#524 - Chris’ Soup Incident

Join Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, and Barbara Dunkelman as they discuss Santa Claus, falling down, favorite movies of the year, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2018-12-25 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chris Demarais, Jon Risinger, Barbara Dunkelman


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 524 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com Hey fat ass this week DC Comics stamps.com and up star I'm Chris I'm John and if you're watching this life is you had enough of your family and a half hour and a half long tube to watch the podcast I hope you're enjoying your free time tomorrow I guess this will be the day that this comes out for first members did you see that sweet that the UPS Store made that everyone had to delete that everyone's giving him ship for they sent a tweet when was it a few days ago when it was December 16th they tweeted if your child addresses a letter to the North Pole you can leave it with us we do threading that's a little too real who thought even for a moment that was a good idea that's really funny. It's hilarious funny penis small group of not on your life that your public National brand yeah what a bunch of idiots I don't think anybody who would send a letter to the North Pole would be old enough or on Twitter or want to know where the UPS store so I don't think that tweet like for all of any sort of magical everybody I just think it probably ruin someone's job because they got the stuff like that, but what did parents think happened you just don't you don't publicly say things like that I'm sure parents have their own shredders at home or in the garbage or whatever who cares what did you say it like that like that maybe Santa will yeah yeah let's not rule it out as a possibility is it like that's what I'm thinking and I'm getting close to having one of those I'll tell you they're over there are they got headphones on the Rover and yeah I remember when I tell him not to bring them out here like to Trevor's place for Christmas your family's place is a ten-year-old brother and I addressed the gift that I got to his brother from me not okay but I'm done as far as like how my family is that there are there are specific special thanks for having me over for Christmas by the way this is from me not standing you never had like no I never celebrated Christmas that that's how it works I just realized that I know that I mean I've known of Jewish families celebrate Christmas as well so it's not unheard of the moment I found out that there wasn't Santa well I went up into the attic at one point and that's where the attic was Chris Koster thought has loans Highway up into the attic and then I saw a bunch of Cardinals are Easter Bunny baskets and I like that the Easter Bunny would bring it and I was like I had it was like confronting my mom I was like what is it was like what is this why are the Easter Bunny basket stop in the Attic until everything came crashing down how did Easter work where did you were given a basket full of goodies the Easter Bunny would drop basket with candy in your house then did the Easter Bunny come back and get them in Secrets but I don't know I don't know I don't know I didn't think about you come to a conclusion meant that you were under the inclination that the baskets somehow I was probably like 7 to cover that first number one time at Christmas we are we are watching TV or something and all the sudden cuz we put in a reindeer food out in the yard classes like your food you put like I don't care. There's like nothing on the roof you know and then and then my mom was like oh my goodness it's it's alright so I waited like an hour and then I like snuck out my mom is vacuuming and there were no present that was like why are there no presents why it's not good at me you care of the middle Santa and elves like that in that up and then when I saw the Easter Bunny basket your mom said like how to tell if you like martinis like on the roof because these days I don't know how any kid still believes in Santa Ana our light doesn't get the information that is fake just from being there access to a lot of information online and information I mean I think I think the answer is that is the opposite of what this tweet is in that there is a general like rule that would be viewed things and things on TV if you're ever on TV during Christmas neck anything with anybody could be watching you don't say those things you don't say that he doesn't want to say that kind of stuff and so this is this is this is very specific thing you have to download and wine and liquor stuff and we have an adult and so they also make it I'll take everything in stride it I swear if I told him they did exist Adecco cage I still get presents yes that's that's fine yeah they don't care if you watch the news the news will never ever say that Santa isn't like that you know and Santa is not real have a good night then say there's no billboard that plays this public game of you don't spoil speaking of which, let's talk about something we did that animated thing that came out a couple weeks ago animated it was Bernie Jeff and myself and a different scenario by guess and Jeff scenario was super law so funny super involved right here actually reported the audio from plane was directing US Uniform arson aerosphere to record all the audio and the crazy that way if you could animate and you don't tell Jeff what to do or what not to do and I think just talked for over half an hour setting up his fucking scenario and it was just like excruciating pain was going to the most minuscule detail and the you know recorded the whole thing over time and blanket training record brought all of this got to stop got to stop but he wouldn't screw done and then comes over let's do another one for you don't say Ronan Farrow Eagle what a fun guy is strange with Jeff there is like I feel like there's two different Jessie you get but you don't get to know which one you get that day and what is there's Jeff that like he's down to just do whatever he just like he just acts like it I'll do it ready just chill Rose whatever stupid thing that you got going on and then there's the Jeff that you get that's like that we're telling us to do something he does it and then ask him if we can do it again because nope and 1/2 San Justino says I'm out of here like you just don't know which one you're going to get that day yeah how do I get that sort of power here foundational setting where that you've said his expectations what you are as well as it's got to be married with a position of power you get away with more what can I do I think you've actually become like more jinxing this but I think you become actually like you seemingly become a little bit more like Loki and just like collaborative disrespectful or even more just like respectful now as people was it in the room right now no it was some sponsor deal that they wanted to do and I was like I think this is a terrible. That's funny I can say I remind myself that when I said jinxing it I jinxed myself a couple days ago yesterday I hurt myself at the gym really bad but the reason why it dawned on me that I jinxed myself done was that I woke up that morning and I took a stupid picture of my leg sticking up straight in the air and post it on Instagram story and said I'm up cuz I was up at like 6 in the morning so I was just loopy and just being dumb on Instagram and then I went to the gym and I climb out of Bouldering Gym and that's a normal thing for me to do and I go up and down walls and party all the time and end the gym is like probably padded floor the entire gym is a giant Crash Pad it's an extra spongy one that as long as you just like roll into the fall or just laying on your back your fine cuz I'm fed of the balls get to maybe like 15 feet high and I fall from the top and it's no big deal however there was this one guy was in the back corner that wasn't made up of like a normal grips volume which are basically geometric shapes they can screw into the wall that make the walls more like textured and have different kind of you know part of the Jedi don't like that is really fun cuz it makes it much more puzzle and so I was trying this one over and over again and kept failing and I tried on the weekend I fail to feel this failed it and so finally I thought I'd figured out a place of my foot that would fix it and I go to get up there so I get about three-quarters of the way up some about like 12 15 feet off the ground and I try my move it actually works for the problem with these volumes is that off and they're harder to grip onto with your feet than the actual spider actual hold on the wall by split and I fell getting what you be normal worst thing usually happens if you get a little bit like a ever almost like a rug burn from the degree for the walls know there's there's like hopefully there's a general rule that you constantly give everyone a wide berth as you walk on the gym to walk underneath people not mean to scare me like that they're fucking kids run around there like every weekend and I'm and I'm like I'm going to kill a child eventually I'll die as like you know what's going on man falls on it kids are penalty that I was on a wall that there was more stuff sticking out so as I felt my right foot caught the volume so my body kept going down but my foot caught in my legs kept going up so instead of a nice just fall back I fell cut my leg to my knee went up and then that even just means I landed bad in like even my neck is sore because of Highland in the ground and so I bought my life is a bad in the establishment nice and they gave me ice packs and everything but as I'm sitting there on the couch in the gym with an ice pack I look down is the same leg that I take a picture of it sticking up and then just died that morning kind of creepy yeah and so I just took another picture of it cuz the first one said I'm up this taking the pictures that I'm down I did a fall and it hurt and it hurts right now still did you see that video of the woman falling will be wearing those really high high heels oh no I haven't seen him in like a like a half it even questioning because that's this actually came up when I felt was the good thing about working on the mornings at the gym that's just terrible every single time I don't want to watch her with her right foot do not watch her right foot one of my favorite videos all time like that is it was from some fashion show and there's a model whose wife and she composed herself and then starts wobbling again even more but her feet are just going likes it basically until she ends up falling but the lead up to it as long as it's okay to help her back up and unless you like the basis of my favorite subreddits which is just no no no no no yes oh yeah I love that one sequences of things that are bad bad bad bad recovered this is what it is I have a quick question so when I fell it was one of those times for like as an adult we fall sometimes we should just recover ourselves we don't make a big deal about this is a situation where I fell really hard and I was I was in a lot of pain so I'm lying on the ground holding my knee like some like weed when you still like those football players and hurt themselves a bad they're just lying there just can't move and I was making a lot of noise is a pain I was groaning is it sad I feel bad for a woman that was in a wall right next to me that just watch this whole thing happen and then just sees the perfect stranger demolish himself and lying on the floor and even in my pain my like socially awkward anxiety kicked in and I felt bad for her to have to deal with them so stranger date through the pain I can look at her and she didn't know what to do because if I go over there and it's going to make a big deal about it for yourself I was I don't know if it is no no no no no stop the hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it so much terrible outside like John story feel bad for your stomach at soup my phone injury it was like in the lunchroom and she was like four so fast I would like anybody like cuz there's a bunch of people in the kitchen at times like and I want soup yes like he was at the coffee maker like for like 12 and I didn't survive the Heat. And then and then came by with two more soups if you like hate you anymore super like yeah I don't understand how something could be a quantity of a soup did the quantifiable thing of the first one was great is a mushroom a second or potato second third third one the third one though it's hurting and then I got the third one potato two potato has a lot of soup and I was eating them and what are you all right so they just 31 you still don't know when to stop at any age I was in the third. I accepted it if I if I didn't I would have felt bad if I hadn't eaten it because because it was it was free super beautiful bad cuz he was like I'll take the soup and like if someone else was in the kitchen like oh actually I would have liked that okay so you get yourself so like the last half of the third suits at the start of the story saying it's my fault we also try to make the story I injured myself I did I felt really bad all day yourself if you like the teddy bears you made your legs sick stop it now in your mouth minutes after he ate the soup he moaned around the kitchen by aiming Barbara and Mariel for making him sick for giving him he just kept going i-83 soups I do remember when I was I was somewhere like back in Stage 5 like we're all the curtains are back there cuz you guys are in like is Eric curtained-off area right now no one's moving here just holding a stubborn upgrade location of soups and I don't feel so good just like yeah you probably won't for a while you learn I'm sorry it's my fault just with limitations to see if it was just you had like one mushroom one potato two much it's like the milk challenge but it's the soup challenge challenge how much soup can the human body party life Chris eat soup the challenge handsome did you have chips after that I was like halfway through some chips so that I ate them with the first episode and it's just and the podcast the latest live action series Titans which is available now on DC Universe time to view the first original series to watch on DC Universe that follows a group of young soon-to-be superheroes like Dick Grayson Batman former sidekick who is now trying to break free of his Robin Alter Ego after mysterious young girl Rachel Roth come to him for help you find yourself drawn into a larger conspiracy that threatens the world Starfire and Beast Boy as soon join the fold and the group must work together to stop at a huge Threat Level now only on DC Universe DC Universe available on all your favorite devices it's only 799 a month or 20% off for a yearly membership join the ultimate DC membership at DC Universe. Com now series premiered on October 12th every Friday so join me in DC Universe podcast thank you DC Universe appreciate it, the person that I know it's good when you go to buy a used to encourage people if you can 2 go to Brick and mortars and and support, shops and I say that fully hypocritical that I don't do anymore because I don't space anymore and I have just boxes of comics in my typing Apartments shuffling around at different spots in the apartment and so I had to switch digitally and also I became to me where I travel and traveling with Comics is near impossible bring a knife and saw yeah I just became something like that but if you are someone who's like the Casual reader come over and get it, special edition 1000 Action Comics 1 issue that Superman comic about the term brick-and-mortar come to exist but I don't actually start with the buildings made out of that term that why it went that as something different just what store was an actual building but then I guess online redefine what store could be brick-and-mortar there's something about literal brick-and-mortar swear right now when the stairs where are you I'll be in Indiana in my apartment watching Muppet Christmas Carol I'll be at my home with my mother and stepfather I think it's kind of like a cool cuz we're like travel or like time traveling I'll be I'll be at home you better be like tradition person but tradition for Christmas is Christmas Eve before I go to bed I watch A Christmas Carol watch that movie during Christmas and it's the last I feel like I need to I didn't celebrate Christmas for most of my life extended Hanukkah Adam Sandler made you know what a good time, but just starting to get into Christmas movies now and enjoying a Wonderful Life Die Hard shut up shut up shut up ones you watch this year I guess none this year but I should watch my little Monica movies and it came back with three movies Fiddler on the Roof anybody if anybody can name one of them that is not 8 crazy nights you win Keeping the Faith sorry that's exactly if that's not how I can remember there's actually it's there's a whole juice there is no regrets over there is nothing the Lee family at Tommy's family restaurant that one episode of Friends dreidels you know what the country language 2002 full court Miracle 2003 sounds like an Airbus than off the Hebrew hammer sounds like porn Hebrew hammer other as a child Mordecai Carver was teased mercilessly for his Jewish Heritage by his Gentile Christmas celebrating last week that has all changed Mordecai's out a veteran who finds himself the Hebrew hammer defending its people against those who seek to do harm Saboteur Damien Claus played by Andy Dick but you will offering a Santa Claus himself I got to find a trailer for this right now it's not it's a parody we are not cool Hebrew hammer Christians that's not Christian Christmas movies of our more Pagan you write actually celebrates the holiday is all about Prince of Egypt Passover story about Commandments that has yet passed Jenna Elfman is is the female protagonist and I want to thank you Mike Greg play and it scared me as a kid what's the name of the league and that's how most people understand generation learning from Rugrats not that big of a holiday that was the other holidays people want to be inclusive much bigger deal than what it is traditionally my presence of Thanksgiving movies or Easter movies I mean there's a lot of Halloween movie My favorite movie is Donnie Darko a lottery ticket movies with there is a movie that is called there's a 3D anime Easter Bunny. Candy that's awesome male like live-action for I think is James Marsden in Hopkins Voice by Russell Brand why do I know so much about hop have that kind of feels like memorize actors and what they're in all Blake's constantly though you're just my memory of like names goes in and out switch is turned on Barbara Barbara at Silver Thanksgiving ice I saw a ghost or thought I saw a ghost I was staying in Dallas or staying with my brother but he had his now-wife stuff a family in town at his house but his room is they weren't at that time anyway so before his house was full so I stayed at his like roommates in his old his friends house who was gone for like place by myself is great and I was like Friday morning after Thanksgiving I was like in my underwear I would like some leftovers yeah and I was like seeing into myself and I eat some leftovers in the kitchen and a little boy walks out of the bathroom and looks at me and I look at him and I'm like I but I like what the fuck is going on this is little boy staring at me and you didn't know I was there by myself or there's a little boy just walked out of the bathroom and I was like I like double-take and he just goes high and then walks upstairs what the fuck and then and then so I text my brother on my who's this little boy in this bathroom and he's like I don't know what you're talking about and I was like freaking out turns out there was a cleaning lady who thought it no I thought I did I thought I was like you better than no bullying at that house because we both looked at each other like and then he said Hi and then walked turkey leftovers nude for this before about what you wear is when you cook underwear on you feel safer if you have clothes on safer like if there's a spider sure there's a spider in my house and I'm going to go kill it and I'm like in my underwear I'm like I have to go put clothes on before I feel like jump onto my skin I don't know why I don't know what that mentality is or how that started but the same way it's like you feel safer if you have a blanket on when you sleep at night that started either I got one like I got a 15 pound 120 get on my level it does take I like mine it take some getting used to their being pressure when you readjust yourself in bed cuz you're so used to be able to just turn but this is like someone you try to turn and so it definitely does take some getting used to pick up like a big blanket that was on the bed and I do realize the weighted blanket was under it picked up what I thought was cuz it is it's it is surprising ending with every time you pick it up because it looks exactly like a normal blanket Bed Bath & Beyond for Trevor for his birthday thinking it'd be great was like softer than the typical weight of blankets I would see brought it in like gave it to him he was really excited and then we tried and it's weird because it's like a regular blanket but inside it has another layer with pockets but it's like it feels like little mom marbles in your pocket but it keeps shifting Smash down all the marbles like it's in the flat and after that clumped up it's like not good at something about grabbing another one returning this one so any suggestion I just got I looked up when they good reviews on Amazon call Doctor look it up Jenny has a gravity blanket take the weighted blanket and just like balled up and then throw it like an AT-AT Esther like almost like the way that things in the edge of them imagine therapy gently placed guide like traps only only weaklings yeah but like you view mattress parts and then like he gets trapped underneath the weighted blanket you can wiggle out of it like you can just make your way it's not like going to be pushing against you still like if you get intertwining like maybe suffocate but my cat rubs their little bit like I've been Tangled with it it's on the kids trying to research this for you, okay and I see hear someone is that the internet can a baby safely use a weighted blanket can someone else are weighted blankets safe for babies to have a fucking kid questions like that I don't think it's going to like have that swaddling effect when I had babies in the way I'll get them to come down and help me push 15 lb of weight on them you know the pressure come on over if you can get yourself out you could have a drink of milk to turn over but you got to get it over with the baby don't do that no it's not safe for a baby nothing for child or 29 year old woman now I'm just imagining people like weight training babies that sounds like a cool competition weight and they like super muscular and then they're deformed for their their life he was like four or five and he was like fucking jacked like his dad had been training him since he was I think like two and a half their growth in the weight of their body develops in the way that they actually like the ladies are going to get so many so many that that don't make any sense at all 40 minute so weird you could beat me up I'll give him my lunch money super fucked up story I was saying oh hold on what did what did you send me Eric's for exercises to help babies get stronger what are they how many Chris doing tummy time at the gym all the time bicycling and weight lifting okay weightlifting of those is it weird to think I want a body like that do you know what Chris thinks it's weird to say on a podcast though John earlier that we should do a segment on the podcast like every now and then about this like weird news that I read about stuff that happened in China so many weird stories ever change over a billion people it's the odds you're going to end up with like a couple of weird stores are there in China space from you and superhero they would come from China probably find an idea someone who had powers it would likely come from one of those two places maps for they like put a circle around like southeast Asia basically I miss it more people live in this circle than outside of the circle it's like China Indian Indonesia bath and play a huge portion of the world I live right there and who in China who was sick and he had a fungal infection in his lungs because everyday after work when he got home he would smell his socks expect that like he got some kind of fungus off of the socks that he was inhaling and was traveling into his lungs that you needed to have special medicine did they start yet pneumonia and they were treating it like that but it wasn't responding to the only slight fungal infection I can think of is athlete's foot so how do you build Up Overtime or was it just one time that got a fungal in I like I don't know how do you even get to the point where you are questioning the him to try to figure the sources and you ask the right question and which the answer is oh yeah I smell my socks everyday after work like what's the question that they have how do you do a non-typical things that maybe it was just like and then mate anything with like with feet that maybe they asked him with our life interacted with feet anytime Chris have you interacted with feet recently and I be like well and smells so I put on my socks symptoms for pneumonia wasn't the reaction of the treatment the article said it was only later for doctors interviewed the man that they found out about his daily stock sniffing ritual and realizes diagnosis of pulmonary fungal disease could have been caused by inhaling fungal spores embedded in the Dank fibers of his dirty why did he become addicted to smelling his socks that he had been wearing 6 year old the last one I knew something was going to happen when he snickered drive me to title this episode from YouTube on a 6-0 body do you make the thumbnail something I'm addicted to smelling nothing I can think of or just like I guess when you really enjoy the smell of something unconventional anytime you want a new car I can't get enough of that smell like I'm like you driving erratic breathing ever so heavily just through your nose and out in and out its own product what is the smell of a new car though because it's all like is it still know it's terrible it's all good he Civ and the Plastics American things made that are cheering still like a still smell like sweet and sugary assume that there is a specific description but a new car sounds like it's it's got to have some sort of like source of where does your smelling like new house and new things that are new cars versus I guess it's messing together the other weird China story let's go I need some, to redo the headline China breeds super cockroach to eat away 50-ton add a waste problem lady who swallowed the fly story plot for Men In Black yeah it is but that's the best we often do is that in order to like solve some sort of problem where we have too much of something or there's like some it's running rampant will genetically altered something else or introduce another element that then fights that thing normal is just like maybe they're hungrier this is really jacked like Little Hercules Beijing in 2017 produced 9 million tons of rubbish which seems low for a city that size so I think it's the capital of the Eastern province of Shang dong they have a plant that most of billion of those cockroaches to dispose of daily waste that many cockroaches are in the world but they don't hurt you there are you trash could you walk through could you walk through a giant room filled to the brim with cockroaches or what a million dollars could you walk through a billion billion billion dollars would you do it for ya ya just got to be her height yeah there's there's no escaping there everywhere but you can't be like that like protect you from everything. Hello. She's feisty Barbara increases to get at least cover her holes that was fun is also brought to you by stamps.com practically everything on demand like our podcast you look so whenever you want whenever it's convenient for you did you know you could even get posted on demand it all you need is stamps.com with.com you can access all of the services of the post office right from your desk by imprint real postage for any later or any package all available 24 hours a day 7 days a week just click print mail and you're done saks.com will send you a digital scale so you can wear your letters and packages and print the exact amount of postage every time you step. 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Com entercode rooster so thanks to stamps.com for supporting this episode of the receipt podcast great great way to mail your letters to Santa where they will not be shredded letters that are just to the North Pole Santa's what they do Express Express in a Southwest Airlines flight I think it was heading from Seattle to Dallas that had to turn around and return to Seattle because they had a human heart on board as in someone they have a couple human hearts on board without the rest of the body so Seattle from Seattle to Dallas there was on its way to Dallas and so it had to turn around to Seattle day I put my forgot that because they forgot yet or was it someone sleeping in a heart like I got to unload it in Seattle I think that he was coming up from Sacramento I'm trying to reread the dark from Sacramento California that they reached out to local hospitals and no hospital said that it was theirs and also normally when does organ transplants these private aircraft for that it's not on a commercial flight so they couldn't immediately figure out who the heart was intended for or why but they knew they needed ID Jason Sean we found you a heart for your heart transfer it's on it's on its way right now and then I think it might be in your heart and you're there at baggage claim and all the bags are going around here where is it hot in hell what does your bag look like that's a white box has a has a heart on it what's the contents of it human heart that's it. You weren't supposed to check the passengers had to deplane because the aircraft and unrelated mechanical what's your what's similar store address at a very similar situation recently were the other night two nights ago I locked myself out of my car as I pulled into my apartment complex between I was locked out of my car and out of my apartment and take a flight to Seattle where they go ahead and little pisspot go ahead I found that I had three suits that I can eat while I waited for play and I managed to get to my office and get my office to let me into my my apartment office to let me into my apartment so there and so I just need to get AAA to come and open my car so I get my keys to the sitting on the driver's seat and so I called AAA they give me a bracket of time in the triple a person might show up it's about an hour and then about half an hour into that I get a notification they're on their way here Zillow you can track them the entire time they're coming to you so I just happened while I was like I was playing Siege with alfredo and and so the whole time I'm giving them updates on the person coming from like I may have to leave the match to go get my keys from this person so I watch them drive from like down like southern part of Austin up towards me and they finally get close to me cuz I stopped checking on them and then I check back again for 2 minutes later and they have gone in the opposite direction away from me and I'm like I don't know checking on someone else will always another side of Austin from me and then just one part that's on the opposite side like lengthwise a Boston opposite side of Austin from me and they stay Park and they stay there for an hour and so about 45 minutes into that I was like what's going on cuz we're now passed a half an hour before they were supposed to get the person all I have is a link so I can call AAA again and try to get information which I did eventually but then I found where it like you can zoom in all the way to where their map was and I can see the address they were at and so I looked up where they're at IHOP and then eventually I refreshed and they started heading towards me and they got like close to me finally called me were like yeah cuz that's what the first one event that would have made your story like the airplane part on the airplane they were happy they were heading towards me some candy and then they went the opposite direction away and the finally came back which is what that fly 6 4-way lower the stakes are way lower it was almost like I was making a joke stupid ass ship I have not been I hop in quite awhile Kerbey Lane and I just opened up a new location where are the care for right next door. JT Youngblood's over there closed by the Alamo close have a really sad one experience in that restaurant that's on timer wind ever went to that restaurant and Andy was there and it was on a day that I had gone out with a girl if you before we go on a date and by the end of the day we had made plans to hang out again if I wait a few days and I texted her and is one of those times where I text like hey you want to meet up and she didn't respond she respond for hours and hours and hours is like a half day and she had responded and so I got very fixated and I was like I was getting like I wasn't getting upset that's really like this girl and she said she'd been the one who proposed to go on another date and I'm sure wasn't responding and so Andy and Andy was with me and we eventually went to JT Youngblood's and I was I was like I think that's been like the second time in a row someone had goes to me like this and so is rude I give them a Tracker yet here's the link and and she finally I think while we were at JT text me back and I got one of those text messages like I don't think we should see each other anymore I'm really sorry cuz I where is that restaurant I haven't been back he was like I was meeting with my my my appetite is gone eating his pride chicken inside finally got a text and I was like I want to go home and he was and he's a great friend and we end in because we were like in the same car we had to go and get me to my car and I went home so I did get rid I can't move out all this way for but I did get Redemption one time about being ghosted by some of it might have been this girl and she had we had a very nice day and had an end we need me she's been the one who proposed we have we go on a date with me and then she goes to be like that and just then finally said I don't think we should see we should see each other day and I don't ever like draw that out I got to just like okay sorry to hear that. I think it was then like a week or two later that Cameron who works with us comes out to me and he goes hate did you go on a date with her name and I was like yeah and he's like I was like I met her at a party recently and Anna Mike how did you find out that that that I went out and I was like hey did you find out why she didn't want to go out with me again and he said he's looked through this looking goes yeah and I go you have to tell him he's like are you sure you want to know I'd like yes cuz it has been bothering me for so since then. I don't know why I want to watch bridge in question where this conversation came into or is she just blurted out the reason why was because I know Barbara she hadn't seen my small dick yet you know that fix your old phone and fix your dick in the same pot. If you don't know why she wants to know none of those things to the closest she last guess we know she was six foot one and I'm 5-10 but how did you just figure that out after she had been nice enough to stand the date with me after she had walked up and seen it was short but you're not a shorter than her for her Askew yeah a lot of people on dating sites now put their height I don't put my height or some of that again stupid I cuz I don't I don't care I'll write out a few inches I've heard it's like they go out with a guy and they'd lied about their height in there like 5 to spell it was like I mean she was like just this much taller than me you know and a tall girl I'm 5 foot 9 which I know is not 6 but one but I'm typically taller than a lot of guys that I mean in specially when you're dating and it comes from like I was insecure about being tall as my guy because I felt like more masculine and that sense I didn't feel like very feminine when I was with them and some girls are fine set some girls are not I think it's like a tall is just a personal preference I am just like some guys like big tits some guys like small tit some guys like no tits young picture of dick now. Got to like a list of talk about there going to be a few months ago in Chinese Chinese police discover chicken feet for sale 46 years past sell-by date so they found chicken feet that had been produced in 1972 do they know what someone might have it was from 2013 so it would have been conducted and police in the police in the southwestern province of gwangi set they smashed underground network setup in Swampy the Chinese food market with substandard chicken feet tripe and throat that is a movie I need made it back to 1967 with chemicals in cleaning hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and prolonged expiry date and to make the feet look white and big profit around 1,250 pounds per ton by transforming one kilogram of out-of-date chicken into 1.5 kilogram apparently fresh chicken that is just the same as like cutting your you're like cocaine would like flower album of both the doors and pee. Injure someone injured injured interest to their actual help you think so where in 1967 the Vietnam War was John Let's Make a big deal like we talked about this before but I've read stories previously about like a little such an issue in China that there's like some counterfeit foods like they're counterfeit grapes and counterfeit rice and there's also like in some areas there problems with what do they call it there where they have a term for what it is some places will collect grease out of the sewer system or out of the street and reuse it I don't want to I don't want to say I don't feel so good I feel injured make some really gradients count there's those royal royal royal burger called like the impossible off of counterfeit Burger I could see lights like chopping up little pieces of paper and making like and mixing it in with eggs or something or if you're going to make a you're going to make a substitute an egg and you went with your paper is your first thing if you set it up enough time explain how the fake eggs were made the compare mold then they mix the right amount of resin starch coagulant and pigments to make the egg white to make egg white then sodium alginate extracted from brown algae give the egg white then add fake egg yolk is a different mix of resin and pigments what's the proper shape is achieved an amalgam it the paraffin wax gypsum powder and calcium carbonate makes up the shell a bunch of like gelatin shit inside of it with like Salton and coloring and that's cheaper I guess so you're so weird. Thanks I'm good 12 commercial for with Macaulay Culkin this is something that you would think people would hate but I watch the ad that my home know it's an ad for the Google home and it's basically Macaulay Culkin recreating scenes from home alone with the Google home and I fucking loved it it made me really thought I got me really excited I want Macaulay Culkin and talk to me when I come home like they had liked videos like someone rang the doorbell for a pizza and he was like keep the change you filthy animal that singing and have you seen Home Alone I think I saw that on YouTube recently watched Home Alone 4 with Macaulay Culkin 2002 a really funny thread on Reddit the other day where is like which movies could have been avoided altogether if the main character wasn't such an idiot I said Home Alone 2 if he just waited till he was on the plane to change the batteries in the camera better I mean, you can pull that off, McAlester the main character in three I think is Kevin but he was like the cats of the Garfield the cartoon and comic Wolverine never ages from Family Guy never ages of great neck seems like magic I don't think the character in heaven how many Beethoven's are there is the main character in the name of the main character in Home Alone 3 is there was there was Macaulay Culkin Macaulay Culkin different actor different back Jason Bourne Jason Bourne for a while he was in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and he was like he's going to be like yeah he was in The Avengers movie and then like Tom Cruise Mission boss need you to one movie to the most recent maybe the best one it's fantastic a list of all the movies of 2018 theatrical releases that I saw this year and I'm up to 54 and so I never asked me to go to the movies I would say on average I invited me to guess 35 of those two 40 of those for by myself like 30 I got to lose all I know some people have like a spider to go somewhere like eating a restaurant by myself even before I was married I never had any problem by myself you can go by yourself watch the movie and have like a nice meal also while you watch the movies it's like a fun this thing to do by myself yourself besides masturbation besides masturbation I mean I'm working out and I even say playing video games cuz I like single player games bathroom shopping can't jump on this I hate shopping I have to shut by myself and then rebuilt I know it's chill out I don't know what to read by myself making breakfast is my favorite thing is the name Chris that's not right. I did make a mage I try to figure out what were my top 5 movies of the year but I'm curious if you can just recall your favorite movie of the year they just like I'm sure there's if you looked at least you could find exactly which one of them were thinking about it that's probably why I think is my favorite movie experience I really enjoyed I did not you didn't like it did not like it I thought if you want my opinion and I don't want to make my penis sound like your I think low of you because you like it movies are subjecting personally and it's probably enhance cuz I just seen crimes of Grindelwald as well I think this is a perpetrator of this as well is that Ralph breaks the internet was very much something that I think was devoid of actually a worthwhile story or sensible characters are character development and instead was in the stall G button which is dream about inside jokes that people get switches the internet all these I peed you have which is Disney's like we have the princesses and Star Wars in Avengers neck anything but not actual and and also skirt around a topic the internet and YouTube in a skewed perspective that gives a a kind of a weird view on how YouTube actually is the effects it has on people have the internet has effects on people and do it all in this way that just kind of punches that Nostalgia by the people's head fully admit to being subjective that kind of thing and that said it was very charming and I was smiling the whole time and I can't think of the last movie you really hated is it hard to park my top five movies and I think that's number two of my I saw it look him up I was thinking this like a month or so ago whenever she's Capers have only been to Lake Barber had an extra spot and escape room divider box there is a bunch of people cuz we were as a circle super glad super glad that you didn't come Barb because whenever we got in there and we're like countertop we had enough people we had we had the amak's number for the room by myself Ono I would have to look like I was like wait how did I was like the first one of the things that we get as many people as possible than others that you are really glad I'm late I didn't way to go Chris isn't a big fan of Terry and Pat unreasonable expectations main reason why I see most movies that I want to see Thursday night opening night I see them I like about it and I don't also watch trailers that I thought was okay but I think the hype around it was a little overhyped A Star is Born so emotional Bubba blah everything seems like I don't know what's the word for it was just like a bunch of scenes put together like very quickly come on like a montage like I don't know at this is a very disconnected Progressive story like things happen very quickly and then like jump to this thing and like all of a sudden this was the way things were now I don't know like I enjoyed it and it was okay but I wouldn't say it again I didn't live up to the hype which I'm afraid of Spider-Man because I haven't seen it yet, it's not like it thought it was possible and what the light did more than needed to be again I thought it was it was Define here laughing out like stuff you should dislike Incredibles 1 incredible mr. Incredibles 2 is it was okay up start applying for a job that you don't get to interview for instead loan companies make their decisions based off of your credit score in history without getting into the hole now thanks to upstart.com never has to be that way again I'll start is revolutionizing the way you borrow money from you for your job experience and education in the form of smarter interest rates so you know if you have extenuating circumstances that you like taking a consideration you could absolutely Factory in and help you out here so unlike traditional credit underwriting which could be biased against people with a short credit history Which object Lisa perform in the past beyond the traditional FICO score when assessing your credit-worthiness I'll start believe you're more than just your credit score to make it fast simple and easy to check your rate in less than 2 minutes without affecting your credit score with the loan is approved the funds will be transferred to you the fairy next business day, and will not affect your credit that's upstart.com rooster it's really weird how that stuff works when I went to want to buy my first house in 2008 I couldn't because I didn't have any credit history history inside okay that's been like a year building credit before that you can buy a house that would be really helpful if you obviously have a job and I could have bought a house they just had to go to the formalities disappoint a lot of people was Cloverfield Paradox which was the direct Netflix release into from an outside perspective where I wasn't able to get around to watching it while everyone else is watching it still but it was like watching the reaction of people in like the varying degrees of how people were like responding to it was weird I think people some people really hated it I didn't love it I like the Cloverfield Universe I only saw it close to christma a genuinely good as the second one and you start playing Cloverfield and Cloverfield Paradox at the same time that in the Cloverfield Paradox when they activate the reactor in the God particle that that's when the monster appears in the first-floor filmovi let you try to like secret eyes the movies and let them up any of the McElroy Brothers right till death do us Blart where they watch Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 every single year and then do a podcast about it and it's like the five of them doing this podcast in the end it's called till death do us Blart because they have vowed to do this until they die they have to have a successor to fill in for them if they die so that it once a year and that's kind of thing but last Drive-In listen to this year's yet but last year Griffin sink top of the Wall Pink Floyd with Poor Farm Park up to to see if it could line up and reveal anything about it and so as it did the podcast he kept saying like Okay at this point this song says it's synced up pretty well but I think that's fun game to play of like Paul Blart Mall Cop I have a podcast in the last few years I have enjoyed their podcast I've never seen either of the Mall Cop 2 came out April 2015 it had a production budget 30 million dollars is 71 million-dollar houses entire plan is a low-budget Easley distributed films then that make back their budget no problem Paul Blart Mall Cop the original came out in 2009 for a domestic gross of $149 Paul Blart Mall Cop I don't think I ever watch any of the stuff out of there to set up set up that yeah you were the first one that you stupid stupid Infinity War without watching 20 years of movies you probably be able to figure out like something that I watch Pretty lost that I watch Fast and Furious I've watched one too and seven like one there to do know because I watch 1 2 and 7 and I was in lost it all the cars open. That one actor died fate of the Furious yeah fast stupid movie titles I hate to the title process are not a fan of that bothers me a favor send me that you saw this year and it was like yes I'm like a murder mystery text saying Pat the cat the cat the cat the cat he's a cat. You guys are going to have a conference I wouldn't believe another liar I want to take it home stuff so how are you feeling which the cat I got to hang out with much for the last day I saw you doing the photo and then yeah they had to go on a trip so I went in and kept him company had the best day of my life I had a dream my shoulders theaters in cat years is actually probably legal age in human years I woke up thinking I had a pet play I had a dream where I like had a pet you have your record, as long as you're registering free fall in love with someone in your dream or something like that you wake up at like that and you like man that person doesn't exist but I had this pet and I was like this awesome cat and woke up and it's gone it's like it never existed is all my dream I looked in my bed for this cat my cat does exist is trying to find you my brother's dream last night I don't remember the details of my dreams dreams that was a stressful dreams a bad dream but in the dream I realize there's a dream and is able to go out I don't stress about this I'm just going to wake up now and so I have that like self-fertilizing moment and is like the real world and it fades away is fantastic his grace remember once I had a stress. Nightmare. Trying to run and hide from someone and hiding it somewhere trying to find me and I had that same realization like this is just a dream to spell away I didn't know that's what it was called lucid dreams but I remember when I was younger I had to get like a reoccurring nightmare about this horrifying clown that would scream and run at me and stab me and I would like that would experience stabbed and so I was like I had an amazing night and so then find one night I just made some sort of ideas like what if I just changed the dream and so when I went to bed I had like a different scenario I think like some sort of superhero came and took him out what does getting stabbed or something in the dream cuz you're like waiting to die but you just don't die cuz I dreamed I mean as much as cannot reason for scratches all over myself right now if your walls coming on Twitter which made me laugh harder than I've ever locked my entire life Trevor was reading it up to me there's a tweet that this guy said I forced a bot to watch over hundreds are in 1000 hours of House Hunters episodes and then asked it to write House Hunters episode of its own here's the first page do you want to hear any Hallmark Christmas special one that just came out as well by a rope yeah I sent it to Andrew and I was like can we make this it's incredible I love the robot ones we see the house hunters one is man Other Woman the woman's job is tooth doctor the man's job is marrying doctors their hobby is giving away money for Real Estate House Hunter man I hunt for house with walk in bathroom two car breakfast nook and hardwood electricity some bugs we see the man's current house it is an active elevator I don't know how some of these things happen Health Center woman might list which house is I want no floors all types and stairs must be in Seattle and Denver one bug we see the woman's current house but don't know what it is Ultraman our budget is one old coin the mint presents the coin it is would the oldest metal the man and woman approach to house a real estate agent walks out a real estate agent walks out of the house is lawn he is too bold to trust real estate agent and this is the part that kills me every time I am route this house is one for living 12 things fixed chimney gets prison tensing dining pool destroyable room and it's dangerously kosher I am route is it going to be kosher is there inside real estate agent I think not always we find out there is inside they enter first room it is all real estate agent this house used to be not a house the woman kicks a sconce to test if it can be kicked the skunk smell in a good house this would happen not real estate agent yes well let us the other room there is no other room so Ralph acts like a room House Hunters love the Ralph room and living him forever I live in Ralph. Heading dumps were clapping I have a question I don't even know the answer to this but this is an ongoing thing of the I fed blank in her computer and it did this what is that that's what I say software write something I didn't even Thomas middleditch once like they created a short based off of an AI that have been fed like you know hundreds of hours of sci-fi it so I don't like what is like how do you feed something this stuff and then how does it spit out a script. I just like taking key words from different things do you like some kind of neural that processing or some kind of machine learning. If I can watch like hours of Hassan 2000 hours how do you make an AI watch something read watch Rams just watch the first like talking bought on the internet Aimbot message on a name and it would have reverted the big deal was like oh my God it's like talking with the robot was a trend yeah I don't remember what the time they won't stop calling us still like Turing test for you just can't see how you can get the AI To Fuck Yourself A Merry Christmas Merry Christmas