#521 - Grace Helbig’s Stress Hang Gliding

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and special guest Grace Helbig as they discuss cats, hang gliding gone wrong, Tumblr banning adult content, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-521

Recorded: 2018-12-04 20:00:00

Runtime: 01:33:53 (5633.89 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Grace Helbig


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 521 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello everyone walking to the receipt podcast this week brought to buy me an episode of the receipt podcast have you finished your shopping yet everything you need for you and your loved ones at meundies me and accused the coveted micro modal fabric which is 3 times more than cotton never felt this fabric of experience pure Bliss in underwear form can also get a style that is perfectly suited for you or a special someone or not special someone many women can each choose from for different cuts all of which are available from classic colors too adventurous Prince TV spot on these would be great stocking stuffers but why stop at Wendy's Wendy's has Cozy Lounge pants at onesies in the same super soft fabric prefer wearing Christmas morning maybe says a great offer for our viewers for the first time when you purchase any me and you get 50% off and free shipping order by December 16th for free shipping in time for Christmas get your 50% off your first Fair free shipping and it 1% satisfaction guarantee go to meundies.com roosterteeth.com RoosterTeeth Let's also brought you by Blue Apron and Robin Hood will get to them a little bit later I also want to say real fast that we started today so if you take out the receipt for you get all of the merchandise specifically for the holiday season I believe today is Sugar Sugar Pine 7 thing after the next couple days you'll find us a new sale every day oh my God your snark mr. are you interrupted it sorry sorry I'm so sorry we had to have Grace with us yeah I know that's exciting Barbara we have much the cat right there he said that's a bad angle he's in his backpack right now which has a little bubble in it very stiff after your community hospital cat Instagram accounts the backpack Yuki the katsuki know what is that it's a cat dude this is the greatest job in the world yeah I guess it's insulting everyone not just it was so funny to his listing that video I had no idea that Michael Rapaport makes viral videos without question the moment I started listening to it I knew exactly who it was we do the Northeast but yet still sounds exactly like Michael Rapaport every time he opens his mouth crazy but it's actually from the UK and it said it's one of these even really yelling at the cat the cat that Rivals the cuteness of your cat coming in what's that look at this I'm going to fight for a second we have Iris and her dad Michael Jones Punisher 2 cast oh my God yeah it was all your thoughts and feelings this is the cutest thing ever this isn't a typical podcast of all time she's in love with that cat Irish did you hear the Tumblr bans adult content I think our friend Finch said it best when he said no more cumbler Over the Hedge oh no. My goal is cats always is in try to hold them as much as possible oh my gosh he's orange are they about the same age in cat years 9 weeks now I feel like we should just take the day off. oh my God I contact wants to are there any more videos that are just like little kids meeting cats this is not a good time of year for her to hate learn to hate men with gray beards want to give me the chance I don't know she's trying to know pictures of ugly she's right here this is a birth control for me right now are you are you not a cat person either but it was so easy when he's got that dog is a menace to society but a friend to me so that's all that matters if you take goose lot of places with now can't ever what is your Southern California pedal fire bylaws be like the greatest thing to do but she has like so many aggression issues that she could only be around like certain people named after you or think it was named after you in a costume never live show so it's like real life Jessica and Gus had to put on the shirt and costume and he was very happy to find out he was actually getting to wear clothes in the video for once our conversation when I said let's put gas and whatever whatever cost you to satisfy well yeah I did get to see the calendar that you created right before we started and that's a lot to take in it's really beautiful I would really love if you had ever get gas before and send that was just yeah yeah it's available last one right there over the years but this calendar has been 10 years because whenever you think about making a calendar you're already too late in the year like we had to make that in May should all that stuff over phones and Oliver like actual schedule is on like a sensor device this is now just straight-up photos that you told people under the update but you have to subscribe to it every year every month you'll get a different a different photo skip ahead to the next month it'll be right you're more than just how much Terrier fast as usual she brought motion look at at this point I'm more than happy just to be like a mooch courrier everywhere astronaut kitchen window backpack that thing is ridiculous cat thing what else is there to be found on Amazon for cats to lick your cat then like it down on it and it sticks out like a tongue but has little bristles on it talk about the breeze ordering it right now I have an Amazon problem and I was off for a little while but now I'm back to it works just like to take a picture of our front porch sadistic what are you doing what we're going on the camping trip it's Christmas and we're going on camping trip and Grace on Amazon there may or may not be cat size 10 for pets like a little pop up tent so he has a pup that coming in the mail to him what nut looks like it's having a good day there's a video earlier today I saw her I guess that there's a people work at a supermarket in South Africa and this cat runs into the supermarket this one it's so pretty like you like to jump on top of it legal to get away from it. Then runs out of the room in his multiple angles of this video security camera footage was no audio of a cat I don't know what's wrong with it it's like terrified yeah she seems like she's never seen a cat before and is very very maybe like hyper allergic we don't know the backstory somebody and somebody try to go down the shoulder like just try to drive down the shoulder like pulling into shoulder cut the guy off and the person I was with was very happy that they did that like all that guys blocked him from going down the shoulder good for him my assumption always in the cases that that person has an emergency and they're going to do something I don't ever think I should block that prevent there accelerating that means you're not actually going to show this to slow down or do people get off onto the dirt right have you ever done it now that I've got like a dash cam in my car I see all kinds of like stupid shit to talk cuz I'm really you buy this car and then a year later they put like all these new features on every fucking kind of battery runs out quicker as well it only added cool stuff for you guys like autopilot been working on trying to figure out how to calculate how much I'm paying to charge it I've learned that trying to make it work baby trying to figure out how much you pay for electricity is really complicated I could but then I have to pay a lot of money to get like a separate meter install you pay one rate if you use this much energy than if use more than that there's like a second-rate then it's like tiered on and on Tesla penis like spinny legs for a really long time I got a hand-crank thing that you don't use that you've not yet not yet magnitude earthquake hit hit what charger phone charger what where you going to watch the Lakers it just like an ice cream like I said you got like that cam is really good I don't know why you're so tight and it's so tiny and his claws or like-new going to like a baby snake I should have the worst because I have all these like holes in my hands and scabs and cuts and everything else right now sgs6 says I wonder how much would be like Joe the cat and be held so much and I'll stop giving a shit about people holding him like you can even his little kitten music you can hand him from someone to someone he doesn't freak out Gavin voice is going my favorite thing what is what we tell me we have a new kitten first two people to call John Reisinger and Gavin had to come over and come see the cat yesterday we also I have a deck that's on my roof but then there's other parts of the house that are not decked just traditional roof he climbed out to the bars and got out on like the corner of the roof and like all these adults are out on the roof trying to get him back I was convinced one of you is going to fall off and die did you see her right picking her up and down do you want to stick around for the challenge what challenge so there was a video that came out last week that was entitled Swiss mishap where someone went out for hang gliding and I forgot to strap in the person into the hang glider know what is in pretty bad when did I realize that he's going to sleep because my plan if this happens he's like I can land recycling in your passenger look how high they end up at his back and the poet oh my God is trying to hold him up and stay the same time by one hand cuz you just hold on to the guy who do the guy is left in it and with all due respect this guy who posted this really amazing video online way this is the man that is in the Plaid he posted this video even gave him the footage why would you ever like let oh my God we're looking at is it in the Swiss Alps very nice beautiful picture I sent you from a hang glider have to be at at like he's attached to his because nothing nothing just hanging behind the pilot has that tether that goes up to the hang glider out of our view he doesn't have that and doing anything's like I might a text about to be in the air okay cool unless otherwise you hang lower than the wheels but I just got here break something on the Sun Alex surviving because it was his fault that I wasn't tethered but at the same time he got me to the ground as quickly as possible when I appreciate them for that did you just like mr. silver lining in about 2 and 1/2 minutes everyone would ask when they see this video is if I was in that predicament would I live and so we asked Eric and the broadcast team to set up a headliner later so we have our bar that is the most budget looking hang glider you are so hard on that car I never said this before hand but ever doesn't win comes in last you have to quit okay is that how do I put my money on John Cena video I want to come do it it would be me and Gus doing it and go there for like five name for a range of the sandbag behind John up above I moved it close to the crib so you can hold on to it like it's the guy's leg if you want to come here to see what was that say he was going to is the capital we can't find it. I don't think it has to be just watching this makes my day images playing alongside match the guy in the video what does he do any time he's the one handed that someone else's legs at the Cutaway John how you doing watch out now doing that you're over trees right now John Deere about cool your minute at how does it feel Gavin anxiety good but it's starting to like I'd be really worried at this point you got about a minute and left how do I get to the Great Gus sexy girls calendar you got this purpose just switching Gracie hold on so tight you ribs all the tendons in his arm and then when he drops you shattered his forearm are you live I think that's so disappointing can I have never done that if Jon didn't make it all the way to the end I don't want to hurt God so I would stay up there in perpetuity are you supposed to charge before you hang was on my way to join when is the beat me by like 15 seconds cuz the chalk right the Olympic gymnast close to John's time but I'm actually going to try to go to the gym tonight so I don't know anymore I forgot to tell you that but I know but Blaine is arguably one of the strongest person company but your heavy shit like for you there's no you don't do this in the gym right now. All you can do a hand holds and not where they called drip drip old whatever I need an old partner how does it feel not great I should have been that pizza from mostly mostly I would say it's not actually it's I don't think it's a pain thing for me it was Lily I fell because I got slippery and couldn't hold anymore it's like sweat in your hand yeah not for free climbing up there will nervous I found the sun Reddit is how I discovered the video and somebody in the comments there's apparently some carnival game that you can play where you hang as long as you can but it's a weird thing where the pull rope lights off in chat Scripps nobody can take away from this bullshit my good you're good you made it home the boy who lived in the video you you're not hoping for the guy to dieting like we were with you talk it really will you bring that to the young father kids try to reach me to deliver the Blue Apron ad read while you're up there we're hoping to tune in for failure this is your moment you should probably come by next year extra life telephone stream Grey's like a bunch of money for Children's Miracle Network you should come down cuz it's 24 hours of how would you describe the Barbara yeah I know that sounds super fun I'm totally down game show segment Chad and a couple guys came up with a bunch of games one is kalbi was a pommel horse where it's like that buzzer game where you click a button and if you get the one that's wrong and there's something for everyone on this podcast what were the guy who did this really fucked up I like John would have been and I think really seriously injured. I'm doing the moving around and everything like that over okay the guys like the one by far but you can pears like the Presidential Fitness Challenge which made no sense as to like how healthy you are as a child show your peers how weak you were hanging out with one of the challenges it was like to be good to hang in a chin-up position even worse is that you guys have to do the Beep Test ping somebody I did a test in the US make it back and forth to break you actually get closer and time and you have to run back and forth from a prescription drug did you play a sport in high school that I can skip track skip faster faster I mean where does it put us all now as adults how much would you pay to watch Donald Trump try to pass the Presidential Fitness Test a lot of money it's a letter from a doctor that says he did it better than anyone's ever done it before and he failed it we were all Standing Ovation 5 nobody saw it but it happened right in the world record book little game what was Grace's event for track in high school what are the different what are the different event well you do like throwing throwing close-grip hang gliding Javelin I'm going to guess long jump I'm going to guess you was a relay Runner 2 she's a team player so 400 relay where were yugos you think I did all the jumping things at hurdles high jump long jump and hit a pole vault yeah all this fun thing because I realized that when I was in high school which is like 2002 3 know women were doing pole vault so I could easily score points in my team if I go over the basics but I'm not good at it at all I was talk later in high school yeah I was like five nine when I was like a junior and so is like all I have to do is just kind of blah play Swing my feet over this pole and I'll get first place cool translate years not like stunted microcytic hugely and then I stopped doing gymnastics also my body is like we can grow now with really never than your mom's 5:10 in like genetics are predisposed for you to not be for long. It is under and he makes on the other side and it like his testicles like the perfectly perfectly knew someone who she ran track remember what event was that she was in high school she said that what you would always do if you would run with an acorn in her pocket and when she thought she couldn't run anymore to talk to a corny but that was like her last bit of effort would like to just run you know fast enough to get to that ate corn and hit the car in front of her in the head by accident stuck in a corner the acorn we had before onset payback time is running a race against this girl that did it right really great that he's on his absolute best behavior like he's never set this still is like this isn't always a hundred percent I'm just laying there photogenic in peaceful not trying to ignore his way through your hand out for it seem like the kind of going to give you met scratches all over your hand you want to talk about your math problem buying it just like in the middle of the night so just try to get up on the bed but then he can't quite make everything into hooking my leg why is it you always show people like this and you're just you hold them like claws moeen Ali I don't know why cuz it's like flat like you're offering some of her I was going to be your head when I move from New York and then everybody and then I was also Late Bloomer something for foot 11 in 9th grade and then I did you get dick Euless amount my first two years of high school how old was your first dating experience with a lady with before he has just be like no I've got nothing going on I like what how old is Middle School 6 through 13 Matt was like that man with the biggest kid in his school but then kind of capped out and then everyone else like got bigger than me was a bully Google which was all the way up to the 8th grade I was the tallest kid in school from the 6th grade until the 8th grade cuz none of the guys had caught up yet nothing to do with it whatsoever 1.65 meters in Canada is the standard like 5 foot blank or forfeit blank country where they just do whatever they want but smiles like it's so can help you just self-righteous about it to whenever someone you here in a few. Measurement and it just so happens to the one thing that you guys don't do in Imperial when you hear you I think I saw an article from the UK about that big cat talking about about the big town is like in Australia weighs over 220 in the stone 14 * we're going to be hanging out Redemption doesn't it like they like. One of the models wrong legendary cap why are we just hearing about it now like that it overnight haven't got nothing like 5:11 and it's like a few more inches we have to call the sin coming directly at the camera and none of the other accounts are to go to the slaughter house so they're just have to keep a cow for the rest of his life what do you know where else you get some high-quality meat is the last thing you want on your plate cooking delicious healthy meals with easy Express Disney inspired ingredients to take all of the tour out of meal prep the website and mobile app make it easy to plan meals each week I never have to worry about last minute trips for forgotten ingredients with blue apron you to become a great chef make delicious meals like panko crusted chicken your steaks and loaded mashed potatoes or creamy saffron risotto the time saving tips and techniques videos help you learn as you go and you can pick up to apply to your cooking in the future boyfriend gives me creative and mouthwatering options that fit my taste and the best part is I learn how to cook recipes I wouldn't even think to try before so try this week's menu get your first three meals for free at blueapron.com rooster teeth.com receive Blue Apron a better way to cook I just got my delivery confirmation for this week I'm getting lemon Dijon chicken meatballs and chicken and curry mustard over for dinner who have you guys done the thing where it's like four minutes of uninterrupted I contact my ex like it is if you do 4 minutes had a hard time to do this with me all the time four minutes of completely uninterrupted eye contact is supposed to provide this I completely new level of intimacy between two people strangers are not staring contest I can you blink a really long time to look at my dreams have you Buzzfeed video about it is pretty great have you seen the video of the guy who sits down and he stares at the camera for 4 hours before our hours what time you going broke into his house is it like a genre I need dead bodies in a couple days I can come home and unlock your front door and you see that in your living room we must find it relaxing I caught that that sounds like prison to me I would hate to do that after watching the new level of intimacy with him so probably worse. Well I feel like they would say that I think I've been non-stop protest right now if we gave you like 5 minutes 7 be good luck for the hang in the bar for 15 seconds I think if he was hiding earlier is there a lot too it'll be like a character from Street Fighter what's going on first answer then don't talk to me made it to eat that perfectly summarized the modern in the information and news environment they said in case you weren't paying attention here's what happens today the US government your gas to bunch of kids and then there was a big cow like that a perfect summation of what everyday is like now it's something horrible and then here's my everything is so bad you feel like you're part of the pleasant distraction I hope so really talk about Donald Trump America video with people dancing in the foreground part of the problem downward spiral now for the end of civilization something the other day David Attenborough has this really crazy distinction where he's the only person to have won a bafta for programming in black and white standard if HD3 3D and 4K so I was saying we should do a pug cost in black and white 3D and when all those Paul costabile is to each one and we'll have that record we have to win a war 3D black and white pug cost until we win an award are or why not what the hell I think it's bad let's talk after work make podcast Game of the Year don't say a wrestling title Red Dead Redemption 2 do you know what the podcast awards are Eric at the end of the year we would give out Awards in the podcast of Life best movie best video of best Korea nobody did any research and it was trying to figure out the list and everything and nobody and then they would be leader cuz I tried to do it sounds like we're like Fable 3 how long ago was 10 is way too long man for Seattle University of this podcast is doing okay so this is the end but don't usually say their anniversary of weekly shows were 9th 2008 but then we have another episode till February like we had like a long break and it really didn't pick up until May of 2009 where are you guys now you really been doing this for a happy an animated cell yeah we do if I got my entire 30 results of the podcast and how everyone's upset about it what is the definition of adult content to them not safe for work NSFW is Grace said earlier that you can write dragon is it true on the screen it's always safe I just saw this day too and I'm confused it's like where they draw the line is it just like visuals is it text isn't it like that show real life human genital or female presenting nipples and any content that depicts sex acts so male nipple during the content that was made in real life so animated stuff is still fine in connection with breastfeeding birth or after birth moments and health-related situation such as such as post-mastectomy or gender confirmation presenting bring the rolls gender confirmation surgery is that the way that they describe that procedure but then they specifically call out female nipples and now it's like it's written erotica nude art sculptures on that site for was out clay erotic images we have you got you guys must have you must be infection may have you ever explored this yes we are and we did and we got a lot of negative feedback for reading it because they were a while ago but they were upset with us because that wasn't for us that was for them and we shouldn't be reading it like Justin Jeff to the dramatic reading very upset when you're ready for us well okay have a nice day Creations on stage live at live shows with bed with memory and yeah and we would do all of our like fanfic like reenactments as a way to be like you guys took the time out to write some in same stories and we're going to act it out for you I was pregnant with her child and I was shot and I was dying in her arms with the baby in my stomach very over you kind of thing I don't really deep dive into the details of them but yeah that one was explicit but very complimentary that they had I wanted to be a mother it's hard felt like you have this deep emotional moment that's not the fan fix it we know how to draw Diamond I just got done in the office but I'm always on my knees I'm taking it somewhere is never any variation you know it'll be submissive You're just bored by around like submissive I can only read about just on my back so many times before it for you try it in chat Remy LeBeau I was asking if you lived or not Grace Hannah I think that's how it went I'm not absolutely sure and I guess the baby little bit more dramatic you don't need in there at all need more jazz on Gavin's back in action horses coming right off hi Robert I get a platform going to ask you guys I consider you two to be you I'm going to get Barber and Gracie are you guys are pro and Instagram you guys do great stories to follow you both one thing that when you guys are both on this and I may be dragging my heels on a little bit is really struggling with the amas as part of stories about him all the time they're fun and then I get to see if you got the white one of them you should go to flag is like a gold one and be like this is the best one but also look at this is like really cute baby and then it goes the ability to skip through like if you're doing an AMA and then all the same day just like Skippy a man go to that one like sections of your store or do something bad to me which one of you was on Facebook when they made the thing we could just put text as a photo like I don't even know how to do that I mean Facebook is what it is and you add an image of a feature where you can make an image of just text on a background and then people start posting that like this thought is super important and I have to listen to my you know from where ever talk to me about daddy I've gotten off of Facebook I haven't really roll up more battery the couple that I talked about cat food in front of her phone in Facebook start serving in cat food ads but never get a lot of people yeah it's true that we were being listen to right now by free money free money free money do we were at we last week we had a we had a company off-site who is an off-site meeting Barbara and I Gus was there to Gabby you get to avoid these. Why don't you do it here cuz I don't room big enough hear him yes you broadcast Patrick was just talk it out out loud right here right now at the hotel that's right next to the convention center and my son was at the capital for debate tournament so I said hey you text me I said let's just meet at The Hideout what's the coffee place next to our old office downtown let's meet there cuz he loves to go to this little coffee shop cuz you'd go there all the time he was a kid and so we met there dude. I forgot what it's like to be in downtown and half and try to navigate that's what kind of out in the suburbs here but we're out on the outskirts a little bit just messing around us and I walked for the convention center to our old office somebody tried to physically stop me and talk to me about one thing or another site they wanted something they wanted money one just random encounter or had to sign some petition or something like that he was just I forgot how much of an effort it is to live in an urban area driving out of the Best Buy parking lot right here by the office I pick something up and I was there another parking lot and someone was driving in the opposite direction and the driver window waving at me like crazy and I think like something's wrong so maybe you need to go to the hospital if roll down my window and let you know what's going on do you want to buy like a stereo home theater what my window and drove off my speakers that they got to sell them to you for cash this happen all to me all the time down in Riverside anytime I go to like the ATM for my bank down there is always someone out of your vehicle don't know that by now. Ativan it's like Target on your back because my assumption and attractive and I think I know know what the cover on the 1990s Solo Cup that it's like that blue yeah yeah I had that pattern on it I mean that the people at the bus before me very nice but that was a weird choice so it's now painted all black essentially in preparation of stage want to do something else apocalyptic that looks like you're about to load it up for the apocalypse like changing to something else I don't know what time do you paint it exactly like a school bus give me the school bus but not being a license school bus driver free candy instead of where it says school bus 10 comes out the side at this Donut Stop well to be fair I'm never going to drive and you can I thought it was killing them back there they were essentially like coffee maker and it's like a little wood burning stove and dishes and all these things and we decided we'll try anyhow to drive it over just across the parking lot into this park to take photos in front of it okay and there's three of us in the back of it while he was driving and every single bump everything will just smashed against the walls and so all of us were just out on either side of the walls the bus folding all the things trying to stay steady while the bus is driving oh yeah video you later it got really bad controls and you're performing surgery but the controls are inherently bad but you're driving like a child like this and we did a live version of that where Michael and Gavin we threw in the back of an ambulance I drove it around when they try to perform surgery on this like CPR dummy the corner I'd like to put down in the floor and its butt across the ground to prepare we had to run an ambulance and we knew that all his blood was going everywhere so they could go to the entire inside of the back of the ambulance in plastic tarp situation does it sell for live-action I like my office in there and I go in there and then if we go to set I just go my office close to me that would be tough for people in their the animal you are actually driving right burns when I first got my drone to call the blood Side Square if you want to do you jump ahead is that in the parking lot party I was gone right that they they they were building right outside the fence line like right by Matt's office today like they are just like you did right after they kept this film campus for likes of TV and film Productions to make stuff but all the rest of the airport land they turn into commercial and residential development and we're just now the point being a doctor she's not where they eat away our parking lot a little bit like family house that built up in there there's an apartment complex being built over there in that direction I'm going to move in right next to us oh my God oh my God oh my God very educational msft on YouTube. The ambulance that was the bonus video for the subscription service right I said anytime a video gets demonetized from YouTube we should just like posted this video is coming to this cat my favorite is we have the our old Red vs. blue videos of how to make a successful online video guide I either. Oh my God that again to be held by the tail like when I'm petting them when they walk away I don't pull their tail just hold her tail and Joe the cat was like that then I couldn't touch me don't know why that camper 12 years and I was impressed I couldn't touch her that's why I like learned with Joe the cat I just held onto him in early Asian just was always holding him and he thought that was reason but it doesn't help them develop into me like a lap cat Finch had an ear infection when I first got her you should hear termites so I had to give her the medicine she just learned to hate me like yeah she's a shelter cat so but what you don't get a little problem with his eye we first got him I don't think he thought he had a little wine here we go where was off and they like reattached it so you might have to get surgery because it doesn't close all the way down here just the cutest thing in the world it was a big debate Ashley was telling me that I want to get under another cat and I did not and then finally were there any classic example of she wanted the cat I didn't want to so we compromised and we got a cat and that's what it was was there any alternate names decided or that were in contention do you want to say trouble the name his name you like this his name at the pound was Julius that's a great name for an orange cat me look at some other cat just really liked it was like way little bit bigger but like very affectionate like we just like he's wanting her to spend probably I don't think I have much say in it so yeah yeah yeah is your connector on the back of my chair right now so fine except for the cats will be on my couch might be one of those that like a really creepy cat from that video that looks like someone's grandma was he looks like he sounds like a mutual friend that we have he sounds like just a little bit he worked at a company that Grace worked at where she first started yet but I got me on YouTube and Barb and Jesse were the most popular members of our website for an hour and a half really sorry it's my favorite. He just gets mad about everything constantly point where you don't really complain about Airlines or traffic in Austin what are you get mad about Grace mad at you about Airlines constant hating them they can better very few things are a direct flight from Austin to have the Kinect okay but it's getting better course hell yeah yeah and but like even like we can't we're about to get a flight to New Orleans but we don't have that anything that's it you know Austin I just read is now the 11th largest city in the nation at the airport so I understand. Lights for 20-plus years and places constantly growing its constant of Construction Construction in 20 years probably so much they don't like every single every single night they take the the freeway one of the freeways in town there's not many and they can one lane right Ashley every single night they take it down to one at 1 like every every every every day cuz they're fixing something for sure but there's also traffic in La every hour of every day or so we just deal with that without no I wish I knew what the cause of it was I was at least knew that like they were taking down the highway to one lane and that's why this is happening versus like being in traffic for an hour and then I'll send it clears up and you have no resolution on why can tell where you are on the highway really soothing how to get your day do you think he's been in a car what I choose to leave my house maybe a couple hours if I'm like going east to west side yeah I like record something do podcast that sorta thing yeah the going across the city sucks every day it's the one thing that I can't imagine dealing with non stop when you want me to go anywhere that's not like was in your neighborhood and get kind of lucky because the receipt offices are like right next to record a podcast in that space and and it's right there Playa Vista I mean five this is not the most amusing if you live in LA but for us it's really close to the airport so we can fly to La two and a half hours getting a car and in 10 minutes apologizes for driver that you're only doing a 10-minute ride from the airport to the point in that being convenient cuz you already flown to 3 hours taxi my commute if I was going to commute to the offices in La my commutes about 3 hours to pay when you start the clock to to get to get to that office and I know people that work at large getting on a plane to getting to the breakfast at a company like the extended company overseas is part she's a PR person in Orange County she commutes an hour and 40 minutes each way every day comprable to her and I live in Austin half a country away crazy their noses more expensive mine is more shapely how's the air quality right now is the fires all done oh yeah but yeah the air quality is always been terrible now it's like Jessica exponentially like worse San Francisco yet has like the worst air quality of every city right now it's just so sad I live on the opposite side of town of where all the fires were happening and still there was Ash on their cars on that side of town it was so crazy about it I heard about in Arizona right yeah I heard that there was like this insane fire and then found out that yeah I haven't watched the video it made me cringe when I heard that actual like way that it started with hot links 8.2 million in the box that like projected black powder that show too cuz I keep Yer blues and it caught fire on dry grass in immediately spread everywhere I think about the worst place to do that and that's exactly what it was right it was places in the u.s. drop a gender reveal party and it's part of all of that but it's like sending out an email I got that I got caught like eight $9 for them to put it up. Coming to buy Raptor II Grace I got to ask did you go to forget whose it was somebody had a dog birthday party to go to that did you had to have it down to go but I know I didn't get to go to both when they said it was really great cookie her dog French Bulldog which I love so I guess favorite breed of dogs yeah it's it's beautiful and it's a Rosanna Pansino event so it's beautiful I wish she was baking and she's also just like a little Martha Stewart like a little modern Martha Stewart so everything like every detail was like perfectly paid attention to have dogs to do I sync memories dog beans is my favorite creature in the entire universe as close as I can. She said she's kind of a bitch but you don't want to prove that she should like you it's the smallest most Pharrell dog I've ever seen and the song is always just hanging out of the car the dog it's a hairless Mexican earthquakes medical term but it's all the time and she just finally got all of her teeth taken out cuz that breed is notorious for like gum rotting right now so that they make doggie dentures the same question and she got mad at me cuz she's like that was a joke right as I honestly I don't know I don't know and she's like I don't know just like eats flailing food vampire to use human teeth Target on my amazing. Looks like a man act like a man with a hat on his head what is up with the Colts neck bone in it will it is it it's sweaty or in person and sometimes it gets you is very dry and so maybe I sell ocean her body out which I am I said oh yeah how do you have a hairless cats look like bat yeah but I met Charles Charles Grace cat just like yeah I didn't think I would want to pet him or anything like that looks like a cartoon what's it feel like will Charles eventually grow in a bunch of hair instantly we just kind of weird looks like a little bit more clearly we need a haircut got a little like one of my podcasts is also brought to you by Robin Hood investing your money scare you Robin Hood is everyone no matter if you're an expert on stocks and options or barely understand what a 401k does Robin Hood let's go buy and sell stocks ETF options and cryptos or just a few taps and best of all of their commission free or other broker just charge up to 10% for every trade but not Robinhood trade stocks and keep all of your profit with Robinhood you don't mess with commission fees stocks and track your favorite companies with personalized news feeds on collections you can just look at stocks and categories age do you like entertainment social media or company Friend by female CEOs Robin Hood easy to use intuitive and it's great for all sorts of industrious beginners or experienced right now Robin Hood is giving Rick Steves podcast viewers free stock like apple for Sprint help build your portfolio sign up now at RT Podcast. 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Robinhood.com thank you Robin Hood for sponsoring this episode of the receipts podcast on all the help it does happen to someone here in the booth it was signed up and got stuck that way I will have one stock please I'm sure there's crazy things were going nuts today is China and the US suspended their trade war was good for the economy so Market went nuts people buy or sell right now nothing until the big is Donald Trump in but there's this weird caveat where everything seems to be going economically pretty well under the guy who inherits the longest-running positive Market that's not weird like dichotomy of like everything is going well economically is everything else at the fucking nightmare so it's a weird thing so it's like this weird guilt that's associated on my part with investing if you have after the the big crash and 809 you know everything kind of went down for a while but ever since then it's been on this crazy record run so it's all about your appetite for for risk it kind of reminds a little bit of the.com era it was so volatile back then you can just wait a few days everything we dip and you can buy and then it would go back up course then everything fell apart if you were still doing that happened I was then you lost a lot when I saw fall apart this company is DSL company is like late 90s and I would trade it and it would go back and forth to be $2 this year and $4 this year nope got it wrong for the back before 8:40 over the course of like a few weeks or a month and I was waiting for and I'd buy it and we need to get back up to 800% return right system and then one day I woke up and was went from 8 to $2 and then the next day it was a buck and then it was $0.33 in a company I thought you were saying that you look like the evil guy from Inspector Gadget right now out the cat with a mechanical arm that was the stock market look at the you know those companies doing so well they don't list all the companies that went to zero and died and they did that you would look at that it would look like I'm Murderers Row you know it's terrible will make you a lot more cautious about investing realize how many companies disappeared have you ever donated to Wikipedia I feel like I use that most of the time they always there was like I used to and I always I'm like man I have your paper Winrow I have to remember what I paid for Winrock put some page Barbie learning don't have a DUI before you invest make sure your facts are straight up as the website for Google Google does Gavin Free it doesn't at least I love you I hate the photo they have at me and it's a lot to do about it Javon is a Bernese it on here tonight could be like Burnie Burns the worst I can take it down three 6 loads on his back live in Austin does Gavin free gay girlfriend Gavin Free does Gavin Free have citizenship in the UK no top or bottom does Gavin free stream does Gavin Free have siblings does the one thing this item is one of these are clearly defined have different it is to be a male personality and internet be a female personal one of my female friends I ate is always an auto-complete I'm really proud to say that I have my own page on Wikipedia I don't know I learned about this when I lived in New York still there was like to do you want to talk to her then we talked about this the other day when she was on the podcast and one of the photos on her wikiFeet is her husband mine are the girl says it's like me shoved into shoes on a red car but that I never thought I would ever have a photo of them taken with like a manicure pedicure toes just like tired of 5 stars yeah you got them faster on StubHub toe like that was a sight for toes to say no Auto completes for any. You don't have that I'm assuming I'm going to do the first search ever on Google for Gus sorola feet I'm sure it's not the first or the Grace Helbig how to say boyfriend is one of them look at those things online email the guy that runs celebrity net worth and said just informing you that Gavin's net worth now is no longer 5 million 10 million and the guy changed it hello? You should email him back nickel complimented her on her shoes I don't remember this. Grace Anna was your makeup artist for yeah you're mine. But we had also I remember you said the Grace Helbig agreed to be on IMDb as long as she could be in a fat suit and then gray said that she found out the morning of that she was going to be in that suit I don't Burnie Burns caught on camera conversations with the round table. So I get to on Staten like I did not remember that things happen like this like you always on his Instagram look up crushed up into my foot looks fresh. You got to like you Gavin did you look up your feet wikiFeet Wikipedia asking for money like Wikipedia does why do I have to run out to get you into it goes to Rolla know because I obviously look myself up on wikiFeet and they take if your in a video or some stream or whatever it is with your feet out they take crap after cap after cap of like different angles of your feet from the same video I hear a little jacket but if they do that with your hair and was on her website that wouldn't be weird right then because it's like inherently sexualize it doesn't feel like it would be like the cool there are people that work in the hair industry that maybe they're getting it out of your own way to copy someones they have sister sites they have wikiFeet men oh and wikiFeet map do you know that if you made put it all on one site to kick it advertisements on that site if you make 4 minutes if I contact with someone's feet become muscle in the big toe wildly stub my little toe yesterday we're going up to the roof yesterday I was in a bathtub it's so bad like I cook the coffee table I think make him over when May comes over we get these pepperoni rolls from double days instead of trying not to eat it all and if you still had a backpack on Chris Pratt Chris Pratt what is the current Orlando Bloom still don't care about them and then the shoe has like a the balancing part in which we miss you so much later what you walk on your hands to do them tell me when you look at me and you think about them as hands looks like it starts to creep me out after a little while but I will try to like clean my room by kicking stuff around I would pick stuff up with my toes that was like my mom's pet peeve I still don't know why it's my hand with my foot she did not like that things to be annoyed about like you lazy what do you bend down for what do I have to do well in school but don't do that with your feet of rude to do that to someone else dinner passing gravy with my toes yeah then I would see getting pretty old like those socks with the individual and toe rings