#510 - The Last Time Gus Cried?

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier, and Chris Demarais as they discuss why we can't sing, the best Mexican food, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-09-18 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Becca Frasier, Chris Demarais


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 510 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com the podcast this week brought you by hymns and Squarespace there's that one there's the other one I'm guess I'm Chris Barbara Bernie Bernie I thought I would hang out on the side for tickets or something I forgot to mention on the podcast last week cuz I don't have anything right out the gate cuz I know about the former Cosby Show actor who was shamed for having a job I think that's what it was and a bunch of media outlets in the first you know the first cycle of this new thing they all report believe actor where is he now back to run hard times or whatever it was just like but the immediate reaction from the public on my social media was like what the fuck is wrong yeah also like don't act like isn't it a faucet idea that actors get paid these ridiculous amounts of money like if you're just on some show years and years ago did you get the millionaire Cosby Show which is obviously no longer on the air so I think those funds dried up there was that syndication money I just feel like it's an over exaggerated idea that every single person in Show Business and and TV is you know multi-millionaires work to get the next job yeah for sure going to take an increase in technology but I think the Cosby Library The Cosby Show Quantum Computing years you can read who did it and just digitally replace Bill Cosby without being Crosby kids will love that one or remember they use a dead celebrity they use their image inserted into a modern commercial with the coke commercial I was just saying in the rain Gene Kelly thank you for Fred Astaire I'm sorry about that was it seems like now like that thinks he's more time and place I think that set the precedent for you have to pay these Estates and you know for figuring out what the rights are and who gets paid in order to sign off on stuff like when I'm dead. What am I going to end or put me in commercials and stuff like that that seems weird was crazy too because what was the high and you can then be used as an endorsement for something that didn't exist while you were a liar that seem strange hiccup strings Weekend at Bernie's style point in the very near future we're going to see entirely digital stars were going to the gym but it's completely looks really human and so she had something like that and I saw 2001 last week they were there playing they're playing at the theater at the Alamo Village and I think about it and if you haven't seen that movie in a long time how is only like half that movie was only on the back half of that film the first half of the film it's really slow I think it's like 30 minutes before the first line of dialogue is spoken and the movie it's only two and a half hours but I guess it was really long for the time so while you're playing at the Alamo it was an intermission so light on screen it says intermission and then the lights come up in like an intermission and I when the light came up I realized I was in a row with a family that was a mother and a father and their three kids mystery kids were all like tweens white teenagers yet and the lights came up and I heard one of the kids lead over to the father and say this is the most boring movie in the world I never realize sorry I could be so boring the mother got up with him in like left with all three kids when would you ever seen an intermission in anything out to a play or something which was the original like a big yeah me too bad they had a son was playing a guitar and they had a guitar from the 1800s like a very rare guitars it's only a few left in the world and it seems they smash it but they have seen a prop so they can play Story smash it he grabbed the wrong one or during the wrong take grab it smashed it and so there's an accident thank you very much you can see her reaction casino and her reaction is like a genuine reaction guitar for the point of the smash I think they're supposed to cut going to go in and take the standing guitar but no one told Kurt Russell get out of here guitar oh my God bagging groceries at Trader Joe's movie with the Mona Lisa and smash the real Mona Lisa even worse of a Kind guitar it was one of a kind was one of a thousand of one kind by that sucks dude that sucks. Honestly would have existed for probably another couple hundred years in a museum nobody would know about it but the fact that this actor picked it up it's not everybody knows about the guitar when I was a record of it like you see it in the movie right now I feel like they're probably at least one in Japan or something right look like a sewer I don't think I've ever been by Bernie I'll miss you see you in London. All right most of us are in no only half of us right now Brady saw the pizza of the person did you ever hear the Siri that Avril Lavigne died oh yeah yeah there's like a fake person pretending to be Avril Lavigne yes who is perpetuating that was a joke right and I think so but then turn into like some crazy conspiracy theory appearance change dramatically yeah I like certain things about her personality and stuff changes while I'm disease and I like to have fun with Paul McCartney with the Beatles If you will claim that Paul McCartney died and there was a replacement Paul McCartney I don't know the ones that have those if he played Revolution number 9 backwards said turn me on dead man that created this whole mess that one of them is Trump coming off of a doppelganger look like a completely different person like two faces different boat shoes in the same clothes so people thought like someone else was on the plane like a doppelganger or some type of body double very clenched jaw always want to look for a weird conspiracy theory like even where there is none like they hide if something happened to Avril Lavigne is there like some person who stands to make a ton of money by Avril Lavigne still being alive maybe or like baby Avril Lavigne herself isn't dead but hired someone to be her I don't I don't know maybe she just doesn't like have you ever seen the movie Megamind superhero Night movie fakes his own death cuz he just like doesn't want to be just want to do it anymore there could be a thing to where it's like it's a musician like a famous musician was really popular back in like back in the day or something but they fallen on hard times and and their music wasn't selling anymore so they faked their own death so that their music sales will Skyrocket the money or the still alive alive oh yeah yeah it's the opposite of refuse to believe Elvis was dead for a long time all the same time weirdly enough with all over even I think that the moon is made of cheese and are they just won't tell us I think a bit the cheese industry doesn't want the the bottom falling out of their feet are there any you believe in Gus I'm terrible but when I was younger and there was a documentary that got released on YouTube called Loose Change about the 9/11 attacks there was a brief. Of time where I was like oh my God I know hella conspiracy theory that's all nothing that's not nothing you things make me feel as old as whenever September 11th comes around can I read like post on Reddit feel talking about it I remember it I was in 5th grade I fuck her I was 23 a job I was in high school freshman in high school and I remember my friend came up to me was like did you hear that someone blew up the government like that's what they say they're like that's what how they described it like someone blew up the government and I remember they called wait until I tell them all what happened because like I guess we were the older kids at the school so they felt like we can handle it no like if you want parents to come pick you up and I was confused but also I went to a private Jewish school so I think there's a little bit of kind of worried that we might be at Target for something just because you're a private school and you never know what your people I think the like I said I was already an adult so I felt like a different perspective on it then then then kids who were at the time and the thing that always strikes me the thing that makes me remember the day the most is when it if you watch like a clip or you watch the segment from the Howard Stern Show when it happened on that day or so it's just a normal Howard Stern Show I've been like oh that's weird it's like do we make fun of this was in an accident then as they find out more it's like it becomes more and more serious I Fellowship know like something crazy just happened it's really alive yet to see like you think of the Stern Show you think of one thing and so I can just tell Direction band in the early days of the podcast I listened more because I was always curious as to how someone could produce so much content on a daily basis as like what is he doing to make his show and how is he doing after so many years I don't get those people who do who do podcast or radio shows every single day like I listen to 93.7 in the morning sometimes which is like Dudley and Bob and get up at like 4 in the morning everyday to start the show it probably 5:30 or 6 and they talked for 3 or 4 hours and they do everyday no they have the commercial breaks and stuff like that but I don't answer because the morning of September 11th when my alarm went off was a radio alarm it was 93.7 alarm went off I heard them they're like peers us while playing like a Cessna flew into the tower and I turned it off and I think that's weird in my head I thought it was the UT Tower and the apartment was living at the time I had a balcony where I can see for UT was I would have to my balcony and I looked at the campus and it's like Towers fine what the fuck you're talking about I tried to use the internet but like all the website for bullets America under attack remember telling me to wake up and turn on the TV so I turned on my 19 inch CRT like all those memories really does not seem like that long ago but it's so long ago so long ago I don't know why I think I like people who were born 2000 right now in college and that to me is so weird but back to the Howard Stern think that's where I first learned what a sybian was was from the Howard Stern Show how did you learn about that Barbara as a very curious child I would off and look at Clips on the internet that we're not safe for work and then I probably shouldn't be watching and that's how I found out of clip of some porn star using that saying in the movie Private Parts Lincoln they have it for some reason I thought I was the Howard Stern Show on TV as like a kid because it was like sort of like raunchy stuff like nudity but is all censored but you know as a kid you know what was going on and there's a lot of like talk about sex and stuff one on MTV I was on that when I was asleep I had to call like I called in I came home I was a little drunk and I submitted a question on their website and they called me like 6 months later and they're like do you want to be on the show and ask your question and sew and vacuum on your boobs and actually generate some breast tissue and I just saw the most obvious thing that I can think of to ask him to date them and they're putting me on the show and I called him where to buy it and it probably doesn't bravo bravo but yeah they just they basically told me that it was a fake article that was disguised as an article I read about it in a magazine it was not it was a legit article that they're very dismissive of me but I didn't anticipate was how many people in my school watch that show you know I'm from a really small town so when it said 17 in Carrizo Springs Texas they knew exactly I feel like my geometry teacher called me I tried Peters least I remembered I had it on VHS for a long time and it disappear at the tape just really don't know what happened to it if it's the nightly show so there's a guy out there to the point that take people don't care to Archive it yeah all I found is a listing of the article 9 of the episode name like guest host date and some database we have to find that out yeah I can't find it I think it was it was in the year in the year 2000 the Apple presentation with the new iPhones just wrapped up a little while ago they use a word they repeatedly use the word in there in their press conferences that drive me crazy funny compromise compromising mean garbage garbage that's why they use it compromising I think I'm just saying like they didn't make any compromise I don't know they don't say they didn't make compromises they say the phone is uncompromised it is what it is no communication whatsoever I don't know the whole bunch of that's a nice one thing that made me think that's better than my uncompromising phone last year and so now it's the iPhone XS no they didn't go with that after all right they did access an excess Max ball Jam in the 10 AR-10 are those lights though I don't know why I think I got cheaper model to be like 3 4 5 6 you know like like to RP entirely could go back to 9 although I guess at this point they would have done like an 8's or something right they only did iPhone 10 they got rid of so they didn't announce any new touch ID phone to tell faceid stuff is going to be one of the seven Valley Bobby Brown X + 1 SLT site do that that's when I start over again like once I hit the double digits at the library iPhone 1 iPhone 1. Like I always think about Microsoft with the Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox one I mean come on guys let's have some consistency Triumph Xbox box I don't know x-cube PlayStations the only one that's ever had any consistency and releases right but at least no tendo doesn't number thinks necessarily 64 describing the hardware DS I can look at more of a well-rounded term in 31 acid III yeah maybe 20 20 brother going to call it PlayStation 6 Xbox 64 Xbox PlayStation okay but they're not they're all aligned I like this microphone the safety open how long were you were you out sometime yeah I took a an extra month or so to spend more time at home came back to work I want to go working from home this is my first full week of school at the field it's a lot easier the second time around yeah yeah for the most part like everything is changed around here yep there's a new couch there is I can't sing there's a new car charger on your side what does a phone charger in my world nothing changed the same shit different day and I feel like I like all the baby grass on the kid thank you good baby she looks exactly like you that's really weird and it's kind of creepy and like a it's like looking in a mirror 30 years difference between how far apart my brother and I are between you and your brother know I never saw him as a peer I always felt like he was a lot younger than me because the way our birthdays fell he was 4 years behind me in school but that was really the only thing I think that if that's the worst thing will always be a baby duck noise like 33 years old yet never in the same school like we were in the same Elementary School for a year or two before I left and select acceptable the really small kids like on the other end of the school I never saw her until I took my Victory lap at UT and he was a freshman and extra senior also last week for the podcast Gavin was saying that he's going to have guests come watch podcast and so its up chairs and people came in with a nose like a like you bringing my sister what was the name of Liv Olivia people in the booth or so and her boyfriend who are visiting and I'm just playing I knew you had a brother brother and a sister I know it was wise to hide tired I had no idea what you guys have given them more special treatment if you knew it was related to Gavin maybe maybe not probably yeah yeah it's hot is red-hot like the voice of God. Hook up. Augustine are people in this building Patrick Patrick or John or John's Patrick he's so weird why does it happen h the designers I said he know each to the name Jonathan has no age to accept but the name John hasn't there two different names once a nickname wonderful name yeah so Jon Risinger and that's his first name Jon Jon I'm pretty sure his name is just John first name really legal name Jonathan special John special special since I don't want anyone going out of their way for me on my birthday I don't go out of my way friend recently anti birthday the older I get it matter and I knew when I sat down next to Barbara about it I like intentionally and I'm getting away from telling people happy birthday just cuz it gets too overwhelming for me yeah so much to keep up on I used to check Facebook every day I need to talk to you now I see if John John about like forgetting to wish people happy birthday and then I would message them a day or two later another some people who get very sensitive but like to me I'm just like I don't know I don't I don't remember anyone's birthday like that's like across-the-board I remember your sister's birthday July 7th 1938 always 2:22 cuz its my anniversary model number Bernie's it's just like the only problem is you didn't do anything you just managed to not die for another year and when you're young it's like a big fucking deal yeah you're more likely to die when you're young to die when your little me it's at the Bears like your 21st birthday wishes that's a fun one that's like the best the last good one and the 25 Old 25 you can rent cars for cheaper and then but 35 is great because then you can run for president so that's because a lot of people are doing that just our universe brother Chris I start with a joy but yeah 21 is like a nothing birthday who don't like to go out and party on 21st across the same birthday cuz you think of 21 is like you're now an adult even though like that was 18 for most of us 18 or 19 I feel like 25 as a bigger birthday in my mind because that's like you're officially in your mid-twenties you could rent a car now I think the year that like everyone turned 21 like you had to go out and drink so much because every other week someone was turning 21 and I think I think on 6th Street on your 21st birthday you get like free shots or something so it's like a big deal like I wanted to go out and get really drunk and whatever and it was just that you got exhausting and it was like always trying to make a big deal about it and like that changes so quick with like I said I got said when I was younger I used to try to sneak out of my house to go to parties and now I try to sneak out of parties to go back to my house and thing I remember I was with a friend and they vomited in a bag and then for whatever reason I was like I'm going to save this and put it in the fridge so you can have your 21st vomit in the freezer so I like put a bag of vomit in his freezer or your place pulling up what is wrong with you to remember this is like I don't know like an award or something like how you did it bad for you to Dad's there's someone who wants to eat it at a bunch of us original like it's going to be my 21st birthday in a few days where do you think I should go to get blackout drunk like what's your recommendation and I just responded my recommendation is don't get blackout drunk like that is not a goal you want to achieve and I never understood that mentality like I just want to go get wasted and not remember anything like once in my life when I was really having a bad day you know I think it's usually it's Escape right like you want to forget stuff not a good excuse for your money for charity and want to make sure she's just trying to get you to stop drinking and stop getting other people to drink that's the problem when people tell me not to do something I'm going to do it and it when I'm already intoxicated it gets even worse like a challenge spin the wheel in Atlanta on everyone take 3 shots and I know I was like how about three people do one shot instead of one person and you're like no and you grab the bottle and shaking it at the best decision not at all there is a good cause she still pays when's the last time you were down there what's the weather in June wait no wait I didn't go too crazy though but I went to Concan in July so yeah it's like the Riviera of the Southwest right there get away from everyone and have some peace and quiet for a weekend vacation like that where you just go to some like Cottage or like a cabin or something in the middle of nowhere and just spend time there are done like work Retreat things were like to work on something and then like go to a like an Airbnb or Cottage or something and just like lock in and not leave for 45 days really fun working like a lot so it was like very cathartic in a weird way we like yeah I like hey we have a job we're not leaving this this place until we I did something similar but kind of the 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Com register for hands.com rooster thank you for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast so what I did was was kind of got that I wanted to get away but I also am not a big fan of going to Nature so what I did was it was before my phones existed before you left you could travel around the world with cell phone I just went to Japan I want to go somewhere where I don't speak the language and I want to go somewhere for my phone doesn't work and where no one can find me and so I just wanted to pass it to go to Japan or any other foreign country without my phone cuz I got to such a good source of information and like you can just Google how to get somewhere what trains to take trains are so much easier when you have a phone because you guys were all the cops are you going to survive it's like with your phone you can it'll like tell you what the hell you want to do something or even like to translate with sign whatever it is how did you do that figured out before before smartphone enough people that you encounter that also spoke English set an appointment I wanted to get away like I didn't want to talk to anyone I didn't really want to go Japan at some point I don't know if I'm going to make it at this year but it's like I found my bucket list. So jealous miles and miles of fun and that's like one of the reasons why it looks like watching their trip and seeing all the places they're going like the big cities but also like the little places with a Tokyo Japan with all the deer does deer are so conditioned to be fed by humans they start chopping at dresses in the photo it looks like that site is so awesome there's a Temple there that is like the largest wooden structure in the world its own world heritage site fit it I mean you go in photos and do it justice it's so Indiana Jones like there's a small wooden statue of Buddha and his huge yeah it's just I really want to go there but I don't know if it's kind of place that I guess you've been there before you guys even Evan is it a trip that you would recommend taking with like a group like just like when I went and we were able to cover a lot of ground okay and I just I don't like traveling with groups in general because it seems like you always end up waiting on someone through before is my ideal what would you end up with a group you don't do anything that anyone wants to do you kind of like settle on like a medium thing I would like to do something yeah this is the next photo there's like a close up of that deers I feel like it's with four people you could figure things out a bit easier and you have more people to talk to you in a in a place where no one else speaks English Market I don't know how to figure things out or the other upside of course I'm going to have a cake for a smaller group because that's all I think the other benefit to go with a small group is your your less insulated in your group that you have to interact with people and you have to see what's going on you can't fall back on so I'm just going to communicate and get by with these people that I'm with one of those in Montreal I went to the day of the cycle Mountain Harley mountain and I went to go to lunch at 1 at night and I brought chips and I was like trying to catch raccoons but like why people go to Canada that is the I think that right there is the most Chris thing you've ever said to me the other day but I didn't see any so I didn't like seeing raccoons I was like my bells the most disappointing thing I do well in Canada was not get rabies what was trying to get rid of yeah I mean I just wanted like like friendly house right now they're all just going to like your pictures of the people hanging out with raccoons most of my life I've never hung out with her and I would like that I thought but that means I didn't do the trailer thing I was looking for the raccoon there's no pictures of people hanging out with r on Yelp well did you have a drill I meant to give you recommendations and I completely forgot that you went to Montreal to Becca I made a baby you made a baby and I do know exactly where it was is that how many that's interesting so you could you know where was it and I have on recent news God I felt so why didn't do anything as as the piece of pizza cutter the people next to me in a wonderful vacation I made a baby and I feel like you're you be interested in like all the track like when you are fertile and everything oh yeah he's on these sticks like three times a day and turn up my temperature so what's it like we got to go right now like I forgot the fun time to be in a relationship when you're trying to make a Baby Alive takes all the fun out of sex become so routine I get to this like at 3:15 today go time please at 3:15 and 3:16 this article earlier speaking of making babies this 45 year old man lost his virginity because you waited so long because he was born without a penis a bionic penis installed into his body so that he could finally have sex for the first time They Don't Love You No More any photos like shoot and how does it work that all of his internal organs and everything like everything was there there was just no external for that so could he likes penis ejaculate if you had testicles and everything else to shoot it shoot it out or like to stimulate the the shooting of I don't know okay so crazy that you can do that it said it cost $50,000 best purchase ever made skin off of his arm to cover it that looks like a skin ulcer and when they first had it installed or implanted that he had to walk around with an erection for 10 days still going through puberty essentially around cuz it sure is pretty light-headed after function every morning and night leave it erect for 20 minutes so I imagine you get to choose how big you want it describes it as ridiculously big strange just all of a sudden like after 45 years of life now have this piece of you that was missing in like there are no nerve endings in his bionic. How else would he how would you get it you just in case they were explaining it but the text is all really small at Sea skin and muscle is taken from the left arm and pain in the right leg the skin is wrapped around the vein in a tube surgeons mold of the Flesh in the shape of a penis attached to the body inside your penis is a penile implant this is comprised of a Saleen Reservoir a cylinder that runs the length of the penis in a pump and release valve that's inside the scrotum bumps and fluid that is kept in the reservoir in of a cylinder when fully pumped penis will be hard enough for sexual intercourse you could have one installed anywhere correct yes he had 50,000 lb and you're like medic and you wanted one you get it fixed we had this conversation or y'all had it on another podcast later Wars Play Seven vagina but this is like you get to choose where you want where's the best more space out of where is the best place to have a penis yours where would you and you put it anywhere on your body I wouldn't want it if I didn't have any penis I wouldn't be like yeah give me one of my cheek you know it's like I'm going to want one where if you want yet Panther Party like a real penis smell like sex or like to take you back you you have like you but you're thrusting forward and backwards the same time one behind the one in front of your leg I would not want to see the girl behind particularly when you go to the bathroom yet to make sure this is different in the water set to if you get my dick for y'all ball bearing citizens have you ever sit on your balls no I go to see if I've never been asked that either normally I feel like women ask you if you sit on your balls at but I never been asked if I show up I feel like as you get older your balls like hanging to the toilet and if you ever have diarrhea overspray sprays maybe around the rim of the toilet there's someone who had a very violent a w splash the splashes got up on their bowl but I don't think like shiting on the balls I don't know I feel like your balls better always hang on the temperature or pasta or maybe I don't know I mean I guess if you were trying to you could the challenge of that pig that should on his balls big balls like right under the butt pig balls that's a Google search like when he goes to the bathroom in the toilet water make me look for a variety of images all the time and I can't unsee that that's part of the problem don't look that up place if you value yourself don't look that up going back Curry's earlier I went recently for the first time in many years and I forgot what a fucking shit hole better now than it was when you live there too I was there and I was like I could finally start to put my finger off what's wrong with that town and it's a town where people just given up don't do not give a fuck I was at a restaurant and I was there is someone that I was with I had a question like you at the restaurant we go up to the counter and there's a menu and you tell the purse of the counter what you want the call Ann Arbor, like talk about right and we go up there and the person I'm with says You must sees that there's something on the Macy's chef salad chef salad the person is working behind the register relics of the menu in just a chef salad the person me like if they're having it or anything and I don't know but no attempt to find out no no nothing it's like oh okay yeah then later that day we went down there's a group of us went down to the casino that went down the casino and I were sitting in the restaurant there's like a bar right there and one of the guys I was like oh I'm going to get something to drink so waiter comes by and the guy that I'm with is Hispanic his family from Mexico the waiters all also Mexican almost everyone down as Mexican and the guy I'm with tell the waiter I want tequila and soda and the way to tequila and soda Coke or Pepsi tequila and club soda with three wedges at like 25 minutes come out every time I go out to eat down there I have a nervous breakdown cuz it takes like an hour and a half to get your food in everyone's okay with it low life like nobody cares and nobody has any Rail restaurant experience so yeah it's like they took it like it was at home I would think it would be like smaller town people are more polite and friendly and wanting to be more welcoming and people and maybe that's just the idea in my head people know if you're not from that it's not a very welcoming place I think it pulled over every time I went home just cuz it's like a new car in town and they always been about that when I first for the first time ever something weird happened on the way back from Eagle Pass this time so when you're when you're down on the border when you're leaving the Border there immigration checkpoints normally like about 15-20 miles outside of town on the highway it was raining pretty bad when I was leaving and I got to the immigration checkpoint stop sign there was a go sign there was no one working there was a green octagon and it said hello and white letters I saw a ghost wow sounds like that's really what you never see the immigration checkpoint unmanned this is like couple months ago they were putting up immigration checkpoints in the North like along the Canadian border and I was freaking out there like 10 Meets Tails is happening. I grew up with that that's not strange to me they would set up shop and just a cop cars going by like this weird extra Judiciary Zone that exists along 30 miles of the international border where your you have less right to deny search and seizure of your property and I think that's it's like using that law is why they can set up checkpoints close to the border for immigration in the United States remember when I moved here I was all work visa and I was convinced I was going to have to bring my documentation with me wherever I went even if it's just like driving to the grocery store so I was like what if someone pulls me over and ask to see you like my paper my papers and then I was like they're probably not going to do that anyway I could though they couldn't right now so I don't drive around with them but there was a time when I first moved to Austin where they were in my car for the first like 2 months there's no we were asking me to talk to you about it yeah there's no like Fast Chargers down there but there's that I stop by that place and weld a charger but yeah that's what I said woman was working there I had a meal there an extra sodas and whatever user testing charger out there I guess you can comment on different locations and I saw some guy was like this works it was great Bubba blah but there was only one when guys use it but yeah we did the math if we got to my parents house and plug in the car into a normal Outlet as soon as we got there we would have enough to get back home after 48 straight hours of charging and it's for speed for both places you can you don't worry about it but down there there's like a weird pocket where there's nothing and then I think they're going to be doing more along I-35 for now yes no that's one place you do not want to be stranded with an electric car has that gas car working out for you Chris Michael's steering wheel I think is coming off what yeah I'll just cover that plus really loose like no it didn't like when I turn it like it turns and then it's like I keep turning before it starts turning and turns out it turns which app to keep track of it and then you have to turn an extra bit just to get to start charging so it's like loose it's like it spins a lot while you turn it to look into just driving driving poorly and see where they're like that's what I do all the time yeah you should get that checked like now that's like it was on my to-do list for today if there's one thing I don't want to fail while I'm driving it's my steering wheel yeah I'm going to get that I don't know that part yet yeah and I think it's just like it Loose thing a loose bolt will see us both places steering wheel I saw this on Instagram carbon fiber steering wheel and fucked it up here I took it all apart and couldn't get it back together so it's just drive around during all these wires hanging out some shit that I do not like even if I think I can figure it out I'm still like I'm a little professional take care of those yeah car stuff any type of like electrical stuff Plumbing stuff on like I want fuck that up though it's invisible and it can kill you six uncompromising try to compromise with lightning no compromise in there there was a why do they call it a pole that was done and he was a Harris poll and they were gauging people's favorite restaurants in the United States oh I got to take a free sample best burger restaurant has voted on by the only Paul was Five Guys coffee shop with Krispy Kreme Taco Bell so what's going to be best Mexican restaurant in the United States is Taco Bell in most of the best Mexican food around you know they got stuff like nacho fries my girl eating nacho fries all the time and grandmother used to make spicy Dorito shell they're pretty good is it like cooked chicken it's like super super thin hammered glass shell and breaded fried chicken fried chicken shell trying to find this. Don't judge me but I've been trying to find frozen pizzas that have unusual crust so that sometimes you can find frozen pizzas and have like cauliflower crust and one time I was at the store and I saw this frozen pizza had said like something something on the box, and I looked at it and it said that the crust was made entirely out of chicken but I was like well now I have to try that so I bought it and I took this frozen pizza you put it into like any other people put in the oven and let it heat up when you eat it and it was fucking gross it was so disgusting it was pretty to take it like chicken meat or material and like processed it and made it like super thin and I try to make it as peaceful as pretty much text it was it was when I was in New York City for Quality Italian and one of their Specialties there is a chicken Parmesan pizza quality it's like it looks exactly like a pizza like cut cheese cut into slices and everything like that but there's no crust or tomato sauce or anything like that it's just like a chicken parmesan just like the yeah big chicken and then like whatever up chicken parmesan has amazing does it have like a crispy bottom Brown still like it's just chicken on the bottom but go to Quality sign and try that could told me I was there before you like at the airport the same time I think but I'm driving and you were leaving 14 inch slab of chicken parm so good you share it obviously or not I look so good LOL interesting concept but for the most part it's like stuff I wouldn't want to eat yeah me and makes me feel bad about getting there but it's good burger burger so good about like a chicken parm Pizza like that oh yeah I think I would I would say I would speak that out I doubt I'll be nearly as good as the one that they make their we have some peace of projects in the works for the horse maybe that's why the Cutters over there. That pizza project I've been worked on already so I think I'll get it as soon as we're done I'm hungry now we need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace Toppers beautiful award-winning designer templates and create a website or online store in just minutes and on what platform is nothing to install patch or upgrade ever it's easy to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace domain and billing settings in one place never been easier to sell products or services online manager products orders and inventory with Squarespace you can engage with your audience get found across search and social angle you're falling Following start a free trial today at squarespace.com squarespace.com 10% off your first purchase squarespace.com is cheap for 10% off your first purchase it's so great don't have to install a past stuff can't stress that enough so easy we've been asking you to share your Squarespace create a website go through and pick some more of our favorites as a reminder with Squarespace you two can make sites like this for sure that we got us with hashtag RT Squarespace and his fear we take for this week for stuff we have at project cloud Escape The Labyrinth coming soon next up we got at Nick underscore frollo frollo we got real DJ l c I like that what city is that Atlanta is it when is gold star standard entertainment Atlanta skyline looks like I learned something today I don't even like that's like not even on my radar of places I've been in Atlanta I know cuz me and Brandon went out for like so we went up like the weekend before and we were there for like about a week but you guys are think we're just up there for like a day we were there like he was sick between takes like I was laying down on the floor cuz I felt so bad we had to wait there is like a a place where we are having everybody wait like the cast and crew and it was like a place above the track so you can sit down to the drive I remember having to wait there for hours I was just like a very long day and I was hot it was really hot maybe some Milestone Milestone video for the 10th anniversary of RoosterTeeth yeah that's right April 2013 so it's always weird the difference between like directing something and acting in something cuz when you're acting like you wait around a whole lot there's never enough time I would need you always want more click one more hour I mean like the directing is more fulfilling that's also a lot more stressful acting is more fun have you seen those videos where people have developed that can make people dance controversy with like deepfakes last year for like they could superimpose people faces realistically into my photos were they weren't well dislike or video this is like taking video of a dancer and like capturing the movement and then applying to a photo of someone who isn't dancing so it looks like the same thing could take a photo of you and make it look like you're doing and when was ballet elaborate somebody uses your body and everything to you like yes your face picture so the person on the right is the target they didn't actually do this dance well but they're just using a photo that person yeah I feel a little like a really good the Bella twins funny because they're spending so much that the head to stop turning it once Exorcist Style so I mean obviously it's not perfect you see it breaks sometimes but it's like short verses actually really good you would never you never see that must be like all that's fake like you would think like oh no that's that person's actually back to dance we don't have to now I can just throw myself on a dancer but I don't I don't know how I discovered this I think it like I start seeing on Instagram all the sudden Shuffle dancing which is like Rave dancing or people like that like I said the right man but more intense incredible dance to do that but I'm really coordinated so I'll do that with you Barbara little body movements The Running Man dance that I think that's like the first issue Factory stuff that you learn but the way people could just dance to every beat in every possible song and make it look good I envy those people and I want to learn how to do it even though there's no situation where I actually dance in my life other than if I got downtown drunk once a year or the other thing that I saw a related to like deep fakes and putting people in positions that they really aren't in is Naughty America starting a service where you can upload photos of yourself and have yourself digitally inserted into porn know what is that a good idea questions about like how can you prove that it's you and that you consent to that and that they're willing to take money and profit off of that it's a really really bizarre so it's a website Naughty America they're just going to like what I read was Naughty America wants to monetize deep fake porn yeah I know how that feels kind of weird I bet it's a big Market intensive that far outweighs people just meeting that extra step together and it's a lot more I think the bar for that would be way more people uploading pictures of people not themselves blackmail people rights and consent to that kind of stuff I don't know how you approach that gives you have to like upload of government my name is John Cena prove that it's actually you now that's it like a mature porn sites too so I guess what's good for the goose requested Instagram verification the other day if I came to settings and you have to upload a copy of like a government ID and I was like I was like I really want to do this to me really like think about it how long does it take three clicks like 3 or 4 days they said I didn't meet the requirements all I want to do is just have links in my story that's all I want what are the requirements then you need to be someone notable public figure provide links to prove that you're a person there's none of that binary like I never even applied to I just figured one day and we ate we had a connection and picked out a few people are active people who yet a verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account and indicate that the account is the authentic presence of a notable public figure celebrity Global brand or entity that represents send meeting request verification does not guarantee your cat will be verified if you apply it you can't play again until certain. Of time I think it said I can apply again it's some point in the future I've tried down if it's like shut down let me see what do we have that person that connection from Instagram come through I wasn't using Instagram yet I regret has Instagram but he doesn't use it but I was kind of quiet lately everything up so much so that now like third-party apps aren't as useful as they used to be and the Twitter app terrible I almost never use it and says why would I use a platform that makes it difficult to use it where do you ask settings and then request verification disabled for me had a weird thing someone said to me a while ago you might not have it is the first time someone had like gone on like a Tinder date or something like that and then I was like oh well what made me be the person that you are like wanted to go out with and they said I should let her like she made the comment about like oh you know what the hell I did I was pretty sure you weren't a sociopath or serial killer anything and I said why and then they said it's funny that will most sociopaths are charged and you're not Charming enough to be sociopaths I felt okay about it account was verified oh my God I went well enough is it better or worse than your date with this 3 or with the the old women that was awful it was a really bad that I had went on a date with this year I told it talk about and always open but I give the short version is state was already drunk when I showed up and she befriended a bunch of old ladies were at the bar then they were like spectating the date and then some point one of those lady started talking about like orphans and my day started crying and her parents and they both like ended up just crying together like in a like a like a I'm going to console you and I was just like you late no I understand like having a drink to like make yourself feel more comfortable for the moment I'm out drinking with these old ladies a lot of crying that I was not a part of that I wanted to be a part of the crying I can be part of it and I couldn't I mean I can try but I can fake it I don't know like I think I've tried once in like 6 years 7 years at the end of Return of the King by Sophocles that was a lot 6 years ago was it 16 or 17 years I've cried but also can I cry everyday of my life yeah yeah I cry when I feel any emotion and access I was thing I always like well after I have yet to attempt a lot please just don't feel emotion the title of this podcast podcast what is a 509 uncompromising no compromises here that motorcycle race were one of the racers reached out and grab the brakes on another motorcycles and pump the brakes off cuz I guess it's the right has what is that dust of rear tire oh shit now the guy did not flip right it seems like it that's cheating was in a street race moto2 are there any rules against tampering with other people's I'm sure so it doesn't even like hold it down professional racer wow that decision crazy like you could have hurt like I can control who knows how fast they're going to start until 5 and you should respect other people who are also like in this competition with you and also it's going to be seen yeah but people are awful unless there was a list that was like the rules of the race where there are no rules want you in my voice all the time in which case that would be like really clever if there are no rules the cover on the cool I think the same thing happened to you in New York City just the way you answer my question is he so intrigued this Friday Saturday Sunday sex shops or I don't know if I really want to keep asking him Monday in questions and let me know if they see boobs Maybe how many boobs be I don't know I don't know you don't know no I mean I know but I'm not going to count where am I going to like hot it doesn't doesn't kiss and tell me yes if I tell stories I'll tell like stories like like in the in the past where this happened to recent fresh yeah that's me again okay okay remember this podcast 561 New York trip it's not really that good it's only cuz last last week I asked you if anything happened in your Hewitt nothing happened I mean not to look so many towels like I feel like I have a poker face at all baby that's like his trick you think it's a pro poker oh yeah I think it's pretty fascinating he told me that I should give it a try but I don't know a lot of money not a lot of but he's starting to get to a point where he's starting to make money change careers he stopped what he was doing side if you want to give this a try and it's been it's been it's been keeping up with that like I can't imagine going all in on a change like that that he plays online what he said okay I guess his practice and then he goes to Fino's four big tournaments just seems like I mean there's just not going to be a lot of people who say they win a lot of money but they don't tell you about all the money they lose you know what I mean like a professional poker player Dan V I like oh yeah I just feel so lost $20,000 also like when people make Continental I like to see the people who really made it or you see people who like streamer put out contact consistently and Miss Universe of big gap there's a lot of people who don't who don't make it ever really make money off of it when we were the first time I went to Vegas first and only time I was with you guys and Alan and I got like addicted to playing craps cuz you guys taught me how to do it and it was like the easiest game to play if you're just playing at simply would like to pass line or whatever hi there I ended up staying at table for like a couple hours and there's a guy there who was betting like $10,000 at a time like what kind of Lifestyle do you have like $10,000 I don't know if he was winning or losing or was just like throwing money around like crazy for some I went to Vegas I was just too that's a weird Vegas Lucas twice and the first time was with Jess and Joel and I and Astor the few other friends there but they're nice I think I think there was a story recently you're talking about like the guy putting like $10,000 at a time I'm trying to find it here but I think that there was a guy yes your it is who was in you somewhere he was at a casino for a poker tournament and it was between the the poker tournament he was like killing time getting a drink and playing video poker and he hit a royal flush and why like $250,000 on a video poker machine $250,000 Jackie it says here this week I was so pissed about busting the $10,000 tournament last night I decide to let off some steam and here he is like with the the Royal Flush in like the machines just text on iPhone The State scratch off $200,000 hurting my God I feel like I hit a royal flush once at the Bellagio on a video poker machine at a bar waiting to get a drink and he just like and he said yes can you call the bartender over and they look at the girl right make it we got to we got to call security and they call security over and that they took they took him aside and a security officer machine up to like start printing off logs to make sure you didn't fuck with the machine wow that's going to happen if I don't think it happens very often at all your money if you going to win like that. I think it's a bit like 20 bucks you got to put some money in I'm going to Vegas in a while I'm really dying to go back I haven't been back since I thought we did a big group trip like 3 or 4 years ago we were supposed to go on a group trip to Vegas yeah but then we ended up doing one like a couple months later I thought I was going to before I thought you had one before that or maybe it was the one before that maybe it was like we had a group and we're doing another group trip yeah you know it just I got everything over that is 1 / like there's an RTA about it where it's like like Kyle lost his wallet and got really angry and miles and Arryn yeah yeah yeah he's a big group of us I don't think I was fin fun trips Arizona circl is coming out this week looking to the Future it's all fun house week week are going to go out to LA and that we really liked the LifeStream the Funhouse in a circle has not been really scared this will be the premiere September 19th first that's awesome I haven't even seen you yet Arizona Circle that hopefully you had fun at our text London