#508 - The Great Labor Day Cereal Debate

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Burnie Burns, and special guest Nick Scarpino as they discuss pizza, stand-up comedy, San Francisco, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-09-04 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Burnie Burns, Nick Scarpino


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 508 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hey is everyone this week brought to you by John if we stay here for 30 minutes waiting by ready for Story Time Podcast use the tape at 7:30 or new used to be live at 7:30 so we would have food so if you could eat we moved and we stopped getting food cuz it was so early but then Gavin complain cuz she was hungry Gavin Free again before we go live play there's food today at about 11 we were taping at noon at about 11 I walked over so I can I get my seat and I start driving for the podcast that's probably be some food I'll eat some food no food better better told me that the food to be here. Cool walk over there to go look at the food it's all the broadcast crew all ordered food for themselves it's all bags with their names on it individual food no food for Gus Matthews. It'll be here around noon at noon the fucking people showed up right as weird as we're going do you look at that Eric because he's bad at his job and that one that you can talk to me anytime that's great but that's about it today about that we have one of the coolest things about work at Richie's if we have snacks office outside like that we have no space that I like it's like Cola flavored sparkling water clear coat okay well I'll try that then because I can't stand Lacroix it's not that you're living. You can get in the store anymore Lacroix inspired are forever though we both have this right Thank God no that's not the World Lecrae office for sure I just don't like sparkling water I can't get into it has to have more of a tick look Roy is like drinking sparkling water while smelling something else I would love to go to a lot for her if it came in a bottle with you anything I can help with Chico what does the smell of a can affect your experience with the soda I just saying it's all metallic answer the question is there anything like that kind of like they just bottled it or candid and someone just came in the room and shouted like this what it's like I hear you did think of this world Lacroix we just tastes like normal sparkling water and then he just said smells like pizza but doesn't actually taste like and that's why I don't get the experience of Lacroix completely is there not showing you that they're showing the LaCroix don't see this is what I was a giant pizza box in the rat that was alive on well I guess I'll watch it and then we have milk in the fridge and cereal might be the hardest thing for me to say no to you on a daily basis will you like this healthy this how far removed I am from eating healthy one time I was getting a bowl of cereal here and we didn't have milk while he'll tell me about him doing that cuz it's like a warm ice cream about that meal and cereal to possibly take it slow carb is what it is you're eating breakfast cereal you can't kill yourself into thinking that help anymore, why would my back like you still mathematically possible to not have more than what you already doing is going over the cliff just trying to convince you that breakfast cereals actually good for you part of a balanced breakfast the myths of the the food pyramid that we were taught which the bottom was just for your diet should be all greens with no specifications of what those greens were just shove it in kid weird ship the country went through when we went from being a week country and amber waves of grain bass and some ham corn falls into grains I guess court is also I really act like it is a starchy vegetable but it's green with fried so if you're eating a corn on the cob is designated differently than if it's dried out by the people who were in the comment section of that video that were ripping me apart one corn tortilla chips evidently popcorn as a vegetable it's not a grain but it is meant by a brain you're absolutely zero chemical symbol of address fee structure fits a fruit that's the definition of technically a fruit that's weird so what you doing when you eat popcorn is there's a little bit of water in your evaporator Netflix pan to the heat so far is it to be science on the spot you're in your underwear popcorn whatever the chemical formula for that is + H2O + heat arrow and they got to balance the last appointment at coins not yellow corn tortillas on occasion because they're better than any other protein options for some reason I buy me not have to look it up like a lot of things that I've looked up as to what I should eat I've forgotten exact details but yellow corn supposed to be a little bit better than like regular or Diet lower maybe it's even just the flavor at this point I like the flavor of the Alicorn better Cinnamon Toast Crunch with half and half is a great car if it tastes where do you put quality crunch in the pantheon it's a bit of breakfast cereal cereal of all times when were you born an old man yeah oh yeah had I've grown up eating mini shredded which is now just texting just rated week cuz no one actually get the brick version here's a fun fact my wife once I was like we saw a commercial for Pop Tart frosting on top of Pop-Tart this did but I never saw anybody eat a plain breakfast at night I'm like we are going to get frosted Pop-Tarts because my wife had never had them is that weird and I got all of them I got well I got the main fruit flavor if you're eating a s'mores Pop-Tart your master you don't get away from me get away from cherry strawberry or the brown brown sugar cinnamon toast crunch is great Pop Tarts are not there it's always wrong just like salted caramel is good when it says the caramel and that's it if you try to make salted caramel ice cream or shakes really that sure what that flavor is they use a fucking horrible talking about the balanced breakfast and like water or like there's a bowl of cereal and then a plate with toast and then orange juice yeah I was just sugar and bread and then bread in the morning and there was like there's no protein any more sugar it's so hard they were bad as bad as you think no practice no fat whatsoever you'll have a little bit more pineapple chunks in the diabetes pill and a Statin that's a problem with your blood pressure is there fucking dying pineapple tree is banana a banana in the other bowl of whatever of pineapple on Pizza it spicy pineapple on Pizza debate is ridiculous pineapple is fine on no it's not fine for you would have preferred the why is it not okay sweet no pineapples in Italy you never have anything sweet and savory do it it's not the Bible explicitly said Thou shalt not swing by Pizza 543 Meister grin that is not what it says just talk around longer if they can do it later University Christian University grade and then I just walked into my parents who don't like I'm done I'm not crazy but yours is rice Chex what does yours salsa Fruity Pebbles child support lawyers in the milk like the anesthesia game on when you put the milk in and how quickly you you need to eat in order to have maximum friends on the Down Let Your eating fucking sludge call Fruity Pebbles I just like I was saying weird things that you do that other people don't and I'm done eating pizza on the pocket he talked about his dad as soon as he when he threw real he gets a bowl of milk in a bowl of cereal and then he takes a spoonful of cereal dipstick and build and destroy brilliant that's a great way to do that is where the things where you fix the problem but then you also ruin I think cereal experience by doing that cuz I think far sugary nasty not getting the best part of the cereal which is once the cereal and selfish. You can give you got the flavored milk speciality of cinnamon toast crunch crunch so there was a trend for Wildwood bars I'm sure that's happened in San Francisco where they would make drinks out of cereal milk cocoa pebbles milk as the basis for the rest of the soccer game is basically it was such a great idea to put the next joint I'm definitely going to get whatever this fucking cocktail is anybody mess with Reese's Puffs Reese's Puffs you don't want to like venture out a new cereals like I'll have to eat cereal with a fork the time you over before the other podcast. What did you have for dinner cruise in the goddamn building from the Lucky Charms is that what you had grown up version of Lucky Charms which are the freeze-dried strawberries or whatever they wanted me out of Lucky Charms without the same thing to put out the marshmallows yeah that made it horrible that you used to pick out all the marshmallows from Lucky Charms and just eat those forms of a bowl I had nothing to do with a child yeah well they say they built a lot but definitely not that that right there is a bad time that's terrible one of my favorite things my parent my mom ever did in my life to us was that she used to get regular Cheerios for herself and then Honey Nut Cheerios for me and my brother growing up but my mom also doesn't like when things are out of order so it was just kind of anal feel like when the bins that you prefer like to pour them into Tupperware if they would stay longer that's my brother never animals we just open the box one day for whatever reason we were you started pouring pepper where she's headed to consolidate the two and she poured the regular Cheerios into the Honey Nut Cheerios and like mix them up like we wouldn't notice it's like when you used to like nipple off your dad Boos yeah yeah can you pull up water. We thought we were like I thought I was losing my sense of taste cuz I was getting Blanchard I have a story I can't eat Honey Nut Cheerios to this day because the one time when I was a kid my grandmother and remember I woke up early and I went I would have nobody else is awake and I I poured myself yes I'm heading upstairs apartment of a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios put the milk in the bowl too fast and then finish everything and I was like man my stomach my stomach kind of hurts and I did that thing where I needed to vomit and my mouth holy moly me oh my God. I think about being like 10 years old with a mouth full of Honey Nut Cheerios can a cat eat bad feelings about the story Honey Nut Cheerios are still great the second thing is no one else has ever done that ever vomit in their mouth and then realizing you say that I did that thing in your mouth. Weekly said you throw up in your mouth and swallow them out like that like that was supposed to eat it slowly you can buy a pound of marshmallows from Lucky Charms for 1299 nobody's eat cookie crisps was pretty much just cookie yeah there was like I literally every time I go to the Oriole I'll I think of Craig and I'm mad at myself for having that branding thing work in Tokyo the last time I was there and I got to jump a photo is like Green Tea Oreos or something we did a video back to the video we there was a while if people would just send us the most obscure Oreos possible in oreos is a lot they do a lot of beer flavors and we've tried them all and I don't know why was made it called an Oreo you don't admercial are for pineapple on pizza but you're against an actual like product in his self Pizza is a customizable thing that was introduced at the customizable thing and so I think the Oreo was with at its peak when it's just the portal in fact the only way they approved it was like going. That's what it feels like it throws off the ratio of the Oreo you have to have left cream than been cookie only better or you don't know your all bro you're all is good I will I will dare a couple play the guy you told that up there real quick though they have improved the packaging for Oreos that honors the way you actually eat them cuz I just open the whole top like you're in one of the coastal medical theaters Arbor open the whole cavity up and start eating out of the exactly but it's still to this day with fucking cereal they have this like shity little cellophane bag that you can't we seal and the whoever you live with the other person house always opens it wrong and you know that was me yeah it's just like what's wrong with you but the person who it's clear how hard they weren't trying to open it like that part of the bagger whitening solution who the fuck is cereal bag because you got to be able to point you know why do they not just sell them in backs they do there's a generic by the Kashi golean generic sad like poor single dad that's what you get your kids I will say that like I have them pick out which one they want from the boys I said okay now we're going to get the bag versus absolute worst one reply so good. Yeah awful you're awful my brother watching hated them so much have a weird that they taste like Styrofoam mannequin styrofoam consistent what is it weird that I don't know I think the entire cereal aisle from start to finish I would eat anything that what is in that bowl with that line in the middle of a broad-based cereal what is it is it is daylight do you still do you ever just walk down the cereal aisle and just spend a little time there cuz I do I do I mean to be an adult like being able to buy whatever Sterling I've done it I have ascended that is a wonderful turning point every adults life where you realize you are so you still have the other things you'd like from your youth but now you have a credit card you can buy all of them for every now and then I would have ice cream for dinner when I was younger it's like I said I can do that what's on the great thing about having kids did you get to introduce him to these things but then also you're not prepared for the fact of like oh here try the cereal Fruity Pebbles it's the best realtor is the eat it like this is terrible I'm having sugar smash fuck is wrong with you or not but they don't like it they don't like the fuck is wrong with you nice breakfast like eggs and toast and everything feels horrible sugary like sludge on them terrified of having kids for that exact reason I would be like I was just be so worried that all of my addictions would just be passed down through eating like you to talk about the Orioles that you open up as a reason why people over them up like that is because there's there's no Illusions anymore you're eating the whole thing you're not eating before used to fly to Mountain there be a little sleeve like me about no I'm getting that thing from the inside out I'm eating all of them and then I'm going to start to shake a little bit I just don't look at me as you open the top you showed me all open the bottom Yahoo vacuum let me know when you get to the bottom of the can right you already feel bad about yourself at that point you don't need to be like shoving your hand what's the size of my fist well I'm trying to get these last little scraps at the bottom of a chip bag I don't do that I have standards. And I told you that I've no apologies about that I was looking for equivalence of I found my favorite hexagon educational one half of the Christmas the side of the hexagon is corn and the other half is right and put them together and I like these the only reason that TV show How It's Made exist I want to see them make food that I've eaten boat motors I don't care I love it there for the planning stage Kellogg's and every other major cereal manufacturer General Mills that there's a point when somebody gets out of whiteboard and see engineer says look with this design it will destroy the roof of their mouth blower will be able to eat Captain Crunch Captain Crunch hurt sandpaper nugget that's why Captain Crunch with crunch berries my all-time favorite did have to want it if you can go the next day anything you would Jess is going to burn the top in about an hour later it hurt yeah I love that and I love Fruit Loops that Frozen Apple Jacks are pretty big offense did you do you like a my is that blood coming out my mouth I just realized that I want to go to an ethic Kellogg's like office like people want to go to like to Blizzard or Pixar I want to go to just try all the bills and all the experimental he was obsessed with stopping people from masturbating yes that's where I got the Matthew Broderick movie about the guy I'll look it up I'll look it up I love I love Google now cuz I like Matthew Broderick movie about the guy who likes big butts and cannot lie when I love I love it there's always look at that Matthew Broderick went toward with his career and that eventually just hit that and just went right out the last Matthew Broderick film you've seen the last one I remember thinking that Matthew Broderick was that one where he was with Meg Ryan where there was stalking their exes remember that it was like Addicted To Love used to be unapologetically love the Godzilla movie the one with the word Puff Daddy to the Kashmir song was like yeah he just ripped off right through that time. Wolf pup that is like a huge bunch of ripping off every Led Zeppelin song possible well that's what it is that's why I got confused explain the obsession with the big dookie in the subway suggested that I go and see the IMDb entry for Project X exact same she is looking Zak same age she was about 18 years old is Jon Hamm like I just hit this point as they are in this was Jon Hamm always did the Johnny and always look at a 45 year old man like you in your brain that's awesome yeah that's cool you like your best friend go to the you can go to YouTube very long firm because of reasons so you can look it up on your own if you want to make that I cry at the end of the movie every time I release the monkey what is great I do remember the existence I think Eugene Levy dressed in assless chaps and it's just in comedy ensues hilarity ensues its crate Roosevelt by Kellogg you appreciate this I was I was I was looking at one of the options for No Country for Old Men on like Amazon or something it was turned the other with the caption that describes the movie is that and it's like a man in the midwest makes a bad decision that for are all this is life and he's hunted by a guy that has weird hair and I was like that's how you're going to boil down Javier bardem's performance at this like Ray fly character that cannot be villains ever has the weird hair guy who has or they got those the guy with weird hair who has quarters that is all right. I did the thing I went down a rabbit why do this and maybe a really five years were my daughter read more cuz that makes me more closer but I only read books when there's going to in the movie coming out so I can say I read the book I read the book first before I watch the movie and then I'm the annoying person who tells you everything that's different in the book from the movie and how the book better because of that and yeah that was me I've ever heard of me better than other people the way they describe an independent reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy do you think I've ever read but the last chapter the road is like tear your fucking heart out Justice movie Mark Cuban this company on a Dallas yeah that made that the movie and I see him in cameos all the time I like big name actors you make small cameos in movies did you see lockdown but like lock up or whatever that movie was where was about he has to go to the prison feel like supermax prison in space a guy with the president's daughter was if it was too close to another movie it is a it is a 1980s movie that was made like 5 your Emily Warnock the daughter of the American president believe the humanitarian mission to ms1 outer space prison in which I would most dangerous criminals from Earth are kept in the state of artificial sleep just assembly arrived but now we can prisoners stage of rebellion and she in the MS 1 Crew are taken hostage only chance for salvation lies within snow Guy Pearce a wrongly convicted agent who has been promises Freedom if you save their New York the point of it it's Escape From New York if the entire island of Manhattan words they say and that is a really fun movie and I want to spoil the ending for everyone that's right now but I doubt I will do that you're not actually in faith know they're still there in space but the way it ended the way they get from space to the surface of the Earth is amazing but I walked out of Earth analogy for life and I still never explained was so he shows up in Prometheus at the beginning as an old Guy Pearce Benny never cooked Play Play that way as regular young Guy Pearce ever in that movie but then they have a sequel any still not young Guy Pearce right so beyond the norm why did they take them old it's because they needed to look maybe they didn't want someone super look they weren't sure if they would still be alive for filming the sequel yeah and did not pay off also the Oracle from Matrix tide roll I prefer the first actress to choose better yeah it's a bit ironic a very morbid way that of all those main characters on the original trilogy they killed all of them spoiler except for her character and then the actor who plays lady dies in real-life footage from episode 7 that I didn't use for the film and that's how they're going to miss her and I know well you know what the saddest part is I'm not going to I don't want to start talking about the Last Jedi cuz I get hot when I talk about it so we're just working to keep it as a lukewarm temperature for the saddest part is if you see that movie there was a natural point where that character could have been amazing but it would have been so great for the character development for kylo Ren cuz he couldn't pull the trigger and someone else killed her and I could have been so amazing Pennywise Lakers going to go but instead she left I don't know what to say about that I don't know about that I do agree with you from that specific moment but over the course of those movies I don't know how many of my childhood Heroes Have To Die to convince the audience in this is a bad guy you know it's like it just seems like the whole purpose of my child of Heroes was it showed like this guy who doesn't look like he's a reason they're doing the only reason why they're doing it they keep fucking killing how did all the heroes of Optimus Prime Transformers that died but I can buy the guy who took over for Megatron I don't know I just remember that when he died they passed the mantle to Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime and I'm like that is cool I would buy at a certain Dino shop that has all the windows out. Everybody shop yeah no guy you used to see the show Reddit just announced or revealed that they got hacked in the middle of summer and their user database and some past passwords got out from a very specific point in time and I'm just working from memory here paraphrasing a probably get some of the wrong but one of these are revealed was like all the data user data posts up vote records everything from the 2005 to 2007 very early on and read its life all that I forgot all that including people's DMS but I don't think people were doing stuff in their DM's and but it is a really good people tag me stupid shit all the fucking time is that what a DM is when someone yeah we got a message I thought it was a you can message each other cuz I don't either bendy and I've been tagged but I've never been. Facebook Matthew Facebook free anal about notifications like up my inbox is my to do list in that clear out my inbox email where's fucking Matt hullum how to heal is like that I will look at his fucking phone and it's literally his mail icon says he has 18,000 messages. There's a couple things that make me mad here first of all your email is 6718 your phone is 10 yeah there are no numbers on the front of my phone that's one of those red numbers are you have to clear it out right I thought you would bug you and then I go to hit it with my notification. Like you should add your contacts it's like no that's not a notification that you want me to fucking add my contact or give you access to my contacts and it just doesn't like every 2 weeks now it's doing it for your friends are some different small things to cure you were so pure and now you're just you got this. Yeah I do this is so many stories about what you post a video to your Facebook why would I get a notification that I need to open. 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Com use promo code Rooster Teeth for free shipping apparel for a cool new brand that has high quality products I'm down a fucking Rabbit Hole over here looking at dr. Kellogg's medical Contraptions that he had apparently he just believe you a lot of really weird ship dr. Kellogg Corn Flakes cornflake was invented was interesting because they wanted from Curb masturbation and the thought was you could control physical impulse is like masturbation by eating very bland food so what's the blandest food you can think of that lets make corn flakes the Corn Flakes was intentionally created to be Bland said he will stop drinking it that's crazy how you would you think of jerks it into evolve the horn half-and-half yeah oh yeah cuz it's your hand in jerk off with corn flakes and Lord knows probably someone has masturbation specifically why that why did that make it into the list of things you're not supposed to do I thoughts so even like Sting sing something sexual about someone is considered an imperial thought masturbate you normally have to at least think something sexual about another person was for 13 year old to make a note no work this whole thing I get more people in your religion so you're going to just pop a load you know you're going fucking Livewire in there and do what you're going to make tons of kids motivated to go out and you can't touch yourself because I don't make baby so I could have been drinking the entire time yeah yeah we're even Barber chair I think my father that now there was actually exist even a friend at Disneyland train that was done within the Youth of the church was guys would try to see how long as a packed they could go out your yeah but like for God is why they did it and if so we would like really like too much real life like well if you jerk me off it doesn't count. I didn't go to traffic school I'm talking to each other about jerking off I've always said the game is guys are straight guys so I went to a public school and we talked a lot of course remember I don't know why I really can't ever put my finger on it talk about jerking off with you never went to college my girlfriend already called with she was in education so she was doing her student teaching and she was to be talked about how the kids were guys were always talking about jerking off openly publicly in class I really I don't remember ever talking about that it ever coming up it's possible that I'm viewing my pass through my present they talk about it a lot right now but math are you taking off what year did buy your business I had to have the conversation with your like who had the corner literally yeah I never got everyone always had a porno tape it was born I was I was on the internet which was you were in the danger zone because you didn't have we weren't at that kind of house that had my own TV and VHS player to going so I had it had to be a living room activity which was you are just be running the gauntlet the moms going to the store so I can have them for you have to do the math in your head okay to take probably about 10 minutes where to get there 10 minutes shop Plymouth get back then you're looking around going to see forget anything like where's the first where the keys what's going on is she going to come back in here hot but I do know he has a great bit we talked about this is like this exact thing you're talking about realize he has a window of opportunity to watch his VHS tape the VCR broke and a tape was stuck in it on now so then it became a matter of how do you extract the tape from the VCR Mission Impossible theme song by weird when I was in college I remember we had the bag of corn everyone had the pack of pointless now it is it is now I'd like to point out that we had a giant black garbage bag of porn tape that we everyone me and my girlfriend had just accumulated over the years and weed bag of Shame what would happen with every time one of us would help the other person move out the bag would get somehow stashed in the new person's house and it was always fun to figure out when and if they discovered the bag or maybe they're going to finally discover the plants German sausage number for before she realizes that they made of him the stuff that I was always just the titty parts of like movies that were legitimate like it's like watching American Pie or something like that some out their stuff like a manual Queen of the Desert I probably see most of the Emmanuel series of movies did you see the story last this thing with this week that HBO is finally discontinued and taking off of there like once I program you know what actors calling home in describing the parents apart they got it's all like yeah I'm in there and I naked and the dwarf comes in and then I go down on him he goes to town of meat and they're like the parents are all upset oh my God and the casting notices for extras in Westworld interview like must be comfortable with nudity and posing as Furniture what the fuck are they doing are they making over there nude attacking his furniture is there anybody in Westworld it hasn't been nude at this point Anthony Hopkins I don't think I've ever had you're probably right on that as far as ever been nude. Like he was born with public I have to watch its birth because it's so hilariously bad Alexander have you seen this movie is on Netflix is Oliver Stone epic about Alexander the Great Pond and it be out what I can tell you is that why it was weird as shit but it was I think it was like a nightmare thing is it's Jared Leto Colin Farrell it's a great cast but it's just still on this battle flashing back in the felt like they do the battles and they do the left blank in the right flank in the middle flank and still confusing and I just keep cutting back it's weird it's weird things to it has that story of this directors been trying to make this move for 10 or 15 years has that story of red and within the movie came out it was great ever I try to think what that would be but I know of probably the only one I can think of a movie what was that what was the point of all that yeah it's it's usually when a production has issues like for quite a long. Time it doesn't I don't give an examples of when that that comes to fruition a list of movies that were in development house to see Twilight at the production of taking forever cuz I think they like pre-production apparently kept changing out to people that were like writing or directing in so like those are the things that I never kept buying for it because of the book and then when it came out like it was fine it just wasn't talking about how with the acquisition New Mutants and dark Phoenix are pointless but they're still going to release them Wayback and some people think it might have been because the acquisition coming or some people think it's because no one like but they may maybe this does this just totally weird for this title and then just anything any other news that I saw from it just was excited I like New Mutants a good title and I love X-Men Comics I get irrationally angry Comics I make a rationally angry it all the X-Men movies when they show like usually two younger character a side character who has like Earth moving powers or can shoot fire or some like that of like it's almost like they're taking a character but doing it almost intentionally doing them wrong you know like the characters special you can Logan the younger characters I'm like why not just use the actual characters from the comic book Avalanche how do I get though like Rogue started off where she was supposed to be Kitty Pryde the gate they bring me to hybrid of the Rogue and Kitty Pryde storyline I just complain about everything okay movie all the way up until Logan because I don't believe the other than maybe like 11 I love they call Peyton and Olivia my place I want to be about just staying behind the entire time I fucking hate that movie I hate apocalypse the hold the Apocalypse movie just in general they fucked up everything it's did angels with a Blue Angel you got taken down your spine that was right after they play the new each other during the secret force today you were there bring it with her we were meeting about the calendar and we got to the point of meeting where we start talking about like what dates should be put it on the calendar so far with the course all holidays make sure they're all on there so we had to November and 10th anniversary of the podcast is in 2019 as well I look at it but no it's the fourth Thursday in November its that's Thanksgiving I'm going that's right I don't know that's definitely the right date for Thanksgiving someone else we double check online and make sure it's the right thing for Thanksgiving and I know that I meant to say I probably should have said that at all I just looked at me and said are you all stupid it's always the fourth Thursday in November I can't believe we're having this discussion and wasting time talking about this wow that was a boy in any way to the 2019 date of course I know when Thanksgiving is always the guy that has to ask when Thanksgiving I'm just said that's one thing the other thing is to hear someone declare when Thanksgiving to go and I don't think that's the day you know we live in a society had to know stuff after Google you just don't have to know stuff I just have to know how to look it up but I personally know he's got a question everything has a pretty good head on his shoulders and yeah I guess it's like we haven't confirmed whether or not he's a computer right we don't know that so I've got to tell me that Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November I'd go that sounds very correct and I would go with that and I would not be someone eating food now I don't think it is Google it would just be like that that's like exactly how someone should do I add a second or some shit and I was like a 31st day of February not cool you should do something you got to you got to hide the Easter egg on that calendar somewhere there's 12 of them that you going to Burt Reynolds yeah I fucking love that so much he showed my God these are giving him this is I need that I need to get to cover my crotch with these pizza boxes because that that is okay that is these are just these are all of the options that are. That's got to be one that's got to be now made it we just have to now produce it we have the manufacturer all these calendars was just going to take some time to get them through shipping and I'll let stuff get to custom how many have we talked why I don't know it's just I know you don't get your stuff do you want where's the where's where's if you want to I would assume I want massive bags and I just didn't make any trouble with that all back in the day yeah I was here when you get back all problems I can make sure I grab one before they're gone cuz it's like I'm never going to get one that's like we should just like I would be there forever will reorder it but we have so many products now you got to get it when it comes out and then going to go way to wear is that vintage RvB baseball hat and that one and I have one of them I just have to die one it's like I'm afraid to like where it cuz I know I'll never be able to get it again be lost forever the time you're my star had said for the big hat company so you keep the one yeah right thing that I would prefer to wear that I just I sent I recently for the first time in like 12 years because I had like a gift card and stuff I finally got a new TV I Lily upgraded from this fucking gift card it was a pretty good gift card to Best Buy on the best buy a grift and where you just biggest part of it where the gift card come from It Came from Beneath it Pharr TX the muscle gain muscle gain by the fuck you measure that well I'd lost a certain amount of muscle fat percentage and also check to make sure that we met how do you how do you spell electronic version where you it sends upholstery body is not scientific and if they can you hold the electrical tape while you're in the water did you drink the biggest big fucking deal do you say card in there you know what if you want to know how much gift card is the next year and lose some weight soon as a company-wide initiative to make people more healthy yes and you want to TV why what we discard that help me buy it to you if you have you had a 720p what you got now I got to I got a 4K TV now. Very healthy choice have that TV stuff already I do things all ready to make myself healthy you are just trying to get something started a month on stealing TV I'm done I don't want to talk on this you blew me build up I was just going to make sense or stupid anecdotes based on something you just said like 10 minutes ago but now it's not worth it because you let me fucking winning the height does the dude either something else that's hanging out there that's in the exact same position we had the guts calendar that was part of the first week goes and that's the first thing on the first three goals record the game time with again how do I do that and never among other people as well there now you want to cover up now I don't know why I just started to happen if I'm sorry microphone show talking into the mic with his problems like that does this I just loosened it to pull it up a little bit never do that too much that's good... I never work for me that's perfect Mike everybody so what about this television is camped to television and I don't even know why it what I was telling you say jump from as far as like I'd like I've been questioning why people talk about liking watching movies at home for a long time because I don't like watching movies at home but now my call I get it as well as like even playing video games at home now like on the console like I get it but I see but yeah I do have a I do have a PS4 coming for spider Spin Cycle Gear marking money for that until they announced they were selling it and it was at some getting it from your house but TV PS I'm just tired that I didn't earn winning fit for a text why I got bitter they still a process I don't know just seems suspect to me with the machine with the measuring like you're projecting because you're not happy with your highness maybe you should actually like she did the gift card pay for the whole team and I had some some bonus money from something and then there's like us Ayo and I got it with like a discount code is there was a whole bunch things that allowed me to get it to you because I don't normally buy I get really anxious with buying big purchases is something that that's that's that's brought on Drive guys crazy I would wait I would talk about buying something for like 6 or 7 months I need to wait and wait and whenever I say bye like and it's a month out as soon as I hit the buy button so I hate when you join the day for this thing and it's like I'm always punished by doing that I have anxiety about wanting to get a new TV and Andy could even talk about this since last November like I've been like talking about I need a new TV because I'm watching it on like a tiny little piece of shit that I got from like Hillary gotten the TV I had cuz I got things I got from my grandma who died like a decade ago have it now but like wooden stand up just like it was really just a radio let me know record player anything but I turned into a bar with a hollowed-out they actually put like a motorized lifting wear lifts up and it's got a little slow though I don't sit there and watch this thing for the presentation I like being able to go push the button and it doesn't things like that right do you like your TV I like your RvB hat a lot but you don't wear because you were going to lose it I just sent a message to I sent to Andy I think I might as well because you would understand my favorite one of my family is all time is Dark Knight and I cannot wait to watch Dark Knight on my new TV in the way it is but I said I don't want to watch it on there because once I watch it that's the last time I get to watch it for the first time on my new TV and that's a legitimate like I do still have a bunch of movies on my Netflix queue but I never intend to watch but I just like to keep them there so that they can just meet at like for the longest time I had big trouble little China cute up I would like the number one spot on my list and then I log in one day and it wasn't there and I'm like damn it this was the day that I wanted to watch it first movie I watched bladerunner2049 great movie I felt like that was a pretty never get another one of those who had the most expensive DVD but they were going to watch and it kept sending everything else back except this one DVD and he was Jason Tucker he kept Hotel Rwanda for about 14 months it was like $180 he paid and he's paying for the service that one disc so he can convince himself he was enlightened enough to watch Hotel Rwanda Bridge Over the River Kwai 15 but no one actually wants to watch I couldn't get past the packaging of the Netflix TV I don't like I have some very weird sort of idiosyncrasy is one of which is like I don't like the fact that sometimes they reuse Hotel key cards don't like that the thought of that let me I don't know if they do or not but the thought of them were using the key card to never watch how they recycle glass bottles I don't want to see that either in your head how does recycling a glass bottle recycling bottles. They just like the thing has imprints of like Coca-Cola I'll just have to go back to Coca-Cola bottles go back to see how it's made out of recycling had the weird like waxy yeah that thing right and when you open it up it would be like kind of dirty like that people other people touch this the interactive know I just don't like the think about people interacting with a disk cleanup the desk and Geico already watched it and giving it back and then maybe gets to me and doesn't play right I don't like that oh my God that it was like 2 weeks ago we were initially and then on the podcast it was Gavin Augusta Avenue customer care that's a new thing San Francisco's doing it's the poop Patrol thanks for asking is its at a city or run organization I think it's six people now they have a little tiny steam cleaners and when someone calls and says hey there's human poop on the ground they come and they shut down the sidewalk sidewalk what Alleyways are in the street or in any of those things that's why I live here on Business Insider what are they called San Francisco has a poop Patrol guide to deal with its feces problem and workers make more than blank a year in salary I bet if I'm going to not I read this article to I'm not I'm not going to wait beyond the poop Patrol in San Francisco in salary and Benefits full with ap what was the amount of money you would take for going to be in San Francisco bars in in San Francisco for not mistaken if you have a family of I think 3 or more is poverty level to get to San Francisco to be part of the poop Patrol. I'mma ask for a salary of $100,000 so that I'm just at the poverty line 240 $184,000 for picking up poop benefits salary and benefits are calculated in like like like you were still not like garbage reluctant sometimes it's going to be just like what happens when the when the vehicle you're driving that picks up to shit or the stuff back on work breaks or if it's ladders that all over the United getting it wrong way. Sit on the water right I would come you into San Francisco for that job every 5 years making a million bucks for you no matter what I like with with Benefits was he is the Crypt over a hundred here's my problem is now when I come to visit San Francisco I am going to feel totally justified about pooping in the next just hitting your butthole and yours on the escalator watch but you got to make sure you should when you stay to the right people still pass it on that's right about the escalators in London when we got the heater on the left side that's the flow of when you're in a car in your past it without you pass on that steviet stay on the right path. It's like people follow the rules time you drive me up there so right I think it's right but look this up later to look in your eyes that's pretty good Country Awards you get to let them they have to use your Outlets because we destroyed their infrastructure almost totally and had to help them rebuild it yeah week we encourage there around 1:20 and they're 110 okay it's something like it's actually plug something in and blown blown it up cuz I have no I watch Jeff do it once I was actually did it and she move to Australia it's really scary I was that I was working in and went to TGIF and I was doing like the Konami press conference or whatever they were doing and I plugged in a piece of equipment with a surge protector and I applied it was I don't know I'm an electrician and it was just a little odd first time I was Australia with Jeff free iPhone days he had like some shity Verizon cell phone and he went to charge it plugged into the wall and made the noise you're talking about the power went out in our room but that's weird we stepped out into the hallway. Power was out in the hallway and the power was out in all the rooms in the part of the hotel we were in now is a good time to leave the hotel and there was like a hole and it might have been my machine lay out the power in this thing and they had laid out power drops and I think the power job went down for everyone so I felt really bad cuz I got this back in the day when like you had to plug stuff in and enter in order to capture feed it was like just this big hole don't got no device but yeah that was pretty brutal I was like well as think Dad wasted $6,000 of IGN's money it's not mine so whatever yep so Nick has a. Coming out babe do you want one it's Friday when we recording this holiday night you have a screening at the out-of-bounds festival yeah we've been invited green it added balance Festival here in Austin at the spider house Ballroom which I don't know I just mentioned that cuz it's useless to you guys. What happened was great the great I'm going to join us for that hair she's going to be there as well just the three of us know just flying to New York for a funky Luma Tina's wedding could you watch her you know they want to see him to come out to see him but no but the but it's really great documentary I'm really proud of everyone that that worked on it myself included it turned out really really well I guess one of the spots we think a my compelling enough to actually holds like a 30 to 40 minute long documentary anything maybe and then you realize the run times on an hour and 15 stop. I'm not kind of living and dying 5 minutes at a time yeah it's really really weird is weird it's weird to watch it. The really weird watch yourself most of the time I'm bombing and most the time it's it's just that that grass slow grind of doing two to three mics tonight and staying the same joke that the same cat trying to get them to laugh. It's it's it's really my first note after I watch the first cut of it was has mixing this is Nick going to be okay with this cuz it's such a real piece and it's so horrible time but you can tell them I don't want to do this anymore especially since we had to go to more of them for the dock and so it's sort of like when I can when I want to buy myself I can so I can kind of without and of course Corrections agitated night for myself I got to stop doing this but the fact there's a whole team behind on my amp it up with also am something's idea of when the room is completely silent and you're listening to yourself bomb and you just like it out of body experience that that you just can't stop it's pretty. Not great you know if they say it takes a really long time ago when I first started I think I'll be able to crush this in like a year or two but the reason it takes so long is because you're not really getting in front of real audience. You don't have the opportunity to be I can't just walk into the punchline be like all I do is set for 200 paying Patron right now it's me trying to get the attention of the five people in the bar who were drunk we just want to watch the Giants game and don't want to listen to me tell them a joke about my wife and so if you have to sort of start learning the stool and just you. It obviously you didn't show up me last night like you now then what I know now I don't know that I would have started doing it but I love it really yeah it's it's it's going to take a long time forms of entertainment it is the one that relies the most on you you know you can't even improv with some of our people are doing out at least have seen around you write you out but men stand up you were up to you and I'm like and that's it and that you and your ideas on you and that's the crazy thing is you like it especially before the documentary I didn't know I had a hard time going back and watch myself I still do I can't really stand to like sit there and scrutinize myself cuz I'm My Own Worst critic and that's why he when I got the first coat of the documentary seem like 3 days and I was like I don't yeah I just can't but you have to you have to watch it though if you have to record your stat you have to see like it was that joke just not funny or did you screw it up or you know I was a delivery off am I speaking too quickly and I am not engaging and so the more you can do that the better but it's brutal and it's not something that I'm very welcome in Fort I like to think that I'm amazing at everything and then have there been proof one way or the other that's what I'd like to do the night that we did our TX kinda funny line to seven and a half minute monologue and I've never done that before that was really all. Yeah it was fun but if I do this right if I become a vet but you know known for stand up comedy people are going to seek me out and come watch me and so yes there's always going to be somebody else that doesn't know me but like the big Bill Bird people don't know you're always going to be converted to some degree if you'd like if if nobody knows who you are nobody knows your stuff you can do you can reuse the same material but if you haven't I can't do that cuz I said I did last time it sits there a lot of people to give me feedback could have seen me do the same set over and over again that actually really like it cuz they like to see how I feel weak stuff like that joke about your mom being catholic whatever didn't work but now it works and you change this way comes through like a hobby for people that follow me but you're absolutely right like a fresh audience who doesn't know who you are is is just Endless Possibilities you going to have going to go and if you can get them on your side you can start it's a beautiful thing that happens if the longer sets too cuz now I'm doing like when you first start off you do 3 minutes and that seems like an eternity but eventually now I'm at the point where I'm like 10 minutes is where I like if you settle into a group of people and their with you and you're in this and then you start realizing the beauty of the medium which is that you're in this moment in time together and these few hundred or hundred or five people are just lock in with you and you're just experiencing night together really really cool Anthony that I think one of the reasons I like it because you don't get that here right now we're sitting in a completely silent studio and their people around us but they're not first to interact with no it's like with the exception about Eric we just we can all agree it's just terrible but what I like is that you get that immediacy of I just said I wrote something and I can go I can write a joke right now it's working tonight I can do it and see how it goes and that's what you see in people's eyes like how you got that you made me laugh that is really cool it's not like anything else you could do when we were camping we basically everyone who appeared on camera we put them through 6 weeks and then prop training right twice a week we did it and then at the end of it everyone felt pretty good job training and I said okay will the next stage in this will be we're going to go and we're all going to take a stand up class at the end of it will do 5 minutes at an open mic seriously it's the one thing and it itches, that suggested that a number of people came up to me said I absolutely will not do this I will quit if you make me that's weird you were one of those people I don't think I was I wouldn't do it but no way I'm going to do this well the thing is I was like Jeff obviously we got Jeff James and Elyse to to contribute as well and they came out and they did they done a couple shows with me and they were super nervous about it but I'm like you aren't starting from zero you are starting from a performance background you just have to figure out the materials the hardest thing and that I'm going to find them if you're funny but you're funny yeah they're going to find it funny I started watching it I thought of watching Netflix special his last night as if I haven't started it yet a lot of specials I can't feel like you have to be why you have to see how they like and sweeten it yeah that's that's a I don't I don't I don't have proof of stuff like that but I'd have seen a few specials and I'm like there's a reason why they're not showing the audience right in that shot is one of the funniest ones the ones that you can tell there was magic in the room at the time and they are not afraid to cut over and show the people people's reaction because I think there's a there's such a part of stand up at you you having to share this. And it's that can be really hard to get through on camera I'll give your in the room before all in the room or I'll join us together this I can hit and not it feel to it but sometimes just does not through the lens Denver watch Zach Galifianakis live at the onion now is before he got big on in Hangover and got his film career he was someone who was very well-loved in the stand up call Davis as far as International Fame he was not known and but he would put out a few these specials and his best one of my pain is Zach Galifianakis live at the Purple Onion and Zach Galifianakis as of stand-up comic was great because the way it was always kind of describe about him is that Zack didn't really care if you laughed he wasn't there to actually try to get you to laugh and so therefore the way that he would perform stuff was a bit different and when you watch the shows the very intimate experience is much different from like watching like that Kevin Hart thing reason a goddamn stadium is piano Reese wet in front of the mic and he's just being Zack and so you can feel that that dissonance and also Evan flow of the of the show as you watch the special at the stadium shows are always very weird because you can't like I have done it on on you know the staging at Pleasant place at the Kodak Theatre like you can't see past if a lighting is just beating down you can't really pass at 4:30 for the way you can hope to have a level of intimacy with the audience that you can at a place like punchline which is only 200 people and it feels very quaint little pain stage couple steps up to it and that's it and there's pictures of like you know all around the place of like Robin Williams who'd you see you know cut his teeth are in a bunch of other famous comedians like cool cool Simplicity than that but then you get Madison Square Garden you get a 50000 feet soccer in HD Russell Peters performing at you like it is it's just a different vibe Vibe but I bet they're really good about the kind of funny that I had was my first time ever doing stand-up it was 1200 people will we have people with crazy to me is when when when you agree to do it I was like oh and you came in and you just absolutely knew you were I go to store and that you would have done some level of that your entire life what you sort of have because of what you doing here right now but you walked on stage and you have that level of confidence of a seasoned vet who is Ben who's had a mic and talks to audience is the last like 15 years ago you should have seen me the five hours before that in my hotel room a hole in the floor of the hotel room look at my whole thing is I memorize when I'm doing something I just get it to where I don't have to think about it I just memorize memorize memorize I've always been very fortunate I've been able to memorize like a ton of dialogue and I was like that so it's like I member I member in the room that day I had to go for myself there was 7 1/2 minutes and I had to get memorized every minute one 1 minute per hour it was my goal so I was just pacing back and forth that's awesome saying it again and again just memorize the whole thing and that's the way it's like they're had like notes and that's normal for coming to have like a like a set list almost on them and at least almost like it had her whole thing on her phone and was looking at it I got him at least killed it though part of the documentary Showcase with you posting a lot of other people from uniflex Shaft you mention to Jeff or James and at least with other people as well do I say that so yeah so we can well it's really cool moment where I like I want it like I'm part of what I like doing it I like trying to entice other people to do this and you know when when we did that lets play spring break was one of the first times I actually got it to sit down and talk with James at least I get to know them and weird Castro to float a ride to infinite content and stuff but sitting down and actually having a beer with someone and and talking to him and they're obviously in LA and at least let you know I found out she loves stand up how much love Saturday Night Live and all these things then there's always the one second that's going to go see how was kind of wanting to do that and that it just popped in my brain of like that and so if you've mistakenly told me at some point that you have always thought maybe I'd be a fun thing to do I'm going to make you do it yeah and and I'm going to be that asshole friend that pushes you out on the ledge and I'm like jumps with you cuz it's fun and I think games release there's an auto at least it's a phenomenal like personality but she has the bigger like that I feel like she thinks that she has to make up for where is James on my keys James it wasn't as nervous as she was but I knew I was like I know that you're going to be more nervous but you're going to crush harder than anyone else in that stage that night because she's just so endearing and so fun to watch you anything or rather very apologetic I want her to do my locker and dance team or at least has a ton of fans in the community and in the company like there's a lot of people that work here that are fans of least at least like want to watch everything that we watch a trailer for the Monopoly show that y'all do and she is in it and she has one line in the trailer and it's the funniest thing it's just perfect is perfect just been watching film that accuse is though it's not just it's not one specific note like what's like to do, there's a lot of other layers in it I like as well yeah there's one that really spoke to me as we talked a little bit early but what it's like to live in San Francisco to love the comics that you talk to Dad to come from two hours away to perform for 5 minutes and it'll make the journey because they can't afford to live in San Francisco yeah that was what that was my pitch to The Docks team if and when we were talking about the photos that I really want I want to Highway 15 I want to do a couple things of this one show me what it takes to go from being from zero from never having to bike to then trying to get through a club system like the punchline like what does it take to go from doing open-mic to I am now officially sort of passed person at a very reputable club and then I also wanted to show people that against the background the backdrop of San Francisco because obviously you are just a product of your surroundings your part of the conditioning of where you live and I pray a lot of material comes from what happens when you're struggling artist and you're living in the most expensive city in the United States today you're living in a place where and not only that but you're living in a place where you're trying to just do your thing and you're looking around and there are people in their 20s were Millionaires and people in their forties were homeless people dumpster-diving you're seeing that sort of the leftover yeah there's poop Patrol police department Avalon think I could we need them but it's silly that we do need them right that's absurd San Francisco because of the phenomenal City it's beautiful it's it is there not a lot of places like San Francisco in the in the United States that you can live because it really is at European spell City where you can just live in n n exist there and work there and never really have to leave at 7 by 7 block the lineup to be that guy that said I remember when this hit the city has changed so much like I've been there 12 years and I got there right at the end of the first.com Bubble Burst if it wasn't late 80s or late 90s early 2000 and so things were cheaper and there was still very much a counterculture there and pack wasn't really tacos.com it wasn't what it is now and so now everything app iPhone that wasn't what do you know yeah like back in servers and cloud computing and by the way the. He first got it I was like I think I could you explain what it is and then literally two weeks later they were in off at 8 they are it is it yeah I mean they're just like a bad bad viral infection that you spread through your city so so it's a perfect it's a great way to show Humanity right cuz at first everyone gets really excited and then everyone gets really drunk and then everyone leave these things around like their garbage yeah I thought it was not the middle of parking at look like a dead body this is healed over dead dirty old man with these things because they clearly say do not drive these things on the sidewalk because then go like 20 miles per hour on the side just like and like The Gangs of them like for frat guys going 20 miles per hour down the sidewalk and my cool I really would love to throw something else ran up on me at night and was honked and then we were going to end up stopping and I looked at the guy in the thing in his windows down when the fuck you honking at me what's your problem and he says you're in the road I'm going to bike in the road and then he like pulls out and like fucking idiot you know it's not feel like I like I'm in a huge fight culture but you do have to wonder like they make all this poor bicyclists Drive in the street in the city where everyone is just trying desperately to make more money and get to their place faster and do gives a fuck about you and thought he dog and like then you put a diaper bike nephew they just a recipe for disaster Olive Garden Tyler identity is built into the wall. Yeah they got the like the Chrome backpacks with a little bike buccal fat yeah they got the whole the whole deal the bike met the guy that deliver stuff for the ones that like you guys are the real heroes but I think it's because it's the best Geographic it was the u.s. the best Geographic it was stration of the divided wealth in this country problem and the thing that really disturbs me about the problems in San Francisco has with that is that is also very stereotypically the most liberal city left-leaning city in the u.s. me laugh at jokes about Berkeley and everything else you know in San Francisco and San Francisco can't tackle this problem with all the money in the world just just anyone else have any hope that they don't care if it's interesting cuz like I'm up to mines with how liberal we can get in San Francisco cuz there is such a there is a point of Tipping Point where you you do start to get so liberal that you're sort of enabling people to do you like President shop owners there's nothing they can do if there's a homeless person outside of the shop right you can call the cops but the cops can't do anything they're not allowed to physically take the person in because the person is choosing to be homeless that makes laws are outweighed by people like civil rights in San Francisco and it's interested I'm not saying one's right or wrong but there's nothing there's nothing I can compel the cop unless they see a crime to pick a person up off of the streets and take them away from business owners business still like it's like there is a point with which you have to be like maybe we should go slightly bit more conservative and have a few I don't know some some harsher so I don't know I don't know how to fix it and it's sad because you do see people who need help button and when you first get there it's easy to write off the Homeless Problem seeing all the people just drug-abusing alcoholic if not it's actually more about mental health and then a lot of these people just can't function in society not because I'm sure maybe there abusing substances but that's not the cause that's just the sort of like that's that's one of the symptoms of the bigger problem which is that we don't have we we've just failed them on such a total level that they're just were just okay with that you're a certain Street Fighters the line with homeless people I know how it is that's been people go out that's how it is and I thought I was going to be but it's not like I just think so I'll just pretend like I don't exist and walk around them and they ask you for things you because you have to build a hard skin talk about homelessness differently than everyone else you know it's like a it's a different issue in Northern California and San Francisco then it is anywhere else like usually when you know even Austin about homelessness it's always like I'm going to find a way to help everybody and everything but it's like it's a little different there and I'll send you some trees I do think it's kind of a little bit in The Mineshaft look at look really closely as Francisco by the dock but my favorite moment the doc I have sex with me is when you have one of those experiences in your in a very small place it's not a great set you acknowledge that and it's really tough and it's looks like it's pretty much everyone's worst fear he thinks about going up in front of a Crowd by themselves and Mike it just doesn't go well couple things fall flat and you just like and then you get the car and go I got to rush cuz I got to get across town to my next one of my next one I was just like the idea that you just kept going at like most people would have just gone home and just pulled the covers up that's like having to add date to be like right time to go as I was I was hooked at that point I'm like I've got to see where this goes through multiple times where I have been like I'm going to go get a bag of goldfish and just got my sorrows away while watching while. Watching are open in trouble I guess my body is like heat so that's why I made the joke there are people who listen this podcast you won't know what a fucking goldfish goldfish in Australia the crazy in Australia sorry I was trying to find a way to get over there again is out now available on digital I'm looking at it right now and I had to verify for myself you can get the Gus scenes as an iTunes extra and I tune we did everybody we did it so you can see I got cut from the movie thanks but first I got to go I'll go check it out and I will see you guys next week will be back live just a Goldfish crackers a cold anymore lose so I made that up