#522 - The RT Podcast’s 10th Anniversary

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss ten years of the podcast, bets, YouTube Rewind, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-522

Recorded: 2018-12-11 20:00:00

Runtime: 01:35:14 (5714.66 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 522 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com red Casper and Squarespace when the fuck were pistachios red you were always red at all Party City forgot about it see that's what they're hoping for they were hoping everyone that knows what they read when did that happened you never seen red pistachio red forever the show part they would just die them and then the Redwood sometimes get on a nut never seen that problem you're the cover-up covers up stains as a woman don't do that set Trevor for reasons we won't talk about had a black light fitting just walking around by Shinee on people's clothes I left the room cuz I didn't want to know if I had no I don't think that's what it is but you know it's just I don't know I just broke into your house came on your jeans and left and only where you find out can I go back to the music you put into this and I just take him into the room with you not going out on it to a con with pre-come g-guess very often from fans but one gets you received in particular not quite sure how she found out but her husband discovered that there was semen on it if you had a black light or what is there was semen from black anyting ultraviolet mean reflector what was this like I like a stuffed animal go down to be a lot more fun from other countries mainly the Middle East and the way past actors were harvested there it would leave stains because they immediately hold so take order to try to hide the same thing would die the pistachios now almost off the statues 90% statues are grown domestically in the United States so and we Harvest them differently so there's no state has the show the state of peanuts look like they just boiled peanuts. Yeah he's circus peanuts it would you like Styrofoam that's flavored like banana for some reason why they made the peanut shaped candy taste like banana but that's what it taste like if you live in a part of the world where people eat boiled peanuts you're a fucking lunatic my wet not like the name Peanut come from cuz it like peas in a little bit what what do you need to come in at the gas station when you're driving. Water level I wouldn't take a shot of nut water water poisonous in their original state you can buy Brazil nuts with the shell on the waitress and then there's like a big recall on shelled Brazil nut a legume legume feel always feel like a treat bag of mixed nuts and cashews in there I was told to 100% fat. So good the guy who plays York in Red vs Blue and originally was played a character named Dexter in tonight for some reason he came with his family he came back he brought back a macadamia nuts and coffee for some reason and it's showing didn't came over and he ate like two jars straight just like of macadamia nuts and we calculated it was the recommended daily fat intake he ate enough to last him about 12 days to close to the studio and I saw candy aisle and I saw they had Reese's Peanut Butter Cups it was two cups that way to total of 1 lb 8 oz of peanut butter cups and eat while I was like nutrition information on the back of this but I looked and they only print they say that it's 1/16 of a circle 351 outside of extrapolate that to eat the whole cup it was like 1,400 calories if you ate one of those cups take me to tell you everything like to a certain ways level is paisley like the whole thing is this my favorite thing is a Mini Wheats because it says the serving size based on how many biscuits it is so it's like 22 biscuits I think is she wanted calories whatever just do it whenever I'm doing a Mini Wheats I was a 22 do you really Austin mini frosted mini-wheats Freddy should I have to eat them so quickly yeah they get for they get Lobby fairy Saudi severely constipated in London and the doctor told me to get some weed effects there was other things wrong but that's the point where I actually got like an infection and like so woozy and I remember the exact temperature but there's some other colonic issues I'm experiencing they're going to shove a camera up my butt and I supposed to go do that massage you together like telling me that I should get one for me she's like we might as well so go down your throat as well to check that out while we're doing it since you'll be out there anyways come on with the mouth and they can use the same to you on the other end LifeStream the inside of your butthole see it by is the hardest video of a butthole but I don't want people to watch that I'm supposed to get it this year but first time start but I actually was cuz I'm a history of colon cancer my family I was trying to get it earlier and I think it's all the sum of the podcast before but had to spell conversation with my doctor saying hey I'm about 38 so I think I should get a colonoscopy if I have a history of my family Highway trying to convince him to give me a colonoscopy like I was workin too hard for it and it could tell you was getting a little concerned yeah but just like she's like it could be something simple that could just be like treatable or to do her so she's like for someone who's 29 I wouldn't recommend a colonoscopy but she's like for safety measure but you're pretty hot. I don't you look at my butt I feel what that I just I just check the prostate exam why do I don't want that help you I just want to come over to your house and I just actually back up towards you and you stick your finger up my butt so that's how that happened to Kat right to I picked up a cat and it never have anybody ever ever ever ever did was Knuckles deep of a cat video days of the internet there was a big long discussion about fart and it was a text discussion about whether or not a cat can sit on a countertop in the kitchen does a black hole touch the countertop and you were saying it absolutely would then he was a no suggest you want to get some lipstick like your wife wants to put on cat butt and then see if it like leaves a little like like a little kid some countertop and he said yeah give a little smooth the first thousand dollars you know what else is touching the counter at that point the fucking cats feed that have been in cash it until dirt shit and washing hands everything it's cuz your hands I was just listening to a podcast from years ago and you were talking about giving a keyboard to somebody and you had to clean it because your keyboard was so gross before you gay roast somebody else we have together where I don't know who exactly went through some clips and Eric work to collect some clips of things that we said in the past on the podcast and the other going to pay it back for us out of context and with try to figure out what the hell we were talking about so just start with person who you're going to hear like if we hear Gavin Gavin got to tell us first sure as well we have to guess what the contacts we went down and saw like a little nervous and stuff went down in front all the lizard was in line for the prequels may I feel like a monster at the midnight launch for some popular type it does that include video games or YouTube movies screening yeah you're right like a VIP section of a place and then you went down so when people all the people that you look down on all the people that you throw on humbly look down upon from my Ivory Tower I believe that's actually from when I went and Revisited math camp Oh I don't remember that she's I was like I was like the director the math Camp things up email me he wants to catch up you want to go behind you we're back in the Life podcast by the shelf behind you was a carton of milk that was about to explode nicely into a container and put it back I'm in the other one. Whoops my tears just like just over a year and we just didn't extra life you said two years is just over I know that blast extra life was a year ago when we have done it a whole year before that no yes it did you know it was funny about drinking a month they they killed your milk that's all they did it was refrigerated why did Myles drink it was that was the one that was way before that year I think it's going to have cereal cuz I will drink it get some milk will get some more milk. sitting there years ago and come play with me if I was you guys and you be a little kid I can't even imagine what that is no idea maybe you're playing some sort of Mexican video game in Mexico and trying to play soccer with you okay I'll go with that one what's your guess it was the guy with the car battery hookup this bar game we play with it shocked us with a little list of titles that's it what is it why didn't your own personal Redemption that's no statute of limitations on getting to know you won't know you won't just cause Rico Rico Rico gather do the day I was like when Jeff was on your throwing like old sayings from like the early drunk tank days of the podcast and I remembered I got home that just cause was about to come out and we just call it just what are you playing who's on first one more look like the rest of public restroom convention center of the toilet seat in New York City public bathroom like a restaurant or something until a huge dump in Eagle Pass Texas that's when you went to write so something at Rice restart show me where is there something like that I'm okay let's see what it is what is it like it was a wake-up call it when I was younger and when I first turn longest when I first moved to Austin I like started going out to bars downtown and I came from a small town but I didn't know what big city shift look like play put that is the clue in the day bro what the big city chefs so somebody was live and can hear this try to look up episode 432 and tell us what it's about, what was good that the contact with. the answer is that what's the next one that's fairly recent to that haircut is like not that long ago you're in a meeting just about you something like a text or something that made me laugh I'm imagining that you're falling asleep but someone told a joke and you pretended to the last but woke up at the same time Gavin or Barb and I'm not supposed to laugh what is an employee here at the Russia games and previously yeah he's worked at many places and I think the thing that he has gained the most notoriety for is that he's the voice of Claptrap any networks are rich people I love he got out of the meeting and he gave the best intro for himself ever which is a state of things you might have missed you might know me from at the rest of you know me from swiping left and I just thought it was such a fucking fucking that would have been our off-site meeting one of her it was two years ago when I first met you you did yeah yours was funny 21 years ago have you seen a video game you got mad at me even mad at me ever since I always do because I beat you at Dead or Alive 2 why don't you run a rematch what we did immediately be perfect to be like right after I don't have a room at Starcraft and I got so sick of hearing him talk shit so I bought it and installed it at the apartment and I think the game was over within 10 minutes you're right it might have been super cheap move across is the garbage just like it was not even funny how fast it was pretty pathetic. Okay use another one I'm pretty sporcle mouth sometimes have fun killing a job I mean stuff that was a lot of people are there the better first cat me 24 in Iran 2014 so lazy and doesn't end of season 1 day 5 shirt it look like the old couch here it did not look like it was Annex don't know we talkin about Barb's colonoscopy see what is it make a motion camera footage where the cats don't move all day long what do you want a cat to do just anything that's like it does a cat really just exist to eat so that I can sleep for another fucking day yeah that's what it does a lion would do if I have to hunt you just eat and sleep sleep that's it do not like you sleeping scratchboard to mount a job what is a dog do dog does stuff you have a dog that's Pointless Stuff what time is it in what cats do all day video time-lapse of his cats and they just didn't do anything all day like I moved with Sunday I think I was at YouTube channel where he just sits cross-legged on the floor staring at the camera smiling like a reminder 1. 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Don't forget the notion I thought you said they need that possible just in case they line somewhere in another country and they don't have a process that when one of the first test when they how to ask someone orbiting the Earth Works, came back in so they gave him a stack of cards that said hello I come in I'm a stranger I'm lost I come in peace please take me to your leader in like 20 different languages cuz they weren't sure they said he might land on some remote Pacific island to be able to get to him immediately will the silliest capsules the ones that they send people up in now those traditionally I think they have a gun in them 3 shot revolver or something but I think it's for the cosmonauts to be able to fight Bears if they let him feel like in Northern Russia is also have instructions on the outside on how to open the capsule in case the Cleveland somewhere and just like a random civilian happens to find a need to help get them out operating exit rows last two years it was kind of Moon dust samples to take care of that be like this with Nessa. Samples and there was something between a black bar over it like they left that whatever that was off the flight routing says kick Kennedy Moon Honolulu someone really wanted to fill out funny. Why do they just have the capsule b a boat Gavin I mean why not but whatever the Space Shuttle Endeavor to play one of those slides in a regular slide down back to her to make a really long inflatable slide and pick up your high heels or just like let's say Norbit in Parachute why not that from us dropping capsules to do it on the ground hold your passport I don't know I'm texting the passports is not insignificant when you use numbers to started stealing away stuff that they could then sell right with Kevin Bacon character an Orbiter at one point or something like they didn't know like how I would behave in space who would break up until like small puppies that would get to the instruments to go to space to the Moon take off you do the full face like full space travel would you guys take it or leave is to be honest with you what makes beef corned beef outside is beef with the around the edge I don't know I don't know what corned beef is its actual kids corn involved in any way homegrown beef be like yourself from the red pistachio so why is the point be so far we go to the Moon if I was going to give up on the question but wait but now we know the corned beef sandwich how much did Neil Armstrong get paid for his moon mission 30 million bucks to go up with the Russian Space Program using the podcast we talked about it and that he had to have surgery on his liver before he could qualify to go because I did like a full scan of him that this from memory here in probably paraphrasing getting something wrong but he had like a nodule on his liver and they're like that could cause the problem is not the problem but in space that can cause a problem so he had to go and have like proactive surgery to remove cyst nodule talk to you do you have to come from the treatment of the meet with large grained rock salt also called corns of salt or no salt that's pretty salty can I still Tan Your rim for my contacts but they did call it corned beef for some real deal is involved that's just his name is pickle dill pickle but I assume that means that they put Dill in it no it's just the kind of pickle cereal ever I don't think they have a Dilla let him type of pickle if I take whatever the thing is if pickle it becomes a dill pickle Dill never tasted the dill and if it's a good deal out he's making a lot of money. kosher kosher pickles sweet pickles are gross sweet pickle to hit those bread and butter pickles go ahead and go Adele hello I mean I can't deal with it was a variation of most favorite pickle what do office was it going to be a pickles favorite dinosaur I don't know Krueger joke you had to miss a day of RTX London but you remember it was like in 16 years of doing the stuff we had never like I couldn't recall a time when we ever cancelled an appearance of any kind it was like a big discussion I can stay I'm going to stay and look Barber year you clearly very ill you should leave and go not feel bad about a people have to cancel sometimes I wasn't going to but there was a clinic within the commissioner that I went to first before going to urgent care because I was feeling terrible the whole day and the doctor there was like you know all this sentence come by and plus you have a fever that makes me worried cuz I could be an infection if I had no fever I probably would have been okay to deal with it but she was the one who told me to go to urgent care and if she hadn't done that I've still got to the VIP party yeah I felt terrible about it I read the outrage afterwards and it was just like that does suck it mean if you bought tickets you were hoping to go but he's a person yeah the gift commercial what is that store in the UK they make that like their Christmas commercial every year we should spoil it for you should go watch it almost 3 years sometime in there or not he was he was like fresh food so I forget what led me on this path but I went back and watch the very first ever so I'm a guy video with the soccer ball rolls at in Florida to get out of yeah it years ago about 8 years ago named Barbara stock in the house she just kept the receipts when she was 14 years old same yeah pretty visitors today we were introducing the new people to company and then we got to Gus and man I was talking about Gus and I was I didn't point out I was thinking times I remember Gus used to be like the baby of the group 25 now it's like a baby not the mama it is really like people like me and Gavin are older than you guys were when you started to RoosterTeeth you're probably older than I was when I first met you definitely your the age when we met do you think this year on my birthday when I turn 30 I would have been with receipt for half my life like all the little you know nerdy teenagers on our website and posing as this blond girl their age and I was like this is clearly a fake account first video there were definitely fake accounts yeah I must admit I was going back trying to remember some of the early accounts really like crazy fake account that fooled pretty much every single person on the side of it but it was my ride is text right there was another one I'm thinking of the dead person or something that I don't know about people and how they present themselves online social media like like oh I'm sick and sending money we're like we're not cynical we've just been down this road where we've guided people in a certain direction that turns out it was phony wanted to say. getting dark bowler tographer he's been around for bring it back to our community betta is live and I think we're opening up two more people as time goes on but if you're in there check it out GIF feedback post around try to the group's say hello to me career I'm very loud House videos were posted on the mega franchises we helped the people get start a YouTube channel a very appreciative that I had even those much much more orders than now had a little place to put my first video ya the first day I got like five hundred views by the day I put it up you can't do that if you just press and you know it's hard great you know and we talked about Alaska's very formative or us I'm glad we're back to the point where we have you know this is the beginning of the beta of the community side but don't get on it nobody can get on it right through the website yeah but it's it's definitely something very different than what people are going to be used to but I think starting off simple is the way to go rather than trying to do everything we want to do it once and it not working yep I agree really happy with it check it out how how long till you're 50 about a little over nine years you know me call my thirties The Avengers trailer was underwhelming I felt like the trailer subjects don't you feel like you was I felt like it was a weird tone to take didn't know how you followed up with anything had to be in a sense to not give away too much do it if I was them I would have fucking waited and said the trailer for the next Avengers movie or Infinity War II and everyone call it that's going to be on Captain Marvel like that's the only place you can see it. Is that what was that Adam Sandler movie with the water Wars episode 1 trailer for Meet Joe Black I think that got it Meet Joe Black I'm pretty sure the plot for Meet Joe Black which is a concept of the Grim Reaper's death as a person but we are moving in college about the schedule and so we were upset with them cuz they thought they stole our idea is that a right Pig gets hit by two cars I guess that by car gets hit by another car every now and then you see you like that gif posted on Entergy has a very robust career but arguably not at the level of Brad Pitt I always think about this when I think about movies like Meet Joe Black Top Gun Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt like 20-30 years ago and you know now they're in this and other than that and I always think about their female lead in it's like you just it's just like they've such a shorter window of time for women in that like in that career it's like three men who the female lead in Meet Joe Black List singing This is Claire Forlani right my right women really only played love interests and that was really the basis of their role yeah they were I guess like very Irreplaceable female lead but I guess like Sex in the City she had mr. big Wednesday right after that she was in Usher's in The Rock was a dark-haired light ice fire call correctly the way I'm always that's always interesting to me is like his when I'm watching something and it's like I can't help it do it Amazon does the fucking coolest thing on a think of you know everyone tells me I love it you would love it if you would love it it's a great show but they do a really cool thing on that service on Amazon Prime video when it who knows how much money it cost to develop this when they pause like you pause and watch a marvelous mrs. maisel it on the posturing it's like he hit play to play again backup go forward whatever you want to do there but that also there's a row of pictures and it's the name of every person in the scene and their head shot and then whatever song is playing there, Google's been doing it for a long time ago Amazon took that idea from Google Ok Google Play Store every time I watch any sort of television show or movie with my parents my mom is always like this movie and justification for why Amazon has owned IMDb so long like they have all of that data they can just cross reference it and sell more shit play to the female lead one of the ones I'm very surprised by considering the success of the movies and who was it him is the female opposites of Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents like his his wife who was that I've never seen or anything else but she's annoying like huge box of his hits but then doesn't seem to do anything aside from those movies. His wife an actress he married the woman is dilated Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie charcoal correctly we need that I was Fisher right, Fisher about Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson right isn't the other character in Harry Polo yes she's been in arrival Rivals fucking good Bible there's a couple different arrival arrival arrival movie arrival of Little Fockers she had no idea the Fockers and it was his parents are fucking crazy begin with Jerry Stiller's the George Costanza's dad his actual Benson's real cat George Costanza's dad on Seinfeld yelling that show give you a great time go watch the outtakes from any season of Seinfeld what it felt like full-on to the thing Julia Louis-Dreyfus cannot make it to the fucking since she laughs at everything and Michael Richards amazing cuz he just he could tell he gets so upset but he cracks everybody else up and you have to keep doing your bit too funny cuz he said he always stays and he's like she'll break down and he'll just be like Elaine Elaine come on out and getting really annoyed because I really feel like I'm very professional actor even though he comes across as this big doofus you set all fucking day like I just I just wanted to give a really good delivering just have everyone laugh and have to do it again and some of his performances are so energetic like he's flying around the room I got to do the cooking by fake a seizure or whatever you know whatever is bit was for that day to get rid of a live audience no cut or a really emotional scene and I'm calling cut while you're trying to be well I do the emotional scenes the motion from the scene carries over to people's reactions that occur because I'm going to eat out BBQ wedding movies you know setup props and costumes and then they work on the lights for an hour and you're just sitting there waiting waiting waiting as an actor and then you have a really powerful seeing they're like okay so set up everyone else has an hour 30 seconds to do your job and be perfect and it's the one thing that you are going to you know really like criticize so go go go and then you know if that happens in the Christian Bale see the guy wiggling the light in the background is like cats fuck away from you yet I'm ready to go in a big ball in his character in that scene I think he was crying about a friend of his who died in the Middle where I wanted to actually be crying in the scene and so for about maybe 15-20 minutes before I knew we were going to be rolling eyes like that alone and started taking that stuff just your guide to try to get myself really sad and while that was happening like nobody was talking to me cuz I knew I was trying to get into this mode antenna okay you guys like baseball most points in a major league game and everyone ignores them like just do they come back to the Dugout and there was just like it's something they just did it for fun one time does became his big tradition and then of course after like a minute they'll just like tile on the 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at try it out and get $30 towards like matches my visiting casper.com Arty Arty at checkout terms and conditions apply that's $50 RT and user promo code RT at checkout thank you Casper for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast so what do you really think about Bernie personal hygiene phone on here lately guy ignoring him feel like he's not here so much funnier than I used to be pretty funny Yankees are playing like he's been taking on different characters with super strength or Quantico Clayton the devil character definitely did not blame it she can find someone as a company who to pick Tyler Co company who would you fire who would I find feel like I can't legitimately and somebody little bit this weekend I took my but which is great I got it registered in everything they say the cat is it most of the time the bus by the little star photo of me with cat by the fire I can't find Heaven tucked into my tucked in between the two hoodies and you have several head poking out and I was like hanging out with that photo I post on Instagram somebody came back in and everything go to cute cute cute cute and somebody told me you should have your head out in the cold take him inside very angry emoji face like someone here yeah so many cares about cats yes but it went behind of katanas not aggressive that the weird one that cat selfie show me like I think I came and hung out with a Blog like a bunch yeah cuz we're traveling so much and then I just feel like I just set up a time. We're doing a lot of PR travel I think we were catching up on some super shity about promoting ourselves we were good at it for like the Canada of media companies we did it like kind of passes if we did merchandise right you know when stuff like that and marking cuz our shows are free that is the marketing for the company is like we have just he's really funny videos or you know cool animated things and that's what advertisers our company we don't need to go out and do this other stuff we actually started thinking about marketing or anything like that no go with 10 years in yeah this is actually Dom posted a photo of his trip to Austin and he saw us recording the first one I saw you were giving them for a while because I was just listening to the podcast we're Jack had to pay me for a bet he owned eighty bucks and I took 80 bus from Jack yeah and he said he bet me something Joel wouldn't Irwin do he bet me that you'll wouldn't go to Australia and then Joel is there and he's like you know I got a cut myself app that lets you know if your plane ticket go to Australia but calling out Jeff and I went to for not paying you back like that was probably like two years later her won a bet with you guys should all the time. I would want if I've been one of the few bets I want one with when Michael owes me $100 but he got you to draw penises all over them making the money always entirely useless my podcast app for some reason they put a blow to the bathroom and he's like give it to someone abusing to play audio from other podcast you can also go to an ATM and deposit that was not me to text podcast 1:40 and it you actually talk about Gavin who is this little smidge that was still in England and you'd made a series a bet with him a hundred pounds at a time and jam record like $2,100 in Bets with you why don't you just went by I'm leaving and go back to the US are you a hundred quid 2120 quit the quit is in bad shape right now it is I like it is it that that I want with you it was for $5 and this was when you're feeling empty be and we are just sitting on the couch drinking a bottle of water and Gavin said I'll bet you $5 that you won't pour water to that camp cap you still at on your jeans and I said okay and it was just the most uneventful thing ever free of drama FTM said about gemstones how to have to hunt it was about Keira Knightley being in Star Wars the release date of the Super Nintendo or something like that is like a video game console like when it came out don't ever bet against that's my recommendation WWE did you see that. Now the USA that the UK can cancel brexit oh really is it going to be a second referendum I don't know what you mean like the agreement and all these last few years because Dad remember the first time I went when I met you it was almost everything is only 5 lbs can I paddle be like $400 and 400 pounds is like that's so is such a rip-off for England what is a quarter percent markup for being you know the greatest civilization in the world has no right to the Cubs worth of Courts right would never charge like 300 lb instead of $400 would when is it big enough Gap like a $400 will be like at 350 Grill pricing the same as tonight is brexit going to happen or not why you asking me how are you this bad at declaring independence like every other country in the world has declared independence from the UK do they have a lot of experience of knowing how that works and what is their turn like we're like they ran under the ships gravity went to Chuck it overboard went what's the equivalent of what's going on in brain Peter H has the update they can revoke the invitation only by either another word for by parliamentary vote for the UK government would have to vote down the deal book about Theresa may put in a Romaine government to do it almost no chance of that happening at all said they didn't win by that much either they was 52% was really like U games left thigh and Theresa May is voted out then will be the wild card and it turns out that almost every promise that was made about it with a lie great deal with based on a lie for it on the side of a bus that never enough people vote for that alone. At least one the whole thing and then and then when it came the next day they're on TV by immediately that's going to take a couple of decades we vote for president based on the fact that woman might have written an email Ripley that was a year-and-a-half of emails could be something in the email because they're gone a private because they're gone what are we going to get these emails right I mean it's like very fucking secure because we don't have these goddamn emails to change the course of our country so I heard you send your boyfriend so I killed you watch The Walking Dead fucking lame sending gifts to her grandmother and I don't know much about the process but if there was some meddling involved in the election and that is how it goes if there is I'm not making us in our election in our elections discovered to be meddling and he one based off of that what would happen nothing in Senegal and it wouldn't matter this point all the decisions that he is made as president nothing would happen to a decision to the weight supposed to work is that it's like the checks and balances like he's not supposed to put anything in a place without the assistance of the legislative branch weight supposed to work the next president can change the executive order if you have Congress in your favor especially the house if you'd lineup but that not even really nothing will happen if you have it where there's a disparity it's either Call of Duty spend their time trying to fight or trying to get the person out of Chief, I guess give a talk the other day maybe over the weekend somewhere New York and he was talking about and he was saying that you know he doesn't always get us know anything about the Mueller investigation doesn't what's going on there but he said that he hopes that anything that stems from that does not happen until after 20 20 and that Americans need to vote Donald Trump out doing normal election he said that he does not want to see an impeachment done while he's in office because then his supporters will feel like there's an illegitimate some type and I was like having to go to the pool and actually vote him out to see if there was an impeachment and he was kicked out of office cuz I don't think that Trump would go the Nixon route no I don't he would resign I think you would go to Clinton route and say, touchable you know it's fully impeached and convicted of in the house from office that would be a w nightmare no one's ever been impeached but not found guilty correct that's the way that works correct he was technically he was impeached but remained in office because he was not funny how much taxpayer money an impeachment costs it listen here's the thing listen to brexit in general and that's the problem at all Tech now is that it got us help it again for the same thing that all these people fucking Washington or just a bunch of fucking parasite losers honestly they just stuck away money they're about to get in the healthcare we all don't like them for different reasons but we all definitely don't like them you know what is a handful of exceptions super powerful senators are like I fucking hate this guy that's not happening that is definitely not immediately walk that away like I think as soon as you got a fuel picked up on it I would eat red pistachio talk about campaign promises and like checklist of it was a big deal whether or not a person who ran for office fulfill the promises they made while they were in the profit first hundred days and then first year in and also build a wall and make Mexico pay for it okay to say something and make a declaration if everyone knows it's not true is that an okay thing decision that they go Elon Musk going to Mars you should have Ally jaw on his desk who would have to fill it it's Elijah is a bad thing cuz like you lied to put money in I just wish the truth was more important it is and everything like no one gives a shit about the truth and its really annoying they they feel like they know the situation says it's like they know why it's okay to do what they did to say it just didn't happen you know they mean it's like they want to get to the end results of hate the phrase my truth is that it was at a phrase now where was like that's my truth is that you visit the truth it's my treat alternative facts that shit like that thing that took place that took place tell me the truth one way or the truth yeah we have very quick Evolution from we should analyze our information to now it's just basically don't believe anything and if you believe anything you're a sucker and that's kind of a scary place to be in but when I see videos of like you know real-time facial mapping you know where they can remap somebody's face and make him stay where they make him believe what you see any more you know about this live action Sonic the Hedgehog live action is clearly not live action it's just live action doesn't mean very realistic CG it means live-action actual living things it would 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hashtag RT Squarespace and you might be from the podcast to so here's a few are famous person at kill underscore arm nice next up we have at Karen underscore rice and finally we have at selfish gift though thanks for showing us your thoughts and thanks for the Squarespace for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast so it's just a teaser it's just like a minute-long like all the toys are holding hands looking at each other and then the cameras that kinda around between all of them and then he gets to like a spork that has like googly eyes and like feet taped on to it like I shouldn't be like I don't belong to you yeah and then everything but the cat doesn't show anything I don't know what it's going to be about I'm guessing it won't involve Andy or any of the original human characters Sid Phillips all the toys were given to boy playing a Toy Story 3 toys are given to that other little girl it's like a hardcore like a realistic gritty reboots and he's addicted to heroin addict dies and the. Toys R Us event on the drug dealers who the drug manufacturers million dollars but but my mom didn't take the money there's one person in your life when you see on a regular basis that whenever they're in your presence you have a Toy Story effect where you but you're paralyzed and you collapse on the floor but every time he's around somebody who's consistent like nag you know if you could be at your mom how would I get anything done if it's Meg you have to take it was raining like that would you rather have while they're all like Rap God it's so it's so close I forgot about that. It was a long time ago funny. A long time ago I know that's not true I'm looking it up right Jim Varney when he died do you see the Live Action Toy Story Burnie died in 2000 that was that was Toy Story was in the 90s so it was you did Toy Story 1 and 2 when you go see a movie so Don Rickles American comedic Legend but they'll still find a way to replace the Toy Story that is live-action did you get Jeff Foxworthy what is that Toy Story the movie stop action know just like they may be some stop motion it's alright it's the most after I've ever seen where they reshot Star Wars but they gave everybody 6 seconds of it and people that made your own well they have you were signed I think so every six seconds if he's changing Lifestyles and why some people are cardboard sometimes it's animated and it's just it's a great idea what time you want what's an easy one to get in the trash compactor and eyeballs Star Wars midi-chlorians get explain if you like that scene where they give you the big long Exposition about the final battle about the Death Star trench in all that traffic in episode 1 in the fight was the end of waiting for the things. waiting like this don't ever seen one day at the red barriers like we need to separate Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan in a way they'll be separated and he's Red Gate oh yeah cuz he comes back feels like spider bite turn up that ends up happening in Cannon did you get paid for that black money in my Darth Maul spider legs movie that had some inspiration from The Slow Mo Guys video in at Blade Runner what was that what was the thing they were inspired by underwater explosion underwater explosion but I was told that after the movie came out in the movie inspired by it right thanks me for people with sweet me stuff and it'll be like slow motion right thing and get emails from people who actually were inspired like that was that okay go music video was like very heavily inspired by your stuff thanks a lot like he doesn't have to send me that e-mail I'm Blown Away Play the song but at least buy the whole thing isn't really fast in real time with the other music I don't know how they keep making them because they're also created the first one the first one I saw was a treadmill and then there was the when the morning comes with the big Rube Goldberg machine that goes on for fucking ever with ends in the pain comes yeah yeah and then what the band one that they just they keep like hopping cell I don't know how they do it the music video industry music videos I think it was a good outlet for that that video format he was dead and we just put it on TV anymore it's definitely like a good bite-size thing it's a good video it's the right length to watch online by the question what is Viva the music network is stopping assist just uploading their own videos why is it will Viva are used to be I feel I feel like some people I was in the right thing to give a shit about you tube in they have to pull the right music license for psych yourself. It takes a while for the buyer know there was a Marvel game that had Wolverine and it was like that's where they got up the next man until I get to The Avengers Universe Miss Universe video game easier to get the license for Marvel Superheroes for video games that was for movies Vivo is a joint venture among three major record companies you're my biggest account on YouTube by far as being deprecated did The Avengers trailer get the most views within a 24-hour. Than any other video that it's slow down YouTube commenting system there so many people commenting on it that like YouTube had to tweet and then said it was because of thank you next week or commenting on it up a lot of old movies that were some of my favorites growing up a lot of Mean Girls in there. big fan she has her audience my fear videos YouTube and it was really work before four days ago current at 7.7 million dislikes I think people just using it to express their dissatisfaction with YouTube I don't understand why some people were in it like I know that Will Smith Vlogs now but it was annoying to see him start off start off that way I can use your best yet who is has already been doing it before I guess he was already a celebrity but he has been doing a ton of content rewind is people who are specifically YouTubers they put a lame best a lot of that platform and something it's like you have to think about when you choose to do those things is that there is some kind of N2 that are there some other side of that like I was cool to do this but then there's going to come a time three or four years down the road or YouTube doesn't want you to do it and they get to decide whether or not you're relevant about like handing that over to other people you know ahead come along and today did you guys want to do rewind we probably would have said yes and not pass up at the same time it's like I'm glad I miss side of the equation I'm not sitting around waiting for you to not put me in it you know what the people every year it's like that one one year that phone doesn't ring and it's one more fucking thing that person's got to think about you know is the fact I know now I'm not in the fucking YouTube video that's what I'm Gavin this year honestly that thing is like people are just adding people they were seen a definite backlash against the YouTube influencer supposed to be like a celebration it's not really gone agenda just like I would like they were all talking at that there's like a a portion of the video where they were all talking about something like as if they were being interviewed video which I was pissed that none of the full fortnite YouTubers run it are they did a whole thing up for me like the biggest YouTube only fortnite people one in it I got a million Subs but I want to see minutes of it and I didn't recognize a single person other than that I feel like I'm out of touch with you to 23 seconds to go into a shooter I had to be like sending footage cuz I couldn't make the shoe day what are you doing whatever I think I just dive in front of a Green Sheet then I guess I just because we brought yeah I was like a bit even slow it'll last longer and I learned and I've seen the sense is that Gavin pointed out that people always with her big thing about shooting anything is the schedule in the day and stuck his move back in the back apparently the slo-mo shots always get moved back here is this what they always pushing to the end but SoMo especially for that high speed needs a lot of light so you can't wait until the sun's going down the film the stuff and Gavin could bring this up and brings up but I've seen that ever since then people always push it because it's a specialty shot will just save it till the end and things like that in real time doesn't take hardly any time at all so you like you helped him like it remind them that yeah I think our program director came from but I have to change that to light switch out the side song from that rewind slavery up they like sneakily replace the song 2013 Dam in 2014 that's coming up on 5 years ago half of our podcast we're done here so that when it's what are the companies I've never been in before and it was full of people have never seen before because that might be where I think was all the blue contact with the Glazer team they made all free now so you can watch all of it so you never seen it before anyone a chance I believe so it's like it's find some time to go watch it but I think I think based on what I'm reading is that they're moving away from that premium model and I think the YouTube in the next couple years ago to be maybe return to form of what so what the big arguably a mess right now the premium benefit was just primarily then and free and you can download in regards to RoosterTeeth a lot like with first feelings first worth it I'm watching content I participate in a lot of different sites going all the way back like the late 90s of like being Homestar Runner fan being on Fark you know those kinds of things and whatever I paid for a subscription for YouTube every month is like was YouTube red or read your premium is it worth it in my answers are the same as it's always like YouTube's worth it like I get to I want you to know much $10 a month to watch YouTube is worth it to me like that service is worth it regardless of where the prophy start music I do like the fact that when I see someone else watching it and then I remember oh yeah I used to have ads on this or the best feature that I dread the most is downloading videos in the app to play later but to me it's like 10 bucks a month it's like I get so much value or just in general it's like it's like it's already a fucking steel at ten bucks a month premium worth it was boarding a plane so happy to pay for that keeps going then that's enough for me for offline viewing yeah you can swipe the thing and it skips it's backwards when I get back or just a lot of debate over that it's because I'm used to tap the side of the screen that I want the bar forward or backwards or sliding the screen if I was to like 2 minutes and then you like I was like why is this the wrong way and you watch this life every Monday night at 5 p.m. on the bus where they can watch us on Thursday is our live holiday Extravaganza Thursday 6 p.m. Central Library for on Christmas holiday Extravaganza live Extravaganza had a lot of fun. Brandon I think it's a it's going to be live for everyone on roosterteeth.com yeah so you ever see that, you'll see it for free there and then I think I've got to go see like a little short little window on First on demand and then free watch on Rishi. Com to put this on YouTube just be recording stuff like that don't get too much to do if I watch the final version of all that fancy perhaps we had a lot of fun employee test audio what's good to do you like the best back on it is it a holiday Extravaganza circular 6 p.m. central fight