#512 - Blaine Snotrockets a Wishbone

Join Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, and Blaine Gibson as they discuss show binging, toilets, Marvel movies, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-512

Recorded: 2018-10-02 19:00:00

Runtime: 01:33:29 (5609.95 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson


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Com a no-brainer get 15% off pair of the most comfortable and he's ever put on this episode Alfa brought you by Blue Apron I invested in a bunch of these belts there they all like belts that like the Boy Scouts for the kind was it through the scout belt yeah like I swear this in Cub Scouts so when I bought it all the comments nostalgic and they ended up being like the best cheapest belt imaginable and you didn't miss anything awana's church that is the church version of Boy Scouts with out any of the fun stuff the boys I think we did not pass inspection I lasted a lifetime I was thinking of a conifer and that's about the end of my Skype I wish I could have been and stuff if you sold enough popcorn which ones are equivalent to Girl Scout cookies Boy Scouts will popcorn dogshit compared to what are you sold enough you could get a Swiss army knife knife sets of that Swiss army knife and I got home did you eat all the popcorn yourself I mean back in that day yeah that's on the the panels you did about being fit and stuff at RTX I mean about the good habits we have now prevent the former fat cells that we all possess inside of us did you know when I was a baby I was so fat I couldn't walk well how long did this last bit less so I'd have a physical therapist cuz I would love to walk La Quinta the age when a child should start learning how to walk and make the transition crawling to walking what you guys think you should learn to walk by 1 or 1 and 1/2 did you answer that way I don't really know I'm only basing it off of experience range of time and that's about right there 2 day 3 wheels my diapers I like even more proper speech than I do with an adult I believe you mean d i p e is stinky what physical therapist for a I would like to purchase thank you for it to get to a point where they were worried you weren't walking you have been like two at that point probably like what you wanted to happen to you Michelin man I would definitely like that was a little Butterball really fucking dumb because you know the game operations yeah. It was real little plastic pieces and I remember yeah and I I took the fun either was the which phone has the wishbone is the u-shaped one and I stuck up my nose and my parents were like it's freezing out like my mom was at home babysitting me my dad was at football practice and she's like we got to get plane to the hospital we got to go to the emergency room he's going to miss things up in his nose and they were like they addressed it I think they might have done X-rays and they're like we're going to have to operate like we're going to have to get this out of his nose and they were going to have to cause an incision like up here in my nose cuz he was caught up there and then apparently I was just like Oh you mean this and then I got it but they couldn't reach in there they were too afraid to reach in there with plier like so they were down and stuff like that and then I just like to sit there in the back of the head whenever they have put you under yeah some kid world on kid that's funny you said you were a super fat baby because you have been developed into a very tall very little biodome and then but the rest of the lanky my brother's exact same way he was just around like just in there were there was no part of his body that went in at 8 and he was that way for until he was like 2 and then now he's like this Jack Skellington like character of like just hide and never gain weight ever again you take offense when I showed you what you look like in the million dollars but cartoons you take offense to help how you looked I don't know if we can get a reference of it but I remember like we were making it like Silhouettes are big thing in cartoons and I'm only just tell everybody animation cuz I'm just now starting to look directly so there's like a bunch of shit I don't know about River Like Bernie cuz that's how I picture Bernie both you and I was like Jack Skellington kind of tall but I also wanted you to slouch and I kind of wanted to have a little bit of pain so that's all right and and I think I showed it to you I should Bernie he's a guy I like and I didn't know if I heard of the other chance whatsoever that Blaine with his severe insecurities inability to read into stuff too much red into whatever you did too much impossible I feel like it would be harder to animate like the girls at this company I guess there's like there's a lot of guys who have a very distinct kind of looks to the developing cartoon characters for RTX is helping and we Enter the Dragon Boy Tobin Drew you and then we'll be on there in a Min develops Baltimore cares me to Creighton so we made a lease and was a whole thing of like all right be very simplified character version of characters version how do you make at least look not like you and it's very simplistic things that are different at your hair and even that clothing wise but you can put all the girls in white shirts and so is that like yes we do look very similar but first like you can tell it's me because I'm wearing one of my shirts with a white we also added Ashley and so Ashley is another slim average height blond-haired no woman can feel like movements is like an important part of cartoons to others there's just got a little Dorito shave their that isn't quite as I would make her like you like fun cartoon character that make a spastic still image correct what Ashley would be like a graceful like we were making exaggerated versions of the people we were trying to stick to this very particular style guide of a character said it wasn't like we could make Barbie look super crazy weird and then at least something else but maybe not dry you that went we made characters who do we draw on I think I feel bad about it now I don't care who cares hey Tobin you watch the podcast Rob Lane he's playing ping-pong with like when the moment he's watching his podcast this moment stand right behind him and then turn around turn around watching Raising Arizona Diamondback catalog wise blood cells trading at right now he's actually working on the the extra life poster and it looks fucking thing about the like there's no likes to be early we're defining features that the blonde haired women at this company have that they were like you don't like a scar or language phone number to hear right behind it's like once every couple months mega64 their official Twitter account once a month more than once a month for official Twitter account tweets out in quotation want to know how I got these scars and quotations name the movie also why so serious we bought one of the toy boys I don't know about the thing that we went to this weekend collectively that I kind of like a personal thing you got married this weekend what are you talking about I've done that before and I always get a Sinking Feeling getting into a relationship with another person they had to publicly announce it yet and then they're both like and I was like I cannot right now and it looks like I got sick anyways baby teacup with Eric so I remember I go to the bar I'll be across the room away from the Dance Floor a new song would kick on and then here just like dancing to beat songs what's funny is that I've I've I've known Eric for a period of time a large. Which we would share Booth space and still makes Ford assisting where they open Play Music and have dance parties midday just to get people to the lyrics dancing and dance style but to watch everyone's reaction at the wedding too now discovering that Eric is a phenomenal dancer yeah I just like so entertaining ever like it's like discovering the really quiet shy I'd like nerdy guy at work is actually like oh he's not going to rock band surprising realization looks like Eric dance well and then he would give you props for your dance he'd be like during the 1990s cocaine commercial okay in 1990s cooking experience in any fucking like I was like look around and have a great time and he's gone and you just Irish goodbye and was like you have to do it like the coolest you just like just ghosted and like a fucking boss so he brought you up wherever you're at has a really big fan over here very much you don't stick around and tell people you're leaving at a wedding cuz they never want you to stay you just go like 30 GB I say one goodbye and that's under my breath as I'm stepping out the door Irish goodbye is actually a lot more Curious than going on saying goodbye to everyone because when you stop a party or wedding or whatever it is to say goodbye to each individual person in group you're basically saying like stop what you're doing to acknowledge that I am the energy of what's happening right now for me and I never really thought of it that way I was taught that I was rude if I left without saying goodbye but whole reaction and then everyone cried before the underground I never thought about it if you like Ninja Turtles the show Arizona circl has sketch about to watch it now and sign up for squares and circles congrats by the way congrats guys you did it you sign up for first membership and is Arizona circl become a thing of everyone involved in Arizona circl Barbara but I'll always think you guys give me a beer oh no I like beer I like drinking beer I like beer okay sometimes I enjoy this sometimes I do too much so I am good grades cut off I have seen it's a it's a drinking game find Fletcher's fuck me because I have the Magic Touch we all like beer supposed to drink too much for politicizing this podcast jerk jerk snatch your podcast playing Just everything's Lanez talk to the jerk I was telling Gus before the bike I started that I said yes I am a 34 year old man who has children and a divorce and my mom is last month I had my birthday sent me $50 for my birthday and at some point I wonder if it's ever going to end or if she is going to do it see my grandmother does that she always be my brother going on there somewhere circus happening on the left side of the circus is called Blaine what did she do alcohol on it is that what it's called live alone how do you live alone I like beer with you for like a week yeah that's why I love the the soft eviction and I gave you and give me a soft emoticon confrontational I was out of town like you basically told me to get the fuck out of your house that's find somewhere else to live you fucking hobo he doesn't have a home trial thing but what help are you you left I dressed as straight as I do the last approved for me the day before you're trying to figure out something to wear your like which looks like the outfit us to trick I would wear anything you would pick boiler wasn't sure for a second I didn't have my makeup on you okay yeah I know it's something someone sent this to me on social media okay I don't know but I've been getting spammed by a bunch of fucking robots lately but what is it the title of the article is living aircraft horn will change the way you look at airplanes forever way way way way way way way way way that sentence again living aircraft will change the way you look at airplanes forever having right now is that this is people dressed up as airplanes making porn or is it pouring put it or living aircraft are planes reimagined as sexual be actually a lot for the kids and everything and I think the kids like slowly turning into airplanes on the covers with me I hate I hate I hate I hate my group super Bazaar Canada hey I'm not one to keep saying keychains but this is a little out there that gets better taken off how much does a guy in which case he has a good body wait so where does the port come in a row this is all I saw I am there was no nudity in this site for like the mask everything seems pretty like I'm scared to cut through cuz I don't know what's going to happen so like the guy that made this cartoon or video video or whatever what does he do when he gets on an airplane does he just like lose Airport people need to stop with no matter what you're into you're going to find someone else to do it also have you seen a picture of the guy dressed up as like a anamorphic that's right where was it the orphanage from work and where you humanize an animal dolphin yeah yeah it's pretty it's out there man away from me know something is wrong with Blaine but we should just keep the camera on to see what happens. No matter what. We cut to get a picture in picture of lame I know you can do that boost in there trying to figure it out right now on camera the entire podcast torture that is my everything about this you didn't know rest at some Big Trouble in Little China have you paid your dues yes sir the check is in the mail it so I don't think they're 20 years my Blaine. Just for like another 5 minutes what is the other hand they always touching every one of my writers start over the weekend I'm finished if I started watching maniac on Netflix I think either Barbara Blaine to talk to me about it last Monday There's A friend of mine start washing and who said it was great it's good I've watched about 5 episode so far and Emma Stone and don't tell me no I didn't even think that they weren't super bad together I didn't even know I did not even it's it's anyway I just got it it's weird and I think if I had to describe it it would be like if Being John Malkovich Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is like some Film School major don't get that kind of person that it doesn't take very much for you to like start a show like that and then you just you're fine with finishing the whole like I can drop off if you don't care for it yeah it takes a lot I have to think that I'm going to like it before I start it cuz I don't want to start it and be like that is really middling and then have to stop it I'm saying is that like if you started watching maniac and you got 4 episodes in and it was okay do you is okay enough for you just you you all go ahead and finish the whole thing I turn in someone who doesn't do that even if something is like I'm enjoying I usually just drop off shows now I had to drop off that show is so based on Pablo and you like the new cascara cuz I was difficult because they went from like one really enigmatic villain to like this organization do you latch on to one of the characters instead of dealing with like the villains they have like the one guy who's like possibly turning know I guess didn't get that far bridge between the two sides the guy that's working for the CIA or whatever you're not what he was the guy that played the dude who drove past call Pedro Pascal fucking love that guy I was seeing everything but like he just couldn't carry for me I liked him more than the other dude and the Four Seasons of narcos the guy was in the City Thunders movie I seen the sequel to have on Tuesday or what happened to money that's a good one I only get away too much but that it's basically a so it's it's sometime in the future just opium future where the world is very overpopulated so everyone is basically only allowed to have one child that's right and if you have multiples are in or 20 whatever they take one away to be cryogenically frozen until the future where there's no overpopulation problems or anything like that but there's a family that has septuplets and the grandfather of these babies tries to keep them hidden and names of each active day of the week and only one to go out like money to go out on Monday Tuesday on Tuesday I need to spell living one person's life fancy lights like a 2-hour movie and so we stopped it halfway through to go to bed and I'm like maybe that drags on a little bit like you feel like this person is constantly running away from this and doing that and what if they had had a baby so he was enough 8 days of the week thank you I'll get over it Eric how old are you I'm 32 during the 1990s cocaine commercial that said which way did you watch the trailer for Holmes and Watson I did wasn't into it I'm not it's almost like it's the same movie again that they always make but now they're Sherlock Holmes and Watson did you see it it's Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson electric Ray Fiennes name is not Moriarty it's a someone else everything else there Watson and Holmes a little too dumb hey what's up where talk to him the second yeah I know I don't know I think I'm burned out on that hole like straight comedy genre I'm fine with saying that I haven't gone to see like a straight comedy movies like that in forever and enjoyed it to any degree like I best there may be things you put on from HBO or something just to pass one stop playing yeah you watching a plane but it's like this whole like the Baywatch that like kind of movie that came out and it was the game night game night was the one that was the latest comedy movie that I just fucking hate up I was like oh yeah I love that movie like there's no hook for any of these movies are like a mass amount of like it's fun it's like clue it slithered you know they're questioning like if it's a game or like what exactly is a crime like turns fun day watches like yeah that's that's why we rebooted I tried watching that I got about 20 minutes before I turn it off yeah what is not Jack that wasn't a jack I don't horrible anymore just based on true story and it's like the guys was based on his anyway yeah how are you doing I'm doing good John sounds like your cousin I'm here to talk about extra life a little bit earlier I talked about making the poster with this Thursday so this Thursday October 4th from 6 p.m. central till 10 p.m. central what are we doing a recruitment stream so we're looking people to join the rooster teeth teams as I think the third year we've done this and I yeah so if you want to join come watch us at work hey how you doing how you doing just talked to the chat and do whatever I try to get people to join my asking for donations you want to make a donation to be fantastic we don't have to just yet right now we're going to be able to join the team Rooster Teeth but the way it works is you would actually have your own sub team and enjoying the rooster teeth super team so like if you and a group of people like in Vermont want to raise money for local hospital there or Hawaii or Florida wherever you want you can do that you can raise money for your locals your Children's Hospital Children's Hospital Arizona sorry that's how it works anyway so check it out on Thursday from 6 until 10 then November 3rd and 4th yes November 3rd and 4th is going to be the RT Community stream where we are at getting tons of different Community groups from all over 25 different groups doing 25 hours of streaming for divorce basically going to be pointing our camera at different streams all over the world showing off what different groups are doing and then we'll be throwing back to here and say hi to everyone and you know see how things are going here and remind people that on November 10th and 11th is the big rooster teeth extra life stream and holy crap it's going to be a good one we will a lot of stuff planned we have a budget this year which is exciting and fun yay so pretty good and showing off some Klonopins which I'm excited talk about because the other pen set this year we're doing something new with it we've never done before we've got the poster and the T-shirt obviously you're coming back with a single pin that I'm very excited for you and I we might be doing a limited edition for the first time ever a limited edition run I'd like a hundred of one other thing that relates to the theme it'll make sense when we talk about it publicly so anyways to be very cool but that being said this Thursday come check it out from 6 until 10 Central streaming getting people to join your team and then yeah it's going to be lots of fun I'll be writing journal. It's so if you have any questions feel free to ask there I'll be going there and I so excited I'm going to be here this year I miss last year blame you you've been like it every single one of the mass of one what I think it was 6 years ago it was you me and Katie and you weren't in turn and we started up that stream the three of us as we ran for like 2 hours for anyone else showed up kicked it off and I was awesome yeah that that was also yeah that was like as an intern being a part of that and in just like kind of transition from the community into the company was the most heartwarming experience extra light comes around it's like recharges my battery's like my love for the community like my desire to make could constant for you guys because it's just like it's the family even though it's Reigns's that's technically I'm dead tired but yeah because like a couple times now cuz like you were an intern then it was like okay this guy he's going to make it and I remember when miles was the very first Jack said he was in town it was like who is this kid is like he's got to be an easier to be working here and so it's just cold as you guys can go on from there to grab me where you are now so yeah I'm happy you're here you know constantly bring me into the involved like a huge pleasure this Thursday and also if you guys going to be on if you're welcome to come on 610 hang out play video games or whatever she'll just getting people ever going to tease other stuff for doing so. Post your PIN other stuff cuz I don't see any of the posters are supposed to wear the same day I decided about ideas of like what we do we came up for like the next 4 years where the posters yeah it's it's like a Game of Thrones style world map but then we did that we did the theme park map last year so it's kind of like a little too close I'm so I was like alright we're not doing that yeah maybe you can poster I freaked out when it is going to be cool. Maybe Gus big round baby. I think everyone see you later when he was telling the people the time for the stream this Thursday at one point he said yes 6 p.m. central to 10 p.m. Central and I like the idea of someone's on some it's 6 p.m. central to 8 p.m. Pacific Mexican dude I am still like kind of jet lag from just saw the travel but I'm totally working into my favorite cuz like now I'm a boring person without that can we we came down from that very quickly but the first couple days of coming back from London we are waking up at like 7 a.m. just naturally and it's like to do with the day yeah I got up at 5:30 cool well I don't sleep in but I don't know when I made that change if I wake up early there's less people out and get more stuff done I love oh yeah I'm old I'm old now and I I go to sleep like at 10 and I get up at like 5:36 it's wonderful what a person now how to change it I think it's just like sometimes like you know you realize like after a certain hour in the night like everything is closed there's not a lot to do except for like yeah because something is very slow yeah there's just not a lot going on but you wake up early in the morning like oh my coffee shops are open and I can go and experience go to the gym yeah I've been working out like I did it all the way and then tonight I'm going to go more crowded in the morning or in the evening after work is the most crowded time like they're like pretty empty in the mornings if I go when I go to the gym be there by like 7 and it like at the climbing gym and it's just like me and my two other dudes not even seeing each other in the morning for people to go workout before work but it's still early enough for you haven't had like the lunch rush around like there still people there in the mid morning as bad as like after work after work is just sometimes if I procrastinate I would just keep pushing gym but like I can't let myself go to bed until I worked out like it's a non-negotiable we got to do it but sometimes I find myself working out at like 1 or 2 a.m. we should just a fucking worse than your wires in your life never seems like you can't get to bed so like now I'm eliminating up problems regret ever worked out drunk ever had a couple beers and then go to work why do guys get 26 then I got to duck out and then I went to my sister it's like I feel like I'm able to do like more it's it's less painful but it's also like dangerous Ryan's like I mean it's not super healthy you know there's one guy working out High crazy anyone shut the fuck up about it so now I now I relate intoxication and working out with that guy and I don't want to see it's getting bigger until it happened to me when I was a trainer and I was doing pull-ups and I like get down and I'm looking in the mirror and I go oh my God what's wrong with my arms he's like you got the pump and I think they felt like they were twice the size of a normal am I very tender to the touch I just want to like walk around like this the rest of the day that night we were just talking about that climbing the part of your body that gets work the most is from the elbow down your forearms just get completely solid in your hands yet if it sounds like your forearm boners boners like your arms look like legs and I was like so happy about that from RTX London you may absolutely I guess so after you know collie time with my good friend Blaine and my good friend Gus I'm sorry that I have to go to the hospital I know you did only time I got I got to spend time with you I sat next to you and then you said I don't feel good and cuz I was just had two tables and I was like I'm going to go to the bathroom if I'm not back in about 7 minutes just text me just in case nobody moment the bonding over maybe should take a little trip to Paris for my first time ever going to France and a few of us went to design and park it got really Saigon what you tell me about my trip to visit my parents tell me about my way out there I like to go to Paris someday I see your story please. I was really looking forward to being French Pirates the whole way up on the ride in the end the whole like at the beginning she always was in French and like that the opening like they even had a like Davy Jones part and he was in French voice and the rest the pirates of the holding her French and then I got the part where they cut to the song the song cut to the English version it wasn't the French version I wanted the French version nobody went there but no so went to Disneyland Paris was Johnny Depp animatronic like smoking a cigarette he was the animatronic was there but it was also in English it was just trying to voice was French usually wear like the park switch around for English to French at weird times when I think that are are more recognizable like songs especially they just a true probably should have the fireworks show the fireworks show had French versions and English first like it start off with a bunch of French stuff and then it cut 2 * 4 bus to English then cut the all French song and then it ends with a bunch of English when does the show wasn't one language the show did pick the park was that your first off The Parkers and close at 8:30 which is a bit early theme park to close but it was like pseudo getting into the school hours at you know ball X bedtime soon and early but then like as it got close to 8:30 and I'm talking close by like 530 stuff started shutting down and like 3 hours before shutting down and at one point a few of the people wanted to go in teacups with me and Tony being the old man could not going to because it take a sick and so we went to go wander to find some food and then see if there's any other rides we couldn't find food it was at like it was 5 there's like six food time all the food places are close we could not find an open food place in the in the Park area I'll be on like the Main Street area but I was like okay once I got teacups I was like okay I have one I have my one request the one right I want to ride my fair ride isn't it so weird right person I love to train a design it's traffic takes you around goes around the park I love it and you know it and I loved it at this park I'm like Disney World is like Disneyland where there's like a Grand Canyon part of the train ride and you go through like the dinosaur like that and I love that we go to get on the train and we couldn't find any at all the train stops are closed up the train closed at 5:55 so it's 2 and 1/2 hours plus 5 minutes before the park close they start to correct I like the way I said it better to eat before the park close and asked me like it got closer and closer to like even like eight everything we should close as you got closer close to the main street as though they were just like we're good is that correct or not but that's fine but yes it was strange that everything just like stop I remember I went there once I remember everything smells like fried chicken legs and beer really and urine smells a little pissy out here that sucks yeah I don't know how it smelled but it's fine it's okay first you smell of pee smell like wee wee stop laughing at him are you telling me we've had that sound effect and it's never been used on me yeah thank you claim just got that bad they find a barber on if I start looking for it was explained to him going with his French accent that was a good joke thank you I approve what is my favorite Simpsons jokes when Lisa accidentally goes into the French classroom and they all start last episode of podcast is also brought to you by Blue Apron blueprint is great you choose Chef design recipes they deliver fresh season inspired ingredients and you cook incredible meals in as little as 20 minutes. For quick and easy recipe options with insanely delicious flavors the perfectly portioned ingredients are set right to your door whether you're looking for quick and easy meals or a full culinary cooking Spears boyfriend lets you choose my range of recipe options experience the joy of new recipes with cooking great meals with none of the hassle no more worrying about finding the lights the grocery store I hate it directly to you you can make delicious meals like tomato and basil pesto Pizza stir fried sweet chili chicken and seared steaks all from the comfort of your own home so check out this week's menu get your first three meals free at Blue dot-com RoosterTeeth Let's Play friend.com receipt to get your first three meals free Blue Apron a better way to cook you know I love the Blue Apron service don't have to go to the grocery store if they send you the food I told you to cook the food you cook the food you eat the food easy you got to eat anyway it'll do it at the moment on RT talk for a while and I'm told I can finally talk about it at London and we talked very broadly about it but I saw the first cut of it today this afternoon I think it's coming together really well about immigration into the United States but it's framed as like the story of my family since you know my parents immigrated to the United States it's like showing immigration as it stands today and also showing like with me like what if what can happen as a result of immigration office but yeah exactly and I we spent a lot of time working on the border like looking for people and talking to people and at one point in 3 days I drove 1013 miles up and down the texas-mexico border and I got to spend a huge project and I think it's it's going to be coming out hopefully in the next month or so I don't know I don't think we have an exact release date yet but I think maybe in a month or so it might be ready to listen to little more serious than some of the other ones slapstick humor moments player on the border talking about 22 days with his daughter from Guatemala to find the comedy of that contains no that's sweet I don't know what's an end up in the Final Cut or what's not I don't want to talk to specifically about that button but I think it's safe to say no partially about it but in the interviews like a lot of people to company who can come from different yeah I saw a lot of that as well I didn't think it was weird to grow up next to another country can you resume normal I'm in the usual way to Canadians get it though wink Ultron a couple years ago I was like oh I could just drive to Niagara Falls not far at all cuz I could be wrong but I think my Charles 3 hours away from the border of the population density of the population density map of Canada would be almost an exact opposite of the population population density of American population is pushed to the west or east coast yeah and yours is all just pushed down to the bottom you get higher up it's like it's not that we have a population density that's close to your border yeah it's that we're all supposed to say but you're like right up against our top loader on it with these International references and offending every other country out there know you talked about it enough to talk about how every country in the world if they feel he said that that's what he was going for after the fact she said that's not the reaction I was expecting wow that's impressive I just saw he claimed that in there two years they've done more than any other Administration that's a weird things to be aware there's a delay on people who claim that that's what you were going for two after the fact that you want people to laugh at that with what about that sentence implies a joke of any source did you like beer though he doesn't there's a lot going on tonight news in other news I saw that you are finally being fined for his he's being with her Out for a Rip. We're right at first did it when he said he was going to take the company private that's right that's what it was $20 and he was personally find 20 million dollars and you can no longer be on vacation try to give you a call like after 3 years I think he have a company's net worth according to Google please set 20 million 20 billion million find when you have net worth mine pops up there and is so insanely not accurate that I don't know how whoever made this site that I want it please tell him I like my my car from 2012 about this and one bedroom apartment please tell me how to get to Aspen to this and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment on my own for $2 check and it's like if I am worth that much should I be asking for more the sites that I should be it doesn't wear his holy shit it's okay yeah oh well Gavin could be accurate who knows what is the nearest not list me at all but I keep looking at Ray Bans and like my brain to the thing where I was like Ray Bans $200 worth $200 that's accurate was very accurate for my student debt to that conclusion yeah that that that stuff don't don't put any stock into that even though I just looked up you on a day in my apartment and it'll come with me regardless of where I move whenever I move it's like you're coming with me it's the toilet seat itself I need to get one of those toilets in Japan dokkan be really intimidating that's what you're talking about like there's so many buttons and options I was always afraid to touch any of that I push them all know when it happens give me the ice creams cuz I was like I was expecting it but there was nothing that could have prepared me for that and then there was another time where I was curious if there was like a sensor that since a butt and if it like have like a are you searching for your asshole so I press the button when I wasn't sitting on it in the water just shot at the wall and we went to like a dim-sum shop in someone came back in the restroom said that the toilet was the day so I Milly excuse myself to go use the restroom public to use one in Japan at hotel at the public beach near me 50 to 600 people your fine petting 50 assholes if there was like an asshole targeting system on it it's like that Rick and Morty thing was I could have my design for you pass the butter unless you find butthole identify where the butthole is I was totally just take that from that country if I could also a relation right and I went to night where's the sound no take it back music to my ears like a violin for Beth's Cafe little violin so I had to look for toilets recently did you call me after I went to the toilet store I want to go next time I thought I was going to walk in there it is a building the size of stage 5 this is filled with different toilet why are there this many toilets cuz it should be I walked by one and as I walk by like the lid automatically opened and it started glowing blue what are the bottom is it called at school baby started playing music what the hell is this thing I looked at it $14,000 then you got it know what the fuc the net worth is not right you're going to get like a $14,000 buys that toilet what's the budget for extra life and can we spend it on a toilet parently Brad Pitt like there there's laws in Japan and one of the laws is like you can't leave with more than two toilets or something like that or maybe there's like a limit to how much you can bring back merchandise you know what happens all that shit but apparently every time Brad Pitt goes to Japan he brings back in like two toilets I would do that how many toilets does Brad Pitt have there is not enough I've never bought Brad Pitt toilet video you know that's a lot of toilet. To every time you can you do did you buy a toilet that takes the contractor has to buy it it's the whole thing give me a range of how much it was going to cost my toilet is I want to say I don't spend several more than $14,000 $280 to dollars toilet did you graduate you get one that's like just your standard toilet or did you like look for anything in specific the thing that we wanted was you know how I normally when you sit on the toilet behind it is like that bend that you can see on the side and 101 that was smooth on the side that covered up that band that we don't feel like dust it or clean that the little like face all the way across Western a smart man has been playing his work apparently I know I had I have to have something there when I poop I have a little trash can in front of the toilet when I'm at a hotel so I can put my legs up on it. It just needs to you that your diet does more in deciding how well you poop more than the position of your legs because it does nothing for my fire more elevated go cuz it's like it's like when once I changed my diet around and starting a lot more clean now I poop like a God damn whenever I've never had to do this before how to report my neighbor's recently that was in my in my hole because they we do Valley garbage service you know where you leave your trash can out and people go by and have that up it's it's not I never use it I don't know why I think constantly anyways these guys have their trash can out and it's been out for like what feels like 4 or 5 Days by it's smell and I literally have like four of my nose this morning on my way back from the gym I was like I looked into it and it was like a quarter of the way filled with some sort of brown liquid and I don't know if it was like sewage or vomit or spilt bike food and beer but I had to like report it cuz it smells so fucking terrible I went they just take it to the dumpster I don't know anything is like I'm pretty sure I've seen the people that live there and they're like their nurses or something like something that's really something gross in there maybe but it's like it's like a job that you would think would require cleanliness and and not leaving your bra sewage out in the hallway and they leave their like cardboard or their trash out in the hallway taking it to the the dumpster it's like you just dirtying up everyone's space you forgot to do something yeah I think I didn't put out a candle to burn a candle in my house today because plan does have a have no more can you live with you or you going to light a candle and leave it unattended home is instant so I guess it's it burns out eventually it's still it's kind of Hazzard I think I turned out cuz yeah cuz I considered doing you know if your tongue that be cool but if you do that I will need you to film it film and just send it to me there's a movie I saw you come back to you just so you know the metal man came from the future and it was making any was all beef you must lie in Blaine can be that Sunday someday pictures oh yeah if you took him breaking his current hair color whatever it is how old is he I want to say if I take 4 or 77 and explode in here up in the 70s 71 71 yeah yeah he was supposed to be the new Predators but apparently he turned it down because he didn't have his big of a role you wanted but yeah. The Terminator franchise like I feel like I've rebooted it three times at the time I was pretty perfect and all the narratives go together really well the guy that's directing it I don't know they're bringing back 19 yeah she's running some sort of like fundraiser something like he's like doing some campaigned in German during and you can win a chance to go out and still in this number or hang out with them. I will set and I are probably going to enter in that cuz when I get off work herbal Endeavor any gerrymandering but I don't get too political but he was a republican he ran like a republican governor of California and supporting gerrymandering by the way I would take whichever party it has a control invented the client wants the when the lines are being drawn typically wants them to pay for them don't like it when one part in a survey more than another in Texas right now the line favor Republicans is directing it and he directed Deadpool one in a couple of other movies that are yes he did that looks like just said pull he was what he was a stunt coordinator before that I was John Wicks director Burt Reynolds died I was watching a documentary about the band it talk about how I guess like the director for that movie was someone who is known as a stunt person like I started like like the stock company in everything that's why I like smoking the Bandit so I kind of feel like all the crazy car chases in Allah really while stuck working with a kid but as an adult to go back and watch it so you like all the thought process that goes like how they make the production it's like really cool watching anything now after work in production for a couple years you look at things so differently in class in college fucking destroy me because whenever I was watching movies I love you like interior bar you know Arnold Schwarzenegger begrudgingly give you a close and I was like I was seeing everything in a screenplay format in a movie or TV show I'm always thinking like this is all One camera shot and then the other person's ankles like all one can say whatever it is I wouldn't take you out of it Universe I'm going to I'm going to book this beer I was watching I was watching Molly's game this weekend and but I don't I don't need to participate in this podcast is playing her lawyer explains to Jessica to Molly why she's of interest to this Court case involving the Russian mob and so behind you just Elba is a whiteboard and he starts drawing in the Whiteboard the initials of the characters are involved in this Russian mafia thing in the first day does the drawers three piece for the Russian mafia group the three piece and then the camera keeps coming back to Jessica and he does his laundry Aaron Sorkin s monologue you know explain the whole thing so it keeps coming back and forth between him and Jessica and the very first time I cut back some I Milly notice that the peas he wrote for different teas as like I was different take so I couldn't stop noticing every single time it kept going back and forth to the did it about 8 times and that model log into my life straightened out because the great performance and they obviously cut together the best you know job of what he did but it was depressed most of all these peas or every single shot and you couldn't help but notice so different every single time are they were longer it was times where you just need the continuity movie can distract you from actually experiencing to see what they do is the performer will perform either like two or three times the same as I take the best of every single one and light interspersed it to make one long comedy special that she points out in his yeah costume James realize that there's some comedians where they don't address it usually they never do but if you look at the audience the audience change do you like pigeons to one single person in the front row and that person changes could you just think of them recording just one special. They're just like any other actually want the best takes the same wardrobe special there was this one time where a group of us went to Jimmy Kimmel live feed of the South by Southwest show used to used to know, what if you just got run out of Texas to the Lost Ted Cruz the basketball game so he was doing his live show and they did a musical performance and I think we might have talked about this on the podcast before but they did this musical performance and they said the crowd shots weren't very good the crowd was an enthusiastic enough so like we're going to go ahead and warm again we need two guys be extra big this Chuck and then like everyone just like this like I didn't like the musical guest anyways we all just like the laughed and yeah I was really awkward saying it's a very odd request to make for an audience to do better we're going to the exact same thing again you just look it up there's like guys and we need to do it again for being a good audience member when you do do a live taping of something like I think there needs to be like a training before hand it was like kind of its kind of like this but you kind of have to have exaggerated reactions to things because you know you are essentially dictating to the viewer that this is the funny whenever the audience last this is a funny moment until I get the audience is like little more shy or quiet and don't laugh as much out loud it's almost like so I was that last track from the truck every time I've ever heard anybody laugh laugh track it's actually like any time we've done a live always open they have been my favorite always open because you feed off the audience's reaction and laughter and know when you're doing well and you like it just helps all around and I think like we would live tapings like they're almost as need to be something where it's like if you find something funny is left don't be afraid to laugh about it maybe sometimes maybe I should you fill the room with laughing gas now okay this is not about you doing things like if we didn't live in front of an audience I thought that went really well but before the show Mike was telling me that this is right now this episode 5 1/2 hurry I guess I didn't even realize it you did it the last episode of RT Podcast Dave from wait come back you can call that means they're fucking ready on the button any moment waiting for the Simpsons Barbers camera Barbara just plain you know that John tell you what to do well really okay yeah we were talking about movies and I wanted to bring up how funny it is that so I was under the impression that after the acquisition that Disney bought fox in the box is empty they were going to bury the X-Men dark Phoenix every time I bring up a topic it just ends every time a raven topic I'm think I'm on The Muppets and these are just I'm just the human part of a muppet show I have something interesting to say and not every time I talk to you will make physical jokes happen as an impression that they were going to bury that movie cuz it wasn't something that anybody really excited about the first place and then Disney is very protective of their eye peas know the importance of their eye peas and I make white Star Wars they just cut all the Star Wars and they just like clean slate here we go we hadn't seen much about dark Phoenix in the end it's been kept under wraps. For the most part and I think it already had like a bit of a tumultuous production schedule. directing all of me how to get directions but I think it's just so I was going to happen and we was getting so close to its release again see anything and then a little while ago they released Simon kinberg is a tractor-trailer they're making some hype about him actually seeing my key material and after the trailer for like a day they were putting a lot of imagery and talking about speculation and it was all the talking all the bugs and all the twitters there's like that and then 2 days later they delayed it for 5 months later 4 months later and buried it one month after infinity War 2 release date coming out like in February to do like straight to DVD your home before the trailer came out I was like they're going to pay for this yeah I'll do that and that's what I thought like Siri is told him but they delayed it another 4 months it's going to come out after infinity War I think it's not going to ever come out so I guess it's going to come out after infinity War part 2 in summer April or May. Penney's now June 2019 what does that happened two days after the trailer it was two days after the trailer they announced a delayed-release Valentine's Day yeah it was supposed to be for the delay from its previous release date they had a previous late you stay that way sooner it's right behind the next Avengers movie also I just looked up the director's credit guess what else he's directed X-Men 3 last night nothing cuz that's what this movie is no he hasn't anything that he was like to produce turn on some decent stuff the Martian Ye Olde dating and Kevin feige going to be overseeing the X-Men franchise well now I'm happy for I mean good time because like we have like a good like chapter break in the Marvel X-Men movie when is X-Men dark Phoenix it's going to be dumb and I don't like it I really want I really want it to do well but the trailer didn't do anything for me like apocalypse I was not as offended by apocalypse if you were I didn't think apocalypse was good but I didn't hate it okay I was like okay I watched it that was an it wasn't watch Infinity Ward twice in a row on flight emergency care I love it yeah sorry I didn't realize that the Phoenix movie was that you were talking about totally different with a man and now I feel as a man is very small right now and I did the same thing where I saw Thor Ragnarok in theaters and I haven't we watched it and I thought it was good yes but like a lot of people going on at house their favorite favorite one of them and you said you rewash it recently and you think it's like I seen it twice I saw it in theaters I liked it a lot it wasn't I wasn't going as crazy as everybody cuz I had some criticisms I thought I was like really like they did was like screw just kind of a weird character inclusion and I didn't like what they did with hella different than what I expected to do is definitely not how the comic is in and it kind of retcon a lot of stuff and it will totally weird to me but we watched it for the first time this weekend and I come who's in that movie is basically perfect in Spanish I think when I left the theater watching Thor Ragnarok I said I wish every movie with Thor Ragnarok Marvel was just like a movie. Thor Ragnarok come out when I was a little kid I wish I was like 12 or 13 and that movie came out yeah it's such a fun movie that I can be enjoyed by all ages is amazing that's why I was I was watching a really good TV and so I didn't want to watch this movie on a shity screen and so I finally have a TV that's kind of nice and so I washed it is beautiful and has no experience part of that movie with big budgets like that was able to pull together a a movie does that good and obviously if he's able to do it he had a team of people that were amazing because a director who doesn't have that much experience can't just pull that out of his ass like he has to have people that are on board they're just like yeah we can make some bullshit shout out to the studio for trusting him to do that you could execute like you know that guy did what we do in the shadows and hunt for wilderpeople flakka to film that is a third in the series but why would you hand the Reigns over I think like that and it just did pan out I wish I wish they would do that I feel like he heard he's kind of a bear to work sure I'm sure thing at that time but I think was that the time Disney still wasn't ready to take chances and so they they wanted safe time in Blaine just making jokes over here to each other like listening to someone talk I just I stare and I'm not like looking anything in particular I'm just going to listening and Blaine I guess caught me Midstream there and it was a magical moment I have a good podcast recommend that you listen to if you like to listen to this day RT Podcast maybe part of it I thought it was okay I don't know what's a good feelings that you know trailer design is it seem that that shot of her punching your old lady was going to become a thing it's kind of tone to it all I really remember is her punching the old lady and she kept getting knocked out if standing up like okay I get it gets knocked out I am a huge Brie Larson fan and I obviously love MCU but that trailer gave me no confidence in the movie The Black Panther been established in Avengers you'd already seen him in a movie before they gave him his like his you know he wasn't really a movie but like I feel like now that we've gotten through all the origins and stuff like that to go back and have another one in like totally it just kind of looks like the other Captain America movie did you know or like Captain America the First Avenger like I'm just and I'm not super-excited about I don't know what the hook and this one is yeah I am hoping that the the time that it takes us to the 90s if not like a crutch yeah it's not all like weird yeah I actually spent Jackson's in it so sure was within a cocaine commercial okay yeah I'm still going to see it they still have my they have my money but yeah I I don't really know what to search to see the trailer right before it comes out does anybody on the set know Captain Marvel is what her powers are what origin is comic book right like I like tired Iron Man you could have like painted Lisa's somewhat picture of Iron Man that she's one of the first superhero in the Marvel Universe because her name is Captain Marvel but that's yes yes another and its uses Berenstein Bears and solve the Rubik's Cube and defeats Darkseid and watches drilling a good here to the talks about the Mandela effect yeah yeah did you hear about those speaking of trippy things to you about those teenagers who broke into a marijuana store in Colorado no please tell me it ended badly and I only put oregano in the display cases in the weeds actually stored in states in the back broke in and stole a bunch of oregano Erie Colorado so I had to take still get arrested for breaking and entering and pretty good prank I got Supply on Crooks the time of this they had not been caught yet there a difference between display cases and left with what they thought was our fourth of weed they left with oregano like joints in the display case like they're like that I have never smelled weed and I've never smelled oregano is there any chance of us could ever be fitness stores that I wish I could tell about that don't shouldn't be started it to it before Seattle I saw that there's a company that will sell you fake Martian dirt car that's not fake then that's just so you like on a chemical level is it very different word for the composition recently about how you could now my brain or smoke weed at the LA airport marijuana at LAX you need to check the laws of the state you're going right you can leave LAX with with with weed doesn't mean you're going to land somewhere that is okay with you having right so they called a stimulant that's nice it's a $20 per kilogram how can we buy some Eric buy some Mars Yeah by fake Mars okay you got it I want to taste it be make it so that people can research growing crops and how water interacts with it in for the idea is that what eventually when we do start going to have an idea of how to do things about University of Central Florida can we get enough for a Sandbox NASA has bought some already NASA bought some from these people to .2 lb point to be okay can we get a sand box of fake Martian dirt for extra life I love you jack question would and then we just like between here and then like everybody in it yeah for the hell did you go to the Dead Sea in Israel just rub that mud all over you to see if there is a I really need to start does it mean when your not being an asshole is the body of water that they that is popular for like it's you know like that people minerals in the qualities of the shit but then like there's people swimming in it but then they're also just put in corpses out the float yeah I think I might be in I believe it's the gang see yeah and then maybe I don't know but anyway yeah you got it sounds dead bodies around to clean up that is not the Dead scene Genji Genji by Future that would suck you could just be going I wouldn't want to swim in water don't try to read up and see if people actually do put dead bodies in there not a freak out like while you're in the ocean and just think about all the wildlife around you and then just kind of like or like you like look out the ocean in the beach will be out of your peripheral vision and you're just like nothing more terrifying to me and I didn't realize that I thought I might be the only person in the world who had this fear until someone else in the internet told the story giant things not giant ASMR and I was like that's something else somebody else can experience was great no it it's this fear like when I was a kid I be in a pool and I'll be fine and I go in the deep end and I'll be fine until the stock crept into me what if there was a shark in this pool and I know there's no shark in this pool but my little like lizard brain was like but what if there was right now and it tried to get your foot right and I would have Millie get over taken with fear and have to get out of the water I Don't Kill the Magic and I can see into the pool and see the bottom there's some way the shark hide that's a, I'm going to the bathroom toilet because he knows like water I disappear I had before seeing Jaws it's just I had that and it was Justin McElroy told the story on my brother my brother and me and Danny like you made this whole funny thing about glass shark but yeah like described as glass shark and I was going to get you in the in the pool and I it was the most it was the most winningest validate experienced in my life that some of us have to have this irrational fear mine realize when I saw the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock the idea the concept of being like what they are in a spacesuit and your test to some wire attached to something else in that detaches and you just go flying the idea of just being suspended in space without able to control yourself or go back to Boiling separating like that and you're just like lost just like floating for all eternity but I did I found a Reddit for it and I'm not exactly sure but it does kind of give me these like nice tingly Sensations that are like not a fear but it would be nice to English it's not like it's like heights like no one's like I love High you know like I think Heights will give you a reaction no matter what you know but like a large things big things like seeing a giant ship like up close or like certain buildings or or like Mountain you know Cliffs and things like that like to suck giant things spooky but also like really cool I'm not following this at all what is scared what is it scary like a big ship you close to a big ship is scary fucking mass and so if you were size of the standing next to like a like a cruise ship you get scared I guess it's like imagine like I said there's like a big statue of Jesus and he's like doing this whole thing and it's because I'm busy just like you say it's just a giant man and just like imagine if that was like a real thing imagine if it was instead of that if it was a giant sexy playing yeah Air Canada air Brazil and Blaine I have that it's kind of just like being like kind of like like almost taken away alright what's up. Thanks for watching next time