost I can't do it like me money aliens what if you could detect all the coins that were on the ground around it and what's the best thing to detect. Is that acid in this I could have dropped some Universal indicator in it but I had to interact with I can't tell a distance if a liquid is acidic right how does somebody's mad I'm wondering if you're right you're right I want to know in advance whether I should turn the other way maybe eight or liepard he's mad about was it Gavin fall asleep wasn't my fault you lost the man in the United airport once we still good for Lazer team Premiere in Tokyo and just Tokyo Japan and American Festival could it be going to pull my school in in in Texas as soon as other places well if you pull a kid out of school they flip the fuck out the K I'm taking my kid I get to be like I'm taking him to NASA to help troubleshoot Mission Control to learn all about Engineering in one week if you like you can have no school. They don't care about what the kids doing this care about the money that they're getting you like literally the second day I know you don't pay your taxes last year the second day of school this is your fucking letter which is is it's a form letter you like if your kid misses anymore school mrs. for Monday's will take your child away from you but it was a really rough letter they send you imma bring one of these letters in it I have seen I've been like dropping my kids off at school and there's a fucking parent in the principal's office with the hold the letter screaming at them it's like you know semen come down and I know because I marched in the same Austin weather I finally convinced mom JD's mom to let him come out of school for a few days for me separately on an international flight and I was a huge problem and on the way back be like delayed or overbooked one of our tickets so I'm not going to leave my kid in another country for a few hours I'm just not going to do the oldest and I'm not going to fucking do that so it was it was a frustrating experience with a certain Airline I don't need help with my customer service situation I can handle them on my own you missed the flight you just don't get on earlier flight is my solution was way worse by the way we both got upgraded to business class which was never ever in my life alone and still haven't since then phone business class international my fucking kids are first international trip business class every time I assume start system like Airlines shitt you've been executive Platinum like the whole time for agents right yeah so you get systemwide upgrades which means you get a free upgrade ain't no buttons work economy 4 times per year when you could have been in business for free sure I guess the really dumb thing was the upgrade is on and I still didn't have my ticket on this plane is overbooking thing and says like just put him in his class The Walker his and then give me his seat in coach Dubose be done with this whole to check and all the stuff and then I said I said so as it's over get wanting because I do we want unfortunately when I can sit together he's 14 it wasn't like he was super young but I was like no go to sit together so you know I'll think of is my feet and you can sit and talk to me why do you get the beds this probably happened last night I'm still playing sea of Thieves you must be stopped I like see if I like the game but I want to move it up I went to Rudy's for lunch they got my Clean Hands did you know it was my invite how do you want to go like my friend who's in town at my my friend who's a much better sleep more than I am Zach King Vine Fame now YouTube an Instagram he does those magic Vines Jordan do you know this guy you don't trust me you would know definitely if we were on the train going somewhere like a subway train going to stop so we was 5 minutes on the train he would do move where he would take his strength on the hoodie you pull it make it so you go down to nothing and then he would easily fall asleep he can sleep like 5 minutes at a time even though we were paying out some stuff and then I'm watching to make sure I have seen this before I haven't what does a lot of stuff with perspective on the rabbit hole watching the stuff I'm doing it right now the fuck that's not real but I was lost it was a significant day he was here was before was here we come and hang out with Dan and you like come shoot this thing and then I came here and then you were gone for an hour because you're at lunch with us and we're did you remember that that's shity of me to do that but I was really nice and sunny and I was like dude I'm not going to ask for an apology or anything but do you remember the time you went to bed, and you had me and you kind of just go ahead and break everything down and send it back I don't know if I know I didn't know that that's probably a $0 not a great thing is like the first time we went to bed, yeah I know how it works everybody ever when I got there and then my friend and then Katie Jack's now wife was stopping over in LA on her way to RTX and she had some familiarity with doing good going to be in stuff so she kind of new at work I work the old and then I was like Bernie will explain to me how it work and the shipment got lost got misdirected cuz I was supposed to go to San Diego for thanks whoever is the person who takes it away that's what happens I might have I don't remember being hit the ordeal with taking it down the podcast set out of those massive Raiders of the Lost Ark boxes right so who did that who did you pay to do it I don't know I think you can do it labor on labor paid to do that with that set inside the big door if you open the door there was a a packet and envelope with instructions on how to put it together takes time in your defense with me is because I was going where you showed up like the second day in your life still drunk from last night it was like 2 p.m. lost the network never goes to a party with open bar because it's not it's not you it's other people just shove drinks in your hand and you just start putting down even like it just got to meet you question question that we're going a friend of ours we used to work with she's been accepted to very prestigious Art School ivy league so she's leaving the country in Austin doesn't work for this for a long time you might have seen your videos from the old gcpd artists like sitting in like she was Tara and then her right away if you can cancel it I organize drink and I buy Expectations by at least one drink at work in the middle of the way you don't do it right at the top you wait a bit what is a get-together I'm paying for the drinks in what world are you organizing to get together would it take for daventry pity wedding dress like a deal whether your lovely girlfriend make Oh I thought I organized downtown shit because you're coming are you know also the laundry time with certain people rcpo do like I am going never mind and that's why you're ditching me tonight right do you want to go out tonight if you want to go out and about time on Wednesday let's go tonight let's go out for I could I go to MIT right I am I don't know whether it's because I'm older than I was before I love it when people cancel on me so much for the relief it's like yeah, and then they let you out but then when the time comes up like a man I've got so much to do I'm just tired and then they can I love that person so much potential I love it that flips that turns again and then after a while you're kind of stuff and then you get happy when people cancel on you and maybe even go so far as be happy when you don't get invited to stuff even but then that turns around where you want to go you want to do stuff again I better wait for him to come opposing viewpoints are there was a time like invite to I'm going to watch it was called to watch Crystal Palace Pet Place on them I was looking for today is to be fine and then you can say I was like man boy little baby now I would love it if you cancelled no I think I already did you find this episode of podcast is also brought to you by movement you guys heard me talk about movement before you know those two College dropouts started throwing watch company I don't know if you checked out the site lately but they've doubled the number of watch Styles and are still expanding movement watches are all about looking good and keeping it simple we don't want to just don't tell you how many steps you take in or blow your ass up with text messages you know I'm not a fan of that stuff tells time and look good doing it post a picture to Saturn you watch collectors with many women but also expanded to sunglasses fashion for bracelets for her so my sunglasses were here too movement watches started this $95 stop the middleman and Retail mark-up finding the best possible price for classic design minimalism all great stuff off today with free shipping and free returns by going to mvmt.com Rooster check out there expanding collection go to mvmt.com Rooster join the movement thank you movement for iPod cast and for making stylish watches and sunglasses into a conversation that we had last week oh oh yeah so I started like if I was buying drinks Allen would come that's why so that's really good to me I don't have to pay for drinks cuz I was not going to be there there what you doing deal with it you can double dose of Allison gas station that if I don't know what to do right now it's on you to ship it back yes otherwise they'll charge you for it yes and I think that's bullshit you should probably just called in to be done customer service order this yet yeah I know what you need to return it supposed to charge you for it what is the hassle they're portrayed yeah that's why I didn't know before I think if they send you some and you should keep it. It and everyone says so it's free it's like give me not make this joke for the bus I got to find the price for this item at the dumb fucking joke I didn't realize you just put it on the floor that's why I feel like walking through a UPS I'm dropping off work. I might be there with all of the packages are going out for them do UPS delivery person just comes and grabs whatever packages are going out all right why didn't know about either delivery works well if that was $100 you can pick you to be charged $200 if you give it back to us progressively since the delivery people have gotten less enthusiastic about bringing all the way to the front door Amazon delivery it was at my curb it was just sitting beside my mailbox I just haven't met your house several times I don't know what was the front door not the one facing the street come in most of them Maya delivery guy who's been doing it's why I don't use the door is it hard to figure out W Church Street to another one to the drive will you will come now that's my name is a delivery guy he dislike few steps to the front door and he throws it on the map Hops and look at this like maybe 6 feet and it's like last thing if I love it if it's like in a bag like a plastic back kind of delivery and it's something soft I'm okay with it don't throw it there on the bus and step that's just too common these days yeah maybe just dropping it really looks like I got in trouble with my UPS delivery driver recently what you do how can I tell the story was upset with me because I got a delivery and it didn't have my unit on it I swear I put it on there sexual side of the tracks like I put it when I order the things they must not have printed it it doesn't say you need to put it I put it I don't know why you're mad at me and you're not saying the label until you get it right I bought this from they didn't print it right so we need to make sure that I can't I didn't print the fuck you battery that's my package right up the street that's the street that's cars in the street it's the it's like next to the driveway is like on the road where you drive up to the curb I would have put it like in the middle of the driveway so he definitely on the front of my property but you said it like like if they pull up to the curb and he leaned out and put it on my proper kind of put it off to the side like are you looking at that spot every time you drive us right by the mailbox they put it in the mailbox in the mailbox in the front yard American set up where all the all the houses now it seems like they have centralized mailbox go out of my way on my way home like I just want to go home but I by the way I didn't know that's what I had some mail never knew where to find it it wasn't the house so you probably went in the mail you pulled it all out what percentage of that was actual may I have a list all odd set 100% of it was junk they deliver trash to you and they lose packages here waiting for a middleman for the garbage company this is the IRS dealt with email and not Lexus I would never checked mail I would not use my own every single thing automated at this point nothing but yeah IRS illegal to take down the mailbox you caught like say no mail a package delivered and they put it in the specialty whole thing on the bottom then you have to figure out how the fuck the key works I'd like which one is open I got I got one. Um yeah it opens it all the time they give you a key and then they scribble on it like which one it's for and you can't really make it out in like the labeling on the mailboxes inconsistent so you just are trying every single one until it works the way England does it with a hole in the door and your mail in your house what's wrong with that people can break your packages of a gigantic hole walking there they're moving to the system now or you have the centralized mailbox me that money cuz you know nobody mail things anymore and just walks the neighborhood doesn't get doesn't get a truck at all this guy he's like a postal service band or anything it's just his truck is all of them I guess everything but the vehicle start doing the job to my mailman is like I have I'm outside a lot so I see him a lot whenever he comes and put something down I said thank you for doing that you never see if I feel like we're definitely be on the point of which I should know what his name is and I don't know how to find out what my mailman's name is having her Nana like for friendly friendly but we weren't but it's got to be friendly but don't like a name tag shouldn't be efficient be like a Seinfeld situation that should just be you got to him being like I feel like we told her the time but I don't know your name what is it when you cry cuz he be like he knows my name is on the fucking letter email fucked up and she gets fucked up all the Talking just love the United States. I know it's tough and it's like okay I just accepted it for the one letter I need like every 3 months I got to put up with those other shit I don't like the shit that get disguised as real nail War disguised as a bill like a hand-written envelope cable company formerly Time Warner Cable show me company that sends me junk mail in Spanish in Spanish but I was yesterday I got open now in Spanish I got I got I answer this phone call and it was a telemarketer calling me speaking Spanish that's never happened so I know Spectrum fucking sold my information to another company that's not giving me a jump phone call in Spanish I'm on Spectrum going to find you fucking asshole I don't understand why there's only one in Spanish oh wait a minute you an email as spam and spam from like I ordered recently a LA Dodgers cap one of those big enough to fit my giant head and so epic Dodgers MLB you like the Dodgers or I like the doctor's I want to see me huge problem. Problem MLB had my email address missing hey there's New Jersey's for the Dodgers in here because I bought a normal thing no big deal but I feel you some emails that I get that are spam emails that are like kind of like low-level I don't have to put it like a or going to be in your area soon with a seminar and how to be great at real estate or some shit like that nobody ever tries to fuck me in Spanish I'm always getting like these seminars going to learn to be a motivated by a great one of me fighting so I can find an example unsubscribe from those cuz I don't want to confirm to them that I got it right email address hi victim I write you because I put malware on the web page with poured what you have visited I don't get that my virus grabbed all your personal info and turned on your camera quick capture the process of your mess masturbation just after that the soft saved your contact list I will delete the compromise and video and info if you pay me 300 u.s. dollars in Bitcoin does the address for payment I give you 30 hours after you open my message for making the transaction as soon as you read the message I'll see it right away but never 5 times a day video of you jacking off we're not be like oh well ironically I don't jack off the biggest of guys checking Kobe was leaking video of you jacking off or just the information of what you would do normal stuff to people banging crying diaper stuff right provides no information was going to keep her here this category dabbin I feel like I get to spam until I'm always afraid unsubscribed you because I'm afraid to put on subscribe to it they're going to say alright they might also know if you look at the message but I might load an image in there and you say Sophie to that a lot of marketing people do that would have put a little pixel that comes from their server and they got we got to hit on this so I was just trying to see the link to that pixel everyone equally son of their amazing is that you found a place to have these was a good crew give me like a hundred thousand gold like 2 hours for what it's just a game it's fun and that's it anyway to the point of the story playing for a while and then we had that moment that tends to happen sometimes we play online was you got mad at anything will not he will not listen we gotta tell you story for all fighting something he's like I'm busy over here at The Shining a light on a tree I don't know what he's I like his style play for a while with this group and some ice the moment it happens work someone goes every my gamertag was Burnie Burns we got pretty birds to go are you the real Bernie Burns and I said yes anyway are you really and I said yeah I'm really I'm really Burnie Burns I don't think we would fake being ever and this guy in a red versus blue how's it go thanks man that's really cool. Like normal interaction then this guy busts out this fact he goes yeah I drove from Michigan I was at the season 2 premiere season 1 at the Lincoln Center what day you were you really that's like a hundred and fifty be like one of the first big things we ever did and I just randomly ran into this dude play sea of Thieves 40 years 40 years later it was really weird I thought season 1 DVD everyone I was in the audience on Joe he probably get all the cats except for your Mary she wasn't the event but I think they paid for her to come we'll have to fix that bullshit bullshit that note with you guys next week