#529 - Damn You Pixar

Join Gus Sorola, Mariel Salcedo, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss nutmeg heroin, French trailer parks, Glass, and Mariel crying on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-rt-podcast-529

Recorded: 2019-01-29 20:00:00

Runtime: 01:32:20 (5540.02 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Mariel Salcedo, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


    "gus sorola"
    "mariel salcedo"
    "burnie burns"
    "barbara dunkelman"
    "birthday cards"
    "biggest turd"
    "falling off a ladder"
    "prison heroin"
    "prison nutmeg"
    "making heroin from nutmeg"
    "shooting guns"
    "mouth guns"
    "Mariel crying"
    "making someone cry"
    "cracker crushi"




Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 529 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com welcome to the receipts podcast this week. To buy Squarespace smile direct club and stamps.com I'm Gus hi Muriel I'm Barbara who's the who's your friend there Gavin okay okay we can have my birthday card Steph and Allen gave me this card I'm assuming Ali went around and Drake She got it signed Ali is my assistance in Delhi sign it by step how are you doing might not be familiar with you executive assistant really sorry for the guy who's in that he starts on time over the delays all Cascade by the end you like you have to sleep in his office 17 within the next morning messages for my card it was happy birthday you're funny love Jessica great message happy birthday birthday from cam happy birthday from Allen shorts week happy Bernie day from Jackie all these are nice then I get the one that says happy birthday to the biggest turd I've ever know signs the step step side my birthday card happy birthday to the biggest turd I've ever known and I come to find out that she didn't know she was signing my card she thought she was a Spanish I am right yeah guitar cover mission to try to get the birthday card back show me fishing fails before it got to me yeah to the memorabilia store I have no recollection of so I knew that it happened when I was writing it video of course that it was is going into your hands but it was too late what's up to this too late you just got a text message and yeah and you can't stop it or it's it's too late like Matt hullum a meeting here you can tell but to be honest there's maybe like 20 30 signatures on the card how many would you actually read Barbara said she would go through each one and then I get the gist that I'm awesome and it's my birthday a message for you for a reason to write a science fact I feel like an obligation and one somebody get the gift to give the gift that's you're done and everyone's happy it doesn't really matter that you just have to pretend to use it when you get home to throw it away from contract with one another I read guess who's I read their she called me a gigantic heard if I get to tell Cheyenne almost like everyday so I don't get to try to make this is the only time that I really get to get away with telling Bernice o Alli Alli really know yeah for sure in different ways and different all the time for it matter if I have to see how can you help me it's like I go to stuff like the mob boss to try to arrange the meeting with him we have the only time I know of where everyone's individual problem they go straight to the CEO of a 30-minute discussion about it but I bet every just cancel it all the time that's right that's what is a monthly one-on-one with Ezra and I think I are you City Weekly and then it changed to buy weekly monthly and now it's like twice a year he's always putting out fires was I went I eat Monday lunch with sales every since we've had Monday lunch basically that's what I hear off to I ride going to eat with them and I guess now they have a Monday afternoon meeting with Ezra and so I'm sitting there and I and he walks and I don't notice it's him until he's sitting to me and he says what are you doing here what are you doing in here and I was like oh shit you're having a meeting I should leave you don't know that sometimes I stick around this was mistaken identity just a little mistake now you don't want to tell me how did you approach her after you read that I heard through the grapevine that you figure out cuz you sign the card expecting it to be for Cheyenne and then when in that process did you realize though that was for Bernie what was the what was the realization could you must have signed it closed it and it sounds like she kind of knew all along and then you read my message I don't think I sign my name next what I wrote the second biggest tur I know just realized I'm sorry for the church reaction was when I saw it I laughed and I thought it was really funny that she called me a jerk and then I did find out that she was a little bit concerned about it before I told you Dad so hard no no no that I would I done okay I told him what I've done and said your father was hilarious I'm working on something I don't know if I can stay quiet storm at has this man has this bowl of the company has to meet with Matt all the time like full of jar jar of jelly beans Jelly Bellies and she'll refresh it every now and then to hand in this thing and it's so weird flavored like barfing booger left it out and just not saving any money so they can go in there when we have when we were at the old Congress office we had we were so cheap we had a communal bag of Trail Mix that we would all eat out at one of those it was the same thing where they stick their hand in and out of it last layer it was like mostly like hand dust in there do you guys remember there was one time I put a giant glass bowl of Sour Patch Kids that was sitting in the kitchen is probably was three years ago I was literally free play days and it was just Sour Patch Kids until it was just sugar and everyone every single person this company would eat them by turning that me a quick $15 to eat at the sugar sugar it had been white like ass like grayish color you know I invested it now I bought these shoes and what happens to the human body that we can't process that stuff as we get older like as a kid I would just do that like the sugar at the bottom of a Sour Patch Kids package for like I always remember I need pretzels and at the end of the pretzels there's this mound of salt and pretzel dust-up in the whole bag you eat the salt in a million years at the end of a flight like if I'm eating my little bag of pretzels and it's done I always look around and a big pretzel maybe it likes you think it's because of the kid there's like two factors in that one is you're taught that you need to finish your food by your parents like incessantly every single meal every drop of food I like your head as a kid but also that you would like it's always a special treat to get a snack so you want to make the most of it so just like I want these pretzels I mean all of it can you say what I'm doing tomorrow can I say that so tomorrow going to be in always open with Ashley and I want to bring this up on bring a spanking I know you're doing something right after I wouldn't have night because you don't care about my life. I really do you really don't like you I see you actually care about your well-being back a song God Mike Mariel you're new here card with me and it would be Patrick sitting in like the other little an ex parte are just like Yellow Pages his a deal give me farewell he didn't work for us Eric has been annoying us since packs 2005 Chevy idea how much I didn't like you back then absolutely yeah they said they said they said mega64 and they said yeah Lego what is my exact reaction the day I got hired I showed up it was the podcast and you said what are you doing here the majority the company didn't know that you guys hired Eric I could not have been more wrong Eric has been a breath of fresh air as taking the podcast of next level level important update Cody got his ladder as people who wants a podcast a few weeks ago no Cody had an unsafe ladder and it's finally been replaced and I autographed it for him because I haven't taken everything off the new one sticker on it every label off is coming for I can use it today because I was taking it out and now we're done with it we're done with your ladder it's gone last time parting for a well I love that letter I missed a great it's a great ladder wow look at Freddy you should take it out and stick it whatever just asked if there's always told me to water the Christmas Haus Alhambra just like rattling that doesn't seem like that's safe you should probably replace it and told him at that time to replace it and it didn't have a car to go get it from the store and bring it here every time she could have that was not the sole argument that was just saying that it was difficult to get it here I just shipped here let's see if I did it I did it I did the same thing and how do you get home if I don't have your car how do you throw away trash can get a bigger trash can the rubbish enemy the blue recycling bin for some reason the only collect once every other week still makes no fucken sense to me but they called 311 and I said my tracking was on a new recycling bin shots every now and then I'll just pick one up and throw it in with the rest of everything I'm like okay can I go back to go yeah but there's a charge on my way out now that my neighbor and I have the same situation you do work one of ours got taken and now we have three between the two of us and we both tried calling the city independently and tell him we have one too many recycling bins we don't know which of us this allocated to what you need to come and get it and they will not take it did they make money from recycling care yes I could take just leave it soon as I always got this extra one that we we split it we put it between our houses like that we fill up our Oak recycling bin we go to the Overflow one trash can that was money cycling how often do you guys do compost Campo like do you actually fill up that trash can I have gotten mine yet but then sometimes you just like there's like a little bit of ground beef if you don't eat at minutes and Migos bad I literally cannot make myself throw that away I put it out and there's a camera on it and I film film the animals eating the meat but I literally can't throw away meat I cannot do it I feel like this like that and it was a weird right weird charging like wild animals bad idea and it's raccoons although I did see what is 20 of 14 play the ground meat in a sock and you throw it in your neighbor's gutters if you're good for it where they both will each other's food and that's it it's like you have kitten food you have and Nutmeg has indoor age-defying formula for nutmeg nutmeg no killer wouldn't it I don't know I don't know you snort it right you smell it Eric what do you do to heroin you can snort it but you can inject it it just doesn't last long if you injected but you get way higher I prefer my hair when we clear horrible idea to do this I didn't say it was a good idea I just gave you the fax went to prison for heroin do while they're in prison than that and then somehow The Rock's All collapsed can you tell me what you seem so innocent maybe it's because I will not make me what do you ever what is nutmeg except like with eggnog Mega B featuring babe we were having a meeting and stab I got to know if you see what he was talking about how his dad put cinnamon on enchiladas it's like a little bit of sweet with a little bit of savory hey Dad love that slept weird hard ta at the end there but a lot of times you say that that flautas bladder bladder small town in Texas they ask people if they wanted to go to Mexico they all said no then they did a DNA test on them and whatever percent Mexican they were that's what percent off they got on their flight to Mexico that's bullshit but wouldn't get with Barbies getting at here too because a lot of Mexican Americans Spanish Americans will have no action whatsoever until they get to certain words said everything looks like Wanda drop-in is like super heavy accent when they say their own name yeah there's a video we did for Pizza Hut many years ago I think Gus it something about jalapenos or something but he said it like jalapenos like you're just talking normally and then you just dropped it a Mexican accent for jalapeno like what like you don't say beaver weirdo moose like a big monkey but users pacifically a Canadian words that we don't use another English poutine what is this trash bag over it's just a trailer park French distressed white tank top smoking originated from the French word pudding for putting in Canadian French which lot of people think is like some sort of sexual slang for what it's like it sounds like poutine pussy I'm trying to help the lower the subject of Spanish words which reminded me of something I forgot that I was angry about a promo piece for the new Toy Story movie Toy Story for us not just them in like the circle until the day I promised they showing the story of Bo Peep I think a more prominent role that's Barbie I think that's Barbies outfits are the blue with a pink felt maybe that's the wrong cuz of the shepherd's hook and hat thing and Casey okay I was going to say I can't even know it looks like Barbies yeah but MLP said it right but I got like when it looks like Barbie because that's what she told me her hook in such a way that I got like a strong front like this is obviously some kind of been on some kind of action adventure with her shepherd's hook flashlight and then I got reminded that I think things are still a joke from us. Remember that Buzz Lightyear got stuck on the Spanish said that they took that thing today to make myself angry again because the toy little machine gets stuck on the Spanish settings later so even before they would have begun for a business that's why I got confused this is Barbie she wears a blue jumpsuit with a pink belt which is what I thought from afar that would have liked interesting where's my name in the credits of your name after the receipt podcast is brought to you by Squarespace we've seen a lot of apps come and go but Squarespace has been around for the restie podcast for more than 5 years now we need a domain website or connect me with Squarespace Squarespace offers beautiful award-winning designer templates you create a website or online store in just minutes is an all-in-one platform there's nothing to install patch or upgrade ever easy to set up or your domain on Squarespace match all your domain and Billy said he's in one place has been a long time sponsor of the receipt podcast when he was here using for a personal sites and you should definitely give it a try when you need a simple web page on my portfolio or a full Business site you start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com RoosterTeeth to get 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com Richie for 10% off your first purchase we've been asking you to share your Squarespace credit websites and we've gone through and pick some of our favorites as a reminder with Squarespace you too can make sites like this between us with hashtag RT Squarespace and here are a few of our favorites for stuff we have a tricky 7 a s I'll look Buzz Lightyear right there be asleep for audio dramas with both live thanks for showing us your website take to build your website you do some designs I told him I would rent a building it means I have I'm still thinking about it. You haven't physically done anything yet I hope they're of the same production value as your Vlogs were guaranteed by John I want to bring John on the only person you seen it I have seen it but I hear the music I hear the movie glass is being not as well received as the Fanboys of unbreakable have built it up to be over the years am I saying that correctly John yeah it's probably cuz it's not a good move are you a fan of unbreakable time it was a great break in the in the Sun Break one of em night really am not eating all the movies for about five six seven years now that mr. glass the movie out yet and just go see it cuz it just go see it and I was like okay during this as you go see it nothing comes out on video I saw it like a row on Xbox split and so literally I hit play and she goes there she goes and it's cool this is me unbreakable universe and I'm like literally as we started the movie big twist of the movie which now it wasn't advertisers. The whole movie app to where it makes sense but glass was obviously Market at his entire movie glass like I don't know if he's awake he's just sleepy in Unbreakable Woburn movie where he plays a sub there's like there's this really you know soft line between playing a subtle character and just flat-out like I think he just showed up and I don't think Bruce Willis Lee wants to do movies very much Barbie likes the paychecks and so he just like I'll show up and then he does Upp technically reads his lines in the given line total congestion on your part by the way that man is a pretty low with a blue house thing that's going to happen for Matt Jackson Bruce Willis and blue house doesn't make high budget film am I going to have to listen to the next 10 years to Fanboys now saying that my channel didn't have enough money to properly explore his vision. Fox had like less money for split pull off glasses and bad because of low budget glasses bad because I'm night didn't have a good third story and but he thought he did and but in the end he and night the whole thing and fucked up in the end glasses good until you hate it and you will hate it yeah it's like it starts off like it means that it starts off like giving you what you're hoping for and then proceeds to like I mean I think what you're hoping for with glass is that you got these three main characters of you know mr. glass and and David Dunn and Kevin mr. split mr. glass split in mystery and I am world and then the movie goes gear VR for 5 seconds together and then separate them into a hospital for about an hour and a half and they're not going to each other is proper Christian name mr. glass existed because the unbreakable guy existed like they were like yin and yang the guy who's not going to spoil anything but I'm not tries to expand on that and tries to explain more but have intercourse with no personalities someone devoid of not it's it's it's just the movie of is it gets boring pretty quickly Sarah Paulson is amazing actress who monologues like every 5 seconds in this movie was a lot of her just talking to camera and desserts done I'd like that like this you deserve more than that may be a little bit more Dynamic to the movie that she's in but yeah and then he just tries to like do this it's not a he tries to a Twist at the end of the night thing he does and it's bad also it's really distracting things about it like the the woman who plays Samuel Jackson's mom believe the actress is actually younger than Samuel Jackson make sense it's what they had to really a jerk for this Wednesday at age of 4 unbreakable and then a really age of us is Steph Badd age makeup the entire movie is super sunscreen $5 worldwide that's just that's bad game that is probable that blue house though is Blue House makes low budget films that usually about a day like 10 to 20 million dollar butter even less like 5 minutes and then they make you know hundred million dollars around there that's their entire format that's a good format to have it's a very good format it is working for them quite well that's what is that it's it's a it's a it's a format that works cuz then you know you get burning one that flops and then you have nine more that carry Bernice shity movie I get a paycheck he's like a little while as being part of the Screen Actors Guild was recently had their words I get these residual checks I just stopped working Max turquoise green or call the cops I had it on the desk and I said we should watch the bike I will love to watch this without you and you walked away with that you can call the cops I mean mad at you very very sneaky and fast individual I'm not surprised you could not get the stuff I'm going to spoil something for you that movie you just said why you online looking at you at midnight on the threshold meaning to join you guys there's a lot of people who enjoyed it and I and I don't think it's wrong that you enjoy the movie it's obviously a subjective format but in my opinion he he was he was doing it while he's running that he tripped and fell hard in this movie 46% what the audience score to get 76% split spoiler even if you didn't like the movie or you haven't made money do you want to be more unbreakable Universe movies if they don't let em night right it wow take away he created this world yeah and you know there's some good stuff that came out of left under $2 if what I think the trilogy is fresh water no I think the trilogy was all that I wanted like I think that's a good number if you do have a good franchise to and unlike same thing like John Wick I hope they ended on problem and don't make John Wick for 5 7 9 12 that kind of thing bullets right then who cares of Arc we have a gun to Adam Bernie sound effects for the gun and put it over a clip from John Wick tell the story and other cool new story to tell because I think you have talent ability I'd rather you move on to something interesting as we said right now on the podcast all right yeah he is doing and I know you should never do this when people don't like something to try to convince other people not to like it the one thing I think I have like that is probably all my friends think I'm breakable is this incredible Master please do me like arguing about this for 20 years I think when we worked at the call center some people don't enjoy it. So John can not like glass and he'll be okay but the fact that I don't like him breakable will probably I'll probably be eaten out on Twitter for like the next eat what eating out eat Max eaten my comment but you know what good Teeth podcast is also brought to you by smiledirectclub are you a smile hide or do you hide your teeth in group pics or when you laugh or just not smile when meeting someone because you don't like how your teeth look with smile direct Club you can straighten your teeth with invisible aligners sent directly to you for only $80 a month you can have a smile you love in a lifetime of confidence no braces no monthly office visits no paying a fortune smile direct Club invisible aligners work gently and discreetly gradually guide your teeth into alignment and one of their 200-plus duly licensed doctors over your plan every step of the way go to smiledirectclub.com to see real before and after photos of more than 350,000 satisfied Grints order free impression kit with rebate or schedule a free 3D scan at one of the smile shops plus smile direct Club has an exclusive offer for viewers get $150 off your invisible liners at smiledirectclub.com podcast use offer code rooster off your watch this offers for you get $150 off at smiledirectclub.com podcast offer code rooster smiledirectclub.com podcast offer code rooster go check it out so I went to Home Depot the other day I had to buy some light bulbs and something else so I went to Home Depot pull up park my car and thought fuck out of my wallet at home. Maybe they'll take Apple pay my phone walk up to the door at the door but they have like Visa or MasterCard I could they take Apple pay was not on there but it said PayPal is that okay I can pay with PayPal someone like you I go to the register and I said there's no one in line I go to cash I say I forgot my wallet at home do you take Paypal as a form of payment if you know and then the other cashier over here we do look as you pointed another sign of the register that says PayPal and see what's up I guess we do take Paypal as a great I'm coming back to you in just a few minutes I go get my song I like stuff to come back and I'm like I want to play with this you can PayPal and everything and nothing I guess I don't know what he likes you on the maybe someone who works at PayPal went around and we'll pay plan to save my stuff I'll be back. Come back and she's like I scanned everything I got a ticket for you so do you have to scan it all again might have issued a credit card at some point PayPal credit card made us an option for you otherwise get home and realize you're still logged in but you people just charge on your PayPal account nightmare it's been okay venmo is PayPal to full money I mean the interface is different but that is not the master car that is true another prepaid that's fucking weird also it's like miss the old person thing I couldn't imagine anything I want Less in a financial application then for it to publicly post my transaction fucking weird I love reading other people yeah everyone loves reading other people's Financial Billy Main NE Blaine Gibson. Venmo I'm really got to request Barbara Blaine gave me a buck and Barbara requested $10,000 I said hold on I'll find it for you is like $10,000 I can't find it but I sent you a message through venmo requesting $1 and it said can I have Blain's dollar oh boy gave me. I was like slow decline something cuz I've been accidentally sent money before by someone typed in the wrong name or something and then you have to send the money back to them because like once they send you the money it's out there I mean morally you should but there's no way to be like this is not for me to like decline this sending of money you have to dent a them of last year someone sent me $3.65 I don't know that it's probably meant for a different Guster Ola $3.65 of like seeing the venmo fee is is going to that is we would write each other checks and we put stupid shit in the memo on a check for twenty bucks it's like cash a check I forget who was it might have been Jeff wrote me a check and he wrote in the memo field it's like Fort activate how much is that on a check because I'm convinced it was going to go the other day right for drugs yeah I know it's like you are you probably shouldn't be riding that publicly on venmo probably not a joke about it you know even if it is a joke that's in questionable things yes I do the do the do the gun sound over John Wick oscar-winning bully words to me Ben cook for you for your consideration play 5 seconds on the podcast and you out of it right if I use it hey if you guys because it's fucking super scary scary games Ashley doesn't either I know if you do Mariel to very little bit I've been too busy with all these things I hate video games are when the camera is bad and you can't see shit or like a camera goes behind walls. I paid a bad camera in a video game yeah I also hate being ammo for and for this Resident Evil remake I feel like a switch bad cameras they got rid of the back camera what you said before that ammo like I'm constantly out of a horror games because I'd rather watch a horror movie or game because at least with the movie you're just you're out of control for it so you just need to like observing you can close your eyes and she's not to look but for a game you have to be actively playing making decisions to close your eyes and press the button Corner are you just like I'm trying not to look but you have to cuz I got to know where you're going to be staying with the jump-scares yeah but I should never ever ever ever ever ever never play a horror game on VR that you really had to pay me yeah we did a few of those are pretty play we did Slender Man that we did Arizona Sunshine can't do it I can't remember what there was another one there was like a maze and was like four or five different levels and remember they made me play the clown one I don't care if I but I care that game that was like the demo game that everyone is playing at one point my God yes I don't know I don't think I'll be able to remember the name of it but it was like you had to go through a door down like it's not like TT from PTSD for the baby crying Barber does a perfect baby cry I do nice I died when he do that ate a baby exactly a really good dancer really blocks you can do it any thought you could totally do it to this song is it when she's going to break it down for alright alright hey what's a batteries when I do that whenever I do a dance it's always put off on the sidelines backup my favorite part of that is the broadcast Booth Bay season what's the worst and thunder you first did that I think on the holiday short that we Shot Ya it was very impressive yeah you did it when we were on the holiday short when it was like miles vs Jeremy like yeah but ilysm versus the family Shear yeah and a spider on the floor to said he'll grain-free play flashback I'm so sorry because I think it was it came out with the deadlock RT life where they did the cosplay but in the end of wrestling at the end of it like anytime anybody does like in a wrestling ring the sumo wrestling thing I was like we got to be careful all the stuff and everything shaved they were helmets everything that we actually had a professional wrestler come in as well Johnny Johnny Mundo he was wrestling for LDL ratio I can roll is called are you are very afraid of that because we didn't know and I was after the show I think it's things like it was Antics that was a member would make a couple different times right you guys came in and fixed it and yeah it was like you just want to do something and take some really high energy and everything like that free play is a show that we all really love and they got views that would be really great today on YouTube but I'm very reticent to reboot fan-favorite you know just because I think we've been down that road a couple different times you know so we are how to change your face as he got his start making gifts burial gift from free play days can you check in that milk check in the milk throw it literally throwing up ya on camera Rocky Horror Picture Show for Summer On Us fake lashes shutter shade lashes I think things have changed we're talking about like broadcastify and chief was a much smaller company we were a much meaner company you know we were when we just thought those of us in the apartment we constantly each other down and make fun of each other and whatnot for the podcast over here it was the election I went home slice pizza over there and we're all standing around with getting pizza Michael Michael Ian Black got the last slice of pizza out of a box and he put the pizza on his plate instead of leaving the empty box there like an animal he picks up the empty boxes where does this go where should I put this and I looked at myself in the trash you idiot everybody in broadcast come down I'm not Michael. So Michael he's a nice guy yelling a golden retriever where the fuck am I worship in this and women visiting this is you say that and everyone is around you saying that except for Cody he's up on the ladder going to me a certain ways wow wow TBC blowing it movie Magic Barbara I will be eating like it's something I won't be eating out of my hand there was something that you did to me the other day that I don't know if you want to talk about it to life but I just like to ruin Mario's Day in small ways if I can but she like we are on a shoot the other day to show affection and those packs of crackers it's like six crackers in it and she likes to have it you can put it on the table took a cracker I start eating in and like I start taking my phone out to film and she was like still talking but like looking at me weird and I just grabbed her package of crackers and squeezed it in my hand until all the crackers became just crumbs or just done and let go and then she's like and then she started crying about it it's a good video are you both heard a rumor that she does that but it's never been that serious before cuz usually it's like my leftovers from lunch or something that I'm already done eating and then you get those down but it's a brand new Gavin do that to you at some point to go like 6 years ago yeah the oh my God that was like one of the first are sea lice I think we put out when we're still at the 66 office I was working at my desk in the dungeon area and he starts so many comes over and I have I have like a bag of crackers on my desk and it just comes over in like like pushes his hand into that customers did not remember that I sent in the dungeon at 6:36 when you're going up the ladder or the bottom of the stairs to stop to the right by the zombie door would buy that place the other day just to look at it and see and it said I cannot figure out what that building is anymore you think there's nobody there ever in for the documentary did they couldn't figure it out then either but it's a different if a different company now I think I don't know. Rooster Teeth first meeting we look at a building recently were looking for some but I was like that stage 5 was our fifth building but always made me very happy about crying in life is if you round a corner and anyone but specifically Gavin is filming you and looking at you it's like what you started what like for up for me to come shoe Corner Gap had a camera or something like that but I got a camera out watch the fuck out if anyone here has a camera out of the Arts Flanagan just laying a dippy a few years ago where he put out the Scorpion stuff like that like just like ranking each other yeah there's a couple of unspoken rules repeat in one of his we don't like to do hidden camera stuff corn with scorpion who the fuck knows what you're going to catch up until they figure it out do we have that video I think we do how much is crochet monster don't grieve the second part that I said to Dennis to fix but it was like the second part where you're just like actual tears to your eyes if you say was upside down all the time and I got to see Mary Oldfield do we have a contract you can probably you can see the box without standing up it's just a it's just cheese in their peanut butter was and goat cheese or cheese crackers or peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter on them toasty crackers were just regular cut there was a peanut butter and cheese sandwich goldfish and peanut butter yes but I will say this if you just took off the orange crackers and scraped off the peanut butter which by the way not really peanut butter either but sometime greatest clay or something orange crack Yacker Tracker I think I would try that I'll try it Fisher playhouse in the cat is probably good do we have some in the kitchen all the time because I know that because it was there's people that you have a snack rivalry with you have this crap they put out snacks and there's some people who like the same kind of snacks that you do and for me she's it's our one of the snacks that I like there's two thinks there's the Ruffles sour cream and onion baked chips I like those and then there's Jesus and we can exist when they go out I had to beat Meg to them and I would and I would always lose. You still do the thing that you take only a few chips out and then you leave the bags I'm going to eat that listen people doing I need to notice the people who don't understand that's probably you because they're all you know. I don't work here that long and know that that's the thing that you do and don't just leaving empty bags are like eating bags of chips around here because all four of us are now basically all Neighbors in office do we have a box of Cheez-It so I opened it thinking you would give me a box with a bunch of little bags of Cheez-Its just one gigantic box of Cheez-It it's like a it's like a 55-gallon drum of oh my gosh this is not going to be good. thank you we have a perfectly roasted red letter it's peanut and butter September 6th 2019 you know are good okay I'm going to be at the general or out peanuts are weird to even if any of the stuff where you can eat nuts delicious recipes how is it doesn't taste like your favorite snack before I realized what you got a lot of peanut butter all right this is the Mac turn on the podcast we're so close grab the food like you still trust you you like Lucy with the football and every time you still pulling it to read the story time podcast is also brought to buy stamps.com postage rates have gone up again thankfully stamps.com can ease the pain with big discounts off of post office retail rates automatically calculates and Prince the exact amount of postage you need for every letter or package that you sent you'll never overpay or under pay again stats.com brings all the services of a u.s. postal service right to your fingertips can buy and print official US postage for any letter any package any class of males using your own computer and printer to make it so easy they'll send you a free digital scale that automatically calculates exact postage it can also save you money to give you posted just kept you just can't get at the post office to clean $0.05 off every first class stamp I step. Calm because I love how easy it is going to take time out of my day planning a trip to the post office official postage right for my own computer and right now our listeners get a special offer that includes a 4 week trial + free postage and a digital scale see for yourself over 72,000 small business if you stamps.com just go to stamps.com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and type it rooster that step. Com entercode rooster did the only scorer mess ups I just got an email chain for visibility that's never a good thing like they were to pick up Phoebe were having a discussion than they thought they had me in like 20 emails. Even this thing that never never never again professional equivalent of tattletail backing out no way I said it wasn't for in Twitter I think there's no way to send an email that you can't be replied to like I can't BCC myself I wish you could be from a fake address if I want that I could always just a like you feel free to respond without me on the Chain following this message like feel free to Talk Amongst yourself after that you can't like put the from in a cc feel like a direct reply reply and then remove you and that's what help can you just bake a disclaimer like they do with light customer service email says just like do not reply to this email like this isn't this is an unmonitored inbox I have no reply email address how it feels. I'm going to email from Anil reply email address for now on my 2014 with latch on it together talk about the end of volume was a really good weekend. I talked to Matt about it too it's it's Matt and I got back from Sundance where we presented the first episode of Jen like with the star and your dad for the audience there and then volume 6 arguably the best volume so far of Reba's fantastic and got the finale for that and then had a great debut for genlock everyone people who were concerned that sit on this only way I can describe the motion, that were just like I was on the fence about this but once I watch it I'm hooked and I think the whole series I think it's a pretty quiet about that like people who like a stall eclipse or something and they were they were worried they were concerned only normal for a show you really don't know too much about our just seeing a clip that out of context and you know but we have seen it so we were like we were talking about how much you liked it at least what I've watched it so many times this weekend various stages of production thing I do like Deadpool which is the first episode that they giving away I'm really not giving anything away when I say this but there's a civilian transport if Evac one that takes off and it gets hit and it goes and crashes into a building explodes I fucking love that explosion so much what it's like when it's coming I'm like I'm like leaning forward in my chair and I'm thinking about him introduce bad guys but thank you everybody who gave it a shot and watched it and hope you like it I hope you like the rest of the season but thank you for all the positive, as we got completely free to watch on the website right now so a lot of people iOS Android app lot of people think you have to wait a week for it but now it's available right now so but if you're watching this currently live your first number so you know that I'll try to get you a time code for my favorite stories of people taking up the there's an RV be referencing the second episode that kammy says there's too well that was pretty obvious that's kind of our VBS going to say it's like a c with a map so that's in the first one I think so but also has some significance to the world of Jen walk as well made some joke from the first episode but there's a moment where a woman hands a baby to someone that baby goes off with that person and I made a joke in the chat during the livestream this weekend of like that's summer rose like Ruby Rose's mom oh yeah and I got some of the storyline season seven volume seven you think I didn't straight we want to be able to afford that cast yeah kinda my God I think I think the cast of Black Panther won an award at the SAG Awards nominees for Best Picture I could look this up to verify the right before I came on to read this Blood where black panther is coming back to theaters February 1st and it's going to be free for kids in honor Black History Month it's really fucking cool detailed what's the age range for kids I don't know that's what I like 1 to 29 I will have the box and I'll have the avocado it's up to the millennial equivalent of kids or should I go by 33 now AMC theater locations between February 1st and February 7th tickets will be free it doesn't seem like as an eating nice did it a dream but for free on the big screen again I love ordering off the kids menu I did the best stuff to it like it's always the portions were so much better earlier you have to clean your plate I do a lot better if restaurant serve normal portion to stuff my life would be so much easier if Health would be better if we miss you too much back and by the way also as a human specimen perfect you been staring at me for 7-minutes practice not looking for too long but it was really great if he was came out and talked about his history with project his love anime cartoons you watch growing up the kids are in the Arlington East Orange stuff out of the caves it's got to be the biggest drag ever get free counseling competition probably did afterwards we were like Milling about meeting people who have been screening hearing your thoughts one of the people that was there they got to meet backpack kid that way yeah management yes I might get a selfie with him or anything like that but it was so badly wanted to ask him about the fortnite lawsuit but they probably talk about the ongoing legal speed when you're in that situation that's so public everyone is asking you about it constantly Maybe robot that will try to do the dance with the people who would recognize him about the lawsuit so it is not already knows about emote in fortnite am I crazy if you are a couch and chairs very different world a really that was the age difference between you and whoever's next in between the next one up for me is Jeff bad and then Bernie is younger than you please baby and then went there his brother Nick this is the first part of personal conversation with delicious hot sauce I ate it all are going to that they're eating out joke again but yes it's so good it's nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards everyone should watch that movie it is so fucking good really going to be accomplished through the trailer yeah you don't you don't, but it's just it's so fucking funny clean up and start it was admitting to for that performance Basin fat character her last name is Churchill Winston Churchill the house that they filmed in or that course was resetting was the house at Winston Churchill was later born in the queen Queen Anne is there a real person had her kind of like right hand woman and then that Whitehead woman's cousin comes in to also work for the queen and then things happened last term well lot of competition is my favorite and by favorite they mean favorite is it I don't know but you should glasses on it no it's really saw the trailer for I thought it was going to be really interesting that I thought was like I had high expectations for it and it still blew them out of the water glass yes and then breakable Universe did Eric ever get a name the superhero like mr. know he's like a one-night like Beyonce unbreakable acceptance speech from SAG Awards viral I watched it but I haven't cried well yeah cuz I cried with her Golden Globes once I was like I can't do you need to watch killing Eve that's what you've been waiting for the SAG award for interesting a lot of townspeople High School Eagle Pass in prison for murder now he's in Plainview Texas and yeah and he stumbled on a sausage Empire never look back Beyonce now also she was in Destiny's Child she didn't actually go to threaten it does a child start when they were like 15 they do not look 18 well that was a whole thing with like that are Kelly documentary started coming out there's this whole like kind of side story about how Tina Knowles Beyonce's mom who's like the manager of the time of Destiny's Child they got invited to a party like an after-party by R Kelly and she was like fuck know you're not going I don't trust that guy and I could turn into tree Rashard Lewis also mine and if you're from the DC area Elliot Segal born DJ for a while to I think of New York by Elliot I knew he was being around the Freshman but I didn't notice for Charles Lewis little bit after he's one of those when the first player to ever went straight from high-school to the NBA skipped over, call incorrectly do you happen to have Jeff here to crack my basketball knowledge is knowledgeable basketball can back me up on the coat of many notable people from Eagle Pass I got Ryan James Biz Mackey is The Biz Markie of Bismarck Robert Mathis Connie Douglas Reeves and Lewis Lane movies playing in Bismarck on your left yeah but there is someone going to hear this and change it to Burbank it's not the last time I emailed you and only you about something was April 28th April 18th 2018 just me we buy podcast what about live week from last year were you like but good luck best fart guts not to be there I'm not going to be there going to be there March 25th March 26th an even better more exciting show I mean this is exciting and fun always open live on Tuesday March 26th 7 p.m. Wednesday either of those blow-up photos of music kid back there if I don't know what live we did was live with the podcast live at a venue here in Austin be alive Studios like in the in the audience and then go to the link below go and purchase tickets and be part of that studio audience hurry tickets to go fast for a couple days and hang out with us all the places we talked about the always open crew topic if you're of age and have a ride home with earplugs to the off-topic thing cuz if Michael can be live you know he's going to be drinking it like I don't know what's going to happen because he doesn't have had Baby by then for sure you are so she hasn't had by then there's probably some nights over cook baby it's so weird I wish transpose those in my head everyone. I don't know why I wrote extra life goal that we reach so I think I'll try sometime in March we're going to do after that I forget what you get somebody fast food like Trump did you guys do that turn off topic and I like that. And I was like oh what date is always open are is it after the podcast before and it's it's always open is Tuesday what we're going to do that and I kept saying always open I said it was completely fucked up so many people that I meet at convention will be talking to me about like all I love Ruby as like this is like one of my favorite shows will blah and I love off topic and I know that they mean always open so much thank you yeah Michael's great and they're like oh my God I'm so every time it happened what is that I think it's just like sound topic leaving us what what is one jet for VIP without trying to look it up very quickly I believe you get in a little early doors open for VIP doors open at 6:30 p.m. general admission 7:30 how far is Juno mission 7 where we had the coop that you can also get tickets for that matches are on sale now or the brakes went through February 4th when is the next week and some people will be having brunch with us I know cuz I'm saying is going to be so fun so bitching so classy bring your Sunday Best for Wednesday or whatever day is I don't think we do our checks on a Wednesday the branches have not draining weekend how far in advance of Thursday afternoon you do other words of garbage what is the problem if your little doggie get the best of both worlds we like so static decided if you're coming to Austin go to Swift's attic also they have Japanese pancakes that's for static the internet was a guide on how to eat sushi and it's just completely wrong so straight. I'm someone who's like Japanese people in the video but you don't know her like I don't know who made it I have actual things in there that are real but then they you like embellish on them like I say you're never supposed to pour your own sake so you pour for someone else and the person who's boring the entire time they're pouring always has Toto Toto and the person who is receiving it clap their hands that my mom always has a terrible dark secret do not ask him about it anyway it's got to be better than the time where it was how to properly make coffee and it's like for hipster coffee when we just getting to be a thing like craft coffee and whole Coffee House culture was on the ride and it was a satirical video about this bike brick-lined office building in New York and I would like a loft-style muffin with all these hipsters in it and they were making coffee and 14 step process that lasted like over a month like you had a dark room in the closet and all the stuff is presented in such a great straightway that you're like to know where the always open to hear they sold out their VIP tickets you guys next time