#518 - Does the Sun Make Noise?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns, and special guest Sally Le Page as they discuss Extra Life aftermath, plane stories, cats, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-11-13 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, Burnie Burns, Sally Le Page


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According to Bernie Bernie they're not upside down have you recovered nicely from extra life I have it was really old of Achievement Hunter this year but that was the usual stuff that was paying and vomit which is what the kids up in case of you so much I'm feeling that be it was for the kid right and D it looked awesome in slow motion to close up of Michael like at the bomb level you were on the everything like that with Michael yes I get under him so he's not promising cost me as a few spices and I work around and are you at I'm walking around so bad it's so bad you have to keep playing and we don't have to watch it yet I haven't gone to that last year cuz I did the gallon challenge as well and I even though I started throwing up I have went and finish the rest of the gallon and I was a horrible idea because I was cheating milk if you ever ship milk before never blamed never it was going to be right back and run to the bathroom I know it just look like milk it was like a chocolate peanut butter milk okay weirdo what time is it in family-friendly a million really fast and I don't like the goal was one and a quarter million and I think we surpassed that with about 4 hours left so we had a grand total of 1.4 to 7 at the community race for extra life go to benefit the Dells Dell Children's Hospital here in Austin so that was really cool production that we ever do the most chaotic production that we have I had to miss it this year because I plan a trip like 10 months ago I can do anything to get out of the ship I can modify cuz there's like 8 other people involved with it or more and I knew when I booked I thought I could interfere with extra life but Imma take a risk and do it sure enough but 5 minutes ago we had the date make a bunch of extra lice like a workout segment that was the first I didn't like really like that but not being here watching from afar baton at one point which was disappeared disappeared from specific people did you know she's being passed to the younger generation like even bad has this thing that he does at the end Jeff usually shows up in like the first segment of usually comes over very very very early which I think is a smart thing to do is not going to do like so many people here I know but it's like I'm just now I'm not going to drink a gallon of milk and throw up I feel like but damn you're still doing all the Antics and also making really awesome. Gray hair couple weeks ago to get your hair cut short do you have to wear what is it Sally on East rays that I guess when it's short you can see through into my head and it reflects light sky looks when my hair grows out longer that's why it's easier to see with me yes it was did you watch it did you watch Mission Impossible Fallout of everyone else in the fall out your name is your name is 3M would you like to like you Japanese. Someone was in the suburbs in The Matrix Matrix it was even that I only want me poems. I d i y with mr. Blobby Island dogs classic classic movie island of dolls for very animated movie niceness Animated season. Space why you've been trying for about 10 11 hours already comes to lay over to because I had to check out my bags just to check halfway through where is you say we're weird we do have our feeder of security camera monitoring everywhere but you have to remove everything else and put everything he throw the people that put you do security or the meanest people in the world all your ways to the happy face and then the two kind of nobody ever use those in the unhappy face Siri talk to me the other 1129 in the middle ones like in the middle I always think I want this is like you're getting nothing out of this fucking who's this guy so many people just ignore that one on Amazon reviews of 5 Stars I used to be that he would do the one-star review now you just go over the two stars cousin who is it the closest like this person was so I sat around and thought about going to hate this product reviews then take into account factors have nothing to do with the product it's like about a story about how someone pissed them off when they were driving home and it made them think about that about the product until they give it to Starbucks interview on Master is reviewing it purchased it from you you might be whatever you if you bought it somewhere else this is how many seen as energy used by Scientist by, but the actual Twitter hashtag is but there are so many things in science why you like oh I just need this item that can do this thing I need to have like a fine-mesh that will filter out some things but not others I know some kind of foods they will do that. She using it to see if my card out of my wallet doctor will often be doing some really weird obscure thing I need to think through what other items that you can just buy them sneakily inside a lizard's cloaca it is a source of pipe can you be more specific Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe got to get mad I got the got that crawl in the intestine you dropping the eggs fallopian kind of correct all right the one whole does everything so if I look at the Latin verb clue 02 cleanse to cleanse I'd love to have lizards can like on command to be cut Colossus the X-Men you should have not at all I see how pretty that look so can we defeat the enemies I can ruin the fact that Juggernaut send that and not spy spoil that like 2 days after the movie came out how was Mamma Mia 2 guess it might have been him but I think Deadpool is now the franchise it's like correcting all the heroes they got wrong over the years a Deadpool Juggernaut the Juggernaut in the X-Men. John Lawson house Lori Lori truck do you know something big big Unstoppable Force I don't think we call it in because of a big semi trucks at so I can what's the definition of Juggernaut it is a huge powerful and overwhelming force or Institution Mister all the bird poop on it does not appear so stop uric acid because I don't because it's very spiky crystal shape so it's forms then you got these old needle sites for Crystal like kidney stones dream of water I drink water and alcohol you're busy I can tell a couple years back I want with Joel you know the classic combination blade and roll and some kid walked up to give you a hug without asking Joel the air in Joel's having kidney stones you got drop down that was a holy shit I know anything about that either because it was funny in the moment I was like holy fuck yeah that's just crazy talk and pick up another human being like that if you did no physically pick women up small you are the more likely yeah if you're made of lizard scales okay that was a lizard in your local catch what is the process is it really really quick call Davida survive about Jay voice so you do you write the word into mine was about TED 5000 was long and it's cool and you hand in a new you like and then you have to give it to you to examine oh yeah that's why I say the things that are only $5,000 and then you have to examine this one from the University one from a different University to make sure that it's packed and they read it and take apart the two months and then you sit down in the room with them for between three and five hours today Grill you on it and that the Bible that's the one that I have last two days and then that you can possibly Corrections possible minor or major Corrections or fail nobody feels pretty much because you'll see to buy this shouldn't have let you submit if you were going to fail they pretty much issues I'm so usually it's all you can get mine turtle made the corrections and then they'll say it enough but can you make some changes made to experiment you make the changes you have the man they took it off you graduate which in Oxford is the same three two hours of last hidden in a row by Chris prevent should I say interested in Old English Chocolate Chex and Chris and she got like 8 more hours to go between the viver viver graduation sorry. We got you a little present here to commemorate it it's in honor of our favorite movie Emoji Movie and Mia animated something every doctor needs we do now it is a lightweight that's why I bought it so I can hear my cat's hot acoustic diaphragm wow you can't even cheap beer because I was a few medical student and then I went to the hospital but I'm ready to take name Keith where do you think we were taking each other's blood pressure back down and when you first start to hear the heartbeat or feel a pulse but we were just using a stethoscope to do it that's when you do the systolic and then when you stop hearing it the low in that the diastolic so where do it if you ever and I can still spell sphygmomanometer I'm listening to get here I got this me hold the stethoscope diaphragm is it is still a very simple design because it's the same as the microphone and he is it this microphone is taking the basement of my sound waves and Thursday and then that is turning into electric this is taking the sound of his head and sending the pressure through and today is Thursday is literally pressure that just went in your ear no I did I was very angry though if you put it on and you take the diaphragm and you press it you can make you feel like pushing it wasn't your ears get really uncomfortable after a while they go forward Downy or can I go to the deep breaths you know what is a heart murmur it's when your hearts quietly talk shit about you and your chin up you're welcome. When your booking a flight can you pick dr. Eddy Grant sunglasses that's the whole reason you did it right so how long from beginning to end was the whole process for once it's done, he is a witch with what because my apartment got shot down for us by stovetop or 3 but yes it's been 4 years of research which is exactly what I was given so I was on time and under budget you talked about being able to select doctor in a drop down one time I was booking a hotel room and these were the options Jesus president doctor and Doctor that's for like two people there was an officer resident you want to cover every possible title that you could have been a pope Pope is out on your Harley it is his Holiness on the dark lord is dark lord on their Queen on that the lord lord lord Master and Commander do you know the Lord sugar appointed by best you are a member of the Church of England born into House of Lords or you can be such language what's the highest rank like Queen Queen the highest like civilian title that I could receive or since I'm not working on the order of the Russian Empire wake and I want you to give up your American possible they're like more likely to be knighted Sally or death knight me I don't know why benighted who selects that she should have salads here plus the other Pages what YouTuber it would be. Decision to buy the entertainment or services to education probably stay within the UK can get honorary British so they can depend the honor to their name but they cannot use the title sir or Dame so for example Bill Gates has been any can describe myself as Bill Gates kbe but not serve Bill Gates soyuz Empire countries left yeah but you know that I let America win win win elections were going on we're out in La writing Arizona Circle Funhouse and Chris and Josh kept checking the election stuff and we have like 7 more hours until the election for final but like all the results are trickling in and I would like I almost started screaming I was like stop you're not you're stressing everybody out just fucking stop you're going to know anything for a while and then they went out to like a party that night and they're like yeah we stayed in watched the movie results okay in and I was in there like you know about the electric podcast last Tuesday and I know way before there were young voters in this country when do the Hartford area for Young Learners ever and I don't want young voters to be discouraged if the election didn't necessarily go the way they want to totally I've been voting for over 20 years now and I probably voted losing in Moore election going to have winning these just to get out there and then not have this be a fluke but have this be something that becomes a regular thing for you and that you continue to vote is a positive message for young people that we can end up like a lump and keep voting how many votes is in Texas how many people vote in Texas I'm looking I don't even know how many people we have a much lower turnout I think that was the population of Texas 494 the senator in Texas million votes for Texas 7 million people in Texas, California Florida has 29 the Texas the biggest second biggest state by land yes I don't like that there are 15 million registered voters in Texas million so 7 million people did not see this election I'm going to vote in every midterm like every election. Most important of the local ones that don't get any attention those are really like the side if I get the small number of votes that I think voting even on what are considered like the boring not exciting local ones those are so important never in my life that I think I'd be giving a shit about senators and my new show details of our government and now I'm like what is like talking Sports almost I care more about government I do about fucking Sports at this point be right yeah I should be I don't like that whenever you talk about climate change its considered political ad banned in the UK or something if that's a big problem and fix it other people will deny it that for making it an argument that for making a climate change ain't happening with climate change do you want to have the link to bake companies like oil and gas than the travel industry and that people can pretended it whether or not climate change if this is political and that's not what we can do about it the wrong way they say like doing something about climate change your trying to stop it is going to cost jobs or it's going to be a lot of work to create what about an employee potentially far more people creating these new technologies and work in this field is created cleaner eyes and renewable cheaper energy more jobs than you know you made it safe and well as improve habitats and by the best in all these things what is climate change 100 well undo it now it's frustrating to say the least somebody called back to an old podcast from around the same time the last year where I was like in 2017. There's no way it is going to suck what's 118 actually really does suck and then here we are done like me was whatever what celebrities were dying to get out of the whole world stupid boy was it from here for the doctor strange potential potential future am I remembering that claimed invention of the key car invented the keytar keyboard sideways like that is it different noises to avoid highways was it the thing Prince his name was that symbol for a bit when I get under his name is he's been incorrectly credited for many years of the inventor of the keytar Trace Steve masakowski incorrectly credited for many years is the inventor of the kitchen light. How does that happen to see that starts at where he get incorrectly identified been saying it is the saying about you and then people that want the other people and paying their Master Kowski is Damascus I didn't riddle and it didn't land Minecraft okay okay where one of my favorite samples of that was a guy who worked on Back to the Future 2 made a made a statement they were doing behind the scenes interview with him but I don't think I've only just about 50 to 100 my God because is an amazing by the way the date they go to in the future that's 3 years ago that's I think we're Beyond toilet territory but I won't spoil it for you where there is an invention in there called the hoverboard which as now a doctor sorry I called you candidate early anymore now you are all of the time so once I finished my thesis I'll be going to leave to supplicate and that is when I will technically be able to fix myself a job so when I graduate so I'll be adults and graduate I'm just so glad you wanted someone who's done the degree but haven't graduated yet so I from the drug the blasting form meaning in the process of going to need that many different, just have your doctor and doctor don't like in your sister we would go hang out a doctor emo what happens if your on an airplane somebody like passes out in like is there a doctor on this play be like yes but please someone else do I sounded like people telling with them thinking that I'm dying from some evolutionary biology thing that you could have you pick 7 from the fights of these maggots cannibalizing that non siblings Best Buy was not there but we were so right behind me because like deplane the dead body first Indian to wait or do they keep dead bodies in the body is the one guys hang out there where is that where is Lexington NC, where is the space though if you like it over I really like this idea and put occupied on a Terminal A see what they do in a domestic what if they open the door he's not there anymore peace comes down to the floor you have to lock the door to turn on the lights. Everything that I still see a crazy number of people walk into airplane bathrooms and not lock the door baby it's crazy to me how to make people that are like they're trying to walk on their partner in the window and his flying along where Pathway to the flight and all of a sudden I hear the flight attendant so yes sir sir and I'm like and literally right behind me at this number and he's in the aisle behind me I don't know I don't know I can't recall that probably every flight is full of these days it seems like to call for a doctor sure know if there's a doctor somewhere the plane comes up I Got 5 finishing the radio then he the doctor is talking to him trying to get some kind of response no response and then I just hear the doctor say right behind me says he has no pulse I can't get up and she's like oh my okay and then we start going to some kind of procedure and then I don't come out of time pass like what do you 30 seconds and the doctor goes hey what's going on can you hear me can you understand me like this cognitive test within the blood what day is it how you feeling any better colors back now and then apparently make some kind of comment like yeah this happens sometimes with people on planes your blood pressure drops and thought he was dead but this guy on first like a medical emergency these gets off with everybody else was fucked up man at the Palazzo weekend at Bernie 3 fucking sucks United States when they ask if no one comes forward today then put it just like when was trying to promote the captain to doctor I'm going to let you know that I work for doctors before a lot of them will don't volunteer they just won't say anything but then also yeah the other thing in the UK when you call a Delta, BC used for infection, that doing it in in order to help someone close enough yeah but they're not sure which no replies and so you can walk up to a person that's like literally drowning and maybe like help you help me help and then you can just I need to be the case because you enforced by law that's how much to put that on life in danger Stranger video and then they arrested but the kiss I think that varies country to Country oh my God I was literally applied it just landed on my finger if he doesn't your doctor he said anyway it's all good DC fan you'll definitely want to check out the latest live-action series Titans which is available now on DC Universe times has the first original series to watch on DC Universe if all of the group of young soon-to-be superheroes like Dick Grayson Batman former sidekick who's not trying to break free of his Robin Alter Ego after mysterious young girl Rachel Roth custom for help she finds himself drawn into a larger conspiracy that threatens the world Starfire and Beastboy soon join the fold in the group must work together stop a few threats X the greedy take on the Teen Titans franchise in sports one of the most popular comic book teams ever don't miss out on Titans available now only on DC Universe DC Universe available on all your favorite devices it's only 799 a month or 20% off for yearly membership join the ultimate a membership at DC universe.com watch Titans Now series premiere on October 12th and you are so it's available to stream every Friday so join me in thanking DC Universe to be a part of tonight's Rooster Teeth podcast nice DC Universe at all them who plays hawk in Titans Hawk Valley Park man God damn he's a handsome man I can't talk well man he was Aquaman in Smallville so great and he's handsome in that later Sally recorded I was adding on I was I was supplemented all the secrets of Nightwing come on a little jab Little Debbie how to write one but we should be able to be like a Alan ritchson very handsome kind of one to a hundred who's going to bring one up best I've had a regular funny pictures of a white teeth that's so good such a happy sight for the ice Hawk and Dove isn't everything tries retaliates when attached not going to attack fast and it podcast which one which one is the best strategy based on the frequencies of evolutionary stable strategies yes that's even what do you call them over here not freshman what do you call those people as an undergrad School approach when it comes to a very very similar to the point where people make a blue-eyed people make economic models based on evolutionary theory on so that's a huge amount of Game Theory which is your benefits and cost depends on the American Idol tried to be as cool as possible to take his own water bottle at me over the weekend talking about how and I'm not sure how much you got on it but it said that elephants were starting to become a more dominant trait that elephants were born without tusks since I've been so severely that now it's at advantageous for them not to have tough most of the needing tusks about Asian elephants have tusks definitely the old man is the big will be deadly male elephants have large female elephants like the same but which human is I'm so they found that it's pajama the females that the mail boys used to be like two or three percent of females that would be born with pretty much no just the tool and now you're looking like sexy 40% of female elephants they get to live longer because it's the older female elephants one with the bigger tasks that we get hunted I was the mail out of prison and I haven't quite worked out why males haven't lost to the same degree that females have the tools about things like what is a gene is on one of the sex chromosomes it affects the types of different names different emails need it but I do need they dig up the ass and they break open bark on trees and things like that with that sucks I'm on the way things is the change in the whole Ecology of the area because out of an ecosystem engine is and they change the environment around them the same way the dime that floods in area so lots of other animals rely on elephant activity like to live where an elephant is dug out the soil analysis inside but they seem to be able to type in some sense is that another quote by and scraped off the bus they can then peel off with that teeth I need it to take the bark off what's the what's the dark thing just needs one elephant with tusks God that elephant quickly like a 30 year span does history papers from the 60s 70s Fest documenting the reduction in testimony about a hundred years particularly the elephant's yes because it's not so much about the number of years that my sister Eeveelution as the number of generations them with pollution and butterflies where is the Industrial Revolution everything was covered in such because he had one of these cold many countries in the UK and these must at least be white color to camouflage into lichen on trees some need two trees to cut the black suit and so I was close to the few Generations ago 10 black and then we had to clean and they stop producing the original and current form of the two questions one if I were to grow tusks as a human where would they be on my face as well as, I reckon intensive evolutionary speaking it so easy to evolved from K9 Cuts Like an elephant come out of their mouth I thought they were like unlike the outside of their lips or whatever think that to one side I'm not anti I think that's one side but they are all mutations sometimes it's even like humans like someone like growing what is a Macon today man do you think an elephant there's a second question to that big river that runs right through London you know the one that's the one how many courses do you think nowadays quite a few I mean you hate about people just everybody is when they go cuz when it's cuz it's so close to the city that the time it is quite title and say you get these mud flaps that become exposed and people will come across people ever removed from London's River don't need a crazy smile so I think it was where we went 24 hours for nobody was shot in this picture that was it how much dead body I'm going to say probably no point one because it at 60 years very small fraction the first very short. Of time I feel like if it's been the beginning of Cleveland most violent crime what what was going on that weekend weather like a festival or 3 days from Friday to Sunday New Yorkers generated no new business for NYPD homicide Squad what was going on that weekend though maybe if you found a correlation go to say that weekend was not shorten the normal maybe there was a blizzard everyone stayed in was there an increase in like pizza cells and I hope that we can probably go back Monday I have Thursday morning in Brooklyn a 25 year old man was shot in the Torso by gunman who climbed into a car and fled the scene with an accomplice that same car. Crash do an ambulance a few streets away after that nothing bad happened but that if it sounds horrible for everybody involved what if you crash in the back of the ambulance went through the windshield and laying on the back of a series of accidents you're not messing with last weekend where the police pulled over by drunk driver another drunk driver came and hit the police car because of the lights at the mall with her then another drunk driver crashed into the ambulance that was there because of drunk driver crashes into a cop who pulled over a drunk driver wow no but I told you I had to go to the hospital that fucking sucks can you imagine being like the first cop on the scene in life what the fuck like one particular spot like three animals think so I was after Halloween virus from the Vegas shooting in the most recent mass shooting in California I know I get that can happen is we have so many pretty big crowd that the guy in Vegas shot at Rite true cuz 15,000 people and they would concert was still like a shooting star shootings are crossing over into other shootings at Columbine 13 dead sounds about right I feel like that's happened like I may be broken the record weld over a couple times specials Vegas and now it's like 15 you don't even hear about the coverage is just like dead after a couple of weeks and you don't hear anything about this matter anymore but Columbine I Remember That Shook to school years of our lives like they change the security in the schools special backpacks and then I was just like the shooting and Thousand Oaks was the 307th mass shooting in 2018 gray rat in the u.s. 11 days so we're under one a day you died and came back to life. He's actually happening in real life being obnoxious and if you can qualify Publix and getting a mouse be at the cabin Creek I don't want to sit next to a dog but the weirdest thing was cuz if someone else had a service dog turned out the dog oh yeah gold mouth and then they kicked her off it was very spicy in Atlanta in the plane ready to go by the way if someone would offer them in your bag a seat in first class and a regular state tax I would go next to the dog I don't know if he wasn't big enough to sit you on the flight with me coming back from Baltimore for the guy had a giant black Labrador with him was that the fight when you said see you later bitch and sat down in first class and I sat between a baby and a dog dog baby it was actually kind of Awesome that's a great what is your white was a dog skepticism he was sitting next to every dog on plane I was at a restaurant. Holiday service number to walk in with his giant dog runs like a support like an emotional dog you don't have like a standardized thing but it in because they just like shittily but had behaved dogs at the airport would like that is not a service dog that is a vest with the body basically got them from the guy dogs charity that got animal training so like you have never ever seen a guy and so you know a dog being a guy I don't like that such a weird thing but it seems whenever I want to find in the US that are always dog's hair the waist smaller take up less space travels as well and was trying to fly with it and I was like yeah I mean we get that it's doing much was full, but also at the whole when they wouldn't allow their peacock on Eagle I just had a low case there was a peacock in was United Center I need to bring my emotional support scorpion on this plane used Ford what does the Ducks beat do you think I bulshit he grab things with his son to like the dogs not have four legs but if you wanted a shoe for your hand it would still be horseshoe listen I meant I fucked up I'm sorry everybody home I'm sorry I called and gloves I knew that because I'm cool Point backwards you see they have a joint halfway up that like what pissed you say 2.5 or take all this feathers off but I'll be able to see those things were they all up internally they got it I mean some guys got pretty straight legs then they up in that body again hell yeah I think so I'm trying to picture in picture me on the back is that just a fact is that whatever they have a 9 Q pot yeah I guess it's cuz backwards but I don't have a back knee where can I get a picture of a cat get a dog or cat cat cat cat and the dogs that are there will fucking murder you if you take a cat out of a towel it depends on the cat doesn't want the different things does not have front ankle is not a front leg the front is there a way that I could surgically its toys into my arm working Wolverine claws is there a wrap get a mechanism or is there a muscle that I could actually like clone a SIM card knuckle Dragon Ball Z Gavin take the community and everyone and I love you all and you're amazing how much do we raise during the stream we made our total go up to 1.42 million dollars or something like that 1.48 one cuz Jeremy did another like 16 hours stream like Spyro and raise another like $60,000 so anyway it was a very fun extra life it was very fun we had worse than anyone else so thank you for your sacrifice have it any other way all right I should say thank you I love you guys love you for life and no one saw it except for me and Mariel interrogation room I got it he said that's alright I was going to go on with a hoodie over the top of that with another another skull on top of his head he was sitting on the couch light right there and I was in the couches on the back of my laptop Mario's next to me and I was just checking out like checking Twitter and social and the phone started ringing Blaine just picks it up looks at it goes okay and it hangs up and puts it back down wasn't on camera no one songs do it he just did it and is Maryland the only people who saw it happen to move the funniest goddamn thing ever or so it wasn't something I don't know who's your Father's Day late night right that's made up in his in his outfit is playing and not the other guy I'm not the one in the Horsehead I'm the one yeah I did that was my first for me thank you very much everyone who can't rated X a lot about this but other Raffles are still going on so you can have a chance to donate you can donate up till December 1st that's when we get in the raffle so you can check it out xtralights.com that has all the information there I made a general post about it and yeah so you can enter in till December 1st and I think the merchandise might still be available I think we might have some left over so if you want to pick up merchandise you can't does that mean we have to hit 1.5 next year so we went from 1 million to 1 in a quarter million someone said we should do 1337000 so it's all Elite million that's actually really cool so I think that might be our goal next year do you like a super early so it's a thousand lease 600 1337 flight meme something last year 50 Leaf in my head I was like I can take for a moon both go or and then Lindsay said it's a hundred and 106th so we split up 53 for you 53 for Michael which most honestly most of them ended up at Michael yeah so I don't want to see perfectly in the balls I don't know oh my God single person Alfredo Chavez Levi Jacket that was one web Blaine was looking right at me and he was pulling it back not that I sent you on the face it shot side by the hit Michael Wright in the penis but yeah the other mobile that's my my favorite new invention we had and I think you will but we ended up getting like five hundred Shimano Moon balls I would love to see a radar speed on some of those Moon boots rubber bouncy ball bounce off your flashing head around complaining of a thought of the delete siren is distract you by thought that's kind of the whole point of it supposed to really attract your attention and if it's intentional to call out that someone gave a lot of money exactly $1,300 not protector on the one-week spot on a person when they have the other crotch in the face covered is the knees I think you both got nail driving me and a couple my knees and shoulders where are the fuses, so if we got a donation thousand we have all the Thousand if we can get up to it let me we're not going to die don't think we'll do a thousand least we do fantastic but anyway we're still working out final numbers and stuff and you have till December 31st of this year to donate donate. Regency.com you still donate to our team if you give you care to raffle still available until December 1st bunch of really cool stuff in there and yeah that's it thank you all for the kids almost shot of it dependent Pierre fight does the one which is if you squeeze it causes your fingers to curl it and I'm not used to be almost did have clothes right and mammals do you have a tricycle close that there are probably some spare time does lying around not really doing much dependent schedule but I guess I wouldn't be able to regrow my skin back real quick so I'll probably just recently and I'm not even in my hand and then she pushed on this but my head and I was embarrassed cuz it made me hold her hand Ohio, and it's got like a little cold and then much are the pools the coach that was a fascinating thread on Reddit and it was directed the people who I guess that Cochlear implants at could now hear but spent most of their life not being able to hear my eyes out every fucking time so you can post on when she was 3 for meningitis but she was at universities me and said she was completely die from meningitis which one of the very first so we try to reach wait what she can hear and it's super distorted like imagine White Noise mix with a robot sound that sign of a voice sounds like those shoes called that says she never really got to the norm out too much and she's just finished I don't know didn't name or employment change her name she was the first one anyway so I thought you was in and then they said that the Herring pot the the microphone and then there's a magnetic bettah steaks on the Titantron says it through the still have like yes it happened can I get one willingly can I just be like I want to give my eyes to read cuz I have shit eyes I'm going to contact right now tell you like red robot I do you want to get rid of your existing lice and not have a set or just like your break down and just get prosthetic limbs to run faster and work hard on my calves is there is there anything that would help John Rising is sniff so I can you smell thing you can shove it has like an awesome by the way the best friend because I can fart around them all the time and you just like get it but yet look up thing sounded like until they heard the more things they thought I had found she's a doctor now know what to say you wouldn't have so many flies around in the making of The Cece Show Beelzebub tales about the red thread thread heard that the stuff that he was thought made noise into the one that was most passing to be with someone who their entire life thought the sun made noise that it was a like they just associate with it being like a steady Roar and they were amazed at the sun doesn't make any noise and it was a few people who thought that in different ways because without the sensation appearing you feel the sun is gay just comfy and they thought they were amazed at the sun didn't make a different noise on pavement verses on grass and it's sick what is it even mean but it's like I kind of get it and smashing into stuff or did you steal it like you feel a difference if you step on the grass it like it's absorb some of the heat payment reflects it more fun are you listening to everything should happen if you leave the Sun no it's the right cuz you don't like flight does not make noise okay fusion reaction in which the vibrate and everything in the most sensitive stethoscope it is if you had any any movement maybe you would have a life any weight on anything even on like the point in the Nano Pico super scale podcast is also brought to you by him test is also brought to you by listen to receive podcasters also brought to you by myself Patrick and several other people here have all tried to service the whole process is super quick and easy 65% of Men start losing their hair by age 35 that's two out of every three men on the planet the thing is when you start to notice hair loss it's too late it's easier to keep the hair you have been replaced the hair you lost if you have to call and check out for him. 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Com rooster forhims.com Easter thank you sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast and not the Sun you may have inadvertently revealed something from our industry before anybody else do about it what's up couple of weeks ago we were talking about great and you went on and looked up brakes original domain big boys. Come in Big Boys Gap and then just said oh the domain for Big Boys lapsed and he bought the domain and now Gus is the owner of this historically important domain name big boyz.com important to the internet assets of break with brake combined with alloy digital a company that owns Smosh and clever they became defy media media essentially but they shut down right they declare that they were going away and I was wondering how the hell do you let this big boys domain labs and now that might have been an indication for the fact that defy media was about to go to this upheaval I feel like it's sounds from Ian and people like Smosh what kind of taken of God by yeah they didn't know they did that mean I'm sure they had indication that there were problems but yeah that was a huge thing to happen he's a fucking huge brand if you ever look at it see videos about who is number one YouTuber right now we're going through PewDiePie n t series or like battling out for number one but if you look at a store that YouTube Love Like Mine the Fred Annoying Orange is always right there like always right there and it's crazy it's a you know I think they tried to find a new home for Smosh I made a really funny group over there but yeah we said I was fast and it's been it's been a very interesting few years now we're just doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of people laughed you know from the start you say that but I think I see her at VidCon hi more than everyone else with me I think you're up in a way to find out that Chris wasn't here today cuz Chris and Sally's me you're such a great parent but you're doing an admirable job of he is here but I was filling in for glad you rather have Kristy are you doing a great job filling in for Chris because your third nipple and your no hair on your area of Wolverine claw I fucked up this weekend Sunday would like Eddie and head know you Sunday after extra life and I was like really you know I had to match the gross stuff in because we've been drinking and stuff like that from extra life so I decide to go to the spa and sweat it out so what's this song hey everyone this is how you do a detox ready now detox drink water got into this question how much water should a person drink as much as you don't say yes right glasses thing doesn't account for the amount of water that you taken with your face into a big display Seattle out pull your food out look what you have to do if I chug a salt shaker you will throw up can you get salt poisoning. Poisoning what are the effects thinking I'm going to feel better and that was before my workout to get warmed up just pulled out and then climbs and then I went in my lifted and then I went back and I want you back this time I just another like different things could sweat going and then I'm going to leave minimize fuck me and I got into why it seems like Gus's nightmare situation because I was about to leave and this guy came in and he started talking to me and I didn't want to leave because he was talking to me in the sauna and Gus moment and he was just kept going and there was never like a stop in the conversation where I was just like sitting there and I lost track of time and I was sweating so badly and I started to get woozy but still talking to me and we're talking about Austin in like film and like film incentives and like after a while I started like, like losing track of what we were talking about in the shower but I was like died from conversation awkward I recently had to sign up for a service and I never like to say what services I have online cuz I just don't want that out there for helping does make it sound of it. But I'm not gonna know it's not that one in the find the other one business filing for a business service and I had to use an aspect of business communication that is Antiquated so I had to get back sir I need a fax service cuz I had to do some of attack so excited for a fax service or just been received faxes the email was going to ask Jeeves question why aren't you telling the person who were quiet this faxing from you to do one government you get deported but I didn't said I had to fax service and I want the one that I remembered from 1998 and just us Ellie I have an account with them still and I said yeah but it cost money every month that I can cancel within the first 30 days I guess that's the I just have it just in case here's why Gus has it I want to cancel it during Thursday. You can't cancel online you have to call it and that's why you paid 10 bucks a month for 20 years isn't it cuz you don't want to talk to somebody and then you pay me ten bucks a month which Monday is going to pay you what they want to do it like the one that makes phone calls on your behalf you know when you try and cancel it will give you three months give you this message did you know the way to skip all that you just say I'm leaving the country is to interrupt yourself so that you don't seem rude there in the bed of the conversation where you're the one told me you say I'm so sorry I interrupted your the good guy I wasn't able to think that hard I was not your job I had a weird thing happened to me over the weekend where I thought I would I thought I was going blind for a little while maybe but no I was out in public and I had to think what I was I was looking at something and I felt like I had just stared at a bright light and like I couldn't see very well and by customer specific portion of my field of vision and like no matter what I would look like it was persistent and it seems overtime like it was growing and moving in my field of vision and it was like this bigger Airy I couldn't see you are not out in public trying to figure out whether or not I need to go to the hospital and the people called an ocular migraine migraine that just affects your vision I had you don't actually have when you decide on ice can you see it no I don't mind though it's like a rainbow crack is best I can do right now and I had to since it's almost like it was like it almost look like remember those old posters you look at you start long enough to turn 3D like weird like like rainbows there's like that looks awful. Slowly growing took over the Triborough Bridge no I just want to see if Lauren offended by my face I've been having I think I've mentioned this before cuz I was having Appliance I know how to get home I'm having the most boring dreams when I dream about them the one that people tell you about my dreams and now I will dream about my side table from the angle that my head is lying lying lying in bed and I'm just staring at my lamp and my alarm clock from the side and I'm like wait wait for my my vision I can't see it I'm just dreaming about what's on the other side of my Island if you roll over in your dream do you remove it but when I wake up because it just makes the dream about it and the only thing that is wrong is it the time is never right like either the time is missing or it's just something else and doesn't see my place as I wake up I might have been killed herself that you can't read in dreams and everyone else can and you think it's a thing that indicates that you're dreaming can you pick your brain games that you had this recently like I had a dream that I was organizing the drawers in my kitchen and it felt like it went on forever and I woke up and I was like Quest reminder 3 to do anything you're the whole world anything you can imagine you're looking at a fucking night stand next to your bed in your in your kitchen it must be what it was that the guy I used to be cool Halo completionist he just does everything will be a shame it's in must you collect and stuff and he tweeted they had a dream that he came up with this really cool new strap for like a lasso run and a high-level and then when he woke up it didn't work and the level was completely fictional at least he's dreaming about like what he's doing what am I doing with my life that I don't understand the mathematical statistical model and I found the original papers like this idea came to me in a fever dream is commonly used to display model and it works you should look into the nightstand something important how did you have like a weird dick thing or something no closed you thought you did you fracture your dick to the government I broke my fucking iPhone I got my phone wet and fucking died and I bought another iPhone I did because I just bought the stupid fucking watch and if I died if I switch now way from the iPhone that I got to give up the watch watch a little you won't do shit except what I said aloud but how to break my phone here so I broke my phone I was I was on a trip trip trip that I took today so I had my phone in my pocket I can hit by wave and the wave. My pocket wet and my phone died my waterproof iPhone x fucking died I had my phone in my pocket and walked into this day plus closes iPhone 10 waterproof and the autocomplete question is can iPhone 10 waterproof the iPhone 10 is designed to be waterproof up to 1 meter or approximately 3 ft rated IP67 mean completely dust-resistant and water-resistant the amount of 1 m to the truth it's water-resistant what the fuck does that mean if it doesn't resist water how was it water resistant? It is still metric and you've lost me. Lincoln have a small fee that is water resistant and waterproof 456 meters above it doesn't have to be in a bit feet above it even more proof that are different degrees of waterproof the entire time I press conference with the who's the shity guy who took over after Steve Jobs Tim Cook a little swimming features in it water resistant for this and it says water-resistant for the phone but I'm trapped in a hostage situation I cannot get away from the disposal stopped by the price up on the WhatsApp on the phone when he's got money to spend I find your plan I had to pay off like three hundred bucks on my old phone and then I do it they can see like they just take a payment to push him out your percent the hydrogen first gen phone from anyone I don't think so either I think I know anything about it so you can ask me about it I was on extra life because I did the trip that I booked a long time ago but I didn't mention the trip before extra life because I didn't want to tell people to be out of town I don't like telling you what I'm be out of town for 10 days in the way from my house but I also didn't want to say that I was going to be extra life and start this thing of like you know this negative thing before actually important that we did the same thing actually if you would ask me about this well Ashley left the know how to make a big send-off for her leave you know because she didn't want to affect the thing that you've been working on for 4 years so we made one for her back to work on game time as it turned into like the rooster teeth channels gaming podcast again essentially a podcast and it will be less play it'll be something in between the two of that it should be good every time we've done like let's play stuff but yeah that's one of my favorite concert to buy a blast with November's good month right wrap it up show