#517 - Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween Movie?

Join Gus Sorola, Becca Frasier, Barbara Dunkelman, and Jon Risinger as they discuss voting, documentaries, mall Santas, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-11-06 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Becca Frasier, Barbara Dunkelman, Jon Risinger


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 517 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hey everyone welcome to the receive podcast for salt want to say thank you to me and this is what you can get everything you need for you and your loved ones at me undies me and accuses the coveted micro modal fabric was 3 times softer than cotton you never felt this fabric get rid of experience pure Bliss in underwear form you can also get a salad it's perfectly suited for you men and women can you choose from for different cuts you guys know how much I love you and I talk about it all the time all the right support micromodal is truly life-changing my favorite underwear only underwear I ever wear and getting a shipment is like Christmas if you can get the word out of these will be released every Tuesday that means you have no excuses not to celebrate the holidays right down to your very core. 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Yeah yeah yeah but I have like a mixed feeling of like the phone and just like I don't have the stamina to be 22 years old hello my name is John and I'm Community streams this past weekend who raised over $100,000 and they raise the raise $100 Google now I don't have this is recent slipping out of her I just some of the planet on YouTube it's a clip of Bill Gates on The Ellen Degeneres Show and they're playing a game or he has to guess the price of common grocery store item I mean it's what you expect cuz I'm sure he doesn't do his own grocery shopping I know what anything costs are like they pulled out that giant thing of pod tripod think this is a big one has like 40 or 50 Pack series like $4 at Wrigley side I have no taste no not don't do that no I have a question for you if you $5 $1 Bob codes for the level that you would assume he has a lot of people who pays to just do stuff for you like if he does do grocery shopping he probably won't put stuff in his car does not know that it would take care of stuff for him instacart or something but we still have to like sit down and billiards to car now I was at that level cuz grocery shopping Smiley when I least favorite thing to do I would probably just like pay someone to stock my fridge and like I'm going to have this meals this week so I can get the stuff I need for that best yeah now I'm thinking about being rich enough that when you go shopping you sort by highest to lowest in price I've never I've never done that in my life I have never ever ever sorted anything of shopping by the Hyatt $17,000 detergent one left it made of gold and the tears of nuts detergent original 33 loads $4,107.86 discontinued things that are in high demand they keep raising the price until people stop buying them liquid laundry detergent 55 gallon drum $2,048 55 gallon drum set 5 gallon drum yellow stakes we make that weekend with all that like that typical big old blue like bad bad drum that you dissolve people in how big is that a great lifetime supply next 10 years I got my detergent for your dryer and your Detroit Eminem When you dissolve the people you killed they got to have all those barrels making a murderer season 2 I haven't you ever heard of it because there's too many things to watch. I have to head up there going to make me a murder that you first season is entertaining the second season is turns you into a murder then I can just leave it as this season that was great and I'm Different narrative that's what I'm afraid of I'm afraid that I'm not going to like sit at you as much as I like season 1 what do you think about it so far I loved it there's a new lawyer that took up Stevens case named Kathleen Zellner to just listening to her speak and talk about the case and investigate certain aspects of it just think that like I don't know how they miss this is how they didn't discuss this how this was even brought up in court it is very fast and she's very smart and very well-spoken and that makes it very entertaining as her saying right like getting she's got 15 cases overturned 15 guilty cases. But how much did you pay for a detergent that's what I want to know no I it's just too much to watch little and making a murderer was great and I'm going to move on to other great things and I want to watch this one to watch season 2 is because you are invested I imagine I had some strong after season 2 do you know like I feel like I know who did it so strongly and it angers me that this person is not being you know what was a super disappointing season 2 of something that was along the same genre with cereal that was I think it was just produced by This American Life or something like that the third season I hear some snacks download but I didn't listen to what was the crime in the second season of the teenager Anand and it was so good and the sex was like wow I really hate this I'm not going to listen to be more connected there's any way that was it the same was it the same person no cuz it was a girl that did that maybe possibly going to sell boat race the new podcast from serial and This American Life I check sort of listen to season 3 sometimes of serial podcast because I just discovered Hank and his gave me his wife's name Hank and something green listen to their their knowledgeable and and and fantastic and charming and great his wife and Catherine Hank and Katherine green okay they go through so he's like internet famous has like 7 or $50,000 on Twitter she's not at all she's not in a person that always done some president they go through his tweets from the last week and comment on them and thank you just want us to and she's just also this dry person that also has great opinion does that really fun to listen to them go through there to his tweets from the last week if you do a podcast about your tweets every week that that would influence how do I ask possibly but somehow you use Twitter and so it hasn't made any sort of impact on how the episodes of felt thus far I'm sure I mean it done like 60 episodes of might change threats of the whole show but so far it's just been going through and like I think it's different with him it's like he keep talking through this wife is a different kind of scenario that you would like someone else I love to have podcast to turn almost all day long but I'm cooking and I'm driving in like that I do I do I cooked a lot yesterday cuz I buy do meal prep exactly 100% more than I do what last meal you cook what's the last meal you cook does heating up pizza in the oven count take out from the day before let's defined as you had to actually combined ingredients and then apply heat cuz I cooking meal preparation fight yeah I say combining us out combining items metformin sandwich what's the last major self when was that last weekend of breakfast for the entire week yeah yeah cuz this week I went for brunch one day yeah I'm fucking musk are you so it uses so rich you got other people make you feel pretty Gourmet vegan hot dogs grilled them right now and then I have sauteed spinach dinner last night is the time to beat my house has been under construction for 6 months eating out every meal you cooked last it's been a long time and I would say 99% probably Esther sleep in your number to know if not I'll probably probably my life you wish you could you did more cooking or like it that you had the opportunity working because of your housing situation or did he do not care. I would much rather prefer to eat at home I think it's a lot better than John you did crazy because John is very good at the food I'm very good at the food stamp hi my name is John for healthy eating and you know I had a balance all your fucking numbers what's the word for for all those things about that macros protein help I'm really shit at cooking but I do spend money on eating out a lot so I don't instead of doing that I just spend money on you buying the groceries for me and make enough food for me you know what actually I said the time but now because of how I meal prep the way I do I really am making like just bulk protein in bulk carbs in and veggies that kind of thing like I legitimately could bring you a box lunch most days of the week cuz that's what I eat I say calculate the cost and then and then doing in there I even have one of my favorite things ever bought as an adult is Amazon has the meal prep little bin little little like a Bento boxes that have like one big slot and then two little ones and I put more protein than my like my little veggies the Fantastic do they make that that would make me meal prep if I had compartmental school lunch tray that just had like the lid over it when I call it a little compartments Barb's office light Mega is a very fantastic Fox Boston and he was an FBI informant for a period of time and then he ended up going to jail and they transferred him recently to a new prison in West Virginia and he was dead within 24 hours beaten with locks in a suck but out his tongue which is what they do to snitches and he was transferred because he exposed himself to masturbate in front of numerous times since you been incarcerated how long have you been in prison 2010 and they found him living in California under an alias and they finally I think it was 2010 so not that long yeah so it's less than 24 hours and he was dead he either knew he was coming I'm sure they knew he was coming and there's also okay so I read it like he arrives at Sunday night 9 p.m. and lock down for the night was already happening but there is A3 hour window between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. they can go out of their cells and like to their morning routine and they have to show for breakfast I think some of the 3-hour open window there were they were able to do whatever that's 24 hours I don't want to go to prison just let me down for I don't want to go to prison think about that scene in Breaking Bad with all the lights. Braddock music now. Yeah that's like 12 the ticking of the clock how do I do it all within a minute or two my parents finally just now finally finished it so good episode it's really old right like 2,000 2014 13 season 5 season by the 5th season I only started watching it because you guys talked about on the podcast and that was before I work at Rooster Teeth and then I started watching it after I got here because you guys have a great big sheet of plastic and recycling thing outside of HEB and I had this moment are like I want to say hi cuz I'm feeling embarrassed to someone saw me the whole pot yes or you doing Shannon Fitness is here with his his drum plastic had to dispose of it I ran into him at a coffee shop a couple days ago I was using my phone and I didn't see him come in and they can do like he was in line a little behind me cuz I got awkward like oh hey. All healthy Shannon said weeks maybe months that was the same boat don't forget early voting register the day of the day off but like the messages definitely been out there and over the weekend I saw someone Austin subreddi is snarky no not mean I would like to visit there over the weekend but said hey I'm going to be out of town on Tuesday I was wondering can I vote in another town in Texas even though I'm registered here in Austin field day in that thread there's a meeting him for not having voted for the past two weeks and I posted in the subreddit like that's just not going to end well no matter what that's like posting it like in something like Yahoo answers or something even worse Reddit even work done early voting they're two weeks to get it done I felt bad this morning because we had our all-hands meeting and we are asking everyone if people voted and like most of the company put their hands up which is awesome to see and I was just like sitting here with my hand and said I can't vote in the u.s. not a citizen cuz I want to contribute to this somehow so if anybody here needs a ride down poles on Tuesday let me know I want to help on YouTube election results new president president tomorrow it's really cool I'm getting so many phone calls and so many texts from different like political groups like this group from my phone number so I'm just going to read the text I got shoes Republican judges for highly qualified respected and have the right experience blank blank blank and blank for the third court of appeals and there's a video link attached o a video link I'm going to look this up so presumably he spam this to like every phone number that they have in there. So I decided I'm going to look if I looked at the video link it was uploaded 3 days ago and it has 36 years did you make you make a 30-7 it's just been non-stop my phone's been ringing for like both sides it's not like one side Non-Stop I did I replied as I already voted now I'm getting ones they're like help us canvas for this politician that you voted for get out on the street so I'll Supply like I don't live in that district and I hope your candidate loses your outgoing message be like I'm not here leave a message by the way I've already voted so fuck off but I do agree that people should still relay the message to vote in to register to vote and go vote and stuff even if you're reading it and you've already voted or you've already done that I think it's still important to spread that awareness because the more you remind people the more it become something that people Muriel's motivated great job on Jack especially to okay so you could vote it then in Canada Canada okay I was wondering matter does it matter if I ever do or not depends on where my life takes me a couple years and how I feel about situation cuz I don't know what what happens with my Canadian citizenship if I become an American citizen I don't know my neighbors and Friends recently became full-blown citizens their English there a green card holders for a really long time and finally became citizens so they can vote in the last election and I'm pretty sure they're still English citizens shoes like become dual citizen Mexico does not allow I could be wrong please like my mother-in-law had to choose when she was 18 I would have loved to maintain my ability to vote in Canada but in order when I move to the US if I stayed a resident of Canada I would have to pay taxes in Canada on my US income as well as US taxes double taxes that's my nightmare 23andMe trade term use a personal genetic service that helps you understand what your DNA to tell you about you and your family story with 23andMe ancestry composition report for where your DNA is from out of a hundred fifty plus Regents worldwide you discover the origins of your maternal and paternal and sisters and how they move around the world over thousands of years plus years ago with rather than me you can also an overview of the diverse group of people who share your DNA find other 23andMe customer service and ancestors Explorer matches a train from close family of distant relatives and make new connections with their Sheriff repair tool you're going to support genetic similarities and differences between you and your relatives share reports with family and friends now through Thanksgiving 23andMe ancestry service kids are only $49 per kid when you buy two or more that's 50% off the regular price of $99 this holiday and me.com that's the number to 380 n d m e.com rooster super good service you know we talked about it for years even before they respond to this podcast I need a response and that's why I pulled my my report backups to look at it again and I am 45.3% East Asian and Native American 41.1% European at 6.6% sub-Saharan African I'm Global I was looking at mine earlier today to incidentally like I might be down 98% European but I am sub-Saharan African and Native American in there too which I kind of like my family is from the Canary Islands originally but like way way way back so it's really cool you don't have this like your children won't do it but mother to daughter you pass along the maternal haplogroup mine remains unchanged from the time in Africa so my maternal haplogroup is something that's like only found in West Africa pretty crazy other than my I'm 99.9% European which is probably somewhere to you but 98.7 of that is Ashkenazi Jewish very well the year the remainder theorem 80% of her Jewish custom of the world star if there's like a weird like some genre we talked about chat and chat with your friends. Com friends I think it's I think it turned out pretty well it was so we undertook the documentary it's like we've had this one idea how the narrative was going to go and then as we filmed like we kind of change direction a bit you know when we first started it was definitely a lot more Broad in scope and talking about the issue in general and stuff like that story still coming up it's like let's focus more and more on my individual start with why we had like that separate vignette with like a bunch of different receipts employees who were immigrants are also came from and we didn't want to like not use that we put out that little short video different countries are families of people from different countries and just like how it's kind of a very important part of America's composition in like just the workforce and creative minds and everything like that yeah I thought that was really cool but it was a great experience to film that travel a lot when we were driving around through the Border if you're you grow up like 50 miles from the border so I took a summer class and you will pass when summer and I drove to go back to every morning and I got it to where I can make it in 30 minutes 42 Mi oh so you have a documentary essentially about I would ask what your life so the next step is to get a biopic made about you so who's going to play You & your biopic Edwards theme song Keanu Reeves sure that if they had needed me on Sat to like help with the movie I get to mijana reason I get Bentley life goals at this point do you like perfect how do you say Johnny Depp for you him make it happen what if we went the mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium no yes what was the one that Heath Ledger okay that one what's the one with the where the guy on the toy store that was magical Toy Story Buzz but they said Steve East died while making that most people play this character so we can have skeet for part of my bio cake and then we do jaanu and then Kate Winslet what do the end Park I meant to say mentally is John so just like I would choose him so I would get to meet them Margot Robbie or Blake Lively cuz I have to take it be me I don't know I don't know what celebrities are like hang out with even says that she said the wrong type like me to tweet about it and blew the internet Smiley Grande's cedrone to Grandy you guys hear Ariana Grande's new song No thank you next I hated Mambo Number 5 joke because she name is a bunch of guys I'm not up on the Ariana Grande there's like yeah there's a bunch of kids out here we're looking for Pokemons I'm really a fan of Pokemons but Pikachu's pretty cute I had a cousin who watched Pokemons growing up like that I was just saying it over and over in a way where he was speaking of Pokemons is a good Community this weekend so I look forward to see you guys all out there getting your Cyndaquil and then I will be here in a spot if it's actually happens a little bit during the event but I'll make it work I'm glad you guys even today in the office while Jack was bringing it up he perpetuated the joke that I don't like who spies anywhere on the spot like he's he's like called out and he's like yes John you have to do is like I like doing it it's fun I get to laugh the entire time then why are you so sad all the time no I don't know I don't know what you wanna play meme I buy a pic is actually perfect the eclipse if there's a professor looks a lot like me he's got like long hair and he's like Slender joke but is that a real one Christmas I want a ditto ditto in play me cuz I need to be is very festive Pokemon game Pokemon game is coming out on the switch Pokemon let's go Eevee and Pikachu Pokemon today is V were 10 days away from this release and there's a switch bundle that's like a special edition Pokemon switch did you get a Pikachu on TV One it hasn't been out on pre-sale yet it's not even you can't you can't order it anywhere like I was out for two seconds and then it went away and it hasn't been out for it like is that that's not normal right guess my my my game boy I would say no but it's Nintendo the kind of do whatever the fuck they want your phone we have to have to do a trade to get like a special Pokemon in Pokemon go, Melton that's me and my Pokemon very much appreciate you guys coming to Pokemon corner with John right back to your regular schedule program please and I'm sure people hate it so much that's why I notified when it's available at the game Pokemon go less like it became a huge thing and then it kind of dwindled down for a while and then it came back like full force like we did that like the thing where we went to the parking lot next door two and a half years old when I first came out it came out right like in early July to your house is still there that was the drive-in theater in a steel building yeah they like it was like super crazy and everything like that and then people got tired of it and then their team did a really good job of like creating all these Community things need special events that read and still people want to play the game of things like coming out with an ex Jen's of stuff in a whole new set of Pokemon free to get in if you're that kind of person that's all about the collecting aspect of it it's going to it's going to pick someone in your name says John go to go to GameStop and you can pre-order in the store let's go in the store I was just stopped to see if they had like I don't know I thought they might have like a spot on the shelves he said I probably could have Santa there for photos there was a way that was in November I saw a big O Christmas Tree and I was like well that's a bit much for her Christmas a Christmas movie or Halloween Christmas I was at home yesterday and I had an inflatable Jack Skellington Justice Santa as a Christmas decoration is Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween or Christmas movie in my mind to focus more on Christmas is a Christmas movie cuz the movie starts on Halloween but then the rest of the movies all about bleeding after Christmas but I never got an option what you mean I don't understand what devices are going to play on Monday night to watch this on YouTube you understand anything I said so you don't get to participate what is it what kind of movie is Nightmare Before Christmas anybody can vote in the ICU to bring your phone I'm able to question exercise what is it that bad there was a Santa at the mall it's a little early but I guess it's okay you like thanksgivings earlier this year you know the 22nd of November and I was at the mall on November like 4 pretty early he's a good thing like Miracle 34th Street level Santa at the mall experience that you had your kid with you at all probably contributed to my irritation and there were probably a hundred people in line waiting to check out after having their picture taken to get your photo taken okay I got to go to the mall Santa he has like one super dilated people he's like David Bowie I saw him from far away and I didn't approach that we made the appointment in this photo taken with seamless but then to get the actual photo you had to wait in line and they changed up the company that handles it last year where they didn't offer a digital-only package you had to buy a package and it was like $50 billfold wallet prints and all this shit you don't need and then it was an additional like $20 to get the digital file on top on top the package on top of the digital I wait in line for an hour to learn that did you buy it and the picture sucks to feel like you could just go up to the mall Santa after her shift give him twenty bucks be like hey meet me around back I have a chair I'll take this on my camera and I know it's a really funny movie I never took it seriously Miss Cleo is like I'm all set any hooks up with this woman and she's just like the whole time she's like Fuck You I had my kids with me at the mall and they saw Santa and even like the youngest ones reaction was like it's really early what you doing here life doesn't even open up until after Thanksgiving most like Christmas like I know you I know you start early with the Christmas stuff all the warm fuzzies it's very Samuel it's different when you're overrated what's playing what it is for the people who are not in Austin Trail of Lights through it and it's a commercial for local businesses and their City Christmas lights there are other things that there's hot chocolate there are there's ice skating there's a really cool tree there's kettle corn which is better when you're still free agent a little more and get like reserved parking and it's like Fastpass line you can do that too or likes you get the vaccine fast and that you get to see the where they plug them in your own like VIP area what if your paid enough someone will give you a piggy back ride enough to walk I feel like I'm noticing a trend here where the people who don't like the Trailblazer feel it's overrated Army and Gus and you to do you like him you have kids right I was 100% with you guys before I had kids okay I never went out of this place it's a waste of time and get that line of cars now love of Christmas activities at $80 a person or you buy a 4-pack for 264 one vehicle Platinum concierge planning before and are planning to guide you at the event fucking Trail access to the park at 6 p.m. to a private dedicated entry that's right it's like Early Access golf cart shuttle Trailhead access to a private heated Platinum Light Platinum pass one ride pass for exclusive entry to Ferris wheel or carousel how much fast pass at general admission admission is free half the time and then the other times $3 go for $3 or free or you pay $2 how much to make it so that no one else is on the trash when I get to enjoy by machete dollars are the installations home with me I got to pick $75 beverage in that drink the entire trailer start because you are literally in this like tunnel that's full of lice and that's really cool and then you get out and start walking and it's a trail that like will be like one tiny little light display over here like making and then like another that's like 20 feet later it's just like oh it's Darkwing Duck I think I said I think it was cuz I was cold and I was just like wow like when I said Trail of Lights I thought it was going to be like magical but it was like item 20ft Buda have any ties to Santa's Wonderland or whatever maybe I'm just assuming you drive through it since there are so many cars backed up so you can see it in Buda maybe Kyle one of the one that's why I went for the unconventional documentary another if you have received from Kila I was laughing cuz you poop and it hit in the face by accident last week that fucking Acorn I found the perfect acorns it's broken so it has a hat I don't know I just been playing with it I didn't know for any saw it I thought that was Johnny will you do take that Eric just wanted to see how much these that went everywhere you are everywhere I need to go for walks more people who spend all their lives in you for it I love that you just said grackle that makes me very happy you made my day I ask Google if I don't want to correct it what time is it supposed lay and I dropped a piece of chicken out of my burrito what kind of meat commuter cousin cuz they're there the light but if but if it was something that's a good question is legally allowed to eat anybody want with no ramifications Huda tasty I'm looking around Chris Evans Johnny Depp Rotten flame grilled from Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Chris Christie but she's like kind of a butt Claudia Bundchen what part of the chicken right where is a human coat right you think I'd be tasty cheap pretty white people thanks I'm not paying for 9% white .1% not white I'm missing an obvious sign of Barbacoa you at your mom's Sonny's how to look really good part of the plan we're done filming we all ate it it was still awesome shout out to them by the way to everyone involved the crew dodgery connected. That we did I think that was the let's play live when was the first off what country was the second one was for similar to alpheus and they were still getting to know what's okay and what's not okay and they would like to ask a question it's okay they were asking are you kidding like we have no privacy and crew before helped make the process of doing, ground even easier like I had trust in them and I knew that I want to listen I forgot something or they weren't trying to like send me I knew that he understood our vision and they're going to do things the right way so to Doc's now what's going to be the trilogy trilogy you have got to have to do it there that we have we did a lot of driving for the documentary then we were just like spit balling up so I can I see it yeah you have to say now I wanted to try to discover the origin of like South Texas horror like chupacabra in stories like that and not quite a few hours. Will find out like the folklore behind it and let go through like for digital storytelling so we can make like 12 years now and I spoke Spanish in front of my in-laws for the first time like 2 months ago and they had no idea I could speak Spanish you speak so we can get really wear with the prequel to your memes let me see our docs when I go to work on our family farms because that would be a disaster onions and Kamloops actually remember you would bring some for everybody like hell so I can bring you some chili can of Campbell's are good for you if you eat my food you might eat some cantaloupes you like to get married but we cantaloupe like that joke at all it's a stupid form of humor oh that's cute puns would say he doesn't know that they're not the humor really think hard about them and make a bad joke you got to know where dissociation make connection be quick-witted there's a lot involved I will say actually I'll say what I I would recognize as talented as people who were able to make puns. Through translation just tweeted that catfish from here on out are known as oh yeah I was the Tweeter I asked your permission I was like can I tweet that and then I showed her and then she said it was okay if they have to like they have to localize the jokes and humor and even like the phrasing we say but then brings you back around a Pokemon or we have two people have to make the Pokemon but English names based off of the Japanese ones in that seems like a fun job but we also call stock which in Spanish our casa penis we call him so I can do that I don't know I don't know different languages enough to make plans and different you can hold your own friends do anything I don't know yet I took like 6 years of Spanish in Spanish I don't speak it that often I used to and I used to be pretty fluent I can understand it really well speaking in a so much enough to get the fun jokes what would you say to that it's wiring to Romanian I think it's Romanian is is another latin-based language sounds a lot like Spanish Spanish doing the doctors got cut and we didn't get to include it but there are in Guatemala there are still 21 different mine languages that are spoken and there are some people in Guatemala who don't speak Spanish they only speak my language so sometimes some of the immigrants who come through like that bus station in McAllen I was at don't speak Spanish they only speak like a Mayan language and no one knows how to help them like a rabbit hole look what I found that out doesn't work on sat there watching YouTube videos of people speaking and the most popular one is like a million people in Guatemala stuff ready to listen to it it's like oh that's like a Super Bowl language that no Foundation of any of the apology at all the same patterns almost like Bailey Eastern European was what made me think about it instead Romanian wild to think about what you think other than English is the most I guess useful language to know about a Spanish in the world common language in the world English hindustani Spanish Arabic now that would just be gets it that's based off of Just population right I don't know I wonder if what will be the most like useful one for all the different places in the world that speak it cuz there's like you go to China yeah you could speak you know that's a lot of people around there but then you get out of there and where else is Mandarin spoken most spoken language in the world who have traveled more commonly spoken geographically ended up in some weird places yes remind me of a question I have are there any trains that leave out of Austin that go anywhere yes there's an Amtrak station at like 6 of them are really I want to go I want to go out I want to go I want to see how far can I go like in like a couple days if I can round trip on the train with that could I do that I like to go on trains in California cuz there's one that goes up the the coast and it goes all the way up and I'm taking it to visit like family to go on trips I love and that's pretty cuz that's along the beach but I like trains yeah it's going good we can change it if you can and circuit but to Nolan's isn't that far like what the Chicago to San Antonio 2 hours 25 minutes out of here looks like. I think they stop here on the way. Someone figure out how far I can go in like 20 minutes there was a train that would go from California Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon I never did that train on regret it place to take the train from Ottawa to Toronto all the time for every BTO The Fan event in Toronto and that was like the most amount of time like four and a half hours to get some food you're in the outlets and everything lots of space unless it's so relaxing so non-stressful whatsoever where I lived in California into like Los Angeles and it wasn't the most like price Savvy kind of thing it's just easier to drive in but sometimes I just cuz it's nice and I believe that there's a company trying to establish the Houston to Dallas train line and then from there expanded be like Dallas to Austin San Antonio to like kind of connecting I came to the realization the other day that even if they move forward I'll be dead before the spring I will not be alive to see the train to go maybe some advancements in healthcare and I'll get to live to be a hundred and forty years old maybe maybe the boring company will make a tunnel on a train don't forget all the Train on train let's get John on a train forget Children's Miracle Network extra large if I've been to Japan know that was my favorite train experiments gone I never I've never broken the continent that's not how you say that I never left the continent until I guess and I went and visited her in London. First time I've ever gone overseas made different life choices that didn't offer that and if I really want to and you know if I like set a goal in like save up the money for that kind of thing and so I was able to do that and I've not done Australia because of RTX Sydney and I did France this last RTX London but Japan is like way up there and I really want to go and all my fucking friends keep going and I hate and I feel like we're going to have to be your train your train ride for a remote podcast from Japan officially for almost 3 years and I haven't traveled once River Company for the company now you want to make a call everywhere I figured out that okay so I'm on the podcast because Bernie's on a boat there for longer Bernie's on the boat I give you the podcast so if I make Bernie stay on the boat I can go on to Japan podcast got it just wanted to make sure that's out not yet you're acting like Bernie says but my penis I literally was buying this at your house like I bought this and then was sitting in the standing in the changing room downloading the translation on my phone so that I can hold a Google translate over it just to make sure this didn't say something like he beats trees what does Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mouse from after I bought it instead I bought a Mickey Mouse sweater to wear for you tomorrow and that's out to Dad's text to Tony for those who don't know if the head of our merch design and also the biggest Disney and Mickey Mouse even today he's wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater had to do that couldn't let me have me today he also has like more shoes right that anybody fire classroom high school girls sneakers especially the collector light clothing entire room dedicated to Tony doesn't drink hot beverages because it's weird to him there's no fucking weird professional good boy the farm I think I have a title on the back of my computer that Max Made For Me called spicy boy I got to go to Disneyland Paris together with a few of the other people from the office I want them to place the weird just embarrassed yeah I like it but weird and basically if I became me and Tony the two old dad's enjoying this on the way we wanted to and other group enjoying it as a different group and I mainly was gravitated to how Tony was enjoying the parking is just we we wanted to get to the next place ever else wanted to stop in like take photos and selfies in that kind of thing and we just like we were like rushing the stuff but we just wanted to get to the next thing hot beverage at Disneyland Paris and I went there what was the gross that was I want to say it was November when I went to was already getting chilly because it's it's ferrous and they had stands out that were selling hot spiced mulled wine so it was like hot red wine filled with spices with some sort of weird for and drink that I've never heard before but you just said mold wine was grumpy they sell no wine before and I had it there in time it was okay it would seem I drink Choice why don't even like alcohol and I like mold one thing with the Christmas is the time of year when everyone is thinking about gift what about giving yourself the gift of an audible membership Audible has an unbelievable selection of audio books and I love using it I just found out today actually that Winter's Bone by Daniel woodrell is on Audible and I say that it's thrilling story about her father For Better or Worse Movie figures to go with Jennifer Lawrence which is why I look so terrible and I'm driving or running errands so easy to give yourself to get to listening this on any device anytime anywhere and while you're at it think about giving the gift of audible to someone on your list audible.com RT or text rt2500 500 browser best sellers motivation mystery thriller sci-fi Memoirs and I tried out as I remember you can choose three titles every month 1 audiobook and two audible original that you can't hear anywhere else plus your books are yours to keep with audible you go back and read listen anytime even if you cancel your membership don't your audio book exchange it no questions asked right now for a limited time you get 3 months of audible for just 695 a month that's more than half off the regular price to go to audible.com party or text rt2500 500 great service I love look at my library all the books I own you listen to any time going to be listen to Game of Thrones before the next season comes out all of them two things one good for washing libraries.com play I downloaded Artemis which is the follow-up to most of ours movie guy guy yeah what's the name of the movie and it's red and it is the light of us and to feel like I made it sound like I did have a good time I just left with everybody there that was nice want to make sure that I had a very good time there oh yeah a lot of notes also get to enjoy a wonderful Christmas versus Halloween movie is it more of a Slaughter here fixing a nice red wine good I don't like when we are smart people say none of us can eat drink eggnog eggnog baby I don't know if I have had eggnog it's okay for like a stipper to but after that it's just like I feel like I have diabetes so rich it's cool it is good when you put some like whiskey in it 1 cup whiskey remove cup of eggnog whiskey and I think eggnog is definitely one of those drinks that most people react the way you do and hate it and it is just a brace like few people who is like a select few I like it it is a few people who will there like Old World treats that some people like butts evolve two things that taste better say the majority of people like eggnog where to go for a raccoon why I have another drink that I wanted to bring up that I brought up I was talking to my check play if you want to know why they're going to be just like 99% no August 4th okay well they're deciding that I had another milky drink with a bit of a price chart is great amazing I have had it I was just reminded of American Vandal season 2 because of horchata my brother is obsessed with that show got cancelled that I heard the select few to select half percent horchatas good right Villas cinnamon cinnamon toast rice water runoff grab a cigar on my entire life around communities that have horchata around because of Southern California and then I guess even though I'm Texas I'm sure it's pretty easy to find but I love horchata and then all those like flavors like that was like Cameron and then there's the other one time so that makes me so happy I thought I was a fucking free he says no I started the Christmas beverages I had my ad my first pumpkin spice latte and I don't know if they have the peppermint find annoying work they get in like all their Christmas supplies and they put it like in boxes that they like don't open until like November or whatever and it put the boxes like out in the store like supposed to be excited about a bunch of fucking cardboard boxes boxes that don't text until November 12th when you've been in a relationship what do you typically get your significant other's parents as gifts for Christmas if anything's a dog I've never just perfect getting the dog can't go wrong okay to dogs Chris you I actually had to do it recently last year other parents that I've never met them they are British and I knew very little about them so I leaned away from trying to like hit the mark and went for like just American absurdity and so I went to the capital of gifts and I got them the worst God is Texas mugs because I'm either use them cuz it's pretty but there's Parable Texas ones and then I put I also got up this is nice I got a jar of like the basilic local preserves like honey or gems are made around here like I'm that and put those in like in wrap them all up in a little gift package but I gave them terrible taxes when actually her dad I didn't give him preservatives I got him a what's it called he liked it like a gift basket and meat and cheese baskets. Well received by parents buy them a pig in exchange for their oldest son okay great suggestion. Screen names on and was delicious boner we talked about that before I remember that I yeah I use aim when I had him as a contact is delicious boner I completely worth it for my memory why are you not like me anymore I used to I used to be I wish this was icq guess who I got hit you after I was at I use that for a while to take it we went to the name might be cake cuz but I went to some show downtown at the red eyed fly or something and when is it opening acts was like this really this really Young Band Eli called they look like they're all high school girls and they're playing like this little punk band and we walked into this is absolutely adorable I would stick around them are there might be taking later like maybe take her there that's really funny so I saved it might be taking my name is later I found out the lead singer for that band died from a heroin overdose let me know Happy Ending Story is a musername his real name is Gus yeah I had a few r e p a i m did you see that story was a really wait for it to come out over the weekend about that guy I think it's in the UK who died because he ate ask a garden slug why why he was like 8 years ago this guy was at a party I want to see he was 20 at the time was at a party and he was drinking with his friends and like a slug baby soft slug in the yard and a bunch of guys dancing to eat a slug so he ate it but it turned out that it had some parasite in it like running was rat lungworm and then meet him quadriplegic we have to go to the hospital a couple days later if it wasn't instantly started feeling bad he go to the hospital then you became quadriplegic I think you'd like to physical therapy he regained some limited use of his legs and then eventually like to just a parasite got the best of him and he passed away and you wouldn't think that you think like oh it's just like hanging out like whatever it's like a dumb slug you could eat that there's no good end to that store yeah I like you got that will kill you like that's what good thing happened at the end of that what's the best case near you ate a slug not going to do it whenever any animal that you do not know if it is safe just regardless phone number of how good he was at rugby a bit make me make you think about like how tenuous a hold you have on life like one seemingly innocent decision so I called that's that's that's going to ultimately lead to your death this terrifying question was like what what is like a real world terror you're afraid of its rabies this guy, and he's like he played out this entire scenario tiny little bat that is in the throes of it's like Furious stage of rabies bites you but it's so small you don't even realize that it has been on you on your name baby you don't you're fine a year later you start getting headaches and you just it goes through and it's like by the time they realize you have rabies your dead really hydrophobic when you have rabies so that's why you foam at the mouth but the good news is is that it's not curable immediately so I can have rabies right now is what you wrote in this scenario I believe the bat they said it was so light like it wouldn't even wake you up but you would have even felt it fall on you cuz you don't go outside so if I have been outside a few time of a guy is like in Afghanistan or something there was a community that was attacked by a band of rabid wolves and they have medical footage of him going through the final stages of rabies and it basically turns you into a zombie but it's like the closest to a zombie homies that's why I think it's like rabies is essentially been like the basis of some zombie films in 28 Days Later. I thought your brain is swelling and freaks out like the parts it's like fight or flight is super inlarged and yes it's a really crazy video to watch so now I have a new fear yeah vaccine for rabies just like dogs just like preventative like if you're an outdoorsy type wouldn't hurt to maybe think that about the people that handled the bat the Rabid bat like during are there was a rabid bat in downtown Austin and Oregon like the local news headline was like for next year at RTX where you going to say that's kind of crazy for them and there was a few speaking of people going crazy like there's been so many rooms at it like all this morning was like Amazon's narrow down their list of candidates on the list of options on the shared list Austin. On a shared list is it still on the list fucking nuts with his list and I think it was like there were two competing thought it was to be split between Dallas and Virginia and other people seem to be split between Austin Virginia. It's pretty much the most likely outcome in New York lot of people think it's going to come to Texas because Jeff Bezos has ties to Texas which I recently learned his cousins with George Strait chance I have it's really weird also Bezos initiative I don't know about that I just wonder if I could guess the last thing you bought on Amazon how close I can get cuz you buy stuff on Amazon right really practical things batteries last thing Gus would have bought no show socks no show socks I need to buy socks as remind me I need to buy some household cleaner by Todd the last thing that Gus sorola bought on Amazon is a fish tank for the record I never wear no show socks I really wish that they were a sponsor today but the last thing I bought an Amazon was there was a product and bring me to buy fish tank on Amazon about lip balm and batteries latest I feel like whatever I need batteries I need them immediately so I never liked order them from Amazon I'm done at 2 so it's time to get more damn it I was going to bring something on the podcast that I bought this weekend I bought a tamogotchi tamogotchi Tamagotchi Tamagotchi is one of my favorite one in Japanese tamago is egg and Tomodachi is friend odec Frank yeah I saw it I was at Urban Outfitters and they were selling them because they sell a lot of like old like it's was it used to be Trendy Nails Trinity again I think I spent $25 on it and I was playing with it and I'm like, this is annoying or go to sleep you just set the timer or set go to like the timer setting page and like have it pause basically like your resetting time and then just leave it that's the only way to posit a great parent how do I pause baby how do I talked to Trevor and we named it because because it has a little beep after it gets older but we would like step away for a few minutes in a day and she's like oh it's shot on the floor I got to clean this is always hungry and always unhappy I showed my kids Fellowship of the Ring for the first time this weekend I loved it. So it was on sale on Amazon to get the Blu-ray extended edition Trilogy and I only had it on DVD so I want on Blu-Ray so I bought it again and it's the extended version of the movie it so we had to watch it in like stints but they loved it and they look like intensive points that they were fine with it there's a part there's a part of this I love how kids react differently to stuff is the part when they're in the mines and they're fighting the the Orcs in room right before the cave troll comes in and so they're all doing their stuff and I one point Aragorn has a pretty good swipe at one of them and lops off his head in like blood stepped out and I knew that was coming and I was wondering how my kids would deal with then I was give me a good gauge to the fellowship back she is probably the most like nice of them and they get darker and darker so my let's see how well they do and I may I may or may not stop and so I can watch them and I have a five-year-old and eight-year-old and I watch the eight year old was wrapped in a blanket and when that happened she jumped and like hip hop over face kept watching I turn it look at my fibro she's sitting next to the couch and she just admitted turns at me with a smile and just laughing at how funny that was I was like your little sociopath and it has a little laugh in orange head fall off saw someone get beheaded Goosebumps the movie super super like light and they're like intense most like that that she gets like all freaked out but the hits nothing to her I've watched every episode and they're taking it off on Netflix in 2 weeks to its hair on that show oh my oh yeah and it's Canadian to so specially close to home from the other leading children for Aries the scary Canadiens