#509 - Chris Would Eat Cat Food?

Join Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Chris Demarais as they discuss dog parties, people being offended, product placement, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-09-11 19:00:00

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Chris Demarais


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And I had to talk to give me a very clean house thanks but it's like fuckers put your dishes in the dishwasher don't just put a dirty like cheese got into making rice makes right I never took anything when I was a kid what was the what was the one thing you know how to cook nothing eggs you cook your fish day I'm going to do what you do with rice now I'll boil it and then like start office right now but they say not to throw rice at weddings pigeons are birds I think that's why they started saying it how is that worse than more Hannibal would you be annoyed if you got married without the judge never went to in cheshunt bubbles not to your own same as long as it's like laughing but the sign language but if you have them up here Clap Your Hands Up hires left it still a visual representation of classes this is just reply with Chris of some type of sign language that mean it's like you just do the same thing and then the person sees it that's it in your hands up even with your face and wave them back and forth to the Wyatt you to do real clapping LG sign language clapping Bernese not doing it for the clothes I would look like I was jacking off and like as a lot of people like you don't tend to see this or this but if you feel like a bunch of hands going like that's true usually applied people who are performing that makes sense to the audience Divergent yeah but how do you communicate through the entire audience if you guys feel like you want to celebrate the end of this performance don't do this do this every just know yeah oh I guess if the entire audience knows you're going to see like a death play yeah but but yeah I don't know if it's like okay Barbers got assassinated what is that a couple ways hearing applies refers to the type of Applause used by and for people who could hear and who are of the hearing communities famous men brag about it so how do you think it's a little kids schools now I guess clapping is some of the kids so they so that we have some deer food in a crazy fucking Thai this is a clause what's it what is what is fire I want to say it's something like this but I feel like I couldn't imagine a worse topic for a naughty. It's no use running secrete like screaming doesn't help me there yes we can I'll see what I wish for this but no thank you no thank you you must no thank you in sign language right I didn't know that I once knew that I can use it would you ever do that with there ever be a situation where something like waiting on you in the coffee shop and their hearing impaired and you know that they are would you ever sign thank you I probably too embarrassed you wish you wouldn't do a cafe that's staff entirely by hearing impaired people and just is that is that in itself defensive because there's a culture around deafness and I can't say everybody whose death is in it but they're very very protective of Deaf culture and like even the word death is an important word to use I think like trying to change it and say some other words they prefer the word death as opposed to like anything else I think so but the cafe down south that accept entirely by owner have you been walking in something different and I think because it just like Charlie traffic on the road is that people just driving by themselves and then some other people show up and then that causes traffic right but Inn at Leeds later in the day to even traffic slowdowns in certain parts of the Cascades right there a thinking is when they start their day at the restaurant no one noticed talking out loud so then customers come in and no one's talking out loud so the customers don't talk out loud but then you come in this more customers and literally one of the quietest ways to die in traffic with electric cost exactly little bit lower volume in there because people just like don't start talking essentially they don't want to be the one to like break the silence yeah right I mean if you're in a room full of people and no one's talking you don't just start like yeah yeah yeah yeah we would probably love that we have a huge School for the Deaf in Austin and would talk about that last time we talked about this restaurant but I would imagine a lot of their customers and then clientele come from the school for the deaf button when I was in there was noticing this phenomenon of everyone be quiet and people are not signing to each other at their tables couple work but not enough to make it as quiet as it was not restaurant right way to restaurants on Westlake skip point right there might just be here by October 28th but if you do have a conversation or table essentially listen to your conversation you didn't like an old-school Texas lady wait like that all bless your heart kind of way she came up to me and she goes I just want to say you have a very impressive voice it really carry are you telling me that I'm being loud I don't think you realize how much your voice projects and I was like okay I was there I think you're telling me to keep down I'll keep it down. Is the perfect way to do with this day I don't know if she was like being like passive-aggressively sarcastic or she was yeah it is really bad but I wish you would shut the fuk up something so to be like complimentary I was like wow you're really loud person I didn't like you have a very good boys and I like a pretty good projection on your voice cuz that is a skill good performer background so we going to get super fucking loud no it's probably just because it's like the whole weekend is like a woman stuff and like there's a lot of people that don't get to go to Live Events and certainly most you aren't able to travel internationally from Canada or USA or Australia to go to the UK yeah I mean I I went I went last year so you say you haven't done anything in a year. Lawrence your appearance. Excellent Fan Expo but I didn't know that was happening like right heard we were talking about that but then it was probably find out about it before most people did but then I was like to do whatever you want should I can I crash your leg play life but probably what's plays you been video game yeah come up I don't think it's more like a hundred lives but she wanted some fucker said that we copied we copied a podcast is this an hour I just remember there was a time when Jeff was kind of guys and I'd said we should record the audio Life as we trying to achieve and that was before the podcast let's play Let's play the name let's play Jeff and I did the Left 4 Dead 1 and a Halo 1 Halo 3 Hank strata my fitness assessment what was the arcade Classics in retail games on the Xbox and it being black game is going definitely shefa and now it's just that you can have what used to be a $10 game instead of a 60 rate for new Xbox I'm ready I won't want to come out next E3 this one wasn't good know what depends if you consider the Scorpio to be a new console games too but it's not well someone else to run the same games as the Xbox 360 generation thing I feel like I have played it vicariously through everyone on Twitter everyone talk to you about it non-stop it's really fucking amazing I mean it's really really or Playstation 2 Spider-Man games at all I like the Atari 2600 and former talk so much fun games that are based off like movies and comic book stuff in the past not being I don't know yet okay she's always going to be a hit-or-miss just in general right you never know like if you like movies do it better than anybody I guess movies and TV like Game of Thrones Harry Potter it's pretty safe bet those were going to be pretty good movies Maze Runner Maze Runner book made a Maze Runner movie on other like that I've been a big fan of all the Lego games that has taken they properties made into Lego games like Lego Batman I think it's low stakes there though it's like if you make a a bad Lego game Lego game but you know super weird too because I have my kids were the perfect date you no games are coming out like the first Lego Star Wars which was the first Lego Star Wars was all prequel right and then they did the original series was the second one I sent in the order of the episodes but doesn't make sense like chronologically in the way they came out but I am kind of like a weird purest Lego games and the Lego animation cuz there was a time when the characters didn't talk everything was just like hand motions or like Grunts and stuff like that no there's no like it was more like you know Luke would pull at this little practice Droid or whatever and go like this and that Han Solo then throw it at him or something like that that's all they did now there's no they have full voice actors and everything else I just love that word no one talked is love the effects of everything in the Lego game where it's like something explodes and explosions tiny little Lego pieces I love that mechanism Just Brakes in the little pieces that make up the thing I feel really good job I think it was like building those things in Lego and then putting them in the game I was just thinking if I Enter the Matrix mm oh no that was Matrix online the one that had a ton of extra footage of came out around the same time as Matrix Reloaded hour of actual movie with all the actual Matrix taxes they shut specifically for the game no it was like one of the most expensive games made it sounds like 20 million dollars and the game at she wasn't very good I bet it was like a cool hacking mechanic but I don't know of a time where a game has been back to integrate with a film like in Matrix Reloaded Morpheus in one of the Agents of fighting on the on the big truck in a crash into another one negative flying forwards but at some point I was like a driving level in the ants The Matrix we have to drive in like catch Morpheus and in the movie you have sleeves do you like hard to do us stuff see you like lunch stuff will around the movie that starred in the movie lineup what do I get to play it was really cool and I haven't seen anything like it since that's your story of the demographic cuz I couldn't make that game I'm the guy you know when they list out all the properties loves The Matrix come out and never played it I never even thought about playing that game it was cool by the animal I think I played for about 2 seconds the game was on I think about this right I did not even catch that yes Matrix mm oh The Matrix online I think I did play Enter the Matrix I don't have anything but extra footage of the to the main cards you can pick three types of one's not everyone's ghost and I played the game before I saw the movies so when I saw them in the movie I was like that's my boy ghost he has like two lines of yeah but he has like a hundred thousand lines in the game and it's crazy that I was wondering did they shoot that for the movie and then cut it and then think God would put in a game or do they specifically she left the game I have no idea I wouldn't put it past them though these are pretty forward-thinking and stuff no I'm sad we invite you out and you said no you're my man on a happen to have other plans and then I said but I want to make sure that I got to hang out with you guys before he goes back and you like yeah no problem and then I got back and I was like ready for you to get back I got back we were in Oklahoma and then he went home what you back I'll probably couple weeks will he be at RTX London easy especially not officially but I'm sure I'll be there really but I think he might really well I think it's I think it's because if you don't save her because you know they can add other people who deserve to go yeah honestly I don't want Dan to go to Altex London because he'll need more days to decompress yourself in the middle of it now I know what it is, yeah I got to say I'm not going to be able to names but my friends who live in LA there they're kind of going over the edge there like no see that California lunacy I follow a lot of people love our friends all went to a fucking birthday party for a dog that's sweet yeah I saw that that's too much I'm coming with LA people have a part that's one way to look at it there's a lot of work went into this dog birthday party and I know I really like the dogs dog partie write some need more reasons to hang out about the dog just hang out right just do that just have a party and hang out feel like it may be in La people are busier and I need a reason if I'm having a party this weekend and it's just a party tomorrow and have a drink or I tell you you're going to come to a dog birthday party are you more likely if you have a dog so that's it if he goes That's a kids book or something it's weird with the dog for some reason it's not saying I feel like you feel like you don't belong there a dog oh sorry I didn't bring my dog play with all the other dogs NFL leading points before it was one of those big way to buy a dog just to go to adult party or do I need to bring a kid that's the rule by which parents will arrive or Delta arrive with children and they marked them with I think it's like an invisible ink but then they have a different marker for each parent so that they can see they match when they leave. Someone tries to take another kid out the right they have that system in place already be invisible who's invisible did you say it like you need to stop this invisible I thought you were saying that you were wiping like ultraviolet income in the right if you're mocking people and they are aware of it why is it needs to be invisible because you don't want people putting the mark on themselves to match the kids call I guess if I got to get the butterfly stamp and exactly where I can draw a number 6 on my arm so he's on his way do they just have the perfect dude, it's a it's a bill going to slip distance better than you going to be like you have to go to be like you could get a photo of you and the kids also feels that also kind of like but also feels weird cuz you have thousands of pictures of children as opposed to it's just like the kids are having a good time they have no idea that this is the movie Ben brand is better than the system we have for separating parents and children like a in custody like yeah Chuck-E-Cheeses doing a better job Freeman York rats On the Border that's no are we walking on that or like what's happening yes people are people are working on it and people are working hard to make sure that other people don't forget about it cuz it's super easy to forget about just about anything this week because there's always a need to eat or Elon Musk smokes pot for some reason on camera you know why is that big deal if it's legal because it's not and I hear what you're saying stuff for me personally it's not but he is the head of a public company that goes on a globally distributed and very popular podcast The Joe Rogan podcast and he smokes but it's totally over he's doing it there are places in the world where that's not illegal and it makes people Freak the Freak Out and sure enough the Tesla stock Drop Strike retail yeah yeah I did a Blog we're talking about your friends legal cannabis business in California and their bills that I will never watch her she's gone to ever again because she talked about it cuz I went we went and visited their her cannabis legal cannabis business I was kind of shocked Chris by the number of people who just like I'm out by I actually surprised at how many place it is it is legal in the states not like 20 States or something close to that yeah like you medically I think it is but I like recreational they kept telling us and they're like oh you don't know you guys should have come a month later it's all it's legal and can dance like the entire country is is legal I think I think I might actually make it harder for you to go back and forth but really tiny stuff up right now make sure that you weren't Jeff shirt from the coop at RTX little windbreaker rain jacket thing I was totally fine do it beautiful today inside but nice and nice I got a sweater when I went to Scotland excuse to wear it I won't be going to Milby me and Chris hanging out the dog partie January for having a dog party I'm going to get dog if you don't do that in film LP appointed that you might even get invited up by opposite of fomo yomo the joy of missing out there was human treats and dog treats like tables of like setups if you fucked up your red dog biscuit your brothers like a stupid brothers I'll make you eat anything when you're actually go and purchase something I think I'll send something out like like regular not like regularly just wants to try it out you had a cat do you remember the cat being a human before you fit it try giving the cat no I didn't take that one but I thought if I ate cat food I might like it was it that God will use cat food cat food did are there multiple flavors the cat food I tried that it is no school because sure you're on Easy Street everything's good but there's always a question of if you can eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be hard because I get sick of it after like two weeks but literally no one said the same thing everyday every meal I can eat crackers that's like that's all they eat dog dog food dry dog food just like meat flavored crackers is that show me in the food yeah yeah if a cat is eating chicken biscuit when was that chicken it just me it's just chopped up chicken for the chicken is in cat food how long ago was that walking about it's like they take the extra chicken bits from like human food the grind it all up and then add in like you know other stuff they got at McDonald's and pick up all the old chicken McNuggets chicken noodle soup in my cupboard where when was that chicken like 2 years ago maybe one day maybe I want to know when everything was walking do you know you don't want an extra day date of death what was the time of death of a useful when the guy in the white coat came in said chickens Dead all right till 2 p.m. what Chuck-E-Cheese visualize the animal there but you can see it then maybe so good point I want to look my animal in the eyes is it what are you eating then if you're looking at it and you're not eating so you just eat you take out the sizes I wonder how do you think Gavin apocalypse you starving of course you could but do you think if you had to tomorrow like you couldn't have meet again unless you killed it and then cleaned it and prepared it do you think it ever eat meat again I probably wouldn't eat chicken again cuz you got shot the chicken's head off about chicken killing it No Country for Old Men on the cow's head and then just ripped open yeah that seems way to quickly kill a chicken I feel it would have to be like Sunday morning for it really do it well if you did it once you probably would not do it again for like 5-6 months yeah you look what the cat was somebody else I don't think he literally cleaved into he did have pop a cap I had in the freezer outside and then he had a power cut can smell good yo-yo you do you have a dog party then Jeff the Jeff at the freezer outside yeah there's a cold box even wanting one for years out in the open it's like in the in the basement for clarification you said yes you lied to me it wasn't open to the sky okay but it was the basement was open by the way you know you can get to the school box is dead to the milk arrives the milk is cold right but those of you who are unaware one of Gavin's long-running wishes in life is to have a cold mailbox there in that right there really going to do milk and he wants to stay cool I'm used to having a milk I can't go down the rabbit hole with you I take it on the run with you it was cold out it's they told outside so just move somewhere cold that's it you just don't order milk or only order it when you going to be home or all the order when it's cold only have milk in the winter can you freeze milk crude oil on it like crude oil milk is the same way it's like milk comes out going to get the cream out of it let me get half and half and I think that's the player to get the whole milk of the 2% and everything what is bottom layers like water what does that have to do with no freezing it like it varies in different layers just like different different things in there like the fat in the water so I don't know what happens if someone's going to buy a cold mailbox if I make 1 a seller yeah you gotta make this the whole purpose of this is to hire an engineer and that person will figure it out they'll figure out how to do it oh yeah we did tell me now that you would like I'm not no not now okay well next time also ask people eat cat food cat food have tried tested that's not that's no different you ate cat food like you could compare me with your mouth what will text you but I think the intent of you can interpret that as a yes I often eat cat food or should I have eaten cat food at some point my life I think you never eaten by fish food pictures of smells terrible it's really bad it's officially the thin strips of like seaweed nugget yeah they're definitely I think an acquired taste I'm sure there's lots of stuff that I check you eat peanut butter if you can make you can get like fresh the organic peanut butter at the grocery store with watching Lily grind it up but I think they make it out of the shelves got to have some kind of preservatives and then sugar in it to the nuts make rank taste as well you can buy natural peanut butter in the story can see it on the Shelf it's like this fucking super dense layer of peanut butter and then this smaller the very clear level just oil and it's hard that peanut butter in the bottom of that but what happens is if you do it and then you end up spilling all the oil at least I really did not everybody has that Chris everybody drink LOL but just like it's got to be probably some guy or you just drinking at highest concentration that's what the calories in the oil yeah I would think so hey it's a thing that people you had an older brother's right I had to have an older brother what time is it at my my mom was working or something so just meet him at home and this is around the time that extreme come out and I had to scream Halloween costume so I like I put it on and then went outside and we have two phone lines so I called one of the phone lines and was like hey Brian what's your favorite scary movie you know me either freaking out and then I like went around to where he was and like went to the to the windows God and then like like tap on the window in the scream mask and he like freaked out cuz he's like a little kid and then the cops showed up cuz he called he called the cops to them and I would like still hiding out trying to scare him yeah and then the cops showed up in there but then he wouldn't let the cops leave until my mom got home stay still convinced I was going to I was like I was like 10 so is actually like 10 or 11 I think you just seem like you were when did she come out what is can come out what was the 99th good that was a good marketing campaign cuz they Drew Barrymore spoiler for 20 year old movie 20 years old and she was but she's a big star of the movie and she died in the first like 10 minutes but I've seen it's a popular that's what they become I think it's probably Classic Movies to is remember I saw Pulp Fiction you should go by Citizen Kane it's a non-linear narrative is well it's like set the standard for non-linear narrative seems like the greatest movies all the time like this is not good because the stuff that comes later is like has years of refinement and layers of inspiration build onto it as well and it's like you can never go back to when something's groundbreaking yeah well if you go back and then you don't even feel bad cuz everyone copied the right thing where I heard another Weird Al I heard most of his songs before I heard the original songs like I heard I heard a eat it before I heard Beat It by Michael Jackson beat it before or eat it before Beat It album and I just looked in all the songs and I didn't know if they were being copied Barb looked up Riverton the thing outside where you you are with a group of friends and you all make a pack so just look up have you did you buy yourself you're talented enough have you seen the viral video Trend this weekend it's like the new whatever challenge I think can't keep it going for too long though cuz the more popular gets too hard it will be to do an invisible DIY say convince someone to turn invisible kid with the blanket where they throw the blanket and they run yeah okay well it's kind of like the new version of that where they take someone to put in a chair in the middle of room to put a blanket on usually kid and then they say some spell and then they take the seat off and everyone else in the room is in on it and they they like always gone and then they can't hear him or see the person and if there's the one of the standards in it is it in it is like in the first like minute you take a picture you still can feel me touch me I can feel how you feeling right now I need to take a picture take a picture for you already taken you show the picture that's usually a great moment and the kids see the picture he's not in it they all fucking flip out I mean I'm sure those kids who don't believe it but the ones that make you know the postings they are all losing their shit isn't busy I think I've lost about 10 people emotionally torturing a job is really funny. That's what I first thought in Central Park or something like that I think that video went viral after the show came out and then a bunch of people that I can do this to so sad that me and my older brother were funny stupid jokes but they never pretend we are invisible thank God so then when you went out into the real world and yeah and then we continue to think we're funny when Gavin did they like it in the sense of humor my mom's dad's my grandfather had to go. Jokes I think he was thrown on the spot at RTX and he just had a judge ready to go like someone was like tell a joke and he's like his dad power I mean you can come up with one joke do you like if you'll just usually just a normal mad and then suddenly you're in front of a lot of people in this time was like kid it with a camera tell a joke that you going to be any kind of barometer for cumin that's my joke I always go out every single time I wife is cheating on him and he has a really specific marketing campaign which is he charges $10,000 a bullet and ask for the such thing as what happens if you missed her to pay for those kids so they going to camp out in the Hills above their house and they're looking in the window and the Assassins like what how do you want to do this because I'm so fucking mad I want you to shoot her in the head and I want you shoot his dick off and he's like okay and then they get in the bedroom and the Assassin 6 to the scope and the guys like hold on a second I think you can save me $10,000 I can turn to a joke telling podcast yeah that was part of your weekend experience with Dan be here where it was Sunday a couple weeks ago all of a sudden Gavin Danner in my house but they're not there to hang out with me then hang out with Ashley yeah and I already had plans that day was over once in awhile when was the last dog fight say what about you over more than that I don't have a dog park with no dog like I'm not going to say they come to this dog party but then people will bring their fucking dogs right yeah or a monkey party Chris forget the dog partie idea for RTX Sydney you and I are going to do a monkey party is a cat in cat food would you bring a monkey and I don't know who it would you be annoyed if I rode a horse into your house yeah probably do the front door I don't know why you don't know yeah but I'd be tough cuz its doors are 7 feet tall how tall is a horse yes yes sure no don't don't don't don't come try to figure that out can you ride a horse I wrote a donkey punch the same thing like full-on horse anybody even or spark on the horse what does that mean it was like one of those things and I was like a kid in there like oh come ride the horse at the ranch thing and I was like I was like skin on the horse we got to get out of town I would not I would not go I would be like I'm just going to watch really disappointed in the lack of horses I was disappointed that that's hardly any tumbleweed we have armadillos there's no big deal in my front yard noises fuck skunks in the moment to trap them or call Pest Control like but you through whatever that is so you can but there's nothing no spray attract a skunk spray that I'm not doing that I'm just very briefly on Twitter this weekend we're still using a skunk is like a therapy animal like a therapy dogs or like dogs call me down or whatever they were skunks like I think you can't I think it's something you can put coconut there's some sort of procedure it's like getting a vasectomy or something I don't know what you for a million dollars take a shot like a shot glass of a million dollars I think she got down Chris if it didn't kill if it wasn't poisonous is it for even if it is a little bit poisonous a really bad stomach ache but it's so worth the million million dollars I would like farts don't smell good but you don't smell your farts like when you're driving through Countryside and you smell like Oh Christmas of farted 10 minutes ago maybe not do it for that response like that a car no one's in the car says if you run over a fart smell funny I saw one of the most frustrating videos I've ever seen before I couldn't watch all of it it was so frustrating you think I'm very modern look at American Life snippet of it and it was essentially a woman had a dog that you was trying to bring into a stadium like to do a baseball games trying to bring this dog in with her and so she said if we pick up at the point where she starts recording cuz he's recording this now cuz he's being told she can't bring your dog in so she's being wrong and so she's going to book of procedures and they haven't even had like the claws from the American Disabilities that he had it right there he's going to race like it's like a dog as pet specific trained abilities your dog I have PTSD this dog as a therapy dog should be allowed this determination and she was yeah screaming and yelling hooting and hollering yeah and he's trying to stay I think so it's like the whole thing of like somebody's got the rules somebody think the rules don't apply to them kind of a thing or the during exception I should say to the rules and they're mad and the deer going to prove it they're going to video Everything The Freshman the other video was the guy was saying she think it's a service dog that doesn't mean anything to me for the American Disability Act as long as the dog is trained to do something specifically to help you as long as it's rained you something specific to help you is a dog trained specifically to do anything to help you and she's like so whatever you take for instance just give him if it licks your cheek when you have an attack or when you have a seizure that would be a thing if a dog is trained for it to lick your cheek that would be that then you can bring the dog if it's trying to do something like that and she's like this is you know that I have seen you guys are like the way he's giving you like you did it over and over his like he's giving you the thing that they just fucking saying to him cuz he's got a job to do and he's telling you exactly what you need to say in order to bring your fucking dog and she was having it you rather have anything like really weird that no one's going to be here at 5 today and the cameras will be off at 5 today get the message yeah it was just so frustrating watch band it'll come get through it the whole thing she never she never clued into the fact she was so just offended now rage did that she couldn't get past what he was clearly trying to tell her some people love being offended this more exciting than a baseball game they want a bunch of these accounts to be removed only defensive account and the account should be banned right because it violates his policy listen to that new thing I didn't understand like they're pointing to all these other social platforms are people are doing that and taking these accounts away when they did they did just take away Alex Jones account but I was at from lying to this. Formation because of anything else waiting for more information thing that they're trying to crack down on I also think you was about to Twitter people can believe it when I see it was Catholic that's why people show up on Twitter I feel like I used to get mad cuz it's like it's like if you took away those accounts you like Twitter is boring and they wouldn't go back again why does the government get involved in Facebook and Twitter is it because that public yeah well when we get there publicly held companies give me if I want to start a social media where it was just advice with the government shut me down if it got big enough I would think that the the vector by which the government would regulate social media would be via the FCC like the same people that go after Howard Stern essentially is because it's and I should know this but I don't the FTC jurisdiction over the internet but that's where that's where it would fall and that would make sense because it's because I'm sleep well it's not a public utility there's a lot of other private carriers they handle it's essentially like a public service when did they start governing the internet when I mean I know what you mean what who governs the internet will like it FCC when did they start saying what was right and rolling in today I don't think Mark Zuckerberg because because of the election all blaming no Mark Zuckerberg when he was a testify in front of Congress for the like what if you're doing an ad you have to say that it was in that Trade Commission FTC my BFF was always a thing well it is a disclaimer that you have to say when you're advertising products I do think in the world I don't know when that first came into place though I remember when it was like probably like 3 or 4 years ago yeah we didn't have to do that for any sponsors stuff if you can't put the disclaimer or the the information that the video is sponsored like below the fault even talks about like comments but if his comments were you have to hit more to see it he has to be above that in fact we just got a little bit of grief from where Barbie as we put out because of his like the description of the video it just read like an ad because that's where it has to be I honestly believe that it's a little bit too far to one side for the internet in particular like if they had to stop a TV show in the middle of the TV show do you say oh this chivo let's hear on friends this was big deal I gave us this product placement we had to do anything additional consideration by TiVo printed a whole episode was about Pottery Barn and then I mean I remember that he was heroes or something that the show Heroes point where the one guy gave his daughter like oh I got you a new car and it was like oh this is this is this the whatever has really cool. It was like she was just in the middle of the movie. The movie to show off the car on the website and stuff FX actual celebrities less like Kim Kardashian could just be like that and we get a lot of stick if we don't do that right now San Jose the sponsored by someone so you have to disclose everything when I have my laptop Microsoft gave it to me years ago and it's like everytime it comes comes up in conversation I feel like I have to say every single time this laptop is getting into my Microsoft and after a while it lasts. if I hashtag at every one of my tweets from now on when they come up to me because I'm not doing it extra on the ones there was a response to its leading to say it was sponsored I don't know what that there's any regulation against that we actually put up in the early days on it wasn't some other site that I was running I put up fake banner ads because I just literally went to another website grab their script for serving their ads and put it on my website and it was like literally serving their eyes so they were making money from all the expression but I was using as a way to show hey we have had so that we can get at you know make you know something people were earning money off of your banner ads like somebody like Amazon I think they're being around and I put it on the site just so I could like other people to hate when you got these banner ads on our side because all ad networks back then I feel like you take out TV ad space and no advertise anything like friends just shot like three extra minutes of content and ran it as an ad between the outbreak of it done that but wait a minute morning talk show stuff like we have these TVs up and the local commercials for local news I was just like oh my God this one dude in Austin play the company it's a it's a lawn company they do that where they fertilize the lawn to get green grass and he does the commercial everyday is in a full suit and he is a fucking tarantula ball Tracy said he's going to transfer on his head what I seen so many times does one commercial where it like he like move the leg because the leg is like think but it's obviously is works because it's guys a fucking tarantula on his head I want to see the car dealership like a lawn fertilizing Place wow never says anything about the spider know you never like this is my friend Billy you know I don't think so but when I get on the gym I might miss that if he's done it but I don't think that was he just goes and talks about how you dream how great their service and substrate for the environment sing about the environment that make sense spider buddy yeah well I don't know if he's bald or shaved head whatever you don't know how it was and I don't want to briefly in the key for doing that $5000000 you would need 5 million dollars you know I need $1 with $1 same Club podcast is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club the matter what you do with the bathroom to get ready Dollar Shave Club has everything you need to look feel and smell your best amazing shower stuff hair styling products toothbrushes toothpaste and of course razors and shaving supplies their products are amazing I know just use them he never shares them with me so that must mean good things everyone has their own one. 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The guy that you want a different guy that's not the guy who you talkin about the different spider on a thing no that's the logo that's the logo so the spider I'll leave the father oh maybe was the guy told her this is it this is despite it down like it's a little much because you're getting my eye damn that's fucked up I'm telling you that that's not the guy maybe my day will I see it every fucking day no but I remember the name of that company I didn't stay for some reason I thought anyone could cause problems for them but I seen you have you a long time by someone and have one but you got them rocks got a bunch of rocks and fitness Chris got stuff that covers the ground called and asked if I was Home Depot mailboxes if you would buy one at that even 50-50 right now what is 2500 x 1200 backers on your thing dude how much does someone pay for that hundred what can you what can you get an outdoor insulated refrigerated box for Spencer dude or 50 bucks for a cooler hold ice for like 7 Days that's a total lie by the way I don't know how long it was a long time what metal holds cold what is vibranium adamantium metal metal metal Superman IAM him anybody wow I seen him about your bigger doors for not being dorks I realized tonight isn't Melda I can't think of what the DC metal is cuz there's a shitload of Marvel and adamantium vibranium Avengers movies because adamantium was already associated with did the mutant part of the universe which is the CU in the one that you put in your vag you can probably tell okay yeah you know the comics it's made out of vibranium adamantium and I believe another metallic Aldelo ex or something like that which is his shield can never be recreated in the comic Captain America's shield they made it in like 5 minutes because whatever the alloy taxes or the process by which they combined vibranium and adamantium camping mjolnir made out of the heart of a star right was that Mel and then his hand was the same stop forged in the heart of a Dying star and how long does it stop and dying from it is it a star struck down like a raisin how big is the Star of David what do you think is the most Jewish weapon our way Allen in the heart of the Star of David with the most Jewish Weapon-R frugality American savings account for Jewish person is this what's this beard but or maybe it's like something with money or money because I don't know kind of luck I got look up MMS jewish-israeli I mean I go back. I just didn't know that's what I was from I'm pretty sure right anybody what comes first I was going to put my money on Jewish comes miss metal Miss Meadows the DC Becca just wrote me the chats going crazy so we should List middle apparently that's either wait that's the name it came up with net with a Y and Y T H S metal Hammer of Thor was that I don't need it super Metal that's just not rhenium selenium some speed metal metal metal also called 9th metal is a special metal with gravity negating affects the fuck is that painted the finger the home planet of a guitar Hall and she aerosol anybody those people among the unusual properties of NC metal or else he called nights metal is ability to negate gravity allowing a person wearing an object such as a belt made of nth metal to fly in addition electrical in addition instrumental also protects to wear from the elements and speeds the feelings of the human the moon's increases their strength and protects them from extremes in temperature was it was fucking good metal to have listed on the periodic table but it's like past like a bunch of stuff why is there anything added to the periodic table in a while because I don't even exist naturally they put horses on them to like this is technically a new element but only ask because what does it take to make a new element like at it what what differentiates one element from another the amount of the arrangement of electrons and protons close close in an electron atom to make a new arrangement of of like the other the the circles of electrons that may be Olympics number of protons in the nucleus number for the basic atomic weight that's why the chart for the periodic table of elements is numbered that's essentially the number of protons in the nucleus so they got to push another proton in not an easy process is really crammed right now they're really know much about that that deep into the periodic table but they're very volatile the only last like you said for millions of a second fractions of a second so there's something I mean there's one in there Einsteinium so that had to be discovered or named after Einstein was around because that would be amazing if I need dr. Albert Einstein it was just like one mug last year Arnold Pentium you fuckers you take an English class and then putting the next number I'd like 10 unknown quadrium or at the end that those are the unofficial names those are temporary names based upon numbers to unknown Pentium step to the trim is 3 m and 10 cm in numbers are 113-115 117-118 to go I'm looking at the names you were looking at about yeah I know know if you've discovered or created a new element I did this fucking big dude it's a big thing a lot of death in the world like my prank moment is Discovery but we can also make a lot of life you don't know what I'm done seeing my fetus is in 212 I feel like I feel like we made it to the beginning like before hydrogen oh you say y'all protons but just like what's an electron what element is it just to wake one electron smaller than I drink you're getting the lights particle physics and parks and things like that so that's why the money is the electrons in a hydrogen bomb does quantum physics and Quantum real small like there's some really fun videos you want us some crazy stuff about quantum physics online there's one absolutely sure I've talked about this so we can billion years ago in the podcast but it's a video so I can watch it again it is quantum physics explained by cartoon duck but there's a really weird thing where they were testing particle physics a birthday for firing special you like one particle through a split and they predicted how it hit the wall behind it hit it hit it the pattern you observed right it would affect the results yes if you observed the experiment it would have a different result then if you didn't observe it looks like you take the end result the sheet that the particle hit if you take that sheet look at it it's one way the other results expected why we in this weird result so then they monitor did the electron are the particle going through this slit and when they monitored it it acted as it should but then take away the monitor the ability to look at it and it goes back to the other pack I feel like the universe is just what it is do you want us to come and maybe just like can process a lot faster like a room temperature superconductor would be fucking amazing for semiconductors but yeah I guess it's just manner of aerophysics it's the ability to perform the registers like it all the way down to basically what a computer is to get all the way down to see if you needed out of the binary level it's really just a bunch of switches do we have quantum computers now what was explained to me that the weather at with quantum computers is that they now can have a quantum computer that can tell you that two plus two is probably four or something he was explaining it away where is like that's all right I don't know what to tell you that point 999 percent probability Wikipedia wake up from eating cat food to this to this person is or Wikipedia feels like an encyclopedia and I know that's what it is and what it's based on but when you got Encyclopedia Britannica you know you couldn't look up movies by Queen or I can look up like Marvel superheroes real actual fact everything into this Quantum Computing article on Wikipedia number to the basics part hear classical computer has a memory made up of bitch where each bit is represented by either a 1 or 0 so far I'm on the Mark about that part quantum computer on the other hand maintains a sequence of cubed which represent a 1-0 or any Quantum superposition of those two cubic state that what does that mean it's like you have one you can have zero or anything else yeah other stuff as well like there's that fuzzy logic stuff in there but do you want to sign this to the right it's never good enough for steaks a new tablet 3 cubits in any superposition of a state in general quantum computer with an qubits can being an arbitrary superposition of up the to the Empower different states simultaneously also they can be in multiple States at the same time yeah I guess you just like another dimension explain Schrodinger's cat show me the status did a box right and then someone says of The Cat in the box or is there some knowledge in the world that is a cat in the Box what does the Cat exist if you don't look in the box because the cats to buy so it wasn't a party and I'll say that the cat is dead on a life until you like your good time it's over don't kick a cat in the Box by the way do you remember I Still Enough as I was in a box full of packing peanuts and Ray came in and out and then was very nice. He just said don't be in a drop kick be like you went off the job is it to feet jumping right but a drop kick is also when you drop something and then kick it like it when you punt you punt by drop-kicking 2 foot kick someone unless you physically dropped them first you have to use to drink is it you are the one dropping and taking things cuz you dropped on the floor after you kick them a wrestling nerd what is what's that dropkick move actually called jump in the air and into feet thanks for the information wrestling professional probably my favorite all-time jackass clip and that changes special favors all times when he boxed butter beans that's why they were snoring on the floor in the department such a genuine genetic performer like he just comes up with this ridiculous shit and its objectives up to it but to me it's like you can tell the guy is genuinely I perform retainer but he gets in a fight with butter be in like a retail shop in a flea market or something like that to the jewelry counter and it's butter beans like 400 lb who the fuck knows shoes dude and he just yet. Taking a drop kick through the same thing. Paul dropkick dropkick yeah what you want but a Butterbean fucking clock. He's like laying in like Twisted fashion that no one would ever lay in his it would be like to go horribly painful but he's not deaf and Lagasse ignoring I think he hit his head on the floor of the count on the way down bleeding they're like biggie paramedics of trying to revive him to try to revive him and let me go Johnny Johnny you were knocked out your knocked out your back are you feeling okay because yeah how is butter beans if I can help but my life is Bam Margera that everyone else that you would just stand there and they could come and try to get to head to hit both feet into his head and nobody could do it nobody could like get high and I heard skaters at the time they filmed it and then we can hang if you're both feel like it's like I think like Ryan done with England comes in like it's amazing the air he gets and judge fucking lays out Bam Margera 2.5% of .5 I think so bad at The Three Stooges right I mean it's like the original TV show hilarious do they get a running start running early on underrated member of Jackass oh my God what a jackass 3 of their the Phantom 6 really good I'm so sad that they didn't make more yeah they were based on that says horrible amusement park call Action Park I grew up in the Northeast so I knew about Action Park grilling up some point action point is you should watch The Action Park documentary about the actual play LOL but I think it's a great idea for a series of movies like as long as he's alive and healthy you know how do I cook jackass guys but be in movies where they actually do all the stunt but you some of the trailer for that where they throw him through this side of them there's always do that moment this jackass were like something goes wrong and like smiley face plants in the dirt and skins by 4 feet and everyone else that goes like this and then there's no no wonder cameras don't stop rolling they just leave it on the person he would just make looks to the camera and say like one or two if you don't have the best life Michael does like haha Michael. Feels like it's at you like it's specifically it's like I'm a level of life just like directed at it breaks of air he takes between the ha-ha's such a card life is so great all right well I have to catch up next week cuz I look at me o Arizona Circle text me go ahead coming out on the 19th the Wednesday for people who don't know what it is the sketch comedy show with fun house and restate that we did together and it's going to be on 1st next week Wednesday is you tell true and then Chris and Josh Josh and something right right it was a big collaboration and then a lot of fun and I think we all seem to like the livestream out in LA and then on Wednesday so if people watch it then we'll make more supportive showed a clip for Gavin's and I think a lot of you lose your door panel assumed it was a review panel cuz I thought I saw a lot of parents and kids and of course the cliff Chris chooses to show is one with a giant penis with a camera on it going around I'm covering some things did you come up with that I'm not getting away with actual see it was about there's a series yeah it's kind of wet food okay there we go you don't Bernie has direct control over what you'd like you so you can fight any animals live do you want to live I would beat the animal the bear I will take the cat food out there in this country we have the right to bear arms