#511 - Blaine's Japan Adventure

Join Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss airline misspellings, gel scares, bad sex lube, and Blaine gets dick pics.

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Recorded: 2018-09-25 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Blaine Gibson


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 511 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com fuck around on your own time that's what I say you podcast this week when they are stars is Danish for North that are burning and screaming try to record the game today the couple that built my bus that's not the right way to say it but turned it into the the house than 85% what is now and we change yourself a countertops but it was countertops and then read the roof as well but they came back by like they're like really someone who eats in falls in love with him instantly are pretty hippie dippie fell on the road for yeah they just go from place to place now it's funny because one of the features in the bus is that it has a Wi-Fi extender and I don't get great coverage in the bus it's one of these made me switch my plan to finally having the hotspot so that I can have internet and I had to put my phone in the window to do it so it's like this whole thing and it has this like wife and I was like yeah listen to work it's like I've been going through it so I hate to bug you it's been a year since last but what did it mean if your tech support thing to do he like in that thing it's like a Rat's Nest I'm sure it makes perfect sense to him but if anything goes wrong with that thing electrically then I don't have to bring too much friction looks like what are you bringing me this is like you said they live there for a couple years did you change out the mattress when you have been I did I have a Casper mattress in there look at me what to do don't talk about them like super sweet you know it's really nice it's a bunch of videos for like all the little like nuances of things which is really cool looks like what the fuck is this look up the video so I can know that's the knobs it to listen bear living life right we are doing it wrong we are in a small houses is something you'd want on the move all the time it's goes way the fuck back in Rooster Teeth history member Lake yes Lake leclare and she just like her and her husband are like this like super vegan awesome couple and I like stuff like that in it yeah they're always going somewhere with their beautiful blonde I know it's crazy different name on the right Caitlin are you coming down now are you okay yeah I know so well how does it look now I know you're not to do that ready for a wild VPN what can I do to be like whatever I want I mean you can it's about protecting your information it's like a public Wi-Fi any transaction that you have everything you sent it's about protecting that's not very private Network and I have no idea why I'm asking you this but like on my website and I'm going to a bank let's say I have a back I'm not saying that I do exactly did I get that little lock on the browser like a little padlock that means secure I gave a little like a couple of bits to the the bank gave me a couple bits and that's how we decrypt that secure connection yes there's like a billion routers between me and the bank when I'm giving the little bit to begin can't they just make the bits possibly somewhere in again like a public environment you don't know the route you're connected to it could be set up to intercept malicious turn it on the Scottish people of the world Somebody's gotta say no tell your wife I say you stay at the Holiday Inn Cebu say the Holiday Inn Holiday Inn Network the same thing so I was sitting there with my phone and I was doing something I said what is the Wi-Fi and I looked it up and I was connected to the Radisson Wi-Fi networks is not that it was okay for bars because my phone to the network I saw the SSID and just get on this one thing that I look up on Google Maps the closest Radisson is like a half a mile away so what I was suspecting is somebody set up a router with an SSID that's commonly used by hotel and then so I would automatically connect to connect to a network name that in the past and then you go somewhere else in the name of the Wi-Fi network feel like a criminal that if I were to do something like that yeah leave it open Netgear or whatever just like them a super generic name that you know it's Pretty Fly for a White Guy why don't you be pretty bad criminal than a long time ago. How was it me who made that are there guest Network I stopped myself short of bragging about my Wi-Fi names that I'm very proud of but I'm not going to cuz then someone find my house if you were going to have a Wi-Fi and if you were going to name it something funny what would you name my name it planets from my favorite movie is Star Wars Empire Strikes Back yeah maybe Blaine pronounce the Avenues gave me it doesn't really matter to me cuz I mean what's what's another commonly mispronounced thing that I opened up that wounds all the races of America what do the fuck is Princess Leia and Han sir Han Solo movie how do I get to Fox good right also closer to the table than it normally is. I feel like I'm looking at you more this way you're looking at I'm probably okay it's it's fine I just wanted to point it out cuz I felt that the balance of my normal podcast Miss is off right now and that's why I asked me if your phone still name Batman's iPhone what's my name I name. Damn it is what exit is that Australian kiss you miss your girlfriend's day of the Australian when you're like replacing her with another Aussie no question no question it just reminds me of her I guess I don't know he likes females voice would you set like the dialect of the language options at if he started incorporating slang from those languages do you help me I would get the came to stay with us so I set there Alexa to Australia from Australia so I said it actually it understands you better like I would prefer to have one of my Lexus has an option at all but only one of them like one model has an option to have English Indian so it's just Indian woman's voice I love it I love it for computer voice it just understand me about 50% less cuz I don't have an Indian accent does it sounds like the thing from OverWatch isn't there like a character I've never played OverWatch your button. I played over a VPN with all the way through the batch it would seem fun but Mayhem I got the NFL to play the game at school that was cool alright I'm going to play another one and I was like I know where this is going and I just put it down a few games in my life where I can see what's about to happen to me today that I hit a jackpot I think I did that with Destiny I play the beta when I first came out and I was just like I don't need this in my life and I just I haven't played since even though like Destiny 2 good now I don't know why would like an Alexa understand you less if they're speaking a different accent but then you're giving instructions and just the regular news that most the both parties are speaking in that accent look at the different differently dialect of English tuned for people to have that accident infections and stuff like that but I wish he said it separately I host has an Indian accent but I'm going to speaking like gutter American accent you know whatever this is so nice that also set your accent English accent American house faking an Indian accent which would be super weird and race is Fisher Stevens reference comes to life Three Stooges movie about that fisher Stevens character one of them never realize that it was Fisher Stevens It's erupted over to his actors portray other people like they play different parts like Ben Kingsley played Gandhi in won an Oscar for it I mean this is James Caan and all the dudes all the Mexican dudes in like the good bad and ugly Sergio Leone movies Italian and all of them but it's it's going to get it but the same time it does seem like it's like taking acting down a notch to say like only people who are the same race and gender as this character are allowed to play this giving those actors in opportunity I totally get it but at the same time I think we're leaving the back into that is like we're losing people that see performances were people really really I can see what you're saying but you could draw the line is like I had it why not let blackface be a thing yeah I mean or he's going to really slippery slope you can just play it safe and Cass Scarlett Johansson in the role did she get Cass as a transgender character drop that role of Ghost in the Shell and then everyone is like you got you the Bumblebee trailer and put on the new one hell yeah that was that was the first Michael Bay Transformers filmed in the theater cuz like this horrible it's garbage piles of garbage Northway everyone like North America Peter Peter movie theater theaters anymore I sit at home and I watch deal block content via my VPN on his phone that's the only way that I get these days what are mine and then you don't want your you need to be running a VPN like nordvpn nordvpn is military grade encryption app compatible with most operating systems clean windows Mac OS iOS Android nordvpn is the only VPN to get a perfect score from pcmag unlimited bandwidth and it's a risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee nordvpn Chrome browser is lightweight and user-friendly from the first click security browsing in seconds nordvpn was born in 2012 when for friends came together to build technology that can Liberate the internet now they have thousands of service in over 61 countries I use a VPN everyday when I connect a device to the internet on a VPN right now. Everything is offering 66% off of 2 year plan that's 399 per month just go to espn.com rooster or click the link in the description to sign up and start protecting yourself that's nordvpn what is a rooster rooster get started today was 66% off of 2 year plan like I said I use a VPN every time I connect to the internet it was absolutely do not to try to curb the theft of your personal information information to the server closest to you automatically I did not add me there it says military level encryption did they specify which military not every military is like the best example of encryption I wouldn't say things that aren't the best other day where this guy I don't know how long it took him but he just spent the whole video was just him chronicling different airplanes would get on on the North Korean Run State airline fare cordial old military claims video happen if one of the only one star rated airlines in the world I think they were not until recently they couldn't fly it all into Europe I think they have one play now that they're allowed to fly into Europe cuz it's like bad safety it has two epic stuff you've never let you in if you float a lot it's probably stuff you've never seen before the interior design knives or is it still look like military Spartan okay what that even means very like barebones what's the what's the big deal about 300 propellers huh propeller plane it's been a bit not like one that went great distance with my crew Telecom I had fly so many problems when we went skydiving Rocky God that plane I was I'm shocked it was able to fly all four of us individually up there when I went skydiving this tiny bit like it only had a room for the pilot and then two people in the little body of the plane and I said people that sit in the person who is jumping person with Chris what do they start that feels like that's a new development like Normandy I didn't have any one second I'm a person of the door of the plane going to do the magic some guy dying it off record if you don't need to do anything about the military type thing ready to jump the most terrifying thing about skydiving is that surprising to me it wasn't like when you first like jumper anything or even like look out the window the scariest part is when they open the door and you stick your feet out to put them on the railing and the wind takes your feet like push them to reset it on the thing because the wind is so strong that's me was the most really feel like dealing with the force of something else would help me just the thing that always gets me is just a sheer drop it just makes my knees wanted. I don't know what's the gravities north Warriors after we went for the recap I think it's like my 25th birthday and I told tell you all that stuff but I just I forgot about going to stable Billy to Earth's position terminal velocity is about 120 miles an hour what is terminal velocity speed of an eagle think I get why you think you can believe that means the speed at which just did the difference in math your possible velocity that's why the insects you can you can flip them out your hand which is Bentley the size of your the size of a skyscraper that making Landon they're fine small animals use OK Google said that because it was a video of a raccoon climb up the side of a hotel in the raccoon fell in your life I'm about to watch a raccoons black raccoon bounces and just fucking runs off like I remember I remember when we were younger they was at Ghostbusters animated series 1 episode I remember they shrink really smells like the size of ants and then they're on the windshield of a car in the wipers like in the fall and hit the ground in the fall doesn't affect us as much for being a kid watch that be like come on I'm not that stupid I'm a kid but I know that's not the way it really works but I guess that is the way yeah I like that Ant-Man for that reason why don't Canadians like inconsistent like sometimes big and he like you ignore what he drinks down and could not people over like a strength is the best debunking that I read about Ant-Man release date for Gravity by the way I could go back home for the Mumble I fucking nailed it was the best criticism I saw someone had that man was explaining the first movie that what happens if they just increase or decrease the amount of distance between its atoms to make them smaller or bigger so it doesn't make him like super strong or anything in the big one that when he falls over like glands on a plane and crushes it the right right so you just be like it's not the math thing is I got to work at 7 to put the building on a dolly and maybe role in the building around with him oh yeah that totally breaks the established yeah inconsistent the first train tracks and you see from far away like to try and follow but I think all the scale yeah they did a decent job of how they can get small what I was going to do you know it medium size does the funny little bit in the middle there tell me I finally saw Deadpool 2 on the flight back from London for the audience know yeah you and I were talking about post credit scene would you say so I said I really characters in the movie if you follow Marvel Comics I'll probably you figure out who it is I figured it out who was going to be there with a C or a d neither one but that's okay there's a there's a guy that lives in the basement of the prison that's all the time there's only one Post Street Post credits Easter eggs I said there's the the mid credits with with Deadpool and then I said the then the thing at the end which is the sewing so song that's called a spoiler but I just fucking said that and we had to give me the movie I just opened number 87 before major movie that I want to see I just tuned all all media social media and then I'll wear headphones in the movie theater see you or someone at Richie's where they were going to see Infinity war and they're walking into the Alamo and there's people also like when you see movie with your friends you talk with him outside he said they were walking into the theater and he likes to spoil it for the big plot thing I like I can't believe like everybody died and like you just wait till we get into our car so we don't talk like that theater then we get in the car cuz I was like alright what you think there was one time where I was coming down after seeing Star Wars 8 and I was talking to like a couple of friends who would also seen it in the same showing and the guy guy that was at the bottom of stairs at the Muller theater was screaming up at he was like screaming at us about my boilers was it really you screaming at people tonight I didn't know he was the guy that was working the cash register it was Mark Hamill the moment that I started separating like okay these aren't the original trilogy and you just like just chill out with the expectation. You can do with some expectations I don't know who this is just like the only like sequel movie that was just like as good or better than the original in my mind is living 2049 dude so fucking good really good you should check it out I just showed JD them in reverse and he has no idea which one he likes better 2049 and that's really cool and then we wouldn't watch the director's cut of Blade Runner which has no narration and he was like he's really slow while we're watching it was like yeah this is the one that doesn't have any erasing there's one that has Harrison Ford talking please totally fucking phoning it in each other and why are bringing Harrison Ford oil do a voice-over narration in Harrison Ford didn't want to do it so he's like I'm Jacquard I'm of Blade Runner and he's like fucking of the first Blade Runner is there's one that's really good a couple other like they cut the one with the unicorn and it leads you to think that someone is a replicant heavily I can't remember the origami unicorn replicant Theory there's some people just like that's when the most important theories in look Cinema history for some people it's it's I don't doesn't matter that much to me it doesn't say interested in the movie that I think they kind of like side addressed it cuz he has a dog and winning the 49ers like is it a replicant he's like I don't know ask him like it may be just like didn't talk about whether Decker was a bee 2014 I know it's like they did a great job though of like it's almost like they have the pause button 30 years ago and then pay unpause because they they maintained all the as I've always said the people's version of the future the vision they have for what the future is going to be like is always based in the technology I'm now whenever you talk about the future was all about how you were going to get your newspaper you know and you know that doesn't matter back then in the 80s advertising TV cars flying cars like those things were importantly the technology of even a flat screen no one could figure out our screens work and get flat I think if you like he's everywhere you might get more out of it if you watch the original movie first and then 2049 just cuz there is a little bit of crossover but I think she wants 149 first are both equally my favorite movie would love this the end that's like he loved that scene he loved it man talk about one more thing about Deadpool 2 character character who are the coolest idea for a superhero like how they Incorporated the eye makeup that's just part of her other was really cool superhero power good luck because I think Domino's originally white and has a black marker on dry but then they flip it and I thought yeah I think they're coming back they're not going to do Deadpool X-Force she just got casted another Joker in that felt pretty good team Phoenix the only thing that I'm bummed about it does look cool with all the photos I got is just I know that that means not going to be in it and I like that man so cuz it's like a Joker Joker The Joker Is that it seems like there's every probably 10 years or so there's like a seminal performance like you're never going to beat The Joker so don't drive Heath Ledger does amaze won the Jack Nicholson Joker cuz you did such an amazing job as Joker what is a totally different character you know you was almost like a Cesar Romero style and so lucky has very big shoes to fill I never said that your little one so I can't, but he's like I would you do that such an amazing are admitted he probably took the Joker too far with the damaged forehead tattoo ink I get electrocuted character with me easy the clown right and if you like if you're going in like this is the evil clown is like his big Super Genius you wear clown make-up if they give you're going to suspend disbelief just go ahead and roll with the rest of it to you know the paper doesn't really work to me but when I see the character on feeling like I was fucking guys to yet you haven't seen any of them like the first two episodes of the first one I started watching the first one I worry about you guys watching the second one cuz it's all about poop worry about it I worry about their gag reflex only Bernie and Gavin brown in color for the first couple of I think next up for me maniac to watch your people talking about that a lot Ryan I loved it when I was done I was like going to take it apart my head like all of those Jack Ryan Tom Clancy books when I was like in middle school and high school and be curious to see how that how that is what's the guy Liev Schreiber play them in some of all fears I think or talk about it at lunch other guy that seems like a military dude yeah that guy in the Rainbow Six movie or whatever is this other character he's in all of the Clancy like sum of all fears and all that stuff so play them in the clear and present danger I don't know I like drivers so you don't think Jack Ryan spots me darling and kind of like he's getting everything smart fight you know I can't not yeah but like she isn't like a badass to me she is an actor 13th because he was the way he conducts himself an especially liked his face he has kind of like a silly face to face that kind of makes time for fucking ever but it was like nine Seasons I think so yeah, I know flu in ya to the office on your dream your dream television show to like have a guest appearance in you already kind of boring oh yeah I want to hear from Steve kills are we in the same parent company no lock the screen with lots of love your way over at this point my favorite sitcom growing up as friends so it's to be an episode of Friends I would ship my pants would be I'd want to be in Westworld in the background I want to change. Org things Blaine naked.com we should do a petition global like just random allow 10% of us to fly that's it that's in addition to 90% chance that you wouldn't fly yeah you're real world where people are flying you're not one of them I didn't want to drink with your flight I would I would fly you only if we rehearse the whole like a Superman in Lois Lane scene from the No No you're seeing part doing poetry while she's playing a Superman slick as well as the super fucking strong I guess I don't know why right she's hungry actually write like Barbie if you stepped off the stage and I just held my hand out you couldn't hold yourself you hold yourself out with one arm before I can deposit it in the air the wind currents going everywhere the fucking science for being the best one in that series because they had the people from The Phantom Zone kennels play General Zod and hello the end of that movie gets really fucking weird with Superman powers like he pulls the ass off his chest like Superman powers nowhere. So you reverse is time the first one that's great because if you think of the implications of Superman's stopping Earth for a moment and then spending it backwards when we all die I'm stupid but the answer is if they are stop we all fly off into space and the person like literally broke down what is escape velocity and what would it take to actually leave the Earth's gravity and the force that you have and everything is like no fucking way but not so you're going to go flying but you're not going to go to space come back down and hit the Earth from like 10,000 feet or some like that but you're not making it out crazy amount of for serve acceleration you need in order to escape Earth's gravity I don't know why I never heard this before that getting something to the sun is ridiculously different that recently too late I would think you just like push it in the direction of sun and the sun will do the Red Sox it in but no the rotational in the gravity well around the Sun it makes it super hard to get to the sun Young from launching it from Earth how do I change the lightbulb what's that inside the Sun what's the movie is it bright or I can remember the one that we can be more like that and turning it off and turning it on again like the core with her school stop to the core stop being silly drill the core make it started back up a bomb in the middle of the Earth in that fixes everything gasoline on it. I was looking into an antipode or something basically polar opposite of the Earth yeah would it be cool or or like it have any significance to you at all if you were on the exact opposite end of the world from somebody that you knew and like doing Cebu Pacific simultaneous like jumping up at the same time like you're on the phone with that they have they both got a piece of bread and put on the ground Stampy's Darner sandwich it's like I don't know what you could do that would be better than that you haven't heard something about bacon Earth and cheese sandwich will pick up that the biggest sandwich ever made it seen from Hell's Kitchen Chef Ramsay puts two pieces of bread has got to be partially scripted right like there's a cool video with the Frank me to your sandwich cool gamer 314 and try to sing get the fuck out of here they Frank who is famous for being like one of the first viral stars in the Internet it's tough and now he's like the guy behind everything at BuzzFeed three they had an entry I don't know if you were at that one was the first event that we did at the Lincoln Center which one they invite us back to the big event for when they debuted season 2 of them Sarah but they had to make cinnamon night cuz it was like this new art form that you were talking about and say Frank maybe one with Paul Marino you may think so you stink up the show everyday everyday for a year you did this thing in the Heat hit a really cool business model that he kind of started like 3 months before the end where you have ads on it but people could just buy what they called candy and they're like little rubber ducks number and they would be below the video frame and then when your mouse over it Hello message so you can buy a message for the ads that any person could buy it was really cool. That was really cool business model man you get to like the last 1520 videos it was like winding down or Ducks so freaking mean with stocks that's the million-dollar home page kid smartest guy ever smartest kid ever like it when a million and you can buy a pixel on the million dollar home page for a dollar that was the whole front plow that's if you made a million dollars he told people are buying like multiple Bears that's like that's for it's for websites 2015 why don't we try to do it then you can link it if you got up to if you got what you got certain amount of square footage then you could also put a link right yeah well I know exactly what the fuck you I'm not going I got a million bucks yep that's what I would do I remember I was setting up a bank account for my college tuition like in college stuff like that is going to be getting and I came in and then the guy was like yeah I just had a client just before you who won the lottery and look like cool thanks for letting me know that what the fuck you make me feel completely paid for the is making a free is offering free University now how long is the middle-income students yes very Broad in the definition of a university or just middle part of my reaction was like it's bullshit and then the other half is like no like we should do that because no one should be subjected to earn less than $130,000 a year income hundred thirty K-Swiss families income of $65,000 or less to receive free tuition plus grass cover the full cost of Roomba damn you people making 70k a year 65k dating one was as long as the government doesn't have to pay for it and then the other one was got it said I got to look it up I hate the music what do you want what do you want to have no signal on my friends we doing this and I had like data limitations cuz of traveling I have to wear for a bit and it was real nice to post in Twitter lately I just don't like once every 7 days it's just like a bunch of fucking assholes on Twitter in the world see the people who like no real name no real photo picture are Reese's like a certain critical mass and then it's just like everybody gets on board and then selling it sucks I feel like you know it was like this kind of like things to go over for dig and dig what kind of this nice thing and now it's kind of like the forum for the entire internet even on the front page of Reddit it's called himself the front page of the internet arrogant title to call your own come to the front page in a fuck you money. Homepage but yeah but now it's just like it's okay makes sense what black people trying to say really mad at each other and argue semantics and it's just too much you can like delete comments which is nice so if you have an asshole in there and get it well and then block them for me and my differ for other people but I don't know anything about the my body your ya-yas like a fuck yourself I'm so fucking tired of you people know it bothers you though yeah but I'm just tired and I will come after me like anonymously you know it's like yeah you can say your pain and all you want but if you're not going to put up you know you got to put your face on it it doesn't mean anything by what I say on the internet you know like you know who is saying faceless paragraph whatever the fuck the default profile Avatar is now maybe come out from behind that Chrissy VPN Houston I saw a crazy headline over the weekend or I guess the first robot sex brothel in the United States is opening up into Mets game changer Game Changer suspected it would have been Vegas sex robot brothel look like a real doll kind of situation what I like more like just a question yeah if it was you or the your christening the sex bot with your champagne bottle of come it is the first time that this thing will have had contact with the penis do you have sex with it that sounds good question we should ask the audience do we have you have sex with a robot go to roosterteeth.com play robot right we getting I can just talk as he was a lot like Westworld Bad Robot sex with a human either so it looks like it might be going with track record at Grosse Ile robot what name a fictional robot that you would have sex with the maid from Jetsons quick figure but I watch The Forbidden Planet the last edition of the confusion I had I didn't know the Lost in Space robot I thought that was Robbie the robot robot's confused, Yahoo I would have sex in danger Will Robinson I thought that was Rob the robot set from Interstellar tars just a big yeah that's good. I would do it later there was a lot going on here so you got to like cross the line of would you have sex in a proper to rob it with Robin and also would you pay for sex how successful do you think you seem to go to because like you're not a setting for money it's going to be very successful yeah that's what drugs from your no be tracked by the FBI Bravo whose job is to clean the room could I bet I bet they'll have some sort of lighting that changes out so that I can do lining shedding skin beat you use to get all the bits that you use when you're like walking out of the room it's like thank you and it's like reading everything you just games from the encounter how God I feel like the websites not loading a male sex bots are easier to design and female sex spots but I feel like female sex by Iron Man easier to use a female sex but all right go slowly ramp it up right now for a long time is it just the like genitals that it sooner can you like have like modes words like what are you doing robot song would be made out of bamboo silicone tongue itself the Hall of Presidents you know it's Disney robots you think that'll make him like that good cuz I was good talking about distance Venice mask photobomb that may be enough for you I don't know baby but he's like super realistic mask yeah yeah the Trump Kim Jong-un they look really realistic. Even ever having to change their expression you know because her mask but they look very realistic babies as well as the baby by the way my 3 hours visiting the Moscow airport as soon as I walked in the first gift shop Russian nesting dolls and Trump and Barron Trump and embrace the call the Soviet Union stuff they have much like hammer and sickle even Arrow float Had A Hammer sickle when your in Russia I ate just surprise me and I guess like the best I can equate it to like in America would be like the Confederate flag because you remnant of the old days maybe which I would say a lot of people would you be shocked to see the Confederate flag whether or not you agree with it would be shocking for you to see it's a little bit more and more surprising to see it but yeah it back in the day I ate all the time I'm still shocked that that's like it's blowing Insurrection movement against the government we live in now beside just looking at it from a war perspective it's an enemy combatant we fought against who even if it was our own people but it's an uprising they got quiet it is kind of weird because he got all live together you know the meaning like country like know alright then now we're the same country we all hate each other so I think there's a lot of like play Click placating a compromising the takes place for like $159 early start today. I am so fucking jet lag though but I'm like totally working at like 6 a.m. this morning I have the whole rest of the day to go watch a movie. Just like this weekend cuz Trevor I also got back from running on Thursday afternoon and like we've been waking up natural at like 7:38 a.m. and every day for dinner was like Perry average but to like fish on the weekends not typical but it feels good cuz any feel so productive unless you got a lot done early in the morning and then have the afternoon to do more shit I really like I said I know Gavin to wake up 9 in the morning did you see your total is going to be released to the theater for 30th anniversary logo no but I do have the box of Blu-rays I want to give a museum laws in Japan and like insulin on the spot I feel like I've been talking to your boss about it I did to the Pokemon centers had a really fun interaction there was that it's just like it's just like a Pokemon do just like non-stop Pokemon merge but I was walking out in the sky spotted me and he's like oh American was a cat and he's like you want to trade in the old hell yeah and we started trading exclusive region exclusives are there more than farfetch they have Farfetch'd I think like some bug Pokemon that's music-related but he was like he wanted Tauros yeah he wanted mr. mime in Russia is the only thing that I missed your mind we're in London yeah I think it's fucking creepy dude it's hard to find a guy and I like digging through the same language never met each other we're bonding over this stupid app how can you tell you one from Japan ear off about it my friends I get in there might be my favorite story that I did while I was there it regardless is related guys I did like the most video game side quest thing imaginable and I was that you fucking robot no not quite so just told me I was at lookout for it was like drinks when we were doing the wrap party for your loss forever ago Burnie and Gus and Gus to tell me about this phone booth in Japan that I think you had your first phone call with Esther on it and you like even have that yeah I like he apparently they had some at the Payphone in in Tokyo same spot to see through the phone booth use their listen to voicemail and while I was there I text you okay where did where was this phone booth in like text me a picture of it so then when I went there I like went to this hotel just to find it and it comes to things that's great just like he didn't ask for them put us like hell here you go Bud this is so weird call later to revisit that space Have you ever called before I got to go back for the first time I don't know how that would have happened while I rode her her phone number on the on the bottom that's so if anybody wants to really strict about it they don't allow me to bring that outside shoes they don't like tattoos or text you then but yeah I found a Gold's Gym I was like downtown downtown Tokyo is Tokyo wait what do you mean what do you mean downtown at the downtown Tokyo in downtown in English yeah that's how I found it some other guy was like Hey if you're 42 places to work out here's the one at a gym in Japan very polite to the biggest guy there was I stayed at the hotel and I had a layover one night so we got a room together we got at the hotel from Lost in Translation the Bill Murray Scarlett Johansson movie super nice hotel so much so that it was the level of service was off-putting we talked about it before like we walk down the hallways and everyone stopped working like the housekeeping Savage stopped and please don't like while I'm on the treadmill someone was wiping down the treadmill like if I sweat a little bit and drops and I'm like in your footsteps on the one drop of sweat it's the part of the treadmill it's not the moving track the grand the side and suddenly comes there in there wiping I'm watching you work out impression of that until that moment happened no we ran into a bunch of RoosterTeeth people are out there it was great because they're like what the fuck are you guys doing here but my favorite interaction was we went to see what the kids like super potato or something is like this big toy store and they have like multiple floors you know like the Retro 1 this is the model kits floor this is like the action figures for like six figures just like porn and like big boobs need anime girl and we ran into a rooster teeth fan there and we are all like, here's the funny thing right I think I've ever had with the Community member cuz we're all just like sex porn toys for toys yeah yeah that's that's that's our hang up it's not there that's like a blur pubic hair uniform porn with black technical stuff is just left and right now like I should and then we'll pop oh yes baby if you're under just have to miss her to be human right look at that point you can just go like whatever you want with you have like a robot I would absolutely fucking robot by the way I don't think I made that clear before I would absolutely fucking robot that artificial intelligence was it comes around it's like that'll be an issue if that'll be the next big Civil Rights Movement human stuffed mushroom you know it's crazy to me cologne that like every group has to go through it it's like every group is that it just doesn't matter any any disenfranchise category person is it's like we got it we got to figure out why these people should be allowed to do what they want to do I mean have we done this like five thousand times already we will work through the same process with every fucking day over and over again around her busy working on other groups like you know FreakNight last night we talked about Facebook and spreading of like misinformation and hate speech via Facebook and how people in other countries import ain't even here I guess like really latch on to it and just like real world consequences wear black riots and people are getting injured or killed over like misinformation they read about on Facebook about a group of people how people having essentially genocide a forced out of the country because they're Muslims in a Buddhist country cuz I got all started because the internet and everybody's got access to it I saw I saw something in me and more they use the word Facebook and internet interchangeably I really like ice Google internet for a lot of people interchangeable so it's like it's it's it's in Grain to that level Last Week Tonight and I never understand how they're able to make it funny like that show just fucking information on Facebook I feel a little guilty laughing right now if you want to feel really depressed and laugh at the same time for 30 minutes every week highly recommend Last Week Tonight but also is like super dark stuff can be Greg grounds for humorous Williamson Nathan For You clip where he gets on this weird tangent with this guy talks about drinking urine you got to Phoenix guy has almost broken character or clearly broken amazing I don't know how you make it through cuz you you haven't heard from some of the soccer Baron Cohen who is America episode of some of that the guy who lost the Alabama Senate Senator race birthday many more like yelling no no no the one who he starts with a pedophile detector and if they're going off around him we never called him a pedofile the detectorists indicated that he was a pedophile who is so impressive people who could just stick to a character like that like Nathan for you even like the mega64 guys they're so good at sticking to character and not braking at all good by Eric lyrics okay by Eric Beatrice temperature be on something seasoned traveler were talking about Japan travel and everything on there I just went around the world so you were you were on the road cuz we've done that we stepped up like all the promotions with voice actresses from Ruby I think you went in June and end of August I think we did 8 or 9 to mention that. It was brutal because I would leave Thursday night do the commission Friday Saturday Sunday come back Sunday night and then come back to work on Monday yep and that would happen weekend after weekend after weekend but you were in another place working on the counter also they take away a lot of energy is hard because you want to give all of yourself to everyone you meet and give everyone like an experience of meeting at the fence letters are there in India and even if your low energy for one person I don't ever want if someone that experience so you always have to be like on a small part of your experience but it's the entirety of there when we were at we had to plan a party at RTX London Inn near normally we go in we meet up with everybody we talk we had like a side area where like you stop can go for food and stuff like that and it's a specific place we went to the three bowling lanes and for you guys just for us and I remember walking in where all this kind of filing in like way to go out and I suck at bowling but I just immediately like picked up a bowling ball rolled it and melee roll the strike was like that's not going to happen to people that we work with would never been bowling ever really too I have never been bowling at Jeremy's first time I mean it looks really good it was a lot of fun just like when you get the power up to grab it then with your arm and you hold on to them and when you want to use me to throw them at someone you're kind of like you're doing like vinegar have trackers on okay you hand tractor Kelso had a horror VR game and I remember every now and then you just hear someone energy of the UK healthcare system in the horror VR think there's a little monitor hidden right here you can see what they're all sitting so I went over and picked and there was like you could see what it was like when I saw it was like it was like a guy walking around and like trying to find I mean like picking them up in Traditions on the Internet is there's a website for a haunted house haunted houses pick it up where they post photos you liked on the hill and take a photo of you there's one where is right at the end and there's a big deer something jumps out like we think everything's over and then they snap a flash photography of people with a scared they're the best fucking images cuz it's like genuine fear search other rabbitohs face like a mechanized thing like the liver do in the middle of the best I was talking to Mom she said he used to work at a haunted house she's Christ completely dark when they snapped the photo and they do hit them in the Flash 2001 you know this time of year to start back up again so you just browsed I still want that picture of the most vulnerable and he was like the jump scare in one of the rooms need to be scared of family and the dad immediately put a child in front of a mom I got this is really awkward career campaign in The Dead Zone what time I went to a haunted house in Universal Studios or something in MLA it was Jeff and I we were there and we're just looking around and we were like we were the last people that barely dancing with the very back of the group and right front of us was his group of Japanese tourists and try to scare you and they like me and Jazzy Jeff and I did like can we look at them and then they would see the truth and one of the hysterical that they had to carry her out like they have to like exit the haunted house out of a side like private exit this just collapsed and she just like couldn't handle it and that's like take her out after we finished the whole time and how she came out she was there like in the park just like white ball and yeah I think like that you're broken down but you would affect you that much and have a constitution that like you would think if you get that scared in that affected by scary things don't go to trip where we were on the butt or where I'm at tram to take your own Universal Studios and television with is this happening that happening and every now and then it would seem like the mummy would flash on on the TV and there's like a little boy sitting next to us start getting Warriors everything look like it's fine because the TV a little bit and then like the ride breaks and you have to like it's all scripted corsia you have to go through like this other part of the park you don't normally go to and it was all fiend mummy scarab beetles young money from that show Dinosaurs not the mama so how crazy mm could be scared of the Mummy you know it's like of all things like that one thing that scares you definitive answer on this voice activation I'm explain it, to you and then we're going to be okay even though tell I'm in a rush it was it was very long Trek for me to get back to the airport as you know in London if you take a cab to fix you are shut up as your we'll talk later tried several different stuff but hour and a half cab ride to get from London Heathrow to our hotel that was infuriated I went to a Halo event that night our the cab there our back it was 80 miles an hour to miles an hour 8 miles an hour we did the same math and so I was nervous about getting bad to get back to London I take a train to London I was leaving from France going to the Chunnel what is the name for a creature in a cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller something like that Candlestick play singing in the shower. We're safe I've never tried doing it so checking this is in the chorus when you're traveling internationally dug up really early like I do every day was super early for me and then like getting up get up and go there I got a 5 a.m. bus at like 8:15 and out of the hotel by like 5:50 in Oregon the train to get to London to the train station there and then take what was the underground at Gus's that has all the way across one they didn't want to get you I don't give myself enough time to catch my flight early to do that in the morning here's what I did I walk down was nice hotel I enjoyed it very much it came at the recommendation I wasn't even Hotel recommendation mr. Troy Baker friend of ours lovely it so everything is great I'm walking up past the front desk and I think I'm going to check out I'm in a rush I'm going to check out because it is in the hotels best interest to know when guests leave what do I just walk out and clean the room yeah then we got to figure out like 2 hours after you've gone they're gone now we can go get a room to somebody else so I think it's a nice courtesy to stop and do check out and I want to check it or leave it wasn't huge you been in that boat why the fuck do they punish you by making that process so fucking crazy to check out or tell you I'm leaving so my rooms free and then you got to go to like this in this is getting there any bars like I walk out of hotels all the time and don't check out it nothing goes wrong but have you ever heard of what you're going to do for me if I just walk best you ever had this is you say I want to check out okay and they like print the bill and they had it too and they're like does that look correct yes ok and throw that away and what you doing like the photo that was just that was just the invoice. Limpet the actual receipt out for you brother I really take out of hotels usually just walk out to walk out and not check out I think so right so I should put that out of my head I'm out the door usually just drop the keys in the the key drop off some is having some places or leave them in the room and then I'm done. Sometimes there's this time hotel to like Express checkout we just write your room number on an envelope and put your keys in there and drop it off I'm leaving walk out there but if I do it's usually just like okay well you've already put a card down turn into the house for good and I'm like trying to get an Uber is like 15 minutes to get out right tell from the front desk subreddit people who work Hotel front desk it's one of my favorites the hallway going to the elevator and housekeeping's like working the room like 3 Doors Down for me and you like what by you like take a look at him because you are my little side I what the fuck are people doing in their hotel room it's fucking in other people's always bottles of booze like you to be raw Rev Run's of it you can just go to the hotel rooms and just like party like maniacs normal hotel room with the bed in the wall you know it doesn't paint house I have a ball another question about room service in times when I'm staying at Hotel phone number of days and I don't want room service most days I breathe housekeeping thing about myself a Native American on the Halo LIC yeah because I was surrounded by a bunch of English people nice I got a point of the only Native American hear Frankie was like yeah makes sense in context but it was my hotel room and housekeeping is doing some other room and I'm leaving to go do you want us to clean it and then fight me on it and I might not making your day a little nearby not writing to service my room I have this on my door and everything like that red thing in your rooms at the strings the red strings accessibility yeah still like me why did you pull the red string lights followed by the toilet and there's one by the shower and I was like looking at it for a while and I was like a zoo for like hanging things and then I just like pulled it and ended light of the top just immediately would like flashing red and there was a race to find the phone in the room but my room didn't have a phone and then like not a minute later a guy from the front desk he okay yeah fucking bullshit up there if I was worried sick dude you're an idiot when you stay at the hotel in London I refuse to the same one as I guess did you order room service at any point two or three nice and we got the greatest room service person of all time very jolly he was a short kind of doubt like rosy-cheeked guy and he was just like old hello I'm coming with your room service I don't know what accent it was but he was so jelly and then he's like are you working today and we be like oh yeah we have work cuz it was the connection Migos bad habits are very bad habit and he was like Trevor's vary like very stir up and she's like jauntily walking when she's in so I don't know if this is a bad thing but without feeling something and I ordered room service to see if I would get the guy again basically likes is the only reason I ordered it with him and so when I heard the knock at the door I pressed but I recorded him on my phone not video just audio and hopes of like getting him and I don't know if it'll be playing but there's a soccer match on and I had ordered a burger and a beer and he was just like now I opened the best part but beer and you like cracks it up and you got a nice meal of beer and football so happy man I'll play it for you later. I love that man is just like a state of mind you know I do it just like I was explaining know that like he got food services he was doing and he Traverse City Lake Washington go down the hallway and he said as soon as he hit the corner it's like he just went to regular me Tipton well well that's the thing she would I do feel like when I'm places where there's no tipping they expect Americans to tip still which is I get American Stephanie once I put it presents a lot of problems like every fucking cab that I went into in France their credit card machine didn't work because went right because of the credit card machine works and I use my contact lenses tap or whatever but I'm not getting out cash and just saying I'll just keep the rest of it and you're fucking credit card machine doesn't work snack before they get in the car with you because then they're in the car you like I don't have cash what do we do now what did you do did mention this before but what are you guys going I think what makes you think I'm turning $120 in cash to go to JFK Airport from Manhattan I'm just caring that amount of money what did use the credit card and I started talking I think you hear my accent he was like oh are card machines not working it was like okay so then I like whips it out and on the receipt so like 12 lb and he was like they'll be 12 lb of cocaine and he said I had my Bulldog is a cab that's its 16 lb equals to 12 lb needs a service charge and I was like yeah I know it says on the receipt is 12 lb said yeah well it's for you know customer service to Janelle like a customer service and was like your customer service is just take the money it was like the most confusing thing ever had the only negative experiences in what was otherwise an amazing trip to London lovely lovely people like I had a lot of bad service if you got the money they're going to tip and everything happens every two times I've been to London again for another 20-30 minutes yeah we had dinner on the last night and we ask for water 5 times I'll just walk away 20 minutes later no one comes back I see the person we ask for water they're just standing there looking around I wonder if I'm an easy mark because my back literally says American tourister on it I'm just walk out or just call if you like I'm getting off the phone in 5 seconds I'm leaving the hotel right now I also never turn on TV in my room and it was a weird thing that was taking place when I see this happen for you guys to Bourne Mass Choir this year sometimes they'll give us rooms downtown right! So we don't you go back and forth our cars because we go to like the hotel where they put it in the Fairmount was right across from the original Annabelle stay there every time I left my room or when they came in like just the normal service the room they then also turned on the TV and I was like why would you I have never I haven't turn TV on in a hotel I wish hotels didn't have TVs honestly it seems like it's a waste of space really what you do so I just like having something on to kind of keep me company for a long time I seen you have like Netflix or you know whatever it is on TV like you've never view your bill or do I just checked out yet cuz all that stuff is not sit in any encrypted form and other people in other rooms if they know what they're doing can see what I got here. You logout of wife I make sure you're not just computers not discoverable I can't believe there's nothing about my iPhone indicate what it is that I own it or anything like that I did what's the thing that I often look at and it's surprised it hasn't lived with huge breach in some way somebody when you rent a car some people connect the Bluetooth to the car to play the music and then it also grabs all your fucking contacts and grabs your address book because it's like the phone functionality like a call Barbara call Barbara Duncan stack it wants to be able to do that for just grabs all your fucking contacts listed there in the records and see it depends on the car depend on the software what time you going to go like though here's Jamal's iPhone and you can click on it like oh here's all your most contacts to use man who is Jennifer Hudson let's talk to her I would like when there's like a outlet charger available like on like a plane or car I don't use it cuz it's just like I don't know what's connected via USB I like a like a plug-in trust use those as much as anybody I don't use the USB or send them like I need power have to trust the device is a trusted device or not and then click the wrong thing and I got shit up you give a shit out of me when I was a kid I thought that the internet would be the end of the world actually isn't there a Spider-Man game it's so good and I were talking about what they want me to tell Nick to do next because of Sunset Overdrive spoderman Trinity Insomniac there's a suit that's not a lockable in Spider-Man there's a suit but hurry iconic Spider-Man suit that's not unlockable and Spider-Man Iron Spider I haven't gotten to it yet the black and white there's a suit called The Secret War suit in Spider-Man does not spoil it all these just unlockables that you can put on your dude and it's a really awesome other people making videos of you get one that just makes your guy a car to give me a shirtless Spider-Man yeah they have a spider suit called The Secret War suit for the secret Wars suit that where Spider-Man got the Symbiote that was in the first Secret Wars he got it from a machine they gave anime costumes black costume with the white spider on it which then in the way I switch them became Venom because it was the alien and he thought it was just a really cool suit for a didn't need web shooters stuff that again is rebooted Marvel Comics like 50 billion times so maybe there's a different Secret Wars and that's the street from that sings Waiting for the Venom movie to come out and smash all box office records it makes me sad to see that has venom does it matter we're less than 3 weeks away at this point from Red Dead Redemption 2 and I just think that's going to fucking take over everything that's going to be such a good fucking so much confidence in a game coming out this can be incredible that like the next Elder Scrolls is going to be like you might stay there places games for years don't like technology to where the horses testicles will change size based on the climate of Gatsby talk to me about that for way too long she was like girl I feel like I do need to mention the tiki mugs are finally going to be in the store just in time for your September you can get your tomorrow which is Tuesday so if you're watching this live is tomorrow if you watching this already pre-taped what an advantage for being a first member is that now they got the inside line then you can go on the internet can you share that information if you want to or you keep it yourself when I told you close to Arizona Circle please do by Lisa that's out right now first members and we're needing subscriber first member sign ups because it could get us a full season of The Show by Ezra so yeah you guys are everyone is so great in that show thank you yeah police squad Cameo Lakeline like four or five different lines when I was there and that's because it I based it on a version of the script that I had read that was very absurd like that yeah like we're Lawrence as can I see him now remember that to that make the final cut character Rodriguez doctor can I see me now the Ducks just know your eyes are closed and then Cuts Lawrence's I said I came in so I felt like it was very much in tune with that I'm glad they kept it and I was very grateful never felt a pop belly and everything like that can you just go flatten them a little bit on the side what happened inside of you what happens to Bobby women and check it out and these sticky bugs are they got right dat Customs customary call Jada throwing a camera by y'all