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Join Matt Hullum, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, Burnie Burns, and Chad James as they discuss glitter, companies Rooster Teeth has outlasted, timesheets, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Participants: Matt Hullum, Gavin Free, Ellie Main, Burnie Burns, Chad James


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Transcript (in progress):

You're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred thirty eight. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. Everybody. Welcome to the Rishi podcast now celebrating four weeks of Gus is vacation. Where the is he? He is busy in Japan because the public thinks Yeah, he's in Singapore today. What? You tell me how a hold for first of all, thanks for joining. I'm technically Gus is manager. I have no idea where he is. Our CEO is here, so I have to do the business stuff brought to you today by Goat Express vpn and a little something we like to call Artie X twenty nineteen. I'm Bernie. Just go this way. I'm really sad. I'm not going. I am Gavin. The problem is that we keep doing the intros even though this is episode number five hundred and eighty. Right, Eric? Five eighty. That's what I said. Okay. Fivethirtyeight way. Still insure ourselves. We still get it wrong every time. Well, you started that in that time. That's what we'LL do. Different people every time. No one's ever sure who they are. And here's the thing. If he starts, it's definitely not me next. Yeah, definitely. I was just like Is that what you think? It looks back around like tio medical going The other way, it still wouldn't be me. Next I get it. No, I wouldn't know. Go. That's no way to get sensible for messing up. I'm so sorry. Wait. Before we went live talking, Elly, today is our sixteenth anniversaries That the way to say that Birthday? Sure. Can you have birthdays for police divers? Sory that aren't for people. What's the What's the history of sweet sixteen? What? You're jumping right into that I am. It's like I was afraid Ask, because I'm already get like some kind of weird like Victorian we'LL Wait, We did a little promotional thing before the show started and we were singing different songs. And that was the songs we talked about was, Should we sing Sweet Little sixteen by Chuck Berry. Even when you say it doesn't sound right, Does right, right. It's a little It's a little weird in this day and age. It sounds like some because kind of get away with it. Are you legally right called problematic overtones? That is that. Is that like an age of consent today, right? You're you're OK? Yeah, I said congratulations. Receipts now old enough to get railed in England e think people people thought I meant drinking, but I did mean sexual intercourse just to clarify. Listen, little dating hack, I think I've talked about if you're dating, If you're dating a guy or dating a lady, I think there's two things you should always bring up on the first date. One is if you're dating a guy, casually bring up the age of consent and get it wrong and see if then he corrects you and gets it right. There's a certain kind of guy who, like, has a catalog of all the states in the US, and they're different ages of consent. It's a certain kind of guy that has it, and I don't know that that kind of guy that should be in jail Well, right, exactly. It's like you want to know this on the first date. If this person has, like, an encyclopedic knowledge going into really suspicious Oh, why did you agree to this first day? If that's the kind of person you thought you were dating, I mean, half the people you're just trying to make sure they're not gonna kill he, right? Isn't that that's another one? You could be like that I really like your gun in your pocket. You know what the female version of that is? But at some point in the conversation, she says something funny, Whatever or tells you a story, you just say the words, Uh, that's That's not your crazy to say that Just not that's the joke is crazy. Specifically the words You're crazy Totally in context, Totally off hand. It goes by It's no problem if she goes, Don't call me crazy Get look out right away Because people in her life are calling her crazy all the time And she has a reaction to it when you're when you're sixteen, you know? Yeah, kind of crazy. E Teo. What? You hire someone knowing that they had taken someone across state lines to have some nice legal. So how would we find that out? How welcome to podcast mangle sex? Well, sixteen. Listen, I was alive. One, like they came up in the interview. That would be a red flag. Like what? What do you say? Let's talk a little bit about stuff that's not in your resume. Well, well, I just got back from Brazil or something. I don't know where he would go for that. Gavin, let me ask you this. We're on a first date. What is the state that has the youngest age of consent in new idea about garlic and chat? Knows? I bet. Don't know. Okay, what would? But you know it because you you gonna verify So you know it. No, I'm just saying, you know, I'm gonna guess like Louisiana because you could drink there. How did just like Elastico someone on my team, whether they really need to probably way have a weird thing. Now we're letting off screen this way a lot today. It's good. For the first time we have chat up. Where in America can you have a nice legal sex? So what is that? Is that sweet sixteen? Is that where that comes from? Do we want Teo? What stuff ripens it becomes sweet, all right. Oh, boy. I wish you'd stop over. Would just immediately e picked a great podcast Ones. Uh, wait here like tio Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi. Just naming states now. So scared looking, coming up a lot. Havana, Alabama, Alabama, e Like there's something we were just taking this opportunity to demean other states. I saw one. Goodbye, Georgia from look, they know they know Course. They're like they're all terrible there. I saw him nearly under It Sounds the way map. Oh, my God. Look, it's Eric's lock screen that we have up now. I think this is puberty. Wait, what's No, No. Yes. Yeah. What a CZ. Long as you hit people in the year that looks like the Pacific. No. Where is that? The summer south of Mexico has a lot of places that are a little too green from I, like we're looking here at a map for audio listeners. We're looking at a map of and I never realized how much one of the lakes in Canada looks like a flying goose That's so appropriate. I never realized until Justin help, but we're looking at a map of the U. S. And Canada doing ages of consent. We can do that. I think, like solid fifteen years old with the color coding, it looks like the lakes or twelve. There's two green like they like you have, you know, like in all the land and going Get off the leg. Fine. What is the age of consent on the International space station full of that map again. I'm worried about something here. I'm squinting to see it, but it looks like the color for thirteen and seventeen are very close to each other. Yeah, and those should be really, really feel I'm gonna trust seventeen is the is the way of darker green one. Yeah, Your Honor, I'm not a Peter file. I'm just color blind way. I'm color blind. Are you sorry about that sixteen? What's under the great Topic Way had the chat of here today, Bat Because today is a twenty four hour period in which every single person can enjoy first content, including watching this podcast lives. So now you can contribute, Teo. Although the stuff that people are contributing is really gross and weird. Someone wanted how long my hair is. My hair is now. Exactly This law, good dental meant I had to pull it out because it it goes curly and wavy and just goes in on itself after a while. After a while, it's like it's like implode. Yeah, when I was in, like, salt water for a week and my hair was just straight out, you have a kind of the same hair, right? You have naturally curly hair. Yeah, Yeah. Hindus to myself. No. No, I don't know. I think that I got a powerful ways in the poems. No, actually, it is twenty nineteen. I didn't get a poem. Was your hair always curly? Even as a kid, you know, it's sort of like overnight when has eleven Do you have a terrible experience? Well, yeah. I had a traumatic experience for the next day. This happened to me. No, I was saying way I'd straight here in my entire life until I went to college. And then I got curly hair in college and I don't know, like court disease. I've got Charlie here, has got nearly half of the coast. Yeah, I don't know her name. I used to hate it for a long time, but now I like it. I think it looks nice. I'm having trouble. Sweet Sweet sixteen is a coming of age party celebrating a teenager's sixteenth birthday, mainly celebrated in the United States and Canada. Simba, I'm really nervous. Are Remus. Similar celebrations were found in different cultures around the world. Such is the Kitamura in Hispanic countries and festive day debutante days in Brazil. I thought it might be. This is This is where, like they introduce you to society like the debutantes in Southern society in the U. S. Where they just have, like, it's basically like a beauty pageant. Kind of. It's like you reach a certain age way like you're allowed to go to the country. Club was crap. And it's like, I mean, he's going to go back to the police, take my daughter away now kind of forced. Unavailable for union. If Raj is basically someone Teo went to houses together. Yeah, like the parents want that to be the last thing they spend on that person. You gotta pay for the wedding. Oh, I guess you do. You think the U. S. Led him to the dowry? What? Whatever happened to the Dower? Come on. How does the dowry work? The Dari was like a payment that came along with Lady. Yeah, it was like you want this lady will get a bag of gold. Didn't intend. Like if she was not as attractive, Would it be like, more just about how much money the family had? That was it. Yeah, like, you know, maybe it was a cow. I'm not money. It was just like a gift. You also go magic when you married the daughter. I will get my daughter and forgo and a goat. You're welcome. If you will come to you on a llama. Llama is also. I mean, I've been reading this book called Sapiens. Think I talked about it recently about the rise of early man and all the different species of essentially humans that existed like Neanderthals, Neanderthals, I believe some people pronounce it. Okay, You know what? If it's a fast any book, it's all theoretical. Of course, because we don't know that much. Anything we have, it's evidence. The only things that survived were bones and stone. Basically. So anything they have in their daily life, like leather Or would those things they're just gone? You know, we're mud, you know, they didn't didn't We don't have those anymore waiting game of pretend, because right now, his Neanderthal DNA show upon ancestry doesn't twenty three and me It does. Yeah, I think you seem worried. Yeah, when he was, you know, I'm just curious where you have a low browsing skeleton. Your clock early, Neanderthal. I might be. I think they thought I think they thought that Neanderthals were pretty much just wiped out. And then they've discovered now there was, like, something sweet sixteen happened. Something Americans as well. Yeah. I can tell you something Cool that the guy Dave who taught me like some survival skills, told to me when I really Yeah, Yeah. When I was really struggling to make a fire one time, he was like, Hey, if you think about it, you are, like the descendant of the people that were best at survival. Yes. And so, like, you have this inside of you inside, you're very DNA. You know how to do this. And I was like, That's not true, but very kind like, I don't know how to do this because, like, my great, great, great, great great grandfather could make If I, you know, I feel like I wasn't born with that kind of a cool facts. Thinks like a kitten immediately knows how to and bury it. I didn't know that one down trial on air for Gavin on the burying. Think way. Old times, the dowery could have been just fire. Maybe they had fire. And they're like, I've never seen that before. I will definitely take. It's just a pilot light your job, daughter. But in the fire burns out in like that's cheating. What happened? Because you don't know you never seen fire before? For now, that's true. Like thank you for this atonal gift of life. What's going in your trick? Well, there had to be a point in time before we learn how to make fire. That gathering fire was ah, whole art. Like they'd wait for a lightning strike, I guess. Don't just grab it. I get it. But then rain storm would come. And at least the first time they experienced fire, they might not know that rain puts it out and then use the fire. That's got to be a really day. You had a fire and then you lost fire. What? Do you know what you do at this point? You don't know about the stick thing way? Don't know about stick. You don't know how to do that. Did you? Did you have to do that for your smile? Your day, two sticks or the tinder? I made a bow. That's like, yeah, I met you, but you make a boast that you just have to drive the boat back and forth on that. Spins a stick for you much faster than you could. Simple machine sweater. It was really cool. And you did it. You made fire. I did. I made fire. Yeah. And Davis still not impressed. He was hard to arrest. Yeah, I made this. I mean, fair enough awful shelter. And he just He just made fun of me and then threw a bucket of creek water at me. Good day. That was the original Neanderthal marriage. Throw about forty three water at that thing. So after we got done with sailing trip, Ellie Group is a lifelong taylor. The first time I ever went sailing wasn't a vlog that we did withdrew. Baldwin, who came on this trip with is that way you drop the thing, and you know it was gonna break up. Yeah. Drop the winch. Handle into the water, I think. Literally. It was great. Timing was right. Understudy. I grew up on sailboats. So you're going to need that back thing. Three different, Another one. Just fire up down below. There's some stuff. If you lose it? Like if you're in the middle of the ocean. You got a problem on your Oh, yeah, Yeah, you're if you lose your last win channel. And luckily, there was a second one who that day were like Travis too. So it will be the worst thing to lose on the whole Probably station. Actually, I think the worst thing to lose, probably the worst thing to lose. Single thing, I would guess. Is the brother. Yeah, Probably the worst English because you can't replace it with anything else. Put your on my dad, list the keel to his boat. One get the out here. How that happened? Because it was a retractable keel. Co maid for wearing in and out of, like, channels. I mean, the boat tips over. Well, it makes it way easier, tipo, because it will have a really long keel. But he unwound and was just like captain wanting it. And they just had this, like, like really goes like that. For those of you who are not familiar with the anatomy of a sailboat keel, chunky bottom is basis. Big, huge weight that weighs as much as the rest of the boat. But it's underwater, so that when that sipping like this, your parents will go. Don't worry, we're not going to fall in on you like you're like dipping into the water while you're holding on to the life line. Is this like giant Kiel? But not anymore. Because when the wind comes old school sailboats and to sail with the wind But now they could sail. So there it is, right there. Kill it. The bottom. That family that's going now no runner on there, that if you lose your brother, you got a problem. Yeah, but I was gonna say is I was just for the hell of it. I thought I don't know what it would cost. Like out for the boat, like onto a boat place, unlike US website and started hitting configuration. Don't do that, by the way, ever. That's a bad idea. But I found out some amazing some of these boats now at the point where, like a normal size sailboat, you can get a desalinization plant on them or they just make water. I really thought that was this's prohibitively expensive technology that was with power. When you gas the diesel engine sesame. Shouldn't you just get a kinetic like renewable? And you think that if you're going forward, it's going to be making you want turbine? I just make up science. I have no idea. I like, you know, food equals power. There must be. Hi. Hi, Drew. Power is what you're saying. Yeah, but the wind that's doing it. So it's kind of wind power, right? Right. But using the boat as a really weird with yeah, pushing it through the turbine spinning I don't know what powers I'm assuming it's diesel engine that powers it. But just think of some of these like it's like it's like renewable energy stuff That sounds great. Nurse diesel. Actually, we're mourning whale blubber is fastest possible. It's due to Devil's hole. That's all it is. Is not going to fire just straight to the ocean Symbols goal in front of horribles story about a pregnant whale that they found they had something like twenty two kilograms of plastic in its stomach. Just like that's like the legacy now is like plastic and everything. I really feel like once we had back into, like, things you can recycle lead class we'LL look back at these days and be like, Whoa, there was a real mistake when someone was like, I've made this thing. It should've been like Don't tell anyone about it. That's a terrible idea. Terrible idea. But it looked during sapiens is like you. I mean, I feel like suddenly modern humans have had this incredible impact on the environment with carbon emissions and everything like that. It's kind of like what we've done the entire time. Basically, the world is separated and the cell was going to wrinkle. It's seperated into areas that humans reached and areas that humans didn't reach and the areas the human to reach. It was everything that was larger than human when it completely extinct within about a thousand years of them showing up like they can trace humans, showing up in a place and finding relics at a certain time. Like if they showed up in fourteen thousand BC by thirteen thousand BC The GIANTSLOSS all gone. You know everything. No bigger them Woolly mammoth gone like the moment human showed up. They just started killing everything in sight and mixed loss burgers opened up at the same time. So you know there's some kind of connection that you can't pinpoint exactly. That seems like it's more than a coincidence. So you're saying we're just really lucky to have elephants and stuff. We're lucky that we haven't run through all the animals yet. It's like, this isn't a new thing. We've been looking for a steady path for a long time now, and pretty much will leave us alone if you don't tranquil. Um, thank you guys. Did you see the New York Times article about glitter? No eyes, it really bad. I mean, it's the article itself is amazing. So this late, like Victor, is a very secret industry. Your time too. So prestigious, though. Commission studying journalism and graduating Just Shell of New York Times. Okay. Hey, would you just do a story on a litter? But it's amazing to every piece of you talking about Mariah Carrey movie. Yeah, no different. Every piece of data that's ever been made still exists and will exist for thousands of years. It doesn't fire degrade. Most of it just sits on the ocean floor as the sad bit. That's very, very intriguing, but is that the biggest purchaser of glitter is a giant secret, and they do not want you to know that it's glitter. Mariah Carey Wait a minute. What? The biggest, like the biggest purchased Syria's biggest like manufacturer purchaser off glittered like the company or the product that five most gets a giant secret they don't want you to know. And I think it's something of a surprise party that's coming. Hey, surprise party of all time and no Indian information conking out. You can't know that its final Remember birthday that is gonna be so much pollution. I just cried the inside of the factory and it like it looks like something out of the Wizard of Oz because everything is covered in glitter, I would imagine so. It's really interesting if you haven't it's amazing, but I think that the biggest purchaser of glitter is toothpaste. What? Because they don't want you to know it's glitter. It's unlike that You spit it out so you technically not ingesting it. Technically, this's my that's my theory. I was thinking about this, a lawyer on about How do you mean how much from glare to toothpaste? Because if Lex yeah, they have what others it'LL show reflects, if not tiny pieces of glitter. I think it would have to scholarship About what? You'll be fluoride. Yeah, but you see what kind of credible name you don't know? See if you have s o Elif the ghosts that will end up with a bomb in the ocean. Well, I mean, we don't need the core ifs a fabulous oceano that bad. So very bad because it's a small but yeah, it's a very interesting I'm sorry. I just blew my mind. I read about it the other day from big glitter like sheets. How do you make it? They wait. Nobody knows that they make glitter. No, it's like so it blows my It's like all about, like, half lengths of light, like it goes into How did her is made? And it's like the half length of a ray of light. I like it Z. It's super cool, and I am having a really bad job of explaining it right now, but you should read it Well, then it's probable that with the size of the glitter, but it's probably the layers the two distance, if they get it half a wavelength of light. That's what makes the different colors like in the reflection. Right? Oil you put on a puddle, Michaela Rainbow. That's because it is just the distance of reflection with the layer of oil versus the surface of the water is enough to where you can start. Looks currently. Cool is well, maybe we should put oil all over the ocean giving great step in there and glare under it. Soil on top will be puffing and they were sprayed with whatever that chemical is that they say gets rid of the oil that just like that, settles to the ocean floor. This such a depressing pod. Cats like dry shampoo. You wanted to talk about the feats of humankind? Yeah, but are you concerned that that's not different from age of consent? Teo, Its extinction events glitter everyone I want to go from here. Party. Seriously, it is amazing. Should read about it. I says you're on depressing. Facts were bringing my depressing fact. Okay, I didn't prepare with Sorry. So travel related. So it's very appropriate for a billion podcast. Hey, why do we take the die? Why do we take the episode numbers out of the podcast? Eric, you explain yourself. There's like five hundred. Eric's answer was, There's like five hundred of them. Yeah, because if you're new, be run out of numbers. Is that what you claim? You're a new person. It's like it's a lot. When you see five hundred thirty eight, you're less act junk. We'LL put it in the tags or something so we can find it. Just remember, this is fivethirtyeight, is it? It's in the description. Alright, someone said, the world's largest glitter bomb. That's what is being prepared for. That would be a glitter bomb of epic proportion to Artie life. Next year's thing, like where they're just buying about the glitter to inflate the price of it, and they've got it involves. I think it's two days. Think it must be the thank whoever buys the most. Glitter is a big secret cause, like they interview this lady just like I cannot tell you. But it's no point there would have been like You're talking to somebody and like what's in your teeth, You know, that's like, Oh, that's just glitter. That's still like like sequence. Yeah, you know, you haven't turned into like you have a grill or what'd you bring your toothpaste in the office most. I know you're talking about little sparkles. What are you using? Glitter brand to base? Because that's your problem. You think Little Rex toothpaste? Yeah, that's what it is now. I mean, you know, what else could it be? Remember that anniversary podcast we did from the race track? Yeah. You know, Lana wasn't Michael lying on the floor of the entire time, but he had had too much milk. Yeah, too much. And he would just had to lie down for a half a day. Yeah, but that's to me. Was like, Oh, that was That was what, like, six years ago might be more. That was it that dream or tenth? Was it the ninth anniversary? It was a big one of us. It was our tenth anniversary. Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. So that was nine. Nine years ago. No. Sorry. Go back to two thousand ten. My math's bad. Sorry. Six years ago, yes. Merely said, Well, two thousand nineteen and that he has nine years ago. I just feel like that was so far into the company's history. Looking back on, that was like, Man, this company's done a lot. Well, that was somehow six years ago. It's crazy. I mean, it's really not like a you know, it's This is a big one for me, the sixteenth one, because we had tried a bunch of different stuff. But really, the year that things started take off was when we were in Congress and there's, like, achievement. Hunter Artie Short started even later in that year. We started immersion, and that was like year eight. So that was, like halfway through from here. I mean, we had achieved a hundred started when I was really than that, right? Wasn't your seven. It would have been what he came in for re creations in season seven. So, yeah, it was like, right there. Getting a year now end of your eight. Yeah. You know, it's the end of your sixteen, like we're half the distance from that period of time, which is like, it's so crazy. It's like what was basically one show for a long time, and you haven't still here for some Gavin still hanging around. I can't believe it e green that you're officially hanging around like a green caught a jealous That's a process. And I know about that. I feel like the veteran car. Do you want todo one? I know, but do you want to like other people to go away just like go away? The competition now? Not right. And it's so it took so long really long time. So I looked in the emails that the email for the lawyer that was like, Hey, let's get a green card was twenty thirteen? Is that the same lawyer that I found like way back in the day? There is a difference. It'LL orders and company I think different people is Gosh, yes, some of the people apart like you're tired on the move time, but I think you know there's a lot you could accomplish in life. But I think getting a green caught in the middle of the Trump administration is quite an accomplishment. I think hard about work, right speaking, which I read something this weekend that you and Dan finished Halo. I don't want to talk about on lasso, which is legendary, all skulls on, which is the hardest way you can play a low and let me let me describe some of those skulls. Blind Scott blind. You can't see a gun. You can't see much, Emma. You have all the only radical. And every enemy is cloaked, including enemies that can't be clothes like sentinels and flood. You can't see anyone. It took us like thirty hours to get through the whole game that way, did you don't want straight go? Or do we have, like, six weeks from God and made shoe in the day and then play that in the evenings like arrest? Were we supposed to along some kind of achievement for you yet? And what What happened? We didn't call. And when you start Halo too in single player, you get a cut scene and then you get the sort tutorial level horse like Look up, down. Right, left right, Stan, The shield thing skips down, cop. But you need to have done it to get the achievement. Wow. So what about fifteen? Complete The way around it now is for me to do that tutorial and solo last. So yeah, and then and then beat the last level again in court. But you can't pick the level. You can only pick the playlist on the playlist for me because I'm being It starts the beginning s o. I have to just do all of it again. Can I ask you a question? Didn't you see that coming? Because you let me. I could have a readout, right? That they showed us off screen. Fourteen out of fifteen. You knew you were, like twelve out of fifteen when you had two levels left. Well, I would know. You see, it comes not as easy as that. I don't know what? That's terrible, Beard. It was Cairo station alone. The first level of hitherto took us like a hours are going to do it. No, really, I can't. I can't go through that again. If you like another green card, we go. So what was hard was hard to get in the car. He loves getting the lasso only good. What it was, though, was it lasso for Halo two specifically of the entire mass chief collection. Just Haley to just hate. I've got the achievements for the other games. So it's just one game eyes screaming for doing easy. I got I got pirate legend this weekend. Well, congrats a year. It took me to get that leaves You haven't done. Hey lets us there. So why don't you just do it on my account? Okay. You know, I remember when we made Griff Ball, which wass That was your eight. I think it was after seven. Was it throws off? Your season was Was after season five? No, it was that season seven because he was No, it was It was the year. My It was the year my not exploded, which I think was two thousand seven. Know there have been four years in. That's impossible. We would've been, in a way, we started it that Congress had to be Halo three five in two thousand eight. Way with three came out. Two thousand seven. We have a That was a year and a half later with a deal. See? Was coming.. I've been eight. He ate one of my bullets. How do you not remember that? I wouldn't want to remember that we had to Ah, for Halo three. We had to unlock all the armor and we didn't have, like, developed, right? Remember, we farmed that out to the community and said, Hey, we just need like, the mark five helmet five took over the time used to sell that that was one of the hardest ones. So unlock. And so we had to. But we got registered. I think sixteen Xbox live usernames gamer tags farm them out to the community. And then I think I forgot we paid him, paid him, like, some out of money, and then some merch is Well, if they would just love to play Halo and put him in the credits as well. Yeah, I'm surprised you bothered with it because you could just written Qaboos out, and then you would have had to unlock that helmet, or I could have not just used the helmet and just getting a regular helmet. I just thought it was funny to have him have the old helmet, but it became such an iconic look for him in such a weird way, You know, if he was a standout one. Oh, man. Do you have two bowls? I do. Ellie, Thanks for asking. One of them is Well, it's been through what has, like, a wire mesh around. Just when you said exploded. So we're almost exploded, OK, about the size of ah are in orange, probably. Wow. Just just sit yourself. Did I want you sitting yourself funny? Uh, no, it just happened in the night and I was dressed a center. Oh, my God. I couldn't get back into my jeans, so I just wore the loose center pants to the hospital. I'm sorry. This story's just one hundred. Send news when I tell you about one day. Okay. Already told it's the podcast. A Christmas tradition. Well put. I got hit in the balls so hard at work the other day. We have you with us tonight. You're right. Ah, well, early. Think they talked about it enough topic. But we painted a moon ball black and then turned all the lights off and filmed us throwing this ball around with night vision cameras. And I railed in the penis. What is your Oh, yeah, I went down for, like, two minutes. Why does it matter if he's painted black? Would even think that was You liked that? Did you realize that as soon as you turned up the way I immediately lost the black corner? Uh, who was on the camera? Oh, they're just on Try. Pose. Really? So everyone was a potential victim? Yeah. Get any of the cameras. Probably having. There's no way of knowing well about turn the lights back on. Yeah, that's a video. How recent was the one where you went over Jack's desk? Well, we celebrate Michael's one billionth second of being alive today, which was today. What time do you know? You say really to thirty eight. Something like that. And he wanted some sort of celebration. So I sprayed spray cheese into his mouth and then sure. Well, halfway through spread, it was looking a bit dark and brown. And then we realized that expired in twenty seventeen. Yeah. So he tried to wipe it on me, and I was yelling, I have the podcast today like, don't wipe it live because I want to go home and change. And then he chased me around the room, and then I was in sort of Jack's corner corner, like a box canyon about backed into a corner. He said, You have nowhere to go in my head. I thought, Oh, yeah, so I just took a dive right over, took out a lot of stuff over. I think through through Well, I have really strong legs to propel me. But it's surprisingly, nothing broke which is always nice. It's just that for months I burned myself. Not just now. I burned myself last night helping Teddy makes him beef Wellington, right? That's like That's like, right, right. That's the last I No, it's Teddy. Learn how our sun will be willing to beef Wellington at school. What do you guys think? Teo? I had a presentation at Teddy School. He has to give a presentation once a year. He has to have this project pumping my dad's thumb. No, this was Hugh to the culinary one where he made tomato pie disgusting beef Wellington And I've nailed it. I'll send you a picture of this thing. It's amazing. Like I'm legitimately impressed at how well he did making before. The better than the one that Jeff and I made. Yes, I would say it was better than the one that you got. And then he made a Ah, yes, he calls it Creme Berlet, but I think that's how he pronounces it. He just wanted to do the whole thing just so they could use the blowtorch on the creme. Brule is the funnest bit. Yeah, and so I was so impressed by the beef. Wellington, I said you could. You got to come and make this at the house. And so he did it. Just a blow torch on your thumb and I got burned somehow. What happened? He's just wrote to me, You sneaky bastard! What led you to Jack? ? Attila? Yeah, maybe replying. He wants to be friends. Then I guess maybe so. I'll send you a picture of this. You can see this thing. Do you think we could use like a flame thrower to make the biggest creme brulee? Oh, my God! Help! Like a Yeah, a paddling pool. This is the unfortunate incident from earlier today. Oh, this is a cheap hunter. Instagram. No can follow it. Oh, so he did. You know, that does look like a good celebration right there. I mean, there was very little we had to choose from. It was either that or w de Foix. No glitter. Ah, this's disgusting. So, Matt, what is your fondest memory from sixteen years of research? This podcast for sure. The conversation you have started so well, you know, uh, actually, just getting to sixteen is pretty crazy. Barbara posted something. Think about She was younger than you. Sixteen. You were younger than fourteen year, right? Yeah. When you started watching the majority of my life at this point, Yeah, I did a bit at asked the CEO panel last year talking about companies that started in two thousand three. That failed, right? If I don't, they're very devout. Told you this, but I actually have it. I was given a large it was going to ask you about today. Yeah, that list. So I mean, Yvonne says something to me one time about how only, like, four percent of companies making two ten years? Yeah, sure. That was pretty cool. And then the odds go down, you know more. And Maura's, you go further out. So I thought, well, over the other companies that went out of business that also started in two thousand three along with us, because it's, you know, cool to think we've been business that long. But it's even more fun to make fun of. Other companies that went out of business started the same time of us. So the first one that was really what relevant us was Napster know? Right now you stay like Napster started earlier. It did as the original file sharing free illegal service, right? The great grey agree. But I mean, what do you mean? You talking a lot about the r A and how they were suing people who downloaded music. They end up soon. Right years? Yeah, I've thought about that organization, and but then they've reformed as a pay service. In two thousand three, Napster inapt. And But they went out of business pretty soon after that and the other way, and then another one really closely connected to us. You know, I'm just because you have written down. What is it? I think there's one I remember in particular my space. Okay. Anyway, I remember is remember, Hooters Air was on your list. That was my punch line. Sorry. Sorry. That's your setup guy. Two thousand three, my space And what you said if we'd stayed on MySpace, we would have been, Yeah. We spent all our time like marketing on MySpace or building our presence on MySpace Would have just been trying to get as many friends as we could. You know more than I was. That was the comedian that's on the Teo Teo tequila. But then who's the guy? The Dane cook. Nipsey Russell? Yeah. Dane Cook was other one. Yeah, that we could have, like, a million friends on Facebook or something like that. Yeah. So, you know, my space goes away. There was at that point time we did not think it was possible for a sight like webs. It's a website like MySpace to just go away overnight, you know, and did overnight, But it would be really fast, you know, There was a lot of people like Tila tequila who had their whole presence on there and what you knew. Like, start that all over again somewhere else. Starting to really want to watch the way the company adapted to not just doing one thing successfully, because I feel like a ton of cos try. It's like, Oh, we need to not just have this one or eggs in one basket and everything else kind of doesn't work And there's just Well, speaking of that equation next on the list who do there before he was there. Spike TV. All right. Do you remember our interactions with Spike TV? Yes, we were, I believe, if the era was correctly, this was just a two thousand for everything today. But it was about two thousand eight were going around with the red versus blue animated show, which ended up in Season fourteen. A red versus blue like a G I. Joe set in morning style cartoon for our baby. That was what we were taking out to TV and going to keep the Web show where it wass one of places. We went with Spike TV and they told us after we pitched it, and we even said, you know, I think at that point, mashable dot com had said that we had the most male audience online. We were ninety three percent male viewers and seven percent female, according to mashable. And so he said yes. So this is Spike TV, the network for men. You know, that Something we're gonna bring up in this meeting that we have a really male audience, and they're like, Yeah, we're not really We're not really, like China make programs for young men anymore because we don't know they don't want to be. We don't know where they went. We kind of know where they went. And they said, Yeah, we're really our demographic we're focused on now. Is women over forty below us, right? Yeah. Spacing. Like I said it. Very standard TV, The network for women over forty. Yeah, it was nuts. And like they they were just doing ah, lead up. So, like, syndicated shows that they had they would take shows from networks. And I just thought that was crazy that we both start in two thousand three. Because if it that time you have gone back and placed a bet on which entertainment company with the name that was a euphemism for penis. It would have lasted longer. I think you would have dude probably said Spike TV. Yeah, so I just I had. And I hope this is true that don't debunk this thatyou British people over here I had It's such a revelation reading about something because I'm working on this medium thing right now. And I was thinking, I want to go back and watch Holy Grail. Because that little girl so much money. Python. Is that a? Reference? Does Monty and Python, is it like, naked? Yeah. Don't think. Wow. And I never realized that. I think it was It was about something. But I'm not sure if I mean, that's, you know, like that means like, naked python, right? Is that the swan, Steely Dan that I should know that I feel like I've failed himself. Tested, right? It was something that I was like. Look, I was like, I don't feel so bad about Rashid Now, At least it was a nod to that early audience. Isn't the penis know it's a penis getting bitten? It's like a level beyond penis. It's cut by. Yeah, Yeah, we turned the I don't think they thought that there was even a moment in which I even thought we could name the company by productions, but I didn't want people to get credit card charges from bite dot com. Appreciate it as a fourteen year old. I appreciate that. So that's where she came from. We didn't sell that bite shirt once. Remember that and the kid got suspended. Her something was not a sixty nine shot. This is no way we've got a bunch of weird like suspension notifications. Wantyou guys is suspended for the block guards shirt. That's right. Another kid got suspended for wearing the Blue Army shirt because it was a racist gang. The teacher was like, I know what that is. That's a racist gang. You can't wear that torturing us. No, it's a Web comic that I watch. It's Blue Army. It's one of the teams on this thing and she's like, No, they got suspended for taking off his racist. I don't understand it. Still go with the Blue Army. What they were trying to reference that I got announces me on that. You're so monster. Piketon. It doesn't mean anything John Cleese and Michael Palin were given the task of coming up with the name and they didn't. Basically, they didn't do it, for it is the first that came with absurd names like algae banging our toad elevating moment and the horses spoon in a bucket. But the BBC rejected all of them, and they were getting very upset so they desired on flying circus first. And then they just thought Monty Python was a funny name. Sure. So that sounds like the start of the morning to you. Yeah, Theo, Like the South part thing where every time they went to the MPA, they kept getting rejected. You know, for the R rating, they want to give him the NC seventeen writing. And so they just kept coming back with something that was more euphemistic but way, way dirtier in every single cut. And eventually, after these submitted enough cuts, the MPA was like, Okay, fine. Okay. And they just make it worse every time. That's a story that was there, So yeah, it was two thousand three. Just a year of those kinds of names, because now that you mean were you mentioned who was there earlier? And Hooters is just that airline. Every restaurant had an airline. Yeah, because it's like you're not making money with girls in skimpy clothing serving chicken wings. It's cream. Put it on a plane. We're gonna fly that much. But I guess it was like there's, like, Carolina to Fort Lauderdale. Just like flight. That that who did it was. It only rained during spring. How do you know the windows in the middle of the Oh, by the way, how do you miss that design? I mean, the owl is looking through the double O's those, by the way, those air thick with the stuff on the plane dressed like the waitresses you can imagine. I think that you're going to get really upset customers. I paid good money for this ticket. I can't see the outside of the plane from in here. You know, we lay somewhere they tell the time zone change Who's their age of consent That way. If you look left seventeen, we're not entering. If you just imagine how messy you want. Those flights must have been rough. What's wrong? Just like like like like an old wind blade, just like sauce everywhere with you because that's what they have to be. Their guest there. Peanuts. They're serving like hot wings to everybody. And there's turbulence there. Just hot wing sauce everywhere. Suit is out of business at the restaurant. Milan Airline Business. How do you get fried chicken wings so wrong? How did they manage that? Do you think they spent too much time on their aviation? It's really incredible. Like how bad those chicken wings are to me. We have a restaurant in Austin. Very nice family restaurant. Pluck it right there. The family restaurant blockers, which is a Chicken Wings place. It has thrived in Austin. What do you think it is? A guy named Plucker? Do you think they like the front of the rooster? Did I get worried about? Maybe the airline was a mistake, like someone was researching wings and accept the greatest de ice the plane. Just use hot barbecue on. That's it. He's that. What was their size sauce called the nuclear? The control room's being very quite. I know you guys go to Hooters. What was the name of their very spicy sauce and hooters? Who you calling out? Eric? Adore me? Why? Why me because they had, like, wwd night at Hooters. And I'm sure you showed up for that. I've been to Hooters like, twice ever. Dude, how is it? That was it? It was weird. I went with, like I worked at an I t job and the guys were, like, real into it. And I It was uncomfortable. Israel uncomfortable isn't uncomfortable. Restaurant. What was the restaurant that Joel and Jack used to get to every day? How. It was like not true. Lux eyes Twin Peaks. That's now. That's close. It was what was one of those? Yeah, I was right around the corner from the old office. That's where I watched Obama get inaugurated. That's Daddy's thing, Daddy. Oh, what the hell was like Tops and bottoms? Yeah, like that. What? Yes, E think I went to bikinis with both of them. Who said that? It's not me. It's someone else here. They know all this. So what was the hottest self that Hooters for? Cuts sake? Somebody tell me for, like the last one on the two thousand three businesses that failed. Strange ahead. No, it was a two thousand for business. The film two thousand three failed Business of the decade Trump mortgage here. Really? Yeah, but it did last a full four years for him. The whole presidential tough. That's right, You mortgage business. I mean to me Wings, Probably so they one hundred two thousand seven. So he was ahead of the curve before two thousand eight when everything crack trashed got. So what you're saying is that of all the companies that started in two thousand three rigidities, he's the greatest of the greatest of all time. It's one of them. All right, we'll remind everybody this episode. The recent broadcast is also brought to you by goat. If you're buying sneakers online, there's more than a coin. Flips chance that the shoe you're looking at is a fake. How can you be sure it's real? Go dot com is the safest way to buy and sell authentic sneakers online, the largest martini largest market place in the world for Authentic Easy's, I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. Jordan's at over six hundred thousand sneaker listings. They made the whole process frictionless and trustworthy. 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All right, find the perfect one hundred per cent authentic sneaker at goat dot com slash teeth and look for my Black Panther sneakers there. That's goat dot com slash teeth plus you'LL also be supporting the receipt podcast, which we appreciate. You've got to go right now before the seekers you Want are gone When you goto goat dot com slash rich teeth, that's g o eighty dot com slash teeth. Shall we do some recommendations for what people should watch on first? Have you done that on this? Sure, sure, Let's do it. You get what has the best Easy's jen lock. I would say right now it's like if you're tuning in and you haven't seen General because you haven't at first day here, you should definitely watch Jen lock. I know I know a guy that works in programming, who has probably a lot more to say about this, and I'm fresh out of tea, so I should probably tag out. Should it not. Bye. L formation about l A filing. Chad is never say no. You workin programming? Is that what you do? I would I would recommend the weird place. Chad checking in. Everybody is going. Did you? Did you know anything now that Ellie and I were just swapping out on some daily? Well, Matt said yes. So when Gus was on his what now? Fifth week of vacation. What kind of talk about this at some point, did he Did he, like, go to you one day? Matin, Go. I'm going on vacation. It was two weeks ago. No, no, he wasn't here for the live broadcast. That was last week. How long is God's been gone? Two weeks now. Four weeks, Five weeks. There we go. Thank you. It's been about a year. It's too long. It's too long. When Jeff took a sabbatical, Eric, he got alcoholism like a man. That's why you took it. You have guts just filing a report saying I'm going. I'm going leaving for a month and a half, Six months. Whatever. He's been gone at this point. I just miss Gus. It's okay. So I'm here professionally filling in the gap. You're saying lots of weird place. Yeah, what's the way place? But don't. Well, yeah, because the end the final episode hasn't come out yet. So you could see a lot of you close but good marketing strategy. And then you'LL have to sign up. There was something else to you that I thought was weird timing for this Africa. But it wasn't anyway, what Matt, would you recommend anybody watch all those things? John Locke, The doc's weird place hunter. Um, you can watch the movie with Lazer team and blood tests both of those. Ah, diminish our own promotion here. But did you two make Lazer team public for everybody? Like there was arson, right? Yeah, there was. I saw weird article about that too, but I don't think they did. Staff is coming, and it's coming in a very important document for you, Matt. You want Teo, Teo, Teo blowing up that contract one day I will leave. Thank you. One day we'LL know what it was you know, basically cages that it's big. I signed that when digitally the other day, but I thought that might come back, you know, or maybe like, but That was just a contract for her to get a raise. And she sprung it on you in the podcast. He wouldn't read it. See if you would be worried that you're running out of here really is. Yeah. She signed it and then bolted. That was her own race. When that. Yeah. Anyway, so we've turned over the company Hooters. There will be guys like Three Mile Island hot sauce. That was Gus is approval for a two month vacation. What? That wass. I'm gonna give that in mind. We never need something signed real good. Just spring it on. Bad on e have a theory about us is that he doesn't tell anybody in advance what he's going to do so that you won't notice. Like, how egregious he's being with stuff like this. Like, I'm gonna get dates on this and I'm gonna figure out exactly what was an acceptable modification. Well, two aces, extreme. I knew that he was going to go, like, a month ago. Dude, you did Eric. Yeah, I knew. How did how did you know what I did? Because he said, Hey, I'm gonna be gone for these podcasts, cos I'd cast like six to this one and last week that if you're watching at home, thank you for tuning and Gus will be back next week on DH. We can't wait. He's plane lands at four p. M. On Monday. I feel like a lot of people stretching it out. A lot of people take vacation, but you only care when it's Gus. I do. I don't want to be happy. I feel like it's been doing your winning. I know what happens if Gus comes back and he's rested and fresh faced one that point. Give it a good play. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah, that's just asking him about his exact dates. And then we'LL be right off, making have one conversation with, Like, Max and Christine. John Rice here it'LL be like, right around you. All these young people suck you always energy. You know, I needed him for an end screen, and no one seemed to know when he was coming back, because when I was like, I think it's in the system like there's a tool that we have where you have to request. Yeah, Yeah, I'm sure he did it. I told him that it never. I can never get my sign into work, so I don't see when he's requested vacation time. But he's very, like meticulous about actually putting it in. So I just I don't know. I'm sure you put it in there and I just missed speaking which Oh, I wonderful and my beautiful So way back. Greg didn't want to deal with the proving People's Pizza, and I was like, I'll handle that. Excited. A lot of HR stuff screwed Zack, and we tried to get it set up in the system that Craig was there, reports the manager. But all the requests went through me, and at one point there, like when I checked, it was like What's going on with that's like, Oh, we try to do it and actually, Matt lost the ability to see anyone stuff, and then they're like, You're not going. Teo just admitted on camera. I thought they's in the bottom. Then they said they were going to go through that I never got access to How do you figure out a way to break something like that is like not even I don't know. They don't look like that. No, I don't see anybody. Chad? No. If you did you approve because his vacation e I didn't get to see any of it. How long of a vacation would you approve for Gus? Like what would away? Why didn't prove just like, you know, retirement thing. That's the dream, just like infinity. Simple. I think we should give that responsibility to the newest employee at times. Approvals. Yeah, PTO proves that's like issue waiting, although that that switch hands, whatever, it might make things tough. That might be great. Actually, like the newest employee, your approval, your vacations, who write, that would be that would be their responsibility. Like the intern. Apparently, Chad approves my vacations, and I guess I don't know. I never got access to it. So I assume they reverted everything back and we're fine. Who's a Who's the Who's the head of HR? I think they are still too vague. They're not remember in a while, so they still look it. We say Glen's name planet Really Glenn's vulture. Is there anyone else under this bus before it hits me? Uh, speaking of which I must got I must die this morning. What's what was on the highway and you. I'm sure you've had this weird like a semis Mur changing lanes too right next to you and you always think like what if they don't stop? That happened, s so I had a concrete divider on my right side and then the semi comes over and then I'm clearly like all he has to do is look at his mirror and he can see me one hundred percent and then the blinker still on, and it just starts coming. And I'm like, No, no, there's no way this actually having So I just like, slam on my horn and he keeps coming over. And so I go over to the right as far as I can, and my mirror taps the concrete divider as I'm slamming on the brakes and the horn and the guy finally sees me and then backs off. And I just, like, had a terrifying moment. But all I got was a tiny little scuffle, my mirror. But there's a point where, like, his tires were literally about to touch my car and I was about to hit the country. But yeah, you should have had one of those really low cars and like on under. I thought about it like fast and furious style. I did have that moment because the tires were right here and I was like, I'm hitting on. I'm hitting the brakes. I'm going back. I'm like, But should I speed up and try and get under it? Who would know? Worked? No. People were terrified. Shave the top of your car office. He came over. And if cartoons if cartoons have taught me anything, it's that luckily, luckily in Austin, traffic is never going fast in about fifteen miles, right? At any point in time, that's a fever on the freeway. I'm assuming you were in bumper to bumper. No one ever speeds here and then it's sounds terrible. Can't haven't you? There's a cartoon of you. I know you drive like maniacs, Houston to man, right? And then you come down here and it's like, Listen, five over is acceptable. Okay, five overs like my God, too. But they all drive five under down here. It's just infuriating. Have you been going like I've been going eighty five in the left lane in Dallas highways and get honked. So people write your eyes. Yeah, yeah. Lim is eighty five. Three women jealous? No, God, no. Everything's like sixty those, but they it that'll care. Yeah, he's just like turn signals don't exist in Houston. That's just in fact, I still to this day thing turn signals are optional. Like if someone criticized me for not using a term single change lanes and like, you don't have to say you actually you actually do need to do that, You need to see familiar changes. I was like, Oh, we did learn that in Houston. I know you were coming over. If you you get the idea with body language. You know, actually, if you don't want to turn in your book, you can roll up your window. You could put your hand out, Would you sign? This is turning right, and this is turning. So you got a bike? I find that's harder than it seems like you're going to take your hands off the handlebars, but leaving one hand on the handle bars and doing maki nations like the mockery in over here. It's like it does focus my balance a little bit. It's waving now like this with the stop. Thiss one's easy. How fast. You going? This You get more than five miles an hour. It doesn't really have much effect. You got it. You got the one hand hunt. Then you get a little bump and you go can only compensate with one hand. Who says it's your bike? But that's a matter like this when I'm in the car. But when I'm on a bike, I just say, Look, every other biker in the world pretends like they're a pedestrian when it's convenient. Time to do the same thing, OK, The car crossing, things that turn signal. Yeah, J. J. Just had his driver's license much better driver than I am. If you had to go back and take the written portion of the driver's test, how do you think you would do? Well, I feel I probably feel so I have actually something to happen this weekend. Ah, JD scored higher than me on the Oh, yeah, yeah. And the way I told him, that was he told me to score and I was like, That's twenty points higher than I got on the unit on the submitting weakness. No, again I go. Oh, we got the same school or not. I like I like you. I like to my theme, the kitchen. I just think this is the first time I admit even to myself, that he got gain from lying. Just dominance. I don't know. You know, just I mean, I don't want him to think you could take me in my sleep or something like that, but yeah, straight. I straight up looking like, you know, when you have kids like you need them to think that you know more than they do. Because if they don't, it's just endless arguments. Oh, yeah, Because they wouldn't let blindly follow you anymore. They say something like, we should do this in your life feeling Oh, my daughter is already there, and she's six. Oh, there's a whole deck three. But you got to know Well, I think I told us some hot topic, actually. But so we've always thought, you know, cured it like a question. Everything right? You know, like that. I like you. Yeah, I did tell you. Didn't you tell him live podcast into? I don't know. I don't remember. I don't need to tell you because I don't want to experience University long story short, she thinks, governs aerial on DH. She argued with me to the ground, and when I finally was like scientist would've found out goblins Ariel and she's like, Well, they didn't think dinosaurs A real until they found their bones so they haven't found their bones yet. Collins, Ariel and I like I used to know it. I got nothing to be deeper. I got nothing. What a Goblin Bones looks like. I don't know dot It's more. Soon they'LL find him, and then my daughter will be right. So I would not do well in the driver's test. I'm pretty sure like your other failed it once. I feel that. When I when I moved to California, Yeah, I had, like, let my license lapse And so I just waltzed in and I was like, I'll just get my licence real quick and easy, Tio and all those things about, you know, when you use turning signal, what color? The curbs and all that stuff. I failed it by, like, one question I couldn't believe. As an adult, it seems like you shouldn't like once you've gotten over that hump like I was doing geometry with my kid, You know, this weekend, and it's like I don't know how to do geometry. No, like I had to do. But that makes sense because you haven't needed to do it in so long drive every day. I know I left you a portion like I can drive drive, even though, you know, but we're now they have auto pilot cars, so it's like how much you don't even need to drive. But everyone says it's still no excuse for not being able to drive. No, sure, but the written portion the test. It's like there's more stuff like how far back his question. Remember missing how far back five hundred now from a railroad track. It's crossing. Do you need to stop at the white line on the line? The white line, It's like Is it twenty five feet? Thirty five feet, forty five feet? Twenty five? From what? The track on the railroad. Track it, OK, forty five. Thirty five. I don't know the answer because I failed it, but it is a question you don't know, But they didn't tell you. We like what you got wrong because I find that's the stuff I remember the most is stuff I got wrong that I have when I talk to you. And then, you know, I don't remember there being a like Let's help you figure this out part that it was just you failed to get out. Come back later. Think about what he was. Yeah, I know I made the right call by lying to my son because, as he said, I got this score on the city ago, I said we got the same score. I got the exact same score total Ly and I go. That's your first time ago. I took it once as well, and I got that score, which was enough that I wanted to get into Notre Dame, and that was high enough for me to get in. But I was still twenty points lower the way set on. He got Oh, well, probably when you were going to college, that was a good score. Was like Oh, yeah, So he's like, he's like, facing down of just like it really is very different. Azan Example. University of Texas. I did not even apply to go to U T, which is a school that I went Teo. I applied to go to Notre Dame Group in a Notre Dame family. Was Notre Dame. Kid was going to go to Notre Dame. I got took all my courses in high school in order to like exactly what Notre Dame wanted. Like including physics and the AP courses that they wanted did all that got to score in this city they wanted. And my dad was an alum. He's got one of his masters. Is that Notre Dame and Applied and I got a Notre Dame and then my parents after all that go? Yeah, we can afford And it was going to be twenty one thousand dollars a year. He was going to twenty two thousand dollars a year if I wanted. There's money in this. What is what is? You just materialize money. Now you can go to Notre Dame hundred books. It's like a fake hundred. Why does that guy look like James Franco? Big fat frank in here. Thats your hundred dollars, one hundred fake hundred dollar bill in the chair. But my parents my bonus is that I couldn't afford to go. So then I was like, This is in, I think April of my senior year I'm about about to graduate. And there was a rule in Texas that if you were in the top ten percent of your class Ah, for your high school class that you were automatically accepted into UT and that's how I got in. I would just automatically accepted to UT, even though I never applied to go there. Well, that worked out pretty well for you guys. It's now like six percent top six percent. You know, I just got a student loan that I could have and I ended up paying from like after I switched majors in my second semester of my junior year, my parents were like, We're not gonna pay for you to go into computer science if you've been pre med for three years. So I had to pay for the labs and underground for six years because I switched majors on. I end up paying most of it on my credit card and stuff like that. Matt watched me when we lived together after college, I paid off twenty one thousand dollars in credit card debt in one year. She's Yeah, it was intense because I had a tech job coming out, and so I just, like, stayed in the same city apartment with the twenty five dollar couch that Matt and I brought our last year in college just to avoid interest. I just Dad stayed there and just, like, paid off the absolute worst college couch. It would literally was twenty five bucks way bought from like across the street. And so just across the street, not a place like it was just there. And there's a street, and so we had to, like, just pick it up and like carry the couch, like down the street. Zach. Down down. River side drive. Yeah. Riverside. Yeah, ee Yeah, yeah, they're still in cash, but does that make it better with the couch that even would want Teo? That must make it better than when you look back on that. And wait, I haven't seen your house. Now assume it's nice, but too, Like, remember that, But we don't have that catch. There you go. I don't know what happened. Cash. No way. That's the way department it was. There's a photo. It's a little dated. Was a Polaroid photo of Member You and Joel sitting on the carpet eating pizza cause we didn't have furniture, So we're just sitting, like in the living room here. We got a picture of this of the couch. Actually, it's on this stone tablet a awhile it survived all these years. It's your wife tweeted out a photo of you guys graduating college. Yeah. Yeah, that was Ah, nineteen eighty seven. Yeah, Yeah. Nineteen. Ninety Rocking on your rocking. A bitchen necklace there, man. All right. I think that's a fashion right there. Is that your TCB necklace? It was Yeah. You know, the tea. So I made that necklace. Oh, guitar string for the Edward is How did you have a widow speak? That's a That's the what you call this hat's the mortar Lord mortarboard. That's the, uh, it's the graduation. Like everyone speak. Nobody actually does have a Well, yeah, I always have. I also wear one hundred percent of my weight in my face. Ways been the way I'm talking with Josh today. He was saying that like we're talking about the diabetes thing because that's what Josh talks about. And he was. He was saying that people who are predisposed to diabetes or people who wear their weight in their trunk like if they get like a big spare tire, more there. That's what he said. You were going up in the in your face. Yeah, I mean, it's like I've always had, like, you know, your face diabetes. What's that going to come from? Jolly stuff. Half empty jelly tells me how terrible diagnosis with doctor we'LL draw on my face. You have faced no cure yet for facial diabetes. Cool to Eric. There's the title Ah hee but your bead necklace. We recently learned the TCB lightning bolt. Do you know where that comes from? You're asking me? Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you know where he got inspired by to make? Oh, no, Sam, I think he was the thinker. Lightning bolt. Yeah, that's that's cool. And even like little cape that he wore on stage and later his career Elvis with delectable stuff. And Paul, based on Captain Marvel's in well, a lot of people in the chat who weren't born when that picture was a taken. Yeah, it was one of the first comments on this thes old I was born in ninety eight twenty one. So how long until someone has hired that was born after the company started? Did you talk? Yeah. I tweeted about this Saturday. It's Ah, Well, we're now sixteen years, so I think within the next two to three years, someone will come. Probably the internship program at UT. Someone will come to work here at the office within the next two three years. Who was born after the company started saying we're that close to it at this point? Pretty close. Well, I just thought the all hands that I've been here for five years apparently I think they counted my full screen time but like, yeah, time with screwed Zach ten. And then that finally could just kind of flew by as well. Man. Eric, you really sprung on your budget there for this second. That what you're telling, What kinds of things being with my set decorations. Thank you. Here. I wantto hasn't been here for you for a few weeks. I feel like a human ad read like him. So Okay, guys, I'm going to read this advertisement mailed Hot Ideo said the perfect Gus Segway of all times. But sit here for five hundred eighty podcast. They got it right. Welcome back, Us. We missed you. After four months of being on this episode of the risky podcast is brought to you by express VPN admitted. You think that cyber crime is something that happens to other people? You may think that no one wants your data or that hackers can't grab your passwords or credit card details, but you would be wrong. 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So now if you want to like to say, Hey, I live in America and I can make names and do these fun things, then you could use a VPN service. Do that theoretically, right? It s so if brexit happens, do you need a vpn to be in England and look, it's stuff from Europe or vice versa. I mean, I guess. But there's there's already stuff like that. Like BBC I player and stuff. You have to be from the UK Well, regardless, you could protect your online activity today and find out how you could get three months of free of express vpn at express vpn dot com slash rooster. That's e x p r e S s vpn dot com slash rooster For three months free with a one year package visit express vpn dot com slash rooster to learn more. You know, that's why no one saw his PTO requests. Thinks he's using a V. P. S probably thought it was like it was two anonymous. Gus was too well protected. I already broke the system from at one of the two. I'm going to go that wonderful my degrees in computer science and every eye. Adam and Gus. So the only people that I trust for when it comes to security for anything at all, and I have to admit I'm woefully behind on my VP and miss, I should have that by now. And I just don't know if you had the say there was a feature. When when you start a company you can sign up for something where, like a big gong noise goes off when you're exactly halfway through your company's life. Would you want that feature? But you just say to your desk is like Bunk. You look so good. What's what's gonna happen? How many years has it been? Jeff Jeff texted us Happy anniversary this morning, and I just wrote back halfway there. He'LL be crazy. It's not even half way it. What do you think? It doesn't last more than thirty two years is the way I would be crazy if we're not at the halfway point yet. And then you're that we really said? Yeah, And then you're incredulous. Laughter didn't instill a lot of confidence. What do you think? The people sitting on the wedding like? We're at halfway so the company can't possibly last more than thirty years. They're no use, I guess. You think I don't know how long these companies lost? Well, hopefully we know halfway. Warner Brothers is ninety six. Fair play. We just gotta keep up with the means. You as someone who did not found this company or slo mo guys, I'm very uncomfortable. Why? Because I would like to continue to have employment. Wait for me in my dependence. Its OK. I will show you pictures of after the show. Just keep identifying those great podcast title names like these and give everyone Let's PT, you know, and I don't think I've used any of that. Age is years. Maybe pco Yeah, you know, you don't do your time. She says I'LL get to it. Yes, it's very hard to do it from the office you got. Everyone knows you have a box. Must have gotten so much cleaner after a von retires you their value about your time. You know, she was said not for shame. Well, it was a shameless and you say here is everyone who didn't felt their their time sheets or time cardio. And the best thing about it was if you were, like, weeks behind, she would put your name in, like, three or four times so I could see, like, scan it and go Won't Cabin's got a huge section of six times here. When when it was the the holiday pie and she was retiring, she went around the party and keeping all these like, really heartfelt moments to people. And I heard a few of them to me. She had a nice, heartfelt moment, and then she said, Do your time sheets, thing she ever said I probably have ladies. Well, you only had two missing on this one. Let's go to see what all management, right? And so, like, we would see these dumb things. And I remember once somebody I might seem I would call him out, but they had forgot to do. There's just like the first time that somebody had made It was like, Hey, just remember, you got to do that like, Oh, I feel so bad And I don't feel so bad. Gavin's on here like, seven times. I'm gonna go see the last one on here that she sent out. It's been a while since when have you noticed that Yvonne set up a couple couple automated things that that I didn't know where automated that she was coming out? Yeah, and she was sending it out like, hey, keeping everyone up to date on what the counter is. But then, since she's retired, those emails keep showing up from the way we retired four years ago. He only told Chad it's super weird, but I get these emails from on that I realised she had automated. I thought she was in her office like diligently typing away. Now she was hunting down Gavin. I'm gonna go and do more in her. Ana, it just really annoying to do on your phone. Were you ever were you ever okay? Made fun of on for automating it. I'm going to ruin something for myself. My time sheets, because I just did a bunch of different stuff with a determined. It's for budgets and things like I didn't want to sign my time, too Podcast and shorts and because we'll make the budgets go way up because they were taking like, my percentage of weak. Like if I dedicated one day to the podcast and, like one day, every week of my salary would go to that. And it was like they didn't calculate for that when they would do the budgets for stuff. So I said to Matt, can I just marked my stuff every week. Is executive like one percent in the night just appear on the shows, like in the time that I have outside of that because that's that's totally fine. So you hate it when that happens for me. I had to go through and I felt the same thing every week. It was one hundred percent of my time to the executive category, and I keep doing that every week and finally went out of Barrett's office. I go, Hey, can you just can you like, write me a little script that automates this and he said Yes, but do not tell anyone that. I know. For years I had mine automated, and then it got shut off. So now I feel okay about ratting him out. He should not have done that. Was that was not good. You didn't share the wealth with Gavin. Well, his goal a place that he likes. Little guy's got achieving Hunter, you guessed even some information. But that shaving list was so serious that when Ashley was on at one time and we had, like, a whole discussion about it at home, that was like, Hey, you can't You can't. You can't get on the same list once you get on there, you kick it off. That was somewhere she had more than I did. Yeah, there was one really was being me. Yeah, I think that was the week we had the talk. Yeah, like it's like I remember even seem like it happens only to you. Had three went three weeks without filling out a timecard thing. Those time cards air like contentious, too, because we didn't have them until to fascinate. Let's say this's their catch all year for everything at this point uh, but we got him. We don't have many arguments like I can count, probably on one hand, Like going all the way back to being company, like actually having like, arguments with each other about stuff. There was one time I got really mad. Agus and Jeff, like year three wasn't yelling. I was, Yeah, I was yelling in a parking lot. Uh, somewhere is about who is what about you going todo about? It was about, If I recall correctly, the conversation was about feedback. It's about, like, notes and feedback on our projects and the timeliness of that. And I could just hit a wall that was, like, three. She's season straight. Just up all night. I was pretty angry. There was a big fight over time. Cards work on a few things. We got like people got argument over was timecards, and people didn't think that they should have to do their time. And it just turned this big fight over for booking by little form. A little thing that was a fight here. Yeah, which clearly Adam Baird can just automated foryou and greased the wheels a little bit, but yeah, it's really weird. The stuff that that does cost fights. But over there, like sixteen years, there haven't been any, like major creative battles or what I much like that that I can think of. One try and do is entrust. Stack up so many that one week I want to have the ability to select timesheets as what I was doing that week. That'd be a great idea. Dedicate, like twenty percent of your weak kind. One whole day they'LL have to create a new category is just so you can feel it. He's still in the building. Maybe I was she would come in. Oh, man, what was she would come in and shame you'il in person right now exist so that you know, he knows all the secrets. I mean, I'm starting reading chat here and getting lost in it that it's all the means to. It's like he's just Bernie's at the time. You punch Jeff. I'm like, when I punch me like that. Is that a John front beam or something? That there was a fight and somebody got punched or something like that? Maybe it might sounds vaguely from memory, and nobody got punched. Nobody's ever did scuba on top of him was what allowed that did make it. That that was the that was in the very first short con. That was funny we ever did. What's the first short? It was that with the box from the halo. Do you own that one? No, I did hit him pretty hard. That hit him a bunch. I think it was even. I was like, You need it in my heart. You're like, you know, a funny thing. I've never Hey, Bernie, it's fine. Yeah, I'm pretty hard in that. Yeah, hit him a bunch like, wait a minute. But I have a way. Snapped his neck. I spit. No, I think they're the box one. Think the books one was the season finale of Season one. I think that's the way Time machine box. That's what he said A school. But I held my nose and I went back and waited on him, and I was probably about forty pounds heavier Back then, I was in the back room and Jeff came in to sit down at his desk. It was like, but he's happy to be so pad about it. Did he come in patting Or was he like few may not used in pace box, just like a torture device between that and Shannon, I don't know where we got that box. I think that was like a would create we found by the dumpster. I was in your office, so it was not what it was. I felt like it was like something that we had ordered. Like like, part of a set or something. It look pretty fresh. It didn't look like it was on the street for a while. We order a box. No, no, no. I was not only a box, but the box was containing something we had ordered for Congress office. What would that be That? Because it wouldn't create this kind of equipment. Remember? Now this Marty, is it about in an alley we assembled party with our couch? You know, it was a couch. Remember? The thing we found in the alley we had for years? Gus, I know we had a car. You know, that push cart that we had? It was the one that was wobbly because it was the reason why the hotel don't it out. Because the top bar was missing and I was like, That's a good card. What? Pulled it inside. And then we had that card for probably like, five or six years. Man, you remember what else we found in the alley? That was useful? Mary from the human turd and the sort of milk are awful. Take the terrible things you've got to learn about having a downtown office. And though there's like piles of turd is a very popular restaurant here that I feel like I should name that They used to have a sixth Street location and they were always getting broken into, and then it went away, and they have a bunch of other locations down. But I remember talking to somebody from to that location. Who said, Yeah, they closed it up after they came to work doing the back door. And there's a dead body on the back door. Yikes! . Yeah, It's Hooters there. Yeah, maybe that'd be tough. Start your work days be worse to be the dead person. It but well, it's over for them. They don't have to either. Nobody has e. I was like, why would met name the restaurant, but if he had a dead body in their entrance to their building yet I'd be Yeah. You would wonder that. Also, Eric, the reason this Phil down is used masking tape. You didn't even use gaff tape. It's paper. Chad heads. Yeah, it stays up pretty strong yet Digitally. Yeah, well, now that's wood on the back. If it would have been paper, paper would've been great. If you have so much other David, your disposal. Oh, somebody's area off Ricks. One one seven one sent away far exceeds that area, huh? Is that a halo reference one one seven. I'm Agent Simmons that Well, this is a depressing travel thing that I talked about but then didn't go back to. So have we said, You know, you hear about long flight, you worry about radiation on, Galway said. Well, we know that like flying a lot doesn't cause cancer. Supposing a lot of radiations because if that were the case, pilots and flight attendants would have an increased risk of cancer. And sure enough, Harvard just put out a study that says that US flooded tents at elevated risk of several forms of cancer. US. Flight attendants have a higher prevalence of several forms of cancer, including breast cancer, uterine cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer when compared with the general public. So what? Yet So they got their start wearing lead suits? I don't know, man, because that was the thing to It's like I really think one of things that really put the no smoking thing over the hump was airlines and stewardesses having two or flighty friends. I should say having to be on these tin cans that people just smoking nonstop in them. And I really feel like that was the situation everyone could empathize with on that was something that led the no smoking going away. But yeah, it's there now. There now have conclusive evidence. According to Harvard, I trust Harvard. They're good school. I couldn't afford together there. No Notre Dame. But they're not today, but they're pretty good school. Yeah, that was in the report published online and Environmental Health on June twenty fifth two thousand eighteen. Over the course of their careers, flight attendants are regular exposed several known and probable carcinogens, including cosmic ionizing radiation disrupted sleep cycles going todo rhythms and possible chemical contaminants in the airplane. Moreover, Cabin Cruiser exposed the largest effective annual ionizing radiation dose relative to all other radiation workers in the U. S. Because of both their exposure to and lack of protection from cosmic radiation. But that's how the Fantastic Four was created. Yeah, in a comic. Yeah, they went up and they got they got hit by cosmic rays. Cosmic cruise. Yeah. So the guys in space must be bombarded with it. Yeah, it's been a year in space? Well, yeah. They stage a consent up there. They had more shielding on their stuff. Well, yeah, they have been cosmic rays. As far as I know, They just pass through everything pretty much, and so you're going to get hit. But I guess it gets a little bit more diffused when I passed this for stuff, so I don't know. And I mean, it gets astronauts would be at a higher risk for cancer, too, if that's the case. Fine blowing. Especially dude who was up there for a year. You know, that really messed him up. Like, yeah, if you read about that guy now, he can't see well, and it really just messed up his whole boy. That was kind of put him up there. Right? Figure out what the long term effects are. The purpose of this mission, we're go for years. There s so many problems. He doesn't have diabetes of his face. Start to decline when he was on the space station. Or was it just on his return? Good. Like, could you go back to the space station and be fine? No, I think it What poll did they put up. Wait a minute. So like he just acclimated to space. So So what you're saying? So he went back there. He's okay, But on Earth, he's bad, right? Like it sees now. He's g great. He's gravity ized whose gravity is so it's like it's like a sad science fiction movie. She's got to go back to space to survive. He did that movie, the space between us. There's something like have to live in space. Now it's apart, like you want to come back and see your family. But now you have. You've acclimatized where you could on Lee stay alive in space. Yeah, you have to leave your little like daughter and you find you want to just go ahead, man. That's a sad movie. You realize expanse. I'm not an expense to show, so I think it's sad inside, they have think I'm thinking about the right one. They've got three major territories. They have Mars Earth and then Eros. It's asteroid, so the people who live there are used to living in very low gravity. There's even like torture scenes where they bring him to earth, and they just basically I have to deal with Earth's gravity that they're not used to being in it. That's the way they torture someone for interrogation. Expanse viewers in here. They get that right chat my right on that expanse. Just no one. I'm alone. I'm the only person watching this show. I guess I I genuinely worried about the people who are going to call a nice mas What you worry about that mean alone most. But he will go. The he himself will go. Yeah. Isn't that what he said he wants to do? And that is like his whole game plan Checking down the last man like you. You seem like you think he's getting on. The spaceship takes off like a camera, like lives over. He's in the corner going. Sorry. I saw that thing about that one guy. They him up real good. I'm not going to be o great. Teo get acclimatized if he timed it perfectly where he lands on Mars, steps off the rocket and in his car land. And then it just gets in it like one smooth motion and drives away on Mars will be so job. Honey, what's your opinion of Yuan musk? He's crazy, but I don't think I mean, I really appreciate Elon Musk. It's just sound like I'm like a Tesla invited my family when I was there, like some controversy around him. Well, what the whole tie divers thinking, Pete, Okay, said a stupid thing. You double down on it. That's the problem. That's a problem. When you double down on something stupid, you say, that's that. That's probably did he Citizen, Why are we getting upset about him insulting someone online, which should Either guy's gonna sue him and get some money good for him, you know? But this is a guys like doing all the stuff the billionaires you hope you're going to do with their money. You know, like you try to figure out a way these taking rockets off and letting him back in a barn somewhere in the middle of the ocean, you know, and figure out ways to do that in ways that our government is not able to figure it out. And they released their patents on the electric car stuff. Pretty cool. Yeah, he released all of Tesla's patents. Is that where the little one? That's what he's buying all the glitter broadcast gets a Mars. That was a celebration. Party is only litter powered, right? Just generally worry about the cut because a lot of people who are going to colonize Mars know that they're going to Mars. They can't ever come back. And to make that decision, it takes like a certain kind of person fairies like. Well, I up my life here. Better start, and that's gonna be the new basis for a new colony. But is that every colony? That's what is going to say like you. Then you think of it. It's like everyone who you know, went to discover the new World. Yeah, it was kind of a savage. Yeah, And I guess that's how new colonies of both British perspective of this when you left was the cafe. All people you chose to come over here, get It was a little bit before my time, but we were our allies. By that Gavin let all the savages come and do all the work for you. Call me. But it is true. Like any pioneer is an absolute lunatic. I'm thinking melting of beards. We're coming to the end of the podcast. But Gus isn't here, so we can stay late. Can you stay late, Matt? A lot. Time cards. Eric, Wait. We're also supposed to talk about architects. There's nattering for it, but architects is a convention that we have every year. So let's talk about our checks. We're going to karaoke E this year. We really let me see if there's anything in here that we talked about. The head of security. Okay, on the we start singing right now because you know how much broadcast enjoys that and just keep singing until we get to our TX Yes, stuff you said about texture, about panels. I'm gonna have a lot of panels this year. I think you have a panel, I think, with a special guests. We've got coming. I've got Archy podcast. Got another city panel like live action in shorts and stuff like that. And then now it looks like there's a potential another one that were doing that's just one of my favorite panels were going as well, so I'm pretty stacked with panels, which I personally think that's what I would like to see our checks to you. More and more is more more panels just because you know I do like the individual stuff of seeing people in are different, but it's always very efficiency. Ah, minded during our gets a lot So many people write because so many people and it's like if it takes two hours to meet about one hundred people in an autograph session or one hundred twenty, that's another exactly inefficient use of No, I'm in that respect, right? If you multiply that by the number of people that have autograph sessions that Artie X or I think I think it's not ever get to do the most efficient way to do it, would it would be, actually, if you just hung yourself above the convention and just everyone could just look at you and then you get the most people involved, the one I think I feel I must so much get like thrones fly over the convention center and they hide everybody and it's in the chat. What's your favorite part of our checks? Well, in the chat government start karaoke E confirmed it. Artie. Ex Mattie gonna do karaoke e mailed a curio. You do care. You okay? During the ask the CEO panel. Oh, that's a great idea. The CEO pales the one panel. I shouldn't say this, but always in the back. But it's the one panel that I always attend. Like I don't think I've missed a single one of those. Anything crazy. I'm just a few archeo every architect. That's how I know how to steal your punch like a guy. I got to go to your panels. So, like in the research code or your it food Like a billionaire, I was just down in the Virgin Islands and your billionaire, the non savage billionaire Richard Branson. He's a billionaire, right? Yeah. Yeah. So we actually got off course because we were sailing to this place. It was called the Bitter End, which is this Bates on the north side of this island. But just north of that island is a new island called Mosquito Island and another one called Necker Island. Well, I'm not choosing this. Write exactly what you Teo Island, right? And Diabetes island doesn't this guy up island. Richard Branson owns Necker Island. He owns the island. So we're going and somebody on the boat thing. That's what Your branch's house right there and people That boat had the binoculars looking this like it looks like an evil player earlier, you know, like for some evil genius, evil supervillain. And I got confused. We got, of course, because I kept trying to steer on this side of the island because it's Richard Branson's island. And then we finally realize, Oh, no, that's a different I'll this mosquito island. He also, by the way, owns this one. And this is where he has his house as well. So he owns two islands out there. Okay, that's great. Good for you. But did you get it right? You know, let's put this on Mars. So with two island getting a wobble in fights tohave to island, could I imagine like he's getting Trevi shades like Baby, it is. The way you describe it is interesting how just tons and tons of money always kind of seems evil. He's just got a nice house, but it looks like an evil lad just from yeah, the way movies of trained us also, people get like whenever, whenever super super rich people spend money. And I'm doing that with this Necker Island mosquito on thing. But at the same time, It's like that's way better than just them hoarding a bunch of money and sitting on it, you know what I mean? And this this area in particular, was two years ago. It was, like, completely wiped out by Hurricane Irma, I believe, came through there. So, like that whole side, like if it came from that direction from the East, everything in that direction is just completely being rebuilt. Do you think anyone lives under the ocean that we don't know about? James Cameron, The lives that he went deepest, right? He went to the bottom of the ocean before anybody else. That's another weird thing. Of all people. James Cameron was the first person to go to the bottom of the Marianas trench. Was that because of Titanic? Yes. Yeah, I think you got started on it. You know, they got a little passion project going. That's weird, though. It's like something don't think about when you think about James Cameron. Did you use heavy everybody as you want Teo. Just on weekends, I started thinking, Well, he's come up recently cause of Elita and I made the common on the podcast today, A few weeks ago, before guest's vacation for the month and a half ago way talked about a leader coming out and everything just got bomb. It's gonna lose two hundred fifty million dollars. It's like, how do you bet against James Cameron in a stain age, like every movie Titanic was going to be a bomb avatar was going to bomb, you know? And now Elita has made, like God knows how much overseas once again proving that the U. S. Market is really not that important any more big blockbuster movies. So you get nothing. Morose is Rose and ferocious made a really crazy comment. Teo people that working over the Rishi content office, we were talking about James Cameron and Avatar. Just call a second goes Avatar is the number one movie of all time, right? And we said yes, That's right, because every newsroom has seen Avatar the biggest movie ever. Really? Right. And he does name one character from the movie, and none of us could name a single hair. Tooley. Jake Sully, with the reason I remember is because of a lease. In that funny videos, she dressed up like avatar but saying no one could come up with a single character name from Avatar. That's fascinating to me. The people were called the na'vi right? Right. I also remember on obtaining, um, but that's about going those. Yeah, like, what was the name of Geo money? Ruby sees character, and that was the name of the Sergeant like the jar headed guy going, going, going to Weaver's character's name. Doctor. That's right, Doctor. You? Yeah, yeah, Why is that? It is. It doesn't apply to Titanic and stuff. No. Remember those cards for Star Wars are aliens or other James Cameron's Terminator? You know, I could name characters. Tara Conner. I can name characters from movies. Couldn't name a single couldn't you named Jake Sully. She couldn't even make silly. No, in fact, until Checkout ruined it by saying it. But I was curious if you were going to be able to say, Jake Solis, I'm sorry. I'm just here to ruin things, and that's good, just like that. Who is there? But I'd be curious. I was curious if you could come up with it. Did you remember you actually, until he said it, I was seem to say, Sully, I would've said Sully, I didn't remember this. I think I remember that. Leads the way. Anything. Now. I think Sully is the way they part. There's no way the NA'vi project. That's what they call the ministry. The Marine drill sergeant Guy called him Sully, right? Probably. It was in the Makati end. Yeah, pulls out the big night. He's got a great great lines, So name does name one? Uh, not while I'm still breathing at the end. When he right? Yeah. And then he says the low gravity makes you soft way pumping iron. Okay, He's like benching like four hundred pounds of Great. Where's the introduction? What's his speech? When he's like Like, this place is filled with things. It'll like Scott in the mud and future eyeballs for Judy Bee. I'm not a security is my job to save you, but I will not succeed. Not with all that. With all of you. Yeah. See if you can name the lines that you can't even character. It's weird, right? I wonder if that movie still looks decent. Let me ask you question this mad home has a very long career and visual effects. Let me ask you this. There's one visual effect. They still can't get write movies and I don't know why they can't get it right. One thing they have mastered is the building. Make someone look younger like in the Marvel movies. The captain Marvel That was crazy. How they made everyone look younger. Yeah. Although did you see the side by side comparisons of Samuel L. Jackson from Captain Marvel and him in Die Hard three where he's been literal age of Yeah, alright. It's really interesting because he's like, just he's overall, like, narrower. He's really skinny, which want in real life in real life is narrow. Yeah, yeah, we'LL make it baseline from the guy you today you know that we're going to me was actually from Civil War when they had a teenage Robert Downey Jr less like less than Syria. When his parents was head. That flashback with parents was like a That's crazy. Oh, yeah. So which is which? That's not on the right, Captain Marvel. One hundred percent left is die hard. Yeah, but why can't they get this right, Matt, In this way, we can end on this. Why movies can they not get right It was an avatar, and it was also just recently in a very high fidelity movie. Infinity War can't get it right when they've got a guy in a mech and his head is coming out of the Mech. Yeah, What is that? What is there always looks the wrong side. It does. It meets the movement is wrong. And then like that, You know, you actually see the guy's head? Yeah, like from the angles they choose like you would be below the threshold of, you know, you just see like his hair liner. I also feel like So they're putting him in an awkward position to begin with. And then the lighting's wrong because he'd become most completely insured. It never cost the right shadow on his body. I think you probably just think it's all cheese, but yeah, there's like a ton of shots and infinity War like especially towards the end with Mark Ruffalo, where you're like, even even the way background looks like the heads just bobbing. Yeah, back there and there's no I mean, it's like it's just it's just a bunch of cheats and he takes it on your nose when it's fake. As a joke. He takes it off. You know, like, because Yeah, Cantor shows up and pulls the helmet apart. Yeah, that I'm watching all the years you tonight's the ant man in the Lost Because that's the only one. I haven't seen you since. You know, when you were going in chronological order, narratively charitably. Captain America was first Captain. Marvel simply next. Anyone's doing that? I have to go and see Captain Marvel while it's still out. Otherwise, they won't get to do that. Well, we start tomorrow with them. No, I guess we just kept America. She's adjusting. Okay, that's the first way Saw Captain Marvel, which is in the nineties on. Then it just goes forward from there almost of Captain Marcus in the nineteen. I haven't been watching them in order, but I've watched a bunch of them recently. Still really hard to be Iron Man. The first time in Iran is one of my favorite all time. Lost that as well. He's in a re alliance suit or a real metal suit and not having his face. And then I man who was a letdown. And then you thought it couldn't get worse with Jesus, Iron Man three. What a piece of. Gotta hate that movie. Really, It is. I got one problem with that. Such a poorly written Oh, God. There's so many plot holes in that movie. Hey, if you were to kidnap the president, would you put him in his own, like, fully weaponized and armored escape vehicle? Oh, because they did. And in case you're wondering, yes, it was still weaponized because remember, they went up and just pulled his wrist upto blast the rope and set him free like they're so much dumb. Full state in that movie were like, Tony's like, Oh, hey, you can't use these suits because they're on ly program to me all day to do is say the words, they're not programmed to you, but they didn't do that. He said they're only program to me. Which is why it doesn't make sense when Pepper Potts grabs a arm of it later and punches the dude. There's so much you gotta hate that movie of a big Iron Man fan and our men three is a future trash. I just a compilation of all of the times he got into the suit or in or out of the suit, and the evolution of different ways to put on the suit is really funny. But they're all cool. Kind of like you can't look away except for I think, that I don't wonder if it has the nano stuff everyone felt was like, You know, it is a natural evolution. I think for inside that they can't do something bigger. Every single time to be the ultimate was when he's in Monaco and puts on the suitcase suit. I just love because there's a kid growing up reading Iron Man. The suit came, right, Flip it, open this briefcase and he's got the Iron Man suit in there. It's like, I can't wait to see that. But the way they did in the movie was drastically different, but still really, really cool. Yeah, but you know, it's okay if the Mandarin blows up your house. I mean, your clearly left defenseless because, you know, in this continuity, he doesn't have all the hundreds of suits built down and do the tower. Okay, that's fine. I'm not gonna go that o it. Never mind. He did, and at the end, he just called House party for some reason, and now they all come. Oh, let's give Tony Stark PTSD because he needs a weakness. Actually, he's the first character that actually had, like, a true, like let's bring alcoholism into the light as a serious probably did. That's what Tony does when happens and they don't go that route because he did that a little bit into and they didn't want to be redundant, so they gave him PTSD. I'm sorry. I was really surprised that they didn't tackle the alcoholism thing in the movies anymore than they did a big part of the comics. Imagine if they'd done that with three. Yeah, like the calls the whole when he drinks his drink himself to death and like that, what his character does. And that's what I think they were in full emcee you mode. At that point, they had to dress the Avengers alien stuff, and so that's how they were going to do it. Although he could have been drinking toe. Try to get over that. I will say this though, Captain America. Iron Man. I love Iron Man more, but after watching all the emcee you movies again, I have to acknowledge. I really like the first time, man. The second one's okay. The third one was okay. I like it a little bit more watching it this time. But remember, I hate it in theaters. My problem was, there's no Iron Man in that movie. Like for seventy five percent the movie and then the last five minutes there's way too much iron Man. It's just like it's away too much. But Captain America first ones okay? Winter Soldier and Civil War are great. They're so good. They're really great. They're hardly even. Yeah, no American movies. I know how to say Yeah. I mean, the good movies don't get me wrong. I have no complaint about them. But it's not like the Iron Man. Movies were mostly about Iron Man with all their mistakes. But the Captain America moves. The first one was a Captain America pressure. And then the next two were kind of just bridge movies for them. Yeah, great. Really great. But like maybe not a Captain America movie. I just don't think the Captain America origin is as exciting as the Iron Man one that they just had to kind of get that one another way, but it's not. It's not overly exciting story, but I love ability with the character. But I know exactly you're saying, too, because in Civil War I couldn't help but notice this time when I was watching it. How they basically just keep Iron Man out of the movie as long as they possibly can, until he's needed. Like the whole thing with the embassy at the beginning. Where to? Chaka gets killed, you know, And that whole thing, he's out of the movie that entire time, like he's not on that mission. It's, Ah, the black widow and Falcon who was talking about the way we cool in the movies. And he's in the comic. Yes, very much, Yeah, and Scarlet Witch is in there as well. But your Iron Man is not there on that very important mission for some mercy of keeping people out of movies like I love the Way that they try and dance around characters with, like fast power discrepancies like Thor and I thought they did a really good job vision. Yeah, it's like Thorin Vision and Scarlet, which those three characters are super problematic because they're, like, insanely powerful. And so a lot of like the struggles that are happening, these characters were just wipe the floor with it. So that's why I, like Thor, had to go on his whole thing toe like rebuild the new hammer and then vision. They were just like, I don't know, have have a goblin. Just stab him in the back when he's thinking about love. And then with scarlet Witch, just like how she just, like, everybody up when she's here. Well, she really cares about vision. So, uh, you stay there and guard. And I love that line, too, when she finally comes back to like And why was she staying behind? Right? Because it would up the movie. I think one of those, like biggest story problems or like character problems, the two great movies. But Thor Ragnarok, too. The Infinity war, like Thor, is in tire like reason for being. And Ragnarok is to figure out that he's powerful, like the power of the Lightning comes from within himself and not from the hammer or some device he needs and then the solution for him, for his character arc in. If any war is a completely the opposite of what he has to have some kind of weapon in orderto you know, like the like, the like, the Internet seems like he has to have it to have self on everything you learned wrangling. You have to have his powers. And then it's like the whole both those movies, though, or fantastic movies thing one of the other the bit where he comes down with his axe soldier is like one of the most exciting moments. I think it'll of movie history and all that is just a character coming back like, you know, it's not like anything is even happening is just like, Look who showed up. But it's like, Well, then he does. I mean, he just starts laying eyes that mean they've been fighting like from tons of movies already. That grand that grand entrance was I read was also supposed to be Captain America's coming back. Where is he? Kind of steps out of the shadows and infinity war. Now, when Captain America kind of returns to the team after civil war, that was the big entrance was supposed to be reserved for Captain America that you couldn't figure how to do it. So they worked with or did well these entrance America's interests also grate It is really good. I think a lot of the giveaway in the trailer just leave you go back and wanted Ragnarok. Dude, go watch the Thor Ragnarok trailer. Today they give away everything about that movie really well. Ragnarok even like the biggest moments in the movie, like when Thor discovers that the powers in him and he's the god of Thunder, that moment is in the trailer. It's like, I guess maybe didn't have enough faith in this goofy movie was going to turn out to be so good as my favorite personally of the whole emcee is Thor Ragnarok script. But yeah, that trailer is like Gibbs. Tons of stuff way should wrap up. We get what we could save some more marble talk for the post shell. Hey, everybody, thank you for joining us on this week's podcast. If you are watching this live, thanks for joining us during this free twenty four hour period of first access. If you have enjoyed it, why not be a first member all the time? And then you can enjoy this every single week of your life until Gus gets back six months from now. Thanks for joining us everybody by at least sixteen more years. Minimum