#507 - Is Burnie Too Big for Yoga?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Eric Vespe’s investigative story on Jaws, Gus’ calendar shoot, printers, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-08-28 19:00:00

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Participants: Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Eric Vespe, Gus Sorola


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 507 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello welcome to receive welcome and audible I'm Gus 10 seconds ago no person to sit down 10 seconds ago promises you make yourself and then you don't talk about that this weekend yeah you said you were talking about like if what would you do if you know you can turn into a dragon and your girlfriend around your back and just basically she should get something out of everything when you start eating and you just can't stop do you have that indefinitely I'm not a dog so but I'm full even if your food in front of me and I stopped to eat until you bought I said I want you until you threw up once what the dog I told myself this is going to pair of shoes that I always and lace and tie every time I take them on and off in my foot in the pair of glasses that I'm always going to wipe with a cloth the little glass it's like scratches everything else cuz I'm like this so you saying you need a shoe horn my glasses know that doesn't make any sense I'm going back to the discussion again nothing to help you put your shoe on you put in your ear when you can't bend down I feel like I'm going to need one of those I'm very touching my toes to yoga you can work on it really that was my experience at all I don't have that much in here like this much and stuff like that but yeah we would challenge each other for stuff in preparation for The Amazing Race trying to get stuff we have to do yoga I feel like you physically too big for yoga I feel like you're right I feel like I see a lot of like short people do yoga yoga what is like this a lot of YouTube like fairy help it though it's just a lot of me to fold yeah you know that's me all the time permanent stage 2B to try to get out of here today I don't want to admit that the broadcast guys were here with us over there and get up and I didn't make it like I went and I like turtles on me even though I'm doing you're judging him you weren't there either dude I wasn't watching it from 3 feet away on a TV if you walk around in a few Strait net worth Gavin is a way to drive down in the car this weekend dad came over this weekend Ashley if I may have a yeah I like the idea of you walking into your own kitchen and Gavin's there that's exactly my reaction we had no idea about it but I was in high school front came over to my house and walk home and he'd be in my refrigerator, I always thought that was most unrealistic thing about any of those sitcoms was just people like coming into each other's apartments or homes and just being there all the time but he's really leave your door unlocked all the time in New York City downtown New York City think I'm safe just wondering to everybody else think the buzzer at the front if you have good looking neighbor's you might leave the door unlocked right when you said Joey Liv and let me cross bracelet Monica and maybe sometimes I don't know if I've ever seen a whole episode of Friends have you avoided friends always on its own now somewhere I just never never started it and just have on kind of like you do with the office or Parks and Rec like you just need something to have on white noise or just to keep you occupied in between stuff Jennifer whoever the new Peter Hayes will be like who's going to rise above it determine what is the correct pronunciation of the word Motion theater in GIF by the way work on the pronunciation of authority by the way how did you say that I'm sorry you said sorry and I want to grab him cuz I want to talk about something when Dad came over this weekend part of my plan there's a weird phenomenon that we will have no one of a certain name of the company the moment we start working with somebody of that name we immediately get somebody else with that name like someone working over an animation is you learn a name I don't know what's your name what's your name I was standing by her Achievement Hunter weather and someone who's like but say you're asleep during the war with something I don't know what's your name your name another department elevation animation name another one broadcast I want to talk about but we get over this weekend what I was doing was I was building a computer for Teddy and then I had JT help because he helped me build a cousin over cuz he's never built one before so we had in there we're doing it while we were building it use the thermaltake case thermaltake bigger than I thought it was going to be but still good case for inspiration we put on Infinity War Iron Man cuz he builds you so that we did it and I got what kind of video card GeForce 1080 1080 TI 600 block 800 next month you have to be for a company if they use the same name branding different different products different sectors I don't know it doesn't matter intendo like a different brought up a good point. I don't know it was a perfect example I don't know that took me way longer than I like to admit they are Mario and Legend of Zelda part of Super Mario cereal somewhere in our house but can't remember that all the shit out of that Eric to the point here I would like the Batman cereal I bet first air I like Batman I liked I was kind of a boring kid but what I like to do as I like to mix my cereal so I like mix my kicks with my Cheerios chaos I know it's weird to get your kicks on Route 66 all the time the broadcast guys for your little lower third or whatever I was gave you your Hobbit name and see if I remember correctly can I say that's exactly right right now reporter on Lord of the Rings all three movies in The Hobbit by the hobbits were were the ones that like I spent the huge amount of time but I went to visit them while they were shooting Return of the King so they were the first to it already come out so I was not only a fan of the book by that point but I was a fan of the first two movies yeah and so like you know it is crazy kind of like I guess if you like our big fan of a TV series now and you go in for like the 3rd season is you get to go on the side as you're walking around the sets if you already know and you see you know what the characters in costume so that's kind of what it felt like you know it wasn't one of those things where I became a fan after I went to go visit so I entered it out there the story from the RTA word Brady goes grab the electric fence that was when I went to Disneyland and we got to go visit The Hobbit set when they were leaving the Shire Gandalf is talking to Bilbo to leave the Shire to go on the big adventure then I think like a year and two months later but I went Gavin and I went and they were filming the last seems like after the smog the battle and everything and everything was just torn down and it was Billy Connolly we listen to him how to say that he delivered that line of dialogue probably 30 times calf hip was out of there too he was really really struggling with think we like it on the set that day what you want that money got to spend on that seeing it's like none of it was in the movie obviously very complex actor and a huge amazing set but he's in the room what's the Disaster Artist when they're trying to get Tommy wizo to say that one line again and again everybody else knows the line but it's not easy for him to say it really kind of like smelling it down four years later golden flaky crust corridos who often goes dean's list of US courage goes on Mars Hardline with himself in like cursing up a storm and yeah that was the funny part of that after we went to the to the first seed and we were there for that and then it was a year later it was it was an exception long amount of time to shoot those three movies just like with Lord of the Rings they did their huge amount of shooting and then they started cutting and then they came back for another huge amount of shooting yeah I mean that's how I was able to go to Return of the King and that that was a really amazing because it was like a medley he like since they weren't I wasn't just there for like one big long thing with the same three people like everyday would be a new day so like I said there'd be a day where Christopher Lee Saruman is there then there'd be a day where you know of you know elrond's giving the sword to Aragorn Aragorn and you know it so everything will change you being Rivendell one day and then you know the next you'll be walking the streets of me. Do you think any pictures not on that one on on The Hobbit they actually gave me approval to take my own photo so I have about 3,000 lb steak 102 smartphones sold the best picture that I could have covertly taking might have been on a flip phone for Greenfield of me and Christopher Lee in in his costume asuramon like the the photographer actually like brought me in my friends are in a Kayla who were visiting with me like up in like Peter Jackson was like was it was like directing the scene men like suddenly I felt the light switch and the DP Andrew lesney was like moving the lights of the photo would actually look better every social media Network what's really crazy is like I'd gotten to spend like 20 minutes talking Christopher Lee and we talked about wicker man we talked about new Dracula we talked about all this crazy stuff and he was amazing you sharp and then like 2 days later no worries it's a time to talk about being lord of the reason I left it was and then Star Wars was like and I don't even know what that movies about but it's really the good guy later I got a little package was hand delivered to me and it says you know it said it was just like this two pieces of cardboard and I opened it up and there's a printed out like professionally printed out version of the photo signed with regards to me by Christopher Lee so much fun together signed by him I'll bring it in I'll show it to you I have proof by Eric would you like to talk about but Eric got cast as one of The Hobbit in the Shire that Bilbo interacts with in the very beginning and think it's because he plays a fishmonger have a character so he gets out in like an app or website and there's a your Hobbit name generator in Eric's name into this and it comes back as predator when it came out in the name was Frederick arch of a man of size that was not the most the most appealing name for me and but you should have seen Peter Jackson's like face light up when he saw that and I'm just like Fleet something else right would you like any guy with the character. In the in the net that's that's me I did and yeah and you can see why I don't I don't shave my beard too much on it and here I was talking to the kids about Ant-Man and the wasp and they were all pretty down on it but they did like the first a man wondering is do you think we've made that turn Infinity Ward to give me the term with the Marvel franchise where this point people just going to start to not like stuff just by default I don't Star Wars Turn somebody has to do so I think is maybe episode 7 of the Marvels there now maybe I mean I know my nephew's like a really big Marvel fans and they went and saw Infinity war and they like I thought I didn't see what them but when I saw y'all would you guys think of it they said I hated it and I'm just like what I'm like it's great and I'm like what about this team that was amazing I want about Spider-Man doing this is great I'm like what did you not like about it and they said that all the ending sucked because they were stabbed their favorite characters. And I'm like 5 years you'll appreciate what what they're doing after the next movie come back to back like every Marvel movie up to this point has had a fairly happy ending good guy wins type thing so you're young and expecting that I don't think so many movies. Will Ragnarok is as funny as it is you know it's Asgard destroyed you know you know they're all so lucky at the end we wanted to go. I'm done for I feel like Infinity worlds a lot of cool stuff like that works connection to his own power of the God of Thunder need the hammer anymore but now he's got you know like even even like game back is I right away what are the best like running understated jokes in that like in the in the first one he's going to get some diesel all the baffle heat supposed to buy it as long as I can get that are I firmly believe that running joke is why rocket is still alive because I think they're going to need rocket to repair the gauntlet The Gauntlet seems all smashed in burned but I guess it doesn't work anymore I don't know it seems like the purpose of the artist that broke so they don't let made of golden golden please, do you think that would cost if it's what I don't know what you want me to come on and talk about something in particular your work on a story that got fascinated by you want to give it to you I'm working on my first like super duper in-depth investigative piece since since I've moved over here in a rooster teeth in a kind of combines two things that I loved one is Steven Spielberg's Jaws in the other is murder your name your synonym for years was Quint yeah yeah I can fly really early days of the internet people like to pick screen name is everybody still does now but like when you would actually right you don't go to Huffington Post and see you know you know Mick fizzle Nina 47 or whatever but back in the early days of those kind of what everybody did so I had but I think Quince from from Jaws cuz it's my favorite movie so there was a story that kind of came up in 2015 where Stephen King's son who's an author named Joe Hill kind of noticed something in Jaws and he noticed what could possibly be a missing connection a hint as to who a murdered person was this isn't real life I realize this is classic Cold Case called the lady of the dunes it was his woman who was murdered never identified and like they've been a reconstructed what she could look like your body is very decompose all the stuff it's really gross you know kind of crazy stuff but she was never identified and Joe Hill thinks he spotted her as an extra in Jaws and Stephen King's son Joe Hill that they were able to extrapolate what you would might have look like they're there is I've done a lot of research on this there's about 30 different like odd looking none of them look the same but there's like the main one that everybody focuses on looks very much like this woman who is in the movie for like a quarter of a second and does she was found murdered like a hundred miles away from where they shot John summer and so I've been I've been interested in it since then and now that the case of kind of come back up and so I've been doing some pretty heavy-duty research it's not everyday you email a police department saying hey I write for this company called RoosterTeeth you know I would like a quote about a 44 year old murder tastes and they close the beaches. what the police department do you say is Provincetown Police Department Massachusetts is that exist in the and Martha's Vineyard was the where they shot it and that still exist but damn this woman's body was found like a hundred hundred miles away and now if this is the woman that was in Jaws that kind of could potentially help solve the identity of this person so I've been like talking with Spielberg's office the amblin archives have been really good and we're kind of dicks soorting things than in some new aspect that haven't been out yet are you going to still like a written story can do a video I both really cool yeah I'll post the written version to the the community whenever the the video I say I don't have any idea when you think that you'll be done with all of that like wrapping you at all I think we're going to shoot to have it filmed by the end of this week I don't know I'm still waiting on I'm hearing some things tonight I've I've I've got some some different sources that are like okay to talk to me about it but like they haven't gotten back I don't think it's going to really change the story much it'll just add more detail of of the timeline and if this is possibly the woman who was murdered so so it's it's going to be fascinating for me as a fan of job looks like I'm really excited to like you how cool would it be if this my favorite movie ends up like helping solve this murder you know I saw online this weekend and it was a person the baseball game in his T-shirt said if you don't think that local elections matter just keep in mind that the mayor from Jaws 1 was still the mayor in Jaws so they will probably shoot shoot at the end of this week I would assume sometime next week is when it'll drop sign language one is saying you got to be on murder room actually well I will try to self will crack it what timeline for the fish where's the shark at 8 a.m. Amazon Echo heard him ask for the weather at 8 a.m. I got to say watching that show is hard after having been on the show look at your time line is the yelling at the screen man it's impossible so good luck in your investigation will find out right. 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That's the one that Quinn onesie quiz show was based on please show the Robert Redford directed movie was based on 21 was in the show Maywood David Rigg who would win and that's the reason Jeopardy exist because they decide to make a game show where they give the answer if you'll have to go over the questions if you two would like a work around that people would trust them. What do you think what what game show do you think you could do the best on Double Dare golden bulls and then you determine you put in there deep or steel share or keep what is it or steal and they have your balls and then you talk to somebody and if you both say Keith you did not notice if you ever say he I think he but I think that you split it but if one of you says still they can still see the person what you've done that the easiest way to win that is you just cuz you discussed it with us and then you can screw them over if you want but that's the way to win it just to say I'm going to steal it you get nothing or I'm going to save it and I'll give you her off you can't do that one still because no one got anything they have to have have to like tea and another person keeps rules against you can't give someone money after the fact what are they going to fix it what to do with your money there are rules against that you can't make a deal to split the prize money with somebody so you can make a difference between a card game later and be like about it if you don't know this person until you're on the TV show with them then something give them exactly half of what you want good luck explaining that in court as someone once did that and it was split evenly yeah well he didn't actually the point of the last Miami Heat he knows the other person's going to keep raining keeps right where they said they start negotiations right now I'm going to select steel that's what I have in here I'm going to steal I'm telling you I'm going to steal your purse and try to come if you don't tell me I'm going to so you can do steel and then we both get nothing or you can put keep I'll get the money and I'll give you half and he said because what about that she's not telling you there's no negotiating I'm going to Flexsteel I don't care that's it. The person just had to do whatever they put Keith and they both of them all if they don't have both lucky that I got to put it on the shelf so the guy who was saying he was going to see if you want and I like knowing exactly was going to do that any discussion or deviation just like in the UK you don't pay inheritance tax in till it's like a shitload of it but most people get done through the rectum on inheritance tax when someone in your family dies and gives you money I want to see $10 or something crazy is that at the UK game show winning or lottery winnings $5 per person what it was if you know the rules got another rules something I've never had to look at before the current inheritance tax threshold is 325000 pounds per person so like 500k and then you do it over this limited subject to 40% tax bill 40% is it is 35% can I tell you something the family even paid the taxes already been paid on that money no hands can you catch at work everybody's been double tap if I give you money to text but yeah I thought you just got done it right now you can write it on your income tax do you have 20 bucks let's find out the money I don't want the internet. Because it's passing one from one person to the next like for this rules within your family about it anyway will you can you can get what I think you can't I think he can't he said it's certain amount but do we have any tax attorneys in chat let us know which country do I need to diet to avoid the most tax Bermuda you need to get up there and then you're fine 3% well I don't that applies to you I don't know if that applies to you inheritance tax income tax with a huge tax saving for the British New Jersey or Jersey never I couldn't you know what under protest any more narcos cuz of bling stupid mustache cuz he would every time a new season of narcos would come out he would grow that don't be fucking mustache so you think you can you grow a nuggets I don't know he's like at the bottom it was going to cause we have milk on my list milk that's what I was thinking what are you doing what's the weather like this side to side does it make sense what do white streaks in my hair that would be something to make fun of me for that but this is it's only on like a little tipsy that way I mean this what does grizzled mean I think I think of like fat on a steak I thought I meant like going gray we like a grizzled old man having or streets with gray hair crap the whole way through like at some point the follicle just gives up all hope was not like half black half white and 1/2 it should be that as it fall out like it's like I'm out of ink but falls out and it starts men gray hair hair color have gray color hair you just never noticed it change it. Maybe it's a slow fade one here over to come across that was happening I mean what is wiping with Rogue in X-Men you touched her too long she absorbs Captain Marvel in the movie never happened in the movie Jason Bourne herbal the Rogue is actually two people she can fly in the comics in them in the movie she just sucks people's life out and then Magneto made a headlight Miss Marvel Captain Marvel it was miss miss miss miss Marvel at the time so who she now Cat The Killer cancer of the weird thing in the 70s for tomorrow used to be a dude also Captain Marvel is the name for Shazam in the DC world that's the actual name of the characters Captain Marvel shazam Zachary Levi that seems really good I've have a lot of Hope for Shazam I really do I should ask her while he was here and he thinks stuff like that more like information Authority I don't know that he says this is good or this is bad Yahoo are you one of the people who believe that that Sinbad was in a movie in the 90s where he played a genie it was Shaquille O'Neal called Shazam and he was a genie the one that gets all over again yeah I made a reference to Jeff today that nobody else in the room would get the other like getting up as I can okay I got to go because you got to leave and I go yep time to make the donuts okay and time to make the you know what that mean yeah yeah it's on the tip of my tongue what's it from Dunkin Donuts Commercial every single woman you're not liking Tim Horton's being ugly excited about a chain of call Dunkin Donuts cuz it was close to my dad but through the front door did you guys hear the news can we can we show one of the things that we have custom show one of those can we not let me let me read while you fall you look that up what you said Jeff is also brought to you by borough is there anything harder than to move a sofa you know it sucks you have to call someone hurry up and get the truck awful that's a total mess but you don't have to worry about any crazy moving anymore with bird you get a fully customizable sofa easy to move and built to last the modular design mean your chair can become a loveseat sofa simply by adding one seat at a time I see here we got the brick are loveseat with the dark walnut lakes on the 52 like so maybe down there and it's great to see how much she loves it right before I started triple than the other cast Superuser customize online at bro.com everything is personalized to urm Heights sofa color leg material size the only stuff that grows with you and actually fits with your life get $75 off your burrow sofa at bro. That's b u r r o w.com rooster don't miss out $75 off your self and now Furniture that's fit for Modern Life at home and are normal catch for this couch is so comfortable that's better thanks. Patrick really around a lot less than 2 months in a secret email address or small we should be worried about it are you it's one image that's the main one good to use for his is probably going to be the cover so will it into the project no I think we could people said about zoom in really far and scroll around super excited it's good that you do you think you're as good as Patrick or do you know you're not okay then yeah did they have any Department you also use the word word very lightly getting paid to get paid get your pants ready I'm going to be late it's like we can start working on this in February to go nuts too late for this year. How is that possible but so we waited till August when it was definitely too late I'm making a joke about February February. We have been trying to put it together last week we had a promotion or should we had a promotion for first week and a very first thing for the sign-ups was that we were going to make a sexy Gus pin-up calendar for 2019 and so this is we shooting this for like the last 3 weeks for we pay more for that to be the cover image so excited behind the cameras are shaking their heads it's just one image so much of you one of those too close to what you want to roll but I'm cool I came over to Stage 500 rounded the corner and I'm not going to give anything away but you were wearing something when I rounded the corner that how many my day was approving the final ones that get to go in it and it was just like I was having so much or I think we just like so hard we did 20 setups like the best 12 you should just do later than 19 and then some the next 4-5 months into 2020 it'll be like just a big thick calendar just over and I was just like I haven't seen that happy today right before I got up and walked away I got back and Trevor's like wood burning show you like something very sexy ghost was Augustine that's like awesome. You're fucking awesome dude we were so excited I will say though it is true we started messing May and the people who manufacture stuff or like nuts too late for 29 how is it too late there are literally 8 months left in the year my old job we said before was making promotional products and you said you would spend all summer printing calendars yeah if you aren't done like you said almost like if you haven't submitted it to the calendar to the printing company to get in the queue to be printed then there's no capacity right to stop print shop Prince print shop in Forever it's PFS right before Photoshop right like the banners on dot matrix printers words like couple different looks good according almost may just bring it up and say happy birthday and some shity little clip art that it was your birthday please don't make that I'm not connected to each other. Matrix days it was ready to come outside with the holes to go through but as results are all the paper off individually which brings me home website broderbund what's the biggest number 50 bucks Mavis Beacon Runner Runner with a broderbund title I believe each other what are the great game load Runner so I printed out I had to print a document to put a release this weekend is like a release to go to the fuck up Delena person who the fuck ever wants to print two documents where all the pages are in order with each other like page one and then the other Dawkins page one then takes you then another page to page who is the history of burning feces ever used that what is the name of the three page documents that's a pretty one two three one two three different one 12233 Vistaprint enough to change the memory inside it well if you need multiple people to fill out things let's say you're filling out forms for people when a computer sends information to a printer it just sends one page at a time so we can do it twice and then you think it's got like a terabyte in that old lady color laser printer to easily hold how many pages can I print hold more than 3 images images fight fight versus a bunch of fucking shity little letters I've been showing the maximum amount of data on a page is one page if probably every possible that I can print right to every like pixel ride could have a different value colors how many pixels is the maximum value of a page now we hold that much wow what memory did the bunch of words and then I had the second page of the document that was just from top to bottom and image that second page would be more in terms of memory sure sure there's a maximum out of page to be okay if you send 20 pages to the printer and pull the plug out I'll print one so what does. If I put a super hi-rez image into a document you don't think that the word processor send it to the printer the full hi-res image eating it does like a mobile phone does worth and codes it at a lower resolution what makes it into a format that can be printed the suds like DPI is way more than one page in the printer but I was saying that there's a possible reason that is doing it that way so just have to switch its memory if an option collated I didn't realize my printer can print on both sides I love you right click the Box by accident I guess my pretty like 5 pages and it was on both sides of what were the future how do you not know what to do and grab them and then put them back up on the top document if you're so fucking serious how are you Usher you got offended by wasting one sheet of paper do you not waste anything in your life Kevin lyttle get me anymore City paper there you go problem solved a problem just seen a an answer but I always know when Brian is really angry cuz his voice goes really high and cracked and a gust of wind hits my hair that if you're on a web page and there's a print option on the web page you so is click it cuz I'll give you a little format do you like the way everything else recipes when you get a delicate flower put on the fridge but you're looking like an even bookmark or something like all the website changes like that or I don't have Monkey Jungle Rapids it again later going to save it I'm not going to lay down a little box of index cards used it in and throw it away you know it's crazy I haven't seen that bear skin rug okay I've been waiting for months if you saw dude he's all laid out Burt Reynolds died on the bear skin rug by the way that bear skin rug was whether not to use a real bear you know they had a real bear with Gus would you like to eat see a guy oh yeah and then I would be the first to initiate contact would you do what you saying a lot of that arm you look like me yeah you need all the help you can get to go for it I was so you can say that about yourself but when I make a joke about your middle name being ugly so your name would be Gusty suffix call self-deprecating humor Sir John Jamestown Houston, Texas I'm on Lovely and we were very excited because we want to do last time in Halo 1 what you going to do for me to play it going to be sunny this morning like staying up make sure our Xboxes widen the stuff and we came back when I was smashed out one of the levels right before the puck us we both sat down 73 gig update for both of us I think the update for MCC came out downloading the game that's the only time I seen I think it starts from Assassin's Creed where the whole game was patch they see if you looked at the aggregate data over the life of that game that you download it just to patch it how much did I just need a terabyte have you downloaded a terabyte Master Chief collection he still likes games so I just had it download the tailor 1 and Halo 1 even with anniversary update is three and a half weeks and he look for that 10 gigs man 418 Dickson Street icons started the computer is bringing dialing thing which of these fuckers do you want to start Boulder know if you like open if your task manager that the start of had then you can check in on sex but I had on start an application or start at turn everything off but I got wait for it to load is it I think there's a way you can have it prompt you for everything you have like a key you can hold on is it like like this like safe mode but I select the statement would ask you to load everything as it goes in every service that runs think so I have installing Teddy or building to the computer and the song the OS everyone pretty well there was a thing where I couldn't recognize the optical drive and I learned Gabbie Show me this you can just like download an ISO image to a thumb drive and use it that way you'll see troubleshoot your Gammy cable troubleshot the game I think I should be slightly used God I cannot get Windows 10 on the new computer to change the fucking time zone will not fucking change couldn't change automatically at like 1:20 update update some of them have like to automatic times for the outlet are there places that give you the time over the English I am going through the electrical system without the time I thought she was an interconnected gets it by human all right it's not a problem if I travel recently where we traveling so I went to Scotland so I went to Scotland recently as we talked about I watch the podcast last week Scotland part of the United Kingdom so but not at night I'm in my hotel room or how do you say how do you say that I said Inverness right people sucking freaked out when I said Inverness Inverness Inverness Inverness until I was I was in my hotel room and I realized it was the Radisson nice because you know I must be good. There was a public Street Pub you'd be so happy you just do everything via app order food right now for somebody in Scotland have delivered to the tape yeah that's right I forgot to pack my travel adapters so I can't plug my laptop in as part of UK different powers well they have the big bugs bugs Japan yes you are right but it's Europe yeah but in Europe also they wouldn't have that does not go to Ireland what does Ireland have cuz you're not part of the UK what motels have American Outlets by the way I'm sorry it's terrible it's only see how the fuck do you pack anything that has gigantic plus I know you only like if you grew up with it and it's always dark when you drop it on the floor when you show them that I need so I go down to the front desk talk to this guy I say hey I say I'm trying to use my laptop in my room and I forgot adapters I need right the bump wrong right you see the black bear that's really smart is it fucking the size of my fit you could that's why when you plug it in time to get up can tell you I won't be in America in my room and I kind of forgot my doctors I just need adapter that goes from UK to American plug in the Shaving you have them okay what do you know what shop nearby that would have been good this time of night I don't know if we talk for 5 minutes or look at my Google Maps that were talking about stop by and what are you looking for we are looking for a nice China reacted with in Scotland and I instantly fell in love with a clip from with Wreck-it Ralph 2 with the what's your name from the cake and turn my mom into a big bear and then my old version which is like a father old man try to do her in himself if that's not a pure mess I talk too often so the manager comes by how do you call a used power adapters so I can use its I need something that can plug a queen American device it like that goes from like American to UK power they said no because you wanted UK to us and I'm like what are you talking about because I walked up and said I need UK to us power adapters he was like he thought I wanted to adapt a UK plug to do to American outlet from the device to the wall have those and then spent 5 minutes I never heard of this guy that I wanted the other think maybe you sounded Scottish she thought you were local so tell me to Dan this weekend and I know you were wrong if you asked a question I would use common sense would be like what we don't have Us outlets here but surely you don't mean x 2 x instead I call you it's just a standard way to say that like I get that you plug in American and then it goes UK but I was thinking I need to go from you for our to American that's how I would think I'll see if the power goes this way whatever and then you would have been fine with America plugs way worse way worse. The ones with the little two circles yeah actually plug is different American plug yeah I'll show you when we're in Australia that he can't use his own blow dryer with an adapter to blow dryer doesn't have a hair dryer every hotel has a hair dryer but he had a really good one and he likes bring it with him how to get used to your own tools and stuff like that you like to bring with you you never know how good they are. The hotel is going to be what about his hair straightener can you plug that in or did he need another like that you need to use a local one so now you're just sitting on me where the fuck is Italy put your money where your mouth is it's like three I mean yeah but I'm saying like the ground is like it's not about the both it's like how many states that's absurd will you actually in a different country be thought it was a silly we should do we should all going forward when the new iPhone comes out everything should be USBC sure everything is from this point on everything else done with different voltages I hate that not everything you put my foot down Milestones the podcast the new iPhone is not USBC I will not get it I think it's not get it I think it's stupid because I know how do you tell if you got a USB 3 cable or Thunderbolt 3 cable what are active or passive it'll the same character or like 20 different possible configurations I can run over the same TV I put headshots she listen to plug in a hard drive with us or let us know why why you looking me like I don't know what you're talking about I'm not I don't have one of those USBC is it tonight what do you have a charging cable for USB C switch battery the battery a battery for my backpack and what you charge time is it will be charged. I read an article outlining exactly what you're talking about here and like as part of it to show like for tables that look identical what is when is USBC which is 40 gigabits when is 10 gigabytes a hundred watts of power does a 3.0 USB C to USB C which is 5 gigabits 15 walks and there's a 2.0 USB C to USB C which is 4 to 80 megabits a 2.4 amps the same table I don't even like what USB plugs have two plugs and one is labeled as the fast charge USB plug-in on talking about why would you not like to support fast charging MacBook charger which is USB C USB USBC to lightning cable so I can I see super fast charge my phone so do you charge the same plug that you can use a charger switch and your MacBook Thunderbolt cable to plug in your switching cable Woodland came obviously not cuz it said that's what I'm saying I don't think you can charge a switch from a Macbook using USB C from the laptop did something I forget what it was I think it was Adam beaird plugged in a battery into MacBook cuz as a USB C port in the MacBook and it charge the battery instead of charging the laptop out of the laptop USBC but I don't know what direction I think it ever less cable I want let cable one of the things we were troubleshooting this weekend really used to it by now optical drive and it had the micro USB in the back not the mini bike mini micro the first one they made that was like yeah at least it goes in One Direction that's nice that different to a trapezium trapezium do you have to get doctor recommend to ticket ask your doctor quadrilateral but it also says trapezoid here outside of US and Canada it's known as a trapezium but in the u.s. is known as the trapezoid I had no fucking idea I've never used trapezoid trapezoid but do it everyone else use a trapezium New Mexico Mexican what do you call the State website triangle dummy pyramid Capezio what's that thing that looks like something in in the UK where you're like dissing someone it's like them all about them I was thinking about bellm if this is like still done because I was at I was on the playground a long time ago but if someone's an idiot and I or you could like to start slapping at you you do what you does that kind of organically on her own without the slapping part is turning does that imitates Gigi and the different variations like one of my friend he didn't ever get for the spot but he could for the squeeze your butt looks like you had some weird leg deformities that was like what it was to be a Schoolboy Q things that I just left for hers making noises she make and the other one is when she says the word idiot makes it better than any person the punches she's the only person who I enjoy getting cold an idiot to try that see if Kelly has a script say Kelly makes the Illinois and then when she gets there they were reading a script to get the reminder was this after receipt podcast is also brought you buy audible audiobooks are great for helping you be a better you end up with Audible and they're offering a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial do I listen to it Audible has it.com RT Vortex rt2500 500 download a free title and start listening audible selection of audiobooks original shows news comedy and more is unmatched anywhere will find what you're looking for just today I downloaded the Restless Way by John McCain's he passed away this weekend introduction and conclusion read by John McCain members get a good for any audio book about a surprise and fun use credits roll over to the next month didn't like your audio book you can exchange it no questions asked get a free audiobook with a 30-day free trial at audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 that's a u d i b l e. Com RT Vortex rt2500 500 always a great thing to do for sitting in traffic traveling there's something don't be stupid how about that what's it what's your sign if your significant other is mad at you because you obviously you know that she's actually mad at you I mean how do you tell a name is Maddie yeah but she have a towel in particular or should I grab you by the throat you wrestled you to lay back down I mean I know you're an asshole but she's very laid-back a lot to put up with me she really does she's home all day is going so great and then you have to deal with this has got to fight like I've been trying to explain something and I'm bad at explaining it so I get frustrated with myself and like we have a trouble like understanding what the other person means felt like that all the time is like oh okay you meant that that's the extent of her arguing me being a shity explainer about that that guy in Portugal who fell into an art installation no he's living now the whole information that was just a whole events are black holes black to make it look like under signs everywhere that they did a hole in the floor do not step in and she ignored him into the hole and fell so yo black ass like in who framed posters and then you can before 8:50 or so is he hurt his back I imagine so I mean I don't know how you couldn't fall into that not hit your head on the other side I'll give you something to talk about either Ozzie's Ole why is that is it wrong that all I want is a picture of the guy in the whole time of the super weird he's right in the whole damn it down the hole if I put put up the camera and pointed them hold to fix them you just like Mom Filipino perspective on him being far away will show up and you don't feel the same effect of taking a picture of someone blocks for black people so many warnings prevent this and you have to sign a waiver informed you of the dangers in the exhibit 3 dialog box that told me if you set your drone in the settings you're going to fucking crash it okay whatever smash I mean literally 5 seconds later I smashed it repaired can I see that you were being a responsible. for the new one I've got one of the company that came to talk to me about anything that would need it it does a lot of cool stuff though dude. Built-in hyperlapse fly over the course of 20 minutes and do a time-lapse or look up up the 31 flies like 31 minutes like him yeah but it's like I don't know it's really cool and I like it oh so you got it but somebody got it will going back to theater hey later this week Darnell volcano Dante's Pizza in Festus like very straight horror interesting point Camino De Josh Flanagan he said it's usually we have richardis is animation gaming comedy I think the tagline which company released for the future level have all been very high concept like it mean Laser team was committed by sci-fi movie yeah but fast is a horse so like maybe next time I'll just straight what is the hardest snail on earth right then you can kind of have a majority horror movie with comedic moments sprinkled in where is like a straight comedy movie I feel like I would be more challenging thing to write and act horror is definitely better fit at the budget range that is like try to do sci-fi and then some, DC was like what you do as well but we coming back she just wrote it Eric said for people to finally see it and then for them to eventually buy it and get the better just threw his hands up in the air but a great name probably one of the most and then Alfredo's is named Jackie so she got another guy I know so we can use one Gavin at a time no because whenever I'm saying your name Gavin I never really call You Gavin I usually do people call me by my name free yard this morning we have been to the like the formula that works for movies is that originally with laser to you we thought okay let's do half or should you cast what's like 3/4 outside actors gets better one it's just like in the main cast maybe one Russia personality and then sprinkle out people throughout and then cuddle Maybe and then try to have them go out the only guy really looks good nothing to do with her and nobody but he was there he was at your improv show and he got a Chelsea harfoush charfoos and Elli and put him through a makeover Missouri prop group named never show yeah I couldn't remember if I ever been that Peter until I went with you I don't remember that bar area for cold Town it was fun. You guys are great The Troop they went after you guys I think it is on 500 shows you guys have a lot of experience performing you know but I was really impressed by how well you'll do thank you that was great we have a lot of fun to do more of it hopefully something for extra life perhaps is the new one of those smoking yeah a Max is in it and Chad and Trevor and Alfredo usually calls always credit like doing like a little innocent character to and joking I'm embarrassed myself for San Jose camera was alfredo or Trevor but you think that's going to build a story all around the apartment complex and when she's really just thought it was really impressive the way it's like you don't know what you're doing going in but then suddenly you don't like he's long are done with the family it is crazy going in like every troop has something differently but the way we do it is we just ask the audience relocation and then we just go some people want like a song lyric or a movie title or something like that and then I just feel off of that AIDS research station even good in the audience we probably would have just greatest right over that serious really miss you I heard Dungeness crab Dungeness crab at the first day we are on the moon and then this one we did Barbershop. Bean on the movies Austin after while blank acting like that idea and I think we want to take the next like group of classes at least but I think we want to do something extra life and props up though like the class is like what's a lesson that you learned because it's just seems like if I was a teacher I just go to be funny and then that's it I mean it's like what do what do you what do they teach you to learn how to avoid asking questions HowToBasic with you get on stage with someone and they started seeing you just basically abandoned your idea right away I could tell and some of the other troops especially where people were at went in with an idea and they weren't going to let it go when you're performing we're literally they said that wasn't funny joke about the yes and thing it's so true you don't focus on what you don't know you lean it's what you do know looks like there's a lot to be intimidated about in that scenario but I don't think about all these unknowns all these variables just think about what is what is actually being so whatever is pitch to you as reality is reality so if someone's like we're in a world where everyone's name Gus that's true and don't fight against are summers like hey why don't you pick up that razor and they like okay yeah if I don't know if I'll have that many people there I guess I'll be me Trevor Alfredo will be there we watch we talked about the podcast before but in the show extras the Ricky Gervais show that he made after the office he doesn't think where he's at basic auditioning Liam Neeson and they do an impromptu together and it's it's unbelievably fucking funny but you want the simple moments when he's like he says was what are seen the greengrocer's vegetarian Grocery and liquor store right now and we're closed it's really funny Mike my favorite improv scene in the TV show was in the office Michael Scott doing improv classes can you put your hands up he told me he has a gun Let It Go breaks it every time Liam Neeson Patrick Stewart scene and Ian McKellen seem to think those are all the best one IMDb Kate Winslet one people talk about that a lot is Ian McKellen Siri talks about acting that's amazing it breaks when we were earlier when we got to go back down and the very end we got to observe those scenes they were shooting in smogs liked one of the Dwarven Hall where everything is torn up and we were sitting there and it was like another set of gas to take a family and head to kids in it in the family and then Ian McKellen walks by and he stops to say hello he's very nice maybe talk to the kids right and you have a good time to ask you where you from December from Auckland Auckland that's what I thought he walked away like the most Charming individual on the face of the Earth could believe it and it was awesome no appreciation of a fuck to the next kid thanks for watching