#516 - Should We Take Rooster Teeth Public?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Red Dead Redemption 2, dreams, Twitter removing the like button, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-516

Recorded: 2018-10-30 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 516 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com this week and the brand new Ruby lifestyle collection check it out more about that later I'm Ariel you look a little different Ariel Halloween costumes today I thought you were too much Halloween it's too much we the party on Friday here at the office how was that show me to celebrate Halloween right Friday we had this party all week all weekend long are people have parties Saturday and Sunday Halloween parties cuz it's on Wednesday this year and we come in Wednesday Halloween we got dress up Monday too I mean what is it a fucking weekend before Halloween the tradition I get it do we have a dress up as for Halloween I was a penis and I come by to peanuts younger than your life getting dick maintenance I just gotta learn how to make it last in the testicles cuz I'm available in the penis still my favorite to this day thing you've ever made I don't know why when I see those are only a few left here in London when that's all we had to sell your with Jeff I just got like 500 of them and no show us what we just went through this with the tiki mugs but there's been times you going to Convention Center shit gets stuck in customs for a trip like I mentioned so on Thursday to go you can get on Monday like well that's going to be a problem because Monday shipping it back working at where I think we didn't get one of our palates until Sunday and that was like half of them are so we're going to bring food to give you no sell them on the store a couple of a couple of the style sold out pretty quickly very back and someone reached out to me and someone wanted to buy when I wasn't able to answer you know why you do it this way why don't you do pre-orders and I know you know how many to get and then you can sell that many and the problem is if we're done pre-orders and they have been stuck clearing customs since July you be fucking angry that three months have passed and you still haven't gotten your stuff we've also learned from pre-order stuff it's it's difficult to do pre-order stuff that's physical because you do big Ron people preorder it then you run to do a manufacturing or a customs problem they can delay things sometimes as long as like 3 or 4 weeks 6 weeks you know extreme cases and then you're kind of stuck in this Limbo with a bunch of people who ordered a bunch of stuff and then also pre-ordered something and you either hold their order until it all comes in or you have to take the pre-order thing off and refund it and then I got to say to that it's just like you'll be there so many intricacies and different scenarios in a shopping situation that is just better not ask you for yours still better than the T-shirt would you guys buy the t-shirts like 25,000 people that think it's against team I do have a time where see something inside look at game is on sale me going to buy gas in your library because you want to play tonight you been looking at is on sale for 50% off. 7 Hemi with the switch where when I got the switch I download a bunch of games so I would have something to play when I actually start playing it I haven't played it like a single one of those instead no I see my favorite console that's out right now cuz I just like it's I'm so unique but I'm like I'm like dead even at this point like Xbox PC PS4 or the Xbox has definitely come down the most cuz I used to be an Xbox Enthusiast guys coming for my halo days but now it's so you was debate as to whether or not to get Red Dead on PS4 or Xbox achievements to me I ended up getting it on the Xbox to fix the digital Foundry video that compare the performance between the Xbox One X in the PS4 Pro show that it ran better on Xbox One X so well I'm blown away that how it runs it's just so well up to my son a little bit lighting and stuff on a nightmare GTA V Spider-Man I think Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best the best looking game I've ever played in my life I've been playing on my kind of like a little on the treadmill and then I thought I'm going to sit down in the living room and play it on the big screen holy shit there's no way I'm going back most Games IP have to plan a small screen I honestly like especially competitive games of bet on a small screen just cuz you can do better Red Dead I only play on my OLED TV like the the big 77 in HDR thing it looks like what the fuck is up for your dumb TV video you made for some of that thing I never spend on myself and I play I started playing on my OCD in the living room and you set the HD it's like a hundred whatever is the valley what is the like bugs like that Rice that stuff that's in there but in the same stuff for organic I mean everything is light voltage and lay down across it. If it's the first time I've noticed the difference between SDR and HDR yep of nut what is SDR LCD and OLED HDR difference cuz you can set one 201 to 300 in a second just like give me super relatable what is it with the o stand for silica it's okay if it's in the same Organics means that the carbon it right done there's another girl drains the TV because it's alive it's good chemistry is like a mosh pit for a bunch of people who don't understand a hundred percent of people who are like 75% sure and they just get in there and they get all mad at each other and upset and I fucking love it I don't know why I love it you stir the pot oh yeah we don't know anything about things right a little about a little things Mario Kart Mario Party good review and then the game like sold so many cops because they're so much fucking publicity for the plagiarism it was like a roguelike game that you play it was on switch was on some other stuff I've seen the dead South good is he good and I just like I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall in that game I told you last week right that he he got super into God of War like like New Game Plus Zeus armor and you're when you're doing the run to the game anything you kill is one hit and anything can one hit you that's basically the armor guys like this destructive force of nature running through there so he's a good-looking dude Jamie you're so far for me I'm a little bit into red dead so I have people out of the snow yet she toriel finally yeah it was a very slow start I worry that people don't make it through that I didn't realize it is so much more fun out that it was like the North Yankton of Grand Theft Auto III but I'm not much longer who's very very long I haven't started it I'm still trying to finish Odyssey before I jump into it I was saying this on the phone the streamy did Elliot I was initially frustrated with red dead because I never really got into the first Red Dead Redemption because of like skinning stuff took so long and I kind of want to be like and dislike loot but as soon as you would just come to town for the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 takes even longer to do that stuff you just have to play a slow pace but it's like the very realistic meticulous game where you that's a part of the game let you need to spend time doing things need to spend that time in a horse eat soon as I realize that I was like I'm happy just to let you know if I see a house in the distance I'll just go over there and check it out where's the GC I'm just like the Western simulator is what I feel like just take a bath playing that game and they're trying to put their horse instead of putting a horse they punched in the face or like to I saw a great video where guy shot another guy robbed him in his horse is there and needed to see you can tell the horse to Fleetwood Spacey slapping on the run but it takes off so he killed the guy robs and then slaps the horse in the butt before she kicks in a random chance encounter with a guy is trying to change his horses shoe and kicked him in the head and kills a little touches on it the reward you for going about mechanics alone are just so beautiful like he there's some guy who punched to death in the street like you do and gorgeous and he likes fell in the dirt and then Trevor was like pushing into it and ask you is rolling around the dirt is getting more and more dirty and then he tries to slide him just like walking into him into the middle of the road to the character go over him it missed it by like an inch but just that I don't know the realism in someone just collecting more dirt and like the way his legs flopped over when he was around lowered the horse Gear Solid V the phantom pain you could weaponize horseshit I only feed the horse that won every half an hour shifts that much so I feel like everytime I get a really cool app I had a lot of first person that is find it a bit more must have been I like fighting first message but I had some woman hogtied on the back of my horse and I slammed into some other dude for the mud and I pick her up again though his first person I can like see a face if if there's an award for lighting in a video game Red Dead should when it hit me up that knows like the inside of the nose if light was shining through it I was like oh but I feel like if I'm riding with someone and I'm very close to them he delivers the line is if he's right there but if there's a lot of separation between us Hill yellow line so I'm wondering did they were the chords to too two versions of all the holes talk because that is incredible attention to detail dialogue oh yeah it was so I would think so but we haven't talked about it yet but we both came a little obsessed with it the robotic assistant because everyone to listen to podcasts she now has a whisper mode and you can just say the name of her name enable with remote and then the next time you walk up to it you go person what time is it right now in his back to you it's really fucking only when you're with her or so is the purpose if someone sleep in the same room I guess so yeah and I tried it and I was the same thing like this is cool Trevor came over and check us out Bernie show this to me and I was like the creepiest I wouldn't it be cool if you could have like a scary story that that device could read you and if you had devices all around your house like a different rooms it would make noises in your door lock your doors and it won't let you leave your house I'm going to make you say a safe word appetizer the other ones interactive haunted house I didn't know if you scream and stuff but you can play Skyrim on it all the time yeah he played Skyrim on the joke because they have who knows how much money yeah I would post it but it's right around then this year D3 course I want to see what I can do but Skyrim on my watch now and some jokes about it and then so kind of play it at they said one of their joke announcements was that they now have the Amazon Echo and you can play in the show somebody playing it and then it was like every fucking laughing Michael Keegan key on Rails and you tell it what to do with your voice and Michael key-key of horses fucking hilarious and then they come back out to the live presentation and they're like yeah that's a real thing we made and now it's available but now I think they just Play that video didn't say it was real and then see what looks for put it out that's really cool then also seems very tedious like I said I got to take Keegan Michael key is in there I mean that has definitely run its course for me now it's the handshake meme building was like a Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have a happy one more to go. Just like a normal handshakes for Ruby somebody the one for like we should contact like somebody show it but I really wanted that like there was no MDB and there was no emergency but they were doing stuff like enjoy the show. We haven't done in years and years I'm like on empty beat what do they do for on the spot again was that the oh that's the battle Keegan-Michael Key words like he's not sure about him and he's like Alright Alright that's fine but I'm tired I said nothing about this meme the handshake mean yeah the long line of people playing presently Brock Obama and he's walking through like this big audience is done with a speech and he shaking every went and and all the white people just shakes your hand it says hello but he gives us like a really awesome greetings all the black people that's a joke in the actual sketch but then people is like would label the individual people with whatever they like book Dustin Marvel movies and like when he gets to Iron Man and then you get time I think of her the two Indian one really honestly kind of like isn't ninja the premiere person right now to say 7 tons of subscribers subscribers does PewDiePie have right now by the way God would China beat lost everyone out of work but they don't have you shipped to Canada looks like it yeah it was the population of India is over a billion that's crazy that it says I think Sean is like 1.4 billion which means the one in every five people is Chinese yes but you know what is to be born Chinese than gay okay they just want to know what every time people again 1/3 of the people 2096763412 it's okay I don't know how come we can't make this work that much supplies to one area because you had a megacity just the logistics of getting food and water and electricity in and everywhere waste or trash it seems impossible soundtrack. Universe Spider-Man Catwoman DLC your butt hurt that Mario party like that I've been playing black out trying to get you to Call of Duty not good at it if I don't like Gnostic now is like I should buy them something but I just associate is being a console games easier in the console of my performance I get like 5:03 to 5 kills in a game on console and I struggle to get one on PC counsel press on Xbox to the day I was going to download it was downloading red dead and I saw there was an update for pubg that popped up in my stuff downloaded like I thought I install an Xbox Xbox I got so many hours in pubg on PC I don't mind that I spent money on the Xbox version as well as I definitely have some down to like $0.10 an hour but at the same time as your your pubg price on Dell keyboard me open it like 250 the right thing when they did that I like that you play fortnite if you want to talk about the bonds with my kid over something and I just know it's before 9 fortnite is fortnite is a going to have a great match I don't know why I'm winning that makes sense they can pubg like I felt like I was somebody upstairs or go on the outside or Canadian the charge back up stairs and kill him and have these moments we like all that was amazing and for tonight it's just like I just like pull the trigger the guy was in the way you know it's how it feels half the time or sites are you shooting the guy and then all the sudden he's surrounded by the building that he throws up in 2 seconds of the little macro macro controller and then you like to pound your way through that and they die but I'll just feels like kind of random to me you know how to play that game religiously and love it more power to him dude and the greatest game I'm just not good at it and I don't know why I'm at it and I don't know why I'm good at it when I'm good at it now it's suddenly a very good time to be a game this is so much happening right now yeah that was really interesting but there's a lot of hatred now for fortnite and they were saying that like 10 to 12 year olds played a lot of kids dancing kids dancing and then people post my God you know they show School Dance the 8th grade dances and everybody's doing the loser dance or wherever the hell they do you know what they take to feed out and somebody pointed out I guess there's a shower thought they said that people in their twenties hating Kids for playing fortnite is the first step in as hating everything that young people do pictures of her ass all the time for liking stuff for for killing shoot with Easter photo for the fuck the latest time is Crestor affect me restaurants also divorced Millennials are getting divorced and then I read of the guy that's really interesting divorce rates are really down for Millennials it's just the glory for killing the wedding industry how much is it for a bath you can't give us a poster from the doctor that's great but wow that's a lot I know we're all going to show up at the same time hey everybody it's Jack pattillo also known as The Innkeeper from Valentine it was maybe it when I was doing the stuff for it but I don't know there's never no one ever calls me by name when we did it we thought we were going to do a few lines maybe like I like it like watch where you going and stuff like that and then we sat down and Lazlo's like okay I got 3 hours for you Jeff and I got 3 hours for Jack and I was like what Jeff got in the booth first 50 pages. Oh my God knows about that too so anyway what was showing off right now High internet how you doing stuff for you all your listeners were showing off the new extra life poster so just be available next week in November 10th and 11th in the store for that receipt. Com the proceeds from this poster I go to our extra life donation last year Rooster Teeth donated $400,000 to extra life based on poster sales t-shirt sales pennsdale match donations and everything like that we're trying to beat that this year from the reason 1.25 million dollars one and a quarter million dollars over 24 hours and I we would love for you to join us I think it would digital version of it too so I told Tobin I was like thinking you like Wes Anderson style or like those old Star Wars you know like the the thing car shows like the inside of the Millennium Falcon and stuff so I can also please check our extra lifestreams we have two of them next weekend or this weekend coming up skews me the 3rd and 4th we're doing the RT Community stream or have 25 different groups of all over the rooster teeth Community Globe at on TV streaming from these have one hour to stream through your future 25 different teams Frozen them see what they're doing everyone's doing some awesome stuff for the local charities all going towards the extra life she has Soopers Rooster Teeth but again like if you donate to the Vermont group for New York group it's going to go to the local charities still all part of Russia still count towards our big ass number then the next weekend November 10th and 11th from 8 a.m. till 8 a.m. Central we are going on Saturday to Sunday we will be doing or hashtag RT extra life for R6 The Big Year the seventh year overall or trying to raise one the quarter million dollars last year we raise 1.2 million dollars going to be at this year and we had a lot of fun stuff planned so sure stream was that that if we hit I don't know some about whatever you're trying to hit at that point in time if we do it the G voice actors from Red Dead Redemption to you and Jeff you will give Jeff a deluxe pass call Deluxe bat mean maybe maybe the thing is Jeff usually comes in the morning so usually it seem hotter starts office dreams like 8 till 10 a.m. and then we come back around like 8 to 10:00 at night what do they pick brushes in Charlotte that have you done the deluxe pass cabin yeah I did I was hoping like it's for the kids raising money for children that's what kids are made I thought you might know because this weekend and the next weekend is Saturday Sunday can I get Michael can I announce what we just confirmed today so we just confirmed today that we have a steamroller so we are going to settings nesticle stretch goals every quarter million of a million dollars raised we're going to roll that thing forward over whatever we have in front of it now so like you know we raised a quarter million dollars we go over the first batch and we can do up to 1 1/2 million dollars. just like your toes mattress is like really soft it'll just like do you know where you would like it no not yet today that that is something that we have for sure so now we're where is there a Christopher Lloyd do you know I have no idea you know 11 ton steamroller top of his head even that shit out are we in the worst parking lot in the World Series went another Crush one big lighters we have them what do we do today with you after 5 years we made no progress at we ended the series yes or no progress maybe about 20% progress and someone suggested playing the first like 50 levels again we did that in like 10 minutes and then went back to the hell that was just be everything you like to contribute to a barber again that I've been holding onto for a long time exclusive things that maybe I just ran out to release or whatever I'm not sure exactly but stuff like that even better this year so RoosterTeeth Community you guys are awesome I love you okay I'm going to go now about the posters I can see it a little bit better if you don't have ears listening to this or done to see if okay love you bye I'll look this one thanks Jack someone laugh it wasn't a joke see that people get gigs this is the level that we were playing a very small window I can get through that and it was like jumping straight up and down and coming back with slightly actually get through this is no one there is a birthday lunch this year or barely understand what a 401k does Robinhood lets you buy and sell stocks ETF options and cryptos would just a few Taps and best of all their commission free other work to charge up to 10% for every trade but not Robinhood trade stocks and keep all your profits was Robin Hood you don't mess with commission fees and Robin Hood has easy-to-understand charts and Market data learn how to invest as you build your portfolio and discover new stocks and track your favorite personalized news feeds and collections you can just look at stocks and categories that interest you like entertainment social media or companies owned by female CEOs Robin Hood's easy to use intuitive and it's great for All Sports investors beginners or experienced right now Robinhood free stock like apple for Sprint help you build your portfolio sign up now at RT Podcast. Robinhood.com that's RT Podcast. Robinhood.com pick it up thank you Robin Hood for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast Republic no at the poll question would you like what would it be like $240 a tweeting about doing it for that settlement that the stairs like a to approve his tweets right I think so? Study this is not like this is when I'm voting yes or no no that's like winning the lottery I fuck this time quit you fuckers had to go to town I would buy Motor stock symbol t r t b c o c k cck cock fighting cock how are they do you know what their stock symbol is Barber AT&T close a couple of need to have one letter ones left so a couple of active once-daily That's crazy dude we're stock number one telephone numbers where was the first phone number one pick it up anytime you want to talk to and they ask you to tell them that name yeah you say hey like Caitlin that's if you want to say that Joseph was two bills have the phone will they know the people I'm sure in like big places like New York city became a little more difficult but then switch switchboard operators then potentially I guess they came with numbers that make Caesar like a Mikhail 125 when did we abandon the letter that was early seventies late sixties rule Texas he had one and he remembers it so I can relate to this is one of those things where he went to school and the teacher asked him what his phone number was he said it was like k l v t one and she said that's not a real phone number in and all the kids laugh and he was super embarrassed by the fact that he had you know that your kid and he laughed and I didn't know that and so he went home in like this matters parents because I didn't have a real phone number to the kids like the mean to each other and that's what makes the internet them paraphrasing his bit to hear by the way he's the best the internet so awful is that winter playground and you look at somebody to go you're fat and they didn't like the way they made their face look I didn't like the way that made them feel it on the internet there's no feedback like that is just like your Phat that's part of what's fucking killing us Twitter wants to remove the like button what the fuck is up with that I am pissed off where is yeah that like as someone who uses Twitter almost everyday I feel like I'm a very lazy Twitter user wear if I want to acknowledge something I just like it instead of replying to it right away just say take cool things like if I'm looking like any recommendations on them book or something and people like give responses thanks thanks. Or if you are saying like happy birthday it was my reactions to let let me know that they might take away the life I think about taking away the like button you never like coming through everything I just did could I said I don't read the people who I follow I read my mentions listen to you don't read your fees do not like like if I see something in my feed because I just I've been to a 3,000 likes I just feel like then you'd have to respond in order for people to understand that you are as knowledge just be I never used it because I didn't want to say this was my favorite it's the really weird thing they realized our previously noted that you can basically just reply to I need to make a in the earliest I think you just make it to eat in the you at someone at the beginning of the tweet in order to reply and that's the way that established itself and then retreat was something that was invented by the community and then they built in is a function and now there's something where they the forgot it was made pictures where they no longer count in links you like shit about the fucking Lincoln Norma's Picture People in a photo now instead of actually typing them in the Tweet itself which takes away characters yes to try to reduce your character count to get photos and other things in that the new Rooster Teeth Community website will have likes good really good right now cuz I still make journal entries on the site so I got to get out of the community community thing to get to the back of the journal to go back still make those on the new one to write lies I do have some of those posting this mean on dreaming like you you were saying you can't read anything into dream right I can't take a selfie old repost Bentley oh wow so you can take a selfie and he was being really patient but I was like my phone would like to come in at one point I lost my phone and I was like really patient feels like all right usually in my dream it doesn't work and then we just go our separate ways but he was staying so I was like I'm determined to get the selfie so I was looking on my phone and then it wasn't a phone I was like oh his my thighs my other hand and in the end I just couldn't get it to work and take I press the button it wouldn't take you don't care that I'm really sorry but I'm Dreaming I can take a shower and then I flew up in the exactly like Inception thats phucked it became Lucid when I realized I was dreaming cuz I can't take this damn selfie with Kevin Hart and dreaming it's just like I immediately stop flying in a few minutes after you wake up that you think that is real like that is the current reality like I've had dreams that like someone died or door some catastrophe happened in the world in you wake up thinking like this that actually happened seems like that always like that something's going wrong and I like somebody's dead or your hide a body or something like that and then and then I wake up late I'm fine course I didn't Shelly kill somebody or a friend and I got to help them someone is dead and then the relief from it not real it's so fly like because as you start to figure out it's a dream you stop being like this no like it's just like I've Had The Dread don't like you when I wake up and I still like I can still sticks of you like many a dream about RTX being fucked up or something wrong or a panel that open in less than 30 minutes and I forgot to do to organize that's happened to me so many times when I wake up and then I still think that that is the case in like fuck RTX like right now what are we going to do I know you guys are not in charge of this but I want to file a complaint anyway I am 45 years old I would complain about that too... What's your reaction to that I am 45 years old I am fucking done with dreaming what school I got my life I can't I can't mine is not like I'm in my last year of college and I realize I like I'm getting ready to start my last semester of college and I go to look at us like I have only 4 classes to take for women I think the back-to-back I can take them all at the same time don't be here another 2 years always see if I can get the fucking sent with me it's always supposed to start of a new school. Like a new year and I don't know my schedule and I don't know where my glasses are if I get there and I'm like what am I supposed to go locker combo or like what's going on by owner confusion not knowing anything I just don't want him anymore I don't fucking want anymore cuz you're cool in school right cuz you don't work you don't organize all of our TX anymore but you still have the dream like oh shit I could kiss it like this I feel like I used to dream about school cuz I be like that truck done school but now I don't have anything. I dread I like how did you know I had a super time in high school if he's kind of like just coasted through like I never had struggles with studies rain again in college and then it was like a fucking Hammer dropped my first semester of college of medicine yeah right yeah I got super competitive super quick I'm stupid I feel like coming along for you he reminds me of that short window and time when the Xbox didn't have Xbox Live and everyone was the best person they new Halo multiplayer they can kick everyone's ass on the Block and then Xbox Live started and you realized you're fucking garbage yet this game but there are some people who never had that the people who the best in the world better than your friend it's like you never getting really actually better than yeah cuz you have a competition that's why I'm friends with Dan is that he's the first person I met who was that who made Halo cuz I just put kept Lampe wasn't no wonder even really like this game I want to play FIFA that was like oh I meant to tell you I think it's because of that that you started The Slow Mo Guys I am sick and tired of the city paper towels we have here really have you been to the bathroom in the last month they are awful my hands to see if 1000 right now I said I haven't noticed a problem I heard some of the people in The Bungalow talking about it the other day so I know it's not just me over there to pull out yourself so it's it's it's different every tell my package they lost another one but remember what the fuck it was I can't remember it was something that that extra box they delivered it to one of my neighbors the tracking info you said you delivered it you didn't deliver it you guys like us to be able to close the window is still here delivering it and get it so Carrie will call you today when you get to your house that way I never heard from the guy came and put it later that night if it in my mailbox I can't they deliver this to me instead of you just wanna let you know I never heard back from post office never called me Street number to me but it's different Street in my neighborhood and that I'm like now I got to go to this person's house and I've got to like deliver this thing you know and I feel bad if I wait a day I feel bad the one outside of the states share this isn't the Bungalow he just said it wasn't from a bungalow Batman playing now release the new Elite the stats for the new iPad and then maybe a new Macbook or something but I was going to fucking love the iPad Pro videos to people and then I have this thing where I can fold it over you use a keyboard case on it so that I can basically just use it as a little bit ago. I had this forever and forever I bought I bought it specifically for presentation that I had to make for fullscreen in New York like one of the first years we are working for Cerritos at least like 4 or 5 years old Hi listen to real with this I got regular I'll look it up what are they fucking doing it Apple what are they doing why are they like have the death grip on this lightning cable for the iPhone why why do they have it I think they were that they are foreign cells or go down if it changed from the 14th connector to lightning back in the day the one that has to be the right way around out there maybe or hotels around me just put lightning cable basically and license out their stupid little league just fucking Apple just now finally released a USB C charger for the Apple watch USBC charger for the Apple watch okay and they only take my laptop that's the thing if you can't plug in an iPhone into your Mac laptop if you got there you can I bought that kiddo by the $29 the best selling Apple product of all time at Best Buy was the dongle adapter the lightning to USB lightning to headphone jack ever really Pretty Pink Tractor have a normal non lightning had a great pair of headphones until I invested in a Bluetooth wireless Beats or something that had to court I be like fuck happy whatever the 300 for the noise cancelling ones I think one of the best design products ever because they're Bluetooth but then they also have a cord so you can plug into like planes and stuff like that there really isn't the code out instantly connect to the last thing is they key eyeglasses brought you by Barbara of being a technophile for all these years it's incredible when something gets to inauguration when it works the way it should have all want to know you mean well I guess it's like there's always like oh we just you know we didn't have it set up so you can have a cord so you can plug into stuff it's just Bluetooth but then or than leave something out you know and it's like eventually they get to the flowers like this thing is perfect you made this thing perfect finally make it so that you can insert SD cards or something similar I assume I never be praising that is like apple the great we've all been doing that for over a decade that's one of things I mad about my laptop usually put SD cards and it can't do that anymore and you to buy that extra little to put on the back and then there was a special controller came out that had a headphone jack in it and then now they all just have that fundraiser with the Xbox one right definitely had it and it's such a great feature for the MacBook Pro that you buy today still has a headphone jack on it did it did I play Last of Us going to play on a PS3 or PS4 PS3 PS3 controller had a headphone port on it let us know chat hot debate I feel like the biggest thing in the technophile world is everyone bitching about the noxious and phones now. It's just I don't get it I don't care either video. Every time a new furnace and outside lock the most in-depth article about phone notches sorry I read this I was like someone was so passionate about it I had to read the whole thing it was this guy talking about great she said she hates notches he hates was not knock out now but how great the one on Apple products is compared to the one on Google Android phone because the one an apple easy way to do it is to make a 90-degree angle but that's ugly or you could just do a simple rounded curve but that's kind of plants but at the Apple one had just the right amount close up photos and drawing like Ark to show like how perfect it was and how it was it was it was not the easiest way to make the phone but it was the most beautiful way no I've never spent more than a little higher up on the screen like comes down into the screen are in your bitch that there's black part of the top and bottom is that I can't have the battery percentage just showing like you got to slide it down actually see the percentage that's how I like it stop by dealer still get some but I did got a fucking movie USBC it makes no sense why they haven't done that service is not like online services to put your stuff up and I have a phone that got a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes free on it you know constantly they're constantly do in the ass did you see the about the Trump Force alert the president of presidential alerts presidential president what's your type of Chip mandatory presidential alerts to every iPhone and some dude I told her just wrote can I just get another U2 album that was a little much so weird dude philosophy across the products anymore it really feels like when Steve Jobs passed away like it just fell into not so much a company with a strong Vision anymore it just feels like an amalgamation or a conglomerate of these different Apartments is doing their own fucking thing at his brother's not as it seems like it's not his cookies which is weird because Tim Cook is so good at Logistics and Supply light bar supply line it just seems like the the overall control and unification of the whole platform is a little Askew and history of technology and that was 50 million PS2 sold in the US is it right off of people have way it was an exceptional amount of 155 million units * 55 million units of this PS wide world the memory system they still still working memory card when the PS2 era Sony makes the fucking PlayStation they sell these memory card that were like I want to say 8 mags and time ever ate Meg's it was like 30 bucks I'm like that tell me the time every other fucking product that's only sold that point on took something called memory sticks of the long ways than one with their proprietary memory format but they were amazing at the time but only Sony products use them and you can get like I'm going up to like two gigs on one which was a big fucking deal it's not cheaper than eight bucks for $30 but it makes for Sony PlayStation then every other hundred and fifty million people are under 50 units would have been sold and if people would have bought memory sticks for him as well and they went they would more likely to buy other fucking Sony products because they are no Sony want to make the extra like $20 on there 8GB memory cards for the PS2 so you couldn't use memory sticks in the pac-10 the biggest missile in the history of the car remember when I bought that fucking memory card for my PS2 memory card of Frank Heroes and half-wits and I bought it and megabyte memory card you're never going to need to buy another memory card ever again I mean talk in the group in terms of like megabytes or kilobytes they they used to could hide the capacity of some stuff like the original Xbox yeah I know that might had 50,000 + blocks that I never once a into the plus the whole time I was at 50000 Microsoft points for the $7 for the current season of towns to buy points and keep his bank of points that you would then use and it was still have Microsoft points no I think they gave you cash in your I won't use my wallet son wants to buy it's weird it's weird I don't know why but I have my wallet money and then I got to buy something like games like 40 bucks it's like all you got 50 bucks in your wallet I'm like no I never took my wallet I've nothing in there like I don't have wallet funds I can see your wallet money on seeing different than but actually that's your money from a gift card so that's why I did not have my wallet and now I just like we want to make it count cuz it's rainy day rainy day might need that 50 bucks or anything like if I buy like a hat you need wallet money to do that you can't do that with credit card steam would kill the market place where when you get a trade or anything they just keep it in a limbo for 7 days and it's like that's a long time and video game time the game you're playing it and turn up to where to go to Marketplace and buy something and they fucking hold it for 7 days to give me a fucking what's the blizzard thing but found bonus Yukon gift something to someone unless you've been friends for 3 days okay that's weird there's a reason for that I'm sure you're paying for it giving someone else but you baby you do there's like there's something else to listen but if I installed the steam authenticator on my phone then it would knock it down to 7 days like it was another step they had I forget what I said Community Megaman sent me a white hoodie for pubg and I just had to wait waiting for it to come in is also brought you by Stitch fix ready to upgrade your look or wish you could give yourself some more style Stitch fix is an online personal stylist service at fines and delivers clothes shoes and accessories to fit your body budget and lifestyle right your door to go to stitchfix.com Rooster tell him your sizes what style you like and how much you want to spend on each item it would take with your very own personal stylist and pick items to send right to your door then try them on the 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Com rooster an extra 25% off when you keep all the items in your box that stitchfix.com today love your style game all from the comfort of your own home center now it's stitchfix.com rooster thank you Stitch fix this episode of the podcast do you know who has become quite the Fashion Bug my older son JT so yeah I like it I like a bad strut like a baseball jacket but it's really cool with it for this year I gave you jack up like two or three years but I'm not growing like 60 to see her anymore so expensive that's fine here and that she could not called yet I still like you can spawn a hoodie on Barbara is going to probably roll her eyes when I say this but it's amazing to me I wore a suit for the first let's play that you guys invited me beyond the sea that I thought I heard them talking about it so I can look it up I was just so embarrassing on the pocket spit it out if I always think I'm throwing up on camera that seems really personal to me I don't know why but at the moment just for me if I need to share this with the world about what anybody said hi I wore a suit on the first left and Austin he showed up with me that's why I saw your right and Michael was wearing a full suit because he was going to start his career in Austin and I I said I love this fucking kid I love him and then falls on his first podcast. He wore a suit so I was like I had to continue this like underground tradition I think I did okay dead bird all the way to the end of that round a plane right that was part 1 of 2 got it but no spoilers this week yeah it's crazy how like the pita touching children or something with my little agario things and then we fucking one that was the most amazing experience ever one with that one I don't like this like incredible move like right at the end of the video just like amazing stuff happens so I can work out so well sometimes what game is it contagious when we got here pretty soon we got to set up for it turn on game time we was part of the first week stuff and then one to finish them up stretch goals for a first week promotion never did and so I got around to doing the stretch goals I talked a little bit about this last week is like trying to change the way we approach stretch goals but if someone's I want to get them done in just in time pressure light cuz they would hope help promote extra life but maybe that was not a good strategy recorded some of the back in February and just held on to them so I can put them out in time for extra life maybe we'll do that next time you know what that stretch goes from people saying I only donate it because I didn't donate extra life because they cooking with Gavin and Geoff but I just put a one with the game time with Mika which I thought was an interesting one is one that I want to do because you know a lot of times like we talked about Jesus and it's like variance and everything seemed so bright light social media everything seems great from the outside but this was an experience that was not that great and she's doing great at OverWatch League now but I thought I thought it was a great like candid look at you no purse transmit his experience at receipts and want to say thank you to her for letting us put that out cuz that was she wants she wanted to have a choice but was thinking about earlier with the city of it is that you so brutal. John I put a l e and then nikka's how many one more David eddings bendy but there's some stuff going to have anywhere to make sense they're going to put that video out a little bit later but if it is done I'm just waiting to be better timing with some bendy stuff and so that'll come out but the playing with game time going forward is we're going to move it to one of the we're going to move it to the rooster teeth so basically which please is moving over the podcast is moving over to the Russia channel so I have a gaming podcast on the Russia Channel again but it's going to become game time and I'll be in new version of the show but it'll it'll actually be kind of a hybrid between if you were playing games and just talk to you about stuff at the same time to the visuals a lot of gameplay stuff but it's less like some games work a lot better that than others right there could be a lot of formats that we do for the show where the big game to play that week is a one player game one person plays it will go to talk and watch them play the game Uno the game where you actually kind of through faster if you just don't want to and you not the constraint too much so that game for the shopping for hours without paying too much tension game time we're playing ricochet inhaler and then we were like getting into talkin we would just like walk around in circles and we wouldn't be able to come straight and then that's your choice for a game if you have to do a lot of talking about not the game Rocket league would be hard yeah yeah but some games let themselves really well to just being very passive where on the start of the year I think we got to wait until like the end of the quarter because this pleases all sold out for sponsors stuff like that before then can I play get them we will finally have a schedule I like how many different shows we have with different names that are people playing video games right left game going to be people playing video games and talking about things Quit Playing Games With My Heart last week or the week before where we are some people were trying to like such ideas for stuff that we could do or shows that we can make and I think like 3 different people in a row pitched always open we do that already there's one person who was like why don't we do a show where like people like right in about like their relationship problems and then like and then like we answer them on the show and like it could be from the audience you know it looks like I mean now we're looking at each other and just doing another show it's like episodes where you talk about like different subject to talk about like mental health and other things likes like a relationship two people that watch the third one Barber was still being very gracious and maybe I'll have had just made this deal will that was just from Ariel costume but yes can I have one of those what size small or extra small meet did you see that the reason I said they were from earlier you see that the David Schwimmer look alike who stole beer in the UK just like David Schwimmer like 10 years younger maybe David Schwimmer within the UK stealing a bunch of be here for some reason. Just let me know here is here is a classic example to me of like social media not being a barometer for really anything whatsoever David Schwimmer acid * 10 years of friends 9 years at least a 10 huge hit those cast members everybody on the planet knew who they were the cover Living magazine in movies everything like that David Schwimmer has 500,000 Twitter followers would you like if Twitter has been around 45 million timing for a lot of people you know but it's like what those things move on and like there's some YouTube channels who missed the monetization window it was so big before it was fucking he's just like 4 million views per video and there was no partner program YouTube Passenger I might be biased because tent guy who created produced ask him if he's going to show me YouTube videos of a Miss am I guess whatever was else was out of the time of survey and I was like this before you to know pull that one out of your fucking ass torrents or HughesNet HughesNet was big for porn Kissimmee coded using that file down come talk to you know what you're getting with pulling the next time like troll video of comes into the video just like some troll a Rick Rick Astley Madonna actually did something like that Ur own song and it was a recording what the fuck do you think you're doing over and over again and it was huge backlash for telling too so what's the last Madonna song that I heard Malone time I check out new Madonna Like what's the what's the last year Madonna album. She's rebranding herself new Madonna Like a club called Justin Timberlake Justin Bieber that made me mad if it's about the fucking a burrito there was that picture that came out last week or whatever and it look like Justin Bieber was eating a burrito sideways divorce sharing it and if they were playing I like how crazy is it look at it through the side of it like this and like a photo or they're filming something like no sane person eats a burrito that way out of context no one wants to Maria and Justin Bieber in a way where they were like we can make this photo go viral I'm mad what about it because he knows it's the it's constructed part of the problem is paid for something was wrong with it and then now of course it's like oh yeah of course of course it wasn't him I hope you didn't you got mad really though you got mad at the burrito you might not have shared it but you spent part of your mind scared no because he knows it's a viral thing it was constructed but nobody saying that I didn't talk about it because it was obviously taken out of context taking time out of your day to think about it was in my feet I was going through Twitter and there's a picture of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways 2015 Pace Arrow Boulevard tonight dude on Apple anybody from Madonna are the same birthday as me and Jewel there was a Muhammad Ali and Chris were you could put in your birth year and it would tell you terms that appeared in print for the first time that year were added to the dictionary for the year I was born anti-aliasing was added wow been around just as long as you're born with one of the ones after me being sweet the cyber cyber sex what is that what do you mean chatting with someone 15 like I'm taking off my shirt like that didn't exist when I was younger and then I got colder by the time that was a thing as I was like prime age for it what kind of shit you talk about sex I mean like what would you do if there was one of the earliest memes on the internet was a cyber sex one where you at like she's like I'm heading back to hotel ago going back to hotel what's up and she just hopes people into a cyber sex what is like at level 10 eroticism Gavin will it up today that you were born you are the six most famous person that has your birthday according to famous birthdays that I don't know any good curly-headed j j j j j j j j does Great Stuff messed up Ruby volume six February remind everyone Ruby volume six is here and the receipt store has some incredible new lifestyle looks ready for your weekly watch parties go to store. Receipt.com official Ruby hoodies jacket beanies and more it's really like you never seen it before great colors Styles and cuts for everyone plus the designs are killer then you said it streetwear in your favorite artist for police check out the door. Receipt. Com Today George Washington and Steve Irwin's is he more popular than me you got a lot of Robert Kardashian why is there a website that tells you which celebrities died on your birthday but that's we got to go ahead and get your hair curly headed to JJ die we're trying to look up curly head exchange rate it's just it's what a weird turned out so I do Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly look like each other oh yeah I saw off side by side photos of them and it's fucking crazy really crazy differences but yeah they can you put them side-by-side it's uncanny types right like I think I look like Nicole Kidman and it's going to seem weird because they're very different like personality text message Nicole Kidman reminds me of Ann-Margret like Margret singing Bye Bye Birdie it just reminds me of Nicole Kidman today it's weird to see these like old stars like Robert Redford and Brad Pitt it's just like it's crazy how it's like I wondered that likes be more famous back then set our aesthetic in her head but Jaime Pressly and Margot Robbie are fucking twin obviously where her boyfriend can't tell the difference between Anne Hathaway Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock what you can't tell the difference between them so there's two in the same or Jenna would pull up pictures and he would have to identify who it was there's one thing where she she pulled up a website that was a thousand pictures of Julia Roberts and she was like okay name all the people and so he went through the means like that Julia Roberts that's Anne Hathaway that's Julia Roberts the Sandra Bullock and he's just going through them and then it just look to the side and says a thousand pictures of Julia Roberts wow. Yeah Margot Robbie's on yours Lindsay Lohan Larry David that's a good one my brother a couple of boxers that's about it Richard Petty race car driver as you do is ready what is a rather work out to everyone satisfaction the Common Ground documentary come out this Friday we've been quite a while and decided to see am I going to learn about you going to learn a lot about Gus cable free for public I believe well for a couple days I think from the 2nd until the 8th of November it'll be free for everyone to watch I think whatever I've been talked about it I'll line up very angry and political about it but the documentary tries to take a very informative approximate the name of the documentary common ground it tries to convey that there's multiple sites to the issue and it's not preaching that one side necessarily better than the other it's just trying to give him some people think it's stupid pro-immigration wasn't wanting to do it about one thing but then you find the story that it's really a bad long the way it's been almost every. Spindly absolutely and the reaction is but I was good took a lot of a lot of time a lot of driving but generous would you be this morning first thing first is the one that comes across in 2nd District where does one of the former stars from a previous Richie documentary I saw just recently got a cool new gig Kyle Craven better known as Bad Luck Brian McDonald big dude I saw that and I went to smoke out day when the Doritos Locos Tacos things came out with stereo shelf you this is at 636 you came into the kiss me like who wants to go with me to get these right now and you and I went I think we got like 7 of them yeah I just never done the first time I was handed a Big Mac but the only people I bumped into the light Jon Risinger people who head supershape who do you think I'm a nice like I am. Big Mac at 10 in the morning but not all those things are going to be worth more than a Big Mac eventually it was one of the hardest things I've ever done and I wasn't even hungry I was like I just want to eat this do it I didn't it's delicious well it's about time I was there earlier today that the Titanic 2 is sitting sale in 2022 they're building a replica of the Titanic and they're going to run it the exact same route the Titanic one ramp time of year I don't know what the time of year nothing to still building the ship so not sure exactly when I would never get on that book so they're building it in China from China to Dubai then Dubai to the UK from the UK to New York how many people are going to replicate that tired to be on that shift and I'm going to be like a whole thing to they should make like five thousand heads up the article about a $15,000 a month on top of my paper this morning there's a $15,000 a month rent Penthouse in New York and nobody lives there Instagram accounts that's how they found the penthouse the people who own it they just rent it out to instagrammers to come and pretend like they have this cool but I don't fucking know dude I mean 2400 square feet for 15 grand a month I mean I'm sure if you live in New York in a month that's not the one. Just pause for a moment think about that so what are we doing also would like a private event that people could rent her to do Instagram. I've heard that it's like not even a jet that takes off the ground like Lil Wayne of someone took a picture in front of the private jet doing business in the normal playing like going to the place you said he was going to wear things lie about who cares to the people in the house that I sleep that I spend the night or is it just but you go in front of I don't approve of that is not nice that's nice I don't think it's like like I was imagining something very very luxurious $15,000 a month I buy an Xbox everyday at the Ritz-Carlton but you probably been five hundred bucks today to stay there probably you know probably maybe maybe got nails but just go see the movie upgrade you can get it on digital and Rental in Texas is the last week of dating I went in on Saturday of early voting I went also went to this last week and took 45 minutes I got to the front of the line and I just ran out of time for a call so I know I can walk away just there last time my license so I went back on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. there was 12 machines there and eight of them or wide open eyes walk straight in early voting now the big rush of early voting is over and it's not yet the election day go vote and we go all over the weekend