#533 - One Suck Worth...

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, and Burnie Burns as they discuss s’mores, Brexit, conspiracy theories, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-02-26 20:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, Burnie Burns


    "chicken pox"
    "isaac newton"
    "conspiracy theories"
    "naming things"
    "british culture"
    "headphone microphones"
    "sterile cockpit rule"
    "which face is real"




Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast Number 533 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com hello everyone welcome to the Rusty podcast this week brought you buy him smile direct club and stamps.com I'm Gus there's no Kevin this week it is weird that you make that joke as people think it might be true to that rock was that like 680 cases you and I believe Japan is having their worst measles outbreak in decades I think they have like a hundred sixty-seven people or something like that and that is that it just wears off the back seat and then another measles vaccine now that I'm an adult and you do it depends it's fucked up it depends on what year you got it the time the vaccine does wear off in a few after a certain cutoff date you probably don't have the fucking word gay be a good business you can be a vaccine consultant and so it's somewhere between $3 and full. Give it a pretty strong one then who's to say that you'll be good in Wales before I moved here and I remember that because I went to a Wii game for that shot against Swansea what's have you go to MMO which is Isaac Newton who invented calculus because he was released from school to avoid the play Outbreak on your 24th the time right where he was going to slack for my jobs at hey guys just a bit of play don't come in singles and I have to ask everyone at the office has everyone had chickenpox or the chicken pox vaccine because if not you're going to get your going to get Chickenpox from shingles which is the most modern know you have chickenpox vs. shingles on the Bible how do you not remember that remember that has shingles come from a reactivation of the chickenpox virus what was the about Rex the only person who has had chickenpox twice she didn't get Chickenpox enough the first time and I had shingles I had I had chickenpox as a baby going to have it again when I was in first grade really remember it when you had it I remember that very specifically from when I had chickenpox as a six or seven year old was walking was a nightmare. It was awful the last of the pox has the final talks yeah there's like a lot of boxes and then that's the last pocket epoxy like that you know that this is the game of the name things get Thrones names now do not like a version of pine cool Xbox yeah I bet that the thing about the chickenpox now is there is a vaccine for there's not a vaccine we work it right and so that was the decision that I had to make with to whether or not it was an optional vaccines I could give my kid and it was we talked about it like it was it was a little bit of a debate going to stop not too much I know a lot of moms who got that kid to have chicken pox on purpose get it and then it would be over with we were very far apart he was 45 when you have you as my attorney and me and he has he talked about like just the way they would handle the 745 I was born in the mid-seventies he was born like 1930s that's my dad was more so he grew up in depression-era and then was like almost a teenager during World War II memories of all that were very very clear and as a result of being raised by someone who grew up in the Depression hit a fucking save everything with all our glass jars and everything dim the story about that his brother got tonsillitis and the doctor came in to give a tonsillectomy what you did at the house I guess and then there were four kids so the doctor just told the mom said we'll just take out all the time for Costco things change in one generation to now in Alpha and Xbox and measles but that's the last of the pox has the greatest parks and he didn't call Us Xbox one free thinkers have missed his way what way was terrible very gross what are the small units are working at least 8 minutes into the shower do you know we don't have money you didn't blow your head off of what did I say for your device 8:50 when I first saw her though I slept bad though in about it that bad when you when you hurt yourself sleep yet so stupid if I was an animal I'd be dead probably I slept wrong and now I can't move and I'll something to eat me what animal lives tip41 a large Galapagos tortoise that they thought they'd gone extinct and they found some Panther did the same thing right a black panther should have some more photographs of The elusive Black Panther measle Eureka they didn't have a case in some of the five or six years and then French doors unvaccinated came into my life. I talked about you going to an osteopath and I hope that was okay well I guess you were looking for phone doctor to do with a cracking in the stuff and nausea past in the US are like MD's they can go on to be surgeons not podiatrist like there's not many of us you found me and then I got a bill for what was not covered under how'd that go for you it wasn't great I wasn't great Insurance reason and waxy are let me clean your house like right now to get a bunch of likes to see all the stuff they took out of jail I was really happy that you can't do that at home but it wasn't like excreting I was just looking nice. speaking of Jami is my one of my airpods is quieter than the other one I sent it last week how Apple products that make you feel so disgusting as yet cuz they were like nice and clean and white other the glass is nice and crisp and then after use it and I put the light at the other way louder in that one and now it's send it again. I can only do that so much until it doesn't slide anymore this year I don't think I'll give them one of the headphones that's so gross do we share what your food we trade shoes we wear one of each other's Jews so I came to super-clean Israel's that I have like little little little plastic thing that I look like tiny little cute but I was also worried that I would break like a seal and it was just you a bunch of stuff he had a fucking hell is that a thing just want to use your mouth what you mean but it is in your mouth take my back of the title of the episode Apex Life Sciences stock worth of us. But they give us a little like vacuum machine and goudhas that's coming out of work not really but like a little like the real big ones like a little bit red and irritated stuff how to put in the front refused but we when we were in Las Vegas and we heard about the service with a give me the Ivy and so excited I want to try a simple like 3 in the morning drinking and then woke up at 6 a.m. play browse mean I could get me up 20 minutes later she's asleep in the hallway what is it with you and this recurring theme check the humidity turkeys and pizza and drink beer sitting there like cities Ivy supposed to like fix you hung up if I like basically replenishing oil fluid sucrose yeah I feel like a gluttonous grow like the Roman Empire like it's not like I only put good fluids in your the Chick Bad fluids out as well. Suckers man takes you to clean better than it was in the other people cuz you're getting an IV in a wheelchair and like ran out like this is the lesson to learn from this this was horribly decadent experience that we decide to put herself through the problem with it it reinforced that behavior cuz it works perfectly a list of what comes out what do you mean we're just happy you're like 5 lb heavy with adding math goodness sort it out right to the point where you can take in times like absorbing stuff I don't know what a weird. I had as a parent was when JT was like I look pretty like 13-14 months old he got sick and he was throwing up a lot and had diarrhea and he's so we got dehydrated result so we so we got to take him to the emergency room to get sick when our kids are fragile and they like and like that whole bag like disappeared and then I went to pick him up and it was like not going to go get a burrito exactly like that soaked up all your question if you get too much fluid you do swell to get edema in the feet ankles wrists and face you get discomfort you get cramps and headache and you get high blood pressure cause you have too much fluid in your bloodstream I would have been a good video it's like my whole face well that was a big back yeah oh yeah we we talked about the s'mores maker do we have a guest I know I got my soda over here my name brand yet it's just one of those gifts I got one here for Christmas and I'm going I'm going to everything I've been in this house organized organizing on my files and mainly my photos and then also my documents over the years I've organized in the in the one place and then I'm going to use that the copy back out to my backups backups of everything in the company like you can rebuild any episode of Red vs Blue from seasons 1 through 10 like goat out of the source files that everything backed up and they made me turn in my drive from home Brandon you would lost stuff that I had that I supplied files for the the bonus disc because I used to be so mad thank you and they told me you said you can't have it home because it's just not part of our data security procedure and you know if we're going to do juul company would you hire Busa Subway hire people to do some people do not do this how many do we have gas and you like they're doing it this way like they want to take the hard drive and put them in a vault somewhere in there going to turn that way and I don't feel good about it like what you tell them they can't do it and I'm the boss to say no if I don't ever want that apply to themselves for some reason that reminds me of a story I read earlier today where one of the engineers who initially developed Google Maps was telling a story about how you know when they first make a Google Maps that have that satellite but that the satellite mode isn't actually photos taken from satellites is it to add some people who were working on the project wanted to call it airplane mode because the thing for airplane is too long it's just a satellite so they had to have the product review meeting and at the time Google had this rule where there was so much time on a clock like 60 seconds and whatever the final thinks that if Ulysses think it was that was a decision that was made turn right at the counter hit zero Sergey Brin one of the co-founders Google said bird mode anyone went ahead and went back to satellite timer whatever the last thing someone has zero size of all the creative decisions that ever get made haven't I haven't you get your right now to cold weather will I want it for the cool yeah but you may go make something like that you're attaching that to the bed and you can bribe her with the heat I instructed Astoria Tarzan trailer we could use the names names we always go around and around and around on names never gets misspelled and didn't like that never I like your latest what is your latest one of them on with the big D people whatever that thing is called me where they called wait wait. Can you turn your Michael and that way is if you know I think it's not too bad you want me to s'more you fuck the name of the Old Situation who why would they cut down there as soon as you try the whole thing fraction I find the whole concept of smores stupid shut up cuz you called it and chocolate and marshmallow. Hershey Pennsylvania Chocolate Company USA so that's fake American Lynn British chocolate box monthly box instantly you can order stuff what you going to name it like a box of plenty of products does Amazon subscribe and save no end up with too much or the not enough English things off of Amazon of desperation but they always arrive in there a little bit dodgy that was quite the right thing big multi packs of monster munch and it was it was a month out of date in the date on the other ones are like a year-and-a-half out so this one must have found the Shelf in their warehouse for a year and I was supposed to go to the graveyard smash is British candy that is like a honeycomb monster Munch let me give you a flavor. roast beef and pickled onion potato a little like monster feet that are be fun they made them fight with like like this pic and they're like a bull shit make a mold and big again boxes you can buy the tax services and you just take a country and no send you there's a Canada USA France UK Germany at the UK win for 35 bucks a month like tomatoes why is the microphone in your ear Walkers crisps are Walkers crisps Yap Jaffa Cakes Cadbury chocolate dirty jelly babies yep PG tips I have you refuse to learn about iron iron Brew is the one I don't know what country is the most popular drinking that the most popular beverage is hot sauce bottle of proper calling how Bears got them confused Scotland be fun if it's like random stuff in the Box every time what's that you're Scottish accent with British it but it has a weight limit but I think so I think he likes but how much is that when it comes to pass 256 yeah all right toddler chocolate 8 year old maybe there is so much by there's been so many kids around the office lately some kids and they're just immigrated and like Raven there was a kid who very excitedly told me because there was a kid who saw me in the office while we were filming and very excitedly came from across the room up to me to tell me that they like my calendar oh my gosh from the calendar buy a child torture Raven in the show and she had to swear it it has amazing conversation between Raven and her mom every was like now you can say just know what you are but you can't say off to it's alright thank you cuz it's only for the camera hahaha two oldest daughter and she said he was in the live show that we did where she was in the lap of the blood golf yet to be like totally stole that host gets words right at the end she's smiling with the blood God haha so cute had a bunch of kids I don't want kids is that what you think when you say you don't want kids people automatically think you hate you. I hate kids playgrounds of Tampa Bay I don't want to going to melt your heart you see so many great kids maybe that will talk about what a generation gap there was between you and your father was 45 when you were born I get pregnant right now I'd be 42 when that kid was born graduate high school early 60s topic super convenient wonderful service but losing their hair by age 35 that's two out of three men on the planet that thing is when you start to notice hair loss it's too late it's easier to keep the hair you have been replaced the hair you've lost him is helping guys out with license positions and FDA-approved products to help treat hair loss names of created by someone who knows the men tell conversations are easier online and in-person no more awkward in person doctor visits or Lan Pharmacy Lyons Kansas completely confidential and discreet is answer a few quick questions a doctor will review and if they determine if it's right for you they can prescribe you medication to treat hair loss that it shipped directly to your door you get hair loss treatment that everyone is talking about in order now and our viewers and listeners get started with the Sims complete hair kit for just $5 today right now while supplies last and subject to doctor approval restrictions apply you can see the website for full details this could cost hundreds if you went to the doctor or Pharmacy go to forhims.com Rooster V that's f are hims.com rooster 5 forhims.com rooster 5 thank you poems for sponsoring this episode of the podcast on being on a topic Representatives come up here for the broadcast do you want to come see I don't know why was literally Michael said can you be on all topics tomorrow and I said I can move some stuff around but yet noon right now to let me work this out I can do it definitely and then he writes me for no reason I said yes I'm really desperate enough to do it I even said by the way is Gus's birthday you'll see I already asked him he can't do it and also this person did you attend this for attention and Barbara and then Barber and I both said yes so I know what iPhone natural producer podcast before I never say I'm desperate call the police information like yeah really scraping the bottom of the barrel so I really appreciate you not saying no don't been embarrassing so if you guys covered on the off-topic they have a mother and you you put on that show before you know that they have your stomach doesn't have the screen for the only thing that keeps top secret from each other have Michael have something to look at across the room that wasn't directly in front of him you know how hard it is to get you guys to do abs already thought something was wrong what you've done already Gavin for when Guthries the ad of just trying to block it for him so hard to get you guys to read Dad's already to add another layer to that is insane there's no way no way I would ever have to report every single Anthony do you have to replace all of them she was very upset he was like correcting on the Fly anything else you want to go camping with any of you he's got one fucking switch on and you can figure out how to turn it on 20 minutes of like holding a marshmallow indoor 10 don't bother you put up in JT's room have a slept in it for like 3 months straight they just thought it was hilarious that there was a tent camping in your own got it I didn't come for us for the living room they've got Fire play mat with real fire living room is a fireplace. They have those everywhere I mean like you sit around on the back of a fireplace that would be great. Be great in bed. your gold mailbox which is easy cuz you did mention it's just a refrigerator outside that's all it is terrible by the Browning that's the thing sucks what happens when you dream variably inevitably drop your marshmallow on it by the time it gets to drop then it's usable what we put balloon over it with a blow up a balloon what you mean like over the top of it right there doing that I did idiot I was going to look at it I'd already done it and you guys always this mad at each other about my mouth blue my mouth to mouth headphones as a microphone for some reason hey what's wrong with you garbage or nothing to get away or depart is the lynchstock window marshmallows face Idaho says that the classic most hated that. That's what I want to go live with his forever underwhelming no one's ever evacuate because of one ping pong balls claim to fame in history chocolate ready to pick your hands why don't we let it go what is odious think cuz I think we should blow it up there I was thinking of you when I read it it's about the sterile cockpit rule ft are not allowed to talk about anything in the cockpit that's not permitted to the flight or the safety of the aircraft accident the 70s for disaster where plane crash and they determine listen to logs at the pilot were just talking about too much I believe it was Delta 1141 out of steel out of Dallas what else is thinking about that flight they talked about what would happen if it crashed that's what you were talking about interesting thing about it that's all I read was at Stephen Colbert's father and two of his brothers were killed on that flight I guess you can go there has a lot of siblings I think he's like one of those how many seven or eight some of the time he's one of 11 wow that's a lot of lot of lot of kids but they said that from that point on you can talk about anything that's not part of the flight under ten thousand feet on the runway for a long time so just like they were just like killing time a lot of chitchat donors are turn to go they had gotten distracted driving some different but I do the other thing about that which one you think about what the ping pong ball thing was the other thing they learn from that crash specifically was never ever ever wear synthetic fibers on a plane never wear polyester or some 1970s lawn mower polyester back then just don't do it because if you burn a situation high heat or fire it's just a million gun you're not good for you I have I travel Club whenever I'm going to be traveling I don't know what my clothes made of I do that was so superstitious Intech what do you mean I said I was sorry and that I didn't hold it enough into the sander and I broke it shop class shop Workshop how to make designs make a plastic toothbrush holder big machines and then you have to like yeah I like sad that yourself and stuff and it would sing at me for 2 minutes had a penguin on it the musical toothbrush holder brush your teeth every domestic appliance and no one here understands the fireplace or an oven is and you never heard of handle something about one of our sponsors is quip toothbrush decided to handle you put toothbrush heads on two and at times you for 2 minutes and then make the sound technology class I'm talking about it from my perspective isn't that what we're here for please don't come on PSN you can't do Cloud Light XBox you have to pick up a PlayStation at 6 to games and then use another one and I refused that is like the average plus this one PlayStation but I was like yeah but I'm I have to and I'm me I can't tweet if I don't have one to tweet about having one place I have to PlayStation let me tweet about having to PlayStation mics. Is that you have a PlayStation at your desk at work that's the weird thing about you. That's what I told you not have a place where I can get blasted by moonbows everyday but that place today have built into the system saves on one PlayStation we'll use one when I finish up in the cloud and when I start will come right back down so it was like I had to go to the deal what idea from each platform Xbox Platinum trophies from PlayStation and Playstation 4 Cloud saving because it's understand it and everything about it I don't feel the same if I don't remove a safe to a different PlayStation it just shows two saves and the dates and the time is it over at work as it is that you can only auto upload your saves from your primary place to get your home play home box essentially is at work. I'm just driving by it and the other one I did an ad for Sony and I go giving it and buy them not really a money thing yeah but for the majority of the world that I was given and it's really hard for me to pay for them I was at work and I want you play go home when I am at work it's no good way to phrase I'll be on it but that is my experience of the world even people with one PlayStation that's rich people problem that most people have zero PlayStation better kid where I can only afford like the second hand single console is good times like every now and then there's a threat was just one today on futurology on Reddit about some billionaire like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates and have all the money they have or some billionaire who is hiding money in some place and help you were like talk about you no texting the hell out of them and we need to have more wealth aquatic everything like that and it is always the person shows up in there it says you realize we get Global wealth quality you would go down if you would go down significantly from where you are if everyone at the Quality and you like no no I don't want to call you for that. Reddit comment earlier today Bill Gates doing an AMA on Reddit and answer some of question and response to his after someone gave Bill Gates Reddit Gold and then right onto that someone's reply with 12 great would you feel doing that. Just like what I always like for Bill Gates something and Bill Gates I don't know if it's his birthday does he have any reference at photo him like a Dick's in Seattle who do you have any like secret Pleasures are things that you really like to do that you know maybe most people can't do or don't do and she replied that in his house he has a trampoline room Bill Gates that it was initially there for his kids but that I probably his favorite part of his house and I was like the trampoline room sounds awesome bad evening give me 5 minutes to bring a guest bed in there if you threw removal in trampoline remove a girlfriend. I saw this thing where you go to the website and supposedly it auto generate second algorithmically created headshot and you look at a photo of a person's like this isn't a real person show you a fake person and a real person's photo you look at them side-by-side and just try to determine which one's fake and which ones real I would lose the person who never existed like I'm one of those and one of those is a real photo I don't know if I can write the one on the left is a make the dude the dude is real to the lady's not which face is real.com has a flag background the real one is on the right which one is it her mouth is it right the one that was that one on the right is real sorry lady is real analysis fine at the End by the final I should just be butting is fake I really can't tell what's what's going on with his neck what's going on down there what means what is that you say George Lucas's fake then but I'm not steering wheel and correctly like I saw a woman with a thumb coming out of her chin computer didn't quite and I know both of these dude it's the same dude right. The car on the left dicom be a real person he does have a lot of gray hair no wrinkles on his forehead on the right is mouthful area Gathering data for facial recognition they're all real people and we're just like going to put on top of his head the face in his eyebrows be a great ad for glasses like you people kind of don't even know if you were here but not the rest of it but the frames in the eyebrows good eyebrow friends who have another name oh well it wouldn't generate someone would in it that left is fake I tell on the right could be right O'Reilly's real Freddy's real Google images of having a party fellows rice what what does what did take supposed to write the right eye of the person the right or left of the person on the right is meta my left of the right center one likes the left of the right low her expression I'm waiting for the miserable fake fake out by real people about this but you've had to hit the the fake person with a bat some of these chats at the last in the freezer that you old guys that the one on the right looks like a brexit apologist and Lita yeah I mean it isn't it labor said they'd be open to a second vote in the referendum you have a pen so much money in fines anyway right is not part of the word against the will of the people I mean I feel like global warming will the climate change is so much more important and nobody's really I feel like it's a bad name climate change your vote on climate change needle do that depends on free trade between England and Europe your grandchildren will run out of food in wonder what the hell are you interviewing some British can you show they were interviewing a guy who Imports flowers and he was talking about this is going to be terrible for my business you know we were very dependent getting fresh flowers but if it gets pick up where are flowers to be delayed by unit 7 and 9 Days flowers are going to be fresh but I voted for brexit I just didn't think so, but let me a bunch of DVDs came out like days off for the vote of these people being like I went to school with you from love island with that goes like he's going to get caught on America gots to have any trees in Spain I'm not going to spine what can I do to stop the water group did the song Bring comeback adult boy band with a sudden craving come back you guys going to have to go through customs when you go through passport checks and all that stuff hard border without a deal to have to build it like it's a very soon they had that they don't have a big pot like it like that happened with the whole Good Friday deal to take away to check points to stop some of that huge conflict and now without deal it's going back to it there's no fucking trash cans anywhere in London anywhere ring with a clear plastic bag carrying that trash with you all day long if you have trash can't do it It's upsetting I hope it does I just hope that the light show King get back from it at this point and that's what I'm curious about Annoying goodnight percent drop how late they wrote down pretty quickly I'd love to have happened last time that happened I don't know that it's ever happened in the most valuable currency that's ever been relevant to be getting coffee became like such an important drink in America because we gaze upon T I think so you think so they could like from a colonial days that we were just not going to drink tea out of spite out of spite American Americans are good at call Dan Grudge for a long time affect very good at flight tell me what my current update on an old story we talked about if I cast using years ago I think this story dates back to 2013 it was the guy who had a computer we had Bitcoin on the hard drive and then he threw away the computer and then Bitcoin started to go up significantly and at the time in 2013 the hard drive that he threw away was worth 9 million dollars and so he was buying sections it was actually in Wales and he was buying sections of the public landfill and activating them and remind them trying to find his fighting for his mind nobody else could use it like if someone else found it it's all the gold in a gold sitting there like somebody else finds that they can use it it's really valuable to him and that was 2013 so I did the math and 147 million and 54 million I think it's currently it's worth 54 million-dollar 7 today to type story that's a little bit to try the other parent has never been below a dollar like it right now where is the lowest it's been a 1791 was about $5 per pound it peaked in the late eighteen hundreds at 10 and it's been slowly going down every now and then yeah I don't know what happened around 12 Civil War if I was depressed or currency internationally I would think your country's Revolution depression 19292 what does that show I see a little bit of movement but not much not lighting up whatever that 10 one is like you guys keep a depression was that the u.s. Civil War cuz we had the Great Depression the same way to be in England so so yeah we all go back to an old school site and everybody goes to it and I met him at some event dangler he's a Canadian and he he said that he has a white background for a while, I got all the time card and it's business card says on it I use your side all the time it's literally what everyone says to him when he tells them how it became like the standard the place to go. If you ever want to know any currency exchange rate xe.com yeah, right I guess it's well a currency exchange maybe I just became like a thing educational math facts yeah I would drop to the Ico to build with a hide a new Mac or new iMac in Old Lyme ice because sleep is so unique typically though but he used to be I should say I mean that is a lot of room in all the time I usually means I'm like hold this when I hated effort the second generation of it is that new gaming meme where they have like a game boy or a vmu turn on Skyrim that first let me know Meme speak be be happy that you don't know about the river met anybody Who memes what's strange Health. Write an email started how you reply to email did you go above the email below the email you sent me this email or the worst does the in line with inline responses to don't tell you they're responding in line email now I have to go read everything to get all the information on the two field in who's on the CC field that you would be really angry if anyone's name was before yours many things of the one that I want to be like the desperate choice but if there was one two three no I never have I ever well I know who like loves tubes message if you even think about putting him second like he's going to be not from here and he was like all this is how you have to do things this is how we will say minus your grandfather Drew sapling into double stuffed Oreos soon you get grandfather and grandmother is like for example my Grandma will always give me anything yellow that's my thing right like like like but like I said it's usually have grandparents like a lot about you and my sister always ever gets like things that are fairies medicines or whatever gets into the owls I get something right so somehow it came to our attention that have to have double stuffed Oreos on his set in his essay not that then like all the Reckoning that will follow not true at all he was like why do you keep buying these for me what is the why is this a thing as a call I was told that like you will freak out if you don't have to wear a maioria shingle breakfast tacos from the set a man like if people are going to eat before it's like you never going to have breakfast and coffee like we can't have a hot lunch because people going to be sleepy, so do you want me to tell the grip so they don't get food or do you want to do it professionals have she sounded really weird about the entertainment industry and feeding people like it is just you have to feed them and not just feed them you have to feed them pretty well otherwise Jeremy Clarkson punch you in the face yeah that's from BBC right here because he got mad about Emil mad about a new key was Madame punch someone I realize there's like four meal what are Oreos really I just say it is right and I was like one of the Pas and I went and got the coffee just from like the coffee station and he threw it at me because it wasn't hot enough good thing it wasn't hot enough absolutely right I just have that I'm so sorry I just have to finish the day I needed the money he has to be number one on the Cozy I have to have said that I have to PlayStation from the telegraph punches Top Gear producer Watson timing how do you spell how do you pronounce o i s i n following a 40-minute rent in which he swore him and referred to him has a lazy eye here who has been suspended pending internal DVC investigation into his contact at a hotel in Yorkshire during filming of the show is said to have threatened to have time in Sac during the heated row over food is over food inside Clarkson was Furious to find there was no hot meal available when Gina's co-presenters James May Richard Hammond returned from a drinking session at a nearby pub and I've had a few business but it was such a weird old timey thing as lazy is that a thing is that people is lazy ATD most undeserved it's like the exact opposite of reality hardest working people on the planet and somehow what you were like Adelaide 5 out of the Lacs last six Oscars for best Direction have gone to Mexicans Spanish people there was no help people out with her trying to guess what ethnicity I am what time I was at a bar in Auckland New Zealand and there was a guy standing next to me at the bar a couple of beers you turn to look to Migos Mexican right the guy that was like Oriental what they say half black half Korean Oriental I got a lot of people like I said that to you podcast is brought to you by smiledirectclub do you hide your teeth in group pics or when you laugh or just not smile when meeting someone because you don't like how your teeth look with smile direct Club you can 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the people who go to Mars first at all what I thought about the new but I got home family to cut through these are only human who left without possibility of coming back do you think that like that just by definition means they must have a screw loose that's going to create their getaway from Saginaw to breed a few but I think I said it was bass Australia Australia 500 years ago so are you going to be on us until I call the air and stuff going to be the same it's not like I am literally go through everything cuz he has to say that going into space I'm thinking a lot more about like what I'm going to the one I'm leaving behind what kind of people would leave everything behind and go up there and find them at Islands what is mom might be upset but I just I know it's crazy I would never I just can't relate to it would you go to the Moon if you come back I'll go but like modern-day they said that they want to start keeping a colony on the moon like that right there cuz the Electric Slide from the Lander on the moon if they can see that she you got you some dude screen this conspiracies off of Facebook again been convinced by them start believing them and I just want guys on leave because he's like he has to slap crazy like one of the guys said that he now believes the US government 911 and he sleeps with a gun by the side of the bed to the French government to come after him so much with the like yeah you know what yeah put in a big adventure like removing. And even the truth on these platforms but should you tube removal Conspiracy Theory videos or is it just like it's a free space to push it unless that's at the platforms that makes then maybe some kind of remit to protect people from post truth that's a big like antifreeze trigger word for a lot of anti-vaccine because it's like that's a hoax the herd immunity life I feel like we let it we let it slide we set that for a long time and now we're in the situation worse like we talked about measles friend all these countries around the world Bubba's chicken have been legal cuz it was a lie cuz you're protected against that no bus ads the specific like bus related incidents that there are more strict laws about that in the UK I feel like y'all are very strict about a lot of that definitely isn't more of a kind of agreement to protect people from me and isn't going to stop it is much more like a rainbow by The Bouncing at this point like a huge pot of people's just general education right like before like before recently it was pretty much people but then then news from the news which was like like heavily vetted and not the 24-hour cycle thing you had 30 minutes a day to cram all the news and now you have to feel like a 24-hour U-Haul thanks when forced yep that's that's that's the problem that says can't like what we deal with in this country with the Second Amendment you know it was very important part of the formation of this country was being able to arm ourselves against government the framers of the Constitution of they couldn't and they said this and sell some of us can't imagine what's future people can be dealing with a give us a bill to change all that stuff you know the code is that you know we can't be held to the intentions of our barbarous ancestors and butchering that code that we'd have automatic machine guns and no access to hand grenades and things like that when they were making the Constitution likewise with the First Amendment which is very very important to the country I'd say more so important than the second amendment gives everyone believes in freedom of speech in the First Amendment freedom of religion and but you could Envision that we would invent the internet even in my lifetime that where you would go from having highly scrutiny sources of media who reporting the government there like to watch dogs 2 now suddenly there's just up infinite amount of sources of information freedom of speech is not interested in do I get to propose something about his life as truth which is not what freedom of speech is for about freedom of speech is for in about being able to be given the ability to speak freely it does not to sit to to rationalize things that are factually untrue as being true and there's a visit to different things that I think that he does need to be something in the ocean but you're right I like how the hell do you even begin to do that how long was between the amendments how long does between the amendments are they pass the Bill of Rights which are the first 10 amendments and then they added amendments after that start with amendments has a framework for how the government will work and there's the first 10 amendments the Bill of Rights there's ones that involve women suffrage good for the Constitution was September of 1787 and the Bill of Rights was effective December 1791 so it's been 4 years that the first 10 amendments on HOA took two years to do so they ratify the Constitution two years later they started the Bill of Rights process than two years after that's when they decided on the temp supposed to be interesting to see what what was the amendment like you must be in retaliation to specific thing that happened in the initial 10 in the Bill of Rights and the cut to the weather right now because it's what corporations use as the interpretation to Define corporations as people and ironically that's the amendment that got rid of read then created the modern corporation which is everyone goes to work for and play for Italy you know there's a there's a great documentary called I Think Ink Inc or maybe it's the corporation it's website years and years ago I was up here and see but it was really really interesting analysis of how we treat corporate identity sinkhole for poor moral decision so it was like what 3/5 or something right for voting purposes with being right enough to like right down into guy wanted but I can't use to search on it it says it was traffic to ensure members of the house with the canoe represent small constituencies even as a general population grew I just trying to scale that somehow and the second one word forbade Congress from giving itself a pay raise for Congress passed a pay raise it wouldn't be effective for the next session. For the one that was currently $1,000 what's the salary of the president I think I ate and then they couldn't sell alcohol what's the great facts about Prohibition is it like the very moment that it ended all the buzz like I read somewhere the other day that provision made buying and selling alcohol illegal but it didn't make consuming alcohol illegal the right before it went into effect very wealthy families bought liquor stores really so just like us by Ayo and it they can drink it in some countries 400 Grand that's not bad bugging me he apparently in some countries like Germany it's legal to escape from prison a hundred fifty thousand for it because it's human nature to want to escape freedom in this country to the active escaping isn't it if you break laws Escape unless you bribe someone with one guy stuck out while the gods watch the film to Britney lowest he then go into a getaway car jet that he owned and didn't read the car he wasn't like I miss you the rental equipment or illegal from beginning to end and then just like Germany and Austria definite female if you make it without you all recognize that is basic human nature to escape and hence the act of escaping itself is like it's a cat's you sure you still like need to pay for the crimes that you were in prison. I just put you back when you were gone to drive right baby you did Escape seven or eight times but you did it really well so there were contractors at the jail like painting the exterior and fixing up some of the exterior parts of the jail one of the prisoners asked the contract if they could borrow his truck if you want to go buy some cigarettes and it's not doctor let him borrow his truck wow there's a lot of smart people that did you watch the documentary is not a key for my car my car got stolen by the way he tells that story still my car what a great way to get out of helping someone escape from prison just I'm a fucking idiot and it's like they just play that card you know that you clearly help this guy from your car you know him right and he's like no I just want to go get cigarettes reminder Municipal receipt podcast is also brought you buy stamps. 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So I can get that Steven Brown who is there a Bass Pro Shop in England and tell you with the other diddler he's good he did like a on Channel 42 like a life like Russian Roulette thing but that's not what you guys have guns on your TV set up situation it was either one of those probably shoot himself on TV but it's very much like you, I like this guy would have gotten it wasn't the prestige I don't think she's like you know I'm sorry this is Mark a little bit you want a guy Ritchie sets right God most scary Spirits in my life yeah I just saw was on the plane that I was actually in Salt Lake City this morning and flew here I'm still jet-lagged outside the place where I'm staying and the fucking the internet is doing this like breakdown of like you see feeding deer what what county is the food outside looking in piles of corn to feed store and bought corn people fuck up Utah weird laws and breaking them come on in Deer display my I don't know Americans hate is in a state that I don't get too he's going to fall in love with the Dead spec it is it's going to make this easier to shoot it's like these deer were fucking stupid I can walk up and touch him and pet him this year don't have a future to begin with what you did him a little Bush on the year to license but you'd like it cuz my last thing I did was I went out to the deer and I told him I had to go and I'm sorry but here's a copy of ways between 2 and then they all right away but they weren't they were just killing me about that how to say about that you were just coming back from Utah airplane airport and I never yeah you want me to fly for me to Salt Lake direct is on Delta Endeavor flying Delta respond American what's the other end of the airport in Austin so I can go down to the gates what used to be gate one as navigate to end or XI Delta Construction to the airport construction for this one small part. Now it's terrible it was crazy because I go to work gate one usually is and then the airport just keeps going like out of sight it's a really weird experience you that you probably know the British Airways desk was at the end where you walk down the hallway and ends in the desk the desk is now another mile of hallway it's very sore does no one know I didn't go down that far yet on Earth would anyone want to use all the doors at the airport on the same day I just noticed after 18 months they fix the one door and now they've moved on to another door whatever this thing this magical thing they're doing it is to get so cross about a line travel when it goes bad May 22nd mismanaged or inefficient I get upset you to get upset number number one of me after I understand if it's like neatly needlessly inefficient or ineffective role that it's annoying as hell about Gavin trying to get to the UK remember this I do remember who I was in and I was as in the as myself ever was in Abu Dhabi was like two or three in the morning or something like that and say there's no this is like a regular flights that says class and business class and whatever and the thing of the running late for ages and the guy that she was coming up to the microphone and goes okay get on snowboarding and like the like everyone who are the people in fast class in like some real fancy people and I would be getting on this plane look red face and screaming at this guy who's like I don't I don't know what I did I'm sorry if you were there and they're like I can't get on there for you one time well you were supposed to shit when we were like 10 feet behind me and I got the plate and you didn't I think we've heard about that you left me disappointed when I've been super early for the plane than the airport was not that happened today in Salt Lake City I should take a photo of it line out the door like a cross the sky bridge going out back to the parking garage that was line for security but I've got the service clear but you just usual fingerprints poop is a a hundred bucks a year and if you think it's just an endorsement it's not worth it except the one time of year when you need and that day for me was today because you two thumbs fingers just don't work for me and I guess I can just do this podcast is making like this dick rubbing his two fingers with his dumb like he's got money to somebody wasn't. He's asking you to you always do this and I seriously about a minute and I think we heard other people may report it took an hour to get through security with you in San Jose once and we were trying to get on a plane and I was bitching I was like San Jose has to work security super long line at the whole time we get to the airport and we're where we are in line for security is out in the parking garage and we get in line we stand there and in this woman and her daughter get in line behind us and I hear the Pointe at Cedar Point of the car and the woman go that's our car we're back at our car payment when you get a security light and they were back where they parked to wait to get into the airport security line with all the way out of the parking garage at 100% Jensen I think maybe check with her to go to security again cuz we went from the Alaskan Airline terminal to the American Dad remember that specifically and is a different terminal so we had to leave and go back in and it was a line out the fucking parking I was just doing a ghost hunt we did the whole week of ghost-hunting last week and I was like falling people and I realized that Jeremy and Ryan and I think someone else Trevor walking out of the airport and I was like Try by stop Plaza I think that's the way out cuz I want I need to go to Terminal 5 from for the point of no return no I'm not crazy onto the moving platform and walking away and I was like you'll ever be all right you got a mess on the way out if man yeah that's not good designs including one that says you can come back and white striped lines and everything with me while I was like I think we went the right way I like should we call him and I was like I don't turn around that right before they get to the you can come back for it went straight through security like stools people for Mardi Gras yeah well because my friend Chelsea versus from New Orleans though she was like a do not fuck with nopd like you cannot do that then they will not find it funny and you will be taken to jail what's the biggest crowd that you've ever been in London 2012 Olympics yes it is the density of the crowd is crazy like it was a we were there when time to fight broke out a little bit away from our group and then people try to move away from the fight and that caused serious situation because then people start to fall over and then couldn't get up cuz other people like dominoes and if you were leaning you know the stories like if you can lean and direction in such a way that you can't get back up to people feel space where you were and it looks like it's it's very dense Atlanta account make it really okay alright well we will have fun in like maybe we'll get back who's to say or it let's go brownies find my friends only an extra battery for a cell phones I mean I'll have to have our dresses we going to write on a house work out just in case has huge safety meeting about going on vacation together it was me that that story Steve rushin told where he was at the seams of New Year celebration in London and these girls just showed up at like around him and he's like they're still arrange to meet at you at midnight is fucking hilarious a way point today. He might be the wittiest person on the planet bloody loves TV. Recent me to Portal 2 and I'm enjoying it very much the most you can receive my voice Yeah Yeah Yeahs you go into the old Sciences I think he was a late addition to that game as a playable for a trailer or something or whole sequence the first bit weary system if your Merchant to do it there for a moment in k-zoo characters brilliant we just got up to let you know the 10 Noblesville at Freddy on be like the 10 of the game potato like And subscribe