#536 - Rick Roll’d by a Corpse

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman and special guest James Willems as they discuss firework holidays, Benson the dog, failed conventions, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

Link: https://roosterteeth.com/episode/rooster-teeth-podcast-2019-536

Recorded: 2019-03-19 19:00:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, James Willems, Benson


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Transcript (in progress):

you're listening to Rooster Teeth podcast number 536 if you hear something you would like to see from this episode visit first. Roosterteeth.com 23andMe at expressvpn I'm Gavin I'm James you spell that I did just here for this podcast it was a close one immediately turned around yes I only have about 12 hours when I'm not driving so I haven't seen you in so long like me in person and Elena too long ago right I know I feel like that one fun house first joined and we start seeing you guys I felt like I was seeing you like every single is like once a month we were out here is terrible I didn't mind it got to the point where people are like how you like Austin we went like in in the Austin Studio where the company was like expanding massively and hiring people like crazy so we are yeah we start shooting Wednesday and we will continue until I don't know when it will never let it is finished yes it's going to be like the Don Quixote movie that Terry Gilliam has been trying to make for three decades that's Arizona Circle for us how much is it going to cost how much is Arizona server cost probably a kidney like we support action you guys are yeah I remember when you guys at the pilot and that already was like 5 days I think it was five days and we're doing 8 episodes turn my birthday so the loss of five days yeah I agree not even close. Yeah except it's going to be from whatever 10 p.m. to do you think you'll be completely miserable why you doing it I don't think so I know because I love production and even though it's like crazy schedules and like you wrap at midnight and you have to be back on set again at like 7 I love that and I don't get to do it that much so I have mentally prepared myself to run that marathon and I'm very excited to do it. Party you're like a vacation air intake afterwards there is going to be a wrap party on 420. yeah California legal plan the party right so and if you have a second one went to actually finish a true one at least I also haven't taken a vacation to really really long time she's been even deeper in this than I have and so we need a vacation at some point with your 11 as soon as he walked off in 5 4 and then he kind of stepped down off the stage and wandered data Direction with a hour and a half hour and a half so he might be back we don't know if he's dead already having some dog sex I'll maybe you try you still have you still got it he was neutered but he still got the drive she looks into the other dogs humans can have dog style sex dog should be able to have human style said yeah right when did you choose not to or is this hold on is a vagina outside vagina the correct positioning or handle anything about the channel walkie talkies Spencer going to the Palace episode Eric Markey podcast are you possibly Carl Burnett and actually accept don't like to be IQ w o n k e e have sex like an awful story I read it last week or the week before or this guy says that he was out and that he was standing by a pond outside of his work and he was watching the birds and wildlife there and that he saw one duck start attacking another one at picking at its neck and like really going to town at it and you say you do it like out in the middle of the Lake Mead like a duck then the duck went to grab the other one I put the bill around its neck gets on top of it you like though they're not fighting their meeting while they're not submerged underwater this looks like that one is murder in the other duck and they both pop-up you know the story of ducks right have you ever seen a duck's dick sure do you know why it's like a corkscrew is like a corkscrew do you know why I ducked vagina is like a corkscrew I be married to the office I can protect is like a safety measure yes to make your thighs male ducks are so aggressive that they will force themselves on female ducks and the only way to prevent the female duck from getting pregnant constantly was to evolve this vagina which is a labyrinth so the male in suit evolve the penis that can navigate The Labyrinth I don't know I imagine imagine if I can fill it out inside or whatever but yeah that's that's why you witness duck sexual assault friends will attach itself to a female scrape out the specimen about the dragonflies and then shoot his own in that is just escaped out all the other stuff and then that's me that's me the James almost like the people search for and I wish I'd written it down but apparently like fun Saint Patrick's Day the search for Irish themed the porn Baywatch based on holidays like celebrating with a jerk 238 prevent St Patrick's Day goes up 1048 Shamrock goes up 811% Irish goes up 429% I don't even know what those genres would be though but like what is Irish Irish porn it must involve potatoes right I never thought you were going to pick up my head now I'm going to go know what can you give a dog can you do can you go on your little laptop right now on in PornHub see what comes up. Other than Irish luck part 1 okay yeah but that could be anyone lucky Irish hottie in a blond Irish team search engine optimization what's like The Nightmare Before Christmas of porn we're just here in the center of the woods and there's a tree that has every single holiday on it except when you look inside instead of Jack Skellington singing It's people talking about like Cinco de Mayo and surprise today at the same time but they are both just like ethnic holidays to drink right just like I mean Fourth of July is kind of let's celebrate America by drinking and fireworks but do you wonder if maybe the fireworks accidental like there was just spread first it was like let's just get together and drink and then because that was the initial thrust of the statement ultimately fireworks happened I never thought of it that way every time you can't get fireworks all the time though they only open up for like Fourth of July and look around Christmas and New Year's mine and explosives will there's like classifications of fireworks like sparklers which I think you can get basically anywhere in any states within anything that is a projectile into the air I think it's a different what classification is someone getting a blowjob with fireworks in the background that's cool catch the fireworks on New Year's in Style America when they're giving a blowjob before the year ends or as soon as the year begins crossover blowjob that crossed years I was developing this boner in 2018 and you completed in 2019 I thought you were just telling a story oh man. A thing like everyone's talking about this college admissions candle is it on if heaven doesn't everyone already acknowledged that rich people just pay, just to get their kids in but isn't that already. They were paying like it wasn't paying the colleges to get their kids and they're paying like Scandal colleges but the colleges were okay with getting the college getting paid I think I was just like a universally-accepted university if you if you get a building then you get Legacy so like a building means that generations of your your family your son and his son son all can go there. you just make a donation then it's only good for the green go to college nice one James can I save $50,000 or $50 million is only going to is going to get your son or daughter into the school yeah I paying like people to lie to the police with a dude in Newport Beach for the team the University team the kids in Austin say about your program like your sports program that you can just lie and bring in whoever you know doesn't matter in Photoshop that no one knows there is the thing that has skin tones a different color I had a hard time believing that the kids didn't know but apparently a lot of them did not contagious but if someone else take the SAT for them and it's just like some random person shows up to take us dental assistants going to come up can you talk about a call to Mission Scandal video shows up he didn't have the grades he's my favorite when he went to school so he was like one of those old people that go to college in your 30s yeah and so he was he was pretty old when he when everyone else is a puppy but he actually passed he's a good just difficult and I will now I got him to sit up on the chair which is pretty impressive look like Bernie for a little bit I was actually talking about Bernie I got Bernie to sit in the chair for a little bit but he's okay he just doesn't he's he's actually very smart cuz he just doesn't want to do things he knows that you're telling him to sit and he knows what's it mean he just doesn't want to and he said he refuses the car hit a wonderful fantastic trip that I was entirely envious of I love sleeping in hospital like I love this whole bus was so excited every time I would just go straight to bed and it was the happiest they only had to sleep with your feet towards the front of the bus with a stock short you don't snap your neck what's it really helps. on top of you know I mean if you stop short you probably just slide a little bit and then your feet would catch you and then you wouldn't wake up because you're so at peace but it was wonderful and we had our own DVD players in there to at least found Frida she brought but she found someone left a copy of Frida on the bus and I smashed it and then I watched it over the course of like several hours on the bus was wonderful best time ever I like how the people love the bus to come with us and the other half was immediately looking for hotels to drive it I can understand not it not being for everybody it's very much like getting back in the womb it's pitch-black you're in a small space and you just kind of have constant Motion in ambient noise if if the womb urine smells like Bruce's anus. Phil how to make Bruce steak like they have to take the lower bunk if it's go up if I don't know how far how about how about do farts float are they must be about shower first and bath farts smell worse than normal farts by things are concentrated I think because a normal fart just kind of mixes with the air. But when it's contained in a bubble in the bubble Rises and Pops that's all of it lighter than air and it ready mix with at room temperature so it rises I don't know. Let me let me finish looking up the Irish porn okay to take a dump in the middle of the night and take that every now and then I mean really on the bus will be on the bus for like a reasonable amount of time that I think dump and everyone was pretty upset that they couldn't just wait the extra 45 minutes or whatever into it does sound like a lot but I don't know that it was amazing got to go baby go Feliz Navidad Julie mortified she would she would hang rather hang her ass out the window and take a dump onto the highway lest anyone know that she took a dump on that so I remember talking about it when we were in New Zealand 14 person group trip playlist on mattresses on the floor as great but I need to take a dump I don't know which bathroom to go as we needed to New Zealand New Zealand and we went yesterday we went to a grocery store near B&B cycle look they have a like a meat pie but I feel like five bucks says I'm going to eat it ate the whole thing and it was fine went to bed then like at 4 in the morning I woke up and everything was not fine I need to run and it was but we all we were starving for food and the only thing that we could find online that we could order from was Pizza Hut but we ordered like two large pizzas cuz it was you me at least my nails Blaine one other person am I from the New Zealand people I was a like our version of a single person like a one of those like small personal pan pizzas so we got those and then we also ordered like marinara sauce or we thought was marinara sauce I was just ketchup really depressed tomato sauce questions at the end of being ketchup and they were really confused that we would want ketchup with tomatoes and then you cover this go with it and then someone's likes me and I want more crushed tomatoes why would you think ketchup tomato sauce yeah I know but still Community pizza sauce do they think the pizza sauce come from Pizza Hut pizzas and then smear that other Pizza confused because it was like 15 bucks because everything is closing I think was like late right wasn't like a Race Against Time this is the last place 9 or 8:30 so it wasn't that late but I don't know if I like the area where you're staying and didn't have very many options was it that large was just their terminology for a smaller size pizza or that we're horrible and from America where large is something that no human should ever eat I would like to think the first one personal pan pizza size with speed be considered a large who was the most angry he was the Hungry Howie's pizza coming and that it shows up in it a picture like in Back to the Future 2 where they order the Pizza Hut make it flick it gets a little things that you put in the food rehydrate dehydrated years ago we were in the the Congress office downtown Austin and we were in shorts and we were working late one of those long days he talked about where is getting really late and we don't know why I think almost everyone was filming and Joel had just got stepped off, so we're filming this scene can you order some pizza for us so that we can all eat with a single medium thin crust pizza which is like seven of us just like the less than pizza cuz all I need great was that an issue did you ever ask him about that without an issue. He was like if I order it I have to pee so I'm going to only pay to the Limit better than we ever talked about it with someone else will do it for me if someone ask you to do something you never have to do it again you should maybe you already have been let this be the year when I get to go somewhere to eat at me recently they were they were talking about I think I remember was the first or second RTX that you guys went to where I guess what the first time being a guardian and they were really nervous and something happened with the booth get set up for you guys we needed to get some more TVs for it like the TVs and show up for lost and so like we had call for PA with a car and bike show. Up and we can I get rid of its really a lot to ask her when I'm really glad that first time being a guardian everything like that trusted me but I was too so nervous when you're doing the planning and someone has to do this child's like to do it I think it's a little easier now like Amazon Prime now or just like they're going to show up because of Amazon scenario where those TVs were absolutely necessary either you like stressing out about it feels like it needs to get done in the moment before like it was probably an hour before we are opening the doors on Friday and like none of the Xboxes have the proper thing download none of the computers have like the proper update on them so Adam Baird had to update all the computers and it was like 50 of them help fix it I think it's a good time podcast Festival what's going on there going to be I will be there I don't know what we're going to be doing yeah maybe the Funhouse Festival just a ball pit it's a ball pit and police tape it talk about having like exhibits for all the failed to mention like a fire Festival area turn desk into the parking lot with parking lot like doing like really like inside baseball convention talk you like discussing all these I know fyre Festival I think I kind of heard of that, I have no idea what the third one you said she's a YouTuber named Tana what is Tana mongeau you at the same week because apparently she was not invited by Vic on and I think tickets were either free or very cheap they're free but there's like a VIP level that people have to pay for but like 5,000 people showed up to this hotel where I think they could maybe sit like 200 people in the room that they had a problem to have though in the parking lot but I thought you were going to say that this this Rando YouTuber wanted to have a convention that's all about them and it was just like people standing in a parking lot but there were so many people that impressive I think that's I think good for her that's not the way I thought the story was going to go happy what was the one that fouseytube's did the local car show this year they would call it the dunk contest and it's for like Lowrider cars with hydraulics and stuff up and down history tended are the people who organized the Austin subreddit a couple weeks ago there's like guys are really sorry to say I'm not going to have to contest this year we got scammed out of $200,000 like we lost all of our funding fairly they had hired some guy who said that he could get like some big names from like some big rappers to come to the door you could get the rappers coming perform cameos from them so you like hey I'll see you in Austin whatever the date is it was like let's see here I've got I've got the rapper here saying that he's going to be at your event so it's like $200,000 and you just like you got your money back from Cameo fucking off a ton of money for the video for the first time I never heard you get up I feel like they sent me 1,900 emails to join tell me how much would you charge for a cameo I would feel bad judging anything to eat blueberries that is on their plate so I didn't look but I did look at the guy who plays Stanley from the office cuz I was like actually feel like a really fun once he charges $300 I think I think is I try and get past when you see celebrities doing things like that you want to feel bad for them your why would they need to do that but I think it's fine good that's their choice right if they want to do that and they probably don't expect people but then I gay if they do I'll go out to dinner if that's the thought process would be fun for them like Josh Flanagan for Christmas got Ali Sanai cameos we got we got a cameo from Jake the Snake Roberts the professional wrestler and it was it was perfect it was one of the best gifts I think I've ever gotten okay because if one is Jake the Snake Roberts too it was filmed portrait but this way so you have to turn your head to look at me and it's clear that Josh gave him like talking like at these are our names we live in California but then also he just started talking about Josh a lot to he just started like Griffin on it doesn't know that Josh gave them to maybe I mean baby I think he was just like this all I have is whatever you fill out on that form profile on Cameo to go on which is these names their location and this other guy that bought it and his billing information time in California by the way Josh is zip code is this what it was like the perfect gift and I actually really enjoyed it and I don't feel bad for Jake the Snake Roberts for doing it or anyone else on it. I want to I want to order one from Bruce look at that can you fucking delivers on it you do not get up Landscape portrait video that's what they put on the sheet it was requested if you request him with a shirt you'll get a shirt if you don't put anything you'll get first for that be more expensive you think but no I think I saw that Caitlyn Jenner was $1,000 a real Daniels is on there yeah and I think she was like a couple hundred bucks you can't sort by price as you think I could pay her to tell me that my dick looks like toad a front of car did Caitlyn Jenner is the most expensive at $1,000 the second most expensive is Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank $999 yeah he's like one of the people who invests in people doing things the highest actor on this list of $500 that's a steal from Billy Zane that's not that expensive and I'm getting you for Christmas when the Aladdin movie comes out we should just get him to say what y'all get should have said in the movie Paper as many cameos as we need to fill older version of this but you were going to say I follow Billy Zane on Twitter I love Billy Zane zaniac and and he a while ago with selling cuz he's an artist as anyone who draws I guess can call themselves but he's an artist and he sells his art and he was doing for charity you can send him a photo and he'll do a sketch of the photo so I sent him a photo of a lease and Benson and is a goofy photo of Benson a good photo of Elise but I sent it to him and then he cost like $200 but he send it back the only thing was the invoice number on it with like 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 and I think maybe it was random maybe it was good but there's also a brand I was the fourth person to do it that I jumped on it so fast so I don't know it also came from like three blocks from my house phora. In time you like all I'll be doing is Kalisto busy $500 for a custom video I should get him to do a video for Jake the Snake Roberts counter read that thing up there a podcast is brought you by Squarespace domain website or online story can make your next move with Squarespace Squarespace even easier each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects whether you're pursuing your side hustle or promoting your main gig create a beautiful Business website with Squarespace is all in one platform there's nothing with half or upgrade ever it's easy to set up for transfer your domain on Squarespace and you able to manage all your domain and building cities in one place. 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We have Nick underscore frollo next up we have at Sammy Ferber that's the same for a regular I buy a cameo from him the underscore camera dude nice guys thanks for using Squarespace Squarespace for sponsoring this episode of The Rooster Teeth podcast Beto O'Rourke running for president came out like the day after he announced that he was in a hacking group in the late 90s early 2000 he was in a hacking group called Cult of the dead cow and I don't know how much you guys were into that back then but they they made this this exploit utility back in the late night is called back orifice that it was you you can run it and force it to install a people's computers and remotely take control of their computers it was like it was I was super terrified of this program back like a 1998-1999 it's so weird now to think that someone who was in that group cuz I'm at the running for president at the time when Beto is running for Senate there are a lot of like anti anti Beto ads but each one seemed to like make him cooler like like he did skateboards and stuff like that and like things that most people would deem cool but they kill their like I'm you think that this was like someone was holding on to this and then like oh yeah pevan thinks of running for president I'm going to drop this bombshell and then they did and then you were like oh that's so cool awesome internet who regulate technology have no idea how it works. They just like why are these people in charge of it and you can have someone who had a head like really deeply understand that if they were involved with with this group we know whether that's good or bad at least I don't know what that way is the other still going to use an iPhone that has a password like 0 0 0 0 0 0 though cuz everything could Invincible I got you some people have you know what Android app like the gesture swipe to unlock send you see like a greasy oily screen would like the number for a man's name that I'm just like I don't know if he's going to incorporate or not but I personally hope he does better watch out for your backend orifice or whatever is it is it going to hack everything Mac Planet Texas voting machines I went downtown last week and I went to a lawyer and we'll figure I should have a will and I got really nervous about traveling with my will like I was in an Uber like I haven't had died in a car crash with my will on me yeah I think that's the perfect way to die I think I just felt like I was more likely to die looking for it in a car crash in the back of a cab on South Lamar please do not resuscitate what are you SoDo flea so you could just go through with my stuff and if any of it happens to be Jewish you get what you really look forward to getting your menorah how are you doing the same thing listen to sessions Bible it talks about and they were out tonight download one not just Google it through everything and was because you have to give a ton of information I guess I just feel less good about something nice before my relatives addresses and phone numbers and stuff at me all that I owe you were going to give it to people see my will is still so I don't need to give anyone else's information about of my stuff and probably give away all my money if you if you factor in enough money to pay for the furnace and the burning then they have to burn the rest is that right legally brunette with you like you want to be cremated with all your stuff and burn that in another furnace as well does James Doohan want to be shot in the face and they had to do it on a space shuttle right like that's how long ago it was if you were cremated and her ashes were turned into like a a vinyl of one song like a single what song would you choose who Let The Dogs Out so on brand for you I don't know I mean show me something really obnoxious who let the dogs out when I answered it I said Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles I know Eiffel 65 blue Country Roads Sandstorm that's good too I just like to hear that on vinyl the way it was intended Never Going To Give You Up Rick Rolled by a corpse is it cold stiff your vinyl corpse no yeah yeah you just mix it in with the whatever wax or whatever it is I know you can do anything with ashes I want to be turned into an MP3 you do anything with ashes into the file bro character guide have you ever thought about how much space year person would take up like digitally how many gigs can probably Meg's for most of us but I mean I've seen some people try to break it down if you assume a DNA has like so many bytes of data what is it like that female ejaculate totally would contain I think like 38 megabytes of data or something major has 37.5 megabytes of DNA information better buys old big old hard drive you want to get a James Willems on it once the average load just go back to the Ark Ark I forgot how much I said the title oh man so I was I was reading this article or the other I don't know how much I'll keep up with this but there's this stupid law is going to go into effect next year where are electric cars have to make it look car the side right there and have an engine and so they're going to have this law go into effect where below certain speeds electric cars have to make a sound so that pedestrians hear them coming a stupid and I think in Europe is like below 12 miles an hour and you don't currently but they're going to have to buy with the law so some car manufacturers have started putting out samples of the sound that they're going to have their cars make and they all sound fucking terrible and Mercedes-Benz that they're working with Linkin Park to develop the sound that Mercedes-Benz cars will make at low speeds Linkin Park I bought it from Cameo it's just going to be like this Transformer sound like that working with link weird Choice like if they were like Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead or like someone who works in the soundscape realm that would make sense super annoyed what that horrible is the Nissan Leaf sounds like the wind you're just going to think it's blowing it windy outside like a train hey that there's this is the future you are good this is the future we thought exactly is the Chevy Volt this is what a Harley Davidson motorcycle it's going to be such a short term loan people used to it terrible but imagine the cacophony you're going to hear what if all these different Southall playing at the same time in a residential NEC V Universal noise right one must get up station one's fine apparently my dad message cuz they have an electric car in Canada and it makes a noise cuz it's the law up there so I guess the further behind and we had in mind station for the dogs are freaking out of motorcycles I do get motorcycles because Lawrence has an electric motorcycle and you can't hear a dance like a damn thing and is annoying as that really loud guy revving his Harley says he flies by Iz there you do know he's there in California where lane splitting is legal it like you got your nose make sense and I could see there being a world where like you buy an aftermarket thing for your motorcycle just that way to make sure that car doesn't clip you and you can at least broadcast that you're on your way but I don't know that seems maybe a little unnecessary in movies with a cause Drive in a couple weeks ago. How unsatisfying cartoons and movies are going to sound when it's like electric vehicles chasing each other like to hear hear like a car when I don't know why it just it they have a like not-too-distant future where all the cars are implied to be electrically plug them in and everything and they all have this sound which is like a like a like high-voltage what worrying kind of thing and they all kind of like sound that and that's what we need cuz it's just like it's like this pure electric sound and I think it's still give off the sense that something's coming or whatever but it's not jarring and it's like low decibel and there's not a resonance to it and that's what you want something from The Jetsons maybe the Jetsons Vehicles don't make noise is naturally maybe that is rust system maybe it's just the lawn the future that they had to apply those things to their thrust you don't know you can ask George he's dead free origin of Highways like the idea of someone in 1973 going what do I think the world's going to be like in 20 years floating building 62 so yeah reason they're so high up is the ground and then all the future people live up in the sky base of those buildings right if I get like The Flintstones Jetsons crossover it's not it's not even that it's the Stone Age It's that those building suck the resources out of the ground all the nutrients are sucked through the base of their high-rise towers that they basically live in the stone age of the dinosaurs very much like to come into existence looking it up now because that turn around in terms of something existing to fulfill a need to now it being completely obsolete CAT5 like 20 years repeat that looks like a 2004 with 9094 stores they like this River drying up and I saw Captain Marvel in the theater and you know there's a hole in the trailer you know it's coming does the camera pans I see a Blockbuster Movie Theater I wasn't started laughing so hard for me with all the jokes that were in the trailer everyone's got a huge old woman getting punched in there it's been in every Promotional and I'm like either you guys have somehow managed to just was Captain more like what is this that I saw a poster or was I was driving down the highway but I just thought I'd see it on opening night what can you do or they just I'm so envious of people that can that ruin for them in the trailer and it's still laugh at this is the 90s it's like all the music which I didn't mind cuz then I need for like my favorite EXO. Whole song doesn't come out until 9895 explain that Captain Marvel but they did applied at the opening with the Stanley okay I'm fine with people applauding in a movie theater that was fine with like the 90s music in everything but I thought there was like one fight sequence where they had play Augusta girl Universal ever and I spoke into his like song here yeah yeah I don't know careers I said if I walked out and then he has been in make a RadioShack to the same joke you can do that then by 23andMe you may have alcohol flush reaction a genetic factor that makes it hard for some people to process alcohol you've always suspected that you feel more sleepy than others after missing out on a night sleep you might not be imagining things your jeans may be involved to give me allows you to go beyond ancestry to access more personalized insights about you based on your DNA way more than a hundred twenty-five kinetic reports you can even gain insights about your health traits and more and the saturated fat and weight report you can find out about how your genetics may impact your body's response to your diet do you like me to weigh more on a diet high in saturated fat even if you consume the same number of calories you know we talked about 23 and me forever even before they were sponsoring the podcast we're all super interested in this type of service urgency about your health traits and more by your 23 and me health and ancestry service kids today at 23andme.com rooster that's a number to three and me.com / rooster again that's 23andme.com Easter thank you for sponsoring this episode of the receipt podcast did you hear about that I have to find the article but someone was telling me about this octopus that makes itself in anus when it needs one and then come and anus I thought you meant like it becomes an anus which I didn't I'd also because it makes itself and Maze of octopus I think so I thought you were describing one specific octopus today bind it and it doesn't it doesn't have a permanent also which I thought was really cool a whole I need to sleep it must have direct its intestines and just like push them out different the whole is a different hole for most of the time and then when it needs to poop I just read directions to occupy and I think they didn't they just have like a mouse anus 10 or that starfish octopus octopi have different anus is in mouth is that the same here but it's not the tracks at 2 I said it's like railroad track I think you guys are talking at the same time it's okay I don't know what was the octopus pooping out of their all of their eight tentacles and like blasting off so we're talking about electric cars and Cecil unveiled their model y last week I don't know if anybody watches that stuff but it's so all right so obnoxious and annoying to watch reveal events like that cuz he knows he's not here I realized the other day but he has his own Maybe not maybe the Tesla owner traffic to my save the world storm in here and demand a new graphic why is like three crossovers like they took them all three in the budget is the wrong word but there's the more reasonably priced version of the model S and then this is a more reasonable price version of the model that cracks yeah how much more would say how much cost at 41000 diversion with like $65,000 this first announced it was it's going to be a $35,000 Tesla now is like cool and then actually came out in their account was 59x what it goes slow Frog Crazy Frog baby blue Crazy Frog can we just play Crazy Frog for the next you'll you'll recognize it the second you hear it I was just record myself going hello hello hello I am backing up I am backing up date because that's what I call music for the sound of an engine originally a picture of a car try try not to laugh gray frog with a helmet on it was it was big ones ringtones or thing first in a long time. My favorite YouTube channel off of it's ever been to a lot of it so it's this person who makes like low-rent animation using a bunch of Disney characters so it's like Elsa meets Jack Frost and it's like he's terribly scripted sequences like that someone is making it blew a talking about following the Journey of Olaf it's for a very long time because when we were at Machinima and we're doing inside gaming we're like struggling to get notice and then and then I guess a lot of is a Machinima partner and was sent out an email promoted as what other top channels and we're like we're making actual thing off viv's which is just something toddlers are watching in their strollers is getting top billing over us it's almost to the character from cuz it uses a lot of Frozen characters nice like Elsa marries Olaf Jack Frost I don't know writer and Anna meet for breakfast and it's all like weird robot me some volatility of the channel for a long time everything you put up with you like 10 million views and then he put up one thing and it did like a hundred thousand and I was like what happened what happened with that office in 771000 what happened what's narrative mistake could have made in the story of Elsa Anna and Flynn Rider and no one like Jill so as fairy Anna as mermaid it was all over after that around like this is the did a face reveal that was a joke once I remember that a lot of Maximilian is a fighting game guy has very few channels that I'm like oh and you upload and then I watch but that's definitely one of the channels that I do and then I don't know I do I actually use the homepage a lot so it's all related videos but then it's whatever I was searching for last week times a thousand you know a lot Jimmy Kimmel they were on the podcast I think I've been watching a lot of Good Mythical Morning stuff yeah I did a slo-mo video with their mother in town and I'm excited for my YouTube original to end so I can upload it volume at 1000 frames a second doing always open with him and you're going to film a slo-mo thing with it like it doesn't make sense to double up on stuff rest mode recipe to make a $500 Subway Footlong what if you take the ingredients in a Subway footlong but you put like super you made your own version would like super expensive high-end ingredients you know if it's a $5 footlong sandwich stay so expensive it kind of like the best cheese to use the best meat have you ever watched it maybe it's a YouTube channel or it's a bunch of YouTube videos that a bunch of people do I don't know but like the comparisons between cheap things and expensive thing that was a real good guy but like an expensive hundred-dollar knife and then like the knife at a dollar store in the dollar store and I will it be as good as I can did I ask you to take care of it but then it's like like I'm going to have a Kraft single and then I'm going to immediately afterwards eat some cheese that's been sitting in a vault in you know Holland for a thousand years and see which one tastes better or whatever you know Season suffer like getting a Robert Kraft massage getting $500 massage yeah it was really cool like the really expensive one had two people like mimicking each other's actions on you so I didn't like both on the same I would like that I like having only one area folks on at a time cuz I need like say that having not paid for this tends to coordinate your movements and screaming screaming at the one that's not keeping us in that one foot in one's brother dies meth replace them can leave your underwear I'm going to get a massage just road to your level of comfort. Until you're uncomfortable then you put the last thing back on the last time I got a massage I always keep my underwear on but it she did the you know the thing where if you keep your underwear on they liked it. She didn't so it stays there she took the sheet in and then just pulled my ass out anyways okay all right glute massage by the fucking best you can. I mean I think if you know wonder where the implication is you can massage whatever you want I don't have very many this is she was just went for it and she also was crazy Chic there's one point where none of her was on the ground it was all on me she had her knees on the backs of my thighs what is nothing I said a regular massage and I don't even have like a regular person when she doesn't know me and I'm a stranger you're hurt and my stomach and then she climbed onto the table then she climbed onto my legs she put her knees into the backs of my thighs and then massage my shoulders so none of her was on the ground with all the way all the wait was on Me Maybe I was thinking don't fart because my ass is exposed the back of your thighs have spread your cheeks what happens if you wash your clothes so he knows everything about me except for what I look like every inch of my body massage your face face massage but everything else see touch with intimate detail so what's your what's your favorite part of what was favorite part for someone to work on you probably feel different lower back shoulders too but sometimes they do that thing right on your scapula that were they run they're like knuckle and it's good because it breaks up all that stuff but it also feels really painful but there's like nothing about my lower back so I think like really hurts I feel like I could I would pay someone just to massage like the Trap by trap because those are so inflamed on me just from years of terrible posture yeah I have to massage your traps every single night so that my lower back to be great instead list now so apparently that is really good for your sick massage where they do that to pop your fingers gas my favorite for an hour they're just Poppin they go to the other side to pop again but if you fart when you have your cheeks volcano I had a massage recently I got like maybe twice a year or a year and the masseuse I had she had a clearly a tickle in her throat but because it's so so quiet in the room she try to be quiet about it so every now and then to be like I don't want to be like just go ahead just coughing up cuz you could tell it was like something that wasn't coming out did you just lie there a passive aggressive when it comes to anything like that so just like I'm pretending to be asleep is it creepy to look at the person yes yes yes glued shut at all times during a massage but I was like you should I put on the blind masseuse the room is Pitch Black I can see him at all but he knew exactly where he was an amazing just like the best thing is at the end I give him a 20 instead of a 50 people who can't speak until 1 cookie Benson you just woke up from his nap again will Auto Repair climbing up onto the platform majestic beast you want something from you know it like this I think I'm at least maybe you just confused that's going to be a pilot take me to have a cameo Cameo Voice by someone on camera lyrics like to meet at Bob's on their bums not have he only has a four-and-a-half star rating because someone's like he does the same video for everyone cuz he also see other videos that they did. He's crazy you come to where the cameras are screaming at it they have a Bub City that we can just go excellent what is the animals do though like if you can or not going to like them walking around playing music we're like text on I think there's that dog that Walter the singing Frenchie from here in Austin I think he also has a cameo as well on their to go to Chris Damaris wheel of baby pigs you think I could get Jake the Snake Roberts snake to record a cameo for me Joshua Redman yeah I got you I got this on camera I'm leaving with that dog nightmares it's like that have you seen Marnie I think it's Marnie the dog to put that when I had like a tongue sticking out there's a conspiracy that like she's actually like their weekend at Bernie in the dog show really like it's not alive anymore it's like really not well I've had a lot of health problems Birkenstock Aldo is Grumpy Cat still alive we can head that movie I think Robbie Cat still alive or whatever let me get the girl I thought so grumpy cat having something yeah do you want to cuz I wasn't aware of it what are you said as a joke years ago taken out of context that's apparently he made some joke years ago that he had sex with his cat how to blow out of context you said like if you follow you saw him on Twitter you see that he tweets that she did not have sex with his cat and has never come on his but my immediate thought is I don't know what he's talking about but I do know we fuck the Cat my only reaction to that tweet that situation to address it and then have a ton of people being like what the fuck is he talking about and try to look it up or not addressing it at all I mean you could at the very least you could add I know people are misconstruing this joke about me fucking my cat but it was like many things I say a joke not giving no contact yeah it's like we've know we've been doing this podcast for 10 years now so it's like a huge library of shit I said are you done in your past even with the contacts of him how to treat you want to make some point or you intentionally do it because that's literally your job of my job every single play Sirius deal from the sounds funny but I didn't come on my cat I didn't put my dick anywhere near my cat I've never done anything weird is my cat's I promised myself I wasn't going to make an apology was going to make a project meet us after last year's thing so I'm just trying to be a short and honest with this is possible dude that's why I should have given a little bit of country girls want to hear from the cat cuz it's easy for him to say all these things that the death my God be that's going to come back and get me why would anyone do that to a cat animals are going to bang it out of there earlier if you could have sex in any other animal style what would be but that's like animal style not if you could suck any answer not many people are going to understand that in an outside joke do you say raw onion what is animal style is that wrong if it sounds messed up for ever felt like we wanted we were like so envious right now and then they built one like less than a mile down the road here we are going to lunch again Making burgers and stuff I feel like I never go to lunch with anybody anymore sound like not love it yeah they going to movies by yourself is the best version of going to the movies we can also get food so I don't know I look for that the other day and I saw they weren't going up yet got to be soon Infinity war in January I think so trying to undercut Captain Marvel so now that Captain Marvel's out they want to see how long they can keep having Marvel in theaters making money before they do that they're going to sell half of their available tickets feel so good podcast is also brought you by expressvpn you think that cybercrime is something that happens to other people you may think that no one wants your data pack of can't grab your passwords or credit card details but you'd be wrong give me data from unsuspecting people on public Wi-Fi is one of the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money so when you leave your internet connection unencrypted you might as well be riding your passwords and credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world to see that's why I decided to take action to protect myself from cybercriminals I use express VPN Express VPN secure and an itemized is your internet browsing by encrypting your data and hiding your public IP address that easy to use apps that run seamlessly in the background of your computer phone or tablet for less than $7 a month you get the same Express VPN protection that I have and you know I've talked about using VPN for years going to be on public internet connection absolutely should use it couldn't hurt to use it anyway us pick your online activity today and find out how you can get three months free at expressvpn.com rooster that's expressvpn. Com rooster for 3 months free with a one-year package visit expressvpn.com rooster to learn more seriously make sure you get a VPN protect your data no one else easiest way to pop your back crazy thing the other day like I realize how out of touch I am with with people much younger than me I was reading about how kids who are in high school like you know I guess you know that everyone has computers now like to to do school work and what not and it but they're very lockdown you know they can only access certain applications for the new thing. A lot of people in school do is they they flirt via Google Docs if I feel have a shared document or the chat if it's not disabled in like Google Docs and you can chat off to the side or you make a document or psych you just write what you want and has you can make notes like like you're making no sign a document behind you like a teacher you hit like resolve all I never would have thought to do that and it's like I don't have to think around that wouldn't have a teacher coming around and checking what we're doing was like that's really smart smart way to get around your laptop to the front and read your Google docs for the whole class will you go out with me yes or no and someone else strikes through yes Simon's underline it that's a no more paper notes and where that's interested that makes me feel old as fuck I didn't get any notion high school anyway but for the rest of us is pretty much the same just sitting in class actually taking notes and listening like an idiot looks like a big nerd I will but yeah it's it's it's it's it's wild and then we're running low on time so I just want to bring up before you go news article about plane that had to turn around and it just departed from Jetta and Saudi Arabia the plane had to go back to the airport because one of the passengers forgot her baby at the airport I just thought it was a newborn and she just forgot I mean new is right there in the word cell phone keys baby where was it going to the plane was due to fly from Jeddah Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia had to return the baby for that like to take it off if you don't believe in the player over the plane is there someone of the airport will grab the baby and go all right we have a baby and then just the next flight out someone rides with the baby but I feel like they don't want the liability of having an keeping a Baby Alive that is mean she's the mother didn't care about the liability that much of a flight that is what in the world that makes us sin must have freaked out but what else do they cut a player out for the request of the passengers that are playing around which is rare that they would ever do that baby might be the one thing they would turn the plane around 4 she was like I forgot my baby so I turn around and they'll and she's like just kidding is actually just my cell phone passports she somehow I doubt it either you get to your destination and it makes me to go back like us your fuck up or they could mail you can't go back because you don't have your passport be grey or someone I think we should you be greatly did a whole video about like the international terminal at airport since like determining what laws apply there like once you pass your passport control in here in this weird between the time you leave password control when you get on the plane and then re-enter another country with your passport what laws apply to you at that point like a lot less what is it the law of the of the of the country that the airline flies for is it the law of the country you left at the lava country you land in I don't know you just came up with like the premise for the new next oceans movie my baby I forget that it's been a little while there seems because I'm going to get a Little Rock but they talked about this one example where someone I believe is a Chinese citizen was arrested in the Amsterdam airport and because of the way the bezel war was not allowed to leave the airport he could not legally enter Amsterdam so I will need to get him out of the airport to put him in jail so that right how you get him out of the airport can you legally still can't be in the country with other taking him to jail so like the courts have to pass and create an extra Judiciary Zone around him so it's like legally where he stands just not Amsterdam in a Dodge it. He liked that man goes in Amsterdam is legally know I'm still standing was China despite the fact he was in the Netherlands and he happened to be standing on top of a diamond mine you just came up with the plot of the next oceans movie should buy or Arizona Circle season two maybe we already have one call away I'll definitely try quiz this some guy in the internet you're right it was Wendover Productions it wasn't cgp grey Wendover Productions video cgp grey Wendover Productions a follow-up is brexit video to I know what is it a fault was brexit video the other day talking about how fucked up your country makes it down very simply it's like this is what the UK wants this with the EU wants look none of these things lineup this is impossible it was just very very simply convey detective cute super complicated issue it's like breaking down in a couple points it's like you know you can understand this and like that about just everything else that's going on in this country very helpful to me like that explain like I'm five for just every issue that's going on I feel like I'd be very helpful to a lot of people myself included it's all information on Ice videos informacio something but we teach you about San Diego play steal the Declaration of Independence in the new teachers about someone holding a phone where it said reciting the Cameo how do I cure just save it, do on a green background green screen event Zagg that okay with that affect that trailer for some Korean film where they was about it was set during the Korean War about the Battle of each I think it was a ghost film called Incheon where they had was his name is Liam Neeson plane Douglas MacArthur cervix so weird and so bad based on the trailer, Korea going to show up I'm just not even going to try out yet is it coming out I think it's movie night but it's already chromite is not the title I expected for that movie commercials on Youtube now you see the robot for the coffee machine is Dunkin Donuts song what just like this musical from Jack and Jill Donuts Commercial Liberty so I was going to say no such Jack and Jill came out and then I guess. quotes about time to wrap this up Muskegon details podcast next week 7:32 and we're doing life week we still I believe have a couple tickets available if you are in Austin want to go in person and see others want to see the podcast there there you go but if you're watching from home if you normally do we can be live at 7:30 instead of 5 next week because the last week thank you Eric I'm sorry I forgot play as a microphone you guys next time hey everyone welcome to the supplemental special edition of the receipt podcast with special guest with us so we decided to go film something with him everybody rogowsky here I am out of your phone on the couch glorious widescreen Technicolor 3D to biggest HQ fans that I know of here like a real loteka yeah we have a good group going here I think every day since like September how long has it been rather been like almost 2 years now it is about a year-and-a-half August 26th 2017 is our birthday they're about a year-and-a-half in ya along it's not like a pre-taped think it's fly in his life and I bet your computer gets everybody else who's watching at the same time that's right hand is getting bigger and bigger and bigger can currently be a little bit harder and harder to win now with too many people think it was a matter you still get all 12 questions correct to win the game granny so it seems so simple turn you think about is like oh yeah of course why wouldn't you just do that but I felt like you really haven't seen that you know where everyone goes get together like at a very regular time we all take breaks around the office like when the afternoon game cuz I got to everyone get together like it's time for everyone to compete Jordan I used to book time on my calendar so no one would book meetings with me every Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m. I'd be busy from like 1:50 to 2:30 meeting with sales and the sales and play with them. On my calendar at 8 p.m. each other that's great. They went for a long time as the first one who started it was no general trivia and now I guess it's been awhile you started doing like seemed episodes of Game of Thrones Battle of the lost on Q13 and new 14 and 15 is the worst I've totally it's been like a shot in the arm it's great it's it's it's people love the office Seinfeld we've Simpsons my favorite show what I mean it's it's a great way for fans of these franchises musicians we get to Taylor Swift tonight Beyonce night Golden Girls whatever it is they're rabid fanbase is July and you can bring them all together in a way they never been together before and say here you are competing with all your fellow fans whatever you know where the property is and the money is almost secondary those games because for those people's the bragging rights ultimate you're the ultimate expert on Golden Girls you know whatever it said that that is those things are some of the funniest ones do I get to dress up a little bit throw on some silly wigs hats what not but the money is not secondary to one of the people on the couch here with you if you want to pick up alone I think it's like 217 adding words like 2:22 or something when you get enough shout out the word Champion right I think there are nine winners and we split $1,000 pot so that's why I was like a lot of people could win $1,500 pretty regularly now that you know because there's so many people playing the the prizes sometimes go down a little bit but but we had sex while you play the HQ IRL yesterday I was there there was a few of us who were there and Airport social media coordinator Maxi blames herself for the loss but I think we all we all took ourselves down with that one cuz we all we all got out and and different questions Weber graphic designers Tony huge fan I think he accidentally clicked The Tomorrow Show and we were like really late tomorrow and he clicked it and then it was like like it's done tomorrow show all show yesterday for us yesterday to see you in person but you know we're all used to seeing you on the phone it's it's it's crazy cuz I was wondering if I think everyone probably want to look at it and if you see you like you you're really such feel like the iconic face for HQ trivia that weird to see me out of the phone I should contact you don't know me today to say my name I see you all the time you're not the first believed me there a lot of people show me for years but it's sort of have in the front in the phone world but that might want one the live show we did was phenomenal I mean a like telling the audience to do a live show it's like if you are experiencing lagging during this event yeah the if it's at the seams like probably the biggest hurdle to executing the show is like to talk about potentially technology glitches or you know you're you're depending on a lot of people's internet connection and other people's Hardware I mean give a shit phone that's what I plan on a ship phone still managed to it okay though and my Motorola flip when I'm headed to get that many people served simultaneously all that data coming through around the world are the team at HQ Pioneer this technology to get it to where it is to scales where it is and you know occasionally there still bumps on we're still only so much the system can take certain times and until I guess with every passing month what's the rule of Technology you guys know this. I think like the capacity double that that process was to get smoother and smoother and then they'll be 100% glitch to experience but in the meantime we're doing okay what's your what kind of background check what did you do before they prepare in order to be you know someone who has more than just reading trivia questions if you know vamping and building that personal connection with people in another he really has my my back release to own and operate a day spa in Jupiter Florida and I started a stand-up comedian and just having that experience I guess being onstage being able to Vamp when needed make basically after you tell a joke and I bombed the ability to kind of fuck your way out of it that's a skill I've built up over the years a lot of explaining my jokes and the funniest jokes really yeah yeah like that when you lecture to them and say no this is funny Peter Ross give a PowerPoint behind the scenes footage of ourselves here. This is my first win and that it was a movie trivia night and I was hanging out with some friends and never won HQ before and one and then afterwards my friend is like holy shit my security camera was recording the whole time we got your way. camera and so I wanted to show that your friend in prison wait for it do you like the soccer players do you like to slide it underneath your arms in the air that her cat and it's just me chasing the catalytic heater not happy but it was the Notting Hill I think it was it was like what does Hugh Grant say at the end of the movie and it was like he says is like after she says I love you yes she says I love you too and what does he say and it's it's like I know right Wichita Star Wars look like that's not it with the other thing was but then the other was like yeah me too or he says nothing and I was like I wanted of course I lost my goddamn mind everyone remembers the final question is there first and then but I want and then I took off and I just ran upstairs of her house and just started running around in their Shake Your Tail as well figure out what your friends doing with this low-angle floor camera in their living room he's trying to catch a raccoon all right do you think will we get embedded HQ app that are smart houses hey Google get me ready for HQ say that they HQ University will pop up and my voice is reading you questions to help you prepare for HD but there is also an Apple TV app that you could hook up to your big screen at home and then and that one you know if you see my face goes into a bubble under the questions while on the Apple TV app is half screens full me the whole time so I realized I can no longer if my nose between questions or I'll take a sip of water or anything now Spotlight is on me know what time you'll have a strange around about connection with HQ trivia we have some of that used to work here that works for HQ trivia now if a long time podcast viewers Will Remember When Andrew brought us V Snapchat spectacles for us to try years ago Andrew doesn't work here anymore and now he works over at HQ which I think is how we we got connection for you guys were in town on Andrew Watts. He used to be an actual tea actually to give me that I hear that he's the boy wonder if that's a social media yeah he's going to be running this place in three years he's going to the other methodology for for finding questions are figuring out like themes or in or anything like that well I mean in the writing process is the most important part of the show write the fact that we have an incredible team of writers who is going through trivia books and Googling trivia questions questions that are better not just an interesting but engaging and maybe funny with the net that you know we call dozen eggs at the entire inside term for the wrong answers as a coming up with sex scene eggs is a big part of it are they going to wrong answers that will draw the people to that question so you know it's a really part of the equation of a Savage question question question towards the end of a quiz maybe but you know just cuz you don't want everybody wins but you never know when it's because you can't you can't answer you truly can't architect a Savage question because hey first Natsu who saw that one coming next question ever it was asked actually just about a year ago exactly on the show we had who's the third question into the quiz and usually start you start easy the question was what Asian delicacy is primarily made of birds nest are made of what noodles crunchy noodles cabbage shredded cabbage or primary green a bird's nest soup what is it is the answer is hardened saliva of the swiftlet bird the hardest it and boil it down to soup in a lot of it was because I'm sure there's probably like an Americanized version of it that's cool crunchy noodles for egg drop Becka you were one of 1.8 million people who got that question wrong file 1.8 million supposed to go I want to go in a Savage question declaration what what's your criteria for a Savage question a lot about the bar or wrong answers outstrips the correct answer bar that's a good indication that the wrong way longer the right side of that bar you know you talked about the writing process and getting these 16 eggs and registering 16 x., you got it how much of it is written versus you you know utilizing your like your feelings are vamping and then and right along with it what we have the writers who write the questions research and I'm actually Bruce Vilanch does all the reading from a script yes, tell me where when you tell me what is Bruce Vilanch I have started all the mhq splash that's not true Michael Musa notes for the questions to myself in in the boxes there and and then I write my little intro but they're awful things that I just come to you in the moment and also I want this is cool video podcast hello hello camera two people ask you. What yes but the setup and people think is a teleprompter and everything but actually and I think this is I'm telling me this before but all that the entire script of the phone all the questions are written on the front and back of a CVS receipt the longest paper known to mankind oh yeah the Sharpie I got that all that my God this is how we do the scripts on this week for Halloween and he went to CVS and redeemed a text with navy rewards theme show and I as I as I say this now we have to do it now it's curious that works HQ ASMR entire show can you get an actual bird's nest and crumple It Like It by the microphone yeah everything anybody would listen to whatever ASMR you put out there but being very gentle with people like that they Street what's up what's up w a t t s appreciate that 5,000 followers oh did you home I get for Christmas yeah I ever wanted I wanted to organically grow that Twitter is exactly but he does buy allowed his followers to but you know that weighted whether it was worth it to buy like $50,000 to be an influencer to get him into these events at South by or just like face I'm going to get him into the events like and answer is doing a firefest to the summer he is organizing that has been talking to Coolio play Ja Rule said he was it filmed during the festival again right after all this renewed interest from the Netflix and Hulu documentaries everyone's got those dollar signs rolling their eyes again oh yeah son going to have a TRL how long until we have a HP firefest on a cruise in my life I would do anything to go around Galveston and Corpus Christi Alabama's Amendola grew up when I was a few years living out on the Texas coast in a small town called Texas City by Galveston and it wasn't until I was much older that I realize most beaches don't have tar on them like we go down you like ouu going to find a place to sit down you pick all the tar out first then you sit em out so that's how you got a little place on the beach Texas beaches are in America is not the best so let's cruise somewhere else will do Roosevelt Island to Rikers to Staten Island with all the New York Islands Staten Island Ferry. your MCM assuming you just sat down and and you just like you did all those yourself that was a boy I don't listen to fast but you don't listen to your favorite song bag and because ACDC bag has been my favorite song there's a line in that song that goes maybe I'll make you another slide that goes let's get down to the nitty-gritty let's get this show on the road now I'll show you mine if you show me yours below carry me down at 2 let's get the show on the road if you don't know now you know lower thirds what she says that we finally released this for her msal 8 what's up on Twitter so you don't have to buy any more followers