#537 - Marvel Super Handies

Join Ashley Jenkins, Ellie Main, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and Chad James as they discuss Marvel and DC, stand-up comedy, pregnancy, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Recorded: 2019-03-26 19:00:00

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Participants: Ashley Jenkins, Ellie Main, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, Chad James


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Transcript (in progress):

You're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred thirty seven. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first dot rooster teeth dot com. Yeah. Yes, yes, Absolutely. I'm so sorry for whoever's controlling audio right now are forever. Just went full. Ozzy. Hello and welcome to the roost. Easy podcast lie, Theo. Today's episode brought to you by Ring the Zebra and stamps dot com Gus couldn't be here because he doesn't love you. I'm Bernie. I'm Barbara. I'm Ellie. I'm Ashley. And Gus could not be here because I love everybody. So I have to say, I was just out of town last week because the last two weeks were south by Southwest. But then also, Austin has its schools spring break. So I was out of town with JD, went on one of our sailing trips because we're learning to sail. And some who's the guy who's in the pre show said he's from Philadelphia. Where you at? Yes, until you got to be louder in that man. Come on, wake up. So I had to say Philly Airport. I don't know why I went to Puerto Rico to Philadelphia. Starting to hear the Philadelphia Airport is a Jules. And you should be proud of that airport, sir. Oh, it's you It's like the future. It's really like every gate has tablets at all the things and you can just order food from there. And then every gate also has a small convenience store where you just check yourself out isn't so. They trick you into thinking that Philadelphia is a nice city. Now, like coming on airport. Just have a taste. Got a date certain? Don't let her good. Gobert's Gilbert I go, girl. I tell you what, though it is, it's amazing to me that I had Teo connect through Philadelphia. That's way the fuck out of the way from like off the southern part of Florida, always to Philadelphia back in Austin. Why were the eleventh largest city in the nation now? Why don't we have more direct flights? It doesn't make any sense. Austin's not a hub for any airline, right? So in order to get leftovers, lobby seconds off for Austin didn't extend no terminal. I feel like they're on their way. And maybe you just need a bit of patience South term Going to get it? Yeah, it's actually one of a few things. And also that's keeping up with the growth of Boston is what everything else is sailing. Yeah, like all the streets and everything else, All the highways that just like we don't know is there's no way who came from the furthest away to determine this who came from the furthest away to be here tonight. I think there's a California, California You're in Canada Barb Canada. Jonathan. Do you want from me? Calgary Never been there. When two Canadians meat, do you feel obligated to apologize to each other in the most polite? Whenever there's an English person in the vicinity in any place everyone here is like you could do me. You'Ll be this like, why do you think that is true? Where? English. We don't want to talk to each other. There was this one time and I only recently remember this because I blocked it out where I was taking my dog on a walk and Gavin and was walking the other way. And we both had this moment where we're like, let's not acknowledge each other and we walk past each other and that we're both just like it was It was like, the best day ever. Yeah, it was so good, Like, know that we don't like each other. We're like, you know, we're friend labour, both just like I don't I don't want to be like, Hey, didn't we both exist to make you feel like home? Yeah. Yeah, that just kind of, like natural cold shoulder that we have. It's so refreshing to Kevin tonight. See each other from across the hallway. Or like we're walking down the same hallway towards each other. It always becomes. Who's gonna push over the other person? Yeah, a little different. And so it becomes just, like, kind of like this weird dance between me and Gavin, who now I'm going to take extra pleasure in every time I see Kevin. I already go. Hey, and I'm gonna do that so much. Yeah, I just know that he's dying inside. Yeah, English is like finding at the grocery store again. This's, like, super easy swap out today for me. And by the way, Ellie is not going to be with us for the whole podcast. Which is why I look like this. I didn't just overdressed by, like, one hundred fifty percent. She's gotta show she's performing tonight. Where you performing after I'm swimming at the Mohawk tonight. My band? Well disguised, Theo. Which is that what time it starts? Well, we're on a ten, this music already going, but we're in a tent on. The important people are gonna think you I was really hoping you were going to say that you're going to choose someone from the audience and swap outfits with them, uh, game. Yeah, I do feel like the kid that did not get the memo about how casual? Because I'm just like, No, this is cool. This is what we will drive my evening gown under here. We'LL begin. But it's the swap outs. Easy because basically your female Gavin from you thank you. And like, got sweet ofyou. Gus and I are like a super married couple at this point because we've been doing this podcast together for ten years, So it's like, I feel like, you know, not have to pivot too much in my conversations tonight. I have some complaints about Apple. Wait about Apple. They announce a bunch of stuff today. Only today announced a Apple credit card. I don't know why, but they did. And they're so hee Cool, doesn't it? Does like you can get a physical card that get this has no number and no like security code. And I think it's just a fucking car that says I have an apple credit card you used as you use. Still, it's Apple paid, so I like, say, I have a fucking apple. Whatever. I find a cool. You probably have to pay extra to get the custom engraving for that off. I know, but yeah, it's coming out this summer, I guess. But it's basically anywhere that takes apple pay, which is, you know, in the U. S. At least like I thirty percent of place or just use your phone. So it's really exactly there is anywhere you can use apple pay where you've already got your phone. You could use this fucking useless guard. What's right? Mine just came to visit from England and he was like, I mean, you guys have contactless everywhere right now. No, they're still write checks here or my favorite is when you do the contact list and then they make you. They printed that himself. Decided it doesn't make any sense at all. No, it doesn't mean they were getting in more places like the Super Future Airport in Philadelphia. You can just bust out your five glitter older people. I didn't know I was more ready. I was the glitter bombs. Or I have this stuff called Unicorn Snow that I got for Christmas. That was like I did make everyone put it on Now is good. Teammate forced it upon with you as we walked in there and she goes, I have glitter and we went Polygamy is it was gold or pink? Yeah, And who's not going to glitter up besides Bernie? Yeah, I did not. But I'm getting glitter by osmosis here, Good at by proxy. So what is the purpose of this credit card so it doesn't have a number of accounts? Is your interest rate there's Yes, it's so it's through. It's like Goldman Sachs and MasterCard. Okay, sort of is who they're working with, only on evil. And as far as I can tell, I only did a little bit of reading because they made a bunch of announce. But it's gonna have, you know, it's like cash back, sort of like credit. They put credit in your apple wallet or whatever the fuck you should spend more money on Apple. Absolutely. You khun sake and by your new Apple products with Apple and then on and then pay Apple. All of your debt is like ever online. It's like a digital Apple country club, I guess, in like twenty years in the entire world just going to be in the shape of it. Just Apple. Welcome to Planet Apple, because they they also announced the priest, the Apple TV plus or something that's like, they're they're new. They're new version of like, you know, Netflix or food or whatever. That's gonna have original programming. And there was one teacher in service E I. I'm not gonna have rooster teeth slumming it down with Apple. Thank you. Have a credit card, maybe. Great. There's a There's a Marvel credit card, too. I learned today. Know? Yeah, there's a Marvel credit card. What? It doesn't have a Marvel credit card before bitch about this thing. I have you would have it. I have a Disney one. You did Jessica. Well, it's chase, but it's good. Like the puppies on it. I think every time I had it over people Like what? Disney puppies. They're one hundred. Mondo may show you're like has puppies on it has hundred animations, like ever. And every time I had positive people like nice. But there's this place in town that's a dog bark like a dog park splash bar called the Arba. And they love it. They're like, sweet card. You got those Disney puppies? Yeah. Yeah, just me. That's probably only place Z anyplace that enjoys that everyone like you fool you in adults. Did you have a credit card? Yes, I did. Can you sign? It gives me twenty five per cent in the Disney store. Why? Don't go. Ever. Thank you. But you might I wonder if it'Ll end up working for that Disney The Disney Video Services coming out this year. Oh, yeah, which is also a powerful No, it's all one. And then they'LL be bought by Apple at some point, I'm sure. What is it? What you get with the marvel card? Spider? Maybe heroes. Comic books like I Brain tried to come up with something as it was already speaking May never have you had your balance and Iron Man comes and jerks you off. I don't know. Okay. Ah. Uh, e take that. But I don't know it just like apple. Why would you need a quicker there to make, like, thirty percent off everything they sell through the iPhone? Out of all the marvel superheroes? Which one would you want to jerk you off? I feel it kept in America will be very caring. Whoa! Mr Fanta, you have thought about this. Mr Fantastic, I think the hope, dangerous play or just maybe not all the way home. Just like Mad Banner. Like a little bit Yeah, like you when he's going to that really jerky transformation between the two. Perfect. Oh, who's the really fast guy? Oh, he's in which the big silver I was station I was way every moment makes it feels like the flash. Oh, yeah, he's my favorite one that's on the D C. Card. Yeah, he's, ah that you have to get a completely different card for him. Big jerk You off, I wonder. Wonder what I was reading? The small print like call. Come on, eyes the flesh. That's injustice League. Is he like the flash that's on the TV show? No, I mean, you know, it's different. It's a different world, and you guys can help me on that. Want. Choose the one who is on the TV show. Is that Azra Miller? You see that? The movie one. That's Grant Gustin, right? The movie one is Ezra Millar, and he was also a little something else. I watched that I being a woman. Yes, that's the I watched fantastic beasts to or that we can. I know why. They're plenty. I wanna make you mad. I got into a big old smile moving five movies. It doesn't bigmat scribble if you make a match. That's what I learned from those movies. Big angry scribble coming at you. So what was the deal with the choice for the Flash and Justice League? Is that based on anything like it? He's John here to answer this. Is it a comic? Because he seems like one of the cast members from Big Bang theory. Wake up all of the whole trick. You on the big bank. Could I pay him with the Marvel credit card swiping through his butt cheek way from a nice things used chip and pin? Thank you, no. Here's the thing, though. TV Flash. I really like most of my exposure to him, Admittedly, has been through the Supergirl musical crossover. Yeah, sets. Yeah, you know, which are amazing, by the way. Don't look. I was going to say that, but he's brilliant. Did that get canceled like everything else? Or is that only the Netflix shows that let's see arrows ending. It's like fourteen seasons for that show. It's been around forever. Yeah, and, uh and I think most of it spent Officer still going, But I haven't watched really closely. That's all CW stuff, so I I don't follow it so much, but still going last human thumbs up too much. I lived for arrow. I never saw a single frame of the show, but I had a friend get a frame. Not one framed by now. One frame of that. My whole exposure with the character of Green Arrow is he shows up at the end of the Dark. Knight returns graphic novel. That's one hundred percent of what I know about Green Arrow. It's just like Robin Hood. Basically, uh, think of it as, um uh uh Jeremy Renner, Except D. C O. That's awful. It's like the worst of both worlds. But there was our friend Ed, who lives in San Francisco. He would I only would watch the show arrow through him on Twitter because he would live, tweet and watch every episode. And this whole thing was like, I can't wait for this episode start. I can't wait to see who gets a row this week. Oh, look at this guy. He's totally getting Aargh! Thing they did. They used arrow, though. They called it the air oversight. Think and thank you. What? This is all, by the way of all mostly observed through osmosis, absorbed through osmosis is my glitter. They? Yeah, they, um they ended up with a bunch of TV shows that they started the characters on arrow and then spun them off to their own whole shows. Okay, so it's almost like what they ought to have done for the DC movies, But instead, they just succeeded with me. Yeah, well, the GC TV stuff was better. Yeah, I think than the marvel doesn't have a great track record on TV. Are you like agents of Shield Ideo? I do. Agents of shield is not even a guilty pleasure. I just enjoy it, I think your favorite character on them. So you is like Agent Coulson like you? Hell, yes. He's so Teo and I like him so much. It's a kale. I don't watch it. I'm sorrys. Get a marvel credit card. I, like download the information theory. Like the matrix. You get a primer you get like, ten percent off of Marvel movies. Is there a D c. Credit card probably should get going everywhere there would be like, what would you will you not get, like, that man's credit card? They're shaped like about E. And I was like, What are those called? I think I'm going to keep making us down until someone tells me which time. Overtime which. That's for Peter. Hey. So they could, like, put your sound effects over Batman E. What would you sound you made from peach peek atyou and, uh, three. Well, how? So he had all the right. I'm pretty sure that's the pickets Who says in Canon Pokemon credit card Oh, a lot of people get a Pokemon hunter. What does anybody have? A release? Stupid credit card. Be honest, anybody where you got your Wellington immediately down. So it must be terrible. What? Because you have a cassette take school is like an analog guy in a car. Is that was it just like a note from your parents? Like camera B. Lifestream told your credit card way. We've been doing this for So it was. You selected that image for it. It's a cassette tape you didn't like. It wasn't like magnify. It was like the Carter. It's the dumbest puck for a credit card that people have it a perk. Well, I think I'm making it up in the bond of the Apple cash back one. But I mean, I did kind of the same thing with airlines where I run all my purchases through one credit card. So I get a bunch of miles and then I can use it to trade in for flights. But you don't actually get a free flight. You get close to a free flight like it's like, Oh, I saved enough points. I get a free trip to London also. I gotta pay for hundred bucks. It's like you have to pay a processing fee, which is basically pretty close to what the tickets pay. Taxes. That's the thing, right? You said every tax. When do you return? We forgot how to speak French. For what? Do you redeem those miles on that? If not for travel? That's it. Just travel. What else would you do that you get like, aren't there? Do hotels like body? Um, it's like a physical objects. You could also redeem it better. I would like fourteen hundred battery bangs, and I have so many miles. I think the miles send them to me immediately. Today it it'll cost you ten miles for all deal. Excellent miles. I think you can on ly use for flights, but you can get miles from different stuff. You could get miles for renting cars. Yeah. Oh, many cars or staying in hotels. You can specify or you can go through, like, build up, like a thousand different point systems that you're part of with these affinity. Basically say you'LL spend more money. I get money off the Disney store because you have jokes and you have a Disney credit card. Well, it's chase as equally as evil. So you get a marvel kind of card or dapple credit card. Gino Microsoft and I couldn't get another credit card. I'm really bad with when I have it. Turns out it's not free money like it's a fraud. You still have to pay for it at the end of the month. And I was like, We're not a socialist country like England dude one time and this is for real. My sister cooled him after she went to university. She's two years older than me, and she was like, Oh my gosh, Dad, my housemates played the biggest prank on me, and he was like I said, they sent me this fake bill for water. Like apparently you have to like river water. We were like, No, you do have to pay for what it was like. No, you don't Water is free. You'Ll pay for water in the UK we dio because she thought it was a joke. Oh, I thought she was here and got a bill for water you were doing. You know, you still housemates have played a joke on her and send her a bill for water. And she thought it was like, I think that's not a real place for water. Thank you. Crazy Water's free two thousand dollars water bill, because your toilet was running because of Ezra. Yeah, Yeah, I was renting in my house. I'd moved out of one house and while I was selling it, I read to the, uh, Ezra And then when I got a fuckin water bill for twenty five hundred dollars and so I was just, like, convinced you to send that to your sister. I was convinced there was a pipe that had busted under the house and was like gonna make a huge sinkhole destroy the house. So I went running down there in my car. I walked in those soon as I walk in the front door, I hear the downstairs toilet running like just like and also all basic. I went in to the bathroom. Sure enough, I hear the toilet running because the tank was filling in, filling in Philly, and I'm going down. And so I just did this. Jiggle it stopped twenty five hundred bucks. To his credit as we got the bill significantly reduced. Tell to say that it was like one of the yelling on the phone kind of situation. I wasn't there for it, but I'm sure it was, like, very intimidating. Yeah, he shook his finger. He went to on the phone. Now listen here. You will do to you what I did to the toilet handle. You shake it down. He said, Listen, I haven't t credit card. Maybe Maybe he just redeemed his miles. Yeah, he uses miles to pay for water. Do that. I'm not I'm not gonna get an apple credit card. I'm going to go on record as saying that right now. I have an apple watch lie. I have an apple phone called the iPhone. Have one of those. I'm not getting the Apple credit card. Yeah, I'm not gonna do it. Everybody remember this moment? So when Sonny gets an apple credit card, we can all be like that. You know, here's the way. Feel if your inner monologue just now Apple is a successful company doing what? It does it so his marble and all these Disney is very successful. Not everything has to be turned in like a soulless hash crap. I want to remind everybody that this episode podcast is brought to you by ring rings. Mission is to make neighborhood safer. You probably have seen their smart video doorbells and cameras to protect millions of people everywhere. Ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. So if there is a package delivery or a surprise visitor, you'LL get an alert and be able to see, hear and speak to them all from your phone ring. Video doorbells can be hardwired or run off batteries so you can add a ring just about anywhere. The ring is like the one piece of home automation we don't have. So what I'm hoping is by me reading this tonight we're going to get one because we have cameras and some, but we don't have that ring. And it's like I feel like the last missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle because everyone who has him loves him just for you and for you, Ashley is well, we have a special offer on a ring starter kit available right now with the video doorbell and motion activated floodlight cam. The starter kit has everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home. Just go to ring dot com slash teeth that's ring dot com slash teeth. The Ring Starter kit can give you the peace of mind you need when away from your home or when you're at home. Protect yourself and your home with the Ring starter kit. Get it now at ring dot com slash teeth. That's ring dot com slash seat Thank you. Ring teeth on your ring and it'LL be well off. I don't like coming next week The Ring Credit card. Teeth. I really do. I feel like we're talking about the electricity bill. How our electricity bill can't live, that you untied my chute here. Barb, this is killing me. And I feel like theologically billet in our houses higher. And Gus pointed out to me it might because we have, like, smart switches and stuff that air kind of always on a little bit percent, always during a little bit of power. But we also have, like, our house came with two separate air conditioning units, one for the upstairs, one for the dancers, and then we have a separate one for our bedroom because for whatever reason, it doesn't doesn't reach on DH, then the heat doesn't That doesn't work. So we also run a space heater a winter. Such a relatable conversation. My, my heating Sounds like a ghost way. Never finds out. It's like who like I I had just means my station. And it was very like sobering realization. When I was living in Sydney, I moved into an apartment and this was the like, the first apartment I'd had by myself there, and I was really excited and I moved in in the in the It was autumn. So is really nice. Better tattoo. You had rapture. I'm not yet. He's good that I didn't have rapture yet. I, er saw it all on myself and it was great. Temperature then started to get a bit colder, so I went around looking for the heater. That's when I discovered that the that It's apparently quite common. There is no heater. There is no air conditioning in this apartment. Yeah, there is. I was just wanna going Start is and there's nothing at all. And that's just white, common. Expensive. You We don't have a c really at home. You must not have a see and a lot of place in Canada to Bourg now. Yeah, but heating. Yeah, Yeah, my apartment. Montreal for the four years I lived there for college didn't have any a c so I mean, it doesn't get too hot, but like Australians like one hundred twenty wasn't miserable. Like I feel like that should be illegal. Oh, no. People just people just Bach freestanding units. But that was sort of what you did. And I had no idea I'd never realised that. That I was like, What do you mean, it doesn't come standard Well, you clutching my pearls? Preposterous. I that that I lived in a house in my second year of university. I went to invest on the coast in England, so it was always cold, always raining on DH way We lived in the student house That was so gross. Disgusting. And it started growing black mold all over the walls. Right, Which is like an issue. That's a battle structurally in the building. Right? So we had the landlord come Look, Look at it like, Hey, this is gross. And he came over and we looked around and he was like, Yeah, yeah, alright. Yeah. Okay. So what it is is that you guys are breathing? Inside of that house on DH that's going to be causing some condensation. And we're like, I'll just stop doing that, then, shall I? So, boo, he ends up getting our entire year's rent back by, like, reporting him to my counsel to like, yeah, he told us that we were breathing. I love if you like, look back to the lease for the place and it just like at the bottom, very, very small are breeding everything. No breathing And no drawing your quotes inside. Yeah, Never breathing. Yeah, there was, like, black mold growing on our walls and our ceiling and he was like, Yeah, that's just that's breath. Not not many people know that, but that is breath. Yeah, right. I don't think that's true to breathe Outside breath, we'LL just get outside All right, back in, I think little holes through the wall to make sure you sleep with your head up with Exactly It was the same. I had ah, apartment here in Austin. That was like the air conditioning unit sounded Likes, you say sound like ghost. My sounded like squirrels. Fighting is the only way to describe it. I's high pitch like screaming and jumping, and I liked it. Wass What a world with just two girls going out every night. That's right. But I like I would call maintenance. I kind of kind of miss living departments having a number and saying, Hey, come fix my stuff even though they were always super shitty at it and they do the least amount to fix it possible on like he the guy who came in he goes, Yeah, that's your belt and I go So they change out the belt and he says, He goes, Well, it's the works, right? I'm like, Yeah, but it's streaming. It's all the time That's why we're shouting at each other right now. And that is my my brain thinks of like scenarios based off like jokes that you make. This happens to me all the time. What guests like you talked about, like two squirrels screaming. So in my mind, it starts going on the story of like in your air vents. There's the squirrels that are on these wheels, and there's one squirrel with like a whip. This is like mush mush, and there's like a CZ you're talking. That's just what my brain is putting together. I was imagining a Thai squirrel boxing ring like like coaches and stuff. And, like, hang on, he's in carry on, you know? I mean, maybe we should look into that, though It could bring the bill down. Yeah. I mean, are you are you opposed to squirrel Slavery? Yeah. Wait. Just put musch in their harnessed, harnessed the power of mush like Ratchet have impeded. We got in a fight. That scratch. That's quitter. No, like scratch. There goes, like, half the length of a forearm. Yeah, way had a disagreement. I said he was a bad cat. He said he that I'm not his real mom. So we thought, Wow, that is a battering. And what paid for with his Purina credit? I made him go run the air conditioner. You could Abby Mpo places a squirrel fight club. Now, Bobby thing when you just out of business? School Fight club squirrel Jim, The one rule is girl. Fight Club is you only speak about, girl. Incredible. Picturing them like lifting a little weights. But he's like, I hate you could think you're reminding me of your money of a story that I read on Read it this week, which was It was a little bit because my airbnb ing your place and it does seem like that's a totally normal thing now to let strangers come and stay in your home judgment on them. But I saw one this week about a guy who used the service and I don't know what it was. He didn't name it where it just lets people rent your car and they come and they take away your car. Not like uber. What's called? Yeah, this guy, like they used it for drugs and sex and then wrecked it and left. It means Eric gonna sponsor thiss company, but they are okay. Uh, they're great service, but I don't want it. Seems like that seemed like such a bad idea tto let someone just rent your car that you don't know at the same time having someone rent your home for a weekend seems totally normal because he can't move their home. You can't go back and be like, Where's my was my house? They steal everything you parked it in this dodgy off Schilling National My wind. Come on, guys, bring it back. There are a lot of those cars shares services, though, Like there is. There's one here in Austin called Cartago. Yeah, that's all. Little smart cars, and they're just parked around. And you, if you have the men I like, let's go. You You basically like tap a card on it. It unlocks the car, and then you Are you even looking just like that that easy? You OK, then you drive it around, and then when you leave it just it's based like the scooter sista. But with cars have you more exposure? I've never seen those cars or scooters abandoned in, like, literally the middle of nowhere. And you're like, Is this pertinent and get abducted by aliens? It's my favorite thing. One of my favorite guilty pleasure is seeing those scooters all kinds of fucked up. I was like What? I don't know why I just love it like when they're, like, often offense, just like yeah, so I just I really get a kick out of it like I see them on the side of the road, like on the like in the middle of nowhere, and they also suffered. There's a guy getting busted riding one down mo pack. Yes, like Well, like so many things wrong. That's a highway that competition. Yes, it's a highway in Austin. It's Ah, it's called, You know it's called Kopeck Misery Pacific. Yeah, the Missouri Pacific Railroad runs down the middle of it. I don't know why the Missouri Pacific Railroad runs to Texas. That makes no fucking sense. Once again, Austin can't get a direct flight on your It's taking the shortest possible route. Obviously, you guys take the trade Missourian, but he yeah, he's riding down the feeder. The cop is parked up on the side, walking down on the freeway to stop this guy and the dude who's filming it. It's driving before it's like there's nobody doing what they should be in this scenario. Very, very typical. Austin. I don't know why I gets me so jazzed. I just like to see him all messed up scooters. Yeah, so we just put out a documentary Uh, scoot waiting for the punch line. It's about next door Pino. Yet really, we have a department job receive is I have to watch everything we make about one hundred times each. So I've literally seen that documentary probably thirty or forty times. And my favorite part is that I wait for every single time. I think you made the final cut. It was a joke that Nick has about the scooters in San Francisco, and I'm going to ruin his joke, but I'm gonna do it anyway. He talks about how they had these scooters and they didn't anticipate, you know, the impact we're gonna have the city or the environmental impact because people are mad about them and taking them and throwing them into the bay. He goes so on, you know, the bad news is there very bad for the environment? But the good news is, man, they are a lot of fun to throw into the pot. I just love that joke. So much part of this set that he does about halfway through it is I highly recommend it. It's one of my favorite doctor we produced. It was very I think, like really deep, honest. Look at somebody who's trying to do something really hard. And he was very upfront about what he's doing and really gave a lot of access and also has probably the best title of anything we've ever made. Waiting for the punch line. Ash. I'm glad. Hear you say that because it's like you go through like a thousand names for everything. It's I just love the double on Tanya because it's like obviously waiting for the punch line is something you do in comedy. But it's also the club that he's trying to get into is called the Punchline. So it's waiting for the punch line jeans. I love it. I would have thought of it. I have mad respect for anyone that could do stand up. I think it's one of the hardest ways to be a performer in there is your by yourself. You by yourself. The whole thing relies on your ability to control a room with just your presence. Like I mean, you see it, you can see you see a lot of stand up to a super funny who just can't You just can't like, capture a room in the way that they need to do it like I went. I've seen Christina perform a couple of times and, like, I can't imagine having the confidence, like just the chops to go up and do that. Like every time I see her perform, just like you're doing right now, what we have is not the same eyes, the same like Hey, this is just me, Honest you? Yeah. And like, we can leave if you don't feel that you Actually, I was getting out. So you guys, I kind of like puncturing my vibe a little bit. E. I just think it's an incredible thing to be able to do, but you don't feel that way singing because it's really just you up there singing. Yeah, well, it's definitely have about No, I like this version. Like this is like, if I was very much like this, it feels like very much like this because you have a band of people and your old playing together Riot drummer. That's what I'm implying. But being I guess, being what you can't hand the mike to the guitar player. No, I mean, I guess Yeah. I mean, you could you could singing it is not the same as being funny. You know, I just think it's a really cool thing to be able to do well, there's funding and what one of the things you get to see in the dock is it covers Nick over a very long period of time, and you get to see him like building a set. So you see how jokes perform in different places and you watch him kind of hone specific jokes with different audiences. And so it's really fun for anybody who's interested doing stand up comedy. It's a it's a lot of fun. I love it. And the jefe was, Ah, Geoff was in the comment threads for talking to some people like they were there, just give it away too much. But there's a showcase with a lot of people from rooster teeth and Richard. He's like associated groups did a stand up show case. People funhouse was in there as well, and they were saying, like some of the people have their phones in their hand, which apparently is a common thing. Even like Jefferson, he went so Louie C. K. And somebody else where they had their phone in their hands they were like going through And like working through material. Yeah, a lot of the time. If you're workshopping a set, that's how you'LL do it. I've been to a couple of shows in London with comedians who were building their set for to go on tour, and it's really fine. Havel tested joke, and I just kind of see how the room was in there just, like, make a note or something. And if they get one that hits like, Okay, this is what you guys want And then they'LL go to all the material that's similar to that, and they'LL just kill it for the rest of the show. Like, Interesting. It's really like the way that they build it the way that they, like, do that isn't really incredible. That used to have, like, a whole part of notes and be like, Okay, so you guys like that once in them, that could flow to this. Alright, knock, knock. Who's there? Uh, the interrupting blonde, the interrupting blood too All right. All right. In that one, I think that's me. But maybe I think I might have to go really close. You were getting close. So you want to go now? Well, it feels like a natural pools, isn't it? I kind of did. Until you ruined it without talking about it. Yeah, I will do this. Attari. Ellie, thank you for joining us. Thank you so much. Seamus. I'm gonna go now. I would like your mind Already. 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They should use the zebra. I'm still on your car insurance, right? Ru I I have to go check now, so I don't think they have to me, by the way. Welcome, Chad, everybody. And Bernie, I just want to say like it feels so great. You know? Clearly be your number one pick for this podcast. Nobody else. Seriousness. I feel really bad about breaking at Bernie's Angels. Hear things was that this was a a very female podcasts until Chad came it. Yeah. And you were talking about comic stuff and I wasn't even on you. Chose the hole to jerk you off. Yeah, buddy, who'd he would rip your dick off. Maybe that's what Bernie's into. You only get that once. I just thought of a new show for you. Jerk battle. Man Every time we do like a male and feeling combatant and death battle, people like, maybe they should end with flocking. And this is like really Alright, listen, just because I comment that on everyone here, if you need to call me out like this But that is literally though it's not just death battle. It's almost any time. Ah, man and a woman appear in anything on screen together. People immediately assume that they're sleeping together. Well, there have been stories to about. Whoever is cheating and broadcast Bravo. Now I just get Trevor ofyou. Yeah, actually, actually being pregnant. Still awkward. But I was going to say that, uh I don't know if you guys want to talk more about the announcement, and yeah, we talked about it and appreciate we're talking pocket. So this is the first podcast I've done and that she's done since we announced that Ashley is pregnant, Theo. Make it dance. May not know that anybody is that new information. Anybody? Anybody. Okay, I was gonna say, Did anybody not know that she was? And if Ashley's obstetrician is watching, we swear this is her last cocktail that she's going todo they're gonna think that's real. That's real. That's obviously, in fact, way found out. When do we fight? We found out I found out on Christmas Day. Yeah, you did a little surprise. And the video do you? Cause I would not let myself know your present. I don't know. Sixty four away, baby. Now, I was a little suspicious. So I did a test on December twenty third, like that night or something. And I was like, and the corrupt it Oh, I put it on the bedside table here. Like, this is my pee on it. I have blue eyes open, but the blue Yeah, but then we had our New Year's party, which you guys came to and she couldn't drink it. And so we were Couldn't Everybody was going to know. Well, she played it off because I thought she liked she had a drink in her hand. I just didn't I just hear this whole hero thing is I made I made, like, hot cider because Lindsay was there as well, and she couldn't drink. So I was like, here, I got you these caffeine free sodas, all for you. And I made a non alcoholic cider right here. But, you know, people on a spike it there's something over here that's fine. And I just drank side You're on. You know, I just assumed that was already alcohol in the cider. Oh, no. I put the bottle aside because I wanted my damn cider, My favorite part of the day that we all found out We all found out the same day when they announced Twitter. People thought that I knew before because I almost implied it on it. Well, it's because he's a terrible liar. Yeah, she was watching at home when Barb you said it was in context of some conversation, You say? Well, like you're about to be a new dad. No, I said, like, theoretically able to find out you're about to be a debt. I meant, like in general, because you've had Teo, right? But everyone took out his barber almost spoiled. Girls like Barba didn't know shit. But there was somebody who called it out in that episode, like Did you guys see birdies Face? And then time stamped it. It's like I get the feeling that Ashley's pregnant and they're just waiting to announce it and like, it was like, Fuck you down, Vote on That was like dead guys, right? I feel that for the guy because he's a hundred percent right. People are like my Gerald business. There's always that one guy who's that hasn't spot on everyone's there really is. The real answer, I say, is always buried in the comments you can look down through when you know a natural situation and you look down through it. It's like, Here's the person about three quarters the way down, who gets it one hundred percent. Somebody always gets it, Yeah, but it's hard to know which one that is. I've been called pregnant in videos for, like, years now. Hey, me too! And it's like they're like, they're like fiction partner, and I'm like, No, just eaten Thanks. There was there was a video. It was like a couple months ago where just like I don't want to eat for lunch. Maybe that day and someone just like you. Barber is pregnant, by the way. Her abdomen is shape. And I find I was like, not just fat. Thanks, though. Yeah, I hate it when that happens. Yeah. Someday, but same time, buddy. No, actually, in that regard, when Bernie was going and telling all this, you know that they were having a kid. It was all the congratulations, graduates. And then I like I've had two kids and then I had this one is like, Oh, that's so cool. And it was like, Oh, that's an insane reset timer. And I know you know, just like because your youngest is, what thirteen? Yeah, he's about to afford to fortune now for just fourteen earlier this month. Damn deer. So I think the only people we told first we're told the boy's and before we told a lot of other people, like publicly made the announcement like, I don't think I would have told anybody made back, told Mattias Well, but I was really It was the boys, Matt, but as an affordable my family. Oh, that's right on, then, everyone, actually, we wanted to Utah found out before your parents. Oh, yeah. Uh, Every now and again we have a cleaning lady come through. And she helped, like she, like, finds, like all the messes that I drive just for, like, piled up and then don't see anymore because they're now just background and she comes in, she goes your print and it was like the stitching found Tess. She found my prenatal protein powder and she was like, Oh, you know, like she was like My mom doesn't know You should be like I like the flavor. Keep it on the down low So it is a case where Manya runs into your moms Any worse than that was seeing those two have that spoiled for them. You know, she's She's been great. She she checks on me every time he flies that she's holding on. I was a baby. She likes. She likes the baby and she likes the cat, not Bernie. He's terrible thing on the outs. That was my favorite, though that day because us had just announced on Twitter and like, came into the office and we're all like, hugging and like, congratulations. But I knew that like you had just posted it on Twitter. And so there's a ton of people the office who didn't know yet. So every time someone walk into our office, I'd be like pretty pretty pretty pretty. Hey, have you listed Twitter? No burning and I would just be like it was like performance art Barbara wanted. Barbara wouldn't even tell them herself and I'd be in my office. You. Can you come here. Tell him Bernie has something to tell you. We're having everyone and taking them to wait for Looks like that. Really did. Like you're in the bathroom. I'm like, burning that, by the way, I don't know this about me as she goes. Really? Well, I fuckin hate secrets because I'm just bad about him. Like presents on Christmas. As soon as I get Ashley a gift. Like again. If that gift comes in the tenth of December, he's already trying to give it to me constantly. Just like do you want to open it today? You'd open it. Say it's for Christmas. You should see this. You got to see this. Do I have to tell him? No. I don't want to open my presents early. That's very hard for me, because of course I want it. But then I will have no presents for Christmas. And the same is you. If I buy someone a present, I have to give it to them that day, right? I can't keep it. I'm like you could use it. Now I go nuts, but we were We were just like, chomping at the bit to tell some, like one person like Christmas. Even now, it's like I'm just, like, kind of way do Just one. Yeah, she said yes. We could tell the obstetrician that was Ah, it was a lot of fun. She was very surprised. Very happy way didn't games. I've never seen this before. And then we were just like, scaring you with all these legs. All the parenting story? Yeah, That's a fun one, though, because we had Becca and chat on. So it was like, all parents. You know what you mean you have parenting experience with the boys, and I mean, they're okay right there, kind of. I mean, I can't really claim credit like you and Jordan raised the boys and they became wonderful humans. And as I think, part of the reason that my uterus like, thought out as I was like, Oh, they're not all demons. And I'm starting to think like a lot of, like, kids and babies. And I was like, actually, like always, I thought that I didn't like kids and, you know, you just get in that, like, mindset where, like, you just assume that this is the way that you are like I just don't like it. I will. I will probably never have kids. I just don't like them. And then you meet a bunch of, like, Wait, What? Every kid I meet I like Well, your experience. And then you actually, like revalue where that scene in game of thrones with wall comes crashing down. Nice. Just so you all can visualize. It is a joke about my white walkers and their someone I know Explore that too much. Bravo. They were not walking. Wait, what's the picture that everyone's like? Oh, dude. I can't look at you. Actually, I can't. Look, are you? Wait, guys. You got to get excited about. Are you more excited about game of thrones or Avengers? Endgame? I don't know. Like I wanted what you wanted to start A Yes, you all. I mean, look, next month is a big month. You got to say that It's like sneaking in there or something. I'm really looking forward to you that I didn't even know existed three months ago. Is she Zan? The baby's not coming next month. No, I was sneaking in there. Got me? Yeah, I'm excited. I'm super said about shoes and now it's like ninety percent on rotten tomato. Everyone who's seen it says it's really great. What is shown. Marcel, you're going to see it? That one son of a bitch already saw it. You want charity? And I don't know, we weren't invited. What? It was going to hell ripped Ella? What's he doing? Don't know. You just had Zachary Levi out. Yeah, lovely. Gentlemen? Yeah. Did we do the other one that we put out the No Dave Bautista One. Okay, we'LL talk about it that way. What's it? Weigh? Put that out yet. Oh, there's there, Eric, until you finally have a microphone. Now, is it just me or is is like Eric's anguish. Like the best thing in the world. It's delicious. It's no, it's just wait. But we were talking earlier about people like figuring stuff out and guessing stuff that also works. And we learn this really early on with red vs Lou is that you can put the pieces in place for a twist. But if you're going to do a twist in like something that's episodic, especially something that serial episodic, you have to set up the twists and then pay the twist off in the same episode. Otherwise, within the course of that week, we talked about the person who gets something right in the comments. It gets scary because there's always one person who says exactly what's about to happen for the rest of the season. And there was a DUI, remember? There was a person in particular who, in the first season of Red versus Blue around like Episode nine, he went through and detailed like everything for the rest of the season, like this is gonna happen. It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen. He was one hundred percent right that they do a gentle I Yeah, I was. It means some of the comments, like earlier I was like, I'm not pulling anything because, you know, whatever it was like Oh, well, this is gonna happen because accident. And at the end of the episode, this person is going to come back into a bullet just like turns out that person was so there was saying. Like people call George R. R. Martin also said that some someone has already figured out like the end of game of thrones. George R. R. Martin's There's a lot of shit. Well, here's the thing. I know he's just he's just following that person on forums and like like taking notes and being like, Yeah, I know what the hell he's doing as a huge fantasy nerd. First of all, it's a song of ice and fire, not game of thrones. And I've been following that book series forever. Remember waiting eight years for dancing dragons to come out? Uh, I just hit my point. We're finally, like I was trying to, like stay away because like, Oh, the show had passed the books and I didn't want to get to meet new information from the show. And then I was just like, I don't know he's given up or he doesn't care anymore or like he's busy writing a history book about the Tar Gary ins and working on his spin off TV. So he's not focused on the books at all. As far as Like Me about the show, it's unique, right? In terms of media, it's a go a Siri's that started as books but is going to finish with the TV show you. Do you care someone who's ready? Do you want him to go back and finish it? Yes, absolutely. Like they're different things that he's done in the books. That their characters, that they don't even explore their different storylines that, like characters, air taking Yes, yes. No, no, I don't think so. But then I found Brandon Sanderson. Who's in? There we go is an absolute gem. Here is Red Apple off? Oh, my God. I wish I would lose my shit. I have to have a storm. Let archive tattoo you, Actually. Do you wantto go to Utah and try and like, odd at one of his classes? Because he teaches writing, right? Like you ofyou or something. And I've been like I should go back to college there specifically for writing. Those are lycan like sit in the back of class Go. Does that actually, actually, Nice. Like early bonding moment. Because I was like, talking about something. You really? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, cause anyway, you just just just go read Brain and Sanderson because he's, like, way faster. Andi turns out a month ago, he p rights, which is, I think, very important for an author. Yeah, I think it's, you know, like kids Great. One would say It's arguable without Chad. Now you've joined us. I do want to talk about see if thieves. But hey, let's go do let's getyou bar legend. Come on. So yeah, I do. I have to have my religion. They did the thing where they had for see if the's they had a double X fee double gold weekend. And I was talking about this in the pre show, but I had to miss getting pirate legend, which is level fifty and see if thieves because I was actually on a trip sailing in the Caribbean like that's where I was was like the dramas you reason, the dumbest you were. The reasons we got into sailing honestly is because see thieves, we have so much time playing it, and then he's gone. But we did a vlog where our friend Drew took us out. We went sailing here in Austin. He's all those people, drew Barbie gnome. He runs the stream ease and he runs to culture. And he's one of feel they can walk into any room and like he leaves and everyone is his best friend, you know, he's like one of those people who like it. Also, it goes places that knows everybody everywhere. So he showed up on our list. And he's the kind of person who would meet your family before you realize he was meeting your family. Right? Become best friends with your female lovers, have dinner table and he's like to come over for Thanksgiving, and he's already there. Yeah, and it's like those people to like, you also remember, How the hell did I meet him? You know, it's like I can't remember like that. I mean him. Yeah, right. Can't weigh. Have another friend like that. Aaron Morgan, who knows? Like so many different people. And it's like I don't remember how I'm Aaron and then he ends up being ah, moderator under forms. Anyway, we're on the sailing trip. It was me. It was J. D. U. Is his Uncle Bill on his mom's side. And then it was Drew and his girlfriend, and it was Joe Nicolosi. Jo told me this for fucking hilarious story. Joe Nicholas, by the way, the writer and director of the last two seasons of Red versus Blue. And he did the Lego live action one from Season fourteen. He's not working on a new show. Don't think. Can I say what that is? Eric? Okay, okay. He's going to spoil everything. It's a day for three months trying to file that one with Dave Batista, but he Why don't you just start singing about it? Yeah. Joe told me that he played a prank on Miles Luna, which is right before Ruby. Volume six was coming out. They had gone to the writer's room, and they had planned out everything that written all the scripts. Joe went home and wrote like, Got out, Hit some, I guess, like like thick line paper and wrote like a little kid. And what a fan they were of Ruby and said, And I just I'm so I'm looking forward. Can't wait to see the new season. I have some ideas of what you should do for the show and then wrote the entire plot for volume. And Senate. Miles freak out about it. What? Because you like what, three. But I think you figured it out on his own because like, some of the vocabulary was a little too advanced for this located. But what a fucking brilliant idea to do that. Oh, my God, that's amazing. You want hardest things about. Like when I was working in animation and also hosting Ruby Rewind was trying to not see monitors on, like, conversations like constantly happening. And I'm, like, trying to go through like, Oh, no, I'm so it's like host the recap show. I find out when the audience finds out, it's like, I just like walking there. So about this ruby thing. Well, shit like. And I just have my blinders on, like, trying to run through because you worked in the animation building, right? Yeah. And then even like Tori and was starting to like, you know, a Taurean was like, three d mm here for death battle for a long time. Usually about Jen lock a little bit. And so, like all the animators, you know, they all talk especially the action animators. And so like, then even when I'm like, in our safe space, they'd come in and be like some working on this fight with sun and well, I don't like Shut up. I just have to run away. It was It was hard. It was hard on to spoil things for you. Oh, yeah, You do. You Have you seen the next episode of Like, No like? Well, guess what she's like you'll see be Oh, yeah, the whole thing. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. The thing with you and Blake, I don't know what you're talking about. They're just friends. Just friends. They held hands Busy, busy, busy, buzzy friends. Busy buzzy friend. So see thieves. What? Wass Seamless transition. Vernie Balad El Sissi has bees of these. What? Wass? The gift that they gave people who got pirate legend before the anniversary Because that walked in, that everybody was racing for Jamie Normal credit cards is in a marble Critical. There's a sea of the parent card, so don't have announced yet Anybody place you thieves So really, Chad and I were just talking about a game that nobody's playing. Is that the one I'm here here. Listen, it's really fun bringing you have really see if he's when you started talking about it we'Ll every let's play that we did for years with me was always either left for dead Teo or contagion, which know nobody was playing. Wait. Didn't like the whole Let's play podcast. Let's play with contagion, right? Is that what we became the cockroaches? Yes. That's my one of my favorite series of all time. Very divisive. The choice to make the cockroach voices You loved that you edited that right through the cockroach voices. Just like how many times you would say I'm not really that age. Well, what's that Contagion? Yeah, or the cockroach cockroach voice. This line it was really five is fine. Yeah, here is I gotta go log in some r r E o lets play. I can age. Well, that's going to end over political. I don't think that's started. Well, yeah, those you recap for everyone who hasn't seen that blood's play, but, uh, no. Yeah, John, I started doing some more streaming, too, so I think you'd expect to see more streaming on the rooster teeth Channel on Twitch. And John's going to be doing more than like bringing people in. Yeah, I think there's been a couple streams with Gus. They were playing some western game. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, we were talking earlier. No, no. War is some is like like an early access sort of Sam boxy Western type game. I don't remember what it was called. John was wearing a tank top in a cowboy hat, which I felt was a bull look. That's very I want feeling about laundry. And for John Look, just tank top Cowboy hats on Brand. I want what John's like diet plan looks like. He's in the office every day. He has these little Tupperware containers with his perfectly proportioned balanced meals and everything. But then he goes home and every weekend on Instagram, it's like five boxes of sugar cereal that, like I guess that's his cheat days and just go away. He just pounds down like Lucky Charms That it is Cheetah. Did. He rolled in with chicken and waffle cereal the other day. Oh, no, no, it's incredible. It was so good. We're all like, Yeah, you're not taking this home. What? Do you have that with milk syrup? No, you just I don't know. This is a chicken because it is a chicken flavor. I just ate it straight like a monster. Like there is no time for you to go to. The bull is just straight from the There it is. See how you look at the check in Is radiating that box. Looks really on appetizing. Well, don't don't eat the box and then I get the bowl. High fiber. The box a good one. All right. So did it taste like chicken? She's like chicken. It's like Mabel Syrupy. Good. I can't even you just Yeah, taste like chicken and waffles. Thank you so much. Eyes, chicken. Not apart of chicken waffles, because one of the main ingredients and it did not stand alone. It's the It's the harmony where they come together. So listen, if this is sorry for everybody watching at home, great. If you're here in town, how many of you are from out of town? If you if you can't see this at home literally every person raised and, uh, while you're in town normally would not recognize recommend torches as a restaurant to go to in Austin. However, in March, they have the taco of the month, which is Ashley for everything, which is the Roscoe, which they chicken and waffles. Taco. Shouldn't you be reading off the iPad for this part? You know, have you had one of these chance? So it's like the taco, and then they put a waffle and then they put the chicken and then that it's like bacon and an egg on. Then they give you a little thing of syrup and then they sprinkle it off with some diabetes. It's insane. I I've been working myself up all month. I'm allowed one pre here. I've been like, just like nothing you could have. You could have as many now. No, no, no. I mean because it's just, like so much. Look at that taco looking. That taco. Did you like such a whole thing? Can we talk about the crowd reaction? Like half the people, like, yes, the other people are like, Oh, God, ten people just walked out. Yeah, they're going to get one. Dude, I gotta eat some, right? Actually, that'd be great. Yeah. Wait. How many? Who wants one? No, no, no, That's all right. We'LL pick our favorite three. Do it, Eric, Get us some chicken. And what that thing? All right. I love that we get screaming. Eric, get Ross! Eric, I want a waterbed. Whatever. Waterbeds. Eric, a marble credit card, Please. Way. Want to chicken and waffles? Credit card? One of us. Eric. What Marvel character would jack you off? No, now. Yeah. Yeah. You should chose Drax, played by Dave Batista. It had been a good choice. Yeah, here's the problem is he would just do it so slow you he'd be invisible in You'd think you were alone. Eric is a WW fan. Huge. So, theoretically, if we had Dave Bautista in the studio, he looked Eric was he had such a rare He was like a human. Hey, hey was so giddy with him around. Can we not talk about this for real? I mean, we I guess we can What? I'm gonna tell Nadia. No, like, Oh, we're We're not gonna edit this. So it's going in. We're talking about it. But But you were excited. Oh, yeah. Dude, he's forward. W w e champion. What am I going to do about it? Hey, Erik should have been honest. Boiled the upcoming podcast. Dude, that's really unprofessional. That's seriously dio years the producer just talking about this stuff. Listen, he told me that I had a cool moustache, which is all I really needed to hear from anyone. But it was from Batista. Yeah, that's great. I also want to point out this is no joke. I think the six time you've said that he complimented your mustache No, it's the sixth time you've heard it. It's probably like the thirteenth time I've say, and he's never washed it since. So for the for the live Christmas special that we did that was like the little lives, sketches and everything. I get a thing where I had grown my beard out as far as I could in the time that we were rehearsing for it. I was in the first sketch and then we brought back. The cop characters Mean Joel Hammond are what they call the Hardy Boys, I think is what people named those characters on. So I shaved between the two sketches I shaved down to where I had one of the what you call that, like handlebar animal was good. Yeah, you nailed it. Trucker must And everybody was like, That's funny, Eric, when I walked in, there he goes, He goes right on, man. And I was like, I gotta I gotta shake this thing immediately. I look cool? Yeah. You look awesome. Just like I think like your, Like your children would have been proud. They looked like you would have done, like, backyard barbecues and drink like bad beer. You look like, uh, Dave Batista would have, like a bomb all over. Should have kept it is still a little your problem. It's about your sweet way. Could have got him on Nick's motorcycle and then just driven away. But it was funny. Like we, uh we've had a lot of guests. I feel like on the podcast lately. And in the past, guests have always not been there would have been really well received, but I think lately, like written Linc, we're on just recently. So I think we might do some more of that stuff. But it did feel like especially around South. I know. By the way, the torches taco is on ly available during the Rossi goes only available during March. So they do it every year for south by. But I'm not every resource dot com for it's less torch. No, right now, I actually, this is this just goes to show how much I like this taco. I actually don't like torches a lot. They're one of the only places in Austin that wouldn't let us film there. Really? When were we shot? The film should be the food vlog where we went to the eight different restaurant today. Father way. Barbara was a fucking chanter in that thing and weepy for sure. I ate all the food, you know, and and I pooped all on My God, Barbara, You pregnant? Not only that, but in addition to going teo each other food places in eating all of the things which was a misery of deliciousness, but still really painful. She also ate a bunch of poutine because Bernie better. Yeah, you bet me like two hundred fifty bucks. I think if I could eat a whole play a poutine, I think that you were so cheap, I think was like, fifty bucks. I think it was probably Damn, dude. Yeah. She ate a whole pit plate or tried to eat a whole plate of poutine for fifty bucks. I would have done it just for bragging rights. Honestly, wasn't a fifty. There you go. Thank you. You watched the vlog today. See? Well, you don't who ask you honestly. Well, I came to your defense when you started with. I think you were too cheap and you went with fifty. Thank you. Was it to fifty? It was but the best part. I couldn't fucking finish it. I thought it was The plague came out. It's like this big. The best part, though, is because it was right around RDX. We happened to be sitting next to some rooster to fans at the table next to us. So I kept being like, take more and they were getting in there, just like Okay, you personally pushing me in the woods like you and Gavin Like it's just like being around you guys. You never know us like Gavin. Especially like he just loves the throughout those wacky like, Would you do this for money? Or I'll give you this if you blank right. So, like the definition of like a dance monkey right now, you want my money than here? Do this still like way? We're at south by and we got to this Batman event and I really like the on ly reason this didn't have it is because Gavin and then this guy out, So we got in these petty cab because we're this Batman thing. Then we're gonna take us over to the bat bridge and they were going to release the bats, and we're gonna do the whole thing. But like while we're there, you know me, Gavin, and joking around with our petty cab driver and Gavin's like, you know, why you so slow like you usually do. Shall we take the other guys, you know, right? And then he's just like, Well, that guy's my boss. Like, I don't really want to do that. And then he was like, Oh, you're really lagging behind in the race and the guy's like, Oh, well, I only race. And this is where Gavin tunes out, gets distracted by something. But the guy was like, Oh, yeah, cause one hundred dollars. You know, if you want me to race And I looked at him and I would like off you, just like you just lucked out today because he was like because he tuned out and he is not the one I know your throne now. They're like, ha ha ha! He would win that shit out in a second. Do it had been like race you know, like a hundred percent. But anyway, we egged him on once Gavin like team back in, and the guy ended up passing everybody and it was great. We thought, We're going to get to erect like I thought like I was in an action movie were like, There's the hotel we're supposed to go and this do, like cuts across traffic. I'm like, No way. And there's like these two cars and, like surely our cart is not big enough for this, and they do just whips it and goes right in between them, bracing for impact. Places it like perfectly, like drink a bottle of hot sauce way. I love the bottle of barbecue sauce. One. Because the trick with Gavin is, if you ever bet you in a lot of money or throws out a ridiculous amount of money, do something. Always say yes and he goes, Hey, hey, doesn't want do it like I think it was. Michael is going to remember what it was. There was a bottle of barbecue sauce on the table at the office, and how much was it? Was it like two hundred? There's, like two hundred bucks or something like that back in your Okay. How much money was that? How much what? Thank you. Rooster teeth. The story. Thank you. Eric, you better watch out job. But here's how I want my fair moments. When those stairs right around. When Gavin and Michael first came on board there first like they were, they hit it off right away. But they were still working stuff out, and I remember that. He Gavin said, I'll pay you fifty dollars kind of think it was like I felt like so much more Time to drink that bottle of BBQ sauce on the table might go do that. So he walks up because are you sure you didn't? Gamma goes Well, how about thirty? And it's like giving this how negotiating works. It's like you already offered to go down from there and ever, Michael, he took this big thing of barbecue sauce. He goes, go Any place that goes You are so fucked down. The rest of it, Michael was the machine for eating stuff when he first showed up. It Richie, we have until is now. It just throws up and then keep going. Yeah, much. I never had a conversation with Michael's dad, right? I assured him that we were not trying to kill him. That was a weird conversation to have back when I was CEO. It's like, I swear we're not trying to kill your son. Remember the lava cakes from extra life like twenty twelve. So, guys, it was worse in person. It was suicide. For the Yeah, I guess so. But also with giant gummy bear, Uh, he mentioned was surprised how poorly he did it. That, like it was five pounds of sugar, but he liked barely made it. Dude, the head I feel during the days of your stomach as opposed to what? It's hard to throw up like we did a gummy bear, uh, eating challenge way back. And they screw Zach. And like Sam was doing it. And afterwards, just like head is really fun. Willie get, like and cards or whatever with you throwing up, and I can't do it. He's like, and he couldn't get out because it just little like all formed this mass in his stomach. Maybe Tio don't do it. Don't mean leading contest is terrible. Reformed into a guy just like I like to kill you. No, no. Here. No. God, no. No. Like how miserable he is. He was. So you were so little. I think I'm wearing the same shirt in that video. Well, it's always nice when you have like I am. It's It's nice when you have, like, two outfits and that's it for ten years. It makes it so easy to pick up shots like a cartoon character. Not what my my closet looks like. I literally have my work closer, like five of these shirts are all the same. And then, like two or three different hoodies that I wear and that's it. Basically same Koji. So it's like I and I do that because if I ever show up at the office and I lost it on this trip, the boating trip was just on. If whatever show. But the office, if I show up and that that black hat with the White Star I just have, like, two or three of those that I keep in different places so I can throw that on, and it's probably get ninety percent chance if they need to do like a pickup shots or on something. I'm wearing the same thing. It's the same with these aviators. It is you. You probably have twenty pairs of these. I buyem six at a time on Amazon. Eight bucks. I remember. You know, what you're saying is you get thrown out of the ground. Bernie. Yeah, it's cool. Enjoyed that. You see these books? No, he's going way said fifty bucks. He's gotta pay for him. What's your name? Micah. All right, I'LL give you a glass glasses. You want to do an attari for stamps dot com and Okay, I get it. Go, go, go! Everybody Give it back. Eric, you handle Mike here. Come on, Eric. Why are you not prepared by Michael Like it? Oh, dance like has got Cecil looking comfortable. He got that fast. Here's your GTO. I'Ll do the ad read, and then he can read the girl like I'll throw to him. OK, we'LL be ready for this. Yeah, Come over here. You gotta come over here. Here's your microphone, I guess. Dude, he's so Jesus. So what are you going? He's going to see Bernie. Okay. All right. You worked it like you want to make a sixty four. Because Eric Garner where everybody, let's give it up. Theo just points you on these things here way coming everyday. You rolled in like a year. Guys were being professional. Please, for God's sake, go ahead. Hello? Okay. Mike is like, got the cherries given notes. Eric. Well, it's an episode of the Rooster teeth. Podcast is also brought to you by stamps dot com. Noah really has time off your busy. You've got time. 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You want to go back to a pack, so I might I might be. I said That's actually right before the trip. Right before I left, I might be done with Apex. What? Because I got it Because I got all the achievements because I'm lame and I play the Xbox. I got all the achievements in effects. I hit level fifty that, actually the hardest one to get was there's achievement on the Xbox. And if you play PlayStation, tell me if this is trophy, you have to equip a legendary helmet and a legendary body shield. The gold level. You know, yet that bold the same time. That's achievement. And that's just the kind of random, you know, usually towards the end game. I thought for sure, I'm going to run into Ah, gold helmet and gold armour, but you have to stay alive. Yeah, well, this was literal, like I was in a duo with somebody else. I I started the match where only had two people in my squad and we meet all the way through the end. And, um, it was a bangle or we were up against on. We're in a house and the bangle or is running on the outside. And I found one of their squad members that we killed. Their box was gold And he had mentioned earlier He didn't have that achievement either. And I found a gold helmet and a gold body shield. I go, dude, I found him and I got it. You do want to take it like, take off your armor. I'll give it a go on and on anything. I'm not sure this is the best time for that because we're about to win the game. I'm like, Yeah, but his achievements gonna last forever. And then he gets killed by the bangle or I kill the bank. Lord, we win. I'm like, Sorry. Duty goes. I heard him like the last thing you should have taken the armour. You live with her guy, so I haven't played Apex since I've been back. Should I get back? And have you done anything new yet? Besides like that, what's firestorm is that new character is always firestorm. A different game. That conversation I know Fire. You like battlefield. What's that? Firestorms. The battlefield battle royal. Okay, we're good. But the I've noticed that I've been seeing more videos lately, that really rare animations are coming up in Apex legends like especially they seem to do more stuff around. Race in particular. Where? Yeah, I wonder why. Well, why? I don't know. He's like the most popular here. Israeli? Most popular. Yeah, there was that. Like I would've picked. Ah, I would have thought. Yeah, I guess so. It's Wraith is pretty popular, but he said, maybe Lifeline is Well, I'm a lifeline. Main. Yeah. Lifelines, I think, is a really popular. But it's really kind of the only sport class where you have Pathfinder would have found it. Really? Yeah. I don't feel like you're making zip lines for people every now and then. It doesn't feel like you're really supporting that much. Yeah. Were you in the office today when they have the voice actresses come through? No, Seriously, what was played? What's characters? Eso Millie. She's the voice for a lifeline. Yeah, she came through with Victoria Atkin. And so we we give it to her Mr Teeth. But Mel only actual already worked with Mr T. She's a voice And Ruby. Yeah, goddamn know I'm missing. She busted out the lifeline voice and Fiona from achievement of her, like, melted down. It was amazing. Well, it's great that you're just like giving a tour, and I'm just working like this is chatting with high, you know? And then, actually, I And then you were in town for this stuff and like she's high on victory acting, I don't Oh, I've heard of you. And then, uh, Mel Mel was just She's super cool. And that's what you were doing it just in time for south by Oh, yeah, she was doing Fortnight panel is in a fax, man. It was like, Oh, cool. She's again the voice for it. Oh, great. It's just like I got a present for you. And I was like, Oh, shit, I left like I was super happy really quick. It was great. I like this story because it sounds like you're totally disinterested in meeting them. Otherwise, you're like, Well, it's just like I was working. And then they crowding around my although accidentally camp out outside of Chad's ofthis door. You did? But you didn't introduce me until I stood up like What are you doing outside my office? I'm sorry. I have a thing Where I'm bad introducing people because just something in the back of my mind tells me that everyone already knows each other. And I'm kneeling. One who didn't know everybody. I'm sorry. Okay. Well, no, I thought you're going to keep going. I don't know what it is like a welcome Toby like, Yeah, so you know. And then there's a country when they're like, Yeah, I'm so and so on. They introduced each other like I gotta get to him. Also, the point with Apex where it's like stuff that annoys me in the game is really starting to annoy me. Like the big thing is, now is I would think players would get better about this as time went on. But now it's a thing where, as soon as somebody gets down, they merely just quit the game, which is, like, That's exactly the opposite of house when you shine. Apex is supposed to work. Especially his lifeline, right? I mean, even now it's like they don't even get eliminated, They get just down, and then they immediately quit. You gotta play friends. Yeah, or yeah, bright because I play with random and it's like you're diving in, and then one person goes, I just want to go a totally different place than you guys, and I'm just gonna go off by myself. It's like it's like one in three shot. It feels like I'm getting that. Yeah, and console. Now they do that on PC. To you, the man, like a lot of people bounce really early. But you're such a stickler, and I do do this. But like Bernie so used to being down initially that he's like, you got a mark them. You have to mark them immediately. He's like, This is where I exit. Oh, you mean when you're now doing today? But you have to mark where they're out when you're done with me, That your job. I think it's like it's like I'm shooting you, like taking, trying to take down the squad. And there's a person crawling around. I know they're marking me the whole time like just say, here he is, Here he is. So it's like I'm looking looking, looking back that bank and try to shoot the person. I think you're one of my favorite parts of that game is when someone is down and they have that shield that's like a cat and mouse game of like trying to kill them. I usually just now to use thermal grenades for that. I just lost a thermal exactly insult to injury. Although I do like you, the finishers in that, like I've unlocked some of the unlocked I had unlock or at least go into the trackers to see for Xbox. Why don't have a mane is because one of the achievements is get five thousand damage with all eight of the current legends, I think. What? I'm going to put new ones out anybody Now. Soon. Hawking's out. Fucking go play for you. I was actually about to tell you that. Yes, Yes, totally. What? What's your favorite part of, um, He runs fast. Like he's in the big Bang theory. Does he actually run faster? Did you really slipped? And he gives a great jerkoff. But he was one of the apex legend. I would pick Gibraltar for that. He's got an arm shield for recent. God, what it's for to block stuff. Eric, do you need me to re read this ad? All right. Good. Mike, It did a good enough job reading it, right? Any other topic. Somebody wants to shout out there so we only have, like, five minutes. Like there's so much stuff I wanna cover. Did you guys see Alex Jones is public freak out, you know, or don't know. It was pretty dope, OK? He was in Lucy's fried chicken, which is a local, like fried chicken place. It's north Austin. Yeah, and he freaked out. What do you say? Fuck you! Fuck you! You fucking who lived hard. It was he was unbelievable. He was, like, off the rails. He was red as a beet. Eric, somebody die over there. Eric, what did you do? Lead car was just a joke. Sorry, everybody, but, uh, yeah, he was having this, like, utter freak out and like, it's it's kind of like the worst part of being in America these days, which is just a bunch of people with their phones out, all pointing at each other and all screaming at each other, including Alex Jones himself. It just has his phone. He's recording a yelling at everybody. It's just like it's a fucking team. That being said, it was pretty. I watched the whole thing. It was pretty. I like the idea that nobody like that person didn't know what that money was about. So you're just yelling at them with your phone, calling him a fucking loved that guy, I'm sure. Did you see the video? Were you one of the people of seas yelling? Because they did pan over to those people eventually. And it just looked like a bunch of people that, like it would be unlike Internet playgroup. And then they all came out to meet somewhere. They totally looked like everyone else I've ever met on the Internet. Like fuck you, Allie. Shootings. And apparently he got really pissed off about it. You gotta get them during during south by, like, we almost got into a bar fight. Who's weak? It was me daughter David Settings. Uh, well, your bar fight adjacent, and that is the way we were hanging out. You know itself ice. We like hitting people bars on. Then these bouncers were tossing people and they weren't very happy about it. Naturally, uh, and then thiss one girl comes up and she was really mad about her friend getting bounced, and she starts, like, screaming at these bouncers. And then we've got like Bouncer and bouncer. B Bouncer is like super like Jack, like, ready to go. And he's just like being pretty stoic. Look, you gotta go. Gotta go. Bouncer Bi is like super scrawny, and he's like, Look, you bitch! And I'm like eyes like That's That's not how you deescalate wasted in like, especially when alcohol's involved. He's like, Get the fuck out batch and I'm just like, you know pretty much good. It was me. So right after that exactly. Verbatim. She pushes one and hits the other. Why? I'm like, Oh, God, I'm about to watch. Like this dude hit this chick and instead, like they just escorting her out. And the other guy, the guy was not. He was just kids. Not that I've got screaming like, but then they take around like, Okay, everything's cool. And like, one of the bouncers came. And he's just like, Hey, guys, I'm sorry about that. Well, you know, it's all good. He's like anybody, all shots. All right, So he does that, we have fun, and then on. And then we're leaving. And this girl is outside now with her friends who had gotten bounced. Exactly. I speak drug girl. Yes, on. And she is screaming about how she wants to see their manager. I want to see your manager and my friend David. I thinks he's worked for Steve. He's like he likes to, like, try and resolve conflicts. He's a social butterfly, and he, like, is the dumbest thing ever. And that's the steps himself in between this girl and the dude that she's yelling at and he's like, terrible idea. He's like, Hey, it's okay, Why don't you go home? And she just fucking sits there in the mountains? Skills a menace. I mean to like drunk girl. That sounds like calm down. Yeah, and so he's like, Well, he goes back and then her friend, because I start walking up, he, like, gets up in my face. He's like, You want to do like, he's got this like, Whoa, dude, like, I'm just gonna get my drunk friend. And, like, I recommend you get your drunk friend Andi, just like he's up in my face. And you like the bouncer. No, it was like the duty got bounced earlier, okay? And like, he's just trying to start some shit and I'm just like Wait, listen, practice was afraid to fight that girl. Right? And easier to take my question out on e looks a lot easier to fight back, girl, if you're ever if you're ever in the scenario like don't don't escalate it. You just gotta be like, Hey, listen, I'm not trying to do anything. My friend was trying to help. Clearly, he made a poor decision. I'm just gonna get him. He's been drinking. You has been drinking. Yeah, I thought so. Cool. I'm gonna get him, and we're gonna go. And I recommend you guys do the same, but if you don't, that's on you. Have a good night. And I took on I got David the hell out of there. That's a lot of words to get out in short. Like such a short period of time. So, yeah, I think that's what you got. The disarming stance is like that and not trying. I'm not trying to shit. Where's the funeral shoulder building yourself? Yeah. All right. I'm smaller, Griff. Intimidating. I'm not trying to hurt, you know? Yeah. How much would it cost you to go? Do the drunken impression right now in six straight After this, I go to a bouncer and being you. You about me in half an hour. So you probably don't remember because your drug I love your I like that. You're drunk, girl. It is basically a lease. Now. Apparently, I didn't know this, but, like every, like my go to improv characters, Is someone smoking? She does you talk about which, apparently, is the least least character from twisting creds. I had no idea. But then, that's a great impression. Barbara's doing what? She always doesn't like this. And then she does the tap, tap, tap. Like like one of those, like, year old madam, like All right, You don't know what you're talking about, but I'm gonna bring my drug friend. We're going to slap you. I like being around this stuff I want to talk about, uh, Major Nelson on TV. I saw he released the email that I wrote them when I asked him to come to my massage with me. Yeah, he actually put out the email on Twitter that I sent him, or that Siri fucking bitch sent him Do it. And it was just, like, made me relive all that stuff again. And then, of course, everyone I know my yourself is like re tweeting this story because I know I did. Teo. They just made it hard to say about it. That was, like, terrible. I learned I remembered actually on this trip. We had salt and pepper shakers, and I was, like, salting something and over salted it. And I remembered something. I have never talked about this before on the podcast. When I was a kid, I thought that salt and pepper were opposites. So that so that I thought they can see it right now. I thought they canceled each other out. So if I oversaw all took something. I just put a bunch more pepper in it, and then it will be too peppery and I put more assaulted. And my mom just wants the void My mom would watch your tells. The other one were, baby, that's way forever. And I'd be eating my Magarri. Jeez, it would sound like I was eating sand by current. And that was always so mad at myself for getting the mixture wrong. But I was just constantly going up, up, up, up, trying to balance everything out. So it's It was a pretty stupid kid, actually. Look, I've heard the stories. I'm a little bit worried. I love that this was on your notes. It's like that. It's just that I didn't remember that. And so this is what you're in store for? Actually, you're gonna have a child that does stupid things like that. I'm boils board. Look right. I know about about your view thinking that zombies were real. I know about you allowing potential, even encouraging your brother to hit you with a rubber mallet. Yeah. No, because how could that hurt? It's Robert. Think of Looney Tunes. They got all their knowledge from looting the story about on a rubber mallet. And like, surely acne will save me. Do you know the story about when I was a kid? I tried. Teo invented napalm and tried to make it at home. What? Yeah. Okay. They know that I remember you inventing people. You know what we did find out about tonight, though? And that's the easy store eyeliner. So I have a question about that. We were talking about it before starting similarly said, Wait, stop. I think we need to discuss this more in depth. You? What about? So I grew up in a period of in the eighties. Which was called the New Wave and New Wave, was a flock of seagulls. It was a big part of that. And so I had to have the picture I've had for years wearing I offer that pig, you know, because they made me take off. I'll my eyeliner for picture day. You're Bernie. Bernie, You know, we have her, but I got this hair, this flock of seagulls, like bush hair it. Really? Yeah. There we go. Thanks, Chad, For representing today. But I used to wear islander. We would get There's a shitty little club. They would let it was like a a under eighteen dance club. What person would ever open a venue like that? Oh, no. They existed. It was like one of the only types of clubs. And you talk. It's all right. I heard a lot about coming and we would go that we would slam dance and Hamdan? Yeah, we would slam dance to the bangles. Christ on I would I would wear islander at that. I started wearing island of school and I would get in trouble for it because I know it's really weird. Now it's way. Couldn't wear shorts, School this was in Texas was fucking hot. Good. We're short school, and I couldn't grow beards. So thank God they made a law that you are middle. I made a rule that guys can't have facial hair. Like we had a play where one of our guys had a girl. Beard could in high school, because he was one of the puberty cases, and he's probably in prison now, But he could grow a beard in high school. And he got to grow a beard and was, like, the biggest deal to everybody else that this guy had permission to grow a beard and you couldn't wear your eyeliner, and I could wear my eyeliner. Yeah, but you know, we do have a makeup artist here. You wantto work. What a great thing for the post Show. We're going to have Aaron put island, or I'm actually going to be clear. And I'm like this one. The stuff ahead of time. I did this once before where Ellie came out and she had smoke. Yeah, she said she was specifically dressed for her show tonight, but last time she was one of the first time she's on the podcast. She had that same smoky eye shadow, and I saw her in the chair. And as soon as she walked out of the room, I said Teo either. Aaron, Her honor. Aaron, I said, Give me the exact same eyes that you gave Teo. So there's There's on this podcast I've worn like eyeliner and eye shadow, which was not part of my routine in high school, a fame city. But they want to thank you all for coming out live edition of the recent podcast, right? Thank you all for joining us at home as always and nice. Too old are sponsored by everybody