#519 - We're Not Excited About Star Wars

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the Gus calendar, the Star Wars movies, circumcision, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-11-20 20:00:00

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Participants: Gavin Free, Chris Demarais, Burnie Burns, Gus Sorola


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 519 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello everyone walking over Steve podcast space and Stitch fix I'm Chris Burney sitting for Gavin Gavin will be here I'll be here any moment I'm watching November my appearance. They have Christmas in July July events in tomorrow morning she also appreciate that as well cuz it's a good Pun It's a really good fun and definitely but other people can't make I'm just assuming that the random internet poster was also Jewish possibly that's okay probably not a poster does calendar calendar jealous jealous jealous of my calendar thing for 10 years and we put one of the first call so that we would have to make it and then we got done dresses sexy calendar and you act like that by the way this morning either the email chain or text message chain with me were I brought that up when it's getting kind of thing to be good to let us know that this is the last Monday the tiki glasses oh look who's running it the pitter-patter of British feet nice started like 5 seconds ago yeah but I would have to have this resolved pop-up limited 2000 is still limited mechanic and it's like I'd Gus's garage garage for promotional stuff that's a really good some of these are kind of tongue-in-cheek a little bit you can't tell where your like hair and the rug begins it's just one it's one per year I mean there's that to me there's a lot of why you going to have more secure about my chest but I don't have a Chester to be insecure about you like one or two new hairs I mean I only have the one I got a whole family of like 8 or you guys tell me what is what do you want to tell me that you can't I've got a Clipper you do Black Mirror do something not 35 years now only right there out of the nostril is that a nose hair Tangled in your mustache hairs everything that happened with nose hair braided welded together. I don't know about welding Jeremy like Tangled like he has convinced me to start playing Destiny 2 on the PC original Destiny was not available on PC long time ago he's asking for something to pay me right away and they're not going to get it for least an hour and a half I feel bad about that but I believe it had extra missions on PS4 PS3 and Xbox 360 Xbox eventually now that we got that stuff but he was like a whole strike that Xbox never got just right play anyway give me just a few and all this time I thought they were going to make it like you no not really but kind of in that vein of an MMO with leveling up and everything in opening areas and everything does he do that just you don't open up on you are you just a new game it's like you just start over from scratch and you start over in a new territory new Zone then you go to the zone and do that Xbox. Of the year later I learned that a couple of months before I started playing through probably the first two destinations on Destiny 2 what are all the planets you can go to earth going to tighten that going back to your thing a Rat King's was going to so many rats on a ship that their tails get intertwined in braided and they end up dying because it's bugs big Mass of rats in different directions comes together and they control squirrel King no like I found a squirrel King like on a sidewalk or not real animal should twitch I don't know I think it was all like a bunch of young squirrel that were in a very tight space conjoined litters of stuff is born from I just assumed that's what I wasn't for those born kittens that which one contains ibuprofen How do they get that big but they just travel around like that so you think they were they started off like in a little in a litter together and then ended up like this I think that's the speculation so whoever was able to take him somewhere in the untangle only grows back one grows the tale of them they tail grows a full body for a squirrel like a flatworm what do they cut dogs tails off take me to ears except their ears stand up at American the penis of humans that is true they also do that Gus think it's healthy ice bad for you when you actin it's cleaner and then they quote like the US Health Organization which is the full of life but if you look elsewhere I psycho that website slime for a while and Austin there was a group that was putting up signs around town that said stop mutilation and I protect the four skins yeah where are they putting those up a triangle like what by like the grocery store what are the things dolphin coach or whatever you said we should all just stop dolphin poaching how many for skins do you think have been consumed in calamari calamari squid that's how do you get a little ring the rabbi day in an Italian chef by 9 I mean what do you want to do with the gumbo Forest go but you have to eat at 4:50 and I need to get to pick who's there best friends how do I get fingernail 750 I would do it how many sure you can have a fresh pepper over-the-top idea play million bucks is a million bucks whatever you think you could drink it just chug chug it off Chris better than what are female calcium that fancy doctor when you meter not here this week keratin keratin yes she came here for that and then that's the real thing I think are Gone Chris we got to send you the Thinker coffee good Lord I'm so bummed I was going to say where you shot this week in Texas is a local one colorful okay goodbye videos some of the mod some of them aren't that he said I can't wait to see it like a skunk King anything special on your calendar your birthday at the pies one of my favorites off camera that you needed to see you in the sport setting for that make forts to make sense so I can tell a story now that this is out when we were shooting so you can know there's like that football when I just showed a suit that at a high school football field out in Austin so we went to the proper channels and this high school has a fucking huge stadium and you know we pay to rent it out we were we were shooting in it and I think it was like the first day of school the first week of school we're just coming back and for some reason we went right school is letting out so we're taking all these photos of students in the stadium football teams practicing off to the side and they're leading up to go to the locker room and I guess it's the end of the day like people start showing up to the stadium to try to work out running around the track and stuff are running up and down the field but since we have the whole field rented that you're not supposed to do that so there's someone from the school who's there telling people you can't be here sorry you know it's write it out you have to leave and I want we know we really don't care that the people are bothering us it doesn't it doesn't matter but the school officials doing their job so thank you I really got to see what they're doing that starts jogging and he gets like most of the way through a lap and like to get kind of close to us at school officials getting close to us set up like practically in a set up waxing machines are what kind of ignoring him he starts starts walking close to what you guys doing what you guys tell me something and it was kind of ignoring him that he starts getting close to what you guys doing here right now is that where we're just supposed to believe they run it through the whole stadium I'm just asking what they're doing their shooting you need to leave because I just want to know what they're doing and when someone just as we're just shooting what calendar is what kind of calendar and then you got to go I just want to know what's going on what do we have to do like why would that guy feel if he was at his desk at work and someone is watching us what you doing why is he like the gatekeeper right why is he had no. Put on the camera if you just dropped 15 years ago just running through the whole thing. Fuck is this a half story I'm not really involved with it but I had a similar thing happened when I was coming back from the vacation I was just on we were going to board the plane and not American you boarding groups group one is always first class trip to is executive Platinum blah blah blah blah but things always happen to people just jam into the gate like like ribbons for the stanchions that leads you up to where they do you know register your ticket scan it but people just and the end of those and just completely block everything up and then people when you can ask for the group got to pay someone a chance then when your room isn't as it does give me somebody blocking your way just never know later group and I saw this thing that happened and it was you did at the two people I was thinking oh my God and he was standing there and group and ungroup you in this woman was trying to work your way through the crowd and I was behind her behind actually somebody else who was then behind her she gets up in the sky just won't get out of the way and she just seems to be too boring for you in and she goes I'm in group 2 they just called it and give us your group to you really drove to and she's like yeah I'm in group 2 and she basically showed him his thing is okay and you left her white gets out of her way to get money at the person like next to me but he said he just gave up by the time what would you estimate months have been I would have said go fuc yourself I did enough time enough time to work out be like who's this because he's already slowing me down cuz he's like why do you think you're in charge of everything getting in the fucking way this is going slower because of what you're doing but he doing what he was doing to you know is that it has that you do not have that problem with what you almost here you almost here though because you bored in big chunks of groups like you have tickets like 0 through 250 how many seats are on the fucking plane and that's the number you getting your bored in that order but you line up in groups of 5 and within that group of 5 people are always like eyeballing each other's tickets like if you're in the 6264 group and your number 61 but you're in the back of that group like him in that little fibers group people in eyeball and see like what your actual number is say it is the air travel portion of a podcaster does an American thing I don't know like the internet that they have on the plains with Gogo internet gogoinflight you can get a subscription to it by the month and they're still charging was in his 40 bucks a month is what I was paying for it cuz it worked out it seems like 15 bucks a flight or it's 40 bucks a month baby take three flights which is really a trip and a half somewhere and you need internet Dedham Mass check-in flight American Airlines one internet on a flight I bet you can use Google login on that website doesn't work spacing out go go because the new one doesn't have a monthly subscription Bayseas had to pay like fifty bucks a flight or like it's like 15 bucks for the whole flight or 12 bucks for 1 hour 15 hundred bucks for a year so you never you never use the internet on the plane us not now what are you doing playing Chris I watch a movie or ice cream then I'll listen to podcasts or I'll stare that's one of the creepiest things that Jeremy told me is that on a plane he doesn't like to do anything you just stare straight ahead to put on music and he'll just look at the chair unbelievable serial killer stuff that I turned it off and just stared at the seat back cuz that was better than watching the movie I did that with the new Jurassic Park movie theater in of every single Jurassic Park movie they solve the problem of the dinosaurs and they got to stop doing that because then at the beginning of every other movie that got to come up with some ridiculous excuse why the dinosaurs are back or why they have to go encounter the dinosaurs again I just left them at the last one now there's a volcano going off and now that's go back honestly watching the the latest one I wanted a new meteor to wipe out that was impressed by how bad it was I get the one before was kind of like a fun reboot looking back on it was so much better than the new one bring in like a rat's a reference to the first one and it's just like you just reckon the first one for me you like Breaking Bad characters and turning them into pieces of shit and making it like less cool to me I mean obviously you can ignore the new movies Plaza waste cash also they always like they established in the very first movie that everyone knows that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most fearsome of all the dinosaur foot wait there are these things called Velociraptor but you might not know about it and they hunt in packs and ever since they've got to come up with a more dangerous dinosaur every time like hybrids of raptors now and T-rexes like I don't know the fucking Raptor that went to college her stomach badass monster anything like green light people with it and it's smart enough to send the Raptor to attack whatever we point this laser gun at 3 point this laser gun at a person and little taccom but first they have to point and shoot them with a gun to get the Ratatouille what do you need what do you need an intermediary Napa gunpoint and then filling out a form and they having the bullets that shit to the purposes they didn't kill you the Raptors and then the rapper killed you give me a list of dinosaur would like a prototype but I think it was like 5 million 5 billion but we just like you thought. I feel like really fast you got a baby what the deal is all the rich people movie had seen the Jurassic Park movies and I know there's a better dinosaur coming late like super duper smart Raptors genetically engineered a dinosaur in the previous film and then wait wait wait this time were genetically engineering everything every Star Wars movie at the bigger bullet kills of the planet from the planet with the last one I think of the dinosaur themed dangerous enough on the road again the first one that the one that does spitting Wayne knight's face like some little scary dinosaurs dinosaurs look the way they really look like weird shaped like chicken Big Chicken on the way back on my way back from Singapore recently I could you can test see if everyone's watching you just invite you can see the people that side of you that I was watching the original traffic talk to someone else is watching the original Jurassic Park on the got my right was watching the new Jurassic putt 94 yeah the man that moment when the T-Rex Chomps the lawyer I was very confused in the theater I thought I thought this was a Jurassic Park and it was like I just spun kids and no the dinosaurs that I feel like it's amazing they got written that way like when the T-Rex is like its flipped the car and it's spinning the car and now it's hiding on the other side of the car it's weird things to write when you think that could explode it rolls over and then spins around and Phyl's in mud seems like so cool to me that that's how it is and that's how they make it look so good action that makes sense because it's like it's an interesting way to write that Calamity I never a cat with something yeah everything go by far.. Jurassic Park and the universe of that that franchise is that you know in the first one they come across the sick Triceratops yeah right it's in the park is this Triceratops it's sick what does really cool model that they build her you know puppet on with the nails bleeding on it yeah yeah but there's a shot of behind-the-scene shower Steven Spielberg bills down and poses with the Triceratops and occasionally that goes around on social media like Facebook of someone saying look at this beautiful animal that this guy killed in protest too fucking furious about it they're so mad men are like boycotted movie whoever did that people do you think it was sick just so they didn't have to make a mechanical Triceratops that could stand up I don't know I don't know I'm sure it's a lot easier to make when they just lies on its side awful person that killed this glorious animal Noble animal cooler Dino says that I think that Michael Crichton was bitten by a theme park as a child call cuz a lot of theme park I liked it when I really it's been a long time how does John Hammond get from the helicopter to the fridge so quickly Sprint Champaign is a walk-in he's like it's a celebration Family Dollar on a train and I going nuts look feel and smell my best but I love you and more is the fact that I never have to go to a store you know me that's because Dollar Shave Club delivers everything I need right to my door and they keep me fully stocked on what I use so I don't run out Dollar Shave Club has everything you need to get ready no matter what you're getting ready for baby covered head-to-toe for your hair skin your face you name it they have it they have a new program where they automatically keep you stocked up on the products you love to use so I do for a Dollar Shave Club shampoo episode automatically sent to me every month never run out never have a bottle of black pepper scent smells great right now they got a bunch of starter sets you can try for just $5 like their shower starter set which includes the shampoo after that the restock box ships regular size products at regular price so what are you waiting for dollars right now at dollarshaveclub.com roosterteeth.com Rooster Teeth that was too personal you're like right in their face like that in the past I want to try it again okay I was Eric able to convince you to try new things always change the podcast to 5 + about idea people in the UK God I watched Retreat Chateau on the plane recently no I watched a franchise that's a great franchise I can't tell you anything about the previous movies except that I want to watch the next one Mission Impossible no idea what happened today to previous Mission possible it's very early in the movie that he dies he must think like shit if I should have just you know who his face is disgusting 25 years ago or something it was I'll look it up Mission possible fall out window works on planes but it's not on home video yet so I saw it on the plane but I need my headphones as like Mission Impossible Fallout so the next time I got on a plane which had to I had to go to La and loved it fucking great you got the mask Tom Cruise running metric there's a way to evaluate how well Tom Cruise movie based on how far he runs in a movie but if they said something like if you runs over a mile equivalent of a mile or three-quarters of a mile on screen the movies guaranteed to make over 500 appraising all those metric but there is a study of how far Tom Cruise Valkyrie which is his worst performing movie Blow about Tropic Thunder what's that movie with the lawyer in A Few Good Men that you didn't run there yet. They just they keep in shape although I do love the jogging scene at the beginning of Winter Soldier or Captain America versus running laps is that run in Magnolia lions for lambs Tropic Thunder or Valkyrie what the hell with the lamps one and there's no idea no idea would be made if it was being made today they have recently you could make that movie and now it doesn't remember being like Robert Downey jr. yeah cuz he does gay plays the mentally disabled guy was it simple Jack and true that right he did it he did a Halloween costume of simple Jack sold like did he didn't you know I got trouble for now yeah he did it just now he did The Simple Jack saying which is like white why are you why would you go back in time and pick that one to go like I have to take back and I feel like he did it recently but it's off of movie that was like 10 years old I'm not surprised they caught flag for that I do think it's kind of ridiculous that that's an actual character played by another actor that actor never caught in flag for its and he did it just wasn't to that level yeah but he's also I feel like he's just he's easy to make fun of it like if anyone played some of these mentally handicapped it's not usually in a coma yeah so I feel like it's much more acceptable yeah today not not in the post IRONMAN World he's got he's going to ride that Marvel thing as long as I'm here as well so I knew how big that was going to turn out to be but you didn't want us to didn't want them so I think Jon fabbro went to bed for him and he wakes up the first movie for like hundreds of thousands of dollars I'm going to say it was a very low fee had left them in the cinemas in normally popular than they were sending out of the franchise and then the Cinematic Universe and he was in a position to say I would like to be executive producer of all of these movies are going to make war machine guy make more than him in the first movie no I think he didn't come back second movie and he was replaced by Don Cheadle because he said he should make more than Robert Downey jr. I think that's what that he forgot he wolf he can add he just adds the truth one plus one plus one candy is too you know when you have one or something but you've actually go up to Pokemon X 1 B-1 it can't be because multiplication so 1 * 1 is to get a toll like system from Matthew try to explain the interview and it sounds like a Manifesto like somebody who lives in a cab and just off the rails ology Hustle and Flow hustle flow before that and so then he was cast as Rhodey in Iron Man and then next time you disappeared. Disappeared well they came in at man we're both not in it but there's a line of dialogue that once things start to heat up with the Avengers that because they had families they were both basically under house arrest in playing it cool because they didn't want to put their families in Jeopardy that's what they said and how guy in The Cinematic Universe he does have this whole like family unit that's a big part of bow and arrows for a crane we forgot about that name or something if he was my buddy Ed when I was growing up his favorite Marvel character was Hawkeye I never fucking understood it never without what you want, they can wear purple uniform was your friend like really an archery you think they like in a weirdo Underdog Guy where he's like rooting for him for like he liked song self and Hawkeye had we had like yeah it's like my brother really likes Moon night I never heard of such a weird of all the X-Men to like the most he like Colossus just like us to pick up that bone Black Widow Scarlett Johansson she can fight yeah she can fight like a spider does it take an event is what he's like bit bit bit behind his head how to do that but I got a mirror on the one that will be so confident that you probably like what that you probably want to see he put it on his head around hanging out with my God sake you got to have some kind of flyer to make a stand out don't understand it all in the movies what that Scarlet Witch is doing I don't know what she's going to get into it in like Age of Ultron he's weird there baby just driving like Quicksilver throttle to stick he's fast and she's weird like what's the last movie I think the one right before that I never do the Scarlet Witch Avengers essentially is one of the Olsen sisters yeah she's like way more famous now then deals in front of you I would say that I mean River Wind River the movie did Tom Cruise running water in depressing I'm seeing a pattern here do you prefer would you like a movie of suppressing but not good just that you know I think I would hate that okay and try what if both the All Stars win gold showed up in the other Olsen twins showed up in the Marvel Universe cuz he's over in the X-Men movies better in the accident the X-Men Quicksilver he like moves the bullets move everything around you could have survived that anything about it or How It Ends don't even know from the comics how that story goes I'm assuming because you're making all these other movies is Black Panther and Spider-Man they're going to get the people back somehow some of the people that work on everything else from this point is a prequel that's possible but I don't think so it would be great if they just like attic quicksilver in there like he's just back nobody mentioned it a lot like it somehow I fuck up and then bring back an extra person to bring back to Silver bring back the X-Men Quicksilver he left his body behind he let kids possible he ran out of his own skin and now he's just running without his buddy and we'll come back collect and come back into it from the other universe I'm being Thanos and Superman shows up in betta fish what is my cat doesn't bug me I've seen that I would not have even known about it if every praise is so fucking that movie was not great but it didn't deserve as much hated that got Justice League with him a message man because he looks where the whole movie maybe they went back an added weird lip stuff to make it match the last thing to mess with in the first scene if it isn't the first thing when he comes out and fighting with them the first seems like that live stream thing like a Facebook live or whatever but he's right get a beer in the first one to me when when Superman flew around you and it went back in time time time go backwards on Waze as well so you can get out of sync with more so are martians in the future now martians are in the future in the Superman universe cuz we went back like an hour the dumbest ballpoint in a real movie about buying it exploding and extracting it off there was a thread on Reddit the other day about how bad and stupid Superman 3 was which one is that was Richard Pryor makes the diamond at the End by UPS yeah I thought that was office space or did they steal it from office around it all the nuclear weapons of the sun was that it was like they wanted to have Bizarro but they just decided to the light combine bizarre would like Hulk Hogan whatever that other villain was did that make the sun go back in time in Eastern time or super ahead they're like they're pissed off about it Chili's on here by the guy who's trying to get rid of daylight savings time in Texas Outreach a couple things by daylight savings time but you also get the lot of credit for being a great superhero movie that fucking movie goes off the rails in the last like 10 15 minutes, just like starts making up hours that he has like self and everything like that it may be in some comic he had that power but that's not a major part of his powers pulled off the ass and he throws it as they get back or they just without him that I think it stays there but he just like it's like a layer of this power armor yeah the second one I think was the one that was directed by the director who directed by somebody got fired and then have the right to buy someone else and then I scrap most the movie that was it. It took over what's his name and how she was loyal to the dress I got fired. She refused to be in the rest of it so she called the in Superman 2 it's all messed up movie here is Chris have you never seen him throw the logo but who knows even Lois Lane is like what is that really good but the fan Zone in general. That's got Terence Stamp that Infinity War 2 is coming out in May the corner the timeline trailer soon like December right probably start showing up a Christmas movies whatever device will bring them all back in your prediction but you predictions, spoilers because I think my prediction to pretty fucking accurate so my prediction is based on who's alive now there has to be a reason for every person to be alive I didn't Tony Stark and Captain America going to be critical to whatever happens I think it was just getting paid the most that are left know what's going on he's just at home yes but I'm okay with that thing here's what I think I think that there's they've layered in some things through the movies that give you hints as about what's about to happen and it's just come up with the strangest the strangest one just cuz I don't want to bring up too much of this all right my dear he's down and we can see you later if they're right but Rocket Raccoon is still largest rocket and he has an obsession with body parts and technology in the eye and the arm exactly right I think it's running joke right The Gauntlet at the end of infinity war was destroyed or something it was like after he did the snap it was completely melted and some of that indicates to me that in order to solve the problem they need to make the gauntlet again or repair The Gatlin somewhere and I think that's why I rock is still alive in particular rocket is there to replace the so they can fix the problem I think that but you can't you can't destroy Max the right you don't need to rearrange it move it around you can't get rid of all the Avengers that fell apart into the obit Ant-Man is going to go around the Quan Sims are in and find the old nugs there will be other Avengers and he's going to build them again but they're all going to be mesh together and it's just going to be one giant dead Avenger the comes back and it's like the Toxic Avenger movie all right that's it when they're right in front of us the entire time alright Chris what's going to happen I thought I had the same idea as you Gavin yeah and there is a Cree has all the powers of the Fantastic Four what is it what is that guy so they don't the characters in The Fantastic Four but it's cats but then they there now any other now Time Warner yeah in there who who quiet them I think it's wrong it's Wolverine in this universe that he's in the Marvel Marvel no but it would have been Wicked is Deadpool if Wolverine was one of the ones who got vaporized if would his skeleton just behind the what is adamantium just be like Solas skin Wicked Fox Disney owns Marvel and Disney Star Wars movie Luke Skywalker Skywalker's in the park right I got a few things mixed up Gardens the Galaxy Ronan the Accuser the guy who originally had the purple gem in Guardians the first he can barely handle one of the Infinity Stones and then it ended up with what was the Nova Corps and I keep thought at the end of the Easter egg at the end of The Avengers Infinity War when should the Captain Marvel symbol I thought it was actually the Nova symbol I thought they were bringing the character Nova in now it's Captain Marvel how do you say the trailer didn't do anything for me but the movies all been so good lately I'm sure it'll be fine we can keep up with the intricacies of this fly like really complicated if you watched Infinity War they like cut together summary for the previous movies if you go to like before the movie starts in this happen this all the infinity War Guardians plot for the first one I could not tell you what exactly happened I was like well that was fun what who what who cow Mission Impossible someone's a mole they think is Ethan every time it's for real they're like they made a genetic dinosaur that would be great if he just missed those two together and then it's like we don't need to worry about having apply for two different movie supposed to make it the same fucking also brought to you by Stitch fix yourself just a little more style delivers clothes shoes and accessories to fit your budget and lifestyle right to your door just go to stitchfix.com Rooster and tell him your sizes what sound do you like and how much you want to spend on each item or repaired with your very own personal stylist tool hantik items to send right to your door then you try them on but only for what you love and return the rest shipping exchanges and returns are always free there's no subscription required to receive schedule shipments or get your fix whenever you want Stitch filing fee is only $20 which is directly applied toward anything you keep from your shipment, Brewster an extra 25% off when you keep all of the items in your box stitch fix. Com to get started today I'm off in a comfort of your own home sign up now at stitchfix.com rooster I got my shoes fixed so do I see you do cuz I said at the top of the show is coming out and to Chris's point I think that that is the going to be the dropping off point for a lot of people in Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is like box office or just people's enthusiasm for okay well he'll do two more going into Infinity War prior to that I was always like with Marvel like they're fun I'm not actually invested in the stories yeah and then leaving Infinity War I was invested if you want to prepare for the next month you will you hit a stinker every now and then yeah I know I still say you just get tired of action what's worse Iron Man 2 Iron Man 3 300 right I think three was worse with the kid and the messages that movie every suit comes out how come he's good we also have a huge misdirect with the Mandarin is the villain in all of the trailers pain like it the first time I saw it but I was okay with you later but I really didn't like it nail to set up the Mandarin in the first movie yes but didn't pay that off and then they paid off in this weird way with Ben Kingsley there's really like that and also I didn't understand the Iron Man 3 Guy Pearce was like made of lava and get all these people that were like made of lava and I don't have the enemy made of lava I feel like a Suicide Squad enchantress right all bloody Delevingne I don't like watching stuff Valero. Movies just toilet is all over the place every good thing the fifth element that I'm not a big fan of Fifth Element migrate to the element you know the one very interesting fact about Fifth Element the Yukon say about many other movies did Gary Oldman the protagonist and the antagonist never meet later have a single scene together never interact with Gary Oldman in any way completely like Pause by each other like one leaves to see the new lenses but they don't have a have any contact with each other and Vader ever meet in Star Wars the first one French yeah and it doesn't interaction I would say he also I'm not sure they ever even mention each other in Fifth Element I'm not even sure they're aware of each other just like you just fighting your own personal battle against the larger backdrop Mark Hamill suggestion that he made for Jedi what after is because they've been so popular the big hook of Empire Strikes Back with Vader and Luke store lationship that they make Boba Fett his mother what year did Martin was like and he didn't take my terrible idea but I did make that suggestion I was very very very convinced that would be a good thing to do was his mother was going to be a female character in in in the Christmas special voice anyway it was difficult to find and it's only bad when people don't have it Star Wars fatigue kicked in before Marvel fatigue it was like the Last Jedi I think you walked out of that movie and you know I'm saying Bradley regardless of whether you like Last Jedi or not I don't think he walked away being like I really can't wait to see the next one. This is the first Star Wars movie timeline but probably go see it probably but if you want to call but it's like Last Jedi you I left the theater being like I'm not excited about Star Wars right now solo is the best ever equal and there's 5 depending on how you look at it you know I hate seeing Rogue one the most didn't like it but I did think it had the best Star Wars scene in any movie with that just Aveda bit like to meet at school and anything that happens in any of the movie but I don't like the movie the hole that's really cool one minute but just amazing Cinema see what the robot robot that looks like the good one did you know that wasn't me it was some good moments it was it was like an okay movie to me some good funny moments but I feel better do you like summer better than Rogue one I probably would like them to stay my mind of like Rogue one better and did you like all of them better than episodes 1 through 3. I will do some growing up I was not a fan of Jedi we got a lot better over time I like that you walk watch Return of the Jedi would have been 12 and hey. Yeah it was just one of those things were like yeah they make these movies for kids and I'm not a kid I was when I first saw the first part where I think I was 6 or 7 when Jedi came out one of the effects and sell it was inspired by a Slow Mo Guys video oh yeah that was really cool and I used it as reference make an effective for rogue one for solo but I haven't watched it since they how do you know it wasn't they told you this is like a presentation I was like hell yeah absolutely building Credit Credit after credits stuff for my foot down not sitting through all that stuff for the first bit I just set through enough movies that don't have a post-credit sequence now or I'm like I don't really care 10 minutes longer than a laugh out loud by big deal Amelia Earhart airplane stick like a 6-hour flight somewhere the airplane lands they want to turn it around within 30-40 minutes if they can no big deal just make all her money they can turn the plane around so fast so fast think about that for a second in the Texas state legislature to get rid of daylight savings time it will make it in Phoenix first of all the problem is I'm kind of dumb I like when it gets dark earlier and I know most people don't like that that's just where you live life you live much further north if you completely different story of course it's where I live yeah I have okay so short it was even doc the night lost it even longer gets dark earlier if it still gets dark earlier there I like that and it's not the purpose of it is to reduce energy costs are active then you don't need to run heating and air conditioning it depends on the time of year can we do we can't exactly what we do we have any more time or daylight hours for the day like it's still the exact same Gavin has presented daylight savings time in such a way that I'm arguing for day like I know I know is dr. Leah what tell me what doesn't can one state get rid of daylight savings Arizona doesn't have it yeah that's why I said okay I thought you just said just saying I think it's just the City of Phoenix in one sitting there is some places weather have like the time 15 minutes or half an hour different from the one what is the net worth of Russell time in Texas Work El Paso is in a different time zone than the rest of the fucking State why does El Paso get to be in a different time zone is it in Mountain Time enough out there just east of El Paso Central is that a right there like Albuquerque you're not coming over to fucking a 9 hour drive Skittle Paso to new maze right between Old Mexico New Mexico yesterday I was there I mean that's a bit far trip for me and Euston in like an hour and a half. Every person I know who went to like Middle School in Texas Dallas Soccer Fields I love my girlfriend like her too much I can attest you very good I like her a ton just two things that you really likes that are seasonal on the podcast no it is Haagen Dazs peppermint bark ice cream these fucking Liars at Haagen-Dazs they say it out they even have little store locator we can locate Georgia I've been fucking every fucking store in Austin trying to find this Haagen-Dazs ice cream Haagen-Dazs shop like ice cream shop down in San Antonio right next to the Alamo we call down there they have peppermint bark ice cream in stock so we drove down to San Antonio and got 5 q for Ashley to stockpile for the rest of the year for a couple of weeks until you can find it here in town we never never came out today. Yes we did have to stop at San Marcos the one that I can get super healthy while you're charging it now you're seeing inside my brain it brought cooler down so that it would melt and also we did all of our charging on the way down. The way back up I really got to try this but you're not taking any of ours because fucking precious I go to the Alamo and you can ask Melissa this is like I know if you have been sending me sticks of shit that's not butter guts and I know you get them to your right wrist of shit they send me sticks of things that are butter say look at my single and it's like a stick of bread or garlic spread butter It's Not Butter I learn something interesting today or the only mammal that shit out cubes challenge accepted and they will put it out cubes and they said they're sitting they stack them and the higher the stack the more the potentially more attractive it is to make you stay somewhere a woman that has shots of tower of pimps of shit are there any pictures of heels The Towers falling over your intestines at the last second shape it as it but right before it comes out we all do that private realtor route we all agreed on round swamp ass over here next level acuminate pyramids attractive feature in a wombat what makes that what that does that mean it's attracted to me I really need to get food it's all resources well the map is well also lots of fiber in like stash it together so it makes it look like and like look you take the shit stack on Tuesday I feel like I got a girl coming impressive shit would be like one of those pasta Crank that makes like sheets and then you can make it out of ribbon ribbon to be the most impressive mailing out the bigger the sack of shit that I make no no woman likes it I'm sick of those I'm right. Henry photos of anything getting happens Gus and that you got tagged in one recently these people will just be listening to a podcast and just start talking about something that's on the podcast for listening to and I'm a recent example of somebody just wrote me this is from podcast you're not having this conversation 519 at sorolla at Bernie this is from Austin Johnson I'm watching episode 434 the podcast the hundred episode 2 years ago 2 years ago I know it happened a while ago but I just wanted to let you know that you can buy the washing pedestal with just the dryer and it'll still work the full washer is it needed who's the actor that has like a normal washer and in the little drawer Washington contact nothing 313 saving these do they come in and just read them and see if we can figure out what the fuck are you talking about door and More close your eyes good morning to walk the one ever comes on the way to the top of the circle what is a bung door sorry it's the whole it says I can slap in the front of a washing machine weigh if you forgot to put something in you can just open the flap in throat in an amazing score Bungle in the dryer and it will still work the full washers not needed there just a little compartment the little bus on the laundry machine the washing machine in the dryer pedestal thoughts hit it also a washing machine you referencing this stupid fucking conversation and now going to be letting us know what we were talking about the other one you find that you try and guess the context of us their own voice what do the Haymaker and I told you this I did Play a clip from the pop of you saying something then we cut it off and then you have to tell us what were you talking about that point in time but no contact whatsoever terrible at this game right now I know why you said something like Oh I thought I left it comes up the problem there was a problem or not but I've noticed you it's like when I don't remember that I talk about something so I can mention the game like a year-and-a-half later but I tell if the exact same way that's scary to me Dead Like My Brain still works it out to where I actually stayed what you made I feel like if your brain is made certain connection that always there so you tell Papa and then it reminds me of like you end up just going the same journey through your brain is why I have trouble listening to old podcasts that I'm on because Gavin will say something and then ghusl reply to and I was thinking I would have been funny if I said this to Gavin off at and then 10 seconds later I stay at the gas but I didn't remember saying it was making those same connection that used to happen with me I predict like I should have said that I said yeah but now if I don't know Pocus I just think man I was much funnier if I need a quick. 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We have Jake Hoffman I guess I'm going to guess the J stands for Jen next we have Hunchback Travis finally we have Brooke underscore Tennant thanks for showing us your website guys and you could even have your not here to desiigner template I'm on it going to do it I Will Ferrell playing the cowbell we should make a website dedicated to this new General Mills contest they're having or they want people to submit ideas for a breakfast cereal Monster Cinematic Universe with count chocula Frankenberry Boo-Berry to have lunch the sugar sugar monster from Sugar Puffs only sugar bear Sugar Smacks what does Sugar Bear sugar bear with sugar bear. I think they should be close to consult with a big giant and yellow Sugar Pops Sugar Pops what is the weather not should have had super Golden Crisp let me see the picture I don't know about the hymn Tony the Tiger Hannah Montana playlist you tell if a soccer ball has football on honey monster Play Sugar Bear adventure games on back of box kind of kind of scary moment as a parent this weekend where I was and I said and I said let me just make you some cinnamon toast and he says what is cinnamon toast and a mic like that make you cinnamon toast I guess I just never have made my kids cinnamon toast in their whole life that is scary it is a little bit butter cinnamon and sugar stick the 50 I have a tray that sits next to why range stove top glue ceramic out of the fridge I keep once I get out at all. But then they go bad, dark place to find raw meat product you can eat it eat it when you eat it it's Italian bacon but yeah yeah but it's not uncured bacon wouldn't that but you know if I went to H-E-B and bacon you just eat one rasher of bacon I would not do that now but I'm running out to another will do that I would do that ground beef based on eating lunch with some bacon is not actually cured there is some bacon that has like smoke flavor don't fucking eat that bacon that has to be cooked bacon anyone do anything with their lives because I said I want to give some advice stupid I want to give good advice circumcise a baby what about the dog bleed out from it no no people die from circumcision absolutely no benefit other than I guess American 1.3% of all I'm not speaking in favor of circumcision but that's not true what country in general in general women have a higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases because of just the environment of the vagina versus the penis what is an uncircumcised penis it's actually lower incidence of SES on the American government website every other countries website will tell you the 1.3% of all male neonatal deaths are from circumcision related to Beavers a decision I'm just saying but it's true what your thing isn't true what would you say if your baby dinosaur come get these I'm saying you think there's no benefit whatsoever that's what I'm saying what you're saying is wrong where you going to information from for my brothers and Sexual Health Care advisor in college in America in America right here you fucking live I know but it doesn't mean that my penis is American and the rest of the world knows that it's an American uses this study but the UK disputes it saying was carried out in Uganda and the date had no oversight over the study of self and they don't know whether or not that was do you throw it out cuz it from Uganda when it goes when like there's a problem with a penis like if it doesn't issue with that then you suck besides to relieve that issue like you find most what's the size of an infected appendix there might go strong you get it out right right right there's no need to get out on bus you're arguing like Pro and anti circumcision with me I'm telling you I'm not arguing favor circumcision try to set me up with some kind of like everyone I feel like everyone here is very open-minded except when it comes to visit why people now Billy I'll do my kid with his phone it's like I want to match I want my kids to have popcorn on ER I remember that vaguely from watching as a childhood that was a plot point on ER because a guy stops one of the guys had his kid circumcised without his permission because his what's wife wanted it and he got upset I don't know anyway here's the deal if I had a kid I don't I don't think I would do it but you wouldn't matter to forward think it's the truth I don't want the one percent of babies who die I mean that sucks to be like yeah I can do because I circumcise him yeah you know I'm saying like it's like you can always get circumcised if you decide you want to get circumcised if that's what that's what but you can't go back if it's a parent who decides so if you pay for two parents have a kid and the kid dies because they didn't feed it like died from malnourishment dehydration whatever if the parent decided to suck if I the king that died it's not the same but it's like it's still that's all religious practice doesn't make sense they doing at the doctor is the one that does it right how do they do it responsibility as of 2007 circumcision rates in United States to fall into their lowest number in decades 55% does the majority still still in the Jordan brothers did a really funny short CSC Mariachi car crash on the side of the road and it goes into this thing where they're interviewing their parents about why they only circumcised one of them gets really it's great it's really great I can look it up but the owners of the movie damsel comes out earlier this year should be out in like some kind of streaming your home video close by Magnolia looking it up I saw that last winter in LA in June 2018 I was going to be I do not see any way to watch it currently don't watch now on Amazon Prime do you think you should watch it on the Amazon website the Prime member you might have to pay for it all the time in the gate I can watch it I know you can still rent it on Prime for money if I have a 5 Prime Membership do you get a discount for having prime until I log into Amazon God fucking dick I'll let you anywhere different kinds of thing all the cube accuses Atlas Fire TV if I have Prime regardless your Prime status go to the screens no good screen on the big screen hey that can be Circle at square one it's called the show I think Echo Show what is another part of the house what's up why don't they I hate the future the future I got to suck my love in the future now I got walkie-talkie with Ashley walkie-talkie in here Ashley this is Brianna podcast over so did you coming back the first one takes the second I was just saying that I love you and you're my favorite person ever information on the timer watch bring ice cream butter frozen food but I don't know who it's weird I don't know if I give anybody access to that cuz I remember whenever texting became a thing I was like why would someone texting that you just call someone to have a conversation but then now it's weird that you call people cuz I just text him I would get on the phone and now we're going back to like hot will it be easier just to like someone I'd like to turn the corner and so much that stuff just like you wear when they introduce MMS what is MSG made a big deal about it when it came to iPhone if I call will you can send pictures and videos in Texas while my God what the fuck's going to do that you send someone a photo in the middle of a text and now it's like most of my texts I sent you another video is. Also I feel like I shouldn't admit this but I've come around emojis emojis like communicating about bitmoji dude it's so much easier than trying to come up with a tactical response to something is how many things do you have to eat like last movies was that what's the white power now something you can do that email right when you just not change its own emoji I hope that everyone knows that whenever I do that I don't mean white power what's wrong with you why do you make that your thing to his Twitter feed and it was just an absolute nightmare fitmoji Maybe what's a good Christmas gift for coming out Red Dead Redemption 2 that's a good one 436 public the band now the fucking mascot for Fallout that massive Vault boy gives you a giant bale of hay like one that's like this big is only $50 yeah someone to screw them screw someone I'm not going to do that I'm saying be really easy to feel like a bunch of people to chip in and said that I would know that's evil. If you're watching live right now if you're watching live right now you can watch it right now if you're available that's it next time