#523 - The Holiday Party Crashers

Join Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss the Licki cat brush, the RT holiday party, best movies of the year, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2018-rooster-teeth-podcast-523

Recorded: 2018-12-18 20:00:00

Runtime: 01:34:32 (5672.78 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 523 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com welcome area this week brought you buy 23andMe Dollar Shave Club and that I'm not supposed to walk to the yea I know I don't like the side my off-time Blaine so we had the war Christmas travaganza happened last Thursday in the first the first of the show and I was on the last sketch hi hey what's up how you doing we brought back some classic characters the vaguely Northeastern New England cops don't even know what accent we use for that but we brought that back so between the first sketch and I had about it was the fast show it's like 20 minutes between those two sketches I went in really quickly shave myself this this this mustache look like the character from Walking Dead in that first class guess I also save myself what's that you did yeah we're doing like cool holiday stuff before profile it is baby poop I see you there Brazzers we do go cleanse our mental palate we have a special guest joining us here in a second. I'll help you get past that before those are you listening goodbye cat to watch that video you can just listen to my description Barb is taking a party Size Twix a miniature Twix and like sucking it in and out of her mouth and it looks fucking disgusting it's like a turd that can't make up its mind it's right it's like the groundhog see its shadow going back into the melee coming back out to eat I like to taste it and then not taste it and then taste again constipation mean constipated every now and I'll sit there and I'll power through it and then I don't know if legs have anything to do with it but do just that works for me yeah I mean I think I may have you ever actually squatted to shit but I was tempted to you when I was in Japan because they had two different bathroom types it actually is a lot easier when you're squatting but it helps I guess they got this the diagrams is that a patent to thing have they are there generic version Fitness so have you heard the have you heard the philosophy of the third world squat which is not shiting but like people will just another country's they just squat sit and that it's like there's people that will now do that they won't take the charity more than just squat when they need to sit for prolonged apparently if you do it long enough you can just do it so we have a podcast a real squat the whole time to ground if we got a microphone stand I will promise to sit the rest of the podcast Squad you don't want that I am going commando right now so it would be pack underwear so why would that affect us a moment a very thin layer of cotton isn't how do you say not blocking your junk for me or micro modal fabric before but going commando in jeans if you're a girl is wildly uncomfortable because the seam is usually right where we learn something about John Reisinger turn on spot team know about it or like there was something what do you like on your ball sack know then you have to like walk like he was like a cowboy all the time because you need that like show me and he wouldn't it just smooth like that no more. I miss seeing that all I should do that pretty I'm pretty sure going to see mare was going to see him we have a pretty wild worked but if I ever saw any of my co-workers junk that would still be weird to me know your enemy names I need somebody who worked in an environment where there was one guy who is really funny and she said and you're still hilarious like somebody to be in a meeting and you hear on the glass like knocking you look over any of his balls and one of his balls out I was like anybody did that here that would be like if I did not give him his $100 CBS destinations into it so she versus fire to fire him with cause and withhold his under $20 severance package but there are friends that were definitely see my balls cuz I do this thing that I used to do in high school where you just talk it and then you bend over I shouldn't talk about that sounds like a really bad and you take your balls and tuck them backwards yeah you took him back and then I like your butt hole it can either have like the thing you know you took both and that's equation and then the other one I am well I mean if you're taking your dick between your legs you got to take your ball because it is but I could talk and I think like miles Chris Cole and the friends who were going to spend not at work but not during company time that I do this so malebolgia thanks to you haven't seen probably been like I'm a read my lips for you very true we act like we don't we look who's here you got a bigger earmuffs much so much the cat is back today and which was actually brought back for just a visit but it turns out there's a purpose for us to be here today we wanted to surprise you Bernie and he's going to be here so it kind of surprised me grab it Bush ask about this on the podcast a few times he's entered the Terrible Twos for a fish for a fish or a cat the cat tongue two times on the podcast where you put it in your mouth and you can lick the cat we we had a cat that we were going to have you were going to ask you to lick its it got some fur on it so here you go. All right how to use this thing clear before after me Ash have you ever have you ever want to lick your cat now you can without the fur Vault secret you could have always looked at if you really wanted to know how you feel about this bud in which is bigger in your mouth down one more time Capital lips inside your lip is Lourdes Terrace you got it. So that's right that's my fetish I got a really good grip on it I love it love it no it's best he psycho dad what you do to me that is not enjoyable I don't feel like I'm any closer to my age than I was before this one thing Advantage I can see that is that you have both hands to keep on the cat who is probably not wanting to get brushed it so then like a freezer and guys so much man it's okay though like I was being too terrible twos where he he has two modes essentially he has one or he's completely racked out almost asleep and just laying there and so docile and he's like a total Cuttlebug the other mode and there's no in between the other emojis like the Tasmanian devil of all teeth and explain everything that he can find so glad he's near us maybe he's really fast I buy the stuff he's looking at all over Christmas decorations but most have been great he's been he's been right Away Great Cat he's a very kindred spirit of Jodie Katz because I have a photo of Joe from the old office he's sleeping on one of the red versus blue controller with a pillow and then Bush did the same thing while I was playing and he climbs up in my lap and then just put his head on my controller while I'm playing and falls asleep bumping his head is moving and everything is like looking over his eyes are just so wild he's a great guy. He's really cute dog I tried to get her to come by and I was so close to our mutual friend who Fosters else who has the same breed of dog and he came into the office and marketing office in his like dog excessive brother who's up for adoption and I'm really hoping someone at the office a job Sim so that you know if I wanted her to visit him or if someone needs me to look after the dog we can still be like within the family and he sent me the link and it looked it up and it was like the cutest fucking dog I've ever seen and I was like it's an imperfect dog to adopt a small you like manageable you can't have it on jealous because that dog is skittish and afraid of a lot of people but when I walk in and like it'll come right up to me it doesn't bark at me like something my lap because you're such a tall person to feel like a bigger and more imposing you be the more scared of little dogs stay with me it's funny every time I would go over to Adam Bears house Rebel come right up to me to grab Attorney office in game lights little tip in question for a cat that's always get to about the same right now we got him he's like a pain in the ass do they have this is a dumb question do they have DNA testing for a cat can you tell a lie 23andMe for have caused that dog by your stinking use a purebred and then it was not a purebred I did not want a purebred okay and it turned out it was no I don't think I just feel like it would be the same trying to get the same dog and there's so much that goes into it like so much as far as I'm sure you know they're their genetic makeup the corporates a lot into their personality but there's a lot that happens in their life I think that's changed animals have personalities that don't necessarily translate it's like they could be raised by the same owner in the same household but I like to be completely different personalities like a weird experience with the same dog if I wanted you know what I just get another dog like dogs and ourselves Scrappy tell if you know if those two they have a really funny relationship memes like Snoop Dogg's beautiful people still have you really thought of their shell ranked in terms of overall like patreon did you like the two hardest jobs are that in twitch when people who stream 8 hours a day for 7 days a week for your the person responsible for creating content and pleasing a very demanding audience is difficult it was a virgin article that Freddie Wong was tweeting over the weekend that was talking about how I want is I forget the exact number but I want to see if you get 25 constant viewers what your Twitch streaming in a month that you're in the top 99% of twitch streamers traveling from their talking about screaming like she wonders what the formula is like what's the bare minimum number of viewers you need to have to cover costs like your electricity your bandwidth affect the hard cost that you don't think about that are associated with going into doing that line of work if you don't think about it but you really need a good number of years it's not like he's going to turn on a camera fire if your computer and if we start making money and there's three or four right now at 99% for everybody else the distribution I don't know the exact figures with tools like selling them you learned that if you hold 25 CCV for a month that puts you in the top 1% of all streamers the top 25 thousand years and never have more than 5 CCD never have more than 5 stuff like most people don't have 10 followers if that Twitter has to be around a little longer so still have bought this Halo people as well but it's just the yea it's those are those are normal numbers you know about social media I just like that number because your kids are grown up with it the girl with the number next to name I did not grow up with a number and that's a weird thing we have to acknowledge that your name and his number is 4 likes or whatever I mean I think our generation was dipping into that was like Myspace and Facebook likes between Snapchat Instagram and Twitter just say that the other day I was reading the New York Times and this is an actual headline from The New York Times I can believe it 48 of the coolest kids in New York that's really when you and I were kids Gus if someone put out a ranking of how cool the kids in the score never been like weird and gross we sent a photographer to look for the most fashionable kids in the city should be done on the first day of school and shop for 2 months here are the standouts like what why Instagram stuff like a big hole. I got to make an Instagram account of last year. My Instagram account has barely over a year old and not really used it all that much of surf for funny videos I feel like I should make it was more of a habit you've met how to post me like Twitter recently but I do feel like I shouldn't do that because it just like I get my creative supplement like I'm in a funny joke today or whatever it takes I used to do that with scripts I find am writing less lately so maybe it's an outlet for that but I am thinking about like if you have to ignore that Barbara whatever then it's it's a lot of volume after a while it's like if I just put that amount of effort every day it's like writing something and have a couple novels like figured out from 140 characters X some people have hundreds of thousands of trees like I have like a hundred thirty hundred forty thousand words like 10:12. And even now with 280 being the character limit that's right now it's 280 I thought that was very happy happy when they made it so that URLs and images didn't count in your character to have the big stuff you can now post images directly into a journal poster just a general post now and it's weird how long we didn't have that forever and getting up there and coding it is the last time you take an image that you'll be like 8 megabyte image and yet like a scale it to the other people can see it but there's bots on Reddit and edit gifs into FLV to MP4 something by 23 and me do your arms and legs twitch while you're sleeping with 23andMe sleep movement report you can discover how your genetics may be influencing how much you move your arms and legs during your sleep many people dislike cilantro tastes soapy do you have the genetic markers associated with this tastes here musical note can you sing it back genetics can play a role in that to 23andMe is a personal genetic service that helps you understand what your DNA can tell you about you and your family story do you make it is the perfect gift for everyone you love never been a better way to give the gift of genetic Discovery to your parents or siblings or ask grandparents everyone else on your list with 23andMe ancestry composition report you can explore who are your engineers from out of 150 Regents worldwide maternal and paternal and sisters and how they move around the world over thousands of years specific group of individuals from over a thousand years ago so now through December 25th at 30% off any 23andMe kit or do your DNA kit at 23andme.com rooster that's the number to 3 a.m. bme.com rooster Dennis 23andme.com rooster history report for ever so you can see you like this is an example that you would get so if you ever so you're a hundred percent of 7 what if miss my guess is because I'm all of them East Asian what's the highest percent American Mexico native American Girl doll are my cat Boris of double O7 says blames ancestry is muscles and protein powder as I've always said you trishan is specific to the people genetically got a fucking the otherwise we haven't figured out by now you know exercise to a little bit and sleep patterns and things like that but there's a company that came out it will say hey if we have your genome listen to look at or whatever I will tell you what you should be doing what you're if you're sensitive to carbs for instance are you better for endurance training and it goes until explains all the markers want to do their kit if you already have a 23andMe account like I have weeded them the podcast for me years ago you can just like your check a box and then just pay the fee and it's like grabs your data from 23andMe and you get your report and still that I just did that the other day we we have just might have a lunch we have lunch together for a romantic it's me and Matt and Jeff and Gus and we all go and have lunch it called a 20-plus year friend Club any race has list twice since July Michael I just past 5 years George weird now we have a big company meeting the other day and had a bunch of people go up to get recognized for their five-year anniversary working to RoosterTeeth it was it was cool to see all you guys and I feel like that's when the company really started taking off like seen those people who were up there five years ago I was like that's like pink first year at this building I think we just passed 63rd Jon Risinger adequate take a nap at what happened after the meeting with the company party and also I do remember there was a big place is on Friday or whatever and then right below us yes and right below us was on Level 3 was the Napa Auto Parts like trade show party where is just like car parts in all sorts and everyone in light blue button-up shirts and slacks right so Miles and making Fringe Tree sapling he will fit right in because they just look like just like dudes that would work in an industry you don't look at it guy would work in the human's I feel like I stick out because it did be like who's this metrosexual Guyana like me Eric Alana and Chris got wind that this is going on and we have to go downstairs and we all stuck out we made it in miles is like you guys got to divide and conquer you're going to get a separator also going to call you out and then he like went off into the you know into the party and they have like gambling and churros and Frito pie is like stepping into Vegas so we're like Liza's greats this guy comes up and he's immediately like he looks like pepperoni looks right now with the mustache in a buzz cut and he had this big ol smile he said he had an apple shirt and a purple shirt and a badge and he said a hey who you guys with and then I was like I was like man and he's like oh yeah there's like yep and he was like who do you work for you're pretty slick get out no it's a whole group yeah I do want to work for him then on the way back up we ran into another party and had a photo booth in real life photos taken we like whenever the photobooth we're getting ready to pose like U joint DSi get out of here kids like a minute man running Crashers but holiday party crashers I always know blazing drinking if you like at the end of the night who sang by John and John got in my back and I had to go over the side and I was doing squats with them I'm doing squats and then at one point Eric was like turn around and there was like the hotel staff were like staring at me there's one lady that was like like this and I looked at or nothing doing squats like ass to Grass I think I broke some Christmas ornaments with my bare hands Eric we didn't dare him it would mean Chris Damaris said we heard that no one can break these ornaments with their hands and so he did it go Victor a couple other people that she got her hands full of blood I think I might have cut myself that's why we said we would make it home after the party at finishing weirdest in the ballroom area for another hour and a half to the fire over that one of the things that we did at that meeting was we showed a lot of people in the company some of the beginning of gen:loc clip of that First episodes this is how the war begins Angel 6 it's not a skirmish cuz it's not airspace confusion this is not a terrorist action this is it minions making their play hell yeah I got to do a little hell yeah I know I seen episode 1 twice and if so to one and the second time I saw episode 1 I was still like like it I think I seen it now six or seven times fucking every time I watch the time like I'm enthralled by this production for something oh yeah the first episode first episode was like jumping onto a moving train understand the world is Halo does Witches I play it and I really want to go to the gym and work out cuz I'm so fucking like in there's like cool characters that are like fucking Bros Lake Sinclair scene Spider-Man animation South pretty similar to CG base or 3D bass animation Ruby dealt with this a lot in its first season was when it came out people said it was a good video game cutscene cuz it was so smooth and 3D and everything and so like spider-vers is that 3D style as well but they also would stylized like Judy better do the same thing it's like this new style where the animated situated replicates like traditional anime style very cool set a record for an animated movie in December for Stihl weed wacker tablet I always admire in a movie spider-vers Matrix movies like that when they take what is a really very hard to understand for a broad audience sci-fi concept and they distill it down to where it's totally accessible and spider-vers is the name of its spider-vers is it could have definitely lost some people but the way they went about explaining it works really well and even like the motivations for some of the characters in Pride invoices that were in that they got fucking Sabretooth Liev Schreiber terrible is it true I think it's only open to 7.5 million dollars okay like crazy that's crazy so Aquaman's already open in China and it might be open to other places now after this last weekend is it open like 2 weeks ago a quick thoughts and spider-vers Johnny Carson sweaters if you do not know she was living in Aquaman and back to something earlier my brother-in-law in college I did not my former brother-in-law high school he's calculated the cost of buying His Own Tuxedo which was about four hundred bucks at the time he bought his own tuxedo so that every weekend he can go to weddings you just show up at like this one club in Austin Country Club walk in and tuxedo and nobody would ever stop him and you would just like fill up on food and drinks every 5 for $400 I want to do that now plays as well just go mapa get out of here you should have yelled at the top of your lungs you can't fire me I quit holidays and then just stormed out and then never would have hated that guy for getting rid of you and you like that kind of you work here that I could we talk about spider-vers Aqua Man opened in China and I think it did some ridiculous amount of money in the first day I forgot what it was it was like tens of millions of dollars and and a one that wasn't his bucking stats stuck with me though that was Aquaman open in China on 30000 Street holy shit at its Max was on 6000 I no idea the market in China was that was that I thought the biggest opening I thought I knew I was like 4500 maybe clinic close to 5,000 6,000 it seems like a big deal when when movie starting to come out of more than 2,000 like around the time to Titanic that was a big deal. That's really really lower the first meeting average of this big number 20000 screen China stabbing pirating culture their native Chinese right I think a lot of people in the US are so I'll learn how to watch Aquaman early on 25000 screen nearly half of those available in China yeah the number is 30 Susan 25,000 crazy dude and I kept looking up there was no passade 30,000 spider-vers is it going to get an Oscar for animation too much cuz it's like a whole lotta comic styling and if you're not if you're not into that kind of thing it can probably be really overwhelming so I don't know if it's going to go as wide as a lot of other Marvel Spider-Man send it right Spider-Man Spider-Man OtterBox OtterBox I like Spiderman nothing about I've only seen the trailers I just heard me about spiders man the trailers out if anything's happened where is all the Marvel movies that have come out to date our great superhero movies this is a great comic book movie I mean very much like a living comic book did you say these panels all the time I feel like that's a good way of like pushing the movie also don't like that where they get wood cutting with panels and I went into the Hall of Fame song with an actual Hulk shirt and I came out and I'll just like fuck this movie like to share get on there was a part where a guy explodes and it outlines his body like it's a comedy movie or some shit fuck that movie Man Scott Pilgrim when I turned onto movie was the other one that came out was very super stylized to go almost looked like I was. Monty would have loved it, what the fuck was that movie called nurse. I think I watch the Tiger Hidden Dragon cuz I was like really well good I'm glad to hear that. Jean. Movie because I feel like those things are almost Timeless cuz you can't spot when they were made cuz it's like I was just setting you know like the 1800's so it's like you don't know when he was actually filmed yeah there's some. Things that you can do that are super easy like you can film something in New York can you go to like a street of Brownstones and that could be anywhere from like 1930 to present day and tiny little like a person will work on the corner and that's the big Hub you know they're like in London London London they look like they're from like 1600 Quicksilver movie Kick-Ass was a Kick-Ass 2 Not Grey Kingsman 1 rape cases to don't say this wasn't leaving behind not like Kingdom to my favorite tractor speaker Pascal underutilize Channing Tatum. He's real good with her lasso or something I'm confused 30 Rock with Colin Firth in the second one that's another one I didn't say she loves people were like the first one and the second one what's the movie you'd recommend people you think they haven't seen this year I'll give you mine cuz you have to talk about John Wick reminding me of it you probably haven't seen it doesn't do the upgrade you should go see that that's like that's like better Venom it even has like off all friends on party three or four movies of the year but is it good I saw a couple weeks ago I saw a Korean film called burning which is really good it's got Steven Yeun in it nor from walking did I look up a little but it's a really good really good movie Mission Impossible Fallout and then fucking Paddington 2 do I love Paddington that everyone who sees like Hannah and Elise and everybody's raised about this movie I cried a lot of good movie Paddington 1 game night was good that I think I don't think a lot of people know that Sandy song called The Avengers Infinity War good delivery bar grade was also the first moment I saw that one friend that I had some incredible to that's a great sequel favorite movie I watched it is still the perfectly paced film it never stops are they also another sequel which is phenomenal people just gotten the chance to see if it ends on the notice I say that I don't know what down the Predator holyshit cry but not like I didn't Paddington because it was so fucking bad but the soundtrack to read open I've been working out to it though thank you Alan Silvestri in the other guy quiet places this year. number it opened at 4037 theaters how do you fuck up the predator I don't know I don't know how do you fucking friend to put on mud black panthers good fellow was right and just like he don't realize what it cost like you need a good computer and you need to get internet connection and games and all that stuff but I think really is cost of people already have a lot of the time I think that eats at the most what are you always try to do is try to figure out what was the budget Red vs Blue true budget for Red vs. blue season 1 was buying an extra copy of Halo an extra Xbox know cuz I had two Xboxes Xboxes and so it was like I just had to go back and forth whenever I was in different places who is Abu for fifty bucks which if that's like the budget of Red vs Blue is 50 bucks maybe an extra controller easel maybe so I can get up to a hundred bucks easily the most successful or profitable compared to its budget movie or production got to be ever right cuz something was fifty bucks is going to make tens of millions of dollars will use that shity Commodore 64 display yeah yeah cr4 S-Video he's asked what's the time travel yeah I was made in his entire career and a hundred if you believe what you hear like Alita cost $180 yeah we can live without anything new for that it gets better and better I really I was really worried at the first teaser and I've seen of it it probably is manga Alita battle Angel trailer came on and after the trailer was done exercising fucking crazy little more it's like the general live action movie on Netflix I feel like I need to keep up with movies in order to continue to be on the podcast movies and TV shows right now the barber tailor-made for you call season 2 season 2 marvelous Miss maisel on Amazon yeah it is that's what somebody told me today and I was the same thing like a smoothie or swing by Celiac one page per minute they must write two or three pages per minute because there's so much dialogue overlapping dialogue and it's just like it's so rapid fire every single person who watches that show has message me saying you would like to show about this girl from a Jewish Family who's getting into entertainment and a time when she shouldn't like taking risks of doing comedy it seems like you would love it if you know it just as great a girl from a family and shouldn't be getting into entertainment but here I am periods like 19 late 50s New York city so if I'm parked on the street and suddenly looks like it's 1959 Dollar Shave Club I need to look feel and smell my best I love even more is the fact I never have to go to a store that's because Dollar Shave Club delivers everything I need right to my door and they keep me fully stocked on what are you so that I don't run out Dollar Shave Club with everything you need to get ready no matter what you're getting ready for their got you covered head-to-toe for your hair skin your face you name it they have it now they have a new program where they automatically keep you stocked up on the product you love to use so that's what I do for a Dollar Shave Club shampoo I got a selfie automatically sent to me every month never run out all the time while waiting sage and black pepper sent actually smells so good right now they've got a bunch garter sets you can try for just $5 like their shower start a sentence with include shampoo after that the restock box ships regular size products at regular price so what are you waiting for and get you started it for just $5 right now at dollarshaveclub.com Richie that dollarshaveclub.com recipe for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast and black pepper play I remember to pick black pepper as he meant for something earlier. Kitchen the morning in the morning smells like something burning out maybe I am and I just had a lot of fun in the discussions for it I was very trepidatious quite like that and it was a mix between trying to get those sketches right for a live show but also like working with broadcast to make sure everything was fully functional in and he killed it such a good job but yeah the poop that was from all of us for the Royal we thank you for this holiday Extravaganza I wrote the old blood Goblin one and before that I guess I've never really written anything for her she's so this is my first life to live action it was really really funny I want me know we're at it and we all had that mean a couple months ago I guess whenever I was pissed and read it. It's hilarious and then having Christina that part in our first catch that helps a ton is like it doing that and then doing our usual a short chain gear for the holidays are you looking for ready for the dab that Shepherd Wiseman does added I think of the last rehearsal really low energy one where it was just for broadcasting and angles and we're just walking around like we're just like saying or dialogue stupid and just making each other Giggle and then like I think I did like the dab it was really funny I also like the cut to you doing that was so perfectly timed Prodigy it supposed to cut from her right to me but I couldn't like I did a couple of rotations before he got it nailed I was backstage by shaving is faster kid by the way I'm regretting that now cuz I have this thing on my face because I shaved in my office and I put down a towel and I have the trash can right underneath that matter to look into werewolf exploded what a fucking mood man did you during the your sketch did you say what do you say to baby Jesus when he says the Healer ballsack couple times I really hope he says I got a wicked rash on my ding dong I laugh every time you said that to get fit right at the end after Blaine's already knocked out and Max's baby Jesus is talking and he goes mom give me a beer makes me laugh every time she doesn't she have you got it in the final Library we did rap drinks that night and it was like a cold outside you guys really get his outdoor patio it's 30° people suggested we go to the there's like a a bar that we like that just open up a new location closer to us and there was like it was tax cuz it's show me up inside rooms going higher inside Area was completely full but they had like a huge open seating benches outside and really I guess we'll sit outside cuz they're like 30 people but it was fucking cold it was only cold it's windy I went there the other day to that place you're talking about there was a dog birthday party everywhere you look like you're running around I didn't feel good though because I like store coats in cold equipment stuff in my car but showed up with like his bag full of coat and I was like I felt myself very good night was like happy from the production going and I feel relieved that it was my beer and that was like an ongoing joke because early on we talked about like maybe getting a sponsor for it and we were like we talked with a brewery and they were going to a potential sponsor it and we like all will it will it end of course that deal didn't come through joke in the show where the whole show is brought to you by beer and in death even begin even Matt and Josh were talking like no no no. Well he also like everybody step it up a little for the live performing here like there was all this kind of held back to shave before he went on pulled that diaper straight up his ass and it was like we did that turn around we were watching it over here in like the changing room and I work at a monitor be like after they start fighting he turns around and leaned over like he's trying to gasp for air and I guess in between the scuffle he hyped up even more to make almost like a song but does that delete all of us cover the worm Christmas is now out from the YouTube channel and Unruh Street., so we didn't lie the next day was up on Rashid. Calm and then after that it went to YouTube you maybe want to look at little bit not when I want to look at you in a little bit kitty yeah there is an when you were doing the the tongue thing we had the pool ready for that I meant to to ask the other few hours if they if they would lick their own cat I don't think you like it does help you bond with your cat you can vote if you would lick your cat I just want to set bushes expectations correctly for the rest of our time together like I don't want him to think I might be doing that on a regular basis he gets to get to Rob's Seafood get to be old you please what's going on in John is going to burn a hole in his well if you ever want to lick your cat now you can you can use something called licky licky brush for a long time he does not have the rubber guard in her mouth on the face of course we knew that was wrong we have to be getting a root canal mouth x-rays through the heater. Sophie come here are 30 really pennies and going on does he bark or what the problem might be by the way all so much might see him and come running so far just a couple of tired as animals we discover the secret to a podcast that says little cats and dogs living together miniature Australian shepherd correct and he is four month old right now settling in a just curls back of my hand closer so you can put his head on it super happy about she's like immediately paid off right Ash mean on Instagram Josie. That probably won't go to whole heck of a lot bigger right like he's got a good sense of him being a small dog right about that size is being like but I can blue dogs with black and Young Thug's Calico rice black and brown and white Bernese Mountain Dog I don't think I like everything is just like I want to sleep eyes closed he's out done notice in BT's is fine and Bush we're just like that was so great so freaking cute I know whatever you want to say how do you say the Predator I'm going to slap that dog at your hand Spider-Man on Wednesday I'm excited for that you like it oh yeah I was going to see it on Wednesday to but I have to pre-record the podcast that day you're going to see in the middle of the day schedule a partially open but she's totally asleep I saw on social media yes forever went to see spider-vers go.off so what went wrong but when he got tickets it was for the night after our Christmas special and I was at 7:30 that night at 7 and I said I would love to see the movie but just giving you heads up if people go out for drinks or something after to celebrate I'm going to prioritize that because you know camaraderie and working on this together I'm going to want to hang out with everybody feel like I was like I'll let you know as soon as possible so you can give it to someone else cuz I didn't want to stop him from going to see the movie everybody thinks just like I Fredo you did I usually I don't see the movie but I Was Here I Go Again with me like I'm sure Diamond Authority spent on that movie like whenever we put on a big production like that it's always nice to go out and celebrate after with everybody feeling I enjoyed thoroughly but I don't know that I would recommend it to anybody just because it's like I can see somebody walking at its tell me what movie said that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen you know there's some people who just like won't want the comic book aesthetic and like the people we really associate with much so again I mentioned everybody on my Twitter timeline was raving about it that's because like the people that we associate with people who work with her and in the industry there's a photo partially open where is alive no he's awesome he's like he was racks out and he'll be up in five minutes and he'll be a terror I'll be all over everything, grab Ashley thank you for bringing motion to come visit us I went to a party recently was Chris this is related anything but they had they had cookies out on a table and you were there is like Stephanie's house, there's a couple for you were there and then like also like Polo's birthday things where there's a party going on this weekend where there's a lot of yeah and I've been like I've been like you know a guy better looking hungry and it had like cookies on the snack table but I don't like eating cookies dry so I just asked one of the people that live in the houses like you have milk and she was like yeah and I was like you got cookies I'm going to grab some milk from your fridge all venmo you cuz I know it's like I'm going to drink a lot she was like okay like she was just really confused by but I just was just eating milk and cookies in the middle of this party and people are like the fuck is that can cause milk does diorite I had a great time in just a few looking cookies I got another guy to do it with me and he was he was like this is a great idea they love getting it's very specific thing is this sheet of Toll House cookie dough but it's up to you know the muffin brakes and eat them yeah it's just I hate when they get it cuz it's like I'm just so tempting unit and usually if I'm not paying attention all literally half of it when you're eating them is raw cookie dough chunks you like all this goes down like chop-chop and it's an entire cookie that's like condensed down in the worms did you get worms Ashley not to my knowledge although I've upgraded to the tube is eggs in there that you could eat eggs it sits right product. To do it I work for Rocky one time when I was younger is like earlier my fitness journey and I just started eating eggs rock is like I'd like a lad I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large Gaston song yeah but I can't sing it and get so big I am probably the size of a barge antler ceiling that song I feel it on a spiritual level did you watch the life live action Beauty and the Beast I don't know the actor's name but it's me it wasn't a very thought of his worth he's a jerk to me whoever plays Gaston he looks like evil Orlando Kevin said he's like he he just he looks like a villain guy look at that Park in chin you can land a plane on that thing land up playing on his chin okay whatever you could tastic well so you were talking about your fitness journey what was it you think about you learn from Rocky is your garage like that was dumb as a thing as though she made you eat or drink an egg is like a glass of egg yolks the worst for such a good straight face I was very upset about having to drink that she just handed it to me because I think he was feeling under the weather here is a glass of orange stuff this is not or she's not. Blended them up and gave it to me in the office it was just wish it was weird that like Lindsay is one of the best straight face people ever like she could be telling you such bullshit or do anything like that pranking you and you'll never ever ever ever laying in bed the other day go on knowing you guys have to understand what this is like maybe not you blame but I was laying in bed doing nothing but I'm giving myself excuses why I didn't need to go to the gym and I should go to the gym and of course this is I'm laying in bed I got my fucking phone and scrolling what do I hit but Lindsay on Instagram working out at 7 months pregnant and I'm like I get my ass out of bed and going to working just listen to The Predator soundtrack on you and you know that you'll go to the gym or or wash the scene how many days a week I go most times 3 days on 1 day off because on Mondays office sometimes I've been bugged Ellen up I'll just do like six days straight like six five six times a week in a like climbing I don't know I don't know so he slept in his car and then to get ready to go to the gym basically my Jeep is like really tiny but I took a small nap and have blankets back there and coats and then I got to look at 12 12 minutes and then got my butt in gear is the worst workouts to I gave Gavin a very good gift so I got the bed jet that has like a fan that goes in it but I love that what I got I got this thing I was like it was like x amount for the single zone one side and then it was barely more to get to Zone Stetson what the fuck at the two zones cuz if Ashley likes it and I'll be great when it showed up it was just to think it was just two units so you put one on one side and want to go to sleep. My gosh I said I hate getting into bed when it's cold at night like the initial getting him in the covers are cold so Trevor does the sweetest thing in the world where if I get up to go to the bathroom or brush my teeth or whatever wait a minute key rolled over onto my side and like lays in the covers and like Wiggles around a little bit until I get back so my side still warm by the time I get to Adam or hear about the ship that ever does the word really like how perfect he is for you but also just like I have a boyfriend everyone else involved behind every night but Believe It or Not Austin has the best sushi restaurant I've ever eaten at in my life place called Gucci logo hearing you say in Austin has this great sushi restaurant you're probably in the rolling your eyes right now see here is fine it's okay but whatever Ashley gets out if she gets out of the bed to go to bathroom ceiling ice comes back and see if you touch somebody else and they feel warm that means you're fucking cold as shit that's what that means he'll freezing to them but not rock like from each year I just like Grabber like this like that stuff he's a very good hot rocks that is also brought to buy ring rings but safer you might already know about their smart video doorbell and cameras to protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world service package delivery or surprise visitor to get an alert to be able to see hear and speak to them all all from your phone through the great you can like I said you can talk you can hit a button and you can talk to the person and they don't know whether you're there or not I've used it many times as a listener you have a special offer on a ring starter kit available right now with a video doorbell and motion-activated floodlight cam start it has everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home go to ring.com teeth that's ring.com the ring starter kit can give you the peace of mind you need when you're away from your home yourself and your home with every starter kit get it now at ring.com teeth that's ring.com teeth super cool if you know me I hate talking to people so I can talk to them through a microphone and Camera even better in please leave immediately leave it at the door go away go away looking around there is a service we have in Austin I'm assuming they got more places to get Amazon Prime so it's all Amazon Prime now we get something at your door within an hour like oh shit my mouse just broke I need a new mouse but it on leave them working on a project her writing something so I'll just order a new mouse and it's just shows up as really cool brother default is they just leave it at the door which is like the best default ever know is I can't tell you how many times it's like go and answer the door and there's nobody there because I'm looking package and then rang the doorbell and just laughs or something like that had to call like something in happened where there was a mix-up and we called Amazon Prime now to deliver a bathrobe to a set one-time cuz we needed it for the shoot and it's should I play perfect timing like we need that thing in the bathroom to the actor in it and then yeah yeah we have the receipt which county something to do a quick expensive limbo limbo I was trying to get the dye only five times in limbo achievement and then I had to order a new headset or something I think they tried to get us some from splitter so you could have like you can have like the mic and the audio stuff like some way to get the audio to the stream properly stream and I couldn't hear it by the end of the stream we ordered like on the screen showed up I think it's like if you owe a certain amount and you have Prime it's not that much but it's 695 if you just were like ones that $7 for me having we can't leave and go somewhere movie set right hand where I was in this like super liked me on lit Street and I was like on my iPhone I put away in a electric cars its body made that like you know I'm in the future but yeah it's like I can talk to my lights and I can turn my shit and on and off like future where that happened to be like you've got a smartphone Smartwatch and like I'm talking to Ashley on my watch and stuff like that is exactly like it's not worth having the camera here take it off your wrist locks you got to put a passcode to unlock hey Ash Cosmos doing over for some reason it takes a while doesn't it the first time in a grocery store or just like walking around like the only problem is could you stop interrupting yeah why I feel like it's coming really not did you see that speaking of making fart noises with the ship that Tesla. Sometimes they add a farting Easter egg to the car now a farting noise audio plays from like that side you did it do you make us look like this morning I couldn't unplug my car for the power how much do you like hit the button turns white make a promise of mine when I first got it but the one I have now is that she I trade in my old one got this one and the first one open the trunk on it I had to like it a manual release for the cables do it and I was like what kind of weird about that beta testing for a lot of people I drove Kerry's car the other day for first-time car got one it looks like the iPhone 10 get a car and then a year later they have a better version it's like mine was like the 20,000 model 3 built and he was already like 220,000 like it really started cracking those things out already and it's not even every year it's like they're just costly iterating in like I live in a world now where it's like I get all these updates cuz the software for the car updates like an operating system and it tells you all the features since like my car cuz I don't have that Hardware like I told you that you had to guess what it would be cool if you could do now I pull up the mat in the parking lot cuz he just got one to another guy talking about it he's like you know they're making electric like SUV like Jeep looking things I love my Jeep will be sign was it you or Adam who was saying that they waved to a park Jeep accident Toyota Tacoma vs Jeep Wranglers and how they have these two like very strong cultures but like Z people are kind of unbearable they like rice burner dudes like are the guys that upgrade their cars and stuff like that I don't think I'm that bad though not yet I think my doors off of the time at the top with thinking about this my pick up that I have my old Ford that I had before I got the sedan's eat these cars I've had that since 2010 if he doesn't then he's going to going to be the car that Jenny drives it's 8 years old I had a car it was a 1982 Datsun and I got a 1988 that thing was like I pulled it out of the fucking junkyard and it's just like cars last so much longer now than they used to like at 8 or 10 year old car before was a rusted-out piece of junk falling apart would stop at every stop light and the engine would die. So crazy how much longer cars last and look good and warm places like I said back in Canada the salt in the snow and everything like that is cars about fucking busted after 2 years old I don't I never thought of that car is being sold or they wondered what happened your Prius I've seen you just like we talked about like a place I can rest place they don't deserve this you know and those are like regular commercials you see living in the North or anywhere with salt on the road is like Rusty Jones and regular services for rust fixing them like tire chains for putting winter tires on truck before I give it to him nice off of my car or taking it out of snow before having to drive anywhere I do not miss that one bit I love the subreddit idiots in cars I fucking love it make you angry in cars recently was somebody to clear the ice off the top of the car that got on the freeway and it comes up in this massive sheet and it smashes the windshield of the car behind them it's been coming to smash the motherfuking video today this thing is crazy it was a bunch of cars were on lined up on the site as really told the cops because there's a high-speed chase but didn't get any of the other cars off the road I just had a mole pull over to the side hit the spike strip and it just like this big like 180 spin in flames right into the guy who's filming it's fucking crazy horrifying how could you not see this coming since before but the rims on the same car why it's like it's like he's in combat like it was a greaser the blade, where was it that we had a real train my dog going to really rain tonight in Austin recently and I was going to this concert thing I just want to come to their playing Akira with live since music fucking badass pick a movie so I'm going there and it's like super rain and stuff like that and I'm at this light and I sure this bump in the back of my car and live well fuck I just got hit so I can look back there and I like waving a person feel like I see that like right past this life that we're at is a parking lot and I was looking at night signal to go in there so I pull in and this guy instead of doing it without using a turn signal Just Whipped out through that down that road he wasn't going to like stop for like 2 to hit and run and I'm in my Jeep in like there's nothing between me and the road in the parking lot except for like a curb and stuff like that so I look look to make sure it's safe and I just like a fucking mounted the curb and went over on the road and I think maybe he's going somewhere else and then this guy thought I was like chasing him yeah I mean but I thought you was going to go somewhere else to the fucking hit me so I can do is no space to see so then he like it when it's a sin to a park like a neighborhood street without doing signal and he's going like fucking 45 and at that point I'm just like it is not worth it by killing someone so I just like are you very distantly I was like if I run into him again if I see him again and great but I stopped like a pretty good but he hit my tire so there's no reason but I hit it sucks be careful when you the rain that would have been the extent of it but it's kind of like killed Selena Crockett not worth it I saw hell yeah dude it was on a Bronco associated with a car my car I never had like a drink are growing up so I never I don't know anything about cars I hardly know any make and models of cars and look what my dream car do but growing up I was wanted a convertible don't know the year it's a lot better on paper than when you have it in Practical you just don't do it as often what are you pushing car it's always going to rain there yeah yeah I mean like maybe not too specific one that I have but the thing is I'd rather have a classic version of the vehicle that will just remain remain the same time piece vs like what you guys are going through words like oh I just got this nice cheap and it's out it's way better now I feel bad about this whole deal with issues later on a 64 Chevy pickup when we are growing up and it had this really cool feature were in the trunk seats would fold up and they would become like full CC sitting but facing out the trunk window so me and my brothers used to sit in the seats all the time and like we were just like wave at people will the red light and I realize growing up like a really bad prank I could have told us like to bring a sign of him is that help me oh my God I never did that I would never do that to my parents but I really think it would be weird it looks like like a mix of a Hummer in a jeep yeah yeah Wranglers so is that that's what the size on Facebook 2019 Jeep Renegade I'm not sure it's the first of the dinner but I'll get it this is actually if I drink are the Hager Hoggard three wheel vehicle no it's not looks like it was that concept came out my 2003 it looks like somebody tried to make the warthog that's pretty fucking cool that looks like it's like they just made it and then they just never produced it just to show that was called The Lion thing yeah but see them in Australia Persia show take Devin it's true we're going to give me that light back up again you know what is associate that line with is Lowenbrau beer Coupe utility vehicle looks like a boot from Australia but they sold it in Brazil drug advertising about this literally jacked me to 20 minutes ago it's a picture of a Tesla that says I love this car so much I've had it for over half a year but nearly 9,000 miles and I still grin every time I sit in it were talking about Tesla I got to say it's an evangelist work cuz it's a really good price I get mine every time I'm happy with it great put the down payment on it and I'll pay you back maybe possibly to the owner next time you see us we got to wrap up then we got to go to the dealership by everybody