#531 - Apex Legends is Overrated

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss internet outrage, a Vine quiz, YouTube changes, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-02-12 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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    "zebra mussel"
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Transcript (in progress):

You're listening to Rooster Teeth Podcast #531. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first.roosterteeth.com. Hey everyone welcome to the Rooster Teeth Podcast this week brought you by Robin Hood goat and Casper I'm Gus people have fish water in Austin right now. Last year where nobody knows I could drink their water because it was dirty now it's okay to drink your water even though it smells like rotting fish supposed parts of Austin have water that smells like like Bayseas seafood and they say it's because they're zebra mussels in the water line and the water is going over the zebra mussels and that's why it tastes and smells like rotting fish in the water show me parts of Austin that are having this problem. The zebra mussel I think what happened is there getting into the pipe and now they filled the pipes that are on this side of the filtration system give a cell tower like in your living room I know it's so good like being right up against the Wi-Fi router used to be a bad thing will do this for reception is there going to be like here he's going to be here all directions of cell towers I barely noticed them and they are highly contentious like yeah and I had an argument about a storage place what color the logo was I don't know if we did that was really weird that arguing over a color black Migos yeah I just passed to hear my videos I thought it was green and white I was convinced that he was like green because that you're an idiot and then he sent me a picture what is another one and then I drove past it and it was black and I was like oh my God you're right what's the logo is green and black unless it's night time and then white I don't know what light through it turns out we were both right depending on the time of day we're both people are right nobody wrong nobody wins you could who Last Breath forever so I got to say this about the zebra mussel think my water just instinct is anybody else water stink everybody who showed today in fish water does it still take anybody out there coming out with a microphone to admit I'm just saying that I went South this Saturday and then I truly bad it was a birthday I used to live down south the Austin subreddit I was reading on married with your lot of funny but very rational people there let me go evolve a little bit it used to be nothing but being as Lord that's all it was one person you can count on them to negatively over-the-top respond every time it was there they were very upset all the time what the fuck is edgelord mean I've heard that term so often but I can tell him what is a nice way of saying sickly in cell which do you know they're always liked and then no more than everybody else and they are the fucking scourge of the internet be honest that's probably one of the worst personality I also ran into the worst personality in gaming today I can stand the people yell and scream at me and they go like ballistic would insult I just think that's funny I had it for like an hour and a half who had the worst trait of anyone ever possibly imagine the game with and I run into it all the time he's the guy who narrates everything that he tells you every second what he's doing and like 80% of the chat is this person at like 80% whole time he's been chatting telling you what they're doing information suppressant you cannot convey important information because you just feel like someone else has their their finger on the transmit button that is constantly overloading you yeah I was going to ask I'm going back to that day they have a balls I believe from being memes viewing edgelord and it's kind of even even now you've got a little bit busy without a little bit see famous people in that be like you know like you think has had sexual intercourse all the time like almost it doesn't burn Golf and come up with Austin subreddi where there's a mention of like a post about a female personality or something and all these people show up just mad for no reason just Barbara have you ever experienced this just it's weird like even just appearing on camera and being female is it anger some people be funny be pretty be genuine and be good at whatever you're doing so funny but not trying to be funny talk but not too much don't interrupt don't talk to you much don't be boring contribute but not too much what else bully walk everyday you yeah I had someone like don't know what to think of it that a few days ago I was out and I was driving to the liquor store and someone is texting me while I was with you when you were texting me Bernie I was driving the point is I didn't look at my phone I parked and then I would like my phone was buzzing I need to to look at see who's texting me so I can get out of my car I pulled my phone out of my pocket I'm looking at it I close the door I start walking to liquor store in Winchester we're both walking along the liquor store and I'm like texting and there was a guy standing there who I'm walking by and he's like try to get my attention and he goes good luck can I go back to to my texting and you know what I mean good luck about right cuz I got a new turn around I'm still texting and then goes in tolls and I stopped and I look at us through what the fuck as I look at him and he's like just looking at us like we call you guys and good luck with the Orient orientals good luck wish you good luck because your wife is what to think about that I walked in and out and then we went to the store this is like that walk back that way to the car that is such a weird thing I was texting I wasn't really paying attention and it was in the way he said it like kind of thinks everything of like Warriors what is happening Oriental Spotify for the record currently Gus go to the liquor store at 11:46 on a Friday a.m. Wednesday at 6:38 maybe that was you took you 19 minutes to reply to me I do but it's like to drown out when you get it delivered and they charge so much more I just ordered a hundred bruises all that's good idea do guys ever like favor or Postmates or do whatever like food that's across the street from you because you don't feel like getting out of the house there's nothing near me open around me what do you prefer I just like my house now so small though you know it was like it was literally just one room too small bedroom door hey I'm O+ with no bedroom door and yeah it was The Loft Real Talk Blaine dropped out to people talk it's Miles by Phillip miles knows now he's the Toca so he's actually not in the toilet what you got to let me let me be on to everything and never expect you to come you're the only person that I do that with 100% of things I do I invite you a hundred percent of time you don't show up a lot of a lot of the times and stuff just put it in the bathtub Echo Auto Square to brew a nose pillows until it was just like a little slow and you can shove the dog in paint the wall to the ceiling and see how many coats it take before you can move in here anymore because I know you don't even want to be invited you really don't even care but I still invite you and you cuz I just on the off-chance like a lottery ticket before it's rare but you'll see what happens if someone says no to something like two or three times me I stopped inviting them and there's this weird Trend online where people say I'm an introvert but that doesn't mean I don't want to be invited place I still want to be invited I just want to go watch a video that someone put out a kind of training on YouTube about that kind of person and flake on all plans but they want to be included still like they feel so mote they're not invited but then when they do get invited out they don't show up or they cancel last minute whatever it is so people stop inviting them as though it's like this yeah it's it's one of those because it's like I didn't like the thing of I don't want to feel left out but I'm okay with everyone else doing rejection, put yourself out there come to this thing and it's like they want the chance to say no to it right it's like I don't get why you can't be empathetic people that you're supposed to flake I think that's I think that's more of a problem in your generation the freaking thing like I guess people flake when we were younger Gus but everything you did you did via voice call then we were teenagers more College tell people you're going to be there so if you couldn't get it was easy to not get hold of someone if you do want to get help help like somebody hold of you you don't answer your phone and that was it. You know it was a text or email no read receipts and stuff like that so maybe we was like just as much we just did a private you cruel turn off your answering machine remember the word answering machine really wow yes I will never make plans while at other plans that involve drinking you'll be like yeah but I'm probably why do I feel bad about it because I'll be up for it in the moment I'll be a hell yeah but when I like batting average more than high. We don't go out that much meaning I don't have we don't invite each other out that much but everytime I know if I invite Davin Summerhill come with each other we know we always go out their money back read made puzzle by generous Grant from the National Science Foundation on National maybe that's why I said good luck with the orientals maybe he knew you're going to use that term to describe rugs Oriental goes with thing thing and I believe that is correct but what about a robot what does those dogs from Massachusetts and started going around the Boston Dynamics of the singer that sings opening the door for pulling it back and I'll go opening a door sticking its leg in to open the door episode of Black Mirror Metalhead even though it was like you know the clever girl and it had like a lever door handle that pushed in like that was stacked for that raptor getting in that door this thing is like everything's working against it but people don't like the Will Smith as play people overreacting shit every week there's some over react Shield bad I feel like the internet is so Vocal Point that I feel bad for anyone trying to make anything not blue and people were throwing a shit fit cuz he's a genie supposed to be blue blue in Aladdin the Disney one at one point or what yeah he's kind of like asking me to Green Genie or red wine every light that's not accurate that's awful you know or if they'd like they recast Simba as a leopard people would be upset by that do you know what weapons are not king of the jungle lions live in jungles just so you know ever be remaking certain movies like I said she has a lot in that was like greenlit every live-action got a patient of every move them all Twitter title-flood for Disney perfectly quiet when she said that the Burly brawl would be today that does not hold up very well it did so much to do that again they went to time slice again probably maybe second third one can stand for a reboot take a reboot there's a couple of things in the first one look rough I need to be updated when you let other people go to the animatrix do some the thing going into his belly button looks like shit and all the stuff in the real life recovery of an atom or software box glitch the Persona guys have you done the helicopter crashing into the glass that warble like ripl 81 Nordstrom Rack to fit into a mirror listen my card always back me up on this but you were busy at math camp for that he said he's running like a bunch of stuff like that taste bud being indifferent call Jennifer Chung don't taste different stuff like don't they test that like that in that way if you stick your tongue out all the way and I put a raspberry like right there I feel like I'm more sensitive as it was before this Aladdin in return by which people got useless Reddit karma for voting voting cuz I knew you could do it cuz it's amazing what people get motivated to do for you know what the last thing out right before Aladdin was blue last week out right before that was that they didn't play a SpongeBob song at the halftime show everyone was as far as I know was never actually promised like they invented the thing got excited about it and then it didn't happen and then minnerath promotional think someone kind of teas that there might be something SpongeBob related that little bit of SpongeBob that's nice at least acknowledge them apparently I would think so. Of SpongeBob fans would listen I don't know what song they're going to play I don't know this episode of SpongeBob is and Squidward and the star guy Patrick I know that guy would have been lost to play Sweet Victory at is a big deal if you're 12 the Big D I think I think like if you're 12 you yeah they got upset about that but between the Super Bowl halftime seriousness God's furiousness and now the outcry over the character being exactly like it was before what do you member what the outrage was in between those two things there was another one this guy B5 yeah I noticed it was invested in by chinese company Chinese images Cinema Square things like that and his government and everyone was like this is going to change the world you're not doing a fucking thing dude Reddit would get shut down would be like nevermind wasted outraged by like thinking you're doing something about problems in China and people who work killed protesting for democracy in what they claim they like it when I said Yeah Yeah by Robin Hood Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF options and cryptos all commission-free while other broker just charge $10 for every trade Robinhood doesn't charge any commission Feast so you can trade stocks and keep all of your profits plus there is no account minimum deposit needed to get started so you can start investing and you level the simple intuitive design of Robin Hood's makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike you can view easy-to-understand charts and Market data and place a trade in just four taps on your smartphone cost of you. Collections such as 100 most popular with Robinhood you can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio discover new stocks track your favorite companies and get custom notifications for Price movements so you never miss the right moment to invest Robinhood giving listeners a podcast a free stock like appleford or Sprint to help you build your portfolio you sign up at RT Podcast. Robinhood.com again that's RT Podcast. Robinhood.com thank you Robin Hood for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast investing is one of the most powerful things you do one of the common things that people say about investing as he could double your money every seven years that changes depending on the economy over time sometimes 8 years is 7 years in dollars Vegas double in one night the fuck up black 20000 - 34 lb 40,000 when you're 41 lb 80,000 when your 48 Italy what to say to a hundred sixty thousand goes to 324 your mid-50s up to $640,000 and you like your early 60s 1.2 1.3 million dollars when adjusted for inflation is worth about $10,000. And also that's if you just invested that but that time at that time I got in 13 hours for California has $10,000 invested anything again that's the point you will continue you invest hopefully as you see your earning money in that regard the answer right away to your 401k if you got it to when investing in have an amount to save it's like I've been hiding money from a savings account Reddit podcast buy some really funny Reddit I want to talk about making a thing out of it and there was a post credit at that was hilarious it was a little thread where I got so I want to play this game but I'm broke and I can't afford the money play it and the next person said check your check your inbox Indians dude big smiley face and it was like whoa whoa whoa whoa whatever it's like by the game get a job awesome I saw I saw maybe one of the funniest videos ever seen on Reddit this morning like some guy I heard the forecast was freezing rain so I went outside so I wanted to see it and then I guess like security camera footage from going outside to see the freezing rain do you have that ready in their booth oh my God you died right it looks like you still moving but know this but it's just so hard hard and fast onto a concrete surface cold to ya does ice have less given concrete what if your cold too if your body is cold but it's actually spurned an idea for a game that night when I saw it amazing where is Susan the best bipod don't do that remember when you see someone slip on Ice shots are in the video of the person filming it will also slip what I say is true people don't learn from Ice they just think idiot and it reminded me of a video in a specific game and every single one and I don't be that remind me of another video where something happens and whatever you to come in for the first video and I can play Such at the rule here is you have to guess the person's name and you'll see the video in your instantly be able to name the person I like 12 but I can see the name on the screen had a guy is going to sneeze and scare the deer what is the name of the guy I don't know very many find the guy just getting to that point okay so so what's the gas I see several guesses they're all for Ron Vega run I play it nice Ron I should get a prenup dad breaks the barrier was going to Ron still they're going through a lot of Robin wow y'all on y'all way behind catch up fanfic know that he was not epic didn't personally seen a lot of why is my fault with people's names is just really fucking funny outdoor throw frisbee what's the name of the guy who throws the Frisbee Caleb but I don't remember them until they start playing Kevin Kevin what the fuck Richard what's the name of the guy James Steven that's amazing he's so well that he even guess the last video that I was going to say I started reading it to him because he's doing a vaping trick because that's actually kind of inspired by Chelsea harfoush she knows every single Vine I have tried to stumper on stuff and I think there's some people that just sit there and watch vines all day like me, I switched over now to take to find what is that the trucker like what 2 hours really fucked up when I turned off that platform I don't know the broad run out of money Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter and then shot down there I think they're finally making a profit are they I think so they're finally making money good for them Nino years was the birthday party that Kylie Jenner through for her 1-year olds this weekend because it they must have spent millions of dollars on this thing 1 year old birthday the entrance to it was her baby's face you walked into the house nightmare the terrifying return one of those with my face do we have it at RTX RTX July 5th and 7th buy tickets at what was the what was the exit and it had like about no more for the adults that is for the kid itself social media at this point but I just think like that kid is not going to remember fuck off from that moment mouth yeah you made it was it you pull yourself out from your mouth when you try to put your own head in your butt shaft your head far enough up you're an awesome come out your mouth you've only got one mouth and it's inside your ass hole where would it come out the first time I think I ever heard you say what are you on about my favorite watching videos of you and George is just there's a lot of this that goes on New York but there was an adult has how many things like that I like you in British Facebook or Myspace with anyone at rooster teeth at all but we all had video account and you're all doing like these little like things that didn't go up on the website or didn't make sense on the YouTube channel and so we let me know before 5 I said video accounts with rainbows look at the lost the era of video production the most random shit I was the origin of Benny a crap ever easily and that's where you were video of your brother that lives right yeah with you hymn hymn drawing me a diagram of the head coming out of them out there was a place that stuff ended up where I was like this but I have a YouTube account is not Slow Mo Guys I don't want to monetize it somewhere else so I'm going to put on I think I paid for it Austin the first time on Vimeo like the one I had beans on my head and where we went to the shooting range for the first time I've been able to find my videos of Jet even still going strong was founded in June of 2012 and Twitter acquired it in October so they founded the company in June and they sold the company in October that's fucking from the people who made Vine just make it again I don't know if I have a non-compete cuz they sold it right I have no fucking clear Sony TV video I think has another path I want to see a video start of the same family of companies as CollegeHumor what I want to say they did a thing about Tumblr Star Trek open Yahoo bought Tumblr the dude stop using that is like is it just like people yeah people moved on to Snapchat and then guidelines was it back in December and racy stuff there was a time. We're like anything anyone from receipts with post on Twitter or Instagram or whatever it was would be on like multiple Tumblr accounts within minutes Republic I don't know if I like the rooster teeth and paste on Tumblr has shrunken or just moved on to other platforms but yeah I don't know it was acquired by IAC that's Barry Diller's company that you acquired CollegeHumor is part of Kinect Adventures which is where everything was said that was tied together and let me see you at 2 at one point what do you think you'll next company I don't know what I don't know what to tell you I'm done I'm going to go I don't know I don't know I don't think you'll be if I if I did something of the entertainment I probably would do something that's just like a management management people they bring the files in a guy but I like that that's part of the job that I've always liked is bringing in new people introducing them to the audience like helping them develop figure out what they wanted to do and then watch them do well it's always been really cool to see that like to watch Slow Mo Guys Gavin actually a hobby what's the weather last time I just want I want to see their interest in fashion but I think like realistically if I was to do something else after this would be naming nail polish or restaurants where you can play Vine games for a living but yeah it's a business that always has a pun name you should have made a pun registry like the funding border the funding body of puns in like you have the last day on Earth puns W Maya. I like how it sounds like what are interested in the swing back there when someone gets put in jail for a crime they didn't commit and I can't let out that usually sue for a ton of money what you just do that if you had the option to go to jail for 10 years and then come out to like $50,000 a year to sit in prison was in prison for 25 or 30 years we came out and had $1000000 which is a lot of money but you could break out over 25 or 30 years can you skip the next 15 years of your life like what is that worth it after you lose the last 15 years of that really like that everything goes down the older you get lose your lack of the doctor reportedly you went into prison 15 years ago ages 75 then you'll if there's a single amount you did a Gavin and you find that like an idiot years of your life people do that I know there's people that will do that the equivalent of that were they will sell their life insurance policy to somebody else for a discount like if you have a million-dollar policy someone buys it from you and you name them as the beneficiary they buy it from you for $500,000 possible mean I guess I know that's a weird planet of Take 5 in a grande giving somebody a man killed him right so wait no no no no no no who got in the way they treat a reverse mortgages reverse mortgage a house pays you I believe it's a reverse mortgages Barbara old person by their house from the living until I make 3 million a year my life I get one fucking life that's it. If you take away like her late twenties and thirties yeah it could be any 10 years of my life and I will see what I can I get me alright billion dollars to five years in prison a week five more hours a week I guess I just don't find out of like stuff like a big house a billion. If its 5 years maybe Barbara's of a good point Gus what are you going to do with a billion dollars what would you do show gun stop working if you wanted to really really a billion dollars it's a thousand million thousand million thousand million do the money but I like your dreams are you the freedom to do whatever I want to do whatever you want ya a crazy level though like like I want to go cuz you can blow up I want to go on vacation but I don't want to take a plane like I'm going to buy a yacht to go into the station going places and Experian I think things would be cool to have unlimited everything the same but I would hire a cleaner Epsom salt Sun always doing dishes do that now don't need a billion dollars it over to you for 5 years in order to never doing everyone's long. yeah I'm having a cleaner is a that's like I'm sober I like it clean up is there a way to tell my wife that I did you say Harvey Weinstein Harvey Keitel if we put a poll on Twitter but like Siri put it higher like 10 years of your life for billion dollars people would do that 20 years of your life 25 years longer a billion dollars and you counted and however how you got to give you that money you start counting when would you stop what you have to feed for sleep what should be the same let's say you got to do it 18 hours a day 16 hours a day in your life are you wasting can you can't do anything else to sit at this table and count glub glub it's not a contest job keep counting and then when you're done whenever you decide to stop it Just So Stories right like what's enough money what if you're counting for 8 months and you're up to two million dollars or three million dollars is that enough you know at some point you be like I got myself for another 10 years of your life for 1 billion dollars pull on Career paths you have to be in education for like 8 or 9 years play Soca to live your life you still got to go out and meet people and have relationships you know people let him operate on you now are you operate on that I gave me a hundred bucks but I was going to like having a bad time is money $100 a week all the money you get out nothing will be any different you have a billion dollars go get out of the first a 2° that's a billion dollars and then in seven years you've got to believe someone here that prison the Netherlands is pretty nice oh yeah that doesn't do everything changes American prison population in for killing someone in his Bill Cosby's walk around yeah yeah I mean that's the internal see I don't have to put something like I'm a put you in more danger probability wise but he's convicted for the probably better that dangerous thing that's why he wasn't in general population at first or one of the reasons and then they will come in and privatized prisons privatized for-profit businesses Thrive by the fact that they need to have people in prison if they don't have people in prison they're losing money and we'll have the prisoners make the next Vine yeah maybe what is someone in prison called a printer for dinner trilostane is like a prisoner is the person inside Jayla is the person who jails them a prisoner been out of prison e usual prison he's in prison nurse has it doesn't match cuz you're not present a different verb for that not not in jail you as more than a good chance at the shoe you're looking at is a fake how can you be sure that it's real goat.com is the safest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers online to the largest market place in the world for authentic Yeezys George and over 600,000 sneaker listings the whole process frictionless and completely trustworthy. 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Com / teeth thank you for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast study right now especially if you're watching the the ID right now for jury of sneakers or something like that or brick instead of an iPhone or something that happened to Jason or that she ordered a Mac Pro online and he got like he was like a box of rocks and it said it was a bag of rocks to sit on the bag rocks that it's been like an ongoing thing I guess like whoever it was delivered it that was in prison now and he says that every now and then he still gets like a restitution check for like a small amount of the money that he he lost in that and I was like I was like 15 years yeah honey babe with the Xbox because the name the box was in the name of the Xbox that people just sell Xbox foxes without the Xbox and it was right but you wouldn't know it's for the best Xbox box and they took nothing Xbox eBay and like a person came to court and they were selling they got two photos of cell phones in the package that person was like obviously suing them and they'll like what was in the description and then I Can Judge Judy was like that still bullshittin trying to scam people show pictures of the item as being the weight of Tucson so there you go think it's just like the nail in the coffin kind of really thick paper I'm pretty sure pretty sure you test it test the pH of it was different I got a guy of the shampoo that I like and I get it and get it in like the massive jug and I only need one like once every 9 months and was dumped in like sheep H-E-B brand Google different than I thought some left from the old one cuz I'm complaining about the new stuff. Like I got this news counterfeit happens all the time change the order directly from the people call Mitchell to order I ordered it from the Paul Mitchell second that's good stuff so what you want. This one from Amazon Seller you got a big scale so they can't let everything settle like sellers that have life more stars can you tell her before I do have to get the prime that's how they got there with your processing at the prime bikers end up the stuff is in the Amazon warehouse hey Chad history behind me because we have our t-shirts coming back with the moving in short so if you haven't seen it Barber working to go to watch that they could go to youtube.com specifically was that we are changing our approach to YouTube specifically as working on so people may have noticed overtime RoosterTeeth as a brand starting to mean a lot of different things became like this big as a group and other things underneath it Department shows like 200 became their own you know Standalone departments still a different stuff to start on that channel you have to do is there was a point time where we all kind of looked up and was like is the marketing Channels with nothing but a promotion for our stuff on this podcast right but not necessarily the other podcast we do so they receive the YouTube channel kind of became the same thing was like oh yeah this new show coming out for the trailer for it on that or a shirt on the Russia podcast that would be weird but they were talking about a bunch of stuff on the Funhouse podcast that would be weird if a bunch of stuff like what is the meat gun yeah yeah that was I mean there's we have our own asphalt service and there's a big initiative feel like hey we want to go that because I mean I'm sure everyone knows about the plight that is YouTube currently and being beholden to a third party platform is really scary because if they just decide one day to make some change that absolutely screws us we don't want to have all your eggs in one basket right so it makes a lot of sense but you know that said there was never really anyone hang out for the RT YouTube channel and that was something that was very aware of when he was programming for the S5 and so you know we got to the state where I guess you guys realize like oh hey yeah it's kind of just become this like marketing platform but a lot of you know it's a great way for him to bring a new audience is through YouTube by imagine a bunch of people watching today first found out about Richard he's in some way by coming across something on YouTube so yeah I guess what has recently been working on for a while now we basically we have a new office moved a bunch of people in there and then those people just work together that you're in there get in there and just make stuff they make content but in there for the time being though we have a much more focused slate on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel because I haven't talked about this at all yet if you've been following a lot of a lot more recently and that's his yeah as asked about you guys to come over and kind of help and turn around the RT YouTube channel and all that stuff I'll still be voicing their and also but yeah my main job lately has been be over here and going to help turn the party YouTube channel around and like if you guys are YouTube viewers are watching this like knowledge like on YouTube in recent times and that's change a shotgun approach little bit scattered and spreads I saw him fall comments that were saying wow this is a live-action RoosterTeeth video that isn't promoting something or trying to sell me their merch couch but fair you were saying it's like a confirmation you know that that's what was taking place if that's what you were expecting to see when they tune in to the YouTube channel but we respect his influence and want to make sure that the people are watching YouTube you have a good experience so you know part of the ownership in the new things that were making a return our t-shirts and RT life and maybe soon. They are very much will also be available on YouTube and you'll notice I have no sorry last week There's No changing like the way we doing something else we were doing titling we're changing the way we do end screens is a really important part of YouTube right now is today they're so focused on keeping people on their platform that's more valuable to them and to channel than anything else on a video by video faces does this video of key people on YouTube that's all they care about is dry but it's also a channel itself like if if you watch videos on a channel the algorithm rewards that in a weird thing Rooster Teeth was you can watch her videos that aren't necessarily channel so if you see the RTA at 7 off topic schedule then you say oh that was so funny that you go to the off-topic video that's on a different Channel and YouTube is like the difference between Rooster Teeth Achievement Hunter it's a totally different channel to YouTube where is somebody was watching a video like this is just another reason for the good of you to want a video you're watching swipe to another video you decide I don't know who that I accidentally swept the video when I'm watching someone else so I would never found but that's really annoying to be just like it never goes to the same Channels video it's always like recommended to play something completely different they weren't they just want to send people off in a different direction I wish I could turn off on my phone that I use 100% the timer on it when I'm in something and in top left corner it sends me back to the app that sentenced to that thing and I just want to go back in the thing that I'm already in and it's like I change the apps called remind me to bitch about Apple after that we will have some chicken horse videos on a trip to parent Lee some I saw this on our separate when people were discussing episode there's some military term for Jody about this after cuz he's like a you know right I know what and I owe Ya by Jody is what it's called the military when he's the guy who sleeps with a military man's wife when he is overseas play chases dog is a big difference Yes Juliet by the people who said that if a guy goes off of word dice you spell Jody I don't know I don't think so I thought I was a man or a woman can be like the man who sleeps with the wife or the or the woman at 6 of the husband I don't know if there's a different name is Jody Ritchie podcast RTA RT Shorts and are very streamlined very focused approach to the RT YouTube channel that be like that actually really helps to vacations and and also know when you're when you're done when you're done watching if you're watching on TV right now or you're watching one of her videos your wife actually right now guard or one of the suggested videos like that makes much more valuable to YouTube and it makes it much more likely to suggest it and it's none of your ship comes from suggested videos like the browse features like I can get 98% of your shifts or browse features as opposed to you know like I went to the channels page ww.w from accidental swiping probably man I don't know if it's insane shoes to fill it's going to be real hard for him to Dethrone Robin Williams 10 years next time when does it start yeah probably what's the name of the guy who blows away the smoke with a guy who's vaping I have no idea. I hate it you really really happy you probably I have with my Mac is sometimes it stops playing sound and the only way to fix it is to reboot it it doesn't make any sense it's a pro what are you doing you know at the podcast it supposed to be a laptop or desktop still GT game on it either I've gotten used to it get out of using my actual laptop which is the last step the coaster at literally had drinks on it what's the point I have a I have a table right here using the same purpose as you left I like the 4 I got like a little tablet book they were sitting right here to make that into a tablet tablet we're using the iPad here's why because I'm in the same boat you are and I had my fucking iPhone and I can't sync my iMessages to this thing and I have this thing for when I'm here and I want to be exactly why coaster but then you drink water. I just like that laptop it's a good laptop PC about Safari great browser if your laptop right your lights up you got the touch pad you can press back on Safari Prince page what's the swipe back with all the time if you like browsing it's a lot easier just to do that we have to move your thumb fingers if you go back that way you like anime sit back and then does the rule for 1 to 2 seconds while I realize the entire page and then you can use again what the price is the point in having two different kinds of back I'm asking you version and one of them reload the page I'm just say I think that's what the difference is in that's why that much of a delay yeah the phone assistant that it years ago at me like I'm dumb ass up to the back button and do it that way so thank you it's absolutely that was my great today about Apple products I heard that supposedly they're going to stick with lightning for the next iPhone that's the rumor in my back I was like okay I've got a normal USB lightning cable and I've got a USB C lightning cable just in case I have to fucking phone cables also see USB C lightning cable for the only port on the fucking piece of shit laptop the laptop I really did give up on the laptops and desktops for Apple because there's no now unified theory at that if a company doesn't seem like the laptops are all USB C but the phone is still lightning it's just and laptop still have a headphone jack it doesn't make sense just doesn't have your headphone Bluetooth headphones no on your Mac I'm assuming I connect my airpods to that right I don't have him but I guess you should be able to stop doing I'm doing my Bluetooth headphones and they stop playing music from somewhere else? Airpods you at you guys all user pawn store have use them or don't you are my ears just fucking disgusting all Apple products make you feel like fluid in your ear airpods pretty regularly like I just had like a little fold a piece of paper that you might have black to go there they feel like white like fuzz just. He got great I know right it's worth the effort to go through right there's a very mad thing to do want them to match my ear Color Wow by what date is Sophia I was just spent the weekend in La what do the television critics association with Sophie where I was on a panel with a bunch of other enemies coming to Warner Bros animation Crunchyroll was there TBS don't swim and every time I die before I got on the ground work and on the ground on the boots on the boots the feline other next professions what color were the weather before the gray the stupid is what is hell to you add she said I have a Rolls using remember you have another two years left she's like Fuck you and I want to be back and I didn't buy total layers and here's exactly how that conversation would work with me I would get in the car the guy would say how old are you and I was going to call I just keep my airpods in the best features of them keep them in and I just wanted to call are you guys okay if I take a call when your car do you mind should I go ahead and turn on the music and then I sit there and I will listen to music and then every 2 or 3 minutes I just go listen I don't care what Bob said he's looking like shit and he's got he's got a match what he said he was going to do we got the forecast for a reason and then like I'm So Random business, like that every 5 minutes and I'll buy that why don't you be told. Q3 and q1 before we end of fiscal year two different I'm okay this is how I would have handled it ask me the question hey how are you how old are you no one told me no one ever told me to go right over it's amazing really recognize you from videos that's happened but usually if if I get anything with one question I'll just give a one-word answer that it's game over tell Jarvis to talk way too much as an Uber driver in LA and he said you tell me all about how he does security run security business and I'm making up a celebrity here to pick one at random street from anymore and I know it's cool stuff like that and then he tells me exactly where she lives she was it was less like 30 second dress like what part of town is like you ever go down this I make them in the canyon you know between the hills when you go up to Burbank you don't do the canyon like the third left in there that's your house right that's why do you think I really need directions to her house is just a stalker and likes but I call it was made up LOL magazine who do you think that this person is just obsessed with this celebrity and it's a stalker and knows where they live and pretends to be or just likes to talk about that another person body Garden, dude game to play is like when you're in the airport and you hear someone or an airplane it wasn't you are boarding they will have the OB on call all business conversations when you only hear one side they all sound exactly do you know what are you there's a fucking idiot don't know what the hell they're talking about I always also always working on a spreadsheet and they're always wearing a very ill-fitting suit what is the synonym personal laptop away the presentation for the going to present some kind of medical device persons working on Assassin's Creed PowerPoint on a flight and took photos of the screen I might just start using laptop with fake business on it just so I can fit specialist like 5 hours of work in an Excel spreadsheet that you can play in full-screen it and make it look like you're doing stuff I love it let's do that Christmas at work so it looks like they're working but they're just really like moving them for like an hour and a half straight on an airplane can adult business take business with light things to be different for different flight Boston to LA where is the people sit next to me on a plane if they're looking at me I got my phone on my tablet and I loaded up and I load Instagram and instantly with Jessica Nigri but every time every time I get on a fucking playing at the Safeway April O'Neil's vagina just zoomed in how you could just meet them brought you by Caspar Brand Products create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time Casper mattresses are designed by humans for humans the original Casper mattress combines multiple supportive memory foams for Quality sleep surface with just the right sink and just the right bounce Casper's breathable design helps you sleep cool and 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terms and conditions apply thank you Pastor for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast it's a great game play that game see it it's it's like with genetically different he's amazing top 10 in the world or something crazy like that to see just one where he plays very good but I like I like I like the Flonase part of pubg honestly picks Legends is a replacement for me pubg bus the biggest problem I have toward in Apex Legend is that you can't play solo you have support types of your soul I guess the odds are not just you can't believe Christian right I think it's quiet survives they probably revive everybody in the squat like the fact that everyone else is like I could get down by my just want I just ignore him he this is like speed look at the killfeed it's all him all of that to me I'd be freaking out of that point I be shittin myself Barber had my reaction was like what is that it's like this is game they just put out and just they just dropped it and I haven't heard anything about it up until people started playing it and they had a crazy man crazy positive reception tons of people playing a druid made me install origin which is a huge piece of shit John texted me like hey this is my username on Origin what's yours and I told him mine was and I was looking at it I was like um I guess he's not going to send me a friend request spell sacrifice I messaged him I was going to add me in the menu here where the friend requests are like there's no notification nothing through to find where they are it's like to send in my library to mold a lot faster than I thought it was going to have the original Sims they lasted a good long time everything out yeah but this Apex Legend is it when it came out every jumps on every swinging I show up a week later it's a fucking nightmare me to put you in with low-level play Bullshit you get some pills cuz people Plus on that and then gets a PC player PC and then go to PC tell me it's easier on your right maybe I'll do that with this is the energy level six and I had one kill and I don't like that it shows everybody that I think I was before I got my first I had to kill yeah I got to get up in a small I do finish him off but then I get revived in the squad survives Squad I think it's when they're Banner is retrieved when their banners Retreat I think so what does that mean the robot I don't fucking take this robot and I shoot a bunch of times on the ground and it falls and turns into a box right but I think it's it's Banner still game is that it's better still visible to their teammates and then come grab a banner and then take it to a place that I have a minute to do that then you could what really good. It is good as fun what is there enough watch really do a ton of people high heel and give them shit doesn't but I like the new one you can still get some fat kills the powerful gun days you're not restricted to your weapons right you still use any weapon is just your abilities are healing Focus what's not true. They look similar they all look they're all a bunch of letters and numbers try something it's like a kind of long-range thing and it shoots three bullets in a horizontal line that's like nothing that's that's pretty matches and I've never see your shoes green stuff that can't sit I got a wingman pistol no idea what's a great man what does example of real gun pistol and then you know what you up to you the clunky mess and I love it so good though it's Scrappy and his ugly up closest garbage there's been a lot of polish on it like fortnite if you did not building I would love to get I would love to get into a virgin for 9 we can select no building just a straight up Battle Royale building so just be tonight yes I just be night night night night night use the the name you don't use for tonight in a regular sentence where is typically British people constantly say fortnite you say why is the game called fortnite they wouldn't be able to tell you why the game is called that can you tell me why fortnite is go for tonight cuz it's a game about zombies that come at night and got the bill for evil before you build a fort fortnite is a thing fortnite like if I could be like me going over to the UK think the only even know what a cheeseburger is a word we fucking heard it we've already be people in England see you in a fortnight to weeks it was really my parents would probably say that but why would you lie to your parents every two weeks see you in a fortnight weird shit the British people do anybody I'd I'd say I'll see you in two weeks of March 5 March I got it whenever I send mail to the UK I've always got to like change the way I structure my date's my fucked up cuz you finally have to say them in order. But how do you say you save March 5th what's the 5th of March 5th of March that so many more words I like they my benefits 7 years to the day the day before my first time trying to the airport and I went to the loading zone instead of the country a lot for Slimming World to speak for 7 years is crazy I'm sorry I got you are you sure are a lot of different places and came back every single time and they didn't did with it was a hassle every time will I get secondary screening an interview every time I come in but you never worry about like you're not going to make no I worry about I'm always going to miss my connecting flight get talking about anniversaries I just passed an anniversary Bernie the other day we can know each other for 21 years now I don't recognize this so if a baby popped out the day you met they can drink now just remember the moment he saw you what's 98 * 93 not a fucking job for a way to 93 what you did when I first started the job that I had before this one for 13 years of work here for 16 years old friends is on TV but yeah I was 4 years old and I do I got a job every day since this is a 16 by 18 with no gaps didn't have a job but I don't know what time is it in like people would go without a job for Santa Cruz a Time Jason every left the Telecom company he will but you don't know how you do it and you save dat money just like your time off would be a nervous wreck 45 freak out if I was in that position I pay you was Bloody loving it I bet everyone could use an extended amount of time off yeah half the man I used to be a picture Arts almost time to wrap up here you got anything else on your list me let me see if I hear I got something the other day about the loudest plane ever built the US military wanted to build a plane they can launch off of aircraft carriers without the Catapult so they built the thrust of really bad propeller plane at idle the propeller would cause continuous sonic boom that you made visible shockwaves anybody nearby regardless of your protection would get severe nausea headaches and it caused one man to have a seizure when it was on the ground doing run-up psych testing throttle you could hear it from 25 miles away it would be like a constant barrage of explosion start over again play make that me to pay decided it wasn't feasible damage your hearing what do they want to goof death or someone must have called the Thunder Screech I'm going to go see if he's free this week but like fucking game it's great I always think one of these I hate online is a hate reading with you'll say I miss this or I miss that if I stop missing stuff support stuff that you like try to share with people try to introduce two other people wouldn't be nothing more frustrating than when you worked on something and it's what didn't succeed but then you have to read for your feel like it's like that does nothing for the people who work their ass off on that thing so you should take the things you like even if you're not popular and try to cheer him and see if he's in a lot of people passed on it in 2018 it's a fucking great game cuz missing something has been in more effort like if they really missed it they be playing exactly I don't want to miss this game like I want to be but it's like if I have the ability to like share with other people go play sea of Thieves I want to make a call right now what's the number to make a call make an put my foot down put my Play My Flag here read recently and it's a lot of online about Alita battle Angel industry trade variety bride read about that China will be great this is going to be a big flop I don't know in this day in age how the fuck you bet against James Cameron how do you do that how do you say autumn thinks it's a big over-budget nest you know and it's sure not there was like greatest thing I've ever seen what it comes out be rebuilt a replica of the Titanic built at 90% scale when I do the whole hundred percent at the time every time until Avatar came out it was like oh this thing is like a mess no one can understand it it's garbage number one most money ever so you don't tell him that shit out the dog in movie what are you have you seen it who's on the writers over he's the guy I fucking hate when this happened he's the guys in the video that every keeps thinking of me cuz he had a beard in the baseball cap and it's like I feel the miles I hate when they played really great try it right now with you guys Avatar biggest movie ever made everybody here saw it right somehow you some more than once even name one character jigsaw am the only person I've met who can name a single character from a book that's a second what is what the ladies name like Nephi tea or something like that yeah yeah. He said just name the main character's name as like I know this movie his name is a long time 11 Academy Awards was nominated for three more that it did not win it 1° like they did with Return of the King they're going to wait then Infinity War get nominated for a few spider verse did yeah hell yeah what are the Oscars next weekend for best visual effects for Infinity War that thing where is the weather in pain and they got them on his face looks good up 17 times I got it like on Xbox are you still streaming but I like to think that I can download stuff from the Microsoft store but I really can't I just know PC heavily you really want you really want to see the difference like to see what it could have been go back and watch some of the post credit scene where Thanos is in those who don't like a complete different actor as well I'll do it keep a glove where it from that point on