#52 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth battles illness

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Recorded: 2010-03-10 23:56:36

Runtime: 01:13:36 (4416.96 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

and I'm not of us and everything no text what's it like I'm some kind of player I think you should still have 2 weeks in 5 months youtube.com please wait 5 months Geoff like it was back in cleaner I have allergies right after what and what are allergies had last week I went out to dinner then I woke up Thursday morning incredibly sick and I think I didn't go to bed till Sunday and Burnie cause a little bit of it but not quite as bad intestinal problems fever I think you told me you wanted to die trying to kill you on Monday morning it's true to found re-cam I have a hundred 1 what a meteor please win on the earth and Destroy All Life as We Know It no more Panic than that and angrier but would love to have you back with your on funny I'm laying in bed for 2 days is like Mexican working but I'm at Northern it will be for the weekend with cedar fever still couldn't finish fucking Mac how long is the case are you I don't know I'm on my 50th 1 Train because we first but as I understand it Austin Texas is the epicenter for cedar allergies in the world Cedar fever is actually like it's just really bad cedar allergies cause I had coming out of my I ask you miss work for a day because you have allergies Burnie well you can get it can cause some serious problems like before my wife realize she had allergies she got an ammonia from it what is with the cats are sickly and her money no formalities have you seen the guy who's been posting videos online of raps that he makes from tuberculosis quarantine that's all and I guess we're supposed to accept that German Eradicator no coming back tuberculosis the Army I had to keep what they call the TB time test every year while I was in were they like in Jack a little thing on your skin and it bubbles up you get tuberculosis if your felony and haven't seen it but I don't know what the present or the running the super antibiotics to have them give to anybody until it's like super bug is it something that you can overcome overcome & II no I don't believe so I don't think it's coming you can overcome it just a big long chronic lung condition that eventually it's what you die from tuberculosis called consumption the same as history had on today maybe this guy and he wants to get as much rapper GM Grimm who got convicted and charged just before he was in jail cancel to jail for 3 years motion eventually guy everyone's in jail because an answer that now men incarcerated are incarcerated for drug-related crimes and that since Nancy Reagan the amount of people in incarcerated for drug-related convictions has increased 12 volt and the matter in connection is that she launched the just say no campaign just released it so whatever movie Will Ferrell actually Jim Carrey is Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan an actor Carter right yes fishing is in Jimmy Carter's been like this long-standing Jimmy Carter impression for like the last 10 years himself anti-semite II Smith pro-palestinian statements which 10 were construed hey dude I'm loving it iron I'm 6 hours into the game and you thinking 6 hours Oakland first cutscene everytime I walk in there's a cutscene on just playing the game right before you walked in like 10 times yesterday yeah it was pretty fun games really we we can play Man flight a few minutes reviews or try to put it out there as journalists review people animation I really like that you know their house found some people on YouTube comments cause they will never get laid Final Fantasy absolutely I don't know they probably don't like Final Fantasy probably pay for them Jimmy 10 to 10 to 10:10 to the first part 3 58 final time or kill it right now it's funny Jack was watching you play yesterday I don't want on there they never are related to always similar seems very similar costume design a mechanical the same Taxi Magic just different worlds different people do Graphics to your hair did they give an a for the story or face yeah they did their thing is a think did you can suffer through the first 15 and a half hours to game that's really good if you can see through the first 15 and a half hour 3 review and make all the suffering it's funny I don't think I would have them in the current environment public Paola and everything just everything over $20 to make the number one ever Dew review WhatsApp I'm going to XIV or publisher and you hated gerstmann Kane and Lynch review We Love ours every site God never play Final Fantasy complete on my ass doing nothing wrong with being an Xbox gamer and I was going to actually don't have any PlayStation available yeah it's pretty close when I was much younger like old NES stuff to keep it straight is that actually wanted to or that American wanted to I actually wanted to do ever Dragon Warrior yes I'm getting a free copy of dragon warrior with my subscription to the power back in the day that's the only ever really got into it did you get into it because it was probably Italian the flight the flight she has anxiety we of course the girl who 7 martinis and the Raiders are all playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and having the best time ever Blake was a squad Russian Russian crashes my favorite Squad Rush Squad Deathmatch in is it from 4 to 6 an hour last night to 419 and and what are you planning to come the advantage of being able is trailer Dartmoor is every other person in the game still playing Sniper here Lord got your back couldn't really have been trying to defend somebody is that because Jack didn't 1 screwed up a few times nothing and missing have the guy turn around just don't feel like motion guy behind me in the front of the head and kill them and he got them turn around and shoot him right in the face that's awesome great payoff 3 Modern Warfare to see that video that I guess it was on the other day about the guy who likes re-cam the no Russian level in Modern Warfare 2 I wish yesterday and cut it as if it was made for TV movie people running around like crazy or on your time wisely coming break all by himself you know and yeah I don't know I don't know why but if he's not a writer we have a lot of friends who can do voice texting here something that he can make that's cool that people identify with him right now how many is 125225 thousand 100 Emily don't because people in the just cause that's where we really can't afford on people especially if they loved especially Dew it on on YouTube channels on YouTube the video we made game demoed coming out for the PlayStation steam 360 GameStop GameStop GameStop absolutely the iPhone to Game Stop for you guys trying to find the search on the website and there are no steam with game crazy I checked them out to that would be frustrating or more probably is 12000 of inch in mm a trailer for a game that you and I played like the lot just cause Just Cause 2 and we flight 1 tropical island video call Jack yeah the trailer We Just Cause 2 was pretty awesome you drove a boat off of a like had a ramp on a boat and then jump on the boat and then to dinner with and there it was 490 I get it before he did it just looking at it but I went back last October and had a great time playing it again picking up a new profile and Dead Rising and getting my just do it the 79 ever played for 14 hours and in Africa health is deteriorating like a click every 12 minutes or whatever so you have to find food and eat it so you can keep your health up II don't II longer than a Timeout on a wireless controller on your controller over and over again Tron and Cedar pizza and then you have to like go out and getting your feelings of the stores in the mall and there's only happen at certain times during the day in certain places most your food and you just have to clear them out one by one just one of the best games on the first year the Xbox 2 come out with the summer 06 Legacy? Now that you're a hundred hours into it how do you like Mass Effect 1 how to write for the game it's done it's over and I'm the treatments for Cedar / play that game they really do the overplay it was a great game very Geoff just play all of Crackdown without knowing that you can pull the left trigger to lock onto enemies so he's free for naming to the entire building the whole thing through and a half without knowing that the car seats Rockets just didn't know that it took me a long time Mass Effect to having only Wichita cause they are putting a car in the and DLC comes out much more fun you're not right you have room for and you're just waiting it out but you guys have the ability to rate how difficult in the treatment is and the profile for that game and tells you what's the heart Steam and for that I think people have that is very hard for it and I'm almost done with my run I have a 100 of experience and I think the course game I game 750,000 117th or something like that because I problem no stupid I'm glad to hear you admit you have a problem Burnie Xbox One Netflix 2 trailer no just looks like him they don't realize that from the first recorded Superman not really first computer 3300 just begun to love you with every on Ice 1 hour 21 with allergies Cedar fever problem a 33 million on a 17 million dollar budget and we need to do a lot of a lot of money spending money like cause I will look at the cost of War 3 44 million dollars number I didn't see that no not really I never said that was it was right on target with what they want to spend on them I didn't believe them either and I don't see how you could spend $9 Maybe music yeah and it started XIV have like 15 to 20 people and of 200 over the course or 300 people to make a videogame funny but when I look it up Jack with no commercial just fun of myself before Jack dies I look at my II return to dead I have no idea why but the production by 6:32 million dollars Tron was little more than half the budget so if I mean million writer I mean I guess there's something to be said for just saturating the market but why don't you make like a or when you make a modern warfare ever year is 50 million dollars I would see your friends were blizzard that I follow on Twitter they post their company parties that's fifteen hundred people at blizzard and we know that most of it is I would be surprised if more than 200 people work on Wii around the presidential I don't know what it was it was it was a surprising figure I'm going to have a lot of good luck a lot of people dedicated on the Starcraft and Diablo teams and also on that other Dew MMO they're working on it they haven't announced or say anything about what is that November is I think about I I I don't know anywhere I mean it ever it was just some pretty big and it was we to know it was 2030 something on the wall I guess they do that the code 713 2000 Mountain to depend on The Matrix for instance if you would a normal environment there's like only $2,000 people who were super-powered in the whole thing you know that might make sense or City of Heroes had to be something like enclosed environment and every user be more important than normal that's kind of how galaxies was supposed to work where only certain people could be Jedi and it was a really big deal to get to become Jedi and they broke it almost immediately just like everybody in this the process to become dead I was at work in the story is going to is going to make sense is had a clear path to be attainable for anyone if they just worked at it and in the end we just like to find this rare item and if you find them then everybody found in case and 5% of the time he would drop this holocron and you would go into 9500 people all sitting around an hour and then everybody would try to shoot it real fast and then 20 times somebody 1 okay and it a great on your whatever the hell Tron the doors Star Wars you know it is in his mind what was that sum of 5 + 6 - 10 and like completed is Jedi training at OB ones old house right and that's how we got the green lightsaber from we got Qui-Gon lightsaber that was in like a Footlocker in everyone's house and like he wrapped it up image of Qui-Gon Jinn in the regular place to mention that it was Obi Wan's old Jedi Master I don't and that's why he has to the biggest nerd Geoff Ramsey it's a surprise I mean are the initial percent of 17 is 12 no and a lot a lot of rough times and the teams I guess probably ever happen to you God for that kid to be like on the is on the cover of like Tiger Beat and all those heartthrob magazines and like you going to Walmart to buy posters of the Haim brothers that the football player is this stuff overnight with something like the object of every 15 year old girls desire to nobody remembered who he was before he became an actor Flight 1516 a child acting career kids and here just in case they from list so I can watch in Phoenix is Jodie Foster probably the best example of someone who is turned out I mean okay okay yeah he's acting really don't know anymore about her and stuff for the piano probably having all the trappings of Fame except for this except actually I don't we start with that bill from Survivor that's why you see a lot of the survivors people like signing autographs at Russian the wrestler trailer I don't know I'm withholding judgment Iron Man so much the combination of here old constrictor from the eighties Iron Man and least 70 stuff we're doing steel cable that came out of his room tops of his wrist and a good villain people who works for Stark or were competitors of Stark and stole his technology and used it against Iron Man Burnie in the Iron Man 2 trailer and doing a great job with getting around that man she hasn't gone to the main villain which is Tony Stark himself then try to do that stuff yet the rumors that demon in a bottle storyline movie perfect because Tony Stark the suffering alcoholic we going to the war machine plot line for the trailer looks awesome of the ever movie Castle surprise you look were all excited can't wait for Ticketmaster jewel in the studio summer lineup Man 2 God on the Harry Potter movies coming over there later in the year around Thanksgiving prayer interesting I really I really don't know dystonia movie 3D movie June 30th is right before June 30th Twilight eclipse really young Jesus 70s to watch Twilight you like blowing stuff that was too much for me and that 1 hour and 30 minutes July 16th The A Team Jonah Hex and Toy Story are all GM releases does the time movie Pittsburgh is a Marmaduke movie coming out there Jeremy Piven is the best guy XIV Jimmy Marmaduke house right now Jimmy 7 is the voice Marmaduke What was the name of the new in your riding movie Scott Pilgrim done with it now it's it's another comic book movie Owen Wilson is the voice of Marmaduke Lord knows Jimmy people I have no idea $0.25 Kentucky is anybody Marmaduke the labor version of Clifford the Big Red Dog depression level car Eric cartoon we were the had some soda sit out like so Pax of Pepsi would like the old branding like the old Pepsi logo from the eighties and the next to the old Mountain Dew with Rich packaging Hillbillies and it's good for your innards stores like Hillbillies in the in the Adirondacks their mascot wow no I never knew that works for light yellow list of yellow list around somewhere fucking cursing up a storm fuck around and leave almost an hour to the first birthday steam coming to the Mac die presidential teeth listening waiting for it Mac Mac is going to get Steam Valve game on the PC version of steam incredible deal that's unbelievable that's it Michael to make sure that we spend we spend a lot of time writing companies for what they should do when they don't do it like this you know they want to 10 different versions with the largest videogame history on the phone the best thing to XNA game Studio 4.0 that they are talking about Jesus see this we might come II to be so productive today were they were doing this thing where they're showing me somewhere we were in Dubai and they were showing the thing off or we steam version of the game and they're playing on my phone playing on the PC and then playing on the Xbox Touch on the phone Mac is that you can play a game on the Mac save your game in the movie if you can finish it there also if you play multiplayer PC game how many games are cross playable from 360 to PC 360 to PC I think I don't know and you know I don't know I don't ever see PC like game show live Windows games coming out with a XIV with anymore so I don't know there was a couple riding game 10 I think I just war did it is what you think no one actually or compare the number of Mac in the marketplace to Xbox 360 or PS3 is like what numbers would you be looking at their are there more MAC stand there are 12% of the computer Market which Macs have is that equal to or greater than number 360 site out there I don't know any platform console the Mac is probably the most complete with Hardware you know what you're getting into with the memory and the first PC I guess you like Portal 1 a lot and it was over I felt like it was too short but once I played it once it's going off my radar I'm sure they will pull 2 comes out of the office can I come up I'm going to work but I'm sure whatever they do with their the Dew with it will be fucking fantastic I couldn't actually see what happens to this relationship because they open at 8 a.m. everyday and I always stop on Tuesday morning at the target at 8 a.m. on my way to coming to work to buy whatever the new games are and I would go there and I don't have 2 games out and I have to stand there while the guys I'm packing boxes and they don't have the game I wanted I can't find it I think it's in the back and I have to like antagonize them and they hate me and I kind of hate them and it's very 10 cause you know I finally got it and I'm not really in the way and then I'm just is 22 fucking games I got to be this way when I walked up to the 360 and I like I wanted to and I turned and I looked at the games and the guy comes over and no just me to go sit on the counter for you I'll let you know I was coming where Mac hung up we are buying furniture and I think man had used the card like 4 times that they can we were just on the office spending spree & II guy with the trailer on the card because you're going to call and just verify information so man gets on the phone with lady I was just like and he was verifying his address he didn't feel like he should have to give her as much information as she was asking for straight with a password no and then 500 Madison Street flight flight cancelled computer Lisa no receipt for the insurance that's why you motherfuckers no can do 2 more years of working tech support and stuff like that were just unbelievable 911 yelled at me list of the day trailer or something call me crazy and I think you're doing great maybe you can have a business on coming more than in 1990 funny funny things to do 3 hours of 24 which is 1/30 of your buns and feel like would you I can request the 7 get me and if they don't then they give you a discount around here 2 months for phone here 429 I don't want to say this out loud but are still no kids Ridiculousness 1500 on Congress Avenue is residential income Chipotle one of these with an architect lives in the just 1 crazy business class of service company I guess they include utilities that's crazy that 10 square feet or more than the rent for the rest of our company for all of our employees 10 scorpions like fucking what are the lottery steam is Lottery just to bring we pay more in healthcare then we Dew in rent and parking for everybody in the company that's one of her biggest it's pretty crazy Healthcare coming your company than anything else in your life from your health people getting injured on the job and suing the place they work for health insurance Health Care individual responsibility car loan from your company you don't get your home loan from your coming there should be more competition like I should be able to go today if they make me pay for my Premium Edition absolutely have a doctor on staff I would think so you don't make sense 90000 employees to the hospital on campus and Florida I know I went there once employed 1 hospital for Disney employees and the crabs would you jack a bike what colors do I Contour your nose around to any part of the park when I get around to the hospital XIV no she fell off a bike and she claimed that her manager forced her to ride the bike like to get something man golf cart I think or II will we do when we all were in Seattle we already Segways that dead the first in the guy that was no curve don't try to jump anything and we're like what can I do in Seattle I first time we were like in a very around the works nicest days I've ever experienced in my life and there was like five thousand people out of that Lake and restaurants or people or drink anything anytime and then we were running around like idiots on the Segways a freeway overpass Williston basketball courts underneath the freeway was really quiet that day and was very surreal because we were just everyone was electric sewing on the parking lot was the original Pax 1 what is 2900 finally I was like 3000 & II Pax was like 6000 it was crazy it was why in the guy who had the virtual reality volleyball with that was the next year that was hours a day remember and that was win people are crazy what is PAX that we're currently going to hit this year 7 I don't know what was going to be Saturday 3:30 p.m. we're just stopping by the way point Bonita Springs guy Halo Community guy and you also have Southwest interactive panel the day after that don't you I said what's up with & 11 in the morning again I would double check that maybe 10 at 11:30 actually I looked it up on the next week hearing everything from Monday to Thursday next week steam sometime in April or April list of iPhone food