#528 - Apple Complaint Tipz & Trickz

Join Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Cheez Balls and black coffee, getting old, a bunch of ways to die, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-01-22 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Burnie Burns


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 528 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com but if I moved hey everyone listen La would your reaction to the fact that even though I was going to live there for three months and I bought four sticks of butter would your reaction have been I guess I don't walk is premiering this Saturday so if you want to talk a little bit about dreadlocks before we get into the main podcast itself so the podcast so when we were for the front of the trailer just came out we get into the awesome gym locked out what's wrong with butter why did he make the bed that I bought four sticks of butter he thought it was like this groaning that I did right we're not talking about this anymore in the door continue talking about this arrest based after podcast 500 this is on you now you guys I've switched over from stick butter to Irish butter cuz it supposed to taste better ending it comes in a brick yeah so I don't even know sticks you you you you go to H-E-B that you can buy you can buy one or two-page butter something posted the video clip the same thing you can buy in one or two sticks to change the argument so you never one stick of butter take a picture of your butter aisle and send it to Boerne right now I never will stick of butter in a store called me a fat greasy fuck I saw there was a question I saw I think it was on Reddit maybe isn't putting somebody asked me like what was the pathogen lock took like this is biggest thing we've ever met this is the biggest thing we've ever made the cast is a little more pronounced than our usual past and you should also the length of the episodes is starting off with 34 minutes episode I think it's okay to ya dirty questions could happen Okay then has a perfect physique Michael Jordan guess it's you want to hate them but he's so likeable you can't try to give great idea he won the gene pool yeah he was a whole lot of assumed he that he make there's an ounce of effort at all done it well mirrored if you and Michael B Jordan with exact same age do you live in the same neighborhood where ever he grew up you would not look like him no no no no no they can't make that got another show coming down the road not to mix messages here but Spike face changing your body type getting like 80 lb and now he's like like a Calvin Klein model there should be like one of those like you know how to have like the lifetime award like the Cecil B Demille award whatever there should be like the like the Christian Bale award that they give to people that have gone to the most radical physical transformation Newark New York Skyward Oconomowoc open Newark New Jersey I'll tell you man I lived in New Jersey for like two years and when I lived it was a ton of punk shows and stuff in Newark and everyone's like to do whatever you do don't get in my car and I spend a Sunday drive around Newark and I left work and said I will never come back here again as long as I live and I never did tell the story of John Locke was we were looking for a follow-up to Ruby like a bee new animated show and so we do one thing at a company called pitchfest for every one of the company is 2 days a year before days a years two sessions a year one of the company can pitch an idea for a show they want to make anything at all this is not part of that this was a more formal part of the animation development and that we were presented the different shows we all saw Jen life in just thought it was such a great idea for a show and then Michael B Jordan with inlaid I think to put in the Shell really on the radar helping his cast a lot of other people did you just we saw the tweets gray in particular we we all saw the tweet and grey came up with this idea to reach out to him and contact him and I can't exactly where your package to present to him and Michael B Jordan was like he's an anime fan and when he saw he said I want to be a part of this and it is still producing it with his production companies well so that's two seconds the story of how Jen La came to be there's already a show that was in production diversity but it really went to the next level when gray establish that relationship the animation department has just grown by Leaps and Bounds not just in terms of like the people the number people have working air boat what they're capable of doing really really excited about you excited for everyone to finally get to see it you know it's unbelievable and I'm so happy it's fine to be out there if your first member you can really turn around and watch the second episode is well on first and then after that it'll be on Rooster Teeth first the rest of the season the Jet Li vs. Com check it out or use the app and if you're not a first member episode 1 is Freon receipt.com it's like it's like anime heroine free or crack Rush Limbaugh you can walk that one and then immediately Daniel think yourself a dime I get the 7 days I watch this cartoon and then scoot on out of there and never spend the dollar and then you'll look up and it's been 4 years and we own all of your shit Geoff that's alright so here is the trailer for genlock go and stick around after the trailer cuz there's a mediator podcast following it completely New York the zebra and ring more about that later though as quickly as I possibly can to the reason why I want to get out of the way quickly that it's right here in front of me I have a 12-pack of canisters of Planters cheese balls Ella who does runs video at BuzzFeed and she went on her Twitter account you did like a very Busby thing which is like maybe she was mining for an article or something like hey what's your favorite snack snack from when you were a kid and I look at bright those kind of curious about it and it turned on people posting a bunch of like defunct no longer produce snacks and the one that I remember as a kid was playing as she's also I just like quick Google image search for Planters cheese balls I get an image of the can and I posted and then I noticed got this little seal hear Jeff on it it's back so they brought these back for a very limited limited edition release of this snack that's a good business but got it but only order Amazon in packs of 12 but I'll just do that I'll have a couple I open one can I had a couple of those are really good like I remember 10 minutes later I've eaten through two cans of these things away from Seven of those is 18 grams of carbs because I was eating like if I can I can you can have up to four people that don't know no carb are very extremely low carb no-sugar diet for the most part yeah ketogenic but I am I you can have up to 20 grams of carbs a day I try to go 4-0 when you started you probably could have had more your Macros but 20 is like this weird Benchmark that everyone uses I figure it's easier to count zero that it is to try to keep up the keep up with the throughout the day so I just avoid I don't even try to get too much money I just I try to get as close to zero as possible all dude I eat good food still I ate a lot of steak and my kids I don't want me to cook at home a lot you know it is as a single parent you don't do that a lot so you can get a lot of calories really quickly in Tito's calories you can do it but then over time what happens is you find it it's hard to go back to the same foods to get those calories you need in a day because you've had steak for the billionth time for ground by a bacon is always the go-to I am I am no longer excited about steak in any form in any capacity or I overloaded said it's low carb where it's kind of what your body does would indicate that it's dying where it'll just start or you're starving it'll burn through fat and it's good Coke ketogenic is it produces ketones and that's what burns to the deep fry thing cuz I just adding fat to your turkey then going to let you deep fried avocado oil bring it on and you say can I get a coffee if you normally get milk in your coffee you have to ask for full cream is the way they just tricked you. But you just get the full cream you know it's funny you said that cuz I was just having what's wrong with you and it's an interesting five exercise we think about somebody who's giving you the least or smallest amount of advice in your life that had the longest impact when I was 18 I was in the Army I never drink coffee in my life I think I'm we tried it once was a kid and it was gross and there was nothing for grownups and I was in a house in Fort Jackson to Fort Ben Harrison no longer there in Indiana and it was the coldest winter that had like 40 years ago was -20 and they I got assigned Duty Driver cuz all the people were alive back and forth this van in the snow it was very stressful I was scared I was going to fall asleep with in the snow and a van and kill people and so I was like I and my buddy was like you should start drinking coffee to keep you awake and I was like okay and then this one dude who was just in the duty room I don't remember his name or anything by the time I was trying to figure out like how I take my coffee and he goes to give you a hint going to change your life okay drinking coffee black learn to drink a black you and your life will be easier from this point on I don't like black and I was thinking about it and I was like my life is easier because I drink black coffee creamer. I just like get it and go if you go to the Starbucks in the app picky because I didn't want to go through the human interaction who's that it's like an app interaction and not to tell anyone I can be as picky as I want like what you're talking about like requesting full cream or any of that stuff not a word that's really good out the door I get a lot of coffee at Whole Foods honestly because you got a Whole Foods you just make it yourself and you're right there take these Cody come here and we were filming some live action stuff today whenever I think about it in the back of your head throughout the course of the podcast and see if anything pops in the mind of like a moment in your life when somebody give you a tiny piece of advice that had ripple effect kind of covered one last week in the podcast to work for and yeah because it's what he does he carries he always has cash on them cash is in the transaction like he's like if you stop these buying a saddle some old school Cowboy you know or somebody selling something he said that you could if they were selling something for $800 you can show them $600 in cash I want to see if they just say yes your inclination when you see cash is to just say yes so where's that goes and everything else I do like he wires I hate clutter I hate everything they think like I would try to go as digital as possible with my money but I will still awake are you check your feet on digital boarding pass or something and it wouldn't work and that he would cause an issue I have to go back and put the fucking thing I had that recently I love this iPhone watch I watch the fuck you call it an awesome Apple watch blink of an Apple product I put my barcode on my code on my I'm at 0%. Quit trying on my watch because it's embarrassing because of what you described as having every time I try to do it Apple pay I try to use it everywhere where they have unpaid which base is your phone as contactless credit card if I could only get it to work at Jamba Juice can I watch the walkie-talkie used all the time about you guys and I love all my app on my laptop Apple laptops phenomenal the point we made about it was about Apple cuz it's what we use what we don't switch to Android cuz we don't like it but I hate I think it's clunking garbage I have a I have a YouTube very kindly gave me a a free pixel 2 that was called exact same reason that I change they did the same thing we would have that same as I tried for like 2 or 3 weeks and I don't know maybe I'm just watching yes but I had a hundred twenty eight gig pixel 2 came out excited about and I used it for maybe 2 weeks before I went back to my phone set a non-event establish back in the day was established when we started appearing on cameras personalities or microphones where we don't tell other people not to like the things they have a wee bit about the stuff we use when we complain about the stuff in our lives because we use it but the reality is I just I think it's way better than Android but I'm not going to sit on the podcast and tell people that Android sucks because they use Android APPL lot because you would have used or you haven't moved away from it but I'm not liking a rant about that every time I say OK Google five first launched and I don't have a phone it was that came with the phone at the time but I opened up the box Scanlon Google Fiber and immediately got off on the wrong foot with that out with that device in the computer have and I would like five or six years was it that the secret computer the atom are didn't recognize was like what is a computer wise overseas and yeah I just brought a personal computer from home because I brought in at the time a computer that I thought was over the specs of what RoosterTeeth would buy or should be obligated to buy you know the one we argued about whether or not have Bluetooth on it. That was a whole argument what doesn't your desktop computer my desktop. Now I do cuz I was a little late this morning because you proved a point for me people who drive Teslas have to talk and I'll look as a Tesla that's either gas or Jordan or Becca or a fucking awesome have you can't say how do you say what do you mean more I upgraded to the Uber bikes bike pedaling at least I'll be over bike you're not flipping over and crashing us all in on those bicycles there was a story I thought it was someone who gets help from the tech school for the visually impaired you know what you're talking about how what a problem scooters are because now they're in the sidewalk I thought I did something I never considered I kind of thought it was senseless bitching until I read that we now have we have and this is your downtown Austin Airport bird and lime and then lime with 2,000 over the amount they were allowed to have downtown of you guys saw them they were allowed to have 5000 units * 7000 units downtown and they got caught with nine thousand units and so it they had to Atlanta in the city goes for $2,000 then you go she ate a deal where they had to remove it thousand thousand and put in the neighborhoods around town which is why you see lime in weird places all over town now have a thousand more than I'm supposed to be a man but on top of that was so that was it was a line in Bird world then Uber hit the market then lift hit the market and then yesterday when I went home there were four of them parked in front of my condo that are unicorn scooters so there's like six different brands of scooters downtown all vying for your attention and apparently it has a fucking light up you like unicorn on a LED you look like the electric powered Uber bicycle is phenom go uphill it kicks in and then it makes it easier to go pills and stuff so it's like 60% of the work of riding a bicycle which is still sick a hundred percent more work to do on the scooter in a lot of the fucking scooters your bird right if I want to run if I want to get from my condo to a movie at the Alamo Ritz really fast how fast a scooter faster way but okay sure why not if the bike is available I will take the bike obviously, Casey neistat electric skateboard that's you that's you got to get come on I'm too old for you. Renfro's member Ren from the ren the reaper he was big number to Community website now he's one of the main do the order digital yeah he has that one wheel that you would like that nobody up there easier to ride now like they do like Auto balancing their gyros in them around downtown LA helmet brand by the going south to North like Cesar Chavez where do you think downtown it's like 15th Street yeah the river to the capital probably is what we consider that lets concertina my baby at the MLK I would give you maybe Lamar at least Lamar the downtown Austin report is hedge 15th so 13 Road North South 1595 intersections in downtown Austin and there are nine thousand scooters in one breath and 175 of those intersections are the construction for 18 months it is brutal because you live there. There's always a million die from we went to get dinner at fly right you will fly right from there to Whole Foods cuz we were going from their way to stop a Whole Foods and I thought just as an exercise let's count how many how many sites under construction we see between all right and I Whole Foods which is 20 bucks 20 blocks we counted 27 separate construction sites in my door status every week you prune all the point vinyl bitching about how Texas how long it take me to get home I noticed it I'm cognizant of it but I'm not upset about it he said maybe you shouldn't take nine months to fix a door the Austin Airport construction leading up to the airport at this point fifteen years to figure that out by the airport by the close two lanes of 183 because there's a big hole I love it. This thing 23andMe take every day can be a part of my genetic makeup and that's just crazy me allows you to go beyond your ancestors to access more personalized insights based on your DNA from your help predispositions to your lifestyle choices with the 23andMe an advocate you get over a hundred twenty five reports on your health traits ancestry and more reports include things like lactose intolerance muscle composition even caffeine consumption do you know that genetic factors even help explain how much caffeine people tend to consume with a genetic weight report you can discover if your jeans predispose you to weigh more or less than average and unique to you inside switch a healthy habits likely have the biggest impact on your weight based on your genetics are you got a ton of stuff you can do with DNA mapping to see where in the world are the relatives come from I found a bunch of second cousin to my recently do that is if the fastest way to get to know more about who you are by your 23andMe health and ancestry kit today at 23andme.com rooster that's a number to 3 and me.com rooster again, just to ask a question based off of Gus it's always negative stuff I would say that you say Chicago properly now because of me probably a little wand eventually he said one such a hard one last week you're making fun of yourself when you got it I would wager he still gets lispy when he drinks to do you really not in any other point is like that you guys are with me though you guys with me breakfast with Matt was that when we could use your DNA information and figure out with a service that we just analyzed for diet and health and exercise everything like that and it's cool cuz I can just like plug in my 23andMe account from like a billion years ago and is changing so they just updated report on everything and it was cheaper because I already had 123 me here cuz they're concerned about putting your information out there and with you no service is everything is a conspiracy theory surrounding the 2008 or 2009 vs 2019 selfie meme is a phishing scam it's speculation that this thing started on Facebook is they want to train algorithms to recognize aging data or two friend aging and so they're having everyone submit these photos of themselves in this in the thing that they have a mind this for the day. I'm not even be Facebook another startup we do this kind of thing or you use that in a serious way but it is and I had to be honest I kind of like the people now thinking about the steps number one Barbie gab for sure working for us and we were like fuck you document every single thing you do and put it on social media are Facebook it's weird yeah you know there was a day which was what's a behavior that is considered not toxic put something on those lines like a negative behavior has been completely normal Eyes by sides and no one recognizes and I was trying to go through and find what mine was it wasn't even anywhere on there it was to me it's as make sense of rolled selfies selfies to me they are still weird fact that somebody has more photos of themselves that they took then of anything else at home as a kid it was all pictures of my mom to make sure it's not a weird thing yeah I don't want to see me like I know what I look like I forgot I want to see pictures of Millie when she was a kid I want to see Millie Through the Ages you going to see what the old picture of my mom me slides fucking Sally's Beauty Supply in Austin they digitized and Jeweler and it's amazing back in the day what people took photos of was equally is irrelevant of just like it's a cold day here's a picture my face like what the hell is that cold day okay back in the day though my dad he just took pictures of stuff like need a picture of a Japanese Temple it's like I don't give a shit about this I want to see pictures of my parents and things like that so it's like it's Debbie said if my dad's photo albums were all just pictures of his own face and that's it I've been like okay I need like four of these done you know I'm trying to find photos of my parents together and stuff like that that's what I looked for you either you subscribe to Aretha today I fucked up subreddit a couple weeks ago and through old photos me think about this is one from a couple weeks ago for this guy tell the story about how his father-in-law had passed away and his father-in-law and when his father passed your can you the password as far as lost computer free went through and kind of sanitized did you know deleted stuff anytime I wouldn't want people to see and what not you do she said you did a pretty thorough job on it but I forgot to do that for his father-in-law's external hard drive so then all the families get together and they want to do a memorial for him and go through his stuff and find photos and make like a digital memory of him and the person is riding the post says I realized I didn't go to the hard drive so I had some very strongly suggest I was only me who suitable to do this because he knew that that hard drive was filled with porn and they didn't think anybody else in the family could be subjected to that Children looked at him and after he's gone that's a good dude really sweet things that I got to do this is personal thing so it's like it's nice to have someone who's not technically related to you who's willing to go through and scrub that for you look out look out for you and that's what I had left earlier discovered recently a feature on the Apple watch what I thought would be useless as I should really helpful is the flashlight feature it seems useless to me could you turn up the brightness on it at first it seems useless to me but you can turn the brightness way up and then it's great I got to make sure I have your password locked security is it on you can touch it and it turns up that's way better right here watching the Apple watches say you're at the Guadalupe know your passcode when you flick your wrist earlier I thought I did he just put his watch on cuz I only get that would take I made it's not a prime location or just fucking search for it old man podcast by the way I bought a pair of reading glasses General name I said I was using Apple pay that's what I was at Walgreens cuz I bought I bought I know and I know what number are you like a plus two or maybe like cross-eyed so why not if you're going to get 1.25 magnification why not get 3 but that was like look at the coke bottle musically I got it because I just took a navigation class for my sailing certifications that I'm going through and it's really cool. I think you really love it I got like that the calipers and he's parallel angles you do a compass is usually usually texting measure and sometimes used to be markston little arcsin did you trying to get like a running fixed and see what it is later it's a lot of really small lines and the practice ones we poop start but the practice ones we were working on or even on a we're on like a smaller piece of paper so like the compass rose nothing was Tiny for reading off of 360 degrees and it was I was just like I looked up in a person crossed we had reading glasses on a guy about my age and I was like maybe I'm at that point so I gave it a shot the fucking great I guess I got the flat earthers are going on a cruise in what's playing at the irony that the cruise ship uses around Earth to navigate where is simple passcode do I turn that off I don't know what's your passcode on your office I didn't know I could made it like that so I've simple passcode turned on so I turned that off my phone turned on turned on my phone was called the web browser to look up Apple watch unlock you can unlock it by turning the digital Crown that's cool I just got word that is what you want to watch unlock by face ID here you go use face ID on your iPhone you fucker I'm guessing no don't forget by then thanks for joining a farmer's daughter come on the movie have you seen it done more with her but as it stands the way it's done right now no I think I got to watch killing Eve from the very beginning of the Ozarks show Jason Bateman and Justine Bateman I put on a activity stuff on your Apple watch to bridge two conversations together here sure you use that at all like to stand going to get 12 in a day and you hit your stand goal for the day I one day as an experiment decided to see if I can get 24 hours of standing in one day and I did it and I I just seen saw it and so she sent me an invite to be friends on Apple watch and then so I had to see everytime Justine works out if she works out fucking all the time and then she challenged me after last week's challenge me to a fitness competition and I accepted biggest mistake what does that mean you have calories burned and then way way way way way Lester stat is how many hours in the day you stand up once and it mainly Hedges way more towards the competition towards minutes exercise and then calories burned as a result at least seven days and I'm like 2 Days in our already I'm already regretting it worse than I have for better than a sloth challenge the lowest activities that's a great idea like the least amount of exercise in today let me tell you Apple products suck in this is a piece of shit I don't want anymore whatever. I'll deal with it later we're going to stop now we're going to stop because you're pouting it doesn't do it it said that if I it says simple passcode with this on Apple watch unlock the symbol for digit passcode cool whatever I turned it off and it goes to change your passcode I should have passed passcode but I got to turn it off I don't like it's turned off passcode comment easy easy come on dude take it easy to manifest the premises better than the show is where you like you're hoping the show gets his catches up the quality the show catches up. You know it's a plane takes off the plane that takes off and then five years later plane lands and four people are on the plane no time has passed and for all the people on Earth are like I got remarried I found it 10 seconds 10 seconds 10 seconds is gone by go to your watch go to settings on my watch watch you want to let you watch right now it's going there is unlock with iPhone it's on your iPhone you got to have the watch on if you have it off going to fuck out yet it's not going to unlock once when you unlock the phone I'm telling you every time I try to use my Watch I have to know that password you should be good now I didn't change anything you just said you seemed to think it was already like that what's a heart attack at this how we found out you use my phone no matter what what's the. What's the temperature in the podcast last week about horrible tech support and how long it takes or doing art version of that who were on vacation in Japan and they were on a boat that they had rented and their boat capsized in the ocean and Rain story so far back they all try to to grab for the cell phones only two people be able to get rather sell phones in a before they sank to the bottom of the ocean warm they pulled out and it would just work in the water and the other one like still worked and they were able to call nine-one-one in the ocean and I'd like the Coast Guard showed up and save them all but I can't imagine being in a situation where you dumped in the water and you're trying to catch your phone before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean I'm going to die when were they were part of the world so probably pretty cold water is way fucking cooler than Disneyland you might be because I know for a fact but the current might go from north to south so it comes down but directly from the Arctic I think it goes the Florida is catching water from Africa essentially going clockwise is going clockwise in the Pacific hold on I got to log into my phone I got you just like I'm drinking a beer diligent about keto because if you're not there's no point it's like there's no half measures grams of fat and then she got my car to go to bed doesn't work that thing I've been doing it since October November whatever miss a lot of stuff anymore I don't I don't have a lot of urges that I used to have to buy something had sugar in it and it was like it was punched in the mouth 2023 I lost 5 pounds before they went back up a little bit I gained about 15 times back to 16 and now I'm 171 so whatever that math is in my life it's been because of Keto when I when I went down to 185 at the call center that was to know what I would have went down the last time like for 2011 you know that was cuter than two had no impact on you or care about it no it's not that it's more of I was I never realistically considered diets because I was consuming so much alcohol and I wasn't going to curtail that that anytime I would look at a diode do all the the the liquor going to blow this out of the water immediately what's the point for me because I was not going to I was not going to temper my alcohol consumption the worst your decision making is easier to wake up at like 9 in the morning the next day and then see an empty sleeve of Oreos and go as I happen to have 0 grams of carbs in vodka ginger ale or something of alcoholic doesn't matter of addiction I just like what happened there that great collapse on its status grossest thing I've ever seen have you seen our dealings knows no collapsed can you pull up a picture can you just Google Rd laing's knows you'll know the photo I think he's standing in court and you'll know it because you throw up in your mouth what happened he has done so much cocaine in the last few years that his nose collapse which an early of the thing and he had to appear in court I see him to not go to jail there's a big screen 4K thinking he's a map here to see what he looks like in that show that's hard for me to see that sad that guy's really funny really good in math what is crashing Pete Holmes it's like semi-autobiographical about him what show is the other one does a crashing in the other one which is I'm dying up here right okay I didn't think for a moment and the person it was probably a Twitter struggling comedian and they said how many chances is Pete Holmes good get ya make it difficult people Hulu shows Billy Eichner and the fucking great show and there was only three seasons but you should watch it if you get a chance in there where the lady said her husband comes home and she's just like on the sofa eating a cake and they're like struggling comedians trying to make in the world in New York and husband comes home and he's a pirate joke there's a certain section of entertainment is very like a subsection and I think Pete Holmes is in this subsection where you can work for a very long time in comedy if other comedians find you funny comedians comedian comedian comedian documentary about, Sam, you can always be able to get a set where the fuck he wants walk in and get it but it's like you're still waiting like what's in between Jerry Seinfeld nearly billionaire and Colin Quinn we've been working since remote control is not Billy he's a billionaire might be fighting the change of time and it's like maybe just like I was wondering about that cuz I watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but I am I only watched the for the people that I find interesting but I swear he's not here work right cuz in the latest season he's got more hair than you did yeah I don't know why I agree if I'm only God I would use that money it all seems like you just like you can now just get your hair replacement be used to be like there's a hard line or just spray can of Shepherd Corral secretly I was on a TV show and maybe he changed his 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Com rooster really super easy super fast I tried it out my insurance agent who have used for years retired at the beginning of this year and then we have to leave for like 15 years I have never thought to look for another another car insurance quote so I was really really super easy agent is across the street from our old office just because 15 L I was needing insurance and he said we'll just give you my number to say okay that's great so I called her like a Asian only place I was her only not even, and even when I would call some of the office staff didn't fully speak English like one of her assistants they're like why are you calling the wrong number. Please do something and I finally ended up just after probably 10 years of that but the last eight years I've had that the one right across street from the old Congress office this is one of the things I don't think about you just like you pay it if it's a bill that back on auto pay her if I've ever met my agent I think everything that we've ever done is been over the phone or email holy fucking shit that was difficult. Took me about four months of work to find someone that had to go to like you said you like Geico try to go through other insurance companies then end up going to RV specific places and they were like it's not an RV at the bus in like it's a bit class was going to show you the title is classified as an RV does it was a whole hassle I called her and I said I've just got to come back around to you cuz I talk to you first I just can't get this because I'll figure it out and she did so that's why I've been with her she's great I never thought it would be strange to ensure of us just calls me honey get that back at 7 think that's the reason right there where the thing where Tesla has promo code is a referral code okay I don't put it out there was a rich person who put there's up and asked everybody to use his referral code and got some of you he got a free car like they gave me a new one coming out of the six million dollars you know or do that kind of stuff I feel like having RoosterTeeth having the audience and asking you know for subscriptions or like even we do like a crowdfunding thing like very precise or extra lights note example that's what I prefer to ask like very specific things like that we've said this before where we can even ask you to like vote for us for a ward we've done it like once or twice do we have done it a few times but it's very damning said we have the opportunity to ask you a liberal person toward about once every two weeks you know what I mean cuz it always some award show where they want you to go to your body it's cuz your basement while promoting promoting that thing when people have called me and like a handful of people did that people of the company who bought one and I got tied up on some list where they sent me a wall charger on Elon Musk signed wall charger but I didn't want to install the black one normally the ones that they sell in real life tour silver and you're going to be in your house for a long time here I'm just going to give this to you install it in place he ended up not doing that and then when we all movie the new office has a nice gift he then cuz a lot of you like Gus and jaq like he said Jordan Terry have Tesla's now he has had the wall charger installed on the outside of the building and plugged in like right there any way up to the guy who installed this thing electricians one job that I want to trust the person doing it yeah it's an invisible thing that can kill you at your building on fire there's so much that's wrong troubleshoot the Tesla charger and show like the switches the guy had wrong doors only putting a 12 answers should men putting a 40 amps and then mine when I went to go plug in my bus he'd put the plug on upside down and John May said to flip it back over so I was saying to Gus these are all the things we see who the fuck knows what else is wrong who won The Voice this thing done this way you like to take a electrical plate off in like okay I can fix this but now I see there's another problem if this was the reason that this was this way like it's going to take me a couple hours to fix if you fix he's like oh now that's been covered with other problems like you just like pulling out of thread or just have one thing leads to another leads to another it's kind of like that working with Michael because you know whose intellects it was an accident electrician and electricity run the office he'll just be like I'm plugged in and how going to be like I here under this up all the time when he's like that's backwards or if that's wrong. Just fucking found them for he might be from that school where the first thing they teach you as a contractor is to walk into somewhere and go the last guy did this completely wrong cuz everytime I like this guy get everything right the first thing everybody code always changes different while back on our podcast to fold it to you guys but where my apartment flooded and Millie kept it from me for a while and the guy when he was fixing it he came in he was fixing the plumbing and he did a thing this is this is how they made the whole building this is bullshit apartment this place is like to think I would get out of here and he's in there fixing it and then at the end of the like 20 minutes later he stuff I've never seen before and I figured it out and it's super smart as I didn't know that this thing work this way now and I took pictures of it I'm going to tell everybody this is awesome I was wrong but it's telling us that long with these other guys so where's to go to disrupt you guys as well because your guys choice because I feel like I said my piece and she won't do it. Course the fucking deal flight went nowhere fell apart and everything they called it back like six months later called Asian back and I said pay his name I said I just I just wanted to call and tell you that this is the thing from few months ago he told us it didn't work out and I just want to call and say that you were right and he let me sit down right if you crack it is coming up this was a mix never heard that once in my life I admire the great work that was done up these guys in the roof looks like your gutters Xterra 2019 so far as been busy my fucking great does anything like towards the end of the year when everyone's like I just have to get out of this year it's been the worst year ever maybe I only just see that stuff until and I know I certainly stay quiet when people are saying how horrible things are going I don't like the great everything's fine but I'm so fucking Jazz about 2019 all across the board like personally but a really good year personally for me but it was like professionally best year of my life I'm hoping for better on all fronts it started off really well we've been super slammed already and you're you're going out of town in Australia in like 4 days we do and it's like it's it's no joke we do the community that the day we land at like there's not at all home and off yeah we're still filming like we're doing a bunch of like filmnstuff to have Michael and Lindsay so they can participate in it and where we've been so busy cuz we just don't like all the clubhouses for season 2 a Haunter this week you guys tomorrow actually Anna but it feels like every day there's been like I'll 2019 thus far every day there's been like a holy shit we got to get this done immediately it's already late and I like we're starting up like one foot behind but we've hit the ground running I'm scared to see how how I feel at the end of 2019 if it stays this busy going to make the sexy Jazz calendar for 2022 and I think the same I think I think they deserve it. You've deprived the people living in better shape to my nevermind I am doing I'm still walking and bike riding a lot but I started this thing there's video to watch all the time I'll say it is because there's a real I watched all the time and I love you like that little Asian girl so I might my New Year's resolution was to do push-ups everyday for a year like what is 165 day challenge I've never seen anybody do the million push-up challenge create a YouTube channel with create a million push-up Channel challenge it's like to every minute for a year best Chevrolet do the math so I'm just going to do a bunch of push-ups instead to every minute for a year and I may get it wrong I know which is the difference between a million + a billion and if you wanted to count count to a million at one-second intervals it would take you about two weeks to count to annoy you want to come to a billion it would take about four years yeah cuz it's just a map of a thousand times that YouTube channel where the guy said Gucci gang a million times for charity popular song by Kyle and Lil pump I believe in you lil pump it's like Mumble Mumble rap that shit like cardi B hoe who died of a drug overdose not knowledge that I can vote for a while that Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose death from a car accident now I saw that to you actually I said that to you the deer is the most dangerous animal in America because it's causes the most fatalities of people because of car accident deer ticks and Lyme disease did the girl that was on The Real World Seattle who had Lyme disease there is laughing Eric remember that girl that was a train wreck of a season that happened today she got in an argument with one of the guys in the house want to say his name is David it was leaving the house and he hit her in the face he slapped her in the face on TV do you remember how we know what that she was leaving heater and then closed it she drove away was that the real world San Francisco Seattle Seattle or something like that so fucking long ago 31 years ago my calculations by 31 years to count to a billion 31 years 31 years to count to a billion 11 days to get to a million how much to count to Jeff Bezos net worth net worth 3 or 165 yeah one time think about that if your if your account start counting will give you a dollar for every number to get where however how you get that $7 will give you how far would you make it like me like we do without stopping without sleeping or anything to get the 5 million 5 million dollars that's enough but you spent like an order at 10 weeks will it be 10 weeks until you like you know you're like 3 months on this at what point but you know the next second you just make another dollar if you just keep it going you know what I mean that's really going to be like some kind of some kind of stable right but you got to count it some moral lesson and it's like you never can spend the money cuz you can't give up and read the whole thing 22 million dollars a year it's like a million bucks episode of Simpsons how do you like not make $1000000 for 2 or 3 days work how do you how do you stop that do you remember the first bull to make $1000000 an episode I don't think it was there I think it was mad about you right when it's so weird too cuz like mad about you doesn't show up in like anyone's classic sitcom did guest spots on it and that was a huge deal back then for a movie star to be on TV and before it was obviously before 24 and all that stuff but that show at the height of the popularity and funny you mention that but I think about mad about you a lot it was easily the most popular show on television and it was a big fucking deal and everybody loved it and it was a whole thing about Helen Hunt Hank Azaria be in on it together and they were married and I don't think I've been that show went off the air and they did that trade off of Seinfeld where Jerry took over the house or apartment for Paul Reiser and then it's like it never existed I think about this with books a lot like what is it that makes something indoor time like I was a while back or shoulder to Millie she was homesick and I thought we had like a comedy education and I was reminded of the novel so I bought the flat nylon I read it and then there's like ten of them like a book series and so I was reading about it and it was one of the only known as the first novel ever to win this prestigious award I don't know which one it is wasn't it wasn't anything but a Caldecott medal award and then the the sequel won the ward again the next year and it's the only time in history that ever been done and it was like reading about it in the 70s in early to mid 80s it was like a phenomenon everybody read the flap books everybody was excited about it when they came out they were staying in line and costumes like Harry Potter but it was like a big fucking deal and I went to buy them all and I couldn't even get them all on Amazon music for all available to buy them used in stuff I had to do like some peace Melinda to get them and have it ready for whatever but that you can walk into a bookstore in Austin and buy more than one of those books probably never mattered but at a time it was like 10 15 years and for some reason we still read JD Salinger but we don't read Gregory McDonald's flash books don't even know why is that why does that will not endure what it had all that popularity and other stuff does not example or that show where you can show no I would say Wings in door little bit that had what's his face Richard Lewis and and Jamie Lee Curtis and they had that sitcom where they were in love and I was a huge to come to but I eat so I can put this in perspective cuz I just watched but love I was watching you watch movies that he hadn't seen yeah why would have seen them cuz they were made way before his March like we just watch the 1980 Flash Gordon surprisingly well did okay in 4k but we watched The Matrix and then he was like it was like hell yeah I kind of remember to watch that was great he goes in his two more of them and Ashton I was when you don't worry about it you know it's Rachel's reloaded I haven't gotten to the third one yet and I was thinking about this I was thinking like if there's Matrix sequels had been any good like like had done pretty well they probably would still be making Matrix movies every couple years just made two sequels that were either too heavy or too philosophically inaccessible to brought audiences and people just didn't care about it anymore but why does that property not going to continue because a lot of talks about like rebooting that are a great example of all those stories about how they didn't really write the first Matrix that's why two and three worst city ever threw that out. Just what I remember reading about another another example of where that went right would be Mission Impossible came out around the same time when did fucking terribly was paying you and I saw together I remember you and me and Manny Arroyo and a couple of you from Teen Titans go out together at Metropolitan which is gone I think the Barton Creek Cinemas gun 2021 and 2022 or 2021 was the first one it was the first man to walk on the hallway and they had to be invisible and they have the shield stuff I don't know what it was called Ghost Protocol the nation and Fallout were the people I associate with the franchise first and foremost Mission Impossible I think of Tom Cruise yes second person I think of who's second person second person you think of is Emilio Estevez I don't know why but I think you think of a gigantic fucking franchise I would say it's got to be pissed about that it's probably the television show in the 70s movies Staples of the mission impossible franchise like the key but I still hold on where the max a big deal in the 60s the show or was that just cite something they can pull off for the movie I can't distinguish The Avengers and Mission impossible's in my head of the same TV show British Avengers and mission impossible one from the other is all the saying everything I don't like that Avenger show because you can relate to this Jeff we grabbed his comic book kids yeah anything decent and that was great and we had like one Superman movie from the 70s you know but that was a made-for-tv Captain America movie in like 1982 I remember that Rodger Corman Fantastic Four Rodger fed up at 4 Spider-Man movie we like wandering on will be recorded on Monday do you think to put the fish bowl on his head and movie by the nightcrawlers people that's starring him I saw the trailer for that yesterday velvet butterfly or something weird like that what was it Bella bus. Looks really interesting another weird Jake Gyllenhaal movie I don't like him just fine I love bugs me how much people rag on Maggie Gyllenhaal like there's some people who just really don't like her other people like I said really pretty I don't know why do boys & Hurley Consulting about her looks what's the recommended everyone pounds now Ramsey spoilers next in the Spider-Man trailer though podcast is also brought to buy ring rings mission is to make neighborhood safer you probably and cameras affect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world so there's a package delivery or surprise visitor you get an alert you be able to see hear and speak to them all from your phone ring video doorbell to be hardwired or Rafa battery so you can add a ring just about anywhere I actually just recently installed a ring doorbell myself that I purchased and it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be 60 Minutes available right now your doorbell and motion-activated floodlight cam the starter kit has everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home just go to ring.com teeth that's ring.com teeth can give you the peace of mind you need when you're away from your home yourself and your home with the ring starter kit get it now at ring.com / teeth that's ring.com teeth look at all three would you ever consider coming in and doing a guest adrion off topic. Do you know that is George Clooney and the guy from Bob Einstein Albert Brooks real name is Albert Einstein he's so much funnier than I've never seen so I don't know there is not a comedian or comedic actor over there like 40 who doesn't worship Albert Brooks in much the same way people feel by Garry Shandling yeah people fucking love Albert Brooks and I I don't I just am ignorant of him because he was probably when I was a kid like deadly Dudley Moore and Albert Brooks I remember them because my mom was into him but I don't remember anything about him yeah but fucking love Bob Einstein that is awesome is your birthday was the shit when I was a kid can be a tough sell for you to tell me that super DAV is funnier than Albert Brooks there's your fucking 10 years old and I'm a book is doing Headey God humor and you watch super DAV get blown up by rocket its way funnier to attend room did you first see him time talk show remember that is what I remember that you would have specials and stuff on like HBO or Showtime stories of all time because he's a really really good friends with George Clooney they still live together when they were broke actors and George Clooney is he's got a trait that love which is he likes to play practical jokes practical jokes well-thought-out one not just like walking up slapping somebody well-thought-out practical jokes are at such a sign of affection to me like you care so much you're going to like do something over a long. Of time to torture someone thank you for saying that I agree when I I torture people jokes and practical joke stuff it's because I love them dearly it's true I need the people you don't care about you just ignore yeah right by the only way is how I show you appreciate its Richard kind when you live with George Clooney he had a cat woke up everyday for a month at 4 in the morning before anybody else is awake went down took the cat poop out of the kitty litter box and took it outside and threw it away like in a public trash can so that nobody would know it's a Richard kind was like eventually said my cats not using litter box but it's not using it anywhere else and he's worried about his cat but they're broke actors you think imma take it to the vet or whatever so after a that George Clooney paid off the joke by woke up at 4 in the morning went to the litter box and took a huge dump you're stupid I just love is like once again yearly billionaire are you might be a billionaire in Tequila company George Clooney is measured him starting off as green huddled over a billion dollars of valuation in 4 years dude or something is the Saturn made some like Henley dollars I'm crazy as he took all that money and used it to fund a satellite that stayed over South Sudan to monitor war crimes and people in the area to pay for a satellite that's a better human being than I am unbelievable that I'd like to have that level of influence try to push that as much as possible it's true I will I will I will I I'm not like I'm going to say good things that I grew up as a kid thinking it was trash like just not fancy and like it is I remember and recover like a instant coffee Keurig exam in Paris recently on the espresso store and you walk in and the machines like $1,000 very odd being Lake City UT next I feel like I remember Nespresso well as well Nescafe confused at the international flavors for coffee or whatever National flavors what was that drink that we discovered that we had never heard of him or postum post them and it was like the alternative to coffee that was popular in the 30s have been coffee just one out it was like a bug have you ever heard of this order off Amazon and now it's just like I like coffee but does not the caffeinated properties if I don't think so you prefer I'm really big into supporting local business and helping local entrepreneurs because it's a local chain as opposed to it was Fresh Plus is all we have to do the majority of my grocery shopping they're outside to get a whole foods for like some stuff or Austin local it is an entire week of lunch for $22 that's like that and be a steak at Whole Foods in the door I do like some of the stuff at Whole Foods with an occasional I just like I want like a coke diet coke or any kind of usable cleaner sandwich bags also Whole Foods now that they have the Amazon integration you know you all the Prime member if your primary get discounts for you but the I don't know what it's like in the other Whole Foods but the downtown main branch for I go cuz cuz trial is your phone suck in there and I spent 15 minutes in front of the thing going like just like just like just like I know what the people I was like you should take a picture with your phone and then you show us the picture most people do that this shit service in here they acknowledge it and it's like everybody is like doesn't work great Super Market in suit and they used his Club card they can track all of his purchases and they are like when you buy a lot of alcohol mr. Jones why do you know it was Michael why did you ask about me where to buy coffee would like chameleon coffee but I get the Starbucks cold coffee in the fridge I knew kit for like a minute and it's it's better than the coffee maker Mike I really think you is I'm really sensitive to Jeff drinking coffee because he's taking one suggestion for me his entire life one suggestion he bought a coffee pot because I suggested it and it broke so I like when Jeff talk to buy coffee I get a Pang of guilt but I got a lemon lemon coffee maker from you I just doesn't feel like it was wrong with it and he was he was trying to make coffee and I kept on my phone cuz it's a Wi-Fi Alexa coffee maker totally necessary please tell him take a knee looked at it was over temperature over temp should I never heard of it and spin this the problem Jeff has so I called I called him he's hot wires at you. We will both get a cold coffee put your fridge and then you'll be fine live with the guilt of this coffee maker that you got to have it both ways though what are you telling me I told the cold coffee or hot coffee we we have totally different approaches to eating and drinking you and I because I came into the office today and I hit my eating window and they had tacos from like 9 in the morning to Andrew and he said they were tied on the counter for six or seven how do you spell give a shit coffee I'll go the next day the pot of coffee still sitting there from yesterday and I just warm it up in the microwave and drink about that I actually last night if I open my fridge and I smell anything that doesn't smell fresh like I'm like I have a smell right I threw everything in the fridge away because then I start thinking like a bad but then I think like it's in a box to travel germs travel around in the Box the whole time totally fine food last night but I was so grossed out by the idea that it was too close in proximity the bad stuff to the good stuff but I just had to get rid of it all I found something you should know you're looking for a place I've heard you're desperately trying to buy a perfect place that I held onto and rented to Ezra for like a year and that is a great place 1-bedroom too short for me in the voice I only need two bedrooms and you only need to tell the difference between some of the year he's been a homeowner and somebody hasn't when you mix Comet does anyone else hear running water because running water because water running is like the worst sound if your homework Spacey the foundation of your house is being slowly eating away by some leak somewhere or or the reverse of like every time you you say you get a dollar every time you count up to get a dollar and let every second you're losing so fucking quickly is the you go back and forth to LA and I walk in the front door and I hear water running and I go in the first floor toilet just running and I just went like this and stop at H&R dollars has been saved $18 but it didn't matter because as Rose like either so I don't know whatever does that he doesn't my electricity bills going to like 70 or 80 bucks one month I got a bill for like eight hundred bucks they would not do anything about that is impossible no way I used $800 electricity or the utility because utility bills like whatever every lost city of Austin utilities probably 163 like I was like 350 a month like Hallelujah the Clown Posse or electric always like right around four hundred bucks a month and and they be on the studio where God damn don't understand how a thermostat Works where it's like 68 degrees in the house and she wants to be 72° in the house so shut my thermostat to 8 are there faster that's why everyone were growing up are fucking turn off light turn off light turn off lights turn off lights in living room and my penius 79-54 that's amazing yeah I don't know I remember half of what I remember about my dad when I think about him the first thing that pops into my head that stuff is my dad on following me around my entire life will that he was my dad suffer Michael 12 on going do I look like I work by a dwelling over for Alabama power but like was that mean he's like are you in the bathroom right now and he's like the lights on like you are I do that and I'm like when I grow up I'm not going to be this asshole I'm not going to run around nickel-and-diming and everybody in my family over the fucking electric bill and now I follow me around and I go are you in your closet when was like I'm your contact will you in the closet today cuz the lights on has it been on for 24 hours to give me to buy a costume like you work for City of Austin on Saturday and then I don't want to do it and I'm like dude I suck really must hate me right now and then I think yeah well Millie's not paying the electric middle so it doesn't matter nickels worth it. Most of the outlets in my house with like Alexa driven ones you know that our automated once in the last six months going back like 15 years I never understood apartment in Austin how how do I get it people lying to me but I guarantee that those which is about play some Celtic and turn everything off PS4 Alexa turn off every single goddamn light I'm slowly moving all the lights over to Smart plugs and it's awesome pets and wrap up in 15 to 20 minutes is this the kind of agreement and then we can talk about what you guys want to but are you at all upset about Trump serving fast food at the White House is that like are you guys I think it's it's it's a shity way to host an event okay okay I am not upset that he served fast food at an event because it's not like Clinton wasn't obsessed with McDonald's to me like he was like like a bunch of visiting Union CEOs and him bringing in a bunch of young probably Urban football players and just kids in general and then bragging about how he bought them all McDonald's in fast food it felt weird I mean but who gives a shit I mean it's like all so it's like when Obama caught hell for where I can see where to take these and people fucking lost their minds over the fact it was unpresidential anywhere 10 to 20 fluted the Marine wrong I'll say this year old athletes there are 20 years old to go to the White House take they seen a Big Mac they're probably actually pretty excited about that when is Cargo and so I can get up and pulled out a bunch of Taco Bell in fed Michael Jones talk about everybody will think that was funny and none of them complain about I think it should be pretty clear if you eat a lot of my political views are but but I do think that we look for reasons to be upset with public figures and politicians and we look a little too hard and if you want to be outraged and upset with Trump there's a lot of more important shit to be outraged and upset with over what he's serving at dinner like was it a little sketchy maybe who gives it was it stupid WhatsApp probably maybe it was stupid. Is that what you should be pissed off about right now is your time complaining about yeah I think it's actually way more even damaging than that because I have so many people that I follow they spend all of their time every waking minute it seems like railing on Trump and we talked a lot about Trump to this we don't I don't like Trump I don't like them it's just I thought I don't spend every waking minute talk about it I got called out every time I talk about him on Mike every time I talk to my phone and it happens fairly frequently because he's the president but I don't spend every waking minute of my life doing it which would some of the people I follow on Twitter do what they don't realize is that they are allies of trump they are proponents of trump and they don't realize it because the people that vote for Trump and people like Trump they don't vote for a firm's economic policies they don't vote for for foreign affairs the reason to vote for him if he pisses off the crybaby liberal snowflakes yeah that's why they like them set up a fucking McDonald's for college athletes for 20 year old very accurately report that all they talked about on CNN MSNBC yesterday was what Trump said football players right and not be issues and nothing is the matter and they they they they broken with news talk about Trump buying Big Macs when they should have been talking about immigration or starting the government up again or whatever that and it to your face and they don't like you is that the problem is not the problem and then hating you that's the problem right into it you play the part of like I'm getting a Cinnabon follow him and I only know I didn't cuz you why are you why are you feeling this like what I see you're a part of the problem just don't look don't look absolutely what's the Clemson ACC School bye bye bye