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Rooster Teeth welcomes Burnie back

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Recorded: 2010-03-04 00:19:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Nico from Trocadero




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Transcript (in progress):

drunk driving Philadelphia barbershop quartet lyrics a perfect Nico I'll see if I can own who is the city right over here 51st podcast today hello Lake City reversion of Choctaw Electric Circus peanut not shakeu the taste of circus would probably be horrible it was too far we've been filling your head with all kinds of wrong information where is the SEC with sinus of the crystal is coming very subtle transition Injustice yeah very funny go in for in-house for recreation we did for reconstruction there's a conclusion we have Nico in town was for reconstruction I think we did have 473 Schilling playing British man American Woman how many Frenchmen does it take to make one of my van which is the speed of to kill the focal point of my anger is directly behind you have quit smoking it's true do you have to give up no it's in Jeopardy right now but but so long as I promise to chew Nicorette gum at least once a month I think I get to keep it at your wine consumption I think I think it's like one of the closet Nico Michael the time you're 90 you'll be dead of cancer it has to imagine Cafe with a bunch of Shirley French Duty Al Katy from from your people and then try to eat it or not what the fuck it was we need paper from the candy but the paper's like what what is the boxes made out of UPC code they had a Chinese New Year celebration at my kids school today heart shaped plastic container with some white gelatin sheet and it was little like floating squares of something in it and all the kids will my daughter look for it and she took the candy from other kids and she came with like 20 of them that's full of these things what is it that's part of the Olympics next time navigate to Portsmouth 830 miles cross country skiing prostitution in 430 miles running ski changed every everything is going to time neighborhood time at 6 snowboarding or curling rink across it was like and nobody can it's so hard he's like he covered the ground in blood he's busted his face on there we don't know because it's the biathlon II think only two things to do the original Olympic games were all had some kind of the Nicki Minaj help it stay up with the time I have been working how many how many would World Monuments Porter built because of the World's Fair the Eiffel Tower was built how to build for the world fair Eiffel Tower was built for the World's Fair in 1883 of the school why did they build a big Duty ferris wheel in London not for the world to know it wasn't as AR lone in Chicago for the 1893 original 30 or 40 people in a car on that one people a car with the first 60 people in the car at that world be like the cable car that you have to escape from blackout do the Eiffel Tower at with the time it did but you know how they didn't stand the test of Time Crisis are still around Chilean the final race through those dudes are getting I think you should be allowed however you can why use knives when you can as II tribes use automatic Ancient Art of warfare big of a dumbass ribbon event Myrtle of each other open gymnastics performance gymnastics dancing gymnastics the way I see it now is that it doesn't really feel to me like athletic competition just feel like this is are genetics showcase you know this is the Chinese gymnast are all four and a half feet tall and into the stripped medal from the 2014 year old terminal the time does the perfect swimmer just work that much harder than everybody else dedicate every waking moment gymnastics would still be be what does things like that increase your lung capacity but your scent with it when is field hockey getting anything Gene everyone button Wisconsin has that body type you know sorry you were 10 years tribes the way like what how many fighter sec you know what you're going to end up you know your heart except it's what it boils down to one thing at least people from within the same continent competing a in the people who have the American Bob Superman I watch the Olympics every single day there was on and I never talked about it two weekends ago and I accidentally walked in curling I didn't think it was like I guess there's Austin and this past weekend they had an event where people come out if you want to learn more about NBC 700 people showed up Amanda and then you guys all at home to your families or what not and I went out on a date and we went to this bar on II student the oldest bar in Austin I guess and they had the we working on the Skee-Ball League to have a Skee-Ball League of the Skee-Ball things and people and boards and score sheet Super Duty Michael big mustache or something was a I took a Millie was a fucking if she wanted to go to the arcade section and she just like naturally there's a Time Crisis II machine next to Arctic Thunder machine Arctic Thunder machine and grab this and just like I didn't say anything shooting at the boat I was blown away the problem in my life didn't realize there's another machine highbal anywhere we talk about local business highbal is the Draft House which is great except for one thing they put the bar in the same fucking shopping complex as the Alamo Drafthouse with ar so now it is axi Walker walking half empty what you going to do that no what does increased are parking is it legal to Infinity if you're in your lease guarantee text number parking spots and you can do that there's like 5 traffic what do you think the time in the for the absolutely hate having that there they must have if anything they might he be until 10 p.m. in the parking lot probably does until 5 p.m. the store's to legitimize using their parking spot like there's a McDonald's there in like 5 for french fry in French Freedom fries actually but you know what's funny is when I McDonald's first moved to France in French on Michael means kind of fish mackerel button playing on Michael with a pimp if it's not a very pretty word to use in a Big Mac is actually means Big Pimpin French until there's some conversation as to whether they should it's a beautiful language just do it Burger King LOL it still candy made to look like Jennifer Sandler to go breakfast cereal I don't know why a campaign a campaign for breakfast somebody has the serial somebody else wants to take that away from them and we'll go to from interview Fredericksburg what's the cereal in your house I guess that text the wrong with that the belief that you could find a way to touch them for having kids in the Time Square he can only three locations in Bryce Harper wife like anything that's why he said I'm not going to spend the rest of my life with somebody you don't even have to like me I just finally not eight years old anymore you don't. I was a vegetarian for a while because I was too lazy to me lazy the other week on the podcast YouTube 331 AA except it's not quite as convenient because I was downloading Michael are time sensitive if you wired your car down there if you download the Kindle app wish I was hanging out with you while you are installing it and then yeah I mean it's funny how I was going back to stuff that's old Jetix working on my character over and over and over and it's funny it's very very cool it's kind of cool because retro and go back to original Starcraft I felt Frank O'Connor he talked about the most the strategy board for the Halo games Street where they want to keep it new and fresh but you don't changed the fundamental rules for tribes that's a great way to look at the world should be an Olympic event yeah sure we might be something like that special at all and even I can't watch it right I mean I thought I actually value the skills that these people have but it's just not that interested of course I understand you have actions per minute that you execute and you have to execute over 80 actions a minute if you what the fuck is crazy where the guy comes back with some ridiculous crazy inside okay he has really changed Mega Moo's peanut crazy combos on to make things complicated fighter Street Fighter II not even care about any of the ship's regular Street Fighter II the big button and how hard you punch depending on how hard you hit the button oh that's awesome big huge rubber button have to push hard are you still in Mexico looking from where I live where a guy of Sonic booms whip like up and down like in a sine wave pattern is straight it was crazy it was it was a fucking nightmare the rainbow Rama something like that is going to benefit from it Connecticut telling me to continue he even had a baby frustration Duty comicco mechanics that I can Mark enemy circus working in the Rush game type where you have the giant map and as you take objectives the battleship and his move down the mouth and you have II so you not like first weapon that the it's really fucking for Halo kind of Medicaid you had a big map and then you had shakeu we had the fire fighter game and put them back when you have one minute then like a couple people for insubordination Studio that made its base I like Call of Duty and I like that there's a Call of Duty a year I just worry that it was all over saturate if they put more than one game year the Millie that will be the case but I mean hopefully hopefully will keep fresh for four years four years and four months there are six Call of Duty's on the Xbox what does Call of Duty XP looking at the big picture is it big Cab Company I don't know it seems the more family-friendly version of Guitar Hero how do they make it more family-friendly a different song selection and like put it like that I don't know kid-friendly graphics and stuff like smash which was hello Marisa year you're going to see with this because you hate her but was the first time I saw you again I really didn't like her was that she reach Thunder tractors not any more than any other famous hot chick in the other thing I'm already with your favorite things 24 there was I was working late Friday night and was like the geof and I go to quite often is a site called what would Tyler Durden do the WWE.com good version funny and stupid and mean and mean he put up a picture on Friday night of Marisa Miller is she the one he almost that was unbelievable he really looks Microsoft production schedule right now and I just had to move into the main room because I need to be able to grab people whenever they came up not available all the time for everyone right now used to be we to kick him out today for to record a podcast Jack freezone the couch in the back room is supposed to be hidden in the back room yeah I was just looking and I had the same reaction that picture is so hot incredibly don't give me a hard for me to wrap my head around actually that crazy wonderful women I guess I don't know where is there no doubt no doubt no doubt your character before the and I didn't do much analysis to the figured what's the point I'll just wait an hour and someone Infinity Ward started the process I noticed in one of the shops be like blurred out the information the lower left Michael but do it in the shop with this guy who but then you know maybe the farmer for Speed so it looks like this what is the World of Warcraft with jetpacks may be jetpacks are going to be in every video game from here on out icecrown Citadel haven't done any since it is amazing how many games have the energy Shield some kind of cover and recover that way original hell you didn't Regional do you have Halo did you play it on the Xbox Live us playing on veteran you can't there's no help axi you don't regenerate health so he get shot shot it's hard to get through level professional FIFA added playing Mass Effect Star playing Mass Effect in order to prepare for playing Mass Effect 2 for big mistake big mistake are you how close you two thousand Point Star 1100 about eight more run-through of the game because you have to get the Austin human with all the different on different are a hundred percent obviously just are exactly right 07030 we going to look up you don't if they don't have a on the games when they shut down the servers that doesn't have an available to fans Xbox Live multiplayer sometimes I don't know release patches for Starcraft still like you perform game updates and Wellness Windows or Mac circus release the Past released a patch for Windows a fix like a 13 why the patch would I have to upgrade the memory nuclear scientist video storage for the new season Austin I'm jealous I need I need to do that 2 terabyte drive about 40 miles out like 3 months ago Victor 3 leave the Xbox running and just record it and it might make its own episode rivers and blue just give a shot yeah yeah yeah yeah I with my wife again sorry for the MGM or even money Washington State the Aria she has a different experience are like a different desire in the case Campbell and he wants to like hang out and a really nice room and get room service in the time to me I would just sit at a blackjack table break even by the end of the trip and get free drinks in to mm bounce it that way after not on Al over again right not to be the point in the ground with the most recent Starcraft patch came out last year last January and if you could do any games you know has been able to recycle Infinity with reply feature tomorrow that is we just did number 2 did you see that craft is 98% of the revenue are there any of the battle chest and Global economies I saw it rains higher than a lot of countries actually find out the country is 100% of James Cameron's income for Chilean how much it cost to cost a billion dollars Pandora Pandora MMO Al with the name of the avatar game itself every with no hope Warcraft a great game but it was inspirational I just the kissing was curious Avatar Hitomi 2.5 billion dollars while over 700 million domestically and 1.8 billion for a number Shrek movies he collected two and a half billion dollars man off of 500 million die would like to point out that Star Trek is the best 13 million dollars what the percentage of its box office every week is IMAX and watch the percentage growth at in like 2 months it'll just be a nice weekend Austin Texas the 2D version I want to see that I don't I don't want to do that Connecticut I need to see II time to see all the stuff I did helmet vide things Max Headroom Coraline on a DVD today and you can watch it on your TV with glasses Gene II classes are you do I think it's a ruse so you can watch it another try especially if you figure out the cash account Roger not really a voice memo to remove Roger Ebert has not spoken I think and a half it's been awhile be able to so some probably based on a catalog of all of his recorded voice stuff so it's a computerized version of his voice or anything like Ebert I'm crazy but I really really really really interesting dude he focuses on the culture of movies specifically but he touches and he doesn't like video games vs. predator which is really you know spawned by a video game right time in the cycle of that franchises movies to video games and then are the movie times down was it on sale right we had our course, I think it was in a bag the ship in Alien Predator II and that we planted the seed that would have Star Wars movies first in February 1990 and in November that you're pretty to II came out with the senior to talk about Star Wars movie does it hold up Duty theater are going to be like the Lord of the Rings version of Star Wars eventually IV Lord of the Rings with a video that I remember it having a conversation with Nico what do you think movie ever a text has to be done another Superman origin story what's the most he was part of the Adam West Batman Tim Burton one and then now the Batman Begins one of those for sure either A Christmas Carol or Scrooge on the countdown Al II team until the best one of all of them there should be like a new Rocky lone sure they won't tell me anything you know they had a really cool and until after with a remake Luca Happy Tails that your wife was America Next we will just as soon medical equipment do games ever get me what video games have been remade Pittsburgh area Super Mario Brothers and Pac-Man with jetpacks what could not be made better by adding jetpacks Marathon Marisa Miller peanut butter that picture could be remade a couple times I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that so that really a picture of her Dennis said it is sad it's very sad and he was a very sadistic person but I love him for it a couple times and every time he was never there he was he working Porter was the guy who made the black hole cannot Escape it can I try before I leave Michael Myers big Easter of the water I don't know that they'll continue to have them and because the other times I've been there when he wasn't there there was no I've been there once still the same expression watching him make fun of Matt with sec for what you think about it curling Austin he literally tried just a drop from a toothache I can barely see that article it was are the only time in my life no it's something to do once in your life American time to try it will be Luca burni with your Prime BBQ make a trip out there it's definitely worth it and call ahead to make sure they're serving call would says they're willing to pay for my food waiting for 15 minutes for the woman Millie nothing happened first time for me I had with them the first time I had a conversation on Twitter back and forth conversation with someone. I'm like the Xbox new Xbox terms of use with the word of God very funny we are the weekend yeah I like that the question questions I prefer to leave it a mystery come check it out where we were talking will video games ever have a sister Ebert level overview are synonymous with good reviews and the trustworthy source for the general public brought up or thumbs down Nico speak to record game audience I think the question is for a more diverse public a place your mom could go to the video game review for place to get on the internet Ebert he had a play it again for 5 or 6 hours Porter terribly getting are you getting are you going to get on a reach you Millie Roger to get anything from it from would you just get the satisfaction of the point what do you think year on my PSP I have this amazing games a collection of Atari games of old you know Atari play Arcade games and if you have to get if you get all of the achievements unlocked 52 Atari VCS games are there pane in the end so you're asking like an actual reward for getting a shipment of the game which I would argue I just finished a game and just saying that is probably 10 of those for about a minute and then be done with it you're trying to unlock Adventure you could probably get you on the way if you wanted to Cincinnati Reds. he ever saw in my life was you would go maze where you can't see where you're going like it's big you have to move to what haunted house parking at we are at 8030 he told me to shut up Island the other day I saw her I know I shouldn't but I got it yes she just wanted on the equivalent of like whatever this year's American Tires we want to watch I think I'm in love I dare you to come on bring it on are there any we return to our party this Sunday so that's my information Millie marotta Flying Dragon City what is the film opening the Tribeca Film Festival Shrek for Twitter what does an interactive medium is a review working Easter tribes the hell out of it fit into them in is a demo probably the replacement for the review for this kind of media interesting so like Outsource it to the the consumer to determine this is a good game but it doesn't understand what that means how that works cost of be like a trailer right even if only shows the good parts 5 minutes later you actually we actually do go and see the movie It's one big disappoint for like a chunk of a game that's cut out your supposed to be for dental purposes I think it's rare that someone put extra polish into that area and then neglect the rest of it because that would just be more work if they make sense the not like first-rate excited not in the end is a different experience than the previous three level like giving up to that but it was kinda like you know I don't know it's different than the rest of us like that you really controlling squads yeah man I guess to an extent Squad II certain tasks that you then don't control the masses examples how much you have a nice playing this fighter real game would ever mouth across the crumbling structure you know which is to because you I can't wait for the day it was possible to finish Mass Effect 2 added every God damn it in that game twice now have you played I guess she didn't remind him of that control in my past that I played years ago brought something here I think you liked it and showed it to him I haven't heard anyone and you are absolutely right not remember star control 2 at this point which one wafer big don't quite understand we think we're building fortresses that's when do the Giants play button of the earth shorter days 126 Microsoft the gravitational center of the earth and the analogy that I read was that it's like a figure skater what should be an Olympic sport when they are doing spins and they draw their arms and how to make them spin faster it's like that but on a normal scale and small taxes and then kind of compact of things what's up with all the fucking earthquake what is earthquake in 2004 meet the day's 6.8 microseconds shorter because he's more of a dramatic change on the outside of the time in the 2012 with 2012 theme song intro catheter Halo end of the world earthquake slightly stronger earthquake earthquake. The first couple friends and the friends be showing them around and the guy in the bedroom looking at something and like until I can die mmm do Griffin I gotta figure out a way to make a earthquake machine Warehouse yes wife and I have a crazy storm and I took a vacation together with their wives the natural natural pools lava we were just watching the waves a mile out above the sea level getting are guys I've never seen anything like it before it was a rogue wave came in and it was everybody up against The Cliff face 40 feet up and watch your back Farmington NM what does it mean on are you coming home a couple weeks ago to confirm the existence of rogue waves in the middle of the ocean waves can exist that are literally 100 what was that imagine standing on a cliff watching the ocean Walmart are they up to get up higher and higher how long does it take to get a to go a mile and you know for to come in there would be an Austin Olympic event right now YouTube the first get are headed for tea II be there Chilean scary as shit LiveLeak is a great for stuff like that if you were the kind of person who was probably someone who just got in the video camera that day was like to live in Florida Millie you know that happy they're all talking to each other like it's the 15th is real Chinese OKC what is really geof Austin I'm not sure who's going a proxy Chinese wafer Circus the world located pretty sure. Kind of last minute thing I'm going to for the South by Southwest interactive until Festiva I've got a panel with some guys from College Humor and leave the 32nd on Sunday I'm doing that for II been awhile AR the 911 was an inside job documentary be released for free on Google video you can watch with the fire around it and have a cinder block on top of it showing how you feel that's what they're saying about the plane crash in Austin the government was there before the NFL original Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the plane crash that we always talk about that is the one that happen the week after 9:11 o'clock I don't know nobody rhythmic overcompensated stabilizer the playing field what amazes me is remember shortly after 9/11 that was his name Richard something the guy who is Richard Reid shoe bomber would anyone in their right mind let that guy fly me some pictures of him he looks like crazy I know we're going long just by happenstance two weeks before his Motion Picture those in the theaters yes and I'll tell you why because you cannot find a trailer or advertising for that movie that mentions Kevin Smith in any way I'm not buying it it's never had a man ever has the Kevin Smith film in any capacity Morgan looks terrible looks like number 2 Matt made a comment so that he was talking about how if Kevin Smith director but you can never have the number to 80 million dollars what year were women stripped the movie may be he what what city what did you paid for Miramax during the a meeting at the angel you are not paid by the company Marisa visual-effects house that was paid and then didn't feel too the money there exactly wake button I mean come on I would like to subscribe to your foot if it was an attempt at getting publicity for the film I feel terribly Al he was probably flying from a press junket that's why he's probably on that plane and probably will be taking the Oakland Al I don't think so it was a star on it into them may I don't know how many times of the movie xxx Delta flight from Oakland to LA for an hour and a half or less I can accept everything we got to go sometime Halo we could never come back