#530 - Ruining Infinity War

Join Blaine Gibson, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss movie effects and if they hold up, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gavin getting shot with a paintball, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-02-05 20:00:00

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Participants: Blaine Gibson, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 530 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com endocervix curettage welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast brought to you tonight by meundies and the Rooster Teeth store thank you more about them later why do we have to five billion podcast why do we still do intro season what what you started on episode 598 just started right there at that point in be like how do you know who how it's done is the Howard Stern Show how do you know who rubbing it was that or Fred because I'm listening to the start of the Howard Stern Show and they say nothing so you guys are having a private conversation right before we came on the air what is wrong with your dick what are you everything's wrong I went and got tested today because that's the responsible thing to do being a responsible and you've been climbing in bed back less than right look at how many people use if you are active anyway it's it's good to be tested for each other the whole time and five is posturing to get tested for gym he Lookin Boy has no idea what he's talking about a lot of things from toilet can you just think through things I think it's like possible but it looks extremely I know someone who said they got something from a wetsuit really sorry I remember a lot of things when random places to get STDs STIs a person come into your 4 year mortgage amazeum in the give you the sex talk and then like some like sad story or something family members died from AIDS and he yeah and I was like so wrecked by that talk that I was afraid I was going to give everybody in my family AIDS cuz I was masturbating to the toilet or something and I just didn't I didn't know like how it works if you work 12 and I didn't know yeah you not have you ever just clean up Cesar that way or you want to do a condom I don't want to look at a toilet the end of that process are we still going to want to cut the mouth open or the face and the body Target Overland Park I detest I got I got epididymitis or some kind of inflammation but it was like a lot of flank pain what is the epididymis it's the tubes that go from the testes to the other places the back different death of the vas deferens did you always feel like you just drain and my dad had hernias so it's always hurrying as I was hanging out with Matt saracen vast difference Barbara just did you miss me what is the test they gave me this is about 20 years ago one of the test they gave me was like some of the symptoms like that and he would either so they gave me the test for that I'm going to test because I know they went down again they took like a like a Q-tip all the way down down down to like there's a turn I don't know like the time clean up a bit down a flaccid penis really big great pleasure that gray started you just like normal flaccid then they explain what a test is and then and then they've got to grab for it none of us is lights good luck trying to find out what they're going to want to have ever you have something going inside of your dick yeah yeah you sounding awful anyway I am is a feeling you guys will never be able to relate to but every time I have my. And I can't remember soon as I can't remember if I take my tampon out and that's like I only think about it when I'm putting in a tampon and I think what if I already have it in there and I just shoved the other one further up inside me and I can't get it toxic shock right yeah dangerous don't you like change them out at the same time but can't you just look at the counter and say like there's the old one. You know what do a head count for me I don't always replace it right away right away so I can you take one out then reads a little bit problematic several times a day right good seeing you still look inside my vagina temp and you can have an orgasm with a tampon in confirm camping in is that the name comes from and then you can go see auto Champs but if you didn't have till he goes well if that was true and it be called a tamping the way he said it made me think of it like stand the way you say, condom condom had like Health experience Medical School experience write this is University of Texas I've heard that likes you know douching or like ladies like you put stuff up then it could like to the stocks mentioned earlier 30 years out of date so you have one squirts water a day bday today so I like I miss them so much and I can't buy a bidet like silly but I have an apartment so it's not but there's another brand that does not require plug I bought these wipees wet wipes to wipe your ass with what your ass with Wi-Fi yes if you want okay so anyways and with the chemicals get up on my butt to that cause that toxic shock syndrome is I don't know too many details about it but like I sexually when you have the tampon in there it's like in there for too long it could cause problems but that's inserted inside you contact anything that has to touch like wet membrane you shouldn't leave onto all night by Jackson lights I know the chemical is probably going up there safe chemicals your butt is like the bad part of your digestive tract so it meant to hold stuff is the rest your body should not be exposed to so if anything's not going to pick her up what is that mean old ways to buy coins I've only had an extra hand give me a dollar 35 it's waterproof waterproof case for my Apple watch was already waterproof Arrowhead this board Splash preventive medicine you just had a bad one if that experience phone died and then and then I even said when I was bitching waterproof water-resistant and also you took in the salt water contain magical exact same rating for nomenclature assoc IP67 water-resistant I think the second watch toughest women also I learned in my reach from this when I end up with this enormous watch when you start a workout on the watch me start a swing workout it locks it down and then you have to like hit the crown to clear it and then it sits out all the water wet across-the-board it's just when you run a swimming workout so if you ever go back to dunk in the water with your fucking watch on so what I'm really quickly started to 23 along swing by maybe kills the speaker on an 08 also locks out the touchscreen I think what you need that I'm going sailing again soon can you listen to a song and we hit like a wave logo happy time we I want to be because I can't miss now I'm addicted to the metrics of it and then I think I've talked about this before I made friends with Justine on my watch before Watch Frasier could you really want to feel bad about yourself exactly just ingested yoga flowers do you like it like a normal person walk around the living room for a little while I always have Jackie Chan double feature to feel the same way cuz like beats hard time getting injured and I had a groin injury what are the movie theater hobbling cuz like I feel worthless thing at the end and let go see the glass skyscraper slide and lands in a mug glasnost movie Road accident sing the theme song for and some coordinated all that shit it was like crazy a lot he really messed himself up like Americanized apparently also theme song and everything else to Jesus Christ good fight tonight with dinner at least all recommended films from y'all for the story of a moped is girlfriend to the Chris Tucker movies. I think where it goes to a bank slot that's like Rush Hour 2 acrobat from the young age of Jackie Chan movie I realized I saw her recently which was the The Karate Kid movie with Will Smith son Jaden is the teacher that and nobody seemed to really care mind it like I didn't go in expecting anything great is diluted before your time did you see the Foreigner directed by the golden eye guy but it had pit and Jackie Chan Jackie Chan vs. James Bond's the movie are pre up there that directions to be alt right who is the director of the department for one second a long time ago spirit away but we're coming we're like the between the 40th and 50th anniversary of Star Wars when Star Wars gets the 50th Anniversary well r a p I just bought it movie 2001 on 4K discs that'll be a cool movie Turn Justin's light to 50 Year Edition that's really really old movie called sorcerer I think it just because of Star Wars came up here and enjoy a good really good soccer movies I would think you did somebody who's watching media now like somebody who's in their early twenties my go back a how could you possibly find time to go back and watch old movies at this point there's so much shit to watch Peppa uses cuz like I'm one of those people who didn't get a chance to watch a lot of movies old movies growing up like I watch a lot of Disney movies in current movies wouldn't you got shots and so whenever someone brings up like a classic movie I like it's always the same reaction is like oh my God how could you have not seen this what the hell I put a lot of the same reaction every time and then like some and get to watch antifa let me know I like it more just like you should definitely see it but not the people who make you feel like you're not allowed to associate with Society Simon and I realized really long movie until they get out Tatooine it looks super heroes hyper aware cuz you know what version did you show is there a way to watch the original cut in a really sad but I think we have to work with some stuff in that they added it is good but it's the stuff they put on top of the old shows that looks so it cuts to a shot of desert but in the in the remastered one they like stars in the sky like pants down nicely and I said that's fine but when they put CG shit walking around other to get that was already there that's really weird whenever they go to God from like the stuff they made a c g shyt do you like to fish it like it's like someone stuck in terrible you know this is a late night is it comes out we already had Jurassic Park we are already had term near to those are two huge CG movies everything part 3 Master stuff from the 70s which was incredible practical effects that were amazing for audiences at that time you're not as good as they don't look as good now compared to Modern special effects now and they would do the behind-the-scenes comparisons of Lexi this shot here. Then we had his math boxes around here we had to this now look at you now you were the mat boxes but we can add in like 15 other Tie fighters are flying in on a three-dimensional manner towards the screen or this or this funny one that's why I came back and forth realizes 2015 twenty years from now they're going to be looking at that cave you know it's like it's so wrapped up in the way technology is right now and you think it would have perspective because they're going back and visit technology it was so amazing and then they make it and now we all look at it even five six years later it's getting faster and faster you keep doing it likely going to be left your old version of a girl movie that's way worse than watching a 50 year old movie is CG like what they have him they have a costume under that he's in costume and then it just replaced him and CG is like just use the costume man look at something I can see by the detail on same as Iron Man like he's never denying even on this podcast it was bitching about how I think the effects of inside Iron Man's helmet it's so bad this just the plate is that why it is so distracting to me how do you get that far from Daddy's always like doing these crazy special and then giant side to side Learning to Fly you got some of that stuff you could still see all the things but it was a glass plate with the black wearing a belt play on his face that wouldn't fit my nose like it might I be pushed up against it plants stop stretching disbelief the guy just invented a whole new power source and build a super miniaturized set of weapons to fit inside of a metal suit but the face if you smoke a little pieces inside the helmet before it comes down come out and go around that you was at the head should be bigger or that shouldn't be a shot from his whole face inside player who built the fucking helmet and it's opened up to the face this is like Iron Man 1 and 2 and then it goes like that and then the lies light up and it's not the same dimensions as what I'm used to in the movie but what is the camera angle inside their looks whenever Iron Man helmet opens and rub his face pasted it's pretty bad I think it looks like I contour for his face perfectly so nobody else can wear it flipper expressionless face man to come up and trailer a commercial for Avengers the other was 30 seconds but what's wrong with you. Where was like the posters like what do we do when they are gone or something he's like counseling cuz like half the world like I like that that's a cool story I think it might take place pretty far in the future I think I might specifically overgrowth on The Avengers facility in all that shit is going to happen tell you what you think happened she said his fingers and all the people went into the space between Tony Stark helmet and that's where they all wish everybody Happy Hour spoiler she got it right cuz that's the thing though is like someone dies at the end and then I just saw trailer for his new movie theory about what happened but it was his theory about what happened to is very uninformed on the lower of all Marvel in my guess I would say that you know how was his face fucking oh my God Doctor Strange was like I've gone through like 16 million possibilities and like there's only one that would work for all fights that would work and like that I guess to get to that everyone had to die or at least have to talk to us not to die I'm imagining has something to do with like the time Stone. I read County permutation after that moment she can't do anything to affect the Coast Range operate without his arms lost both arms is he just going to be Palace Legos by step in the car battery I read if I was to summon up in this my training and help them Focus I haven't seen him wear that ring since then he doesn't end portals all the talk show frame rate go ahead for you to say you Siri Siri I read up would be this yeah so the other people are living in a play one else died in the other one okay but if you that the dimensional split in two timelines came from that movie was there a possibility that he would have died I think he probably blocked that you know of any of the existing in two Dimensions dimensions then I guess maybe not but also he's a fucking Infinity Gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones if he can probably live between two Dimensions can go back and forth blue gem itself was that he only just got with five right no one has ever had a mole that point 663 just know that clicking his fingers would do that snap of the fingers he could wipe out half a life in the universe and commissions. Makes up the glove so like I feel like I should be on a character the giant dwarf in Infinity War I think if any worse quickly approaching look my most watched movie of all time Star Wars A New Hope definitely has that but man I seen Infinity War I think like a dozen maybe 18 * it's really a plane if they have Infinity War I just fucking my thumbs down okay can I ruin something for a little bit stubborn kind of ruined Infinity War for me just a little bit of Star Wars perfect like it's great even ends on the note that no one expected and everybody was just taken aback by I don't know how any games in a live up to it but it's hard to find something is really wrong I think with infinity War leaked plot holes in the Gat precipitately believe in stuff like that right he's going to die to be restarted the star the dying star and he gets the ax which also has the bifrost ability to chew on the Rainbow Bridge or the whatever that is like the pseudo Rainbow Bridge that makes we can travel between dimensions and then get to somewhere did the asgardians are interdimensional beings that was their way of getting around leave their gods thing when a guy is just kind of like in Earth Dimension does Noah's God they have to stop from another donation okay how far are you in God of War I just put a log in the war in the water just quit now dude I started and then tell me immediately asked me to do something else and be there yet you play the last thing you do in the game got to find a thunderjaw and try and kill it before you about that but like Asgard midgard you know all the different Realms that they have niflheim jotunheim the way those are some sometimes depicted in Norse mythology and got to board us this isn't the same place and then you go to the different version of it but it's basically still the same place and they all exist in the same kind of physical state in East Hartford eventually yeah I kind of like this guy right product called ask guard so how'd it was ruined your ass really well. 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Matthew McConaughey Modell's McConaughey I just saw a movie with him and know is that it was different leaves serenity serenity go wash that man and the Firefly movie called Serenity for a reason that I am one of the many people didn't like the interview movie starts. Guess I'll just make up a name for myself by myself escape room I'm really bad at 7 the code for the phone number of we found out by playing the CD in the CD player and it was that song Gavin is a huge fan of 80s music hit it like a reverse version of the room and play the city again but it was like I couldn't quickly write down what's a +653-953-099-0355 +867-787-530-9035 768 backwards and mirror in this new world on the right like that to me like a minute to work it out I was getting busted in the back yeah but someone else I tested them and they just immediately read it back to me and like one second. What do they have who was the person that would you know them and weeks can carry our backs are but I always make sure if I'm going to escape from that I have a group of whatever the maximum number of people that have nine other friends to come with me not too long ago and I don't stay where it is or what it is but at one point you find a dead body into mannequin and he's like underneath this like sewer thing and I found them it was like purple and I grabbed this Medicare Nevada to start taking off his limbs check his pockets in the person's like typing in the message was going to like to lift or you need to like Barbara ever ever what happen your groin squatting inside right here play through stretches pushing and pulling but I have a I have a thing now blame it like by 8:45 I got the gym about 50% of my time is spent warming up because I know it is any looks like it is a long time and things like that and I did more foam rolling after that but I do a lot more stretching now that I used to I don't know what it is there's nothing hard about stretching I fucking hate it time to doing planks when grilling sauce to make it look like a lacrosse ball weigh harder in there with it areas where but kind of PEX meet there because for us we were computers lot so this test a hunch this muscle gets real tight and short and so like working at Outhouse open up the shoulders tops I did I did cuz I was what I was watching my kids like over the computer as I can so I got him a posture corrector which is it almost looks like backpacks backpacks just two straps over shoulders need to tighten it and pulls your shoulders back and so because I was going to put it on the kids I thought I can test it first so I wore it for like an hour and a half an hour I was sore but you feel like a muscle in my back I was sore after I took it off and it made me realize I must be slouching all the time I bet everyone. Something like it's what is the natural position is it when you sit you slouch muscles in your back or strong and holding you at whatever 15 to 20 seconds and I should be a I make a conscious effort in the gym to not do that cuz it's like a thing in the gym guys walk around like this all just kind of you know I don't want to like The Daily Beast I walk among humans but how do I walk again he's like LA or New York to the high Empire number of people so you can give it the old man or woman who's like bent over at a 90 degree angle in walking along and it's just like I did that like when you got to 45° did you just like not realize it was only going to get worse and worse and then they're just completely like fully been told I guess I just like her more and more each day to be upright to the play you're just like going as far up as you can before and then just getting a glass of the cabinet or anything like that yeah you can tell me how you would I know that was going insane Stormbreaker anywhere by the way this master blacksmith out they're starting this the nova or supernova backup starting to dying star backup just put the stuff in the gate opens the whole thing is getting blasted with the full force of a star he's melting metals on hold on hold on I realize the guy just went through a serious that you lost all his friends you got the answer tragedy in an hour Blade the exiled he said where's the handle that's a dude there's two parts to this fucking thing put it next to where you're going to fucking make the goddamn X and also I need full of shit I don't think you've thought about the handle until that moment it wasn't handle before that but by Frost capability comes in the mail but he need I need to handle when he's like talking Groot tree where's the handle like that was groups as much but he's a fucking kid to handle for the axe another owie another Ally I've got a good handle either it's a great handle handle yeah yeah but like this dude plowing into the Earth with this fucking acts that acts is not the other owner gold medal right it is just going to like a wooden like around it is it what do you think what do you think his Hammer Hammer what was the what was the material metal like the actual Hammer part itself I was thought it was like stomach Hindi soft rock. He'll realm and he's ripping everything is Rife throwing it at Mr Krabs is throwing the actor of the thing is that I gave me action and loading up and gets it and he had mentioned it as a powered by Frost anywhere in the fucking world star in the universe right so sure nuff this is big battle in Wauconda everyone's about to eat to lose things are looking Dyer and it the last fucking second Thor comes down on fucking great amazing film was charging in right there Thanos was on Titan so in forehead gone with the bifrost and gone to Thanos he would have won the best exactly the face that everybody can make it that you don't realize he's scared to cool moment she was up after Vision Stone from strange and then goes, but I don't go to kill bad guy in a part of Thor and someone has to argue with me he didn't have the site but if you didn't have a site like his buddy did who's it yourself book character with the Hein. Struan Infinity War sing trailer it was it really a fast and furious movie cast super power to either movies where is the site of pretty normal about putting nitrous oxide into a human made vehicle for that by the end of that you're fighting through space and you go cyborg man what was the last ice shelf 1.5 whatever the last one I saw was the one with the runway at the end and they calculated based on the six based on a car speeds all the stuff this Runway was like she dies yeah but you're actually talking about Wonder Woman were there is a fight on the runway Gal Gadot Gal Gadot Gal. Gadot what are people that I met as part of Peter Jackson camp in The Hobbit we got to go visit the set of The Hobbit one of whom it was a very nice woman who is a Linguistics coach for I took him go station on what is the coach for English language or languages Exist by Elvis and dwarvish and things in Celsius right so I was about to come out and I said I said I'm really think I'm looking forward to most in The Hobbit if I just want to see smile good Smaug the dragon Smaug price of O is an operon small guy was doing is kicking it with her so was Smaug just know it's smoke smell in shoes smoke and I said and I said the wrong guy still I can't I get like anxieties whenever I see that contracted cuz I know I don't know whatever is actually called there something you want their I wasn't that I wasn't getting late was she was giving me a hard time about it in Wellington and asked you to drink honey Mead and it was like a really dark bar in the prancing pony or like some kind of pissed all over it like one of those are they called bread what did they get all the guts out the door like the soft white bread that like that can you up with Stu and you eat that for the stew in a french onion soup at. He was all based on who else is going why because I can't do this I'm I'm becoming gus-gus who's the top your Hotmail in miles people are just a few of them so I was told today at lunch that today or something marks the 21st anniversary of you know and guess I think I said everything at this point and I know exactly what you would say back to me how much what are you closer to you time passed between you being born and now then you being born on the second world war has it been 45 years five 45 World War II ended anybody know of that would have been 1975 so yes know knots Spa since you'll be easily even if it's not even close to be 30 years in the World War II was so down about an ancient right but it's so recent history it's crazy how mint the kids said to me to make me feel like the oldest person on the planet when we were talking about something I don't know if you remember but we were talking about I think cell phones are the ones that had the antenna that you pulled up phone I had I think that you flipped and then one that you pull the antenna up and JD it against me was at one of the big ones that looks like a brick and I didn't know it wasn't that old it was that was when I was growing growing up they had those and Teddy Teddy said was that back in the 1900s sounds like I was like I just like felt dust just started to come off of me is I crumbled I was like don't ever call it the 19th Hole Tres I just like I didn't think about it but both your kids were born last century they don't have any he said it's just like this summer I'm trying to see where I get up after being sitting down for a long time ago Santa Barbara to go date that there comes a point in your life that you'll drop something and you'll go to pick it up and you'll think about it before you go to pick it up like yeah I don't want to get rid of Mike go down and get this thing you never recover from that it's just like every time you bend over or go down to the ground you think about it from that point on and I think bars past that point I mean that's that's deadly anyways I literally every drop something I go get it it's right in the dark bar when she's drinking a glass of weird about this next to the clear thing of Honey Mead there was a layer I'm not kidding about a half an inch thick of just dead flies tell me the group last year we went to some medieval bar and in the many kind of shit and a in the menu there was this drawing of this woman who like I saw it was me oh I never sent that photo to control effects of somebody sent us one time where they said hey this person looks like a cross between Ashley and Barbara all of us including Ashley Barbara like oh my God that's exactly what that looks like basil big Barbara it was really fun when you want to focus your eyes you would not be able to tell who will you hop into it happened to it thank you have a really cool thing that just like landed in my phone just now but I don't think we talked about this with her briefly went away but we're taking the old show game time and doing a new version of it's coming back to the roots music channels will be on the receipt website to start and if we just sit down and play a game for like an hour and just chat and shoot the shit it's not really about Gaming use if I'm really about the game that we're playing necessarily although that does come up obviously a lot in the conversation what's it called game time and the first episode of for the new iteration game time will be out on Wednesday on the Russia website but I just got a great mess brightness of the Super Shuttle bus I think it's next week show we're going to have a good to bring down Crackdown 3 the morning play Crackdown 3 and Joe Staton is coming down to play it with us which is amazing if there's like four people that I credit with Rooster Teeth becoming a thing and turning into a business like from Red versus Blue being a funny show the people watch it online as we started to stretch out and try to become a business to support all the people who were downloading the show and going to pay for that there was four people Cameron Payne Pete Parsons Brian Gerard just ate a ton of people that worked on Halo you know that we could have stood on the shoulders on the shoulders of these Giants but those four were the ones I remember we're like what happens with this you know that it seems pretty cool the first Halo and I believe wrote the second Halo let me see what he was working on a cut CNC was actually like Mission amazing some of the a marine like movement and the character movement in the cutscene Michael amini that show because that was great he was Michael was I just saw this video yeah he's right not all of them yeah good at Halo don't want there's another one coming out right the TV series Halo she was very prettiest one right or does it done I think about it there was like there is one where it tells the story of like the captain or whatever is really going through with it for a couple of messages Benz pretty fucking good yes Steven Spielberg's Halo series heads to Showtime this is a June of 2018 Durban remind me about the TV series how to take some pills for several years but Xboxes hit video game franchise is finally coming to life thanks to Steven Spielberg and the folks at Showtime the network seems to have a men's conference is fieldworks plans for the live-action series with bypass the typical pilot deal for an official order for a full ten episode season for the Rapture to his formally order 10 episodes of Halo a live-action series inspired by the classic video game released in 2001 the game titled cut Halo Combat Evolved takes place in the 26th century and Falls an epic conflict between humans and invading Alien Force known as The Covenant I just cut my phone is like hell no straight up my clothes now confirm for game time next week so game to play Crackdown 3 the one that Michael was playing in his parents basement was Crackdown 2 to so it's been that long between seven years yeah I don't know I hope so. Videos to this day one of my favorite videos ever on the internet just he's so fucking funny in the comedic timing plays we just get lucky with stuff I was just watching our agario and then ridiculous ending to that thing and it timed out perfectly. Louis play Smite all the time that gaming room so much fun but the office is still pissed off me for our Smite how to play with store I'm not giving away you know any kind of information because I don't know shit about what's going on I'd love to know everything the Halo infinite right there look like classic talo to write like they'd be like Rihanna style and I just got a Halo is I was at E3 and I was going to do Jess show cuz he does the pregame for like all the conferences and everything like that could you show and it's right next door to where the Xbox presentation was and some of the Xbox team on the Halo team said are you coming to the Xbox presentation and I said should I come to that there isn't going to be there and then I was on the Jeff Healey show and I was thinking to go there and I got text going you should definitely come over and I like literally like got up and walked out the door right across and got into the auditorium just in time to see that announcement for that damn glad this last year Usher 2018 a white one of the last TV series when they announced it and I was like it's always fun to the stuff we've done we've seen glimpses of stuff when we working on them commercials and things one of the coolest thing this was when we had a full and we were in the debug menu and we just didn't know anything about the game with people because you know everything like everything's listed it is like Marineland I won't keep quiet about Mex we got like some debug stuff like that was I think I'm gay LaFleur was the first one we got a baby Syfy commercial commercial with ODST zodiac seats now in Masjid is it really bad to put in another thousand games go to engineers in that game. I've always liked the engineer class in Covenant that they never really showed them before but they were big part of the books everything does a no-sew Bethel North author just a hero contact Harvest which was one of Halo novels good one to why do you have them on a party it's about Private Pilot you know you're coming up on a interesting anniversary where 10 years ago first time I visited Austin took a photo on Congress I was wearing like some red versus blue shirt and me and Gavin is the second by the way without even discussing this I catch the shirt and we never discussed it but I was like I'm going to keep the shirt just in case I need to take a picture in it. If I hear from you ever heard of the Rooster Teeth podcast. Check out our awesome bday collection right now sweetheart your mom friend or just yourself to Red Like Roses ruby shirt or the Valentine's Day shirt or mug for every style store has just the right thing for you or the rooster teeth band in your life or you can just buy some merch and throw it at people and will become fit by the perfect merch are you at store. Rishta.com that store. Roosterteeth.com that is Weird Al real mermaids company that time there was a store was just so the company pretty quickly to keep everything I ever gotten in its like over business stuff was like we ran out of the coming by last night 3225 update about the Iron Man situation in his helmet from 2001 bar Barbies one with the weather like outside the house that set up because you're showing the 2001 RS8 who Me by its got like reflections of those really cool light panels that they have inside the ship and Ferb are bursting at the helmet on Earth he was a motorcycle helmet and then they had laptops lined up I can make the light I had to hold them to because Wes obviously was totally was like lice in his camera site to hold two laptops open with my hand while also trying to pose with the helmet not breathe because if you breathe it fogs up the helmet Gavin had to wear that hoodie helmet in like 30 degrees on the planet he would have to hold his breath the entire time for your warm though I had your face is warm today I want to be cool but we make them grow every now and then I come back to make mustaches so funny that you say that because sometimes I'll just be on YouTube and watch random videos like we should get videos either like that fans have made her clips and I was watching the extra life clips from I guess I must have been $2,000 Lazer team won 2014 and you had that mustache that you had to have for the movie and it was also the same time that you and Michael were playing twister and you kicked him in the face right before she was like I got shot with a paintball right like that ever hit your head Rock back and then you just went like down in the face by pretty fast amazing you just said Wade from the thing we were talking about or talk to you about I feel like it's a physical sense how it hit my lip and I know for a fact that those issues with the roof of the mouth and then just put light fell over adamant that that's not how the paper go in the most balls in her by saying but I suspect I remember being so confused as to how it hit my mouth is like is there some pop missing and I promise that didn't go through the hole that come out it was right in front of my mouth then the fog visor oh my God it had them out by people as well I got hit in the grill of my paintball mask and this goes through and it hurts like hell yeah but then I can't tell if you're hurt or not because everything's a wet you can help your bleeding or not and then the pink balls taste awful horrible taste it just flashed into my tea like I felt that inside a paintball hit my feet and then there's the blood but it's mainly just a shell and back the shell was in my mouth I just spent a gas I just had broadcast that photo of us from 2009 Airsoft smashing perfectly skinny I know what camera was that you had seen that was a 5T Wizard of Id the point Fatima to ask all my photos look like that if I could come to regret that I was so into that likes very shallow depth of field I can't see you still there was nothing there but the fact you could shoot like HD video through a lens for that on a sense that because very cool videos and photos background cuz like I watch a video of Austin in the 1980s it was really interesting is there on 6th Street and was like oh wow this is nothing like how it does now so we did with the Pepsi Field the Austin subreddit get a really interesting thing where they took what is now the biggest building in the UAE in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa something else now it's even bigger than into the Austin Skyline it was it was almost embarrassing because all these huge buildings we have in downtown Austin really incredible and also seen you so much and then this fucking thing is three times taller than anything in downtown Austin it insane forever three times bigger it makes the frostbite look like a tiny little dweeb you guys other than the building to stay there when you're saying I was really impressed by that very striking imagine what yeah yeah what's up all the sheetrock at Ground shifts my favorite coffee shut the door depending on what time of year you go there is either like connects with the frame or it's just like you have to like rip it open to east of the freeway or west of the freeway it's different East 235 really basically what they did was when they were going to build Austin 35 in this part of Texas stuff they went as far west as they could until they hit rock and hills and then Bill 35 that's why the west side of 35 so much different than the eastside eastside saw like moving shifting like soil the westside's all the hills all we did Chaka Khan limestone weird foundations in Texas where we have is chalk Limestone that you can get a like a backhoe and just dig it out but then when you build on top of it it's actually super super strong do you know this from building a pool in your backyard I do get the lessons of of this but that's not where we started our Bebe what's a dude I don't like at home ownership is that shit can just go wrong and you don't know what's going wrong and it's continuing to go wrong what you don't know about it and caused you problems and pools can do that way you can just get one of your pipes and if it's not the best construction the world's largest underground from a leak and then that created like a massive sinkhole because it let out a few drips a minute over the course of three years and then you got this huge problem you're fucking foundation and one of the craziest things that I've ever heard of pools in Texas is that I need to pentagon with the soil is there something that I know my brother place in the world to I'm sure you get enough water drains out of the pool that the ground can push the shell out of the ground like the weight of the water keeps your pool in the ground but if it drains out so far the moisture underneath a ghost the ground if I can Hammer walk back down into the ground so I like I would like to have a full but it's one of those things that it's like the amount of work versus the amount of time you actually use it is not dead tooth out of wax out of it then if you're not going near that fucking thing I love about pools in Oxnard area that's not like washed is legal for women to be topless anywhere that is leaving for a man to be topless when is things I love about pools in Austin and Gavin you could relate cuz we talked about all the time and summer is that because it doesn't get cold at night here. Just stay warm all summer like you get in and it feels like a bathtub typically Alden pools is like a way of like relaxing after an exercise you want to get drunk and rest of your friends I don't do that Kevin used to try to drown me every time I will never go so that you'd always like trying to dunk me in but I like pull my drink out and shit only one time when I was drunk I don't condone my action of a midlife crisis I feel like I've put so much of the things I like to do into making content with him like video games and show me stuff. I don't have any hobbies that do just for me I need it I need a you do professionally hobby stuff. I have like a workshop or you paint Warhammer guys you know what the Matrix color need I need a hobby Plaza taste test of a bunch of different things they just have classes that you can take with me to just pick up and I need a GED or end up doing to do that at home you can do it anytime you want. I was like as a hobby I think it's like feeling cuz you know why cuz you like to fucking chill out with you how dare you first of all I like being on my own and just going to like stopping places taking a dinghy and get some beer and all that stuff that's fucking nice how much does sea of Thieves prepped you for sailing and get my certification in that but then I ran into a problem we're trapped play know I got laid clothes clothes I got I had to go to an insurance review and I got insurance review and they're like to go through check out of the box and everything like that and they had to put down LOL so you know I'm involved with personal Aviation and well then your life insurance is going to be astronomically higher and also I have insurance other people have insurance on me know something weird like the company has Insurance on me which basically they try to figure out what it would cost to replace me if they had to and it's called he managed and that also if my insurance rates dramatically go cuz it's me I'm doing my personal life I had to pay that as well be higher than I'd like to X that basically raised you because I was like I always want to find out like for the companies like how much is a personal matter ensures that idea of what the corporation thinks you're actually worth I would like to read Mater valve made that really weird fucking announcement that they make $8000000 of Revenue per employee per year and I'm like that's a great start to put out there and really cool to hear that I put the next day at work at you don't ever was like can I get like $7,000 a huge the next day it'll be interesting to see at the company $2 that each individual has created because actually create money by support the jobs to do create money would you through comes to mind when you say that but somebody doesn't make money like at the top of that list is made using those things are totally different will creative projects made the most total contributed to that project accounting or like eight shot doesn't create money for the company that is entirely in tunnel like the four of us jokes that on this podcast but there's like 13 people dressing like I'm sure the people in the most different departments as Talon because that's not much cost saver instantly think of Michael jobs when you say that because I think about ways come back to this rage quit which was the Crackdown video started off and then became Rage Quit is one person would make that show with any of that show with post that show and that was it one person and then end up getting lights near 750 million views total it's like it's close to getting close like a billion him and two different degree Jordan sweaters with the RTA like that's shows a huge Juggernaut from used but it is taken from source audio Michaels thing was just like that's crazy one person like that you know it's not like a premium show that you can't make a driver version of it so it's like something to do really well in one regard and then don't do well in other regards some things are just like these quiet storms were they just do well across the board and if somebody gets a movie that's hits on all the notes you know yet Barbara this week have a special episode I'm always hoping we do I was on that lovely fiance Ashley very lovely you guys are so cute when do we start talking about the Valentine's plans that might help me out I know to hate your kind of jerk can I take me to call you out on something like Universal karmic scale your kind of the Blaine made reservations reservations that he doesn't need but he'll probably giving away you pass them off change the name of the white guy just because based on location and time and just and I just want to give you the other person options Sam just thinking had for like 3 weeks in advance reservations under various emails around town and then you have all the options and stick to a knock is like I haven't asked anybody yet so yeah reservations my friends and they're my Valentines pictures for you at the location to reserve it in 10 days now so oh yeah oh I'm sorry that was going that way Medica speculation what is one of the things I feel like I owe people an explanation for what's going on my personal life but you out it is something they would you also a about it publicly in a relationship that have ended then have not that's just the way it works and I have first-hand experience with this I kind of kept my divorced quiet because it's thought it was a really personal to years later you owe me two years later I started dating Ashley and Pete she got the full fucking brunt of that people just did not know or hadn't kept up or something and hadn't figured it out and I wasn't direct about being divorced and if you like what the fuck is this what's going on in that they will need your information they tend to feel like it happened as soon as they heard about it like to hear about me getting divorced I think that just happened is supposed to happen in two years ago I'm just happy the three months that you and I were together in between was never before done very special time I left one of my pet peeves is when people ask what happened to whenever they find out that people and it it's like relationships end all the time like this doesn't have to be something that happened I just like it wasn't working for whatever reason it wasn't real if someone how did you know who told him they were perfect just under break up or what you do just understand that you know that you're probably exactly exactly there's nothing worse than can be bad I think as long as both people have mutual respect for each other in their careers and their position within a company it could be okay but I would also like to break up with you and I'm sorry it came up like this but it seems just a natural progression of our conversations you breaking up with me now yes it's not it's not you if you had to date one person other person on his podcast would it be I don't know if you guys because I think I'd like to be very hard day don't you yeah Barbara wouldn't because she's pretty girl by region Barbara is that she's a good girlfriend boyfriend. Nightmare you want someone with the pussy why is that you just very love so if you are gone suffer yet write a story so bad unless it's bad against me is very complimentary of you then you can use use complementary to let me know that you had done that like you'd made reservations and we're like offering it to people in case you don't use it at someone's like does that mean blame will be there on our date add a square but then he would know you'd be at this place on the map of Austin and then I'd pics you know like Central Eastside up North and then you threw it in the shape of a hot and you like this is a planchette that I have a great dinner, tonight I thought I was going to have an excuse to eat Homeslice the night but my son passed his driver's exam first try good Drivers License Photo first person ever in my family to be able to do that last one was better that the problem I've got weird photos always shity you're never prepared thing as I don't want to send it to hate my password for the summer of Canadian passport photos when your you can't show any emotion and you have to have like all your facial features to slice of every chain passport photo shoot this photo Jason Bourne wherever he goes on the run and my hair was like I was trying to grow it out and when you go through customs that take a photo of you in your natural inclinations to smile and do not smile that brings presents from natural just to be frowning now how far behind is the printing technology at the US state department where I go to CVS to pull down a little white curtain I take a photo film take a photo and it comes back and it looks like a watercolor impression of whatever the fuck I set them how hard can it be to register like four Shades Darker the photo in there is laminate over the top of it but I guess that was not secure enough what should like security ship like the lines are printed in like a dollar bill forms of identification with like the person's face superimposed as well as the regular photo likes it's just they went above and beyond to make sure I think North America blue and then like I got the Ya-Ya Italy Google are you know that Reddit subreddit old school cool photo of his dad and he said he was my dad 30 years ago posing with three of his 24 siblings does a poor mother how is that even possible she just must be like loose loose Unikitty year do that or more that you give birth or pregnant I guess that's cool dude that's cool alright well thanks for joining us on this podcast don't forget game times back you can watch it on the receipt website on Wednesday always open we have a special Valentine's Day episode coming out now welcome back from Australia and if you want to go on a Valentine's dinner with Blaine Gibson just write him on Twitter he has three reservation so slots are available