#532 - Apex Legends is the Perfect Game

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Apex Legends, printer technology, time zones, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-02-19 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 532 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com hey everyone welcome to their Steve podcast this week brought you by Squarespace 23 and me and the zebra.com Bernie Casey one thing real quick with a pre-taped podcast that is a fun game another episode like 2 days ago what happened Gavin made an offhand comment because you know what you should do and you will have fun if you play the garbage at PC anything to me I much prefer playing anything on a PC but I will play Battle Royale on Console because I can get more than one kill and when people always complain about pubg I think you said it last podcast that The Upfront like head-to-head combat is garbage I think that's probably why I liked it right now because it kind of even out the playing field for the kind of game where you can like if you get behind someone anything in pubg is if you know where they are and they don't know where you are that's the thing there's that awesome or you can just like creep up on them pain in the back of the jacket I was level 10 on PC but probably like playing around 8 or no because you're seeing a global level it's a lot of games but I have to say to a given issue I think more so with the matchmaking on PC because I would get my squad and I met with a level 7 guy with 0 kills me on level eight with one kill and then another guy who's got you killed 800 head shots and 400 shotgun kills would you start the game it shows your stats to everyone else in your squad in first place if I just started playing I don't have anything like when you enter a match people I think you show your level don't remember a little bad how many cookies on Console I have way more kills way more kills on Console already did they can watch though is that like I've also never had one of these Champions on my squad I think I would have had that at some point like I want the fucking ringer who does shows up and Carries me I'm not able to get that what your level I'm in the game with them if it's put in their match you with the matches the entire match with that level and not just your party cuz I want me to play with. And you play against really good right that's all I'm like a cannon fodder in that case but some of us are playing on PC and Cody I know you have opinions about this you have to join me do we have any beer best international SIM I had never been recovered bad for you die and they can take you to the same place and respond you I never been revived maybe once maybe once in like 20 or 30 games and I even been revived in other words / the whole Squad died like we just got white console and I usually play Lifeline that's your problem why would anybody can revive though I got revived in the first one like I took out somebody is Buddy took me out by the tree squadmates took out the rest of the squad and then remind me in like this is like heaven Revelation when you were playing it because you hated it before on PC when you're playing on, so you went like this like when did that happen when I realized that I'm just changed out and I admit it I have aged out of PC gaming at least I'm not like my brother-in-law and a random third person and we're playing we were all still my brother-in-law is a person be matched up with ghosts you're just crossing the whole match he was fixated on trying to go pro every 30 seconds or maybe like what none of it was just the same thing he was already going to do when he goes down used to be like oh it's probably cuz we talked about the guns being similar or looking similar because not based on real world to them every time I go to pick up at a jacket station for gun like a skull splitter and only works on a Prowler I play PC and I put in 50 years over 50 hours in this game already wow I love this game cuz it was beautiful and is fluid in the movement is great but the matchmaking is bad because so often that you were prepared with people who are our new or like half the game is like very very new and then half the game is like insanely Pro Player 500 + kills completely trashed and they're all paired together cuz they're going in out of a time so they haven't been able to figure out like they just put boring but everybody into the pool and watching them drown my idea is that they need to do like at a gun game style like Battle Royale with this there is a Volvo key concept to this game is like Landing like can I get everything I need to make good loot and like it do I get lucky with my drops or can we do a gun game style with every time you get a kill you unlock new things so that you just kind of progressed based off your skills would be necessary to use things must you like increasing skill like right but I've been only favors people who are really good at the game and there's no look at whatever happened to matchmaking especially for FPS games where they had essentially a rec league and a rank League like why don't you like white why can't I just go play in the rec league I know these guys are seeing if I remember right OverWatch did not launch with that I took a little while tomorrow season 2 watch it's great that was a prediction about like thing where you can only unlock stuff in ranks you know and you can play in rack who's going to pay for everything basically so you're not going to watch anything keep those players out what was the highest rank in Halo to change and become like a moon in different like presents to the moon and then level 50 was like The Haylor and it was so rattled me crazy though we went through a period where they would try to level down remember that what was the point in that because they just wanted to like behind people who were leveling in Halo do I want the the algorithm that did the ranking for Hillary to develop the math that went into figuring out what your rank was would you like to is high five which one and all of them a text. What I looked up years ago we looked up are budgies dad bungie.net and it showed for Halo 2 it show my lifetime kill death ratio and I had like 20 5110 kills 25110 off from having a perfect one one kill death ratio levels off your entire Halo career and maybe completely pointless I was something like 20,000 kills and like 25000 I died a lot more I like my supporters to find my kill death ratio tends to suck a little bit but I have this incredible round I gave don't like sitting still gets me killed in Coolidge AZ I can't sit there and I find it incredibly boring even though it's the way to get kills in COD player in the OverWatch League named I don't know if it's there actual name or screen name but named Yang Xiao long I really don't keep sweating me about it and I can't tell based off a screenshot if it's like a Greek name or their actual name I can't tell does the OverWatch League season 2 start this week I thought she was like some more official title recently that she tweeted about the guys in my gym kind of waking up to eat Sports you know they're figuring that stuff out since it's cuz I see it on ESPN now and they're fascinated by it they also get a conversation to the gym when we talked about the new Disney going to be nothing going to change a lot of stuff because the Disney it in preparation for that you know they have to do earnings calls and things like that they publicly announced that Captain Marvel Wiki be the first Marvel film to not go to Netflix right now which they said was all other platforms besides Disney plus and as a result of that they had to write off some like a hundred and ninety million dollars in order to make that move make an investment Century Disney Plus the movies like a hundred and fifty million dollars plus you know which is just fucking crazy. The good thing is because whenever those Marvel movies are one of those Disney movies come out to Netflix they never have them in 4k do you wash the Black Panther or Ant-Man and the WASP on Netflix you only get HD they won't do a 4K stream even though Netflix has a 4K player so if you want to watch it in 4k you have to have the physical Media or battery right but you can definitely tell that it's not as good of a transfer difference between even if I did it right anyway to the quality is that are held back from Netflix expects 150 billion dollar hit in profitability 2019 vengeance and said to the window where they can make money before Disney plus he'll be ready to host it take this note there's nothing to put it on you may as well put it on Netflix to call me the recent Barb dizney platform that are going to build the service are going to launch it's basically they took that model where kids came home every day from school I put in The Lion King or a lad you know where can I buy and watch the VHS tape every single day it's now a monthly service to pick you pay for I pay for it I would look it up to tell me more about it but our internet is so wonderful right now that everything's loaded Superfast I've never I've never been able to conduct business at work what is that mean I just can't send icon how many has no cools here cuz no signal not send anything cuz the Wi-Fi scrapped I sympathize Gavin sometimes I have to go home so I couldn't leave to try to do something over Wi-Fi in in my office when you get my clothes you make a little email Kona for me time is it after this you should have come today when you can tell me I got pulled out of it because I had to go to another meeting but we have this thing that we do in the Arctic content office where we have lunch and learns and today was Jake showing everyone how to do audio so it's like we're trying to be disliked self-contained unit to where we don't need to have resources most places to do a day with drones to do people to fly drones see who is really interesting doing that I did I sent him this real from this guy who's a drone up this weekend part of it but it was a lot of Landscapes and vehicles but vehicle such a fucking crazy like drifting cars manage drone Ops they're getting incredible with what they can do they are you going to show clip look up drone dune buggy wheelie I've got a load that video I was watching a video and trying to figure out whether it was cammed in post one is there more than one drone dune buggy wheelie that there is a 360 camera but not necessarily meant for 360 viewing but you do what you can just take 360 and then comment 16 by 9 in post so you never miss you don't even have to admit it's we have Phantom cameras that are owned by RoosterTeeth it be cool if more people he happened to some people but as they found out I'd like to see the Cable Guy fucking hurt my shoulder and then they hit it again I I think you should do a hole on some guys too and he should do a whole like course masterclass on cinematography and kiss people love like when you do the rolling shutter videos and you get very technical but this guy is like I'm nobody who is more wired to be a cinematographer the Gavin to me that you've ever done is that fucking explosion that sponsored video where you set exposure right where do I get it looks great and you don't know how bright will be brought to split 5000 seconds or whatever you're doing you no more like her phone at people's face today so you have to experience it up world the wild cuz I called in slow-mo world not the name of the show plants almost new show what are you called slow mo something like little planet even you get to search don't you wouldn't be better for search for slo-mo original I buy original name for that series started with swimmer and YouTube alike nah not really so I gave him another one and then it was just like if the contents good enough people say anyway is my is always my belief I'll make it out there but I would have got to say one thing for YouTube when they have those original serve you know that the programs that they fund takes the fuck out of they promoted Lazer team when we put that out it was like they promoted the hell are the movie the best marketing we've ever had for anyting honestly get the boards and all that stuff yeah and I mean it works because then some people like tune in to watch it and then we got like Lazer Team 2 right away after that you do have came back if it gets to that again you guys are all very happy what's up everything else took less time to make so I feel like there was a lot better for the second one cuz you guys got to be inside the whole time there's no cuz there's majority on the spaceship I say once we were in it was it was a nice lower because it was a smaller movie and I don't think I don't think that a sequel should be smaller than the first one just like if you're making a sequel go about that in 22 Jump Street 22 Jump Street breaks at fourth wall very much and SQL yeah it's like it's all about I forget where we were just bored it's on rocks into the water something and it would Splash and Gavin would he said just like really off Hanley that he's trying to time his blink when the splash happens so that it captures in his own brain what the flash looks like in that moment when I'm just looking at it going you know I did as a kid I remember the first time I did it I was just throwing a spoon in the sink and it landed in a bowl of War arise I blinked and I was like I used to always do that if I shut my eyes so I can remember a bit longer and now I do that I don't need you anymore cuz phones have Slimer but now if I'm trying to see if it's subject look cool with Mason bless you remember the the one frame be closed on flashing up on his screen and you on try to capture one you just blank answer try to capture it in your brain and then you brought your brain starts to try to remember and you can you mess it up anytime you access the memory you pull it up an outfit I put a hat on I look at myself in the mirror and I close my eyes and I put another hat on they open my eyes so I could compare the two images of anything I would do that for just make fun of me for my electricity and I showed it to him very privately over here before the show and what does he do for reading out everything how high is high the amount of electricity I do know all the lights and stares at a dog that's all that he doesn't home there's the LED lights on a huge leaving a computer or more computers energy-saving I'm just saying I've got stuff in my house well you'll see your car I do to you just got that car also a month ago for years you get electric car and suddenly we have a charger now you not only for a month but it was because of him I've had that car since June of last year so it has been a long time just wanted to be to be known I'm also Tesla owner so I also charge the car so you can't use that as an excuse for why your energy buildup that fool mount bolt pulled out of the pump gas gas heat to put that sign that says electric vehicle parking only none neither you didn't know that I got the charger installed like how pretty you got to charge know I have installed here at the office all I want to do is why would someone say you don't shut that was put in that bar you my charger Elon Musk down and say Yeah by Steve Jobs son a story I didn't ask for it to my favorite pedophile a really really funny because it's for referral codes and by the way that the referral codes for people buying Tesla's I never did that I never put any videos Randy Rhoads. A free $250,000 refunded to didn't did he mad that's impressive it's gone so now because I thought it said my responses fuck that I just parked there anywhere in that area and it'll reach you so this is kind of ruined because now electric cars are so popular now but can you let your car hipster like your your throat burps like it's not your whole life moves like a bubble and moves into place as the next spot but it is audible feel a bubble like I've heard that Cinemas in that I've heard that you're going to fart trapped in your vag it's so weird from the opening in soup in between your labia get directions to go eat my balls are involved with my farting in any way whatsoever you get really old in the Hang really low you can buy the car horn sound funny anal horns that change the sound of a thought like it was like a little better than the other flapping of the ass together and you put something in there that it is separated but it creates a different people the next room or something like that or you think if you just grab like one but she can pull it just comes out like it yep you're awful I just grabbed a dragon once I do want such as moving the closed-off pot for the back you must listen to me and you're going to try this and you had to fart Meg Gill display my space what did you need a website or online store make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace is even more templates to make creating a new identity even easier each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects whether you're pursuing your side hustle or promoting your main big can create a beautiful website with Squarespace is all I want platform there's nothing to install pass or upgrade ever it's easy to set up for transfer your domain on Squarespace and you're able to manage all your domain and Billy said he's in one place cell phone never been easier to sell products or services online Squarespace allows you to manage your product orders and inventory easily you start your free trial today at squarespace.com go to squarespace.com to get 10% off your first purchase that squarespace.com RoosterTeeth for 10% off first purchase and you know we've been asking you to share your Squarespace create a website that we've gone through and pick some of our favorites and as reminder with Squarespace you too can make sites like this so be sure to tweet at us with hashtag RT Squarespace there are a few of our favorites or Sam Reddy video editor in Austin next up we got Wikipedia burlesque all about that and last that we have at Jonnie ben-haim only girls are so thanks for showing us your bike and you can go check out the website to track Bernice electricity usage on Burnie Burns. Got the job in the old office one of my jobs one of his jobs was I had him I have a voltmeter plug-in voltmeters and I want you in like measured everything Lighthouse of how much it is because everyone else is always had lower electricity bills than me at least you and I had something going to power battery charger it was off the rails or something and it's been a decade and it has more power at the old office is I have a device under remember where I would plug-in every piece of equipment we had and determine how much energy is drained that way we wouldn't trip Breakers anymore that device is called what very funny name for computers to draw more power to do more stuff yet so it like that she pulls more electric absolutely just pull the same unlike your spit out when it needs more amps if the more you start to do this more draw my son had dry like dim the lights which is expected to had rise like zero to a hundred and one second. laser printer you don't get ink for your printer or do you buy toner dude it's really easy out by now you don't know how long they make me make it happen a Laser Printers more common nowadays cuz I feel like that's newer I mean I don't have printers print so small biggest how does a printer toner on to it and bake it on with the laser if you had it for if you could fill up with through transparency in a printer on a microscope but it look cool sounds like body of a printer thank God I know but you always 3D print Parts I've got it in there almost everyday to the fact that printers are ship how was it this year 2019 of printer still just learning was the first technology the printing press is like modern technology start with the printing press sensually it is still impossible even on a professional level to talk to a printer at home be like this can't be done every single conversation is done garbage avocado color laser printer so why was your electricity bill yeah I think so but I want to plan with Boston of your house and then they give a break it out over 12 months so the average my usage so I may see pay the same thing every month but didn't actually get to read what the actual usage was in the bill I paid more this month than I normally do this where are the sources of electricity are coming from like what is so many kilowatt hours in a month then they accept the prices go up so like every 500 kilowatt-hours you use there's a multiplier as I'm more and more and more you think quadruple then he was for his earlier tears I feel like that's aimed specifically a Bitcoin - probably I could tell you but nothing compares to that nothing I don't like that Services can go dormant why my gas turned off couldn't use it how do you do that to me when I was having to my house renovation I was living there for a while they called me like I haven't had any usage in about 3 months now I still planning on using that gas there be fixed up yeah I guess I only use gas in the winter for some reason my hot water isn't done that way by tankless and doesn't have gas but the heating is gas at me called me to take any gas in 3 months what's bullshit is you still get charged that 18 bucks a month so even if you use zero gas just in the fees fees the being connected right did I don't like that they can remotely shut off but I have to send a guy to come and turn on again I think they could be also have to send a guy to turn it off I want you to hang out the median just cuz that's what he does I seen that guy he likes to read the meter like my dog sometimes and it's like I hear the dogs to go inside before the guy open the gate and comes in imagine that those who have a database of parts are no two dogs in the yard or something like that everybody thinks their dog is super nice but nobody and it should be a requirement if you're a dog owner you should be required to when you leave your house for 24 hour. Record your dog and listen to what your dog does When You're Gone sailing most dog owners don't realize how fucking loud their dogs are the moment they leave the house they're neutered dogs have the run of the place basically a dog goes off if I'm not there they're fairly quiet in the sunlight by owner had no fucking idea how loud I had to send them a recording of Hell leather fucking dogs were barking and they both part of you do that when I see we got nobody does it say Ashley's cat does this thing where if she's not in the same room as us like two or three hours and I'm assuming she does it when we're not at the house she does this thing where she like panics and thinks that were not they're gone and she charged him this caterwaul thing and we as soon as we call out to where she stops immediately and then she won't do it again for the noise she makes and she only does it when she thinks she's alone basically just come looking for you guys. Yeah they brought their dog I guess who had never been to the office before very tiny little dog and the whole day was just like no that's okay I don't know I forgot his name but very very small used $18.83 and it's the same as having a phone line and not using a phone it is a leak they got to be ready to roll a truck to your how I actually thought about it a very small leak in my my gas will be turned off that sounds like a great idea it's like so few parts per million that it wouldn't do anything but it would measure of a time with 100 like 5 Park permit what's the smallest amount of is alright stovetop by having the best of the best metal disc can you keep a quick look like for the entire and I liked it cuz I found out so he tried to for Thanksgiving he likes we like to do culinary experiments cuz I want to teach him how to cook his own fucking food for bad food what that code for bad idea for like I don't know but he wants to make fried rice for Thanksgiving I don't know why it was it was always horrible it was like vegetable oil and it's hot enough so I ordered off Amazon a walk like a a walk that you put on your range not like a 1LE Stand Alone one. That was a really fun process because it came and stainless steel and a headache cure it had to Blewett seasoning I basically just crank the heat all the way up on the stove and this is what I learned here the time is if you take that metal disc off and then turn on the gas and light it makes a huge and you can super high temperature it's really fucking cool but you have a lighter to do it cuz it doesn't receive neither is that it reminds me of it like traveling down the gas cheaper that point gas pipe that's a pretty cool so that I could like heat this metal in his videos on YouTube you can see who called bluing steel and so stainless steel so then you just take the heat up to react with iron oxide and it makes all the metal blue and it looks gorgeous rainbow don't have to steal stuff stuck to it and it was like you didn't do it proper procedure and then make your fried rice come on over Mueller like Chipotle like Fast Chinese food to make everything in a walk-on if you've been in there but it's like they have induction walks on if you've seen that the magnetic ones around the induction plates are also like depressed and round like a walk fits into the spot where it has heat all around everyday induction are just cuz it has heat everywhere is like instead of having the gas in one point of the boss. Contact all around wonder what's going on with that walk with that Designer the metals of the make it out of but they think it's hot everywhere like if you put on that it isn't credible amount of heat that comes out when you pull that diffuser like burn yourself when you're doing that you just tell I'm going to walk it off just waiting for that one to come out read Kristen podcast from September yeah but it's like a wok pan with vegetable oil and it was just such a misery and the walk was the one that was thirty-five bucks on Amazon my way probably more anything else is I'm not a person who likes clutter in anyway I like everything have space I like to stay organized actor doleful of stuff on Amazon Pelicans in the interstate in case. Healers have a bearing Compass of walls of bearing Compass it's a compass you can hold up to your eyes to the line and so you can hold it up so you can take a bearing on like a lighthouse or Bowie contact lens that has a compass in it actually my binoculars have a compass in it that was a cool gifts that I got a lot of it she was like the next trip I'm taking is like an educational loan for JD to so it's like trying to pull that I actually he has a pair of binoculars I got him this is the nicest gift I've ever gotten anybody you got to see these things you've also be amazed by Barbra to be like him and you're looking and I got like 14 by magnification their significant don't you have that much magnification and you're looking through it I should look it up and you little movement Optical stabilization blocking cool dude it's really fucking cool I want that it was a bit of a pricey birthday gift before his birthday is in March but I was like looking for him so that I can use it but everything else to have because school gets in the way to school and learn algebra but you can't take off time to go to any but they do it so they can they can claim tax money it is to have to have in order to get money from the federal government considered to be doing like some extreme boating have Zone that you get rated your compass that you have doesn't work everywhere in the world because essentially what a basic boils down to is the further north you gift for the further south you get close to the pole the weight of the needle in there and you can buy Global compasses that work everywhere but they're ridiculously expensive compared to what does gyroscope toy North Campus thing that I just said we hold it up to your eye they have ones you do like an AR version of that with a smartphone where you can hold it up and do this but thank God they were just Wolfe Ali enact garbage you think I could come pick you pull out a 358 degrees you know it's like just left the North and that's not true wherever you are in the world do you have to deal with deviation of the compass that you got in your hand and you have to calculate for the deviation of that Compass that's the putting away you are what you get when you get a new boat is you have to like do this maneuver to where you calculate the deviation because I believe this but with the was the engine block as you take different headings the engine block is a different place relative to the compass on the vehicle called and that can throw out that but it also depends on where you are on the globe there's variation of every nautical chart has on aboard the shuttle guys is it when you get it like if you're going to make sure if we're going to British Virgin Islands you get nice British version did British Virgin start that trip from a place in Tortola okay it's called Road Town if I was a giant near give me a magnet on a boat and just drive around the ocean would that be considered terrorism I know that everyone comes this would go to that maybe or if I'd like the isn't it terrorism for cutting those undersea cable that's like a big thing that they've been focusing on lately like 10 years ago or more tables based on where you are in the world nautical chart will see the variance of the variation scuse me variation of the reading so it's like this one is in this region the variation for your compass is 10° West so you have to tell such a headache also it changes by so many minutes or degrees per year and the chart was made in this year so you have to go through look at the look at the date of a chart and then calculate all the way up to my message bring for airport runways number for airport runways is based off of magnetic heading as well right and the that changes Pilots get updated charts every year to tell him like the runway two-seven left but actually it's at this angle and they're having to actually we've got to the point where they having to renumber runways at some places because the heading is so off the numbering is supposed to be fixed it's not about the pool has been dramatic it's not consistent across the globe and it's also not consistent overtime in a specific place as well I can't do any theological and we might be in the beginning phases of that right now they say I think that the North Pole is moving towards Russia now but here equator is just to fix line I guess it's the middle of the planet but there are conditions only a car at the Aquia so how can I just be a made-up. What movie is kind of right and then as magma has magnetic field go through them they can sense where they're going to be permeable to the magnetism and so I guess there's sense that they used in a ton of stuff also everything I said is like the way you're getting certified in coastal navigation that I have spreaders and will Compass parallel rule I think he said One Missed Call the compass then I realize now if there's a compass so let me get everything you do because you actually on a nautical chart use the compass rose which shows you the degrees to calculate your headings but there's a true compass rose in an inside is another room which is the magnetic compass rose which is shifted why don't you hire a guy and just have him be the compass think it's a lot a lot of times you can see like Aviation helps if they want to learn it in case of an emergency like you have to run like an aviation weather like how all the dials operate like summer from vacuum Summer from wind speed things like that so they keep it solution to getting danger and it's not working like you blocked the speedometer pitot tube on an airplane today Legend are coming in to Solutions you smash it with a hammer what happens if you learn all that shit listen to shit all that that you know things that used for thousands of years and then and you get your GPS and you get your GPS lock for your coordinates and you don't need to really use any other yeah but you got to know that stuff like that Lion Air Crash from the 737 Max from a few months ago and it's just crazy to talk about like Iverson York Times article a couple months ago you know I'm big into Aviation incidents and the new version of 737 but didn't want to have to retrain Pilots like they needed to keep the The Possession the plane as similar as they could so that person have to recertify and spend tons of time doing this even though the engines were bigger lower to the ground and I created the plane handled differently so they created this bit of software that ran that kind of correct the things in the plane if the software detected that it was stalling you would know is down but some pilot since they didn't do retreating didn't realize that the stopper was running in the background so happen to the Lion Air incident was the software thought it was just all happening because of malfunctioning a batteries with your computer tubes and just kept trying to nose the plane. Even the deposit for finding its name of the Five for Fighting it couldn't overcome the software there was a button that could have hit to disable the software but they didn't know cuz I didn't go through retraining for the few play Man versus machine because it was a new plane and the manufacture didn't want to have to have Pilot's retrain they didn't know cuz it Doesn't glow to send as they were fighting over it was no doubt it was straight down straight down yeah you doing everything right because the software things that humans don't know what they're doing and it does not show of the stuff I could have been like weekend in Fosston down now it was getting bad sensor data it didn't know that he was going fast enough that's awful turn off the button on the on the Yoke that they have to hit up stapler where I have an optional certification again but this is one of their like even Sailors like anymore but I kind of want to do it cuz I like dogs learn its Celestial navigation yeah with like a Sextant and all that you should have it just so you can use a Sextant yeah what else you got in here to the Virgin Islands 4710 Sextant hole in the top of the cockpit to determine where they were going I like transoceanic play extant what will you stick your instrument to the Sexes Nicole primer on how to do it and I haven't got the angle between you and the North Star and then the angle for that is and like you're you're heading so you can know what direction you're going and like what latitude you're at stuff that you learn your like Bo schitt like learning about ties and things like that being able to calculate them and then once again once you learn how to calculate tides for reason that you're in and tidal currents you go through all this fucking math but then you get an app on a tablet can you go I'm going here and then just scroll I'd like the tide go up and down I see exactly what time you can go in to this you know Marina or something like that but like basic things I just didn't know about the world is latitude vs. longitude and do you know how latitude Works do you know what latitude is how far away you are from the equator right yeah but you know how is 17 degrees north that means no you're 17 indicators North degrees from the center of the earth 96 Centerpoint they can get with longitude or latitude is just exactly what it is through the same thing just from an arbitrary line though what that is it longitude the same thing just from an arbitrary line going in the other way the difference being is that it gets closer at the like you can only do your measurements for distance because a minute of latitude is based in 1 nautical mile and so you can't get a lunch because it changes over had to get close to the polls to get way closer together and latitude does not do that has anything to do with it as well babe but they don't get any closer together the Earth around the equator than his pole to pole yes I'm like not being actual sphere call take you less time than going around the equator I just think it's one of those things that week except for the difference but it's like stars in geometry of a sphere but I think also isn't it minuscule like a business if you Shrunk the pool would be bumpy or like less Circle latitude just on the screen there to do the weird looking at a picture of the globe and then they all converge on the poles does 0° on the equator it's even with a 2-year degree angle from the center of the Earth but why put it there and not like with the areas like the center of the point from both top and bottom that's the worst enemy right I don't understand go ahead but why is that are 30 because then it would be further from one than the other imagine if you just took the cross section of the earth and is a circle 0 degrees from the centers here in like when you cut where you say you have an orange you know when to cut in half I think maybe you're thinking but but around here is what I mean running around here 0° is like all the way around that ring the longitude tells you your degrees of where you are on that zero degree ring I got you play the equator 0° equator equator and make what I wore it makes sense the equator is 0 longitude what do you mean what's the Prime Meridian is that way equators that way yeah but on the equator is 0/15 Brooklyn around so I said why is what difference does it make it cuz I thought we thought you meant the other ways he does another 30 Jordana got that but you kept saying equator equator is basically a degree of latitude because of the Prime Meridian is longitude you're asking why is the prime meridian why is the prime meridian 0 Empire they go guess what we're fucking putting zero on our city the world right here they did that thousands of years ago you fast for a couple moneya then I miss the fucking phone call to London because you guys call at Greenwich Mean Time even though it's not fucking Greenwich Mean Time Around in the number to get hired at what time is it 8485 on your daylight savings time even though you still say it GMT you too but you don't see the point and the PST is where are you did you know that anything to do with time time zone is well it is usually referred to the Prime Meridian is being the one that runs through London separates East well I guess they both suffered that things like this this is included in this day this is my exact age in the United States are taking territories yeah really and that's actually we had six years ago when I said that is 50 hours in a day is 50 hours in a day if you go ahead Ted Talk + 14 + - 1256 34 hours 24 hours 20 + 14 - 12 + 30 + 20 if the day lost in 1 hour if the day 24 hours State lost to 50 hours from beginning of the plus 14th to the end of -12 on the end of the day 50 house by 23andMe does alcohol turn your cheeks pink you may have alcohol flush reaction of genetic factor that makes it hard for some people to process alcohol you always suspected you feel more sleepy than others after missing out on a night of sleep you might not be imagining things your genes may be involved unless you go beyond ancestry to access more personalized insights about you based on your DNA when more than a hundred twenty-five genetic reports you can even gain insights about your health traits and more bandwidth saturated fat and weight report you can find out about how your genetics may impact your body responds to your diets learn if you're more likely to weigh more on a diet and high in fat fat even if you consume the same number of calories I was actually looking at not not related to that but I was looking at the ancestry map today or the DNA relatives map and I found a relative of mine for the first time outside of North America I found a relative in in Spain to see what your jeans say about your health health and ancestry service kit today at 23 and me.com / rooster that's the number to three and me.com rooster again that's 23andme.com rooster North America for the first time I found one America in Spain 23andMe 23andMe why is that established correct I still feel like he's wrong thing is 24 + 1224 + 12 is 36 but you think 24 hours will it take it to 60 I thought we were over by the end of the day start midnight right 0 + 14 right at 2 p.m. 2 pm-10pm like the 3rd of March lost from the first hour and plus 14 to when it is 11:59 in - 1250 I was supposed what what I get what you're saying but you sent you is like a semantic argument you saying that a day can last 50 hours which is 24 hours from the beginning of one that dates arts in the earliest place in the world to when it ends in the latest place in the world why would they have it really does know it's like 2 hours ahead of New Zealand yeah but I think that's a big job to the right that yeah it is I don't know what's over that but that apparently is what time starts for that day by the way I don't think they'll ever be a point in my life when I don't mix of East you must the first time I go to say it I don't know what it is but Easton West I just like always saying wet but why is that I don't know what it is about that I just never said that all the time I do in Sea of Thieves every single off left and right my brain just doesn't I wonder if it's because East alphabetically comes before West which makes me want to read them from left to right if that's it for me to like at least in my head completely how much is sea of Thieves sorry I almost almost as you're talking about last week where I just remember the times I fucked it up cuz I get embarrassed I'll let you know what I learned in life is learning right left the tickets so you really didn't know that I mean I've learned it later in life path went never have to learn anything about left and right after pill effects have to use that trick every now by just like how my hands down and go I have to I think it's a good thing with me because I always consider but the most basic fruit the first fruit to be an apple and everything Beyond Annapolis like more advanced fruit fruit apple fruit starts with an F show me the dumbest conversation we've ever had a problem in the argument if it's not going to help either of us okay + 14 + 13 / life of -11 and -10 overlap this way different the biggest is + 14 a - 9 by the way she + -12 I did not mean to start this geometry discussion my condensed Baisley primer for Coastal navigation I think you would fucking love it I think you would love that. I really do know that this is life but I've been here seven years now what really today if it was 7 is going to be flying here right now I really would have been picking me up pick me up getting lost on my way there Port all the time in the middle of the night I'll be contacting each other five or six times a day and I was like three and a half weeks looking start date and end date and the result Gus did you read about wait one second of time between those two locations is 24 hours Barb I don't know how that helps me because of the two hours overlap well I get what time is made up for a date it was minus and plus 12 January 1st January 2nd the result is 2 days 48 hours almost 50 you guys are you guys can you send this to each other to email and did not include this in this conversation ever again from us to Papeete French Polynesia I do that all the time even though it's a 1-second difference it's two days apart what the fuck did Australia has that that's insane that also has 15 minutes to some places we got to get rid of we get rid of daylight savings time would you want to just do UTC flight to see if I like having time to shine is all one time zone you know that's such a massive chunk of land is it up several times I shouldn't be noon here 4 a.m. is noon like it's just easier to make the calculation Australia has some Christmas no but I wouldn't want to know it's like he's going to be like if I get 2 + 6 write to go to the UK and I got here so it's 4 in the afternoon so I can still make a business call their whereas if I say well it's 10 here and I'd have to know that 10 in the UK but have a simple addition that I can make more subtraction I got to know whether Christmas hours are window for every play now that's just apps that could do that is it socially acceptable by you say that what's the latest to call somebody someone you work with someone you don't walk with ya like how well do you know this person it seems like such a butt say the business not a business thing cuz I wouldn't call after hours but like just like a personal phone call with someone you know pretty well like a friend of the family 8-9 just even care you can call me later I mean I don't really don't call her until I text you when I was apologizing I text you. It was crazy odd though it was a guy walking down the road and it's just this tire comes off a truck on the highway like a quarter of a mile away and just bouncing across this field and two guys walking along and it just like from behind it just hit some not just hit him hit him Square in the back of the head like it's like I could not possibly I don't know both of his shoes come off in the driveway I get video I should have sent that I should have warned us about that before it could be woken up a lot because people don't know what time is it in oh my God he's walking next to somebody that is second chances of what is the chance for guys walking along is walking with somebody the other person is totally unscathed and he got perfectly hit by this thing on a fucking crazy crazy what the what happens to the driver that that happened where I was driving I remember once on 183 like over Burnett I think and I was in the Middle Lane and in the right lane was a big 18-wheeler and it was a little ahead of me and I saw a tire come off just like a rolling bounce bounce and it went over the side down to the overpass intersection bulovic I've no idea what happened down there but that seems like that is a fucking nightmare That's crazy cuz I be tested on somehow but if I wire or something like that way of being another one this one thing it's the same thing plates Usain Bolt in a wheel goes to dinner there such pretty place. Not my thing I'm not into it at all so probably get something called the wrong thing here but I believe it's an F1 pit they had a record where they got 1.9 seconds. Eric I'm sure you can pull the giver that it was fucking crazy cuz like changing the tires and put it inside the Rams defensive the red the Red Bull Racing pit stop at 1.9 to 3 seconds. Like that's how precise it is 3 thousands of a second different. we can actually do it better to like I just saw some video of a kid he's like six or seven and can run a hundred m in 14 seconds to that kid no sings Blaze before the Super Bowl XLVIII like the the NFL like whatever pop up to do outside the money ran the 40 wearing loafers and he tied the Record for fastest NFL runner ever has different do it yeah it looks like we're not expecting to run for their place even years old known as Blaze Young track star by the name of Rudolph Ingram can run the hundred meter dash in 13.4 seconds at 7 years of therapy Foster know that's really yellow okay what's the price of Peace his legs are probably half the size of those Runners 77 rusting all the other kid embarrassing I mean not really come on dude I got to I got to live in the same district as a superhero my kids going to feel bad about you know his awesome time get this other kid is time traveler black eye center I can do that yeah man can we take bets on this in the street like could you run in a row forget to take breaks what is the farthest you think you've ever run in one go faster than just a quite a bit I'm going to die used to be but it just how far can you run out before you start a hundred yards I must say that I don't think you could pick part yards is a football field that's it that's all we can all run that we just do dead at the end run to the next podcast like Fulton from really far away stickable app do I need for you to like me and Barb and just wear sweaters will it be for the rest of it hydrosis is a my hands for British person's pretty impressive never sunburn either read once and peel off furniture Capilla UK jeans in the southern Europe genes 23andMe told me I was 14% British that's it and the penis to 9.2% Ashkenazi Jewish wow I don't think that's like one heading is what does it break down from that or is it just like Hime Hime I'm 9% give me a call I am going to ask you when you're up I think it's that one best you when you are going to have a kid that's one of the ancestries they ask you if they're typically less fertile a couple different from this reason that reason maybe that it's like blood type but you went to Super Pho with another Jewish person which is why the purity lives on have you taken fertility test thinking about the other day where I still undecided on the phone cuz you're not more leaning on the not side but part of me wants to take a fertility test so I could find out if I'm even fertile before pressure on yourself not if I'm like 100% not fertile can ever have kids I'd rather know that sooner than be in a stage of my life I'm like I kind of want kids let me see if I can have them like just nip it in the bud in a cup that would be awesome. I have a friend that was going to see if it was something I'm pretty sure she said this publicly but he's in the 30s and she's very focused on a hunter business right now and so she had her eggs frozen she went and did that have some extras so the way my life is now if I were to have kids and want kids I feel like that would come in my 40s to do before World War II not a getaways they're fucking parasites temperature to pour your own fucking statements you think people with kids are people with kids they have kids I have perspective of not having kids and having kids and how do I get it born in the 14th time zone what if I have two birthdays you do one second later what if you're right on that line between + 14 + -10 on a boat and you give birth what's the kid's birthday party for November 29th do they typically choose if they want to have their birthday on the 28th of the first probably have anybody here baby I don't think so. The probability of that is like 1 and 1,200 is working under dash what do you think people born on the 1st of March pissed off because in the correct year they could have been born on the 29th of like the time of stars from the movie The Bourne time is time I know who made up the time zone thing I want to get away from it but I I I sent it before I think it's really impressive to me that we take for granted is that all my clocks are the same time and I was growing up that was not the fucking case you would have your wife and you be like I don't know this is actually the time because number you could call you call a number and it would tell you that I'm at. Did you know that the beat it'll be this time in the second hand on every Apple watch is in sync dance like dance II like if you found them over this by my timer at the same time yeah we have it but the standardization of time is something V developed if my lifetime it was not I think about this almost everyday I guess I would have driven cycles of like what did cave people say about that life span is easy Winters old cold 70 times before he disappeared versus podcast is also brought to you by the zebra.com Deborah how do you pick your car insurance with your parents or friends have you could be paying too much some Reports say that Americans are over pay on their car insurance by over 21 billion dollars for a better deal to take hours and typically just empty getting unwanted spam calls until now thanks to the zebra.com the super. 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The other one was that is so boring though you know yeah yeah I will even fascinated by WG but I taught to draw it like double V's but W I think we have you and W in German is cooled bb bb in other places it's also the only letter that you don't use the letter in the sound of the letter W there's no there's no water in it H you don't use the home some people say hey hh2 letter h a w n n e where is probably tribe in the world that doesn't like the finesco sound it was just thinking about you say to you in conversation then you see what I see for child over there but you learn letters in other languages you learn numbers in other languages and then you also learned expletives an insult that's one of the things that you learn Japanese that I know and I know how no insult I think we talked about the other day I know no way to insult someone in Japanese which seems very Japanese to me is very polite culture what is that people used to draw that on pictures of Joe the cat like a sombrero they may be coming out of his mouth. Is President's Day there's still I think like there might not be tears but there's a couple of tickets left for a live show which is taking place March 25th March 25th River for the podcast on 26 hours open and then 27th for off-topic I think so if you want to you can go to either the universe. Com live 80 x 19