#54 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is sunburned

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Recorded: 2010-03-24 19:04:31

Runtime: 00:43:50 (2630.38 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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how to make you Body Shop DirecTV Geoff Marcy did he really the first minute the division and he threw Gus was all business mass text I was getting a list together for dinner let me know when it's okay to talk about I want to go to a place called your mom burgers it's on East Delavan Avenue to 1700 East Cesar Chavez if it's a short drive number of restaurants that are open in trailers in by random people not in there not actually being certified by the city who says this is okay you can put them in the driveway we had a good time it looks like I'm the only one headphones because my ears hurt so bad when was not good to him never hot so you don't feel like oh my God my arms are red and you know how much we should I will say that Brandon of initial reaction when I got to the scene at the abandoned airport and you gave me what is essentially the has Matt to put on and you give me a football helmet and a has however I'm the only one who didn't get burned yesterday I think the only one of the six 2 is warm and there's no airflow through until my not ripped open Outdoors all day let's not sugarcoat it it was fucking Wendy and um hopefully we can meet up around that stuff but we actually build a 3500 pound Towing if we did it was a lot of fun and no matter how remote and out of the way and as it was going on about every 15 minutes somebody comes to the parking lot Hyundai Sonata Austin car looking somewhere else some dude was laying in the backseat getting Starbucks bar a hundred yards away then he got 75 yards away then as close as 25 yards away sitting there watching us the next full moon 10 different sets of people come and go it was really train in the middle of nowhere you have to know before 2 for something completely unrelated and it was weird but it was just we were little who won the hit World better now I was totally awesome I didn't physically beat down does Gus and I had a whole thing but I was so tired from the day of shooting I couldn't I didn't wanna fall asleep but I was too tired to stay in the living room I didn't watch it I chose not to watch lost last night so I can lay in my bed and watch anything else on my face when I woke myself up hat 5 years of my life sitting in front of computer the entire time but I'm pretty used to getting sunburned at least once a year I guess I was coming from your vacation the most relaxing if you have no idea I didn't take my phone with me Xbox Live playing Final Fantasy I love it telephone how far along are you can send it twice I am on chapter 9 but I've been grinding for a while like I hit the Sweet Spot in chapter 9 and I don't want to leave so I can keep collecting a certain time I can keep collecting what is it called incentive ships which were $2,500 each so how is everything because I didn't know will Warcraft Battlegrounds I don't know different dive bar at 2 p.m. every day and I was able to accomplish that effect on a lot of like early afternoon will send old guys bitch about the basketball tournament will I get drunk yeah yeah that's cool there's a Carousel and I cannot recommend it highly enough that you were going to drink it every Bar in Austin Holiday Inn bar one time just for a drink or whatever the fuck I just want everyone to drink what you're talking about Jack as I guess they introduced a random Battleground system OK how lazy do you have to be to the enthusiasm for getting drunk everyday don't want to go outside we've already established that we're not outside Tim Bradley and I would like to do that someday if we ever find the time I would also like that so that includes hamburgers there's somebody the other day damn so sad for them in the local food 2 times in one hand signal Left 4 Dead original characters will not survive we mention that on top of this week a matter of fact I did see that I think about it first would you know who my dear because someone wouldn't speculate how is the writer for the first week in August to Geoff qx10 is a really nice guy you don't your friends hard in the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC for Left 4 Dead 1 DLC which has to work up to that point correctly that is a writer that work she just left and he's and especially the way that he got his job if he was just writing a website that probably a whole lot of people haven't heard of old man Murray and I think it's just that was riding a really great time all the time in the community and left for dead where is refund cable from the community's low expectations the last article posted on Old Man Murray I said before I wouldn't say that I got a lot of it was from Penny Arcade I never was 1212 2001 was a long time ago I just couldn't handle the stress after 9/11 doing ghetto gaming blogs and to know that you can get a retail of the Calibre of someone like Gabe Newell then suddenly you're offered a job that I'm going a lot of people actually does happen to have somebody working with you what were filming had a really rough. I don't know. I got this a lot for my paper Story the yellow carbon fiber car oh okay you don't with a carton of Canadian Exley Jesus Christ son Burnie already gone straight to your head 2 p.m. on Friday what time they close do believe it's all over the website I want to look what you did we got notes tomorrow morning to set up for the screening for the streamy awards yesterday with the streamy how was okay I kind of wish I had made the trip all the way to New York to do it Emerald City ComiCon triangle a flying a couple weeks ago Thousand Mile Lake George Clooney in that 1.85 million fire mileage pretty crazy up in the air recently with my wife and in the last year story of to many miles the American I'm on my way to 2 Chainz I'm just and I just and I just know for sure that flight now that's all I care about no layover one problem with me and I very rarely a direct flight anywhere with worthless International Airport international flight has to be away from you can connect to something flight to next week alright I've never been to cardboard the old who was in the tower but Jack has lived in Austin his entire life generation Austin I tore something the generation which is pretty impressive because Texas is a relatively new state in terms of the Union so your family were here before we were here will still like a territory or whatever before they made it official are you friends with Mexico asking everyone about the old airport if you'd been here when it was the official airport has always been there flight in the Air Force about that but yes to do an upside down from the a largest Castle such a big deal as you walked up to the determine question with a really really will probably not remember how to figure out the rules of it we're trying to figure out new weight loss like next 3 days the first one to get on has Wireless does American has Wireless on some of their flight so I get wireless and I think it's not and I have to flight two can put $30 and then we're going to Boston how to trim has Wireless in the flight and now I'm hoping that maybe I can break even on this in the Boston flight that somebody will have wireless on one of these points I hope so it should offer if not all the flight it makes more sense flight New York flight has Wireless Austin Wireless going to make some people in swimming pool Jack out on it okay Jack connect back to his computer and listened in to the office when he's not here no I'm done I'm back in the office place with cameras they probably will I think they're about to introduce a 27 inch display with a camera like this but I think this rumor to in the more YouTube Xbox gamer really something to be talking about the number we got the next introduction 1944 the next number should be pretty fun $99 by tonight at the cheapest level right now without 3G 16 gig Wi-Fi only one that's what she does the way I look at it is I would need an iPad or laptop but I wasn't on Wi-Fi with you right now I have the stuff and so she text my phone or my laptop around theaters and coffee shops to the schedule to work or to have production meetings and they always have Wi-Fi wherever she goes so I don't see the reason effect 103 Austin TX 2 Wi-Fi only she needs to use that iPad she will be within distance of Wi-Fi Wi-Fi and internet you don't realize how much you go without it because you always have your iPhone the last time you had your iPhone or iPod Touch I'm thinking this runs not stopping every day not every day I would sometimes commuting hours in the middle of the commuter rail the 2002 Us open at this week after all 2 player bigger than the biggest complaint now is it too quiet they're afraid someone's going to walk onto the track and not notice of train coming yesterday because someone was standing on the truck and refused to come to a complete stop would like to just refuse to move Me 2 train stop and the train train in Detroit where a firefighter and a cop posted up on the railroad tracks to talk to one another in a driver side window the driver side window and train in defending the fire truck with the fuck around the corner has in the fire truck and equipment a couple hundred thousand can you send of the century I don't know Matt Kennon with fire of uranium that's to be human weapon in come with a rail gun fashion and that would be like firing a train if I believe make a gun with a bigger and faster Texas when did you start supporting I did see that very 2 16 gigs and size difference can you partition like a streamy cards in Burnie not have work again full control over that but I guess USB W7 to everything I don't know I'm sure those companies will not come back on not offering a solution I realize that I may not be the typical Xbox gamer if I have a 512 night hard that I keep my profile on and then all of my saved game because I work from home and the office back and forth a lot and it's a constant constant file manager will probably be fun Dr and transfer everything to this box is if you know but it's really cool because in my house about to fall of the face of my stuff at work so anyway 2 DRM the Xbox Works does anyone can use it on that Xbox somebody my family anybody my family could play the downloadable content on that Xbox as long as it's the one I bought it on how do you go about doing that is that like an option Xbox man yesterday to confirm Standalone 250GB Geoff will be 75% of my entertainment I've noticed and so that would that's really helpful to me because I've been watching obsessed with Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Burn Notice and I've been here a hundred thirty bucks the next 120 drive cable to the to make sure you have the software to do it now I say okay in wireless adapter came with you because you can Xbox Live all the time how far away from it from the Mac cannon in Halo Reach Max fire slugs of the fair tungsten or depleted uranium at around 40% of the speed of light behind muzzle speed given 1 the kinetic energy measured in to Target orbital defense platforms fire c3010 slug at nearly 50% of the speed of light around a hundred and fifty thousand kilometers per second profess Veterinary motivate me getting revenge for Luke Skywalker become a Jedi truck a man beating up somebody that's not nerdy at all no I played Mass Lucky for Life with 2 or 3 weeks straight will you how many hours you put in you're only 30 hours in about 30 hours in the office all day and then your home 8 hours on that one sure I have some real MSN Autos a better way better Mass Effect you can forget to save in BioShock where 2 hours ago Mass Effect the first one Mass Effect to my probably played like 2 or 3 Days To the whole thing and I have all the 2 missing level 29 right now and then yesterday I was playing at this morning as well the free DLC with a hammerhead vehicle emissions Cerberus Network to get that I think so that's how I found it but you have to if you do tag in my house who acted totally and I got lucky because I found somebody else gets the colder by the DLC and it just shows up in mine as well on that console so but if you haven't had a problem at work and at home and I have a service notes is there an if it was downloaded on that box then everyone who plays on the box can play it everybody who put the card in there and play it but like if I want to play downstairs and I'm not the person you the code I can't use it downstairs to upstairs download it downstairs as well address or whatever number for the box for the Xbox so what I live in the same house hey baby what's up the dishes and then I walk over to a regular Xbox I can read downloaded on the other Xbox but other Xbox I have to be logged into Xbox Live to use that content he can't use it and it becomes confusing because what if Geoff plays on the of the DLC have to be on the confusing copyright issues usually are now part of the full game is presented as DLC which Mass Effect 2 it really wasn't trying to push next week free DLC if your member the VIP room and then there next week Omar Alamos off tomorrow so now I don't know 3:55 people think making plans yesterday that was definitely worth it just to see Gus come up we might for Q&A in this panel