#515 - Who Poisoned the Water in Austin

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Austin’s water warning, early voting, allergies, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-10-23 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 515 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com deliberately poisoned our water people that's not a coincidence this Albertsons brought to you by Casper and ring for sponsoring this episode of The Lunatic Rooster Teeth podcast on Gus and the Oregon Trail it was trending on Twitter off to hashtag Austin water you want to be one of the bias cuz I didn't sound engineer at our other office was like hey don't drink the water is coconut and I really don't care about my kids my my housing complex emailed me at 1 in the afternoon to text me so I said alright I'm going to go out to the grocery store and grab 24 bottles of water to store grab some bottled water cuz I do not buy bottled water for a long time it received to not have any kind of but we do have any bottled water except for Topo Chico which I still kind of the same way and I do it and I go to the water aisle and it was it was Mayhem already and it was mostly all the old people who are up early in the morning then they all ran out I was your Chris Chris coconut sent me the email and I'll I saw like at 7:30 this morning as I bought 2 one for the day and then the majority of the like the water I drink during the day it is well I guess I don't know why it's like it's like specific water party all day long and so I'm already boiling my water flooding flooding but it's like Rivers flooding so are lakes are all going up at 44% is that all this rain I was flooding has brought a bunch of silt into the water filtration system so they can set up to meet demand and they have to keep a minimum amount of water pressure in the system for fire hydrants and for fire suppression and I was surprised to find that fire hydrants don't have their own dedicated line water lines everywhere they basically told they let loose water that was not up to their filtration stand correct so there's no as far as I know there's been no evidence of bacteria or anything bad in the water can't guarantee that it's not in there because they haven't built a pretty dirty was on the ground I mean what do you do to solve this problem you can wake up at 4 in the morning mr. mayor or ask an expert Wii U have to make a decision what are we doing for him or water truck in for what what do you put in the place to give yourself a people that lose this year is the water going to be able to put a couple years back you don't have to filter the water let people drink and tell them no fires that have me the rules to be easier not to have a fire if you have a fire you get a ticket yeah like fire firefighters a bunch of fucking dickhead boiling general electric kettle a British lady I boiled it multiple times cool thing about the water is that if it goes off and then I hit it again the boil doesn't go away immediately it's still hot why is it a three-minute rolling boil. John why isn't it to one minute plus another minutes long enough to make you sick really struggling man that's it he's right there what is pi to its boiling temperature and stays perfectly the temperature on Till It's Gone it doesn't like go higher than that and some more boiler like a really frothy Hardy boil boil 12 you could you put them in it right or if there's nothing else in it if there's nothing but it doesn't boil but you can make that thing as a liquid a higher temperature than can be solid and liquid in a gasoline once what does that I think if you want it you want to start a band called broccoli boil 40 below I made a discovery today results of this city water lots of restaurants are close to Starbucks coffee cake anything like that because everything requires water and got coffee after I think about it when you get a boil water in Layton, can I go to see me in Llano I go now in the city of Austin you have to boil water as well just oh okay thanks and I walked out of there so you can't get a lot of rest of the clothes are results of it there's always been this rumor about leg us there's always been a rumor that Homeslice brings their water in from out of town so if they can't use Austin water home so I could not make pizza today compact was open making pizza today because they've New York water they have water from somewhere else so what are you proving yesterday to see if they're open tomorrow okay you guys are the restaurant was open and start serving food went to Which Wich today I tried to go to Chipotle couldn't go in and out couldn't they watch that last yeah I have all my food now but actually do have pre-made water what you want about I try to drink a lot of water but I'd like to have a little bit of flavor my water but I don't want to put sugar cuz I can't defeat the purpose so I have jugs of water in my fridge that have like fruit in them or cucumbers in them says to Stokes as long as a flavoring to airport lounge water cuz I had water from you you have in any of those jugs cucumbers grow what's the flavor it trust me I have berry water as well as if you want to come over. Thanks chat we should have found that out what is America we just driving around I don't think I predicted it would make me mad and I went back on the awesome subreddits be mad about it and it was I knew there was going to be 1,000 fucking photos of different grocery stores and they're empty shell or mid day would have been otherwise trucks filled with what was the water shortage a gas shortage but it was at the hurricane Harvey that's right we didn't have a fucking we had a normal level of gas right but everyone thought there was going to be a shortage we should create a shortage and there was a famous photo of a filling a Rubbermaid trash can in the back of his pickup with a jealous wife and you couldn't you couldn't have a rifle to schedule these people there is no gas shortage and then say why can I buy gas anywhere because everyone's buying it right now and then they say well then there's a shortage shortage we have the same amount we always do every once in gas tank right now we're normally would like to know where is equipped for that you got someone to start a rumor and kill people with it nothing is Bill for 100% usage nothing not even close something in the city that everyone can God bless you going to ACL or some like that the Network's down it's not down it's just over run because there's too many people trying to use rain gutters what's the rain like everyone can use every rain if it was raining in Austin every rain gutter can work you brought it a hundred percent. It was raining everywhere in Austin every rain gutter could work but then that was what you know what if you're always thought that comes in United flight last my backup yeah yeah what would happen if everybody like use their gas stoves the same time Stadium not even close I'd like let's say like Dodger Stadium's like 1% at I'm in the city right now further my computer that is not answer the boiling in the world you would let me talk about it would let me talk about the podcast cuz she was busy hoarding it this summer she actually does hoard we going to do things in my house all the water and cheer beer Haagen-Dazs makes a peppermint bark ice cream and only comes out of Christmas and it's I swear to Christ that's good I guess you got one. oh what nut beer is the one thing as an adult I have not been able to get you some cucumber beer he will that be too little bit up here the bacteria are the parasites eventually live in it so I don't know apparently today you do early voting so I made a tweet this morning that Ted Cruz drank all my water really mad I ask you how the senator could have possibly track on my water I don't like Twitter what's going on why we showing that okay you tell us a lot less than your watching this live in your first member you can buy it now you want to tell us what's call Derek it is called Salem's gay I want to I want to talk a little bit about voting today we were talking about registering about registering to vote registered to vote up until now but one thing we want people to realize if they never voted before in the US if you're not from the US I'm sorry this might not pertain to you in the US they have Election Day this year I don't know what it is November 6th that is not the case not in Most states I don't know how to listen I'm sure you can find in your area Most states have early voting and that is essentially what you hear is election day that is the daily report the results that's essentially the deadline to vote so actually we voted into most of I tried to vote today I'm getting that in a second but we voted today first day of early voting in Austin and then they poison the water the government poison the water does your brain have you already heard about this and we jump in the water goes up your nose and it goes basically to the center of your brain look right it's your brain stem and then just turkey and kills you and there's nothing they could do about it because you know what let you think what do you mean how big is this amoebas how much can I eat the Dunkin Donuts Courtney tap water up your nose today if you could still water all the time just some people eat their brain so it's completely can random specific like straight or something hey Alex what's going on how are you doing I'm good thanks Ellie has been very active in the campaign ending part of the voting process here in America and yes I combo so I went to my local pop-up shop for can I say who is that alright I went to the pop-up shop and I'll see what I could do and I've been blocked will came knocking on people's doors and it's terrifying and I was like that's why I guess I what can I do here bado in particular this is why I left so I thought I'd try and do something about what the nation right that's also weird rationale because we care about the voting of other countries like we we make it our business all the time that's not even a joke but I never was like it was about trying to change anyone's mind at this point you know it's not about like knocking on someone's door and being like this is why you should vote what I'm going to vote it was about guns people who boards already registered to vote and have already said that they going to support but I just making sure that they know how to vote went to vote and they kind of building a voting plan with people so that like if they turn up somewhere and then I'm waiting like a it's cool we can do it tomorrow instead of like the whole thing is like a get-out-the-vote there's like make sure the people who have registered and who can vote will go and vote because a lot of people fail think that it's only November 6th then they'll get their responses saying it's my right to not vote and go to your right to know it's time to play Peruvian. I mean I always vote in the UK when I cut it is very important to me by James Buckley everyone knows he is God right and in God's elect the queen of king or the queen and then the queen shoes is Paul Parliament right she's like she's not sure how it works I Mean Gene use it for the vibe I just agreeing with what the people have chosen problem in today probably Nationwide election you never know voted for fox hunting to abandoned like to ban fox hunting and she was upset about that so she left the country so she didn't have to like sweat out and is a little upset and one is leaving have to be there passive aggressive I kind of like you choosing she should pull that like that she talked to God directly it wasn't able to get whatever she wants out of that right kind of shit legitimately Queen Elizabeth and this boy has a shot at being the oldest living World War II veteran right she's the longest reigning British monarch of all-time lot of over to veterans are dying out what are the numbers when dealing with a shark they found a nice one that's in the metric years in the Army right in the Box honey band why did the queen became the oldest person in the world how old is Richard Overton Street Draco right to me if you mean streets over the weather what is the street that he lived on off today Google Google Map still has the old name on it everything I have to go to the country are you done yet I would take the fucking shuttle across the coast of Normandy I would grab the fox looking at people do you think you could swim the English Channel you like what if I fight a shark halfway through 25 MI you can tell her what you need from now so when you swim the channel is their self in the water did this voting thing to say yes my answer is unequivocally I can how long does it take it back if I said when the channel January 1st 2023 how long how long how long would it take you to swim in 21 Mile in the boat in the boat the boat that I have the both going to have a lap like pool in it for you to do something okay if you let me I would have got the boat with a boat in a pool just dump the entire way I just floating on your side black and red beard on chat says extra life but I want to let people know if I said it we're not allowed to do any stretch goals for extra life they can't be fulfilled on the livestream so that decides to take a bunch of stuff that like backlogs whatever what's up stop the coffee done the live stream free stuff like what if we do 50 Cent married but we just knock out like a week or month later nobody nobody's making you do that stretch goal everyone has the responsibility come with a stretch goal that can be done during the livestream not this extra stuff later because I need overtime what happens if people see the stretch goals as being the actual gold for things they think that you know we paid for this because it's like a bonus thing we were raising money for charity this is extra think we're going to do and we're going to do it at some point but feel like no no no we all paid money for this one thing it's like that's not what a stretch goal is a circles like a bonus for hitting a teardrop for what you're actually raising money for you tell me when you're heading this lender today by any chance you could better with something you can do so look it up even though she's not no but there's one guy did tell me that like I should leave immediately unlike get back on a plane to England I want to try to come please one person shut the door and then and then was telling me that they will be like the cool in the cops in that they were going to cool ice to make me go home read that off Facebook good poison the water where you live that's what they've done to Casper product create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time call HRT and using promo code RT at checkout transfers mattresses are designed by humans for human the real Casper mattress to buy for Quality sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right bounce Castle design helps you sleep cool and regulate your body temperature Through the Night by Caspar easy order online delivered to your door in a Compaq box free shipping and free returns in the US and Canada I love my Casper mattress it's awesome to sleep on super comfortable it's got good sync it feels great I wake up feeling amazing cuz there was one third of our life on a mattress it's so important to sleep on a mattress for committing forecast for gives you 100 nice to try it out get $50 for sex mattresses by visiting casper.com party supply that's $50 sports like mattresses better than casper.com RT using promo code RT check out thank you Pastor for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast interest rate do it how often you supposed to get a new mattress I actually ran into a lot of receipts in place of Pokemon that you can catch if you can vote but it took about an hour I think it was the longest line I've ever seen for early voting and I think I read that they were on track by 2 p.m. they were on track in Travis County Road match the 2016 presidential election which was record record breaking in Excel and this is typically considered off Cycles not a presidential election but there's a lot on the ballot in Travis County right now anyway proposition obviously that's like making Nationwide news but you know also my congressman a bunch of local elections for local government city council 07 propositions or something like that for the city weather not to revoke the nuclear treaty in Europe Jesus Christ out yours anything as a planet yet I'm in the store do you like gold Elite is coming together but the people of the planet should figure out a way to vote on stuff as a as a planet place I can hold all the people that you have absolutely no control over estimated. Just let me something with my face in a boat who knows what that is but 6 hours and 55 minutes for 7 hours any possible anybody who has swam the channel has at least plan for that long no longer wear a half sleeve wetsuit goose fat to lose yourself up to get thrush from New Zealand Philip Rush from New Zealand went there back and then back again it took 20 hours and 21 minutes to be fed from a stick take it like a hamburger and then I'll just be Bernie floating on his back being fed by a stick I know like make you have to go back and forth kilometer 21 mod that lets say 34000 m 34340 laps in a pool in the water that use insulation busy eating what are you looking at it looks fun how boring would it be to be the person in the rowboat if I were a little orange robot they're traveling along with the swimmer I wouldn't even take a row boat across the channel why is one a human achievement Miller's just fucking terrible you overestimated what I will not swim the English Channel by August 30th 2022 okay I'd like to sign over his be participating in this challenge can you go to parties to go only two kinds of people I'll be in the same category without doing all the work on that date we love you always do smiley face what are you going to wear underneath all the goose fat are you going to wear the little baby all the time but I like being an athlete so I got to make you stand there being covered in goose fat and while we're doing that you think I'm an athlete the hell did Jesus was going to be on your buddy how many keys does it take to cover you usable fat music ooh you got a fat butt off you use chicken 443 grams of goose appointment in one gram of fat what is that just how much fat grams of goose has 18 grams of fat is about over 10% of the like out of every body fat 5% fat so let's say you have a ghost. 6.25 lb there you go that's probably enough for a battery probably enough I wouldn't know where to start what could I get it today probably not alive or dead but I can tell you it's right over the park over here catch a pigeon in Frisco what's a pigeon doing in Austin where you at where you buy the studio or downtown what does water have to do with pigeons ducks and people feeding the Ducks then she let a pigeon talking about you like say something and then go in a totally different direction Indian man that I want a pigeon and I was like why was he driving on it trying his hand speed by raising pigeons Sebastopol do look amazing show that's weird looking animal that's all we care about Big Fat Goose which is the fastest bird penguin probably live in 100 day winter break people just leave each other alone in the mushroom mushrooms penguin Albatross Albatross Google let's find the circle of life here the trough eat killer with it for now but Google it's showing me his preference here it's built-in by I search for what is the fattest bird and it returned the 10 most beautiful birds in the world. You didn't Google doesn't want you to shame shame shame that's a good thing I didn't mean for that right so they're not staying there for speeding it what it What is the word that they use for force-feeding of a goose I think band a lot of places it's one of those things that is going on with shark fin soup because of Yao Ming that it's the little things they don't need the Bandit they just make device they just made it so socially unacceptable nobody wants to do it until the industry basically die what is article I read most of the time you did know that shark fin soup that they just cut the fins of a shark and then it's this really horrible practice to sharks we also know that the whole campaign about it and now shark fin soup consumption has dropped significantly ever seen of someone trying to prove like how bad it is and they've actually like partaken is that yeah they react in a way that is like it's just terrible no good thing as opposed to like people's reaction to may be safe what bra tried to go vote and I thought I was going to take me 20 minutes I asked you made it estimated that would take me 20 minutes and I give myself half an hour and I was really kind of about it I was with Ashley Ashley when I go places I love her so I had to be somewhere at the top of the hour so got there like 30 minutes till. It might make this might not make it today I'm definitely going to make it I had to go show dentist appointment and so she left and I wait in line long story very short I got all the way to where they were about to check my ID and I knew I wasn't it was like 2 minutes until the top of the hour and you would have to get on my phone call there's nothing I can do about it like I pushed you had this call so we could do me a favor by getting the phone with me it seems like I just can't do it said he was a check my license then I would be counted as voting and I would go to come back cuz I'm literally like probably like 3 or 4 minutes away from they had to fail headed pale after 30 minutes and I need my sunglasses and almost to the front of my kids inside of her something there I'm probably like I'm the suspect list of poison the water in Austin the problem the problem is this go to call everybody goes to vote right everybody knows a lot of people go to vote I had this older lady in for me so how was she Sheila I don't know dude I have no idea I can tell you I can take just like everything else about this lady this lady for 30 minutes didn't stop talking 30 fukkit what you there was someone she knew no no so it's she's in front of me in line and in his courts with somebody in front of her and I'll just I can even just read you the texts that I sent to Ashley of all the shit to talk about after she got the part where she was bugging me and she still kept talking she never leaves the house ever because she's had 14 surgeries and man they should really do something to help people like her vote it's really difficult and they don't make it easy and anyway also her son lives in air and he's doing really really well and is that a Golden Retriever and hey are there bugs in the bush because I'm really allergic to a lot of different things I think there's bugs in this Butch now let me give you all directions to my house everyone everyone in shouting distance dress dress that was the only everyone that he is on the street of the Pemberton Water Treatment Plant don't even know what that is some guy in front of her the guy the guy to in front of me made the mistake of engaging with her because she was doing that thing where she was talking out loud but she was just like to hang out at the motorcycle friendly I'll talk to whoever I more than most people I had a feeling about this lady that feeling cuz we're all sitting there and she said she was going to stay this temperature and then just had to run to the Aether calculate my time to call and I thought what she talked to me I was doing that thing was about to answer and it was really short of my time because you just said it again or if it's going to stay this temperature in like he's fishing for a friend so I just kind of like I just did that she walked in as soon as he said one word to her he she was like he was in her entire Focus that's amazing that she doubled down on just not having able to talk to you but was just looking for someone to respond that's the major yep she also the house on the corner used to have different siding us oh yeah most people don't even know how to grow an avocado ready to go so amazing about the English attached to something that they have to identify as yours like a tax return on any efficient method of transferring information you know if only there was a way we could secure for banking we could use it for other things what could we used to do that dresses like how anyone could log into a bank account right there's no way to verify that really should be a way to figure things out your driver's license number so they can verify whether or not you you have that status okay what's the same way they verify when you go right that you have to do there's like seven different kinds of identification you you can show until you show you that I did occasionally. Verifies you I don't like taking like a video blood or something so it's there already just taking identification as the reason why your you you so why can't it just be the same thing electronic any form of ID you will do it was fucking impossible electric bill with his permit they would like all these different forms of identification the big thing we didn't have was a social security card number and everything but I just tell you if you had a birth certificate to get your driver's license or was it basically were trying to prove a citizen of the US citizen previous map of the state it was yeah we got the more we can prove is USA's and then we had a previous part of the alcohol technically by you're not supposed to go buy alcohol with a passport I know cuz I tried to buy a drink at a bar with using my passport that have my license and they would not serve me a beer festival and has never had any form of a i d weather what is your question what happened to this country how do we fart fall so far behind right now I know I want to hear this pubg Chinese hackers hacking shit like holding the 80s with the phones and more games Israel collaboration to take Iranian nuclear reactors Iranian refineries offline virus it and then it just got modified you you're upset about us falling behind on the hacking but we're falling behind on like almost every metric there is life expectancy projections you like 2050 the u.s. is like the power of our significant significantly Annette ranking Italian possible I might do that to you in some way I don't have to like how can you get an Italian passport let me see my family in Italian oh really that's all it takes just go in there and say I'm I mean your family is all sorts of different countries he's gone okay I live in this country not to someone did some of your family have Italian citizenship my Grandad has is an Italian man born in Italy I just want to let you live here in Europe okay after brexit I might be difficult so if I haven't eaten the EU possible still going to happen if the Kaiser weight do they have his opportunity to go back at this point I know they can be another vote in the UK is pretty much out of time to figure out there Exit Plan and at this point it looks like cuz there's I believe brexit has to happen in March they're at a point where they owe everyone should just leave the country to regulate travel trade any of that stuff sticking point is whether or not they're going to put a wall between Ireland and Northern Ireland what's going on with you and the other one don't countries in Europe in Mainland Europe in the EU but they don't have one. Are you okay is under some illusion that they have power in this negotiation saying that they said they're going to try to negotiate a better and that you know that then have to give a shit what I have to do a goddamn thing for them what's going to happen to British pound it's worth more than our money right now you think it'll drop it would be very weird to me to have a dollar worth more than a pound of projection that's the way to stuff about growing up and becoming that always the stuff that you know that was in books and stuff you read as a kid can change like yeah it's the demented when you're being taught in school my life a lot dude in May it was a dollar 42 and now it's a dollar 30 the first times I came to the US in the gear on 2005 $2 I remember when I went and I first met you like an old 405 over there it was like two I think was a little over $2 I think I hamburgers $5 no it's $10 today's Plains around by that time I love coming to the u.s. you hated expensive that I can see the buck 74 but the thing is is now because it's been close for a long time that you cable price stuff for the exact same amount as the US still like a video game will be 59 99. Yeah I'm in the UK we 59 pounds of Madness release game sucks I love the game it's been like 4 equal it like $3,920 options on both of them have to buy that stuff that's true. She was one of them Call of Duty Black Ops 4 bought that game I'm so excited about it I have no fun I haven't been this excited about ecology it's just it's just weird things we do for our health everyday is to brush our teeth with bottled water if you're in Austin so important that your gums and teeth 10th affect other parts of your body get so many of us are not brushing them properly designed to make brushing your teeth more simple affordable and even enjoyable do you brush for a full two minutes because up to 90% of us don't quit has a built-in 2 minute timer with closes every 30 seconds to remind you went to switch sides which is one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the American Dental Association has thousands of verified five star reviews brush answer automatically delivered on a dentist recommended schedule every 3 months for just $5 I quit brushes super nice it's super great to travel with I love how clean my teeth feel after using it it's still enough for sensitive gums but still gets the job done and leaves me with a clean mouth that's why I love quip and their back by over 20,000 Dental professionals quit starts at 2:25. go to datpiff.com / receipts right now you'll get your first refill pack with a quip electric toothbrush it's the first refill pack free at getquip cam she's thank you for a favor Steve podcast for helping people keep their teeth in their mouth clean I got a great day I had a great dentist appointment and everything is just peachy and I got blood work done in your mouth to be weird if they had to draw blood out from your gums like that are just like the vein in your car I know it's kind of like vibrate little like I got over that really trying to get myself shots so you get over that in a fucking hurry Eagle Pass mucus dripping out of my head all the time I had a really bad allergy to grass for many years I remember that timer that terrible cuz when you like a teenage kid and your parents are expecting you to mow the grass that they had no sympathy from why you had like an allergy play be your first contact with all the way. Was allergic to nuts that no one would probably be seen as poisonous to someone in know anybody with a peanut I've never heard of a peanut allergy when I was a kid but now I feel like that's a big thing but a lot of people have a question if everybody had a nut allergy died in immediately with the nut allergy die or is it something that could then crop up again so you're saying get it done I'm saying is that an option or is it is that are allergies genetic or is it something that that is just a natural progression of the people who haven't had it I guess people born with it where hasn't made itself known yet and then they would still have we had asked and they could tell if you do have or could have Knology and then anybody who does deposited was killed does that get rid of the allergy that's my man I don't know how do how are allergies got how they created start allergies website asking me to answer the question what's wrong what's wrong with Lionel Messi Nice France FIFA anything to do it in 15 which means it can be passed down the Ender wiggin and chats and you can't you can't catch an LG you can't but you can develop a severe more severe reaction like you can have basically a very benign allergic reaction to something early in life and then all of a sudden develop just I've always worried about this with in particular peanuts if I eat a lot of peanuts in a row my cheeks right here gets flushed a little bit and it's like I feel like I've gotten more pronounced overtime I had a protein flush when I flush I make that shit up I'm growing an allergy to the fake cinnamon flavor make cinnamon Delight like no actual cinnamon candy cinnamon Tic Tac if I eat my tongue burns like 4 days every time I eat sometimes I just like and it lasts for like 5 days severe reactions do any kind of Thanksgiving super spicy like he would get like blisters in his mouth essentially from like jalapenos I love my mom she doesn't like jalapenos like my upper echelon which is better than nothing pepper hot wings challenge give me a ghost pepper shit I wouldn't do that there's no way I'd be up just a fucking snotty mess that would be you be like I don't know if I would probably make good contact wright-way BBQ in Brooklyn so probably one of my favorite we haven't we still one life for that now how was it how was he did one light light in front of it from what I understand from what I remember the show started where they were going to press junket and then they were just like that is shity slot at the end of the day and there was like you know all the celebs are going to be super tired like answering the same question all day depressed and it's for the movie Billy just brought a folding table and came up with this idea what are the veggies yeah but it's like grown exponentially the like the client that kind of the castle cuz the early episodes were mostly musicians but they weren't the most well-known Main Street musicians but then like he got a couple of comedians that people knew and then because those people did it then he can get someone like you know that I've only got like Kevin Hart that was like a big deal and so now he's like Charlize Theron and Jeff Goldblum in just had Tenacious D on and Christine Teigen was on that kind of the names that I'm saying wrong my brain does know what I have no but I have I have like no recall of names anymore you talk about penis killing you I'm just losing all of all of the attention of names and asked me to do that show because I mean there at that level of attention like a late night talk to you later tonight show at one of the main one you know and I am yeah they asked me to do it like I want to do it then because he still says that he's never had anything spicy oh my God that was that would ruin you the first time I had to go to the hospital I mean I forgot about that that was probably 2018 John Deere jalapeno can fucking surprise you where we were eating metal job as hell, as much as little boys so one of the the customer eventually do is they can sit like a treat to a conference Hotel It Go on a hunting trip I don't hunt I've never did anything but if you don't know boys up I would go longer selling stuff at night in the cabin and we had this bag of raw jalapenos we're eating them or whatever one of our guys was Arkansas just like we're just eating by themselves we have to go concrete guy was like he put his pepper daddy like that he's from Arkansas and hot pepper help you take a bite of that tell me what you think of it holy shit I can't remember this day like I couldn't catch my breath so fucking bad it was like rolling around the floor like unable to open my eyes and look anyone or make any noise I was like maybe it'll be easier to pass out I honestly feel like the first one I ever had was like 10 times and now I want to just out of curiosity celebrities about the latest project and field still in right if they ready to go to answer the question spray different brands of May spin a wheel and that determines what they would like one step below a true but he was never use mace on his food Eric we met now branca Binaca do you have a mint Binaca yeah it's Binaca spray that shit mine was kid freak me out I can go blind forget the spray to work so I turned it look at it and I sprayed starting to get more like stick if it was a spray and then you can see almost like if yeah I'm sure they would all you can spray on a contact lens that's the future you know the weirdest thing about my medicine is that I can't ever get testosterone in edible form but I can get it as a deodorant can you get out of your butt it was I don't know why would people get more people get LASIK if course they would she will need a laser surgery with a hammer and a chisel do you think they would want to take it I fix it I feel like this is going to be like for the really weird thing is they put the suction cup on your iPad has a ring in it open your I know it's open your eyes so hard that you can't see out of it like it changes the focal length of the story can't see because of the liquid is like Bulger like-for-like you're the reason for an eyelid it being if a predator like comes before the light while your eyes are closed you can be like what was that I don't need that anymore and I want I want my eyes to be like complete but what if you got your eyelids tattooed black is it darker how would you go tell you can't see some through somebody else's eyes skin absorbs more like these just the fact that your eyelid is so thin black cloth of the same sickness caused the same thing as the chemicals that make your skin change color pigment in pigment that's why I don't think so I bet if someone who was blackheads the skin what was the shit that Michael Jackson said he had where does skin white alopecia if he had if you had it on one eye that being the only person I could tell you if it was different if you are seeing a difference it would probably be is such a level that it really wouldn't change it I would say maybe your eyes I never think about this bright I don't sleep a room it's bright eyes from people I'm at with my eyes closed it still blocking the sufficient amount there's no Predators walking in front of me that is going to distract me we working shower to lift up a bucket of water over I'm at you can buy that's what I figured out that I don't know I can that can withstand cold and everything like that have closed why not that's the question it's just not going to wait. Sleeping in an airport every single day well I know that you thought I was making room. Sleepy play face down if you got to do good Lori Feldman Tire beer gross that's a good beer to Heaven you're right it's because of evolution that you can't sleep and you to combat this next time you go you go traveling just get a Sharpie out and just get a little bit of Darker look at your cat's right yeah they shut the right in this weird over the top of their eyes sleeping the Eagles or like a birds of prey to fly fast they have flaps of skin that come over their eyes but they can see from the wind doesn't like dry other ice sleep why do I wouldn't have it all the time always playing it like a hundred twenty white eyelet but it's wide enough to see if you can see like if there's something coming but you make it out great okay that when I need to see the best where in the sky is also brought to buy ring rings Michigan to make neighborhood safer already know about the smart video doorbell and cameras that protect people everywhere we help you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world there's a package delivery or surprise visitor and be able to see hear and speak to them all from your phone set on the doorbell if they have lights with automatic sensor still have cameras on them tons of different products for just about anything you can imagine setting up around your house if you were you have a special offer on a ring starter kit available right now with a video doorbell and motion activated flood light cameras were talking about the starter kit has everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home just go to ring.com teeth that's ring.com teeth starter kit can give you peace of mind you need away from home protect yourself and your home with the ring starter kit get it now at ring.com teeth that's ring.com teeth for a starter kit special offer thank you ring sponsoring the podcast making easy-to-use convenient that would be a fun summer footage from people doorbell a great scaring people away somebody fucking other package but I'm okay do packages to use the speakers they have the they have a microphone thing on them really kids read the door the weirdest guy ever have I saw a UPS man show up look at a package was supposed to pick up from my house he looked at it then decided no and walked away from his truck but he's got his truck and he just drove off like the people posted of like a delivery person having their package in approaching their house and then turning around and not delivering it like just flat-out going no I got a bad feeling don't know but like I like it makes me think I've had a few packages that have been said been delivered but they're not they were delivered where they were supposed to go anymore I kind of wish I got there cuz I've had a couple of times they said they delivered it and it's not where they say that u.s. Postal Service how are they still in business let them fail because they cannot deliver a fucking packed you cannot read a couple of numbers and a street and they cannot put a package for a blocked so bad. I got a PO box and I thought they don't have to even leave the post office in there they can't do that either. It wasn't there what what what delivery service does Amazon use ups and their own yeah I checked it's not there I will check again okay what do you mean maybe it's six numbers but yeah maybe in a couple days you should have a contact whoever you bought that stuff from the online retailer see if they'll send you another one like it's not their responsibility you lost it I paid for a box because you're so bad at taking it to my house where it's free but I'm paying more and you're still fucking losing it in the building so why you going to accept my UPS and then it's not their fault was it luckily I mean like 4 days later it just mysteriously shows up in my box that's already been opened I apologize before I got the PO box that's in the nice letter dear USPS deliver to go well maybe someone stole your box I said no I got a camera I got a camera pointed at that box and a post the mailman showed up and had one letter that he put it he did not put a package in the mail I can show you the footage they like what they don't hate just like what we have this print out here when it was delivered at the GPS coordinates say it was delivered at your house I will let bullshit because it was not and I could see my neighbor's well it wasn't delivered there and then if I went for like a week with them back and forth escalated it then finally they're like oh yeah we delivered it to an apartment complex 3 blocks away from your house sometimes it's wrong if they had that information have they ever figure out that it was delivered to an apartment complex 3 blocks away right that's a really good question. They should hire you at the post office to figure this shit out of me nice I'm not trying to see my post I said imma do you reply to it you need to making you have to shame them publicly to get a fucking response that's how I fucking got my package I made the mistake of at some point living on a street that was a name and alecto of which there are multiple streets house number be right and you get mail for your house number at on Street CT E and F because it's the right number they just put it in your name or wrong mail the Meijer now cuz I am pretty new here I don't have a ton of postal mail coming out of people's mail delivery right on it wrong address the wrong address then that when the person gets it to this email so it wrong address I know you fucker by this is late I need this check I'm going to happen fucker how much money are you how much money did they lose how much money did the post office lose their support of net loss for the year for 2017 of 2.7 billion dollars how do you lose to how is it you can lose packages and lose 2.7 billion dollars in a year maybe I'm going to send some silt to someone who got a water system could you make it across that cuz you make it across the English Channel before USPS could deliver my goose fat in time so no I couldn't do it just let me know Olympic mix the shortcut for every percent right I do think I have a three-letter shortcut to put in my email address I know I have one for business and I won her first-ever in overactive on my way is your favorite on my way I'm on board with the fact that I hated it has an! But I don't know why I hate that so much is that because it's emoting something that I'm not giving you permission to add that flies your attitude I'm just on my way there dude that's it like hey the funeral tomorrow on my way you sure didn't happen all of my email addresses and maybe that's why your phone ever you may be the dad and not when you do it in Iowa I didn't get any of the new man of my word I smash my other one says I know it's the 10 but what's different about iPhone if anything I think you could do like to feel after you take a photo on the planet, the more predictive yeah I like that cuz I've had both and I would say I've had way less issues with Google assistant Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone at 3 because maybe like Huawei or something what's the least what's the most what's the least imperfect best far what's the best one I like how I said I like how I said I meant to say the way to use one and not miss a few features from the other what are you missing on like a pixel I get that SMS happens and that's a normal and that iMessages is new added layer but it's very specific times in which I don't have a carrier signal but I do have Wi-Fi and I can't message everyone in my family because only you know some people have iPhones and some people have Android phone and if I can do a group text to get theirs because this thing is SMS in the snow with the way the message I go to Google chat or Whatsapp or something like that they just need to data driven one when is Wi-Fi but you've only got 1 bar wife I just a button little nug of Wi-Fi why is it lingering on the dreads of Wi-Fi advertising the past that it's supposed to text into it so it's possible to boss of life I use that if I wanted to if I don't have if I have unlimited data is just dripping off the end of life is just a soda life hacks here will hacks if you don't have a cell phone signal okay put your phone in airplane mode because I love it's okay for you to be the case at least that would have phone was searching for a signal it was sitting at a much stronger signal that would be of your battery way fat hope you're definitely a battery to what do they call the gumballs for packages if you're in the area this important one where you like South by Southwest ATL Lollapalooza taking a cell phone signal go into your data and turn off like your highest level thing you do that anymore River Edge now I'm curious to cellular data options enable LTE off Adida making phone calls here like if I'm going to think I'm making something about data pack halfway through when you realize it was wrong for you do that just so you can call anyone half tables is still better than disabled text Timothy Green that you do so you can answer question you can design robitaille have a life robot then all it does is Dipper on the floor and vacuum shit up in the Box there's the fucking robot and then there's a duck that the robot will drive into and charge and it needs to do that to live you can like come over or push out of the way what's the one fucking thing it's robot house I feel like there's an answer what the fuck you're fishing for does the Roomba pushes doc all over the fucking play my brother under getting a coffee from the coffee maker do you have some Carpenters on tile push it out of a corn we can go to Farmer Boys in the walls in the room but it can't be right now why did my solution when I get home today from this fucking thing they should have suction cups or how do you say a little weight in it still shut up the clothes I got to say though my electronic assistant at home I will always sucks people's things off and you're doing a great job but when I talked to her she can now control that robot like I can make it stop or go home and sit like that expensive Roomba the Roomba yeah just for years that you have to get a room. I'm not I'm not getting it I don't need it just get oil change your life will change your life like 5 years until they get this fucking room and get himself out there for anything about it for a while with technology like he wasn't really the Dyson for a while and everything how much is it I wouldn't anything's items expensive I'm going to guess that that hair dryer 300 bucks for your head yeah and he's like Zips all the hair spending time with his hair what you doing is it what's the benefits of red rice like pasta style your hair give me a call as soon as I got its name it so I name my Roomba Robert I just thought it was funny and sell every time I tell the assistant I say tell my Roomba to stop cleaning and she okay do you want me to send Roomba every year and a half and I still laugh about the mess that's all that was funny it's everyone thinking that I really funny naming that everyone must do that stupid stupid is my phone I just name it something diabetic my iPhone yeah I was a victim one and I was just on my phone and I was trying to text but you came up on the address I thought you were right next to each other in a meeting over here the other day in the space over there and I was having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi and it said you know enter the password for the Wi-Fi password in before and then from across the room aerial lift Amigos my computer is asking me if I want to share the Wi-Fi password with you and is asking if I want to share the Wi-Fi password how the fuck does it know that we know each other and then I guess you go if you go to someone's house and you try and get on their wife I don't know I went to a party that I went to in somebody had their Wi-Fi on the wall is a QR code so you can just like you did those are my fire formation it is but also here's a QR code if you hit it if you are trying to lock down on the App Store who sell apps for ridiculous amount of money that already do things at the base operating system does who sell expensive QR code readers like you're fucking camera does that you need to pay someone $10 to get a goddamn app to do that but why would they they still get money exploit people I trust Google Play Store a lot less than I trust PS Store legit Francesa hyperlapse for my pixel that I had and it was not the same thing at all it was the screen saver game on Windows what are the tubes that at some point at some point like 20 years ago and it was a lot easier to happen I want a sweet like aquarium screensaver you could pay like you could buy screensavers 30 bucks and all it was was screensavers at it if you look at like a popular probably had to do you do use the iPhone have the like forced touch backgrounds have you seen that is where I was like I was like ink injected into war know now it was on this one the quantity of toasters the quantity of toast the amount of car on the toast configurable so you can get your ass is exactly how you wanted a millionaire I like a oil and paint that you press it is like swelly will delete the old ones that you can get the ink in going in the war of the podcast don't know what you're talking about and it was delete the previous stuff state funded would you like to be a billionaire from the lottery don't drink water drink water