#520 - Geoff Comes Eye to Eye with a Ghost

Join Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the post office, coming up with names and titles, ghosts, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-520

Recorded: 2018-11-27 20:00:00

Runtime: 01:30:31 (5431.25 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 520 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com which aluminum Postmates and Tipsy Elves coming to you live from Cyber Monday I'm Gus call Jeff Beck I am ready yeah it's just the other plans and then you grab it and put it on so for those of you were listening to the audio podcast Gus and I have on stupid Morpheus so I can work the earpiece on Netflix what they called legs legs on your glasses earpiece parts of Carlos they make both of your faces look fat what War Began you guys don't have particular just a little fat yours getting better cuz you lost weight but with those dumb round glasses on you look fat like he look fat although your way of the Lord they gave me a glass marketing Jeff Jesus Christ IMDb Hunter 50% off happy holiday and of course Scarborough Tuesday's tomorrow because the break and build a house with it by a bunch of you might have missed when it came out cuz he was in like chapter 18 of the marketing email this last week was it in the email I got yesterday I don't remember I've been reading the cliff notes do I email a day usually but all I can think of is if we're doing it must be working right or pay the service what everyone's the dress and we're spending cash is going out with must mean cash coming in for awesome do you know Jeff I learned recently but then the hardest thing on earth I had to do it to faxe now I know why he has it I went to cancel trial going to call and talk to somebody to cancel honestly use it early every fax machine on the world was down tax they Gus's Evac suddenly didn't work right here like Emily weeks of the fax was further in the company nobody could find her like it was like it was impossible to fax it should be impossible facts are we passed that totally agree that's how I said that's how I got a fucking photo of my tax form and send it to my dude and he was like thanks. That works phone is better than any photocopier we grew up with oh yeah a long shot what was that old man portion of the podcast by the way free time you didn't like mini rap stuff for the teacher like extra for light blue ink for my mud and if it was two things that tell you to Huff when you were a kid it was those and it was those markers that smell like fruit bad idea I don't know why they thought that was a good idea like the blue and smells like blueberry which by the way. Smiley anything but they would send some so kid was sit there and fucking huffy's markers in school all day shopping stuff and I had to go to hospital for gasoline like 87 gasoline smart kids then and as soon as I woke up in the back of a pickup truck who does smarter every day just held thinker kind in Alabama I don't know what time I immediately just launched into how much Alabama sucks he likes it a lot and I felt bad but I'm like I'm sure your Alabama is different than mine well he had your Achilles heel to where he's a good judge of character which is terrible for you and I think Sally was on her way there when she was in the podcast the page is it. On in Alabama that's a native of Alabama Gathering up all the Nerds so we know where to go to beat him up yeah exactly Gavin Frees hello fucking idiot that we met 10 years ago what are 15 years ago now that idiot is invited to like syrebral con you know about winning the lottery ticket on go ahead I was thinking about him when I was in England with Matt and like I had this weird thing or like I had a last-minute trip with Matt and I prayed over with the Paris and London for 1 day each and they were home like your app for less than 72 hours limit yeah yeah I got to go spend 18 hours in Paris and London and where he grew up and Achievement Hunter episode the one that comes on Wednesday the Hellfire caves is 30 minutes from the countryside where he grew up with stuff and I was thinking about how his his Charmed Life and how his career started and he's like the one out of 50 dude that when an elderly person in the neighborhood take some aside doesn't get molested by he's the only one that he like he's the one that didn't get touched are we the elderly do in this one here glitter and all those are all those dudes that like mr. Blobby let all of them the neighborhood would like a nice older man who had a camera and Gavin taking photos of the shirt off in front of what are you arguably arguably probably one of the best brands on YouTube like everyone I know they don't know what some of the guys is but they seem to Slow Mo Guys but you don't consider themselves like people who watch YouTube videos or YouTube channel they probably couldn't name them he said that they would know it yeah I agree I agree I can't think of what a better brand on YouTube they are they got their whole I've been out of the country for the last week I've been away from the news service yeah the other thing just just get the dog park Rosanna Pansino look up photos of her like working out and stuff will do my first wife was what for 11 and she can if you piss her off and if she got to kick on to the Giants ass like size means nothing about Reggie the guy came to that I see her every now and then I forgot about it yeah that was a stupid joke on Jeff like telling his wife that she was making us go to mr. Griffin Sarah hunting trips to take clients strip clubs it was unexpected part of the Telecom career field that you take clients to steak dinners and that's what they want they want Two Sugars I guess if I'm going I bet you call my wife and let her know that I'm going there then he goes outside to call his wife Sarah and I just dial her on the other really fast and cut him off at the pass they just really trying to get us all to go to strip club and we could call and talk to her and she was going to think that you were lying to her like all my boss is making me go to the strip club and I got to do this thing and she be like I just talked to him and he said he's the way she took she took it as Jeff is that a break from reality and call the hospital or something like that blocks in a weird way like you do a smell for I see a pattern I don't know how else to describe I understand all of a sudden remember this I feel like if you put awesome Matt may be together or even just the three of us together we can probably piece-meal most of the last 15 years together but I'm amazed at the stuff like I'll just have a conversation with him at lunch or something not that we are going to lunch counter medication and he'll remind me of something that I have completely and totally for my memory and it's really weird I would you tell me the restaurants I remember and I was like holy shit I we did and you're like we lost it all I'm not sure I remember one or two things that you don't remember people's names a lot and I'll have to be I think it's just cuz I don't care you know that you should know it I know I could difficult really just extra help you with that I like like you people we work with other people when you run into somebody to party and then you're like oh another person's name and so the spouses and partners job to help you out with that then I realized you don't go to parties and thing about this yesterday yesterday but memory and stuff because I got a new cat little kitten almost cat what are you going to have me some Bush is The Grieving. Over for Joanne. Time I have a theory and it's turned out to be true so far it with one glaring exception and that is that orange male cats have the best personalities exception being Garfield no fucking shit Gus kattengell fucking nightmare was not good I got it from the shelter to be down here on Town Lake I went down to the shelter and all the cats like a cat person contagious and I was walking through and the reason to say mr. With he was reaching his right front paw out like this and I thought that's really kind of cute he's like waving try to get attention know he was trying to scratch I don't remember why you decided that you no longer had room in your life a different place and do you remember when we brought home and Sarah first wife again in front of the cats have been a nightmare and he's happy here and right when she said that he grabbed her right here and she reach back already and fear blood everywhere and that's what it was like until he moved on it was he was deep she had scars it was bad and he would sit there and he would just watch the neighborhood and if he saw anything that he didn't like like a dog that weighs 60 pounds bigger than him he would run down the side of house and take off after it still on an adventure somewhere meanest angriest animal so last week Monday before Thanksgiving I saw of the wild animals that were released years ago in Austin and I rarely see them the monk parakeets parrots parrots I think writing a block of tropical bird green bird that live in Austin cuz they escape from a pet shop or Petra bad weather or something they got out right and the other thing I heard of them and that I was thinking it over there now 8 weeks. I'm at the animal shelter, or the Pets Alive and apparently the Pets Alive is Town Lake but the Austin animal shelter out on 183 Galaxy that weird Bridge Street playing when everything goes every direction if we're Warehouse used to be alive if you can't go unless you're 18 what they wouldn't let million at the Old Town Lake Animal Shelter the one down by Towne Lake I live in Olean so they were like fuck you were going to go to Chelsea's Millie's account to be like I'm outraged but they end up going to come back. I filled out the paperwork and I just never heard anything back yeah but she never got her Twitter account Millie turn 13 and she have to be 13 to be 13 to have her account so I created a Twitter account for her when she was almost a 10 or 11 and managed like managed by Geoff and Griffon Ramsey and then with Millie from 13 she said Pam will finally legal I can have a Twitter account now I'm going to change my birthday, and I said don't do that no reason to that hold off on that don't do that and he said I said it's that weird shit happens when you do that stuff your Twitter accounts find your who doesn't matter we did and then it said that you had an illegal account we're locking your account it was great I went I wanted her account it said hey this is been locked because breach terms of services in the specific account for the kid send us this form with like your driver's license and social security number all this bullshit and will take care of it and I sent it off to them and I didn't hear back so I open up another taking did it again and I never heard back again so if by any chance you work at Twitter and want to give Millie's Twitter account back to be awesome otherwise she's Instagram almost never would I ever want to do a thing where it's like ask people to think I'm social media pressure on somebody for something I don't like this seems like with Twitter doing that on Twitter and getting people to like try to get Millie her account back would be fortunate you know by Airlines and stuff in her account of 70,000 followers just yeah it's ridiculous ridiculous yeah problem I always have problems with them delivery in my PO Box on the phone like that it was marked as delivered by cool I have to my PO Box I went to get it an hour after was marked as delivered and there's nothing in the box so I go to the counter I'm looking for the package is delivered there's nothing in the box that goes that's weird let me look for it you go like what's in the bag for 10 minutes cuz I got here it is the they just put the key in your box so you can retrieve this at one of the other one of the other little lockers nurse like this box would fit in my box I want to give me a key but of what a fucking think about anymore because it's 2018 and we deal with like we used to but I just recently I'm doing all this at all the Press so I was doing the The Bungalow podcast last week or two weeks ago with Ezra in that which is the movie coming out that dude yeah I thought I was doing the The Bungalow podcast cuz I forgot how many how much of our early lives revolve around post offices till we started telling old stories and it was it was a major major part of our lives are around 3 or 4 years maybe but it was and then we have enormous trouble different a little different back then because there was UPS or FedEx but before the Amazon Rebel Revolution took place UPS and FedEx were Silly premium Services premium private so you got a Pitney Bowes account for that new give you the scale in the whole thing talk to them drive to like all these different post offices and start mailing TVs with built the back of my truck with it would go at least at the mall getting the samples to look forward to all these different post because we would show up at 1 and they go you can't send anymore yeah these have your fucking stamps on it we paid for this prepaid for this so here just shipped the stuff we gotta take this man will take 1/3 of it yeah I talked about the day that I discovered that we discovered the adult store and also I told the story about how would I sell you for steaks somebody else might want to see the right now let's say I sell you all these damn $0.03 Edna Ferber stamps could frame it is matted frames just an 83 cent stamp for you but I tell you all the eighties recent stamps that I have said Daisy said I will just buy all your stamps go, do you need to go whatever you have because they were too hard to find and she does if I stay all night if someone comes in and I need an 83 cent stamp I'll have to tell them I can't tell him I'm like I'm that guy that hurt your make knowing that God it's like this is the person sitting right in front of you you're saying you won't sell it to was an American novelist short story writer and playwright Showboat simran Giant and ice house she wrote The Matrix do anything about you use the proper terminology I learned recently the term suffragette is diminutive considered never heard the great news though that's even hotter crazy funny stories lately show this cuz it's swelling grain now Brandon wise with the audience but it's suffered from what I can see strange phenomenons in the English language which is where people will randomly make one word two sides of the word is either plural or possessive and we worked at a company that people would do that you know example I can think of myself that there's a company in the US Coke Eckerd Drugs there was is eckerd's and they just called it eckerd's and the name of the store was not eckerd's drugs and it had to register domain names for records and everything else because everyone wanted to make that word plural and you trying to do that with Achievement Hunter they still do people like you know that's right your level will be saying hunters and like yeah we try to do it too much so I said how you get so I guess if I feel like there's a period of time we were figuring that out years ago we figured it out of your name that's on me so I can see my daughter's a bad name because the people that watch the shows can't spell the word that's the problem delete achievements for a dumb name your name is because nobody liked it I said it as a joke and then in the 11th Hour the eleventh eleventh hour ago naming this thing every name people came up with was taken because everything has to go through legal now so you can't call that because there was a show in 1986 called whatever and so it was do boys or something and I don't want her if it ever gets picked up for TV or whatever I was hoping you had a better name was better than the better name was are you there ghost it's me Jeff but that was it all forever be my forever and Jeff emails all day I'm just random names we came first suggested half which Heroes yeah yeah and then they got rearranged be more like blank and blank we we sat in a fucking room for like for like 2 hours and filled a whiteboard with name I did that multiple times for Hunter before I finally just gave up his stuff done Jeff and dragus orange is the new chaotic evil favorite I am glad you remember that one that was my favorite out of all of them but nobody would allow us to nobody else did I thought it was a great driver cable that I decided to take all the whole Arius of there are many Hunter names they got rejected and they wouldn't be episode titles but check out your like running theme for title he said we can go out like let's paranormal investigators podcast is brought to you by 23andMe your 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ancestry so specific group of individuals from over a thousand years ago so now through December 25th Christmas you get 30% off any 23andMe kit you can order your DNA kit at 23 and me.com / rooster that's the number to the number 3 a.m. me.com rooster again as 23andme.com rooster thank you 20 for me for sponsoring this episode of receive contest for being a service that I love you for letting us know that musical Talent is genetic hey can I just say you're getting way better no fuck you 66 at the most oh I forgot about that Jesus Christ we fucking recorded because they're cowards no offense Patrick you Buckle a buckle I walk away and was soon as I leave they have Jeremy cool you too cool that's how I feel when was this song written by Firestorm Firestone on the set of Haunter we like to promoting it cuz you know Hunter that's far right before they even came out and so we were trying to figure out how to promote it ahead of time yeah that's what we were sending out production Stills via Twitter and even though they sell my stuff and Jeremy posted one of him in a civil war soldier's outfit and me sitting next to him as a jaundiced yellow fever Soldier because I was person 1 of 800 people who died in an unmarked grave in this town in Shreveport Louisiana because I had yellow feet boiler in order to make a ghost show about people and some people in the company and I don't know who to this day nobody told me we were offended by the photo because they thought I was in blackface right man I wasn't that way I don't know where they got the idea that and it became an internal Firestorm he's not wrong that required a lot of meetings and an approval process to releasing stills from the end which is why you don't see a lot of steals it from Hunter episodes anymore we just walked away from the wheel want to do with it it's not worth the hassle it was like two days of bulshit meetings like both of Jeff and Bernie in that measure meetings and stuff for just saw the problem that didn't exist because I was playing cat with yellow fever but I guess something about the clothes that you missed in the Civil War guy some people internally thought I was like No. 1 I guess he going to start teaching and start teaching that slavery was essential cause of the Civil War I saw that pill can you believe in people that people argue that with me to the day I was on vacation that I was on I was on the boat with somebody for like 2 weeks and this person was good morning flag Red Flag Warning Bell ocean warning flag for sure is when someone says they're not political like just like just like slowly back away from that person sure about this person who's not political the fact that the Civil War was not about slavery I forget what is it even about it wasn't even like a States right thing father and a lot of other people wanting to own people didn't understand why the US this was really strange he didn't understand why they were pulling down Confederate War hero statues around the site that was in particular he was very upset about the United States what they did that I I understand the historical significance and I don't want to see them destroyed because of the what they did years and years ago but I went to Budapest for a brand deal like I think Weed Firm Linda Linda and I've been back to Budapest few times because she's become a family friend all of the Soviet era statues and it feels outside of town and said if you want to go look at all this cold war stuff and you only got the pictures of Stalin and all that shit it's it's over there you just go to that field to check it out there's a part that we just segregated to that area I don't know what we can do something like that walking that fine line between history and celebration in the destroyed all camp but if we're going to keep it I guess that's the way to do it like I don't see why you would have statues celebrating people who are traitors to the country you live in now a piece of History because they were left up after the war every other War they tear that shit down one member that was the human you know that's a great point and they were left up as an appeasement kind of a thing and then you know the Confederate flag was flown over the capitol me know it was it was definitely nation that was fighting against the US flag was flown ordination just seems like all that stuff should be left behind should have left behind at the time the problem was it was left there and I think because of that that's why we had so many systemic problems for so long not to appear those either but they were so ingrained like segregation think I got to work laws and everything I just said it was it was just like. Of each other bloodiest war ever for the us and let us go you know come up with some kind of nice little Middle Ground Round you know on some things and that's one of the things I think you should be compromising on just so we're clear I don't want anybody to listen to this or watching us to think that I'm Pro Confederate statues and be reminded of that horror that mistake and maybe they just got over explain all the time and you say one thing and a lot of times we're in the situation were talking I guess maybe a little bit less be all but I talk four to six hours a day in a cheap mint Hunter content and talk at some stuff and you like a lot of times you'll go down a path and you'll start to explain something and you get distracted but in your head you explained it I know when it comes out you're like my point very well at all that's right I got distracted before I could still come back around and you didn't say everything it was in your hair very reactionary world we live in right now can you get your daughter's Twitter account back and nothing happened so I guess I'm not going to call Bill Twitter you know or whoever it is you're busy I think I was just at nobody wants red versus blue is a good name for a show the good title for the guy who came up with the best friend goodnight to play one shot of the best names I have our old names we used to use for social for Life private communication and stuff like internal email addresses like the old days Farmer John hot stuff but the best am I am named Becky said to him and we have to change all the time so we get out my my last big game that I used was delicious boner yeah and and then here's why it was an amazing name because you were in Virginia is more than you and for Christmas and you wanted to show your dad that you could like video chat or audio chat through Ames that you got it so they can talk to the boys from North Carolina or whatever and so you test called me I was at the office and you were there with your first wife Jordan and and and your dad and his wife and I heard it connect and I heard it on there and say it like a little Asian boys to say delicious boner has connected and I heard your wife yeah what are the best thing to ever am I remembering this right to name everybody to take over someones computer the greatest things ever whenever I stay with my dad cuz my dad constantly break his computer and it was like just left it up enough to where I could like get in and like fix everything for him and I like the printer didn't work or something like that he was always fucking some for remembering this wrong was it your dad who install word every time you needed to use it that is correct get like 40 copies of Word Microsoft Word and still here and the installation of word every single time he went to run worse every time he was a very smart man very smart man just different era what is way smarter than you yeah I heard that fucking stupid to JD and Teddy in some capacity what is it though VR implant that I can't get because I'm too or it'll be like a social-media thing to understand something new that was Snapchat for me but then I realized it was just push it for saying that every time I fucking say that that Snapchat on the decline I get called old man when I said when the Xbox one was coming out I was like well care about physical media rumors I might stop developing a disc less Xbox One to lower the price and get it out the rumor was that in order to convert your disk Library again this dog groomers that you s select retailers should be able to trade in your physical copy of a game for a key that you can redeem to then a digital version of that Virginia library but I think they said originally when Don mattrick unveiled Xbox one but I'm not saying what they're doing but they didn't address people's concern war on Blu-ray I think just bought it but it never came out and the code so that I have it also on my digital devices that have the disc as well so it's a grocery store dude Gavin kept trying to convince me that Blu-rays look better than any streaming service that the bit rate is higher for a Blu-ray disc Game of Thrones on HBO streaming there's a lot of blacks in that show the back roads are mostly black on the interior or a light source and it's like that post and gray the square cuz we're compression I reckon I recognize the ice cream and they definitely look better but it's like I have the brisson's the birds on Blu-ray movies on TV streaming or just on table or whatever I want to watch it I wouldn't think oh you don't have this on Blu-ray and it's just if I just get up and walk over and find it in that drawer and then put it in I can watch it's probably better I go about how much better something looks and then after 2 minutes you mean the star of Red Dead 2 IMDB star of the big TV in the living room and man that sits a world of difference dude is that game is gorgeous played on a big screen is jacked really amazing do you okay about you sometimes sometimes I'm in Valentine and then sometimes I'm like yeah yeah that that's too funny out of all the stuff we've done in 16 years are almost nothing like that I dated up with people noticing like are you going to look like every time we had that for a while and like every time that we were there we get hit like a couple times on social media God damn I get probably 30 tweets add a stain still there people freaking out that ruin read that the babies that like it a lot like anecdotally that must be the best-selling videogame of all time because I feel like if it's only people that tweet me bought it it's still that stimulate your and then the most watched TV show is that To Catch a Predator episode where the guys wearing a reason there's a new show To Catch a Predator Rene Bates pedophiles to come and then they have like a big kid or whatever it's like a cop who looks young and they put them in there or going to her and one of them was wearing a t-shirt with time first of all I want to people send me photos of that because I don't like those shows I don't want to be a new think I'm going to be involved that I was celebrate that I want to get entertainment products based on pedophilia and people get under the guise of doing good but it's it's Holly arresting people that's the real thing how do you arrest someone on TV cops are there right afterwards because I've been around for 30 years doesn't make it better because of network television camera behind it you know people watch the show the popular people watch him and his kid was in this cop who's playing kid was a young teenager was to be fair we wrote them is dead hey please don't use any of her shirts ever again or any of our merchandise logo in something you know you blacken pepper black it out with little piece of tape or something like that cuz I read on Reddit is there a coax from the podcast Showmars delicious really yeah I made the switch to Diet Pepsi earlier this year to go back next time I have been drinking diet coke life like I grew up with a diabetic father so we never had sugar in the house and so I grew up since I was in high school drinking diet coke because that's all that was available to me and then after you get used to eating regular Coke taste like very sugary 3:30 something fucking years I've been drinking soda and the other day look at the day like a year ago I had a Diet Pepsi and so then I switch to know when available didn't understand what a car was they just didn't know what it was like my dad when he was doing low carb he was eating stuff like popcorn and orange juice oh wow really don't get this right before he died no milk had carbs in I'm going to kick it real fast yeah those were later on just a little old at that point I don't talk about it a lot actually quite painful memories of my life most of high school where we went to the emergency room three nights a week when he was yeah he had a very very delicate balance with his diabetes news also had some addiction problems I dry off and I come home and then my dad has to be laying in a pool of blood and I'll be like broken furniture and I have to call the paramedics in like he died of paramedics trouble to bring it back to life is just like I was like that constantly who is sitting next to me on the plane when the guy behind us died on the plane story twice he died. How to get past that like doctor came up and everything and he was the guy was dead and then he was okay nobody did anything okay hey what am I doing this episode receive podcast is also brought to you by Postmates I hate it when I need to eat but I can't stop what I'm doing to deal with it and only fast things that deliver are not what I want screw them you got my head the milk delivered to your door introducing Postmates the app that at the delivery option to your favorite restaurants imagine anything you want to eat delivered you don't have to drive park or even talk on the phone to order do you read this up eggs and milk no problem check looking for the perfect bottle of red wine or a summer beer order up Postmates if you knew long-term Munchies booty call just download the app and place your order 24 hours a day 365 days a year will bring you what you want within the hour you could even see where your food is and track the driver for the minute I'm giving you one of the Dollar Store free delivery credit for your first seven days start your free deliveries downloads app to day and use code rooster that's code rooster $400 free delivery credit for your first 7 Days save the hassle get the food you love fast at Postmates with code rooster you got in my head in the way they wanted you to can you really get for future address for Postmates get Postmates work to come here deliver something in and they have to read the ad that's a great idea here's why it's great knowing people for most of your adult life I fully insulted you in the first read knowing that it affects me and I'm so happy that paid off after all these years you had read going I can't fuck this. It's the thing I love about you know the buttons to push the bluest 83 84 inch saying it was Miles miles to come play with me a straw but that wasn't that long ago that happened like 2 years ago I got your head did you hear that I saw a story on the New York Times Did It kind of disturb me there's this guy in Texas County Texas or something where he's already in prison and he just started confessing to murders and I think he might be the most prolific serial killer ever in the United States that he may have murdered up to 90 people on the border was he the guy that was killing Women On the Border if you know this was somewhere else and they're just like I guess they already convicted him he's been in prison for a while and he's old Isaac 78 or something and he's just like telling all the stores in law enforcement talking to him and yeah you know he's no shit that wasn't released about the cases so he might eat that they might have in custody like the most prolific serial killer of all time that they know of at 90 people think that's a lot of fucking people to have like unsolved murders for Becky. I want for dinner want to talk about how many people did you hear about the guy in Alabama who was there was a shooting at the mall to get shot in this guy was a license handgun carrier pulled his gun out cop walked up to in a corridor floor but I read shot him with a millisecond the black guy pull this guy he's the hero that the NRA always also happened in Chicago with security at a nightclub security guard job to make money for his kid for Christmas yeah I agree just as well I have a gun in a car part is I read about that on a plane coming back from Amsterdam was just an answer him I was just a little vacation for Thanksgiving out of the way and frame Museum, Netherlands and went to the end Frank house for school kids running around laughing yeah he got he got sad and then you got mad at all the Euro T I did I did I was reading about that and I was on the plane it was like you know I was on the plane back from the Netherlands to have Wi-Fi American Airlines does not fucking sucks cuz you're not being clear about it they're not being clear about himself life having some Plaistow and you never know yet will be a has the one that's also good that's better but so anytime I see these things and when I like to I like to look at like I go and I look at you looking like what they say on the comments on Huffington Post and I look at what they say on Breitbart and I just go like a couple different website that I go back in fun just to see both sides like watching like highly partisan people and their opinions on stuff so I was reading on Breitbart right after they found out that it wasn't a that they shot a good guy with a gun right and wow I thought maybe there maybe jump the gun it was just a bunch of people saying it's fucking crazy like Jesus fucking Christ it's it's really fucking disgusting is it if you contribute to that environment where people can make comments like that you're making comments like that you know or comfortable I guess he's not going to say anything about this but here's a license to solve the problem of other people guns hasn't there been an example of a good guy to be fair wasn't situation of the school shooting in Texas those about 2 hours East to hear that song by good guy with a gun I want I think of that there was an example of where that actually works I sent some examples cuz I said one time in a podcast that you never hear about it like you never hear about the good guy with a gun is just not happening ever since then I've been kind of looking out for the men's yeah and I just wish I was probably a little bit blind to it before but it's like still it's just I quit we talk about gun control from time to time on this I have a gun A gun I live in Texas I am I don't know I've got guns in my home but at the same time it's like if we can reach a point where we could limit the amount of guns and access to guns like feel like we don't need the bad guy with a gun and a good guy with a gun and then the worst part about this article that I read was that the fact the cop shot him with milliseconds which is just like you know what the judge McCall be made there is that the end of it was and they killed him and they first they thought he was the perpetrator but it turned out later they released a statement saying he was the first grader he was a citizen trying to help out who had a gun and was shot and they're still looking for the perpetrator who's I still at large by the way that guy's family to let them know they killed their family had to find out on social media as of yesterday when I watch the news report on CNN last night they still hadn't reached out to that family is all wheel drives or said you know hey this is what happened they just hadn't had been zero contact with the family which I find to be unforgivable no matter where you land on the side of the gun debate that's just that's just crazy guy he was a driver got pulled over with kilton want to say it was in Wisconsin or Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota and it's all recorded in the gate like they the cop got scared and shot him like why did you shoot me why did you do that you know he's following all the rules nobody said anything you know it wasn't it was like a second amendment meltdown not protest in the streets over it I mean I wouldn't fuck dude in this climate I wouldn't want to be a cop that has to stop anybody and show and roll up I mean you know what I mean like it would be very scary time to be a police officer in America right now. Went over the traffic stop and the driver comes out you know shooting and the officer Retreat and the driver side back to you not to him like trying to kill him and I'm still just fine but I do still have there are people out there who are going to do that to you you're in fear for your life as well no I would just said that's why I like I definitely don't fall in the category the all cops are good or evil on everybody want in a way but I just can't imagine having the given the climate of a country and the hyper-partisanship being a person in a cup and 1/3 of roll having to navigate those situations that must be the most stressful thing in the world to be a police officer right now and I should be it's a stressful job but like I just like every action is scrutinized and you're literally taking your life in your head everyday and in every routine traffic traffic stop or whatever. Only be worried about your safety but you probably got to be worried about your career as you should be as well but I just like it just seems like a superstar I would just I can't imagine what it's like to get up and put that uniform on every day you know what I mean for the life in that moment I was just so I would assume so as well and then psych and then they have them with that but still the same time it's like I can't imagine walking in someone else's apartment I know she's that way we wouldn't have this police officer she was dismissed and she's been brought up on charges right here about it for a long time Dallas Department mixed up mixed up beforehand for the general for The Walking Dead it's not just for violent Acts or you know gun violence but also just like anything at all on the political Spectrum it's like you're screaming mad about this and then they're off to the next day and the next day the next fucking day where people across the border and everything that's like Russia DS3 Ukrainian warships and Ukraine has declared martial law because they've said Russia preparing to invade in a hold of ground war from you and nothing happened we know what can happen not a trouble saying thanks Russia for the cheaper gas that was that was from you to say all new low record low depressing thing I've ever once we get to the point where there's Wars invasion in Eastern Europe and Asia is it okay to talk about moving train together I just know the lambaste thing we get on off-topic if we ever encroached it like weed if we've been a minute talking about politics or not topic then it was the entire podcast was unlistenable and it was like we ruined her we don't really talk about it all on this podcast but then you showed up so we felt obligated to talk about where am I was like Hammer their fault they were on the right side or lunch meetings we can reschedule what we have two weeks and brag about it Jenna go Snapchat was suing an influencer because they were promoting spectacles enough and Samsung was doing a brand ambassador for using an iPhone in public I need to find a Samsung with suing the iPhone user for 1.6 million dollars and I remember how much Snapchat was suing there in the winter for but maybe stop showing me some money finally they will not judgment in dollars for for Instagram post effective influence or ever because I don't ever get Brian seals nobody contact me and now it's all micro influencers right they only want people that like less than 20,000 followers on social that's like ever how much are those are fucking Bots are people used tires in town the kerfuffle with the Gal Gadot no I don't know the name of a deal with a cell phone company to talk about like to have a good two cell phones were and she called out for making the tweet on an iPhone Huawei ZTE now there than you supposed to bad guy oh okay yeah she could call that because yes she via Twitter for iPhone which is marked down there it's like those kind of blenders or just people should be Beyond those if it's my pussy I can imagine imagine the Gal Gadot know she had somebody who is running or Twitter account people are like the highest incidence of getting fired because of something stupid they post on social media like a thug like sweet somethings shity on a plane and then they lose their conectivity land in there fire you know how do you not know how do you not know that social media is powerful platform and you're fucked over for making stupid fucking tweet or whatever so great question or Star snap yeah I haven't logged into it and it all the single step right I was single I called him on this because he tweeted at brt texted me one day and you don't use emojis cuz I just heard this conversation on the Howard Stern Show he was talking about how effeminate emojis are her and that everybody was younger was disagreeing with him that's weird to me and I love Howard but he uses the word effeminate like it's an insult but it seems like it's an old school thing right it is it's funny to see the edges of that dude's age around social stuff and how he was like up in arms about emojis discussed toxic masculinity today that was just the world we all grew up it you know I mean it was it was just it was horrible it was like a lot of people like when you say toxic masculinity there's a lot of males that suffered under toxic toxic masculinity I don't know any of my female friends who got punched in the face five different times but yeah I know I got punched in the face on a regular basis I got my ass beat we're walking in the Draft House to lock the door or something that the guy behind the guy behind we were walking down 4th Street to go to Fado and the guy that was in the back of the group guy comes up behind me what's wrong with you faggot and I go what are you talking to me he was like yeah what are you looking at like well you you're yelling at me and then like you want to fight all of us and Matt and maybe Jason was singled out for something on 636 which is the area of 6th Street where it's like the tourist traps for people that you've got a 30% chance of getting into a fight with you guys because it's just dudes that didn't like to pick up a girl who are mad and drunk and want to fight you suck yep he's really take that percentage whatever whatever it is and say hey thanks for getting us through Evolution to the lake saber tooth tiger how old is it been since I've done this show with you here so you were talking about going to Amsterdam I was at the other day and I saw a trailer for an upcoming Van Gogh biopic where Willem Dafoe plays Van Gogh museums about cultural appropriation specifically with the white actress playing domino to play and that was you know it's called me out on that for not calling you out on that because we talk about everything about like a Trilogy Hansen Seattle she'll bring it up because Willem Dafoe was they said he shouldn't be allowed to play this part because he's far too old to play Van Gogh at that point it's Willem Dafoe a phenomenal actor where is Alliance very soon that someone get called out an actor or actress get called out because they gained weight to play a part which is now looking thing that they do like mac on Always Sunny stuff super or sale in the fucking big short because they should have given the part 2 heavier at right this person going out I do where you can change your weight you can't change your heritage I want to say is that what becomes of defensible culture is expanding yes awareness of those issues expanding and I'm sensitivity Bills issues expanding Megyn Kelly already litigated this took care of a Lion King trailer came out alive active yeah I mean it's just it's only a matter of time before there are digital stars but we saw the dancing video did we talk about that a couple months ago don't tell me about that they software that can you that can be used till I take a photo of you and make you dance like it looks fairly photorealistic what it looks like you take a person and you make them move in like these great dance with you just mapping like their trucks Rocco an actual dancer in the milk after you end up being able to take somebody's face like Obama and then they just put some of them little dots on their face face mapping and they start talking and it Maps the animation in the movement 2 Obama's face when you make a basic you say whatever the hell you want to speak in a dancing in the dancing play DDR I forgot how much I got the biggest smile I want to be like four times over and over again it was so great to see that I forgot that you was you can read this whole thing podcast is also brought to you by Tipsy Elves the Masters in ugly sweaters if you want bring it writes for the most talked-about sweater at holiday parties and look no further than Tipsy I left at the else we future them here on the podcast for the past couple of years the sweaters are clever hilarious and super comfortable plus 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Com when you use our code teeth at checkout at 20% off anything you order on the site go to yelp.com interco teeth at checkout at 20% sitewide discount only promote Achievement Hunter I want to make sure I don't get yelled at afterwards the first or I will never make out at like listen it's an expensive show to make here's my plea to the audience it cost to make those 16 episode and I don't get to make any more of you guys don't sign up for first so please do and I maybe we see some gas Maybe not maybe Jeremy got stuck by guess he did we we did this episode coming up I'll say that you really first-ever Seance and we use a Ouija board for the first time a little bit religious where you feel like even saying those words like an incantation or something my bad idea no respect know if I watch the movie The Exorcist yes that's the only thing that gets me scared religious horror movies of scares me but the situations like I think it's a hold of her from when I was a photographer in the Army like something about when you put you put the lens up nothing else exists and you feel Fearless like it didn't matter what no matter what I was doing the Army if I had if I had a camera lens I wasn't scared and something about like if I know there's a crew and spending the money that I asked for was 44 to make the show I'm kind of like a lot of fear subsides gotcha it also I'll be honest with you I am the big believer on the show and I have believe in ghosts my entire life and had my own experiences the show life for the show me and I'll explain that the second but my face and ghost is a little bit shaken now when I was a kid I lived in Jacksonville Florida at the time and my parents are taking me to the movies I remember being The Lone Ranger but I might be wrong about that 1950s Lone Ranger actor named Michael horse wonky cuz I remember being that movie but I thought I was going to be in about 8 so maybe it was something in 83 but I was living in Florida at the time in Jacksonville and my parents took me out to my mom. That took me out to the to the theater to see a movie and we came home and we lived in this house on the st. John's Bay where you walked in it was a super 70s design where like it had like a sunken in living room you don't think about you I think that's what you walked in the house and there's just a wall and then to the left where the bedrooms into the right was the kitchen and then right past the wall where to open doorways and you'd walk into the sunken in living room had to go to the kitchen to get coffee or whatever the fuck they were doing maybe they were finger banging her some I don't know I don't know what they were but I was going to be like my mom never happened to the kid and I looked over to the right and there was a lady in the living room sitting on like a lazy boy like on the arm of the chair and she was sitting on the chair like this was a lap and I can tell you now that she was Indian or Pakistani she had like the gear on like a head job or whatever it's called to buy as what they call it in Kuwait and she had like a. And she was very orange head like this ornate outfit and I think I said I just saw the The Lone Ranger I don't think I just made fun of man I had never seen an Indian been before I didn't know how to articulate that for years and it wasn't until years later I'd like six or seven or eight yeah I guess I had grown up in Florida and I'm in Florida and I so I didn't understand what I was saying she's dressed very oddly to me and I saw it I would so I walked into the room and I got about 10 ft from her I said hi please my parents kitchen and she just stared at me and I stared at her for a second and I just got this in I feel like a room. Cold and I got this intense feeling red and she just kept staring at me like she was looking through me I remember that and I'm really getting really scared and I said do you do you want my parents and she just kept looking at me and I started to feel missed the only way I can describe it wasn't like I was in danger and I scream mom dad and she just ran in the kitchen I got my mom and brought them back and she was going out of the corner of your eye I know I confronted her and I was with her and yeah that was a did you ever look into it further when you're older like sleep again what was the with anybody like anybody died there before it was a house we're renting we probably remove not like maybe 6 months after that or after that to another neighborhood I wouldn't even know I remember to mentally where it is maybe my mom can tell me the address I can go look it up yeah I don't know it was fairly old house must have been I don't know how old it was it was it was 1982 or 83 and it's been around for a while we've done with the first people live there I had the hardest time because I didn't understand it because I've never seen a person than serm like whatever that outfit is so sorry and yeah and then like she didn't go through a door the door was still locked when we have came in and shut the door and I ran right by the front door I was just came back I never saw her again I never expire I don't remember experiencing anything else weird about that although I will say doesn't remember the experience I'll talk to her about it a couple times and she's like vaguely like maybe but she's not sure but yeah I was that was a fucking super scary and that's stuck with me my entire life I remember like it was yesterday that moment and I I can only talk it up to her just buy that the irrational fear I felt it but I thought she was gone and I don't think there was an Indian lady living in a closet and I just called her out and I think she was a guest house barely older than you no carbs no sugar how do you say anything I would recommend it works really well for me cuz I do keto but I don't see this fasting thing we're only 4 hours a day can I ask you one love that what's the deal with the intermittent fasting that's it for hours what is the benefit of that is mice three groups of mice ready three blind mice mice mice and they said they want to eat go crazy just like that's how I usually yeah all day long he gives you the greatest longevity and that's it like a lion like people who would hunt you know some people really prescribe the notion that you should start eating at Sunset that's like the one you should time coming off your fat how do you know it's a lot of religious Doctrine for like the Practical doctrine that people lived in a day out of it had to do with health and nutrition lot of it like keeping kosher and things like that it doesn't really nutrition rules right and fasting is always been a big part of religious fasting my lived longer far longer than either of the two of the same fully expect every 24 hours a day as much as they want they knew those fuckers were going to die then the calorie in calorie out guys probably respect a little longer but I also want to be here from Terry Crews Terry Crews that he does that and at my age is about my age maybe a little bit older it's like anything that's like fitness-wise it's like it gets like this downward slope of hell yeah as you get older and deeper dude I think you're doing it on YouTube Interview to talk about it I give it a shot and it works well for me because I deal real well with do this or don't do this but I don't deal well with you guys know this knowing me so long I don't deal well with moderation you got no filter fucking moderation if he told me I can eat one potato chip a day and like that's it I would need 12 you know in the first few seconds and then I need the entire back it's like slowly but surely I would do that wears a vest like you cannot eat at this time that's it sounded like I can't eat some candy I have to eat all the candy and then so it's easier not to eat any candy cancel don't think I'm any additions but I have decided mid carbs that like if I start using it I just don't think about anything else the weird thing is like Ashley can buy something in the store like chips or she buys these the San Francisco chocolate Ghirardelli me I'm in the store I'm not buying that I'm not buying that and I walk away I can make the decision within the moment is there in the house I'm doing I'll literally be in the kitchen I'll be eating something like I don't remember walking in your date my mind was racing I know I'm emotional eater to my mine would be racing and I'll get myself fired up about something that I'm thinking and then I might not know what that is why I will say I am not one to compliment either of you for any reason well aware I pride myself on that but are you a great thanks dude you do but I can tell you dropped 70 pounds probably independently I had no idea you were doing it until you texted me like I was like you told me about her I think I learned it from Lindsay and talk to you about it but I never come and talk to you about something I want to kill that anything any of you ever do I have for betterment I will be sleeping they were like you can have water things a day whatever the fuck was in the maple syrup cayenne pepper and lemon and I was like why we did that Robin did David David Blaine times for a week and that's what he was doing his dad can I rerecord that part two things all right for you to recording with get to that