#513 - Burnie Saves Gavin

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss New York Comic Con, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, recent movie releases, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-10-09 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 513 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello everyone this week brought to you by Robin Hood and Stitch fix their there they're on Gavin you're not robbing Security Services are I'll read you give to your poor self still from you in time from you in the future may bring it back into the past and give you the money if you could go back in time and give you at age 10 Hitler your current money would it go well for you I have the same knowledge as well you can tell him what you want the problem is if I like trademark email they would name it something else and then I would come back and we have the email dumbest name ever walked out with the 67 point eight million dollars million billion * 150 150 5.0 billion as every week is 300 million + .3 it's cuz it's 300 million dollar 90 million dollars does not show up on that rounding 1999 would not show up to become a trillionaire what I want to know what you want him to be a trillionaire companies now 3 is Amazon yeah that was on something China could you buy a planet Gavin that's really question know the answer 50 years he's been selling acreage on the moon and he said he's made Millions Barbara if you could buy a mouth Mars is like short term investment you think about it yeah right cuz we're going to Mars next hey can start selling stuff on when the sun is going to cold is it before the blanket you just cover yourself with cosy the gross World product in 2014 was 78.28 trillion dollars 7278 Revenue was generated value of a company should one point it was like it was an astronaut 150 countries in the world that has more money than some Industries yeah we got a big meanie stop. Underwear to underwear industry makes $155 a year in 2021 the global underwear Market is estimated to generate 145.4 billion dollars take that amount of money a little bit of a difference to buy underwear good point you're sweet sweet Best Buy underwear completely and then just say no more or you can get rid of underwear tomorrow and then you can still have like no one else can make underwear can you play every country let me own this word in the dictionary of car are you good all the time Thursday looks like somewhere and they have a clothing line in the name of the clothing line is Steve Jobs or I saw that and the reason why I called Steve Jobs is because they learned that the Apple never trademark Steve Jobs his name and so they have Steve Jobs clothing in 2012 I guess the ER after his death right so I mean if you trademark do you want him now I don't think I need to try it why would you do that I don't know Steve Jobs that you can just go to court if something comes up and say this is clearly in French I thought so it's disgusting but I I know what they're doing something to fell off a car crash pooping why would you like why would this be something like that take pride in being so stupid to me my name is used for a outdoor fireplace Burnie Burns is the Bernie and you put like a whole log in it and then it burns a lot of money in like vertically the big one like a log like big but not small big water it down just bought a tree grow a tree up in butt against Apple in 2017 I say the same way 4017 for 5 years basically pretty much like hitting with it right away that's the Bernie group is that the burns destiny I don't know I want to see the people so get it right this thing it's all wood self burning Grill oh you really do put a whole log in there why would you make that up about it split in the grill itself burns the grill itself the girls that have would I have investigated the product fully but yes Bernie and easy self-cleaning camp but he look at this with it's a walk it's big and it's worse than a cold mail box itself even looks like you now a grill made of wood I'll get that shirt a little you didn't explain it well it's cool you didn't find it at all what it what it was from memory I knew it was I knew there was a log involved and it was a grill that's all I do and it's like tossing a log into a fire cuz it was a log involved that's what I remember Tabor House NYC see that I've been there I would say now it's kind of shifting a little bit to RT animation General years nycc is where we go talk about Ruby Ruby's home field and almost exclusively benrubi up until it's crazy to me is that because we've been going there every year was essentially the same people in the same show that we representing people still show up every year and want to see us and want me the same people I mean granted there are new people to come over here but it's just crazy because usually to go to the same convention you have to carry you should get less and less attraction because people always saw them last year whatever it is but there's no make or two I think it was about the same as last year if not maybe a little less attended still a fucking klusterfuk but tons of people we went for a fusion 2011 before I got hired officially with you and Chris and Michael and that was the only had 10 by 10 booth and 20 on the floor delivering shirts to you based off hand gestures little crazy I think they just turn around and be like I need a medium that meant the laser face I don't want you to listen I've that is not fomo that I have I do not want to go to your account you guys been to San Diego Comic-Con in time and it's a fucking drag icons the same thing but I got pizza wrap those hallways yeah and then entire podcast about my puppies at Conn's like that people just stop and look for people who are like okay I take a photo of your cosplay in the middle of this escalator when it stops right yeah I think it's anywhere for the number of people in the middle of a door or you know a place where everyone needs to get their specially I think it's because people are observing the Boost or the banners or whatever is up around them so people are like looking around looking at cause play looking at god-knows-what and not being aware of people trying to get somewhere trying to pass them or even just walk so it's understandable to an extent but still just as aggravated Kevin Pereira as one of my favorite all-time he was mad cuz he was walking around San Diego Comic-Con to get me where they're going to stopping or just Meandering and he said I'm putting people at Comic-Con walk like old people perfect description of how people move about attack on fucking nightmare it's also not even in the hallways but getting to the command center from outside the building just because it just warms up Christmas Eve for that's the best part from your guy the mega64 booth who would just go clap clap clap clap clap thought you hated happy to be here boss to drive me fucking insane if I don't think you're the only one that I drove crazy but thank you for having me all the wrong direction that's absolutely right which one looks like a girl John yet I like him cuz he keeps making a stop stinging on Pokemon it's not like I want to head that way it's legal so we sing while we wait now elevator Patrick are Patrick and then I was like 12 songs that were going to have to stay all night and we should be able to sing without it being a legal issue and I go that does seem too stringent green light green light about it isn't that also code for like authorizing someone's murder when you when you finger a red light or something and also like if I assume it's like a sniper so it's like a red light don't go against little like red. Snipers from distance to do the laser sight there different that Spidey signal was one of them's you find the backpack but you can't use spotty signal but I never knew really what it did to get Spider-Man had it was so if you would like signal himself so spotty signal was like that when I was included I have very much of origin I feel like Origins origin origin origin origin origin Assassin's Creed Origins I feel like normally you would just like to play the game I don't need this fucking tutorial I don't care and you get thrown in sometimes you're lost in the story I feel like they did a really good job starting action action action you do stuff that I need 15 first well again and then you turn into a fucking Professor Opie no I do not like the go to the animals do you mean does it have to be for make decent relationship anybody ever in the history of Assassin's Creed who's a fan of that fucking game and the new ones coming out there like thank God I cannot wait to find out how the modern-day corporate store in has anyone ever said that was cool. We line layered in there so they can have like shity loading screen and I don't have to like it or stuff that pops didn't like it when you come back out of the eagle mode it's all Blu-rays behind you because you do it so I call me anime so fuck you you saw someone else like that around with some like ponsse little story like some bloke up the money and then you doing sister straight into the hit you are you going to get your money immediately get that cools they were the Bounty Hunter's chasing you for hours about 5 minutes right. Yeah that's all that's all I've done so I can play the game Assassin's Creed logo like you don't even the opening credits of her like 2 or 3 hours a night game the numbers car new games it's the first three rows of New Jack City the game there's the deluxe edition which is ideal know I looked at it for every secret mission 4 version normal the water pump in an ultimate ultimate some $120 1 so there's okay I looked on the website what is included in my Edition Assassin's Creed origin standard edition Deluxe digital deluxe edition physical deluxe edition game exclusive to the retailer game Gold Edition God's Edition dawn of the Creed Edition legendary edition the Australia is what I need to do I mean I downloaded it and you're in bed but in the money. Which one you want to buy that shouldn't be it should be litter in the store in the game and you games as like a separate title to have all these Helix credits things up I just want to buy the game standard edition digital deluxe edition Gold Edition Ultimate Edition digital Medusa Edition I don't like buying a season pass with the main game because you never know how long to season is like Destiny the game right like a boss and I didn't even come with taken King like that was you have to buy that separately for the season pass office is anus normally you might my problem was I couldn't even look at the ultimate edition which was $120 Edition comes with stuff like what is that in my cat what do you call that thing she'll think if you would put on the shelf for the fucking door anyway I don't like knickknacks I hate we should do that the next time we release a physical disk whenever we have a a biscuit coming out for one of our movies or something that's really like 10 editions of it they're all fucking stupid some of them come with trash I just want to call Sam in the Medusa Edition we have like that I had to reach one that got rid of that life is the big collectible I got a pit boy that was a sheep at the hell is this one number Assassin's Creed game is this I think we're double-digit but I still trying to get to us like Assassin's Creed Revelations Assassin's Creed 3 Black Flag Assassin's Creed Rogue Assassin Creed Unity size Creed Syndicate Assassin's Creed Origins Assassin Creed Odyssey you're missing one what's the best describes why I like games like I didn't like Black Flag for the dumbest reason in the upper right you know where has the the buttons for a really and they look like they would feel shity to touch that I was like I don't like the style this game right now that was it really I don't like when you can do something on a controller and something happens on screen that you know way you intended realize like you're running and you want to run into the tavern you like running for the door that's having a message to the Israelites going to run to the tavern you're right. Joy The Tavern you missed by a little bit see run up the side of the building waiting on someone to pick up the gun pick up a party or something but instead I think my favorite animation and I'm just all video games across the board is when you are running towards the door like at full speed and then animation stop turns the door open walks in and then you continue the Sprint all your running full speed like Snapped into people wouldn't like that Mel but if you sign up for it and you know you're getting the car rotation we should just put out we should like make the DVD and just not test input in the cupboard by just breaking their current certificate of authenticity like the guy just wasn't doing on screen but I wanted to make little nightmares Club and they're usually cool it looks like a cool successor to limbo but what's the follow to what it was but it looks like it's obviously not made by the same people really like that but it's just it look cool but she was Furious the whole time cuz like where the character was death lies in the Stream that you're walking like chores and stuff like that my cousin did motion capture and like voice performance in Assassin's Creed as an actor or is a technician to put an actor what did she play it look like a character that looks like yeah but I'll keep I keep my eyes I know you can do romance stuff maybe she's one of the people you can Romance by the most well they're going back to you with the Skull and Bones they're going back to the game play their navel game Ubisoft stuff so what is a few things over and over lock up when you grapple and you get them about that you just win that's how you win there's no getting on the boat in the swashbuckling just shooting cannons boat pilot when you it was it a boat pilot driver. weather in Enfield. The name of the character that you my dad's only message. 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Com Rooster Teeth thank you for sponsoring this episode of the receipts podcast and plus I don't I feel like I'm does the floss and don't do you floss know I probably lost like 4 times a week yeah I got a reminder to do it no one time a day I don't know I don't think he's one time a day okay interesting that people will brush but not lost but I never met anybody who flosses but doesn't brush if you don't brush your breath still stinks you brushed it looks like it's all the things out just a little bit that's what causes bad breath a bag of croutons for the United flights LA to Sydney and an approaching the city that's the clear Mayday emergency because they were running out of fuel City have to clear all the arrivals and give it a priority to come in and laugh at that was it just had wings flap for the 787 what does that mean like how much was left in the car after you have enough fuel to make it to the gate or do you need assistance with that like they're asking then 45 minutes of flight time I think I'm pretty dangerous most annoying thing happened at the airport going to Iceland the other day when I was just I've watched bad information just spread like a virus there's like 5 people ahead of me walking down the Jet Bridge they the people in front of me. Tell him back like towards me some ready on the plane yet and they're just woke back up and see the sign so everyone went all the way back up the Jet Bridge almost into the terminal and then the people ride the front for the Carry On by the sign that said drop it here but everyone else say anything every single person when they took it off the plane and then they just will have to walk you back but every like 50 people went back quit. This was you see that drop off is right by the door they didn't have the gate tag them so they would have to go back out once where it's like really want daughter to Jeff Bridges was like for the by how quickly people just assume that the plane was ready idiot that's a stupid idiot I saw a Lufthansa A380 Lantern Austin the other day it's supposed to blend in Houston and I got diverted and I was walking to Stage 2 and I was here every night when I was at the airport for that should I go for that I think bear Force One is a great song yeah I don't know where I was going with that it's a it's a music video Air Force One you know Tom yesterday I was just walking through Reykjavik airport to line to get coffee and he was in front of me that's bizarre I look today when I was like I didn't mean like to been two seconds to register the Asian just look familiar with the person that I know and I thought I was in a dream I was like panicking cuz I want to see you but your brain regret out of like random generator people to start pulling people he knew for a dream but still it would have been crazy ferocious tiger in an airport in the city be done at the library I never run into anybody anyway that's cool is Iceland what are the library library for the PSAT have you not been to the new Austin Central Library haven't been there yet I heard it was like on a Time list of like one of the ones that like one of the most beautiful place in the world or something for the most beautiful places in Austin it's beautiful it's got like a a gorgeous rooftop Terrace area with like a tree growing up there one of the world's greatest places by Time Magazine seems like it's out of whack for a library right it's too many books this is the opposite is too much building so what do need a book for so we just went to the library because JD is studying for the PSAT the PSAT is it's the practice it's a decent practice you say pre Holy Ship is like an English GCSE I believe so that's when I was in like you six and you too I think we can catch the Iowa test yet right that you're thinking about Iowa Test of Basic Skills yes so you have to run from one line to the next and then run back to start increasing in speed and if you could make it back in time then you are out until like the higher number of BP would get the I guess better shape you were in her or hire us like skill you had couldn't get in Harvard because of it delete my dad never sent me a joke but just in case he didn't I looked up a couple jokes and one maybe like legitimately be called bear with no ears really yeah bear without ears what is should have probably yeah you can but your dad never joke ready I hate maybe just didn't hear guys ask for one always have one ready have you been to Iceland no but I would love to go talk did you see the Borealis going to do this history night and everyone's going to sleep cuz I had we had like 5 and thought so I was like no but to be ready to shoot did DC at 5 a.m. start time before she is going to be able to do that does it bother you they always have to do with Dan yes you're right I've got to be in River Winery I would imagine that traveled and you're a hundred percent charge of the plants like if anything's going to happen even the meals or anything done and just he'll go but he's not even plan it so it's like when you travel with me super happy because that if you have to put up with that from damn that makes me happy if I have a travel with you it's for you a true with you for your brain casting that's true I said you like you in that big fire that's never happened we did the Big Brand cast thing and they were having mic problems and they take all the influencers and they couldn't write down front because they want to show up a brand cast is you to show that they put on during The Upfront for the new front I guess I know which one they're part of advertisers hey all like ad agencies and brand managers at Big names for Katy Perry and James Corden and stuff with them and they had like this crazy setups like different kinds of chocolate desserts you were the dessert station right just as last year that slow motion that was on the fire alarm started going on okay where is Stadium Madison Square Garden December 1st presentation and you know and it's one of those things where no one's doing anything you know and you'll hear about this like somebody's in trouble nobody called the cops and runs as soon as somebody else is going to do some people looking around and after I on stage of kind of like if it'll keep you all in but no one came out to be like that and then and there was a little nervous laughter and then there was this noise Gus that started all the way in the back and it was up on the ceiling which way up there and it was this sound all live in front of the auditorium that was like that is the air vents shutting off that's what that sound is I literally just grab Gavin and Dan said we're leaving right now and like literally no and no one else in the 8000 person Peter we were in the front of this thing Where I Stood him up and we walk straight out the door and there was a problem fire alarm that was because YouTube is that around us they were concerned enough to text and find out but not actually get out what's going on you have to do that when you're ready to vacuum his Convention Center here in Austin was a similar thing the alarms went off then we speaker until people start evacuating then I went on to the floor to make sure you were vacuuming I thought the people just kind of staring at center stage and they like talking to each other with her walk it off just like away from the exit to go look at more booze as I get the fuck out of here that one dead out with x so very scary scary looks like you would hate to be trapped or die because you assumed it wasn't real because let's say they came out in there like there is an issue that could cause of walking out the door as opposed to like seven thousand thousand we've all been savings before people don't just like clear out super fast it'll take so long so I can see it was a really horrible fire the happened the club here in Austin what was the name of clubs right off of Riverside and had a fire was a heavy metal band heavy metal club that was like that the back door is the back door Patrick remembers but I thought it was awful was like people tried to flood out the front doors the clubhead double doors but too many people try to go to the doors at the same time of everything they just wedged everyone was wedged in the doorway and oh my God it was that 2007 I don't know when you touch them they slow down they stop. And they walk in the door nothing there's automatic ones where if you stop by the hotel we're staying at in New York and I ask myself into the gloss or running in a tattoo like Walks Like This like just along the side not the time to people to spend waiting for that to restart again that was really years and years of wasted a little bit I like I would say though I love video compilation of people walking into glass walls or glass doors and goes through David Letterman always have them on Ice in Salem I'm sure if they were like avant-garde performance art dog in Frasier that's it that's the German language I like Jonah Hill make a new work they just add words to other one took it really long like taking maybe every the compound word that means deflatermouse which is just like the flying mouse Japanese is like that too I wish I could just like you just match words together to make new words super weird new cat I'm trying to be like me what I want and if it out of me like I got to like one today but what's your mythical medicine now like a like a castle like a break on her saying and but they weren't concerned about it I think you did too much food for maybe she's eating too big tried everything the driveway to dry food that works the best for her she seems like it I want to give her like like straight-up chicken out of the can I like good like a whole chicken know chicken breaded chicken tuna but it's chicken chopped up the chicken was so long ago what does that mean you spell longer than that it was it was a live that long time ago chicken in a can that's gross have you seen the cheeseburgers in a can I saw someone doing a review of those on YouTube where she bought a bunch of like cheeseburgers in a can and it's just like opening them and unfriend them and they're never as bad as you think they are in your head right now. Look what are you take it out and put it in my soul to Tempe right you put it like on the Fire I saw something online about a cheeseburger but that was the open mouth of a fish what about the strumming stuff that you got a can of drumming stuff it's like fermented fish of some sort it smells so bad you can't open on a plane going to play why would she do that if the splash from opening the car and gets on you it will just ruin the Iceman clothing cement open underwater what are you doing you eat it you ain't yeah yeah I'm like a cracker grow underwater the fish creates gas when it goes over Gammy which is what makes it so this is probably the worst smelling things you can eat fermented fish the world's the smelliest food in the world look at that beautiful if I like fish in lye yeah like pickled fish is that the same Sweden yes fish I want to eat it you like tuna fish I love tuna fish yeah me too I like tuna fish yes really weird questions but he asked him where he ask him with what he ever ask me and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about I know exactly what European accent walls man remind myself at MG look. I'm thinking about 100 episode is making these growing vegetables he's doing his own thing is it's great you know who's actually appeared on the green life with the ocean volcano just stuff in your attic he went and sold at the slow mo Steve podcast is also brought to you by Robin Hood investing your money scare you Robin Hood is investing app that works for everyone no matter if you're an expert on stocks and options or barely understand what a 401k does Robinhood let you buy and sell stocks ETF options and crypto with just a few Taps and best of all they are commission-free 10% for every trade but not Robinhood trade stocks and keep all your profits with Robinhood you don't mess with commission fees and Robin Hood has easy-to-understand charts and Market data learn how to invest as you build your portfolio and discover new stocks and track your favorite companies with personalized news feeds and collections you just look at stocks in categories that interest you like entertainment social media companies run by female CEOs really granular Robinhood is easy to use intuitive and it's great for all sorts investors beginners or Experience Podcast be worth a free stock for example like appleford or Sprint help you build your portfolio sign up now at RT Podcast. Robinhood.com that's RT Podcast. Robinhood.com super easy-to-use you see everything on one page really need total sense if you look at it Banks anything over the weekend put a piece of his art into a frame that had a shredder built into it and then after it's sold at auction he hit a button for someone that works of him hit a button that actually at the shredder and shredded about two-thirds of the peace estimated that it went up to X and that was when I saw it I would be ecstatic if I just bought that and then that happened in the woods film footage of it and I would keep it framed exactly how it is but like most of it shredded but it's still in there I wonder why he didn't make it go away sure you're done it a few years ago maybe the battery had lost them charge so didn't have enough charge left to do the whole new respect and it was a roller in there that just like lower down the star that so I'll just like when I'm done NFL it's all business how do you how do you verify Banksy I don't know I think the point is you don't you shouldn't have to verify it like he's done things were he's going out to like Street Marcus and he'll sell his pieces for like 10 or 20 bucks says they're a bunch of imitation stuff I'm sure there is really cool I love that you're just like a little flea market video and be like look I was at Central Park the other day and I was telling all my work for 10 or $20 if there's anyone who walked up and bought it I like how Shakespeare was multiple people or Daft Punk Da Funk you that I've heard I heard that before the psychic Community one person they don't say Deadmau5 but if the characters obviously based on Deadmau5 then just goes into his hand and you know but I think it's kind of Fame he's the fake version of that guy that's right now what you put on the master a helmet are you hide your identity and go you can have her pull. Do you know who is my friend Eric you like WWE that means you have to like Kiss to right I do like this I don't I don't remember ice is the a studio album by yes and he came over and had to cover for it and he was just like this is the craziest day ever look like a couple meaning for dude no one has seen their faces no no do not know what Gene Simmons look like was a simpler time it was definitely a simpler time also said if you see us without the mouse on 3rd and take a picture ruins it for everyone but how would you know what they look like whatever they like free Moss it is where I try to memorize the names of the people in Daft Punk multiple times I just caught a fairy French lamarche you're being sarcastic Barbara guy Manuel de homem-christo I guess if you're lamarche member of Daft Punk that's the one with the really long names I can never remember Morgan Hector Garza photo of Morgan hacking guard and I'm sure if the guy who plays the TV show New Amsterdam and there's another new fucking TV show on the air right now called New Amsterdam okay so quickly I don't argue show fucking Kings Lannister was on it was in the US yeah they different story yeah they're not connected or related at all so maybe like if you if we started so cool chairs right it was not about a bar in Boston trailer for Christian Bale really nailed like the other mannerisms of George George he was fighting with his role did Sam Rockwell play George W bush has Christian Bale playing Dick Cheney was vice president and does nothing like him he looks amazing it's amazing, look nothing like Christian Bale a star is born yet cuz I know it seems like the country version of music and lyrics the one with Drew Barrymore and British guy Star is Born was only for 1976 it's a remake of that British guy his British guy what's the British American movies is Hugh Laurie in what's up with the American movie that Hugh Laurie's it really specific choke like 4 times and I haven't said anything to you but at least it's better he was in Tomorrowland Phoenix Stuart Little a little and he's probably an American move in Holmes and Watson is it a hundred one Dalmatians American movie like Jeff Bridges and Glenn Close yes it when you said you like 2013 today in 20 years that I look younger you regress back in time no thank you I don't know why maybe to the hair so yeah you are going to take the years off all that piss and shit really cleanse of the force that I wanted to tell Gavin about in particular that go around walking around really okay that is overwhelmingly bad and then we just to see people dumping up buckets you and my to be or anything in the street I would just hang around that and tell lies horseshit day of the week in the piles of trash movies or in Spider-Man where they move it for the movie shot every night concert track because they have no alleys in the garbage but there is like dumpsters back alley are you looking for one in particular know what's happening they must have run at like 2 in the morning 3 in the morning readed that takes your trash away and it crashes itself into the dump with your project coming back to my house and you could have called in so I want someone else's dirty drone coming and picking up my stuff how much would you pay for a for trash pick up by drone are you like out in your front yard when you put out your trash going you're not good enough to pick up my trash the rubbish fans how much do you pay for it for a drone trash pickup you know I don't even want that I don't know why wouldn't you want that to be everywhere allowed 50 ft of one of them when there's like 50 of my side too as a drone flyer myself and enthusiasts I would say they had that big member the Carrie Fisher Memorial that was at Alamo it was literally like 12 drones in the air over the Alamo that night it was just like that's a pretty big cross-section of people who really like Carrie Fisher and also probably going to fucking drone that was the only ever been to you that was looking kind of a confined space to have a shitload of drones and I was like that really turned me off the drugs like I'm really worried about Christmas this year. Drones and there's going to be fucking everywhere I'm looking at my electric bill here how much do you think you pay for Solid Waste Service I pay 40 bucks $45 a month 26 bucks that's more than I thought how many times do you have to break down one been in one recycling what's the bit I can dance Big Ben 64 gallon car that's just what beans do you have three bin there's the trash bin the recycling bin and in some places the food, because my mom is out of whack like I have way more cardboard that austinites are recycling about 50% as much as they should it's only pick up every other fucking with no one in my life wants to break down boxes I don't get him once a week man yeah it is yeah it is trash recycling about it now they did for a while do they still yeah stop making money what if you had a Bela and just put it all together I have it I have a trash compactor no longer because you just sent to landfill by 90% by 2040 well they're banning everything is plastic they've already given the Earth like 20 years to live for now this one right cuz he was on Earth it's up to the front where they set down that 1.5 degrees is the Target and then we're heading for three degrees of temperature increase currently working and I see if there's this is off of Internet expert that if there's non melting ice in the world that means we're part number currently snowing in Ice Age and now it's like we're just going to like they were going to push ourselves out of an ice age I guess apparently is the temperature range in which humans can live in Thrive how we now Trump pulled out if the whole Paris Accords it shouldn't really be down to him like what is good for the Earth like cuz he's basically pulling out over 300 million people from how much are they having the planet for him which has the info on everyone else so is if he does want to do it I agree with you in that regard but I also agree with him in one of the aspects why would she did it which is will follow the rules and no one else will the environmentalist besides who cares if they are going to follow the rules at least we're doing something right but like if China and India and really have some kind of enforcement for it has cut their there they're cutting their targets for renewable energy like they're both there Short Circuit the rest of the world is too you know they're all they're all catching up I almost wonder if it be better to keep our plans for renewable energy on the same track because the most renewable energy that the mostly growth any given solar and the efficiency of solar cells increases as a rapid rate that we just cannot hold out a little longer to get more more fish in action manufacturing all the solar cells over time it could be beneficial to do it a little bit later or kind of person out a little bit because making now give you lots of time and it will say uses of fossil fuels things that are bad for the environment we are in an interglacial period the Holocene of the current ice age 6 million years ago at the start of the pleistocene epoch we are currently has to come up are you playing Star control I'm not is it that out then I come out came out like 2 weeks ago it's pretty good doesn't leave the podcast Arkham origin origin here's here's my thing that would say about it we make game make game based on old game you got to make a game that plays the way that people remember that I can play and look the way did back then who plays the way it is in people's heads I can't play this is it to Virgin I want to have the soundtrack.. That might be bad but you got it like you got to give it some time to get back into the old one every now and then so 2 years ago 3 years ago maybe so petty super into it remake is are they going to change the engine that's always a big fat cuz then come back to a statement for a game that you know in like can feel wrong like I'm a huge fan of Hitman the whole franchise I found out I can play the third game Hitman contracts spelled wrong and even though I love the game it just doesn't feel like Hitman to me even though I'm looking at 47 killing people any demos of the new Hitman cuz I know I am so sucked into that game she think can I feel like Red Dead Redemption on GTA 4 had a very similar engine they sell traceable when you'd like shoot people and they stumble around but I prefer that engine than GTA V I really don't know why I just think it's like everything felt heavy and had more weight to it GTA V feels very light to me that everything I do is just like doesn't really matter have the same engine that we develop a rockstar engine for the Republic rage are free world games at hate that you Haley has slipspace right what should I say when they've used foreign Red Dead feel very similar to start a dance game against demons Red Dead Redemption 2 you like stuffing games either you like boats and horses here's what I don't like about driving but I don't like going anywhere being a horse Captain I don't like this in any Spider-Man's another example I don't like game where I enjoy the core game and I like the mechanic and spun and then some developer at some point in the process goes hey you know the great if we introduce a bunch of time trial for this thing that you do like if you ride a horse then you have to do horse races or in GTA drive a car what's up just two bunch of racist or Spider-Man it's like follow it was a drone you had a problem in the trial stuff I've always hated time travel stuff it seems like such a fucking cop out for an activity if your game don't do that shit unicorn games I have lucky I would like to do now the most common Platinum games on the PS4 I think the number to game is Horizon zero Dawn and I think God of War might be number three really got to where I got to go to fight the Valkyries need to get the birds and forget him don't ask them about my kids fell in love in a multiplayer one I don't know Last of Us I do not believe how many multiplayer one that Spider-Man God of War something else I don't know what I'm playing Tomb Raider ain't like that what's your MCC completion like not really at all man Spider-Man has 10% platinum trophy rate is 2nd 3rd Shift on the list every trophy in Fry on reset era there's a spider behind where villains all that stuff and then there's a thing where we can do City and then crimes happen and they have to go get the crime scene but there's like 8 or 10 districts in Manhattan Lower West Side Upper East Side 81st Street and everything is in trash everywhere amazing does crying for like there's like four different types of crimes and you have to do five of each one in each district of the city the best approaches as you're playing the game if you see them stop and do them yes cuz if you have to go back and then do them all at once you fucking hate it cuz you just got a fucking swing around until one of them start and then, if you're just like on your way to the missing you seen one just go do it in the street Gavin trigger and it feels like it takes forever because you don't doing other stuff you just waiting for that the way that I fucked up you have to unlock every suit that was the last one I had to get with him pretty sure so most people laughing do I have to unlock every suit and Spider-Man has in it and you unlock them at certain levels or doing something for that you have lots of me than have to buy them would like crime tokens or research tokens you get the research stations or another little bit of grinding thing Ariana that the pipe dream ship would you like to swing through clouds in a building that's literally one of them at the plumbing and get a by 7 or so anyway I got down I got to the last suit and got it in last mission is like I didn't get my trophy for all the seasons so I looked it up and I'm looking online I got I got all the shoes I see I don't know there's this other suit that you that you can get it CES you soon so you were the Empire State University just t-shirt as Spider-Man and in order to get that one you have to go to photograph 15 hidden location fucking hell so I probably spend another 2 hours swinging around the city finding all these locations got the ESU suit and it didn't unlock and I was like eating a lot of casein percentage she did it all for this no I just figured the platinum trophy that's why don't we care about the suit but it did when I got it 6% still what the fuck oh and I went up and there was one seat that I hadn't bought item locked it but it didn't buy it press the button and gotten it it was the punk spider suit but you didn't have to get the hidden location to know I didn't I just hadn't bought the suit pug spider suit and I had to run back and forth. Seashells spite me like I go this little bit of spoiler spoiler know there's a classic Spider-Man suit the black suit with white spider on it which then now became associated with the character Venom not used to suit can I use that to do you not get that soon as my wife I want to talk about this before because and I was corrected I sure enough I said secret War suit and someone said he's like $80 this weekend everyone is going in with really low expectations and I have most people and travel trailers made it look really cheesy or since I haven't seen it yet but it's okay you know who you should never ever listen to when you're deciding whether or not to see a Tom Hardy movie you should never spend time, always talks the most amount of shit about his best movies going to him and he was like bitching about the director and then it came out like in the moment I didn't have the same vision he didn't he would ride very big man to say something staring out Pete Liverpool is asking him questions about someone ask you a question how did you like what you want about I need to seem so mean and intimidating I would never want to ask him a question spoiling Infinity war did you go over to him and ask him about that but I was like now he's probably heard it from that open that gate he's great Aquaman trailer I don't know I don't know and it bothers me in the trailer when like Aquaman comes up it's like forget what letter is but it's like not centered with a they have the grid Energy logo not being like centered in any way is Lady drives all of our fucking designers wait how do you set a clock roll and some teeth we can make the smaller probably we redid it today cuz if you could send her to upload it to her cuz it's like it's rooster Centric girl so we probably could do that to you might be anything else maybe they fix it on this but when you wash it in a movie theater it's not centered and if it was Pet People in it but if you if you take out every shot 2 Chainz real stuff's on a camera that trailer be like 30 seconds long animation I like the transformer trailer comic books with DC for the DC stand for the Aquaman jet La Crosse over and visit I think Ruben Jen locks and then hopefully other art animation products will be doing, sweetie see the coolest sucking thing ever when I when I sit on Aquaman do I have to disclose where the same parent company appraise Aquaman so you think they'll be a bad feeling let me just be from the way Infinity War ended what mask did you feel like the post credits on at Man 2 was the best one yet you're more than I do like it I do like it in front of a sorbet after like that movie like a cleanse the palate don't say everyone in the in the cinema is it was just like a Nova Scotia in the guardians galaxy coming to destroyed it off camera introducing a pimp be a big fucking deal really been around this whole time like the 70s and then you can have her whole car melted into pieces I think I meet you I think I think I don't know these days I think I think he's Danny and my test is also brought you by Stitch fix ready to upgrade your look or we should give yourself just a little more style Stitch fix is an online personal stylist service at fines and delivers clothes shoes and accessories to fit your body budget and lifestyle right to your door to go to stitchfix.com Rooster tell him your sizes what style you like and how much you want to spend on each item will be paired with your very own personal stylist will hand pick items to send right to your door then you try them on only for what you love and return the rest shipping exchanges and returns are always free there's no subscription required you can sign up to receive schedule shipments or get your fix whenever you want Stitch fix this styling fee is only $20 which is directly applied for anything you keep from your shipment you get started right now at Stitch fix. 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Com rooster love the service wearing I got this other on Percy Henry Cavill he's the guy who made the stupid me too, but he wasn't used to think I could have been wissinger's wide spectrum at this point I have a question about the Allwood right what is redundant Rent-A-Center in reference to the me to Rotary Park directly to a sexual abuse sorry to say that but I thought that's what was supposed to be I mean that's just what we had discussed you can use that one thing about a rape right when you're referring to again retarded I always thought that I was the weather like you shouldn't cool that to someone but I was so that was actually a word that you would use if something was retarded like something to slow something down then like a flame could be retarded to use the end you know what I was actually meant for cigarettes anymore but now I feel like you're on a commercial plane before you take off if the deposits go through their PreFlight checklist and they're testing all the systems you know that you can hear like the the alarms go off terrain terrain terrain pull up the one that goes Retard Retard Retard and I feel weird when I sit there like this is really bizarre but I noticed I guess I really have never had that I need a big airliner it'll say that for sure so yeah it's all about context as well I guess I feel like that is off-limits now no matter what the contact term yeah let me listen you are place an alarm on airliner that carries passengers that's a big big debate if it said adjust adjust adjust what does that mean like if you don't want to have a moment where the pilot for like that's not what I was the alarm I was expecting I think I sent you a link to this a few weeks ago but there was a plane crash in China because of the the tap that the pilots were not extremely fluent in English and one of the alarm started going off and the alarm was going off said terrain pull up pull up and in you can hear the cockpit voice recorder in Chinese rest each other what does pull up mean so I mean there's a lot of training that goes into the storm tonight just for English speakers but for people who speak English as a second language so you change that and then the whole world of Aviation Aviation get updated oil change I think it's I think it's rare I swear I'm done I said look for videos with Ellie and her phone kept going off. I was like my main glaciers go hey took it off but I'm like I got to use the bitching because I had my phone flashed but at that was exactly for that reason is so it wouldn't vibrate on the desk I don't like the your phone flashes when you're out of the salon looks like your contacts The Flash doesn't always mean someone took a picture of the right now nobody else uses the fucking do with it the whole world get with it Gavin wants to use this phone with a light why the adoption in looking like to be put on vibrate on the table women what makes my phone in a bit the sit-down with the phone right now is in your pockets in the back of one of the jobs as an extra is you have to Camille about unlike talk to people have you seen nonsensical conversations about a thousand times I mean takes there are they wanting retires everybody put your phone your phone's out that's like 90% of people are doing when they're in the background of anything to begin with this is a terrible now cuz I don't know what to do cuz it is the first week of the phone the new iPhone to Samsung for a while now I got smashed it cuz I would go karting and it broke my pocket K12 I took a left turn really hot and exploded and then I got the new one but you know how miserable is to get a new iPhone now if you've already got one I have full email addresses like YouTube accounts plus no one work one and I fight like that many friends restore from my last backup and all it did was be like enter your password for the Gmail account and then it would throw up another one and because I full keep going over the other one before I couldn't do anything I could click quickly like and I just have to wait for that just answer my password then the phone to stop downloading in the background gets really hot for about 3 days because like my backups big and I felt like a ton of stuff in the cloud and it's restoring the apps the first like three days of using iPhone is terrible what Shakespeare is a Hyatt I don't know I've no I did the same happened with his friend but she can't she can enter a password and then a phone was hot and the battery just rinse itself until it's finished answerable washy trillion-dollar company decision yeah because you was back up to the local computer well you can you can put your phone in the computer yep they do is run a backup and then you pull it up people off like 10 minutes later you sunk your entire cloud all your pictures and everything well it has to like index everything in like first they'll be on the device but it's no I mean you can back it up local and at some point at some point you can just start over with me if I like fresh start you know backup no restore from old phone yes greatest you can still do that you can still add later like the hey I want to see my photos let me sign in and get my stuff but just restoring from like you're old like in your image of your phone that's up there Dragon 10 years worth of shite in that regard mean everything to me and then introduced nothing for her feature is that what size 12 for my car is just updated tonight they completely different today that one has a feature in it that is automatically turned on as far as I can tell because you report screen time like it if I open my phone 85 times a day that's mental I don't see your son he's very busy stuff yeah - 59 you know how many times I pick up my problem you know how many minutes does beta so 16 hours * 60 Minutes that 960 minutes 15 minutes divided by 121 pickups at to pick up every 8 minutes I hate miniature what 7 an hour shut up I'm pretty sure it's a date that's down 11% from last week I spent almost no time Proverbs 24 hours in the week on the phone that's a one day out of the week are you going to use it like scheduled and time from any apps or anything like to go to the high school or perhaps you know what the best feature on iOS Harvest now send a message to Gavin what is that what you want to do go down for what would take what I want to do you know what I sent me a message. I'm using your name let me see where is the thing where know if you go to settings and search for screen time to find it you want to know you all notifications when I use it for social networking most reading and reference next activity in reference to me out of gets me out of time I see you know what the best feature and I was 12s it has your text codes on app on a button for 2-Step no I still can't believe maybe they fixed it I haven't done one since I updated my phone I don't think I'm going to be in this day in age 2018 almost 2019 and when you go to make a conference call first of all who the fuck is making me conference call with a conference call numbers are longer than the fucking phone number seven digit code what what you want but not what is that like 10000000 called going on right now you need three numbers at most maybe a conference call company guarantee our users to decode child it in the conference number is gone if I'm lucky the person submit it was like a semicolon and then the number to send at least it appears they're the top type it in it sometimes sometimes it'll carry that over it and it'll there be a button and hit enter and the code if you push that I don't know why you can't paste into a phone number but when you actually need to paste the code in your box it but you type it in everything is really as everything gets annoying things that really poke billion dollar idea did register your voice signature for the conference service and then you call I say who are you in the great we have your conference on unified conference call company I want me to do your fucking phone number I'm calling from this number this is who I am you verified like every other fucking service in the world that lives with fucking Telecom dude that everything to get still going to tell wrong industry you left the Telecom I had to leave you should have stayed in my head and I would library today had to run them down to his mom's house oh by the way it's rare moment I'm super happy with the construction that is taking place in Austin they made so much progress that airport they now have like way too many parking garages have you seen the new garage there was no no no no I was driving a genie to his mom's house they have to drive this way now and if there's an underpass where there used to be like a light for cars with stretched out like it was the fucking apocalypse and now it's an underpass think I've done the Open The Underpass going to the airport always like a major city where you can get to the airport without going through a red light up to have two ways to get to the airport without a light what's a henway to plug some of the receipt Halloween merchandise okay some candles we sell candles for Halloween spooky and there's a bunch of other and so what you got to see my undershirt on we got our receipts one that looks like the candle that's up right now you can go watch it with you guys next time