#535 - Open Wide, We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Join Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, and special guests Rhett and Link as they discuss kolaches, internetainment, the history of the business, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-535

Recorded: 2019-03-12 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Rhett James McLaughlin, Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal III


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you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 535 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com hello welcome to the receive podcast this week brought you by Robin Hood goat and RTX Austin we got a couple of special guests with us but I'm Gus we got we got him right where you want me to introduce myself yeah I'm already linked and I'm like five hundred and I'm going to say the name of the show but with your name right in the lower third that's right graphics I don't know we doesn't know her Chiron before was that from how many radicals like a planet that Superman escape and they did it so easily like that we got away is something you want to say I have a mic who is who is patting on the cameras watching we're not live so we're not monitoring chat normally we can chat but not doing that today you're not wanted to hang out with you guys and make some videos why you couldn't have picked a better week to travel to Austin then South by Southwest week when it's prohibitively expensive to travel to Austin and the airports are all clogged actually we are sleeping in your bus weekly August want to go nuts come out of the top of your butt is on fire well I didn't go inside but the outside smells funny what kind of wood you burn it just smells like that General doing it for 10 year 10 year anniversary of doing weekly podcast that's traded them for is my answer I'm just curious because I'm older everyday and misery loves company since 2000 but that we were just doing like live we were doing like Live Comedy at that point but the internet's we we started our website and L3 relic.com and that we were probably do something similar to you we were hosting our own videos on our own server and then people started downloading and putting them on YouTube when you two came about in a row before I think they started doing that no 50606 we started We join ya ya ya and GMM was 2012 and 2012 we had a really crazy realization the other day because we start 2003 as well and April 1st the company would have been around for 16 years which means at some point in the next few years we're going to hire somebody that wasn't born when the company started right we're in this surreal place where things like that are starting to happen I'm just very grateful that we're still we're still around we're somewhat viable but we are rather any hiring children child labor so we we have lots of employees that were not born at your six smaller hand if we remembered each other a lot of that manual labor. She was like the opposite of improper just know each other before we work together here somebody we had a second dream of what company tech company it was a call center DaVita tech support and you guys have jobs before you were that's what I graduate that I could tell when your testing a jockstrap I never knew that they could be building bridges how much I learned in that in those four and a half years but I can design a mean drainage ditch and I can fire somebody like that's an Industrial Engineer it's it's all about efficiencies and once you create efficiency your fire the person who was doing his thing that you figured out another way to do it yeah Eric Eric I have some notes for you I'm the mean one is I don't think you're needed would be missing and cuz that was my job you know a part of it you mean you accidentally leave people off of a spreadsheet that we get fired though I would I would sign typically leave them off but then I wouldn't have to like tell Eric hey man just this is it your pack your things about a sports team in the playoffs that's been mathematically eliminated you're the guy that mathematically. That is great I love you and I would love to go out heavily on my conscience but I mean it can't be as bad as working at a call center to answer phone we did why did he was my direct man if you were my manager's manager but we had a show he was your second line they call it corporate speak your boss's boss even though you were not in the office until the people who took your chair I don't know why he didn't. Circus company didn't know I was the president of a company have to answer the phone so the call center decided to buy Sega Dreamcast for the break room during breaks his back I just wanted to play manager of the manager what game was it was dead or alive who's dead or alive 2 how dare you I was playing a game like if it's just a choice like usual kind of Click dead or alive and it's over but we sat down a place and Bernie beat me in the first round and I guess he grew up playing video games so you felt bad about it you heard anything handily beat him. If you told me that he was very good at video games which infuriated me play video games I can buy the arcade of the 80s menu will invite people had like Ataris or clean or things like that so I was thinking my friends and play what if I beat them they would play with me if you don't like losing so they want to do something else I want to play video games a lot of times I would like Nerf a little bit and let him win until I felt I just threw up with that kind of anxiety a mini gaming nerd I beat gasai standard play I got I play a lot of big and some really good at beer guess that's why I be exact wrong thing to say to me in that situation so I got so mad that I beat him in the next round without taking a single hit I think I looked at him and I said I'm also pretty good if I could give you the exact impression because I said I want to be a game I want he's got Victory on me also could it be that guy said we both remember that very well for several years ago now eliminated by an Industrial Engineer probably cancel the dream and I don't think somebody turned his key card and he came back and they say yeah that's why they do it right away every time I honestly every time I go on one of these buildings we have a security system and when I present my ID for the security system to give me a red light or green light I know I still work here and get a cup of coffee if you don't happen to you over your limit. So good so then I can't get into the building this building right over here and I saw Chris Damaris getting a cup of coffee. That's really good can't get in right now and did you get coffee after coffee I need to know that you got it while it was the most wonderful coffee tasting water I've ever had to tell you jokes as you wait for your coffee ice cream on it I can't be true yeah shopping together and it'll like I don't even know it just it says the stupidest thing I try not to look at the display because it makes me mad when I'm waiting for my coffee that is like it's trying to entertain me are getting coffee that means they don't have coffee bad idea to try to make jokes about the coffee's completed right here's a joke. You know you got that laffy taffy. Last thing you want is to laugh because I mean it's really hard to laugh with Kathy Bates in your mouth it's like it's it's very obstructionist you know you're right if you buy it on the Taffy and then you're trying to laugh you could lose a molar a filling can pot right out that's exactly what I was getting at I haven't happened to me I don't have any feelings I haven't seen you ever eat Laffy Taffy except the one time we don't go you don't have to go to of like they have a go to get it from you to Reese peanut butter cup of peanut butter man peanut butter and vanilla ice cream with my favorite things every night I would I'm sure someone here can attest to this cuz it was like all the way through college to every night before I go to bed I would I would pour a glass of milk and put in some chocolate syrup and then I would take a spoonful of peanut butter put it down and stir up that chocolate milk and then that would be my like going to bed when I cap my nightcap yetzer the peanut butter into the milk stays on display but I need to use the spoon and get some of the hits milky chocolate to make a little bit of peanut butter flavor gets into the chocolate milk you act like it was a good thing you did yes well into adulthood yeah and I would I would get a lot of flak from my roommates because there will always be the glass think think think think think that you know link is going to sleep that was my link is going to sleep think it's like other people may have already been asleep hope your problem I have I get in here I had to do it I heard you guys were it's what you're saying big glue my teeth to get some kind of epoxy that just like a hard saliva Romy red gooey butter upset you don't like black licorice either though I hate black licorice that's the sign of emotional problem you're the one stable Geniuses love love black licorice I love it I absolutely love it I mean there's not many things that I that I don't like circus peanuts though you know that Lucky Charms was created by accident when a guy who worked at whatever company makes Lucky Charms put circus peanuts into Cheerios really that was the Genesis of Lucky Charms and if you eat a circus peanut and then eat a Lucky Charms marshmallow you'll be like oh you know what you're right this is a very similar thing they've they've since like fine-tune the marshmallow recipe run but that's what it was if they took a circus peanut and it was like compressed it down right like to put pressure on it and made it a different color I can't I can't hang yeah I'm not a marshmallow man but on on GMM we did a tournament last Halloween to determine the worst Halloween candy ever but basically worst candy ever and then Necco Wafers is where we came down powdery and it's it's like shock straight up sidewalk chalk but I got somebody who likes Liquors I didn't know that good & plentys wear black licorice that was quite a discussion for me but then I was a revelation you got turned around black licorice is a very important candy because it teaches children about disappointment in a very give me the vendor outnumbered the little like quarter machines that were in front of grocery stores that only does my parents I get that want to go and get a gumball and he hit the black humble the worst they are great for some now the ones I was going to licorice licorice wow you just made me just got a rotten Gumball I want to see a little bit younger than I am I was actually thinking about the penny gumball machine get the black on both I just wanted to like go to the Nintendo error the idea that you eat things that are good little bit of a punishment to you but that's why you like it it's like basically benign masochism yeah it's like I said I'm through your mouth yeah and it's like eating better things that are disagreeable to some degree and that's what I think people gravitate towards I definitely like things are like strong pungent flavors like black licorice I think there's something about the fact that I hate it makes me love it yeah there's a psychological satisfaction agent knowing that something feels like you're in danger or being threatened but you actually can override that and know that you're actually sick people love roller coasters right because it has all the the Thrills of a near-death experience but you kind of know at least if you're not in Florida you're probably not going to die on this ride probably not the 8,000 people that wrote it that day and the 50 other people that are right here with you at that moment you probably know you're probably cuz I'm a big guy almost like it's always come break on me going to hang a little lower than the tolerance that they built it for like weird like that TV thing years ago that a new roller coaster down in San Antonio and the Travel Channel had a roller-coaster show that's so they asked us to get to it and it was like people do you like six people and I had a little bit more experience with production at that point time than some of our younger boys so I said you know what you guys be on the show I'll just go and ride the roller coaster and so I won't have to be Don camaron you guys can have this really cool opportunity because I knew in this exactly what happened I got to ride the roller coaster twice. Well that's fun I'm going home they had to work just like 12 times the money when you get right back on to a roller coaster do it they couldn't sometimes they'll I mean if you're in the seat and there's no one in line. Can I just go again I think they're supposed to make you get out and walk around for that reason because otherwise they're for your safety exactly the line is just that that's why you show me answering is just for the people who are there Six Flags and I think about it I think that they'll let you do it maybe one more time but then they said we have a regulation you we actually have to make you get off and then get back on so maybe they had signed a waiver but yeah once you ride something twice if you write something three times in a row without getting off it is no longer fun at all or breaks it takes a lot of stuff I need to move the camera at the top of the first Hill you know that that took a little while but I was asking if I can see everyone I've had enough after 2 and then they were out there till like 3 in the afternoon film of the Senate's text from our sponsor Steve podcast is route to buy Robin Hood Robin Hood is investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF options and cryptos all commission-free while other brokerages charge up to $10 for every trade Robinhood doesn't charge any commission fees so you can trade stocks and keep all your profits plus there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started so you can start investing at any level the simple intuitive design of Robinhood makes invest easy for newcomers and experts alike you view easy-to-understand charts and Market data and play some trading to sport apps on your smartphone you also fuse. 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Robinhood.com thanks for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast so I heard when you guys were here just a little before we get started call me this morning that you all discovered kolaches yeah I love this type of practical joke I tell you a joke and then we'll all act like we know what glasses are and then when the three people who don't the two of us TV show up and don't know what it is will be like you never had never heard of it but now they're like polish / German Central Texas has a had a high concentration of German immigrants in the 1800s who moved here in Polish weird place because there's still a lot of german-speaking people like out in Fredericksburg what you just west of here with the language has branched and they speak a dialect of German that is different than people in Germany speak no yeah so it's like you can speak a specific type of German to people who who you know whose family immigrated here he's talking like a Texas German Dial-A-Ride does a Texas German dialect that's officially recognized as a branch of Germany Germany elated in like a like a Amish sense is that what they're still speaking I think it's just more difficult and you couldn't really talk pick up the phone and call someone and I think it's just a holdover from that where we're at a point in time now where this dialects going to die off and it's probably not going to be viable in the next the bright side is a kolache to suck to disseminate I mean I love when people put balls of bread Golden Corral has those type of mine had scrambled eggs and sausage in it yours had like a strawberry goo in it the first one has sausage egg and cheese I started slavery ended sweet like I do all my meals smarty principled man descends into the horror of black licorice a sweet and savory all the same time you know that's the closest thing I can come I've had a beignet with like crawfish in it so it's like a Savory beignet DDD men's regular cable a pig in a blanket does that because a big box out of that blanket I still don't know how they got all that stuff in that red ball surprise I couldn't find the hole everywhere for the whole the first 10 minutes with just under my tongue all over there looking for the whole there's a there's a place between here in Dallas when it when I drive up to Dallas there's a place that we always stop at end of town called West Texas West, Texas not confusing it all okay and the check stop check like a huge selection of it like a gas station gas station convenience store The Kolache Bakery and the fertilizer plant the blue people from the Czech stop taking photos of this big like plume of smoke a lot of those photos and everyone had stopped there cuz everyone stops their heads exactly halfway to Dallas but the name of town is West Texas that there's so many towns in Texas you can literally find an AA every name is probably at the right time does a Cut and Shoot Texas to Paris Texas every every name where they're all taken used to be called Waterloo right through Waterloo text has been after Stephen F Austin illegally brought all those people in Texa Cold podcast driving somewhere in Texas cuz I refuse to Texas is like flying to a city you experience a little bit of it I mean Austin Dallas I guess I never been accused bosses are in the middle of the three of the top 10 cities in the nation by population San Antonio Dallas and Houston turn off the interstate 40 across when we moved to LA right somewhere so we have that's our only Driving Experience of Texas but like so you know it's is the cliche of it just never stops but there's nothing that's going by your on I-10 if you're coming to driving when you come in but I like an orange Texas on the East Eastern Border Texas to sign on I-10 that says welcome to Texas El Paso 1,000 miles date D I mean do you like prep like it do you have to prep like a post-apocalyptic I'm going to I'm going to another town I've got to make sure I can get there it's like Russell up my Chuck Wagon specs that you wasted the first time we ever went to, composite 2006 where we had our blue t-shirts for like part of our business model cuz he should feel like a jerk so we had trailer and filled it up with t-shirts and other stuff and went out to, come with that and first of all it was it was Comic Cons in the summer so it was so hot in West Texas towing the thing behind my pick up you tell me about the Town West Texas know this is Western text more times like Fredericksburg where they talk about being flooded during population there but then what's it at nothing until I pass out it's like four hundred and fifty miles of nothing just so you looks like a Road Runner cartoon and I'm guessing the trailer but it was so hot I could literally watched it I can watch the fuel gauge go down and then it was like 200 miles between gas stations out there and they have time to tell you it's going to be a big long distance yeah I guess it's t-shirts that trip we just finished loading the trailer up and he was driving a pickup that we use for work-related purposes and that truck has seat heaters heater on maximum see I have a good economy it's just such a long slog like the only thing between are coming from San Diego is between California Texas base in New Mexico and Arizona then you get the Texas and in Texas we were halfway home and it's just it's just a lot of place something out there a lot of it we hear about I mean we've been to Death Valley on a couple of trips than you in just a couple of time does the LA she's pretty great and it's a lot of death in Valley people going there they like take the wrong I'll take this Google Map shortcut and they just died out there all you have friends who died in Texas today think so you know I'm going to tell the story I am thinking about it there's a family in a minivan that some of the dad was like let's go to death Valle guys and he they went on some Road and got into a situation where the if the van was not equipped to continue because on Google Maps if it's all this is a buddy why I wrote that they're both roads and take this one and it was it was a quite the middle of summer but it still was getting like a hundred ten hundred fifteen degrees and they found him like a mile from the van in the family in the van now play that story job and enjoy black licorice but you see I don't go to Death Valley in a minivan there was a guy who just got snowed in somewhere and he survived for 4 days on Taco Bell Taco Bell sauce in my car just in case is like a a card they will give some VIPs to get like three more dollars for life that guy gets like free Taco Bell for life if hot water heater what is probably the perfect thing from Taco Bell to email at it last a long time it's both a liquid and a solid you know why did you just say the sauce is a liquid and a solid yet a little bit it's more of a lot of the plasma white glass don't go I want to get your opinion on something other region of the earth arguments how do you pronounce. Continent where the South Pole is all right I'm not going to think about it I'm just going to say it nicely Antarctica what I would say is I typically would you say Antarctica but in response to this question in which I know someone is looking for the technically correct pronunciation so that's around words like correct but technically I would say it's an Arctica he still said Antarctica not like you said Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica but the CIA the Seas there for a reason you know you can take the seat out of Antarctica then it's no longer an island have you ever met anybody who has been and we're going to touch all 7 continents and I had I was on The Amazing Race when they did the media so I got to knock a couple different things out I haven't been to Africa and I haven't been to Antarctica Antarctica Antarctica and deaf Alex they've been like three continents and it's short amount of time and then they were like you want to try to go for all 7 this year and it made all seven and in 12 months is that right yeah you don't you know I don't base my friend you don't listen to them as much as I do where people travel is that so you know the boat ride to Antarctica you mean through the heart where it's just a big ships in the Southern Ocean and they're like a hundred foot wave that kind of situation that's like the craziest ocean in the world down there you have to go through it of course cuz there's only a certain amount of time you can actually fly in and out and they were there on the ship and this woman who was kind of organizing think he was like you need to make sure that you've always got something to hold onto as we go through the Southern Ocean because he gets so rough that we've never had a trip with someone hasn't broken a bone wow okay and one of these for them broke his leg really getting tossed around yet cuz he didn't listen Hotel forever going through the Southern Ocean on your way to Antarctica strap in the I act like that in my own home I'm always holding on to something because of the earthquake yeah they're going to have yet there's like when it when I bought my house they they made me sign this form that said I knew that I was on a fault line no kidding yeah and I was like what had to bring out a geologist to like assess it and I'm like talking old neighborhood though right side like a thin little fault line right now it it went it went beside they were able to pinpoint part of it yet cuz you think they're huge and a lot of them are huge but didn't like there's an offshoot and they get very detailed be like I'm like getting nervous if I should back out on on this purchase I'm like what would happen if you are if it did Quake hear you know and she said well I just think your lot would gain elevation and I'm like but I hold on to everything when I'm walking around always always keep an anchor I've never been in an earthquake I'm fat super fast in Dubai then I have to have y'all been in in many year that I felt nine years now but it was quite five years ago in a couple of weeks there were two that I thought it was one I was like watching TV and it started shaking I thought I was having something it was happening in my mind as if it had not having any point of reference for it I was like I'm having a stroke as a no no this is an earthquake but they're very localized and then a globe fell off shelf Earth is splitting in half like licorice you're the only the only earthquake that I felt was I was sleeping and it felt like someone put my bed against the like the headboard against the wall once it was just like bam but it wasn't a shaking thing but I woke up and I I look at my wife I thought that she had like Jimmy the bed or something more like a Paranormal Activity Chase Bank or something in LA and there's some party and I got out of it but you haven't been antisocial by doing nothing and just like everything just a little bit just a little bit it was just enough to where I can feel it if I hadn't been laying down there but no way would have felt it and it's telling me to work not going that far because now I can say I've been in your situation and you feel one really not a big one earthquake insurance and mudslide Insurance really I don't think you had to get mud mudslide but I'm like apparently where we live is kind of at the bottom of the Earth at the foothills of the you know the Angeles National Forest in like a hundred years ago there was a giant mudslide that came through the mountains and then covered but they call the Crescenta Valley which is like the Valley North of the valley would like 12 feet of mudding like a hundred people died wow in the Army Corps of Engineers went in and put all these dams in the mountains are to go hiking in the mountains so just be this would never do damned there with nothing there's just it's just waiting for a mudslide in the water cuz it's California snow water and there's one of those like basically right next to my house just this damn I think about my house just moving into it what would 12 ft of Mudd that's on me like that that's too awful yeah that's halfway up on the second floor and you got to have a lot of faith like those dams probably haven't really been tested like you got to hope that right go time that they were built correctly and that's the thing now is everybody talks about the big one the earthquake but now the latest thing is the big rainstorm that's inevitable in Kinston and I'd like the Southern California area what's that which is basically they're like just you know given the weather patterns is what was happening with climate change like in the extreme weather patterns there's going to be like a flood that like a 500-year flood in La would be catastrophic and probably kill more people than the big one interesting feel like it's been raining a lot more in La you guys are probably that you're not like the typical people from Los Angeles to grow up there you grew up in North Carolina where it actually really right right yes it's another to buy your history you guys seem like oh Asheville what are you pulling from my dad lived in North Carolina during his retirement years okay yeah and Transylvania County grade is 100 counties in North Carolina and we were required to memorize all 100 counties and then write them on a map minor was horrible you never know you never know when we're going to lose all historical knowledge and they're going to be like we need a kid who can tell us what they can make a blank map and put them all in it's good if you if you're like a local weatherman because you know they're always talking about the county right so I was kind of into that cuz I wanted to be a weatherman really yeah I got a buddy and collagen same way was engineer was really in a meteorology and how I didn't want to be a meteorologist you just made a personality and there was some guy in the back who knew what you were doing in the western part of the state is ME weather Asheville mindset man you know you got to do you have to hillbilly thing mixed in with the like a hipster thing is like a hipster Billy's know a lot of really nice Asheville lot of trees well Street lot of trees everywhere I just don't miss this and I would take them every fall and tell me the gambling got to try to hit the window but I would take a minute and try to see color you know because you we don't have seasons in the leaves actually have really have to harden Autumn this year from green to Brown this year that was actually was actually kind of pretty and I'll swing it was really weird like they were they were news reports about it in their articles not all not really sure you'll miss our winter earlier this week Live Oaks your to which they're flipped like they do they lose their foliage in the spring like right before the concert times a year without a lot of here with you cuz it's very green town was right it horrible for allergies if you have allergies that you probably agree I mean you just did this really cool thing with Smosh yeah but I think it's especially for people been doing it for a while. It's a very it's a time of transition like there's a lot of different things going on and a lot different models that are you know being tested I think and I haven't talked to a lot of people lately and was talking with Ian Smosh at one point about what people going through and Josh something clever about their whole thing with the fly and there's other people be talking about you and there's always this conversation because I guess cuz we're in Austin that they talk about local would be if we moved out of LA and moved to Austin and specifically said that but people I've talked to you I said that and I always encourage people Austin is a great town and I'm really glad that we're here but it's totally different than when we started here it's it's like you said 11th largest and I always want people towards North Carolina Asheville and Chattanooga if they're looking at like what is the next I think cool place to be in there now cuz if you're doing stuff that's internet based primarily we talked about this for years like geography doesn't play as big of a deal into it I think you know sometimes they can't help being an LA you know they're said there's definitely easier to get people around you work with 2003 you have the.com which is very similar to Arjun but we had that discussion at one point that he's talking about which is okay we can try to do this from anywhere like it would make sense to go to LA to do this but we could go to the middle of Kansas where the cost of living is way cheaper Detroit profound house to go back like $7,000 right I probably did a bulldozing am I thinking for us we we we were we were each married with kids when we were really starting in Earnest to see if we could make a go at being entertainers shirt right Rhett father-in-law who owns a bunch of dentistries in had this corporate office in like the the talent one town over in Lillington or like you know one town over from where we grew up he had this basement that he wasn't using we basically basically let us move into the basement and make that our studio basically free I don't know what he did he charge us anything or did he like I think he made his head expectation he had yeah there was there was there might have been some strings attached commercial for my dentistry in widget make him up like that we made it look commercial wedding that we we made one wedding video for friend Maria we never did that again and we made one commercial for his Dentistry we never did that again but the but the concept of the commercial with we would have we cast all these people who amongst our friends and family members to come in and like we set up this backdrop and I we tried to make it look real cool like we bought us a pro Mist filter for literally made it look like he was a little bit of myth made it seem like they were in heaven Heavenly my grandma Mama tell me the last one of the last thing she ever did so what we would go through a pro Mist filter we have them we have them sit down and it would like kids adult old people on their deathbed like your grandma coming in and we would we just coach them to smile and open their mouths like open-mouth smile open-mouth laughing you wanted that like well this because it's so we had a montage of people smiling and laughing with their mouth open just open wide will take care of the rest about what how that might be misconstrued and they loved but then they bought yeah and they bought their time and they showed it just open wide will take care of the rest then can be repurposed for something other than a Dentistry like you can use this for 2 different you talking about filming a commercial with some baked in a Buttery flaky crust blooper reel on a Feeling there's no internet video where are some local restaurants in Ohio or Wisconsin to trying to film this older couple and they can't say that the older man in a Buttery flaky crust mrs. take after take of him not saying that lied to wife getting exasperated finally they tell her okay you say the light and if she can't do it ad to go man but they didn't do that I think they may have ended up putting it on their YouTube channel as well as a final product well yesterday we we did our thing in Lillington for a while and then she started making the local commercials this is getting into why we moved to LA so we started making our local commercials that I'm back in my 08 or 09 like the Red House Furniture the Cuban gynecologist and some of those purposely kitschy bad local commercials that had real real businesses and real business owners in them and there's one right there so a lot of those went really big and we would make like a he really was a gynecologist in Cuba but also salesman in America yes AZ keeping an ecologist an American Auto Sales join the club and so I'm getting a lot of traction and you know that was the first that was the first time anyone outside of just the U2 audience was interested like when we made the Red House Furniture commercial which is the slogan was where black people and white people buy furniture we it was it was a racial reconciliation commercial where the furniture was also being sold and so we will get people to say things like I'm a white person I love the red house I'm a black person I love the red house and make sure you give me the commercial now okay and we sweet talk to CNN like seeing anyone it like it was first time we were national news really hope there's something about this is really resonating and then long story short about your production companies in La what we're interested in developing into a television show when getting a season on IFC and that was the initial move to LA we were like we are kind of am I said they know we've been in North Carolina for a long time we will travel the LA. To work on stuff the idea of moving everybody out there I think more than anything was just exciting paste it wasn't so much this will be the next evolution of our business because what we thought was happening at that time we thought we were making the transition we thought we were they okay we came up on YouTube and now we're going to television you know and we weren't so now you to think that that was we understood that it wasn't a simple and there's a everything's kind of merging but I still think we had this idea that okay what kind of transitioning into more of a traditional television situation in a Course once we got out here we got out to LA we made this season of commercial Kings we're sitting around waiting to find out who's going to be picked up for second season and then we started GMM and sore the interim cuz we're like we need to do something that even if this thing is picked up again is something easy that we can produce a bunch of very quickly that the way to kind of maintain a connection with our fan base that was the whole idea behind him a tweet about like we had lost the connection with her is because we took time out to make the IFC show and then the majority of people who watch didn't have IFC so they couldn't see the jump so then we were trying to figure out how to maintain that connection because it was only thing that we had complete control over and we knew a part of that was just a daily a Daily Show but Thor or a daily video right but then for us it was okay we are let's make it into a show will sit well sit down at the card table that we sat down behind in one of her in some of our first videos back in that Lillington basement we literally had the same card table out in Rhett's converted Garage in his backyard and Sherman Oaks yes so that's what I heard it was going to take off right because you were also wrote a pilot they busy we are right we wrote a pilot for a scripted half-hour comedy the rice in like me going out and meeting at play music like like weed we thought we like Rhoda scene where like we have this connection to a connection to a connection to Jack Black and I bet we can write a scene where he is in the when using the opening and so like we had we working on that and then we were taking meetings in pitching it you know so we're trying to make both of those things happen but you know the whole like rats at the LA of it was just we had an opportunity that we couldn't say no to you which was IFC show did then moved to South butts in for my family for so I could we were like well we're going to move out for 6 months we're not we're not going to do a permanent move we left. We left our homes we left our homes furnished he told our families or extended families we're going out for 6 months we we rented furnished apartments cuz like a relationship with a break and actually engineers and this is a phase I got it yeah I mean because we've been do what we've been doing it for the last year's pretend on a couple of Articles rely on our wives and kids were obviously they were they were in and then our parents and extended family that point was like yeah this is what you guys are supposed to do that great and my mom was like I kind of knew that you were you are coming back you know when we swing the mood I knew that you guys were going to get out there and it was you were going to love it and we do that mean I can't stand it but we both from up from a personal standpoint of the people we've met and I think the big thing about a town like La is just like you can be very difficult to make meaningful connections with people and built real friendships we done that so that's else to help moving out together do you know that we were kind of like this unit of 9 people link and his wife and three kids meal wife and two kids but then you know making some meaningful friendships with them the biggest thing for us was we never really had anyone who had any experience in production at all with that we would always have one person so to come in to help us North Carolina and like literally one at one point it was there was just a dude who walks in off the street because the place that we had her Studio was an old barber shop and a guy just walk in and start talking he thought he was coming to the barbershop I think the first time but then he just started talking to us and then like a couple weeks later he brought his like 15 year old son and then he just left and left his son there and then his son started with our intern realize there was another guy that was going to hang out with us to come work at Rooster Teeth in any rest yeah that's why he started the shelf and some other guys we had another guy who showed up because again once it doesn't matter if your interview on CNN or whatever but when you get an article on the in the local paper that's when every play around you starts to get the phone calls from like your aunt and like your second cousin is stuff but we had this guy who then he showed up cuz he looking at the pictures he figured out where are Studio name is Carl Carl showed up and he was like guys that work at I'm not making fun of him this is just how he talks he's like guys I work at the tire plant but the hours I got me working I got like I'm on for like 6 days and then I'm off for like 4 I don't have anything to do I just want to come and help you guys out and then we're like okay turn out to be the nice guy like super helpful yeah I mean reference is making tired right but he found a way to help us and I want to give you any like pulled out these scissors the biggest ass scissors you can ever imagine like literally it's like like Bush shears and they will cut rubber with him and he was like I thought you guys could use these and we thought we had him for a very trafficky following words I walked through inside a kitchen magnet for some ants like I remember that thing from 12 years ago how the hell did it get all the way through these different offices and get to hear behind you would like like hold over stuff that is just it makes its way under the way the GMM set is there in this point there's just so many weird it was weird the way we're creating prop for just a one-time use for GMM now there's just they're having a purge I mean because when we moved out we put both of our families stuff into like you had those pods and then they would delivered across the country and we had a c we had a bunch of stuff for the U-Haul and when we told my minivan so like are you one U-Haul had like half of it was your family stuff happened with my family stuff we had all this stuff about Studio that we couldn't bring so we just publicized a yard sale we had fans and community members and just anyone who would read that article in the News & Observer I guess showed up and we had an auction all of our proximity like one of the First videos that was taken off of our website and put on YouTube was a parody of Pimp My Reich up tent my stroller where we literally physically pimped out a double stroller to make it look like the Batmobile if it were made out of black cardboard but it had ground effects and Spinners on it does chocolate milk delivery system to the to like my daughter and his sons Mouse spinning away with me up and bring that to cross the country now but somebody bought it and from time to time it pops up like pictures of it in his garage is somewhere in argument happening between a husband and wife about getting rid of a pimped-out stroller but I believe it's still lives on my moment like that is so much less wholesome than yours too but I had in my life these were going through this and I said I said no no no like that one, where's my life become a storage unit 2 showing like what we had some computers and stuff and we're going through boxes like this you know explain this is This Server this was the server this is this machine that's the box of porn and he was like a community who works in the porn industry and he'll send it. I'm like that's a weird first day for you isn't it like I showed you where the pornstaches until he needs to sit and help yourself to it and that employee made a lot of money from the lawsuit if I should laugh at that cuz I can't tell if it was a joke what are these I would love to see more of you guys do and that being in La I think helps this with collaboration I love you guys in Dirty Thirty in Grayson Hannah and Mamrie as do number 403 was that was a really great performance for her but you guys when you get stolen I think I might have told you that maybe before I get Ben Connor something but I've always remembered y'all perform is now it's on camera so it's official, the third one know if they are not a wig by the way that was my actual hair like seriously that it was my hair but it's kind of hard to Ramin I thought that was a wig but it's my hair this episode of the podcast is also brought you buy goats are you shoes aren't just a statement there also a big investment and you're buying sneakers online is nothing more than a coin flips there's more than acquaintances chance that the shoe you're looking at is fake how can you be sure it's real goat.com is the safest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers online for the largest market place in the world for authentic Jordans and over 600,000 sneaker listings are they made the whole process frictionless and trustworthy they do this by only accepting sellers with the best reputation by verifying all sneaker to ensure their authenticity for buyers inspected from the stitching and color to the size and weight goats artifice at every pens my speakers at every pair of sneakers on their site matches exact Factory specifications with over half-a-million sneakers on the platform and 10 million users you won't find better prices for verified one of your speakers anywhere else I just got the sneakers from goat there's so many stickers on the website that's really you can you can look for a long time exactly what you're looking for find the perfect 1% authentic sneaker at goat.com teeth that's goat.com teeth plus you'll also be supporting our show up you got to go right now before the sneakers you want are gone when you go to goat.com teeth goat, thank you for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast go like saying it was thinking about goat teeth but you guys if I remember we talked about things that you can't predict Heather take off. We've ever talked about this public good I like this which is 2004 somewhere there you know you guys just did this really cool thing mythical did with Smosh and we've always had lost it to trying to find other really cool people to work with and early on there were these guys that wanted to make a ninja cartoon and we were working on it and go to bed animation we work in the animated version of a person who like traditional Saturday morning animation so we started working on this property is still something they probably want to still sell but it was a story about ninjas trying to get out of the world of ninjas and having difficulty doing that and animation take them all to me and so they would turn scripts and performances in 6 months they'd be doing reviews and stuff will do all that wants to show is ready to go and they were really want to go so I said sure go for it so they started doing this promotion for the cartoon where you can ask one of the Ninjas a question and the show ask a ninja became seriously runaway hit that we never had the cartoon don't need our help to do this you know just do this and not only did you lose a job you're also wrong about telling them not to make something then Doug of the guys that can't specifically was to Nichols & Doug let's just say it's embarrassing that be out there and he was the guy who showed me YouTube for the first time we went through we looked at it because he can host or videos here and you know and I can put you go to their website you don't go to your own website you can just host the videos on your side because none of you have to go there but I can search for you and everything and I looked at the site and I enter Nevada go but ask a ninja I remember we watched that show on iTunes video podcast through the same thing earlier longer like all this this video podcast that's me this is the best interface clearly this is where the future video Apple legitimised it it was in our minds is a platform so I mean that's why when we when we first started making content specifically for the internet I mean this stuff before like to pet my stroller in the sketches in the music video that we had made those are things that we were just making that then oh by the way let's put it on the internet you know when we started making things for the internet the first thing we made was sitting down next to each other with Mike's making a video podcast without the Rhett and Link cast and that was the first thing that we did and it was because apple video Pockets made sense to us was a big part of that don't mean we were saying what they're asking ninja love you didn't ask you what we should do Association well if we don't we ever really talked about it before especially once they were like I said they didn't need our help we didn't want to make it seem like we're trying to take credit for anything that became became a precursor for what is good mythical morning it was always in the back of our heads we were always going to doing that let's sit shoulder-to-shoulder and have a conversation go back to that look but it's if you listen to my voice Stevie is giving me such a hard remember my voice is changed but I was a grown ass man I had children and I my voice is like a totally different register and I would have kind of your kind of whisper talk ya to decide to really start doing a podcast Joel We Didn't Start with audio we didn't you know dumpster in the video we did audio only for the first two years of the podcast and by the time he was already almost six years old you know we've been we move to a couple of offices and Studies have kept asking for it we didn't think anybody was interested to listen to whatever we had to say you know weeks in the early days are just like what are we working on what's going on behind-the-scenes look really care about that and you know it really took off from there a new person we started so I can take me to put on Mike's on the table and this is all right you know where we're going to talk just a few things maybe we'll talk about and now we argue with each other for an hour and a half every week I regret over the years is that we were we isolated ourselves like we we really didn't communicate with other with other people like I mean the fact that we met so late is just I feel like a shame that he is so much we could have learned from from from you guys from so many other people in the the YouTube community and you know cuz like we were not an active part of that Community like your hair like DeFranco talk about how he came up you know as an example I mean that was that was not our experience at all we were studying as like at arm's length is competition like or who are these barats and Bereta guys all we can do that but it was never lets talk to these guys you know cuz I think that's a that's a big regret as far as not getting involved in a community aspect but it seems like for us we were it was between two worlds media thing is called back then and then the old world and a lot of things that we did as a business we had to do early on because we had to host your own videos and if it wasn't YouTube there were no pre-roll ads hit a button and you turn on pure lies so we had to do things like subscriptions and merchandise which became super Progressive business models after the age golden age of people add came around but they were really good they were the things that works for an old media and they made sense for us to be sustainable because for us our minds went to we got to get sponsors so we were cold calling sponsor we've written this song about how your iPod dies and how it's a it's a conspiracy from Apple to put in a doom seed and I mean the one of the few people that we didn't know was Justine I just need to wear like let's do a collaboration with you and then we station 7 Day competition just 724 God damn it I don't want to say we used her and video operated weed has reached out to someone who repairs iPods and so you're let me. We'd like to service or I wish we would have thought about that like I said I wish you would have been talkin about cuz we called our our premium Member Subscription number sponsors sponsors lump sum of a little blood a little and little bit what was the value proposition for them like what was the first thing you were selling about I don't know if this is what do inside baseball inspired by them because we red versus blue was a weekly production and it was about five minutes of Animation a week that we would make and as much for people for 5 people that worked on it so Monday I dried it it was supposed to be able to do it Tuesday and then Tuesday and Wednesday we recording cut the audio cuz you would make it like a radio play first and then we would act out the animation on Thursday to the actual cut audio and then Friday it would come out so you work all week you guys know that you work on these things you like how is he going to like this and you put this video out and someone to be like 3 in the morning when we posted in your wedding your way you see like people downloaded the video and set a five minute run time so they 5 minutes like I don't mind working at like this that I can hate it wasn't here comes the first time it did they like it and then the first time is First it's like the people telling us what they find valuable is that in a world where you can watch anything you can't watch everything you can't watch every 400 hours of video that are uploaded every minute on YouTube can't do that you got to choose watch and being first is valuable people he is mighty if it's you know everyone has access to it so that wasn't even know about it but there's a certain point after enough people knew about it that you decided to start charging $13,000 for bandwidth for hosting the video we were technically we were out of business and help people find it at first email what happened we will we did it so I can tell it's a long-forgotten thing but when we first started you know what you thought that I was wondering to do we put a PayPal button on the website it's like the Avengers are there if you like it you can send us a couple bucks I mean no obligation if you don't find whatever and people just voluntarily started sending money and and you have a story about that or about the videos videos but both are BB was not an overnight success but it was really close to it and we worked on 29 when I started red versus blue we work on tons of stuff all the way to write 20 as you don't try to have this production of that production things I would take off before that we made Apple switch ad parody with cussing it would take the back like 2,000 local newspaper we were like we're like wow we've made it huge because a Gaming magazine called us and they wanted to put the video on the CD that they glued to the front of the cover of the magazine that month is like that was distribution for digital video that was April 1st 2003 we were at the first episode we estimate about 3,000 people watched it and then I got linked on the 2003 Gatling gun /. On fart and Penny Arcade and it brought us all the same day was May 5th 2003 a brought everything down and then we had to then we had about 250,000 people show up to watch the second episode and by the end of the month get a million people week, so it was like like that so we had to figure out things really really quickly yeah yeah put a PayPal button up First Independent people responded to that it was ten bucks for 6 months back then and you could see the episode on Friday vs it would come out publicly Monday anyway if you are registered member of the site it would come out on the site for those members on Sunday before it came out to everyone on the front page on and it was like this benefit for us because if we can space out when people downloading it we didn't need as many server in order to do that if you were a premium member instead of telling me the video at 3:20 by 240 resolution you get it at 640 by 480 and things are going into even though I know a lot of listeners probably like you know that they appreciate and we're part of this before us I'm fascinated because we we just launched our mythical society which is it you know a paid exclusive fan club Isle call me it is powered by patreon but we've always been we've been very reticent to to say the word patreon because we want people to think that they were enabling content that we're just because we've been so from the very beginning because it was ad-supported even before it was at sensor Ford it was sponsor supported and we've always done that and so we had this hesitancy to say oh give us money to enable the content is this point with the mythical Society people are getting like a lot of different stuff that enabled by it but of course the patronage system kind of allows that happened seems like we're really trying to figure out I mean this Subscription Service in what at how we can make it a valuable experience for for those people who are who are who are spending money every month right to get something that they can only they can get so it is totally separate content we we don't have any wind doing yeah yeah I feel like listening to you to talk it's a very common tone that I hear among digital Creator specifically where there's almost like this abysmal have to be justified like we're making this content and we're doing this together new service and recharging I personally feel we went to that very early on Advertising like even putting advertise we didn't do it for years on are any of our videos but then you came along and that's just the way everybody did it right at our friends who were huge inspiration for us Homestar Runner never done like any act like they come from that era where they just could never make that step although they did local commercial stuff to the pizza company that has a website that looks just like home stair runners called Mellow Mushroom I made it. You made it like you guys with the car commercial kind of stuff but I have a guy who started the subscription service and you can pay ten bucks or 20 bucks in 20 bucks you got the DVD at the end of the season sent to Microsoft showed up and $50 and we we came in like holy cow where like this is you you made a mistake this is too much and you was a little bit older than us and he goes no no because I've watched your videos for now the last 6 weeks that you can put them out and that that amount of money is whatever you guys want to use it for and do whatever for that is as much money as I would spend going out to a comedy club with my friends one night to be entertained and you guys have entertained so there you go and I like it just like opened my eyes to it's like I have that personal philosophy we talked about the sun game time does the pregame but there's a page airport and then the gamers are like oh did you pay for that standard did you buy the coins or whatever in my thing is yeah I did that and it's not because I want the skin or the you know the cool weapon or whatever I do cuz I like the game it's me it's like there's a premium-level the stuff but there's so many people that watch you guys watch the Eminem and it's like I think about the stuff that I watch sometimes I don't support things might early because of the freeway or it's because I get so much out of the things I buy YouTube Red for instance not for the reason that we have premium shows that mean but I buy it because I spent is worth it by looking at the benefits you get from it remember when they lock us like this doesn't make any sense but I use YouTube all the time I'll gladly you know chip in a little bit of money yet just for you to help the pie for Nexus mixer continues position to do that but I definitely think that table is less about the thing that resonates to me is not chippanee money to support but you're getting like paying for something that's worth paying for you know and then it's just a it's a different model and it but it is legitimate it's not something that you need to apologize for what but I think that the sort of the apologetic tone comes from the you know this is a different relationship that we have other products right then the traditional you know Acura whatever nobody nobody questions a traditional celebrities motivations for why their contract is 10 million bucks for a movie or whatever it might be but yes I feel like Carlos of what kind of decisions that we make what time were charging x amount of money for a shirt or introducing a new product is like there's always that person is the audiences like money grab it and I can't be too affected by that but I think that there's just like oh I mean why you guys is why you guys at doing this now don't you have enough money it's like well that's not really that's not how this works but I think digital things completely made of work it's like I've been Ford says how we going to monetize the F-150 find a way to make money off something you were going to do anyway that's not too sure about that because it cost us more obviously to get this truck and drive out there and go out to do this event and we were singing like another one or two bucks bar shirts at the Savannahs At something more comfortable with that guilt at the time is money right or charge just a little bit more and we we we we like what are we going to do to come we really do that connection so I think about What I'm Looking Over asking for you know what cuz I think about where people getting this money and I don't think Marvel probably sit around and wonder if Thea where does the money come from the people using to buy tickets you don't appreciate the accountability in one sense I think that you know I think a primary reason we run our business the way that we do is because we we kind of apply or efficiencies to Italy want to be responsible you wanted the people who work for us to be back paid well be respected and helped them in a situation that was pretty dire our philosophy is always been to okay let's create a great product let's be smart about the way we make money off that product and just be smart with the money that we received from it and the the kind of division we've had over the past couple years is like you know we're not getting any younger and we've been trying to know we change the name of the company from Rhett and Link Inc to mythical entertainment years ago and of the idea behind that was that what first of all the idea that coming in and seeing Rhett and Link on a wall in Ireland it was just we are egomaniacs but like that was just too much money did first of all this is about us this is about something that were a part of I'm not going to go and do this job and I think we all agree to something at least a little bit helps me so but the idea of making creating something where we can support other creators and that we started having conversations last couple years like how can we take these lessons that we've learned you know we've done all this in the same way that you guys have is like just by trial-and-error you kind of learn how to run this business and how to create new lines of Revenue site how do we help other people do that you know all the story of like YouTubers burning out and in people coming up and of course we were like similar like we were late twenties when we got started this whole thing so is like we already had families and then I had a real job but you got a lot of kids coming up and they're kind of hitting there's really striking you know go with her audience at like 17 is like they're not done picture wall a reality and then it's like they're trying to manage all these expectations really how can we help the situation and then right in the middle of while we were trying to figure out what that would look like in terms of a business model you know we we see the article about if I shouldn't we just texted again you know we're alive hey man let us know if we can do it at that point we weren't thinking we would buy me my sweetest thing a place to crash we've got we've got facilities and if and then a couple of maybe a month-and-a-half later it was a hoe there might actually be a real opportunity here to you know keep this thing going and it helps to you no answers the knee that they had which is you know it makes you know it if if n didn't find someone he was unfortunate he was in a place where is like he was going to walk away from this Brandy created yeah and then so we were able to kind of keep smart going and kind of give them the outside of me that they want to continue building their brand and then from our perspective it was like this is something that we would have imagined building over a. Of time with the way that we were thinking about it last year but the sort of get this turn key product that is already what you would think I'm more subscribers than we do already so the idea of having something that's already built that already has momentum that already has relevancy and they have a Creative Vision is very attacked it was just like we can't say no to this great opportunity to jump on it. You're not quite ready. We were ready to start building something but I'm so glad that this happened instead because I mean it was a win-win psych we we did it for Smosh we did it for us equal parts I mean it it it was it was perfect timing and it was a perfect marriage of you know of two families Serendipity we have such an appreciation for that because of the weight things have changed so quickly everything we've talked about it you know you tweet the timing by a month or two you know and it falls apart that's because we say yes to things a lot of times because we're like I don't know if this is a good idea but it is going to lead to something like in this is all kind of goes back to you know like a year-and-a-half ago YouTube came to us and said we want to do some some gave all that stuff that we want to support what is the enhanced version of Good Mythical Morning we want to give you guys like a TV budget to make half hour half hour content every single day and that ended up being this multi-segmented GMM weird to me like 3 or 4 videos every single day it was absolute hell to create because it was just so much work a lot but we had just based on the idea that we we we wanted we knew we were growing we rented out the studio next to us and then we just in time we had Brenda's new space you to come to says we want to make this show so we had to hire a bunch of people to make the new version of the shows that we had a facility for them that was crazy we learned so much about production but we were like this is not sustainable there was a part of it was like we hope they don't come back and ask for more I can ask for more and then we were okay now we got the studio if I sure something will come up you know if you must pass and then the whole different thing happens again it was like we had these and Link was right there with the spreadsheet going out of the things that work for us never worked as they were originally in 10 min my oldest kid my daughter she's she just turned 16 you know so it's like trying to figure out and your son's not far behind in like trying to figure out College in like they're being pushed so hard to figure out what they want to do with their life and you know I was out to dinner with my daughter and we were just talking about it and like she experiences some has anxiety and stress associated with this external pressure to declare declare of a future for herself and it's and I just told I was like listen you know my experience it's like I knew I could never anticipated that I would be doing what I'm doing and be who I even be who I am right now you know as a 40 year old as your 40 year old father you know so I just don't feel like it's it's fair for her for her to to have to have that much pressure on her you know I just try to take it off and say listen you got to you got to take things as they come in and you know let's just see what happened yeah I'll follow your heart follow your gut and a little spreadsheet on her she doesn't hurt a lot of spreadsheet starts to hurt I have to feel like such a kind of warped a little bit my kids have the same discussions are the same age my oldest about turn 17 so he's right in the middle of a college stuff right now is he freaking out it's just it's a lot of responsibility to take yeah you're having a great time to education at that point that you say but I went to school for pre-med at UT then the internet kind of came out of nowhere the middle the 90s since I was like I don't do that for just a computer science but you know and almost died end up taking organic chemistry as an elective young creators to it's the same kind of thing with social media it's amazing the conversations I have with people who are 19 20 21 and they think they're too late for anything you know I mean like how I missed the boat on this or I didn't get it you should really never ended up buying her whatever what's the next thing I got to look at and it sounds like you guys have a similar straight I try to explain that I was twenty-nine I worked on stuff for imagine you're 19 now imagine you have the next 10 years to work on stuff for your you know figure something out and if people who you know found that even later in life you know it's like yeah but it's just constant feeling a lot of people that's like I'm too late I missed out you know what I mean and it's not a business was the first podcast Maid Park has been around for years and we started and you know the right it's it's good for 10 years now and don't get me wrong it's like when I look back at I mean every single day we were stressed and we were working our asses off to try to figure out what's what was the what was the best thing to pour our energies into you know and trying to balance the work-life thing pulling the all-nighters but schedule he knows and likes sleeping on the couch and waking up and continue to do it like it was very stressful and it wasn't like oh just I'm not telling Lily to just don't don't worry about it it'll come to you you know I I hope that's not the message she's getting well. Have a plan but realize that it's likely to change a lot of time you have time is on your side you know it sounds like you know try stuff even if it doesn't work out you're still honing your craft or be asking for a lot of people discovering what their passion is the Latin word and its its thing I run into before it's when you're really good at something you're not passionate about you just like that the nail place to be in right and wrong with options than we were like fruit for me my junior high school I told my dad I was like I think and I think we want to go to film school and he was like okay well I'm not going to pay for that has business and my dad was still asking me when I'm going to get a real job a real degree that I'll pay for the simply because it was the smart kids major right it was like I'm in the smart kid group in high school so I have to pick a major like yeah well we got a will be here sooner than you think will you be there we can passes are available right now at RTX Austin. Com can't wait to see all your beautiful faces July 5th to 7 at the Austin Convention Center for the greatest animation gaming and comic event in the world know we're talking about to wash that experiences we wanted to start our kicks years ago as a place for internet created to come together and I know she'll what they're working on and you can see what you can take part in this right now if you head over to our checks austin.com right now pick up weekend passes for you and your friends come hang out with us and the greatest community on the planet July 5th through 7th at RTX Austin love a chance to see you this podcast on the spot always open off-topic all live aarti Animation Festival special guests big surprises amazing cosplay World premieres and so much more that are ticks austin.com in July air conditioning this is fun and we'll see you guys next time