#526 - Are Feet Private?

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Tik Tok, CES 2019, the government shutdown, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-01-08 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 526 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com happy New Year 2019 what other Teeth podcast this week brought to buy take tone and the receipt store on Gus we're missing link chair AcuRite showed up so close to being perfectly on time Canada time what you doing do you say what you're doing Toshiba how to video your stuff I want your content is it spoil it man that is correct. Describe I can do about it I think it's I think it's just an arbitrary date you put focus on it then it's like you're setting yourself up to to fail at it I think we just want to do it and do it I think humans need excuses excuses just in terms of like people to call start my diet on Monday when it's New Year's Day I'm guessing they. I think the only animals that care probably dogs really hate the 4th of July I can't stand it because cats are scared of every noise like vacuums and stuff like that I've never had a cat that is scared of fireworks like freaked out when fireworks are going or the or even like thunder thunder are they for Christmas and they have two dogs that are once a year old in one just like maybe like eight or nine months old they literally try to attack if you have a broom out if you take the broom at the class still try to attack it not like you're fucked I don't understand it looks like they're not afraid of it they'll just like nip at it it could the broom could just be literally standing on the floor not moving hitting them with that broom reactivate look at the broom my girlfriend's cat in college Gary Katz he he hated one thing in particular he hated if you took the pages in a book or like a thing of Post-it notes and you did that feel like flipping like that really fast you're putting money you know like if you did that he would come and attack you like it and I just said I didn't feel like one time I discovered this because I was going to like this hot and I was going to go here waiting for you and I liked the fuck was that and I've seen since then don't do this if you have a Cat babysitting videos are coming to comb and they are on their thumb down the comb like a little time but they just like like what you Jags look at the videos cuz those cats already been tortured but don't do this to your own cat cuz apparently they didn't really really don't like it they don't like when you put down a look at cucumber on the floor or if you put a piece of ham on their face Lakeland Electric City of all time is that vine of that person putting the flower on top of the cat and stick no need something and it just like was the nuni video with something somebody posted but it was The Matrix prophecy is true thing on top of it that's what really took on a Saturday to remember the first thing first are there's a couple vines that I used to watch back on Vine was a big thing that only after the fact I realized were made by Avery from crush on Vine weeds to make mine I was really disappointed feel bad when vine went away and a lot well first of all I think I feel like we got Logan Paul on YouTube because Vine went away but he started with line right well that makes me even more than just stayed over there and Vine but I was so impressed but everybody is buying their ability to do the stories yeah in 6 seconds or tell a joke and 6 seconds but man I really want to like Tick Tock I really don't want to like it music video no a Short Vine stuff on there for the thing with tic toc is it seems like everything is like a challenge you know there be stuff like friends that would go through the vine every now and then. Seems to be like there's basically for videos and everybody makes their version of one of those for videos and that's it. Generation challenge going on right now with a play for Pop That Pussy yeah that's that's the generation challenge Burnie and Gus going Pop That Pussy separately that pussy nobody said the generation thing because one of the videos that's currently HUD Tik Tok is a girl will start playing the song and it says it's like really like the nine intro to it and they're dancing in their dance with her mom and her dad and then Amelie goes into pop that pussy and my parents are like what the fuck are we listening so how does one pop their pussy I have watched a lot of tick tock how do you want to have the app for do you have the app and then and then it shows you a video and then you swipe up and get a different video that's talk to be relevant cuz but it's out of his mind you guys discussed with Instagram couple weeks ago with the update change scrolling to be home so you could swipe or just like click on the right of a picture and I'll take you to the next picture navigation wasn't the worst but I definitely was a very different functionality than what Instagram is like right now square pictures to be going left to right when it's a portrait phone you can see more of his son and then right after that you post a photo in my feed now I see your photo scroll down Instagram photo cousin reverse time just tapping thing if I see your photo if I tap it like your next photo or what I see and then if you scroll down worth you just got the comment so you don't have to click into the photo to get the comment I just guess I was so confused cuz I was using all of that and then I was trying to tell Tony I was like Instagram's carpet with and then she didn't have it and I didn't have any more songs like maybe I was just crazy a screen that pops up is like Instagram has a new look like do this to go this way and see all these functionalities unless I like an instructional companies to update their apps without forcing update I like download a new update for the iphone update automatically pulled it immediately like pulled it like presently that they didn't mean to push that updating push it yeah they said they want to see instructions on how to use that there was a bug they said it was like a bug in the app how to use this it's a bug that you're saying that's what you're supposed to do this next month I was talking with the target over here by this to the other day and I was walking by the beer section and I saw they had s'mores flavored beer and by Shiner I text you I text a picture to Eric and he said it was really good I said that sounds disgusting to me it's like chocolate and marshmallow s'mores part by definition like the combination of a graham cracker marshmallow chocolate beer too much stuff directions to the Navy who was that the viewers for watching right now would you drink a s'mores beer is Shiner beer more beer it's chocolate and marshmallow ale & Bram they got that it's a small I would not have tried to see if Eric didn't bring it no it's not like it I would love to try real without dogshit Hershey's chocolate don't stop it and now they're all fucked up yeah they pulled the graham cracker was inspired by the preaching of Sylvester Graham are you saying Grandma you think Graham Graham Century temperance movement whole grain bread made from wheat coarsely ground at home part of a lifestyle that involve minimizing pleasure and stimulation of all kinds of how God intended people to live right no no masturbation no Pleasures is a pleasure list cracker s'mores Sylvester in yourself with a condom what in seven of yourself for the condom but you did get out of that track make you something that is really on Pleasure herbal really pleasurable what like what you were saying and I'm going to be like misery crackers right all right I'll see you anymore but does the opposite okay. From that I've been around you with Blaine were you eating some pizza to get some of it he's shaking his head no mad at me today cuz I told the classic move to get a new office today and I'm right near Blaine and got to do the classic Boerne move in the receipts office Blaine was eating lunch at your finger by finger from Starbucks egg white bites got two of them they're very small he just went and what is this and it just tastes saltier why is a clean all the time fat in your hands or take my hands are the worst thing I ever did honest and I really feel bad about this days I did stick my toe into Jeff's burrito burrito for free the author of that he was so happy burrito so many subjects donut matter what are pizza cuz we can test this on a pizza and see like how far down in the autocomplete his feet get any case have nice their feet are like Grace Helbig was what country was Pete something like that like that they have like socially acceptable to wear someone's feet would be in it there's a scene where like at least we had a close up our feet and I put her in the ugly slippers possible as I can I give wikifee this one everybody want their feet covered really weird Kinks and I wasn't wearing this watch any more specific model watch his profile and he had a bunch of like bondage photos of paraphernalia do you think your feet like what you have your feet on camera I mean if you knew that a guy was going to be masturbating to your chest like a picture of your shift would you want to show off your chest all that much for which one of people jerk off to you your photos of you do you think people I know people that I can verify that I do people hit jack off to you boy you never thought about it was that it's where someone basically takes a picture of you and jerks off onto it and like basically has all their come specifically a picture of me anybody of the ink on the paper I love you wherever you're so I'm going to say yes shirt that we make private for my feeder public for the world all the people are voting that they aren't private does the people's Justice feet Kinks all depends on the beach burn if you have a little late cuz you're pretty bill girl yeah. That's what I wear is doing what the honey Ryder coming out the answer for those roller like the 70s Light Pop That Pussy I don't like it what is that it is just like you it plays a song and he Courtney synchronize it with an action or some shit well you to my head I thought it was Eric what happened last name the music of. Polina November 2017 Fox parent company spent a billion dollars to purchase musically but I know that doesn't seem that outrageous to me in the world would like WhatsApp is worth 18 billion I mean musically was definitely one of the top ten or top 50 social media platform it's hard to get into that territory I didn't like musically I didn't use musically it's useful to know younger people I feel like if Millie's using it it's worth billions of dollars is a shutter finger on the pulse yeah really use it and then loses her account and then gets it back then that's how you know it's good I'm shocked he reminds me of that picture of you send a picture of the shoe shop and it's cool Barefeet Shoes but the baby isn't it up so this is our feet shoe repair Patron Berenstain Bear and I'd like your feet exact same thing I'm sorry that I ruined your already terrible sandwich with egg whites need the protein my back on my cutting phase so don't ya I don't want your extra carbs on your fingers I don't know what you got it straight to me how do you masturbate to blame because I vote in this way. Would you ever receive a raise of hands just on the couch bus ever mastered now your lying ass holes but that's what he has to say yes keep in mind there's usually a T20 male to female ratio for a Content so if we get a T20 okay then I'm doing okay then you ever masturbated your lady yes very upset like pulling their what do you masturbate with people in the room what are you doing with do I want to eat or just a picture of someone that you know that's what I'm at home right now so that they can change their look into the camera so they have some material beautiful you're beautiful man voting one quarter of us have I like you I like you. The one you were hoping for I was going to die was going to do that right there but I guess so dial think about CFCs going to rain at the folding television in a box and it comes out of the box is 65in we turn it off and roll up out of a box like a little bit to how do you store that you just put that on your entertainment center and it's nothing to have a picture there maybe we'll come over and try what's in the box the problem I have to say is that the Box this is a really stupid complaint if it's amazing that the TV rolls up like that but the box is it rolls up ends up being bigger it's so you haven't rectangular box sitting there eventually though probably won't matter if you're probably just kind of like device you set down to the holographic this way I got 40 for Christmas he really wanted it Teddy just a little it's a little Bob Alaska like a little square cylinder and what is it what's it called the black and it just sits in front of the Monitor and IT projects with a laser a keyboard on a surface of the table and then you said your type before it was cuz I thought I thought it was a boy I would only get one of these things for the road TVR the Pioneers on the Super Sound Bar in the in the car but modular the problem is like how do you determine what signal goes where but you have to learn how to pixel map your your video source if there's a lot of questions about it good lord it's very interesting it I guess it's the way people can make or if they move like they have a 200 inch TV 70 inch TVs weather is interesting I like CES and I like III cuz I think the bills to Industry events are different than ever almost every other one because you end up seeing those things in manufacture and I hate would like your car shows Boat Show stuff like that where they just they just show you stuff and then never going to fucking make you ugly old conceptual stupid version of it might be my favorite show to go to I don't like CES and I hate CS cuz I get anger when I think about CEs about something that happened years ago and just to see if you how you well you know me what is the thing that happened to CES it still makes me mad to this day when you got snubbed at the avn's that we're going on at the same time even know what does yes I don't know what any of the things turning off with giving out these devices through TV Becon TV playing run through all the off codes for TVs and just go like runs really fast but you can basically turn off any TV with deciding fucked up and because they were giving way to CVS the reporter Gizmodo that'll be funny he just wants people who were doing presentations and when they're the middle of rotation now look at see what this display looks and he would shut everything off and it's like I've been one of those people ask you to purchase any conventions and they thought it was funny enough to do and then he thought it was funny enough to publish it and put this out on their Gadget Base website and I just what do I do with this morning like two or three things are really I just got so fat halo-halo it's going around raising the heart rate of totally innocent people just trying to prepare for months to do it and then some dope with a goddamn remote thing turns it off after that even at our booth I started having to put tape over the remote sensors cuz I think that inspired other people inventions that other people see something and then they always do a thing like everybody thought of you know the old map I have a tournament so I think we talked about for November Battle Royale unlock out that gave me made years ago yeah Fiesta the elimination Fiesta elimination Fiesta they do that they were getting during July July 9th June nicer when is the new weirdest animated show from Adult Swim by fantasy hero Big Town who goes on Quest lots and lots of quest Fantastical love letter for all things fantasy the main goal of most likely enough for him is to kill lots and lots of creatures sidekick healthy to tone will do anything to fulfill a quest mostly by sacrificing help eat while taking advantage of help ease power of Rejuvenation the world is weird funny true and fantasy sounds a lot like animated D&D animated like nothing you've seen before in the humor is the crazy fun stuff you'd expect from Adult Swim the quest begins January 13th at midnight only adult swim in the course where can we see all the hell I requested Kongos on the trailers action packed and won't let you forget the name tigtone check out take tone on Sunday January 13th at midnight on Adult Swim January 13th at midnight text tone you can check out the trailer in the link below what's his name big tone is he right there thank you to take down so I have to admit something only we talked about this before but while we're talking I see myself a little bit red dead and he was looking at my TV and then why don't you have it in you HD aren't you playing red dead and I got that big TV to cover that hole hole in my wall how do you see that I totally get it just needs to bring everyone to it and show them the hole in the wall that I discover the TV dimensions cuz I had to cover the hole that's the only criteria used to buy the TV and so I found that was perfect mentions got it put it in had it installed when in the one in the space in perfect but I found out later didn't have UHD cuz I'm with my Xbox and Xbox One X and tried to turn on your TV doesn't have a bummer you know I didn't think about that when I bought the TV I was just so focused on the dimensions don't ask me I said that the same thing yeah I got the TV but it doesn't separate discussion is like people of Key West people like I want full cave in there like you did nothing broadcast in 4k really people in HDR but almost everyone has an HDR TV never enables it it snowing by the Fallen most TVs and we're just having that discussion you like mine doesn't have that no one knows to do that sometimes it doesn't work when I got my most recent that I have now I went through the same thing was like dude HDR test it doesn't work. To go through a table in the TV redo the test on Austin work then I tell a hard power cycle the Xbox rehab shakes or something and it all the checks work on the auction is never in way it expected I feel like a lot of people do guns are options the light off on it and it but it usually has to be done on Like A Pup Named put bass like I have to go and find the input that my Xbox whatever is plugged into an enabler on that specifically and then it's on it doesn't surprise me in the first revision of you typically Hardware they just get stuff wrong like you know there's a better Diplomat ation of how they turn on HDR and it's just it's wrong and I get it sometimes like when you have an Xbox One at launch it's got the power brick and then like a year later they have the much smaller one that's just a powerful and then go power brick and it's been that way for the last couple generations of the Xbox I get from manufacturing level two things improved but I'm always surprised I got a software to know this is just a bad way to do this on the box and in all of them sing cereal and big fat lies it should be like two or three clicks away on the remote button on the remote that says HDR? Yeah I just remembered because hearing you talk about it that way I know what started the conversation we were talking about the Tom Cruise most motion smoothing they already put out possible they were they did a whole PSA video and release on the internet about how to turn off motion smoothing on your TV and all I can think is awesome I'm glad I can't fucking stand to watch a movie and I have it on you guys like this like like what it's like you don't notice how it's very smooth and it's like it's weird to take me out of the movie things that I play Red Dead but it's slightly on because I'm too close to my TV sometimes swear it's like the the periphery will be really shuttering be like if I just put it on like three out of ten just like a level 4 it really it's it doesn't it's not distracting I haven't had never put on a film chords a movie on their phone or on a video camera uploads it like it doesn't look like it almost to call he's worse when I said smoothing teacher and I don't like a note spelling correct in thinking 60fps videos that people put up FPS most most like when you shoot up between the games in Usher's 64k on my phone yes 60 TV I mean 60fps video I don't mind it but I definitely noticed it when I see it it's like everything just seems like super super smooth the way I feel about it when I see something it's like 4K or when high-def came out was like oh that's fucking amazing and now we have these high-def Graphics like that incredible I don't have that same feeling when I see 60fps or like 48 frames for The Hobbit you know I wasn't like all this amazing that was not my reaction 6060 / 24 or 25 Spider-Man finally into the spider verse beautiful. I would have if I'm with you guys what else could it be what is the name of this year Wreck-It Ralph 2 Incredibles 2 something else and then another thing and then spider person animatrix animation in like a long form I just lose concentration from it as a kid I was fine but I feel like I was. I can order it like I find it really hard to watch anime or like an animated film films animation or not sure what it is I think I just like seeing real people on screen I'd also like to figure out how they did stuff with animation it's like someone is Drew it but was real would like live action stuff you should ask him for the computer specs for computer animation. It's too much like Colossus is completely CG I find it very difficult to look at Iron Man in The Avengers movies maybe he was a real suit it was like you have a new animation you say it takes you out of it but then when you watch a film in live-action you say you're trying to figure out how they did everything ones that take you like me to fill me not trying to think about how they didn't feel like I've all the time I have quite a lot on my mind so it's nice to just sit back in like just think about this film animation sometimes I just end up thinking like what I'm going to do after this movie I never been diagnosed with any ADHD I don't think I have that but I just I just lose focus from the movie when it's not people you need to see a real face to give it attention what is a never used to be the case be looking stuff supposed to like the what's your favorite anime long sweet appeared episode 1 convert 19 days I said Bible lost things Sammy Jo even when it was inhaler I mean it's just a different kind of Animation but there's no other any other way to classify that show other way other than the animated show voice actors that live rented CGI reference Bluetooth activate some post a meme post that made it to the top I saw it but there are animators who made one of the best animes of all time. It's like we were always doing interviews of like how this is going to be this art form everyone's using it's like some company just confuse the hell out of every but I I really like that because that that that post on Reddit cuz I'd love to go whenever Red vs Blue shows up somewhere I'll let you know I love to go in any kind of like when there's a photo of a big cat you know like a mountain lion or something I'll always click on that and there's always that person's pretty far down view from which we have ruined two word is ruined for some people always come around Red Thread of the Red vs Blue meme I would say he does but it wasn't somebody called out cuz they said doc would never push that hard like he would just be accepting them countenance it's just like people doing one quote after another Blockbuster Video Store you know and we would like figure out we were going to watch and the same thing happened every single time we were looking at you know and somebody inevitably would hold up Monty Python and the Holy Grail and then what we would do for the rest of the night was just say Mighty Python and that's if we just like we go to you knew someone's going to take the next one you wanted to do it right because we just knew that things to weld I felt like this was Monty Python Holy Grail still felt like this underground kind of felt like not a lot of people knew about it but then all my friends are like coding and stuff like that but I love to go in there that I still get proud of this day when I go in there and see like people quoting stuff I wrote you know 10-15 years ago that now do you know they are holding up Red vs Blue DVDs and Simpson Yeah by my growing up years that stuff is like a locked in a special place where it's like stuff after it will come and go but I lost stuff from them and I made some joke about like I like someone changing their name and brought up Phoebe in friends saying like oh my name is Princess Consuela banana hammock and her husband that she had no show is named crap bag and then season 10 episode 4 what the fuck do you know that's right I just I've seen all the time all the vine it's like I mean Vine references a lot like Seinfeld and Vine are the two things that I have this encyclopedic knowledge of the thymus Mickey Kramer's friend cuz he took 40 aspirin and Seinfeld goes too much too much I'll always defending the name of a ship so these the name of the ship on that maybe I'm mixing up my number just came up in something maybe something to remind me something just recently featured Serenity Now only two hours after the prophecy is before the the the live stream what yeah I saw you make sure, I don't think we've been a video have gone out yet you're living in the future video pictures of July 2nd a video we have a couple of things 2018 I'm so excited about genlock which is coming out in 90 days 2019 is the correct adjusting you and your tell that you're thinking in the future by there is we've had some development for a while now it is probably one of the newest Department said we should still have been around for a little bit of time now it's Richard games and they were the group that developed Ruby Grimm Eclipse which started from somebody who was a fan of rubies did it and then we help take it in and develop that team developed and turn it into very successful game it's been around for awhile since really well and we went to them we said hey we want you to follow up the success of Ruby Grimm Eclipse with something of your own something original not based on anything that is a show at Rooster Teeth or anything else until they've been working on their own original game for about 2 years now I think what I said about 2 years and it should be coming out in 2019 so super excited about excited I think we're allowed to say the name the name the name of the name of the game is vicious circle and I think we have on the people know that we're coming out later this year and do we have any art yeah, wait for a few minutes ago we had a long time ago before it was settled and the game changed a lot and we had a play through a couple of weeks ago and how long do we play for like an hour and a half and the time flew like I was sad when we were done and it was like that that you don't have to get back to we were using near the development to get back to work on the game I wanted to wanted to keep playing the game almost like a trailer / gameplay playthrough stones at our all-hands in December and I was just captivated by it like it looks so much fun the graphics I know it's not like the version that they showed us it wasn't completely but it looks like something I'd actually want to play and I don't play this kind of food you eating itself is crazy there was a dick lot of people that all-hands the 2018 end of the year meeting a lot of people we did that live show the night before it and then you guys had a wrap party and I was like I got to go home because in like 12 hours we have the end of your meeting I had like 40 minutes of presentations that I had to be prepared for to do on stage and normally at a company meeting in a wing it or whatever but now it's like 400 people confidence in people know we don't see everyone who works here every day there's a lot of people who you know I don't see maybe once a month for them to learn everything is going on you want to make sure it looks good never happened to me before people who works here we're getting pictures with me because they work at the other place and they never met me I was like Madison crazy that we we have people working here who want a picture of me like I think it's like that like it just happens all the time hello one more about the game before it is a multiplayer FPS so I know it's built to be something that we think you can play together and hopefully enjoy enjoy right because let me tell you something when are we going to play test we do it at in the game's Department which is also where other people are working nearby from other departments like screw attacks right there as well where they are and I always have to go to all they would just apologize after we do you want to play test cuz I just like I'm shouting more than anything else it's a lot of fun if a ton of fun and I can't wait until people can be able to play it so later 2019 updates throughout the www internet after we're done Halo really good your name get shut down a lot done Jeff and drag us net worth but you haven't even Hunter I'll just like throw stuff at a great name for Demon Hunter Orange Is the New chaotic evil just a lot of all the creative takes on D&D of kind of intake hole that's a great name I measure there's a lot of DnD shows on the internet adjectives that same word but hopefully nobody ever will initially I hadn't pitched Heroes and half-wits the name of the pitch was half what Heroes I got changed to Heroes and half-wits the same something and something oh what fun it was did like you did a 360 video of D&D really early on it was wack remember to do in the Funhouse cartoons would like the Muppet Muppet things first time on I didn't text him to let me know when it's adult can I vote, but you have to do a verbally sorry Lawrence I was looking at ex boxes cuz I had my I have I bought an Xbox One X when it came out my old Xbox One and I put it on the treadmill and it's having problems it's like having issues. So I thought maybe I'll just work and get another Xbox out there so we'll see how much it was another one X yeah I was like two hundred twenty bucks or something and a 1x is 500 I want to look at it and I looked on Amazon cuz I buy everything from Amazon we going to buy an Xbox One X you know how to customize it you can get one with a 1 terabyte drive that's the base 1 a 2 terabyte drive for I think like 70 bucks more but then they have a version that's got a 1 terabyte SSD wrong if it gets from Microsoft internal I didn't ya know it's a 1 terabyte SSD internal Xbox One X and it's what it's like 800 block let me see the point was going to load games if they did this and I'm curious if anybody has an Xbox One X SSD 1tb HDD base expects 2tb HDD maximum space no one should get that 1tb SSD Max space and speed bikes maximum space space I guess you might as well just get one of those would make it much faster would rather have and maybe pay a little bit more for 2 terabyte internal vs. 2tb external 8 turn off the entertainment center for the behind the TV what's what's what's 1 Timber Timbre is it Timber right thing I tried to start I would walk up you be sitting in a chair and I would just go recycle Timber what was our pockets you jumped on him I tried to jump on it but as I as I jumped over the table here I lost purchase with my foot and fell love to purchase oh man by the way you hit the ground and Foster the most gravity affect objects I don't know how it was Jimmy 64 appreciate that I can't forget it you can't possibly how many chips per tonne is I just move around so Xboxes however what the fuck are you in a terabytes for on an Xbox but never delete the stuff you download almost immediately happen again in like five times I was like I should really just buy a bigger the stuff is it on ever done like a study to see what is the environmental impact energy-wise of data transfer like if I'm trans if I spend all day every single day for a month and I download 100 GB a day for 1 month I'm using more energy in that month that I normally would like there's something I could hear you're right you're just as riding a spinning anyway or so minuscule is matter what mean it needs processing power to move the day at his right and it needs to see if you have an SSD it's even more unless you when you need to access them okay so you was always always being cool is cloud computing and when I was in new culture were most you'll have your stuff in the cloud cloud I just learned it yet it's the cloud Circle what does Erica send me something in carbon price of cloud computing is cloud computing more efficient if every pictures of the cloud then wasting the space and the resources to store all local he's kind of like if everyone has their own car versus it's more efficient to have mass transit even though the vehicles in cells put out more pollution Megabus put out more pollution a car that anyone uses only the clout there today but they use their local less your desktop in your documents and everything are on iCloud automatically locally on at least one of your machine but it's costly synchronizing them write welcome industry Aaron needs to go back to terminals eventually were you just dreaming you know they've had a couple different versions of those what are those will take off where you don't actually own in the games you just dream games over the Internet to play some games but anything competitive weren't live the Layton season this year adoption a 5G networks and Edge Computing it'll really live in a lot of it related Services account for 2% of all Global carbon emissions that's roughly the same as Aviation sector downloading and deleting a modality 70% of it is like four shifts going across the Atlantic in Austin so Android just pushed out update 8.0 and it's close it's by GE Sol you're a liar whatever that I know on my phone it does not like how I G music it's five megabytes faster it's really not much to be in the city even out in outer Austin it shows up signals really for real estate 40 with transition male to female. I don't know what we have what are the five TV I mean even Peter pointed out a few other people so like it is 5G and another going to pull this up in the moment but it is 5 g e on the top of my phone even if that's just a fancy way of saying 4G LTE the other one that actually has 5G not see your commands to have you ready yet radios for frostbite to the incident in the town I live in a lovely Place Algood update my love it maybe it was an accidental update that was struck by the way I want to say Michael you dodged a bullet here because your phone is charged 70% if you ever take a screenshot of your phone and put it online it's one of those things where like we can take your phone if your under like 30% their phone is never below 20% Pure White is creeped me out so bad but it really creeps me out when I post a photo online and people comment on other shit in the photo like they're just staring at this photo I have to look at everything before I put a new like what's that what's on your nightstand a cup of water on your desk number that. Like what's that you just got a text that green container you have Kaiser allergy medicine forever whenever you take a photo and there's someone in the background who's making a face latest some strangers in the background is just like talking so they're going like that everyone will fucking crop in on that person and reply to your Tweet or whatever it is it that pictures pictures I want to see whatever I'm talking about and Mimi Mimi because you didn't win any for this the work and the effort you put in sincerely Steve much into time zone Grand Theft but they went to Golden Glove tours like 5G versus come as you'd like to get the golden road is it a Golden Arrow red carpet photos and images archive in just like look at all their goldenglow photos to see if there's any without her where she's doing that she died 7 years ago she'd rather sit by the water and wash them with a Fiji Water later best razor to have a sponsored product to any different than having like in the step-and-repeat having a logos there yes that's entirely drink a step-and-repeat what's a good point Gavin I think about that tires on the carpet and everyone goes. The Asian guy who has like a cloth over him with two teacups and something over his crotch a pendulum is that thing guy turn the fan on it like Angelica how to get the pendulum pendulum I read a pendulum pendulum pendulum pendulum pendulum pendulum pendulum the station for me in the woods pen pendulum pendulum indoor indoor indoor tennis balls last how to spell it what is it about your budget or I have a rooster teeth bad cheer that as it misspelled welcome to the club if you weren't here for a long time we still got their last name he's only in the city of software update to fix the spelling and change the letter on it and I'll do my best to watch on HBO Go on Brad Pitt and they have some footage for the Watchmen TV show in that in that commercial that far along with a Game of Thrones from in my opinion I get that they are selecting what's the previews to show but I was a little maybe not though maybe the creatures the show didn't have say over with the marketing department show that they showed a little clip from Game of Thrones in that Montage that I like you characters talking to each other like that one day like Game of Thrones what is a big deal mean Game of Thrones is when two characters get in the same place that doesn't happen that often Game of Thrones so far away characters for years and eventually they're going to be in the show me the preview you like a fucking moment I never met were like the conversation buderus for a long time you been gone since the beginning of the show she started off and what are the plans back recently only just reached back to her meeting people can I get legendary character to the gioi heard about this Targaryen kid does she mean that stuck know well maybe she did you have any predictions for Game of Thrones Game of Thrones will do a fortnight crossover what do me like a like a wall or something like that is coming winter is coming thing what are the different zoo is the wall falling down with bad think of the legend of bunch of people didn't want to be there so it's also actually evil people trying to come through the wall exactly Thea the shut down though that's going on right now we're in day what now the show 17 it was a New Concept to me because I don't know if I've ever I don't know if that's like the UK government ever shut down the stuff to watch the reason number two articles about everybody like the national parks are falling apart and they fell apart really fucking quickly because people just kept going to the national parks even though there's no one working at the national parks so they're having problems you expect with trespassing to some areas that are normally guarded trash isn't that people to visit national parks to take a bag of trash out with him if you're visiting national parks you're probably someone who understands conservationism maybe don't fucking throw your trash in a dumpster we're clearly no one is maintaining a dumpster also the sewage in all these places not like completely destroyed so it's just like if I think that the person who was talking about since it's going to take Millions upon millions of dollars to rectify this that they know they're not going again and it can take years to undo the damage that just 16 days until like some TSA agents going to like quit or walk off the job I think why is Shotokan that planes take off without TSA private security to supplement but who's going to pay for that really fast there are some who opted out of using TSA and instead use private security contractors like I'm they're not really a government agency you know they're just the contract right they have to do that but they're kissing Bryce and for those of you who don't do TSA of the people who run the security checkpoint at airport 22 US airports use private security screen to buy fucking paycheck because of the shutdown and it's hard enough when you're dealing with Travelers where everyone is just irrationally angry already yeah and it's like they're doing they're going every fucking day working a full shift and no paycheck and then it's not even guaranteed to be paid when the government open right now cuz if they don't show up for work at 1 airport other connecting flights are getting to the next one they'll walk off their job which why wouldn't they honestly if they're not getting paid a paycheck I feel like if I knew it was guaranteed that he'll be back paid yeah but something about like yeah if if I knew for sure it wouldn't be I don't think I would go and what would be the point where you need to call in sick if they are they calling in sick or they just not going to a job that they're not being paid for the fair is that if they getting this money so they then wouldn't have a job in the comeback which is a Moana dress ? I think the different departments is guaranteed kind of year was like a skeleton crew people working there just to maintain communication and its people I think like to volunteer to help make sure the ISS stays up and stays alive but I feel like a lot of nasty jobs with more passion based on paycheck isn't going to play it but I got the day off what's the longest US Government shutdown 11 or 12 days anti-party said that he'd be happy to keep it shut down for months or years to take the time off all get together and they all need to work on your fucking Hi-5 cuz I'm always embarrassed by the celebrations whatever they fucking find water for the millionth time on Mars whatever they're doing and they all like cheer and they did you that there's always a bad high five somewhere in that there's always the bad high five and I just think it's like you know there's things flying by the planet they want to be there for their backpacks for lunch is going to look at the elbow is with that works the longest actually was 21 days December 5th 1995 to January 6th 1996 Clinton the second longest was 18 days and 7817 today right now what do stock markets like crazy to way down way up a really good day a really yeah the dollars having trouble today Nitro Speeders now I'm looking it up Snoop Dogg posted about the government shutdown and Trump is there some language use that would be inappropriate for the the show like bugga yes sure you know Snoop Dogg's famous catch you bugger but basically it was Snoop Dogg he put a video on Instagram saying that if you're affected by the government shutdown and not getting paid like don't vote for Trump in the next election said a lot more angrily than that but you know it's a point congressperson she said a mother fucker and then single Jackson came out today and defended it's like to be certified her use of the word mother fucker I did not hear he has the authority for mother fights they all thought it was slightly off today I think that's the other question mark is like are there going to is his trade war with China going to continue all these tears can actually take effect or are we going to see the deal made cuz we're running out of time with Saturday repris nobody I don't know it's a funny like I think most people wouldn't even know what percentage of people invest in the stock market direct like what percentage of people take money in have an account where they trade stocks but I would think that a lot of people who work have retirement plan or pay into retirement plans which do pay into the stock market even though they don't directly investment I know they have money tied up in that looks like you did something that the individual doesn't think about but there is a lot of money that they're waiting for when they retire and that they hope the market continues to go up so that they have something scary yeah it is a dollar sixty Falls going to hurt with regular stuff to as well I mean weird Way Bowling currency works because it's you know when you're here in the US and you're just buying things dollars doesn't really matter that much you know but when you travel overseas you're taking Goods in front seat and it really starts to make a big fucking difference in the price you're paying for stuff important stuff. McAfee McAfee Antivirus years and years ago then sold it but he kept his name on it but now I'm in labor and believe pretty strongly allegedly Matthews name on it since filed taxes in 8 years is bragging about not paying rent so it didn't you leave at least I don't know the American right-handed murders that you took it out of the website where is John McAfee in American living in Belize vs Jimmy still makes money off that in some way he better believe that I love lunatic I love I love high-profile lunatic drilling tunnels under LA and no is a digital perm call me people pedophiles and then saying that is protected first amendment has his ways to call me by saying what the guys that a pedophile he would have seen me by now he must have permission to drill under don't know I like in Texas when you buy property it's a big deal of whether or not you're the mineral rights underneath in the office never do depending on what you mean by a normal house in the Suburban neighborhood plot you don't get those men are open us so it's like they find gold in Texas right they can put your fucking backyard at least you know that deliver on an oil rig oilfield it stinks what does think of kind of like sulfur but not quite. I said the earth the earth Bo is sulfur real people can't hear ice I just smell that it's funny they are far apart are people not to report a gas smell because I guess it was a smell drifting in from some oil field outside the city will usually have the government to reduce the smell. Because of the shutdown with me the Chemtrails come over you don't notice it but there's they're not running a Penitentiary else could the government shutdown actually did have a gas leak in the carbon monoxide detector text yeah yeah there's smoke in the kitchen cuz I put my name in the alarm will sound the alarm is loud in the thermostatic satellites are there places where it on the ground yeah well my carbon monoxide alarms are up high but that's a good question I never thought you put a lower if your ceiling has an angle to tell you how far from the top to put it like this very specific instructions on where it supposed to let me know what you think about your ass when you fart you guys I know you don't read Twitter Twitter when I tweeted you cuz you don't respond to the thing that I did but he has this has this little procedure little he's got or he falls asleep for the fire now every single night and he's just like so racked out like he's like stretches out as far as he came to sleep in front of you lucky little friend you're missing a good life fireplace videos the 4K fireplace videos you should do one with just mush light in front of Italy is the most viewed whenever I did the picture you posted when you were in the shower and he was peeking through the door of the cutest thing is like he was scared call podcast is also brought to you by the workout the country with the Ruby sleepwear or stay warm with all the new fleece sweaters you have anything for much wood could a motion of fleece Sweater Weather and Rooster Teeth store has just the right thing for you for the resties fan in your life you can find the receipt March made just for you at store. Receipt.com that store. Receipt. Com two tone hey we have another vehicle you cuz you get super box yes so the bird box if you haven't seen it it's Robin Williams Netflix movie came out very controversial some people like why did he get so much hype that's what it seems like I don't know just something I did that didn't make sense I'm watching it was about 30 minutes too long the movie Sometimes contradicting itself so it's pretty much the only person who has any issues with the movie get out of here early everybody loves get out my supervisor exacting though which is I started the movie off and I watched it and yes it was interesting but it went exactly what I thought it was going to go the entire time and it was just like even with bird box is pulled like a nonlinear narrative like flashbacks in Flash forwards and it's like when they start to move they're going to do this thing and they just they that's what they do they do the thing that the whole movie it's like and yeah there's the tale of what went wrong as it as they go along but I was just surprised by but I'll just say the premise of her box is there some kind of entity in the world that when people see it it either and there's a lot of speculations what is did anyone who sees it dies cuz they kill themselves they go they start with did it very violent behavior in which they normally kill themselves and so the theory is that they see the respiras but you did this big speculations what's thing is we piece together some stuff in the book character we have that video so we have a concept of what it looks like piece together from the novel by John millerman and then the Netflix thing as well so we had this or that Gus in front of the fireplace. You never Take Me Home Country Roads video doing the bird Box challenge that Netflix urges everyone not to do and we know the same thing happened you were going to do it cuz he thought it'd be a fun concept and then that's when we saw all the posts about people saying don't do this Netflix is urging people not to it's dangerous to go bus liability of course it is yeah well also when you're throwing chairs at your friend's head while they're probably just terrified of the liability involved a very controlled environment of people spotting the whole time and we mention that ended up being blind they advised against and uses of their trademark of their logo and it seems like you're endorsing a shity internet video it's better that delicious Red drink what is that keep doing this I'm going around my bed big kid I have an apocalyptic stuff my 5-year rations just expire like a spider this month is 5 years old MREs from everybody so they do it I couldn't do it seems like a bad idea for that do you have any other specific me five your rations yeah what I brought the rations and you try a little biscuit that are coconut expired expired but then it's just like it's just the same thing later years ago that I was having a I had a problem with a package last time I had two packages at UPS said they delivered to my house you're one of my house and I think what we ended it was I had called him and said it was delivered somewhere else and rutile set sign for it at the front desk UPS somehow deliver these packages to Rooster Teeth instead of them being at my house they were here to have an account that has both addresses have an account of my home address but it does not have the receipt the press on it and they cannot explain to me how it happened I went to them and they were like if a person adjusted we would see it in the locks here but if the systematic the computer to recognize your name and send it to your work address instead of your house it's in the computer. It won't happen again on Friday again after that fucking different packages of the last week give me the budget deficit with human intervention it would have been logged in the system it's whatever their computer that scanning it what if you having something deeply personal delivered that ends up at 1 also their boxes all the time about what if the computer decide to my ship need to go to a different address you know it's not quite out of all thank you it just doesn't make fucking sense that it's true that arbitrarily sometimes to come here and it's not all like Amazon shit just like from different companies fucking weird on the phone with somebody like you got your packages to okay cool I'll get some I don't think you may not know who is Rudolph delivered we were not accept your packages at Rooster Teeth so I went to our landlords office at AFS so rude or maybe they just wrote Rooster Teeth. That was meant to go to my house house and brutal had it I called him and I talked about what are two different companies been in the two on Friday we're both from Amazon dude but three different places I want to send you mail and see where it goes yeah I want a UPS Amazon has the greatest packaging in the world. This they got this tape that holds the back of my hand that's not like that it's the white padded envelope do ever get that one of those plastic things I can't do it I think there's a little cabin we find it will find a personal thing from home play when they have electronic to make it look clear sticker or the scene that you got to like get how well we know each other at that nice nice how many how well we know each other that we just have conversations and Barbara had like this wildly inappropriate conversation just like in front of the people you only remember I had this package I got a little heat gun to take stickers off stuff greatest thing I've ever bought my life ten bucks I never to worry about stickers on it ever going to end up but I had it and Bargas we got there a dildo. Plug in a butt plug and on the like the back of it the part that sticks like out of your butt the flange spring door stoppers located and I just thought was a fight in this Lobby talking about butt plugs and killed in front of play overheard you guys having that conversation and I already forgot about it like I didn't even give it a second thought podcast and talk about cum tribute