#527 - Baby Shark is a Curse

Join Gus Sorola, Chad James, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss toilet paper, customer service, sunburns, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-01-15 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Chad James, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 527 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit roosterteeth.com hello everyone welcome to the receipt podcast this week brought to buy Robinhood hymns and Squarespace and there they are I'm sad that a lot of time to figure it out close but just in case I was playing it safe are you dragging for Michael I like it I think I'm done say my name is probably me Miley fat taken the crown I like it is myself first and last you need no introduction settle for none how about that I'll be happy with that Barbara none I mean this is something we do I do it for the podcast now that the all the conversations since we moved to chat on SnapChat launched on the site now it's just who's on it and then that's it we're announcing the podcast three days based on it I don't know either this much effort to go to that thread and see who's on it then does to just open up the video and a livestream see who's on it and exit out do the same stupid thing every week which is that guy like stop by the subreddit Barbara Bernie and Gus everything every single is 47 minutes from now getting the podcast bring it back to the camera I mean like I'm not falling for that cat is like slave the camper now I am very hyper aware of it no never never look at it I guess which ones are performing a different in the wide then you are a car that you can look at you different places how can you not look at it like when you get your posture what if she had her tit out let's let's podcast Barbers going to drop at it out and then and we'll see if she's on camera with Nick coming out podcast number what was this one when is it time to retire if a comment with your dick out the podcast that would also be dead people show up for that to write barbecue chips and now wait a minute I know if God sent you a text if you sent you a picture of his dick to go to the fucking you doing but if you knew there was a video and Gus's junk was in it, curiosity check it out right I would I would I would I live with it you'll have to see how it looks on camera look at yourself or look at your body even when I get ready in the morning like I'm not staring at me I really look at myself in the mirror would you say that you have a negative self-image know I know I know did you say your name twice dropsy very arrogant like you get ready in the morning like you do your hair I think no matter what I do I already look great I know that okay but I going to do if you do your hair I'm assuming that's on purpose so warm and welcoming place by yourself are you okay when does the bike in the Mirror Mirror cast just trying to like imitator is it looks like I'm wearing her skin they go The Barbers routine in the morning and they are they can help frame correctly and this weird opaque ghost version of yourself and there's no need to bring me that I like to sneak in there and try and perfectly match up with the expression stuff and then they yell at me cuz apparently it's actually counterintuitive right but it's fun I need so many shots in the early years of Red vs Blue where we be cut from like a character in one scene and then Cuts them to be seen in normal animation you just blind me character up on the same coordinates and everything but in but you're doing Machinima Halo we would have to remember we take post it and we put Post-it notes on street corners to like go to the difference in loading a different map then get that same character try to get him in the same position where the alderpoint sign up with the post of town but then they wouldn't then you realize that the wrong camera angle cuz that's the aim the camera in a certain way until all the pits sometimes you have to be more accurate and look at it why didn't you get some like tracing paper why not just use a dry erase marker it's mine and just draw the outline of the person we had we had posted notice of stories there's nothing else stop production not like we couldn't afford try for a meeting today and we were okay if we were over in the animation department and we were sitting at the conference room table at the apartment and you never seen it before you can see it in the vloggity where did Elie's performance review it was in there just imagine super long, and I got a meeting I got in there before anybody else I don't know why I was like he was six people but it because I think it was me and Matt and Ezra and Ryan home they like put us in this massive room I guess like maybe thinking, sorry goes I was about to say yeah that most don't like that was like some kind of subtle, actually it's because over an animation finding meeting rooms it's like the Hunger Games like it is so hard to book meeting rooms over there lately well just so you know my assistant we had her own, Sherman she booked us into that other one so it's like better now playing the flag she had a lot of territory that I was in there and it's weird the things got none of them if you have the same thing it's hard it's sometimes it's hard for me to think about this as a company as other than a company that was has like Five Guys jammed in his spare time I see this massive conversate has like 30 chairs that fit just like to me that's a weird touchdown it's a weird connection how big the company's gotten more so than when we get 450 people would you do stuff like that you might not have fit in any office until May 4th office before we had enough space to have a table at Big you made it any other thing to do is is little like oh yeah of how long it's been around since when I walk around I see like little pieces if we were a little people little people they're not they're just they're not beneath you Bernie so the other day we were shooting wish we were shooting with a red camera right that it was a huge decision to buy that I can remember how long we we like Bustin how much do you want to invest in this and then nobody wants to touch those light panels the LED lights and they were $1,000 for one of the Stag and eyes over that decision forever and ever and ever and the thing that I really always remember is to follow Focus which if you don't know what that is you baby rotate the ring on a camera to focus it as you know the follow Focus all it does is change the rotating motion like this to be a novel that you turn on the side and that thing was $5,000 for the piece of equipment and I remember that was like nine months of discussion of whether or not Barbra stitches came out to get us back. after all that you blink-and-you-miss-it discussion to see whether or not we're going to spend $5,000 and now it's like equipment and we needed to be a much shorter should talk to her. Yeah we just busted out and use it for 10 years so shot Productions on 2008 yeah did you do that Trend Barb of the 2008 I was confused I don't take selfies are too short from 2008 those are the photos I have of myself from back then is that different front facing camera people are very sweet online when you post stuff really I don't know where you're hanging out every time they're sweet but I posted them today and like I'll get this every now and then people like you have an age you look the same is that them saying that I look younger now or later looked old is that they feel it's necessary to tell you that you have an age cuz that means that for old map older than you and I first met you tell me Jeff and guts we don't look like we're dying today to go to the laugh at I'm sure Brian can bring it up but I didn't I didn't post one of those but I was thinking about it but Brian's photo he posted one and having to be back when we were at a holiday party decided to be Jay and Silent Bob together damn I used to be fit all that was before the kids get taken that I heard that it's a good thing that came out earlier call someone out for putting the toilet paper roll on wrong in the bathroom later in the day I went to that bathroom and it was still the same way you took a photo of it calling someone out and then you didn't fucking fix it but he fixed it and then they fix it I would have been like I'm going to put them in the right way cuz I'm calling someone out I don't know if maybe in my mind I was like if I call him out then we can catch him like seeing them like they're going to go in and fix their shame there is one way that you should put your toilet paper roll on wheels. I heart New York Cam'ron said when he made that joke is it good okay sure I bought the native I didn't think I'd I took the picture and I was too busy consoling after being a monster and I was like maybe tonight we can in the process you take somebody to stand stand up and do something and I did and I just let it happen and I feel bad or something else that I want to call people out for fighting if they think we should go over or under this is at the debate in the bathroom to stand up or sit down but yeah over under doesn't only for people who have cats yes cuz otherwise they'll recognize able to be photoshopped but somebody had like looked up the original patent for toilet paper on roll and it showed it going over so it's like there you go and of the date I have to admit something I used to be under really yeah put my family under slavery like they would do and then I moved out on my own and start doing it the other way and I realized it was so much better literally never think about this bothers me you would do it just happened in our office before if it's a massacre and you got that situation with the cardboard tube from the old two Bandits Undertaker old celebrities put it on how much does it take to just play without putting it on the fucking dispenser my wife does this a like she's a million things around the house cuz I'm gonna throw that out there cuz if she's watching all day and so she must she must think that it magically puts itself on because I don't think she's ever put a toilet paper roll on like I'm coming to it on top of the toilet on top of the holder on the floor like one time I guess maybe she went half way that are falling off so that was just on one of the peg that's supposed to hold the horizontal part it's just things around the house to shut up or I'll be really mad at you didn't you barbecue place and got a magnetic one just recently I have probably the best toilet paper roll holders in the world because it's just this like metal bar that you lift up that attaches let's up take it off put it back on but I really want to take a bath with spring loaded up so then and it goes down back into a group what's the over-under on that pool do you load the wonderful world like the magazine of a gun leggings that would have been like without it could you just saying that those all those wipes are some that disintegrate in the toilet and toilet are actually flushable the balls I got brought it up cuz I brought up him I seen him for not fixing to have a realization and I can't believe that I've never done this before but everytime I have encountered toilet paper on the wrong way even when I fixed it I didn't do that before hand I use the toilet paper thought about the inconvenience and then fixed it and I just realized that right now I could have fixed it first and I never did well this way you can be passive aggressive about it I just made it hard on myself hemisphere we traveling stuff it's always somebody in the group he says like it's amazing to the toilet flushes how to fuck you know which way your toilet flushes I got like clapping I don't get it straight down now how is Sean lost his keys are the toilet or like you did everything go on Plainfield NJ OSHA it better flush if not I got to go find a plunger flush blush is the stand up flushes and then goes to pull up his pants and his keys fall out and when I say keys I'm not like oh one or two keys his entire keyring oh my God gone so I'm working at my desk and he comes walking out with the most bewildered look on his face and he's just standing there and then he just looks at me and like what's up flushed my keys down the toilet and I'm like like a keys I can hook the whole ring and now I've got to call my wife to get this oh my God fucking cheering with his father and everything instantly he's like he has to sit on a toilet I can't tell you how many times I've almost dropped my cell phone into a toilet I mean fast your life I've developed a skill I think we as a species have developed a skill that we didn't have before and it's because a cell phone if I drop something there's like a 80% chance I can catch you on my foot now have that growing up because I didn't have something that if I dropped it it was mission-critical that I not let it hit the ground David Beckham or something but now I instinctively try to catch stuff with my feet have you ever had a backfire no I did not have the opposite nice I drop a knife and I do this like Dancewear I'm like flicking my feedback we have you ever had to put cash back fire across the room we do it you feel like a complete badass but then there's that awkward time we'd like nothing you've literally just want whatever you're trying to save straight into the wall did you see that ESPN clip speaking of kicking we're on one of their shows they went through Twitter and they found people who berated college football kickers who missed field goals said they couldn't make the case that they couldn't wait to be invited him out so that's amazing football training field all right you said anybody could have made that 31 yard field goal here is a 31 yard field goal make it did anyone know you should have had them drop their self and try to catch with their foot are the measurements of a field goal is very inconsistent because sometimes they include the end zone now they don't even kick it over the fence and dads fucking terrible but I know they won the Super Bowl what the fuck is wrong with you I was dropping key stories we've ever heard back in the day we works with a guy named Skylock what was his name are the internet when everyone have a handle a moniker and never Gus Gus was always Gus for drunk Gamers we came home from the bar I guess and he'd had a little bit to drink and he always saw it and he knew was going to cause a problem for me some point we get a sewer grate right outside of his door so he was sitting there trying to put his keys in the door and he dropped it and it fell into the sewer grate a drainage thing with a cover so we can see the keys that far below the great and so he reached down in there to get the keys was able to touch the keys and then pull it out and tore off his pinky I don't know I don't know a lot of his pocket when did the great in that was so excited and then like you know with his hand out to get them really fast do something pinky off but you can do that you can bet the things you can do by the way if you just like fight with the force of the baby carrot yeah you wouldn't take a look if I take you can't have you ever had to like give yourself like a blood type of test blood sugar thing my mom had died before she was a test to test my blood sugar so fucking hard for me to poke a hole I think I physically couldn't make myself hurt myself I couldn't do it and I think there's something that you like you can't do it cuz you can't make yourself bite through your own finger finger somebody else let's find out scare you Robin Hood is 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Robinhood.com that's RT Podcast. Robinhood.com thank you Robin Hood for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast wear nicer people than we used to be too because I don't realize he was like Emilio the Skylock ripped his finger off your finger off what happened was he turned into story those like top 10 PlayStation games a year and we didn't change it to Top 9 and 1/2 anymore so we immediately yeah we really just jumped on it anymore. Can we call it call out something else that's been bothering me but feel like I don't know if I'm slacking other people for the first time I'm learning how people communicate very much a stickler for the way I communicate but I've noticed there's some people now or in like a Channel with lots of other people I like let's say all of us are in the same channel all four of us here and I want to talk to Barbara in send a message to Barbara directly I'll message the channel. Barbara Ann. Drive me fucking crazy you guys don't need to see the conversation I don't even see the conversation if it doesn't involve me I don't just think getting his electrolyte important important for the group know about you like wheat like women always open Channel so like sometimes I'll ask somebody from the always open for you to be like hey do we have that thing ready to go as planned out cuz it's like their responsibility but it's still important for the group for me it just seemed like hey where are you today or something like I'm in a group discussion and then people start having side discussions while also in the group discussion and it just starts getting so convoluted but it's crazy to it's like now revolutionary chat client which is something we just use one or two or three Emoji for clearly did not know that we had pulling available General last week somebody compiled a list of all the times we've complained about Apple Sebastian Bryant yeah yeah it's really think it's like I don't think people understand and this is the reason I don't switch to Android is that I hate it funky and awkward and I have switched do it a couple different times I had a pixel 2 that that YouTube or Google send to me so this is honestly the garbage but we don't ever make fun of stuff that we don't use we try not to do that if we don't sit there and said that they don't have a very visceral reaction me sing the thing that they use I considered to be clingy and garbage e and I love it and that was a Hugo and you should use it you should be happy with it but we only ever think about the stuff that we do or we use but I'm sure you didn't like the fact that he said Android sucks I did not like gay like it right so it's like it's like about Apple lot but obviously we prefer to this day over Android is that I travel a lot and Android doesn't have a Native data-based Messaging App that's what's up on my phone as well it's like it's so convenient to be able to have iMessage and I'm on a plane and I can message every bit of that I could get a Wi-Fi signal I'm not going to get a cell signal until I meant I would ask why the fuk don't Android phones have a database in Android users would probably conceived that's the weakest point that they have in the date that something needs to be done about clearly working and it's right like I was talked about this with Xbox and the Platinum trophies that are the play Playstation Platinum trophies is a great concept it's out there long enough just suck it up and make like 100% achievement for every game just do it just do it so you just leaving something on the table Yeah you didn't think of it but no one's going to know who you to death over then and then there was something I forgot it was on PlayStation that you just steal from this look at Instagram stories from Snapchat because everything I mean because I'm not like a 13 year old person who's like the demographic for that app talk but I can't have a peppermint is that tick tocks been around for a while and I go on their own variations of my name and rooster teeth are taken taken why would you want to make a rooster teeth account and have that be on Tik Tok like as a person cuz I've been with them they're going to sell it to us like parking web sites 703 is big enough to become valuable I just want us to contact them about who farted didn't park a domain they just bought a domain and they bought it I want to stay for like $3,000 and then sold the domain for $140,000 and it was it wasn't his name or you think of that it was just a really good name to be like if they had football.com it was a Quizlet red rock climbing. I just waited for it to expire and I and I got it I literally watched that so long forever like a long. Of time I watched it like that just came up really quick do you actually own burnie.com I pulled that out of my ass I just say about the Statue of me the bobble head of a statue of me first that's based on the brain. Com story gacha gacha using for email self Will Ferrell with a cowbell I would I would actually like to build that app that wants to work with me I would actually I'm looking for a designer to do something with burnie.com will you I would love to have a really great and all but it's nothing like the the Majesty of sorolla.com or show me the monkey.com which was a gust website that I used to hack for you top 10 years this is the kind of shit we talked about the podcast what should we talk about anything of consequence like politics and immigration the toilets the security wait line at the Atlanta airport this morning dude I have traveled this weekend is it going to be bad and he makes a mistake I hadn't I retweet on Twitter somebody corrected me and told me the TSA employees he was a TSA Employee according to him that they are government agents and they are part of the homeless Department of Homeland Security I thought they were contracted but apparently I'm wrong maybe maybe that guy got that mixed up with with airport for the new contract your problem have I've been going through and giving my oldest son JD a film education like stuff that he missed just cuz you know I assume he's watch The Matrix and you know those boobies right before he gets bored and stuff ironically the movie that we both enjoyed the most which held up remarkably well even in HD or 4K was Flash Gordon from 1980 but if I check it out will give flashback for you at the couch today I did most of my movies on Microsoft so I can watch my PC or can watch him an Xbox I found that's the easiest way have movies that don't use iTunes for that I would use iTunes for music and now they got its way to just pay a little bit more and it's going to freeze it up so you can put it on any service and now there's a really cool thing actually gone back to buying physical media because they all come with a code now to get the digital version and Gavin pointed out to me that the disks actually have lower compression so the text you a better picture then we doing that but that means said most of my digital library exist on Microsoft on the weirdest fucking problem this week on Xbox and Microsoft for movies they were having a UHD celso Ultra high-def like 4K and HDR stuff they're having a sale on that shit and some as movies were like the Matrix was like eight bucks for the UHD version of Matrix I'm like okay I'll do that that's crazy so I got that and I got the other two I think that we made it I'm not under oath of those movies when they came out I want to try them again as basis I think you're right but the visual Fidelity doesn't hold up like they need to remake that Burly brawl neophyte all those agents Miss Inn in Matrix to do they just got to make that again you can watch it now it's like this is a bad video game the graphics for it and that was a crazy man that was working Hollywood visual effects do the whole summer where they couldn't hire anybody because everybody who was working in visual effects was working on the new Matrix movie industry anyway the problem having was there were some movies that I was buying a great guy Live Die Repeat Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise movies we go by on UHD cuz there's that was like 6 bucks or something like hope you know because I had bought an HD before I couldn't buy it again and it really deleted I couldn't even if we couldn't do that now that I can you just buy the movie again I thought I just don't know how to do this to my PC try to do at the Microsoft store there couldn't do it there but then I went and looked up how do I upgrade from HD to UHD exhaust or billions red show up and it's all these people like you just can't do it like delete it from your library or and they couldn't upgrade to HD and like they're always work around like to buy it there and then they'll give you a code we can link it to movies anywhere the habitat contact customers because I'm never going to have to be a problem with with a Microsoft product I think it was like my office subscription or something where I send an email so that my off subscription was about to end and my credit card was expired so I need to update it cuz I got here we go I see the bad credit card I need to put a new credit card in the new credit card in okay I need to move my office subscription from the Aspire Credit Card to the new one now hit movie I cannot unlink that credit card be used for an active subscription understand that you're telling me that it's no good and I need to move it nope nope nope I thought you would let me do it I couldn't delete it but I still like I lost office don't have office anymore now because I can't fucking I haven't been able to Uber since London RTX London last year because my credit card expired and I didn't realize it then I took a trip and it tried to Bill it and it couldn't and so is like you need to update credit card and then it won't let me update my credit card on the app for some reason yeah I tried to add it in the like it wasn't letting me do it and so then I was like okay well maybe I just need to be at the computer when I logged into the computer and it just looks so mad if it's like fixed because I've been trying to do this forever and thighs exclusively been using Lyft because like I'm sure I have some likes delinquent charge right mode somebody like five bucks and I'm just a 2 star rating on Uber Uber deadbeat I tried to do it and I just would not work damn it you guys talked and payment method so you got a problem and how to get that I looked for a good one while I could not find a solution to problem I just like I have a problem and it's very serious and you can probably just got that contact customer support in the fix it for you but I have a problem it looks and I worked in customer service for a long time and it's like as soon as I hear hold music for I could call and order food on the phone I'm glad you can do it all free online now I will use live chat do you use like live chat Force if I will try that. I'll do that I also though I know I'm way different than every other support customer and live chat cuz I give them so much fucking information about the problem you know at the pole like hit it doesn't work have to go through going through like Verizon or one of those light customer support things is one of the most infuriating things cuz I'm pretty tech-savvy and feel like it's like it's the best thing in the world when you get a tech guy who understands that you know what you're talkin about you cut out like 30 minutes but then there's the one who's to say okay sir Have you listened before you get on this list like I know you got a whole checklist I want you to know that like I have unplugged it I have factory reset it I've checked everything it's not working okay services for the first thing we're going to have you do is unplug the router and a lot of times but I recently had a problem with my cable service where my television wasn't working and it seemed like the box was dead like I wasn't getting a signal nothing was happening to call customer service in the same thing that Chad was talking about traveling down this button hold down that button and it popped back to life going through the proximal just have to actually help me it seems like you're doing a lot of nothing but sometimes it actually does something is going crazy cuz he keeps kicking the Mike Armstead I'm so sorry there's an Irishman like but who's Associated movie theater do you hear an audio you listen value of podcast that was promised that existed before we haven't liked the first date after I ever went on we went to Starbucks and I had told her before we went that because of the work that I do something take recognized in public and it was it was bound to happen eventually we walk in it at Starbucks in the Bristol like I would like to know that it's probably going to happen to that Starbucks and the Barista who recognized me to him and he still has the thing that I sign from there he told me that yesterday a photo of his girlfriend or treat me a photo that may still have it I still have it Liberty that you liked wouldn't keep going quotes to find a piece of trash every now and then some hey look what I found and they have a DVD store somebody turn back in a red vs blue DVD that was signed by life awesome stolen and someone exactly bar fix my problem did she like you shut up and you're the best part still like I showed her and she's like I hear it's not working this because have you tried logging out and logging back in and I was like fuck I don't think I have and it's like I don't know how to fix things and I'm like log out when I log back in all the user interfaces completely different and I'm like I'm sure it up I can put in my payment so now I can never get over again and happy life time ago we had to do tech support for people on dial-up internet so you would give people a list of things to do and then you hang up and then they got to go do it and then they call you back to tell you what am I the worst call ever I didn't have to take this and I was like a higher level reps I got to deal with some of the more difficult one and get to do a call back because one of our entry-level reps had to lie a woman's window ini file at her Windows 3.1 machine and one of us have to call her back and walk her through rebuilding her win. I and I file paper rock scissors with the other Tech and I want to call this woman back from Oklahoma and walk her through recreating away. Ini file in. He was on the phone 5 hours that day I think with her just going through that one problem absolutely me personally yeah yeah yeah yeah belongs ozone hole was like an hour and 10 minutes cuz I get through the menu bullshit I'm like are hey just a heads up I'm going to give you a call back number in case we get disconnected that is saved my ass so much because that is nothing more.. I hope they call you back though what time is it in but most of all I had I had this before I had to do the whole thing is all through the steps to getting all the bullshit and I got disconnected and have you unplugged it then apparently I can't fix you probably works but when you call and there's a weight on their customer service line are like leave your number and like will call you back when is someone available we're guessing it's going to be 30 to 40 minutes or whatever it is and they just call you back when is someone available to wish I wish it all customer service times did that help me multiple times Xbox Twitter DMs I don't have any yet what can I do something this crazy ass is we Works in Colton's long time goes like 20 years ago and it's amazing to me how little the technology has advanced the big thing for me is when you answer the phone the phone rings and you answer it which who the fuck is calling anybody these days and then you say hello and there's always that long like for second pause cuz they got to pick up the phone dialer and when they get a connection then they router to an agent to the agent of sitting there their phone rings and then they answer as though they're getting the call but it's they called you first and that for second delay to this day I can't believe they haven't eliminated that because it's like it's a clear indication to me that it is a telemarketer call center I've stopped answering random numbers because it's been so bad lately I don't know what happened I don't know if this is still like backlash from the Equifax thing because that I like I didn't have any closer to getting rid of course they do things like they have you noticed the deal because your credit all your personal information that you would take fake credit cards out take out loans in your name. How are they changing their phone numbers to look like yours I want to know it like the phone number for three numbers it must be my brother but it's just mad because now I do not know if you ever go like to a doctor or something like we don't have that doctor's phone number saved and then if their office calls you or something is going to be this week and I end up answering a bunch of telemarketing yeah yep let me know. 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Com truise stir sfor hims.com rooster forhims.com rooster next episode of the podcast the picture that Adam Baird tweeted today because like I have a really immature sense of humor but I was going through my Twitter feed that thing looks like a penis oh yeah I just got to be fair Patrick and Barb you seen a penis from that angle and the rest of us perfectly a ratchet where the tip is like in the mirror and it was like 2 raid on like that and it was very aggressive write check that out. This time we had Michael B Jordan chimed in with an answer to a question we had talked about in the podcast previous. we have a little quicker than that clip to dump the water when I say no I feel like it's a liquid right by the way what is that stuff no it's like a combination of dry liquid glass glass it's not a little kid anymore it's a supercooled liquid that's why I flows over time so then glass is it true that is not true I think you're just saying that true true no water and I'm glad he's pair with another liquid the day it was like this this chunk of something and as they squeezed it if it came liquid was Adam Sandler in Waterboy Adams volume is that it's a kind of like they had it was like a chunk of something and they squeezed it and it turned into liquid it was like it was like blackmagicfuckery or something like that and it's just like weird physics shit and I saw it on Instagram and the title the account is if you high if you buy it and they just have like really amazing things on there it's awesome I'm always worried to follow like accounts that are just really stupid even though that sounds like hilarious count is it also sounds like LED you to follow that today is just like stuff like that look cool like they don't look real these types of things are Scientific American article 2007 saying that is common conception the glass is a supercooled liquid it is not so it's a common misconception it's neither a solid or a liquid is something called an amorphous solid that's fucking horseshit their copping out there taking some weird middle ground on Billy or amorphous solid is a hotdog a sandwich with no. They just said it's not a liquid amorphous solid what does that mean I just made that made shit up I think they found what you're talking about Chad do they know it's not but that's interesting. The one that bar was talking about it's I think it's baking powder that's a non-Newtonian fluid that is not Antonio today morphis solid with cornstarch and water and cornstarch that's what I was thinking about the podcast did you see if I can mail you member that last year that object came to the solar system in like a cigar shaped asteroid if people were like is that a pro from another planet or is it naturally they look like that no I never saw a difference through the solar system last year and some people said some people were convinced that he would like some Pro from another world because of the way it came in well apparently the interview yesterday with the head of astronomy Harvard has asserted that that device was a nonhuman solar sail that came through to observe the solar system it's a really interesting interview with him where he covers a lot of topics and you should definitely get her put it out there for you can read it but he talks about how the scientific Community is inclined to say that it's not a problem it's not something of alien nature because of that makes you seem like a crazy person because he has tenure at Harvard with saying this but he talks about some of the ways that a device like this could work and was really need to talk to about almost like a theoretical right no one knows for sure if they said it could be a device where it's almost like a fishing lewer where is this object that's in space and then when our solar system comes by and I can pick up the gravity of the Sun and that's what kind of like activates it and starts dragging it along as well it could be that space just has these things in them. They're their probes from a forgotten civilization like that they do find out hundreds of millions of years ago and we just happen to come across one and it turned on Voyager going to end up somewhere at some product exactly they don't get out of the solar system right now this is really in hindsight a terrible idea for a satellite because it's basically has inscriptions on it that show what humans look like and how we work and then direct people to exactly where we are in the solar system like you and arrows of the planets are they have a Sci-Fi premise like using Voyager I think the first Star Trek movie was Voyager came back and was sentient or like went off and became a sentient Ai and then and cause problems for human own a ferret out the space later right does the first Star Trek think so it was the first Star Trek movie that's all I remember about it, no one can ever forget the scene with that centipede in the ear or I thought about it last night because we watch The Matrix and they put that bug in his belly but like I think the condom like a reboot of Evil Dead like with like young like CW Stars they change the direction it wasn't like there's something about it dark Series in a medieval comedy thriller and then now they went like if I remember back in the movie or is it like a series 2013 Evil Dead movie and screaming Who's laughing now and then I think about all the animals in the wall laughing so weird movie definitely don't want to feel strange I don't remember I don't remember I don't remember which is off which of the awful scene with a tree that's the first time bad bad man it like we had a stroke at a skatepark expressed breast and yeah and I got to watch a movie that we just like have the people who put on and I remember walking by and somebody just brought in Evil Dead and there's like kids here and stuff and let's just say there's a scene where woman running through the forest and a very evil demonic tree grab serve and things happen oh my God is that a bad thing is real bad it would leave this out for children to watch that that's probably good let's not do that yeah but they remade that and they remade the thing which I guess was the Remake but I was able to John Carpenter the thing and other stuff I guess or maybe just maybe it wasn't good maybe slip into the radar because of that we would be in the demographic to write I would think so but I kind of thing where you would take them like the other movies I thought I saw the whole thing I saw the whole thing last night to an hour and a half to long is that movie I think it's like just over two hours it's a lot I will save it and I'm not ruining anything to say the famous actresses in it she's in the very like top of the movie it was probably the best part about moving there they're faithful interpretation of the design of Black Manta was pretty cool Black Manta I was just like never in a million years would I have expected black miso in that outfit actually make it onto the screen stereo was in a Spider-Man big forehead with the big green outfit that would be crazy weird era of just bad villain and I would argue that have the best bad villain who was never appointed with the joker seemed to me to be like a good villain on paper but people fucking love that feeling of the darker stuff man I love the Joker I mean I feel like I feel like there's a deserted Jared Leto Joker and Harley Quinn movie did it get scratched Aquaman in one sentence is that Aquaman is the movie that I was worried Thor was going to be when I heard they were making so I was like who the fuck is going to want to see this like based in Norse mythology it's like the weirdest Marvel Superhero it's not like Captain America it's not like Batman or Spider-Man it's like he's a God how the fuck are they going to pull that off I went and don't respect my boy has a handle on that type of humor Serta Perfect level of humor taction different character in the First Avenger glasses and stuff it's like there's some funny stuff in there a Friendly's Birds of Prey come out February 2020 is going to be starring in a Barbie movie live action Barbie movie Harley Quinn the role I thought I was born to play a Barbie girl in a Barbie world it's just about to say my name is I'm sorry you lost your roll two car garage close to it after that Jaime Pressly are so similar but yet you could like 100% tell the difference if they look very similar to be cool it's like somebody came along he's like 10 years younger than look exactly like you that would not that I wouldn't like that would be hard to deal with very similar to Me podcast one yeah I think he was wearing like that like what they called corduroy jacket me and Miles Overlander looks fractured but yeah it's kind of okay let's see if the misery we did that Bird Box video and Andrew was in it and she was like who's knock off Bernie Who's Bernie son is that Bernie like which is not one time I looked at Andrew and thought maybe it's the beard people get thrown up like this I always grew up thinking to go back to superhero movies again that everyone in Superman movies is a fucking idiot because Superman was land put on a pair of glasses and every be like who's this guy you know who's this crazy nerdy reports Clark Kent glasses you should be able to clearly decades later if people see someone in public who's got glasses and a beard like this dude looks just like you looks nothing like me cannot wipe that look just like us and I think it's like we don't know but the way the human brain word for facial facial recognition is that people like everyone keys on something different like brow Ridge or nose worst times where I posted photos of like me with my brothers or my family and a lot of people have said that my little brother looks like a white Gus which I've never got Smash Bros player because I denti it probably looks a lot like me and so we did we did some stuff and like the press machine for a bit we had them over is every Pro smash player that I've ever met you suspected you look so much like denti-cal heavy awesome that's a real noodle scratcher guess maybe I can pull it up but especially when I have my hair longer before I cut off the sides what you got to do we send something broadcast it wasn't that guy that everyone gets mad that was on Game of Thrones Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran I get more of that from him but I just know this because people have to constantly on the radio is like I'm in love with the shape of you maybe I'm pretty sure that's a new post Malone song I look down and to the song I recognize I saw a post Malone older now but I like there's so many like the Kidz Bop and like popular songs now they're done in like the kid version do your kids listen to Baby Shark you cursed me did I stood response was no I have not showed that to them like you just to stay away from it is literally get home and Kira singing Different lyrics to that beat and I'm like what you doing and then she's just like is it the baby shark to the hey Google do you get nose baby shark think it's just like a little kid song and it's just like lyrics just go baby shark baby shark mama shark mama shark shark right now broadcast getting mad we're telling a lie lyrics but I was like I was making fun of his like cuz I heard about this I got to hear what this song is those kids donation for so I listen to it and it got stuck in my head all fucking dex's Baby Shark Song kids listen to it again that's okay my little brother eyebrows and glasses eyebrows that's what it is I think I was sorry about your brother there we go to cut at least with the lighting right now it just looks wider than your brother do you wear sunscreen sunburned I have gotten sunburn before but it's not, I hate that you started that with I have gotten sunburn as someone with Irish heritage yeah yeah oh yeah it's real bad sunburn from a campfire given that it's more like a bunch of a big fire in like a contact burn man like a fly minutes are all Town garage small sun and you can't believe you're getting burned by the British at the burn I'm not touching the thing that's burning me close to it but it was a nighttime sunburn from a campfire I could sit next to a black eyed they wouldn't get it I would get it but I see how it is I think it's 100% true I think it's 100% true white person thing to do to buy Blake if you ever look alike camping gear it's a pretty voice I did a lot of the kid I just I just did a sunburn from now Squarespace has been around the receipt podcast more than five years now guys domain website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer templates you can create a website for online store in just minutes it's an all-in-one platform there's nothing with stall patch or upgrade ever need you to set up or transfer your domain on Squarespace do you manage all your domain and billing settings in one place Squarespace Been a Long John Silver's podcast 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I get the bottomless pit Hot Springs man with 31st names man w31st names so I can see what site lets talk about that earlier with your website. Forget squarespace.com 54% off your first purchase for Bernie. Com excellent I'm ready how much to shave your head like all the way down. If you were awake after what I was trying to shave your head camera lot like to be a lot like what what do it for $500,000 you have this money you probably would do see that now cuz I think like if someone actually had his $300,000 to shave your head I D like I need to donate to Locks for Love I had a I had a I had a guy that I worked with you would always carry about $1,500 in cash on him some time and I was like why do you care that much cash and he said because if you're ever doing a deep is more country guys if you'd like to go buy stuff whatever he said he'll have a price on something and then like say they wanted $800 for something and he just would pull out $600 a day will you take this there's something like psychologically by when people seek a Snake-Eyes yes. Yes I will take that it like I see it and then you take it well then I got to declare it like I can do this so I don't know if I do it for less than a hundred grand a hundred grand six years I tried to call you a couple times we would know I might be doing that now Gus 25k we can try to find that GoFundMe and we don't shave your head we wax your head like it has to be like I traveled back in time to extra life all right I just haven't done that much over your ears and Mike your baby your beard have a wax your beard thrown out this year for extra Life by the way I was one of these were talking about for the punishment for fun and I was like I legitimately was worried that if I could text my beard it wouldn't grow back right cuz like I already have trouble growing hair like right here and so I was just like it like I might really like not be like my dad had colon cancer everything I feel like he went through heart surgery and diabetes got like 85 get salivary gland cancer and it was like after he don't skin cancer another stop before me like I took it out of one of the lowest highest mortality rates for real I can make that I'm catching a lot and anyway he got totally fine but he got radiation treatment and so they have advanced to give me like a little tattoo for the markers the quarters where did they were using to rated him but the weird thing was he got it was like late sixties and he had that done that patch that square perfect square no hair will grow ever again so we got 5 Shadow he had the square missing out of the middle of the covered part of his mouth as well and it was like super smooth skin as well so that's the secret to like permanent hair loss if you want to never have cancer all over your face find the Gap Blue Line in space is crazy in that radiation gets sunburned face the sun is just a giant campfire in the sky right it's a camp fire that's burning in space that's it you can't get a sunburn from a campfire the what do you specify that the sunburn what qualifies as a star that's nearby fire and burns I'm saying it's like a really ugly ass camper take a really small star that's really close so if I want to get some texts aren't going from a burn if you really want to give it a name like the moon gives you Moonlight outside so if you put a light up outside that's not Moonlight it's actually technically he comes for the fighting off the moon yet my brain just stopped working leave I look forward to seeing where this goes what is going to be made out of 200% outside nerds do they get sunburned under monitor what's that watching a video of a campfire maybe they do maybe they do I feel like this is one time you really needed Gavin on the podcast the backyard and can you use what they know they've gotten they were really outdoorsy people they weren't indoor nerds taken 40% what part of you guys like physically the next day and a very light Amber from Africa was it from when you are outside earlier than when the sun was out what's that can get it during the day I'm going to stop what you decide to become a glass of the new toilet paper on a sunburn receive autocomplete helps me out here what's on the fire it's a third thing that people ask if you can get pregnant from a toilet seat is glass a liquid if the third one down also by the way you get Summers of the Sun but not from a candle so the temperature of firewood need to be somewhere between the two before you get the preschool UV and any sunburn Risk Everything is Spectrum black body radiation this is quora.com Ethel fake stuff on there anyway wasn't from earlier in the day when the sun was out and you just didn't notice really don't notice yet cuz it hurts later in the infrared radiation can cause permanent changes in the skin common causes for heating pads sitting too close to fires or stoves and more recently laptops on the tops of your thighs which is a bird it's just a bird all right what are the raffle tickets are Arctic Austin tickets are available for sale he just came out badges are on sale for first members this Wednesday on Friday Gavin. Misunderstood