#539 - Game of Thrones vs Avengers Endgame

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Game of Thrones, food poisoning, the American flag, Stuber, and more on this week's RT Podcast!

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns


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Transcript (in progress):

You're listening to Rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred thirty nine. If you hear something you would like to see from this episode, visit first start rooster teeth dot com. From a low. Everyone welcome to receive podcast this week. Brought to you by hims Robin Hood and Squarespace. I'm Gus on Gavin by breath. Bernie, I'm Gus, and I'm back from my five years vacation that I've been gone forever. What did Ugo Japan and Singapore did you? You thought I was gone forever. He said five weeks. He said five weeks. You know, guys, I'm gonna tell you something. Bitter regret saying this out loud. I missed you. Did you? Yeah. I miss you guys, but that Thank you. Yeah, I missed. I missed being back here and working with all of my friends. The office felt felt lonely without you. There wasn't oppressive black cloud on over you with time, but it had a real good time. You like your wife? That's important. What's that mean? You like your wife? Because you guys have, like, a three year on there. Two weeks, three weeks for everybody. Because you guys support just way too much, you know, because even though he was gone nipples you made a tweet that had Megan I just cracking up, like in bed, just laughing our off. Was that snarky? I tweeted mega photo there was I saw I saw this shirt. Aah! Had toad on it, I thought was really cute looking. So I tweeted it to make just, like does she like? It was just ATM attorney in this photo, and it's some other random person replied to that tweet different. I don't get it. So my reply was just But that's why I didn't tweet it. Todo ever. I don't know what you want. Yeah, I know I didn't explain it because it's for big. It's also like you tweeted at her. It wasn't a tweet where you happen to tag her and me, and it wasn't private conversation, so I'm sure people would see it. But that's why there was no context. Yes, Thursday was just really straight. What was a shirt? It was just a photo, like a shirt with toad on it. That said, like, woo or something like Gavin. Now I'm way behind on my Twitter feed. I don't think I'm ever gonna catch up again. You I kept thinking, You said I kind of like Gavin now kind of like way happen After twelve years, I kind of grown people such of the opposite Gavin. I recorded our game time today that we've been wanting to record for awhile. We had fun doing it. Didn't already have a game time together. Oh, well, this was different. This was his old game time. That was all a game time. We talked about it. In fact, I just read a thing recently where some of that I hope Bernie Gavin, we'LL have a gay. I'm giving them a nice voice. Hope Bernie and Gavin will make a new game time because I really enjoyed the conversation head. This was entirely different. This was a show that Gavin I have wanted to make forever. Where we just go through people's X box, live, capture, libraries, play and watch random clips. This time we had such a backlog of our own. We didn't even get to anyone else's. We have enough to even go get on ours as well. Like I could be better prepared with naming my clips, which I didn't know you could do. Dude, I came. I was like I had mine all set up and everything. Wait a minute, that's okay. Gavin's a busy man, so it's like if just having him on the show's got no particularly busy weekend suddenly or, you know, just We'Ll make you eat that she's been giving to spend a lot of time with you. Yeah, that was the upside to it. Dealing with our ship? No, I mean, not tha that we were doing Dual toilet where Tio brought us together. Speaking of doing things together as, ah, since I was we were so jet light coming back from our trip that Esther and I went to the grocery store at five. Thirty in the morning, which is absolutely the best time to do that. Is that anyone? There was nobody there. It's open it. Five. The one here close the studio for twenty four hours. They are. But then you're very self conscious if you go early more because I've done that sometimes, too, because that's when they're stocking everything about the matter like second areas, a customer. You're in their way at that point, and then you kind of accept that, too. Why is it that some stores like that closed down certain aisles, but not the whole store? Home Depot does that a lot. Well, they're just cordon off like screwdriver sometimes they'Ll do that with things that are small and high value to prevent shoplifting. Like I know when we went to the grocery store here, they like to make a pile was closed off. You know what people palming that make up stuff. We started from university. I just noticed We have a chat up now. Barbara speaking out about the chat guy was in here last week, so we got it. We put it on last week because we wanted we kept us a secret off topic for ages. It did distract us a little bit during the during the anniversary podcast, though. But Gus, what you're describing to is, like, was tell you a little bit before the podcast. That's something Gavin ideal with Because we Gavin, I suffer from the same affliction, which is that our significant others sleep on the weekends. Like actually is number one activity is to sleep. So now this is pregnant. It's like, Oh, she makes me love it. He could sleep till, like, one and no, judge. I don't know. No, I'm like, please go back to sleep. Can I bring you any food? Andi, I should be pregnant. But Gavin in ways that I feel like tonight. We used to contact each other. Mohr on Saturday morning, I had lonely said, Yeah, because because I feel like Meg when she wakes up she's very excited for the day to pass and go. Tio, where's I'm in lying in bed at night thinking I cannot wait for it to be more so bored of lying down. I want to get up and do the next day. I'm at the point now. If I sleep past ten o'Clock on the weekends, I'm actually upset. Really? I feel I feel like I wasted so much time, you know? My problem is I want to sleep till one because I have teenagers to fail. If I let him, they'Ll sleep till noon. No problem. My problem is all week long I get up on the drag my out of bed at seven. Thirty in the morning, seven in the morning, Saturday morning, seven clock being wide awake. And I'm just like, I just want to go back to bed. It's like, No, you're awake down your bodies in the rhythm of it. Yeah, So I get up and I have, like, five hours to myself every day when I was a teenager and would Skype late at night with Gavin or whoever from there she's community the way you scrubs with other people. I'm sorry, but I would wake up at, like, one or two O'clock in the afternoon on the weekends because it's just like your teenager. You got nothing to dio know. So just sleep. Remember once it was kind of late for me and started just being in that kind of late for me and really early for you. And when your parents came in, I was like, Oh, Europe Were you up all night again? And you're like, No, I will go just now. Been like four hours. Yeah, in the same clothes is yes, it's my favorite story. I think we've talked about on the podcast probably many times. But when you and I were skyping and then Bernie took no, you scared with joy, I was given a Joel. You're scared with Bernie, and then you put get your laptop last Joel. And so I just took my laptop, just described this. I put my keyboard over his keyboard where they're facing each other and then just focused my lids that the camera was looking at Gavin's windows so suddenly Gavin was skyping with Barbara High. But you guys have Skype in weird ways, like junior shame a Joel. Well, you just got ready to go somewhere because I was chatting with him. And then I want a pound your room and pack. Yeah, it almost looks like a live stream of Barbara's, you know, packing. What do you know? It's just like we're just skyping and I like what she would talk to him over her shoulder and stuff like that. So he came back, he was like, The is going on because we could see we get a look over the top of the laptop helps that you're like, What? Your looking? There's Gavin just working away at his desk. You know, you have those moments where you think Am I crazy? Like, how did I not see this happening? Or how did I miss this? And I had that moment of Did I somehow pass out and Skype Gavin and have been talking to Gavin for awhile? I don't know. When did that happen? Is record So, Gavin, I in this game time we determined that there's like there's categories for clips. There's stuff you want to show off like that. Tend to be a lot of shooter games. You should have something bad you did. There's glitches starting with a really funny one from which I couldn't even remember having recorded before. I like that. We both record the exact same stuff that what happens? Yeah, mine was like, Well, it was like, ten percent good stuff that I've done it games. It's pretty rare, like forty percent glitches and, like, fifty percent screwing with that. Yeah, we're weird. Physics rag, right, Delia? So I did. Guys, do we have that video that way? Do great. So I cut together. So what happened was on the Xbox. You can hit a button and record thirty seconds. So when I first are playing Red dead too. My horse wrecked and I went flying and Ashley laughs. And so I immediately recorded it. Then about twenty minutes later, I just did it again. And that's okay. We record that one two, and then I thought I got too many of these things, but I thought Okay, you know what to do. I'm a record every single time I crashed my car and read a highlight reel or like a highlight reel. So this is like one of the things this is We normally don't edit these for the clip show, but I added together all my cliffs of me wrecking every single time in red dead too awesome. It seems like it is. These boys got a manner about God. Wait. Wait. I never had trouble getting off the horse like you did. Yeah, right. Like it's stuck like your your your boot gets stuck on the saddle before I flipped off backwards. That was actually one of the first ones I ever did. You got tossed off the horse way more than I crashed my horse and stuff a lot, But you just got thrown their animal. We have running through long. What happens? What happens is I would I love hunting in game three. Close was spooked. So it always there always be hunting down animals like racing and like shooting at them and then looking up and seeing oh, and then flipping off north, like the one where I, like, tumbled head over heels when the horses ran away. That was I guess they went up a little bit of a steep incline and horse like this. And I like the ones where you fell back onto the horse that won. I want the one grabs the horse. Do you like a very specific animation? You can jump off a roof onto your horses like that animation off a train onto the horse? Can you really? You did it from the horse, which have never been one of the horse. Yeah, I really like the one way you just I noticed dive into a stump. I love that one. Yeah. Commerce than chatter. Just saying how, How? How, how that's over the course of, like, two months, it was I fell off unequal amount of time you recorded every time you fell off your horse in Red Dead. You'd be surprised how often it happens. There's a like a lot of that didn't make the cut. Stay here and chat with Callie. Cat ninety three's asking if that's going to post it on the receiver. YouTube. Uh, no. The release. So game time will be out on the roof. She's website tomorrow. Ben. I don't know if he's here. Okay, so it should be tomorrow. It's just it's on the website, but it's not the first thing. It's just on the Web site for free, so go see it nice. And there's tons of stuff. One of my favorites is probably fallout isn't unexpected. One for just amazing clips that come on allowed. Any open world is great. Anything where there's an open world, and also where they do the cut scenes but the world stays alive around you There's always just something can go wrong. Like someone just walked through the middle of your conversation or something. I'll have that. Maybe I could pull that one up for the Witcher but get it was like attacking my red dead place. They'LL have dare you. I thought you were great. Hey, Speaking of feeling attacked, say I saw something in the in the news What did you see? That Ah, critical role has a kickstarter for an animated version of their show. Yeah, they're asking for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Much money. Barbara, do you think that the critical role kickstarter has raised they've asked for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars two point four million dollars? Two point four million dollars? Because Lazer team raised two point five. Yeah, right. Instead of record, you would be wrong. The critical role Kickstarter has raised with ten days to go at this point whole. Nine point two million dollars. Oh, my God! Nine point two million dollars. That is incredible. Congratulations to them. That's why if I may, I'd like, take a moment and said our audience which raised two point five million dollars. The is wrong with you? Are you embarrassed? By this way, can we launch a kickstarter just to dethrone their kickstarter like the only goal is to raise it yourself? Two point five million dollars. Wow. Wow. Next time you will really learn from this you billion dollars. Congrats to the man that's going to be great. Crab roll has like this incredibly like dedicated audience. I'll be honest. I haven't ever listened to it ever. And I gotta start now because clearly people get caught up before the animated show comes out. Yeah, it it's crazy. Did they have any specifications on, Like, how many episodes air where to be released or anything like that? I haven't really read through a lot of it. I do love kick starter. You know crowdfunding something. It's been a while since I've been involved with it. From what I understand. Ah, that was in the chatting. I'm poor. We'LL go for the death of the second child can go get some repressive the chanson Yeah, yeah, they They're not telling the critical role deeds that they're poor. Come on. What's wrong with you? People be saying to yourself, but they have run through, like every possible stretch goal at this point, anything pressure. I need to look it up. But I think I heard that. They've said, like, Stop no more Such goals were like, Don't give us money. We'LL just make it. No, I'm sure they're not saying that you could always just like there's just no more incentive. But if you want to donate to the show, I'm sure you still can't but their college saying No more goals. What? To put in perspective, too? It's like a spider verse. Ah, from what I understand, they spent ninety million dollars Wow on that movie. So how many years of Gosh, No, it's still an hour and a half movie, you know, two hours on two hours. So that's the thing. It's like, Sure, the people of critical role, they asked for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. People could always get stuck on this with crowdfunding. It's like that. Oh, they only needed seven hundred fifty thousand dollars, but it is production. You confined away, right? You raise the production value is the reason it's called a kick start and it's still only one tenth of what the spider verse movie I finally wanted into the Spider Person hadn't seen it. I watched it on a plane recently, which is probably the worst way possible to see that movie. I watched it. I thought it was so good. I immediately bought it on physical media that we could want on sale this week on the box and look even better If okay, yeah, there's a Ford. I don't know if it's real for care, not hooking up. I mean, really, for But it looks It looks great. Regardless, it looks much better than it did on that tiny little airplane TV. I mean, he's really good. It is. I understand all the hype. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Did you finish all your Marvel movies? Like the frame rate? Thank God for that movie, Tio. Thank God for that movie, Thea, that I watch. Yeah, I have now finished watching all of the Marvel movies and I have gone back and I'm watching Season seven just kind of like the first half of the season that's coming up for name of thrones. I have one episode left The last episode of season seven. It's crazy, those air. It's seven episodes, I think in Season seven, and they're each in our long and it just it just flies by Absolutely. But it's crazy because a Marvel movie Everything happens in two hours, but over the course of seven hours, they tell about the same amount of story in game of Thrones. But it's still way Mohr just engaging. I had started what it is. We think that maybe there is more engaging than a man. I don't know, man. I didn't watch all the horrible movies back to back, and it took like, twenty days. It's like fifty nine hours of fifty six. There's a lot of in there, too. There is a lot of we were saying on the podcast last week. Gavin, either. It's shocking to think like you realize who's in the emcee. You you forget certain people were talking about like Robert Redford's In the Emcee You William Hurt. Oh yeah, Sylvester Stallone is in the Edward Norton is in the emcee. You you know, and it's just it's weird. Mads Mikkelsen. So hey, say his name, Madman. Yeah, yeah, he's in the embassy. You and As you see, he's the villain in Doctor Strange. Oh, yeah? Well, what are you more excited about? This is I'm curious about this with you guys specifically, but the game of thrones, Premier or endgame? Dude, I got three things for me. This is going to relevant to probably anybody else but amazing Race is coming back, and Tyler and Korey are on the season. Oh, yeah, they did like a musch season mashed up season with a big brother and survivor in amazing race. And the one team from our season that's on it is Tyler and Korey back. So I gotta watch that now, too, to see how they don't know. And I love amazing race. Thank you. Excited so good. I don't necessarily like when they do people from other reality shows. I don't think being on a reality show is a good litmus test for being on a different people on from the Bachelor. I think one of the people's Rupert from Survivor, remember Well worth the older guy, The bearded dude. Yeah, a long time ago. Yeah, like season to season two or three? Yeah, very early on. He was later on that, but it was early. It was like first decade stuff queen, take a poll about on game versus game of Thrones finale or yeah, both. But I think I think I'm more excited for you. Have certainly put more time into get insurance. Game of Thrones starts next week, but then game of thrones is over in, like a month now, Rupert, Season seven. Sean's having? Yeah, Yeah, I've been rewatching Season seven of game of Thrones. Try to get ready. You know, like you talk about. I really don't know which one might classify one more than the other. Maybe game of thrones. Yeah, just cause I feel like it's been I guess it's been a long time coming for Avengers endgame as well. Because if you think about is the culmination of the M. C u. Do you think so? Do you think the the ending of Avengers is going to be more predictable than the ending of game of thrones? Because that's where it gets me like. I feel like I could somewhat see where endgame is going, but game of thrones, I have no clue. Really. I have no idea. But let me ask you this Do you think one of them has a higher potential to be a wild disappointment? Because that's thinking Mr Owens has more potential. Meanwhile, disappointment. Because it's hard to end a TV show. And there's so many finale, sweetie, because you're like that sucked up all your favorite character is probably going to die. But statistically with all the people that are left, who's your favorite character? Game of thrones? Go. Don't think about it. Are stark. Are you starting your favorite persons? Tell me he's already that. Okay, I would've said arias. Well, my steamy lannister love Jaime Lannister. I just like to sell me because everyone talks about him in such high regard. I do what they should prequel. Just him. I think he's in the bureau. They're doing a prequel I thought was like away pretty well. I think it is a way prickles Which there several spinoffs happening. Give me the Geo. Tcu. Yeah, you got Got you You Did You guys manage to get tickets for ringing? Yes, you did. And every movie theater that I try to get them from fought me for like it took me like an hour and a half to get those. Me and Trevor were splitting our efforts on two different weapons. It's too much, too much. I got somebody. I'm not going to see it until a couple days after what you want. Yeah, because the tickets were on sale when I was overseas. Yeah, it was like I had a Internet connection. Maybe if you weren't arguing with people on Twitter, you could've invited me. I could if I could have been buying tickets. Thanks, Gavin, For you could find someone at the office who bought a bunch of tickets that you could just get. So I'll just wait. I think we should wait. I think you get it spoiled. Yeah, I live. I will be the end of the world Be the end of the game who do not want to die in game of thrones. I don't want Brienne of Tarth today and I also don't want Bronn to die. I don't want to hear it in today. Really? Loteria Anya. I guess so. Serious. Get who do I not want to die? I think I'd be okay with just about anybody going. I don't think anybody would be like not them Lori Person. If it happens, it happens. Do you think did Maris is going to die? I don't know. She seems the least likely to me. She seemed like like if you're if you're bitten, was going about like the eyes What's the spread on? She's like, That's gotta be like he's even money. Jon Snow's Pretty clothes Toto Winning the whole thing by Dennis Jon Snow will die because he's already died. I don't know. I don't think he's gonna die now. Which Dragon died? Views The really bizarre us? No, that's that's like last season stuff. Sam. I'm on the last episode. There's so much stuff that hasn't happened in this season that I remember about this season and this last episode is going to be so freaking jam packed with stuff. There was a big scuffle at the end of the last season in the snow that I don't remember who died like the forest. I don't remember who died. I'm looking forward to seeing it. The duties with the flames towards such a cool and Barrett Dunne Darien, have the flame swords, right? Yeah. The only source has the flame's sort. I think Barry Kandarian doesn't actually have a flame sort. Well, he did in season. Oh, that's right. Because he fought the hound and guys shoulda cough. That's right. Gotta give credit. Home was like to the Empire, For one thing versus game of thrones, they do have some kind of in the m C that you have some kind of high profile. Ah ri castings. Probably the biggest one. But people don't really think about his Bruce banner getting recast Mark Ruffalo from Edward Norton Because technically, Iron Man starts the emcee you and then the incredible hole was right after that. Maybe you could I don't know why I never made this get to connections. I don't know why I never made watching the emcee you again. One is that the William Hurt character that's in charge of the psycho via Accords is General Ross from Incredible Hulk. And it's It's the like hulks arch nemesis in that whole Siri's. But I don't know if they finish, never refer to him as Ross in it. This they calm secretary, Mr Secretary, the other one is that there's this really weird villain in the Marvel Universe comic universe, which is called his name is claw. And that's you, Andi circuses. He's claw, but it's such a radically different version of the character I never made. The connection is the co's arm. Got cough by? Yeah, he has electronic arm in the conference. Just hacked it off tonight. So is Inspector Gadget also in the EU? They just asked. Dave recast a bunch of people in game of Thrones, too. That's to say, That's the credit for him. See you. They did have some big re castings, that roadie, but in game of thrones we cast a bunch of people everywhere. If you watch the first season, you wouldn't recognize. Recut Barrick Don derrion When he gets sent off, let's talk. They recast the three eyed Raven, the first buried on Darren's only on camera for like fifteen seconds, right? Yeah, but that's that's like Barrett Dunne Darien. And she's just like a guy. And it's like Witt. Why did they bring that guy back Mountain? They recast them out into, like, twice. Yeah, they're real. Not over the re casting of Carol and friends from Season one. Teo from the pilot. Yeah, good, clearly different person. And they also reek that we didn't want to. They re good, just the father, right? And your father, They also, but they also cut. Still in pain like Ellen Page was was not stop being in the show, but the actor has become Bill. You think he had cancer, had to undergo cancer treatment and saying the executioner that as the star really eso like they just kind of wrote him off and different to recast. And they also recast the same active for two different role toman Lana tommen. Baratheon was originally Martyn Lannister in the season three or two. And so did you guys watch Umbrella Academy? I did. So the strong guy. And that is a in tar Lee. Yes. Yeah, and and so she's just so crazy to see him. And I think we'Ll see that a lot. What's the difference, Dan? What? They keep calling. They keep making him say his name over and over. Getting car looks great. Like supercut of that. Yeah, there. You reckon like Bron does it all the time? Dario and Horace was re cost. Oh, yeah, because I watched that recently. The original guy Ed someone hit every single one of his lines is a DEA. And I'm wondering if he was just doing some weight accent and had to, like, read I don't know why he has no life dialogue. The entire he did not come back because he wanted to do that transporter movie instead, it was a conflict. He did like a transporter reboot. Somebody snickered. Trevor here that it's true, you are judging that career choice. Snickering was a original Dario. I think it is in a higher dimension will be disappointing, but it's just because they have such a head of steam up and infinity War was so good that here's the thing. I feel like, Ah, lot of the Marvel movies have been really good. Yeah, like they know how to craft the story. Some stinkers, though. Yeah, I mean, he's a kind of stink, but there, But there's still good movie. It's like they're less than the other ones. I would, but there's still entertaining and they're still good moves. I think I think that they're putting all their efforts into this last thing. Like, What's the worst moment in game of thrones like, What's the Iron Man, too? I don't like Din Arison Marine. The Thorn Garden kind of drags a lot of person on the bench in terms that kind of dragged. It just goes out the wrong way. There's a lot of moments in game in terms of drag. Yeah, like just in general. I mean, especially like you're talking about marine like in the books. That's just like, Oh, my God leave early And over here on the bench in that period made unchain the dragons. Get out the pyramid! Continue the story, please. They also do. I mean, the team that does trim a lot of stuff like there's a lot more in the books is a lot more Iron Island stuff about your aunt. And like all of the the infighting for there, it's like, Oh, my God, I don't give a about you Don't like the idea well, by by the time to get to that is already, like book for I think. And you're like, I just want to get back to the other stuff that I read that I've already been invested in about Theon will die. Wait, He's library at least thirty nowadays and pierce through the sixth episode of Season seven. I don't want you just to make sure up to date on who's alive and who's dead. I looked up this website's taking bets, and they have their odds spread on who's goingto who will rule West Rose at the end of season eight of Game of Thrones. Beyond is one of the longest shots. So he is still alive. Is that how it ends? Somebody sitting down in the Iron Throne and they're like, I got it. It's I mean, it's God, There's got to be a winner. I wanted to be ho DL with blue ice. Jeez, don't even say it did. I don't want to see ho door again. He's coming back, I tell you, who else didn't want to see? I went back and watched an episode from Season five. I don't want to see the wildling lady from hard home. She's using one episode, and she's one of my favorite characters in all of game of thrones. Don't want Teo is dead and so I don't want it coming back as a zombie. I couldn't couldn't live with that. I feel like they're bringing her back. I have so much screen time in that episode. Yeah, but she was. She was a payoff in the end. When the night raised, everybody back up. That's a creeps. Just go back and watch Staten last, like twenty minutes. Love that episode, and that's all that battle and hard home remember, right? Like at the very end, there's no music or anything, but just, like, eerily silent with that like that. You're the water and the water. Yeah, famine. They do a lot of good stuff with the ending, Like, right before the credits. You even when I was at your house and we watched Jaime Lannister hand get cough and then ends on some rocks on the way that I was going to end wasn't also one word. They think they are right here in the credit. The Jude. Yeah, it was like like the first thing that goose's thanks to bark the bear or something like that, I think. And I think the rock song it was like, I think he was a rock version of the Bear and the maiden fair. Yeah, if I remember. Right, spend a few. How many offices are there in the last Chuck season? Six. Six out of six. How many of those will be full nudity? I don't know. This is the way we say game of thrones. You to get new to the or somebody gets stabbed. I think I think finale both. They're goingto gotta pack it all in. Every episode is gonna have both someone getting stabbed while nude. Want. Oh, no, I don't want this. I was about to say I want someone's boot to get cut off. Here's the trend. I want to continue. I really don't sink. Was this like through Marine and everything? It was this long billed over these little dragons or puppies, basically, you know, when the show first starts, they're just born buildup of like, who that bad in the kill? A sheep or something in marine? And then there's this insinuation. They might have killed the child or whatever, and it's like, All right, pretty clear that killed five or six years. But you don't get to see the kid get your skeleton. Yeah, but I mean, it's implied you don't get to see the like the dragon Inaction is what I'm saying. Then in season seven, it's like dragon steered that come in, Just that one scene, but killed him. They killed chicken. Yeah, and his dad's really spoiling this for anybody who hasn't seen it. Sorry, you should watch the show, but you'll never remember if you're you not remember any of the names of these characters were talking about And also everybody in this show dies. So I've seen all the seasons and all the episodes of Game of Thrones. I still don't even remember the character's. Remember that primer sheet that we had them like Season one or season to? Yeah, I think I'm gonna make sure ahead of them like the commander of the night's watch. Original one night's watch, Jerry, I remember more like Geo moment. Yeah, Jerry was very close, but they had, like, spooky night gay night like or Gay King like they had that they didn't have any other names on the primer sheet. When I call over, there were all these short descriptions, right? That's how you do it. That's all. I remember all the car like like it was It was searching. And Jamie and and ah Cherian were short evil, pretty, pretty evil and sister. Someone should do a hard cut from, like the first five seconds that you see a character on you Hard cut to the last five seconds. You see him? Yeah. Like with Geo Mormont. I'd be like a commander of the night's watch, and then the last time you see him is that guy's drinking out of his skull. You're not just a dog dog stuff. We won't be like brand brands like four when they started the show and now he's John Oliver about that. I was rewatching an episode of season seven years. They were getting dragged around in that flit. It was like, Do you think he enjoys that? He shows up to set? You just lay down. I time. It's like, all right, Didn't you fled? I would think it limits your acting somewhat because so much of acting is also like your physical body movements and what? Not that. It's like you're kind of limited. Just was not like I gotta stand around on set all day like no going down. I don't know why when they re cost the tree the three eyed Raven in It starts off as an old guy with long hair and a big, long white beard. And then they just cut to a guy whose looks completely different, like he's got different haircut. Everything. Yeah, Who was it at the end What's the use of Christopher Columbus is looking up while looking at Max. Max wants it off, and it was. It was Max von Sydow here, and you know it was on the German. That sounds like a very long name accent like Swiss to me. Here. While you look that up, let me read this thing on my mind when this absolute receive podcast is brought to you by hymns. You've heard me talk about hymns before. It's a super convenient and a super great service. Sixty five percent of men start losing their hair by age thirty five. That's two out of every three men on the planet. The thing is, when you start to notice hair loss, it's too late. It's easier to keep the hair you have than to replace the hair that you've already lost. Hymns is helping guys out with licensed physicians and FDA approved products to help treat hair loss. 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Max von Sydow. It was correct. He is the three. It throughout driven. He probably best know him. He played nine other merciless in The Flash Gordon from the eighties, I think was in Minority Report. You had a dream that all Boy, he's the guy who makes the triplets served over there twenty years and the other one the beginning of that Star Wars from I had a dream that was doing a presentation in a big conference room for a product that when I woke up, I thought it was quite a good idea. You know how this updraft you give away on skyscrapers? Yeah. I think he's going to think this was my story. Starting with the most Pacific product you could imagine. And updrafts good us. Well, like on screen skyscrapers do. The wind goes up on the side of him. So I was I was presenting this sort of like cow thing with a fan, like a wind turbine for updraft that go all the way around a skyscraper does that Is that real to like power? You'll build a windmill on the side of a building wind. How big could these things possibly be? Well, my clipboard, it was like this big. And I think that's enough to generate enough power to do anything like the windmills they put out. Fields are for huge mass. I've seen women have you driven through West Texas and seemed like where they have those giant wind farms? No. Have you done that? Yeah. Getting cancer. The sound You hear that? You're a ho How did you miss that? Trump said that win pills caused cancer thing. Sound causes If you hear a windmill too much, Listen, let me tell you being overseas was great because I realized the risk of world does not give a about us. Like I would like to hear that I would flip into the TV, you know, let me, like, tired of the end of a day, I'd like turn on the news or whatever I'm like. Yeah, sure, the U. S was on there briefly, but it's like you hear a lot more like very region specific stuff. It's like, Yeah, the US, they got this stupid thing going on. Anyway, here's what's going on here. So it was really refreshing and, like, not be beaten down constantly by this barrage of non years. I guess, honestly, Trump has been against wind wind farms very for ages. A short clip of him in Scotland because you got golf going a method of things like, you know, if you weigh, don't want tomorrow around our golf courses, but that Scotland was just like, Who is this guy? E Get out. So I think a lot of people clean energy represents government regulation and like the it just became this kind of a trigger for a lot of people who are just like when they hear about the A is just something is going to cost him a lot of money. So honestly, like in America, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it does. You end up having to like when you buy a new building. You've got updated put ramps in and things like that, and it's it's kind of costs a lot of money, but you suck it up because you want to help people who are not able to need acting. I don't think we will have that same feeling about, like, the environment and nature. You know, it's like, this EPA is making us do this. We can't use this chemical or something like that in a car. Products more expensive because everyone is. That's where that comes from. Everyone seems like, Oh, well, I'm only gonna be on the surface for X amount of more here, so it's not gonna affect me. So who cares? Yeah, however state using the role in coal stuff. Yeah, it's so stupid and it's just like the reaction to it. I try to figure out like, What's the motivation that people come to when they what's what's causing them to get there? But like there's there's guys. When fuel efficiency became a thing or clean energy or electric cars, they just took their pickups and basically made it. So they burned as much oil as possible so they can, like, basically hit a switch in their car. Rev the engine and just like poor smoke onto somebody else occult Rolling Cole. And they, like, go buy electric cars and just dump a bunch of exhaust and smoke on them. And it's never And then the comments were like,, yeah, it's like I don't know, I just don't get it, you know? You know, I think he's picking up litter and you're like I throw and on the ground next to him. You're like, you that'LL learn you like electric cars, not using gas. I mean, there's more gas for you. There's nothing I don't get so gas will be cheaper for you or they work in if they know they come from a coal town kind of get that you know, like coal power plants, still power grid that give energy to the electric car. Did you see that? We've reached a tipping point now, where renewable energy is now cheaper Going forward and immediate benefit to consumers is now cheaper than coal way more cancer because of the noise. Yeah, which, unless why, like enriched uranium doesn't cause cancer. It is completely silent. That's fine. You can stand right next to That's what we called the silent killers. When you have dreams like that, how do you remember those things in detail? Do you write them down? Or do you like, record your voice talking about or you just have that good of a memory? That one? I can't remember the details. What saying I just remember the visual thing because that hasn't changed. That doesn't really. I guess an image doesn't disappear, but like everything around it does, because I remember the shape of that thing. I couldn't tell you a single dream that I've had. I feel like I remember all of mine really well. I remember them the second I wake up and they're gone. I had a dream a couple weeks ago where I was putting my dogs to bid, you know, got to dogs. And when I was I mean, what is putting them to bed? I realized I had to. Benjamin's I was looking at one of these is an imposter, Benjamin, you see? Oh, cute. I had to figure out a way to tell which the impostor Benjamin was in which the real Benjamin wants trick. But the real Benjamin knows the name of his toys. So I asked them to get a specific boy. You stand the realism and went and got it. And the impostor Benjamin did not know. I remember that the one time that I hung out with you and Esther at your place. This is years ago. I think I was Esther who was like, You want to see a trick? That's like, Yeah, sure. And she was Benjamin. Go get your steak. And he's just, like, trots over. She was little been like, cyst through them all. Like, takes out his little toy steak and bring it over. And then just like now go get your But I was so impressed, you know? How did he teach you? How did you teach him that you wanted to know. It sounds crazy. He wanted to learn. He wanted to know. What is Teo tell you? Could I could tell with him. He was He wanted to know specifically like like this was the steaks sitting on the floor. He was looking on in the back of his favorite Likely. I think he wants to differentiate which one his favorite is for Eli Doesn't just woke up too. And get it? I mean, he goes from there because I think e What? Well, he wants you to ask him for something specific that when he has something to do I think you should trust me. I know that I know that dog. Amazing The that you will admit out loud. I'll admit I've got an embarrassing story for my trip. Got incredibly embarrassing story. Yes, I fit in a bed. Not, I think for the first time in my life, that's a mule, Claudie. That's a cry for help. The way we should. Shame that kind of behavior happens. I got food poisoning. You don't know what that is. Poisoning more. He's made up. I got incredibly sick and diarrhea. My bed was while you're asleep. You know, while I was asleep. So you look, I woke up to a dirty, but there was a little bit. Was it Did you wake up as it was happening or after it had happened? It already happened. It was long gone, so it was a hotel. But how do you do with that, Teo? Just leave one hundred thousand sheets off in like, bundle it up and we're talking like a like a like a streak here. We talked about It was it wasn't It wasn't a ton. It was like if I had if what I imagine could I step over it? Let mouth a lesson. A moon ball? It was like like a shark. So, like a like a pellet, Like a quick little It was food poisoning, so it was very liquid. So like like, where is the window of ages above a certain age and below a certain age when you shouldn't be on yourself? I think you're you're you're very strongly in the middle of that window. Should not be doing. I know, I know. It wasn't on purpose. I'm honestly surprised being a grown up. I've been told that I bomb it just as much as I did when I was a kid. I am vomiting, like fifteen years. Probably think vomit in, Like what? Twenty twelve. What was that? We're talking to a lot of food. Oh, I made myself throw up, though. I mean, they still count. It's still too much food. Yeah, but still you throwing up? Okay, that counts. Okay, Do that all the time. If I was like, I haven't shat in fifteen years. Oh, but I got food poisoning, and so it made me like it's still I physically made myself throw up like I made myself throw up. Hee, did you put my finger in my mouth? My sixteen tacos. Sixteen or fifty? I honestly, because I've seen you do impress the stuff that you've done a very good stuff, Harry Wise, I'm really probably mostly impressed by what you did that I've always said I could just eat like I don't ever not get hungry. I just stopped eating and they made a challenge that could you if you eat. If the record was fourteen, dog as if you had fifteen, you break the record, and I just merely said Okay, I'm gonna try this. I've always wanted one unending challenge. Eight fifteen didn't go there with that intention. We just went to hang out. No, the evening turned. Those were some fun trips. I don't why we're there. We'Ll be there in Seattle for some reason. I think we were there, Leela. I'm working on some for Halo. Probably working inhaler for I know Merrill vomited last week. We'LL go Oh, yeah, I I did not. I was on set when off topic was happening with always open crew I've got to say I am so proud of you guys. Thank you. It's grown in there. We did a great job where he was from Peons, He's champ. Oh, I was one of these lights over here. That this mood this, I think is that this exact minimal? You gave it to me. Oh, really? Oh, Theo blamed it on the ground, but it went straight up in broke. One of the lights? Yeah, Lily, the opening shots that the trick is breaking two lives with one throw Stop. Yeah, Should I don't know? No, but it was ah, we wanted to go to the extreme and, like, really embody all of what a shame one hundred does on off topic. Yeah, and I feel like we took your show quite seriously and equally, sir. You did a great job full out. Both. Also, there are up now. Chief editor showed up in AA suits and ties, so yeah. Yeah, Jeremy showed Oppa's guy Fieri from I loved it. I think he said that was his only. But you always know when you guys showed up to on topic just face just Well, yeah, we made the mistake of saying like, Okay, we know we're going to go into this and we're going to get drunk like we kind of planned for it. Like we're going to drink more than we usually do. Because, like, mean, Merrill don't really drink anymore. We have maybe a drink on always open, but I usually don't even finish that one. But we went into it kind of a little too hard, too fast on. And we got drunk, I think was in the first twenty five minutes and then we still another hour and a half? Yeah, I was filming home too, So I was just like tuning in between takes was like Okay, this started and for you half an hour. It was like, Well, every Larry now, like I was like, Oh my God, I've literally been watching for a minute. And Mariel's told every to shut up for the entire minute my favorite shot of the whole off topic. And you might have to watch his back. I don't know if you saw the ending of it, Didn't see the variant, but at the end of the show, what they do is they have a camera above that films. The table with the logo is and they roll the credits on there I was and that was the screen. I I think it changed recently and like, Meryl didn't want to end the show because she was just, like, so drunk. And she wanted to keep going. And s o me and Emily, the girl who works on uploading achieve hundreds videos. We ended it. And as we're going like good night and it rolls two credits, we just hear a Merrill yield. No, and it, like, fades out. And then it cuts to that graphic on the table and you just see hands come in, move away. All the shot glasses, and then male tries to dive onto the table, but her glasses come off. And so you just see the glasses fly across the table. I'm in hair, and that I's amazing is amazing. But you guys just such a good job on our show to you. So classy stuff on your fun. Sure, you guys have fun? I like doing all these. Yeah, it's a nice change of pace. We should make it a yearly tradition way. Should just have a mixer, maybe an off topic where we just have a few guys on Hassan. Yeah, like fun Crossover last on toe. Cody's aggressive unfolding of the latter. Did you see that committee is like an authority just crammed down. Well, I like that. We had already established he was the latter guy. Cody before that, you'Ll be like, Oh, Cody, he's got the ladders. What they didn't see was him basically burning a hole through my soul with your eyes You climb the ladder to fix the light that I broke Smash e o. Okay, that's the best kind of breaking, But lights are great, but may break now that we're gonna do it, Cody, But But it's like she throws that thing and all this. And it's like part of that got dark feeling up. That's bad. It's instant, Yeah, instant gratification. But like, you know, you know, a And then Meryl brought a sword. No, really, which was probably the worst idea, because I don't know if it was like a legit sword or one that just meant for decoration. But what's really that If what's the handle? Cold? After a bit of help to the hilt, it was like All right, let me back up a little bit. So she gave Chris the sword and we found some fruit, and we wanted to do Fruit Ninja. So you're throwing the fruit at Chris And he was slicing the fruit and I was standing directly increases line of motion. And after he did it a couple times, I noticed the store was bending a little bit like coming loose from the hilt. Yeah, and I'm glad they took it away, because if we had done it maybe one or two times, it might have just skewered me in the face. Well, a video online where a guy, for some reason, has like a mannequin in his kitchen. And he's got a samurai like katana, which, as far as I know what Kitana is, one solid piece of metal all the way down through the handle. I believe so. But this was not. I think this was like a flea market. I would've been safer and he's like, got this manic it. He's going to, like, beheaded. And it's just the greatest thing is you, like, personal. What were you doing this for, dipshit? He takes a big swing and it's an Internet videos here. The he's gonna cut his arm on for something. He just takes a big swing. And right before it hits the mannequin's head, the blade completely flies out of handle. You can't see it, but it hit something. And then he goes like this. And then the dishwasher comes down into the door of the dishwasher, went right through and like, a lot God. So hoops, That sucks you outside. Next time I like that, we don't do a whole immersion based on for a ninja where for safety reasons, we had to use wooden sword and then you're just doing it on a cost with really serious this's that way. Did a pair first, and so did he sliced it perfectly in half. Wanted the pair flew out that Oh, that's such a bad e c I know will think of how much of your life depends on Chris being able to grip that. Yeah, apparently with Trevor was watching the show during this, and apparently he, like, came to Eric and was like, Hey, let's please take that sort of because he was just worried for my well being and I appreciate it because I didn't even notice like I wasn't even thinking like, Oh, I'm in Chris's direct right? Right? He lets go of that sort. He doesn't need to come off break off. Look at that bar like I think that's been good. None of them could do it again on East Wing and Real Hud. He's good, like standing behind just like this. I guess she knows That's it. The Demon Hunter knowledge is like whenever there's weapons being used, they stand behind reform there by Chris. Yeah, I can't think of a worse combination than sharp objects and Chris Christie's athleticism, like a bad combination and alcohol recipe for disaster area so I can question before you go. So you, Hunter, did you goto Philly? Like some people went to the Philly airport? Did you go to the Philly airport? I don't think you were here when I talked about it. You fly American? Yep. The Philadelphia airport is amazing. Did you see all the gates with all the little ipads and everything and all the kiosks at every single gate? Did you not notice that? I'll be honest. I don't remember being there. Really? They have every report that put. I think he's on the live podcasts. Barbecue is the live podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Have we had just come to the Philly airport and all the gates? Because this is like heaven for you. All the gates have ipads, or you could just order food. Okay, let me tell you something. The tables. I raved about this at the Newark airport about three years ago, and you shat all over me about stupid. It sounded. I have an iPad, so I ipads to order food and about how convenient it was and how much easier. It wasn't dealing with someone who said it sounded stupid. What was that? You just totally dumped all over my excitement when I talked about this years ago. Someone way even have seen it. You just don't understand it a little. I was making fun of you for being anti social. That's why I said I preface by saying you would love. Yeah, well, I loved it. I told you I did. They even have it every gate they've got, like a mini convenience store. But you just check out yourself. What? What was the airport we were in when we were ahead? Ipads on DH. We were trying to give you food, poisoned you get before we ordered, like, seventy dollars worth of airport sushi to try and give you food poisoning. And he just had a delicious sushi. And I was what she was like. Why am I filming that? You don't run into somebody. And I had to explain that I couldn't talk as I had to eat seventy pieces. Forgiving person would have understood. Maybe, just like I leave you. I remember being in an airport where it was like you probation, order sushi right from the ocean. And we thought it's very far from the ocean. It's in an airport. It's sushi that if I'm gonna get poisoning from a stomach man, I have never gotten food Poison That's so bizarre to me. I get food poisoning a lot e i e. I think you and us forget it more than anyone I know. I'm a careful once Every couple of years I'll get it. There was one time at all I ate scallops, sushi, raw scallops Tasted all weird. And then later that day, I had a kind of a grossberg That's like the clothes that I've ever come. How did you know? Whatever anyone's calling food poison, I just when people say it, I don't even know what it is. I literally don't know for me. If I would describe it, it was like, If I relax my anise, uh, what will come out? That was my food poisoning. Really? If I'm not collapsing, my closed water will come out of it. This is like when I sleep. If you're asleep especially. Sounds like when I had Teo do they cleanse for the colonoscopy I had where I think I said it. Colonoscopy polite. I won a couple months. It's not that bad. The prep is the worst part. So it did this thing where you would drink this fluid and then within, like, half an hour, it would start to work, which means you have to go the bathroom. But after a couple hours of it, it was literally like I was out my like you'd be like, Oh, I have to now. But you would go with another man. It would just be puppets. That was me in Singapore. Really? You should have some of that, like the shot, Not anything at all. Let me speed, which let me read a single here. A reminder when this episode received Podcast is Brought to You by Robin Hood. 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Right now, Robin Hood is giving listeners of the receive podcast a free stock like Apple Ford or Sprint to help you build your portfolio. It's signed up, Artie. Podcast that. Robin hood dot com That's artie podcast dot Robin Hood dotcom. Thank you, Robin Hood, for sponsoring this episode of the risky podcast. So we forgot about something. Oh, yeah. Um, this you were the other day, Gavin talking about how you wanted to have a full English breakfast. Yeah, s o. I tasked Eric with preparing. He was immediately from negative about his own ability to get hold of. I think he was most concerned about the beans. Yeah, I don't get the beans part either. I'm with you, bro. Stop. But I so Oh, nice. Okay. Oh, my God. This is Do we have all this like Roy? If they even look like British eggs, peas, beans. Look a bit. I like how we wait. Wait. What? What? What? Cool beans. That, like halfway to re fried English Breakfast makes you all right. Are there not baked beans? I mean, there are beans, pinto beans. That looks so good. Yes, way. I don't know what took us. So we were supposed to lead the show with it. That's exactly what you were going for. Was that reactor city over there for a little while? You don't call base. Did you ever go to that English Kevin down self? You and Ellie, we're going to go. That it was his full English. So it is from there? Yeah. Way making heat it up for you, if you'd like. Oh, yeah. Let's get in the market. I would like some cold beans. I went there with look. The cold. Give me the room temperature. Give me bacon. Can you break him? We got the tomatoes. I mean, I've never understood. Kato, I understand. Like you're Europeans. They're always getting on my jeans there if you want to get heated up. Oh, come on. Come on itself The bacon There you'll still have the whole place. Thank you. So I pull in This breakfast is so good. The reason Well, one of the things that it also you think about what? You, uh you just recently got your green card. You did? Gavin, I'm so proud of you. Proud to be an American. Do you remember? Do you remember? How was it three years ago when I got my green card? Was it that it was a twenty sixteen on and I'd already started trying to your mind, and you're so disappointed. So I actually wanted you to have the same experience that I had, so I was disappointed we have a little American flag. Oh, and if you would do this the honor of standing up and presenting the American conflict behind you. Well, hold up behind you. I don't think I'm going to do this with your eyes. You can. It's what I did. Welcome to freedom, Gavin. You did it behind you. Behind you like a backdrop. Teo. You did it. You did it. Gonna give this to someone so I don't put it down in offensive manner. I want not flag off the shelf behind me and play powers. And it was sorry. Everyone watching this. Considered an act of terror. Yeah. People get really commenting on a flag. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to everyone watching This was a very Canadian handling. I don't know. Apologies, I think. I think now you have to burn it because it was on the floor. There's was on the floor. There's a whole set of their sin is very thick back there for the flag during a whole set of procedures on what to do with the flag. Yeah, and everyone knows that. Don't touch the ground one. And that's about it like that. It really learned one. There's like, everybody knows one or two of the ten Commandment and doesn't know the rest of them, but they talk about the Ten Commandments as though they're really important. Same thing with the flag rules for handling the flag. If you knew all the rules for handing the flag, you would realize how often you break all those rules. But the big one is, if you have anything that's apparel based, that is the flag on it. That's against the rules. You know, special where the flight in any way is that considered wearing it just now You put it behind you. I think I have Cem. I think I have some swim shorts. Tohave think dio. Think Michael gave me? Was that the flag code? Is that what they call it? Looks like All right, Who learned how to fold a flag in the Boy Scouts? Who was the first person you told when you got your green card make you do get it? You get a phone call or doesn't like show up in the mail. I got an E mail and then I went to the mailbox, and there it was, and it didn't have to sign for anything. This is in the mail. I don't even know it's there because I've always found it really hard to make permanent decisions here because my visa after the original run has just been year to year. So it's like hope they accept it. Yeah, it's hard to really lay down, and he sort of yeah, permanency on a it's still a green card. I thought they'd changed it. Put a screen. It is true. Don't forget to travel with it. I mean, technically, I I can never be without it. Really. Do you have a Right now? It's in your wallet, because if for whatever reason, you don't have it on you when they ask for it, that's a violation of the green. I don't have it on hearing it except on the shoulder. Someone is to pilot Ben, ninety seven, and Shat said, Yes, you can't wear it except on the shoulder socket is even weird. What the way it has to be presented on the shoulder. Have you ever seen it on someone's uniform or on the shoulder? Specifically on? It looks backwards, right? Like, especially if it's on there right shoulder. It's like the stars are on one side of the stripe on the side. But normally when you look at the picture, the flag, the stars and the star field is up in the top left hand corner and the stripes run this way. But if it's on your right shoulder, the stars were up on the top righthand corner, as opposed to that exactly like that. That looks backwards, right? Why is that? It's because it's Ah. When you wear it, it's supposed to be like going into battle with it. Like if you imagine a pole attached to it, it goes forward. I'm going outside. You look it from, but always the stars are facing forward when you're charged. But if you love backwards into battle by war, if you have it on your left shoulder, it would be okay to be the orientation that you're familiar with. That's one of the interesting things about the British flag or flag of the United Kingdom. The Union Jack is that it looks like a symmetrical, but it can actually be backwards. Really? Because the diagonal lines, when they cross over, they're like this so you can actually have it okay, the wrong way, you know? Which way can you like? He would not tell you what you consider to get upset is not symmetrical flag. Oh, yeah. Read in different places on the diagnosis. Yes, show it's possible to get to get the wrong way around. So Eric sent me a link here somewhere. It's a page on the American Legion website crazy. I've seen that my whole life. I've never never known. It's a page here on American Legion website. Someone asked, Is it permissible aware? An item of clothing that looks like the United States flag. The answer that they have again American League website. Unless an article of clothing is made from an actual United States flag, there is no breach of flag etiquette whatsoever. So you just can't flag into short, right? Okay, hang. I was I was heard the same thing. You didn't make this affair with flag right now, so I don't I don't know which is actually correct. Yeah. For the first time, I realized that that was Ah, the Union Jack thing was when we had that valve shirt and it was like the V with the union Jack. Yeah, I was like, Why is it does it look weird? And I was like, Oh, it's because the flag isn't symmetrical. Like it didn't line up hot, Very hot. Coming in like they're just born American flag now having a fully through last one. So you tell us in the UK Beans, right? Mormon family beans on a modeling job. Well, I love that the Union Jack flag is a combination of, like all of the Yukon territories of Great Britain or of the seven countries you got whale Gotland whales in the whales is the track in there? He's got Scotland yet discovered this column in Northern Ireland. England? Yeah. Submission National flags. Yeah, like youjust overlay them all. And you end up with the union, Jack. I mean, it's a It's a really cool way to do it. Was the UK been around longer than I have? Bet. Yeah, but like, you know, England's been around for a while, But how long, Like, what was the first country Joyner that just kind of like get everything all at once? Didn't want tojoin late like Hawaii was the last state to join the United States. That makes sense that it's really far away. That is true. It is farther away before it was closed to statehood and then not getting it. That seems like a like a battle that we don't need to be fighting. What was even more confusing because it's attached to a different country, One of the biggest things that it's hard to do without a knife. One of biggest differences in our cultures is the bacon. It's different in every culture that is, that not this proper bacon. It looks like the music. You know what they called? Yeah, like Canadian bacon is basically ham and, you know, they call us bacon and other places where our bacon called streaky bacon. Right? Tricky, tricky thing, because it's like St Olaf. Abby habits the acts of Union eighteen hundred United, the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland in eighteen o one in eighty No. One but the Irish were like, No, no, no, we're not doing that right. Is that like that That form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland following following the partition of Ireland and independence of the Irish Free State in nineteen twenty two. Frank, which left Northern I It's just continue there like wait, I feel like whales. Was the first one be like, Okay, we're part of this thing, you know, Scotland was like we'LL see Scotland can't have their own kind of version of brexit A little bit seems more foreign to me than Wales. Really? You know, they were like we're leaving the UK But then they did a referendum and then voted not to go. But it was pretty close. If I recall correctly and then rethinking that now, few years, they probably are. Honestly, Yeah. I'm a few years later than the UK like that. We're getting out here. We're leaving. The u I'LL be Ah, How's that going? Oh, God, they still have that April twelfth deadline. I think now what these deadlines mean for what they're gonna turn out like the whole report. What are they doing it over? No, on something and then extend the deadline. They all have to vote No. One. I think it's There's a There's a date. I believe it's May twenty second when there are you, Parliament, Terry Elections and the UK wants to leave. They can't have a seat in the u Parliament, so they need to get out before those elections. That way they don't put someone in there. If if brexit goes through as it is said to have, we'LL go through How long do you think before, Bren Tree? When will we come back? We can we Can we get David Brent to hit that up? Having David Brent Wow the moment they leave the moment it's done and you're out of the u You gonna be like a free agent at that point. It would be awesome if we just that day offered you guys statehood. Fifty one states. She well, fifty for Because you've taken a whole different way of Wales and Scotland in Northern Ireland. What if you just took way, like you like? Hey, you guys want to be a state, you go for it. Well, you believe in the do seven for Canada. Seven provinces having problems getting ten, ten promises and three territories can. What's the difference in the province in the territory? No one wants to live in a terrible like county. Listen, the geography of Canada's something I should know a lot better than I do, and I don't know it at all. You're at all you got The Vancouver. So no Vancouver. And you got the Newfoundland side. Ontario, Ontario, Quebec. Not all the way over there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That which bits? French connect sounds about Right on. They got Calgary, Calgary in the middle. I can't stall during this Calvary. The happier you are, the territories, the top three at the top. Yes. So you got the Northwest Territories. You have come back. None of it, which is a new one actual on Curio, is having none of it. Manitoba. It's it's having none of it. How come I can't remember? Saskatchewan is what that is. Yeah, there's a place in Saskatchewan called Saskatoon. And so saying Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is one of my favourite is awesome. Yeah, it apparently also has one of the highest crime writes out of any place in Canada because I think there's there's very little to do that we have three. I think it's per capita. I'm just sculpting a little breakfast sandwich. Oh, that looks tasters. I'm jealous on your own. They're very displeased with it. Like he conquered like a hundred seventy countries. You eat beans, dude. Like what? Do you want to shove the entirety of this up your? Oh, thanks. Sorry. Sorry. So let's enjoy your breakfast. Shove it up your. Thanks for me. You're just assaulting my people. So I had to step in. I want a mushroom stop talking about Canada. This from Hunter five of ninety. As a Canadian. It hurts when you do. I never said that. I know when people, like get upset. We talk about the thing that they know, You know, like this is what you know. Be proud that you know it. We're trying to find out about it. We're asking questions. Yeah. You learn? Yeah. I couldn't watch so painful. It's really painful. How many countries in Europe? Ah, it's for the amazing race I used Able to name all of them in Europe. What you want? You get Eastern Europe, man. It like it's pretty fluid over there. Get off. Twenty three human in the yuan, your Europe mainland. Europe twenty three. I got the number here. Got here. He was, like, close to fifty and fifty one. Now, do you think that would be something we would know? Because we're pretty close to having fifty one states, depending whether Puerto Rico happens, you know, there's top, is it? I said I don't like beans. I never, never really got it. Keys like a bit of sausage. And Barbara, you know, it's funny. I have so many freckles on my arms. I look down, I couldn't tell where it wass. Thank you. Uh, twenty eight countries in the you count in the UK but twenty eight countries. Would you say that was pretty one you were doing in Europe? Oh, So you're saying that not all the countries in Europe or in the you know you know that? What's the point? Those east those legs it It's a Western European countries. We're talking about the ones that still love exit, fall under a lot of buzz. Nick's it without Moldova sat in their fluids. I do not think that was my country for special Olympics. When I was Gavin, I went over for the Winter Games. He got the U K I got Moldova. There was literally for people. They're from Moldova. Good on them. Got to know him. Well, there's great. They made the trip. It was a lot of people in England. It was a ton. Yeah, there was a time. It was so much fun. Man, I thought back, They they just have the summer games for the Olympics. Special Olympics in you? A So it was an event. It was actually when I was at the town thie guy that we went with an Austrian count to make a choice. I think between going to the Summer Games for special Olympics, we're going on the sibling trip and, yeah, some. I'm happy he won on the field trip. So Julia mentioned the short that we put out this past week the sixteen year live. Oh, yeah. Somebody called that comment do you doing here? Somebody called it in a tweet, I think. And you reacted to it like a couple days before they kill it. Before it came out that somebody accused us of stealing the idea from them. It's like as if we hadn't already feel so very stark reminder half ago. So I'm like, Yeah, I'm sure in the three days between when you said this and the short came out that they put together production filmed and edited and released. Yeah. Didn't post on it. Yeah, I reassure. About a decade here, I feel like I should just find it and show it. You should know what it is costing, like know what? Its not We gotta edit the video, Billy. As I wrote it. Yeah. Really no idea what it's about. Okay, It's about wind turbines on the side of a skyscraper. You, Khun, Khun, Power the top floor of your building. So, Estonia, that was a painful short right. Although think laughing. It was painful in the sense that we had to do a lot of fake laughing, which is probably one of the hardest things to do in acting. Fake crying, big laughing. But it was also painful on another level, because I actually felt legitimately sorry for you because we were just like, basically telling you that your whole life was a lie, wasn't what were. Obviously it's scripted, but right at one point, you know we're going to take it. I'm standing there like everyone's laughing like this is kind of up, right? Like, that's kind of weird. Lips looked up. We're, like laughing at your pain and your life turning into shambles. And I'm like, I kind of feel bad for Gus in this. I don't know what it was like. One more like this is this is a little weird. Yeah, horrible. Ah, yeah, it was It was just one. And a lot of people were wondering about the whole, Like we had a woman play your wife and we called her Sarah in the short. Okay, I don't think we should have done that. Would your master not have done it if she declined? Yeah, well, she didn't try to do Esther. And then it would have been confusing, though, if we had someone playing your wife and called Rester. We had done that. I feel like we've done the past with Bester sister having me. I think she was, like, from behind. Like crazy. I don't think so. Yes, your sister has been in short, so she was in one for years in the double box immersion. Iwas? Yeah, she was in something else. I think she wass she was in the recording booth, though she did not want to be called a voice for Episode one hundred as well. Yep. Really? Yeah. Okay. Hey, I think I would have been equally is confusing if you someone named Esther who wasn't Esther, who played you in the gender swap our BB episode. Well played, Simmons. Thank you. I have no idea. Was it me, baby? No, no, no. I don't weigh those ages that I am thinking of a different season fourteen. That was There was a time earlier Where could boost his brain had, like, flip gender. Avi Bista, you're saying? Yeah, but there was thinking that I was, like, fourteen misremembered stuff where Donut was the girl. Yeah. Yeah, Specifically was a girl. Yeah, I think I'm gonna start with a pirate and Griff's. Hello. That was something. Where s Assistant played? One of the countless. She wouldn't have one hundred. She did a voice at the end for, like, one of the endings. And that was it. Yeah. I thought she was physically in something. He was indeed the Devil box short if you're just joining us again a few more times, Teo. So I saw I had a strange experience and was overseas. You don't get your perspective on this. I saw something that happened, and I wasn't sure if it's I didn't do anything about it. And it's been kind of bugging me, and I keep wondering, deploy if it's something we should talk about this. Yeah, If it's something that I'm curious to know what your perspective on this is. Is this something that I should have said something about in public? So I was walking through the hotel in Singapore on there were a bunch of Earth from, say, by the way, saying, Poor, most humid place, place like human spark. It's beyond one hundred percent. I don't understand how anybody lives there. What do you mean? It's nice how humid it is. It's a wonderful place. But it is. I think you're human and you're texting her human. It's insane, Gus. I spent years in Houston, Texas, which is like one hundred percent humidity all the time. It's built on a swamp. Houston. Singapore blows it away. The people who live there are like the most resilient people on the planet. It's so look good lightning inside. Like I woke up, there was a storm one night and it was unbelievable. Like I thought, you know, we have big thunder firms here in Central Tenet cooling this weekend. Then it's nothing like so nice. The lightning and thunder that I saw there, It's it's crazy. I went over there just to film that it was that much of a guarantee I got out of bed to go Look at it. It was like I was I knew was going to be amazing. Way went Teo Science. What? Oh, yeah, Yeah, that was cool. I ended up looking at the instagram tag of, like, all the pictures that people would upload from that place. So awesome. Yeah, it was, um it was really, really cool installation. They had, like, these led lights that went like Florida ceiling. And they had, like, I didn't really get it in the video. But the floor is Mir. Dhe. So if you look down like you see the same life, it seems like it goes down forever. So you feel like you're suspended, like floating in space. It's really What did you feel about the document you had to sign entering Singapore? Oh, the one that in all caps is death to all Drug traffic is Yeah, they'll just straight up kill you. Yeah. Drugs that I was I was looking at was like, I don't have drugs on me, but I'm still scared, right? We might have something there shoe. And then there was sometimes they weren't things in weird ways, like I was getting that was writing in a cab and they have a little sign in the cab that says, Remember to not forget your handphone. Remember to not forget is that really the best way to work? That is like handphone too. Yeah. Gonna remember your phone or don't forget your phone. Why's it Remember to not forget your phone? Well, don't forget to remember to not forget. This's so confusing. Set reminder to not forget anyway, So I was walking through the hotel lobby and his truth from all over the world there. And there was a woman who was obviously a tourist from another country. And she had a child with her. The child was was walking. I don't know how old kids I'm known to have a kid. Some bad judges. Six maybe like six years. Come walk. Yeah. Ah, it's a good guess. The kid was crying and she kind of, like, kicked the kid like together. You should stop crying, right? Was like Is that where did he kick him? Like on that look on the back? It was like, Is that Should I tell someone? Something is just like a cultural thing. Where that's acceptable wherever she's from. Like, Is that my police too? Tell her not to kick her kid. Yeah. God! Now So I didn't say anything, and it's been like I keep thinking about it. Like, should I have said something? Was it like I like she poked him with her for, like, a full of looking like a side kind of kick thing. Did the kid go down? Was the kid with the kid did not go down? It was still clearly be something. Yeah, I remember. I turned tester was, like, just kick that kid. Yeah. I can't see any outcome in confronting someone when that happens. Where ends positively for you or the kid for the well every day. For both its Akio and well, for you won't end well for the kid. Yeah, because all I could see is someone being like, You can't tell me how to parent my child or like, mind your own business or whatever it is you, which is terrible. But there it was just shocking to see I no idea what to do that's messed up. And I grew up in the neighborhood. And when I was in New York Claire. My buddy Carl. When he got in trouble, his mom would hit him with a stick. And that was like I was happy. My parents is like the same thing every time or just whatever they could find. He had to go pick it. He had to go get his switch that she was going to get well, so that was part of punishment. Going to go out into the woods and come back to the twig. Yeah, fine lipsticks. And it's fine. He would work on that. He'd like crack him a little bit, you know, and do it. It'Ll be like a wit. I was like, Carl, what do you think, man? Trouble? We'LL go home and get a whipped on, but it's like we find us. It didn't seem like if, like, if I knew that situation was going on today, it would be really bad. But corporal punishment for kids is something that we've recently moved beyond. When did I come in? I wonder what people hitting their own kids what Elling is like. When I was a kid, people were still doing it. When I was a kid, I got whacked. I think it started to fade out during our like generation growing up. Yeah. So we're like, I think when I feel like it's really late eighties, early nineties. Yeah, but if my parents had hit me when I was, like between five and ten, I would have been, like, what just happened? I mean, like, no. My parents hit me. You know, to me, it would have been, But I wasn't like some kid. Some kid's gonna throw the tar beat out. I had an older brother who did that for me. He would hold me down, spending spending my face through the kids. Stop crying. Uh, okay. We're still having a fit. Yes, Jimmy with Carl was black. You cracked the code? Yes. I guess the picking the switch thing was something that was cultural. You know that Because I've met other my friends, right? Like Lenny and Carl from The Simpsons. What? You know, he said he said birdies that DSP has done the Chinese. It was it was Carl Black. So yeah, and I met. Even in Houston, that was a thing. Growing up is like picking a switch was a thing like that was. Well, we just came back with an axe. Did you see that video of that woman throwing the axe they guess was on Read it this weekend. So everything was like, the guy next to her kind of God, how serious the thing was. But then didn't like I would've freaked like those AKs bars where you go and you throw an accident like me and Chris from off topic, she Yeah, very much. She had to act. She, you know, had overhead. She threw it, but it hit the ground. Then it bounced and it hit the target. And then it bounces. It came straight back at her and she liked ducked, and I went right over her head. It's when you see the videos all the time. Like they threw an overhand two handed throw with an axe and they're going to target. She was so bad, she missed and hit the floor, which I think was like a rubber floor. I feel like they should have some type of cork. Or, like something that went down on the floor to know. My God, she's so that guys like, Whoa, I'm gonna get my ax. You You almost have to watch it a few times. I guess it was rubber. Mat Seon is because between Whoa! Oh, my God. Yeah, I guess it wouldn't have been legal. It could have cracked skull if that went in. Oh, yeah, Absolutely. Holy sh Yeah, That's a bad deal, huh? Equally. I will never do that. I won't go to one of the other. Do that. What the hell? Why not do it? I think the key is to rent their rarity, Theo, do the archery thing at the ren fair. It's literally, like shoulder to shoulder. Thirty people with bows and arrows, real bows and arrows firing in this range. And they're all, like, half drunk, you know? And it's like I'm like, man, what you know is there, sir? Probably was gonna be okay. Is there a sobriety test for the shooting range? Is here for the guns? No, but the people who run shooting ranges, I find they're there pretty light. Stringent. Across the board, the very safety focus. You have very, very, very safety focus. Like if you around in any way in a shooting range, they will take you out. Not a quiet place No, no. You see the thing with guys like has the gun, He's taken photos of it and the instructors, like, literally, like, looks like you know, when cats have the horrible body language when they're years ago flattened there, ready to pounce. But the instructors watching him and the guy's like taking photos with all this stuff. And then, sure enough, the guy's like, got the gun. You gotta selfies got here like this. And then, sure enough, the guy goes like this with the gun and puts it to his head. And my God, the instructor's on in like, two seconds, which seems like a bold move anyway, because if a guy's got a gun to his head, he's saying he's not trying to kill himself. He's just taking a selfie. B thinks he's being funny, and the guy's like like unloading the gun, disassembling it yelling at the guy. Can't see because its surveillance footage, their security footage, and he's just like yelling at him the whole time to get the out of here. You're not being here. You see the clip that was a fun Read it this week. Guy has a gun there are the gun ranges misfiring? It has a sari for audio listeners. I'm not going to describe this, but the gun won't fire paint because you're like, firing and these two guys and they're looking at it and like this, and he's messing with it. He's like, and they're all frustrated. He's like Click, click, click, click, click, and he goes post hand over the Hornet. What, What? And does it. And then he's like, looking at it. Doesn't actually look down the barrel of a point time, but then does it again. Put his hand in front of the barrel and were literally shoots a hole right through his hand. I did not see. That means insane. That's like the whole time you're watching the video, like, Dude, stop doing that. Stop doing that. And when he does it, of course I don't like Was he trying to feel for air? No. It makes no sense why you would do that. I'm baffled that like it was like an older guy to like. It looked like someone who see it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Course you don't really see it like you just basically see the gun. Go off and then he's like, You know, he was like that Tappy foot dance like, Yeah, but he's like an intense pain and he's like, back and he's like tapping his feet up in town. He's like, shot his hand off shot holder, the dumbest things I've ever seen ever. And he's like my multiple chances to realize the mistake that he's making and not do it. And you're thinking none of those are things I can't understand. A gun going off by accident and hitting yourself. But toe actually like like your eye and shoot your own hand. I don't understand at all. Yeah, it's messed up that make any sense Looking for it. I'm gonna think, Oh, God, Agent Black K just said on Chat about ten years ago. Used to go to a gun range that had a bar way E American reminded one. This absolute receive podcast is also brought to you by score space, where you need a domain website or online story. Make your next move with coarse score spaces, launched even more templates to make creating a powerful online identity even easier. Each template is a starting point for a wide range of projects. Whether you're pursuing a side hustle or promoting your main gig, create a beautiful Web site with a square space that all in one platform, there's nothing to install, patch or upgrade ever. It's easy to set up for. 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So thanks for showing us your sights on thanks to score space for sponsoring this episode of the receipt Podcast. Nice people and chatter saying he was attempting to test a trigger activated laser sight Hundreds. So that actually makes sense. Oh, why? He would put his hand in front of it. Except for the fact that doesn't make any sense. Why you put your hand in front of a hole you put in front of the right. Well, the laser North Carroll, That's not your put up a piece of cardboard. That laser shows up on a lot of different surfaces. You everyone is like you don't point a gun at something you do not want to completely destroy, right? Even if it's unloaded, It's like you only pointed out something you're okay with totally destroying. Not I didn't grow up with guns the way that you did. I've learned a lot about guns. You like living in Texas? Ondas a gun owner. You gotta learn some stuff. I've never taken a class, but I'm not a fire. The weapons in my house, the ah, the thing I always heard is don't put a gun in anything that you don't want to completely destroy. And also, don't ever take a gun out unless you intend to kill someone. Like in a situation with, like, you don't know we're not out to hurt somebody. If you're taking a gun out in a situation with another person, you're taking the gun out to kill them. Yeah, we're not like them. Shoot to injure. Know? Know that somebody exists. Comes on your property. Well, that's like shooting, just like if you just like, don't point a gun at somebody unless you want to kill him. Don't put a gun something unless you wanted what you destroyed. Don't point a gun at a person unless you want them to know. It's not even like taking the chance. You can't shoot someone who think like oh, I'm just going to injure them like no, you still a really good chance we could kill them. Even if you try anything, you're just not shooting that that it's either on or off. Well, you guys were with learning all that stuff, right? I know you did with your family. Did you do as well on your way in my family? We had knife fights, but Wake Brill I didn't. I I learned, though, from friends and stuff like my first experience with guns play ninth grade. I think I went skeet shooting with my friends and they're dead. One of the dads was there, and he was, like, surprised that I had never held a gun before. And I think his reaction kind of led me into thinking this is something that I should catch up on. So it was, you know, and then that was used for stitching shotguns for that. So first arrangement, shotguns and handguns. I don't never fired before that machine gun off of the chopper for the vlog because that was just fun to do. But I think I've never fired a rifle any kind, except for like, a air rifle, really, really far handguns and shotguns because my my whole things would have been home defense. It is interesting. I I've always found interesting the differences between even between different states cause I was filming in Alabama, I felt with shooting high speed of guns and at one point, one of the people we were with left they're gone with us, so we could continue to film it. And someone asked him like you're gonna be all right, but without the gun And he's like, I should be fine because he carries on him. I was like, I've never had a gun on me my entire life. And the fact that this guy was going to go, you know, maybe now, without his they were like, You're gonna be fine, right? You're gonna be okay because, like, that's just such a different hand grenade carrier case. You know, it's just so interesting to me. Oh, yeah, Lovely. I love the differences. My, my, uh, the guy who used to work for was group is like living on a ranch in Everything's have guns are like a huge part of his life, and he would let us go out and like to his land and just shoot if we wanted Teo. And it's fun. It really is fun. I know they're very dangerous weapons in the use for horrible, horrible things. But, you know, if you use them properly and you don't use them for violin purposes such fun to go out and shoot a gun free some people out the way, went out to a gun range with you guys early on. And we brought his friend that he did not like that at all. Hey, did not enjoy that experience in any way whatsoever. No, that was interesting. Yeah, I wasn't the biggest fan of it. It's so loud. I feel like if you reach at all hood, we're having never touched one. And then you start for anyone. It's very that is a very weird feeling. You get used to it. So we have a special segment after this, right? Yeah, we Oh, we'LL throw that here in just a bit. Is one more thing on to mention before you. You know, I'm like, super Ah, what's the word abreast with aviation? Yeah, and aviation industry. And when I was flying back from from Singapore, the normally that's like way flew Singapore to San Francisco. Normal. It's like a fourteen and a half hour flight and they told us when we started before we took off apart It was like we're going toe this favorable wind We'Ll shave some time off the flight flight, so I'm gonna take us thirteen hours today. So I thought that's a few good times different in time. So I started watching You know that you're one of the things you do in your in flight Entertainment is Look at like you. Speed was like, I'm curious to see how fast we're going to go and some watching. We're like going like, seven hundred fifty miles an hour and like, That's pretty fast, you know? It's like a two hundred mile an hour tail wind. And I just kept watching and, like, the speed just kept going up and up. And I started wondering, like, What's the speed record for seven eighty seven? So the fastest I could find that seven eighty seven has ever gone. It's eight hundred one miles an hour. Holy, wind assisted. We got up to seven hundred ninety two miles an hour real on our flight way. We are hauling and feel any different. No, Doesn't feel any different at all. So cool. But it is weird to watch and to see like no, like the numbers keep going up. And I was like I was taking like, I took a photo of my notify. Entertainment is like, I've never I've never seen the speed gets that high before. Yeah, I feel like I've seen a lot of six hundred flights of it on. It's so crazy when you know you're going that fast. But like, it literally feels like nothing on a plane. We only feel acceleration, don't you? Well, you look at the window and likely see, like, just stuff going by like this. And then occasionally in a flight, you'll get something That's a frame of reference for how fast you're going to believe. You're like a very popular flight path. You'LL see another plane go buy that's free coming the other way. It's like it's like it goes by so fast. Like, Holy, Yeah, we're moving really fast, just like if you see another play in the distance and you're like, Is that coming towards us? Is it going toe? You know, to this day, I still don't like landing at airports where there's another plane landing, even if it's like three hundred, one hundred yards away, it just like on the same approach and everything. Just like that shouldn't happen. What? I don't know. Jet Wash. I don't know something for that. You have to worry about it, I guess. Terrible. Jet wash. We're going to seven hundred ninety two miles an hour with a tailwind of two hundred twenty six miles an hour. People keep asking the chat. I feel like we should say people. He bask in the shadow, Much exam, What we think about anybody else. He's shoes. And besides me like that for a screening. I did the dumbest thing where I had extra tickets for every movie, including endgame. I buy my tickets and then I by, like, four other ticket bring you want. You can come now. Don't think you appreciate What if What if you didn't have to wait with me? What if I bought tickets to another theatre? Two seats And I could just give you those things because you want to sit next to you. I don't want anyone out. He doesn't like opening weekend. He he doesn't like opening. We can't wait. He's good. So I bought. I always walk around the office. Barb, our office trying to, like, give these tickets away because I also booked him for four o'Clock on Thursday. So I got it. I got cut out of work a now early to go to the movie. Ah, and, ah, John Rice Singer and Allie took me up on to the tickets, and then they and then I was giving a tour to some friends who are in town on. But I was a little bit late, and then they text me from the theater and I was rushing to get their like, you know, you booked this for the slaughter Talamona, which is like, literally, it's far away. That's one day on a four o'Clock on Thursday. You're not getting down there by the old office. And then I was like, I got there and it was for twenty. They had a showing at the one right next to us. It's awesome whereby the old airport on the element extras had showing it for twenty. So I was able to buy another set of tickets, like four tickets to go see it again if you had four tickets that just went unused of Slaughter six and I gotta raincheck for them so good, Mom. Ok, there. But did you see the film? So I saw it. I saw it, Yes, but twenty minutes, like you know, it actually all worked out perfectly for me because I was running late anyway. And I got to go see it. Why didn't you go to the company screening that we had? Because they already had the tickets. But I need to know they were for the wrong theater. But it was the day before you, but I bought the tickets earlier. And then when I found out there was wrong Peter have bought the new tickets. Why don't you just raid shake the latest tickets and go to the free one? That the company pond? Because they didn't think about the rain check thing because I already had said, Well, why would you say you take a seat at the screening from someone else? Already had tickets to see it the next day. I'm fine. Then I go. I barely had the wrong theater. Then I start thinking about rain check stuff cause I wanna weigh six tickets or the money like that. You're talking about taking a seat away from someone Sophie sent probably five emails that being like anybody need ticket because I think like not enough people should fill in Leader because there's, I think, a little last minute. But I don't want to go away seats from anybody. My baby was It was good. I liked it. It was a very different for a superhero movie movie. It's one of the few superhero movies that day was very cute. It was How is this describe it? It was fun. He is huge. Yes, yeah, Can you send a runner with her? And it was It was really a lot of fun. There's some stuff about it that happens later in the movie that I would want to talk about, but obviously don't ruin it for people who have seen it and you three have not on. It's been only a week that it's been out, not even with a trustee of this week. Yeah, then we could maybe talks more about on the potion. So we had Zachary Levi on the podcast talk about Sam a couple weeks ago on DH. Similarly, after this stay tuned. If you're watching live, we're goingto have segment that we did with Dave Bautista. And Camille Non Johnny about Stuber which is their upcoming film. Just capture them. So if you want to live stay tuned. We'Ll have that, you know, we're going to cut this Fine. All right, So thank you for watching we'll see you guys next time. Bye. Okay, well, thanks for watching the podcast. Makes you stay tuned for a special bonus segment with Dave Bautista and criminal on Johnny. They were nice enough to stop by. Talk about the new filled Stuber was coming out this summer. You could check up trailer right now if you're interested. And also watch our bonus. I mean, when we talk about the film Hello, everyone. Welcome to a special supplemental segment. The podcast. As always, we got Gus and Bernie here on the ends and were joined by a couple special guest. Just Well, we don't know. And our special guest this week we have committal non Johnny and Dave Bautista. But if I may, can I correct really quickly Oscar nominated Camille, Don Gianni and six time Wrestling Championship. Exactly. Ben Box office juggernaut. Yeah, that's right. So you all have your your new film Stuber coming out July twelfth, which is if I'm understanding correctly, it's a police officer gets into an uber and it's ah, over to drive him around all day. Correct? Kind of off explained the premise. It's more. It's more of Ah, detective is he's on a search for Killer and he re grudgingly uses uber and he forces this uber driver to drive around with me on the search for this killer. He just got lasik surgery. That was cancer is not happy to be using uber doesn't even know really what uber is or understand how it works. Right? And so you kind of forces me to go on this, like, all night, adventure it and get the bad guy. Yeah. This is like an action comedy. It's, ah, of yeah, my guest thing that you do a lot of time with scenes in a car. Like so just the two of you correct or you develop This report was lots of time. One on one, Correct? We haven't seen yet. We're going to see it tonight. Yeah, I love this movie. I'm so excited to finally like that. We're finally showing it to a crowd, Lee. And you know, nobody's seen it. Yeah, even he hasn't seen a true Really? I read that You don't know You don't like to watch yourself? Don't like I'm the same way. When I stopped having this conversation on the way over, I just dont you nervous for tonight? I am. I don't want to be there. You don't know. I want to go and say hi and leave you. Can you step out while the film's playing? And then, yes, he can. You know, I probably could, but don't you feel like, you know, is there? And I would feel like I would kind of be, you know, be in disrespect with its great And I'm a great director, Michael. Down to really wants me to watch, and I don't want to just step out. Yeah, I am uncomfortable with It's great, and you're great in it. You're gonna love it. You're gonna have a great time. We should watch it until we get that. Like even sometimes on said you had the chance after you do a take and you have a chance to watch the monitor. And I was like, I don't want to do it because to me, but it gets in my head too much, a little bit, you know, start over. Thank you. Do you watch like your matches, ever. Your belts and w be trying to act like we're, you know, trying to Really, I have watched him over, but, you know, kind of since you know It's kind of live performance. You kind of know how it went. You feel well, You really dio officer Wow, that's interesting. WW audiences. They're just, like ridiculous little sponsor. Yeah, Yeah, they're highly engaged. Way to put it way have, ah, very engaged fan of our own team to Booth back there anyway. So So it's always be careful. I kind of kind of match. It's It's always a strange ah scenario for me, lady time. I used rideshare, uber, whatever. It's like you're getting into a stranger's car like this person has their whole life, you know, they're all whatever they have going on, and you're just willingly you're like, Yeah, sure, I'm I'm getting in that person's car. And the most personal moment to me is is when you have to put something in the trunk and oh, yeah, always rational thinking, Yeah, thanks Your tape and rope. What is going on? I'm going to take the next one and like a hamster cage for some reason, something like that. A few years ago, I was taken before uber start before, you know, uber had taken off. I was taken a taxi from one of our old offices and using a taxi from the office, too, in my house. So I hailed a cab here in downtown Austin, Got in the back of the cab, told a guy where I was going, he starts driving, we get a couple blocks down and he's blasting Alex Jones on the radio and the the whole time he's driving, he's making intense eye contact with me in the rear view mirror. Just like looking at me straight in the eyes. And I'm like, All right. And then he finally we come to a red light. He stops and he turns around. Looks over the seat. Looks me straight, Ida. Isis, I'm going to put the light in you. And I said okay. And I just pulled out some cachaca. Here we go. I don't know. I just open the door and step down. I was like, All right, I'm going to put the light in you. We'LL be in cash in the app You don't even more money. This was a cab for you, Bert. Here you go. I'm done. You can review that, right? And I know they're still out there putting lights and people like you where I was going, you knew where my house was like I don't think I slept all the night. My girl lied so that that's why even to this day, I'm still like, Were you getting into uber's or anybody else I am? I don't know what's happened. I'm going to use that phrase a lot going on. I'm going to the light and hey, I'm going to put a light in. You take that however you want. Maybe it's good. Maybe that line and the bank. My words uber thing was I was waiting for my fiance, Ashley. We're going somewhere, was in L. A. And I was parked outside of the place we're staying, and then someone just opens my backdoor and gets in the car. I'm going away from her, all right, and I turn around. He's young lady, my backseat. And I said, Are you? We're looking for a number. Yeah, Bono said, because I'm not an uber. This is just my car, my car. And then it was like I told her it wasn't my birthday. She gets back on. Then she put the light in you. She was serious with me for not being a new bird like I tricked her somehow. So, yeah, I don't understand how that happens. I'm always, like triple checking the license plate, and I totally I want to get a new as soon as she got him off. Yeah, yeah, he was trying to link escapes. It wasn't like a scenario like Stuber, where it's actually some cool adventure. I'm about to go. It's not cool. It's terrifying. It's a terrifying adventure, you know, to pressurize us what he's kind of been lost to time. Um, it was like they used to be this thing in movies where they, you know, be in New York and they jump in a cab and say, Follow that car And I think you don't see that anymore, right? This is kind of like that. Yeah, it really is. It's sort of lot of version of it. Yeah, it's like a new version of an old school type of movie, which is the, you know, the buddy cop movie. But I sort of had gone away. But I love those movies and I think I really like this movie. But I am slightly biased because our huge David's defense So the movies, like we said, comes out July twelve, apparently were. Also, there's a new trailer out. Yeah, really? Looking forward to seeing you tonight, David. Oh, maybe that might not be there. But be Theo coming? Well, no, I'm gonna come in line for sure. Yeah, alright. He'll be about who all force against better judgment will be there, but it's a great theater. It's a really old Art Deco theater. The Paramount Studio Gorgeous Leader. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but there's two times the hole in the ceiling that Harry Houdini allegedly drilled there for one of his bits that he did when he performed on stage there. So it's it's great theater with Really? Yeah. Yeah. Then you could see the whole it. So the hole is still there. It's in there. Some rigging you put up or something? Watching Hell, no, don't look up. Yeah, I'm going to find us Hole u l don't want to find Houdini's hole. You're gonna put a light in it. Yeah. Yeah, I just want to go and hang a light from Houdini's whole. What's so weird? I'm gonna have ninety minutes because that's along. The movie is Oh, My God. Well, congrats. What was he doing with the whole? I think it was ringing. So I don't want to give away anybody's secrets because I think it's okay. You can give his away. I think he was probably, like, some kind of tether to pull himself out of something that he was trying to escape from total conjecture on my world in the ceiling, You know that he's up to something. It's way up there, too. Yeah, okay. You'LL know when you see it. I don't mean he's a platform or something. I don't really know what Harry Houdini did besides escape from stuff. He was a magician, and he let people punch him and punch him in the stomach, which did not end well. Right. All right, All right. Well, thanks for watching, everybody. Thank you so much for coming by talking about the film. We really appreciate it and look for sticking it out and never to tell Camille. Happy birthday. Yeah, as long as you live and you go get a light in you by everybody