#53 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is attacked by DMZilla

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Recorded: 2010-03-17 22:45:18

Runtime: 01:20:33 (4833.34 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, DMZilla from XBox Live




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Transcript (in progress):

Gus go with the theme song Gus sorola risk podcast is the most used Sounders now you're in it to make money off of that the Coca-Cola Company Halo Snoopy Burnie at dmzilla and Xbox Live Indie life I am a coordinator I do many different things from Xbox Live Community software group my contacts own he's the one we got a hundred messages which is the festival that we have every year in Austin which started off as just a music festival then it became a music and movie festival then it was really time it was called multimedia send it to my card to meet each other in person when did the douchebag level of the clarinet timeline year they invented the festival bad I think and I don't know when that was established that you had to have a bad smell my first before I started this year there's no fucking reason she should be wearing that right now Fern entire weekly were down here is like all the thing you'll be standing in line at the coffee shop that we stand in line at every day and it's own will just cut in front of you understand anyone anywhere at any time or are they just really don't like you my lady at the door that we were in the process of moving to a new building is like it's always her riffic news you don't know coffee shop Motel 8 Austin 2 longer doing a lot of traveling and just not have a company credit card with my credit card Angel how long did you get a company credit card I need to travel and I'm very sorry First Church 7090 Starbucks my Joel coffee expenditure so therefore they told me 3:17 with Enterprise the amount of money that we spend end up with coffee on corporate budget is there is such a thing when we move in this coffee shop we could probably buy those God damn and high rooster to run it because I think so I think it was entertaining to watch Joel burned himself your premiums will go up if we got one of those machines yeah we need a coffee machine 5 or 6 when we have our own coffee with the Starbucks machine to pay for any at all complimentary the machines are complimentary interesting ones that I've never seen anywhere in the world I don't know where it comes from Bowling Green of King County or something rain come from to climb mountains you know anything carbonated Kool-Aid eventually watering can and there's different colors at the top that little band to tell you what flavor it is 5045 very Suburban they don't have real flavor is like they're all like make strawberry and banana chocolate free 2 would never put together in reality the strategy is like what you have discovered had it well I haven't tried this one the Google image search for from him not being at work is the greatest thing ever he was one too much because at work 4 miles and I'm not going back to the my Christmas gift 25 pounds of Salt Lake barbecue guy came back from a meeting and I had a cooler in my to come down to Austin every time he came by and he works constantly right and he's always throwing something or shooting some four majors minute and every time we were I will always come back to the booth from wherever I was and I'm here just never realize if I had noticed the dark last night person not even in the Bible as well he's big into which we won't get into the coaching changes even talking about what's the rocket in Sounders who Sounders old mainly because they have Xbox Live own their practice yeah we have a amazing soccer field I won't lie I do like dr. I do follow some sports but generally I'm too busy gaming actually watch anything but the Sounders are amazing God they come by every once while and practice on our field and generally the team tried that wasn't watching them play and they drink your talking rain the Sounders MLS Major League Soccer by 12 I think is that worth who played for the LA Galaxy with to the UK temporarily and he like broke his back or something last week yeah it was pretty ridiculous hundred million Senior Suites Sanders foolish questions in the expert now David Beckham has ruptured Achilles tendon from the back to the to the foot of the body Africa and I can't remember it was the last World Cup in his life people were accusing you don't talking about Halo or something like that that they were grooming I don't think they were accusing him of being younger than he said he was that you said every time I mean it area quarterback you have no idea I could be physical test for quarterback and I committed David Phillips 13 year old Middle School quarterback is a reference I know to USC book a future millionaire for someone is going to be a millionaire Mitsubishi Sanders USC Aiken July 6th July still be Crackdown 2 plane interrupted by, just remember you can live without realizing you can manually aiming and shooting stuff for the workers give me talked about recorded for a while now I know it's a lot of people on community Road the only when I could I mean there is no real career path because I think at some point Community person has to be directly involved with the product they have to do it after really know it from the inside out people that get degrees in marketing and PR they're fantastic at it but I'm just start typing they generally aren't the same people that are generated in a contract to Marketplace and get and I just kind of started doing I would have a PS3 and a 360 and I would do reports on comparing the service some people think that's weird but every company does it and I didn't do the real my dream job is working with that was over two-and-a-half your period it was about the product and it was a good fit is a very famous saying that is what happens when preparation meets opportunity which I think is probably pretty telling anyone who says they usually want something and opportunity when it comes up in 15 from email just get your foot in the door of the contract job and then I know your way to the top Avatar funny and artwork especially in that Microsoft game studios had certain people you talk to if you start a conversation the first thing they ask you and what are you playing right now Xbox did you guys all have Xbox is on your desk and we would have to interrupt you from playing games in order to get stuff done how much how much of your day is gaming lately not much unfortunately but usually they are easily you gotta have a favorite game right now Battlefield Bad Company 2 I'm I'm well known around the office for stopping everybody so sometimes I with my friend party talking and very upset he keeps talking about it like even on my make an awesome podcast talked about my calculator app Blu enough as it is questions guys Party Time party time Modern Warfare is going through that right now you know where it was coming from the it reaches a point where it's like God what a great game I told me want to play that game I know I don't have the hours I just don't have the hours for play the game everybody get 2,000 points in it you done with the game at that point you feel like you have to come back 2008 make the next one I will buy it you could probably get about 50% and in some multiplayer 80% in the last 24 the hard way 2010 my way you're crazy I'm going to put my card right now it really depends on the style of game though Japanese RPG for 11 and I don't think I got 50% that's not so I guess if you plane better and I'm still not convinced if you play on veteran and that's all you do you complete the main campaign single player on veteran eyes I'm not convinced yet over 33% of the achievements be careful don't forget it's okay I just and I can't I have to pretend who was done when I was done with it I'm looking at 4251 not really trying to get this thing that I bought 4 years ago is nothing like the thing that's on myself today Kevin about at a pawn shop and get still 12 bucks which is more than most and drives it just doesn't make sense but now I mean you're going to complete new experiences own counsel with new software and I think that's important from Hardware manufacturers perspective because they want to give the console a longer life span in order to recruit me no money lost early on them within the consul's life and I think they don't have to come out with a new platform as quickly with a box where it seems like generations of games more now than what it used to but I don't know I mean not that was on the Xbox and those two can you look at life so beautiful it was like Super Mario that came with your Nintendo is just incredible launch title and that's what Xbox and 4 controllers General talked about the platform they want to wait you know a few years before coming out with a new platform I think there's a shift now that the platform is no longer the hardware platform is Xbox live and what's going on behind the scenes and the hardware that you have yourself is just your way to access that platform it's almost like a cable box the cable company Windows computer that would be nice now I have to bring something up to the memory card so still I have something that I am very jealous of and I don't even talked about it still has a rare item he has a black cat pad for his controller it's just the color test every company does when they make a new profile is just a test. Color the manufacturing process so this is something they're producing I took the picture when I when I got the job not long after I got the job but it's one of those things that we had in the bathroom from one of them control different controllers I don't recall black jetpack belongs to talked about from some people who I get to do a custom color modification on their Xbox is the process to paint your black and you need to use to match the leak controller black black talking still doing your own thing and keep up with what's going on internet drive-thru I just feel like throwing up random topic something how fast can find some 13th Mojo with actually new version on my phone at home my phone was rain during to Pedro information so Kevin Harris talked about the budget for a movie or how much a movie made in the last week or two 13th highest grossing movie in 1985 which had a crazy dream this week which is that Avatar is already coming the Blu come out with in April Titanic was 10 months like 15 weeks and when you want to keep that in your back pocket until Christmas and I'll write to me and I will bet you that during the holiday they will release like a limited edition version make in the theaters 12th at were in in mid-april making between 11 and 15 million dollars a week at this point and Avatar made $11 weekend number movie yeah that's crazy from a lot of IMAX for the Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland to put Avatar back and I mean that was a long with Alice in Wonderland 3 weeks Andy near 3D at IMAX is always sold out forever I mean it wasn't 3D I have heard really good things about the Hubble 3D IMAX Southwest is actually played in IMAX again free streaming IMAX stuff and I think so I think IMAX Kevin Pereira am I pronouncing it correctly the first 2 months find any still like to go see it with you I feel like and I think it's really uncomfortable and having these movies are making as much as they're making makes it inevitable that there's going to be more of it was so difficult to deal with money they're going to figure it out right Greenwich I don't know I'm crazy but you know it's hard you know I don't know I feel like that's all Avatar and it wasn't 3D and I know I'm probably alone in this I'm not sure I would like nearly as much but I think we talked about this a couple weeks ago and all this stuff 3D it's really not it's A to Z images I haven't heard any technology that doesn't involve black glasses Burnie party like you could do that is anybody producing that never goes away year and then just actually sounds wonderful it sounds a little dangerous and exciting maybe you can have life gene therapy so your corneas get black coating on them directly Pitch Perfect free had his eyes turned into mirrors movie coming out last week first we were in the Halo exactly one hour to be there for wonderful that was incredible con experience because that was one of the only one that actually focused on Comics like when they're no longer about comics in any way really felt like to make 1985 San Francisco and that was like 100% a comic convention and we did terrible they're probably different to better than what I saw on the cover of Marvel Comics growing up independent electric was life in America 2560 a franchise that everyone has with some variation of like the devil girl things like everyone has something that's related or steampunk I like the other one but I couldn't even tell you artist in the comics party and I seem to be the party were all just kind of industry people and I asked them I said you know you guys don't like movie of video game stuff as well like an undercurrent of people like there's no subtext is the text they can't stand it they came of their own that they've made an exception but they're all the same thing but the evil version for no reason would like superheroes were fantastic and now they're just feel like they're rehashing the same ideas black steam rolled the whole jogger and to what the movie was about her actually but it seems like everyone was like what's the best way to make this so we will get picked up and turned into a movie link Iron Man was depicted for the movie had sort of I don't know very intuitive the way he depicted everything ordering is exactly like how had the movie Harry Potter from Harry Potter today he doesn't quite look the guy that was on the cover of the novel to begin with right right they look like people become familiar and comfortable because the road the movie definitely still read the original version book more than anything else are sold by the cover art I really do love you have a really good cover art on a book that can make a book a hit and to lend itself to like the new iPad or the Kindle you want the physical piece of paper where you want I don't buy them because I am toy collector your best bet is probably to buy those things and then hope that artist that hit really big from other people can find a way to distribute like through your own iPad or come not sure but if you want high quality images that you can navigate through the gallery chemistry picked up a couple years ago is the release the digital version but then for the collectors the release immediately just for the trip and video games and release and collector's edition dropped off model had a pretty ridiculous had one with the fuel leak the lp with all the music in the posters and stuff Avatar unlockable Awards that's pretty cool is that I like being not just an arbitrary number Avatar and your list of things that I've done and have those display for everyone to see a hundred percent toy that comes out the release date for that yet and capture video and images of the world exist before they destroy that stuff the Highland Village $10 your not going to do that as they used to be before everything in your memory Orleans District Court once a week and there was a 2% chance that an item I wanted to drop in and I have to work at 2:39 other people to get it not like that anymore we're adding mounts to Red vs. blue and having the level cap on the Red Army 101 what are the chances of you guys moving to a new MMO completely and talked about all played well with some point we have almost exclusively IMAX for editing Star Trek Star Trek didn't have that quiet link survival MMO hypothetically make your Blu still exist and you should go play is this very easily fall into that's why I never know when they send me your free days because everybody told that you can't finish because I probably on 2004 Halo 2 PC Gamer so I used to play competitively in New York I would just go to rain in Rain party and try to win some money and yeah that I can easily 40 to 60 hours a week on top of the other games like to come out and jump right back into it were they just had the one shot one kill shot rifle oh yeah that was a fun game directions to acrobatic type moves make a double jump and rooster the video I can't find it on YouTube anymore is this called and they didn't at all in engine and it is amazing and they would shoot across the map and hit guy yeah yeah not like the old school like to look at that guy's make for polygons Halo 3 high impact Halo their guys to do that with a focus entirely and tricks and jumps in Halo like when you're running up the on the ramps a own black out how to jump up again the legend and jump-ups you don't like at the ranch or anything like that was going to come out with some guy would you like a twelve-year-old kid you free on Friday the game the game that I played the most of life for who is Halo 2 I mean it was just I would and that was were making Blu and make videos in it as well so I was crazy plane 2500 Mansion Halo 2000 I'm not sure I might have more than gave with me which is really embarrassing because I'm not that good I know you're not at all what was the first with the first game I really delve into with Halo 2 terrible company to my the way at 10:35 65 or so and I'm terrible I'm sure you guys go to the same thing where if the people my your Gamertag and then they are amazing terrible I'm pretty good you when you get online my gave my contacts has a blue Watermark that says the next Seahawks team and I am some avatar clothes that you can't get anywhere else so black Major Nelson t-shirts I can actually I can't remember their stuff their stuff from the beta of a taxi that you can never put up on the service so like I have a certain shirt Halo sure that multiple colors own and they only released one color because that was going to be popular color catalog roses like you don't really you can also go online and it will tell you where they got it like if I had a gave her picking a leak over the person that gave her a really cool Avatar Blu rooster head percent of my games played on the 360 retail games are full games where you buy like every arcade game that comes out how much do I pretty much done because we talked about yesterday Xbox I sent you that story the other day Burnie right about the guy about the Jedi Knight who got fired from the job Centre in the UK the one couldn't be happier that guy got fired apparently there's a 31 year old because he wouldn't take his job center at work part of his religion 2001 does the right how to fix it is it real I think it's kind of the point that enough people believe in it and that you know who is were trying to make a point by saying you like to hear something that a lot of people believe it I know right I mean wrote an apology and said we're committed to provide customers with universal respect customers right send text to to the UK If not country protects religion no I'm sure there are certain laws and certain endorsements by the government there's no question that come up there insurance cover the midi-chlorians count Griffin the first person to perform the wedding ceremony the picture just came up in my desktop view in your ministers outfit interested in the UK actually has a fairly High relative percentage of atheists it's not an overly religious country 38% of respondents said they believe in a god 95% my costume I'm actually seen the picture Gus had Burnie had is pretty Epic if Mario was Italian-American he would be from June and it was commitment it was so he said for the mustache skin falling off I just wrote commercial commercial directed by the same person commercial was I thought was fun on The Starry Night commercial for Halo 3 is one of the best things I've ever seen for The Starry Night commercial Rupert commercial commercial don't want to ruin that illusion and actually see if light lighting in post-production help that I've ever seen Xbox from like a good look at the actual Wolverine claws first box because life in a rare for prophecy me though because then you watch the origins movie that's was called Wolverine Origins link about the post-processing on him to come out there right away and probably should have cut back to a practical Providence hand movie actually really good movie my final stuff they did on the movie they're just like well you know this thing's been leak don't think they supposed to change it up a bit or something toy movie was a supporter of that movie well I'm a big live Schreiber fan only because I think it's like I get in really good shape the best I could possibly look at leak sure I could pull off or maybe like a half retarded Ben Affleck best case scenario here so you don't know what I look like Neil Patrick Harris the eyes for a while even called me 2 day so if you want to see like what The Road Less Traveled first chair could have been just look at me you should have stayed away from the table today or this past weekend on the internet reports of it and they were talking about the different classes of predators that live in the trailer for talked about the predators in the fiction that there's different types of predators and I guess or something I don't know that I had when I first heard that Val was putting in the zombies are the special infected in Left 4 Dead it just didn't seem right but that turned out to be a really great she looks like Spartan abilities not sure this is a good idea because you're not anymore but man the game plan but I have a feeling about the movie the jetpack I just look at it and I have put it is remarkably different but better than anybody else I know it's going to work I Just Have Eyes trailer is the plot of Wolfenstein enemy territory factions shorts now we gotta find a way to incorporate 2 Turbine Points really David it looks good first the world first jetpack that didn't kill you lyrics do the road since Everyone likes trucks Happy Together 1980 Andy the capital for something like that make and come back years later is like convincing space satellite movie were very drunk at the time these guys to come out of Australia and New Zealand year the Packers are from the future they just have random around the outside Andy Stanley Cowell were there during the year about a model rocket had a kid were you could put him in a little compartment for the river what's the first step in your child getting and I never I never Bungie we were talking Universal visitor Teeth Red vs Blue fan and he's in aerospace engineering he was talking about how he was in the middle of doing a project where he was going to launch a rocket to 59000 feet high number or between 45018 and 22000 private planes flying around first it was in South Carolina on the beach this pilot was flying with little single prop engine plane your name and one passenger the propeller fell off the plane and life couldn't see the plane coming plane behind him on is it a dude wearing an iPod coming second look up in don't think about it Instant Ocean link the full scuba suit in the middle of the woods Talking to the Moon your phone your life is in danger right now because they don't the looks like somebody pushed her really really hard and she fell down and look back up and the person that put her with a buck and had just like to start moving forward and not the bus drivers license on the internet Andy Mohr the biggest pension you could possibly imagine I have a good jogging on the beach safety consultants for Aviation I told you Google creators have Bungie Aerospace yeah I guess I came out this week that Bungie applied a trademark on the name Bungie Aerospace along with its logo what it means not a lot of talk about it in with the trade office Trademark Office company Aerospace project armadillo Aerospace company which state did they were going to make these rules that you had a good time Friday were people protesting the heard about armadillo for the life they were just they were just doing it on a formality bass nevermind of the armadillo airplane that got the high orbit then it was like talking for a bit I'm sorry no clue I have no looks kind of like own New Mexico conveyor free application of this is that it's not going to be for space travel but for really awesome Globe what is that I was way off that's the armadillo Aerospace vehicle that looks perfectly 70 space travel is going to look like the concept of 55 book cover you have everything in the 57 from Cadillac to make it looks like tied together it looks like the from the big hand looks like you said it was 70 Syfy 19 pictures to drive me crazy grease and food and enjoy South by Southwest music downstairs have a penile of March 28th 67 March 27th at 3 p.m. 13 360 multiple starts at 3 go there for 30 minutes and come dogs so you can see which about like 3 times already and it was better I think the next not really the guy I really do we are very excited about it and can't wait to show it to you