#514 - Burnie Reads Tiger Woods’ Texts?

Join Gus Sorola, Becca Frasier, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss mosquitoes, what qualifies as a job, candy corn, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-10-16 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Becca Frasier, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Fall has finally dropped out if I got hammered literally half the temperature yesterday at this time it was like 85 86 yesterday and then dropped a 40 degrees overnight crazy folder Where You Are. my do it yourself every time you talk about the weather on the internet somebody always shows up to tell you how it's worse wherever there read me a polar bear move or Xbox One launch the all online Xbox One on social media and lose their jobs that live in a row County and I don't have great internet how am I going to use an online console any just reply back and put her somewhere over there City internet went to do that I don't know I don't know we have every week but I constantly like are you ready to Sophie are you ready like when somebody does a major fuck up are you ready like are you going to be yourself it's our PR person like are you going to be able to help this person navigate whatever that fucking thing is going to be cuz you know it's coming right maybe someone would expect polymer something you know where someone's going to get arrested something will happen yeah you had that fight with you his military that was fucking Barb's first week on the job in his hat you should post about it and he was like yeah sure so we made this whole big Journal about it he was an active military he said that his hat was shot eyes of blue hat shot off his head in a foxhole overseas deployed and I don't know if with Iraq or Afghanistan but I would have been one of those at the time and we have a lot of Honor that so she post a photo of it and as they are likely to do and is there justified in doing at other active military people who were fighting in Foreign Wars said this is not what a bullet looks like when it goes through hat this person I couldn't be wearing that hat face on where he was a lot of different stuff like I didn't know I'm very unaware of all those rules and regulations and I like way which I regret doing and I have ever since but yes it was a very intense first week and they did not want right now they got they got mad this is your guy he lied nobody here lied this guy lied you guys have all figured that but I realize that they like when all the way they were reported it and everything very serious thing Stolen Valor Act Like when someone is out the like panhandling active Mills like a big during military gear there other veterans a walk up where I can Motrin and say you know what your unit I'm not from the military still like you don't know the lingo and they mean they have Shane people for doing that kind of stuff big big deal in your life and then some jackass is trying to raise money just by lying about it kind of benefit from the job that you're doing doesn't make any sense how many people out there that time City fabricated their college education entirely and have like on like a resumes and stuff like that message I'm very true used to be easier to drive my friend are you a guy this is like I don't even rhymes with hat bolum play this is years ago before when I went to college it was right before the internet was a real thing like I went to college be pre-med the internet kind of came out of nowhere and I switch the computers tonight if I can what kind of antiquated and what are things you would do if you get a transcript and stamp it with University seal shrimp it like 3D crimp and seal or stamp are you a guy who transferred from a junior college or a community college and he transferred after one year like we had probably like 20 hours and then they got a transcript stamped it goes to a like a stamp place and he says can you make a stamp can you make this he writes up about two and a half years of course work and stamps it and turns it in and she got like two and a half years of University free still graduated we graduated from it and I can't tell like if that's super super smart or just borderline criminal past to attempt that a lot of people who pay a lot of money for that education you know I don't know if that I don't know how you spell duplicate the keys if they Do Not Duplicate how does that protect I've always wondered that they Do Not Duplicate like how do they not do it do they not sell the bike on the bike started applying for that making them I can't do it man sorry I need to copy a bunch of keys locksmith Coast room he gets to the Do Not Duplicate what did you get me involved with anything you try to make a copy a Do Not Duplicate key to stab you in the neck with a picture books for key dude all right cuz it's a Tesla I was going to say I'm sorry I have been driving for a very long time I've run through number of different cars my driving career something happened like around 2005 or car just became super reliable and they're great now like that truck that I've got is eight years old it looks brand new and it drives like a truck Ford F-150 forever the blue truck still have all these former Vehicles here you know that they have an inheritance by the company you got a new car without getting rid of your previous one eight year old truck is going to go to JD we start driving so Gavin up and give him a ride to the dream even if I drive with him as a passenger he still told me that when he tries to me he feels like one of the safest driver thank you. You just saying that when Gavin told you that you might have been yeah he was just like you know I feel really safe when you're driving me and I meant thanks Gavin and I looked him right in the eye to the retina that truck drivers that I hate when people do this when they're driving and I'm talking to you like this and you're just like the whole time like looking for it so you hope that they look forward and they're just like you I think the roads looking really nice cuz there's no nice way of saying it keep your fucking is looking to your right how do you play Pokemon go phone is well over to the right side I saw 5280 the same I guess you know when car manufacturers they have to like I get to test their cars to see how long they last and one of them but I saw that earlier today Tesla tweeted a photo of one of their Motors and they said you know we got to test the model 3 motor I miss what it looks like after a million miles and it looks like it's like it's brand new it's nowhere on it. Combustion thinking about if I call I guess the thing that I was worried about before and I never realized it when it's combustion engine and overtime that's what were things down or causes things to break you could build up you could have a car where the inside of the house after a million miles outside of the Drive Unit is cleaner than like the inside of the car that they could be totally fucked up and your motor would still be like spotless Lake Road and thousand two hundred thousand hours 6666 6000 hours okay to take turns. It's been 15 minutes after I driving the car now best part about electric car are you asking me I am the only one that can't answer this you know what her know that got a model 3 no almost no calories burned brake pads that's what it feel the oil change really that was fast y'all did you do that that's that's crazy I can get this thing in Texas now where your renewal and your inspection has take place at the same time your license you're like a window you have to get like your inspection done and then you all done right after voting difficult difficult unnecessarily difficult to have one sticker instead of two cuz that was really blowing everyone's mind somehow I don't like talking about but I don't like the way I don't have enough or that doesn't have very the car drive everyday that test was 4 years old in this point I feel like I did have a good home inspection registration sticker in the windshield registration on windshield if I get back up here that's on your windshield getting me know I just want to see how long I can kind of get away with it but yeah yep then they say Pink Floyd 95 said owner of the owner the sonics Haley Moore famous for mugshot so he did purchase the Trailblazers about Paul Allen Allen change the world man jobs Bill Gates Paul Allen in the parking garage is just think you're in a way we can make a lot of arguments about you know later years the 90s when they all grew to be these giant company but man they really they really fucking change the world entirely different place cuz of those people and Bill Gates Bill Gates I'll tell you what I'm so excited about the weather drop it down 45 degrees cuz I want every Barbara joining me this I want every fucking mosquito know I don't know what happened I don't know if I'm going to get rid of a lot of money that was a dollar for malaria malaria or to wipe out mosquitoes got to go to the mosquitoes if you want to give me I don't know what it is but I think it might be my blood type of something to do with my body chemistry I like if there is 5 people outside and mosquitoes they all go to wear the same way I went and Barbers around because I got a 50-50 shot at that point but I couldn't because Bill just go around everyone else can just blame it on the Facebook in my heels are bad year for it here in Austin I don't know what happened but they were way more skills than normal this out there whatever the weather kill mosquitoes at 40 degrees please Vegas freeze cuz it has to freeze their breeding ground and I also think there are a few years there were there were especially bad because we didn't have the supposed to be cold snap to actually kill them off over the winter which makes me believe that there must be a mosquito traps in my house somewhere but it bit me no joke like in in the crotch not like on the vagina but like right at the lake really what am I how am I even positioned in my sleep. That mosquito was able to get there so that was good was trapped under the covers and get eaten alive temperature to 50° they shut down for the winter find the find holes for the week for warmer weather my vagina scratch mosquito bites at the worst place to get bit about the nipples pretty bad I think you meant I know there is no blood in the human foot at all so what the fuck is he doing playing that skin over bone shit bingo bag fee for that just don't see that look real close up photo of that mosquito like a creep me out like trying to try to drink blood is that was it one trying to find the blood vessel try to get to it I can never thought about the physical mechanics of how that works it's actually sticking something into Youth and searching for a blood vessel mosquitoe land on you only feel it after it bites you cuz I know what is that is that area that you there spit which makes they don't feel it somewhere it was a lot of it you can have my life for any sponges out the mosquito spit is what the claim will stand it makes it stop itching I call bullshit a little syringe plunger thing you should you should use the plunger on your vajayjay and tell us how I guess whatever he does not know why they're drawn to certain people Michael is Michael is anemic for a long time and recently he said was a good no blood is blood dress your husband and he's not anemic anymore what was the first thing hold up a cat I'm going to say it was chicken tacos I told him to take it easy dude very hard on your stomach and then I made him some carne asada in it she likes was sick for days now that used to be right so what you're saying is we need to become anemic lobotomist about mosquitoes we should talk to Ben it's been sitting here we go on the filthy casual correct hear some bug spray cuz she was wearing like short shorts and short sleeves and she's like I'm from Edmonton no big deal yeah yeah we have like some weird other type of like they've got rings around them as a mosquito bites this year are like this dick bigger and they leave bigger marks when I go over there. The bank has been had something cool that you posted on social media what is this thing to do and by the way this is not we're not sponsored by admission on social media cuz I'm all about like immersion and stuff like getting totally immersed into stuff like that so this thing is a sump pumps base or like whatever audio input that goes into it throughout your body it's really really cool stuff yeah so you know but they but they really really want to test like people using it was like VR and what not and so I think I'd like to get some to eat when they about playing Jesse Eats & beats with this Adam Ellis where do I turn me on to it cuz he has like the sheriff versions when you can like I've used to share version when it's like you've gone so like on the body to get hooked up you put on your back and I don't like plugged in and yeah man and then you can like feel the game it's really really cool vibrations and yes I like one of my friends is a DubStep producer oh yeah like if you put this on your messing with music like you just like put it on and you can feel things if you're playing like you feel like I'd be saber and you're trying to hit these blocks but every time you slice through 1 years old body vibrates is really really cool I feel like it would just be like fun till we're just see you don't even need to tell anybody that's a great thing about VR now you don't really need to explain anything to anyone just put them in the headset and then you go to hand them both to have her sit on you go to hang on the controllers and we can see them through the headset because the tracking them and they just reach out and grab them and from that moment on like everything to be ours makes perfect sense it's just like job simulator or be Sabre people immediately figure out what they're supposed to do you just know like it shows in Ready Player one with like the gloves Optics and everything like we had the party and they had a deal and you could sit there and play and it was using the vibe and they had the demotion trackers on the pan for the club so wait when you were holding the wheel it was moved and also you could reach up and grab power-ups in the game to attract your hands moving and when you would throw them too wet. Oculus has the little hand things could be a little bit better thought it was light flimsy hard plastic Omni Omni Trac fighting type thing or a horse you can pull in and out of there headset with Vegas high resolution for the big thing they put out with wireless is that worth it it's a wireless worth it. How often do you use VR stuff yeah I think it's if I had Wireless like pulled out from under yeah yeah I look like drilled in my wallet at the house it's really fun you can have to charge you to lose your deposit if I don't have everything to do with the Bible that people and like throw the man in for the first time they go in and white paint something or like just experience that full immersion and kind of like lose their feet out from under them for a moment so your parents or anybody try it out cuz that to me is like the most fun thing when you get people who aren't used to this kind of Technology try not to the first time the graphics card computer all the way across the country just like throw them into by for 5 minutes someone in chat I am Aaron said I've been to Ben's place in his VR setup is pretty great it was a ton of fun I hope you actually know I am Aaron Aaron in the mail tonight and sometimes the door slightly swing open and if you're in the vibe you don't know it's there and it's one punch the wall in my place oh yeah I might probably was a deposit and pulled open redo all the wires in the mic snap it back together and it works just fine sorry it's like it's like I can't take this thing apart and figure out what's going on there but you know I'm looking for my next next thing I want we're going to fucking lower third for it cuz your Tesla needs more promo nobody ever talks about that alright yeah but I can't stop what I'm doing to deal with it plus you know I'm going out town to deal with all of that the only fasting to deliver are not what I want now you can get your favorite Beverages and meals delivered to your door introducing Postmates the app that adds a delivery options your favorite restaurants imagine if you want to eat delivered you don't have to drive park or talk on the phone to order very important for me I forget to get eggs milk no problem craving to Tasty Burger check for the perk bottle of red wine or a summer beer or Postmates is your new long-term Munchies booty call download the app to order 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Bring you what you want within the hour you even see where your food is and track the driver or limited time Postmates giving you $100 a free delivery credit for your first seven days start your free deliveries download the app today and use code rooster that's code rooster for $1 of free delivery your first seven days save the hassle get the food you love fast at Postmates with code rooster thank you. It's a service that I love today cuz everybody futurology subreddit you know like talking about going back to eating meat Michaels going the wrong direction no offense and he's dumb he's probably you know tell him the direction you should be going but they saying it like we have to stay near vacantly cut down on me conception worldwide for climate change if we don't do that this is what we're going to have to do I think most countries seem like they have to cut their meat consumption by 50% and in the US because of the difference in how much we can do meet it was like our cousins would have done it by like 80% countries reduced by 75% I need some meat cut down right if we all just went down 60% across the board what if I meet the right way to start eating that impossible Burger that's good it tastes like me and it's not right that's right son Dimitri bush meat from the meat Rajesh Sherwood I believe you will seriously though what is somebody like I would want to be in the beta test group for that I don't know why you can't go back from then on the other hand I can mention I don't eat those will it does make sense yeah I found a broken glass at a Phoenix Comicon brownies in the 70s but never nobody's nobody's ever had poisoned Halloween candy London someone brought me Norwegian Kit Kats Regional it's exactly a chit-chat but it's some thing they develop from a cat kvikk lunch that's amazing I would love to hear someone who can speak normally go through that with it you know they still see many European countries as being I just checked myself make sure it was in Europe but you don't really see that it would be like Texas or Alaska Russia Norway Speedway petroleum industry in Norway big drilling Delta burn trash Sweden there's a country that Imports trash from other countries cuz they have lay of gotten their trash burning recycling for energy down to like such a good levels they don't have enough fucking trash in the country in that the importance of Sweden or Norway Sweden Sweden Imports away from European neighbors and they burn it down Burnin it sounds like you're like in the front yard burning trash bags they like that. Burning trash recycling tried incredible shush it everywhere don't even worry about it so if that works why don't we do that because we don't do anything that would be helpful to the environment smokestack Lobby smokestacks just pumping out smoke 24 hours so what you're saying the noble profession in this country smokes the weirdest article over the weekend Vape company got in trouble with the FDA because they were putting Viagra and Cialis into Vape liquid and selling it as like Viagra I think it's a real place podcasts brother medicine for you orally as a as a tablet they're not approved it as like in that manner you meant they did it as a prank or something like that like the marketing and selling it I don't understand why anyone would care that much to do it that way like to take the pill yeah unless you want to have like a boner all day just keep taking little Hitler all day anyway play you're somebody is vaping in the restaurant you're just way to get a boner uncontrollable boners either Viagra near your 18 but I was in a meeting with Chad the other day and Chad face and it was really funny table there about vaping like a science of vaping he got through it all and he's like he's like a big enthusiasm even said yeah and you know I know it's not really cool right now if you make fun of vaping and all that stuff is at the whole thing just but I liked and everything to vaping way before noon it's okay to say yeah I think you said that to me yesterday was a smoker so I think they started doing it ironically they got hooked winter months liquid container there were going to drink where you can just use real quick. Sugar pine 7 next to it is a cheap mint Hunter next that one cup under with a cup over there to the funniest one that's like a new design right I haven't seen that on anything I actually it's funny because I have the red baseball cap that has that logo and I wanted to wear it when I was going out sometime and I was like going to see this from afar and worried that is the make America great again hat cuz it was the same shade of red but once I see the logo of this is keeps Hot Stuff hot and cold stuff cold air probably not a single one University of Texas yeah it looks way more orange on camera but it is true red do I had a really funny thing that happened when I was in we just went over to London and then we have like 3 days till he was able to go with me to our checks in London so I thought I'd shoot down on the train and go to Paris by Train to Paris is more than fucking flying why why is that the case it was like a hundred fifty bucks anywhere or more than flying if I was going to take a plane I would have to get a cab and go an hour and a half across London to get to the Portland airport to go so wonderful I put this in a journal but I think I've mentioned in the podcast we were at a cafe for lunch and we're just sitting there waiting for her food talk and looking around and I tell you guys what's and he grabs of the daily hold it up what is this what is this thing as like I have no idea what this is Anthony first I was like how the fuck do my thirteen-year-old not know what an ashtray that's like that I'd like my brain parent brain was going what did I leave out of his upbringing how the hell would he ever know what an answer is he's never seen one in person before when did they ban smoking from restaurant when I move to Austin 20 years ago I feel like everybody smoked I need to see it everywhere now it's like weird to run across someone who's like out walking down the street smoking in public think it's funny how quick that changes when we worked at the call center East I was getting mad because all the smokers to take smoking breaks and he would like get off the phone and go outside and smoke so I decided I wanted to smoke so I can get more breaks at work I smoke one cig why don't you just also take a break when I got to be super turned out of cartridge junk fresh air by ever cigarettes also I feel like we had a record like cover that territory again Wednesday being became popular used to it like doesn't matter I can Vape anywhere because water when were the commercials on TV that go after vaping let you know there's always the anti-smoking commercials for cigarettes now I start I started seeing him for Vaping specifically like trying to spell the rumor that vaping safer than smoking or put a brother that's out there I got to say it seems like across the board the decriminalization of marijuana has increased over time some states words perfectly legal that's great totally happy for people who like to smoke pot go crazy I just don't like in last couple years how everytime I go to a big city I smell pot everywhere I go walk into any kind of major downtown area I just like the constant smell of pot pot everywhere I went by so we're no longer going to confiscated the checkpoints in the passenger to figure out whether or not it's legal whoever they're going to fix on Boost the difference no game yellow are they going to start allowing marijuana smoke in there if you can sell them Atlanta and in the airport in Sanford area obviously you can drink that makes sense to me to be able to go smoke and we go to Vegas Airport if you order a drink and can't finish at the bar before your flight board Bill port in a to-go cup ready to take on the plane that do the bartender asked do you want the double it's only like 2 bucks more for some do I think it's where the liquor is allowed I can text it would only be allowed at the pit stop listen to Celtic you could you go to a bar and there's a sign of no alcohol Beyond this point yeah that one more time I walk into a gift shop on the strip with a drink and the screen goes like outside on the street I hear that during the first time I went to Vegas with Michael we're walking around on the strip and we saw all these people like the well bone shrinks like a three-foot-long around to get a drink let's just go buy one of these it all night you had the next wrapping everything so we're like okay where do we get them or walking around with you I believe we're in the Margaritas in Saratoga okay awesome there have prices listed so you pick out the ones we want and as they're making over you start to realize Lee have a nicer Margarita this isn't like some like bullshit Daiquiri machine and Michael's like how much do you think these are going to cost and I'm like I don't know like 15 bucks each like anything more than that would be absurd for a drink and stuff and a week to be fair we could drink them all night enough for you for the entire night I say more than that would be absurd I still remember when I bought my first legal drink it was in Montreal where the drinking age is 18 and I went out to the bar there there's like nobody in there but I was with my friends and it's like take a Smirnoff Ice cuz I hear that's a good drink and the bartender literally takes one from the the fridge cracked open hands of Nikos $15 I don't like that's all my money that I have right now I guess this is the only drink I'm having tonight but that from then on I was like is this how much drinks are in general then I can Austin and I ordered a drink and it's like 450 well it's crazy as they did when I turn 21 I feel like that has an insulated much but we went in 2004 we went to New York for the Lincoln Center event in the hotel and we went down the lobby and I'll drink in a hotel lobby bar and I got a whiskey and Coke and it was $25 I will remember that trip to the bar and I pulled out of 20 to pay for it they put the drink down there to 25 Isaac what yeah I wouldn't get one haha is what I said to the guy at least 25 bucks always ski week I can tell this place was going to be bad news cuz we just booked at like last minute was close to the place I remember it was like yellow and white on the inside and look like that they had just filmed in episode of Sex and the City there and I was like but then I was like a hotspot I will say I don't know the Lincoln Center just remember I'll Donna when I remember why you doing that the fucking oh my God the standard the plaza white floor tiles but their disco floor so is everything is under the floor and is a tree a dead tree in the log in the middle of the bar just put out last Friday put out the first of the four episode Game Time run they're doing a couple cuz I recorded them a long time ago and they just haven't come out yet felt like Kelly's in particular felt pretty stale we just recorded hers but if I can get them if memory serves me John rice first then next week is special guest David eddings from our games department and you have to see what I'm getting for his voice and then and then after that is Ellie and then I think rounding out probably need to Burton cuz it recorded one with her for a while ago she was okay with it you know coming out I was just work here anymore but that's fine coming November 10th I think which one two three segment that would involve me getting paintballs if I if I lose in this particular I am too delicate no I did not because I'm on vacation about a week after extra life where I would be wearing a bathing suit on this vacation and I was like I don't want to be covered in welts especially if like I'm on vacation with my boyfriend might look for but yeah I don't I don't know I don't know if I want to do it or not it would be really fun to participate in but was it Kyle that asked you if he asked me that last year and I'm pregnant any alternative a slap on the wrist you should baby Barbie get pregnant get knocked out in Suburban grocery store and it was like 11 at night and she's dressed to the nines like I don't know what this lady was doing in my neighborhood he looks great and she was and then she turned away and chill like a backless gown on dude she had these fucking deep deep rings from cupping but it was like my mind all I saw was she had these are you going to be because I really do expect today drop blood increase circulation to your muscles when I was working on my shoulder at the very beginning but he didn't like put one on and look at it there kind of like an sucked it up and then like moved it around and then it made like a fucking horrible bruise on there now people swear by a dude that she would like that shit on fire looks like it's not safe for work we are working or something gotten dry needled what is dry ice I think they just ate this is what I've been through acupuncture is the Western way of saying whatever acupunctur is and we got to make a different cuz acupuncture feels like it's I honestly don't know what the difference poke medicine for whatever reasons dry needling I was recommended some dry needling from a trainer because I've got really tight shoulders up here and he said that he had it done and it just like relax everything so have you done it yet I think you said is only a few I feel like it worked I believe in acupuncture though I mean it's like I've seen videos of or may not be as the photos of where they give free acupuncture and then can perform surgery they just block the nerve you know when the science behind behind it seems pretty sound to me and I can punch her seems like it's the least contested Eastern medicine like hell yeah results I was painting a rhino horn the stuff equivalent of that you so much meat that were causing climate change has probably the big one right we just eat everything we come across right man killed because hungry for something the color orange in person today who's in politics say that climate change is not man-made president I really would you say that to me cuz I was 60 Minutes interview I believe it's not man-made or think she also said that it's possible it was but the climates always changed and I could change back could change back right now sure on an immediate Extinction of human scale part of the geologic process of getting rid of thrush but yeah I've been thinking alike about that is what did I agree would rather not people cause climate change what that does that statement takes out our ability to affect any kind of change whatsoever like we can't give me the sun back in an amine a couple hundred miles I'll be fine you know we can only do what we can do and only change the things that they were going to affect you know carbon dioxide missions that we have and so it's complicated view on this stuff but the thing I think is that I hear people say or the counter argument is that if we do anything to try to stop climate change its going to cost a lot of money and it'll create unemployment people lose jobs by why don't we think about the jobs it'll create in this new industry to combat it it seems like there's upside there whether or not you believe in the science there's an upside to creating jobs and spending money and creating these new Industries to do this kind of thing anything jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs if you just look out like 40 or 50 years what qualifies as a job is about to change dramatically like just the way like a dude turning a nut on a assembly line with a wrench that dude you know the machine comes along can do that job so much better he that dude eventually lose his job job job is almost everyday the computers in my kid's life most jobs will be lost two computers and machines that's going to happen I think and say things like Universal basic income jobs like I just read the most amazing sweet and I can't remember who posted it was amazingly it's dead how bad do we have to have fucked up as a people that machines are about to take away all of our jobs and that's a bad thing it really it's like something we fight that we can't can't not work we have to have a location to put value on what some people do over what other people do when there's all these machines I can do everything for us anyway you know and we act like this is horrible thing that's about to happen on the assumption that the job is tied to income which is he says like a universal income would be times what I wonder if you didn't have a job so I can feel your day sleep all day like to dream see what happened what happens if a lady takes I don't think that's supposed to take that gives you a boner it's obviously I didn't improve sex like they liked it a lot more since I got my bag with my girl is not suitable for women in there is some anecdotal evidence that Viagra make your sexual pleasure women so far medical process of producing evidence that works for women so it doesn't seem like it's really it does there is at 11 if we were talking about but improving sexual enjoyment but there's still no medical medically conclusive Research Unit to start working get off me Ashley just sent me a photo they now having Austin a cupcake ATM is an ATM that dispenses Play Holding Out by T formation, do we have jobs jobs giving me cupcakes making me fat router protect her job that's what I want to do when I grew up in the domain look at that picture that there's like just like a full-on storefront buying their iPhone I like the cupcake at the moment in my mind not what what ATM is at the mouth how much did Tiger Woods win what I was just texted his text was from memory as to mouth you never go ass to mouth was that sucks I don't think they invented it to ask him out but it's for work so I'm talking about it so it's up to her Aquarius woman Jocelyn James was I'm stirring a long time ago that would be where I heard it so it is 7 years in a while ago I think that was when he really really like everybody started paying attention to Tiger me for years so I play golf for like 10 years and under protest which is she was completely wasted on me a good female golf golfer and she married like one of the few guys in the world golf I'm doing patient it's too long to play golf like axis and allies it does I've never been to Top Golf I'm super senior golf I'm not good at it I have I have had instructors I get up there I swing that thing I'm pretty sure I can hit a baseball with a baseball bat that's what I grew up doing I can play tennis I can shoot a decent man city golf I cannot fucking figure that out I cannot do it if you hit the ball yeah I'm just like when you get to the club with a bigger I don't know anything about golf driver driver in golf e-commerce all right baby I don't exist anymore we're like cheaper Factory clubs which was really awesome corporate headquarters dicks Galaxy I bought out November 2016 Choir by Dick's Sporting Goods at the 69 million dollars it didn't Toys R Us go out of business to go bankrupt and now they're talking about possibly coming back at me like what are they possibly going to do right this time around for the starting over so what happened to everyone who didn't get Severance cuz I imagine that happens when a company goes bankrupt diamond ever gone like they there's been such a long period of time yeah cuz I know they've moved on do they owe people start tonight if you are let go from a job you get something say something that these people are oh that they're not saying it's not fair that they would get to come back and have their business the Monopoly version of an airhead bankrupt means you're out doesn't mean that in business just restructuring Barb borrowed the money decided to cancel the bankruptcy auction of the brand new man in the show property in order to revive it so what is the value in the brand new Toys R Us Brandon company that maintains existing Global license agreement and it and can invest and develop new retail shops so it seems like they're making a new Toys R Us that's like the old ones gone this new one doesn't have any little bit Toys R Us as hell on Earth it was it was it was also like I'm not that way at all your self with my kids but as soon as we left Toys R Us I was like wash your hands every toy in that stores on the floor yeah I guess I haven't really I wonder why they went out of business like a wonderful experience but here's the deal is that the way the toys are sold the kid goes in and freaks out cuz they want the toy and that's how they can mark them up cuz what is the dolphin do like we're going to order it off Amazon will be here in Houston Street a business that doesn't work great idea then not so much Disney World did it right around 1 p.m. cuz all the family show up at 8:30 in the morning gates open they're all excited by fucking nuno's kids are out of it there either mine Studio they've lost their shit in the Paris hotel for a couple hours then we'll come back at 1 at Disneyland Pro tip on the downward slide for a while at this I think they said that made a profit in 2011 they didn't sell a cupcake ATM Amazon at Sears sucks and whoever wants to go into a Sears JC Penney's department store that very few people shop at 4 to get like department store type items in tires and appliances Lance's and it wasn't keeping them afloat I love the regional Harmon stores like in Texas we had Bealls Palais Royal all jockeys became Dillard's Andy cell if I recall correctly it was still around Nationwide thing if it was Justin Austin ballet Royale yeah I don't know if it's still does yes it does I was there not too long ago no no no I'm probably about 15 hours in okay what does mysterious mean mercenary you look it up I assume that means mercenary hand like a bug assistant like some kind of no not mitosis meiosis V I can't find it Malacca that's it I'm learning all these like assholes it converts it to whatever that font is Cyrillic and then says asshole so can I get away with that if you say a swear word in foreign language that doesn't count for ratings and stuff like that I bet that guy say a swear word what is a swear word another language doesn't count against your likes where count for ratings and stuff like that I can see why it wouldn't count towards it because if it's being sold as an English game too I assume Americans yard for the kids in Melaka that would affect the rating the Spanish kid should you know I don't believe this but here's where we're going to hear swear words of the kids are hurt her words to me today you can change the language and still get away with it I just I just think all kids should know I'll swear words don't worry about that stuff when you do your assassinations the lot of stabbing in Dixon buttholes but thankfully it rips less skin by the way I have found her complete very tender did you ever think you is that I found out like a go to move in Assassin's Creed Odyssey the kind of broke the game for me it works like a charm I got a Spartan Kick Kick people and I weigh the top of the ladder pick you up I just fucking kick them to recharge the instantly try to like that brassiere to call reinforcements which I fucking hate that mechanic I hated like shadow of water if I don't get have that are riding a bike and they were able to decide K okay okay they were saying that the gift was posted looking for Jeff I said actually every time I said yeah I think it's pretty sure that was a combination of the two were people he was riding a bike and kicking people like a sidekick off the bridge looks like because it's such two games that are such a big deal to Russia to be like our Minecraft on the Xbox never once played it I think I loaded it up once and loved it but I've never play Minecraft on the PC and then where is GTA never played online I play online for like 2 minutes I don't know what to do some guy drove by and shot mean as I can I'll take us out later I never saw it online whatever this thing here is also brought you by Squarespace when you need a domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace Toppers beautiful award-winning designer templates you create a website or online store in just minutes it's an all-in-one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever easy to set up for transfer your domain on Squarespace and all your domain and billing settings in one place I affect our own Patrick recently Squarespace for his wedding website at all of the venue information maps of hotels nearby their guests could easily RSVP and it was super easy to set up a set of using a domain with the.com they were also able customizer URL stand with a. Wedding start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com 10% off the first purchase squarespace.com fee for 10% off first purchase and you know we've been asking you to share your Squarespace credit websites you've gone through pick some more of our favorites add reminder with Squarespace you too can make sites like this for sure to clean out us with the hashtag RT Square and here's a few of the favorites first stop is Ashley Renee very nice next we got saying Sunderland I might be saying that wrong like that and last is Danny Mora is there a great easy with Squarespace website like that too did you hear about this crazy story is Randy Pitchford oh yeah let's talk about that so he had a personal assistant and the personal assistant have a salary hired by the pictures from text spot.com hired by the pitch for the 2014 on a salary of $45,000 per year but he really hasn't previous running for the loss and then it turned out over the course of a few years he bezeled $3000000 from them yeah man more like hey did you do anything about this and he tried to explain it all stayed out I was just a mistake I do money from the wrong account I'm going to write you a check right now you know tomorrow I'll pay you back and you got now last I heard about 2 weeks ago when I first read about the story he was still missing the crazy but I don't think we've ever discussed maybe we can discuss another one podcast that I was not home but the couple where the woman ran out of gas and she'd have any money to pay for gas and I'm homeless guy paid for her gas so she ran a GoFundMe for the guy and they raised $400,000 and then she and her husband allegedly it's in court took like all the money they gave him like some of the money but they were like well he's on he's a substance abuse problems so when I can give all the money to watch yeah and they just basically in the basement they had like the so many deadlines like we pay the money or show the money or anything there's a new cars and stuff and everything else cuz I don't know how you can sleep at night or like how you can live with yourself doing something so shity really convince themselves that they haven't done anything wrong there's no helping him Michael better off there like we have a trust for him we'll give him the money when he gets clean but yeah right so they've been officially charged or convicted of fraud or they about to go to court I thought they were already in court to produce this like giving the rest of the money and produced what you have super quiet really fat in a fairly be like a couple didn't even show up in court it was just the attorney kept showing up and there's like your clients have to come to court you can't just you can't just represent them in a court of law without them being present they got to come that's one of those things it's horrible it was from September about stuff they want to help out and they don't need a bunch of money when things go viral and people are going to like stop for a moment and every years and years ago low-tax from something awful went on this fucking huge rant against PayPal because he was essentially taking donations to give to Hurricane Katrina victims was Katrina or was it some other hurricane it was a natural disaster if I recall correctly long time ago in PayPal shut it down to know this is not and then I pick up the car money did all the stuff they're going to take any of this was like no dude you can't just like start a charity on somebody else's Financial Service on PayPal you can't do that there's like a whole process but now it just seems like the whole business models and go fund me and everything else is just like yes their stuff up and let people donate money you know times are really changed but I see I actually thought of the time I thought to take a step back from this take a look at it and everyone was canceling their PayPal account when it was really kind of the only game in town for sending money over the Internet for a long time yeah they were the most cash I can send you a Facebook message see if I can do this mess and Barbara Buck just reach over and press you set up with my bank account $2 richer than I was but I thought that was it that was way too easy but they could do and you look down and I paid somebody $10,000 should I be receiving something you'll get a text sent out here like I can do it are you covering your face 0-0-0-0 white house and they found his passport cuz he's like he's like in front of the cameras and you just like put his parents his password on his phone is all zeros so Real Genius oh I don't have it set up $2 what I said I did it I did it today I do this morning cuz I couldn't do it all weekend I got locked out of my mortgage account online and I needed to find out tax information and you get like one of these forms for interest tax basically right off your I thought you knew I needed to get that information as to what that was and of course for whatever reason they fucking locked my account for an activity or something like that so I had to get on the phone nobody's there on the weekends should I assume the East Coast Financial thing as fucking scumbag live and I got online and got the information but it wasn't the form I just wanted to form they read it to you from an automated phone messages to hear was your interest for this. And I'm like great but I kind of need a doctor can't do anything with that or we can fax it to you and still have to go and get a fucking digital fax service on a free trial get the number and then back to me I haven't thought of I can't remember the last time I got a fax I can't remember if I had to fax something for Jeff today really they were running around I couldn't figure out how to fax with no fax machines at this office and I was like um yeah I found a good service fax burner. Com all the medical forms that you need to like come back from maternity leave I found my pediatrician will email you the receipts we have to pay $10 to use an encrypted email delivery service bullshit I guess is brought to you by about 50 in our in our text conversation very happy to finally have the only one they have which is the space space gray or whatever comes up at 2 a.m. set a damn or midnight when was a damn alarm did you have an expectation did you see that Bloomberg story that apparently nobody but everyone's refuting where they said that cuz I believe a super micro was selling computers to Apple and Google and people for data center usage and that those computer motherboards are manufactured in China and at the Chinese government was installing spy ships on the motherboard to extract data and apple very very vehement Lee denies it and they say that that is not the case and many of the companies that Bloomberg said that that's not the case I can't find any evidence of that but I feel like that's something that we talked about as being a possibility of the podcast back at the Congress office we talked about how it was everything buddy Factory overseas like that now you don't necessarily know what's going into it it's easy to intercept stuff like I think the example we made at the time was you know there's a company that makes cyst all day 8 to 5 a.m. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. then at 5:01 p.m. they turn off the lights for Cisco and these keep making them make the exact same thing to put a different label on it you know there's no there's no way to stop that or in this case you know add extra chips if everyone who was implicated by this Bloomberg article they'll deny it and I believe even back to Department of Justice says that they found no evidence indicates that that has been going on with a scary thought to think how complicated these computers are you could potentially sneak an extra shift or something on there that so Caleb Tina media in chat that got that was debunked the chip that was supposed to be installed will be virtually impossible for the size of it and that's exactly what I said Thank you chat is it was a couple it was a couple entries up but there was a story that was back then to where there was some organized crime scene where they made the bus because they had their cell phones in the room they were making a call they just had their cell phones in the room in the government went through and activate the microphone on the Shelf I believe their cell phones were even off like the batteries were just in the phone and that was in the article and was like that's a big fucking deal I did not know that they could do that but technology-wise or legally I could remove the battery from an iPhone to know when you get the battery out of there a billion the podcast and they had a jar of candy corn quick vote candy corn is garbage. I don't know why I also was saying I like circus peanuts to like what did you think her name is though yeah that banana flavored yeah manager candy corn and we had to guess how many were in a bar fucking nailed it was 85 bar got 77 but before Barbed but before Barb came to the podcast that we were coming out one by one to the set and I did the first vote and I guessed 43 and then just showed up and he hadn't hadn't heard me make my you make my yes and he said 44 I think you fucker cuz I thought I was doing the price is right thing on me that Becky shows up as she does 45 everyone guess 44444 in 45 without in that order without having any idea is waiting for hours before your ovulation would have been broken at that point yeah we had a we had crazy thing happened we were playing Mario party with me and Teddy and Ashley JD was off to New York mom this weekend and to replace the Mario Party sucks you can't it's like not have a fourth player going to have the a I was really fun and I'm super excited about it anyway so we played that's in this room playing for the David party and actually play Rosalyn. P she's cool I'm not kidding 6 turns in a row she rolled her one from the very beginning and we think it was 7 can we think she wrote the one to pick your order that you go like you got two new ones but you getting one this time what the fuck is dang like yeah I was like two of them are you lose two coins yeah so maybe maybe with the stuff to play with. What's on releasing coins on a special block Lindsay was Jay-Z and that was a good thing I think I got that Selena has plus two Coins Plus to call Rosalie's trust plus you text someone someone in chat after I quit was said that we should do a poll and I agreed I think it's a good idea for a God the only answer is yes Gordon Ramsay go to roosterteeth.com play if you're watching live right now you go to see the complex play and you can see how do you know what candy corn good or trash Australia trash is off to a commandment haven't had one in a long time so I'm probably going to navigate to real numbers yeah this is this is overwhelming this trash terrible Gordon Ramsay had I had such a great quote about candy corn he said it's not candy it's ear wax in the shape of a rotten tooth that is be perfect if they are dog's tooth looks like exactly what I thought silver talking about mysterious Malacca can I talk I won't give away spoiler you play God of War giveaway play God of War I won't spoil it I won't spoil it but essentially Kratos is now in the middle of Norse mythology right like fucking up Norse Legends cuz he's in the middle of all this stuff really prophecies are taking place during the course of it like certain certain people aren't where they should be too many of you like 38% fuck you in that garbage ninja go ninja yeah I know what you going to say about that somebody got the right place it's a good messed up he's messing up like it's the wild card for Norse mythology super sad about the sequel that game no DLC but sequel to be 5 or 6 years I know right honestly they can just go to work again keep the engine the exact fucking saying yeah he played it I did not play it I washed it yeah how I participate in video games yesterday who is participating in God of War be like ozmosis what book he tells about God of War like what what are you doing that game you have a son boy boy boy I don't know his name Petraeus Tracy I miss that one said something like that over here I will say this if there's a power up for trash that you should get any gets a little room and stuff or get the talismans he's got one called ratatoskr you fucking love it so its ability has the powers I picked all the power up but you call it in a ghost like squirrels part of Norse mythology it comes out and then it goes into the ground and dig and it is it brings up three Health stones or 3 Rage Stones depending on what Arrow you have a question and the best part is he's fucking mad about it every time the squirrel and you just cursed at you and he complains about it and deepest recorded so much fucking dialogue for my voice actor I have I've had that power forever I have only heard I think of him say the same thing twice interesting to say the same thing twice one time it's amazing I'm I'm gathering everything else I remember from this game okay I got the son calling boy say come boy a lot and so yeah you have a head strap to your build a Scottish or Irish Dude tell stories when you're in the boat okay and then you fight this dude with a lot of tattoos and his mom mom like big and she doesn't want you to hurt her son as all moms should and then you kill him all right all right okay what else we talked about today got my ear hurt my ear smart my grocery store and I was getting my car and open the door but didn't open far enough I can definitely fit in but I was going in and I hit my left cheek on my window going to get in but that was never my ear then when I have a check I pulled my head away and I was still sitting down the car and I like pulled my ear up like a hooked on the top of the door jamb and pull my you're my life I had to collect myself in the damage the cartilage now you should get that checked if it doesn't feel better after like a blaze and stuff and he gets hit in the ear and his ear just like literally McGregor fight last week one of the fighters that went after one of someone from McGregor's camp in the crowd and then of course was start like punching people in everyone's jumping in the Sun from khabib tap jumped into the ring to try to hit McGregor and punched him from behind when he wasn't looking and like you're just sending the cats if you were just punching each other and fight for breaking out everywhere scriptive Frank's no I don't think so I figured that out but I was nice of course that was a big story about it on the clips and then of course you have all these fucking commentators who talk about the same thing like when Tyson was boxing like this is embarrassment to the sport people fighting in a ring and let me know what to do with embarrassing about the punching somebody else I feel like that story to that point I feel like that story really to get any traction like I heard about it for a little while but I felt like it wasn't like it wasn't the thing ever was talking about it wasn't everywhere cuz I can't live like this crazy thing happened to UFC do jump in the crowd for a bunch of people like a horse that's the next step that's what's going to happen anyway did you see that are alive bit with Pete Davidson to get engaged to Ariana Grande news report about how I knew that was going to go though I mean I could have happened but I'm sure as hell really I was kind of like rubber in borderline personality disorder I don't know I think I'll talk to you it's like someone in a relationship says like you too good for me so the other person eventually will listen to that you know so I can get super jealous in relationship is like that person was all over the place like what the fuck are you talking about we're just like talking to you while people are into me that's the problem you put ideas in somebody else's head like Seinfeld Uncle Leo Leo to not marry the woman that had to go through options to tie yourself down are the friends they each make 4 million a year from syndication still it was might have been more but it made me think he was like Scandal stuff from The Cosby Show right until God be destroyed all that and that's all gone like what time is one of the Friends cast has some kind of Scandal and then suddenly they can't put a 4 millimeter seems like that should be part of the payoff punishment for them as well yeah. It was already like morality Clauses in entertainment contract season 2 episode 2 the main cast I could be wrong but you got to being friends for million dollars but I think you're watching one with you next time