#534 - The Biggest Pancake Ever

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss pancakes, flat-earthers, Fyre Festival, and more on this week's RT Podcast! And be sure to stick around for a special post-show interview with Zachary Levi.

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-534

Recorded: 2019-03-05 20:00:00

Runtime: 02:10:34 (7834.58 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Zachary Levi


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 534 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com pancake podcast to buy stamps.com and I am very pleased about fathers podcast some people write last week so we'd forgotten last week you make sure you're in town for shrove Tuesday broadcast yeah but I also experience as follows come of all week where people are upset with us for not marketing helps cuz I thought you could see if there's no happy there's no perfect amount of marketing there's anything in particular this was a discussion I think around RvB the new season this coming out that there wasn't enough market for it which I guess that means we didn't and other shows that have too much marketing marketed to the point where everything you said this to where you're completely sick of that person had told me previously they were really sick about some other stuff we're Mark and dinner first do you want it over there if so where to have a big group of people much better than what it was too much mush speaking of matches much has a condition cuteness cuteness of action that were talking about whether or not cats lose their teeth I don't know how the conversation came up do cats lose their teeth and how come you don't see cats like you see kindergarteners who have Mr Probz where they're missing Fang push the other one down instantly and come in right away so that was a clunk Spanish for the word for that translate to a little kid I don't know what to do brand new when we went to Taco Bell and have the chili cheese burrito they used to call it the keto Taco Bell version of it which conditions that can beat up that that's what I tell my friend he would never eat the Toledo because when he was a kid his parents called his dick in the kids like that I watch your teeth though they what kind of Tuesday everybody did you see the Michael Jackson documentary Philadelphia traffic and they are part 1 of it last night on HBO leaving leaving Neverland yeah very graphic talk about a little kid dick we forgot to that's my bad. I know we have everything conversation are the glass yes you do you want to just depends on would you believe I guess about about that documentary so so we're wondering how come you never see a cat with a gap-tooth smile and he doesn't have that for some reason we were checking out of the conversation or what are there and dipity he has with cold retained what do you want retained deciduous teeth so his new like adult things are going in and apparently the way this works in cats I've learned a lot the last few days last 24 hours and the growing right like just like Barb said they basically into their baby teeth Pokemon type in a hollow shell on crazy baby teeth voice has two sets of fangs now and like one is we're not we're hoping it's at the adult ones who helping us ones are like in a funny kind of goofy angle look like a stupid smile so he's going to the vet tomorrow to get his teeth pulled if we've had a really fast which is a good problem, just wait for the full or whenever we pay such close attention this cat we don't know if he's like at a normal stage of this but everything we're reading saying you're saying if he's got retained deciduous teeth that was a reference for like 2 online to is is one way we just eat I think you would like mukbang on PBS the other week about live streaming in China Town if y'all saw that hold the color is called a few of Republic of desire and a couple of streamers who stream on this really popular platform trying to call YY and the whole thing just seems what is it all seems almost criminal to me the way that they do the way that they described it so it's like you have for example of life is a life is a livestream they have this life they have his yearly competition where whoever like most streamers make their money than just one month if you win that competition you get the most viewed you won the most money but in order to win the competition you people need to tip to you but you can only win if you have an agent and the agents are the people who contribute most of the money to you now more than you like any of them that money back but in the end it's promoting the platform put seems to be almost like they never make this connection interstate is the case but it seems to be almost like the agents work for the platform using money to funnel it into the streamers who they have to pay it back to make it look like they're making more money than they really make it was all really weird and Shady I can I don't understand the economic system in China a communist was limited market control Like Larry their currency is not market-based if Government of manipulated so anytime this currency fluctuations if the government regulating whether or not the currency is going up or down it's a big Valley so that's really not flea market you can still going open businesses and conduct trade are publicly traded and I think they even said they're probably traded on NASDAQ as well so it was it was all really way it's really fasting plan to invest now he struggles for like over a year is like they follow one female streamer won male streamer and it's like all the shit they have to go through the documentary Independent Lens on PBS highly recommend it was super talk about little kids penises how much does a documentary this weekend called behind the curv you guys heard about this it's a documentary about people who believe in the Flat Earth theory you talked about last week when you were not maybe it was the one that you were not but we have to help people who are employed by Facebook to debunk stuff now then start to believe it by Ron Isley and then some kind of sucked in she will try and do it is that what it What was the doc about trying to convince the audience that it was true but more following people who do believe the Siri and how it all came to kind of grow into this where we hiding behind everyone else on the planet to the Moon what's the motivation for did the Earth is flat people think is happening when you fly to different places and eventually end up back where you started are they don't think that you go around the globe that you like going a circle not in the sphere but if you never turn left or right at explain that and never turned left her eyes and there was there was no tons involved cuz I want to fly around the world they fly to avoid a background place you can do that on me that's on a disc look at a flight around the world yeah but you disprove their Siri multiple times that's the documentary keep reading about the yeah yeah, strange at the end of their like well I guess you have to go bad in a different way you're trying to prove your theory which I watched another thing I want a real sports segment actually about these two guys who were in competition they both wanted to be the first people ever to walk across Antarctica C2C without any support does it carry all of their own supplies and it was like a thousand miles track Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica that's wrong Arctic is in there right those are at Aunt Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica with a t in the first of all about Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica what's the one in the north where to walk across Antarctica without anybody helping with the one who ended due to the fact that I think it took in 50 days we start at the same site a couple miles from each other and I guess outfits just so out of the way that you have one of those bitter rivalry between nobody cares about sorry it was really interesting when they started the trip a hundred pounds of supplies with them I also watch the documentary this last weekend I watched a documentary on the fire Festival which one Netflix serious about the Earth kassir on Antarctica that disprove your theory that the one thing I kept hearing about the fire festival with the interview with this one dude where they had something like four tankers filled with Evian water on the weather supposed to be caught up with sponsor that's the thing fell apart by customs and they were three days before the festival basically they knew was going to happen and there's this guy who's to me the best part of the documentary suchlike genuine honest dude and he said the guy Billy came to him said hey we need you to take one for the team and his name is Andy Andy we need you to go down and suck this Customs guy's dick and he like talks about going home taking a shower drinking mouthwash to the way he said it you know but he's telling the story and he goes down there at fully prepared to suck this dude's dick and in order to write off of $35,000 worth of Customs charges I want to know what $135,000 blow job is I also would like to meet the person you could give anybody literally just walked in I saw her if I can give you what am I I don't think I might want to try hey Blaine can you bring me one of those fried chicken sandwiches on the make like a chicken waffles like a professional video of Falcon 7 years nice to bring it to us if that's the tea in the word Tupac sorry sorry I thought you were saying the word ass for the entirety of me knowing you but you're just a nurse. I know it is kind of old news and fire Festival itself is pretty old news but damn dude it was it was so appropriate to me to be watching the fire Festival Dock at the same time that our community put out a video which was about vessel are ongoing experiences with vessels Gavin brought up this couple years ago on the podcast that could if you pour liquid into it it would tell you exactly what was in the cup that was the pitch document that I put on there we do doe crowdfunding freeway we never got the best o we talked about it for 45 years I think I'm the video I posted that someone made it was like Eleven Hundred Days since the order released every year than I would just get updates as to why this couple wasn't coming out to get refunded to send me and Tori, Tori Gus help me how do you spell that Antarctica compensatory I like that I missed pronounce pronounce pronounce as spelled that's not good chicken fried chicken for most of us it's not at all like chickens with a pancake just a flat waffle I see no because the waffles also got the crispy ridges like and the texture makes it proper pancakes like Crepes from pancake Tuesday cuz that's what the people actually have instead of making things and bring it to the podcast if you don't have it Loose American pancakes still rolling put lemon in it how do you spell Mardi Gras so go fuc yourself this is pancake Tuesday pancake shrove Tuesday I think you drove mean we have Jessica and John is blowing the background and there's Andrew who always refuses to introduce himself why doesn't this guy introduced himself he's also the guy that everyone thinks is you in every are Too Faced how do you block what week of the year is today it's pretty brutal it's awful to separate it Piccadilly Plaza. Back into the job at dawn but there's warn everybody for today's post show John and I just saw Captain Marvel and we're not supposed to tell you until later this week how much we like the movie make a new post on a paper towel Chicken on that it brought you buy me and he's asked yourself this one very important question is your underwear making you happy at this very moment or were you not even thinking about your underwear and I say me and he's a super comfortable with great designs my favorite and wife ever owned Sundays are so soft voice sound like Gilbert Gottfried there's So Soft that Katie thinks about them to get it fired right his next song Me and accuses the coveted micromodal fabric which is a full three times softer than cotton to take that in your face cotton not only will you feel like you're like they're being hugged by Joy itself but me and he's gives you multiple style outfits for men and women can you choose between classic colors and adventurous prince prince like significant otters plant babies and Shamrocks and fingerprints why not match your bottom half with your better half and get matching prints for you and your partner this is Vigo true for the softest loungewear this side of the Rio Grande hang out in their super comfy lounge pants and onesies almost makes onesies and they are incredible to get 50% off your first pair free shipping and a 1% satisfaction guarantee go to Mandy's. Com RoosterTeeth that's me indeed.com teeth and a story from last weekend. So I get to Mandy songs price of a Minor's you could just tell me thank you instead of always open up studio and right before we are about to start I had to run to the bathroom and I pull down my pants and I realized I'm wearing my song backwards okay and if you don't know the way song works it's very thin in the back and thicker in the front come see back sometime so I guess I didn't really feel it but the spin part was kind of like splitting my vagina lips go ahead but yeah I had to run back to some of the podcast so I didn't have time to like take my boots off take my jeans off quartz my underwear do I did the entire episode of always open with my thong back where it would have been quicker just to come off like in your canal wedgie wedgie the whole morning so I just comfortable backwards but I got this I got the ticket though about this combinations weekend of while you were over there prepping Andrew John and Jessica for pancake making how's it going out there guys me John you're charged let's be clear you're going to give us money for this and then just not not ever fucking doing the thing so what he said we should do it I got to learn to not beat myself up so much when I know I put in all the effort you a lot of groundwork do a lot of research due diligence before we decide to do did attempt something years of research and you spoke to multiple people who done it before yeah yeah I say when I get to delivering today protein powder there's no way it's going to work it's what is a quick what are you part of me doing terrible things with pancake batter I believe it's our slush sex pancakes 7th 1007 years since first what is the seventh one but if we did it we start in 2012 no one believed me and then away from not believing You Gavin that existed to celebrate not telling you how you do it wrong by the highest but you have that 3D printer. what happened to Meek Mill get 2018 to 2018 did not last hey guys it's a funny bit but that Ben is only for paper and cardboard products I don't know if you know that or not you can't recycle a bot I got it for the flamethrower it's a butane which is the long blue one that goes I'm a stupid Elon Musk with flamethrower and then I got the does The Greener ones are fatter for like camping stoves you can't really turn those in anywhere you can buy him a hardware stores are like it athletic stores but you can't turn the canisters back in at his place. What are you do with them I got to go to a special place in the city to turn them in so I have like five or six of these different canisters are different sizes that are just rattling around in my trunk what do you use the for that right I have no idea what type of propane tanks that I use for my grill at home and I took it to get refilled last week or the week before and now they inspect it when they when they going to refill it anymore this the seals maybe old are you you can't guarantee the last after a certain amount of time so it's like they have to get it recertified I can go get it recertified terrified I was with the steak off you guys had like an open flame near that propane tank oh yeah yeah I probably do there's always going to be a flame near propane tank that's the purpose of you can use that moment I feel like I'm going to stand over here like you do that but if that's okay and also the blue butane Enterprise small but he's just different chemical makeup of butane lighters it's like liquid comes out I feel like I don't have my protein on the phone cuz he up the protein pancakes coming out is it going on asifa the butane what I have because I learned this lesson 1 run Lazer Team all the stuff guys with a VFX guys had this like it was a whole scene that we cut where we had these we escape on a gurney one point and Colton Dunn is pushing his with his speed boots that we could we could we cut Lee cut the scene where we showed up somewhere else and it was the trail of flames from where we had left are like path when we were running so fast on this journey but they had to like light in the parking lot of this place we went was a convenience store to cut scenes in the movie probably the most expensive scene and also the only thing where I got hurt and my stuff and got hurt so good we lost one of us again but that's a Precision placement right there built a peanut butter cookie are you doing a penis is it the protein one is it look gross can I make a pancake for Trevor Trevor earned for one of those either Camp got cancer or the blue ones I think they're designed for the blue one you just get the screws on the top of it with ignitor and it's just like a handheld blow torch and it would use that thing for fucking everything I'm like lighters and matches I'm just going to do that and it's I have those in my house now I just have to think you did a front of the sink or in the garage and I have a bunch of my trunk so that's the pancake aha the boiling point of butane is 30.2 degrees the boiling point of propane is -43.6 gas is almost right there, he was out here went back to England I must be a flight from Austin to London Heathrow probably like an hour since National for like 15 minutes before a fight and still made it on his stuff Dan is the kind of guy who checks a bag like you shouldn't be but I feel like he would be a person who checks the bag he's a he's going to try to go back is a carry-on is like an hour and 10 minutes before the flight and they close that checking so once they've got everyone through so they think they just piss off Adam there's nothing you can do to call the and the Machine the machine doesn't work because he's like trying to get through Houston American Airlines next to him and rationalize the cooling because they probably just move through and just go to the gate and they went on stirring the phone to the gate and the American dollars would just like to help you at this point about an hour and 20 minutes or an hour and 25 minutes full of flight takes off at he just can't get through so then because I'm back again and I was just like can you just go and buy a flight on American Airlines like a flight to Dallas yeah he was like I went through security and then just went and checked in at the gate nobody in the lobby that's before security after an hour if you get there like an hour and 15 an hour 10 before the Blake is well after the 2-hour when do they tell you you should be doing yeah so they literally just leave they play don't you have the ticket on your phone like the screens you can't use the screen because it's apartment I made it probably not because I got you listen if you're an American Airline security person I'll dude just came in who's got a foreign passport came in and bought a ticket on a domestic flight and now we can't find the guy I knew literally that's a weird scenario to Dallas got really sucks because of him not to call unless you just canceled it on the other side but maybe just told him if he didn't answer in that easy to miss a flight that you are checked in for and you at the airport flight because we just drink the protein pancake over there is not looking good and kind of beige not the good kind of chocolate chips chocolate strawberries blueberries chocolate chips melber because you guys getting up because your mom's a nutritionist do you like whatever he's actually really knowledgeable on all that stuff actually been cooking more which is nice because it's something that I didn't do a lot when I lived on my own and so now it's easier to kind of cooked when I asked for two people can someone as much and you never want to do it cuz you like I'm just going to make this eat it and then just going to be this mess of shit it's always cheaper to eat at home right I think I'm an individual basis like on one meal based if you just compare the cost of that meal to eating out at home then it seems great but what you don't ever get to calculate for is all the extra stuff you have left so what I found is you have very few people in your house like one person living alone when you go to the grocery store you're basically committed to eating one thing all week long otherwise you're just wasting food so I can get hamburger double cheeseburger on Monday and then you want fish on Tuesday you're going to end up with some hamburger left because they don't sell hamburger in one patty you know you going to have some hamburger VW hamburger the rest of the week until it's gone or you're going to break in the whole system because you're throwing away a bunch of unused onions or whatever I don't have an onion butter last for a really long. Of time today did you see did you see that they're going to be selling the $35,000 bike considered to be an economy level car think it's what they've always wanted to try to hit a $35,000 car which they consider it was something they could sell Mass Market selling $500, I'll be impressed tell him nobody but like for a new economy car that's like $12,000 or $35,000 you could be as cool as I was expecting from the headline but it is this couple and it was like hit the secret to not working cuz I can get by without a job and wearing off the cheese and basically the article comes down to just make sure you spend every year less than its twenty-fifth of your net worth what is a shitload of money and then spend much how is that we got a $500,000 gift from our parents when they said they were able to spend $40,000 a year but cheap meals at to $2 per person what to do that right lot of people who probably make between 20 and $50,000 a year and have both families in the bank that they can use a safety net. Seriously goes wrong like healthcare or car or something like that like said the average cost of a kid per year was like $100,000 or something like that when I read that stat to get into college like for like to see you later is like a hundred grand how do you spell once you get past in freaky expenses kids kind of even out like you got to buy clothes for them but until they reach a certain age that kind of don't care what they wear so keep growing what's the earliest stuff expensive shit cuz I'm growing so fast and you got to buy stuff you normally don't it by later lights you got to pay for diapers and very special food and things like that for little kids and then it like it's just weird Middle Ground works just like sending the biggest expenses for my kids were like 8 to 12 trips or anything else on hijacked to just hang a baby over bucket while it's awake when your guy texting thing we knew a guy who he's whole strategy for having kids was he was going to build one room in his house that had a cement floor with a drain in the middle now a rubber vinyl walls came down with like a spray handle on it and they just put the kids in there and spray off the kids braids on doing it with mold that was his approach when you know your rear your idea of having kids what you're going to do when you have kids is entirely different than what you actually have kids in the way you parents totally from the scariest thing realizing you're about to be a dad or like parent in general just like if your entire life ever just happened was that the scariest thing like that moment you realize we were just talking about this with somebody with Michael and on topic you're there and I said the one thing you can say about parenting is that whenever you hear like o like irises now for 14 months and if they call that the best age and parents will always say that that's the best they could every age you just remember all these great things about being that age use real you know it's like all the social ship is everybody goes to a parent is a reminder to you I would like some of that social stuff as well but in general. So it's it's daunting but it really is one of those things that when you have a kid you see the kids later eyes in the kid Everything Changes all at once make a visual representation of it to draw them in there on the middle on the center of the earth Ithaca ginormous massive how long does it take to walk around and talk to you because you don't know if I told you we talked about this earlier. I forgot they had like 30 pounds of stuff to be like a motherfuker I didn't mean to startle you have talked about how upset that they were with every single ounce that they had to carry I think they both decided they weren't taking any extra underwear that one pair of underwear that they were wearing it like that that they can't take anything out there backwards pics of what about the stank I don't think that he just not trust again you can use it for X front back and side so I never know I didn't throw it away is but we had that you had the one pipe by the other pipes and you should like should be ashamed as usually take care of that all the US backwards vagina crust maybe one other time on the podcast women have things that secretes out of them and if you're wearing the same pair of underwear day after day it's going to get crusty I guess it would be frozen so you can scrape it off it dude temperature doesn't matter it's just today it's cold yes it's Evolution what temperature what temperatures are we talkin so if the time that we doing this in Antarctica bigger a little warmer than that like I know that yeah so it's brutally cold I can't imagine doing the things I would never do walk across Antarctica alone and talk to what does not have money for nothing is any way I could do that podcast today we have a bonus segment with Zachary Levi he was here with him quite a bit and I think in that in the post will load to a new Shazam trailer. Trailer she came out today so it really wasn't that when we talked to him previously so we weren't able to see that but official trailer number to Jeremy gets his face covered in some sort of goo a really good-looking woman comes and licks it off. The secret would you do you like when someone bring something to your attention that there's a camera and build and they ask you to do something you just do it with the whole thing there was some controversy about the off-topic which is something that goes with the BET and if you go with the bed the idea is let's see if it turns into something and it doesn't turn into something you don't like it then you can say you want to be caught in the door I don't know if I should go out there cuz I won't interrupt guy looks awful video wears between the games right where the entire jar of peanut butter halibut trailer used to make fun of her basically hey what's up high and lovely Chris Chris have a scarf on look dapper but a bit like ducks the whodunit the pancakes Doctor Who did Kat Country is rabbit especially in places like France to eat rabbit along and we don't eat rabbit in the US that off and it's not weird really would like some of you hurt somebody ate rabbit you be able to be like in usual menu item of animals that are friends and animals that are food you know what I mean and then we tell Auntie I said that the rabbit not weird but interesting I think a rabbit would be if I was going to get in system of killing and skinning animals in that start with a rabbit you couldn't catch a fucking rabbits you know how about we have a live rabbit on set and Gavin have to skin it oh my God stop I want to see you look at a rabbit and actually do that again and we just been introduced to Tywin Lannister in season one honey skinning that deer like his first ever seen write a character is it looks real but they're just too cute there's a go-ahead off all the way up in the Northeast side of the map where can you go back a couple different times where there's a woman up there and her husband got killed or is gone oh wait here by bear and you go to inform her husband was killed by a bear and then you got to take her under your wing and show her how to hunt and then without swelling anything in Red Dead Redemption years later then go back and my check on her and things like that and it said although I think either shows her out of skin rappers like me to grab it and like pull as hard as you can just like that's how you skin it but if you got good enough but if you get hit a few fingers and you could just rip a hole skin off in one guy right theoretically skinning animals he's getting he just has one cut and then he can skin it like the skin doesn't seem to be attached to any places but Somebody's gotta like her and everything is everywhere around the house and stuff that's what I like free done I will X when he kills an elk or moose and he pops are antlers off I just don't like that I don't know why I don't like it at anybody else want to see that video game on TV are you taking stuff out to like put her finger in and all auctions and it just like all comes right out TLC like a fat when you cut an avocado and you cut it cut it in half and then you kind of like Twisted apart you got like the little thing in their cut the skin and then peel the skin off of it as perfect you want to worry about the skin and all the stuff inside you still got the stone is how you still got to cut it open but then you have CO2 skin and peel the avocado right to have to get into the skin how do you leave the skin on you get it you get out at 4. It sounds so much worse than it is it sounds like a bunch of fun but it just goes down just feels like a peach skin you can't do that they got a process that if you don't prepared correctly it could kill you apparently it's like the only people have died at the fisherman who just ate the whole thing there was a month or so ago at a time frame of reference here for you it was a photo from Australia on a tourist like an Instagram photo of them holding a blue ringed octopus that they found what the fuck are you doing and it's like I've seen the photo and it's like this person holding a small blue ringed octopus what deadly that one's got if I recall correctly Gavin yes deadly but the way it kills you is very specifically horrific which is essentially paralyzes is that why people to breed down your mouth for like an hour your major muscle on my God I'm blocked including your respiratory of this year has gone viral after posting a video of himself holding a blue ringed octopus venomous creatures in Australia tourist is lucky to be a lot for you to read it and then I found it a portrait pancake it's interesting that that's what he went in with from the end of the world with his always said he went to the cat glasses with a goatee what does blue ring octopus and someone can correct me some toxicologists temperature we have in our audience student in the correct me but you can't move your diaphragm to breathe or you'll die cuz you baby suffocate so last 24 hours so if you can just have someone who gives you mouth-to-mouth for 24 hours please put on a mini like normally we were visiting a remote island situation where you're with someone could you give someone like mouth-to-mouth for 24 hours it's about 6 to 8 breaths a minute right and but you can't stop for 24 hours that would probably pass out in a thought to save your life if you would like stuck in underwater cave you're trapped and the only added some could give you it's the thought it's your mouth and you breed the thought bubble would you eat with that buy you time will I bet the case and Blaine is a safety device in like a cave or something like that would be fine but what if you attempt to do something from your butt to your house looking at the air that we breathe right now 29 5% Oxygen Plus a 21% oxygen k a fart is about 4% oxygen and 39% nitrogen 21% hydrogen 9% carbon dioxide 7% methane 4% oxygen have a listing in that fart when the smell, did that mean if I had a bubble it would have to be four times bigger than an oxygen bubble for it to be could you attach a tube from your mouth to the inside of your butt and go underwater and breathe and breathe through the tube wait wait wait for it from the pancakes that reports to me and guys are Apple fishes episode is so visit me so vicious hibiscus thank you pancake podcast I forget what movies was I want to say it was from the Femme Nikita remake was that Bridget Fonda that was a yes I think it was from this movie as like as a teenager is like bad guys shooting at her and she drives off a dock and the the thing goes under so they're all waiting up here with guns to kill her and so she stays under water when the car sinks shut off the cuff of James Bond film You Only Live Twice I think it's under that are free You Only Live Twice as an Asian View to a Kill up until the time of the day Christian still fucking bad ass in that movie, how you say that Sonya Miller redstonia was like in the Conan the Barbarian Ball Heroes in the mid-80s it was a Thing Called Red Sonja going to reboot do you have to do you have to have a movie in your head as a kid in this movie I put a tube from my mouth to my butt and I from movies wet. I swear were in when I was a kid and now everybody in the movie I can't find the cursor Remembered in The Breakfast Club like Aldi seen that aren't in the movie anymore and I had never seen them for like to look into it and it really got there used to be like three scenes in that film that were cut this is not in any release any more sweat the movie he's on a set of stairs driving off a plane don't ever play stops and he just plows the set stairs into a barrier and he just goes flying off the top of my Lands End luggage as a kid I swear I remember seeing where the stairs a spinning around and he's like hanging off like off by one arm and then he goes into the luggage now every single version of the movie I've ever seen since I've been a kid he just crashes into it and go straight to the luggage and I don't I can see the shot in my mind that sounds like the shot where should be and where it was used again and it's been is missing and I don't know where I seen this place I try Googling I have no idea if anyone anywhere in the world I seen Jim Carrey painting of a set of stairs in La I'll let me know where the price that is from deleted scenes on the DVD and if you know anything about retained deciduous teeth do we have a picture that we sent a picture like he's got two things there that looks cooler on the right about that little white dot on his gum but above that you see the two teeth for the bottom Fang what's below the tootsie. Wait yeah that's only for the weekend he did not want to see that was he was he was he was in a mood the other day I think was last week I had him in my office and he was in my lap totally fine you look at me I must have looked at him wrong just like you just have one swipe I will ask you anymore he's like 90% a very chilled-out happy cat the other 10% is a fucking nightmare each of the cat what's it going to be like half forgot one of my favorite moments in that movie too is when he hides himself in that sluggish guess what I can put a color palette that movie as well as everything is brown I got a video this weekend that I want to talk a little bit about personal but I hoped for but I just threw out I was going through it all with organizing they can talk about it in one of the last few podcast Rite of Spring cleaning going to be fucking laptop they had over the years and I got everything all down and then we're going to do my physical stuff in the closet organizing bins with labels on them everything's in it and find which is a system I've always had but I just hadn't kept up with it so now I'm like fully up to speed as part of that I was separating all my different cables I am a billion micro USB cable TV recently there's so many I have. I was organizing I came across my old iPod for cable of the proprietary one before lightning kind of like I got 30 pin connector and I was like you know what I'm never going to need you to know I'm never ever ever going to this again until I said I must make a decision by Chromeo way he found it let me spend off of it like he's like resident witness pins off of it was ever to Ryan is a chance Ryan is a champ in chat on the website said it's in the official trailer because in the device of the Mexican trailer just making the movie and he spins off as if it has been spinning spinning is cut the day after they came pick up the trash I found an old iPod that are you charged up and see what's on my iPhone 4 cable is Magic music off iPod iPad so it's not that and male clients amazonbasics and I just put it in with another order and then I got high now I have this iPhone 4 cable to buy play Q92 I just threw it away. Keep it will be going to do with the iPad I was going to check it to make sure that it's got nothing on it wipe it and everything is I'm really bad I don't tend to resell my electronics because I'm always worried about data security not just before Apartments votes titles agreements any time to do anything I'll give him going to see the Captain Marvel yesterday but I got to watch what I'm going to say because I'm not sustaining but the movie being completely fucking awesome until tomorrow so I can't think about it but we'll talk about a post-show and then when it airs tomorrow it'll be okay to talk about how great no no no good tomorrow I can't say anything about it being awesome I can't say anything about it, no one really has time to go to the Post Office you're busy we get it we got time for all that traffic parking look at all your mail or packages it's a real hassle and that's why you need stamps.com all of the amazing Services of the US Postal Service right to your computer has a faster and more convenient way to get postage you can use a computer to print official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail anywhere you want to send and the military of picks it up no more likely to the post office if the best equipment to lease a no long-term commitments to run a small business and I'll be great for that as well I used tap., because I love how easy it is don't have to take time out of my day to plan for a trip to the post office I can just get official postage for my own computer westaff.com you get $0.05 off every first class stamp and up to 40% off of priority mail right now our listeners to get a special offer that includes a 4 week trial plus free postage and a digital scale without any long-term commitments you see for yourself over 700,000 small businesses use stamps.com just go to sams.com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in rooster that stamps.com and turquoise rooster big thank you to staff. stop sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast my face smells like spoiled milk the biggest downside to your face is that that will smell until you have the milk so that it can last for a party crossword whenever I rent a car why things don't always do is I'll go through the connected devices via Bluetooth and I'll see like people's devices are still connected people who connected their car to Bluetooth for the phone to Bluetooth in the car they leave it in a check the car back in and then their device is still there any transfers to the car and grab information contact contacts in the car delete everyone else's stuff in that everyone should do to make you wonder sometimes you know when does Rental Cars 2 you can see like free like the idea that you can see my previous destinations as well yeah if you really want you could feel like retrace the steps of this person you probably couldn't really scary how much information Trust of the car. Thinking about it without with a rental car without thinking about it so I'm going to the story because I was invented a story while in my head I was like well. Be like you imagined if right no more but gravity isn't in relation to the Center of the Earth gravity is it a bond so everything is down on the whole Earth so as you got like closer to the edge you can actually dislike full off but then it'd be like people on top would be like a flat societies living in it as you get closer to the edge of everything we slept and I should be cool and then you get nice like people on the line who would like to climb underneath he is one of my favorite one of my favorite parts of the Flat Earth documentary was these people who were Believers in the Siri who was actually the good guy who really started it all and he was talking about how he's like well you see over there like I'm all the way over here on this island and I could see Seattle right there I could see it and if the Earth was round or spear I wouldn't be able to see it and be curved I mean Trevor watching this thing like you understand the scale of the Earth you and Europe like you can't see fucking New York from there it is alive in the world a lift and watch that they can see further as they go high that show that would prove it to think you got called some insults after you tweeted it yes there's a very derogatory term but I guess flat earthers have come up with for people who don't believe Flat Earth stuff while we're watching the whole time and someone replied to me saying that's cuz you're a globetard it's like believing in a but like you could be insulted for believing in around Earth is a flat earther there's no such thing is acting ironically if you do something out of to be ironic and you acted you say that insults and everything you're doing the thing you are doing the thing like if you were wearing a Maga hat like if you get on up Xbox Live microphone and you start like talking to stupid voice and yelling at everyone but you're doing it ironically easily not you're just someone who's on Xbox Live you know part of the problem. That's why I'm better than people have to realize is that you need to figure out the context of whether or not you're being ironic that guy is a flat earther right to try to see if he has tweeted anything else about and I couldn't find anybody I Like Big Dipper on it yet can I consume as much as possible and see if it turns me I just need one of you guys to pull me back I don't think it possible for at least anybody that I know in this company of objectivity seen a lot of stuff and I'm not in a conversation about the two which I got some feedback for saying that I was being anti freedom of speech is that what they got to keep that stuff out there and I was making the argument well I was going to have a great couldn't have envisioned like how people can weaponized language and your information you know and I was ever let people see where they want to but you got to be able to say that person to fucking idiot you know and they're they're fucking idiots idiots people who are anti-vaccine your fucking idiot people who think the Earth is flat or fucking bitches fucking idiot by stuff is the scariest and it's like a little like a little chip away at you know you shouldn't believe this cuz they want why why are they making up this life you know he's a scientist to work on this Earth is a fucking spear yeah but people don't die directly because of it but do they could like roads the public trust in science and consider fucking idiot or you think they still have to be able to say I think you're saying which is more dangerous of a theory if the person that is requesting that why don't you make a big rectangular pancake oh God not we'll get it that's a white man that fyre Festival documentary impact on me I'm I'm not really stressing that how much of an impact at me like the whole thing was just like the way the guys talked about Their audience or their target market there like idiots apparently there's a very big difference between open fire Festival is that destination now it's really just like jukinmedia or something where they they they right they pay rights for stuff to repost a bunch of other stuff I just can't believe how quickly he went back to scammon every one of my fucking comedian friends can't stand that Instagram is the founder of the fire festival at night in both the festival and then the company fire which was totally different than firefest fire fire was an app that was meant to be able to book big-name talent for event right that was the whole thing for and even after all this shit went wrong Ja Rule who is part of it investing in it he goes off and just makes that app again somewhere else so he gets to keep doing that the other guy Billy goes to jail as what Festival really is pretty damn aggressive in that Netflix one he is just completely psychotic and he like is a prepared with the word denying all these things that are just so clearly true that he's still out of his money money yeah and I don't think it's Boone's going to work and get anything I need to spatulas I have no idea how can I cross my arms like this and then couple why why you to cross the arms cuz I'm like yeah but it's easier to do it more control pre crust on your directions I know I know I know to give me the ocean for you. Festival doc going to take great exception because I've seen these like massive frauds and I think that it's fair to call it a fraud using my freedom of speech because the guy did go to jail for wire fraud I think of one of the many charges that he was convicted on there was the conversation about people who worked on the app side and then some people who worked not for fire but worked on the festival they were like promotional copies or event coordinator Logistics that worked on him and had a lot to say there was some like really tells you people but one guy and I can't remember specifically what his role was said yeah yeah a lot of people out of their money A lot of people didn't get paid a lot of people were ripped off and fraud because I have to say when people get paid they have to keep in mind that the employees we worked here everyday for years and we didn't get paid that we should be the first to get paid if you're in the fucking while you're there you know the thing is not right but they keep claiming that they didn't know that they was all segments it in that it was all the other group that was doing the Netflix and Hulu one who the one puts a lot more culpability on Jerry media where's the Netflix one day just say like oh we didn't know at work there's one guy that's from Pilot guy who's also work on the logistics we said hey you you can't do this this island will fit this many people you got to have a cruise ship off the shore of the island in there like Jagger fire and he's like okay you're can't hold you cannot possibly make this Festival it can't be done and there is I can't get out of here and everyone was playing like it sounds like always they always use the people who work at Enron specifically as like those people lost their pensions and lobster stock option to Enron and they got ripped off and they should be the first people get paid like know that they had the most amount of information of anybody you know I don't think they shouldn't. Nothing they were victims but if you work some overtime and something is going wrong you do have responsibilities to say something you would hear something you feel like you would know something was exactly where you worked is there a lot of stuff that like makes it under the radar where you work or do people talk about shit shit almost every person who if I would think that at one point like yeah if you know we got this call and this thing was falling apart or this cab driver said there's no way this is going to be built in time you know on the islands Exuma where they were holding it eventually and I feel really bad for the fucking workers construction workers that work in the lady she also lost a lot of money on that as well as y'all some whipped cream. You can roll it into something cool suck a fat Great America and you roll it up like this I guess it's pretty hot out both yet you were hoping to go completely wrong and everything covered it passed away and then off to his well I really can't stress enough how much watching this documentary affected me it really did will grab my can't stop thinking about it and I just can't watch it this weekend yeah you want to have sex will you be there we can't wait to see all your beautiful faces July 57 that the Austin Convention Center for the greatest animation gaming and comedy event in the world are ticks great place to go because we were friends teeth and just you know celebrate everything that we love her favorite thing about receive is RTX she didn't get a lot of it but she RTX you fucking love every year she come down as I head over to our checks austin.com right now pick up weekend passes for you and your friends or even if just you by yourself come hang out with us the greatest community on the planet that's July 5th to 7th at RTX Austin and you have a chance to see the podcast on the song always open of traffic live RTX Animation Festival special guest Misty cosplay World premieres and so much more that's RTX Austin. Com do not miss Gwen Stefani Taylor Swift was just like you know they saw the success it look like of Coachella and other events that were grown organically over years and it just like we're going to do that and we're going to but we're going to do it like over the top or going to cater the people's like modern-day Instagram Kardashian fantasies of just like yachts and Villas and all that stuff it's like influenster culture. They basically a really did I just can't believe how far they got with so little time left how much money they was still pouring into it would have been so much better if it is cut our losses earlier about how. Documentary of the one house 45 days from the event they still didn't have a stage as I want to be hosting all of these bands and if you don't know how you stayed you going to work or where how things are going to lay down equipment is it and people were riding while they were still trying to set up thing so it just looks like a construction then you got like the end of the world Apocalypse of chaos that humans always go into in those situations right when you started like I mean there was even people who admitted weird stuff on camera like it's people's beds so that people couldn't camp near them like it was just it was not even a Rhyme or Reason why I'm surprised that guy that Mom a surprise but I'd like I made a mistake I think by saying that I know you're going to frost in the Bahamian police are going to prosecute him if that other issues to worry about going with the intent of sucking a dude's John Thomas but that's what it look at Customs fee. Com be legal and I don't know if it's like a conspiracy to commit play that's how we got Tom Cruise in a Minority Report guilty of that but the thing I always come back to you was I can see how people get wrapped up on it the Bahamian lady who ran the restaurant and also the events guy that I think his name is Andy the guy that said he was coming here it's like you could see them they gave the best case I just like the Bahamian woman said you know this was supposed to be here for five years if I do a good job on the first one I have a job for five years that's a really big deal to me that she was and she lost money man talk about her like losing her savings and like investing in that I don't put her in the same boat as the people who were working in these fancy Tech offices on the conference call I only had her on a me the fucking conference calls but her in it and he was like when he was talking about it he was like yeah this is impossible can happen but he talked about Woodstock specifically Woodstock and it might be a sign of the times if you looked at Woodstock with the right lens that thing's a fucking disaster people died it was a lot for the drugs they were stuck on the freeway for days and days at a time getting there and back it was this small little town that all these people showed up at but it's remembered is this use cultural event and I'm glad they made that point because it's sometimes it really is just if you pull it off then you remembered what I know I never thought about it in that in that perspective you don't know how people can remember fire Festival in 10 years that guy might be remembering it fondly when he was pissing on the lives of the people stents maybe like that was great as a great time with the fire Festival I have an idea for RTX this year we should have an area of the exhibit hall where you could experience other festivals play little bit like atoms of festive like a dashcon area where it's just that ball pit and in like a fire Festival where it's like a sentence with like a what was a slice of tomato or whatever they had their get the full experience we could just have people stand in the parking lot for tanacon and we can put them on like that was like I was close enough to that cuz that's our industry that I was I was looking at other men, which was it was in response to VidCon executing events is so difficult RTX I think we were like we've been and we've been to events for years and as exhibitors and as attendees I would know how to do this and it's not easy at all fire Festival coming out is actually really really bad I think for those people because you watched that Dock and we're the guys being interviewed is an attending you like what the fuck is this guy giving away all his information about how he got do you know got suckered into this thing it's like I would want to go on camera going to put it behind me to $5000000 judgment against them probably won't but they don't say that I mean cuz there's no money left her know what it was never any money to begin with one of these Charter was affected bought this island but then they glossed over the stone quickly the documentary they bought this island but then the owner of the island kick them off of it cuz I really didn't Pablo Escobar if they bought the island how does the owner have the right to kick him I see who's all like you're shady like half truce in the promotion they said they pulled somebody who went to tanacon and was stuck in that parking lot or what if he was out with you all the way in the ambulance they're going to see the fire Festival. Because it's kind of you know Loosely connected to their experience and judgment and be like Oh imma do that and I'm sure they probably had people talk so I think it's really bad for them I really do we have a slightly different we have another pancake another User submitted pancake romantic fire lit to eat his pancake like a burrito by myself I think it's cool down right now the sheer size come in this big enormous pancake reminds me of it is we now do this thing where we celebrate people's birthdays all at once a month I don't feel I don't like that. Seems like I'd rather not do it oh yeah I got my hair thanks very very accomplished apartment organizing one of these I was going to do was Gavin convince me to buy this litter robot cat litter robot OK it's a cat box that cleans itself like a Roomba yeah place it doesn't drive catch it all over my house I'll be on the way to go it's like is it like a cone that goes through a hole in the wall is rotating Like a Rolling stiff to haul the Klumps be up on the on the street and they fall off into the bay doors Hal from Portal Aperture Science but mine went on the fritz after a year this is I'm not in any way endorsed in this product expensive is something expensive expected to work even if it's cutting-edge a crap out of me after about a year and I went to Gavin I was like I was like yeah man ago your litter box ago and you still happy with it cuz mine when you know that work anymore and just me mind if I died like six months ago you never said anything about it you owed me to let me know now that I could have done any of that point but I feel like I went with this thing on your recommendation because I left outside because it got cat poop on it I'm pretty sure that's the type of thing right up you don't want that you cannot poop anywhere near there. I think they're French and they have a robotic YouTube channel I look him up right now so I can give a shout out to cash it or just in general and they told me how to fix it I ordered a part from them little weight sensor and fix it and it didn't work and I was like mad at the French guys in French and then I went back this weekend in like gets more research and like calibrated the weight sensor now it's perfect change it in less than everyday anything that you can do to reduce the amount of time you deal with poop is money well spent you cash it upfront go all of your shit for the month but it took like 90 minutes would you do it once a month minutes I would absolutely do that 3 minutes a day right what's the white stuff come out of every month all at one time would rather be 3 minutes a day or just dude wants to look at you about the crust 3 minutes a day tell when you can tell when your. Is coming at the cross tops is it like when the tide goes away before a tsunami coming cuz like you just feel is kind of like like you get a little bit crampy but like it's almost like your uterus is just like exactly all right these guys are robot shop TV they seem like super nice dudes and I think the French play there there they be in rabbit in the last week is this that's a robot to start yeah yeah domestic robot yeah that's very on the drill field and shows why so there's a vernacular YouTube and people always want a bitch about people putting people on YouTube like the whole like And subscribe which we do when our YouTube videos still do other places people always complain about that but you're fucking watching videos on YouTube you know it's like you can't complain about the problem when you're part of the problem if it works the format go watch it somewhere else. You're the one doing the basic thing of showing up on YouTube to watch videos when is a billion other place to watch me up I'd agree on this video they would all have two videos cuz a lot like how do I switch on a light switch or you know how do I replace a pane of glass that can I put it where you going to be sure to subscribe to our channel guide that does not apply to collect it when you need them you are a search channel you are not subscribed Channel but I don't want to know like how to repair a faucet I picking lawyer pasta is there a perfect look he's done something bad or good but most of them are terrible like a lot a lot of like I never realized to think a lot of knock off Locks like it looked bad luck that looks like a good luck but it's just like a 3rd party manufacturer was copying the way it looks and you take it apart to nono's garbage truck I'm a subscriber you guys think I would see anything if I had a macro lens and I tried to film the courts in a watch or is it to smoke probably will be able to destroy high frequency by the little folk super high shooting for that yeah when it gets electricity it has a certain frequency that vibrates like 15 x vibrates at a frequency of 32768 Hertz is a 33000 times a second account when do quartz come around I got to get something of his being turn of the last century but maybe it was a good middle oral surgery first quartz clock was built in 1927 and I think it's because when you difference some Christmas when you like impact them in some way to generate electricity networks the other way so you can make them move with electricity always been fascinated by is like the way that things break on a molecular level when you get down to like a few molecules any break-ins very specific kind of a cube is or things like that like things break in certain ways these are cut like knives that are there specific bonds that are cut or like the way that you use a sharp object to wedge between another object focal point that goes through and then splits it today about that because I got to go to the gym when I got back into bed back in bed and Ashley got a per second when she got up and moved over her bed said there was more I thought about that story you told Trevor always warms up your side of it I was just over there trying to get her warm those sheets are the keys energy storing energy I don't think if she says like an energy storage device but what is happening to his sheet that makes it store energy like our is the toilet seat toilet seat molecules vibrating like they were taking the heat he felt like a thing that hangs out on the seat for a while to energy and its stored molecular level you're not touching any of it right either right there's nothing the polar Fields I guess if you were vibrating at some point and you'll see releasing heat then the heat that the sea is getting it and then that takes a while to disperse when you cut up people who is Leighton the Podcast Addict and I think we're a bunch of Stoners reading pansies from to wrap up a actual time right before we go we do have a couple last time takes to show from like the Reaper show me up exact shape dude how did his flip goes why would someone tried the master pancake flip that I tried like a crab yeah they attempted would be as much as I like that that's pretty smart too cuz they had a bit of paper towels and I wouldn't have that I do before I go across from a plate my presentation is not their presentations in Ceviche with the pancakes are you going to make them if you making sure you make them I think the ones I've always had before for crepes are it's almost like it's kind of like a small Dome little bit any turn it over dip it in the batter and then that's the pan cook sit on top of it like this way to use this way very long skinny metal spatula crazy like they have a technique to humans develop over the earth flat Panna Panna all right, something that I saw this weekend also that I liked which was a show that I really enjoy Brooklyn Nine-Nine it is a video they got renewed for season 7 on NBC and maybe it was because I watched the fire festival thing with his vessel cup and seems like Tech offices for all these people and everything but the video is really wholesome the something off-camera it sounds like an exact from NBC is telling them we're happy to have you back for season 7 everyone goes crazy they're all this static they were pale you look like they were doing a table read for an episode to the role in one place in a high five and cheering and so happy but what I noticed about it is Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a network television show that is in it 60 using now getting renewed for a 7th season major Stars Terry Crews Andy Samberg podcast Illinois there's something about that but if you don't watch it where they're just in this shitty white room like it looks like a break room without a studio with nothing on the walls it just completely undecorated and a doing the table read at like four folding tables have what look like blue vinyl tablecloth on them like stuff you have at a picnic and that's where they're doing the table read and it's always admired about production people is it productive have the shittiest offices and then when they're big stars you think like all they have trailers and no Brown M&Ms and all that shit but it's like Prussia people in general they want to make sure that every dollar they spend end up on the street that's all that everything I've ever encountered for production people has always been that way and I just like I love seeing this video and a lot of time approaching persons office will move to the location if that you know how to install producing it said they have to have all this stuff and like him portable staff anyway and money shouldn't come first but I think it's all about the experience and what you're creating for people it's funny to me that people associate is being very well-established like the cast and crew and producers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine they're still like bring it out you know and getting it done and making a good show for people in like these other guys who are just like showing up in thinking they think about the big thing and how their day you like that and then they just failed miserably and you know make everybody's life of misery so Zachary Levi coming up immediately after this check it out we hey everyone. We got a special guest with us we got Zachary Levi here., right back out there I'm comic books where the internet expected to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every single comic book ever written John is here to make sure that we stay on track right right know exactly why isn't upcoming superhero movie is coming out on April 5th movies were like kids become adults like big and 13 Going on 30 right up her alley like a a kid super powers of the superhero movie is I think it to me it feels like it's got some really kind of fun I don't know ambulance feel to it you know so like it's accessible for a whole family but it's not a kids movie it's it's not a face on the family movie it has some gravity in some darkness and you know good vs Evil and then I came into the theater it's not a problem it's family accessible to the scenario for a child Working Families that own the movie theater inside with off and walking around in a sound like an old Jewish woman doing Barbara what does you yes I understand that's better when you when you play a part that is also being played by another actors in the same movie like how he's read about Tom Hanks play Forrest Gump there was a young Forrest Gump the movie I choose based a lot of his accent on the young actor Haley Joel Osment play on here and a lot but way it is one of my favorite movies of all time I love that movie it's so good it's so good first movie that ever really did like that kind of face like really good facial replacement stuff like K shaking hands on even then I was like at the time you watch a historical footage which is already kind of greedy and now you have to work to plays Billy Batson he was the older version of the same character but they were kind of in two different time you know it wasn't they weren't in this didn't exist in the same wall the same time literally what about the same time except that with the way the premise of big work does that he went from being young to being big and stayed big the whole movie and then went back to being young again in Shazam we're constantly shifting back and forth within the same time that was really more you know David Sandberg our director II the trusting him that he could see was the through line but between my performance in Asher Angels performance in Needle making sure that it all adds up and you know we and actor and I got some time to rehearse I get to know each other and hang out and break some bread and family and all that and we got some time to rehearse and go through some scenes but he was very limited unfortunately because we were starting production he was still working on his Disney show Andi Mack at the time and so he what's on at all the way up to when he started shooting so we didn't have a lot of time to get the hang out or he didn't get to watch me doing a lot of the stuff that I was doing and so on and so forth but I mean I I trust David you know I think you have to do every movie the director is the captain of the ship and you know he or she says what they're looking for when you try to have to honor that as best you can and then and you're so talented I mean he's like he's going to be like another Justin Timberlake that kid he's like he was like seeing the Disney kid not Justin that yeah I think it's really good to sing in the movie A babe we got those some Elvis Presley Thunderbolts PCB are the mic blocking and you can't see the little bit of a tangent but I think so awesome I V the TCB the Elvis TCB Thunder you know to talk about the key and all these guys had tattooed on them then my cousin Nikki also has tattoos on her cuz she's done when she's a rockstar and also Elvis's like little have tape both of those are because of Captain Marvel shazam original will Captain Marvel and specifically even Captain Marvel Jr who was Freddy's character back in the day that Elvis was obsessed with the Mets why he wore a cape like that and that's why he has the Thunderbolt as his Insignia never knew that because that's that's an Elvis fact I don't know start president probably didn't start 1939 what I look like the I basically ripped off Superman and he's going to just let them and they ripped off Superman and then they started out selling Superman so then they got sued by the Sea on your The Entity that essentially was DC at that time and Boston win under not too long after that and then DC but all of faucets catalog so they all done that that's how they ended up with Captain Marvel and then they kind of the name last with the rights in the trademarks and stuff and then Marvel Swift in and grab the name and now it's been a very convoluted it's a very convoluted then after that happened they couldn't sell a comic DC couldn't sell it, said Captain Marvel I'm sure you can call him that in the comic but you couldn't actually say Captain Marvel on the front tow lot of people never if you're just a glancing person like you read other, but you don't know that when you like that's called Shazam is it would say with the power of Shazam become Earth's Mightiest mortal just a little bit of History yes and that's why the movie is called Shazam I'm putting all your project Lady Gaga's to ricotta for thanking Bradley Cooper didn't like tagged out on Saturday thing like that same day or night as at work as we shall like 75% nights but I was like wow that was working together and we get that little like you know tap wrestler in regular that blew gently showed Asher walking saying the word and then you we seen the one where he jumps off the roof that's in the trailer without. 15 such a great shot I stay away from Lake later trailers because once I decide that I'm like to see this movie I don't want people get oversaturated with trailers and then you've already seem like a whole movie has the trailer is to get you to go see the movie they don't play at the end of the day they tend to not care if they spoil the movie and it really the director or producer that involved it really has to have a have your hand and making sure they don't I always think about the Terminator movies every Terminator movie has boiled big Twisted it by the trailer like every Terminator 2 even the Genesis one that had the guy from Avatar if you watch the trailers like the biggest moment in the film is in the trailer so he's crazy movie about a dog that was the first one way home movie trailer you want to go see the uplifting story don't you want to know snuff film I do not want to I do now so I don't know what was in the movie like what do you have a memory by putting off of the first time you like always I'm a superhero thing they had me do was go get measured immediately because they had back time to like I got tired the last possible that they think they can hire someone because they knew how long they need to be the lead time to make the suit and it was like I don't know let's say eight weeks and we've gotten all the way up to that and so soon as I got the check they sent me directly to the costume designer food already been working on all this stuff obviously and then we did all the measurements and then you know not too long after that got a little you know initial kind of funeral first prototype to put on the red spandex and everything and I was sitting there looking at this thing everything that's not even not even just like as an actor what I've dreamt about being able to do at some point in my career along the way and I've been so blessed cuz I got to you know play characters like fandral supporting Thor in the Thor movies which is cool but we didn't really have that much to do this is a bona fide Cape wearing superhero and and so the actor who was like oh my gosh what I wouldn't Incredibles thing and then bucket list but that didn't mean I was losing his mind up I like what is happening right now when I was younger I was more of a marble kid but you know it's still none the less all of these is world and I now get to be that guy I still do it I think it's important I think you know this character report a lot of our time and energy into that's why I have always had an appreciation for fans as I am when I understand how much we personalize these things a lot you know something mean a lot to us and I think that you have to I think we all need to understand that when things don't go exactly way we think they should go we shouldn't take it personally it's not anybody trying to hurt you because you know they did something like this with a story or that with the character whatever but I'm a firm believer that we ought to really respect and honor the source material and the fans that have kept that IP going for so long and try to incorporate as much of that love and those knobs and homages as you as you can and give those back to the fan so I was looking at myself wearing the suit I was like I get to give the owner of the famous character and a responsibility that comes along with that you know what's going on are all the fans who have supported it you know that's super cool use that to play this character in particular right and other people have far more comic book knowledge than I do I think I have a pretty good amount and all the characters that I know in both DC or Marvel the only other cares that I can think of that has this like childlike ordino adolescents have exuberance and like overall just like stoeckig to be a superhero is Peter Parker Peter Parker Billy Batson to me how he's very similar feels in that they're good-hearted kids are smart sand apps and then all the sudden I don't know where they didn't ask for it they got this thing and instead of now sitting and brooding and being upset about it or like oh my gosh you know they're immediately out they're testing it out of learning and then they were going to put in the world and I didn't have to you know I'm sure like anyone is playing Batman or Superman or any other of YouTube routing strong character like that has always had a really probably temper themselves and their enthusiasm on set because I like even though it inside there still tickets to do this then I got to be like that man but I don't have to do that at all I got to just literally so I can work and be like hell yeah I'll bring a speaker to set all the time just play music in like cuz I think you know by ethnic music makes life better always but I think particularly when you're kind of sit around onset sometimes there's a lot of downtime like to keep energy up and there's a lot of like genuine fun in this movie and I didn't want to lose any of that in the real stuff that was happening in me I wanted to keep that gun as much as I could do you have to throw that stuff down and have you ever heard of the franchise has a real bad problem with that what he's talking about exactly is Star Wars they have an ongoing problem in Star Wars were the actors will make noises for their guns and the kids doing stuff that we can't believe we get together this is Ewan McGregor in the prequels I would love that grow up especially reading comics and being into superheroes and then to actually now be someone's superhero like kids are going to be watching that movie and like you're going to be their hero so how do you say I can't wait for Halloween this year I can't remember how many kids dress up like where did you just can you dress up at 10 tomorrow can you be test tomorrow tomorrow call I guess it really have a whole bunch of other like like sibling and other people that got power so it was Mary Marvel back in the day and eat your own fingernail painting Emoji shadman there another show that when I saw it the first season I immediately kindled Barber and said you've got to watch marvelous mrs. maisel book spoiler I mean it's really not clean up on social media beard Barber. Star Wars who are the writer producers and directors the most episodes Amy sherman-palladino and Dan Palladino are so talented and so cool and we're so gracious to invite me into the whole world and be a part of that show and literally like this get that you know kind of you know jumping there slipstream while they were heading for all of these awards that they were grabbing and I want a sag award as a part of The Ensemble I mean it was all super dreamy but there they deserve all of it man I mean that every Department every person and that crew in that cast and all the above the line in the other producers Dana and like they strive for excellence and you see onscreen it's really refreshing and you need to watch the second season yeah yeah yeah yeah. Your approach to that character is great when I had my first conversation with different is weirdly Indiana likes different weird girls and they wrote it excellently and Rachel are you couldn't ask for a better singing partner she's so talented so gracious and you know the whole group welcomed me with open arms and so much love and we just got to play tennis together and with Incredible dialogue you know and it's it's a dream job scripture that show must be like two pages a minute or more just a long and page count but certainly the Cadence in the super rapid fire but that's what they've been doing me know Amy sherman-palladino also did Gilmore Girls that I never saw Gilmore Girls but I heard it was saying was that also wanted to put the questions I want to ask about Shazam specific the director himself Sandberg his previous films were lights out and an Annabelle is that like in Shazam it all just get like freaky just calm down over here so so you don't want to say it sits with one of the reasons why I think that David was such an inspired Choice as a director that new line and Warner Brothers made because I think that will clearly what he showed them with that he could execute making them a film multiple times over like you know lights out he was you know he's like a Swedish cat who was discovered through his shorts and stuff online on YouTube with a really good and that's how lights out. Lights out happening in a dollars to make that movie and then that made x amount of dollars I mean like okay well we'll give you know x amount of dollars and then Annabelle creation made X-Men or Annabelle 2 creation that kept working very well on a monetary level and I don't want to create a blog was making good films and then I'm looking at this IP and I think you know it was really smart for them to say hey this guy actually could actually make a really cool different version of this with you know with some actual I don't know choices that would that other people might not necessarily make within the studio system because you don't look a movie about a 14 year old who can become an adult in that superpowers can easily fly off the rails like easily become a rally car like just all of the Wings and all the judges now I mean I mean being a fan of it like and also like a little bit of the default Erza steps along the way of DC Cinematic Universe it was leading up to the release of the trailer for Shazam that I was like yeah that's like for someone who's the trailer came out after like Justice League Justice League was like yeah, kind of San Diego which is well after Justice League. Salty flavor my mouth like you know execution of these big titles yet I've always loved a lot and I was like I really want this to be good friends told me immediately but I was just so surprised from going from when the director was announced from his previous work and not that a director who's got a different genre of work before and can't do stuff mean Jordan peele's that person he's been doing, the fact that came out the tone was just so perfect it was that not cheesy not like other week week at the camera but still a good level of like Schumer and moderation of it all I was told Peter Jackson was taking on the Lord of the Rings trilogy Series yeah we will meet the deedles meet the feebles how do you make your people love this movie big deal before or after have you seen any Studio commit to making a Trilogy right out of the gate is like you know it's like a Back to the Future or or Matrix kind of a situation when you made the first one in the Gulf of this is really well that will give you a bunch of money and you can go to three back-to-back you see how to do you say yeah here's all the money like epic of epics and you're the guy who did those he showed the vision of division I think David probably and their initial meetings showed the vision of how he thought this could all work out and I think it's awesome I think he and maxing where are DP have painted a lot of really really cool frames to capture this world in and also you know like I was referring to earlier the Good vs Evil theme throughout the film you know you want the evil to be scared you want the evil to be evil I want to be dark you need it to be dark and I think a David Sandberg is that kind of guy who stays dark cuz he does that horror stuff and then but he's also very funny he's a super super dry sense of humor but he's very funny and so he got that stuff you know what and I I am also super indebted to him for giving me so much leash like allowing me to go and kind of inhabit this this character and and every time he saw something was like you know maybe that doesn't feel like exactly what I'm looking for can you know I was like great cool lets you know but he collaborates fantastically anybody has opinions about like specifically about what he wanted you know I mean I remember some you know when the supermarket Kwik-E-Mart scene that's in the trailers were you the guy that the thugs are shooting me yeah and the bullets like the first one bounces and hits the ground kind of slow mo like with that night when we wish you to get David was sitting there with a bag of shells were there and looking at a monitor with the framing this is very like one by one until it was the exact perfect she'll drop and bounce it or not so I guess there was a capacity he cared you know he cared about making this movie and he had that darker side in his back pocket the really keep I think you know that evil evil but who dropped these lips are sealed by the commentary you found out before everything like that you like go to the gym I want to see what he was very complimentary yeah man I mean literally the day I got called and I got the job I was at the gym I was already get I was already getting back in the gym anyway cuz I was like text me to go to be healthy man it's funny I quit smoking like all kinds of stuff and I thank you oh my gosh it's been like almost 2 years cuz it's so so so good oh my God yes oh no I've been in the gym by six days a week for the last 2 years and eating tons of calories depending on if I'm going to build phase or a cut phase over that is now because we're going on tour we're about to start this press to her and you know I'd I need to stay kind of like Light and Healthy and like moving forward so yes I definitely I feel good I feel good I'm super super grateful I hope that wherever we go in the world I hope that wherever the movie opens in the world that people that resonates with them that they enjoyed and they feel like we put our heart and soul and Blood Sweat and Tears into it cuz we did and I think some really good when you get to see it like on Premiere in La I'm not I'm not sure which one I will get to see it but it's super bright like the new trailer dropping soon I don't know exactly when but probably people out there that are yelling for the second trailer guys is coming I promise there is one here but we're all really looking forward to seeing the time