#525 - Saving Ryan Reynolds

Join Gus Sorola and Gavin Free and even Jack Patillo, along with other special guests as they wrap up 2018 and look ahead to 2019...and Gus has another lost package story.

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-525

Recorded: 2019-01-01 21:25:00

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Participants: Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo, Gus Sorola


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you're listening to RoosterTeeth podcast number 525 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hey everybody Welcome to Thursday podcast I want to say first of all thinking of me and you for being the sponsor of the roosty podcast you probably made some resolution for May 2019 awesome another easy one to add to your list you start the year off right with a pack of new underwear from me undies all the time super comfortable my favorite pair of underwear all I wear any more memories are made from an Ashley soft breathable fiber that is 3 times softer than cotton it's like swimming in a pool of cotton candy without the stickiness you can also get a stylus perfectly suited for you or you're out before that date many women can you choose from for to her Cuts all of which are available in classic colors too adventurous Prince I have Christmas ornaments on Christmas tree what's the best way to upgrade my underwear drawer fast the answer is meundies underwear packs or up to 10% off and free shipping start the year off right flip your underwear drawer get 50% off 15% off the most comfortable underwear you ever put on to get your 15% off your first pair free shipping and a 1% satisfaction dirty go to Mandy's. Com RoosterTeeth that's me and East. Com truise did he thank you for sponsoring this and that's it shut us when we were planning the holidays we have to retake the podcast New Year's Eve Gavin and I are project in our in our houses we know we have to plan and luckily we have someone who helps me manage the schedule and remind me that I need to program and figure this stuff out so I have Eric who's costly telling me this is when we're going to do it it's just someone to try and get you to do what you remind me otherwise I'll forget so Eric Erik's first suggestion was let's free tape on the 26th and I said what you an idiot people talking to be out of the office is so much better I've been done with it would have to be here today to come in if they've been begging on a nice Christmas Day Lewis to come out on Boxing Day Canada Boxing Day podcast cut to the chase everybody still out of the office you're off today I'm off today we both came in what is he that he was he say he's a diligent employee literally everybody is always partial clothes for me what do we what is anyone come in who is his musically the who here is this week is here this week you can fully do that job maybe you can broadcast and they're all here but there's no summers Jolie what they can do I guess you do a firmware update on the cameras. murmuring back there thinking about it if it's funny you know we say that you were talking about the the broadcast crew I was thinking about how weird it is you know whenever we we do the live stream if some of the first member that can tune a little bit for the podcast actually start to me see you know a camera that we have set up in the broadcast room and I could see everyone was sitting at their desks I get ready for the podcast to go live and I was thinking about it earlier today or yesterday and I thought I wonder how many people who aren't Force members even realize when we're talking to the control room how many people are sitting back there like there's hell yeah right now one two three one two three four five six six six Junior standing you're not working so sick people in there right now and it's two people out here efficient ratio people start to think like it if people don't realize in the booth do they not realize like what job that's what everyone has to do in order for the podcast to happen Mike there be another room over there as well is mightier he's out sick Mike is there's nobody has any idea how many people work to get the front desk this shity podcast out and we we we we made it so that we no longer know how to make the podcast that we used to make if anybody who's in the broadcast who wants to come out and introduce themselves on the podcast and say what they do or talk about what they do is the time to do it we got we got four days out here well Gavin's text to Jack right now except you are what he knows you know he likes it was It Like Bernie and Jeff for like a really really long time and then I mean it took me like 15 years iron me but you know whatever it's mine did you ever have sex with anyone who was a rooster teeth and now it's really old quickly I can't I will not confirm or deny that we could cuddle me I thought I had a really weird things speaking of the other day I was sitting at home I want to be like Christmas Eve in the TV was on and I was watching and there was a handsome sum add on the television for like a Google pixel 3 and I was really pay attention to my laptop or something and I looked up at the TV for a second and like it was flashing different photos I guess they were taken with the Google pixel and I looked at like like I really look like Shawn from Mega 64 and I like to pick up my remote and I rewound it and I played it again ethic that's either Sean or Shawn is like that generic looking of a dude my strikes don't worry I brought company so Sean really is that generic looking up a guy but it it was him in the Google pixel commercial what I really like about that is that he's wearing a mega 64 shirt and they edited it out even get that license information 64 time enough to contact mega64 buy Google pixel TV one of my Slimmer videos to promote the Google what's the new tablet that piece of shit license Eclipse a small fee to use it on a thingy and then I was like I just use it cuz it's already Google anyway I never looked out cuz I found out about that tablet and a headline is Google keeps failing to understand tablets called it a policy to do that did you see that it's Microsoft Surface they kept calling iPad soft Surface tablet sins are like about halfway through that season we start using they really like laid it on thick or noticed you couldn't really tell but on the side so I could see that there was something else in front of it for that NFL deal for another lyrics for If I wanted to use it for will you get purposes mates rates so maybe like 8 quit or something 17 Microsoft has spent four hundred million dollars on the surface NFL deal just called iPads do shit that's all you a hundred billion dollars worth of advertising for free because I travel a lot of things I travel a lot in the new things on planes are the saddest to travel podcast right things on planes are they don't have screens in the back of the in the seat seam or seem to bring your own like device to watch them all right I've been flying so much might as well and then I got one with a keyboard sound like it's basically a laptop is really nice so when I travel I don't I can't bring myself to do that really nice looking at the camera all the gray that's probably true so no favors for like it was that is not gray but I think it's just what I mean you got to prove it so what do you think will there be will there be a point where you get tonight where you be like you've already prepared for strep throat. Healthy during extra life we wax his legs and he's like I don't feel any of that messed up by my surgery I have that swell on one what's on my list on my face is almost completely numb my cheek so I can just like pull the bed out of it because I don't know what is get weird if I feel like everyone should have a public list of all of that messed up stuff like non-serious funny stuff like numb face numb testicles area is all fucked up like not Propecia what is it called the foot thing was all messed up because like I got a thing for you to stretch my ankle like a little like rolly thing well I'm so I'm duck-footed with me like beating like that I walk if they're easily just roll my ankle is the biggest thing but dr. Scholl's inserts for the end so you can actually push under my leg and makes a little Dent like weird and then I saw dr. From the knee down yeah cuz you're kicking like I got run over by a car Fullerton and I was writing on the sidewalk apparently going against traffic but it's because I was on campus and a car was at a stop sign and then I was going down the little turbine up to the curb in the truck to say just decided like now is my time and then rolled over like over my entire ankle so the bike on top of my ankle it roll over the bike and my ankle so the bike may be filled it at all like the tendons and muscles it's like a baseball bat like my whole leg here I have I have injuries where I could really should have gone for the time and never did like my ankle went one way but I fell the other way to cut a boomerang doubt time I do this every time I sat cross-legged high heels that we show last podcast called it didn't hit by the bus or so and I'll front you know he walked out in this the bus DeLand so we have we have we have the drag which is like Guadalupe which is the main street and kind of separating you tears I cried at the end of UT campus and that's why I like the shops and stuff Miracle Hangouts shops are zilzal crab shop but anyway there's a big intersection like you'd intersection and they were having a Nerf war every time the light would go read all these people to run in the military have a Nerf war and then run out and so it was these two there two sides all the yelling at each other like ready to go the light they thought would have read in one guide is fucking bullshit in a bus just plowed into it and it's like he's skipped off the ground and he got up walked away and sat down he was okay ultimately but feel like they have footage from inside the bus here yet here's a news footage of the house so this is your seat and there's there's V so shy he does have a mascot morning had a mask and that's what messed up is peripheral vision pops right back up trash his head against the wall over and head first into the window UT campus I'm glad we're okay Pokemon happiness is like a black hole to me Amazon did maybe one of the dumbest things I think possible okay where there is a return center what do you drop stuff off that you don't get charged you know if you go drop it off there it's at the UT campus I have a package I need to return Amazon it's like okay I've never been there I've never done this I'm going to go return it to the UT drop off so I drove down there it's got an address if I can Speedway if I call there's no parking no they don't even really see where the building is my GPS says it's right around here somewhere but there's no parking sign out that's fine I'll find a parking lot or something nearby and I'll go park there was nothing nowhere to park and have a permit so I end up parking out by the Bob Bullock Museum a while there's one of those stupid little scooter scooters from here over there and figure it out I've never hated myself more in my life holy a package all stupid and bulky right across from Bob Bullock across the locators like a the black Museum or something right there and there was like just not your bicycle like okay I guess I probably shouldn't be riding the scooter either stuff to get off the scooter and putting it back in town like I'm paying to put the food I know your pain to write it off your bike don't get to the other side of the signs are going to get back on my scooter scooter riding and then immediately it goes from sidewalk till like little tiny bricks batteries I'm too far now can I look at it like I went like three times more than I needed to sign of the UT campus is closed right now for fucking winter break fucking teeth rattling all the way back from find what I think is a building and it says like Building closed for winter break no no no not today cuz I thought of this isn't the building that's all right because it's winter break I'm sure there's only like one door that's open I circled it's is Gregory Gym in the building so I got to the building and I went black on writing within the first door and try Tire building fucking do I get to is that even science outside you walk in the door and then there's like an Amazon logo finally you was telling me that just leave the thing on the porch and they come and pick it up I could have said I wanted to try it all the time you save by doing that Gus all the money you save a video package here you tossed it in there got back on the fucking teeth rattler back to the fucking Bob Bullock Museum and like this the worst experience quite did Amazon put the return center in A Place With No Parking will they put it there cuz they UT cuz they're going to be a dude 950000 people who don't live at the parking UC campus parking lot car what is that like a favor Uber where is uba if there's no service for a Scooter Braun and big what is I like this to be like for pick up so we can write ups on the side so you attacked the big trucks another one that's why I go on UPS and FedEx and UPS truck and I remember I still do this anymore but for awhile FedEx trucks had a built-in drop off in them like you could lift a little flap on the side if you like deposit packages here and if you had like a box or whatever that was already have to label on it you can just find a truck go up to it open and drop your package directly into it I'm going to the house in Stockholm recently for a video game thing and I was Cars 2 to Katy into my nephew's whenever I go travel overseas and I was trying to find a mailbox couldn't find one and I thought I was with a bag of Camille guy walking down a little bit some homeless Black Ops 2 package is lost today really up I was expecting two packages voice email me at like 10:30 this morning. They're delivered that's weird my my my security camera didn't pick anything up when I look look at the tracking info left at front desk called when you call to report a lost package person in the world did you check at your front door oh that's what I should have done before calling you. Did you go to your front desk. I live in a fucking I don't know who that is keep it going to some kid with a lemonade stand on the Street Ocean be too hard to track down so then eventually all the time you never call me back UPS actually called me back about 40 minutes later and they were like we find out what happened your packages scanned at the Hub they were put on the wrong truck as well bundled in with a bunch of other factors that address and call me back at least you know there's something going on there but everytime I package gets lost if you can send me an email after I talk to the phone rap and they're like that you lost your back and you contact the company or person who sent you the shipment the shipper can possibly send a replacement shipment why the fuck they have to pay more because you lost whatever the big deal if that's the reply but you know they're going to have to send you another thing that I bought because you fucking lost it on the way because if you need something urgently Yukon immediately report is missing on delivered because you have to wait a certain period as well it seems like we have to wait 14 days for to officially if not like a child and then if you want to actually have to buy a return on the one that you didn't talk to anybody but you must wait 24 hours for the sacrificial to be lost everything about that found mug she likes instead of I said a mug to have slots on it will pixel is my address in it cuz I just want it. I didn't do it they want to smash you in the street but I just thought I destroyed it cuz I don't go through the hassle of returning I just want to give him a sloth mug with Kristen Bell right she's freaky about sloths I like to think that was freaky about swapping do they want to fuck I like maybe I mean when another level but yeah he gets lost anywhere near her and she loses her mind starts crying and stuff it's freaky I think that's your issue but of course I was hoping you like big slots and they had a while there was one afraid one that said this is as good as it gets reading of that her house at TD found this is Fall on Your Knees to be religious but it's okay to put Petrol in a test. It's a real I don't think it's real friend to borrow a car if you drove it around and to be nice you want to return it with a full tank of gas bill in the friendly like Mystic side right there Gus showing up just give someone a test without being electric price differently a list of stuff I like the things you have to do to open it and he won't eat it down this is how you get out of a give you a lesson and I'll run through all this shit like how to park the car that's a whole thing I think she's going to put the gasoline in the home and I can imagine how bad that could go yeah probably not. I think nothing happened I think that it doesn't go down and that's just a plug so that I can pipe from the charger fits into that little Gap it was not a good goes into a tank obviously what are the electrons go that into the tank the big empty tank filled with electrons I still like in your car guess I love it I love my car like the monkey 3 I finally thought of a name for my car last night lightning wow that's a great name for that coffee I get a personalized plate and you know I don't know I don't like personalization like that I want people to see me more than that then tomorrow you saying you want to wrap your car and some I wouldn't routing color and I'll even though I had lunch with a buddy that I haven't seen a few years ago I guess it's a little little obvious about that thing London Gatwick was shut down for a couple days is a drive cuz it's drone what is basically a denial-of-service attack or people flew drone in restricted airspace around Gatwick so planes could not take off I think for 36 hours holy crap gav's like nine hundred plus flights were cancelled removed my God right before Christmas and he was like the 22nd or 23rd and everytime I think I try to reopen the airport cuz they lost by the trains and they will come back and he was only two drones to see you too drastic the amazing that loud disruption that can happen I think the police said they had some people that were Persons of Interest they want to question the question them and release them that it wasn't headlined it was the son of the daily some crappy tabloid the morons responsible for them or not you're more on-trend this picture right through the Wing Spot them in the air 3 like there's a drone there don't hit it if you want to feel what you can't see them anymore unless they have some sort of infrared by the heat from the dryer and showed up with something you think is pretty Advanced I guess so everything but like a bird brought down that US Airways flight so I throw away anger through the cockpit dad is really matter what if it rains made of plastic and it hits Mel Foster enough he'll just go through another plane and it like leave that like the The Guild on the side of a plane because of a holler spinning around so fast is usually smaller airports they had like smaller planes and like if two of them Collide or get near each other it'll chew it up and make it look like Stripes propeller spinning he makes us moving forward is a normal plane that we hit by propeller is there a lot of girls hit by a boat propellers way worse cuz they're not big on a plane from diameter propeller like that you're done you get anywhere near one of those I catch you you're finished propeller is a chance of year is good catch your leg or something are you going to survive it that would suck but you'll be alive but you'll be in a lot of pain so you want to go to the painters be dead in the water probably yeah you're all cut up and then hopefully the lake and it's not like ocean so sharks won't get you navigate to Lake shock other day about a how a few years ago I want to see was off the coast was off the island off the coast of California some orcas had killed a great white shark and that marine biologist in the area observed that all the other great white sharks in the area immediately took off and they left from that place I could smell the great white that have been killed and he said one great white shark in particular stove down I think like five thousand feet below sea level and then swam straight to Hawaii without stopping he's a great white blood and cover yourself in it they wouldn't touch you I don't know what I mean do you have a butler great white blood on me from Amazon gets stuck at UPS try to see great white shark I went and saw I saw once upon a Deadpool actually they reek of Deadpool 2 to be a PG-13 movie and it's out for like 2 weeks which is great and alimony but they Rica Deadpool 2 from an R-rated movie that's a PG-13 movie and they framed it where it's Deadpool telling the story of Deadpool 2 to Fred Savage who's dressed up like Fred Savage from Princess Bride anybody playing himself being kidnapped by Deadpool and Deadpool gun like tied to the bed and stuff and they just cut out and I mean like all the blood stopped in mostly cut out like all like there's no f-bombs the movie there's a whole joke about how he censoring like Fred Fred Savage talk to me like censoring as he's talking and it was really really well for her where she could see watch Deadpool and be like okay with it cuz it's not bloody and violent and so Deadpool and it deleted stuff that was in the original movie thought to do anything or anything like that before interesting idea and the funny thing was there were so many goddamn kids in that theater it was like children like six seven year old children in there and like it's still pretty violent but I mean it's not nearly as bad as the original cell that was interesting and then I went and saw the movie The Alamo recently think about it I said hi when I watched Apollo 13. Very Christmas what did I go see way to show your movie two more people yeah I did that post credit scenes of it as a is the thing with Stanley through the sweet actually and it's like it's cut its extra scenes number when they first was Deadpool and it was Deadpool getting dressed in the phone booth and you like his ass glass in like they had a different take from that Stanley's making fun of Ryan Reynolds interview about like it's kind of Legacy in what he wants to be remembered by and I also need I saw into the spider verse holy crap that's a good movie everyone on twist sing watch it it's really really good I went saw it with Katie and then we intend Blaine happen to be there coal have to be there in miles with my third screening of it was like that good as good can you want to go see it again what she hates any movies going on so I thought you should watch your 1st and 2D and then watch it in 3D glasses sucks like I had I had that the real 3D clip-on I just for a bit I think we have to talk about that but yeah and so I hate for you just in general honey just get prescription three days to bring me back to get contacts and then just put them on and wear the glasses the only time I've ever thought about getting contacts is for VR which not the whole thing to the ER give me that they didn't launch with that but they said that it's on the timelines coming just buying all the prescriptions on eBay is just pieces of glass oven is cutting holes in cardboard and shove it up his head but why is that expensive great question Gavin like the shape of it and stuff and you have to take into account is where your pupils are in like making sure that it's focused in the correct place in front of your eyes in the middle of my Iris I'll tell him to throw those different away they don't need them cinnamon of the Irishman obviously yeah but I want to go see Vice cuz I was fantastic that came out that just came out a bumblebee I've heard is good and I would like to see that it's the last Transformers We guess I was with you the first one the first one in the theater did you like it's really fucking good it's Universal Studios yeah but Spider-Man ride Universal Islands of Adventure they don't have it it's not Hollywood it's like a mix of like props in like real stuff and then screams a 3D on it they do that with Transformers that's really really well done I love theme parks Nintendo theme park in Florida right now at 1 in Japan Disneyland Paris that was exciting they have hyperspace Mountain instead of normal Space Mountain is it different yes it is all what I think it's haunted mansion is really depressing the Phantom Manor was called in the US it's all like goats and they're having a good time in Paris at all these children died in a coal mine collapse and everyone's miserable now it was shut down when I was going to tell you to write it so I can't whole town is devastated because all of the children are dead live rock and roller coaster there too with Aerosmith what is a different intro cut in like a different introduction to it which was weird really cool French tip Marino's in it so I can read it from the States from party down from Role Models Reno nine-one-one is a character actor I know you've seen in something he's in it it's like him and arrow okay so you playing the sound guy he didn't say a word yeah I didn't I didn't go to the Aerosmith one I thought I don't know I feel like someone doesn't know I'm American Airlines American Airlines call me back right now that was an hour-and-a-half wait on the phone for them I'm getting I'm great I'm just trying to change a flight I tried doing it online and it's like okay go to pay available anymore because of the guests will it snow Monday at 5 it doesn't get better than this you should buy that you put on the wall 5e party first time in like seven years I'm out for a New Year's Eve party at this year busy busy fucking year we had a really bad storm in Austin really was crazy the amount of rain at first it rained a little bit then it was like a pause and then it's like the real storm get in that pause between the two rain. Last night someone when they put the stock was like I need to pop my fireworks right now is the perfect time to self opportunity I have this girl that has strips of mirror All Around the Clock face piece of cheap piece of shit I got stung by a little Maris that is full off so I always have one of my security cameras pointed at it like once every nine months does lightning strike really close it was like 9 pieces of them are not allowed that was a big house in about last night that sucks the houses in Texas climate England when everything's made of brick hear everything is kind of cheap wood and if it's pretty it's usually just one layer of bricks everything's really flammable here that's what I think one of my partners he's not in San Antonio and he bought a new house just moved in been there for like 3 months is a house got struck by lightning and it lit the insulation is out of town fire and basically burnt most of his house down. Down but like it bit emptied the house out and the Damage Done so much damage does from trying to put the fire out through the ceilings and flooded the whole house destroy the whole house inside of it that his job it's not like he can keep going to work so I guess and I'll rebuild all this crap somewhere else and find another way to do it but you have to let sucks man have all your stuff is gone like a hard reset and the other dog that looks like he was home like he was going to happen so we had a dog got out like that's my terrifying things if no one was home in the animals were there is like heartbreak in the middle of the night or whatever there are your cats afraid of lightning and stuff Amazon vibrating our dog she literally starts shaking and it's just like all right leg last night she was pressed up against me on my leg and it's like he's shaking all the kittens were like walking on her being really sweet that one of my dog get really nervous and the other one doesn't so the one that gets nervous his his vet his doing a prescription for Xanax I know it's going to be a thunderstorm like an hour ahead of time I'll give him a try to help him kind of chill out to take one with him like one for you one for Daddy really really weak, never mind take the rest like a shot like dropping but I look for my dog Xanax prescription medication for anxiety there was a post on Reddit a couple days ago it was like a picture I will see you images the top one was like an untamed wolf and it said you know I'm really hungry that camp looks okay are supposed to 10,000 years ago I'm really hungry right now I bet these you Monday maybe these humans give me a little scratch and there's like ten thousand years later it was a pug with a party hat what are we done to these animals but if it's a weird like they say that of all the different dog breeds that was one of the oldest and is the dog breed has probably closest to wolf dog breed is like a big sister it's already starting to pack up for me I've already got that we should we we we got the end of the month which receive live.com buy your tickets now in the January and Melvin and then we're not well yeah you know that right I mean it's too big it's a normal cycle they were tiny cows around even bigger because we're small okay still a really big cow cow but it's more like precalc yeah it's still a big cow go see the big cow Jack don't don't do this to me in Sydney there's actually a guy who has a big cat sanctuary and he has cheetahs there what you can go and pet and I'm like a kitten and so are you coming in to help support with his facility so I'm going to take a natural like a wildlife sanctuary in like the video of the guy with like the Box in like the giant line is like sitting in the box is that the that the guy in the I like throwing stuff that's the guy Instagram dude and anyway I'm trying to get ahold of him see if I can go out there any fun things to say about that have you ever seen so many videos like this on the internet for it's like a guy who's raise the big cat like a lion a receipt or something from the time it was no a little kitten full grown and have their friends over to hang out with it and the and the cat returns and grab someone so I don't know where you never never know with them one of those next to a tame lion no I mean yeah but I mean I don't think anyone would be like like at our as my daughter like that like an Arab Emirates there something we have like that the Kings and princes that have wild animals but I don't know was going to say is that earlier today that Chris Brown's in trouble because he had a monkey without a permanent I guess like some wild monkey the super-rich just get an exotic animals like I need a rhino Affair Chris Brown is just a human piece of shit so far that guy for a thousand years with the monkey and people were like we're upset about it and they're just before the photos of like his daughter with the monkey what's a monkey with Johnny Depp lost his dog they almost killed his dogs in Australia because he took a private jet over to Australia and brought his dogs with them and there's a huge quarantine things with Australian New Zealand and so they're like yeah you got to quarantine those things otherwise and so he went back to California apology video the PM who made a big deal out of it Barnaby Joyce Barnaby Joyce I don't know about that I remember you having to show that logo the risky logo okay oh they are part of it showing Jack I'm sure if like the Benjamin Eno so what is that called are Flamin anus is that what it is what's laminitis at that liquor over there I'm looking for Logos maybe the Xbox logo or Guthrie shoulder drinks beer Camelback no no no I say Diet Coke the time I'm leaving to go to medical school without it. So it's like you can be mr. I'll give you that me to start taping up the cans and light covering logos and pouring the glasses on this company has been awful it's true this is me you don't want to do this and talk to besides you are with you you haunted like the one space for everyone and now nobody want to come when I call you I know you must be desperate cuz I'm in the podcast like fight for you lately alone American Airlines call me back again I'm sorry you do that right this stuff you drive me crazy every week to write you and you're always the two of you would predict are always on ladders oh yeah with my letters or on Christmas you were on top of a 15-foot ladder behind John Reisinger rolling chair and immediately crawled up and got to the top yet I got that too I guess that's your road and there's no way I'm remove the whole table for something like that too but like the lights I don't have enough lights for every single set to have its own light to be used for it so I have to kind of focus each light dependent on what show is 2019 we just file the lights to any ship via UPS raise the money for the Life by selling the ladders and he's not for you every time he sees me immediately comes over and got strong but it's a lot more stable was holding it on the body from slipping away if you were the top of an A-frame Southern All the Way to the Top If you slip left or right that's game if there's a bottom no holding on to what you're going to bring the center of gravity down is a lot harder to tip over a hundred percent no it doesn't do it right now in the middle of the A-frame were loose at all for some reason and they are address we have is like what place injury from Elida oh yeah well with your shit up there all the time yeah we're not I mean honestly like I am genuinely shocked no one's been hurting a flying something from clothes yeah but it's been no serious injuries in there yet which is shocking want to see Lindsey being pregnant I feel like it helps helping any more dangerous we just a little over a safe and we were very careful or I I don't throw as many miles as you do but I like it like it slow down definitely wouldn't one Lindsey told us that she was pregnant no Donuts like I don't know why people care he can before you blink know he's got a rocket arm but I still do my lungs because I can sit Petland in the face is one thing that Minecraft video it was going to do it like it's fine so long after I threw it I didn't think I just went over like more aggressive on the off-topic now because you all can't be as aggressive over there. I'll have you thrown ball on during the podcast the last show of a tax reasons we have to buy equipment at the end of the year is true so we need to break equipment I don't know if we didn't spend less than a week we can do this full-time almost two years like in the spring but my first gig ever worked here was iblade which was like four years ago. He was a summer right they were still here I thought you all were kind of transitioning is weed sold the old house we're moving into the new house go to cuz of that summer when we start filming at that cuz he was helping me a lot during that time cuz I was like ripping and tearing things up he has got to go. I remember we had to go get a live goat that's what we like the highlight of that shoot greatest of all-time Alyssa spell lamb shanks still we do it right what can I please help me with my new poker show that we're working on a problem with you and I'll do it. I think we have enough what if not it's called you I can Jokers is as good with a man for a while it was not using it was a Jack's Steakhouse but as a d a k e l leather in like that but we have no formula like they said it's awesome this is unlike any other route 50 broadcast you I've ever seen it looks really really works is when you get knocked out you go like sitting lounge and you can watch the game live so you can literally sit there with where were you at odds over there and he's like watch along in like you know talking to people and so on the set price in India not know makes total go outside and smoke and I just be inside waiting for a smoking ban here in Austin I was kind of annoyed too but I have a condition I'm leaving by Cody now who else can we should on why did I last time I was in the podcast cuz I think about there's about three or four times we're just asked if I could be on the podcast I told him yes and then had to bail last minute and so I'm sure over time he was like all right she's not reliable which I totally understand topic has kind of taken off and I don't I don't know I don't ask Michael to play to do it either I don't want you guys on the show you have to put out every week and I feel him but he's grandfathered in the old couch and Congress anniversary of the first episode first appearance I'm sure there's a spreadsheet someone's already made of that because I was already on and then I left you left if you had like that couch that we had the mics that are like holding on to him and then we have some weird stuff like that episode where we ate the berries embarrassed embarrassed change the flavor of orange taste like the best thing on the phone while I was there I had the desk in the corner in the back room the father of my desk for a while and I was in Middle in the one next to the 32in that so I would make red versus blue and then you just do a punk. Whatever and it just try to a mic on that desk and sometimes I be like do the Buckeyes play still like the way I do the live graphics and I added the show as well stay like the yea that's me right now this is what happens when you know everything. what are just yes somebody else knows how to do Graphics this is fun. Have you been working here I've been full-time since May but I started as an intern last October better day was the last day of April yeah. Very true. You said what do you do I know people I don't know what I want I really don't know what anybody does Weis Plains I think you gave up yeah maybe a little bit, and I have not gotten so if you got high enough it can do a barrel roll Radio podcast for playing the dentist at flying hate we also found this Dennis also protects my drugs there's tennis there's Ryan Reynolds Southwest in 2017 and I was wrong tearing at the premiere of life and him and Jake Gyllenhaal showed up and I was like why the front where all the cars are coming back out and he came out there's a kind of people that are trying to like get away cuz we're for like and he showed up they crowded so I backup and there's another cop we just kind of like very much back to back with him he saw his shoulder was like at the top of my head I had no idea you you met you met him I'm at his back was that nice back to school so many talents I know I had no idea about the planes in the Rhine rail mystery want to show we send it to you guys and it just goes to like everyone in there is it to get it and then you have your own off-topic do that but you'll think it's always better stop and not me if I suck it oh yeah I've also been making those social Clips to social media Clips it was a it was a food investigator Bernie who needs to get a brownie yeah there was you smash. Acorn just complains about the postal service what are you doing for New Year's Eve getting rat where are you right now that what you doing at almost 6:10 p.m. yesterday has a wonderfully honest on so you could have said anything but you just straight-up told the truth nice respectful I got you put 8 hours and do it already taken for that is like the majority of a day it was dangerous game that's going to suck me off I saw I missed you but a trivia about the other day apparently the root word for roller coaster stems from Russian mountain so in most parts of the world roller coaster referred to as the Russian Mountains except in Russia where they're called American mountains what is the weather tomorrow poster Epsom what's the root of it origin this is our protector it'll be much much tighter no but I I U Central logos. When y'all sing that's true and mountains which were specifically constructed Hills of snow located in Gardens of palaces around the Russian Capital st. Petersburg in the 18th century the roller coaster Mountain except when we sing because Eric told you to yeah I already told me to why don't you sing and then you have to answer that's okay I will not going to be open for like trash what are you doing a video on YouTube a few days ago of like these three kids who were they I guess you would say they were in a band but they're all really young when was playing guitar and it had a base and one of them had a wooden was like a toddler who is The Big Bang on a snare drum and they were playing who's the greatest thing in the world is the one who was hit in the Dreamhouse like I'm amazed that kid is keeping a beat and like hitting the drama kids really young know if you could what would you play computer keyboard that you can play that doesn't play any music violin kid eat something Lindsey Stirling 1000 Oliver station plays violin in the corner behind the kid but he's banging on the drums what year did you buy that Apple MacBook Pro 2018 MacBook Pro screen iPad Pro Amazon stick or something or Echo I don't know whatever one of those things will find out from your phone to other devices have you ever do it I'll do it to my Apple TV I text you no help right camera that's what I did that's what I I hacked into well I'm down here at what now you just playing how is there a camera operator previous life Nick loves it when we touch this animal has the human Corker will do you point a camera at that or move that in front of a camera so they don't want to see ways so we can mess with it easier or solution for a wireless camera transmitted if iPhone to an Apple TV and then use the feed from the Apple TV have to roll over it's not the owner of the car looks like what is this are we going to has like the rule of three is next right thing in the record button we're too cheap to have a wireless camera I would mirror the camera from my phone and then run around haven't come sideways in the Arctic you so what's it like being on this couch is it she know it's a nice couch. When the camera Cuts do you like it is right now right there I don't like I just don't like seeing myself three times around the I don't know how to be funny or not funny I'm just tell us about your band man where'd you meet in Corpus Christi that helps you obtain vagina throughout your upbringing okay base is what I want to play or was it on guitar is too hard for you to classical guitar I don't know who played bass in here you kind of like stop me music theory and stuff like that little bit and I just do it but a lot base pairs are boring I try not to be born safely is boring know he's not he's great our training has helped like me get rid of him making Baseline to solve Overlook be the bassline like if it if it's missing don't notice but if it's there and done well it's like they just there's no appreciation for of course was DePaul Playmates there was a John play bass in the Beatles Paul iy play when I used to play bass back in the other play right hand in some but I was terrible round edge of the teachers I are you right-handed but I just naturally voice kit shit that way but just think the right-handed but you rarely hear about right handed people doing things the left-handed way man like the one pulling his and your batting you're close to the first base you say what's up like a step or two I think it's shocking that like most most humans that other hand is so useless at any form of dexterity like my handwriting almost unreadable I can't so much worse than the other is it like with your eyes you have a dumb and I but it's not that you're otherwise a piece of shit if you want to use that I know it's weird that you're control over your hand is identical when it's so terribly already so bad it's amazing that I will tell it it's when it comes down to throwing a bull runs like to see a side-by-side like a superimposed video of me throwing a baseball with my right hand hurts my left went just right here I like it all right well real yeah I guess so I love to use bass player people of the base when I go to the driving range hit right-handed that's the only time I ever do anything backwards for some reason I can hit straighter at a driving range in in golf then on my left my left hand I always cook it and all you think you could jack up straight with your right hand know have you ever months off to completion with the wrong hand I have not I don't think I could I but I could not want to feel like a time I want to raise my hands right because right I got to do at the same time do days back-to-back like 10 a.m. and then wait two days do on the way to another 1/3 x y 3 that looks like the first time either it's been a long time or short time could affect the outcome okay complicated episode of Mythbusters ever I mean I'm pretty fat but I mean that is all you're saying I've been going at it and eyesight no I mean you can keep going and they wouldn't know can you can you stop yourself peeing like if you're the urinal and you can you stop and be able to walk away stop like train your kegels I guess whatever we can to stop peeing and walk away. Like stop and hold it be like hitting can you stop urinating and be like if I had to stop right now could I continue stopping the sound off this is try to stop it can you add me to the end now or what are you doing I really like the Muny fairy would come by like once a month they go here's the new one and now we get him like maybe once every six months I think I was stealing Army on stretching back please send me the Christmas ornament one nice. we were curious you're talking about this before you popped on since you were the only person today what can you do with not alot it was a lot of emails we sent out we're sending out the winners for extra life right now in Katy with that and just me stuff that I like I just like being at the office I got feel like I have my brain my Toshiba hard brain lives here so what am I thinking about work stuff I can only think about work stuff at home oh my God I rather be in the office even if I just lower and so I guess I was working on email stuff and and I feel like we have for we did this this promo thing for a new merchandise would you like best day ever and so might like in so I can let Gavin got hit with pains and like Ryan wants a photo to show and tell for me I was a Lego store and got the Lego Voltron and like the James Bond car that's been slowly building of the Voltron stuff and I finished it yesterday cuz I'm alright so just checking email building Lego listening to music as fun worth it I like coming in early I'm normally one of the first people to get here in the morning because like the same things I can just answer your email I can do stuff like uninterrupted nobody's coming around whatever something needs to be taken care of so I could so sorry for 9 a.m. is like the most productive time I have here just me the office from liking 05 until 6 and then I cried so I can finish off my day like a nice nice and calm relaxing so play some new Call of Duty zombies and then go home so this is a very wide shot nobody there nice can how to go were you able to hold your urine and stop peeing or even try by just design grocery full house if you could automate anyone portion of your life never liked from this point on and my body don't have to worry about any anything could be your body could be like the drive to work like anything pay folding my clothes off they live close takes ages I wish they would have come out folded how often do you wash your clothes when I run out how about like food you like deciding what you want to eat in preparing your food it wasn't like him out of time but you won't have to physically do I took 20 minutes to prepare dinner that 20 minutes was still exist you could do other things and then I told him is to be done as be automated but I like a folding clothes a good one just when he was like alright finally it's not like you can watch stuff. I'm not into just watching I'm going to be playing a game I like doing something so it might have been unfolding something I'm like I'm getting like it's getting ready for bed or Gore waking up in the morning if I could somehow just like wake up and then boom I'm ready to go like I like all right I can lay in bed for an extra five minutes and then or like 15 minutes and like all right I'm now showered and see the brushed I'm ready to go out and pick you up and take you and put you in the tub and still lose body five minutes if if I'm showering usually about like 15-20 minutes so really lazy and take a shower and super comfy what's up what's up what's your New Year's resolution maintain